Stealing The Heavens by Blood Red

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1 – Punishment Court
Chapter 2 – Historical Relic
Chapter 3 – The Priest
Chapter 4 – Ancient Portal
Chapter 5 – Inheritance
Chapter 6 – The Villagers
Chapter 7 – The Evil Barbarians
Chapter 8 – The Alliance
Chapter 9 – Barbarian Hunter
Chapter 10 – Stealing Blood
Chapter 11 – The Night Ride
Chapter 12 – The Traveler
Chapter 13 – Strike
Chapter 14 – Recruitment
Chapter 15 – The Mayor
Chapter 16 – Provocation
Chapter 17 – Magical Item
Chapter 18 – The Burglary
Chapter 19 – Establishing Authority
Chapter 20 – Tough Mission
Chapter 21 – Night Walk
Chapter 22 – Expel
Chapter 23 – Tough Situation
Chapter 24 – Partner In Crime
Chapter 25 – Rush In
Chapter 26 – Steal Again
Chapter 27 – Impeach
Chapter 28 – Night Assassin
Chapter 29 – The Formation To Kill
Chapter 30 – Slaughter
Chapter 31 – Beheaded
Chapter 32 – Marquis
Chapter 33 – Ruthless
Chapter 34 – Brothers
Chapter 35 – Malice
Chapter 36 – Cultivator
Chapter 37 – Sudden News
Chapter 38 – Travel Together
Chapter 39 – The Forest
Chapter 40 – Beast Warrior
Chapter 41 – Seizing Souls
Chapter 42 – The Ritual
Chapter 43 – Merging Soul
Chapter 44 – Serpent Pearl
Chapter 45 – Got It
Chapter 46 – Run For Lives
Chapter 47 – (Chapter Name At The End)
Chapter 48 – Furious
Chapter 49 – Kill Everyone
Chapter 50 – Aftermath
Chapter 51 – Scholar And Military
Chapter 52 – Confrontation
Chapter 53 – The Last Assassins
Chapter 55: Shocking News
Chapter 56: City Under Siege
Chapter 57: The City Is Breached
Chapter 58: Barbarian Tide
Chapter 59: The Assault Of Bolts And Arrows
Chapter 60: Reinforcements
Chapter 61: Decision
Chapter 62: The Journey
Chapter 63: Forced Surrender
Chapter 64: Trap And Kill
Chapter 65: Grandmaster Of Imperial Family Court
Chapter 66: Counter Attack
Chapter 67: Demon Ghost
Chapter 68: Taking Advantage
Chapter 69: Counter Framing
Chapter 70: A Heavy Bribe
Chapter 71: Blood Paternity Test
Chapter 72: Candidates
Chapter 73: Visitor
Chapter 74: Ferocious
Chapter 75: Fight And Kill
Chapter 76: Swear A Poison Oath
Chapter 77: Denounce
Chapter 78: Zhang Le
Chapter 79: Intimacy
Chapter 80: Gift
Chapter 81: A Duel
Chapter 82: Sword Talisman
Chapter 83: Sword Sect
Chapter 84: Apprentice
Chapter 85: Obstructions
Chapter 86: The Sect
Chapter 87: Bone Structure
Chapter 88: Offend
Chapter 89: Deprive
Chapter 90: Confrontation
Chapter 91: Arrogant
Chapter 92: Yan Li
Chapter 93: Husband And Wife
Chapter 94: Greedy Wolf
Chapter 95: The Mightiness
Chapter 96: Private Secret
Chapter 97: Wei Clan
Chapter 98: Gold Core Tribulation
Chapter 99: Yan Dan
Chapter 100: Palace Banquet
Chapter 101: The Grandmaster Of Zither
Chapter 102: Yue Tan
Chapter 103: Three Questions
Chapter 104: Three Answers
Chapter 105: Story
Chapter 106: Cultivation Pill
Chapter 107: Acknowledge The Master
Chapter 108: Entering The Cave
Chapter 109: Spirit Objects
Chapter 110: Spirit Lamp
Chapter 111: Invitation
Chapter 112: A Meeting Of Wine
Chapter 113: Xiong Qing
Chapter 114: Steal The Lamp
Chapter 115: Human Head
Chapter 116: Ying Chuan
Chapter 117: Secret Meeting
Chapter 118: The Great Sun
Chapter 119: Cunning
Chapter 120: Countermeasure
Chapter 121: The Challenger
Chapter 122: Unexpected Finding
Chapter 123: The Master Of Martial Club
Chapter 124: Evidence
Chapter 125: Captured Alive
Chapter 126: Extraordinary Treasure
Chapter 127: Death Of The Accomplice
Chapter 128: Summon
Chapter 129: Mo Sect
Chapter 130: Mo Di
Chapter 131: Warning
Chapter 132: Benefactor
Chapter 133: The Clue
Chapter 134: Five Ghosts
Chapter 135: Preparation
Chapter 136: Exchange
Chapter 137: Boundless Hospitality
Chapter 138: A Poetry Meeting
Chapter 139: Trap
Chapter 140: Counter Slaughter
Chapter 141: Poem And Drawing
Chapter 143: Shocking
Chapter 144: Thunderstruck
Chapter 145: Escape From The City
Chapter 146: Intercept
Chapter 147: Escaped
Chapter 148: Tracked Down
Chapter 149: An Extraordinary Object
Chapter 150: An Extraordinary Formation
Chapter 151: Splitting The Cores
Chapter 152: Slaughter The Immortals
Chapter 153: The Yield
Chapter 154: A Great Merit
Chapter 155: Depart
Chapter 156: Seeking The Land
Chapter 157: Constructing The Immortal'S Cave
Chapter 158: Absorb
Chapter 159: Talisman Master
Chapter 160: Outsiders
Chapter 161: Attack By Force
Chapter 162: Are You Not Battle-Dressed?
Chapter 163: Li Si
Chapter 164: Dharma Words
Chapter 165: Field Headquarter
Chapter 166: Infiltrate
Chapter 167: Xu Fu
Chapter 168: Book Of Talismans
Chapter 169: A Robber
Chapter 170: Catfish Flood Dragon
Chapter 171: Upheaval
Chapter 172: Death Formation
Chapter 173: Breaking The Formation
Chapter 174: Underwater Cave
Chapter 175: Dragon King
Chapter 176: Captured
Chapter 177: The Army Of Demons
Chapter 178: The Qin Formation!
Chapter 179: The Cry Of Dragon
Chapter 180: The Cauldron Of Yu!
Chapter 181: Leave The Mountains
Chapter 182: The People Of Lu Clan
Chapter 183: The Destruction Of Gao Ling Kingdom
Chapter 184: Myriad Dao Alliance
Chapter 185: Duke Of Tianyun
Chapter 186: The Silver Flood Dragon Of Yue Clan
Chapter 187: Unity Of Sword Energies Script
Chapter 188: The Opening Of The Event
Chapter 189: The People From The Long Bo Kingdom
Chapter 190: Acquired Spirit Pearls
Chapter 191: Innate Spirit Item
Chapter 192: Disciples Of Guigu
Chapter 193: Su Qin And Zhang Yi
Chapter 194: The Spirit Ring Of Black Dragon!
Chapter 195: Provoking On The Street
Chapter 196: Resolve To Fight
Chapter 197: Stealing The Spirit Pearl At Night
Chapter 198: Gold Core Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 199: The Formation Of The Gold Core
Chapter 200: The Gamble Of Drill Ground
Chapter 201: The Duel Of Drill Ground
Chapter 202: Killed On The Spot!
Chapter 203: Invited By Su Qin
Chapter 204: The Remains Of The Queen
Chapter 205: The Terms Of Exchange
Chapter 206: The Imperial Banquet
Chapter 207: Imperial Advisors Of Great Yan
Chapter 208: The Changes In The Political Situation
Chapter 209: The Return Of Yue Yi
Chapter 210: The Capricious Yin And Yang
Chapter 211: The Terror In The Night
Chapter 212: The Night Visitor
Chapter 213: Official Recognition
Chapter 214: Earth Element Dragon Scales
Chapter 215: Subdue The Eight Horses
Chapter 216: The Beginning Of The War
Chapter 217: Meeting Catfish-Flood-Dragon Again
Chapter 218: Scouts From Qin Army
Chapter 219: Engaged
Chapter 220: The Inner Sect Of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect
Chapter 221: Su Qin Deploying Forces
Chapter 222: Persuade The Dragon King
Chapter 223: The Dragon King'S Answer
Chapter 224: The Arrival Of Flood
Chapter 225: The Plague Of Spirit Tapeworms
Chapter 226: Ten-Thousand Corpses Death Formation
Chapter 227: The Palm That Flipped The Sky!
Chapter 228: The Demon Figurine Of Great Qin
Chapter 229: The Mighty Army Of Xiang Yu
Chapter 230: Guigu'Zi Appears!
Chapter 231: The Towering Deity And Ghost
Chapter 232: You Do Not Qualify!
Chapter 233: A Painful Spear Attack!
Chapter 234: Sheathed The Swords
Chapter 235: I Want To Stab You
Chapter 236: Wild Birthday Celebration
Chapter 237: The Meeting Of Three Ladies
Chapter 238: Zhang Le'S First Kiss?
Chapter 239: Wrath Of Xiang Yu
Chapter 240: The Demonization Of Xiang Yu
Chapter 241: Besiege Xiang Yu
Chapter 242: Calamity For The Great Chu
Chapter 243: The Condemned Prisoners Of Great Qin
Chapter 244: King Of Chun Shen
Chapter 245: The Defeat Of Xiang Clan
Chapter 246: Ziying, The Emperor Of Qin Dynasty
Chapter 247: The Power Of Qu Ping
Chapter 248: The Alliance Of Chu And Yan
Chapter 249: Topographical Survey
Chapter 250: The Preparation
Chapter 251: The Commencement Of The Plan
Chapter 252: Emperor Qin Sets Off
Chapter 253: A Counterattack
Chapter 254: Take Sky As The Canopy And Earth As The Mattress
Chapter 255: The Leak Of Secrets
Chapter 256: Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation
Chapter 257: Magnetic Grand Magic
Chapter 258: Spirit Item Of Guigu
Chapter 259: The Battle Of Deity And Ghost
Chapter 260: Exposing The Murderous Situation
Chapter 261: The Heavenly Fox Grand Magic
Chapter 262: The Assassination By Men Of Sacrifice
Chapter 263: The Unintentional Hinder
Chapter 264: A Sudden Turn For The Worse
Chapter 265: The Escape Of The Trapped Dragon
Chapter 266: The Pursuit In The Night
Chapter 267: The Assassination Of The Blood Pool
Chapter 268: The Emissary From Great Wei
Chapter 269: Long Yang The Emissary
Chapter 270: Avaricious
Chapter 271: Go Away Swiftly
Chapter 272: The Preparatory Work For The New City
Chapter 273: Refining The Fiendcelestial Puppets
Chapter 274: The Messenger, Catfish-Flood-Dragon
Chapter 275: Visitors From The Outer-Space
Chapter 276: A Surprising Finding
Chapter 277: A Priceless Planet
Chapter 278: The Unexpected Arrival Of Heaven Immortals
Chapter 279: Rescue In Troubled Water
Chapter 280: The Crisis Of Evil Immortals
Chapter 281: The Fall Of Ji City
Chapter 282: Wu Qi'S Plot
Chapter 283: The Patriarch Of White Cloud Immortal Sect
Chapter 284: Two Great Immortal Sects
Chapter 285: Mo City Destroyed!
Chapter 286: The Great Joy And Sorrow
Chapter 287: Calamity For The Long Bo
Chapter 288: Two Sects Exist Side By Side
Chapter 289: The Revenge In The Moonlit Night
Chapter 290: A Secret Night Talk
Chapter 291: Long Yang The Distinguished Guest
Chapter 292: A Deal With Long Yang
Chapter 293: Getting Ready To Strike
Chapter 294: The Barbarian Leaders
Chapter 295: The Origin Of The Priceless Planet
Chapter 296: The Opening Of Immortal Abode
Chapter 297: A Little Reward
Chapter 298: A Rewarding Loot!
Chapter 299: Murdering Zhao Ling
Chapter 300: A Serial Killer
Chapter 301: Become Sworn Brothers
Chapter 302: Seriously Injured Lu Clan
Chapter 303: A Secret Talk Between Three Ladies
Chapter 304: Outer Sect Disciples
Chapter 305: The Supervisor Of Discipline Hall
Chapter 306: Armored Guards Of Prince Mansion
Chapter 307: The Five Wheels In The Brothel
Chapter 308: The Meeting Of Three Princes
Chapter 309: Lao Ai Taking A Disciple
Chapter 310: The Sword That Strike For Love
Chapter 311: Rescue In The Face Of Perils
Chapter 312: An Old Friend In Barren Mountain
Chapter 313: The Secret Plot Of Six Dynasties
Chapter 314: Attacked By Men Of Sacrifice Again
Chapter 315: The Evil Tidings
Chapter 316: The Assault On The Street
Chapter 317: A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 318: Plummeted Into The Snow Abyss
Chapter 319: Searching For A Planetary Ship
Chapter 320: Unbridled Intervention
Chapter 321: Kill The Men And Seize The Treasures
Chapter 322: Arrived At Xue Yuan Planet
Chapter 323: Three Great Heaven Immortals
Chapter 324: A Crazy Woman
Chapter 325: The End Of The Rope
Chapter 326: Snatched From The Jaws Of Death
Chapter 327: The Fierce Counterattack
Chapter 328: Hiding In Flyingsnow City
Chapter 329: Plotting The Revenge
Chapter 330: The Visit Of An Immortal
Chapter 331: Bewitching And Capturing A Heaven Immortal
Chapter 332: Capturing Another Heaven Immortal!
Chapter 333: Captured Xuan Yang Alive!
Chapter 334: The Extermination Of An Entire Clan
Chapter 335: Looking For The Culprit
Chapter 336: Meeting Zhao Kuo Again
Chapter 337: The Wire Pullers
Chapter 338: Become A Turncoat
Chapter 339: Defeat White Frost
Chapter 340: The Man Of Great Sun
Chapter 341: Cruel Torment
Chapter 342: The Trick That Can Steal The Heavens
Chapter 343: The Teacher From Yu Clan
Chapter 344: Zhang Le'S Wisdom
Chapter 345: The Ruthless Zi Xuan
Chapter 346: Fivethunders Immortal Zither
Chapter 347: Lao Ai In Trouble
Chapter 348: Hede Of Yu Clan
Chapter 349: Divine Flame Destroy The Soul
Chapter 350: The Ghost Rune That Traveled Through The Void
Chapter 351: Internecine Outcome
Chapter 352: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 353: Asking For Help
Chapter 354: The Ice Cave On The Mountaintop
Chapter 355: The Ice Tunnel
Chapter 356: An Underground Immortal Abode
Chapter 357: Lady Dark Gold Water
Chapter 358: Green City Of Xuan Yang
Chapter 359: Fusing With The Immortal Soul
Chapter 360: Dark Yin Hassock
Chapter 361: Tempering Body With True Water
Chapter 362: Withdraw From Xue Yuan
Chapter 363: Besiege Yu Academy
Chapter 364: Mystic Talisman Of Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 365: Fighting The Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 366: Annihilate Ghost With Mo Flame
Chapter 367: Summoned By Yan Dan
Chapter 368: A Secret Talk Late In The Night
Chapter 369: Immortal Green Staff
Chapter 370: The Dispute Of Immortal Sects
Chapter 371: The Preparation Before Departure
Chapter 372: Traveling Far With The Master
Chapter 373: Puluo Heavenly Realm
Chapter 374: Severely Wounded Ke He
Chapter 375: Yuan Hua Sect Of Puluo Heavenly Realm
Chapter 376: The Master'S Old Resentment
Chapter 377: Asking For Trouble
Chapter 378: The Retreat Of Daoist Min
Chapter 379: Patriarch Yuan Hua
Chapter 380: Wager Increased
Chapter 381: A Spirit Bird, Flaming Wings Sparrow
Chapter 382: A Forced Testimony
Chapter 383: The Wrath Of White Sparrow
Chapter 384: Master Of The Luo Ling Palace
Chapter 385: Tremendous Leap In Cultivation Base
Chapter 386: Innate Nascent Souls
Chapter 387: Innate Divine Soul
Chapter 388: The Wondrous Divine Soul
Chapter 389: Pushed Things Too Far
Chapter 390: Elder Tai Yu
Chapter 391: Establishing Ascendancy
Chapter 392: Goddess Green Melon
Chapter 393: Ling Yi True Water
Chapter 394: The Grand Meeting Of The Sect
Chapter 395: The Thunder Tribulation Of The Dragon Pythons
Chapter 396: A Ferocious Battle With Mo Luan
Chapter 397: The Tribulation Of Manifestation
Chapter 398: The Remains Of Ancient Mansion
Chapter 399: Entering The Ancient Mansion
Chapter 400: The Yin Energy From The Two Contrary Forces
Chapter 401: The Beginning Of The Match
Chapter 402: A Complete Victory
Chapter 403: Vanished Without A Trace
Chapter 404: A Perplexing Situation
Chapter 405: The Cause And Effect
Chapter 406: Marquis Jian Has Arrived!
Chapter 407: The Fight Between Human And Immortal
Chapter 408: Devouring The Immortal Python
Chapter 409: Immortal Cold Electric Mirror
Chapter 410: Killing White Sparrow
Chapter 411: The Surprise Find Of An Immortal Abode
Chapter 412: The Preparation Before Leaving
Chapter 413: Yu Hua Heavenly Realm
Chapter 414: Taking A Hostage
Chapter 415: Taking The Opportunity To Rob
Chapter 416: Successfully Got Away
Chapter 417: Arriving At Pangu Continent
Chapter 418: Triggered The Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 419: Kill The Enemy With Thunder
Chapter 420: An Abundant Reward
Chapter 421: Severely Wounded, Meeting A Monk
Chapter 422: Old Friends In The Buddhist Temple
Chapter 423: A Forced Demolition
Chapter 424: A Formidable Foe At The Gate
Chapter 425: Beseiging The Temple
Chapter 426: Lao Ai, The Fake Buddha
Chapter 427: The So-Called Robber
Chapter 428: The City Is Blocked By Monks
Chapter 429: A Counselor From The Human Race
Chapter 430: Ganoderma Immortal, Ganoderma Horse
Chapter 431: Casting The Net
Chapter 432: A Blind Old Man
Chapter 433: Be My Guest In The Bedroom?
Chapter 434: Vajra Evil Subduing
Chapter 435: A Puddle Of Troubled Water
Chapter 436: Big Fishes In The Troubled Water
Chapter 437: The Fight Between Buddhist And Evil
Chapter 438: Smoothly Shifted The Blame
Chapter 439: The Dust Settles Temporarily
Chapter 440: Erecting The Flagpole And Raising The Flag
Chapter 441: A Forced Takeover
Chapter 442: Yun Zang From Green City
Chapter 443: An Insincere Compliance
Chapter 444: A Disciple Named Bajie
Chapter 445: Supervising The Construction Of The Daoist Rite Temple
Chapter 446: The Struggle Between Fellow Disciples
Chapter 447: Hunting A Gale
Chapter 448: An Undeserved Calamity
Chapter 449: Qing Xu Immortal Pass
Chapter 450: Energy Rotting Ghost Mushroom
Chapter 451: Kill And Rob
Chapter 452: Bone Rotting And Burying Beetles
Chapter 453: Robbers And Officials Are Of The Same
Chapter 454: Everyone Is A Robber
Chapter 455: I Am The Grand Robber
Chapter 456: Plundering The Immortal Pass
Chapter 457: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
Chapter 458: Swagger Off
Chapter 459: The Force Of A Gale
Chapter 460: Caught In A Trap
Chapter 461: A Bloody Struggle
Chapter 462: Breaking Through The Tight Encirclement
Chapter 463: Another Formidable Enemy
Chapter 464: The Gale Repay Favors
Chapter 465: The Residence Of Wind Immortal
Chapter 466: Debt Of Gratitude
Chapter 467: List As Wanted
Chapter 468: A Ruthless Immortal
Chapter 469: The Myriad Immortals Alliance
Chapter 470: Iron Medallion, Wandering Immortal
Chapter 471: Cultivating Friendship
Chapter 472: Immortal Alliance Bounty
Chapter 473: Dao Heart Versus Selfishness
Chapter 474: The Distress Call From A Fellow Disciple
Chapter 475: Fellow Disciple'S Violent Treachery
Chapter 476: Vanished In Chaos
Chapter 477: Dark Abyss Of The Northern Ocean
Chapter 478: Dao Heart Versus Mental Demon
Chapter 479: Killed With One Strike
Chapter 480: Meeting Another Old Acquaintance
Chapter 481: Meeting Su Qin Again
Chapter 482: Recruitment Of New Soldiers
Chapter 483: An Old Hunchback Man
Chapter 484: A Divination With A Beast Bone
Chapter 485: A Fisherman In The Northern Ocean
Chapter 486: Truculent And Unreasonable
Chapter 487: Speak Boldly In Defense Of Justice
Chapter 488: The Coolies Of Northern Ocean
Chapter 489: Life In The Pit
Chapter 490: Good Intention Repaid By Evil Result
Chapter 491: Tit For Tat
Chapter 492: Goddess Miao Xin
Chapter 493: An Approach To Divide
Chapter 494: Frightened At Every Step
Chapter 495: A Woman'S Heart
Chapter 496: The Secret Of Miao Xin
Chapter 497: Not The Only One
Chapter 498: Not The Only One
Chapter 499: Lao Ai'S Past
Chapter 500: Meeting Long Yang Again
Chapter 501: Patriarch Miao Ying
Chapter 502: Cultivating In The Mine
Chapter 503: A Surprise
Chapter 504: A Secret Mission
Chapter 505: Su Qin'S Wicked Plan
Chapter 506: A Deliberate Propitiate
Chapter 507: Getting Ready To Strike
Chapter 508: Looting The Palace
Chapter 509: The Crucial Moment
Chapter 510: A Desperate Wager
Chapter 511: Launching By Stages
Chapter 512: All Arrived
Chapter 513: It Has Begun
Chapter 514: The Escape Of Gold Immortals
Chapter 515: Escape Into A Trap
Chapter 516: Long Yang Strikes
Chapter 517: An Utter Mess
Chapter 518: Trump Card
Chapter 519: A Complicated Situation
Chapter 520: Joint Force To Face The Enemy
Chapter 521: Sneaking Into The Fiend Formation
Chapter 522: Nine Yin Negate Yang
Chapter 523: The Great Serpent Of Nine Yin
Chapter 524: Chaotic Spirit Body
Chapter 525: A Chance Encounter With Reverend Li Yang
Chapter 526: Fairy Xuan Die
Chapter 527: Zhang Yi And Bai Qi
Chapter 528: An Empty Show Of Strength
Chapter 529: A Significant Improvement
Chapter 530: Conspiring
Chapter 531: Dagger Drawn
Chapter 532: Deadliest Enmity
Chapter 533: Three Requests
Chapter 534: A Roadside Justice
Chapter 535: Luo Clan Of The Mi Province
Chapter 536: Terror-Stricken
Chapter 537: A Nail
Chapter 538: Blackfish Immortal Market
Chapter 539: A Divine Material From The Outer Domain
Chapter 540: Newborn Gods
Chapter 541: A Blunt Fish Demon
Chapter 542: Bribed And Coerced
Chapter 543: Establishing The Sect
Chapter 544: A Perplexing Situation
Chapter 545: Secretly Controlling A Province
Chapter 546: A Request Of Alliance
Chapter 547: Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 548: Laying The Foundation
Chapter 549: The Core Of A Secret Treasure
Chapter 550: A Great Army Approaches
Chapter 551: The Ultimatum
Chapter 552: The Only Chance To Live
Chapter 553: The City Was Breached
Chapter 554: Confusing And Complicated
Chapter 555: An Ambush From The Gods
Chapter 556: An Easy Kill
Chapter 557: Arriving On The Pangu Continent
Chapter 558: The Young Master Of Myriad Immortal Alliance
Chapter 559: Cut And Run
Chapter 560: Wanted By Myriad Immortal Alliance
Chapter 561: The Soaring Wrath
Chapter 562: Slaughter!
Chapter 563: Besieging The Water Mansion
Chapter 564: Patriarch Ji Mie
Chapter 565: A Critical Situation
Chapter 566: A Killing Spree
Chapter 567: The Formation Is Breached
Chapter 568: Arriving In Time
Chapter 569: The Bloodline Of Dragon Python
Chapter 570: An Invitation From Yu He
Chapter 571: Yu He'S Scheme
Chapter 572: A Fascinating Cultivation
Chapter 573: The Grand Residence Of Yu Clan
Chapter 574: The Internal Conflict Of The Clan
Chapter 575: A Full Power Punch
Chapter 576: The Grand Council Of The Clan
Chapter 577: A Bloody Duel
Chapter 578: Three Palm Strikes From Yu Miao
Chapter 579: The Prefecture Overseer Of Hai Province
Chapter 580: The Blessing Of Ghosts And Deities
Chapter 581: Serious Consequences
Chapter 582: Cruel Revenge
Chapter 583: Spirit Shen Pearl
Chapter 584: A Feast Of Celebration
Chapter 585: A Coastal Province
Chapter 586: Hatching A Plan
Chapter 587: Kill To Establish Authority
Chapter 588: Military Affairs Of Hai Province
Chapter 589: The First Flame
Chapter 590: Visiting Mount Moon Gazing
Chapter 591: News Of A Beast Soul
Chapter 592: Two-Pronged Approach
Chapter 593: Fighting The Giant Shark
Chapter 594: Seriously Injuring The Giant Shark
Chapter 595: Yao Yue Fleeing
Chapter 596: The Crisis Of Moon Gazing
Chapter 597: The Defeat Of Yao Yue
Chapter 598: The Pioneering Work
Chapter 599: A Threatening Manner
Chapter 600: Prepare The Army For War
Chapter 601: The Birth Of A Spirit Weapon
Chapter 602: Onlookers
Chapter 603: The Strike Of A Star
Chapter 604: The Destruction Of Ningbo City
Chapter 605: Immortal Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 606: Offering Blood Sacrifices To Ghosts And Deities
Chapter 607: Advancing By Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 608: The Arrival Of The Celestial Ambassador
Chapter 609: The Arrival Of Immortal King
Chapter 610: A Rogue Immortal King
Chapter 611: A Banquet Of Welcome
Chapter 612: The Evidence
Chapter 613: Embarrassed And Exasperated
Chapter 614: The Disciples Of Buddhist League
Chapter 615: An Eminent Monk
Chapter 616: The Ins And Outs
Chapter 617: The Assassination Of The Celestial Ambassador
Chapter 618: A Blood Red Banner, A Fiend
Chapter 619: An Unexpected Assassination
Chapter 620: The Warrior, Han Xin
Chapter 621: Resist The Enemy Together
Chapter 622: Breaking Out Of The Formation
Chapter 623: Visiting The Barracks Again
Chapter 624: Eavesdropping On The Secret
Chapter 625: Unexpected Visit Of King Yang Qiu
Chapter 626: A Mighty Roar
Chapter 627: The Heaven'S Will
Chapter 628: Abducting King Yang Qiu
Chapter 629: Obtaining The Mystic Art
Chapter 630: The Time Has Come
Chapter 631: Getting Away With An Injury
Chapter 632: Interstitial World
Chapter 633: An Unexpected Trouble
Chapter 634: The Death Of Yu Zong
Chapter 635: Return To Green Cliff
Chapter 636: Robbing The Energy Veins
Chapter 637: Plundering Green Cliff
Chapter 638: Former Disciples
Chapter 639: Plundering White Cloud
Chapter 640: Towering Fiend Flame
Chapter 641: Struck In Fury
Chapter 642: The Oath Of Bloodline
Chapter 643: The Fiend Soul
Chapter 644: The Crushing Defeat Of The Fiend Soul
Chapter 645: A Colossal Hand
Chapter 646: An Exceptional Acceptance
Chapter 647: Winning Over The Immortals
Chapter 648: A Terrible Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 649: Heaven Patrolling Officers
Chapter 650: The Eye Of Heaven'S Wrath
Chapter 651: Looting The Myriad Immortals Planet
Chapter 652: Breaking The Curse For The First Time!
Chapter 653: The Ghost God'S Contract
Chapter 654: An Unexpected Turn
Chapter 655: The Alliance Of Six Dynasties
Chapter 656: Void-Splitting Divine Pearl
Chapter 657: The Reunion Of Old Friends
Chapter 658: Set Out For Pangu Continent
Chapter 659: The Six Gates Formation
Chapter 660: Breaking The Formation With Force
Chapter 661: Supreme Oracle
Chapter 662: Repel The Enemy With Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 663: The Consequences
Chapter 664: Serial Assassination
Chapter 665: A Chance Visitor
Chapter 666: Borrowing Seeds
Chapter 667: The Visit Of Buddhist Cultivators
Chapter 668: A Buddhist Kingdom In A Palm
Chapter 669: The Power Of Buddhist Kingdom
Chapter 670: Burning Through The Buddhist Kingdom
Chapter 671: Huang Liang Shows His Teeth
Chapter 672: Emergency Countermeasures
Chapter 673: Volunteer
Chapter 674: Another Trouble
Chapter 675: A Decisive Punishment
Chapter 676: Breaking The Formation With Ease
Chapter 677: The Moment Of Desperation
Chapter 678: Reward Accordingly
Chapter 679: The King'S Guard
Chapter 680: The Murder In The Street
Chapter 681: Severely Injuring Yu Miao
Chapter 682: A Happy Ending
Chapter 683: Hostile Attitude
Chapter 684: Hire A Killer
Chapter 685: Feel Like Old Friends At First Sight
Chapter 686: A Substantial Reward
Chapter 687: The Emergence Of Murderous Intent
Chapter 688
Chapter 689
Chapter 690
Chapter 691
Chapter 692
Chapter 693
Chapter 694
Chapter 695
Chapter 696
Chapter 697 - Twin Sisters
Chapter 698 - Little Fishes And Shrimps
Chapter 699 - Ambush
Chapter 700 - A Minor Confrontation
Chapter 701 - Cutting Remarks
Chapter 702 - A Fierce Mystic Art
Chapter 703 - The Sovereign Of Myriad Immortal Alliance
Chapter 704 - A Brutal Surprise Attack
Chapter 705 - Formation Activation
Chapter 706 - Activating The Myriad Poisons Formation
Chapter 707 - An Easy Kill
Chapter 708 - The Fall Of A Primordial Immortal
Chapter 709 - Virtues Rain From The Sky
Chapter 710 - The Aftermath
Chapter 711 - Dark Yin Celestial Tower
Chapter 712 - A Modest Display Of Power
Chapter 713 - Killing Patriarch Yuan Hua
Chapter 714 - Arriving At Liangzhu
Chapter 715 - The Imperial Palace Of Great Yu
Chapter 716 - A Fearsome Latent Power
Chapter 717 - A Generous Conferral
Chapter 718 - Extra Rewards
Chapter 719 - The Imperial Banquet
Chapter 720 - Outside The Secret Palace
Chapter 721 - Yan Tian Palace
Chapter 722 - Three Formations
Chapter 723 - A Big Pie
Chapter 724 - An Unexpected Conflict
Chapter 725 - An Innate Star Core
Chapter 726 - Beaten Up
Chapter 727 - The Conflict Between The Two Divisions
Chapter 728 - The Bloodlines Of A Hundred Divine Beasts
Chapter 729 - The Father And His Four Sons
Chapter 730 - A Secret Advice
Chapter 731 - Worn-Out Stuff
Chapter 732 - An Extraordinary Treasure
Chapter 733 - Intercepted Halfway
Chapter 734 - A Surprise Attack From A Buddha
Chapter 735 - Fighting A Buddha
Chapter 736 - Fell Prey To A Plot
Chapter 737 - The Fall Of A Buddha
Chapter 738 - A Pent-Up Anger
Chapter 739 - Domestic Disputes
Chapter 740 - The Soul Of A Taotie
Chapter 741 - Leaving Liangzhu
Chapter 742 - Evolving Stars
Chapter 743 - A Jinx Comes To Visit
Chapter 744 - Deflating The Aggressiveness
Chapter 745 - Trapping The Formidable Foes With A Formation
Chapter 746 - Cover The Sky With One Hand
Chapter 747 - Taming The Divine Beasts
Chapter 748 - Veiling The Sky And Ripping The Void
Chapter 749 - The Realm Of Heavenly Ghosts
Chapter 750 - The Clan Of Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 751 - A Dragon Man Descends From The Sky
Chapter 752 - Kindness
Chapter 753 - The Golden Body Of Ancient God
Chapter 754 - Yu Miao Goes Berserk
Chapter 755 - Zhang Le Paying A Visit
Chapter 756 - The Split-Up Of Yu Clan
Chapter 757 - Taming The Heavenly Ghosts
Chapter 758 - Treasure Hunt In The Ghost Realm
Chapter 759 - An Ancient Immortal
Chapter 760 - The Mystic Art Of Bone Changing
Chapter 761 - The Ghost King'S Emissaries
Chapter 762 - Prince Chang Qin
Chapter 763 - The Heavenly Army Of Chang Qin
Chapter 764 - The Unusual Change Of The Ghost Realm
Chapter 765 - The Worlds Of Mortals
Chapter 766 - The Mirror Of Kunlun
Chapter 767 - Homecoming
Chapter 768 - Revenge
Chapter 769 - The Arrival Of Immortals
Chapter 770 - A Sneak Attack
Chapter 771 - Cutting A Buddha
Chapter 772 - The Golden Body
Chapter 773 - The Land Of Sacred Emperor
Chapter 774 - The God Of Scourge
Chapter 775 - A Battle In The Starlit Night
Chapter 776 - Immortal Gourd
Chapter 777 - Zhang Le'S Crisis
Chapter 778 - Ascending The Xuanyuan Peak
Chapter 779 - Meeting The Sacred Emperor
Chapter 780 - The Kunwu Swords
Chapter 781 - Fiend Slaying Sword Formation
Chapter 782 - The Strike Of An Ancient God
Chapter 783 - Black Water Fiend Formation
Chapter 784 - The Power Of The Sword Formation
Chapter 785 - Slain The God And Drove Off The Immortal
Chapter 786 - The Demise Of King Zhang Qiu
Chapter 787 - Reorganize Dong Hai
Chapter 788 - Blood-Draining Celestial Fiends
Chapter 789 - Dragon Python Couples
Chapter 790 - A Secret Deal
Chapter 791 - Neighbors
Chapter 792 - A Bad Neighbor Calling At The Door
Chapter 793 - Showdown
Chapter 794 - The Apocalypse Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 795 - Stalking
Chapter 796 - The Peak Of Gold Immortal
Chapter 797 - The Great Mortal Catastrophe
Chapter 798 - Before The Destruction
Chapter 799 - Butchery
Chapter 800 - Boundless Virtues
Chapter 801 - The True Legacy
Chapter 802 - The Secret Of Scroll Of Stealing
Chapter 803 - What Is A Grand Thief?
Chapter 804 - A Horrible Grand Thief
Chapter 805 - Robbed Clean
Chapter 806 - The Son Of Celestial Emperor
Chapter 807 - Heavenly General
Chapter 808 - Seriously Injured Gu Yi
Chapter 809 - Eyeing Up You Xiong Plain
Chapter 810 - Cultivate In Seclusion
Chapter 811 - A Hundred Years In A Flash
Chapter 812 - A Thousand Years Of Painstaking Cultivation
Chapter 813 - The Attack Of King Bai Shan
Chapter 814 - Running Into An Iron Plate
Chapter 815 - Blood And Flesh Sacrifice
Chapter 816 - Fighting Against A Fiend God
Chapter 817 - Natural Enemy
Chapter 818 - The Mighty Lei Meng
Chapter 819 - The Transformation Of Catfish
Chapter 820 - Hammer To Death
Chapter 821 - Gaining New Strong Helps
Chapter 822 - Execute The Whole Clan
Chapter 823 - The Rebellion Of You Xiong Army
Chapter 824 - Ambush
Chapter 825 - Skyblast Bow
Chapter 826 - A Desperate Strike
Chapter 827 - The Beginning Of Chaos In Liangzhu
Chapter 828 - A Heart-Stirring Discovery
Chapter 829 - A Great Purge
Chapter 830 - Crown Prince Of The Heaven
Chapter 831 - Volunteered
Chapter 832 - Cold Fear
Chapter 833 - A New Appointment
Chapter 834 - Seeking Refuge
Chapter 835 - Seeing Yan Dan Again
Chapter 836 - Awe-Inspiring Ability
Chapter 837 - The Assembly Of The Six States
Chapter 838 - Submit Willingly
Chapter 839 - A Choice Without Regret
Chapter 840 - Transmigration
Chapter 841 - A Sudden Interference
Chapter 842 - The Nether World
Chapter 843 - The Domineering Buddhism League
Chapter 844 - Strange Bodhisattvas
Chapter 845 - The Infinite Transmigration
Chapter 846 - Memories Of The Past Lives
Chapter 847 - The Divine Ability Of The Past Life
Chapter 848 - Boundless Sea Of Dharma
Chapter 849 - Yuan Ling Dark Realm
Chapter 850 - The Scripture Of Alchemy And The Book Of Artifact
Chapter 851 - A Sinister Fiend
Chapter 852 - Close At Heels
Chapter 853 - Hei Mo Lifts The Curse
Chapter 854 - The Overbearing Crown Prince
Chapter 855 - Fight Fire With Fire
Chapter 856 - Arrogant And Domineering
Chapter 857 - Heaven Refining Grand Magic
Chapter 858 - Severely Wounded By A Bolt Of Lightning
Chapter 859 - The Beginning Of The Great Chaos
Chapter 860 - The Official Launch
Chapter 861 - Unstoppable
Chapter 862 - Helpless
Chapter 863 - Shocking
Chapter 864 - Rock The Boat
Chapter 865 - Strange Oracles
Chapter 866 - Vulnerable
Chapter 867 - The Wedge Between Daoism And Buddhism
Chapter 868 - The Coup
Chapter 869 - Torch Dragon Kills The Emperor
Chapter 870 - The Beginning Of The War
Chapter 871 - Liangzhu At War
Chapter 872 - Wipes Out
Chapter 873 - Pretend To Be Crazy
Chapter 874 - Questioning The Crown Prince
Chapter 875 - Palace Of Empress Wa
Chapter 876 - Unlimited Power
Chapter 877 - Investigation
Chapter 878 - Three Souls
Chapter 879 - Trapping Torch Dragon
Chapter 880 - Wounding Torch Dragon
Chapter 881 - Killing Torch Dragon
Chapter 882 - The Thriving Dong Hai
Chapter 883 - A State Of Chaos
Chapter 884 - Fatal Weakness
Chapter 885 - An Astonishing Change
Chapter 886 - The Human Emperor Returns
Chapter 887 - Heavy Responsibility
Chapter 888 - Liu Bang Retreats
Chapter 889 - Suppression
Chapter 890 - The Life Of A Sower
Chapter 891 - The Envoy
Chapter 892 - An Oath-Taking Ceremony
Chapter 893 - The Imperial Advisor
Chapter 894 - Reunion Of Old Friends
Chapter 895 - A Nice Chat
Chapter 896 - Obstruction
Chapter 897 - Huo Wu
Chapter 898 - An Ancient Curse
Chapter 899 - The Forbidden Clan
Chapter 900 - Formidable Enemies
Chapter 901 - Fighting Celestial Lords
Chapter 902 - Hurting Celestial Lords
Chapter 903 - Trapping The Enemies
Chapter 904 - Heaven Sues For Peace
Chapter 905 - A Temporary Truce
Chapter 906 - Cursed Again
Chapter 907 - Appalling Situation
Chapter 908 - Searching For Traces
Chapter 909 - Raiding The Lair
Chapter 910 - Taming Jadebone
Chapter 911 - The Calamity Of Delightful Buddhas
Chapter 912 - Golden Buddha Pills
Chapter 913 - Thirst After Talents
Chapter 914 - Imperial Advisors Of Great Wu
Chapter 915 - Become An Immortal Immediately
Chapter 916 - A Three-Month Commitment
Chapter 917 - Withered Trees Come To Life Again
Chapter 918 - Old, Weak, Sick, And Disabled
Chapter 919 - Heaven-Defying Means
Chapter 920 - Five Elements Immortal Execution Formation!
Chapter 921 - The Ultimatum
Chapter 922 - Strike Fear Into The Enemy
Chapter 923 - Unifying The Valley
Chapter 924 - The Visitation Of The Three Emperors
Chapter 925 - Wu Xian
Chapter 926 - The Hunter
Chapter 927 - Treachery In Imminent Danger
Chapter 928 - Wu Xian Strikes
Chapter 929 - A Higher-Up
Chapter 930 - An Acquaintance From The Past Life
Chapter 931 - An Angry Visitor
Chapter 932 - The Seven Saints
Chapter 933 - Cessation Of Hostilities
Chapter 934 - The Embryo Of The Saint League
Chapter 935 - Yuan Ling True Flame
Chapter 936 - Into Nether Again
Chapter 937 - A Narrow Escape
Chapter 938 - The Celestial Escaping Technique
Chapter 939 - The Northern Expedition Of Great Wu
Chapter 940 - Like A Hot Knife Cutting Through Butter
Chapter 941 - The First Battle Between Great Wu And New Yu
Chapter 942 - A Crushing Defeat
Chapter 943 - Capturing A Supreme Oracle
Chapter 944 - The Emperor Of Ling
Chapter 945 - The Candidate For The Human Emperor
Chapter 946 - The Throne Of The Human Emperor
Chapter 947 - The Seed Of A Great War
Chapter 948 - The Arrival Of Celestial Lords
Chapter 949 - Divine Dragons
Chapter 950 - An Agreement
Chapter 951 - An Idler Lives In Seclusion
Chapter 952 - Block The Gates And Challenge To Battle
Chapter 953 - Timely Help
Chapter 954 - The War Resumes
Chapter 955 - I Want To Slay The Emperor
Chapter 956 - Obscuring The Heaven Secret
Chapter 957 - Go Straight Into New Yu
Chapter 958 - The Biggest Obstacle
Chapter 959 - Intoxicating Apsaras
Chapter 960 - Tear The Weed Out By The Roots
Chapter 961 - A Devastating Blow
Chapter 962 - The Secret Of The Emperor Aura
Chapter 963 - Take The Wind Out Of Sails
Chapter 964 - The City Gates Catch Fire
Chapter 965 - The Fiend Surrenders
Chapter 966 - Bring Under Control
Chapter 967 - Devour Each Other
Chapter 968 - Get Along Well
Chapter 969 - Attack Of The Monks
Chapter 970 - Toss Aside All Civilities
Chapter 971 - Pour Oil On The Fire
Chapter 972 - The Unpredictable Heart Of Men
Chapter 973 - Savage And Unreasonable
Chapter 974 - Are You Hungry?
Chapter 975 - A Bloody Journey
Chapter 976 - Behind The Scene
Chapter 977 - Talk Frankly
Chapter 978 - An Evocation Artifact
Chapter 979 - The Emperor’S Ambition
Chapter 980 - Sweep Across The Northern Region
Chapter 981 - The Jin Dynasty
Chapter 982 - The Chaotic Situation
Chapter 983 - Never Offend A Woman
Chapter 984 - Mirror Of Kunlun
Chapter 985 - The Tribulation From The Outworld
Chapter 986 - So Many Ghosts
Chapter 987 - The Defeat Of The Ghost Realm
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Thâu Thiên, 偷天

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An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 1: Prologue

Translator: StackThatCoin Editor: Hitesh

Green City was the most beautiful place under the heaven.

It was a famous Daoist mountain. From ancient times, countless extraordinary people with peculiar abilities were seen visiting the place. As the saying went, 'Dragons and serpents are usually hiding in the wilderness', it had perfectly lived up to this famous quote.

Countless mythical stories and legends were like a thick layer of cloud, putting up a mysterious veil in front of the Green City.

The ninth day of the third lunar month, the day was suitable for worship. On this day, one should avoid traveling as it would bring fatal disaster.

Before dawn, on a stone trail among the mountains, groups of Daoists clad in green cloth were seen holding three incense sticks in their hand, traveling quickly through the trail without making any sound. They were heading towards the back of the mountain, where a rock wall of cliff stood towering into the cloud; a rock wall with a surface smooth and bright like a mirror.

The passage was steep, and the morning dew had moistened it and made it slippery. Yet, these Daoists were moving as quickly as a galloping horse, making them look like trails of green light dashing on the trail. From time to time, some of them even leaped into midair, riding on the wind and traveling across a distance of nearly one hundred meters. The morning breeze was gently blowing, and the clothes were flowing in the air. The way they walked in the air made them look like some immortals.

Countless Daoists were coming out from different mountains, hills, all major temples, and towers, gathering themselves in front of this nameless rock wall.

Before sunrise, nearly three thousand Daoists had quietly gathered in front of the rock wall, standing neatly and orderly according to the position of nine squares. There was also a large group of young Daoists among them, holding assorted colored banners or instruments for a religious ceremony in their hands. Some were even carrying an incense burner and walking in a circle around the Nine Squares Formation. The incense curled up high into the sky, forming a cloud that blanketed this group of Daoists.

At the forefront of these Daoists, right at the foot of the rock wall, stood another group of Daoists. They were clad in a purple Daoist robe with a golden edge, and a symbol of 'Eight Diagrams' [1] was embroidered on both their chest and back with silver lines. There were even patterns of clouds, plants, and flowers stitched near the edge of their sleeves. Their outfit had given them a touch of magnificent. This group of noble Daoists was now wielding a 'Hossu' [2] with their hand, standing expressionlessly with their back straight.

The group of Daoists waited patiently and silently for some moments. When the first orange ray leaped up from the far side of the East and the faint orange glow tore apart the darkness and sprinkled onto the earth, all Daoists knelt down together facing the rock wall, and devotedly performed the solemn ceremony of kneeling thrice and bowing nine times.

Together, more than a few thousand Daoists started to recite some incantations at once. The sound of 'ohm' coiled together, turning into a subtle sound wave that echoed out into far distances, and made anyone who heard it feel a tremor in their hearts. Gradually, a mysterious force aroused from within the reciting of the incantation. A dazzling rainbow shot out from above these Daoists, shining upon the smooth surface of the rock wall.

Those Daoists clad in purple robes knelt and bowed together, murmuring a prayer under their breath.

It went on for an hour, and finally, a white flare burst out from the top of the rock wall. Soon, the entire rock wall was glowing with pure white light.

Mist and clouds were soaring into the sky, a vast and thick cloud enshrouding the rock wall. A few figures with bright golden light radiating out from their body could be vaguely seen from within the cloud. The visage of these figures was getting clearer as time went by. Eventually, three men and two ladies clad in pure white Daoist robes revealed themselves in front of the crowd. However, their faces were covered by a dazzling golden light.

The lady standing at the center bowed her head as she took a glance over the crowd of Daoists kneeling in front of the rock wall. A scroll suddenly appeared in her hand before she casually tossed it out.

A white flare flicked on the rock wall. The scroll was made using purple jade as its roller and weaved with gold threads that wafted out from it. It fell right onto the palm of an old Daoist clad in a purple robe, who stood at the foremost and led the group in this worshipping ceremony. The lady who tossed out the scroll spoke a few words with a soft voice, then turned around and got ready to leave with her company.

A few old Daoists in purple robes suddenly cried out loudly, "Have mercy, Patriarchs! Have mercy!"

Sounds of objects hitting the ground kept echoing out in the scene as every single Daoist was kowtowing towards the five men and ladies, knocking their head forcefully on the hard, rocky surface of the ground.

The lady who tossed out the scroll let out a cold shout. In an instant, all Daoists had their bodies turned stiff and remained kneeling on the ground, daring not to make any movement or sound.

Surprisingly, the other lady Daoist who stood beside her let out a deep laugh, and threw out a few objects backhandedly.

The radiance of the rock wall dimmed down, and all five Daoists disappeared without any trace.

Few objects radiating with a mysterious glow slowly descended from midair. They consisted of a sword, a pearl, a small cauldron, five talismans and nine medicine bottles.

The sword, pearl, and small cauldron had a small size, that made them look like some children toys. However, each of them was radiating with a dazzling light and was enshrouded in mist. It was obvious that they were all extraordinary objects.

Five talismans were surrounded by a golden halo, and were emanating an aggressive purple energy. Wave after wave of vague pressure kept bursting out from them, making a few Daoists who stood closest to them lose their balance and be pushed back by the powerful force.

Countless runes and seals of assorted colors were seen fully engraved on the surface of all nine medicine bottles. In front of everyone, the old Daoist who received the scroll just now opened up the cap of one of the bottle, as a fragrant and refreshing scent of medicine immediately burst out from it. All Daoists who stood in front of the rock wall took a deep breath at the same time, and immediately felt a rejuvenating sensation from all over their bodies. It was as if all their meridians were cleansed by fresh water, and it seemed like their surrounding was brightened up as well.

Just inhaling a whiff of this medicinal scent was worth more than three months of hard work for these Daoists. They had to laboriously carry out the practice of inhaling and exhaling in order to achieve the same result.

The old purple robe Daoist hurriedly sealed back the cap of the bottle tightly. Just the scent given out by the medicinal pill itself had already achieved such miraculous result. It was imaginable that the pill contained in the bottle must be a precious treasure. Few old purple robe Daoists clustered together, murmuring and discussing for some time, then put the sword, pearl, cauldron, talismans, and medicine bottles away. After that, they unrolled the scroll in front of everyone.

The first half of the scroll contained a full script. It was the script of cultivating energy and divine sense: 'The Script of Universal Energy'. As for the second half of the content, it simply made these old Daoists' face turn pale, trembling and bewildered, as they burst out in cries. Approximately fifteen minutes later, countless Daoist swarmed out from the Green City Mountain.

The power of Green City Mountain hiding in the mortal world had gone into a full swing, and they immediately set off a massive and invisible upsurge across the entire world.

[1] Eight Diagrams – Bagua, as in Chinese pinyin, are eight trigrams used in Daoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. (Source:

[2] Hossu – A hossu is a short staff of wood or bamboo with bundled hair. (Source:


Total Chapters in book: 986
Estimated words: 2445095 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 12225(@200wpm)___ 9780(@250wpm)___ 8150(@300wpm)