Real Young Lady Pampered By Bigshots After Coming Home by Dream Coffee

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Barely Escaping With Her Life
Chapter 3 - Cruel And Unscrupulous Relatives (1)
Chapter 4 - Cruel And Unscrupulous Relatives (2)
Chapter 5 - Sharing The Same Bed
Chapter 6 - Perverted Thief
Chapter 7 - Cousin Of The Ruan Family
Chapter 8 - Stirring Revenge
Chapter 9 - Princess Yang'S Agenda
Chapter 10 - The Fightback Of Madame Lu
Chapter 11 - The Threat Of Qiu Mingzhu
Chapter 12 - Beautiful Youth In The Snow
Chapter 13 - A Chance To Escape
Chapter 14 - Met Rival In Love On The Road
Chapter 15 - Famous Prostitute Was Sentimental
Chapter 16 - Cousin Qingyan'S Origin
Chapter 17 - Midnight Tryst (Part One)
Chapter 18 - Midnight Tryst (Part Two)
Chapter 19 - What Should I Wear?"
Chapter 20 - You Are Such A Beast!
Chapter 21 - Beat Your Head Broken And Bleeding!
Chapter 22 - Fight Between Mother And Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 23 - The Attempted Murder In Ganli Palace
Chapter 24 - Involved In Trouble
Chapter 25 - Be Involved In Big Trouble!
Chapter 26 - Digging Deep While Digging
Chapter 27 - Destroying His Future!
Chapter 28 - You Do It Wrong, Watching Me!
Chapter 29 - Inside The Fu Ning Palace
Chapter 30 - Solicit Patronage
Chapter 31 - Misogyny
Chapter 32 - The True Face Of Cousin
Chapter 33 - A Cousin Who Cares For You Like Your Mother
Chapter 34 - Prince Of Zhou
Chapter 35 - Decisive Prince Of Yan
Chapter 36 - What Does “Try Peaceful Means Before Resorting To Force” Mean?
Chapter 37 - Questioning Visit
Chapter 38 - Assemble On Imperial Court
Chapter 39 - Fierce Battle In Golden Hall!
Chapter 40 - A Sudden Clap Of Thunder!
Chapter 41 - Do You Have Designs On My Cousin?
Chapter 42 - Exactly Touched The Spot
Chapter 43 - How About Digging Them Out?
Chapter 44 - "Nianxue? Whitey?"
Chapter 45 - Strived For Favor
Chapter 46 - Picking A Son-In-Law
Chapter 47 - Who'S Shy?
Chapter 48 - The Poison Youmianxiang
Chapter 49 - The Official Mother And The Official Brother Came
Chapter 50 - Battle Of Wits, Or Cruelty?
Chapter 51 - Qiu Bo
Chapter 52 - Lian Family Arrived
Chapter 53 - Another Debate On Imperial Court!
Chapter 54 - Guilty As Charged
Chapter 55 - Actually, I Come Here To Offer Help!
Chapter 56 - Asked Her To See Me
Chapter 57 - The Conspiracy Arising Out Of The Poisonyoumianxiang
Chapter 58 - My Death Was A Must?!
Chapter 59 - Playacting, Who Cheated Who?
Chapter 60 - Cannot See The Forest For The Trees
Chapter 61 - An Eye For An Eye!
Chapter 62 - You Are So Heartless And Ruthless. You Totally Broke My Heart!
Chapter 63 - Premiership For You, Dowry Returned To Me
Chapter 64 - General Jiang After Bath
Chapter 65 - Don'T Worry, You Are Out Of My League!
Chapter 66 - An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 67 - Wait And See Who Will Be Ruined
Chapter 68 - Hey, Time To Pay The Protection Fee!
Chapter 69 - Mistress Bian Was Pregnant
Chapter 70 - My Brother Told Me
Chapter 71 - A Disservice To Dear Brother
Chapter 72 - That Is Your Fate!
Chapter 73 - Be At The Second Rank
Chapter 74 - Noble Girls' Gathering
Chapter 75 - General’S Family Was Full Of Drama
Chapter76 - I Was A Bossy Girl In Nature
Chapter 77 - I Was The No. One
Chapter 78 - Kneel In Front Of Me
Chapter 79 - Being The Brother, The Father, Also The Mother
Chapter 80 - Don'T Disturb My Cousin!
Chapter 81 - Let Me Teach You How To Be A Man
Chapter 82 - Alone In A Room
Chapter 83 - Be My Maid?
Chapter 84 - Why Were You Hiding Here?!
Chapter 85 - No Need To Explain To You!
Chapter 86 - Are You Qualified To Mind My Business?
Chapter 87 - Is This Your Marriage Proposal?!
Chapter 88 - A Pile Of Good-Guy Cards For You....
Chapter 89 - I'M Born To Be A Dangerous Beauty!
Chapter 90 - Here Comes Another Eavesdropper
Chapter 91 - You Can Scream, But No One Will Ever Come To Help You!
Chapter 92 - You Have The Courage To Bow Down To Me, But You Don’T Have The Courage To Help Your Son
Chapter 93 - I Did Not Care Whether She Liked Me Or Not
Chapter 94 - Ruan Qingyan Denounced Me Again...
Chapter 95 - Older And Wiser
Chapter 96 - The Active Princess Yongfu
Chapter 97 - She Was Scolded By Cousin...
Chapter 98 - Things That Shouldn'T Be Asked About
Chapter 99 - Have A Foot In Both Camps
Chapter 100 - Cousin, You Are Innocent
Chapter 101 - Diversion. Pull The Plug (1)
Chapter 102 - Diversion. Pull The Plug (2)
Chapter 103 - Diversion. Pull The Plug (3)
Chapter 104 - Diversion. Pull The Plug (4)
Chapter 105 - Give Me My Stuff Back
Chapter 106 - He Will Be A Dead Man If He Won’T
Chapter 107 - Do You Think I Want To Marry Only For The Wealth?!
Chapter 108 - How Dare You Insult My Cousin! I Will Kill You!
Chapter 109 - Don'T You Care About Her Baby?!
Chapter 110 - I Will Be At Daggers Drawn With You All My Life!
Chapter 111 - The Lost Property
Chapter 112 - Misunderstood Hush Money
Chapter 113 - A Psychologically Twisted Wild Child
Chapter 114 - You Will Never Get Away With It!
Chapter 115 - Trouble Knocking On The Xue Family'S Door
Chapter 116 - Don'T Compete With Me For A Man, Aunt!
Chapter 117 - In Which Way You Choose To Die?
Chapter 118 - Cousin Was Humiliated
Chapter 119 - Is Jiang Yashuang Making A Proposal?!
Chapter 120 - I Don'T Love You At All!
Chapter 121 - Guess What I'M Gonna Do?
Chapter 122 - Missed The One-On-One
Chapter 123 - Got A Godmother As Your Backer?
Chapter 124 - General Ruan Passed Away
Chapter 125 - The Funeral
Chapter 126 - You Have Taught A Good Son!
Chapter 127 - Make False Countercharges
Chapter 128 - The Person Behind The Scenes
Chapter 129 - Spoil The Concubine And Ruin The Wife
Chapter 130 - Allow To Be Buried In Emperor'S Tomb
Chapter 131 - I Must Marry You!
Chapter 132 - As The Rumor Goes, Drunk After One Glass Of Wine
Chapter 133 - I Will Marry You, Lady!
Chapter 134 - My Mourning Period Is Over Finally
Chapter 135 - How Can I Cancel My Engagement
Chapter 136 - Aunt Lian In Distress
Chapter 137 - Internal Strife Of The Jiang Family
Chapter 138 - Is It Pure Relationship Between Brother And Sister?
Chapter 139 - I Let You Leave The Jing City Because Of Yelan
Chapter 140 - The Princess Yang'S Request
Chapter 141 - All With Their Own Designs
Chapter 142 - Kept The Promise Or Die!
Chapter 143 - Miserable Princesses
Chapter 144 - Took Our Cats. Let'S Go!
Chapter 145 - The Trouble
Chapter 146 - Sabotaged Before The Competition
Chapter 147 - The Skill Is Not Enough. The Integrity Can Complete It.
Chapter 148 - Win Aggressively
Chapter 149 - The Immortal At Magpie Bridge Knocked The Door
Chapter 150 - Did You Know That Truth Should Be Brought Into Light.
Chapter 151 - Scheme Emerging
Chapter 152 - Show The Culinary Talents For The First Time
Chapter 153 - Good Boy, Yashuang!
Chapter 154 - Easy, Bro. She Won'T Torture You To Death!
Chapter 155 - I Did Beat Her!
Chapter 156 - The Murder
Chapter 157 - Cousin'S Crisis
Chapter 158 - Do You Suspect Me Of Having An Affair With My Cousin?
Chapter 159 - An Unexpected Betrayal!
Chapter 160 - Leave My Sister Alone. Or You Would Die!
Chapter 161 - She Was Fooled Because She Trusted Me!
Chapter 162 - Told Sister I Won!
Chapter 163 - How Do I Call You?
Chapter 164 - Daddy And Soldiers
Chapter 165 - That Was All He Could Do
Chapter 166 - Bad Karma In Elders
Chapter 167 - Didn'T You Say I'M Your Beloved One?
Chapter 168 - Don'T Ruin My Cousin!
Chapter 169 - Are You Telling A Story?!
Chapter 170 - She Must Be Having An Affair!
Chapter 171 - The Fiances Met Each Other Again
Chapter 172 - Stop Flirting With Each Other In Front Of Me!
Chapter 173 - Are You Sure You'Re Worth So Much?
Chapter 174 - Is Your Brother Married?
Chapter 175 - Don'T You Think You Need A Sister-In-Law?
Chapter 176 - Assassination!
Chapter 177 - That Is My Brother! My Sibling!
Chapter 178 - When Was I Ever Arrogant To You Guys?
Chapter 179 - Unexpectable Road Ahead After Rivals In Love Met
Chapter 180 - One More Vicious Stab
Chapter 181 - What Sincerity Was It By Just Working Hard For You As Cattle And Horses?
Chapter 182 - The Leftover Value Of Aunt Qiu
Chapter 183 - Empress Jiang'S Worries
Chapter 184 - That'S Great. I'M Single Too!
Chapter 185 - Unfilial Grandson! Unworthy Of My Love!
Chapter 186 - Really Want To Punch This Brother-In-Law!
Chapter 187 - You Know Nothing About Men'S Relationship! You Little Girl!
Chapter 188 - Dating After Dusk
Chapter 189 - Slip And Hug Again
Chapter 190 - The Brother-In-Law Who Had A Sister Complex Was Terrifying
Chapter 191 - An Episode Before The Emperor'S Birthday
Chapter 192 - A Gift Battle In The Birthday Ceremony
Chapter 193 - Why Do I Have To Avoid Them?
Chapter 194 - Happened To Find Out An Affair
Chapter 195 - Earthquake! Live Or Die Together!
Chapter 196 - Turmoil!
Chapter 197 - Can He Make It Or Not?!
Chapter 198 - You B*St*Rd! What Have You Done To Me?
Chapter 199 - Are You Familiar With Him?
Chapter 200 - Added Insult To Injury
Chapter 201 - Rumors, Intended For The East Palace, Were Everywhere
Chapter 202 - The Duke Of Puyang Returns A Favour
Chapter 203 - Just Pretend To Have Amnesia
Chapter 204 - Noble Man Is Easy To Impress
Chapter 205 - Master Qiu'S Unexpected Marriage
Chapter 206 - Young Master Ruan Is Such A Great Man That Every Girl Wants Him!
Chapter 207 - The Plots Of Prime Minister Xue
Chapter 208 - My Brother Has Been Ruined. It Was Impossible To Take The Northern Army!
Chapter 209 - The First Branch Is To Blame. What Does It Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 210 - Two Happy Events At Once
Chapter 211 - Got Married
Chapter 212 - Wedding Night
Chapter 213 - The Troublesome Phoenix Hairpin
Chapter 214 - Our Family Is More Complicated Than You Think!
Chapter 215 - Teach The First Branch A Lesson
Chapter 216 - Just Wanted To Show Off In Front Of Them!
Chapter 217 - Who Cares About Your Family Rules?
Chapter 218 - It Was So Nice To Have A Husband Backed Up
Chapter 219 - Don'T Be Busy Crying
Chapter 220 - If You Don'T Fight It, How Do You Know?
Chapter 221 - I Knew My Wife Was Smart!
Chapter 222 - You Deserved! You Spoiled Him!
Chapter 223 - I Know You Have Your Difficulties
Chapter 224 - Hard To Be A Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 225 - The Candidate For The Crown Princess
Chapter 226 - Fear The Nagging Of "Giving Birth To A Boy Once And For All"
Chapter 227 - A Messy Arranged Marriage
Chapter 228 - Helplessly Compromise
Chapter 229 - The Hatred Went Deeper!
Chapter 230 - Offer Advice
Chapter 231 - Something Bad Happened At Home!
Chapter 232 - The Insidious Tao Family
Chapter 233 - Madame Tao Junior'S Crisis!
Chapter 234 - You Cheap Concubine, You Are So Malicious!
Chapter 235 - I Wanted To Kill Jiang Yadan More And More!
Chapter 236 - Your Brother Wants Who To Replace Me?
Chapter 237 - Hoist With Their Own Petards!
Chapter 238 - The Tao Family'S Great Regret
Chapter 239 - Immoral Maiden Family And Unhappy Husband
Chapter 240 - The One With A Child Rules The Backyard
Chapter 241 - A Huge Variation Of The Fight For The Crown Prince!
Chapter 242 - An Undercurrent Arising From Whitey
Chapter 243 - Invitations? It Was More Of A Declaration Of War
Chapter 244 - Take Measures Accordingly. Only They Smart?
Chapter 245 - Wanted To Get Out? Got Out With Scars!
Chapter 246 - Sound Her Out
Chapter 247 - The War Between Women
Chapter 248 - The Fight For The Position Of Crown Prince Should Be Accelerated!
Chapter 249 - Killing Two Birds With One Stone?
Chapter 250 - Who Would Be Willing To Be A Pawn If He Could Be The Master?
Chapter 251 - Hurry, Check Useless Teammate!
Chapter 252 - Where To Find A Five-Star Brother?
Chapter 253 - I Was Doing What My Role Model Did
Chapter 254 - We Have To Rely On Qiu Yelan!
Chapter 255 - How They Met
Chapter 256 - A Plan Of Empress Dowager’S Party
Chapter 257 - The Remaining Problem? Your Teacher Would Help You!
Chapter 258 - Wrangle In Summer Palace
Chapter 259 - Seduction Under Admiration? How Was It Possible!
Chapter 260 - Killing Three Birds With One Stone. A Good Strategy!
Chapter 261 - Keep The Wealth, Overtly Agree But Covertly Oppose
Chapter 262 - You, Vicious Woman, What A Bad Daughter You Gave Birth!
Chapter 263 - I Merely Want To Have A Kid Of My Own
Chapter 264 - Try The Best To Save This Marriage
Chapter 265 - Threatened Abortion
Chapter 266 - It'S Way Over The Line!
Chapter 267 - Scum, You Have No Bottom Line
Chapter 268 - Hung Himself Because Of Her Oppression!
Chapter 269 - Helping The Evil
Chapter 270 - Suffering A Big Loss
Chapter 271 - The Truth About The Death Of Princess Ruan
Chapter 272 - I'Ve Already Known She Could Not Tolerate Yelan
Chapter 273 - Truth Hard To Explain
Chapter 274 - Misunderstanding Coming Up
Chapter 275 - Can'T Save Your Daughter And Want To Lose Your Son Too?
Chapter 276 - You Are So... So Ruthless!
Chapter 277 - I Want Her To Be Safe And Sou
Chapter 278 - Guessed It Wrong!
Chapter 279 - Being Schemed Against By That Old Woman!
Chapter 280 - Shiftless Jiang Yadan
Chapter 281 - Don'T Disrespect A Prince!
Chapter 282 - Unanimously To Kill Her
Chapter 283 - How And Why Did Miscarriage Happen?
Chapter 284 - Give My Brother More Suits Of Silk Armor
Chapter 285 - Urgent Military Situation!
Chapter 286 - He Was Born To Be It!
Chapter 287 - He Beat His Own Son To Death?
Chapter 288 - A Surprising Choice For The Expectant Princess
Chapter 289 - Good Intention Yet Bad Result
Chapter 290 - Something Wrong With The Dowry
Chapter 291 - How About A Thorough Investigation?
Chapter 292 - The First Branch Seems Too Idle, Make Them Busy!
Chapter 293 - Still Suffered From Old Illness, One Disaster After Another!
Chapter 294 - How Could I Let You Guys Lead Me By The Nose?
Chapter 295 - A Deal
Chapter 296 - The Level Of A Woman Who Has Been A Mistress For Thirty Years
Chapter 297 - Get Pregnant Now!
Chapter 298 - I Will Be The One Who Benefits The Most!
Chapter 299 - Hidden Tide Rising Before The Lunar New Year'S Eve Dinner
Chapter 300 - Can'T Let The Fourth Branch Continue Being Arrogant!
Chapter 301 - How Did She Get Brainwashed?!
Chapter 302 - The Emperor Was Poisoned!
Chapter 303 - Investigate Regardless Of One'S Status. No One Is Innocent!
Chapter 304 - A Must-Have Poison For Every Situation!
Chapter 305 - Look After Your Sister-In-Law For Me!
Chapter 306 - You Aren'T Lucky!
Chapter 307 - This Is A Punishment!
Chapter 308 - If I Have To Die, No One Will Live!
Chapter 309 - Tell You A Joke
Chapter 310 - That Was Not A Simple Joke!
Chapter 311 - Destiny
Chapter 312 - Show Everyone How Useless She Is!
Chapter 313 - Someone Has Planned To Marry Your Husband For A Long Time.
Chapter 314 - No One In The Palace Is Simple
Chapter 315 - Young Master Is Always On Your Side
Chapter 316 - Help Him!
Chapter 317 - He Was Forced Too Much.
Chapter 318 - A Crazy Change!
Chapter 319 - Choose The Right Side To Save Life In The Key Moment
Chapter 320 - Revenge! Don'T Let The Kuang Family Go!
Chapter 321 - An Attack With Hatred Caused A Dying Struggle
Chapter 322 - You Don'T Trust Me, And I Don'T Trust You Either.
Chapter 323 - Someone Must Be Responsible For It.
Chapter 324 - Rebelling At War
Chapter 325 - You Have To Prepare For Potential Failure
Chapter 326 - A Big Defeat, Another New Way
Chapter 327 - Why Did Princess Zhou Have Contacts With My Brother?
Chapter 328 - Revenge After A Long Time.
Chapter 329 - Your Son Was Going To Die.
Chapter 330 - The Heir Was Important.
Chapter 331 - Young Prince Asked You To Kill The King
Chapter 332 - Son, Don’T Blame Me!
Chapter 333 - Provocation? Why Couldn'T We Do It?
Chapter 334 - Just Need A Goddaughter
Chapter 335 - Win The Beautiful Spy Over
Chapter 336 - Kill Two And Release One. Who Will You Choose?
Chapter 337 - If You Are Hurt, I Am Ashamed!
Chapter 338 - Emperor Died. Was It Empress Dowager'S Final Card?
Chapter 339 - They Surely Came At Me
Chapter 340 - Rest In Peace
Chapter 341 - Difficult Labor
Chapter 342 - You Two Will Raise The Kid
Chapter 343 - Becoming From Your Enemy To Your Sword!
Chapter 344 - Marriage
Chapter 345 - Strike First To Gain The Initiative!
Chapter 346 - There Will Be Fun!
Chapter 347 - They Shouldn'T Look Down The Madame Of The Jiang Family.
Chapter 348 - Troublemaker (Part One)
Chapter 349 - Troublemaker (Part Two)
Chapter 350 - Bully My Wife, She Surely Doesn'T Take Me Seriously!
Chapter 351 - Here Comes The First Branch'S Big Trouble!
Chapter 352 - Can She Be Lucky Enough To Fulfill Her Dream?
Chapter 353 - Fabulous Show Was Started By The Remarriage Of Eighth Brother
Chapter 354 - Doubt Me And Still Want My Help? Do I Owe You?
Chapter 355 - Ling Zui Was Back.
Chapter 356 - A New Wave Of Discord
Chapter 357 - The Good-For-Nothing Father And Son Deserve A Bad Ending!
Chapter 358 - Don'T Care Too Much! Get Her Firstly!
Chapter 359 - Failed To Use Others And Lost Their Face.
Chapter 360 - Fulfil Promises
Chapter 361 - You Need To Learn That From Jiang Yashuang!
Chapter 362 - Jiang Yashuang Thought Too Much.
Chapter 363 - It Was My Incompetence That Made You And Daughter Live In Aggrieved Life.
Chapter 364 - The Fire Burnt To Her!
Chapter 365 - Inflicting Someone On Your Husband
Chapter 366 - Failed Settlement Talks
Chapter 367 - A Desperate Situation
Chapter 368 - Survived From A Desperate Situation And Framed Each Other
Chapter 369 - No One Is Crueler Than The Two Uncles
Chapter 370 - A Good Wife
Chapter 371 - A Letter Written In Blood
Chapter 372 - Did Not Take Him As An Idiot!
Chapter 373 - They Have To Die!
Chapter 374 - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Chapter 375 - An Experience Of Qiu Feng
Chapter 376 - Unforeseen Event Of The Future Princess Of Wei
Chapter 377 - Couldn'T Figure Out Who Did It
Chapter 378 - Who Murdered The Kids Of The Jiang Family?
Chapter 379 - The Most Vicious Thing Is Women'S Heart
Chapter 380 - Qiu Jinglan’S Self-Justification
Chapter 381 - The Real Aftermath!
Chapter 382 - Jing City Would Be In A Mess!
Chapter 383 - Which Side Was Their Eighth Uncle On?
Chapter 384 - Who Was The Most Perfect Scapegoat?
Chapter 385 - Sir Jibei'S Choice
Chapter 386 - Why Lie To Him At This Point?
Chapter 387 - Madame Zhuang Came Back!
Chapter 388 - She Had No Choice But To Play Her Trump Card
Chapter 389 - Being As A Father And A Mother
Chapter 390 - In An Uproar
Chapter 391 - Took Care Of The Sick.
Chapter 392 - Shameless Guy!
Chapter 393 - Madame Dou'S Death And The Grievous News At Last!
Chapter 394 - To Save Qiu Jinglan!
Chapter 395 - If You Have Anything To Say, Just Tell Me Directly!
Chapter 396 - Every Dog Has His Day!
Chapter 397 - A Mother-In-Law That Even A Real Mother Cannot Compare With!
Chapter 398 - Knowing The Real Culprit
Chapter 399 - My Cruelty Is Always Enough!
Chapter 400 - If You Want To Get Married, Why Don'T You Marry Me?
Chapter 401 - Dare You Agree? If You Do, I Will Marry You!
Chapter 402 - I Knew It That I Would Marry Him, Surely!
Chapter 403 - Get Them All Into Trouble!
Chapter 404 - Swapped In The Courtyard!
Chapter 405 - My Brother Is Getting Married After All
Chapter 406 - Are We In Your Way When We Survive?
Chapter 407 - The Remaining Members Of The Dou Family And Gu Are The Masterminds!
Chapter 408 - Trump Card: Tell My Father!
Chapter 409 - The Filial Jiang Yahong
Chapter 410 - Ling Zui’S Charm Had A Powerful Effect On Married Women.
Chapter 411 - Madame Zhuang Met Her Sister-In-Law.
Chapter 412 - The Gap Between Mother And Son
Chapter 413 - This Is The Opportunity For Us!
Chapter 414 - It Is An Ability To Deal With Lovers At Home And Outside
Chapter 415 - No Shrewishness, No Rules
Chapter 416 - What A Psycho! Ignore Her Niece!
Chapter 417 - Tit For Tat
Chapter 418 - An Episode Before The Wedding
Chapter 419 - The Grand Wedding Of The Emperor And The Empress
Chapter 420 - The Gap Between Mother And Son
Chapter 421 - Troubles From Women
Chapter 422 - Giving Birth And The Completion Of The Baby'S First Month Of Life
Chapter 423 - The Death Of Sir Jibei
Chapter 424 - I Knew You Wouldn’T Believe Me!
Chapter 425 - Today Wasn'T The Same As Before!
Chapter 426 - How Dare You, A Little Girl, Threaten Me?
Chapter 427 - Got Poisoned!
Chapter 428 - What A Good-For-Nothing Madame He Is!
Chapter 429 - I Consider You My Sister From Now On!
Chapter 430 - Finding Out The Poison Source
Chapter 431 - Subscription For Shares
Chapter 432 - Was This Option Worth Thinking About?
Chapter 433 - Be In The Clear
Chapter 434 - Tensions
Chapter 435 - Jiang Tianchi Arrived In Jing City
Chapter 436 - Elder Preference
Chapter 437 - The Meeting Of The Brothers
Chapter 438 - Whether There Exists Firm And Unyielding Character?
Chapter 439 - The Empress Was Pregnant
Chapter 440 - The Happiness
Chapter 441 - Finishing The Mourning
Chapter 442 - Curtsy To Empress
Chapter 443 - Miscarriage
Chapter 446 - Ling Zui And Zhuang Man Got Married
Chapter 447 - Thought It Wrongly
Chapter 448 - Assassination
Chapter 449 - More Doubts
Chapter 450 - When It Was Through, It Was Through (1)
Chapter 451 - When It Was Through, It Was Through (2)
Chapter 452 - Interlocking Stratagems?
Chapter 453 - Conversation Between The Grandfather And Grandson
Chapter 454 - Staff
Chapter 455 - Kui Xiannan Passed Away
Chapter 456 - Prepare For The Worst Thing
Chapter 457 - Ace In The Hole
Chapter 458 - The Next Year
Chapter 459 - One-Year-Old Birthday Banquet
Chapter 460 - Unexpected Visitors
Chapter 461 - A Kept Man
Chapter 462 - Being Pregnant Again
Chapter 463 - Family Matters
Chapter 464 - Unexpected Concubinage
Chapter 465 - It Was Time For Summer Again
Chapter 466 - You Think I Don’T Know What You Are Thinking
Chapter 467 - Labor And Title Conferring
Chapter 468 - The Most Important Person
Chapter 469 - Swaddle
Chapter 470 - Something Odd
Chapter 471 - Jiang Qilai’S Origin
Chapter 472 - Trifles Before The Lunar New Year
Chapter 473 - The Miserable Former Emperor
Chapter 474 - The Second Day Of The Lunar New Year
Chapter 475 - Behind The Scenes Of His Failed Blind Date
Chapter 476 - Naughty Parents Of Naughty Children
Chapter 477 - Emperor And Noble Consort
Chapter 478 - Keeping Enduring
Chapter 479 - Suspicious Money
Chapter 480 - The Death Of Madame Jin
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The poor Commandery Princess is down and out. Her father died when she was young, and her mother passed away not long ago. Her grandfather, the only one she can rely on, is now at death’s door from his illness. Faced with the merciless uncle, the greedy aunts, as well as cousins competing to present the model of the worst relatives, the Commandery Princess could do nothing but feel depressed in heart.

But now, she comes and transmigrates into the body of the poor Princess!

As an expert who lived at the end of the world, regarding the killing as a common practice and being good at all kinds of intrigues and tricks, she is proficient in everything except drinking.

What will happen to her? What will she do to deal with these relatives? How does she become a famous empress of an eminent family from the poor Commandery Princess?

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Chapter 1 - You Are Heading For Your Own Doom

Chapter 1 You Are Heading for Your Own Doom

Snow was flying on the Mount Dizi in the deep winter.

In the afternoon, Qiu Yelan was trudging on the path to the top of the mountain.

It snowed heavily, and the wind was blowing violently from the top of the mountain. Although she took off her fur coat to move more easily, she still had difficulties in struggling forward.

“Cousin, cousin! Let me go! Let me go!” With hands and feet tightly tied by the soaked twine, Kang Jinzhang was dragged in the snow by her with a rope. His tears and snots were condensed into ice, and he was begging in horror, “It is that Yue Zhi seduced me! Believe me! Believe me… I am your cousin, and we are related!”

“So now you have remembered that you are my cousin?” Qiu Yelan stopped. She wiped the snow on her face and turned her head, looking at Kang Jinzhang with a faint smile. Her voice was cold, “When you sneaked into my room at that midnight, why didn’t you think about it? Yue Zhi just suffered for me. Do you think that I don’t know who your real target was at that night?”

Kang Jinzhang was startled, “You know?!”

“I had to go out that night, so I let Yue Zhi sleep on my bed to take my place. But I didn’t expect that it would hurt her…” Qiu Yelan smiled slightly, and her smile was as beautiful as the plum blossom. But then she heaved the rope without hesitation and kept climbing.

“That night… I drank too much that night! Really!” Kang Jinzhang vaguely remembered that at the end of this road was a cliff. He was so frightened and begged incoherently, “Cousin, listen to me! Yue Zhi is just a servant girl. And grandma loves me the most. As long as you release me this time, I can give you many servant girls better than her! I will find ten for you, no, one hundred!”

Seeing Qiu Yelan was indifferent, he hurriedly said, “Cousin, do you know? There’s something wrong with the marriage that grandma let First Uncle manage for you.” Suddenly, Qiu Yelan’s action accelerated, and Kang Jinzhang exclaimed, “Although Deng Yi is the nephew of Duke of Guangyang and he is tall and handsome, he only loves men! He has no interest in girls! As long as you let me go, I’ll ask grandmother to dissolve the engagement for you!”

“General Ruan has become incurably ill, and he is your grandfather! If you kill me, you won’t be able to hide it from grandmother, as well as the fact that you secretly followed General Ruan to study martial arts would also be exposed! Do you want General Ruan’s last period of time being so unpeaceful?” Kang Jinzhang said earnestly, trying his best to think about his words, “And my Second Aunt — your mother is also not well. This time she sent you here to look for me, and isn’t it just to let you please grandma? You… Aren’t you afraid that grandma would let your mother pay for my life with her life?!”

Qiu Yelan let him down again. Smiling at him, she leaned down and gave him two slaps!

“Go on. I am listening. Let’s see whether you can make me let you off.” She dragged Kang Jinzhang forward again but said leisurely.

Kang Jinzhang looked at the cliff getting closer and closer, horrified to death, “There is a secret. If you kill me, you will never know it in this life!”

“Oh?” Qiu Yelan laughed while dragging, “What’s the secret?”

“About your brother’s death!” As soon as he said this, he was put down.

Kang Jinzhang breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and then quickly said, “Your brother was not dead because of you at all! I heard in my ears that he was killed by our family!” For fear of Qiu Yelan changing her mind, he hurriedly said in one breath, “It is just shortly after the news of your father’s death coming back, your brother died, and at that time you just got your first birthday, Grandma thinks that it is because of you that your father and your brother died, so she always hates you.”

“So what?” Qiu Yelan ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at Kang Jinzhang, but a faint one. “You know it, but you didn’t speak it out. After so many years, what evidence can there be? What’s the matter if I know it or not?”

“There is the evidence! There is the evidence!” Kang Jinzhang was anxious, “I can testify to you! I heard it myself! Grandma will believe me! You know she loves me the most!”

Qiu Yelan gave him a pitying glance and sighed, “But it’s useless! He is dead, and he can’t be alive again even if I find out the murderer.”

After she finished talking, she continued to drag him up the mountain.

Seeing that it was not far from the cliff, Kang Jinzhang struggled on the snow and wept bitterly, “Cousin… no! Cousin, please let me go! Please, please! I will never dare to play tricks on you again! I will never dare to egg grandma on to make troubles for you! As long as you let me off, I will do whatever you want me to do! I beg you! We are cousins! We are the brother and sister!”

Qiu Yelan was thinking carefully about it.

Kang Jinzhang was like catching a life-saving straw, “Cousin, you say! You just say it! Isn’t that First Aunt always bullying you? When I go back, I can ask grandma to take her…”

“The antidote of the poison Youmianxiang, do you have it?” Qiu Yelan asked softly, “If you have, I will send you down the mountain immediately!”

“The poison Youmianxiang?” Kang Jinzhang was extremely surprised, “The poison Youmianxiang has no antidote… No! Cousin, it really doesn’t have any antidote! I can surely do it for you if you give me another order…”

Qiu Yelan chuckled and said, “Don’t bother. Didn’t you mention that General Ruan and your Second Aunt are all at death’s door from illness? It is because that they were all poisoned by Madame Lu, your dear grandmother, with the poison Youmianxiang! Otherwise, why would I follow your Second Aunt’s words to go here after knowing you want to misbehave while you egg Madame Lu on to send me into this mountain?”

“Did you think I would have the antidote of the poison Youmianxiang?” Kang Jinzhang was so compunctious that he was almost about to hit the ground, and he yelled hurriedly, “Wait! It hit me that grandma seemed to have let me take over a box, and she seemed to have said that it is related to the poison Youmianxiang…”

“I never expect to get the antidote from you.” Qiu Yelan smiled and broke his hope. She dragged him to the cliff and said lightly, “Don’t expect my mother to pay for your life. Do you know why?”

Kang Jinzhang felt half of his body outside the cliff and half of him inside. He was so frightened that his heart was almost broken, and he asked subconsciously, “Why?”

“Because the mother of this body should have died of poisoning a few days ago.” Qiu Yelan looked at him with a smile, “She asked her daughter to come here before taking the poison. What she liked here were just the deep snow, the high mountains, and the dense forest. It was secluded, and it would be easy for her daughter to get away!”

As she pushed Kang Jinzhang out of the cliff, she smiled and said what Kang Jinzhang couldn’t understand, “In order to let her daughter safely leave Qiu Family, although this body’s mother could still live for half a year, she would rather kill herself in advance… I have taken over the daughter’s body now, and if I don’t do anything for them, I would be very sorry. Don’t you think so?”


“You will not die originally. But with such a shout, it will become more terrible for you to be buried alive!” A moment later, in the sound of avalanche, Qiu Yelan hid in a cave near the cliff and sighed, “In fact, I did not think of making you dead from falling. I just wanted you to be frozen for a while, and I would ask you questions then…”


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