Sage Monarch by Divine Dreamwalker

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Profiting From A Disaster
Chapter 3: Strength Of The Hell-Crushing Godmammoth
Chapter 4: Energy Eruption Level
Chapter 5: Yang Clan Forum
Chapter 6: Tit For Ta
Chapter 7: A Bolt From The Blue
Chapter 8: Displaying Prowess To The Full
Chapter 9: Shocking Everyone Presen
Chapter 10: Duel In Three Months
Chapter 11: Invincible King’S Fis
Chapter 12: Sixth Phase Of Energy Arts
Chapter 13: Fist Versus Bell
Chapter 14: Daughter Of The City Magistrate
Chapter 15: Detoxification
Chapter 16: Profoundly Shocking
Chapter 17: A Dream Of A Thousand Years
Chapter 18: Blackcorpse Mountains
Chapter 19: Hunting Demonlings
Chapter 20: Battling A White Ape
Chapter 21: Seventh Phase Breakthrough
Chapter 22: A Goldmine
Chapter 23: Going Home
Chapter 24: Attending The Banque
Chapter 25: Dealing With The Chen Clan
Chapter 26: Who Dares Block My Path?
Chapter 27: Hostility From The City Magistrate
Chapter 28: Open Clan Fighting
Chapter 29: Defeating The Chen Clan
Chapter 30: One Man Tries To Kill A Thousand
Chapter 31: Pillaging
Chapter 32: Spoils Of War
Chapter 33: Disciples Of The House Of Spring And Autumn
Chapter 34: Four Seasons Swordplay
Chapter 35: Chiliocosm Mirror
Chapter 36: Ambush
Chapter 37: Fighting A Master Of Energy
Chapter 38: Eighth Phase
Chapter 39: Killing A Master Of Energy
Chapter 40: Preparing A Diversion
Chapter 41: Three Months Later
Chapter 42: The Clan’S Autumn Hun
Chapter 43: A Slap On The Face
Chapter 44: The Chief Elders, Astonished
Chapter 45: Vanquishing All Five
Chapter 46: I Make The Rules
Chapter 47: Uniting The Clan
Chapter 48: Aunt Susu
Chapter 49: Passing Energy To Father
Chapter 50: Yun Zhonglong
Chapter 51: Young Man In Blue
Chapter 52: Sea God Institute
Chapter 53: Heart Of The Sea
Chapter 54: Entering The Institute
Chapter 55: Yun Hailan’S Whereabouts
Chapter 56: Thumb-Ring Of Holding
Chapter 57: Vampire Brigands
Chapter 58: Chu Tiange
Chapter 59: Another Encounter With Yun Hailan
Chapter 60: Paying Back Humiliation
Chapter 61: Master Of Energy Level
Chapter 62: Secrets Of The Hanging Mountain
Chapter 63: The Sage Monarch Society
Chapter 64: Dragonpearl
Chapter 65: The Ancient City Of Kroran
Chapter 66: Red Fur
Chapter 67: The Brigands’ Treasure Stores
Chapter 68: The Brigands’ Treasure Stores Part 2
Chapter 69: Battling A Lifeseizer
Chapter 70: The Power Of Twenty Megamammoths
Chapter 71: Everyone Levels Up
Chapter 72: Returning To The Institute
Chapter 73: Outer Campus Students
Chapter 74: Giant Guards
Chapter 75: Aunt Susu
Chapter 76: Profound Energy Arts
Chapter 77: Medicinal Pill Explanation
Chapter 78: Sage Devil
Chapter 79: Breaking Into The Lifeseizing Level
Chapter 80: Life Force Springwater
Chapter 81: Another Encounter With Chu Tiange
Chapter 82: An Enormous Tomb
Chapter 83: Thousand-Year-Old Corpse King
Chapter 84: Chu Tiange Appears Again
Chapter 85: Fierce Comba
Chapter 86: Killing Chu Tiange Part 1
Chapter 87: Killing Chu Tiange Part 2
Chapter 88: Aftermath
Chapter 89: Consuming A Demon Core
Chapter 90: Lifeseizing Level
Chapter 91: God-Devil Seal
Chapter 92: Academy Of Sage Studies
Chapter 93: How Impudent!
Chapter 94: Ceremony
Chapter 95: Becoming An Elite Studen
Chapter 96: Uniting Yanhaven
Chapter 97: Energy Formation Drill
Chapter 98: Summoned By An Energy Crane
Chapter 99: Sun Moon Institute
Chapter 100: Wrecking The Proposal
Chapter 101: Holy Daughter Manyflowers
Chapter 102: Minorcosm World
Chapter 103: Enemies Mee
Chapter 104: Patriarchs Wind And Cloud
Chapter 105: Ramifications Of Accepting An Apprentice
Chapter 106: Secondary Lifeseizing
Chapter 107: Physical Transformation
Chapter 108: Preventative Measures
Chapter 109: Black Floodwyrm Grotto
Chapter 110: Encountering A Black Floodwyrm
Chapter 111: Exceptional Strike
Chapter 112: More Assassinations
Chapter 113: The Devils In Chaos
Chapter 114: Killing A Quinary Lifeseizer
Chapter 115: Another Brother
Chapter 116: A God From Heaven Descended Into The Mortal World
Chapter 117: The Fury Of Song Haishan
Chapter 118: Crush Him In Person
Chapter 119: As Useless As Chickens Or Dogs
Chapter 120: Blood Tribute
Chapter 121: You Think I Won’T?
Chapter 122: Going Home
Chapter 123: Yang Zhan, Lifeseizer
Chapter 124: Official Banque
Chapter 125: Spring And Autumn; Shadowbligh
Chapter 126: Entering The Blackcorpse Mountains
Chapter 127: Getting Stronger
Chapter 128: Devil-Ghost Spirit Body
Chapter 129: Devil Horde Defilemen
Chapter 130: Quaternary Lifeseizing
Chapter 131: Heavencorpse Dimension
Chapter 132: Conclave Students
Chapter 133: Grand Thunderclap Swordplay
Chapter 134: Three Birds, One Spear...
Chapter 135: Ghost Emperor Yama
Chapter 136: The Imp Acts
Chapter 137: God Legion Seal
Chapter 138: Young Lord From The House Of Spring And Autumn
Chapter 139: Converting Enemies To Friends
Chapter 140: All Men Are Brothers
Chapter 141: Jun Tianchou Requests Help
Chapter 142: Fiend-Devil Viscounts
Chapter 143: Doing It Alone
Chapter 144: Saving Everyone
Chapter 145: Fighting Devils
Chapter 146: Sworn Siblings From All Corners
Chapter 147: Sword Training
Chapter 148: Island Of Unusual Fate
Chapter 149: Subduing The Divine Sword
Chapter 150: Ice-Soul God-Sword
Chapter 151: Shroud-Heaven Alliance
Chapter 152: Sword Dao From The Distant Pas
Chapter 153: Capturing Frost-Drake
Chapter 154: Behind-The-Scenes Information
Chapter 155: Join Us
Chapter 156: Power Rising Everywhere
Chapter 157: Becoming A Legendary
Chapter 158: Seven Apertures Sprite Body
Chapter 159: Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 160: Seven Seas Of Energy
Chapter 161: Treachery
Chapter 162: The Competition Begins
Chapter 163: Heroes Gather
Chapter 164: A Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 165: Revealing Ability
Chapter 166: You Can’T Block One Sword Strike
Chapter 167: Finals
Chapter 168: Finals Part 2
Chapter 169: Finals Part 3
Chapter 170: First Place
Chapter 171: First Place Part 2
Chapter 172: First Place Part 3
Chapter 173: A Moment Of Great Danger
Chapter 174: Supreme Honor And Righteousness
Chapter 175: Matchlessly Rude And Unreasonable
Chapter 176: Utter Chaos
Chapter 177: A Sudden Developmen
Chapter 178: The Chancellor
Chapter 179: Ancient Mine
Chapter 180: Turning In Merit Points
Chapter 181: Euphoria Godstone
Chapter 182: Devil Embryo
Chapter 183: Hell Portal
Chapter 184: Reaching The Peak
Chapter 185: Arriving At The Ancient Quarry
Chapter 186: Deadly Spell Formation
Chapter 187: Sura Devil-Eye
Chapter 188: Sealed Asura
Chapter 189: A Cha
Chapter 190: No Way
Chapter 191: The Nine Legendary Transformations
Chapter 192: Nonary Lifeseizing
Chapter 193: A Fierce Battle Between Two Heroes
Chapter 194: Massive Figh
Chapter 195: Spell Formation, Activated
Chapter 196: Taking The Pagoda
Chapter 197: The Crown Prince In Danger
Chapter 198: Seriously Hurt And Running
Chapter 199: Calling Out To Sworn Siblings
Chapter 200: Astonishing The Tabernacle Of Flame
Chapter 201: Cultivating Together
Chapter 202: Five Years
Chapter 203: Gathered Under One Roof
Chapter 204: Physique Of The Sovereign Lord
Chapter 205: Spirit Rain
Chapter 206: Six Months
Chapter 207: Repairing The Roof Before The Storm
Chapter 208: The Myriad Consortium
Chapter 209: Buying Information
Chapter 210: Taking More Heads
Chapter 211: Wiping Out The Myriad Consortium
Chapter 212: Exterminating Them All
Chapter 213: The House Of Shadowblight'S Moving Island
Chapter 214: Holy Neophyte
Chapter 215: Stealing Spirit Stones
Chapter 216: Spirit Stones In Hand
Chapter 217: Tackling Legendary
Chapter 218: Mastering The Legendary
Chapter 219: Brazen Assassination
Chapter 220: Terrifying Attack
Chapter 221: You’Re Not Going Anywhere
Chapter 222: The Crown Prince’S Whereabouts
Chapter 223: A Deal With The Shroud-Heaven Alliance
Chapter 224: Hua Tianxiong
Chapter 225: Old Man Superdestruction
Chapter 226: Demanding Spirit Stones
Chapter 227: Striking It Rich
Chapter 228: Five Phases Treasures
Chapter 229: Heaven-Demon Seed
Chapter 230: Deliberately Making Things Difficul
Chapter 231: You Qualify?
Chapter 232: None Of You Qualify
Chapter 233: Strike First, Achieve Lethality
Chapter 234: Becoming A Holy Neophyte
Chapter 235: Killing Grand Elder Feat-Virtue
Chapter 236: Psychic Tempes
Chapter 237: Inter-Society Alliance
Chapter 238: Being Used Again
Chapter 239: Mission: Mend Heaven
Chapter 240: All-Encompassing Devil Energy
Chapter 241: Hell Monsoon
Chapter 242: Spirit-Soul Transformation
Chapter 243: Deadly Training
Chapter 244: Completing The Spore-Devil
Chapter 245: Completing The Spore-Devil Part 2
Chapter 246: Selfless Philanthropis
Chapter 247: Trying To Steal A Chicken....
Chapter 248: Astral-Star Fiend-Devil
Chapter 249: Thirty Thousand Ancient Megamammoths
Chapter 250: Planar Pearl
Chapter 251: Breaking Through The Interceptors
Chapter 252: Left Behind By Sages
Chapter 253: Immense Fortune
Chapter 254: Hero
Chapter 255: Joy And Worry
Chapter 256: Discussing Important Business
Chapter 257: Western Continen
Chapter 258: Silvermoon
Chapter 259: Let The Slaughter Begin
Chapter 260: Crashing The Party
Chapter 261: Lady-Princess Silvermoon
Chapter 262: Taking The City
Chapter 263: Sagely-Grade Spirit Stone
Chapter 264: Filling Up With True Energy
Chapter 265: Nine Stars Pearl Necklace
Chapter 266: Incapable
Chapter 267: The Will Of Great Sages
Chapter 268: Frenzied Fligh
Chapter 269: Angel Wings Transformation
Chapter 270: Escaping Alive
Chapter 271: Drift With The Waves, Go With The Flow
Chapter 272: Quake-Dawn Continen
Chapter 273: Secrets Of The Crown Prince
Chapter 274: Reaching The Third Transformation
Chapter 275: Experts Gather
Chapter 276: Breaking Open The Door
Chapter 277: Heaven-Dominating Golden Swordbreaker
Chapter 278: Battling A Half Sage
Chapter 279: Vanquishing A Half Sage
Chapter 280: Vermillion Dragon City
Chapter 281: Grand-Wilds Mansion
Chapter 282: Capturing An Asura
Chapter 283: Working With The Five Phases
Chapter 284: Deal
Chapter 285: Assessmen
Chapter 286: Captain
Chapter 287: Wormhole
Chapter 288: Returning To Rich-Lush
Chapter 289: Giant Snake From The Hell Of Nagas
Chapter 290: Another Encounter With The Ghost Emperor
Chapter 291: Donning The Tiger Skin
Chapter 292: Power Of The Wilds God
Chapter 293: You Lose
Chapter 294: Flabbergasting News
Chapter 295: Difficult Questions
Chapter 296: That’S All The Evidence You Have?
Chapter 297: Someone From The Quake-Dawn Cathedral
Chapter 298: Rage Of The Ghost Emperor
Chapter 299: Negotiation
Chapter 300: Go Ahead And Figh
Chapter 301: One Hundred Days
Chapter 302: Restoring A Soul
Chapter 303: Supreme Devil Migh
Chapter 304: Progress
Chapter 305: There’S A Way
Chapter 306: Yore-Wilds’ Hear
Chapter 307: Sage Monarch City
Chapter 308: Underneath The Continen
Chapter 309: The Depths Of Primal-Chaos
Chapter 310: Black Golden Dragon-Smelting Cauldron
Chapter 311: Taking The Fragmen
Chapter 312: Without A Hitch
Chapter 313: Yin-Yang
Chapter 314: Ballad Of The Dao Testimonial
Chapter 315: The Return Of Yun Hailan
Chapter 316: Dragon World Godpower
Chapter 317: Immortal Plane
Chapter 318: The Will Of An Immortal
Chapter 319: Godly Might Of The Paradise
Chapter 320: Sixth Legendary Transformation
Chapter 321: Prologue To The Final Battle
Chapter 322: The Crown Prince Returns
Chapter 323: Incredible Decisiveness
Chapter 324: Savage Compulsion
Chapter 325: The Slaughter Begins
Chapter 326: Yang Qi Kills A Great Sage
Chapter 327: Superlative Defense
Chapter 328: Total Annihilation
Chapter 329: Devouring Everything
Chapter 330: Ghost-God Transformation
Chapter 331: A Complete Rou
Chapter 332: The Chancellor To The Rescue
Chapter 333: The Chancellor’S Turn
Chapter 334: The Crown Prince Killed
Chapter 335: The Dust Settles
Chapter 336: Uniting The Continen
Chapter 337: A Continent Becoming A Plane
Chapter 338: Assassination Attemp
Chapter 339: Looking For Trouble
Chapter 340: Secrets
Chapter 341: Immortal Grass
Chapter 342: Killing
Chapter 343: People From The Hanging Mountain
Chapter 344: A Decree From The Holy Mother
Chapter 345: Secrets
Chapter 346: Very Confusing
Chapter 347: Di Shidao
Chapter 348: A Debu
Chapter 349: Yan Wubing
Chapter 350: Plateau Of The Leviathan
Chapter 351: Mammoth Force
Chapter 352: The Mammothfolk
Chapter 353: The State Of Affairs In The Hanging Mountain
Chapter 354: The Competition
Chapter 355: The Holy Mother
Chapter 356: Trouble Brewing
Chapter 357: The Competition Begins
Chapter 358: Outstanding Heroes Gather
Chapter 359: Power Struggles
Chapter 360: Battle Of Experts
Chapter 361: Hell Opens
Chapter 362: Hell Of Mahanata
Chapter 363: Attacking Armies
Chapter 364: Shaking The Hanging Mountain
Chapter 365: Subterranean Ore
Chapter 366: Slaughtering Lionfolk
Chapter 367: Complete Extermination
Chapter 368: Warmonger Giant-Devils
Chapter 369: Fighting An Infernal
Chapter 370: Eternal Godwind
Chapter 371: Great Sage Level
Chapter 372: The Heroes Strike
Chapter 373: Ape Battle
Chapter 374: Powerless To Resis
Chapter 375: Nascent Divinity Ensconcemen
Chapter 376: Mammoth Manyvoids’ Debu
Chapter 377: Experts Go All Ou
Chapter 378: Major Spectacle
Chapter 379: Complete Slaughter
Chapter 380: It Ends
Chapter 381: Devil Embryo
Chapter 382: Infernal Exper
Chapter 383: The Return
Chapter 384: Blessings
Chapter 385: Back To Rich-Lush
Chapter 386: The Terror Of The Ghost Emperor
Chapter 387: Power Brewing
Chapter 388: The Holy Mother Emerges
Chapter 389: Bickering
Chapter 390: Titan Emperor Collegium
Chapter 391: The Arrival
Chapter 392: Sword Seventeen
Chapter 393: The Invincible Society
Chapter 394: A Bunch Of Freaks
Chapter 395: Entrance Ceremony
Chapter 396: World Of Mirages
Chapter 397: Golden Dragonscale Godskiff
Chapter 398: Magical Laws Of Life And Death
Chapter 399: Number One
Chapter 400: Killing People Left And Righ
Chapter 401: Strictly Organized Ranks
Chapter 402: Joining The Collegium
Chapter 403: Elder Siblings
Chapter 404: Treasure Hoard
Chapter 405: Myriad Worlds Monarch Char
Chapter 406: Refining The Continen
Chapter 407: Major Success With The Immortal Child
Chapter 408: People From The Megaplexus Planetary System
Chapter 409: Northstar Flee
Chapter 410: True Danger
Chapter 411: Slaughter
Chapter 412: Killing A Demi-Immortal
Chapter 413: The Might Of The Holy Mother
Chapter 414: Invincible In Battle
Chapter 415: Tossing Corpses Into The Crucible
Chapter 416: Three Prime Demi-Immortals
Chapter 417: Scheming Part 1
Chapter 418: Scheming Part 2
Chapter 419: Madness
Chapter 420: No One Survives
Chapter 421: Major Accomplishments
Chapter 422: Coiling Arc Planetary System
Chapter 423: Primeval Godworm
Chapter 424: Enemies
Chapter 425: Metadimensions
Chapter 426: Fellow Disciples
Chapter 427: Despicable
Chapter 428: It Appears
Chapter 429: Explosion
Chapter 430: Nexus
Chapter 431: Big Figh
Chapter 432: Outstanding Heroes
Chapter 433: Escape
Chapter 434: In The Char
Chapter 435: Secrets
Chapter 436: World Junctions
Chapter 437: Various Factions
Chapter 438: Endless Treasure
Chapter 439: Imperial Snakecharm
Chapter 440: Grand Emperor Rich-Lush
Chapter 441: The Fisherman
Chapter 442: Getting The Talismans
Chapter 443: Seizing The Grand Emperor
Chapter 444: Godworm Nes
Chapter 445: Chaotic Fighting
Chapter 446: Demi-Immortal Breakthrough
Chapter 447: Chief Of The Snakefolk
Chapter 448: Primeval God Skills
Chapter 449: Complete Success
Chapter 450: Legacy Of King Immortal-Slayer
Chapter 451: Successor Of King Immortal-Slayer
Chapter 452: Yellow-Garbed, Buzz Cu
Chapter 453: The Future
Chapter 454: A Good Person
Chapter 455: Devil Sauvastika Assembly
Chapter 456: A Deal
Chapter 457: Elysian Children
Chapter 458: Mahanata Greyspace
Chapter 459: Very, Very Hard
Chapter 460: Goals Me
Chapter 461: Rising Rapidly
Chapter 462: Planet Sage Monarch
Chapter 463: Three Periods Tribulation
Chapter 464: All The Way To The Ninth
Chapter 465: Eight Hundred Forty Million Particles Awake
Chapter 466: Get Out Here!
Chapter 467: You Can All Just Die
Chapter 468: Weaklings
Chapter 469: Arrogant And Despotic
Chapter 470: World Splitting
Chapter 471: Demi-Immortal Tribulation
Chapter 472: Viciously Shaking The Collegium
Chapter 473: Cutting Down An Elder King
Chapter 474: Intrepid Slaughter
Chapter 475: Vice-Rectors
Chapter 476: Invincible
Chapter 477: Shocking Renown
Chapter 478: Immortal Army Battlefield
Chapter 479: Creating A Planetary System
Chapter 480: Tusita Heaven
Chapter 481: Secret Meeting
Chapter 482: Negotiation
Chapter 483: Duped
Chapter 484: The Beastmaster Society
Chapter 485: The Godrelic
Chapter 486: God Blood
Chapter 487: Liege Beas
Chapter 488: Incredible
Chapter 489: Transformations
Chapter 490: Endless Experts
Chapter 491: The True Battlefield
Chapter 492: Enemies Everywhere
Chapter 493: Overlords Figh
Chapter 494: More And More Emerge
Chapter 495: Different Daos
Chapter 496: Deadly Recklessness
Chapter 497: A Big Figh
Chapter 498: Crushing Weeds And Smashing Twigs
Chapter 499: Terrified
Chapter 500: The Supreme Rector'S Plo
Chapter 501: Magnetic King Sarira
Chapter 502: Initiation Power
Chapter 503: One Massive Attack
Chapter 504: Dumbstruck
Chapter 505: Axes To Grind
Chapter 506: Kill You All
Chapter 507: Praying To The Heaven Above
Chapter 508: Birth Origin
Chapter 509: Fierce Breakthrough
Chapter 510: A Banished Immortal Arrives
Chapter 511: The Trap
Chapter 512: Devastating An Immortal
Chapter 513: Sage Monarch Collegium
Chapter 514: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 515: Big Matter For The Immortal World
Chapter 516: The Overall Structure
Chapter 517: Boundless Faith
Chapter 518: Taking An Energy Ar
Chapter 519: He’S Back!
Chapter 520: Into The Monarch Chart Again
Chapter 521: Siblings Reunite
Chapter 522: God Item
Chapter 523: Elder-Immortal
Chapter 524: Assimilation
Chapter 525: In This Together
Chapter 526: Passageway To The Immortal World
Chapter 527: Killing Fist Of The Dao Of Monarchs
Chapter 528: Plundering
Chapter 529: Heaven And Earth Furnace
Chapter 530: Father Appears
Chapter 531: Extreme Danger
Chapter 532: Irreconcilable
Chapter 533: Killing Chief Beastmaster
Chapter 534: Returning
Chapter 535: Godliness
Chapter 536: The Immortal World Invades
Chapter 537: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 538: Epic Battle
Chapter 539: Holding The Line
Chapter 540: Going All In
Chapter 541: A God Item Appears
Chapter 542: Reaching The Eighth Order
Chapter 543: The Immortal World Defeated
Chapter 544: Suing For Peace
Chapter 545: Negotiation
Chapter 546: The Very Strange Voice
Chapter 547: Misty Kingdom
Chapter 548: Mass Surrender
Chapter 549: Establishing A Network Of Laws
Chapter 550: Cultivation
Chapter 551: Immortal Body
Chapter 552: Decade
Chapter 553: Arriving In The Immortal World
Chapter 554: Imperial Cour
Chapter 555: Status
Chapter 556: Infiltration
Chapter 557: The Mechfolk
Chapter 558: Treasures Galore
Chapter 559: More Imperial Snakecharms
Chapter 560: Princess Jadefall
Chapter 561: Immense Energy
Chapter 562: The Obliterators
Chapter 563: The Endless Fores
Chapter 564: The Demon Altar
Chapter 565: An Incredible Opportunity
Chapter 566: Immense Gains
Chapter 567: Protomammoth Particles
Chapter 568: Back At The Base
Chapter 569: Dominating The General
Chapter 570: A Rise In The Ranks
Chapter 571: A Deeper Look At The Consortium
Chapter 572: Immortal Paragon
Chapter 573: The Fury Of Night-Ksetra
Chapter 574: Major Success
Chapter 575: Proud Warpatience
Chapter 576: Two Armies Face Off
Chapter 577: Sixtieth Young Sir Proud
Chapter 578: Lost Civilization
Chapter 579: Immense Power
Chapter 580: Two Tigers Figh
Chapter 581: Reincarnated One
Chapter 582: Word Becomes Law
Chapter 583: Terrorized Masses
Chapter 584: Never-Dying Disappears
Chapter 585: A Frank Discussion With The Princess
Chapter 586: Titan
Chapter 587: Big Developments
Chapter 588: Hanging Heaven
Chapter 589: Fighting For The Asteroid
Chapter 590: Slaughtering The Enemy
Chapter 591: Absorbing Essence
Chapter 592: Besieged By Demons
Chapter 593: Megamammoth Immortal Ancestor
Chapter 594: Boundless Demolishing
Chapter 595: Dangerous Ambush
Chapter 596: Finally, Success
Chapter 597: Wrangling
Chapter 598: Stable Foundation
Chapter 599: Shopping Spree
Chapter 600: All The Enemies Mee
Chapter 601: Arresting Titan Duelbringer
Chapter 602: Blocking
Chapter 603: You'Re Digging Your Own Graves
Chapter 604: Shaking Court And Commoners Alike
Chapter 605: Glib Tongue
Chapter 606: The Power Of A Reincarnated One
Chapter 607: Porcelain Godspore
Chapter 608: Emissaries From The Brahman Society
Chapter 609: Brought To Justice
Chapter 610: Threats
Chapter 611: Drawing The Snake Out Of Its Hole
Chapter 612: Getting Them All In One Sho
Chapter 613: Slaughtering All Enemies
Chapter 614: Crushing The Buzz Cut Kid
Chapter 615: Secrets Of A Future One
Chapter 616: Gone Forever
Chapter 617: The Mysteries Of The Monarch Char
Chapter 618: Seizing Power
Chapter 619: A Visi
Chapter 620: Subduing Six Worlds
Chapter 621: The Brahman Society
Chapter 622: Infiltration
Chapter 623: Five Phases Combination
Chapter 624: Children Of Brahma
Chapter 625: Unique Constitution
Chapter 626: Business In The Scripture Pavilion
Chapter 627: Combining Eighty-One
Chapter 628: Blending Into The Brahman Society
Chapter 629: Meeting Of The Children Of Brahma
Chapter 630: Heaps Of Experts
Chapter 631: Mission
Chapter 632: True Energy Curse
Chapter 633: Regal Event Heaven
Chapter 634: Hell Of Bleached Bones
Chapter 635: August Patriarch Fire Dragon
Chapter 636: Big Figh
Chapter 637: Immortal General
Chapter 638: Taking A Thousand Talismans
Chapter 639: Assimilating August Patriarch Fire Dragon
Chapter 640: Incomparable Sword Dao
Chapter 641: Castle Heaven-Devil
Chapter 642: Eruption Of Magical Power
Chapter 643: The Full Eight Tribes Godfis
Chapter 644: King Life-Killer
Chapter 645: Tempered God
Chapter 646: Bloodsea Heaven-Devil
Chapter 647: Seven Holy Swords
Chapter 648: Jade-Colored Tomb
Chapter 649: Tempting
Chapter 650: Rewards Come Only With Risk
Chapter 651: An Incomparable Seal
Chapter 652: Sage Sword Heaven
Chapter 653: Tempered God Tribulation
Chapter 654: Eighteen Sword Sects
Chapter 655: God-Slashing Sword Sec
Chapter 656: Traceless Slasher
Chapter 657: Slashing One
Chapter 658: Taking On A Slashing One
Chapter 659: Inspiring One
Chapter 660: A Huge Secre
Chapter 661: A Conspiracy
Chapter 662: Exploitation
Chapter 663: Retrea
Chapter 664: Uniting An Immortal World
Chapter 665: Secrets Of The Brahman Immortal World
Chapter 666: Passage To The Future
Chapter 667: Divine Likeness Of Proud Heaven
Chapter 668: Boundless Rewards
Chapter 669: Slaughtering A Heaven Moving One
Chapter 670: Brahma Echo-Silk
Chapter 671: Meeting
Chapter 672: No Way Ou
Chapter 673: Limited Time
Chapter 674: Contingency Plans
Chapter 675: Invincible God Migh
Chapter 676: Great Fanfare
Chapter 677: Leading One
Chapter 678: Tusita Heaven, Immortal-Slaying Medallions
Chapter 679: Fortuned One
Chapter 680: Sudden And Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 681: Mechfolk Base
Chapter 682: Cruiser Of Civilization
Chapter 683: Helping The Mechfolk
Chapter 684: Cannon Of Civilization
Chapter 685: The Flatverse
Chapter 686: Ungrateful Curs
Chapter 687: Taking The Spacecraf
Chapter 688: Gaining At Others’ Expense
Chapter 689: A Violent Tempes
Chapter 690: A Change In Plan
Chapter 691: Rapid Developmen
Chapter 692: Power Eruption
Chapter 693: Godly Might Of The Brahman River
Chapter 694: Entering Glorious Treasure Heaven
Chapter 695: Brahma’S Hear
Chapter 696: Out Of Hand
Chapter 697: Taking God Crystals
Chapter 698: Dao Heart Formation
Chapter 699: Dao Defense League
Chapter 700: Infiltration
Chapter 701: Nine Yangs God Sec
Chapter 702: Girl In Green
Chapter 703: Counter Attack
Chapter 704: Morphbligh
Chapter 705: God-Doctor
Chapter 706: Conflic
Chapter 707: A Big Stir
Chapter 708: The Fish Takes The Bai
Chapter 709: Aeonic God Psalter
Chapter 710: Turning The Tables
Chapter 711: Heaven Beyond Heaven
Chapter 712: Confusing The Enemy
Chapter 713: Hells Like Eternal Sands
Chapter 714: Heading Toward The Godrelic
Chapter 715: Intense Self-Detonation
Chapter 716: A Successful Framing
Chapter 717: The Mysteries Of ‘Beyond Heaven’
Chapter 718: Finally Profiting
Chapter 719: Chasing Young Master Leaf
Chapter 720: God Pill
Chapter 721: The Dragonfolk Arrive
Chapter 722: Dragon Everlasting
Chapter 723: Join Me
Chapter 724: God Dragon Tribe
Chapter 725: An Independent Sec
Chapter 726: A Huge Stir
Chapter 727: Flabbergasted
Chapter 728: The Boy, Promoter
Chapter 729: Helping Hundred-Gods
Chapter 730: Heaven Dancer
Chapter 731: Your Father Sent Me
Chapter 732: Special Ops Team
Chapter 733: General Samman
Chapter 734: A Grim Situation
Chapter 735: God Dao Seeds
Chapter 736: Live Forever God Tree
Chapter 737: Primal-Chaos Ruins
Chapter 738: Devouring Destiny
Chapter 739: True Godhood
Chapter 740: Devouring Without Stop
Chapter 741: Success At Las
Chapter 742: Many Heavens God Seal
Chapter 743: A Mass Of Breakthroughs
Chapter 744: Getting Rid Of Hidden Injuries
Chapter 745: The Old-Timers
Chapter 746: Sectlord Nine Yangs
Chapter 747: Terror
Chapter 748: Locked Up
Chapter 749: Becoming A Patriarch
Chapter 750: The Unfathomable Hear
Chapter 751: Fooling The Patriarchs
Chapter 752: Assimilating Dragon King
Chapter 753: Becoming A Godmyth
Chapter 754: The Patriarchs Acknowledge Allegiance
Chapter 755: Planting A Mole
Chapter 756: Stripping Young Master Leaf Of Followers Part 1
Chapter 757: Stripping Young Master Leaf Of Followers Part 2
Chapter 758: Stripping Young Master Leaf Of Followers Part 3
Chapter 759: Assassinating Sectlord Nine Yangs Part 1
Chapter 760: Assassinating Sectlord Nine Yangs Part 2
Chapter 761: Assassinating Sectlord Nine Yang Part 3
Chapter 762: The Backer
Chapter 763: Join Me
Chapter 764: Just Too Stubborn
Chapter 765: Clone Transformations
Chapter 766: The Buddha Dragon Tribe
Chapter 767: The Remaining Talismans
Chapter 768: Passageway To The Pas
Chapter 769: Plundering
Chapter 770: Samman Arrives
Chapter 771: The Will Of Proud Heaven
Chapter 772: Same As The Strength Of The Hell-Crushing Godmammoth
Chapter 773: Battle Between Two Gods
Chapter 774: Endless Killing Inten
Chapter 775: A Sudden Blow
Chapter 776: The Plan Works
Chapter 777: Big Success
Chapter 778: Emergency Meeting
Chapter 779: Ancient Experts
Chapter 780: Selecting The League-Lord
Chapter 781: Patriarchs Figh
Chapter 782: All Sorts Of Divine Abilities
Chapter 783: Young Lord Of The Dragonfolk
Chapter 784: Grand Emperor Ragefire Broilheaven
Chapter 785: League-Lord Inauguration
Chapter 786: Unrestrained Heaven
Chapter 787: Competition For Emissary Of Radiance And Ligh
Chapter 788: Obstacles
Chapter 789: Convincing The Masses
Chapter 790: Organizing The Armed Forces
Chapter 791: Distributing Resources
Chapter 792: Seven Pieces Of The God Psalter
Chapter 793: The Boss Behind The Scenes
Chapter 794: Sowing Seeds Of Disaster
Chapter 795: The Army Of Radiance And Ligh
Chapter 796: Supreme Position
Chapter 797: The Rage Of The Grand Emperor
Chapter 798: More Map Pieces
Chapter 799: Young Master Leaf Goes All Ou
Chapter 800: Unlocking The Temple
Chapter 801: Secrets Of The God Psalter
Chapter 802: The Aeon Portal
Chapter 803: Seven Gods Combined
Chapter 804: The Final Talismans
Chapter 805: Rescue
Chapter 806: Meeting With Sectlord Nine Yangs
Chapter 807: Hooking The Fish
Chapter 808: Primeval Experts
Chapter 809: Vying Over The Engine
Chapter 810: Fleeing Again
Chapter 811: Meeting Suzerains Of Hell
Chapter 812: Not Gonna Cooperate?
Chapter 813: Submission By Beatdown
Chapter 814: You Must Acknowledge Allegiance
Chapter 815: The Four Emperors Together
Chapter 816: Beast King Corpse
Chapter 817: A Cabal Of Six
Chapter 818: Surging Destiny
Chapter 819: Demon League
Chapter 820: Campaign Of Radiance And Ligh
Chapter 821: Flames Of War Rage
Chapter 822: Defeating The Demonfolk
Chapter 823: A Major Invasion
Chapter 824: Seizing Power
Chapter 825: Show Yourself!
Chapter 826: The Dao Of Heaven Fights Fiercely
Chapter 827: Mysteries Of The Monarch Char
Chapter 828: Subduing A Grand Emperor
Chapter 829: A Position Of Power
Chapter 830: The Big Picture
Chapter 831: Demonfolk Experts
Chapter 832: Power Index
Chapter 833: Changes To The Ancient Road
Chapter 834: Something Comes Part 1
Chapter 835: Something Comes Part 2
Chapter 836: Something Comes Part 3
Chapter 837: Something Comes Part 4
Chapter 838: God Finger
Chapter 839: Energy Arts Of The Seventy-Two Monarchs
Chapter 840: Three Worlds Together
Chapter 841: God Soul Godhood
Chapter 842: Power Assessment Systems
Chapter 843: Grand Emperor Godworm
Chapter 844: Vital Energy Crumbles
Chapter 845: People In The Necropolis
Chapter 846: Experts From The Ancient Road To The Gods
Chapter 847: Fire God Soul
Chapter 848: Secrets Upon Secrets
Chapter 849: Forces On The Ancient Road
Chapter 850: The Ancestral Wilds Basilica
Chapter 851: Location Of Godhood
Chapter 852: A New Overall Structure
Chapter 853: The Legacy Of God-Noble Goldensword
Chapter 854: Sword Duels
Chapter 855: Destabilizing Level
Chapter 856: Philosophy
Chapter 857: Collecting Them All
Chapter 858: Firmament-Blood Lightning-Origin
Chapter 859: Breakthrough Of Will
Chapter 860: Transformations
Chapter 861: Joyflower Palace Part 1
Chapter 862: Joyflower Palace Part 2
Chapter 863: Coercion
Chapter 864: Countermeasures
Chapter 865: Getting The Tiger And The Wolf To Kill Each Other
Chapter 866: Concealing Malice
Chapter 867: Joining The Joyflower Palace
Chapter 868: Slaves
Chapter 869: Hunting For Treasure
Chapter 870: Eight Legacy Medallions
Chapter 871: Treasure Storehouse
Chapter 872: A Mouse In The Granary
Chapter 873: Unraveling The Warding Magic
Chapter 874: Secrets Of The Storehouse
Chapter 875: Three-Headed God-Origin Grass
Chapter 876: A Billion Spell Formations
Chapter 877: God-King’S Tear
Chapter 878: The Exquisite Deser
Chapter 879: Another Danger Zone
Chapter 880: A Mysterious Consor
Chapter 881: Putting More Pawns In Place
Chapter 882: The Cathedral Is Found
Chapter 883: The Beautiful Zilin
Chapter 884: A Piece Of Godhood
Chapter 885: Fighting Over The Altar
Chapter 886: Seizing The Momen
Chapter 887: Feinting To The East, Attacking From The Wes
Chapter 888: A Needle And Jade
Chapter 889: Godhood In Hand
Chapter 890: Taking God Formations
Chapter 891: The Empress Returns
Chapter 892: Summons From A Flower Goddess
Chapter 893: Sowing Dissension
Chapter 894: The Fury Of The Flower Goddesses
Chapter 895: Butting Heads
Chapter 896: Split Second Decisions
Chapter 897: Toying With You
Chapter 898: Double-Dealing And Back-Stabbing
Chapter 899: Bestowing Magic
Chapter 900: Plotting Together
Chapter 901: Sectlord Cipher-Devil
Chapter 902: Sectlords
Chapter 903: Leaf Dao-Denier’S Vicious Plan
Chapter 904: Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic
Chapter 905: Borrowed Power
Chapter 906: Heaven-God Hell-Exterminating Devil Embryo
Chapter 907: Cosmic Upheaval
Chapter 908: Cosmic Upheaval Part 2
Chapter 909: Arrogance
Chapter 910: Hundredth Ranked Immortal World
Chapter 911: Joining Forces For A Big Figh
Chapter 912: Faceoff
Chapter 913: Profound Valor
Chapter 914: The Big Secre
Chapter 915: The Inheritors
Chapter 916: Profound Danger
Chapter 917: Assimilating Godhood
Chapter 918: Plotting Against The Empress
Chapter 919: Plotting Against The Empress Part 2
Chapter 920: Plotting Against The Empress Part 3
Chapter 921: Snitch
Chapter 922: Prelude To A Huge Battle
Chapter 923: Completely Horrifying
Chapter 924: Extracting Blood
Chapter 925: Godhood Stars
Chapter 926: Relying On Oneself
Chapter 927: Terrifying Will
Chapter 928: Another Seal
Chapter 929: People From The Primeval Age
Chapter 930: Profound House Of Battle Energy
Chapter 931: Immortal House Of Supreme Preeminence
Chapter 932: Complete Defea
Chapter 933: Another Increase In Destiny
Chapter 934: Another Fight With Profound Valor
Chapter 935: A Successful Sneak Attack
Chapter 936: Another Inheritor
Chapter 937: Sword Dao Of Life
Chapter 938: Killing. Saving.
Chapter 939: Thralls
Chapter 940: The Will Of The Great Necropolis
Chapter 941: Another Glimpse Of Godhood
Chapter 942: Superpower Sects
Chapter 943: Capturing Super-Experts
Chapter 944: The Cave Temple
Chapter 945: Seed Of Truth
Chapter 946: Will Manifestation Heaven Sec
Chapter 947: Joining The Sec
Chapter 948: Joining The Sect Part 2
Chapter 949: Joining The Sect Part 3
Chapter 950: The Executors Of The Ancient Road
Chapter 951: Memory Peak
Chapter 952: A Huge Collection Of Godhood?
Chapter 953: Land Of God Extermination
Chapter 954: Chief Disciples
Chapter 955: Round After Round Of Fighting
Chapter 956: Round After Round Of Fighting Part 2
Chapter 957: Emperor Heart-Celestial
Chapter 958: Two Luminaries Clash
Chapter 959: Crossing The Blood River
Chapter 960: Blood-Colored Fog
Chapter 961: Exploring The Temple
Chapter 962: Fiend-Devil Assembly
Chapter 963: The Hell Of Sages And Mahatmas
Chapter 964: The Sealing Mark Transforms
Chapter 965: True-Devil Unspoiled-By-Myriad-Kalpas-And-Tribulations Body
Chapter 966: A Tribulation Per Character
Chapter 967: Working With The Seal
Chapter 968: Working With The Seal Part 2
Chapter 969: Mutual Scheming
Chapter 970: Taking The Sheepskin Scroll
Chapter 971: Complete Victory
Chapter 972: Perfectly Matched
Chapter 973: One Word To Reach The Hear
Chapter 974: Enemies Approach
Chapter 975: Enemies Arrive
Chapter 976: Extremely Aggressive And Arrogan
Chapter 977: Junior Superintendent From The Ancient Road
Chapter 978: Savior Of The Sec
Chapter 979: Savior Of The Sect Part 2
Chapter 980: Savior Of The Sect Part 3
Chapter 981: Savior Of The Sect Part 4
Chapter 982: Wretch-God Ultimate'S Obsidian Flame
Chapter 983: Defeating The Junior Superintenden
Chapter 984: Defeating The Junior Superintendent Part 2
Chapter 985: A Shameless Ambush
Chapter 986: No Way Ou
Chapter 987: The Depths Of The Great Necropolis
Chapter 988: The Executors’ Lair
Chapter 989: Trying Everything
Chapter 990: Trying Everything Part 2
Chapter 991: Locked Up In Heaven Penitentiary
Chapter 992: Wretch-God Apostle
Chapter 993: In The Prison
Chapter 994: Mahatma Jade
Chapter 995: A Dragon Trapped In A Shallow Pool Of Water
Chapter 996: The Exalted Immortal-Slayer
Chapter 997: Plotting Against The Wretch-God Apostle
Chapter 998: Plotting Against The Wretch-God Apostle Part 2
Chapter 999: The Immortal-Slaying Clone Reaches The Terrifying Level
Chapter 1000: Incredibly Domineering
Chapter 1001: Subduing The Wretch-God Apostle
Chapter 1002: The Experts In The Prison
Chapter 1003: One Psychic Slave After Another
Chapter 1004: Treasure Storehouse
Chapter 1005: Super-Powered Thug
Chapter 1006: Junior Sectlord
Chapter 1007: Paying Respects
Chapter 1008: Destroying Joyflower Palace Part 1
Chapter 1009: Destroying Joyflower Palace Part 2
Chapter 1010: An Encounter With A Powerful Exper
Chapter 1011: Retaking The Dao Defense League
Chapter 1012: The Hell Of Sages And Mahatmas
Chapter 1013: An Expert From A Buddhist Sec
Chapter 1014: Fiend-Devil Assembly
Chapter 1015: The Capital City
Chapter 1016: The Shepherd
Chapter 1017: Proud World
Chapter 1018: Jade Medallion
Chapter 1019: Buddha Goes To A Strange World
Chapter 1020: Receiving Blessings
Chapter 1021: Study And Research
Chapter 1022: Study And Research Part 2
Chapter 1023: Study And Research Part 3
Chapter 1024: Study And Research Part 4
Chapter 1025: Assembly Of Sects
Chapter 1026: Unconvinced
Chapter 1027: Shi Yuan
Chapter 1028: You Wouldn’T Dare!
Chapter 1029: Too Much To Take In
Chapter 1030: A Profoundly Treacherous Woman
Chapter 1031: The Sovereign Lord’S Holy And Far-Reaching Consummate Omnicurse
Chapter 1032: Eradicating An Inheritor
Chapter 1033: Superpower Assembly
Chapter 1034: Superpower Assembly Part 2
Chapter 1035: The Amazing Purrling
Chapter 1036: Bubbles Unrivaled
Chapter 1037: An Invitation From The Junior Pontiff
Chapter 1038: Swords Drawn And Arrows Nocked
Chapter 1039: Calm And Unruffled
Chapter 1040: Shattering The Enemy Ranks
Chapter 1041: Bowling Over The Heroes
Chapter 1042: Bowling Over The Heroes Part 2
Chapter 1043: Great Necropolis Savages
Chapter 1044: The Archmonk Appears Again
Chapter 1045: Luminaries Abound
Chapter 1046: Star Swordlife Makes Another Appearance
Chapter 1047: The Flower-Seizing Marauder
Chapter 1048: One Versus Two
Chapter 1049: Obsessed
Chapter 1050: Fighting The Flower-Seizing Marauder
Chapter 1051: Heating Alcohol
Chapter 1052: Heating Alcohol Part 2
Chapter 1053: Heating Alcohol Part 3
Chapter 1054: Deer Cauldron
Chapter 1055: An Uninvited Gues
Chapter 1056: The House Of God Bastards
Chapter 1057: A Private Discussion
Chapter 1058: Help
Chapter 1059: Help Part 2
Chapter 1060: Help Part 3
Chapter 1061: Great Necropolis Bubble
Chapter 1062: It Actually Worked?
Chapter 1063: Mu Yexi
Chapter 1064: All Sorts Of Preparations
Chapter 1065: Eighteen Godpower Seeds
Chapter 1066: Inescapable Bubbles
Chapter 1067: Plans And Plots
Chapter 1068: Grabbing From A Distance
Chapter 1069: Name Your Price
Chapter 1070: Dealing With The Seeds
Chapter 1071: The Terrifying Level
Chapter 1072: The Assembly Begins
Chapter 1073: Heroes Contend For Dominance
Chapter 1074: Heroes Contend For Dominance Part 2
Chapter 1075: Heroes Contend For Dominance Part 3
Chapter 1076: Heroes Converge
Chapter 1077: A Mysterious Exper
Chapter 1078: A Mysterious Expert Part 2
Chapter 1079: The Mammoth King’S God Whip
Chapter 1080: Bastard Seacliff Shows Up
Chapter 1081: Bashing Bastard Seacliff
Chapter 1082: Beaten To Death
Chapter 1083: Houselord God Bastard
Chapter 1084: Everything In Chaos
Chapter 1085: Receiving The Blessing
Chapter 1086: Redirection
Chapter 1087: One Stroke
Chapter 1088: I Run This Alliance
Chapter 1089: The Initial Structure Of The Sec
Chapter 1090: Proud Heaven’S Son
Chapter 1091: Join Forces To Kill Proud Heaven?
Chapter 1092: The Last Of King Immortal-Slayer’S Legacy Medallions
Chapter 1093: Other Magics
Chapter 1094: Making A Backward Thrus
Chapter 1095: Cleaning House
Chapter 1096: Begging For Mercy Is Also Useless
Chapter 1097: The Book Of Genesis
Chapter 1098: Plundering The Storehouses
Chapter 1099: Plundering The Storehouses Part 2
Chapter 1100: Plundering The Storehouses Part 3
Chapter 1101: Heavenly Workings Calculations Systems
Chapter 1102: Immense Benefits
Chapter 1103: Dramatic Growth
Chapter 1104: Astonishmen
Chapter 1105: Great Necropolis Essence
Chapter 1106: King Of Assassins
Chapter 1107: The Ultimate Conspiracy
Chapter 1108: Proud Heaven Is Finally Here
Chapter 1109: Coffins
Chapter 1110: Secrets
Chapter 1111: Illusion
Chapter 1112: Breaking Open A Coffin
Chapter 1113: Burial
Chapter 1114: The Coffin
Chapter 1115: Assimilating The Face
Chapter 1116: Mysterious Mask
Chapter 1117: Seeing Through
Chapter 1118: Three Combined
Chapter 1119: A Critical Juncture
Chapter 1120: Twisted Words And Forced Logic
Chapter 1121: Using Swords To Assimilate Treasures
Chapter 1122: Proud Heaven Arrives
Chapter 1123: Talking About Cooperation
Chapter 1124: Fighting Proud Heaven
Chapter 1125: Ten Universes
Chapter 1126: God Body
Chapter 1127: Life Or Death Decision
Chapter 1128: Combination Of Two Seals
Chapter 1129: Sage Monarch Grand Magic
Chapter 1130: A Mighty Will
Chapter 1131: Dramatic Upheavals In Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1132: Unifying The Dao Of Immortals
Chapter 1133: Chasing Proud Heaven
Chapter 1134: The Third Seal
Chapter 1135: Nine Magisters, Dead
Chapter 1136: Ending One
Chapter 1137: Escape
Chapter 1138: Harmonious God Legion Seals
Chapter 1139: Destroying The Executors
Chapter 1140: Advancing To The God World
Chapter 1141: Leaving For The God World
Chapter 1142: Fighting For Survival
Chapter 1143: Fighting For Survival Part 2
Chapter 1144: Night In The God World
Chapter 1145: Rain In The God World
Chapter 1146: Pirate Ship
Chapter 1147: Peak Terrifying Exper
Chapter 1148: Breakthrough
Chapter 1149: Godnotes
Chapter 1150: Young Woman From A Major Clan
Chapter 1151: Wang Clan
Chapter 1152: Godhood Rating
Chapter 1153: Godsieve Pills
Chapter 1154: Banque
Chapter 1155: Proud Radiance
Chapter 1156: House Of God Ordainmen
Chapter 1157: Wretch-God Sneak Attack
Chapter 1158: Nighttime Attack
Chapter 1159: Wretch-God Believers
Chapter 1160: Experts From The Hell-Breaking Church
Chapter 1161: Altar Destruction
Chapter 1162: Blood Infan
Chapter 1163: A Chat With King Immortal-Slayer
Chapter 1164: Flying Over The Ocean
Chapter 1165: Chaotic Weather
Chapter 1166: Bloodgore Trials
Chapter 1167: Forging Godnotes
Chapter 1168: Primeval Pavilion
Chapter 1169: Godsand
Chapter 1170: Ten Directions God Convergence Flags
Chapter 1171: Consummate God Tree
Chapter 1172: The Trial Begins
Chapter 1173: Brutal Fighting
Chapter 1174: All Kinds Of Characters
Chapter 1175: Encountering An Exper
Chapter 1176: Not Even Godly Ascension Will Help
Chapter 1177: Killing A God
Chapter 1178: Official Disciples
Chapter 1179: Mysterious Mine
Chapter 1180: Administration
Chapter 1181: Local Thugs
Chapter 1182: Purging The Degenerates
Chapter 1183: Seizing Control
Chapter 1184: Assimilating The Mahatma Jade
Chapter 1185: Secrets Of The Mine
Chapter 1186: Secrets Of The Mine Part 2
Chapter 1187: Demonling Invasion
Chapter 1188: Demonling Invasion Part 2
Chapter 1189: Demonling Invasion Part 3
Chapter 1190: Elder Brother Yue
Chapter 1191: Demonlings
Chapter 1192: Demonlings Part 2
Chapter 1193: Demon-Gods
Chapter 1194: Snake, Monkey
Chapter 1195: Envoys From The Sect Part 1
Chapter 1196: Envoys From The Sect Part 2
Chapter 1197: Envoys From The Sect Part 3
Chapter 1198: Merit Points
Chapter 1199: Scripture Pavilion
Chapter 1200: Personal Records
Chapter 1201: Monarch Godhood
Chapter 1202: Still Alive
Chapter 1203: A Visit From The Demonfolk
Chapter 1204: Demon Master
Chapter 1205: Psychic Devil-Raising
Chapter 1206: Split Psyche
Chapter 1207: Defeating Oneself
Chapter 1208: Paramount Before Godly Ascension
Chapter 1209: Returning To The Sec
Chapter 1210: Returning To The Sect Part 2
Chapter 1211: Taking A Mission
Chapter 1212: Junior Houselord
Chapter 1213: Ruins Of The Pill-King God
Chapter 1214: Exploring The Ruins
Chapter 1215: Expert In A Medicinal Pill
Chapter 1216: Chaos-Cavern Grand-Magnate Pill
Chapter 1217: Extremely Shoddy Fighting Experience
Chapter 1218: Chaos-Forge God-Shrine
Chapter 1219: Scholar’S Corpse
Chapter 1220: Squeezing
Chapter 1221: That Person’S Plo
Chapter 1222: Reunion
Chapter 1223: The Dragon Society
Chapter 1224: Tit For Ta
Chapter 1225: A Big Con
Chapter 1226: One Step Away
Chapter 1227: Killing Inten
Chapter 1228: White-Haired Young Man
Chapter 1229: Eternal-Life God-Dynasty
Chapter 1230: Testing Each Other Ou
Chapter 1231: What A Greater God Is Capable Of
Chapter 1232: Borrowing Nourishmen
Chapter 1233: Monarch Godhood Breakthrough
Chapter 1234: A Monarch Appears
Chapter 1235: A New Beginning
Chapter 1236: Treasures Hidden In Pillars
Chapter 1237: King Of Specters
Chapter 1238: Promotion To Elite
Chapter 1239: Jadefall Appears
Chapter 1240: An Equal To The Purrling?
Chapter 1241: Exalted Celestial Silver-Dagger
Chapter 1242: Consummate Toxic Devils
Chapter 1243: Taking The Law Enforcement Disciple Tes
Chapter 1244: Easy
Chapter 1245: Another Crown Prince Society
Chapter 1246: Making Things Difficul
Chapter 1247: Harvesting Mission
Chapter 1248: The Fate Of Crimson-Maiden Inferno
Chapter 1249: Mental Probing
Chapter 1250: Spritefrui
Chapter 1251: Subjugating Gods
Chapter 1252: Joining The Crown Prince Society
Chapter 1253: Scheming For The Jade
Chapter 1254: Flower Of Time
Chapter 1255: Taking Control Of The Playing Field
Chapter 1256: Patriarch From The Dao Of Devils
Chapter 1257: Patriarch From The Dao Of Devils Part 2
Chapter 1258: Reincarnation God Item
Chapter 1259: One Crown Prince Versus The Other?
Chapter 1260: How Could This Be Happening?
Chapter 1261: Dragon Flore
Chapter 1262: Dragon Floret Part 2
Chapter 1263: Unable To Withstand A Single Blow
Chapter 1264: A Higher State Of Invincibility
Chapter 1265: A Higher State Of Invincibility Part 2
Chapter 1266: Secret Reserve Power
Chapter 1267: Striking Dragon Flore
Chapter 1268: Complete Devastation
Chapter 1269: Complete Devastation Part 2
Chapter 1270: Shaking The Upper Echelons
Chapter 1271: Fallen
Chapter 1272: King Immortal-Slayer And The Purrling
Chapter 1273: King Immortal-Slayer And The Purrling Part 2
Chapter 1274: A Paramount God Arrives
Chapter 1275: A Paramount God Arrives Part 2
Chapter 1276: The Lord Of The True Void
Chapter 1277: A Sinister Plan
Chapter 1278: Emissary From The God-Dynasty
Chapter 1279: God-King Ruthless
Chapter 1280: Nation-Fate God Pill
Chapter 1281: Successful Transformation
Chapter 1282: Who’S The Pawn Now?
Chapter 1283: Heading Into The Dynasty
Chapter 1284: Supreme Concubine
Chapter 1285: The Eunuch
Chapter 1286: Nie Yinyang
Chapter 1287: Taking The Jade
Chapter 1288: Taking The Jade Part 2
Chapter 1289: Almost Unbounded
Chapter 1290: The House Of God Ordainment’S Treasure Storehouse
Chapter 1291: Buddhist, Daoist, Confucian. Three God Pills
Chapter 1292: Consummate Godhood
Chapter 1293: Irrefutable Evidence
Chapter 1294: Head Held High
Chapter 1295: Nacrelight Sageland
Chapter 1296: What Reward?
Chapter 1297: Stamens
Chapter 1298: Essence Of Time
Chapter 1299: Land Of The Fallen Wretch God
Chapter 1300: Wasteland Bazaar
Chapter 1301: Devils And Wretches
Chapter 1302: Fifteen Hegemons
Chapter 1303: Come At Me, All Of You!
Chapter 1304: Wretched Brain God Ar
Chapter 1305: Foundation Complete
Chapter 1306: An Expert Shows Up
Chapter 1307: Confucian Scholar
Chapter 1308: Summer Vastcold
Chapter 1309: Limitless Wealth
Chapter 1310: Evading Notice
Chapter 1311: High Priestess
Chapter 1312: Complicated Circumstances
Chapter 1313: Destined Marriage God Temple
Chapter 1314: History
Chapter 1315: Master Plan
Chapter 1316: Everything Going Smoothly
Chapter 1317: Concocting The Pill
Chapter 1318: Concocting The Pill Part 2
Chapter 1319: Surging Killing Inten
Chapter 1320: Stealing Another Piece
Chapter 1321: Cruiser Of Civilization, Completed
Chapter 1322: Cruiser Of Civilization, Completed Part 2
Chapter 1323: Seizing Victory Within Chaos
Chapter 1324: Unbounded Will
Chapter 1325: Ruthless Vengeance
Chapter 1326: Ruthless Vengeance Part 2
Chapter 1327: Bleeding Them Dry
Chapter 1328: Planting Moles
Chapter 1329: Transforming Subordinates
Chapter 1330: Battle Armlets
Chapter 1331: Bringing An Army
Chapter 1332: Big Trial
Chapter 1333: Playing Games
Chapter 1334: Completely Arrogan
Chapter 1335: Reserve Power Activated
Chapter 1336: Taking The Commander’S Tally
Chapter 1337: The Houselord Acknowledges Allegiance
Chapter 1338: The Crown Prince’S True Self
Chapter 1339: The Crown Prince’S True Self Part 2
Chapter 1340: The Crown Prince’S True Self Part 3
Chapter 1341: Martial-God Soldier-Kings
Chapter 1342: Plotting Against Eternal Millennium
Chapter 1343: Ocean Travel
Chapter 1344: Ocean Travel Part 2
Chapter 1345: Deva Dynasty
Chapter 1346: A Big Haul
Chapter 1347: Full Probing
Chapter 1348: Profundities Of The Baptism
Chapter 1349: Profundities Of The Baptism Part 2
Chapter 1350: Profundities Of The Baptism Part 3
Chapter 1351: Putting Things Aside Secretly
Chapter 1352: Purchasing The Mahatma Jade
Chapter 1353: Pursued By Paramount Gods
Chapter 1354: Pursued By Paramount Gods Part 2
Chapter 1355: Five Unbounded Experts
Chapter 1356: Second Devil General
Chapter 1357: Inflicting Fear
Chapter 1358: Destiny Like A Furnace
Chapter 1359: Attack From The Dao Of Devils
Chapter 1360: Subjugating Them All
Chapter 1361: Princess Charming
Chapter 1362: Nine Dragons Court, Sumeru Temple
Chapter 1363: Bastille Of The One God
Chapter 1364: Bastille Of The One God Part 2
Chapter 1365: Starting Operations
Chapter 1366: Sage Monarch Magistrates
Chapter 1367: Sage Monarch Magistrates Part 2
Chapter 1368: The End Of The Line For The Crown Prince
Chapter 1369: The End Of The Line For The Crown Prince Part 2
Chapter 1370: Tribulation Monarch Cannon
Chapter 1371: Tribulation Monarch Cannon Part 2
Chapter 1372: A Month Delay
Chapter 1373: The Trump Cards Of The Dragons And Buddhists
Chapter 1374: Spacetitans
Chapter 1375: More Than A Thousand Magistrates
Chapter 1376: Bathed In Sageligh
Chapter 1377: Incredible Upgrade
Chapter 1378: Three Experts
Chapter 1379: Feinting To The East And Attacking In The Wes
Chapter 1380: Crushing Down
Chapter 1381: They All Kneel
Chapter 1382: Major Success
Chapter 1383: Breakthroughs For The Brethren
Chapter 1384: A Plot To Seize The Throne
Chapter 1385: A Plot To Seize The Throne Part 2
Chapter 1386: The Throne, Seized
Chapter 1387: Unification Begins
Chapter 1388: Very Dangerous People
Chapter 1389: Mid Paramount God Level
Chapter 1390: Army Of Radiance And Ligh
Chapter 1391: Army Of Radiance And Light Part 2
Chapter 1392: Devil General Of Antiquity
Chapter 1393: Unrivaled Devil Migh
Chapter 1394: The Real Second Devil General
Chapter 1395: Unravel The Sealing Mark?
Chapter 1396: Giving A Devil A Ride
Chapter 1397: Giving A Devil A Ride Part 2
Chapter 1398: Dugu Clan
Chapter 1399: Perfect Return
Chapter 1400: Perfect Return Part 2
Chapter 1401: A Tough Nut To Crack
Chapter 1402: The Plan To Destroy The God World
Chapter 1403: Speeding Up The Subjugation
Chapter 1404: Capturing Patriarch Deva
Chapter 1405: Capturing Patriarch Deva Part 2
Chapter 1406: Dragon Lair
Chapter 1407: Dragonization
Chapter 1408: Buddha First-King
Chapter 1409: Dragonpearls
Chapter 1410: Seven Stances Of Creation
Chapter 1411: Getting Them Under Control
Chapter 1412: Shocking Self-Detonation
Chapter 1413: Extreme Climax Of Danger
Chapter 1414: Yang Susu’S Whereabouts
Chapter 1415: Mass Migration
Chapter 1416: The Dragonswarm Society Attacks
Chapter 1417: Rating Of A Billion?
Chapter 1418: Bluffing
Chapter 1419: Archangels
Chapter 1420: Ancient Halls Of Heaven
Chapter 1421: Major Counter Attack
Chapter 1422: Slaughtering Buddha Thunderjol
Chapter 1423: Explosive Increase In Cultivation Base
Chapter 1424: Reaching An Agreemen
Chapter 1425: Everyone Scheming
Chapter 1426: Breaking Free
Chapter 1427: A Temporary Alliance
Chapter 1428: Heading To The House Of The Invincible
Chapter 1429: Heading To The House Of The Invincible Part 2
Chapter 1430: Net Of Law
Chapter 1431: Infiltration
Chapter 1432: Seizing Destiny
Chapter 1433: Chief Of Police
Chapter 1434: Viceroy Of Ten Lands
Chapter 1435: Business Headquarters
Chapter 1436: Trapping Turtles In A Jar
Chapter 1437: Trapping Turtles In A Jar Part 2
Chapter 1438: Peak Battle Prowess
Chapter 1439: The Blade Misses
Chapter 1440: Destiny Valuation
Chapter 1441: Karmic Retribution
Chapter 1442: Taking Office As A Viceroy
Chapter 1443: Shaking The Upper Echelons
Chapter 1444: Shaking The Upper Echelons Part 2
Chapter 1445: Earning Favor
Chapter 1446: Earning Favor Part 2
Chapter 1447: Dragon Compendium
Chapter 1448: Third Devil General
Chapter 1449: Hired Labor
Chapter 1450: Wanton Plundering
Chapter 1451: Massive Kingdom
Chapter 1452: Juicy Morsel
Chapter 1453: Gobbling A Juicy Morsel
Chapter 1454: Gobbling A Juicy Morsel Part 2
Chapter 1455: No. No Destiny For You
Chapter 1456: Proud Mindtravel
Chapter 1457: Proud Heaven’S Whereabouts
Chapter 1458: The Dao Of Righteous Justice
Chapter 1459: Reaching The Peak
Chapter 1460: Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom
Chapter 1461: Sudden Hostility
Chapter 1462: King Of Godmammoths’ Sealing Mark
Chapter 1463: Most Powerful Genes
Chapter 1464: Expert Interlopers
Chapter 1465: Dugu Yunkong
Chapter 1466: Clearing The Haze
Chapter 1467: The Head Of King Heaven-Devourer
Chapter 1468: Entering The Belly Of The Devourer
Chapter 1469: Secretly Carrying Out The Plan
Chapter 1470: Yang Clan Devil General
Chapter 1471: Invincible Gold Pill
Chapter 1472: A Critical Momen
Chapter 1473: Numerous Benefits
Chapter 1474: Third Devil General
Chapter 1475: Intense Fighting
Chapter 1476: Taking Control Of The Lair
Chapter 1477: Reconstructing The Dragon Lair
Chapter 1478: Reconstructing The Dragon Lair Part 2
Chapter 1479: Internal Restructuring
Chapter 1480: Delegations Come
Chapter 1481: Twenty-Eight Potentates
Chapter 1482: Sinister Negotiations
Chapter 1483: Planned All Along
Chapter 1484: Who Won’T Submit?!
Chapter 1485: No Other Choice
Chapter 1486: Rapid Developmen
Chapter 1487: Psychic Scale Of Twenty Billion
Chapter 1488: Returning To The House Of The Invincible
Chapter 1489: One Of The Spritefolk
Chapter 1490: I'M The Successor
Chapter 1491: Finally Reuniting
Chapter 1492: Divine Authority And Royal Authority
Chapter 1493: Striking Back
Chapter 1494: Two Courses Of Action
Chapter 1495: Proud Heaven?!?!
Chapter 1496: Thwarting The Plo
Chapter 1497: The Lurking Oriole
Chapter 1498: Grand Sage Monarch Spritefolk Empire
Chapter 1499: A String Of Subjugations
Chapter 1500: Secrets Of The Confucians
Chapter 1501: Heading To The Army
Chapter 1502: Over A Thousand Marshals
Chapter 1503: Purification Thorn
Chapter 1504: Shadow Emperor
Chapter 1505: Making A Fool Of Yourself In Trying To Be Clever
Chapter 1506: Bad Luck For The Leaders
Chapter 1507: Everlasting Aegis
Chapter 1508: The Highest Point Of The God World
Chapter 1509: Consummate Treasure Trove
Chapter 1510: Lord Of The Sword Dao
Chapter 1511: Bitter Fighting
Chapter 1512: One Sword To Destroy A Nation
Chapter 1513: Top Skills
Chapter 1514: The Purrling Fights The Sword Lord
Chapter 1515: Subjugating The Sword Lord
Chapter 1516: Deadly Tribulation
Chapter 1517: Taking The Pills
Chapter 1518: First Energy Primordial Chaos Pill
Chapter 1519: Fourth Empire
Chapter 1520: Sea Of Faith
Chapter 1521: Passageway To The Impure Lands
Chapter 1522: A Massively Shocking Even
Chapter 1523: Strong Reaction
Chapter 1524: Alliance Of Three Dynasties
Chapter 1525: Yang Voidprime
Chapter 1526: Hailan
Chapter 1527: Sowing Chaos
Chapter 1528: Proud Central
Chapter 1529: Looking Down From Above
Chapter 1530: A Sudden Developmen
Chapter 1531: One Step Behind
Chapter 1532: A Psychic Scale Of Three Hundred Billion
Chapter 1533: The War Begins
Chapter 1534: It'S Here
Chapter 1535: Striking Before The War Starts
Chapter 1536: Army Pressure
Chapter 1537: War, The Empire Is Everlasting
Chapter 1538: Fighting Before The Army
Chapter 1539: Besieged
Chapter 1540: Holding The Line
Chapter 1541: Fateless Seal
Chapter 1542: Everything On The Line
Chapter 1543: Everything On The Line Part 2
Chapter 1544: The Saddest Of Dirges
Chapter 1545: All Citizens Ordained
Chapter 1546: Both Sides Rest And Recuperate
Chapter 1547: Internal Conflic
Chapter 1548: Devouring Proud Central
Chapter 1549: Conquering The Buddhist Empire
Chapter 1550: The Confucians Join
Chapter 1551: No Immediate Ordainmen
Chapter 1552: Important Debates
Chapter 1553: Convincing People With Virtue
Chapter 1554: Connecting The Ancient Road
Chapter 1555: Essence Of The God World
Chapter 1556: Everyone Ascends
Chapter 1557: Faith Of An Empire
Chapter 1558: Proud Heaven Versus The High Priestess
Chapter 1559: Rising To The Challenge
Chapter 1560: The Might Of Proud Heaven
Chapter 1561: Half-Annulled
Chapter 1562: Devouring The Halls Of Heaven
Chapter 1563: Meeting Master
Chapter 1564: Rescuing Master
Chapter 1565: Rescuing Master Part 2
Chapter 1566: You Be The Emperor
Chapter 1567: Locking Down
Chapter 1568: Ten Days Later
Chapter 1569: Foundation
Chapter 1570: Demonfolk Empire
Chapter 1571: The King Of Godmammoths And The Demon Master
Chapter 1572: Another Tripartite Balance Of Power
Chapter 1573: The Fallen Wretch God
Chapter 1574: The Wretch God’S Plo
Chapter 1575: Making The God Legion Seal?
Chapter 1576: Mass-Producing God Legion Seals?
Chapter 1577: Becoming Half-Annulled
Chapter 1578: Domination
Chapter 1579: The Cool Eye Of The Bystander
Chapter 1580: The Cool Eye Of The Bystander Part 2
Chapter 1581: Intense Infighting
Chapter 1582: Breakthrough For Yang Voidprime
Chapter 1583: Yang Qi Makes A Move
Chapter 1584: Yang Qi Makes A Move Part 2
Chapter 1585: Hoodwinking Yang Voidprime
Chapter 1586: Viciously Crushing Hailan
Chapter 1587: Viciously Crushing Hailan Part 2
Chapter 1588: Viciously Crushing Hailan Part 3
Chapter 1589: Soul Of The Ancestor God
Chapter 1590: A New Age Begins!
Chapter 1591: Complete Fateless One
Chapter 1592: Complete Fateless One Part 2
Chapter 1593: Increased Prestige
Chapter 1594: Essence In Human Form
Chapter 1595: Essence In Human Form Part 2
Chapter 1596: The Debut Of Greensura
Chapter 1597: A Discussion With ‘Mother’
Chapter 1598: The Perfect Plan Of Cooperation
Chapter 1599: Let The War Begin!
Chapter 1600: The Grand Finale
Chapter 1601: It Ends
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Alternative Titles:

Sage Emperor, Sheng Wang, Thánh Vương, 圣王

Source: Wuxiaworld
Book Details / Information: Yang Qi was the son of the patriarch of a wealthy family from a small town.

Believing himself to be in love, he stole a pill for his lover, only to have the girl betray him, by taking the pill and leaving him behind.

Caught, his dantian was crippled and left to die under the lightning.

This lightning helped him to recover his lost martial arts and also helped him gain a new, divine-like cultivation technique.

After this second chance, he gains more power as he sought revenge and also to find about his missing mother….

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Befuddled By Love

Chapter 1: Befuddled by Love

Energy is the essence of all life.

Energy arts are the means by which to cultivate the essence of life.

Reaching the peak of cultivation brings a host of fantastic and amazing abilities.

Energy arts experts could break walls with their hands, hear sounds as quiet as the footsteps of an ant, walk on water, breathe fire, become impervious to all sorts of weapons, fuse their energy with the clouds, sustain themselves by absorbing energy instead of eating food, and even track enemies by locking down onto their souls….

Rich-Lush Continent. Yanhaven. [1]

It was a populous and affluent place; despite it being nighttime, streams of horses and carriages could be seen on the streets, and the city was bathed with bright lamplight.

It was midsummer, and dark clouds filled the night sky. The muffled rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance, and from the dense humidity in the air, it seemed rain would begin to fall soon.

In a relatively remote corner of the city, the ground suddenly shuddered, and then a hole exploded into being.

A young man leapt out of the hole, as agile as a cat. He appeared to be about seventeen or eighteen years of age, was dressed head to toe in black clothing, and was carrying an exquisitely crafted box.

This young man was Yang Qi who, like many others, cultivated energy arts. [2] [3]

He was a young master from the Yang Clan, an aristocratic clan from Yanhaven. He was also relatively famous within the city as a powerful master of energy arts. He wasn't very old and wasn't necessarily tall and well-built. But from his every move and action, it was obvious the mysterious energy flowing through him was ready to erupt out at any moment.

As he stood there at the edge of the hole, he circulated his energy, and intense rumbling sounds could be heard, shocking to the extreme.

"I guess it won't be long before I reach the fifth phase of energy arts, the Energy Eruption level. Then I'll be able to cast my true energy outside of my body. That will make me a real expert! My progress will be incredible!" [4]

He glanced back at the towering city wall, looking very pleased at having circumvented it the way he did. Then he blurred into motion, disappearing like a black panther into the dark forest surrounding the city.

Yang Qi had long since cultivated his energy arts to the fourth phase, the Energy Refinement level.

On the Rich-Lush Continent, experts who cultivated energy arts divided them into nine phases.

First was Energy Growth, in which one built up energy in the body.

Second was Energy Circulation, in which one sent vital energy flowing through one's meridian channels.

Third was Energy Convergence when the vital energy was gathered in a central location, the sea of energy.

Fourth was Energy Refinement, in which the gathered vital energy was refined and purified.

Fifth was Energy Eruption. In that phase, one could use energy arts externally to harm enemies.

The first four phases —Absorption, Circulation, Convergence, and Refinement— were all internal, and although they could be used to strengthen one's body, did little else. Upon reaching the fifth phase, Energy Eruption, one's body was completely transformed, making it possible to unleash energy arts in combat.

Only upon reaching the Energy Eruption level, could one be considered to be a truly powerful expert.

Thus, the fifth phase was considered a major watershed point in the cultivation of energy arts.

In that level, it was possible to unleash the Hundred Paces Divine Fist, a technique that could inflict damage a hundred paces away, even to the point of shattering trees. Such battle prowess was so extraordinary that one person who wielded it could defeat a hundred who could not.

The sixth phase was called the Energy Weapon level, in which one could use energy to form corporeal weapons.

The seventh level was the Energy Manifestation level. In that phase, energy arts could be used to summon ferocious beasts or wings that could send one flying through the sky.

The eighth phase, Energy Incarnation, led to an ability called Mind Incarnation, in which the practitioner could create a defensive energy barrier of nearly impenetrable strength.

The ninth phase was called the Master of Energy level. Unfortunately, Yang Qi was very unlikely to ever become such a grandmaster of energy arts.

According to the rumors, experts in the Master of Energy level could eventually seize life from the heavens and thus reach the Lifeseizing level. Lifeseizers essentially experienced a rebirth and would acquire a lifespan multiple times longer than ordinary energy arts practitioners. Yang Qi had never even seen a person like that.


After running through the forest for a short time, Yang Qi caught sight of a young woman in an azure garment, standing there proudly, her back to him.

"Lan'er!" he called out. "I got the Latent Dragon Pill! It wasn't easy, but thanks to my connections in the city, I managed to get into the city magistrate's mansion, break into his treasure-house, and steal the pill!"

Looking excitedly at the young woman, he held out the crafted box he had been carrying this entire time.

The young woman turned, revealing a spectacularly beautiful face.

"So, Yang Qi, you finally succeeded." Reaching out with fingers as beautiful as ivory, she said, "Hand it over so I can take a look."

"Alright." Without the slightest hesitation, Yang Qi handed the box to the young woman.

She took it, then opened it to reveal a fiery-red medicinal pill. A medicinal aroma immediately filled the area, and the pill itself seemed to flicker as if with flames, casting red light onto the young woman's face, making her look even more attractive than before.

"Okay, Lan'er," Yang Qi said. "I got you the Latent Dragon Pill. Now we can run off together as you promised, right? Come on, let's get going."

"I'm sorry, Yang Qi," she said, tucking the box away into her garment. Looking at him coldly, she continued, "I have an important matter to attend to, so I won't be running off with you. In fact, don't ever bring up the subject again."

Her words struck him like a lightning bolt falling from blue skies.

Staggering backward a few paces, his face draining of blood, he said, "Lan'er, I put myself in great danger for you! I stole a Latent Dragon Pill from the city magistrate's mansion, all because you said we would run off together. Now you're changing your mind? Why? Why would you do something like this?"

Suddenly, a voice sounded out, "How about I explain?" A moment later, a figure emerged from the darkness of the forest. He was a handsome young man, tall and strapping, clad in a suit of armor. From the way he looked down his nose at Yang Qi, it was obvious how much of an arrogant and haughty person he was.

"Do you really think that Lan'er, a stunning princess of Yundale-by-the-Sea, would care about a little punk from the Yang Clan? Your clan might be important in Yanhaven, but let me tell you this: Not even the princes of Yanhaven would think of trying to pursue Lan'er. She used you! Understand, you naive fool? Do you know the saying about the ugly toad lusting after the swan? That's you!" [5]

"Is all this true, Lan'er?" Yang Qi asked, his face ashen, but still holding onto whatever faint scraps of hope still existed in his heart.

However, the next thing Lan'er said crushed that hope out of existence.

Face incomparably cold, she said, "It's true, Yang Qi. I used you to get the Latent Dragon Pill. That having been said, I don't want to hurt you, so why don't you just leave."

"You…." Yang Qi was trembling, and his hands and feet were already as cold as ice. "How could you be like this, Lan'er? Go? Where am I supposed to go to? I stole a Latent Dragon Pill! I can't go back home, and the guards from Yanhaven are probably already chasing after me. How about you at least give the Latent Dragon Pill back to me, and we call it even?"

The young man in the armor laughed coldly. "Give it back to you? Quit dreaming, punk. Who in their right mind would spit their meat out after taking a bite? Beat it. If you even think about stirring up trouble, I'll make you regret it…."

"You…." Without any warning, Yang Qi suddenly exploded into action. As powerful as a tiger, and as lithe as a snake, he lunged at the armored young man, his hands swinging through the air with axe-like viciousness.

"Corpse-Chomping White Tiger!" he shouted, immediately resorting to a deadly energy art move unique to the Yang Clan. At its highest level, this energy art could be used to summon an enormous white tiger, fiendish to the extreme and strong enough to reduce any enemy to nothing more than a corpse. Of course, Yang Qi was far from being able to use it in that way.

"Looking to die?" the armored young man said, his eyes flickering with scorn.


A transparent wave of energy shot out from his hand, slamming into Yang Qi. Before he could even fully execute his Corpse-Chomping White Tiger, he was slammed into the ground, where he vomited up a mouthful of blood.

Eyes shining with shock, he looked up and said, "You're in the fifth phase of energy arts, the Energy Eruption level…."

"That's right," the armored young man replied. "To me, you're like nothing more than an ant. "Corpse-Chomping White Tiger is a deadly move, but when you use it, you look like a kid play-fighting with his friends."

Yang Qi struggled to his feet. Eyes flickering with hatred, he said, "Who are you…?"

"I'm Song Haishan, Lan'er's older cousin. Only a few days ago, she was accepted to be an advanced disciple in the number one organization in Rich-Lush Continent, the Demi-Immortal Institute. Do you know how important that makes her? Do you really think you have any hope of getting close to her? Wait… did you ask who I was because you think you're going to come after me for revenge? Hm. As the saying goes, if you cut the grass but not the root, it will grow again when the spring breeze blows. I guess letting you go free isn't really an option." [6]

Even as the words were leaving his mouth, Song Haishan's energy began to build up inside of him.

"So," Yang Qi growled, "you're the one they call the best of the best in Yundale-by-the-Sea. Well, I'm still going to kill you. And as for you, Yun Hailan, you lied to me, and I swear that one day, I'm going to pay you back for that." [7]

"Seems leaving you alive is definitely the wrong thing to do…." Song Haishan growled, preparing to take action.

"Enough, cousin," Yun Hailan said, reaching out to block his path. Then she looked in the direction of Yanhaven. "The guards are already on their way. There's no reason to kill him. Come on, let's go…." With that, she vanished into the night, leaving behind a single sentence. "After I'm a disciple at the Demi-Immortal Institute, Yang Qi, I'll make this up to you."

Song Haishan looked at Yang Qi with a sneer. "Hmph. Looks like you get to live a bit longer, punk. Lan'er doesn't want you dead because she doesn't want your blood on her hands. Fine. But the city magistrate of Yanhaven isn't going to let you off the hook. So you won't be alive for much longer regardless."

Chuckling in a sinister fashion, he turned to follow Yun Hailan.

"Yun Hailan…." Yang Qi murmured. Spitting out some blood, he looked in the direction into which she and Song Haishan had just vanished, fully aware that they were far superior to him in terms of energy arts.

Suddenly, he thought back to everything that had led up to this point. In the course of helping with the clan business, he had encountered Yun Hailan, whom he had fallen for at first sight. She treated him with tenderness and compassion for a time, whereupon she asked for his help to get the Latent Dragon Pill. He had pondered the matter for some time before making his decision. And now, here he was.

As he stood there, he circulated his energy arts and tried to decide what to do. He knew that the city guards of Yanhaven were coming for him. He had brought humiliation to his clan, and would surely be severely punished if he were caught.

As he was trying to recover, he suddenly heard voices. And then, only a moment later, several figures appeared in front of him.

One of them was a man wearing a suit of cold-forged iron armor that weighed no less than a hundred pounds, making him look like a vicious beast. As soon as Yang Qi saw that armored man, his heart sank into despair.

He was Luo Hun, one of the special guards from the city magistrate's mansion, a brutal and fierce man whose cultivation had long since surpassed the Energy Eruption level. [8]

"Hand over the Latent Dragon Pill you stole, Yang Qi. If you do, I'll spare your life…."

Luo Hun's eyes glittered like an animal's, not a human's, and his cold-forged iron armor radiated a powerful killing aura. Not waiting for a response, he stepped forward and struck Yang Qi's dantian region with a palm strike, aiming directly at his sea of energy.

Yet again, blood sprayed out of Yang Qi's mouth as the energy arts he had cultivated from the age of five to eighteen were crippled.

"You… crippled my energy arts…?" A look of complete despair overtook his face. With the sea of energy in his dantian region destroyed, it would be impossible for him to converge energy. Henceforth, he would be doomed to be nothing more than an ordinary person.

"You had the audacity to steal a Latent Dragon Pill," Luo Hun said coldly. "Crippling your energy arts is actually letting you off a bit lightly. Because you're a young master of the Yang Clan, and also for the sake of your aunt, I won't put you to death immediately. Men, tie him up against that tree. I'm going back to the city to report to the magistrate and get new orders. Stay here and preserve the scene of the crime. I'll have some people from the Yang Clan come out to take a look at the situation."

"Yes sir," replied the other special guards. Without any hesitation, they tied Yang Qi up against a nearby tree and then began to patrol the area.

As for Luo Hun, it didn't matter that he was wearing a suit of cold-forged iron armor that weighed over a hundred pounds. He sped into motion like a bird taking flight, heading directly back toward Yanhaven.

Around then, numerous bolts of lightning began to crackle in the dark sky above. The rain that had been brewing all this time seemed to have reached a boiling point, and began to fall, joined by the lightning, which looked like silver snakes lashing at the ground.

"This rain is really heavy," said one of the guards, looking up nervously. "And what's with all the lightning?"

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning smashed into a distant tree, causing it to burst into flame despite the heavy rain. The sight of so much lightning falling within the rain was truly a frightening sight.

Looking completely frightened, another guard said, "This lightning really seems strange. I've never seen anything like it. I've heard that not even people in the Master of Energy level can survive being struck by heavenly lightning like this. If we stay in this forest, we're going to get killed! Let's get out of here!"

"What about this little punk?"

"Don't worry, his martial arts have been crippled. Besides, he's all tied up. How could he possibly escape? Flying?"

Shivering in fear, the guards turned and fled.

However, even as they made their way out of the trees, a brilliantly shining bolt of lightning fell into the forest and smashed into the tree upon which Yang Qi had been bound.

Instantly, Yang Qi's entire body filled with glittering electricity. Then, the smell of burning flesh filled the air.


Total Chapters in book: 1601
Estimated words: 3073742 (not accurate)
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