I Have a Manor in the Post-apocalyptic Era by Furious Guava

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Begins
Chapter 3 - Master Recognition Contract
Chapter 4 - Red Carapace Beetle
Chapter 5 - Energy Crystal
Chapter 6 - Acid Bug
Chapter 7 - Rank 1 Warrior
Chapter 8 - Nightwalker Bats
Chapter 9 - Mental Energy Crystal
Chapter 10 - Devil Fruit?
Chapter 11 - Rank 1 Mental Power
Chapter 12 - Incoming Wolf Wave
Chapter 13 - Mutated Wild Wolve
Chapter 14 - Absorb
Chapter 15 - Exploding Fruit Tree?
Chapter 16 - Dark Taming
Chapter 17 - Dark Crimson Fire Wolf
Chapter 18 - Waiting
Chapter 19 - Mind Disruption?
Chapter 20 - Awakening
Chapter 21 - The First Summon? Charmander
Chapter 22 - Setting Off
Chapter 23 - Mutated Marmot
Chapter 24 - Clean Up
Chapter 25 - Flying Cloud Secondary School
Chapter 26 - Sacred Heal
Chapter 27 - Rank 2 Qigong Master
Chapter 28 - Xu Dafu
Chapter 29 - Carnivore
Chapter 30 - Devour
Chapter 31 - Brain-Eating Terror Hog
Chapter 32 - Bronze Armored Zombie
Chapter 33 - Cooperating
Chapter 34 - Rank 2 Martialist
Chapter 35 - Fusion? Two-Head Devilhound
Chapter 36 - Succeed
Chapter 37 - The Terror Of A Carnivore
Chapter 38 - Fortune Boat University
Chapter 39 - Guan Ren Zuo
Chapter 40 - Separate
Chapter 41 - Ice Scale Wolf
Chapter 42 - Promote
Chapter 43 - Xiao Xiao
Chapter 44 - Crazy Vine
Chapter 45 - The Past
Chapter 46 - Necromancer
Chapter 47 - Sacrifice
Chapter 48 - Excise
Chapter 49 - Black Widow
Chapter 50 - Planes Merchant
Chapter 51 - Violent Corpse Worm
Chapter 52 - Soul Taming
Chapter 53 - Starts
Chapter 54 - Wilderness Wolfman
Chapter 55 - Metal Devouring War Wolf
Chapter 56 - Hexa Magnolia
Chapter 57 - Zombie King Mouse
Chapter 58 - Entomancer
Chapter 59 - Taking Action
Chapter 60 - Release
Chapter 61 - Wind Blade Marble
Chapter 62 - Irascible Zombie
Chapter 63 - Eight-Arm Irascible Zombie
Chapter 64 - Rage Boost
Chapter 65 - Venom
Chapter 66 - Revenge
Chapter 67 - Dragon-Claw Hand
Chapter 68 - Bronze Treasure Chest
Chapter 69 - The Army
Chapter 70 - Zhuang Ru
Chapter 71 - Zhuang Zheng
Chapter 72 - Archaic Bronze Ring
Chapter 73 - Orchid University
Chapter 74 - Human Nature
Chapter 75 - The Truth
Chapter 76 - Thunderbolt Warrior
Chapter 77 - Storm Eagle
Chapter 78 - Meeting Chen An Again
Chapter 79 - Scout
Chapter 80 - Frost War Spirit
Chapter 81 - Frost Pulse
Chapter 82 - Change
Chapter 83 - Flame Zombie
Chapter 84 - Storm Zombie
Chapter 85 - Give Up
Chapter 86 - Seeking Death?
Chapter 87 - Start Of Escape
Chapter 88 - Start Of Battle
Chapter 89 - Plan
Chapter 90 - Sealed
Chapter 91 - Long Snake Formation
Chapter 92 - Erupt
Chapter 93 - Blazing Flame King
Chapter 94 - Sky Hegemon Blade
Chapter 95 - Hegemon Blade Domain
Chapter 96 - Fighting Spirit Zombie
Chapter 97 - Territory Division Contract
Chapter 98 - Contract Established
Chapter 99 - Secret Treasure
Chapter 100 - Assassinate
Chapter 101 - Message
Chapter 102 - Zombie Banquet
Chapter 103 - Double Illusion
Chapter 104 - Lei Xing
Chapter 105 - Archer
Chapter 106 - Arrangements
Chapter 107 - Research Institute
Chapter 108 - Ouyang Ge
Chapter 109 - Reencounter
Chapter 110 - Life Burn
Chapter 111 - Evolution Projection
Chapter 112 - Z City
Chapter 113 - Octa Hornstone
Chapter 114 - T-Rex
Chapter 115 - Ravenous Wolf Blade
Chapter 116 - Silver Armored Zombie
Chapter 117 - Test Subjects
Chapter 118 - Institute Director
Chapter 119 - Detach
Chapter 120 - Nacre Vine
Chapter 121 - Combat
Chapter 122 - You Zi
Chapter 123 - Chasing Tiger
Chapter 124 - Driving Wolf
Chapter 125 - Building Up
Chapter 126 - Professor Evil
Chapter 127 - Li Mu
Chapter 128 - Dryad Warrior
Chapter 129 - Restraint
Chapter 130 - Lucky Box
Chapter 131 - Magic Energy Weapons
Chapter 132 - Raygun
Chapter 133 - Barbaric Taming
Chapter 134 - Playing Tricks?
Chapter 135 - Shadow Hunter
Chapter 136 - Light-Gathering Stick
Chapter 137 - Mixing In?
Chapter 138 - Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King
Chapter 139 - War Begins
Chapter 140 - Ice Soul Zombie
Chapter 141 - Pressing On The Advantage
Chapter 142 - Poisoned
Chapter 143 - River East
Chapter 144 - Great Change
Chapter 145 - Dragonite
Chapter 146 - Soul Bind
Chapter 147 - Half-Dragon Eye
Chapter 148 - Chased Away
Chapter 149 - Hyper Beam
Chapter 150 - Ancient Martial Sects
Chapter 151 - Broken Sun Church
Chapter 152 - Fallen Angel
Chapter 153 - Arrived?
Chapter 154 - Entice
Chapter 155 - Resuscitate
Chapter 156 - Abyss Evolution
Chapter 157 - Flame Strengthening Stone
Chapter 158 - Sky Halberd King Manor.
Chapter 159 - Carat Dwarves
Chapter 160 - Carat Giant Fire Ape
Chapter 161 - Five Element Attribute
Chapter 162 - Mental Forging Technique
Chapter 163 - Dark Demon Spider
Chapter 164 - Four-Arm Gorilla Warrior
Chapter 165 - Steel Wing Wolf Head Bat
Chapter 166 - Releasing You Zi
Chapter 167 - Dark Prison Cage
Chapter 168 - Corruption Elf
Chapter 169 - Null Attribute?
Chapter 170 - Chanced Encounter
Chapter 171 - Fog Country
Chapter 172 - Storm Monster Hunting Group
Chapter 173 - Hunted
Chapter 174 - Unknown Soulbone
Chapter 175 - Mission Announcement Point
Chapter 176 - Pursuit
Chapter 177 - Counter Kill
Chapter 178 - Wu Family
Chapter 179 - Rank 2 Martialist
Chapter 180 - Invade
Chapter 181 - Undead Magic
Chapter 182 - Wang Family
Chapter 183 - Fear
Chapter 184 - Space Portal
Chapter 185 - Teleport
Chapter 186 - Ten Years Of Life
Chapter 187 - Promotion Successful
Chapter 188 - Three-Headed Yin Insect
Chapter 189 - Dark Creatures
Chapter 190 - Warblade Monster Hunting Group
Chapter 191 - Mistaken Consumption
Chapter 192 - Corpse Explosion
Chapter 193 - Flame Ability
Chapter 194 - Flame-Flame Fruit
Chapter 195 - Emerald Bone Firebug
Chapter 196 - Bone Bugfire
Chapter 197 - Success
Chapter 198 - Lion Roar
Chapter 199 - Causing Trouble
Chapter 200 - Savage Ox
Chapter 201 - Fire Spirit Dove
Chapter 202 - Icebound City
Chapter 203 - Brother Powerless
Chapter 204 - Transfer
Chapter 205 - Undead?
Chapter 206 - Escape
Chapter 207 - Pop-Pop Fruit
Chapter 208 - Capture
Chapter 209 - Giant Waterbelly Anaconda
Chapter 210 - Fight
Chapter 211 - Kill
Chapter 212 - Radiant Pope
Chapter 213 - Situation
Chapter 214 - Undead Juggernaut
Chapter 215 - Ross Fire
Chapter 216 - Delivered
Chapter 217 - Myriad Poison Insect City
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Yang Tian, a Legendary Beast Tamer who tamed Legendary Monsters such as the Six-Wing Purple Gold Lion, the Undead Lich, and the Thousand Feet Ghost Vine has returned to three days before the Post-Apocalyptic Era begins.

The Returner Yang Tian wants to make up for the regrets he had in his previous life, while the unfamiliar yet familiar manor was once again back in his hands.

Picked up a Mera Mera Devil Fruit from the One Piece world. After eating the fruit, would he be able to devour a Heavenly Flame from the Battle Through the Heavens world? What? Brand, The Burning Vengeance from the League of Legends world came to Earth, he is here to devour the Heavenly Flame?

Using the Special Ability of the manor to summon Diao Chan from the Dynasty Warriors world and Bulma from the Dragon Ball world to form a team.

See how Yang Tian rise once again to his peak in the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Ah? Brother Yang Tian, how come a One-Thousand Year Spirit Ring appeared.

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Chapter 1 - The Eve Of The Post-Apocalyptic Era

Chapter 1 – The Eve of The Post-Apocalyptic Era

A dark mountain cave has turned into the tomb of a Legendary Beast Tamer.


“Ouch, where… where am I?”

He stood at this unfamiliar yet familiar place, looking at the familiar surroundings, Yang Tian instantly cleared his head.

“This is… my manor?”

Even after spending twenty years in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Yan Tian still remembered his Manor.

The manor before the Post-Apocalyptic Era was about 6,600 square meters in size, seventy percent of the land was being used to plant crops, twenty percent used to plant fruit trees and the remaining ten percent was used to rear animals. This was how Yang Tian generated his source of income.

However, after the Post-Apocalyptic Era, the Manor turned into the habitat of a foreign world and turned into a land of death.

“I have felt my way around and rolled about the Post-Apocalyptic Era for twenty years, the heavens have finally opened its eyes at me and gave me one more chance.”

This familiar scene and familiar Manor caused Yang Tian to laugh out loud uncontrollably.

Looking at the date on his cellphone, Yang Tian knew that he did not have much time left. The Apocalypse will descend three days later, he needs to make all the necessary preparations for the Post-Apocalyptic Era by then.

Vegetables will turn into valuable supplies in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Yang Tian needs to protect his crops well. It was natural that wild plants would grow around the vegetables, and a portion of these wild weeds and flowers would instantly go through a mutation when the Apocalypse descends and become aggressive creatures. The first task he needs to do was to clear the Manor of all wild plants.

A 6,600 square meters plot of land, clearing the entire area would likely take quite some time.


Yang Tian felt his stomach, he got hungry even before he could start the task. Fortunately, there was some leftover breakfast in the kitchen. After quickly filling up his stomach, Yang Tian picked up a hoe and started working.

Yang Tian needs to ensure the survivability of these vegetables. During the Post-Apocalyptic Era, these vegetables will turn into precious wealth. As for whether he should remove the fruit trees, Yang Tian was feeling conflicted. Fruit Trees that mutated during the Apocalypse would either turn extremely aggressive or become Mutated Fruit Trees that would bear extremely valuable fruits. Yang Tian did not know which type the Fruit Trees in his Manor become, that was why he was unable to decide what to do.

“Let’s keep them first! I do not believe my luck will be that bad.”

After some thinking, Yang Tian chose to keep the Fruit Trees. However, the wild plants around them must be removed, especially when there was a risk of Carnivorous-Type Plants appearing. During the early phase of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, these type of plants were virtually invincible existences. Yang Tian would not risk having any of such plants appearing within his Manor.

“Fuu Fuu”

After working for an hour, Yang Tian was covered in sweat.

“This body is still lacking!”

Yang Tian wiped away the sweat on his head and weakly complained. During the early days of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Yang Tian had also suffered many losses because of his weak physique.

“Let’s buy some necessities first!”

Yang Tian no longer has the strength to continue his task, thus he decided to head out and purchase supplies needed during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Currently, Yang Tian has fifty thousand dollars of savings and he withdrew all of them. When the Post-Apocalyptic Era arrives, these would all just turn into bundles of waste paper!

First stop was the supermarket. Yang Tian purchased all the rice the supermarket has and rented their delivery truck for transport, all these cost him fifteen thousand dollars. The maximum weight capacity of the truck was six tons, the rice took up nearly three tons, taking up half the weight capacity and occupying half the space within the truck as well.

Yang Tian also purchased many compressed foods from the supermarket, these items were all extremely precious items during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Hardtacks, chocolates, instant noodles… all these items filled up the remaining space within the truck.

Another thirty thousand dollars was spent, this was also the first time the supermarket had encountered such a huge customer as well. Yang Tian wanted to drive away the delivery truck personally, however, the supermarket did not agree until Yang Tian offered to pledge his identity card as collateral.

“One card to exchange for one delivery truck. What a great deal.”

Will identity cards have any use during the Post-Apocalyptic Era?

Yang Tian went to visit a metal workshop next. In general, one would not be able to purchase any real swords or blades, only in such workshops would one be able to purchase the real stuff.

“Wait, we did not have any deliveries today.”

The owner of the metal workshop saw Yang Tian driving in on a delivery truck and thought Yang Tian was here on delivery.

“Owner, I am not here to deliver. I am here to make a purchase.”

“Oh? What do you want to buy?” the workshop owner looked at Yang Tian with doubt.

For workshops like them, they would only work with people they were acquainted with, but this was the first time he met Yang Tian. It is possible that Yang Tian is an uncover cop.

“Ten Tang Sabers, ten machetes, five shields. I want them to be made from aluminum alloys, and make sure they are all properly sharpened.”

“Hey, boss. We are just a normal business and do not make such stuff. Why not you try other workshops?”

“Here are five thousand dollars, I want it done immediately.”

“Boss, we really only do normal business, we don’t…”

“Do I look like a normal person to you?”

Yang Tian emitted a murderous aura from his eyes, causing the owner of the workshop to take several steps back.

“Understand, understand.”

The workshop owner was truly shaken by Yang Tian, he has met his fair share of ruthless individuals but none of them were able to emit such strong hostility like Yang Tian.

The workshop owner immediately ran into the workshop and ordered his workers to stop whatever they were doing, every man would be tasked to fulfill Yang Tian’s order without any hiccups allowed.

“Owner, what happened? Why is it so urgent this time?”

“A ruthless one came, we need to work quickly.”

“Un… understand.”

The workers peeked through the window and looked at Yang Tian. When they saw Yang Tian’s vicious gaze on them, the hammers on their hands nearly dropped from the shock.

“Quickly finish the order and send him away. Who knows what would happen if we let this drag.” The workshop owner revealed a bitter smile.

The workshop owner stepped out and walked towards Yang Tian and said, “Boss, do you want to come in and sit? I have instructed my workers to start working, I believe the job will be finished soon.”

“No need, I will just wait here.”

Yang Tian rejected the workshop owner’s invitation, he waited inside the truck until the workshop workers have completed the request.

More than three hours went by before the workshop produced the items that Yang Tian ordered. All of them were made from aluminum alloys, be it their thickness or sharpness, the items were all excellently made.

“Boss, here is your order.”

The workshop owner had packed everything inside a wooden crate and passed it to Yang Tian. As the truck was fully loaded, Yang Tian placed the crate on the auxiliary seat.

Yang Tian drove the truck back to his manor. As he was alone, it was not possible to speed up the movement of the goods.

Within the manor, other than the manor house where Yang Tian resided, there was also a warehouse beside the house. The warehouse was over a thousand square feet of space, big enough to accommodate all the goods that the delivery truck held.

Within the warehouse were also some fruits and vegetables, Yang Tian gathered them and shifted them in one area while the remaining space was used to hold the rice and compressed foods.

By the time Yang Tian reached the manor, it was already six o’clock, after he finished moving the goods it was nine o’clock. Only after spending three hours did he finally managed to move everything.


Total Chapters in book: 217
Estimated words: 329968 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1650(@200wpm)___ 1320(@250wpm)___ 1100(@300wpm)