Sweet Physician Wife by Hoarde

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Chapter 41 - : I Want To See Who Dares To Help Her
Chapter 42 - If You Kneel Down, I’Ll Forgive You
Chapter 43 - Don’T Let Me Catch You Again
Chapter 44 - : Everything Was For Him
Chapter 45 - Completely Becoming His Woman
Chapter 46 - She Was So Angry That She Vomited Blood
Chapter 47 - Ning Dai Must Die!
Chapter 48 - With You, I’M Willing To Die
Chapter 49 - Sacrificing Too Much For Him
Chapter 50 - Using The Sky And Earth As A Bed
Chapter 51 - Why Didn’T I Know That I Was Dead
Chapter 52 - You’Re Disappointed That I’M Still Alive?
Chapter 53 - I Still Underestimated Them
Chapter 54 - The Thing I Want To Eat The Most Is You
Chapter 55 - Even The Money Needed To Cure S*X Addiction Was Taken Away
Chapter 56 - Let Her Have A Good Time First
Chapter 57 - You Are The Murderer
Chapter 58 - How Can You Make It Up To Me
Chapter 59 - He Was An Ugly Freak
Chapter 60 - The Person I Love Is You
Chapter 61 - Giving Each Other Space To Be Independent
Chapter 62 - My Man Is The Most Handsome
Chapter 63 - I Want To Support You
Chapter 64 - You’Re No Match For Me
Chapter 65 - Only For Her
Chapter 66 - Let’S Play Something Different
Chapter 67 - You’Re Getting More And More Naughty
Chapter 68 - He’S My Man
Chapter 69 - The Person She Didn’T Want
Chapter 70 - Would You Like To See A Striptease
Chapter 71 - Who Was The One Peeping
Chapter 72 - Can You Take A Photo With Me
Chapter 73 - He Was Not Worthy At All
Chapter 74 - Watching Her Fawn Over Others
Chapter 75 - Posted On The Internet
Chapter 76 - It Was Time To Teach Them A Lesson
Chapter 77 - Seeing You Can’T Get It Up
Chapter 78 - Meeting Another Desperado
Chapter 79 - : I Have Plenty Of Time To Waste With You
Chapter 80 - She Lost To Her Again
Chapter 81 - I Must Have You
Chapter 82 - This Is Your Reward
Chapter 83 - Stop All Cooperation
Chapter 84 - : The Warning That Elder Ning Had Given Him
Chapter 85 - She Was Hiding Something From Him
Chapter 86 - Your Wife Is Really Beautiful
Chapter 87 - I Don’T Need You To Accompany Me
Chapter 88 - One Must Know When To Behave
Chapter 89 - He Still Only Acknowledges Me
Chapter 90 - There Was An Expert Guiding Her From Behind
Chapter 91 - Was It A Restraint On Her
Chapter 92 - His Heart Was Frozen
Chapter 93 - Miss The Person Beneath You
Chapter 94 - There Were Still Some Things That He Needed To Verify
Chapter 95 - Another Lie
Chapter 96 - Go And Brush Up On Your Presence
Chapter 97 - Really Didn’T Give Up
Chapter 98 - Two-Timing
Chapter 99 - He Had Seen It With His Own Eyes
Chapter 100 - Set Aside One Day
Chapter 101 - Don’T Play With Her Anymore
Chapter 102 - Teach Him A Lesson
Chapter 103 - There Was Only A Sentence Of Sorry?
Chapter 104 - I’Ve Fallen In Love With You A Long Time Ago
Chapter 105 - : Your Grandfather Is In My Hands
Chapter 106 - Betrayed By The Person Beside Him
Chapter 107 - Sending More People To Play With Her
Chapter 108 - Why Don’T You Obey Me
Chapter 109 - : I’Ll Help You With The Antidote
Chapter 110 - Shut Them Up Forever
Chapter 111 - Let’S Go Back And Practice
Chapter 112 - You’Re Not Qualified Enough
Chapter 113 - The Ning Corporation Doesn’T Leave Anyone To Be A Traitor
Chapter 114 - : Ning Dai’S Lust For Men
Chapter 115 - I Know It’S You
Chapter 116 - : Wrong Boot-Licking
Chapter 117 - Hand Over The Person, Hand Over The Medicine
Chapter 118 - Mo Chen’S Life Cannot Be Dragged On
Chapter 119 - The Price Of Failure
Chapter 120 - This Was The Only Way
Chapter 121 - If You Want To Do It, Then Do It
Chapter 122 - Even If I Die, I’Ll Drag You Down With Me
Chapter 123 - Murder Video That Mislead The Public
Chapter 124 - This Was A Series Of Tricks
Chapter 125 - I’M Here To Save The Damsel In Distress
Chapter 126 - I Want All His Information
Chapter 127 - I Don’T Want Your Money
Chapter 128 - : A Good Reincarnation In The Next Life
Chapter 129 - She Can Only Be Mine
Chapter 130 - Will Always Be Your King
Chapter 131 - : Couldn’T Do It
Chapter 132 - Why Should I Be Afraid
Chapter 133 - Chen Fan’S Legacy
Chapter 134 - You Sure Know How To Dodge
Chapter 135 - He Was A Smart Man
Chapter 136 - She Was That Woman
Chapter 137 - How Was She Supposed To Die
Chapter 138 - He Was Humiliating Her
Chapter 139 - There’S No Way Out
Chapter 140 - She Was Definitely Going To Take This Man
Chapter 141 - She Was The Key To This Battle
Chapter 142 - I Owe You A Favor
Chapter 143 - The Woman Who Covets Her Savior
Chapter 144 - Was Not Going To Be Rampant For Long
Chapter 145 - If She Didn’T Die, The Ning Family Wouldn’T Be Destroyed
Chapter 146 - I Can Do Anything For You
Chapter 147 - Something Was Not Right
Chapter 148 - Confess To All Crimes
Chapter 149 - The Last Chance
Chapter 150 - Did Not Have A Chance To Win
Chapter 151 - Test My Legs?
Chapter 152 - Hings Started To Get Interesting
Chapter 153 - It Seemed Like The Guests Couldn’T Wait Any Longer
Chapter 154 - Don’T Provoke A Mo
Chapter 155 - There Was Actually A Small Fan
Chapter 156 - How Are You Going To Seduce Me
Chapter 157 - How Fierce And S*Xy
Chapter 158 - If He Won, He Would Be Rewarded
Chapter 159 - You D*Mned Charmer
Chapter 160 - Either She Dies Or I Die
Chapter 161 - He Knew Too Many Of Her Secrets
Chapter 162 - A Little Faster
Chapter 163 - How About Right Here
Chapter 164 - Prepare For Destruction
Chapter 165 - She Did It On Purpose
Chapter 166 - The Highest Record
Chapter 167 - Don’T Provoke The Ning Family
Chapter 168 - This Face Was Too Useful
Chapter 169 - : Is Your Gun Sharp
Chapter 170 - The Trick Of A Thief Calling Out To Catch A Thief
Chapter 171 - No More Fun Together
Chapter 172 - He Could Only Tell The Truth
Chapter 173 - I Object
Chapter 174 - Your Brother Knows To Break Three Of Your Legs
Chapter 175 - She Had Lost Him
Chapter 176 - You Want To Kill Me?
Chapter 177 - I Owe Ning Dai A Favor
Chapter 178 - Body Too Ugly. I’M Afraid I’Ll Scare You
Chapter 179 - Why Do I Like You So Much
Chapter 180 - You’Ve Become Bad
Chapter 181 - The Punishment Could Not Be Reduced
Chapter 182 - Do You Know What You’Ve Done Wrong
Chapter 183 - Evil Only To You
Chapter 184 - Want To Settle Down? Dream On
Chapter 185 - I Wouldn’T Dare
Chapter 186 - No One Would Be Able To Live In Peace
Chapter 187 - It Was My Fault
Chapter 188 - Imagination Is Not As Good As Actual Combat
Chapter 189 - I Can’T Stand Still Anymore
Chapter 190 - Suitable To Be Defiled By Me
Chapter 191 - He Wanted To Commit Suicide Again
Chapter 192 - I Owe You A Favor
Chapter 193 - The Basis Of Her Hatred Was Love
Chapter 194 - She Gave It To Golden Dragon For Protection
Chapter 195 - You Don’T Have The Right To Negotiate With Me
Chapter 196 - You Actually Wanted To Leave Me Alone
Chapter 197 - Teaching Me A Lesson With A Pointer
Chapter 198 - You B*Stard
Chapter 199 - Not Too Useless
Chapter 200 - : He Was Even More Cunning Than You Could Imagine
Chapter 201 - You’Re Looking Down On Me A Little
Chapter 202 - Regret Again
Chapter 203 - Mo Chen Had Arrived
Chapter 204 - Ning Dai Is Pregnant
Chapter 205 - Take Me For Exercise
Chapter 206 - How Could She Be So Slow
Chapter 207 - In Terms Of Calculations, He Would Not Lose
Chapter 208 - He Was More Capable Than She Had Imagined
Chapter 209 - Then I Won’T Stand On Ceremony
Chapter 210 - Hubby Is Too Fierce
Chapter 211 - He Had Never Been Easy To Deal With
Chapter 212 - Wasn’T The Worst Part Yet
Chapter 213 - You Don’T Want To Talk About It, But Your Body Is Honest
Chapter 214 - Mommy And Daddy Are Playing A Game
Chapter 215 - What Right Do You Have To Cripple Me
Chapter 216 - I’M The Boss Of The Company Now
Chapter 217 - We Can’T Let Anything Happen To Ning Dai
Chapter 218 - Pay The Price For Today’S Incident
Chapter 219 - : He Was The Only Man
Chapter 220 - She Knew Mo Chen Earlier Than She Did
Chapter 221 - Getting To Know Each Other’S Mature Bodies
Chapter 222 - You Look Hot
Chapter 223 - Was Clearly Provoking Her
Chapter 224 - Return To China. I Need You
Chapter 225 - She’S The One I Love The Most
Chapter 226 - My Dai’Er Is Too Jealous
Chapter 227 - I Want This Person
Chapter 228 - 228 It Seems Like You Haven’T Lived Long Enough
Chapter 229 - 229 Why Did They Take Mo Heng Away
Chapter 230 - 230 That Was Their Child
Chapter 231 - 231 Dai’Er Only Wants To Help You
Chapter 232 - 232 How Did You Get Bigger
Chapter 233 - 233 You Look Like A Person
Chapter 234 - 234 I’M Six Years Old This Year
Chapter 235 - 235 Looks Like You’Ve Had A Good Eye Ever Since You Were Young
Chapter 236 - 236 There Was A Deviation In Their Memories
Chapter 237 - 237 I Am Your Dai’Er
Chapter 238 - 238 Why Did He Take Away The Mo Family’S Child
Chapter 239 - 239 Don’T Even Think About Running Away
Chapter 240 - 240 There Was A Problem With The Corpse
Chapter 241 - 241 She Was Not Willing To Give Up!
Chapter 242 - 242 I Trust You Unconditionally
Chapter 243 - 243 You Did It On Purpose
Chapter 244 - 244 The Show Had Just Begun
Chapter 245 - 245 Someone Lifted A Rock And Smashed It Against His Own Foot
Chapter 246 - 246 You Have To Listen To Me All The Way
Chapter 247 - 247 I Don’T Have Any Candy
Chapter 248 - 248 Someone Had Been Spying On Them
Chapter 249 - 249 How Dare You Provoke Us?
Chapter 250 - 250 Still Needed To Be Carefully Discussed
Chapter 251 - 251 What Kind Of Monster Is This
Chapter 252 - 252 Drugged
Chapter 253 - 253 So It Was Master
Chapter 254 - 254 I Don’T Like Him
Chapter 255 - 255 Please Accept Him
Chapter 256 - 256 Your Master Is Very Special
Chapter 257 - 257 You’Ve Suffered
Chapter 258 - 258 Never Enough
Chapter 259 - 259 This Man Was Declaring His Sovereignty
Chapter 260 - 260 Magical Chinese Medicine
Chapter 261 - 261 There Was Something Wrong With The Water
Chapter 262-End - 262 Mother And Son Safe And Sound (Grand Finale)
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The Ning family finally found the sole granddaughter after she disappeared for ten years. Grandpa Ning was overjoyed! He embarked on the search for a grandson-in-law in River City. With a raise of her finger, Ning Dai pointed at the Mo family's disfigured Second Young Master, Mo Chen. Everyone thought she was crazy, but only Ning Dai knew that when she was kidnapped, Mo Chen risked everything he had—even with a broken leg and disfigured face—to rescue her from the devil's lair after her elder brother died tragically. Ning Dai returned to repay Mo Chen for saving her life, and also to exact revenge on her uncles for her elder brother's death. Everyone claimed that the Mo family fell from grace after Mo Chen's injuries while Second Young Master Mo Chen became paranoid and ruthless too. No one dared to get close to him. However, Ning Dai insisted on clinging to him. ""Second Brother, your medicine won't taste bitter today because I'll give you a kiss to go with it."" Mo Chen was about to lose control of his emotions. ""Scram. I don't love you."" Ning Dai gave him a cheeky smile, ""Two kisses, then."" Eventually, Mo Chen kissed Ning Dai's forehead shakily, his resolve shattered into a thousand pieces. After seeing how profound Mo Chen's love for her was, Ning Dai was convinced that he would once again stand up for her and stay by her side at the top of the world.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Marry Me


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At Jingtian Hotel.

“I want this man!” The corners of Ning Dai’s lips curled up. She raised her hand and pointed at Mo Chen in the corner, causing an uproar in the crowd.

As the leader of the business circle in a city, the Ning family had reserved the entire venue for the marriage of Ning Baichuan’s only grandchild who had just been found.

She didn’t choose the young masters of the aristocratic families, but actually chose that inferior character from the Mo family?!

The young masters’ faces didn’t look good, and the discussion grew louder and louder.

“Is Ning Dai crazy or stupid? She chose that ugly Mo family freak!”

“His legs are crippled, and I heard that he’s impotent. Ning Dai just returned. I’m afraid she doesn’t know!”

“Elder Ning won’t agree, right?!”


Ning Dai walked through the noisy crowd and walked towards the person who had been hiding in her heart for a long time.

Mo Chen sat upright in the fully automatic wheelchair. His body was straight, and his eyes were malicious. Half of his face was hidden in a specially made black gold mask.

The other half had a three-dimensional outline and the peak of his brows was like a knife that pierced straight into people’s hearts.

The air around him seemed to be frozen, causing people to shiver involuntarily.

The others were as far away from him as if they were avoiding the plague.

Only she did not care at all.

Ten years ago, it was this man who risked his broken legs and disfigurement to save her from the human trafficker’s devil’s den.

She remembered all of this.

Ning Dai leaned over and hooked her arm around Mo Chen’s chin. She looked at the pair of eyes that were filled with killing intent. Not only was she not intimidated, but she was also staring at him carefully, as if she was trying to find something.

“Marry me.”

Her tone was firm, causing Mo Chen to frown.

The woman in front of him was wearing a long dress that was as red as flames. The exquisite cut wrapped around her extremely beautiful figure. Under the deep v neckline, her soft breasts undulated with her breathing.

Mo Chen felt an inexplicable heat and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

However, the masculine wind between his legs was still calm.

Mo Chen sneered. “I won’t marry you.”

Ning Dai raised her eyebrows but she wasn’t angry. She hooked her fingers around his tie knot and tugged at his side. “Don’t, Second Brother…”

Her other hand gently caressed the lower half of his lower abdomen, bringing along a trail of fire. Finally, it stopped at his left chest and his heart.

Feeling the man’s rapid heartbeat, Ning Dai kissed the sensitive skin behind his ear. “I’m super useful. Are you sure you don’t want to give it a try?”

Mo Chen’s body stiffened. There was a strange yet familiar heat that rushed towards his dantian uncontrollably. Then, the object that had been silent for a long time… completely stiffened!

At the wedding reception, in front of hundreds of eyes!

“You…” His long fingers gripped the control handle of the wheelchair. He wanted to step back, but Ning Dai had already seen through him.

Ning Dai gripped the control handle and took the opportunity to move her lips to his, muttering softly.

“Second Brother, I can cure you. Don’t you want to see how powerful you are?”

Mo Chen was stunned for half a second before revealing a self-deprecating smile. “My legs are inconvenient. I can’t satisfy you.”

Ning Dai didn’t seem to care about this at all. She pressed her lips against his and said with a hint of coolness in her mouth, “You can always satisfy me.”

Only you can satisfy me.

Kacha — Kacha —

The flash of camera lights shone crazily around the two of them. The media at the banquet venue were like hungry dogs that hadn’t eaten meat for a long time.

“Cough! It’s not time for an interview yet. Everyone, don’t be anxious.” Ning Baichuan seemed to have stopped the reporters from approaching Ning Dai, but in reality, he felt that when his own granddaughter looked at Mo Chen, it was as if she was going to eat him up…

He came to Ning Dai’s side. “Dai’er, are you really going to choose him?”

Him, a disfigured and disabled person who didn’t have much money left in his family and could be kicked out of the celebrity circle at any time?

Ning Dai stood up and looked at Ning Baichuan. She didn’t answer him directly. Instead, she moved closer to his ear and asked softly, “Grandfather, can I have the room card given to me by the hotel?”

Ning Baichuan’s eyebrows twitched and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, he was someone who had seen many storms. For his own granddaughter to be in such a hurry… It wasn’t too bad. At least the possibility of him holding a great-grandson in the future was high!

He signaled to his assistant with his eyes, and the other party immediately called for the Ning family’s bodyguards. They gathered the reporters to the other side, and then gave the room card to Ning Dai.

Mo Chen looked calm on the surface, but his heart was turbulent.

That kiss just now had completely ignited the flames of desire.

Somewhere, he felt bloated and uncomfortable. When he looked at the woman in front of him, who had caused him to become like this, he wanted to take her on the spot!

As if they were telepathically connected, Ning Dai turned her head to look at the tent that Mo Chen had lifted up from his lower body. She waved the room card in her hand and said, “Second Brother, can I bring you to settle this?”

Mo Chen’s face was filled with unwillingness.. However, between the gaps of his teeth, he squeezed out, “En.”


Total Chapters in book: 262
Estimated words: 233985 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1170(@200wpm)___ 936(@250wpm)___ 780(@300wpm)