Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime by Blue Soft Dough

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Create Chapter
Chapter 3 - Evolution, Sequence Awakening!
Chapter 4 - Training Officially Began!
Chapter 5 - Full Perception
Chapter 6 - Awakening Once Again
Chapter 7 - King Cobra
Chapter 8 - The Opportunity Has Come
Chapter 9 - Kill The King Cobra, The List Appears!
Chapter 10 - Start A New Plan
Chapter 11 - Came With Ill Intentions
Chapter 12 - The Ants Cross The Border And Reap The Consequences
Chapter 13 - A Good Knife, Brother Dachui’S Wail
Chapter 14 - Devour [Brain-Hunting Demon], Learn Mimicry
Chapter 15 - Mingjin Retreat, Send The Great Contributor Back To His Nest
Chapter 16 - Meeting The Ant Queen, Receiving A Reward
Chapter 17 - Devour Time, Evolve Crazily
Chapter 18 - Advance Scout, Head To The Miasma Land, The Territory Of The Demonized Spider King
Chapter 19 - Spider Web Binding
Chapter 20 - : Kill, Demonized Spider King
Chapter 21 - Sticky Slime
Chapter 22 - The Report Of The Scout. Someone Wants To Confer Himself The Title Of King
Chapter 23 - Expedition, Crusade!
Chapter 24 - Turning The Tables, Defeating The Leader, And Unlocking The Evolution Sequence
Chapter 25 - Choosing The Path Of Evolution, Gained A Lot
Chapter 26 - Expanding One’S Influence. Final Instruction
Chapter 27 - The End Of The Assessment Shocked Everyone
Chapter 28 - Selling Goods, Making A Fortune
Chapter 29 - Uncle'S Reminder, Principal'S Office
Chapter 30 - Perception Resonance, The Pressure Of A School Leader
Chapter 31 - Recommendation, The Principal’S Notes
Chapter 32 - Finding A Top-Tier Cultivation Technique, Preparation Before The Assessment
Chapter 33 - Comforting Parents, The Secrets Of The Library
Chapter 34 - Came From The Extraordinary Pressure, Choosing Skills
Chapter 35 - Continued Their Cooperation And Embarked On A New Journey
Chapter 36 - Initiate Perfect Cultivation And Break Through The 8Th Level Of [Starfire
Chapter 37 - Astonishing Speed Of Improvement, Enjoy The Special Passage
Chapter 38 - Traveling To Cloud Mist Academy, The Mutated Orc Appears
Chapter 39 - The Temporary Test Began
Chapter 40 - Special Attributes, The Battle Had Officially Begun
Chapter 41 - Killing An Orc Comes From Extraordinary Spiritual Power
Chapter 42 - Unexpected Gains, The Principal’S Personal Visit
Chapter 43 - Transcendent Teleportation, Entrance Examination Report
Chapter 44 - Points Store, Slime Crown
Chapter 45 - Space In The Book, The First Volume Of Perceptive Discrimination
Chapter 46 - Simple Magic, A Shortcut To Cultivation
Chapter 47 - West Mountain Training Hall, High-End Training Dummies
Chapter 48 - Terrifying Power Caught The Attention Of The Person-In-Charge
Chapter 49 - The Power Of A Slap. 200,000 Yuan For Nothing
Chapter 50 - The Academy’S Trading Hall. Ye Feng Was Sweeping The Goods
Chapter 51 - Evolution, Sequence 7
Chapter 52 - 10-Year-Old Senior, Freshmen Exchange Party
Chapter 53 - Picking Up Scraps, Incomplete Volume Of Water-Element Symbiosis
Chapter 54 - Analysis Of The Incomplete Volume, Birth Of The Water Element Slime
Chapter 55 - Hall No. 88, Began Its Layout
Chapter 56 - The Marshland Commander Started The Planting Plan
Chapter 57 - The Class Of The Prospective Freshmen, The Legend Of The Transcendent
Chapter 58 - The Beginning Of The Legend, The First-Generation Human Ceiling
Chapter 59 - The Strange Secret Manual Was An Incredible Copy
Chapter 60 - The Dean Himself Came To Inspect The Secret Manual
Chapter 61 - Identification Of The Notebook, The Terrifying Department
Chapter 62 - Received A Commendation, A Mysterious Prize
Chapter 63 - The Freshmen Exam Begins. Become The Target Of The Public
Chapter 64 - Forming A Team With A Beauty Was Lei Jia’S Plan
Chapter 65 - Officially Began, Landing On The Island
Chapter 66 - Keeping A Low Profile, Encountering Encirclement
Chapter 67 - Encountering A Chase, A Slime Storm
Chapter 68 - River Region, Found Something Unusual
Chapter 69 - Harpoon Discovered. Suspected Murloc Tribe
Chapter 70 - Special Spiritual Power, Water Elemental Skill
Chapter 71 - Ancient Magic, Sequence 08 Secret Text
Chapter 72 - Murloc Appeared, A D*Mnable Sense Of Oppression
Chapter 73 - : The Affirmation Of The Dean, 50-50
Chapter 74 - Murlocs' Harpoon Protected Their Bodies. Everyone Knelt Down
Chapter 75 - The Waterfall Murlocs, The Sacred Land Tianqing River
Chapter 76 - Sea Stone Trident, Inviting Ye Feng To Be The Murloc King?
Chapter 77 - The Dumbfounded Audience, The Broken Trident
Chapter 78 - New Identity, Murloc King
Chapter 79 - Murloc Palace, Historical Mural
Chapter 80 - The New King’S Banquet, The Sumptuous All-Fish Banquet
Chapter 81 - Gather The Warriors And Count The Number Of People
Chapter 82 - Pre-Battle Preparations, Swamp Clan
Chapter 83 - Sun Tzu’S Art Of War, The Strategy Of The Murloc King
Chapter 84 - Continued To Break Through, A New Evolutionary Path
Chapter 85 - Swear Allegiance To The New King, Old Blind'S Descendant
Chapter 86 - The [Swamp Clan] Attacked And Watched The Tigers Fight
Chapter 87 - High-Level Existences: Swamp Evildoers Break Through The Defense Line
Chapter 88 - Intercepting And Killing The Murloc King. The Strength Of The Scarred Murloc
Chapter 89 - Side By Side With The King, The Battle Broke Out
Chapter 90 - Water Domain, Spirit Exploding Shark
Chapter 91 - Terrifying Power, The Second Half Of The Sea Stone Trident
Chapter 92 - Joseph, Who Had Put Everything On The Line, Danger Approaching Quietly
Chapter 93 - Ye Feng Made His Move. It Was Within The Plan
Chapter 94 - Dealt A Heavy Blow To Fitz And Dealt Aoe Damage
Chapter 95 - One-Hit Kill. The [Swamp Clan] Is Leaderless
Chapter 96 - Received The [Long Staff] And The Three-Piece Sea Stone Set
Chapter 97 - Crazy Evolution, New Skill Spirit Exploding Shark
Chapter 98 - The History Of The Murlocs, The Secret Of The Trident
Chapter 99 - Purple-Gold Lightning Appeared, Advancing To [Lord Of The Lake]
Chapter 100 - The Power Of [Lord Of The Lake], The Miracle Reappears
Chapter 101 - The Miracle Reappeared, Ye Feng’S Probing
Chapter 102 - The Reason For The Tribal Wars, The Battle For Resources
Chapter 103 - Murloc Spirit Fruit, Set Out To Explore
Chapter 104 - Waterfall, Opening A New Dungeon
Chapter 105 - Harvesting Plan, Precious Sea Spirit Grass
Chapter 106 - Strengthening Body Resistance, The Appearance Of A B Grade Behemoth
Chapter 107 - Sub-Species Of The Dragon Race, Aquatic Sub-Species
Chapter 108 - Evenly Matched, Temporarily Avoiding The Sharp Edge
Chapter 109 - The Battle Had Begun, Transforming Into A Shadow
Chapter 110 - The Power Of The Small Slimes, A Trident Attack
Chapter 111 - Killing A Flood Dragon, Divine Power Reappeared
Chapter 112 - Powerful Dragon Seed, Soaring Strength
Chapter 113 - The Reincarnation Of The Hungry Ghost, The Secret In The Depths Of The Lake
Chapter 114 - Blue Drake, Water Elemental Guards
Chapter 115 - Boundless Terror, Great Challenge, Great Opportunity
Chapter 116 - Great Danger. The Guards Are No Match For It
Chapter 117 - Ye Feng Made A Move To Save The Guard
Chapter 118 - White-Hot Battle, The Protection Of The Three-Piece Set
Chapter 119 - The Use Of The Trident, The Purchase Of Intelligence
Chapter 120 - Fish Gills Potion, Exploring The Center Of The Lake
Chapter 121 - Endless Power: The Blue Drake Dies
Chapter 122 - Delicious Spirit Fruits, Ice Stream
Chapter 123 - Crazy Evolution, Harvesting Dragon Bones
Chapter 124 - The Powerful Dragon Seed, Eternal Body
Chapter 125 - The Method To Break The Seal: The Great Wizard Is Missing
Chapter 126 - The Missing Walter, 800 Guards
Chapter 127 - The Terrifying Power Of The Ceiling, The Owner Of The Notebook
Chapter 128 - Powerful Seal, Ye Feng’S Conjecture
Chapter 129 - Sheepskin Map, The Division Of The Dragon Race
Chapter 130 - Was Left Behind To Scout The Dragon Race’S Territory
Chapter 131 - The Final Battle, The Powerful Angel
Chapter 132 - Was Right In Front Of Him, And Danger Was Approaching
Chapter 133 - Slime Protection Shield. Decisive In Killing
Chapter 134 - Bloodline Suppression. Eighth-Generation Of Sub-Dragon Had Fallen
Chapter 135 - Dragonification Effect, Omniscient Perception
Chapter 136 - Big Wave Of Harvest, Next Plans
Chapter 137 - The Power Of A Leader, The Lone Hero Of Dragon Slayer
Chapter 138 - Had A Clear Purpose: To Shock The Appearance Of The Seventh-Generation Sub-Dragon
Chapter 139 - Pre-Emptive Strike, The Difference In Physique
Chapter 140 - Killed The Seventh-Generation, Armor And Dagger
Chapter 141 - New Water Element Skill, New Upgrade In Sequence
Chapter 142 - Species Backtracking, A Sudden Explosion
Chapter 143 - Powerful Existence, Third Generation Sea Monster
Chapter 144 - Cover The Retreat Of The Guards. Powerful Water Ball Impact
Chapter 145 - Spiritual Power Penetration, Ineffective Spell Attack
Chapter 146 - Dragon Scales With Max Defense, Continued To Look For Flaws
Chapter 147 - Top-Tier Fighting Style, Exaggerated Fighting Style
Chapter 148 - The Fall Of The Third Generation, The Test Of The Water Elemental Guard
Chapter 149 - The Secret At The Bottom Of The Lake, The Aura Of The Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 150 - Water-Type Remnant Scroll, Madly Cultivating
Chapter 151 - Approached The Enchantment To Test It Out
Chapter 152 - Mysterious Dragon’S Roar, Hidden Cave
Chapter 153 - The Fall Of The Human Ceiling, The Second-Generation Dragonscale Thorn Beast
Chapter 154 - Penetrating With A Single Glance -- An Incomparably Powerful Aura
Chapter 155 - Powerful Defensive Ability, White-Hot Battle
Chapter 156 - Condense [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet], Pentagram Formation
Chapter 157 - Powerful Energy Undulations. The Situation Was Critical
Chapter 158 - Had The Upper Hand, The Final Battle
Chapter 159 - The Second-Generation Dragonscale Thorn Beast Fell, Precious Flesh
Chapter 160 - Unlocking The Cage, Walter’S Spiritual Realm
Chapter 161 - Walter’S Power, The Final Request
Chapter 162 - Powerful Undulations, Had To Stop The Competition
Chapter 163 - The People Who Were Frantically Retreating, The Form Of Steam And Ice
Chapter 164 - Ambush Trap, A Mysterious Formation
Chapter 165 - : A Miracle, A Fool’S Dream
Chapter 166 - Appeared In The Sky Above Ye Feng And Violently Destroyed The Ambush
Chapter 167 - The Power Of Steam And Ice
Chapter 168 - Finding The Water Elemental Dragon King, The Wide And Super Abyssal Zone
Chapter 169 - : The Descent Of Great Danger, The Terror Of The Spiritual Energy Tide
Chapter 170 - Emergency Action By The Academy, A Tragedy From 100 Years Ago
Chapter 171 - Light Elf Lin Xiaoyue, Rescue Team Assembled
Chapter 172 - The Terror Of The Super Abyssal Zone, The Demonized Giant Snake
Chapter 173 - Different Demon Flood Dragon Fish, Senior Sister’S Arrival
Chapter 174 - The Mysterious Creature, The Appearance Of The Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 175 - Super Brave Senior Sister Fighting Crazily
Chapter 176 - Light Elf, Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 177 - Bloodline Suppression, Forcefully Absorbing
Chapter 178 - Ye Feng, Who Was Pretending To Leave, Was Looking For An Opportunity
Chapter 179 - Time Had Arrived, And The Hunt Had Begun
Chapter 180 - The Power Of The Dragon Seed Burst Forth, Ready To Be Triggered At Any Moment
Chapter 181 - Go All Out. The More You Fight, The Braver You Become
Chapter 182 - Killing The Water Elemental Dragon King, Divine Sequence
Chapter 183 - The Mysterious Dragon Pearl, Dragon’S Aura
Chapter 184 - The Power Of Origin Seal
Chapter 185 - Divine Real [Eden], Mysterious Realm
Chapter 186 - Holy Fruit And Divine Fruit, Existence Beyond S Grade
Chapter 187 - Wind Elemental Inheritance Certificate, Andy’S Wind Elemental Inheritance
Chapter 188 - Assessment Reward Distribution, Lin Xiaoyue’S Father
Chapter 189 - Su Bai’S Routine, The Truth Of The Matter
Chapter 190 - : Received A Large Number Of Rewards. It Was An Expensive Water Arrow Magic Book
Chapter 191 - Consumed A Lot Of Resources
Chapter 192 - Epiphany Magic Book, Murloc Flame Fruit
Chapter 193 - Blue Sky Auction, The Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 194 - Young Master Lei Jia, A Greeting Gift Worth 1 Million Yuan
Chapter 195 - The Transaction Of 80 Million Yuan, Lei Jiao’S Layout
Chapter 196 - Ye Feng Went Out And His Plan Fell Through
Chapter 197 - Returning To A Familiar Place, Liu Ruyan’S Surprise
Chapter 198 - Precious Gift, Ye Feng’S Extravagance
Chapter 199 - A Restless Dinner. The People Of The Bureau As Guests
Chapter 200 - Came From Lei Jia’S Threat. Lin Ye Stepped In To Save The Situation
Chapter 201 - Debunking The Conspiracy, 80 Million In Compensation
Chapter 202 - Lei Jia Uncle And Nephew Fled In Panic, Using The [Power Transfer Spell]
Chapter 203 - Aura Restraint, Assisting In Cultivation
Chapter 204 - Mysterious Space, Vast Spiritual Power
Chapter 205 - New Ability, Exaggerated Devouring
Chapter 206 - Freshmen Convention Matters, Preparation For The Promotion Exam
Chapter 207 - Spent A Lot Of Money To Buy A Large Number Of Cultivation Items
Chapter 208 - Held The Freshmen Conference, Promotion Exam
Chapter 209 - Symbiote Continent, Cloud Mist Academy’S Main Campus
Chapter 210 - Formidable Opponent, Sword Spirit Zhang Manyu
Chapter 211 - A Powerful Girl, The Atmosphere Was Tense
Chapter 212 - Wheel Of Fortune. The Competition Officially Began
Chapter 213 - The First Round, The Sword Of Infinity Appeared
Chapter 214 - Strength Suppression, Forced To Surrender
Chapter 215 - The Second Round Of Drawing Lots, Was Once Again Empty
Chapter 216 - Lightning And The Xuan Turtle, The Aesthetics Of Violent Power
Chapter 217 - The Story Of The Spear And The Shield. The Battle Was About To Begin
Chapter 218 - Ultimate Defense, Unbreakable
Chapter 219 - Against Xuan Turtle Senior, Preliminary Test
Chapter 220 - The Turtle Breath Technique, Launched An Attack
Chapter 221 - Was Pure Luck. The Match Had Just Begun
Chapter 222 - Slime Storm, The Ultimate Cooperation Of Spiderwebs
Chapter 223 - Demonizing Luo Nuo, Soul Attack
Chapter 224 - Soul Strike, Devouring Ability Activated
Chapter 225 - The Power Of Slime, Awakening The Ability Of Acid
Chapter 226 - Ended, And Luo Nuo Admitted Defeat
Chapter 227 - Triggered The One-On-One Combat Mechanism, And Weapons Were Chosen At The Beginning
Chapter 228 - The Battle Of Offensive Superiority: The Cloud Mist Little Sword Fairy
Chapter 229 - Ancestral Level Artifact, Sword Spirit Possession
Chapter 230 - Activated The Power Of The Dragon Seed, And Zhang Manyu Was Defeated
Chapter 231 - The Second Duel, The Power Of Lightning Girl
Chapter 232 - Aesthetics Of Speed And Viole
Chapter 233 - Slimes Armor — Speed Competition
Chapter 234 - Top-Tier Defense. There Was No Suspense About Victory Or Defeat
Chapter 235 - The Effects Of The Flame Fruit, Mysterious Person
Chapter 236 - Breaking The Whirlpool, The Altered Space
Chapter 237 - Black Fog Domain, Ye Feng Who Was Restraine
Chapter 238 - The Power Of The Black Fog, A
Chapter 239 - Ancient Aura In The Depths Of The Soul
Chapter 240 - Found The Flaw And Released Its Power
Chapter 241 - Using Violence To C
Chapter 242 - Spiritual Suppression, Eternal Nightmare
Chapter 243 - Ye Feng’S Victory Was Complete.
Chapter 244 - Lei Jia’S Stomping Feet, The Tenth Round Of The Competition
Chapter 245 - Activation Pill, Despicable Means
Chapter 246 - Terrifying Mutation, Symbiote Manifesting
Chapter 247 - Lei Jia’S Trump Card, Divine-Level Heavenly Punishment Amulet
Chapter 248 - Strange Aura, Spiritual Power Suppression
Chapter 249 - Lei Jia Was Defeated, Obtained A Spot In The Academy
Chapter 250 - Award Ceremony,
Chapter 251 - Champion Killer, Delicious Food
Chapter 252 - Out-Of-Print Secret Manual: The
Chapter 253 - Econd Chapter, Dragon Tendon
Chapter 254 - Broke Through The Second
Chapter 255 - Special Flowers, Powerful Illusion
Chapter 256 - Precious Plants, Many Uses
Chapter 257 - Future Wars, The Source Of
Chapter 258
Chapter 259 - Elements And Power, The First
Chapter 260 - Elemental Techniques And Waves,
Chapter 261 - Worth Cultivating. Pass The First Lesson
Chapter 262 - Was Successfully Developed, Slime Enhancement Potion
Chapter 263 - Evolution, Large-Scale Devouring
Chapter 264 - Divine Sequence, Powerful Strength
Chapter 265 - Sequence Recombination, Mental
Chapter 266 - Special Operations Group, S Rank Mission
Chapter 267 - Purchasing Materials, Supreme-Grade Ginseng
Chapter 268 - Kill Order, Terrifying Creature
Chapter 269 - Began To Teleport To The
Chapter 270 - Arrived At The Academy, In The Luxurious Library
Chapter 271 - Multi-Form Ghost, Dragon Text
Chapter 272 - Resonated With The Book, The Dazzling Sun
Chapter 273 - The Strange Vertical Pupil, The Secret Of Noah’S Canyon
Chapter 274 - Finding A Senior, Analysis Of Dragon Text
Chapter 275 - Prepare To Set Off. Madman’S Equipment
Chapter 276 - Super Bomb, The Power Of The
Chapter 277 - Confirmed The Location And Was Ready To Set Off
Chapter 278 - Preparation Before Departure. Sports Car On The Road
Chapter 279 - The Swamp Dragon Appeared In
Chapter 280 - The Entrance To The Canyon, The
Chapter 281 - Secret Text, The Power Of Lightning
Chapter 282 - The Legendary Lightning
Chapter 283 - Indestructible Monster, Body
Chapter 284 - Battle, Strange Rumbles
Chapter 285 - Strength Increased And A Flaw Was Seen
Chapter 286 - Kill The Swamp Dragon And Gain Profits
Chapter 286 - Kill The Swamp Dragon And Gain Profits
Chapter 287 - Secrets Of The Stone Wall, Power
Chapter 288 - The Body Of A Dragon, The Power Of A Dragon Seed
Chapter 289 - Power Of The Elves: Internal
Chapter 290 - Destroy The Stone Wall, New
Chapter 291 - Super Secret Text, Strange Forest
Chapter 292 - Was Not To Be Moved Here. His
Chapter 293 - Hunting Creatures, Obtaining A Huge Benefit
Chapter 294 - The Magical Slime, The Powerful Old Man
Chapter 295 - The Forest Keeper, Robert,
Chapter 296 - The Mutated Dragon Crocodile, A
Chapter 297 - Concentrated Consciousness And
Chapter 298 - 8: Finding The Holy Spirit Grass, The
Chapter 299 - Black Holy Spirit Grass, Ominous Omen
Chapter 300 - Poisonous Corpse Poison, Strange
Chapter 301 - Earth Element Number 03, Eye Of The Netherworld
Chapter 302 - The Old Man Appeared. His True
Chapter 303 - Battle Against The Nether Serpent Emperor, Python Form
Chapter 304 - Robert’S Trap, The Illusionary Giant Python
Chapter 305 - Full Power, Lin Xiaoyue’S Strength
Chapter 306 - Powerful Opponent Had A Plan
Chapter 307 - Was Not His Opponent And Was At A Disadvantage
Chapter 308 - Consuming The Giant Python Was A Small Trick
Chapter 309 - The Fall Of The Giant Python, The Delicious Python Meat
Chapter 310 - Was Completed. Searching For A Promotion Location
Chapter 311 - Lin Xiaoyue’S Advancement, Powerful Elven Power
Chapter 312 - Successfully Awakened, An Grade A Senior
Chapter 313 - Evolved Crazily And Improved A Lot
Chapter 314 - Awakening Guard, Upgraded To A Grade
Chapter 315 - Show Off Your Skills And Leave This Place
Chapter 316 - Nether Spirit Fruit, Upgraded Once Again
Chapter 317 - Professor Lei’S Suggestion Was To Take The Initiative To Attack
Chapter 318 - Traction Power, True Dragon Sacrificial Ceremony
Chapter 319 - Split Into Two Groups, And Ye Feng’S Level Rose Once Again
Chapter 320 - The Giant Mushroom Cloud, Robert Appeared
Chapter 321 - Clash Of Skills -- The Limits Of The Physical Body
Chapter 322 - Ye Feng’S Secret, Robert’S Fury
Chapter 323 - The Eye Of The Netherworld Was Released, The Power Of The Sea God Was Released
Chapter 324 - Resonating Like The Shattering Of Mountains And Rivers, Ye Feng’S Limit
Chapter 325 - The Roar Of The Soul, The Pressure Of The Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 326 - Was On Par With Each Other,
Chapter 327 - Was Released, The Power Of The
Chapter 328 - The Power Of The Terrifying Curse,
Chapter 329 - Wavelet Ascension, The Water
Chapter 330 - Small Test, Water Elemental
Chapter 331 - Power Of The Netherworld, Lin Xiaoyue’S Duel
Chapter 332 - Power Of The Elves, Graceful Posture
Chapter 333 - Was Inextricably Linked And Was
Chapter 334 - Ye Feng, Made His Move And Ended The Battle
Chapter 335 - Eye Of The Netherworld .
Chapter 336 - Discovering The Divine Tree, Mysterious Runes
Chapter 337 - Life Essence, Powerful Enchantment
Chapter 338 - Guardian, Nether Demon Crocodile
Chapter 339 - Destroying The Sacrificial Ceremony To Eliminate Any Future Troubles
Chapter 340 - Purple Boulder, Ancient Ruins
Chapter 341 - Rare Energy Aura, Ancient Array Formation
Chapter 342 - Purple Lightning, An Ancient Tree With Life
Chapter 343 - Divine Tree, Mysterious Rules
Chapter 344 - Powerful Aura, Unrivaled
Chapter 345 - The Terror Of The Evil Spirits
Chapter 346 - An Opponent That Was Hard To Deal With
Chapter 347 - Continued The Battle As The Black Fog Invaded
Chapter 348 - White-Hot Stage, Reinforcements Arrived
Chapter 349 - One-Hit Kill, Organization Of The Evernight
Chapter 350 - Involved Factors, The Road Map Of Sky City
Chapter 351 - Set Out On A New Journey, Heading Toward Black Mountain
Chapter 352 - Defeat The Northern Lizardmen, Three People Who Suddenly Appeared
Chapter 353 - Brazen Robbery, Please Spare My Life
Chapter 354 - Hand Over The Treasure, The Five-Colored Ganoderma
Chapter 355 - Breakthrough And Breakthrough Again, Five-Colored Bird
Chapter 356 - The Fall Of The Bird, Another Breakthrough
Chapter 357 - The Archbishop’S Pursuit, Burning Thorny Road
Chapter 358 - The Powerful Black Bear, Monstrous Black Flames
Chapter 359 - : Extreme Operation, The Follow-Up To An Intense Battle
Chapter 360 - Killing The Black Bear, The Crisis Will Come Again
Chapter 361 - Terrifying Tree Demon, The Power Of Wood-Type Creatures
Chapter 362 - Immense Vitality, Shaking The Heavens And Earth
Chapter 363 - Received A Large Increase, A Huge Gain
Chapter 364 - Strength Consolidation, The Secret Of The Giant Tree
Chapter 365 - Battle, The Terrifying Giant Tree
Chapter 366 - Giant Tree Spirit Core, Tearing Space Apart
Chapter 367 - Mysterious Herb, Boundless Spiritual Energy
Chapter 368 - Black Bead, Wood-Type Spiritual Energy
Chapter 369 - The End Of Burning Thorny Road, The Man In Black Appeared
Chapter 370 - Defeated Evil Spirit, The Key To Opening The Passage
Chapter 371 - The Strange Tower Of Babel, A Weapon After Being Demonized
Chapter 372 - Supreme-Grade Seven-Colored Demonic Bead, Terrifying Array Formation
Chapter 373 - Guardian Beast, Black Flame Python, God’S Altar
Chapter 374 - Giant Toad Creature, A Great Challenge
Chapter 375
Chapter 376 - Minotaur, The Final Round
Chapter 377 - Battle With The Minotaur, A Strange Scene
Chapter 378 - The Second Minotaur’S Aura Became Even More Powerful
Chapter 379 - The Third Minotaur, Immortal Body
Chapter 380 - Beheading, A Group Attack
Chapter 381 - Stepped Into The Second Level And Began A New Challenge
Chapter 382 - Berserker Ape, The King’S Token
Chapter 383 - Undercurrent Raging, Golden-Winged Roc
Chapter 384 - Battle The Roc, Had The Upper Hand
Chapter 385 - The Golden-Winged Roc Fell And The Eighteen Rocs Appeared
Chapter 386 - Fourth Level, Strange Corpse
Chapter 387 - The Explosion Of The Corpse Had Descended Into A Fierce Battle
Chapter 388 - Roaring Sound, Black Fog
Chapter 389 - Corpse Removed And Found The Passageway
Chapter 390 - Purple-Black Beads, Thunder And Lightning
Chapter 391 - Killing The Coffin-Guarding Python, The Mysterious Stone Tablet
Chapter 392 - Tore Apart The Void, An Incomparably Violent Storm
Chapter 393 - : Black Fruit, Devouring Fruit
Chapter 394 - Chasing After The Enemy Attacks, The Demon King Descends Into The World
Chapter 395 - Ridiculously Strong, And The Battle Began
Chapter 396 - The Seventh Floor, Dense Killing Intent
Chapter 397 - Lightning Leap, Space Seal
Chapter 398 - Azure Dragon Phantom, Overlord Of A Region
Chapter 399 - Lightning-Type Creature, A Powerful Existence
Chapter 400 - Invincible God Of War, Black-Robed Man
Chapter 401 - The Black-Robed Church Knelt Down And Begged For Mercy
Chapter 402 - Magic Stone, Green Flood Dragon
Chapter 403 - Battle Again, Ancient Weapon Reappeared
Chapter 404 - Brandished His Sword, Cause His Body To Explode
Chapter 405 - Chapter 405
Chapter 406 - 10Th Floor, The Ox-Horse Beast
Chapter 407 - The King Of White Foxes, The Horse-Ox That Had Fallen Into A Coma
Chapter 408 - Battle The Ox-Horse Beast Again, Powerful Aura
Chapter 409 - Beheading The Ox-Horse Beast, Obtaining Its Spirit Core
Chapter 410 - Power Upgrade, Unlocking The Eternal Devour Sequence
Chapter 411 - 11Th Floor, Star Fragments
Chapter 412 - Holy Spirit Jade Pendant, Lightning Spirit Pill
Chapter 413 - Three Skeletons, Soul-Refining Secret Technique
Chapter 414 - Flaming Birds, The Fire Crow’S Grave
Chapter 415 - The Tomb Of The Holy Spirit, The Intervention Of Various Forces
Chapter 416 - After The Ancient Fire Crow, The Guardian, The Golden-Winged Firebird
Chapter 417 - The Ancient Fire Crow’S Original Body, Alluring Conditions
Chapter 418 - Destruction Of The Tomb Of The Holy Spirit, A Gift Of A Peerless Item
Chapter 419 - Divine Blood, S Grade Realm
Chapter 420 - Searching For A Place To Cultivate, Encountering A Sub-Dragon
Chapter 421 - Earth-Element Dragon Turtle Encounter, Battle Begins
Chapter 422 - The Key To Breaking The Illusion Was A Good Beating
Chapter 423 - The Descent Of The Dragon God, A Suppressive Force
Chapter 424 - Dragon Soul Pearl, Mental Strength Increase
Chapter 425 - Influence Spread, And A New Round Of Evolution Began
Chapter 426 - Failed To Advance. Bloodline Transformation
Chapter 427 - Was Upgraded To A+ Grade, Strengthened Slime
Chapter 428 - Dragon Race Battle Form, Strange Creature Appeared
Chapter 429 - Kill, Kill, Kill
Chapter 430 - : Indestructible Body, Sword Of Styx
Chapter 431 - Kill The Creature, The Highest Peak Of The 11Th Floor
Chapter 432 - Women Blocking The Road, Ancient Dragonhawk
Chapter 433 - Battle Interweaving, The Evolution Of The Slime Blade
Chapter 434 - All-Round Suppression, The Inner Area Of The Narrow Door
Chapter 435 - Ancient Broken Bones, Young Master Qin
Chapter 436 - What Are The Top Five Wealthy Families?
Chapter 437 - The Divine Descends, The Red-Dressed Girl
Chapter 438 - A Monstrous Existence With Powerful Abilities
Chapter 439 - Strange Energy, Endless Pressure
Chapter 440 - The Last Line Of Defense, Super Spiritual Weapon, Fire Cloud Sword
Chapter 441 - Taking The Lightning Spirit Pill Again, The Burst Of Great Power
Chapter 442 - A Transcendent Among Transcendents, Comprehending The Eye Of The Netherworld
Chapter 443 - Time Stop, A Marvelous Skill
Chapter 444 - The Fire Crow Elder Returns To Sky City
Chapter 445 - A True Warrior, A Figure At The Top Of The Pyramid
Chapter 446 - The Ability To Reconstruct The Body, Meeting An Acquaintance Again
Chapter 447 - The Imposing Shadows Retreated One After Another
Chapter 448 - Strange Runes, Evil Symbiote
Chapter 449 - The Power Of The Curse, The Price Of The Forbidden Technique
Chapter 450 - Soul Extraction, Appearance Of Evil Spirit
Chapter 451 - Dark Energy, Sect Leader'S Secret Skill, Mad Nine Decapitations, First Style
Chapter 452 - The Third Decisive Battle, The Birth Of The Ghost Sickle
Chapter 453 - Imposing Manner, The Ultimate Aesthetics Of Battle
Chapter 454 - The Game Of Spiritual Power, Breaking All Evil
Chapter 455 - Evil Spirit Appears, Passively Activating Power
Chapter 456 - Multi-Form Eye Of The Netherworld, Evil Thought Clone
Chapter 457 - The Queen, Testing
Chapter 458 - The Forbidden Sky, The Rusty Dagger
Chapter 459 - The God Slaying Blade, The Top Super Creature
Chapter 460 - The Bloodline Power That People Drool Over, Super Dark Power
Chapter 461 - Devouring Each Other, Soul Suppression
Chapter 462 - Sky City'S Crisis, Abyss Alliance'S Invasion
Chapter 463 - Cleaning Up His Subordinates, The Flame Giant Attacks
Chapter 464 - The Combination Of The Two Powers, Another Form Of Awakening
Chapter 465 - The Golden-Haired Young Man, Small-Scale Battle
Chapter 466 - Red-Haired Werewolf Leader, Soul Summoning
Chapter 467 - Undying Transcendent, Battle Escalating
Chapter 468 - The Fall Of An Undying, The Secret Of Fallen Soul Valley
Chapter 469 - Dragon King No. 0, The Holy Medicine Of Sky City
Chapter 470 - An Opportunity For Evolution And A Sudden Encounter With A Creature
Chapter 471 - : Awakening Of The Evolution Sequence And The Enhancement Of Mental
Chapter 472 - The Abyssal Knight King, Sargeras, And The Head Of The Templar Knights
Chapter 473 - The Battle Between Two Transcendents And The Crazy Output Of Power
Chapter 474 - The Heavily Injured Badis, Ye Feng Makes His Move
Chapter 475 - Undying King, System'S Warning
Chapter 476 - Breaking Through The Taboo, Approaching The Strength Of A Beyond A Grade
Chapter 477 - The Secret Of Sky City And The Origin Of The Abyss Alliance
Chapter 478 - Continue On The Way, Super Giant Python Attacks
Chapter 479 - Killing The Giant Python, The Dark Demon Ox'S Attack
Chapter 480 - The Skinny Old Man Attacks At The Edge Of The Giant Fortress
Chapter 481 - Mutual Impact, White-Hot Battle
Chapter 482 - Blurry And Ethereal, Fast To The Extreme
Chapter 483 - The Will Of The Ancient Demon God And Slime'S Main Body
Chapter 484 - The Huge Warhorse And The Scene Of Fallen Soul Valley
Chapter 485 - The Fist Force Was As Fast As Lightning, And The Fist Shadows Danced In The Sky
Chapter 486 - In The Name Of The Gods, The Owner Of The Bones
Chapter 487 - The Only Transmigrator, A Wisp Of Incomplete Dragon Soul
Chapter 488 - The Purest Yang Energy, Soul Transformation Completed
Chapter 489 - Super Black Bear, Shooting Sparks
Chapter 490 - The Super Black Bear'S Combat Power And The Strange Man With Disheveled Hair
Chapter 491 - The Lifelike Giant Python'S Shadow, The Misfortune Technique'S Secret Technique
Chapter 492 - Incomparably Powerful Spiritual Energy, Confrontation With Dark Spiritual Energy
Chapter 493 - What Kind Of Monster Are You?
Chapter 494 - Thoughts Blossoming, The Sea Boiling
Chapter 495 - 495 A Dense Killing Intent Rises, And A Fist Strikes Down Like Lightning
Chapter 496 - 496 Eternal Slumber, Hallucinating Spell, And The Law Of Water
Chapter 497 - 497 The Power Of The Water Element Symbiote, The Defeat Of The Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 498 - 498 The Secret Of The Water Elemental Dragon King And The Magic Of The Soul-Catching Stone
Chapter 499 - 499 The Black-Striped Crocodile King That'S Courting Death, Stabilizing Strength Is The Best Strategy
Chapter 500 - 500 The Once-In-A-Century Blood Lingzhi Mushroom, The Bearded Youth'S Shocking Appearance
Chapter 501 - 501 The Eldest Son Of The Zhao Family, Highly Confidential Project
Chapter 502 - 502 Three Waves Of Undead, The Blood Ginseng Grass'S Magical Effect
Chapter 503 - 503 Far Beyond The Ranks Of Super Powerhouses, Team Leader Zhao Dashan
Chapter 504 - 504 Ancient Creature Egg, Combat Team Leader Zhao Ershan
Chapter 505 - 505 A Huge Power, Battling Zhao Ershan
Chapter 506 - 506 Zhao Ershan'S Leak, The Research Plan Of Fallen Soul Valley Exposed
Chapter 507 - 507 Wind Chasing Arrow Youth, Battle And Charge
Chapter 508 - 508 The Secret Technique Of The Zhao Family, Let'S Use It Together
Chapter 509 - 509 The Zhao Family'S Combat Machine, Zhao Dongrun Takes Action
Chapter 510 - 510 Killing Zhao Dongrun, Single-Handedly Fighting Off Experts
Chapter 511 - 511 Super Dragon Phoenix Attack, Terrifying Memory
Chapter 512 - 512 Super Dragon Phoenix Killer, Purple Bead
Chapter 513 - 513 Zhao Yunshan'S Final Counterattack, His Screams Reverberated Through The Sky
Chapter 514 - 514 Kill Whoever Comes, Everyone Kneels In Admiration
Chapter 515 - 515 Miracle, Super Soul-Losing Grass
Chapter 516 - 516 The Appearance Of The Soul-Catching Stone, Evidence Of The Zhao Family'S Crimes
Chapter 517 - 517 Looking For The Water Elemental Dragon King Again And Fighting
Chapter 518 - 518 The Guardian Of Fallen Soul Valley, The King Of Lost Souls
Chapter 519 - 519 You Want To Kill Me? It'S Not That Easy!
Chapter 520 - 520 Powerful Strength, Constantly Jumping Water Elements
Chapter 521 - 521 Penetrating Attack, Release Of Divine-Rank
Chapter 522 - 522 The Release Method Is Wrong, The Terrifying Soul-Losing Vine
Chapter 523 - 523 It'S Your Turn, Go All Out
Chapter 524 - 524 The Vines That Reappeared, And The Body That Was Comparable To A Weapon
Chapter 525 - 525 Soul-Catching Fruit, Magical Memory
Chapter 526 - 526 The Ultimate Power Of The Soul, The Fallen Demonic Tree
Chapter 527 - 527 Peak-Level Soul Power, Ye Feng'S Ultimate Combat Technique
Chapter 528 - 528 Defeating The Lost Soul Demonic Tree, The Green-Scaled Water Elemental Dragon King Reappears
Chapter 529 - 529 Black Light Appears, The Strengthened Green-Scaled Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 530 - 530 Ultimate Battle Aesthetics, Super-Strong Offensive Methods
Chapter 531 - 531 The Appearance Of The Dragon Race Battle Form, The Angry Roar From The Green-Scaled Water Elemental Dragon King
Chapter 532 - 532 Hit The Dragon At Its Seven-Inch Spot, The Green-Scaled Water Elemental Dragon King'S Rage
Chapter 533 - 533 The Power Of Curse Runes, New Skill Obtained
Chapter 534 - 534 Three Curse Runes, Endless Spiritual Energy
Chapter 535 - 535 Breaking Through The Genetic Constraint, The Threshold Of Beyond A Grade
Chapter 536 - 536 Earth-Shaking Changes, The Power Of Lightning Falling
Chapter 537 - 537 Advancing To Beyond A Grade, The War Has Already Begun
Chapter 538 - 538 The Vanguard Team, Ye Feng'S Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 539 - 539 The Abyss Lord Farmas, A Terrifying Pressure Descends
Chapter 540 - 540 Devil'S Hammer, Demon God'S Body
Chapter 541 - 541 Breaking The Clone, The Temporary Power Of Divine Lightning
Chapter 542 - 542 Soul Sacrifice, A Situation Of No End
Chapter 543 - 543 The Abyss Alliance'S Treasure, Surrendering To The Altar
Chapter 544 - 544 Sneaking Into The Enemy'S Base And Discovering A Giant Formation
Chapter 545 - 545 The Black-Robed Old Man, Strength Is The Absolute Truth
Chapter 546 - 546 Frequent Attacks Of Creatures, Ultimate Defense State
Chapter 547 - 547 Encountering An Ancient Creature, Releasing Flame Epiphany Technique
Chapter 548 - 548 Elder Of The Abyss Alliance, Beyond A Grade
Chapter 549 - 549 Like A Ghost, The Demonic Ape Appears
Chapter 550 - 550 Light Burst Out, And He Resisted It
Chapter 551 - 551 The Greatest Advantage, Powerful Recovery
Chapter 552 - 552 Temporary Retreat, Demon Lord
Chapter 553 - 553 An S Grade Character Erupts With Powerful Strength
Chapter 554 - 554 Terrifying Power, Extremely Vast Might
Chapter 555 - 555 Lightning Filled The Sky, And The Trident Was Unsheathed
Chapter 556 - 556 The Holy Spirit Jade Pendant, The Supreme Power
Chapter 557 - 557 The Power That Spread In All Directions, Devouring Madly
Chapter 558 - 558 How Terrifying Is The Power Of The Heavenly Tribulation?
Chapter 559 - 559 The Extreme Power Of The Heavenly Tribulation, Like The Arrival Of The End Of The World
Chapter 560 - 560 The World In The Depths Of His Soul, The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 561 - 561 The Power Of The Slime Slash, Breaking All Obstacles In The World
Chapter 562 - 562 The Fall Of The Abyss Demon King, Thoradin, And The Invincible Power Of The Law
Chapter 563 - 563 Invasion Of Alfas'S Consciousness, Extremely Powerful Mind Power
Chapter 564 - 564 Strange Energy Fluctuations, Precious Materials
Chapter 565 - 565 Rich Power Of Heaven And Earth, Continuous Tempering Of The Lightning Element
Chapter 566 - 566 The Legendary Lightning Divine Palace, Where The Statue Of The Lightning God Is
Chapter 567 - 567 Mysterious Statue, Super Power
Chapter 568 - 568 Terrifying Aura, Lightning Suppression
Chapter 569 - 569 The Black Patterns And The Unbreakable Illusion
Chapter 570 - 570 Extremely Terrifying Power, Earth Element Rare Treasure
Chapter 571 - 571 Fusion With The Gluttony King, Activation Of The Devouring Curse Rune Sequence
Chapter 572 - 572 Devouring And Destruction, The Supreme Rule Of The Great Cosmos
Chapter 573 - 573 Light Blue Light, Lightning Divine Palace'S Guardian Beast
Chapter 574 - 574 The Corrosion Of Lightning, The Pearl Of The Lightning God Beast
Chapter 575 - 575 Three Rays Of Light Blossomed, An Extremely Special Power
Chapter 576 - 576 Terrifying Power, Pitch-Black Spatial Rift
Chapter 577 - 577 Chilling Killing Intent, Terrifying Lightning
Chapter 578 - 578 Heaven And Earth Lose Their Color, Ridiculously Strong
Chapter 579 - 579 Unparalleled Power And Self-Protection Ability
Chapter 580 - 580 A Powerful Secret Technique, The Power To Reverse The Universe
Chapter 581 - 581 A Sharp Light That Could Destroy The Heavens And The Earth, The Eruption Of Bloodline Power
Chapter 582 - 582 Unparalleled Strength, Dazzling Light
Chapter 583 - 583 Destructive Aura, The Rebellious White-Robed Young Man
Chapter 584 - 584 The Blood Of A Fierce Beast, The Power To Destroy The World
Chapter 585 - 585 The Battle With The Fierce Beasts, Full Of Head-On Clashes
Chapter 586 - 586 A Mysterious Power, Chance Encounter With The Godfire Pearl
Chapter 587 - 587 Golden Shield, Dense Spiritual Energy Fluctuations
Chapter 588 - 588 Finishing Off The Enemy, The Black-Robed Men'S Pursuit
Chapter 589 - 589 A True Expert With A Strong Body
Chapter 590 - 590 The White-Robed Young Man Reappears, Ye Feng Is Forced To Accept The Challenge
Chapter 591 - 591 Suppressed Cultivation, The Most Ridiculous Monster
Chapter 592 - 592 So Strong That It Makes People Despair, The Last Trump Card
Chapter 593 - 593 Sharp Killing Intent, Shocked Expression
Chapter 594 - 594 A Terrifying Upgrade, A Huge Change
Chapter 595 - 595 S Grade Manual, Absorbing The Laws Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 596 - 596 Pure Energy, Evil Giant Wolf
Chapter 597 - 597 The Devouring Demon Clan, The Powerful Curse
Chapter 598 - 598 The Ability To Devour All Things, True Destruction
Chapter 599 - 599 Arriving At The Mountain Of Chaos At The Time Of The Chaos' Birth
Chapter 600 - 600 Black Energy, Fierce Beast Taotie
Chapter 601 - 601 Devouring Curse Runes, Like A Divine Weapon
Chapter 602 - 602 A Strange Power And A Vast Pressure
Chapter 603 - 603 First Encounter With Alfas, Intense Battle
Chapter 604 - 604 Earth-Shaking Movement, Incomparably Terrifying Strength
Chapter 605 - 605 Super Fierce Beast Fire Qilin, No Ordinary Flame
Chapter 606 - 606 An Existence At The God-Level Controls The Laws Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 607 - 607 This Is A Deal, The Return Of The Fire Qilin
Chapter 608 - 608 Tearing The Void, The Sharp Wind Blade
Chapter 609 - 609 Powerful Strength, Like A Wild Beast
Chapter 610 - 610 The Golden-Armored Giant, The Super Fierce Beast Of The Abyss Alliance
Chapter 611 - 611 Wingmen Clan, Wingman'S Trident
Chapter 612 - 612 Gold-Tier Warrior, Legendary Old Man
Chapter 613 - 613 The Tide Of Attacks, Extremely Fierce Fists
Chapter 614 - 614 The State Of White Hot Is Beyond Imagination
Chapter 615 - 615 Collective Defense Break, The Genes Of The Abyssal Demon Dragon
Chapter 616 - 616 Abyssal Demon Snake, Ineffective Mental Attack
Chapter 617 - 617 The Strange Snowflakes And The Mysterious Spirit Stone
Chapter 618 - 618 The Appearance Of The Ferocious Sea Beast And The Burly Old Man
Chapter 619 - 619 What A Powerful Defense, A Sacred Healing Medicine
Chapter 620 - 620 The Black-Robed Symbiotic Demon, The Scum Of Humanity
Chapter 621 - 621 Martial Intent, Terrifying Power
Chapter 622 - 622 Shocking Killing Intent, Powerful But Useless
Chapter 623 - 623 The Peak Of Chaos Mountain, The Last Place
Chapter 624 - 624 The Woman In Black And The Assassin Trained By The Abyss Alliance
Chapter 625 - 625 Comprehended [Obliteration] And God-Grade Secret Skill
Chapter 626 - 626 All The Shrimp Soldiers And Crab Generals Were Killed
Chapter 627 - 627 General Iron Bone, Shocking Arm Strength
Chapter 628 - 628 Game Over, Iron Blood Vines
Chapter 629 - 629 Lightning, The Final Battle Against Alfas
Chapter 630 - 630 The Power Is Shocking Enough, A Special Power
Chapter 631 - 631 Bloodline Protection, High-Tech Armor
Chapter 632 - 632 Sea God King'S Blessing, Shocking Battle Intent
Chapter 633 - 633 Surging Battle Intent, An Extreme Super Expert
Chapter 634 - 634 Blood Explosion Pill, Ultimate Enhancement
Chapter 635 - 635 Elemental Power, Demonic God'S Blood
Chapter 636 - 636 The Bloodline Legend Warrior, Alfas, Falls
Chapter 637 - 637 The Creator Of The Bloodline, The Body Of The Dragon God
Chapter 638 - 638 The White-Robed Priest Descends
Chapter 639 - 639 The Abyssal Demon King Was Killed
Chapter 640 - 640 Absorbing The Power Of The Bloodline, Abyssal Demon Blood
Chapter 641 - 641 The Center Of The Abyssal Passage, The Northernmost Sacred Zone
Chapter 642 - 642 A Terrifying Existence, Begging For Mercy At The Speed Of Light
Chapter 643 - 643 There Are Still Two Great Existences, The Story Of Ancient Earth
Chapter 644 - 644 The World Reeking Of Blood, The White-Robed Priest Alyssa
Chapter 645 - 645 Incomparably Vast Energy Fluctuations, Purgatory Within A Range Of Several Kilometers
Chapter 646 - 646 The Resonance Between Secret Arts And Creatures, The Fierce Beast Sequence
Chapter 647 - 647 Sky City'S Lackey, A Quick Battle
Chapter 648 - 648 Don'T Even Think About Leaving This Place Alive With Your Powerful Body
Chapter 649 - 649 Burning One'S Lifespan To Increase One'S Combat Power For A Short Time
Chapter 650 - 650 Bloodline Evolution, Level 1 Bloodline
Chapter 651 - 651 Improving Bloodline Quality, The God Of Slime
Chapter 652 - 652 The Source Of Power, The True Omnipotent Expert
Chapter 653 - 653 Slime Potion, Re-Upgrade And Transformation
Chapter 654 - 654 The Dominance Of The Void Sword Qi, The Space Of Despair
Chapter 655 - 655 The Pressure Is Getting Stronger And Stronger, And I'M Frantically Circulating My Soul Power
Chapter 656 - 656 Death Has Arrived, The World Has Changed
Chapter 657 - 657 Unparalleled Physical Strength Comes With A Price
Chapter 658 - 658 The Difficult Mage And The Power Of The Single-Horned Rhinoceros
Chapter 659 - 659 A Strange Fluctuation, Brazenly Healing
Chapter 660 - 660 Using One'S Own Advantage, Forbidden Death Zone
Chapter 661 - 661 Affecting Will, S Grade Existence
Chapter 662 - 662 Becoming A Vessel, A Giant Stone Ball
Chapter 663 - 663 Extremely Fast Speed, Exuding A Monstrous And Ruthless Aura
Chapter 664 - 664 Unparalleled Power, Powerful Secret Manual
Chapter 665 - 665 Such A Strong Body, Ancient Secret Skill
Chapter 666 - 666 Waiting For An Opportunity, The Most Monstrous Existence
Chapter 667 - 667 The Destructive Pressure Has Gone Completely Crazy
Chapter 668 - 668 Not The Slightest Bit Of Fear, Extremely Evil Aura
Chapter 669 - 669 The Battle With Shockwaves, The More You Fight, The More Afraid You Get
Chapter 670 - 670 It Seems To Be A Lightning Tribulation, I'Ll Still Kill It
Chapter 671 - 671 Danger Lurks In Every Corner And A Shocking Scene
Chapter 672 - 672 All The Hair On His Body Stood On End, Like A God Of Death
Chapter 673 - 673 Killing, Meeting The Old Man Again
Chapter 674 - 674 Saint, Peak Beyond A Grade
Chapter 675 - 675 Undying Body, Inheritance
Chapter 676 - 676 Secret Movement Technique, It'S A Matter Of Time
Chapter 677 - 677 The Sealed Spiritual Energy Is Suffocating
Chapter 678 - 678 Extremely Fast, Ruins
Chapter 679 - 679 Destructive Fluctuations, Like The End Of The World
Chapter 680 - 680 Bull-Headed Demon, Powerful Pressure
Chapter 681 - 681 Extremely Terrifying Bloodline, Extremely Cold Eyes
Chapter 682 - 682 Not Very Strong, Slightly Inferior
Chapter 683 - 683 The Edge Of The Forbidden Zone, Cold And Gloomy
Chapter 684 - 684 The Vast And Majestic Aura, The Creature'S Spirit Core
Chapter 685 - 685 Human-Shaped Spider, We'Ll Talk After I'M Done With You
Chapter 686 - 686 Overbearing Poison, Surging Aura
Chapter 687 - 687 The Valley Trembled Violently, And The Upgraded Version Of The Restoration Pill
Chapter 688 - 688 I'Ll Send You To Heaven, Black Fiend Great Demon Emperor
Chapter 689 - 689 Attacking Without Hesitation, Immunity To Demonic Energy
Chapter 690 - 690 The Demon Emperor'S Fury Soared To The Sky, And The Extremely Dense Demonic Energy
Chapter 691 - 691 The Mark Of The Seal, The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon Appears
Chapter 692 - 692 The Supreme Being Of The Demon Race, Not The Slightest Bit Afraid
Chapter 693 - 693 How Dare You Attack Me? You Actually Lied To Me?
Chapter 694 - 694 Hidden Cultivation Level, Earth-Shattering Power
Chapter 695 - 695 Forging Material, An Extremely Ordinary Black Fragment
Chapter 696 - 696 Green Spiritual Fruit, A Sorry State
Chapter 697 - 697 Spiritual Energy Of Heaven And Earth, Green Spiritual Fruit Tree
Chapter 698 - 698 A Cheat-Like Life, A Light Golden Glow
Chapter 699 - 699 The Shiny Jade Tablet And The Butterfly Pattern
Chapter 700 - 700 Violent Energy, Godlike Evolution
Chapter 701 - 701 Sky City'S Treasured Land, Rich Life Force
Chapter 702 - 702 Lightning-Fast, Unlimited Release
Chapter 703 - 703 The Mysterious Glass Bone, The Shocking Appearance Of Dragon Scales
Chapter 704 - 704 The Dragon Domain That Appeared Randomly And The Rare Flame Zoysia
Chapter 705 - 705 The Appearance Of The Young Man In Black And The [Slime Power] "
Chapter 706 - 706 Fusing With The Dragon Pearl, Instantly Advancing To S Grade
Chapter 707 - 707 Aura Rises To The Peak, S Grade Wargod Appears
Chapter 708 - 708 The End, Final Battle
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

""Waking up from sleep, Ye Feng realized that he had transmigrated to a world where the cities had awakened and the whole world lived in symbiotic relations.

Every young person of age would choose a symbiote that was compatible with them.

Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Ancient Great Dragon of the Origins. After they matured, they could shatter the earth with their dragon breaths.

Some people built a symbiotic relationship with the Twelve Winged Flaming Angel. After they matured, their sacred light shone upon the world.

Some people built a root-level symbiotic relationship with Succubuses. After they matured, they became insanely attractive and charmed the world.

However, Ye Feng’s symbiote was the most unremarkable creature, a Slime?!

Fortunately, he activated the system and awakened the six great sequences at the beginning!

[Perception]: Your ability to sense danger and opportunities is amplified significantly.

[Devour]: You can devour any living being that is smaller than yourself to increase the size of your own body.

[Split]: You can split your body into smaller parts. Each part will retain part of the initial body’s abilities.

[Regenerate]: The recovery capabilities of your various stats are amplified significantly, at the same time your adaptability is increased rapidly as well.

[Mimic]: Your symbiote will evolve at an accelerated pace. Every time it evolves, there is a chance that it can awaken a new ability.

Watch how Ye Feng’s Slime grows to rule the world in the end...

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 - Slime Symbiote, Maximum Compatibility!

Chapter 1: Slime Symbiote, Maximum Compatibility!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

“Students, please be prepared and enter the hall in an orderly manner.”

“When choosing an appropriate symbiotic body in the symbiotic pool, please bear in mind the following points.”

“One, you only have one hour after entering the symbioticpool. Please bear this in mind.”

“Two, during the symbiotic process, if the symbiote entity resists, please remember not to try violent symbiosis.”

“Three, in the symbioticpool, you are not allowed to do anything that interferes with someone’s symbiosis. If you are found out, you will be severely punished!”

“Finally, I wish all of you can obtain your own symbiotic entity!”

Wuzhou City’s No. 2 High School, in a corner of the Symbiotic Pool Hall.

Ye Feng’s eyes were dull as he looked ahead.

The crowd was bustling, and the crowd was excited.

After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly came back to his senses and shouted, “F*ck!”

“I’ve transmigrated!”

Looking at the familiar scene around him, a piercing pain struck him, and countless memories suddenly emerged.

Not only had he transmigrated, but he had also returned to his high school days.

As for the teachers and classmates, they were all exactly the same in his memories!

The only difference was that…

The worldview here completely overturned Ye Feng’s understanding.

This was a parallel world of global awakening.

All kinds of living creatures and non-living creatures would undergo varying degrees of mutation at a certain stage.

Strangely, only humans were not affected by the awakening.

Darwin’s theory of evolution, which had always been advocated, was also overturned along with the Great Man Chuannai’s theory of human symbiosis.

All 18-year-olds could enter the symbiosis pool and get a chance to choose a soul-compatible symbiote!

Through symbiosis with other species, humans could obtain the corresponding special ability of the species.

Although the symbiote body be could be chosen by yourself, it was not the case that the stronger the body, the better. Ultimately, it still depended on one’s adaptability.

The specific species of the symbiote depended on each person’s adaptability. The higher the adaptability, the greater the room for growth in the future.

Some of the chosen ones, after fusing with a Giant Dragon, would possess a terrifying power that could move mountains and fill seas. They could even contend against nuclear weapons!

Some people, however, could only coexist with cats and dogs. Their abilities were not eye-catching, and they declined from then on.

There were also some who defied the heavens and changed their fate. Through the opportunity of late-stage cultivation, they leaped up and reached the peak of their abilities.

In this world, only powerful symbiotes were truly superior to others.

In addition, with the recovery of Earth’s spiritual energy, danger lurked everywhere!

Only symbiotes had the ability to fight against it.

And with the degree of mutation, there were also different grades, from high to low, and in turn, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.

Each grade also had a detailed division, such as within the F grade, there were F+, F, and F-.

Therefore, symbiotes had already exceeded normal legal restrictions.

Even if they had committed a heinous crime, ordinary courts were not qualified to judge them.

They had to conduct a special trial through the Symbiote Organization.

For ordinary people, the only chance of symbiosis this time was exceptionally precious.

After understanding all of this, Ye Feng also began to look forward to it.

Because today, the reason why he appeared here was because he had just turned 18 and entered the symbioticpool to choose a symbiotic body!


“Ye Feng, are you afraid…”

His gay friend, Zhang Yun’s face was deathly pale as he forced a smile at Ye Feng.

“It will definitely go smoothly, right?”

“Yes.” Ye Feng nodded.

Hearing Ye Feng’s affirmative answer, Zhang Yun’s expression recovered a little.

Actually, both of them knew that it was really too difficult to find a suitable symbiotic body.

Although the teachers had taught them too many things to pay attention to and some techniques during the class.

But those were just words. When they really reached the symbioticpool, it was difficult for them to remain calm as they had never experienced symbiosis before.

Unknowingly, the symbioticpool had been opened.

The people who were waiting in the hall, under the guidance of the teachers, began to enter the symbioticpool according to class.

The symbiotic pool in Wuzhou No. 2 High School could support 50 people to co-exist at the same time, and each wave of symbiosis time was fixed at one hour.

In other words, a class could enter at the same time.

Ye Feng’s class was the fourth wave.

According to the time, it would be their turn after four hours.

As wave after wave of students entered the symbioticpool, most of them were shaken and walked out shortly after.

They either did not have a suitable symbiote entity, or they had a very weak symbiote entity.

As the number of students increased, everyone finally realized the extent of the tragedy of the symbiotic pool.

The first two waves were completely annihilated.

This time, Ye Feng was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, the entire hall fell into a deathly silence.

The students’ faces were ashen, forming a stark contrast with the excitement and anticipation from before.

Finally, in the third wave, some people came out happily.

Time passed bit by bit, and it was finally Ye Feng’s turn.

Ye Feng and the others followed the guidance and came to the side of the symbioticpool.

The instructor briefly said a few things to take note of. Following a burst of light, everyone’s consciousness suddenly became drowsy.

Their consciousness entered an indescribable world.

This was a chaotic space. The surrounding elements were constantly flowing, and Ye Feng could clearly feel it.

Suddenly, in an instant.

The origin of all things on Earth was like a slide, all appearing and flashing.

Countless types and countless creatures all came into view at once.

Ye Feng’s consciousness concentrated, and his consciousness concentrated among the extraordinary creatures without explanation.

Angels, Titans, Dragons, and even Demons and other mythical creatures.

All of them became Ye Feng’s first choice.

Then, with a thought, a pair of blazing red eyes of a Titan Giant Ape appeared before his eyes.

In an instant, an overwhelming power suddenly attacked!

Ye Feng was shocked and immediately withdrew his thoughts.

He understood that such an extraordinary creature could not become his symbiote partner.

Fortunately, he retracted his thoughts in time, or else he would be reduced to ashes on the spot!

“As expected, it’s better to accept my own normalcy…” Ye Feng sighed and kept lowering his requirements.

But without exception, there were no suitable symbiotes for him.

Just as Ye Feng was frowning…

In his mind, a voice that he had not heard for a long time appeared.

[Ding, God-Level Deduction System activated!]

[The host is currently selecting a symbiote in the symbiotic pool. Do you wish to proceed with the deduction of the most suitable symbiote?]

After hearing the voice, Ye Feng was immediately energized.

“Begin deduction!” Ye Feng was extremely happy and shouted repeatedly.

[Ding! Deduction begins!]

[Starting deduction of beast-type symbiotes… End deducting. There is no suitable symbiote!]

[Starting deduction of bird-type symbiotes… End deducing. There is no suitable symbiote!]

[Starting deduction of fish-type symbiotes…]

[Starting deduction of insect…]

[Starting deduction of plant… 12% adaptability to symbiotic partner!]

[Starting deduction of elements… 0.1% adaptability…]

[Starting deduction of alien-type… 20% adaptability…]


[Deduction completed. 350 billion 70 million deductions completed!]

[A total of 1.9 million symbiotes are available for the host to choose from.]

After a few minutes, the system’s deduction finally came to an end.

Seeing this result, Ye Feng was dumbfounded.

One had to know that when they judged whether symbiosis was suitable or not, they needed to carry out a preliminary trial of symbiosis. In other words, each symbiote had to be tried before they knew which was the most suitable.

If there was no system’s deduction…

Just 1.9 million results were enough to tire him out.

The results deduced were enough.

But even after deducing all the non-living symbiotes, there was no symbiote with adaptability higher than 50%.

Casually flipping through the results and seeing the creatures that appeared on it, Ye Feng immediately frowned.

Most of the creatures on it were weak symbiotes, or some unhelpful symbiotes.

Most importantly, even the weakest symbiote only had a mere 40% adaptability.

“With this adaptability of less than half, if I forcefully start symbiosis, wouldn’t I become cold on the spot?”

Just as Ye Feng was feeling disheartened…

He suddenly saw a very dreamy number at the bottom of the very small [Magical Sticky Spiritual Body] list.

[Compatibility: 100%!]

[Compatible symbiotic body object — Slime!]


Total Chapters in book: 709
Estimated words: 1063900 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5320(@200wpm)___ 4256(@250wpm)___ 3546(@300wpm)