Heaven’s Devourer by Feng Qingyang

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 0002: Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms
Chapter 0003: Jindan Immortal
Chapter 0004: Wu Yu'S Death
Chapter 0005: Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure
Chapter 0006: Invincible Vajra Body
Chapter 0007: Murder In The Dark Nigh
Chapter 0008: Heavenly Palace
Chapter 0009: Immortal'S Path, Immortal Promotion Plateau
Chapter 0010: Your Life Be At Stake!
Chapter 0011: Devil Ape'S Demon Transformation
Chapter 0012: Spirit Concentration Pill, Demon Banishing Blade
Chapter 0013: Immortal Promotion Plateau Showdown
Chapter 0014: The East Sea Severs The Giant Whale
Chapter 0015: Worthy To Live On
Chapter 0016: Battling On Heaven'S Lamen
Chapter 0017: Nirvanic Rebirth
Chapter 0018: Seven Days And Seven Nights
Chapter 0019: Dong Yue Wu Ancestral Celebrations
Chapter 0020: Golden Meridians And Inner Ape
Chapter 0021: Golden Inferno Dragon Slayer Ar
Chapter 0022: Drunk Over The Sword Dao
Chapter 0023: Stained Glass Palace
Chapter 0024: Sweeping Golden Inferno
Chapter 0025: Immortal Kingdom Supervisor
Chapter 0026: Zhongyuan Dao Sec
Chapter 0027: Immortal Ape Transformation
Chapter 0028: Demonic Blood
Chapter 0029: Mo Shishu
Chapter 0030: Art Of Lightning Control
Chapter 0031: Lightning Demon Metamorphosis
Chapter 0032: Indomitable Immortal Ape
Chapter 0033: Wu Yu Pays Respects To Master
Chapter 0034: Demon Subduing Golden Staff
Chapter 0035: 10,000 Sword Stone Door
Chapter 0036: Sumeru Pouch
Chapter 0037: Prince Yuan Chen
Chapter 0038: My Name Is Sun Wudao.
Chapter 0039: Jiang Junlin
Chapter 0040: The Ghostly God Arrives
Chapter 0041: Bone-Adhering Fire
Chapter 0042: Demon Slaying In Capital Wu
Chapter 0043: Brother Sister Alliance
Chapter 0044: Spectral Concubine
Chapter 0045: Subterfuge In Tian Wu Hall
Chapter 0046: Wave Of Darkness
Chapter 0047: The Ghost Of Capital Wu
Chapter 0048: Life On A Thread
Chapter 0049: The Next Life
Chapter 0050: Soul Summoning Banner
Chapter 0051: The Golden Dao
Chapter 0052: Scarlet Sea'S Seven Ghosts
Chapter 0053: 10 Tiers Of Condensing Qi
Chapter 0054: The Sternum'S Spiritual Source
Chapter 0055: Firestorm Horsetail Whisk
Chapter 0056: Eastern Suppression Army
Chapter 0057: Jade-Based Fire
Chapter 0058: Fight In The Palace
Chapter 0059: Spiritual Marks And Lifegiving Frui
Chapter 0060: Condensing Qi In The Fores
Chapter 0061: Return To Capital Wu
Chapter 0062: Burning Boiling Blood!
Chapter 0063: Truth
Chapter 0064: Tornado Of Anger And Fire
Chapter 0065: Explosion Of Qi And Blood!
Chapter 0066: Wu You Disappears
Chapter 0067: Five Day Horror
Chapter 0068: Almighty Demon
Chapter 0069: Chaos Of Ming Long
Chapter 0070: Great Way Of Immortality Ar
Chapter 0071: Gathering Qi In Heaven'S Hall
Chapter 0072: Ground Demon Transformation Ar
Chapter 0073: Fixed Body Ar
Chapter 0074: Gilded Ruler
Chapter 0075: Supreme Godkiller Ar
Chapter 0076: The Empress Of Dong Yue Wu
Chapter 0077: Godly Movement Bodyguard Talisman
Chapter 0078: Spiritual Qi Spring
Chapter 0079: Dao Querying Pagoda, Scripture Holding Depository
Chapter 0080: Gold And Jade Sword Core
Chapter 0081: Flying Wooden Tiger
Chapter 0082: Five Affinities Swordsmen
Chapter 0083: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
Chapter 0084: Lan Shuiyue
Chapter 0085: Zhao Changtian, Yi Qingfeng
Chapter 0086: Nine Dragons Ascension Column
Chapter 0087: Golden Taiyi Constellation Blade
Chapter 0088: Aquacore Reflection
Chapter 0089: Valley Of Immortal Fate
Chapter 0090: 100-Year Adult Demons
Chapter 0091: Beacon Of Flame
Chapter 0092: Tang Batian
Chapter 0093: Reunion At The Lake Of Jade
Chapter 0094: Martial Cultivation Is Plunder
Chapter 0095: Demons Roam
Chapter 0096: Femme Fatale
Chapter 0097: Vengeance At The Lake Of Jade
Chapter 0098: Sect'S Trial
Chapter 0099: Inner Vajra Buddha
Chapter 0100: Gathering Qi In Heaven'S Gate
Chapter 0101: Ghost-Faced Ape
Chapter 0102: Heavenly Sword Sect Disciples
Chapter 103: Four Dragons Ascension Column
Chapter 0104: Ambush From All Sides
Chapter 0105: A Fatal Trap
Chapter 0106: Viridescent Ivy, Lost Heart Design
Chapter 0107: Death
Chapter 0108: New Life
Chapter 0109: Staking Lives
Chapter 0110: Ninth Spiri
Chapter 0111: 120,000 Years Ago
Chapter 0112: Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike
Chapter 0113: Dao Sect Comes To Visi
Chapter 0114: Supernova Golden Body
Chapter 0115: 300 Rays Of Dawn Ligh
Chapter 0116: Hot Blooded Youth
Chapter 0117: Fight For Glory!
Chapter 0118: Mysterious Immortal Roo
Chapter 0119: Fight To The Death
Chapter 0120: Gathering Qi At High Rush
Chapter 0121: Affection
Chapter 0122: Tian Yijun
Chapter 0123: Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword
Chapter 0124: Jiu Er
Chapter 0125: Granite Golem
Chapter 0126: Thunder Seabird
Chapter 0127: Hundred Ghost Devouring Talisman
Chapter 0128: The Ninth Spirit Is Looking For You
Chapter 0129: The Will Of The Sword
Chapter 0130: Executing Jiang Ding
Chapter 0131: Stone Tablet From The Sky
Chapter 0132: Ninth Spirit'S Hear
Chapter 0133: Two Zhang Golden Body
Chapter 0134: Yin Yang Sword Wheel
Chapter 0135: Battle On The Plains
Chapter 0136: Sky'S Pillar Demon Imprisonments
Chapter 0137: Mo Xiudao
Chapter 0138: Dual Purposes, Sword To The Skies
Chapter 0139: A Lover From A Past Life
Chapter 0140: Fox Demons' Treasure
Chapter 0141: Swords Of Stone
Chapter 0142: We, The Sword Cultivators!
Chapter 0143: Fight With The First Disciple
Chapter 0144: Great Dao Of The Golden Sword
Chapter 0145: Qinghua Of The Eas
Chapter 0146: Dark Entropic Lord
Chapter 0147: Die With No Regrets
Chapter 0148: A Showdown With Jiang Ji
Chapter 0149: I'Ll Kill One Hundred Thousand A Day!
Chapter 0150: Formless Execution
Chapter 0151: Homecoming
Chapter 0152: Eve
Chapter 0153: Heaven Against Hell
Chapter 0154: Ghost Insects In The Body
Chapter 0155: To Ride The Winds And Crest The Waves
Chapter 0156: Great Dao'S Killing Power
Chapter 0157: The Army Of Evil Ghosts And Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 0158: Go Hard
Chapter 0159: An Internal Dilemma
Chapter 0160: Heroic Heart, Slaughtering Demons!
Chapter 0161: Hunting Grounds
Chapter 0162: Showdown With The Venomous Snake
Chapter 0163: Attacking The Hear
Chapter 0164: Ninth Spirit'S Motives
Chapter 0165: Beautiful Fox Of The Nine Heavens
Chapter 0166: Life On A String
Chapter 0167: Nervousness Hidden Beneath The Flesh
Chapter 0168: The Final Battle
Chapter 0169: Carnage On The Bipo Mountain Range
Chapter 0170: Sea Of Supernatural Souls Body
Chapter 0171: Four-Way Carnage
Chapter 0172: Paranormal Pillar Of Blood
Chapter 0173: Showdown With Tian Yijun
Chapter 0174: Swansong
Chapter 0175: Jiang Xie'S Death
Chapter 0176: Scare At Fox Branch Mountain
Chapter 0177: Sky Fox Forging Jindan
Chapter 0178: Race To The Finish
Chapter 0179: Wu Yu And Jiu Er
Chapter 0180: Ghosts And The Argenti Chain
Chapter 0181: Mad Demon Strikes And Triple Kill Of The Heavens
Chapter 0182: Clear Sky Of Shushan
Chapter 0183: The Way Forward
Chapter 0184: Shushan Comes
Chapter 0185: Sword Saint Zhang
Chapter 0186: Frog In The Well
Chapter 0187: Slaughter Calabash
Chapter 0188: Stealing Love At Knife Poin
Chapter 0189: Complete Domination
Chapter 0190: Homing Soul-Shocker Talisman
Chapter 0191: Sword Of The Mystic Eye And The Blazing Rainbow Sword
Chapter 0192: Blood Bonding Dual Swords
Chapter 0193: Your Technique Or Your Life
Chapter 0194: Four Major Sword Ranks
Chapter 0195: Futu Hall
Chapter 0196: Green Glass Sword Palace
Chapter 0197: Shushan Disciple Wu Yu
Chapter 0198: Rules For The New
Chapter 0199: Disciple Amule
Chapter 200: Primordial Spirit, Dao Contemplation
Chapter 201 - Yan Huang Imperial City
Chapter 0202: Shushan Jindan Cave
Chapter 0203: Nangong Wei
Chapter 0204: Dan-Drawing Lines
Chapter 0205: Demons' Abyss
Chapter 0206: Vajra Sword Talisman
Chapter 0207: Vampiric Ra
Chapter 0208: Sword Of Nine Chops, Golden Bell Armor
Chapter 0209: Lavender Sword
Chapter 0210: The Second Transformation
Chapter 0211: Green-Eyed Demon Wolf
Chapter 0212: In Memoriam
Chapter 0213: Natural Mystique
Chapter 0214: Nine Heavens, Land Of Women
Chapter 0215: Qing Chuanxue, Yu Huasheng
Chapter 0216: Atavistic Bloodline
Chapter 0217: Abyss Guard
Chapter 0218: Leaving Shushan
Chapter 0219: Soul Controller Pill, Skeleton'S Cuff
Chapter 0220: Ancient Battlefield At Southeast Thoroughfare
Chapter 0221: Black Talisman
Chapter 0222: Soul Devourer
Chapter 0223: Corpse Flower
Chapter 224 - Deadly Poison
Chapter 0225: If I Could Live My Life In The Moment We Me
Chapter 0226: Cloud Banisher
Chapter 0227: Mountain Of Swords And Immortals
Chapter 0228: Leaderboard Of Swords And Immortals
Chapter 0229: Galaxy Sword Sage
Chapter 0230: Sea Summoning Bauble
Chapter 0231: Soaring To New Horizons
Chapter 0232: Sister Shen
Chapter 0233: Achievement Hall
Chapter 0234: Yin Yang Dao Sword
Chapter 0235: Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column
Chapter 0236: Spiritual Sword Palace
Chapter 237 First Time Refining Immortal Medicine
Chapter 0238: A Vortex Of Humanity
Chapter 0239: Isle-Splitter Claymore Ar
Chapter 0240: Pure Yang Voidbreaker And Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal
Chapter 0241: Celestial Palace
Chapter 0242: Soul Hall
Chapter 0243: The Sin Of Killing Your Master
Chapter 0244: Punishment Hall'S Heaven Surpassing Sword
Chapter 0245: Warring Immortals Hall
Chapter 0246: Baili Feihong
Chapter 0247: Yin Yang Dao Palace
Chapter 0248: Zhao Xuanxian, He Taiyao
Chapter 0249: Chasing Cloud Bow And Arrow
Chapter 0250: Killing God Void Sword
Chapter 0251: Sword Of Bloody Rivers
Chapter 0252: Victors' History
Chapter 0253: Transformative Daois
Chapter 0254: Core Sword Cell
Chapter 0255: A Gif
Chapter 0256: Dao Enlightenmen
Chapter 0257: Nine Palace Dragon Design
Chapter 0258: Important Mission
Chapter 0259: Demon'S Massacre
Chapter 0260: Buried Soul Of Qingsang
Chapter 0261: Young Demon
Chapter 0262: Jiu Ying
Chapter 0263: Great Dao Destruction Strike
Chapter 0264: Core-Tail Talisman
Chapter 0265: The Tragedy Of The Lan Ling Sec
Chapter 0266: Out Of Your Expectations
Chapter 0267: True Culpri
Chapter 0268: Ghostly Wings Of The Black Mountain
Chapter 0269: Spiral Of Disaster
Chapter 0270: The Battle To Break Ou
Chapter 0271: Gates Of Hell
Chapter 0272: Luck That Soared Through The Skies
Chapter 0273: Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body
Chapter 0274: Human-Shaped Monster
Chapter 0275: I Want To Become An Immortal
Chapter 0276: The Battle Of Gigantic Beasts
Chapter 0277: Horrifying Monster
Chapter 0278: Supreme Hunting Ground
Chapter 0279: The Missing Wu Yu
Chapter 0280: Moon Chasing Hound
Chapter 0281: The Second Option
Chapter 0282: Strongest Demon On The Heavenly Continen
Chapter 0283: Glossary Of Spirit Design
Chapter 0284: Longevity
Chapter 0285: Chi Haiyin
Chapter 0286: Sinner
Chapter 0287: Soul And Body Disintegration
Chapter 0288: Sixth Hunting Ground
Chapter 0289: Sabretooth And Speothos
Chapter 0290: Illusory Demon Reflector
Chapter 0291: Yan Huang Immortal Army
Chapter 0292: Demon Of Yan Huang
Chapter 0293: The Nightmare Of The Demons
Chapter 0294: Void Bird
Chapter 0295: Void Lock
Chapter 0296: Wu Yu Slays Six Demons
Chapter 0297: Metallic Stone Immortal Monkey
Chapter 0298: Metallic Stone Hell
Chapter 0299: My Own Hear
Chapter 0300: Zhu Huang
Chapter 0301: Crimson Blood Demon
Chapter 0302: Return
Chapter 0303: Blood Dragon Of Mount Wu
Chapter 0304: Below
Chapter 0305: The Demon Spy
Chapter 0306: Dazzling Gold Galaxy Sword Qi
Chapter 0307: Heaven Dao Mystique
Chapter 0308: Unshackled Doppelganger
Chapter 0309: Ten Strands Of Hair
Chapter 0310: Immortal Ascension Hall
Chapter 0311: Li Yijun
Chapter 0312: Chen Fuyou
Chapter 0313: Shadow Doppelganger
Chapter 0314: Crimson Shadow Sword Sage
Chapter 0315: Shadowless Realm
Chapter 0316: Huang Sword Domain Domain Master
Chapter 0317: Heaven'S Equal Cave Abode
Chapter 0318: Immortal Battleground
Chapter 0319: Shen Xingyao
Chapter 0320: Mizar Sword Immortal
Chapter 0321: Eight Prison Mountain Godsword
Chapter 0322: Supreme Immortal Treasures
Chapter 0323: Sun And Moon
Chapter 0324: Mu Lingche
Chapter 0325: Hundred Flower Fantasy
Chapter 0326: The Four Sword Sages
Chapter 0327: The Phoenix Fairy
Chapter 0328: Radiant Phoenix Wings
Chapter 0329: The Rules Of The Sword Sages
Chapter 0330: Thoughts
Chapter 0331: Unrivaled Sea Of Swords
Chapter 0332: Grand Architect Sword Sage
Chapter 0333: War Of Vengeance
Chapter 0334: Accept Defeat After Losing A Be
Chapter 0335: Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique
Chapter 0336: Beishan Mo
Chapter 0337: Disciple Of The Seven Immortals
Chapter 0338: Dao Treasure
Chapter 0339: Young Hearts
Chapter 0340: Second Tier Mystique
Chapter 0341: High Level Mission
Chapter 0342: A Spirit-Petrifying Slash
Chapter 0343: Yin Yang Mountain
Chapter 0344: Housefly
Chapter 0345: Danger Lurks On Every Side
Chapter 0346: Uncertainty
Chapter 0347: The Black Smoke God Descends
Chapter 0348: An Old Friend
Chapter 0349: Changing Circumstances
Chapter 0350: Death
Chapter 0351: Fracture
Chapter 0352: A Slap On The Face
Chapter 0353: On The Brink Of Life And Death
Chapter 0354: Heart Of Dao
Chapter 0355: Traitorous Disciple
Chapter 0356: Yan Huang
Chapter 0357: Reborn
Chapter 0358: Sun
Chapter 0359: Entering The City
Chapter 0360: Black Gold
Chapter 0361: Commander Luo
Chapter 0362: City Lord
Chapter 0363: Mystical Dragon!
Chapter 0364: Hall Of Clouds
Chapter 0365: Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff
Chapter 0366: Immortal Ascension Inn
Chapter 0367: A Brutal Weapon
Chapter 0368: Verve
Chapter 0369: General Gu
Chapter 0370: Ivory Bone Barb
Chapter 0371: Heaven'S Equal Camp
Chapter 0372: Qin Fuyao
Chapter 0373: Wind God Dao Beauty
Chapter 0374: Yunxi City
Chapter 0375: Three-Headed Demon
Chapter 0376: Three Thousand Fierce Souls
Chapter 0377: Seven Eyes Demon
Chapter 0378: A Windfall
Chapter 0379: Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique
Chapter 0380: Million Swords Formation
Chapter 0381: An Important Mission
Chapter 0382: Yan Huang Warship
Chapter 0383: Entering The East Sea
Chapter 0384: First Forays
Chapter 0385: Dog Figh
Chapter 0386: The Might Of Heaven Imprisonmen
Chapter 0387: Slaying Ghosts
Chapter 0388: Ninth Tier Great Dao
Chapter 0389: Black White Double Ghosts
Chapter 0390: Thousand Eyes
Chapter 0391: Demon God
Chapter 0392: Divided, We Rule
Chapter 0393: Pursuit Of A Thousand Miles!
Chapter 0394: Cangxue Qingfeng
Chapter 0395: Ravaging Ghost Volcano
Chapter 0396: Thoroughly Refined
Chapter 0397: The Emergence Of The Blazing Sun
Chapter 0398: Return To Despair
Chapter 0399: Violent Executions
Chapter 0400: Peasants
Chaper 0401: Three Years
Chapter 0402: Mortal Dong Yue Wu
Chapter 0403: A New Path
Chapter 0404: Trial Of Yan
Chapter 0405: Yan Huang War Drum
Chapter 0406: Leaderboard Of Trial Of Yan
Chapter 0407: The Four Geniuses
Chapter 0408: Battlefield Of Old
Chapter 0409: Grand Emperor, Chief Emperor
Chapter 0410: Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel
Chapter 0411: Triden
Chapter 0412: Silver-Haired Maniac
Chapter 0413: Blood Devouring Ivory Spear
Chapter 0414: Empress
Chapter 0415: Untitled
Chapter 0416: Plan Within A Plan
Chapter 0417: Battle Of Water And Wood
Chapter 0418: Mechanical Kirin Beas
Chapter 0419: Yan Huang Imperial General
Chapter 0420: When Nine Become One
Chapter 0421: Direct Confrontation!
Chapter 0422: The Promise From The Imperial General
Chapter 0423: Golden Boy And Jade Maiden
Chapter 0424: Mixed Thunder Sword Formation
Chapter 0425: The Black Hell Lightning Of Heaven'S Wrath
Chapter 0426: The Dao That Never Dies
Chapter 0427: Champion Of The Trial Of Yan
Chapter 0428: Mega Shopping Spree
Chapter 0429: Yan Huang Ancient Well
Chapter 0430: Desolate Ancient World
Chapter 0431: Yan Huang Ancient Soul
Chapter 0432: Heaven'S Wrath Aftershock
Chapter 0433: Underground Palace
Chapter 0434: Damask Of The Sea'S Hear
Chapter 0435: Beautiful Girl
Chapter 0436: Stone Key
Chapter 0437: Heaven Devouring Evil Lord
Chapter 0438: Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation
Chapter 0439: The Spirits Of The Universe!
Chapter 0440: Fleeting Beauty
Chapter 0441: Precursor Dragon Scale
Chapter 442: Doors To The Main Hall
Chapter 0443: Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation
Chapter 0444: Insatiable Greed
Chapter 0445: Soul Shocking Objec
Chapter 0446: Precursor Dragon Scale
Chapter 0447: Yu Fuyao Of The Heavenly Seas
Chapter 0448: Immortal Breaking Art, Casting The Immortal Palace
Chapter 0449: Strange Phenomena In The Immortal Palace
Chapter 0450: Eyes Of Fire And Gold
Chapter 0451: Mystique Mastery
Chapter 0452: Parting Gif
Chapter 0453: Ancient Array Of The Mystical Dragon
Chapter 0454: Turbulent Undercurrents
Chapter 0455: Wind And Snow Immortal Domain
Chapter 0456: A Dragon Of The Violet Kingdom Realm
Chapter 0457: Eyes On His Back
Chapter 0458: May Fate Bring Us Together
Chapter 0459: The Promised Day
Chapter 0460: A Core-Tail Talisman From Afar
Chapter 0461: The Black Warship
Chapter 0462: Return To Shushan!
Chapter 0463: Betray Your Master And Destroy Your Tribe
Chapter 0464: Green Depths Emperor Sword
Chapter 0465: The Power Of Purgatory Chains
Chapter 0466: Severing All Ties
Chapter 0467: Neptune'S Dark Fortress
Chapter 0468: Black Dragons Overpowering All
Chapter 0469: Lingering Affection
Chapter 0470: The Arrival Of The Seven Immortals
Chapter 0471: East Sea Calls For Aid!
Chapter 0472: Capital Wu, Capital Wu!
Chapter 0473: Ghostly Emperor, Necro Lord
Chapter 0474: The Daughter Of The Eighth Emperor
Chapter 0475: Extreme Pleasure Sec
Chapter 0476: Yin Yang Life Plucking Bangle
Chapter 0477: An Ally Appears
Chapter 0478: Sword Pointing To The East Sun
Chapter 0479: Godly Sea Steadying Needle
Chapter 0480: Devil Shen Kong
Chapter 0481: The Four Souls Devil Lord
Chapter 0482: Four Major Sects
Chapter 0483: East King Island
Chapter 0484: Three Fields Ghostly Sage
Chapter 0485: Nine Hells Reincarnation Scripture
Chapter 0486: Violent Dragon Pillar Of The Vast Ocean
Chapter 0487: Supreme Twilight Ghostly Sage
Chapter 0488: Crucible Of The Underworld
Chapter 0489: Sudden Changes
Chapter 0490: Brothers Through Life And Death
Chapter 0491: Shocking The Divine Continen
Chapter 0492: A Bolt From The Blue
Chapter 0493: Heroes From The World
Chapter 0494: Necro Lord
Chapter 0495: The Most Difficult Choice
Chapter 0496: The Great Dao Follows The Hear
Chapter 0497: The Last Decision
Chapter 0498: The Ultimate Battle
Chapter 0499: The Major Battle Of The East Sea
Chapter 0500: The Invincible Ghostly Emperor
Chapter 0501: The Hatred In His Hear
Chapter 0502: Ji Lingshuang
Chapter 0503: Moment Of Frenzy
Chapter 0504: Life And Death Encounter
Chapter 0505: Another One Bites The Dus
Chapter 0506: The Soul Of The Hidden Sea
Chapter 0507: The New World
Chapter 0508: Great Karma
Chapter 0509: Difficult Conquest Of Dao Treasure
Chapter 0510: Conversation In The Deep Sea
Chapter 0511: Jambu Realm
Chapter 0512: 19 Continents
Chapter 0513: Martial Cultivation Kingdom
Chapter 0514: Taigu Immortal Path
Chapter 0515: Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial
Chapter 0516: Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique
Chapter 0517: The Missing Wind Chopping Camp
Chapter 0518: Undercurrents
Chapter 0519: Shangyuan Immortal Mountain
Chapter 0520: Gusu Yudie
Chapter 0521: The Two Demon Emperors
Chapter 0522: First Battle
Chapter 0523: Doomsday Eyes Of The Immortal
Chapter 0524: Nangong'S Transformation
Chapter 0525: Phoenix Against Jiu Ying
Chapter 0526: World Obliterating Furnace
Chapter 0527: Demon Wind Locus
Chapter 0528: Pagoda Tempes
Chapter 0529: Come And Fight If You Aren'T Convinced
Chapter 0530: Star Chasing Celestial Arrow
Chapter 0531: Slaying The King
Chapter 0532: Immortal Palace Painting
Chapter 0533: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 0534: Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword
Chapter 0535: Bloodsucking Curse
Chapter 0536: Shocking Change!
Chapter 0537: The City Lord'S Message Talisman
Chapter 0538: Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman
Chapter 0539: Ares Battle Armor Of The Prime Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 0540: Until Fate Brings Us Together Again
Chapter 0541: The Heart Devil Of Life And Death
Chapter 0542: Like The Arrival Of A Lord
Chapter 0543: Ink Immortal Palace Guard
Chapter 0544: The Peak Of The Divine Continen
Chapter 0545: Fourth Tier Violet Kingdom
Chapter 0546: Battle God Guardian Formation
Chapter 0547: The Gateway To The Taigu Immortal Path Of Immortals
Chapter 0548: Numerous Planets
Chapter 0549: Sea Region Demon
Chapter 0550: The Cloud Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 0551: Seven Stars Soul Chasing Design
Chapter 0552: The Way Ou
Chapter 0553: Prince Cloud
Chapter 0554: Thunder Source Crystal Beas
Chapter 0555: The Cardinal Behind
Chapter 0556: The Third Kind Of Spirit Of The Universe
Chapter 0557: Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body
Chapter 0558: Moving Through The Pain
Chapter 0559: Golden Robed Lady
Chapter 0560: Strict Hierarchy
Chapter 0561: Lightning Sea
Chapter 0562: Heavy Coma
Chapter 0563: Lan Tianyu
Chapter 0564: Kings Of The Spirits Of The Universe
Chapter 0565: Extremely Daring
Chapter 0566: The King'S Awakening
Chapter 0567: Ancient Emperor'S Demon Vanquishing Sword Talisman
Chapter 0568: Incomparable Courage
Chapter 0569: Speed Of Life
Chapter 0570: Astounding Change
Chapter 0571: Cloud Sea Of Time
Chapter 0572: Black Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 0573: Skysilver Protector
Chapter 0574: Yu Xinghai
Chapter 0575: Mechanical Skylark Beas
Chapter 0576: White Ancient Pagoda
Chapter 0577: Time Control
Chapter 0578: Mysterious Door
Chapter 0579: The Fifth Tier
Chapter 0580: Prince Le
Chapter 0581: Might Of The Sun Vessel
Chapter 0582: The Legendary Ancient Emperor
Chapter 0583: Mystical Taia Flames Transformation
Chapter 0584: Nine Stygian Purgatories Design
Chapter 0585: The Path Of Fear
Chapter 0586: Strange Prince Le
Chapter 0587: Panther General
Chapter 0588: The Terrifying Third Mystique
Chapter 0589: Companion
Chapter 0590: Upper Qian Golden Rings
Chapter 0591: Strange Developments
Chapter 0592: Spiritual Trio General
Chapter 0593: Blue Ringed Poison Devil
Chapter 0594: Toxic Plague
Chapter 0595: Old Mulberry Region Lord
Chapter 0596: Dark North Kingdom
Chapter 0597: Withering Blackfire Talisman
Chapter 0598: One Hit Ko
Chapter 0599: The Huge Beast In The River Of Time
Chapter 0600: Floating Dreams Pagoda
Chapter 0601: Lightning Blood General
Chapter 0602: Gravel Path
Chapter 0603: Advanced Dao Treasure
Chapter 0604: Magical Golden Luan Transformation
Chapter 0605: The Path Of Pursui
Chapter 0606: Truncheon
Chapter 0607: Supreme Speed
Chapter 0608: Mysterious Tomb
Chapter 0609: Inhibitor Spirit Design
Chapter 610: Sorry, My Heart Belongs To Another
Chapter 0611: Fright In The Tomb
Chapter 0612: Life And Death Fright!
Chapter 0613: Qu Haoyan
Chapter 0614: Great Brahma Nine Flames Warrior Body
Chapter 0615: Perennial Shark
Chapter 0616: Clash Of Physical Strength
Chapter 0617: Phantom Corpse Puppe
Chapter 0618: Muxu Kingdom
Chapter 0619: Lethal Mechanism
Chapter 0620: Single Handedly Challenging The Corpses!
Chapter 0621: Coffins Of Gold And Silver
Chapter 0622: Princess You Xue
Chapter 0623: Wu Yu, Save Me!
Chapter 0624: Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill
Chapter 0625: Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff
Chapter 0626: Black Candle Ligh
Chapter 0627: Hair-Raising
Chapter 0628: Against 10,000 Dragons
Chapter 0629: Huge Infinity Beas
Chapter 0630: Demonic Flame General
Chapter 0631: Shocking Changes Within The Tomb
Chapter 0632: Mountain Of Lightning
Chapter 0633: Eastern Region Duke
Chapter 0634: Change Of Hear
Chapter 0635: Sovereign Skyrending Dao Technique
Chapter 0636: Mysterious Large Mountain
Chapter 0657: Ravaging Lightning Serpents
Chapter 0638: Prince Feng And Qingwu Yunsi
Chapter 0639: Immortal’S Viewing Platform
Chapter 0640: A New Panic
Chapter 0641: Dividing The Spoils
Chapter 0642: Back From The Brink
Chapter 0643: You Mean, This Staff?
Chapter 0644: Palaces Of Dao Techniques
Chapter 0645: Dao Destroyer
Chapter 0646: Pregnant Tree Of Great Dao
Chapter 0647: Bonanza
Chapter 0648: A Final Decision
Chapter 0649: An Explosion Of Strength
Chapter 0650: Black And White Deities
Chapter 0651: Jump The Gun
Chapter 0652: Nine-Star Purgatory
Chapter 0653: Whose Word Counts?
Chapter 0654: Staging The Assassination
Chapter 0655: Mutual Slaughter
Chapter 0656: What Is Insanity?
Chapter 0657: Apex Predator On The Immortals' Viewing Platform
Chapter 0658: Eternal Sword Strike
Chapter 0659: Mystical Ice Inferno Realm
Chapter 0660: Soul Manipulation Blood Design
Chapter 0661: Technique Of A Ghostly Immortal
Chapter 0662: A Way Ou
Chapter 0663: Ravaging Lightning Vortex
Chapter 0664: Connected By Blood
Chapter 0665: Yan Dragon Army
Chapter 0666: Los
Chapter 0667: Qu Haoyang
Chapter 0668: Jin Shengdao
Chapter 0669: Charade In The City
Chapter 0670: Yan Dragon Formation
Chapter 0671: Epic Showdown!
Chapter 0672: The Secret Of The Heaven Devouring Evil Residence
Chapter 0673: Rebirth Of A Nightmare
Chapter 0674: Unbelievable Changes
Chapter 0675: Mindsweeper Dao Technique
Chapter 0676: Conclusion To The Divine Continen
Chapter 0677: The Fourth Mystique
Chapter 0678: Somersault Cloud
Chapter 0679: Deep Sea Sharks
Chapter 0680: World Of The Golden Eye
Chapter 0681: City Lord Of Northern Fros
Chapter 0682: Stalker
Chapter 0683: Imperial Enchanting Palace
Chapter 0684: Alcohol Tasting And Dao Discussion
Chapter 0685: Yin Xuan
Chapter 0686: Fight At Imperial Enchanting Palace
Chapter 0687: Dark North Tribe
Chapter 0688: Shuili Palace
Chapter 0689: Onward To Dark North Capital
Chapter 0690: Dark Sea Army
Chapter 0691: Li Heavenly Province
Chapter 0692: Long Black Spear
Chapter 0693: Satellite Cities Of The Dark North Capital
Chapter 0694: Dark North Royal Palace Summons
Chapter 0695: Sealing Day Of The Taigu Immortal Path
Chapter 0696: Yan Qing
Chapter 0697: The Resurrected
Chapter 0698: Life And Death Is Up To Fate
Chapter 0699: Dark Sky General
Chapter 0700: Black Skeleton
Chapter 0701: Blood Soul Barracks
Chapter 0702: Wang Miao
Chapter 0703: Intimidating The Cowards
Chapter 0704: The Secret Of The Alternate World
Chapter 0705: Patrolling The Dark North Capital
Chapter 0706: Master Of Justice
Chapter 0707: Genius Gang Of The Dark North Capital
Chapter 0708: Covert Conversations
Chapter 0709: Burning Skies Barracks
Chapter 0710: The Storms Of The Alternate World
Chapter 0711: Darkness Breaching Talisman
Chapter 0712: Stygian River
Chapter 0713: Yin Ying
Chapter 0714: Sun'S Incandescence
Chapter 0715: Dark North Emperor Beas
Chapter 0716: Life Threatening Danger
Chapter 0717: Cryogenesis Mystique
Chapter 0718: Stygian Nightmare Army
Chapter 0719: Court Proceedings
Chapter 0720: Internal Resolution
Chapter 0721: Dark Sea Thoroughfare
Chapter 0722: Incriminating
Chapter 0723: Waves In The Dark North
Chapter 0724: Demon Dao Sec
Chapter 0725: Demon Hall Of Dao Techniques
Chapter 0726: Blood Weeping World Technique
Chapter 0727: Thousand Layers Of Blood Weeping World
Chapter 0728: Shadow Swallower
Chapter 0729: 10Th Tier
Chapter 0730: Toying Around
Chapter 0731: Ensnarer Of Gods And Demon Butcher
Chapter 0732: The Road To Centurion
Chapter 0733: Holy Elephant Hell-Shocking Technique
Chapter 0734: The Battle Between The Dragon And Elephan
Chapter 0735: Dead Souls Prison
Chapter 0736: Dark North Battle For Supremacy
Chapter 0737: Dark North Royal Obelisk
Chapter 0738: Dark Millenium Platform
Chapter 0739: Before The Battle
Chapter 0740: Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 0741: Underworldly Skeletal Warship
Chapter 0742: Guests Of The Dead Souls Prison
Chapter 0743: Ghost Sea Prison
Chapter 0744: Lobster Emperor
Chapter 0745: Qu Yin
Chapter 0746: Twin-Headed Bane
Chapter 0747: Full Moon Of Nanshan
Chapter 0748: A Pig!
Chapter 0749: Prince You Yan
Chapter 0750: Heavenly Dragon Soul Lock
Chapter 0751: Primordial Spirit'S Sea Of Knowledge
Chapter 0752: Second Primordial Spiri
Chapter 0753: Heaven Devouring Titanic Beas
Chapter 0754: White Eyed Scarlet Hair
Chapter 0755: First Devouring
Chapter 0756: Infinite Eternal Sand Reincarnation Design
Chapter 0757: 10,000 Doppelgangers
Chapter 0758: Domineering Rise
Chapter 0759: Glacial Netherflame Emperor'S Domain
Chapter 0760: Golden Millstone
Chapter 0761: Homological Immortal'S Legacy
Chapter 0762: Marshal Tian Peng
Chapter 0763: Dark North Soul Lock Spirit Design
Chapter 0764: Eight Dark Immortals' Descen
Chapter 0765: Underhanded Schemes
Chapter 0766: The Method To Find Demons
Chapter 0767: Three Princes, Two Princesses
Chapter 0768: Yuan Qinqiong, Jiang Shangyue
Chapter 0769: A Damned Plan
Chapter 0770: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 0771: Wipe Out Every Last One
Chapter 0772: Elysian Life Extinguisher
Chapter 0773: Heavenly Battle Demon
Chapter 0774: Heavens Blasting Seal
Chapter 0775: Returned
Chapter 0776: Reverse Scale
Chapter 0777: A Life And Death Struggle
Chapter 0778: The Final Day
Chapter 0779: Fight For Power
Chapter 0780: Dark North Cartograph
Chapter 0781: The Brave Fear Nothing
Chapter 0782: Dark North Imprisonmen
Chapter 0783: 10,000 Spectral Transformations
Chapter 0784: 3,000 Shattered Minor Worlds Imperial Sword
Chapter 0785: A Man Of Impeccable Talents
Chapter 0786: Fearless Storm
Chapter 0787: Seeing The Sun Again
Chapter 0788: Place Of Belonging
Chapter 0789: The Son-In-Law Of The Dark North Kingdom.
Chapter 0790: Ancient Emperor'S Edic
Chapter 0791: Kingmaker Le
Chapter 0792: Com-Pig-Nionship
Chapter 0793: Second Tier Primordial Spiri
Chapter 0794: Blood Bonding The Dark North Royal Obelisk
Chapter 0795: Dark North Royal Obelisk Immortal Palace Design
Chapter 0796: Saintly Sword Of The Dark Spirit, Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons
Chapter 0797: Yan Huang Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0798: Prince Yao And Three Immortals Kunwu
Chapter 0799: Fighting Together
Chapter 0800: Overturning Heaven Emperor Seal
Chapter 0801: Battle In The Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0802: The Might From Dark North
Chapter 0803: Prince Le'S Residence
Chapter 0804: Spirit Penetration Ar
Chapter 0805: Skeletal Flame Dragon
Chapter 0806: Nightmare Extermination Formation
Chapter 0807: Giant Note City
Chapter 0808: Infernal Inferno
Chapter 0809: Yu Chenyang
Chapter 0810: Saintly Sword Of The Dark Spirit Obelisk
Chapter 0811: Friendship And Trus
Chapter 0812: The Yan Dragon Fortress
Chapter 0813: A Tail
Chapter 0814: Ghostly Yan Honey Trap
Chapter 0815: Demon King'S Flag Of Children Souls
Chapter 0816: Dark Portal Of 3,000 Children’S Souls
Chapter 0817: Thunder Flame Army
Chapter 0818: Double-Layered Spirit Design
Chapter 0819: Huge Scuffle
Chapter 0820: Ghostly Artificer
Chapter 0821: Dead Man
Chapter 0822: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 0823: Ghostly Artificer'S Battle Techniques
Chapter 0824: The Dagger
Chapter 0825: Battle Of Devouring
Chapter 0826: News From The Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0827: Foursome
Chapter 0828: Yan Martial Gates
Chapter 0829: Di Shatian
Chapter 0830: Kingmaker Ying
Chapter 0831: Heavenly Cumulonimbus Blade And Vampire'S Hatche
Chapter 0832: Ownage
Chapter 0833: The Four Kingmakers
Chapter 0834: And The Sky Was Swallowed By Dragons
Chapter 0835: Lions Of The Tundra
Chapter 0836: The Will Of The Ancient Emperor
Chapter 0837: Tidings Of Her
Chapter 0838: Barren Beas
Chapter 0839: Unbounded Sky Pillar
Chapter 0840: A Perfect Plan
Chapter 0841: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 0842: Revisiting The Inferno World
Chapter 0843: Stygian Immortal Kunwu
Chapter 0844: Bloody Yan Cave
Chapter 0845: Gathering Of Ghosts
Chapter 0846: Elixir Of Fire Spiri
Chapter 0847: A Young Lady And Her Ca
Chapter 0848: All Amalgamating Ca
Chapter 0849: Heaven'S Equal Of Willpower
Chapter 0850: Great Dao Is Limitless; My Heart Is Fearless
Chapter 0851: Epitome Of Heaven'S Fire World
Chapter 0852: Eyes Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 0853: Primordial Spirit Third Tier
Chapter 0854: Dignified Sword Elemental
Chapter 0855: A World Of Good And Evil
Chapter 0856: Night Breeze Inn
Chapter 0857: An All Out Trap
Chapter 0858: Giant Skull
Chapter 0859: Glass Lamp
Chapter 0860: Six Worlds, Celestial King Buddha
Chapter 0861: Lanternlight Beas
Chapter 0862: Importance Of Form
Chapter 0863: Physical Body World
Chapter 0864: The World Outside
Chapter 0865: Fearful Migh
Chapter 0866: Memories From Youth
Chapter 0867: Assimilation Technique Of Dao And Soul
Chapter 0868: Fox Demon Queen
Chapter 0869: Holy Devil City
Chapter 0870: Skull World
Chapter 0871: Heaven'S Thunder, Hellfire, Mighty Wind
Chapter 0872: Epic Calamitous Battle
Chapter 0873: Changes At Flaming Devil Cave
Chapter 0874: Dungeon Of Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 0875: Black Sand And A Mysterious Objec
Chapter 0876: Immortals' Legacies
Chapter 0877: Curtain Lifting General
Chapter 0878: Warning
Chapter 0879: The Three Siblings
Chapter 0880: Ghostly Immortal Titan
Chapter 0881: The Battle Of Millennia!
Chapter 0882: Super Spirit Design
Chapter 0883: A Battle That Shines Through History
Chapter 0884: A Wild Time
Chapter 0885: The Great Ancient Emperor
Chapter 0886: Judgmen
Chapter 0887: New Life
Chapter 0888: Ghostly Cultivator At The Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0889: Kingmaker Le In The Throne Room
Chapter 0890: Infernal Sky Pillar Of Nine Fetters
Chapter 0891: Divine Bestowmen
Chapter 0892: The Heart To Compete For The Throne
Chapter 0893: Clash Of Flames
Chapter 0894: Infernal Cell Shatterer Of Nine Fetters
Chapter 0895: Flower Paradise
Chapter 0896: Number One Battlefield Of The Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0897: Misty Moon Chamber
Chapter 0898: Flashing Debu
Chapter 0899: Exceptionally Arrogan
Chapter 0900: Skilled At Killing
Chapter 0901: A Big Gamble
Chapter 0902: Heavenly Meteorite
Chapter 0903: Silent Blazing Nine Palaces
Chapter 0904: Who Is The Most Fearless Person?
Chapter 0905: The Power Of Cell Shatterer
Chapter 0906: Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra
Chapter 0907: Hell Incarnation Avatar
Chapter 0908: Nanyin Demon Continen
Chapter 0909: Voyage Diaries
Chapter 0910: Hidden Immortal
Chapter 0911: Indestructible State Talisman
Chapter 0912: South Emperor City
Chapter 0913: Blue Skies And White Clouds
Chapter 0914: Old Yin Yang Demon
Chapter 0915: The Old Demon'S Anger
Chapter 0916: Green Island Brothers
Chapter 0917: Sea Suppressing Devilish Melody
Chapter 0918: Candid
Chapter 0919: Underwater Giant Beas
Chapter 0920: Yin Yang Forbidden Sea Formation
Chapter 0921: Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon, Gone From The Skies
Chapter 0922: Double-Ended Taia Sword
Chapter 0923: Dao Philosophy
Chapter 0924: Little Valley
Chapter 0925: Dark Cloud Tiger Wolf'S Inn
Chapter 0926: Culture Of The Demon World
Chapter 0927: Bloody Cloud Dragon Cheetah
Chapter 0928: Yun Sheng, Yun Yin
Chapter 0929: Cloud Piercing Demon Tree
Chapter 0930: Holy Golden Armored Bug And The Vulture
Chapter 0931: Who Is She?
Chapter 0932: Eternal Phoenix
Chapter 0933: Without A Trace
Chapter 0934: Seven Ape Kings
Chapter 0935: Fire-Red Demon Apes
Chapter 0936: Divine Wood Great Ape
Chapter 0937: Taiyi Divine Wood Array
Chapter 0938: Sacrifice The Self
Chapter 0939: Remember The Days
Chapter 0940: Black Sand Demonic Shadow
Chapter 0941: The Sixth Ape King
Chapter 0942: Dying Twice In Battle
Chapter 0943: Shattering Of The Physical Body
Chapter 0944: Moth To The Flame
Chapter 0945: Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence
Chapter 0946: Golden Eyes
Chapter 0947: Monkey, Marmoset, Ape, Gorilla
Chapter 0948: Blue-Blooded Dragon Bats
Chapter 0949: Hemophilic Dragon'S Eye
Chapter 0950: The Frightening New Puppe
Chapter 0951: Major Changes To The Ancient Demon Lake
Chapter 0952: Silver Moon Demon Lord
Chapter 0953: Phoenix Supreme'S Domain
Chapter 0954: Nanfeng Empire
Chapter 0955: The Demon Horde Against The Phoenix
Chapter 0956: Magnum Opus
Chapter 0957: Negotiation
Chapter 0958: Stormy Demon Emperor
Chapter 0959: The Battle Of The Demon Lords
Chapter 0960: Nanyin Empire
Chapter 0961: War Over Land And Sea
Chapter 0962: Phoenix Dawn
Chapter 0963: She'S No More
Chapter 0964: Golden Pupil Ancient Demon, Dreams Of Dong Wu
Chapter 0965: Imperial Concubine Xi'S Palace Hall, Spirit Severing Powder
Chapter 0966: Immense Horror
Chapter 0967: Moonligh
Chapter 0968: Heart Of Slaughter
Chapter 0969: Between Life And Death
Chapter 0970: Enlightenmen
Chapter 0971: Phoenix Dawn And Nangong Wei
Chapter 0972: The Omnipresent Eyes
Chapter 0973: Argumen
Chapter 0974: 1,000 Advanced Dao Treasures
Chapter 0975: Second Platform
Chapter 0976: Mutual Affection
Chapter 0977: The Dominance Of The Grand Emperor
Chapter 0978: Ten Thousand Concubines
Chapter 0979: The Final Platform
Chapter 0980: Damned Thing
Chapter 0981: Hellish Battle
Chapter 0982: That Year, Immortal Pair Hall
Chapter 0983: Mysterious Eyeballs
Chapter 0984: The Door To The Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 0985: 8,000 Sky Palaces, 10,000 Levels Of Hell
Chapter 0986: The Disappearance Of The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence
Chapter 0987: Demonic Eye Of Illusions
Chapter 0988: Opening The Door To A New World
Chapter 0989: Bunny In The Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 0990: Narrow Escape From Death
Chapter 0991: Icy, Bloody Hell
Chapter 0992: Stygian Devil Assassins
Chapter 0993: Primeval Blood World
Chapter 0994: Towards Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0995: South Emperor'S Golden Lion Hall
Chapter 0996: 10,000 Kingdoms Pilgrimage
Chapter 0997: Secret Of The Royal Family
Chapter 0998: The Pull Of Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 0999: Seven Stars Iron Winged Bug
Chapter 1000: Seven Stars Fortifying Design
Chapter 1001: Nine Cycles Of Imperial Immortal Body
Chapter 1002: Battle Team Of Seven
Chapter 1003: All Cleansing God Eye Technique
Chapter 1004: Assassin From Immortal'S Capital
Chapter 1005: Midnight Specter'S Visi
Chapter 1006: Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1007: A Dramatic Scene
Chapter 1008: The Soul Pagoda Descends
Chapter 1009: Worshipped By The Masses
Chapter 1010: Intense Battle Of The Demons
Chapter 1011: Season Of Massacre
Chapter 1012: 99 Spiral Psychedelic Design
Chapter 1013: Moon Shadow Ca
Chapter 1014: Golden Dragon Wall Formation
Chapter 1015: City Of 10,000 Kingdoms
Chapter 1016: Superpower Immortal Kingdom
Chapter 1017: Prince You
Chapter 1018: Soul Enslavement Kaiser Bead And The Soul Hound Titanic Sword
Chapter 1019: Bollworm God
Chapter 1020: Dead Soul Corpse Shark
Chapter 1021: Dark Sea Emperor
Chapter 1022: Fallen Jade Immortal Tea
Chapter 1023: In The Face Of Danger
Chapter 1024: The Eve Of The Pilgrimage
Chapter 1025: Windy Fiery Skies Platform
Chapter 1026: The Last Visitor
Chapter 1027: Shackled-God Rogue Dragon
Chapter 1028: Girl Of His Dreams
Chapter 1029: To Join As Equals
Chapter 1030: Ancient Emperor And His Treasures
Chapter 1031: Yin Bingjian
Chapter 1032: A Shocking Momen
Chapter 1033: Yan Huang Golden Bead
Chapter 1034: Nine Mirrors
Chapter 1035: Soul Tower'S First Level
Chapter 1036: Creature In The Sands
Chapter 1037: Burnished Golden An
Chapter 1038: Devilsky Seven
Chapter 1039: Devilsky Tribe
Chapter 1040: Ghostly Beheader, Blood Coagulant Rapier
Chapter 1041: Suicide?
Chapter 1042: A Trap
Chapter 1043: Second Level Of Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1044: The Giant Beast'S Tail
Chapter 1045: Circle Of Destruction
Chapter 1046: Floating Dus
Chapter 1047: An Erupting World
Chapter 1048: A Huge Beast'S Shell
Chapter 1049: Godlike Luck
Chapter 1050: Ghostly Stabbing Urchin
Chapter 1051: The Prince'S Sword
Chapter 1052: Ancient Emperor Dao Palace
Chapter 1053: Dignity
Chapter 1054: Floating Souls Titanic Beas
Chapter 1055: Dazzling Dragon Spider Web Formation
Chapter 1056: Within Three Breaths
Chapter 1057: King You Ying
Chapter 1058: New Alliance
Chapter 1059: Door To The Dao Palace
Chapter 1060: Questioning Dao And Answering Dao
Chapter 1061: Frightening Improvements
Chapter 1062: New Worry
Chapter 1063: Firefly
Chapter 1064: God Slaying Fluorescent Orbs Design
Chapter 1065: Nine Aurora Grand Devil
Chapter 1066: The Bloody Tree King
Chapter 1067: The Thousand Mouths Monster
Chapter 1068: Old Friends
Chapter 1069: Beauty And The Boar
Chapter 1070: Floating Souls Titanic Beast'S True Form
Chapter 1071: Floating Souls Dreamy Life
Chapter 1072: Stormy Skies
Chapter 1073: Emerald Bird Frenzy
Chapter 1074: Princess Yan And Her Men
Chapter 1075: A Straightforward Youth
Chapter 1076: Imperial Insignia
Chapter 1077: Golden Roc Covers The Sky, Mythic Tortoise Rattles Hell!
Chapter 1078: Heaven'S Imperial Insignia: Immortal Slayer Strike
Chapter 1079: A Reputation To Shake The World
Chapter 1080: Tortoise Shield Dragon Boa
Chapter 1081: Nine Suns
Chapter 1082: The Might Of The Imperial Insignia
Chapter 1083: Prince'S Consort And Su Yeji
Chapter 1084: Lava Hounds
Chapter 1085: Qilin Battle Axe
Chapter 1086: Golden Raptor Battleship
Chapter 1087: Eternal Blazing Bird
Chapter 1088: In A Stalemate
Chapter 1089: Memories Of Shushan Immortal Sec
Chapter 1090: Mark Of The Immortal Phoenix
Chapter 1091: Prince Xiao
Chapter 1092: An Intense Battle With The Blazing Bird
Chapter 1093: Death Comes
Chapter 1094: Vairocana
Chapter 1095: Rebirth From The Cocoon
Chapter 1096: The Champion Returns
Chapter 1097: The Swamp And The Black Snake
Chapter 1098: To Kill With A Borrowed Knife
Chapter 1099: A Murderous Sword
Chapter 1100: Battle Axe And Black Shield
Chapter 1101: Heaven'S Imperial Descent: Immortal Burning Design
Chapter 1102: 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer
Chapter 1103: The Hunter And The Hunted
Chapter 1104: Prince Diablo
Chapter 1105: Emperor'S Electric Dragon
Chapter 1106: Onyx Water Mystical Region
Chapter 1107: Kill Him
Chapter 1108: Demonic Eye'S Charms
Chapter 1109: The Predetermined New Emperor, Prince Le.
Chapter 1110: 10,000 Calamities: Ultimate God Killer
Chapter 1111: Princess Xi
Chapter 1112: World Of Ligh
Chapter 1113: Fulgurating Shadows
Chapter 1114: Void Breaching Cloud Beas
Chapter 1115: Soulstone
Chapter 1116: Mayhem At Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1117: Developments In Chaos
Chapter 1118: Shady Business
Chapter 1119: Ninth Level Of The Ancient Soul Tower
Chapter 1120: Golden Gian
Chapter 1121: A Time Of Chaos
Chapter 1122: Martial Dao, Immortal Dao
Chapter 1123: The Path Of Dao Querying
Chapter 1124: Ninth Heaven'S Galactic Meteor
Chapter 1125: Celestial Tower'S Silver Moon Destroyer
Chapter 1126: Major Mischief
Chapter 1127: Spirit Chaser Ar
Chapter 1128: The Best Opportunity
Chapter 1129: Suspense Broken
Chapter 1130: The Hysterical Yan Huang Tribe
Chapter 1131: A Prince Is Crowned
Chapter 1132: Son Of Ancient Emperor
Chapter 1133: Coffin Parasites
Chapter 1134: Proposed Marriage
Chapter 1135: Before The Coronation
Chapter 1136: Storm In Yan Huang
Chapter 1137: Remember, Forever
Chapter 1138: Promise Of Sky Palace
Chapter 1139: Primordial Immortal Dragon
Chapter 1140: The Night Before The Ascension To The Throne
Chapter 1141: The Truth Of A Mortal'S Life
Chapter 1142: Immortal Su Sang
Chapter 1143: Like A Dream
Chapter 1144: Temple Of Heart And Spiri
Chapter 1145: Eternal Phoenix Brand
Chapter 1146: Phoenix Dawn And Luo Pin
Chapter 1147: Patron Saints' Hall
Chapter 1148: Qian Kun Palace
Chapter 1149: The Emperor'S Four Items
Chapter 1150: Yan Huang Dragon Insignia
Chapter 1151: Banquet And Farewell
Chapter 1152: 10,000 Immortals Palace
Chapter 1153: Emperor Battling Dragons
Chapter 1154: Archaic Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizing Design
Chapter 1155: Nine-Starred Dragon'S Well
Chapter 1156: Unbounded Warship
Chapter 1157: Jambu Sky Pillar
Chapter 1158: Jambu Titanic Beas
Chapter 1159: Five-Clawed Golden Dragon
Chapter 1160: The Ancient Demon Mystery
Chapter 1161: Golden Eye Ancient Demon And The Mercury Tree
Chapter 1162: The Huge Beast Underground
Chapter 1163: Stellar Realm
Chapter 1164: Rose Demon Queen
Chapter 1165: The Eight Great Demon Immortals
Chapter 1166: Divine Battle Realm
Chapter 1167: Little Roc Demon
Chapter 1168: Twin Dragon Immortal Vaporizer
Chapter 1169: Door To 10,000 Levels Of Hell
Chapter 1170: The Secret Of The Ancient Demon Stone
Chapter 1171: Fishing Dragon Region
Chapter 1172: Azure Dragon Demon Immortal
Chapter 1173: The Last Puppe
Chapter 1174: Mimic Spirit Design
Chapter 1175: Dragon Palace Of The Four Seas
Chapter 1176: Five-Colored Cloud Sphere
Chapter 1177: Nine Dragons Of Heaven And Earth: Against Immortals Formation
Chapter 1178: Dragon Light Festival
Chapter 1179: Unforgettable For Eternity
Chapter 1180: Mortal Shackled Hell
Chapter 1181: Moon Hung In The Sky
Chapter 1182: Past Matters Of Divine Continen
Chapter 1183: The Sea In The Mountain And The Mountain In The Sea
Chapter 1184: A Tenuous Journey
Chapter 1185: A Plan
Chapter 1186: Stellar Glin
Chapter 1187: Great Ancient Ink Realm
Chapter 1188: Yueling Xuan And Yueling Yi
Chapter 1189: Heavenly Domain
Chapter 1190: 3,000 Greater Realms
Chapter 1191: Beauty Of Beckoning Moon
Chapter 1192: Beckoning Moon Drunken Godfire Obliterating Sword Formation
Chapter 1193: Golden Vortexes Of 8,000 Sky Palaces
Chapter 1194: Dark Side Of The Beckoning Moon
Chapter 1195: Sisterly Love
Chapter 1196: Fire In The Backyard
Chapter 1197: Demon Immortals Gather
Chapter 1198: Internal Conflic
Chapter 1199: Oriole
Chapter 1200: Behind The Cardinal
Chapter 1201: Wu Yu'S Achilles’ Heel
Chapter 1202: A Decision That Will Never Be Regretted
Chapter 1203: Limitless Devouring
Chapter 1204: Law Of The Jungle
Chapter 1205: Devouring Machine
Chapter 1206: A Bigger Targe
Chapter 1207: Parasite
Chapter 1208: Replicate
Chapter 1209: Nine Levels Of Purgatory
Chapter 1210: A Stranger
Chapter 1211: Meeting
Chapter 1212: Immortal Fusing Seed And Genesis Immortal Panacea
Chapter 1213: Purpose Accomplished
Chapter 1214: Soul'S Sunse
Chapter 1215: Heaven'S Lightning
Chapter 1216: Ancestor Ao Yang
Chapter 1217: Death And Direction
Chapter 1218: Immolate!
Chapter 1219: Great Trial In Three Days
Chapter 1220: Procreation
Chapter 1221: Black And Gold Sun
Chapter 1222: Pu Yuan Sky Palace
Chapter 1223: Partial Immortal Spiri
Chapter 1224: Asking The Great Sage
Chapter 1225: 1%
Chapter 1226: An Avenging Hear
Chapter 1227: Longevity Immortal Realm
Chapter 1228: New Conques
Chapter 1229: Schrdinger'S Ca
Chapter 1230: A Vast World
Chapter 1231: Wang Yanwu
Chapter 1232: Butchering God Sect'S Leader
Chapter 1233: Complete Darkness
Chapter 1234: Incandescent Mirror
Chapter 1235: Sky Palace Dao Ladder
Chapter 1236: Sky River Sword Immortal
Chapter 1237: Wushang Dao Ancestor
Chapter 1238: Whip Of Heaven
Chapter 1239: Immortal Mo Li
Chapter 1240: Soul Shattering Symphony
Chapter 1241: Self-Awareness
Chapter 1242: Divine Seeing Eye
Chapter 1243: Phoenix Supreme'S Plo
Chapter 1244: Immortal Message Talisman
Chapter 1245: Shining Scarlet Immortal Fire Talisman
Chapter 1246: The One, Nangong
Chapter 1247: Bitter Bamboo Immortal
Chapter 1248: Green Lotus Sky
Chapter 1249: Nine Xuan Dao Realm
Chapter 1250: Immortal Lord Realm
Chapter 1251: Ancient Immortal Tomahawk
Chapter 1252: General Qinghe
Chapter 1253: The Well Changes
Chapter 1254: Snow Feather Immortal Residence
Chapter 1255: Immortal Su Sang
Chapter 1256: The Battle Of Immortal Spirits
Chapter 1257: Immortal Spirit Decimating Calamity Technique
Chapter 1258: Bodhi Immortal Dao Ar
Chapter 1259: Nine Aspects Of The Venerable Buddha
Chapter 1260: Dragon Immortal Sky
Chapter 1261: Water Aspect Realm
Chapter 1262: Admitting Immortal Palace
Chapter 1263: Nine-Talons Scintillating Sun Dragon
Chapter 1264: Immortal Cloud Field
Chapter 1265: Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1266: Sky Heart Dragon Region
Chapter 1267: Little Left-Righ
Chapter 1268: Hidden Dragon Peak
Chapter 1269: Golden Immortal Radiance Dragon
Chapter 1270: Kiss Until The End Of Time
Chapter 1271: Husband
Chapter 1272: Qin Yin Peak
Chapter 1273: The Mysterious Immortal Backer
Chapter 1274: Ancient Immortal Essence Wine
Chapter 1275: 1-Yuan Mystical Dragon Battlefield
Chapter 1276: Sons Of The Three Dragon Kings
Chapter 1277: Primordial Immortal Empire Dragon King
Chapter 1278: Clear Jade Amnesic Field
Chapter 1279: The Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree
Chapter 1280: Luminary Celestial Dragon Mantra Sword
Chapter 1281: Dragon Emperor'S Purgatory
Chapter 1282: Nanshan Challenges The Great Trial
Chapter 1283: Spirit Devourer Black Dragon
Chapter 1284: Deadly Nightshadow Dragon
Chapter 1285: Awaiting For Wu Yu At Dragon Emperor'S Purgatory
Chapter 1286: Rules Of The Purgatory
Chapter 1287: Floating Dreams Immortal King
Chapter 1288: Completion Of The Heavenly Immortal Training
Chapter 1289: Dragon Emperor'S Supreme Battlefield
Chapter 1290: Primordial Divine Dragon
Chapter 1291: Tian Ming Dragon Lord
Chapter 1292: Eye Of The Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1293: Time Will Provide The Answer
Chapter 1294: Where Is He?
Chapter 1295: The Purple And Green Couple
Chapter 1296: The Primordial Immortal Empire'S Counter
Chapter 1297: Xue Bingyi
Chapter 1298: Deep Seas Icy Immortal Dragon
Chapter 1299: Mystical Palace Thunder Dragon
Chapter 1300: City Of 10,000 Swords And Dragons
Chapter 1301: Purple Skies Empyrean Dragon
Chapter 1302: Dao Of Gold And Fire
Chapter 1303: Dragon And Elephant Buddha
Chapter 1304: Nine Heavens Silver Blade Dragon
Chapter 1305: Physical Body And Doppelgangers
Chapter 1306: Uproarious Crowd
Chapter 1307: Snow-White Dragon Scale
Chapter 1308: Eve Of The Finals
Chapter 1309: The First Round Of The Finals
Chapter 1310: 9,000 Years Of Waiting
Chapter 1311: Grand Final
Chapter 1312: The Power Of The Realm Of Fate
Chapter 1313: Relentless Bombardmen
Chapter 1314: Decisions Of Dignity
Chapter 1315: Two Great Revered Dragons
Chapter 1316: The Promise Of An Immortal King
Chapter 1317: Immortal King Supreme Palace
Chapter 1318: Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor
Chapter 1319: Eight Division Heavenly Dragon'S Legacy
Chapter 1320: 100,000 Letters Of Love
Chapter 1321: The Major Change To The Floating Dreams Pagoda
Chapter 1322: Meteoric Mirror
Chapter 1323: 10 Billion Immortal Lords
Chapter 1324: Benevolent Immortal City
Chapter 1325: Four Heavenly Kings
Chapter 1326: Mo Yuji
Chapter 1327: Ancient Ink Camp
Chapter 1328: Xu Zidong
Chapter 1329: Green Lotus Immortal King
Chapter 1330: Mystical Resonance Immortal City
Chapter 1331: The Power Of Time Warp
Chapter 1332: Dao Of The Void, And Big And Small
Chapter 1333: 900 Swords Of Cloud Immortal
Chapter 1334: Killing Intent Of The Immortal King
Chapter 1335: Mystical Resonance Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1336: Dao Of Time Manipulation
Chapter 1337: Sublime Gracious Divine Region
Chapter 1338: Arrival Of The Immortals
Chapter 1339: 10Th Grade Mark Of An Immortal King
Chapter 1340: Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord
Chapter 1341: Endless River Of Stars
Chapter 1342: Intense Battles In The Immortal City
Chapter 1343: Feng Li Immortal Lord
Chapter 1344: Blue Sea Of Fire
Chapter 1345: Stranger
Chapter 1346: Ancestral Phoenix Nirvanic Venerable Ar
Chapter 1347: Awakening Innate Legacy
Chapter 1348: Heaven Devouring Legacy
Chapter 1349: Zombie Ghostly Immortals
Chapter 1350: Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li
Chapter 1351: Inner Ghosts
Chapter 1352: Mark Of An Immortal King, Obtained
Chapter 1353: Xuan Fire Immortal'S Mesh
Chapter 1354: Farewell
Chapter 1355: Zhao Immortal Tribe
Chapter 1356: Ruling Fate Immortal Lord
Chapter 1357: Realm Of Gold And Fire'S Power
Chapter 1358: Physical Body World
Chapter 1359: Yuan Yin Phoenix Lord
Chapter 1360: God Slaying Winged Insec
Chapter 1361: White Glowing Sphere
Chapter 1362: 2-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1363: Three Thousand Worlds Eye Of Thunder
Chapter 1364: Nine-Colored Chaos Spike
Chapter 1365: Teaming Up
Chapter 1366: Divine Pearl Of Lesser Control
Chapter 1367: Snow Region Immortal Lord
Chapter 1368: Immortal King Puppe
Chapter 1369: A Blind Spo
Chapter 1370: Messy Melee
Chapter 1371: The Name Of Snow Region
Chapter 1372: Escaped Alive
Chapter 1373: Five Affinities Immortal Exclusion Pearls
Chapter 1374: Frost Spirit'S Threads
Chapter 1375: Fleeting Immortal Dreams
Chapter 1376: 4-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1377: Awakening Memories
Chapter 1378: Bronze Ring
Chapter 1379: Hell Of The Netherworld
Chapter 1380: Scintillating King Axe
Chapter 1381: Lust And Hatred
Chapter 1382: Rising Emotions
Chapter 1383: Alive Again
Chapter 1384: Second Awareness
Chapter 1385: Gu Di Immortal Lord
Chapter 1386: Greater Darkness Heaven
Chapter 1387: The Phoenixes' Plea
Chapter 1388: Second Gateway To Hell
Chapter 1389: The Secret Of The 10Th Grade
Chapter 1390: Fusing Two Into One
Chapter 1391: White Night Immortal Lord
Chapter 1392: Astral Hell
Chapter 1393: Ghostly Immortals Of Hell
Chapter 1394: Bloody Ghosts Sec
Chapter 1395: Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Chapter 1396: Dreary Star
Chapter 1397: Chakravarti-Raja Star
Chapter 1398: Heavenly Voices Of The Nine Heavens
Chapter 1399: Abyssal Furnace
Chapter 1400: White-Eyed Ghostly Lord
Chapter 1401: Heinous Crimes
Chapter 1402: New Identity
Chapter 1403: Amethyst Eyes
Chapter 1404: Broken Ruling Fate
Chapter 1405: Electrical Magma
Chapter 1406: Amethyst Hell Shadowy God Starry Sword
Chapter 1407: Prismatic Thunderball
Chapter 1408: Epochal Immortal Design
Chapter 1409: A Door Gift For Gu Huo Immortal Lord
Chapter 1410: The Immortal Lords' Plans
Chapter 1411: Dark Moon Soul-And-Spirit Domination Skill
Chapter 1412: Astral Guardian Field
Chapter 1413: Soul Jockey Technique
Chapter 1414: Great Void Immortal Technique
Chapter 1415: Chong Yuan Immortal Lord
Chapter 1416: Vengeful Hell Spirits Chakravarti
Chapter 1417: Chaos In The Astral Hell
Chapter 1418: Descen
Chapter 1419: Breaking The Astral Guardian Field
Chapter 1420: 3 Great Ghostly Kings
Chapter 1421: A 6-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1422: The Volcanic Hell Master
Chapter 1423: Geocentric Rio
Chapter 1424: Rainbow Pearl
Chapter 1425: Searching Among The Stars
Chapter 1426: Prohibited Ghostly Kings
Chapter 1427: Submerged Cloud Seal
Chapter 1428: Voidquake
Chapter 1429: Live On
Chapter 1430: Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere
Chapter 1431: 100,000 Nether Vortex Design
Chapter 1432: A Ball Of Storm
Chapter 1433: Qin Yunling
Chapter 1434: Quota Of Five
Chapter 1435: Silver Soul Heart Wrenching Chains
Chapter 1436: Dong Shen Ghostly King
Chapter 1437: The Might Of Submerged Cloud
Chapter 1438: Bright Star Ghostly King
Chapter 1439: Rebellious
Chapter 1440: Star Penetrator Polymer Design
Chapter 1441: A Billion Ghostly Immortals
Chapter 1442: Tragic Mirror
Chapter 1443: Stopped Space
Chapter 1444: Nine Moons Devil Emperor'S Battle Axe
Chapter 1445: Lifebreaking Darkness Brush
Chapter 1446: Lifebreaking Words
Chapter 1447: Mini World, Major Figh
Chapter 1448: The Vortex Falls
Chapter 1449: Impermanence'S Battle
Chapter 1450: New Identity
Chapter 1451: New Identity (2)
Chapter 1452: Army Of Impermanence
Chapter 1453: Impermanence Soul Burning Technique
Chapter 1454: True Identity
Chapter 1455: The Last Epochal Immortal Design
Chapter 1456: Stygian Starfield
Chapter 1457: Open Sesame
Chapter 1458: Endless Battles
Chapter 1459: Rules Of The Game
Chapter 1460: Lightning Funeral Ghostly King
Chapter 1461: Battle With The Hell Master
Chapter 1462: Immolate!
Chapter 1463: 5-Hells Ghostly King
Chapter 1464: The Beauties Are The Beasts
Chapter 1465: Primeval Gods Markings
Chapter 1466: The Growing Power
Chapter 1467: The Four Meet
Chapter 1468: The Final Game
Chapter 1469: Tundra Spirits Lamp
Chapter 1470: Riposte Needle
Chapter 1471: Upheaval In Circumstances
Chapter 1472: Ruin Of Armies Anthem
Chapter 1473: Six Great Heavenly Rules
Chapter 1474: Deflowering
Chapter 1475: Farewell
Chapter 1476: Danger In Sublime Gracious Region
Chapter 1477: Troops Go Their Own Way
Chapter 1478: Wait.
Chapter 1479: Big Trouble
Chapter 1480: Immortal Companions
Chapter 1481: A Queen Among Dragons
Chapter 1482: The Promise From Sky Heart Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1483: Tian Que Dragon King
Chapter 1484: That Existence
Chapter 1485: Hundred Years, Thousand Time Talisman
Chapter 1486: Qing Xu Immortal Lord
Chapter 1487: The Sea Gods Halberd Of Eternal Night
Chapter 1488: Thunder Flame Immortal Emperors Celestial Pillar
Chapter 1489: Mystic Sun Emperors Pagoda
Chapter 1490: Green Flame Immortal King
Chapter 1491: Bipolar Dragon Falcon Immortal Design
Chapter 1492: Heavenly Dragon Unification
Chapter 1493: Back To The Human Realm
Chapter 1494: The Eyes Of The Yin-Yang Fish
Chapter 1495: The Youth Returns
Chapter 1496: Ascension To Demon Immortal Realm
Chapter 1497: Tian Que Dragon Palace
Chapter 1498: All Amalgamating Heavenly Flames
Chapter 1499: Tianyi Heavenly Mirror
Chapter 1500: Leisure And Pleasure
Chapter 1501: Fallen Battlefield
Chapter 1502: Imposter Revealed
Chapter 1503: The Beasts Fight
Chapter 1504: Now What
Chapter 1505: Wu Yu Is Dead
Chapter 1506: Return To Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1507: Soul Sacrifice: Three Life Extinguisher Immortal Technique
Chapter 1508: Descent Of The Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1509: Lives Hang In The Balance
Chapter 1510: The Punishment Of The Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1511: Unbelievable Luck
Chapter 1512: Dragon Isolation Tower
Chapter 1513: 10,000 Years In A Blink
Chapter 1514: Fruition
Chapter 1515: A Grand Wedding
Chapter 1516: The Namelist
Chapter 1517: Beautiful As A Symphony
Chapter 1518: Wedding Hall
Chapter 1519: Catastrophe
Chapter 1520: Judgement
Chapter 1521: 6000 Years Of Incarnation
Chapter 1522: Epochal Immortal Treasure
Chapter 1523: Unholy Spirit Abyss
Chapter 1524: Disregard For Rules
Chapter 1525: Dao Enlightenment
Chapter 1526: Baffling
Chapter 1527: 8-Realm Immortal Lord
Chapter 1528: Water Droplet Immortal Design
Chapter 1529: Giant Whale Corpse Puppet
Chapter 1530: Half A Demon Door
Chapter 1531: Dilapidated World
Chapter 1532: The Secrets Of The Demon Immortal Realm
Chapter 1533: The Doomsday Battle
Chapter 1534: Dark Forest
Chapter 1535: Eternal Demon Emperor Bloodstains
Chapter 1536: Void Reversal
Chapter 1537: Golden Horned Ancient Varanus
Chapter 1538: Scarlet Gold Forbidden Region
Chapter 1539: News Of The Black Sea
Chapter 1540: Dreary Elemental Vajra Lion
Chapter 1541: Dreary Elemental Vortex
Chapter 1542: Golden Rhino Demon King
Chapter 1543: Dreary Elemental Golden World
Chapter 1544: Black Yama Demon King Appears
Chapter 1545: Black Sea Grand Emperor
Chapter 1546: Baleful Yin Qi
Chapter 1547: Immolate Ultimus
Chapter 1548: Over-Immolation
Chapter 1549: Kingly Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1550: Eternal And Indomitable Vajra Realm
Chapter 1551: Choosing A Target
Chapter 1552: Demon King Fiesta
Chapter 1553: Diabolical Dragon King
Chapter 1554: Fiendish Underworld Metropolis
Chapter 1555: Caliginous Shadow Demon King
Chapter 1556: Infiltrating Underworld Dragons Den
Chapter 1557: Diabolical Dragon Palace
Chapter 1558: Green Fire Demon King
Chapter 1559: Fox Demon Couple
Chapter 1560: Memories Of Jiu Ying
Chapter 1561: Three Great 7-Heavens Demon Kings
Chapter 1562: Crimson Moon Kunpeng
Chapter 1563: Lure
Chapter 1564: Back To Underworld Dragons Den
Chapter 1565: 10,000 Years Confinement
Chapter 1566: Ancient Demon Dragon Perpetual Devourer Immortal Design
Chapter 1567: Bloodsucking Scourge
Chapter 1568: Its A Trap
Chapter 1569: Back Again
Chapter 1570: Xingyan Volcano
Chapter 1571: Demon Kings Clash
Chapter 1572: If The Trick Aint Broke, Dont Fix
Chapter 1573: Blood Vortex Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1574: Upsetting The Apple Cart
Chapter 1575: Wreaking Havoc In The Fiendish Underworld Metropolis
Chapter 1576: Opportunity
Chapter 1577: Invitation Into A Trap
Chapter 1578: The Battle Between The 8-Heavens Demon Kings
Chapter 1579: Apocalyptic Chaos Demon
Chapter 1580: Breaking Out
Chapter 1581: Ulterior Motives
Chapter 1582: Lets Talk About It
Chapter 1583: Kidnapping
Chapter 1584: Run Away
Chapter 1585: Back To Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 1586: Seeking Help From An Expert
Chapter 1587: Ancient Immortal Dragon Rectifying Extremist Immortal Design
Chapter 1588: Rebirth Of Jiu Ying
Chapter 1589: 4-Heavens Immortal King
Chapter 1590: On A Silver Platter
Chapter 1591: Ending Things
Chapter 1592: Unending Demonic Emperor
Chapter 1593: The Five Great Empires
Chapter 1594: Fathomless Starry Sea
Chapter 1595: The Demonic Emperors Unite
Chapter 1596: Demonic Emperor Traps
Chapter 1597: Eternal Emperor Tomb
Chapter 1598: Golden Blazing Realm Fire
Chapter 1599: Opening Of The Emperor Tomb
Chapter 1600: Mist In The Eternal Emperor Tomb
Chapter 1601: Real And Fake Wu Jun
Chapter 1602: Wu Juns Death
Chapter 1603: Grave Of Lifeless Eternal Demon Emperor
Chapter 1604: Pendant Swop
Chapter 1605: Demonic Emperors Derby
Chapter 1606: Prove Yourself!
Chapter 1607: Black Sphere
Chapter 1608: Graveguarding Palace
Chapter 1609: Tedious Times
Chapter 1610: Chronowarp Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1611: White Jade Platform
Chapter 1612: The Instant Counter
Chapter 1613: Purple Eternal Demon Emperor
Chapter 1614: The Real Graveguarding Palace
Chapter 1615: Violet-Eyed Beast
Chapter 1616: Purple Sonic Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1617: Celestial Demonic Emperor Dies
Chapter 1618: Yin-Yang Origin Beasts
Chapter 1619: Ice-Fire Tempest
Chapter 1620: Eternal Demon Emperor Carvings
Chapter 1621: Reflection
Chapter 1622: Overcome
Chapter 1623: Determination
Chapter 1624: Eternity
Chapter 1625: Willow Town
Chapter 1626: Rebirth
Chapter 1627: Crawling Back
Chapter 1628: Till I Am Done
Chapter 1629: Place Of Struggle
Chapter 1630: Just A Hut
Chapter 1631: Eternal Immortal Emperors
Chapter 1632: Hell Hath Come
Chapter 1633: Revenge
Chapter 1634: Homecoming Preparations
Chapter 1635: Return To The Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1636: Saintly Dragons Shower
Chapter 1637: A Dragon Emperor Comes
Chapter 1638: Primordial Revered Dragon
Chapter 1639: Dragon Origin Tomb
Chapter 1640: Captured By The Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1641: A Battle In 5000 Years Time
Chapter 1642: 7-Heavens Immortal King
Chapter 1643: Apotheosis Realm
Chapter 1644: Apotheosis Mystique
Chapter 1645: Mano A Mano
Chapter 1646: Heavens Despair: Reincarnation Disruption Technique
Chapter 1647: Time-Space Maelstrom
Chapter 1648: True Lord Erlang
Chapter 1649: The Legacies Command
Chapter 1650: The Three Lost Sky Palaces
Chapter 1651: Avenge The Destruction
Chapter 1652: Eye Of Heaven
Chapter 1653: Is The World Ending?
Chapter 1654: The Three Great Fighters
Chapter 1655: Spirit Designs, Spirit Designs Everywhere
Chapter 1656: Devouring Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1657: Patriarchapter Bodhi
Chapter 1658: Cave Of The Slanting Moon And Three Stars
Chapter 1659: Apprentice
Chapter 1660: Sky Splitter: Starry Thunder Technique
Chapter 1661: Knock Knock, Its True Lord
Chapter 1662: Mo Liyin
Chapter 1663: Luring The Snake Out
Chapter 1664: Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither
Chapter 1665: Accidental Kill
Chapter 1666: Being The Public Enemy
Chapter 1667: Wheel Of Taichi
Chapter 1668: Everlasting Battlefield
Chapter 1669: Entering The Heavenly Devil Battlefield
Chapter 1670: Attack Of The Heavenly Devils
Chapter 1671: Endless Misery
Chapter 1672: Shattered Immortal Spirit
Chapter 1673: The Last Spot
Chapter 1674: Strong Rivals
Chapter 1675: The Immortal Guests
Chapter 1676: In Habitual Mansion
Chapter 1677: Oasis Of Clouds
Chapter 1678: Deplorable
Chapter 1679: Wedding Proposal
Chapter 1680: Giant Astral Prison
Chapter 1681: Home Ground
Chapter 1682: Undulating Tides Immortal King
Chapter 1683: Lei Tianyuan
Chapter 1684: Return Of Deity And Devil
Chapter 1685: Meteorological Rod
Chapter 1686: Victory
Chapter 1687: World Destroyer Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1688: Heavens Ruin Painted Halberd
Chapter 1689: Sky River Godly Sword
Chapter 1690: Quarterfinals Reckoning
Chapter 1691: Great Eastern Emperor Sword
Chapter 1692: Jingu Bangs Second Seal
Chapter 1693: A Direct Blow
Chapter 1694: Contract Heavenly Rule
Chapter 1695: Three Heads, Six Arms
Chapter 1696: Vajra Shield
Chapter 1697: Suicide Out Of Shame
Chapter 1698: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 1699: The Final Fight
Chapter 1700: The Vajra Shield Breaks
Chapter 1701: A Brave Victory
Chapter 1702: Mysterious Transformation
Chapter 1703: Black Flames
Chapter 1704: Youve Lost
Chapter 1705: Towards Eternal Life
Chapter 1706: Chaos Sword Demon Emperor
Chapter 1707: How To Be A God
Chapter 1708: The Changing Mystiques
Chapter 1709: Nangong Wei Emerges
Chapter 1710: Maleficent Flames, Omnifire
Chapter 1711: Pulverized World, Worlds End
Chapter 1712: No Deal
Chapter 1713: Taiyi Zhenren
Chapter 1714: Cave Of Golden Light, Reality Origin Sky
Chapter 1715: Conditions For Exchange
Chapter 1716: No Regrets
Chapter 1717: Saintly Lotus Frame
Chapter 1718: A Shocking Turn Of Events
Chapter 1719: Return Of The Jingu Bang
Chapter 1720: Buddha World
Chapter 1721: Golden Bodied Immortal Buddha
Chapter 1722: Prajna Resonance
Chapter 1723: Immortal Buddhas Fight
Chapter 1724: Nanwu Treasured Moon Buddha
Chapter 1725: Divine Sarira
Chapter 1726: Buddhas Shout
Chapter 1727: Longbrowed Arhat Immortal Buddha
Chapter 1728: Reinventing Transformations
Chapter 1729: Immortal Domain Bridge
Chapter 1730: Reunited With Ming Long
Chapter 1731: Determined Resolve
Chapter 1732: Fighting Longbrowed Arhat
Chapter 1733: Pilgrimage Of 10,000 Buddhas
Chapter 1734: Chaos Position
Chapter 1735: Calico Bag Arhat
Chapter 1736: Heaven Devouring Calico Bag
Chapter 1737: Nanwu Tranquil Buddha
Chapter 1738: Bloody Wars And Dread Diseases
Chapter 1739: Golden Buddha Worlds
Chapter 1740: The Monk Xuanzang
Chapter 1741: Escape
Chapter 1742: Reincarnation
Chapter 1743: Return To The Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm
Chapter 1744: You Are Not My Match
Chapter 1745: Dragon Emperors Mystique
Chapter 1746: Sensational News
Chapter 1747: Liar, Liar
Chapter 1748: Complaint
Chapter 1749: Envoys Of Lingxiao Palace
Chapter 1750: Southern Gate Of Heaven
Chapter 1751: Jade Emperor
Chapter 1752: Great Sage, Heavens Equal
Chapter 1753: Feast Of Peaches
Chapter 1754: Peachapter Garden
Chapter 1755: Losing Control
Chapter 1757: Back To The Demon
Chapter 1758: Peachapter Garden Surprise
Chapter 1759: Big Bad
Chapter 1760: Heavens Prison
Chapter 1761: Making Heaven
Chapter 1762: Battle By Immolation
Chapter 1763: Pillar Of The Skies
Chapter 1764: Bodhi Bodied
Chapter 1765: Nightmare Praying Art
Chapter 1766: River Of Time
Chapter 1767: Nanhai Guanyin Pusa
Chapter 1768: Tightening Cantrip
Chapter 1769: Jade Willow Dew
Chapter 1770: A Crazy Plan
Chapter 1771: Ruckus In The Sky Palaces
Chapter 1772: Clean Sweep
Chapter 1773: Carved Vajra
Chapter 1774: Lesser Immortal Wu You
Chapter 1775: 3000 Years Of Smelting
Chapter 1776: Golden Buddha
Chapter 1777: Smacking The Grand Pure One
Chapter 1778: Eternal Cycle Heavens Prison Immortal Design
Chapter 1779: Helpless
Chapter 1780: Macaques Anomaly
Chapter 1781: Xuanzangs Voice
Chapter 1782: The Truth Behind
Chapter 1783: Slander
Chapter 1784: Raging Anger
Chapter 1785: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 1786 Sea Of Heavenly Dao
Chapter 1787: Dipankara
Chapter 1788: Mad Buddhas
Chapter 1789: Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
Chapter 1790: Go To Hell
Chapter 1791: Golden Scripture Ultimate Seal
Chapter 1792: Vajra Pestle
Chapter 1793: Sumeru World
Chapter 1794: Master Of The Immortal Domain
Chapter 1795: Escape
Chapter 1796: Bye Bye Buddha
Chapter 1797: War In The Immortal Domains
Chapter 1798: 10-Directional Revered Supreme Seal
Chapter 1799: Of Misery And Suffering
Chapter 1800: Unworldly Abomination
Chapter 1801: The Immortal Emperors Gather
Chapter 1802: Three Pure Ones, Five Emperors
Chapter 1803: Mutual Slaughter
Chapter 1804: Heart Of Sumeru World
Chapter 1805: With Death Comes Life
Chapter 1806: Mayhem Demon Emperor
Chapter 1807: I Should Have Died
Chapter 1808: Sumeru World, Broken
Chapter 1809: Eternal Wheel
Chapter 1810: New Life
Chapter 1811: Millstone Of Life
Chapter 1812: Pieces Of Worlds
Chapter 1813: Depraved Seed
Chapter 1814: World Cleanser
Chapter 1815: Yang Jian Awakened
Chapter 1816: Awakening The Immortal Emperors
Chapter 1817: He Descends
Chapter 1818: White Cat
Chapter 1819: Immortal Domain Prototype
Chapter 1820: Dragon In The Void
Chapter 1821: Ninth Tier Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1822: Transfer Of Immortal Domain
Chapter 1823: Lord Gautama Buddhas Plot
Chapter 1824: The Buddha World Core
Chapter 1825: Master Of Immortal Domains
Chapter 1826: Devouring The Sky Palaces
Chapter 1827: Heaven Devouring Tribe
Chapter 1828: Heaven Devourer (Grand Finale)
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Alternative Titles:

Swallowing the Heavens, Tūn Tiān Jì, 吞天记

Source: Wuxiaworld
Book Details / Information: The Yanhuang Ancient Domain, vast without end, gave birth to many Celestials and Demons of antiquity tore Heaven and Earth apart and surpassed the control of the 3 Realms and 5 Elements over the endless years it has existed. Numerous Gods, more than ten thousand races, and humans born with a God class body have also come out from the Domain, traveling through the nether, warping Yin and Yang, omnipotent.

In this current age, Celestial Daoism is in prosperity, tens of thousands of Divine techniques shake the Heavens, numerous mortals strive to become Celestials, and millions of sinners walk the Earth. The Prince Heir of the kingdom East Yue Wu Wu Yu, obtains the legacy of the Battle Celestial of the East in the direst of situations to sweep across the Earth and rebel against the Heavens!

In the eyes of the hundreds of millions of Mortals, he is the Sovereign Emperor Celestial, overcoming a plethora of tribulations to reach his current height.

In the eyes of the Celestials and Buddhas of Heaven, he is a peerless Heaven devouring Demon!

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Chapter 0001: Heaven'S Eyes

Chapter 0001: Heaven's Eyes

"Wu Yu! You’re the Imperial Crown Prince! How dare you engage in such a disgraceful and harmful deed!”

"You are the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's greatest shame in history! Our Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's reputation has been untarnished for over 10,000 years. Yet it has all been brought to ruin in your hands!"

"If the previous emperor was still alive... if he had known of your beastly conduct... he would definitely have been angered to the point of death!"

These sharp and embarrassing words from his surroundings overwhelmed him, threatening to tear his eardrums apart. Wu Yu was experiencing a splitting headache. He tried his very best to open his eyes, yet his eyelids felt like they were glued shut. His head was constantly throbbing.

"I must be dreaming. I remember… It’s my coronation ceremony tomorrow. I need to sleep now, only then can I wake up early tomorrow..."

With his martial cultivation, the only time he was unable to control his body was in his dreams.

"Wu Yu! You are utterly heartless. For how much longer do you plan to continue with this facade?" Yet another sharp voice rang out. It was as though a cold wind had pierced through his ears and bones. It seemed as though someone was shouting right into his ear.


The scene in front of him was a little blurry. It seemed as though he was on a bed.

It felt as though he was in the midst of winter. Even with his martial cultivation, he still felt the cold seep through his bones.


His head throbbed in pain and his vision was blurry. As he looked towards the side of his bed, on it sat a dishevelled girl. She looked extremely seductive, one who could move crowds with just her beauty. Her ragged clothes barely hid her pristine and tender white flesh. Her head of messy, long hair lay scattered across her chest. The sight was indeed moving.

She was a true beauty. What's more, they had just shared the night. Yet she was curled up in a corner, panic evident in her eyes with her delicate and exquisite face ruined by tear streaks.

"Imperial Concubine Xi!"

This situation struck Wu Yu like a bolt from the blue.

Imperial Concubine Xi was the prior Emperor's imperial concubine. In other words, she was his dad's woman.

Wu Yu did not like this woman. Why was he even dreaming of her? And what was this scene?

Furthermore, he felt extremely cold. It was as though he was only wearing a pair of shorts.

His splitting headache threatened to crack his head open. Wu Yu fainted once again.


A basin of icy water was doused upon him. Wu Yu woke up in shock. He realized that he was lying on the icy ground and he truly had no clothes on! There were numerous people around him, giving him vicious and disappointed stares.

"This... is not a dream!"

Wu Yu was hit with a sudden bout of clarity. Although he was still feeling weak and relatively disorientated, he was able to discern what was happening. This was definitely not a dream.

"Tomorrow was supposed to be the day of my coronation! That bed which I was on was adorned with a colorful phoenix... It was definitely not my bed!" This was Imperial Concubine Xi's palace hall, her imperial residence! Just why was he there?

His eyes glazed across the audience. The beautiful Imperial Concubine Xi was already surrounded by her private guards. A thick, fur coat was draped over her body.

With the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's rules, it was forbidden for any official to step into the official harem's chambers. Yet, currently, all the numerous members of royalty and aristocrats were swarming over him! It was truly an impenetrable crowd. Clearly something heaven-shaking had occurred. Thinking back to what had previously happened, Wu Yu knew that immense trouble was coming.

"Not good!"

As he tried to sit up, he realised that he was completely unable to. His entire body was devoid of strength, and even remaining down was strenuous.

"Wu Yu! You! You! You are a greedy beast! Imperial Concubine Xi is your mother-in-law! You dare to violate even her?! If this was not discovered sooner, you would have completely sullied the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's reputation!

"A scandal! This is truly a scandal! Oh, late Emperor! He is truly the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's misfortune! It is truly humiliating!"

Each and every individual there, whether they were an official or a member of royalty, could only feel seething anger at this act.

"I have always said that this Wu Yu does not deserve to be the crown prince, much less to ascend the throne as the emperor! He chose to declare wars for his own entertainment, and his personality is unreasonable and ruthless. He does not care for the law and does whatever he wishes! He did not choose to learn how to administrate the country and is only concerned with the martial way! How does he deserve to be an emperor?"

The one who spoke was another prince. His position in the kingdom was high and he had never seen eye to eye with Wu Yu.

Wu Yu couldn’t help but to laugh coldly. To the accusations of those so-called wars, when he was 14, he had brought the armies of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom to defend against the neighboring country's incursions. In the end. he had managed to repel the enemies and even managed to conquer a quarter of the enemy's territory. As the Crown Prince, he had become revered, shocking the masses. He had even been titled the Young War God!

With regards to not learning about administration but being focused on the martial way, it was Wu Yu's style of running the kingdom. He was determined to use his martial cultivation to assist him in doing so. He was only 15 this year, but he had already reached the fifth tier of the Sky Realm

In the entire kingdom, including the surrounding countries, there was no one who could compare with Wu Yu. Within the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, Wu Yu was the number one genius, a cultivating demon!

In fact, many had predicted that in his lifetime, he would definitely manage to reach the 10th tier of the Sky Realm, becoming a Supreme Martial Artist!

In the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's 10,000 years of history, only the founding Emperor possessed such a level of cultivational talent!

Yet, in the words of this prince, Wu Yu’s achievements had become nothing more than acts of wanton aggression!

"Hmph! I also refuse to accept this Wu Yu as emperor. He does not possess the demeanor of a crown prince! If it was not for the untimely death of the previous Crown Prince, why would he have managed to obtain such a position? Furthermore, his mother is of lowly birth, born in the wilderness. If not for the late Emperor's doting affection, how would he have managed to snatch the position of crown prince? This Wu Yu has the blood of savages running within him, so it’s natural that he would be crude and unrefined. His behaviour today is even worse than that of a beast!"

The one who spoke was a marshal in the army. Regardless of whether it was in terms of influence or cultivation, he was vastly inferior to Wu Yu.

He had a wastrel for a son. This son of his would often cause trouble in the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Once, he even killed innocents and then was caught by Wu Yu. That wastrel had even wanted to gift the things he had looted from the bodies to Wu Yu. Yet Wu Yu was incensed by this behavior and had hung him on top of the city gates, leaving him under the scorching sun for three days and three nights until he died. This piece of news had terrified everyone in the kingdom. After which, no one dared to commit such actions again.

Wu Yu understood what was going on. He had been framed. Furthermore, he had been caught in the act. Someone was definitely pulling the strings in the background. This person was able to utilize Imperial Concubine Xi to stop him from ascending the throne. Just who could it be? Furthermore, this individual was able to suppress him by a head!

To be frank, when it came to one's methods and one's cultivation, Wu Yu was unparalleled! Ever since the passing of the previous Emperor, no one had dared to slight him. Furthermore, he was known to be virtuous and upright and possessed fame amongst the commoners.

"All hail Hao Tian the Heavenly Immortal!"

A piercing sound caused Wu Yu's head to ring.

"Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, he..." Wu Yu was stunned for a moment. He had not heard wrongly. It was the Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was a true immortal!

He was the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's immortal protector. It was said that he was over 100 years old.

He was a Heavenly Immortal, something completely different from a human. Even if Wu Yu managed to cultivate to the 10th tier and became a Supreme Martial Artist, he was still far removed from a true immortal. An immortal was such. He had been sent here by the heavens to protect the kingdom from disasters.

As the Immortal Protector, he would almost never involve himself in the affairs of mortals. They were here for just one reason: to protect the people and slay any demons. Only when demons appeared and were harming people would these usually reclusive immortals come out to slay them.

Even the late Emperor was extremely respectful towards this heavenly immortal. He had also heeded the advice of this immortal many a time.

Unimaginably, he had actually appeared.

Everyone's faces immediately turned pious at the sight of him.

Wu Yu raised his head to look. At Imperial Concubine Xi's palace door, there appeared a faint shadow. It was just an instant, but Wu Yu was unable to see the movement of this immortal.

This was a heavenly immortal, the only person Wu Yu was truly respectful of.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was over a 100 years old, but he looked just like a young man. His face was rosy and his body tall and willowy. Although his hair and eyebrows were white, he possessed exuberant vitality. This was the overwhelming vital energy that an immortal possessed!

He wore a white robe, and on it was engraved numerous Ba Guas while in his hand he held a horsetail whisk. No evil spirit would dare approach him. A pair of bright eyes adorned his face, shining like the stars above. Nothing could evade his starry gaze.

"Our respects to Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian

The Imperial Chancellor, Imperial Concubine Xi, and her guards all prostrated themselves against the ground.

"I have understood what has happened today."

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's voice was extremely youthful and resonant. It was full of strength, and everyone who heard it felt their spirits surge with energy. This was the voice of an immortal!

"Please judge the offender, Esteemed Immortal!" Imperial Concubine Xi's face was full of tears, her body trembling. It looked as though she was feeling extremely aggrieved.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian declared, "It's fine. One cannot rule the kingdom if one is evil." His pair of scorching eyes stared at Wu Yu. This gave Wu Yu the feeling of immense guilt. That very glance had almost coerced him to confess his very actions.

"Wu Yu, you have committed a grave mistake. The Immortal Dao does not agree with your actions. With the mandate of heaven, I hereby relieve you of your position as the Crown Prince and your right to ascend the throne. From today onwards, I will waste your martial cultivation and banish you. You will serve your sentence in exile, allowing you to experience the mortal world and to be reborn anew."

With the Mandate of Heaven, he was stripped of his title, his martial cultivation was ruined, and he was banished!

Tragic! Tragic! Tragic!

Upon hearing the judgment, the royalty and officials began to cheer loudly, "The Heavenly Immortal is wise!"

Wu Yu was instead extremely calm. He did not cry or make any noise. All of his feelings were suppressed in his heart. Deep within, his heart was like a raging, flaming mountain with lava roiling about. This was a hatred born from the bones!

This was fate! It was his fate!

Wu Yu couldn’t help but to bitterly smile. He finally understood.

"Ever since I reached my current state, no one within this entire kingdom would dare to go against me! Except for him! Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian! It turns out that he was the instigator for today's scene! If Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian wants me to die, then this is fate! I cannot not die!

"Today, the gods want to kill me."

Wu Yu couldn’t help but to laugh out loud. Everyone thought that he had gone crazy.

"How unbridled! To lack in propriety in front of the Heavenly Immortal and laugh out loud!"

The officials seemed even more disappointed in Wu Yu.

"You are the shame of Dong Yue Wu!"

The surroundings were filled with comments of a similar nature. Wu Yu did not mind. He felt that his entire world had been crushed. Why would he have to bother with the superfluous words of the people around him?

"Wu Yu, I bestow you with the Spirit Severing Powder."

Bestow. This word was truly a joke.

Wu Yu was bestowed with the loss of 10 years of bitter cultivation and the destruction of his grand dreams. All of it was going to vanish like a puff of smoke.

From today onwards, he would become a cripple.

He was supposed to become emperor the next day, yet he had his spirit severed.

If one were to look at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, it would seem as though he was grand and glorious. Yet in Wu Yu's heart, this immortal had fallen off his lofty pedestal.

"Hao Tian is just the strongest person in this kingdom. It seems that the kingdom has always only belonged to him."

After swallowing the Spirit Severing Powder, his 10 years of hard work, the dreams that he had held, all turned into dust.

Late at night.

Wu Yu had been cooly sent away to be banished.

He was to become a meat shield, mere cannon fodder.

With his stature, it would be a miracle if he would be able to survive for just 10 days.


All of a sudden, a familiar yet warm voice was heard.

In the cold, prisoner carriage, a dying Wu Yu opened his eyes. A girl was shaking the carriage. Her eyes were bloodshot and her face was streaked with tears.

"Wu You."

This dignified lady was Wu Yu's elder sister. She had been nicknamed the "Carefree Princess." Although they were not of the same mother, Wu Yu had always respected and loved her. She was the one who understood Wu Yu the best in the entire kingdom.

Wu Yu's mother had died young, leaving him with only Wu You as his sole relative.

"How could this be? How could this be?" Wu Yu was trembling in the cold powerlessly. She was crying endlessly, her heart extremely pained; it was as though she had been cut with a knife.

"Sister, today's result was not of my own actions. It is because the heavens wanted to condemn me. Do you understand?" Wu Yu's hand reached out from within the cage, tightly clutching onto Wu You's pale hands. He was not afraid of the winter cold, but being able to feel the warmth coming from Wu You had caused the calm Wu Yu to tear.

"I don’t understand what happened, but I believe in you." Wu You painfully shook her head.

"Then that is enough. I have always had a clear conscience. However, the heavens are unfair. Do not be sad. In my next life, I want to be your younger brother again." Wu Yu suddenly trembled. The Spirit Severing Powder's backlash was extremely strong.

"Next life... Next life..."

Hearing those words, Wu You's face turned pale. She stumbled and fell onto the ground.

At this point, the soldiers in charge of the carriage shouted loudly and the carriage was led away.

The wooden wheels of the carriage knocked against the stone pavement, making ka ka sounds, much like one's heartbeat.

Looking back, although Wu You attempted to chase after the carriage, she was weak and unable to keep up. Eventually, the carriage left her behind.

Hua la!

All of a sudden, a blizzard descended.

From above, countless snowflakes were falling onto the city.

It was an incomparably beautiful winter night. There were even a few stars in the sky, as though they were the eyes of the heavens, watching over the populace.

Wu Yu's entire body was covered in snow as he gradually left the territory of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.



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