Upgrade Specialist In Another World by Endless Sea Of Clouds

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1: Bai Yunfei
Chapter 2: Item Upgrade Technique
Chapter 3: Uncle Wu
Chapter 4: Slaughter In The Coliseum
Chapter 5: The Death Of Uncle Wu And The Transformation
Chapter 6: Do You Want Power?
Chapter 7: Exploded?!
Chapter 8: Soul Apprentice Stage! Cultivation And Research
Chapter 9: Change
Chapter 10: Target, Blackwood Stronghold!
Chapter 11: First Encounter With Bandits
Chapter 12: Li Chengfeng
Chapter 13: First Time Fighting A Soul Cultivator; The Might Of The Upgraded Items!
Chapter 14: Soul Personage Stage, Soul Skills, Soul Items!
Chapter 15: Bandits Like These; Prepare To Kill!
Chapter 16: Kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 17: Declare War On The Blackwood Stronghold!
Chapter 18: Bai Yunfei’S Plan
Chapter 19: The Time Was Ripe; Infiltrate The Stronghold
Chapter 20: Kill The Vice-Chieftain!
Chapter 21: Final Fight Against A Soul Warrior; Flying Daggers!
Chapter 22: Destroy The Blackwood Stronghold; Return To The City!
Chapter 23: The Zhang Family’S Movements; Come To The Rescue
Chapter 24: Re-Encounter With Zhang Yang; Fighting For Vengeance! (1)
Chapter 25: Fighting For Vengeance! (2)
Chapter 26: Fighting For Vengeance! (3)
Chapter 27: Fighting For Vengeance! (4)
Chapter 28: Stab Zhang Yang To Death!
Chapter 29: Green Willow School, Luliu, Yuhe
Chapter 30: Schools In The World!
Chapter 31: Rescue Romance Is Not Believable
Chapter 32: Soul Warrior Stage; Acupoints
Chapter 33: Meet Li Chengfeng Again
Chapter 34: Explode! Explode! And Explode!
Chapter 35: +13 Brick! Hurling!
Chapter 36: +13 Brick! Stunning! Confusing!
Chapter 37: The Zhang Family’S Movements; The Approaching Peril!
Chapter 38: Initial Success With The Wave Treading Steps
Chapter 39: +12 Daggers!
Chapter 40: Research Item Properties Again
Chapter 41: Leave… Peril Is Coming?
Chapter 42: I’Ve Been Tricked!
Chapter 43: Fleeing And… Worrying
Chapter 44: Three Days Of Tracking; An Approaching Mortal Danger!
Chapter 45: Go All Out! Fight!!
Chapter 46: The Gap In Power!
Chapter 47: Strike Back!
Chapter 48: Ninefold Fist Force Vs. Glacial Palm
Chapter 49: Run Away!!
Chapter 50: Reaching Baifeng City
Chapter 51: Secret Exposed! Greater Danger!!
Chapter 52: Meet The Old Man From The Fate School Again
Chapter 53: Original Property Of The Soul
Chapter 54: First Arrival In Cuiliu City; A Cliched Scene?
Chapter 55: Artificial Respiration Is Needed?
Chapter 56: Liu Meng
Chapter 57: Stroll And Tell
Chapter 58: Long Tao Duo [Long Tao = Walk-On Part]
Chapter 59: An Inexplicable Attack
Chapter 60: Bloodhowl Wolf King’S Adopted Son Hong Yin
Chapter 61: Meeting Qiu Luliu Again
Chapter 62: +10 Jewelry’S Additional Effects
Chapter 63: Is This Jealousy?
Chapter 64: Green Willow School
Chapter 65: Sudden Event
Chapter 66: You Want To Fight? Let’S Fight!
Chapter 67: The Brick Defeats A Soul Technique
Chapter 68: Mission Accomplished; Conspiracy Discovered!
Chapter 69: Things That Always Happen At A Restaurant
Chapter 70: In A Flash
Chapter 71: First Meeting With Hong Yin
Chapter 72: See Through It
Chapter 73: What Should Be Said, Has Been Said
Chapter 74: One Against Two
Chapter 75: Help Arrives
Chapter 76: Injury Treatment
Chapter 77: Approaching Crisis
Chapter 78: Soul Beast
Chapter 79: A Powerful Foe Comes, Fight!
Chapter 80: Seven Day Agreement!
Chapter 81: Frantically Rising In Power
Chapter 82: Essence Fireseed, Equipment Mutation
Chapter 83: The Changes In The Two Items
Chapter 84: Battling Zhang Zhenshan Again
Chapter 85: The Foe Retreats, Backlash
Chapter 86: Fireseed Spirit Mushroom
Chapter 87: Middle Soul Sprite!!
Chapter 88: ‘Flame Dagger’ Of The Bracer
Chapter 89: Upgrade Complete
Chapter 90: Departure
Chapter 91: Just Arrived At Yanling City, And The Space Ring Is Already Stolen?!
Chapter 92: The Thief Of The Space Ring
Chapter 93: Jing Mingfeng,’No Discord, No Concord’
Chapter 94: Jing Minfeng’S Action, Preparing To Retaliate?
Chapter 95: Taking Liberties With Women
Chapter 96: Entrapment By Jing Mingfeng And The Incoming Ridiculously Absurd Disaster
Chapter 97: ‘Superior’ Equipment
Chapter 98: What’S Going On?
Chapter 99: Aunty, I Really Don’T Know Anything!
Chapter 100: As Like The Heart Flying With The Clouds, Be Free And Easy
Chapter 101: Escaping Is Important, Time To Go!
Chapter 102: Kill Them Straight Away
Chapter 103: Chased By A Soul Ancestor!
Chapter 104: Jiang Fan Of The Crafting School!
Chapter 105: Once Again….
Chapter 106: Bird Soulbeast?
Chapter 107: Tianming
Chapter 108: Another Encounter
Chapter 109: ‘The Heart Flies With The Clouds’, Tang Xinyun
Chapter 110: Beaten Black And Blue
Chapter 111: A Deal?
Chapter 112: Disguise Technique
Chapter 113: The ‘Lawlessness’ Of Upgrading
Chapter 114: Spirit Recovery
Chapter 115: The Consequences Of Not Filling An Hole After Digging It
Chapter 116: Quickshade Bird
Chapter 117: Release That Bird!
Chapter 118: Taking Care Of The “Small Fry”
Chapter 119: Only Two Remain
Chapter 120: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 121: Saving The Quickshade Bird, But What Has Happened?
Chapter 122: Soul Contract
Chapter 123: Compliant Rope
Chapter 124: Assistance
Chapter 125: Moonlight On The Rooftops
Chapter 126: An Indescribable Attack
Chapter 127: The House Of Zhao, And The….Beast Taming School Again?
Chapter 128: Instakill!
Chapter 129: Destroying The Evidence
Chapter 130: Unexpected Information
Chapter 131: Xinyun In Trouble
Chapter 132: Stay Your Hands!!
Chapter 133: One Spear Shocks The Enemies
Chapter 134: Like A Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 135: Self Detonation
Chapter 136: Astonishment
Chapter 137: The House Of Ye
Chapter 138: Rest
Chapter 139: Four Lords Of The Capital
Chapter 140: Stand To Watch
Chapter 141: Threefold Slap
Chapter 142: Paying A Visit To The House Of Liu
Chapter 143: I’Ll Be Imposing On You Then
Chapter 144: The Goal
Chapter 145: Use This To Slap Him
Chapter 146: Sending Everyone Flying With A Slap
Chapter 147: A Meeting
Chapter 148: Zhao Xiluo
Chapter 149: Soul Contract
Chapter 150: Give Up
Chapter 151: I’M Not Too Familiar With It
Chapter 152: Unexpected Windfall
Chapter 153: Late-Stage Soul Sprite
Chapter 154: Zhao Xiluo’S Visit
Chapter 155: Reconciliation
Chapter 156: Sharing Pointers
Chapter 157: The End
Chapter 158: Honorarium
Chapter 159: Fragments Of The Flying Dagger
Chapter 160: There Must Be Treasure In The Mysterious Cave!
Chapter 161: Greater Scorpion
Chapter 162: Mutual Destruction
Chapter 163: You Rascal!
Chapter 164: As The Mantis Hunts The Cicada, The Oriole Stalks The Mantis
Chapter 165: Save Me!
Chapter 166: The Oriole Shows Itself!
Chapter 167: Post Battle Analysis
Chapter 168: The Walk-On Strawhat
Chapter 169: Going Hunting
Chapter 170: Sudden Mishap
Chapter 171: Crescent Moon Killers
Chapter 172: To Battle!
Chapter 173: Synchronizing Soul Techniques
Chapter 174: Fury
Chapter 175: The Surprise Attack Of Shao Ling
Chapter 176: Wiping Out The Enemies
Chapter 177: A Profitable Inventory
Chapter 178: Crescent Moon Blades And Set Equipment!
Chapter 179: Upgrade Stone
Chapter 180: Upgrading In Batches
Chapter 181: At The Base Of Mount Crimson
Chapter 182: Testing For The Gift Of Fire
Chapter 183: Meddling In The Affairs Of Another
Chapter 184: There’S Strange Things Everyday, But Today Even Moreso
Chapter 185: Fighting With A Student Of The Crafting School
Chapter 186: Elder Of The Crafting School
Chapter 187: Escaped
Chapter 188: There’Ll Always Be Someone That Needs A Spanking
Chapter 189: Heading Up The Mountain
Chapter 190: The ‘Simple’ Crafting Examination
Chapter 191: Ye Zhiqiu (First)
Chapter 192: The First Elder Xiao Binzi (Second)
Chapter 193: Announcement Of The Soul Armaments, Forward!
Chapter 194: I Won’T! (First)
Chapter 195: Ending And Profit! (Second)
Chapter 196: Friends (Third)
Chapter 197: Exceptions And Trials! (First)
Chapter 198: The Welcoming Gift Of Becoming A Disciple! (Second)
Chapter 199: Ardent Sun Glove, A Glove That Has Both Attack And Defense! (Third)
Chapter 200: Mysterious Space
Chapter 201: Alarming Change!
Chapter 202: A Double Upgrade Of The Fire-Tipped Spear
Chapter 203: Soul Compatibility
Chapter 204: Fourth Elder
Chapter 205: Secrets Of Firebending
Chapter 206: Hidden Training For A Month
Chapter 207: A Challenge
Chapter 208: Rock Slicer
Chapter 209: Of Doppelgangers And Victory!
Chapter 210: ‘Armament Skills’!
Chapter 211: The Art Of Crafting! (First)
Chapter 212: Huangfu Rui (Second)
Chapter 213: Meeting Tang Xinyun Once Again, But As A Junior?
Chapter 214: Learning How To Craft
Chapter 215: Forging Cauldron
Chapter 216: A ‘Defect’ In The Upgrade Technique
Chapter 217: Upgrading At Lightning Quick Speed….Isn’T Enough!
Chapter 218: A Brief Break
Chapter 219: Skipping A Stage To Refine By Compression!
Chapter 220: Losing Control
Chapter 221: Confusion
Chapter 222: Soul Binding!
Chapter 223: Becoming A Soul Ancestor!
Chapter 224: Awakening (First)
Chapter 225: The Anima Realm And Lifebound Armaments! (Second)
Chapter 226: An Upgrade In The Upgrade Technique! (Third)
Chapter 227: Memory Of Another
Chapter 228: The Test (Second)
Chapter 229: Renamed As The Cataclysmic Seal! (Third)
Chapter 230: Elder Cousin?
Chapter 231: A Small Test Of Blades
Chapter 232: You Let Me Win
Chapter 233: Rising Up In The Hierarchy!
Chapter 234: The Legend Of The Alchemy School
Chapter 235: The Lightning-Fire Cauldron And The Violet Soul Ring!!
Chapter 236: A Stabilized Rate Of Training And Changes To The Upgrade Technique
Chapter 237: Redfire City
Chapter 238: Na Lanyin
Chapter 239: A Stroll
Chapter 240: Lantern Festival
Chapter 241: A Competition
Chapter 242: How Coincidental!
Chapter 243: The Strength Of Xiao Rourou!
Chapter 244: The House Of Liu From The Northern Ridge Province
Chapter 245: Take It All!
Chapter 246: Life Jade Slip
Chapter 247: Curopia City In The Black Mountain Province
Chapter 248: House Of Xiao
Chapter 249: Prepare To Die!
Chapter 250: Xiao Binzi’S Strength!
Chapter 251: War!
Chapter 252: Can You Kill?
Chapter 253: A Predicament
Chapter 254: Fight On And Press On!
Chapter 255: A Sword Through The Heart!
Chapter 256: Invasion Of A Late-Stage Soul Ancestor!
Chapter 257: A Draining Development
Chapter 258: Craze And The Might Of The Cataclysmic Seal!
Chapter 259: There’S No Escape!
Chapter 260: The End Of A Battle
Chapter 261: Damage To The Essence Fireseed
Chapter 262: The Consequences Of A Chaotic Explosion
Chapter 263: The Soul Refining School!
Chapter 264: Self Blame
Chapter 265: Upgrading Accessories
Chapter 266: A Worsening Injury
Chapter 267: Powerless
Chapter 268: Upgrading Craze
Chapter 269: All Or Nothing
Chapter 270: Yun’S Soul Ring
Chapter 271: Avoiding Danger
Chapter 272: The Weeping Of A Woman
Chapter 273: A Conclusive But Silent Decision
Chapter 274: Scared But Unhurt
Chapter 275: The Blabbermouth Xiao Er
Chapter 276: Returning To The School
Chapter 277: Violet Soul Bracelet
Chapter 278: Imprisoned Fireseed
Chapter 279: Special Circumstances
Chapter 280: An Unexpected Profit: The Cultivating Pendant
Chapter 281: I’Ll Definitely Do It!
Chapter 282: A Legend
Chapter 283: Reforming The Essence Fireseed!
Chapter 284: Difficulties
Chapter 285: The Final Conclusion
Chapter 286: What To Do?
Chapter 287: Happy Birthday!
Chapter 288: Accompanying You Back Home
Chapter 289: Tempest Sword
Chapter 290: Tang Xinyun’S Identity
Chapter 291: Big Dagger And Little Dagger
Chapter 292: Insta Die!
Chapter 293: Strength Is As Shown
Chapter 294: And Another Death!
Chapter 295: A Violent Attack!
Chapter 296: Attacking The Enemy Together
Chapter 297: A Deal
Chapter 298: Orchid Town
Chapter 299: Mt. Orchid
Chapter 300: Knocking Out A Mouthful Of Teeth
Chapter 301: Going Home
Chapter 302: Reunion Between Mother And Daughter
Chapter 303: Paying A Visit
Chapter 304: Utter Defeat!!
Chapter 305: Intimidation
Chapter 306: Worth It!
Chapter 307: A Conversation And A Test
Chapter 308: There’Ll Always Be An Unexpected Windfall Admist The Buyout
Chapter 309: Kou Tingting
Chapter 310: Detoxifying Earring And Hydrotherapy
Chapter 311: Reunion Festival
Chapter 312: I Am The Bandit Chief
Chapter 313: A List Of Prodigies
Chapter 314: Dragonfruit
Chapter 315: Baby Wind Squaller
Chapter 316: Junior Headmaster Of The Beast Taming School
Chapter 317: A Must Have!!
Chapter 318: Bidding War
Chapter 319: Shocking Everyone
Chapter 320: Mo Ni
Chapter 321: A Reunion With Jing Mingfeng!
Chapter 322: Trading For The Soul Concealment Art
Chapter 323: The ‘Blackwind’ Dagger (First)
Chapter 324: An Unexpected Twist? (Second)
Chapter 325: Friends?! (Third)
Chapter 326: Instant Death? (Fourth)
Chapter 327: Instant Death (First)
Chapter 328: Double Kill!! (Second)
Chapter 329: The Mushroom Is Back, But Now What?! (Third)
Chapter 330: Xinyun Was Kidnapped!
Chapter 331: Forming An Essence Fireseed Again!
Chapter 332: The Stone Asura
Chapter 333: Battling A Soul Exalt
Chapter 334: Pushed Back? Time To Counterstrike! (First)
Chapter 335: The Overusage Of A Technique And Despair! (Second)
Chapter 336: The Collision Of Two Fireseeds! (Third)
Chapter 337: The Final Explosion (Fourth)
Chapter 338: The Death Of Hidden Snake (Fifth)
Chapter 339: A Safe Rescue (Sixth)
Chapter 340: The Mastermind Was Him! (First)
Chapter 341: Resting After A Battle And The First Rumors Of Fame (Second)
Chapter 342: The ‘Soulbound’ Yun’S Soul Ring (Third)
Chapter 343: Misgivings
Chapter 344: Misgivings
Chapter 345: The Third Son Of Tang
Chapter 346: Tranquility
Chapter 347: Poisoned?!
Chapter 348: Elder Hai
Chapter 349: A Game Between Two Experts
Chapter 350: Welcoming Gifts
Chapter 351: Dual Flame Arts And The Dual Dragon Burst!
Chapter 352: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 353: Meeting Mo Ni Again
Chapter 354: When All Worries Melt Away
Chapter 355: A Meeting Of Foes
Chapter 356: Anger From A Son’S Death
Chapter 357: Expulsion
Chapter 358: Returning A Tiger To Its Mountain?
Chapter 359: Hunted!
Chapter 360: The Closure To A Chapter
Chapter 361: Smooth Training And….Unknown Dangers!
Chapter 362: Two Years Later At Praestia Pass
Chapter 363: Accepting A Request
Chapter 364: Adventuring Team
Chapter 365: A Tentative Understanding
Chapter 366: Soulbeast Ambush
Chapter 367: A Two Year Summary And An Unordinary Situation
Chapter 368: An Unexpected Crisis!
Chapter 369: A Wave Of Soulbeasts!
Chapter 370: Battle Determination
Chapter 371: A One Man Wall!
Chapter 372: Dual Desert Eagles And Gun Fu
Chapter 373: Dual Flame Arts: Coil!
Chapter 374: The Final ‘Mountain’ Of A Soulbeast!
Chapter 375: The Hillbeast
Chapter 376: Coil X Dual Dragons!!
Chapter 377: ‘Long’, Swordsman Of The Three Swords Style
Chapter 378: The Final Battle
Chapter 379: The Subsiding Wave Of Beasts
Chapter 380: A Rendezvous
Chapter 381: A Request
Chapter 382: Becoming Famous Again
Chapter 383: The Unusual Soulbeast Forest
Chapter 384: Fighting A Pack Of Wolves
Chapter 385: Suddenly, A Purple-Crowned Snake!
Chapter 386: Three-Eyed Bloodlion!
Chapter 387: A Sudden Breakthrough!
Chapter 388: Fighting A Bloodlion Solo
Chapter 389: A Mental Attack
Chapter 390: The Decisive Blow!
Chapter 391: The Hidden Enemy
Chapter 392: Thunderfire Wolf
Chapter 393: A Challenging Battle
Chapter 394: Escaping
Chapter 395: Reluctance!
Chapter 396: Meeting Na Lanyin Again!
Chapter 397: Guidance (First)
Chapter 398: Battle Between Wolf And Bird (Second)
Chapter 399: An Uneggxpected Discovery (Third)
Chapter 400: Renactment Of Deja Vu And Bamboozlement (Fourth)
Chapter 401: +14 And….An Anomaly! (Fifth)
Chapter 402: Hatching And Regressing!(Sixth)
Chapter 403: You Have To Be Amazing, Right Xiao Qi?!! (Seventh)
Chapter 404: Xiao Qi Powering Through The Levels, Through The Night! (Eighth)
Chapter 405: Crafting! (Ninth)
Chapter 406: The Unique Equipment, The Beast Taming Ring! (Tenth)
Chapter 407: Blue-Eyes Wyrm
Chapter 408: The Strength Of The Beast Taming Ring, And A Cool Mount
Chapter 409: Xiao Qi’S Love For Singing
Chapter 410: One Azure Leaf Boat, Yun Liantian The Wanderer! (First)
Chapter 411: The Melancholy Of Xiao Qi (Second)
Chapter 412: Meeting The Greenwood Wolf Again (Third)
Chapter 413: Xiao Qi’S Strength (Fourth)
Chapter 414: Not An Effect But A Skill!
Chapter 415: Reaching The ‘Limits’ In One Month?
Chapter 416: Thunderberry
Chapter 417: Thunderwing Bat
Chapter 418: A Miscalculation!
Chapter 419: A Serious Injury
Chapter 420: Form A Soul Contract!! (First)
Chapter 421: Concluding A Soul Contract!! (Second)
Chapter 422: Advancing To Become A Soul Exalt! (Third)
Chapter 423: Battling Again! (Fourth)
Chapter 424: The Final Gap, And Victory!
Chapter 425: Another Power Up?
Chapter 426: Safe Zone
Chapter 427: The Two Winged Kings
Chapter 428: The Fate Of Xiao Qi
Chapter 429: Wind And Lightning Feathers
Chapter 430: Is Something The Matter?
Chapter 431: Barren Battleground
Chapter 432: Dragon’S Roar
Chapter 433: Appearance Of The Powerful!
Chapter 434: Black Dragon King
Chapter 435: A Huge Battle Incoming!
Chapter 436: The Fearless Black Dragon King
Chapter 437: Twister
Chapter 438: Escape?
Chapter 439: Gathering Of Kings!
Chapter 440: Nephrite Throne
Chapter 441: The Black Dragon King'S True Form!
Chapter 442: Leaving The Battlefield (First)
Chapter 443: The Tragedy Of The Throne Seeker, The Convenience Man (Second)
Chapter 444: Battling Xing Yuan Again (Third)
Chapter 445: The Bane Of The Beast Taming School (Fourth)
Chapter 446: An Attack Onto The Soul And The Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon’S Roar! (Fifth)
Chapter 447: High-Heaven Tier!
Chapter 448: Death Of The Black Dragon!
Chapter 449: Destruction Of The Throne!
Chapter 450: Dual Flame Arts: Berserk Mode!
Chapter 451: Battling A Soul Refiner, And The Soul Sucking Skill!
Chapter 452: Incinerated
Chapter 453: Zhi Tian
Chapter 454: Saved Thanks To The Bloodhowl Mark
Chapter 455: A Clone!
Chapter 456: The Final Victor
Chapter 457: Fragments Of The Nephrite Throne
Chapter 458: Guaranteed Upgrade Stones
Chapter 459: +12, +13, And Insights On Upgrading
Chapter 460: A Deeper Study Of The Upgrade Technique
Chapter 461: Luck
Chapter 462: A Change In The Thunderfire Wolf
Chapter 463: Mutation In The Slave Seal!
Chapter 464: The Crumbling Of The Slave Seal And The Self Destruction Of The Soulgem!
Chapter 465: Essence Lightningseed
Chapter 466: Companion Lightningseed
Chapter 467: A Change In The Thunderfire Wolf
Chapter 468: A Year Goes By In A Snap
Chapter 469: The Skywards Mountains And The Crack In The Sky
Chapter 470: A Hero Saving A Maiden?
Chapter 471: Devotion Of The Heart And Carnal Advances?
Chapter 472: Striking Down A Delicate ‘Flower’? A Bewitching Fox!
Chapter 473: A Trap!
Chapter 474: Thousand Fox Phantasm
Chapter 475: Shattered Illusions
Chapter 476: Goodbye, Wolf
Chapter 477: Return To The Class Five Area
Chapter 478: Meeting Xiao Lan Again
Chapter 479: Carelessness
Chapter 480: Battling Yet Another Soul Refiner
Chapter 481: Strike To Kill, Intimidate To Scare Away
Chapter 482: There’S Meat If I Follow You
Chapter 483: New Equipment And New ‘Attribute’
Chapter 484: Mental Link And The Charm Bracelet
Chapter 485: Return To The Empire, The Northern Ridge Province (First)
Chapter 486: The Second Young Master Of The House Of Xing In Ventia City (Second)
Chapter 487: Self-Seeking Trouble (Third)
Chapter 488: Seeking Trouble (Fourth)
Chapter 489: What Did….You Say?!
Chapter 490: Poison!!
Chapter 491: Yue Feng
Chapter 492: Coming To Kill
Chapter 493: Killing Those Who Came To Kill
Chapter 494: Yue Feng’S Goal
Chapter 495: To Each, Their Battle!
Chapter 496: The Conclusion Of A Battle
Chapter 497: Apprentice Of Elder Hai
Chapter 498: The Tragedy Of The Xing! (First)
Chapter 499: The Fourth Elder Of The Beast Taming School! (Second)
Chapter 500: Fighting Yao Tong Again (Third)
Chapter 501: Retreat (Fourth)
Chapter 502: Xing Qiuhong'S Space Ring (Fifth)
Chapter 503: Battling A Soul King! (Sixth)
Chapter 504: Struggle! (Seventh)
Chapter 505: Cutting A Soul King! (Eighth)
Chapter 506: Improvement In Strength (Ninth)
Chapter 507: Equipment Grade: Low Divine! (Tenth)
Chapter 508: Unraveling The Seal
Chapter 509: Soul Sentinel Scarf, A Regalia With A Soul!
Chapter 510: The Second Lifebound Armament! (End Of Book 4)
Chapter 511: A Sudden Event Outside The Capital
Chapter 512: A Battle Hidden Behind The Illusionary Barrier!
Chapter 513: Lending A Hand
Chapter 514: Meeting Zheng Kai
Chapter 515: Four Lords Of The Capital
Chapter 516: Friends Well Worth Having
Chapter 517: Illusion Stone
Chapter 518: The Person He Needs To See
Chapter 519: Tianhun Academy
Chapter 520: Mo Huangkong
Chapter 521: Classes?!
Chapter 522: Mo Wanxia
Chapter 523: Knockdown Via Brick
Chapter 524: Intervention Of An Instructor
Chapter 525: Here Comes Trouble
Chapter 526: The Second Prince, Wu Zhuo
Chapter 527: Preparing For Class
Chapter 528: First Day Of Class
Chapter 529: Materials Warehouse
Chapter 530: Challenge From An Academy Instructor
Chapter 531: Only Defending Never Attacking
Chapter 532: Rebound
Chapter 533: Assigning Homework Before Class
Chapter 534: Soft Aurinium Ore
Chapter 535: Armaments That Change The World
Chapter 536: Crafting A Heaven-Tier Soul Armament
Chapter 537: Upgrade +1
Chapter 538: A Change!
Chapter 539: Critical Glove
Chapter 540: Heading Outside To Relax
Chapter 541: Casino Jin
Chapter 542: Fortune
Chapter 543: Another 'Challenge'?!
Chapter 544: Gambling With Heaven-Tiers
Chapter 545: Losing Badly Hurts
Chapter 546: Uncle Dan Teng
Chapter 547: Ambush!!
Chapter 548: A Desperate Situation
Chapter 549: Damage To The Soul!
Chapter 550: Retreat!
Chapter 551: Stop!!
Chapter 552: Escaped!!
Chapter 553: Recuperating
Chaper 554: Ruminations
Chapter 555: The Lightning-Type Ye Ming
Chapter 556: The Students Of The Crafting Class
Chapter 557: Dig A Hole!
Chapter 558: Unrivalled Swordsman
Chapter 559: The Earth-Type Instructor, Xiao Nan
Chapter 560: How Unfortunate....
Chapter 561: Mysterious Pattern
Chapter 562: The First Prince, Wu Ren
Chapter 563: The Good Intentions Of The First Prince (First)
Chapter 564: Underground Ring (Second)
Chapter 565: Cowardice (Third)
Chapter 566: The Young Master Visiting From Baishan City (Fourth)
Chapter 567: Losing Emotional Control!! (Fifth)
Chapter 568: Beastlike
Chapter 569: The Side-Effects Of Having One'S Soul Damaged
Chapter 570: The Dedication Of Ye Ming
Chapter 571: A Crafting Class Of Ten
Chapter 572: Training Forest
Chapter 573: Shen Yirou
Chapter 574
Chapter 575: Soothing Heart Teahouse
Chapter 576: Soul Consolidating Tea
Chapter 577: A Teacher'S Criticisms
Chapter 578: Events That Led To Fighting
Chapter 579: Apologize
Chapter 580: An Especially Special Way Of Teaching (First)
Chapter 581: The Disappearance Of Fang Tianmeng! (Second)
Chapter 582: Intimidating The House Of Xue (Third)
Chapter 583: The Whereabouts Of Fang Tianmeng (Fourth)
Chapter 584: Rushing To Baishan City (Fourth)
Chapter 585: Trapped!!
Chapter 586: A Soul King Appears!
Chapter 587: And A Second (First)
Chapter 588: How Despicable!! (Second)
Chapter 589: A Soul Attack?! (Third)
Chapter 590: Berserk Mode And A Slaughter!! (Fourth)
Chapter 591: The Escalation Of Strength, And Transformation?! (Fifth)
Chapter 592: False Soul King Realm!
Chapter 593: Battling A Soul King
Chapter 594: The Strongest Dual Dragon Burst
Chapter 595: Thrown!!
Chapter 596: The End
Chapter 597: Outside The Illusionary Array
Chapter 598: A Single Slash!
Chapter 599: Prevention
Chapter 600: The Masterminds Behind The Scenes
Chapter 601: An Unexpected Situation
Chapter 602: Xiao Qi'S Breakthrough!
Chapter 603: Symbiosis
Chapter 604: Awakening
Chapter 605: Xiao Qi Speaks...
Chapter 606: His Own Condition
Chapter 607: Mixed Feelings
Chapter 608: Recuperation
Chapter 609: Nighttime
Chapter 610: Guidance
Chapter 611: Long Zhen
Chapter 612: Xiao Lan'S Apprenticeship
Chapter 613: Studying The Slave Seal
Chapter 614: Success? (First)
Chapter 615: Disappointment (Second)
Chapter 616: Conflict In The Teahouse (Third)
Chapter 617: Son Of A Minister (Fourth)
Chapter 618: A Fight (Fifth)
Chapter 619: A Consentual Fight (Sixth)
Chapter 620: Chen Qiantan'S Drunken Fist (Seventh)
Chapter 621: Making Friends Through Battle (Eighth)
Chapter 622: A Shadow (Ninth)
Chapter 623: The 'Killer' Yi Zi (Tenth)
Chapter 624: Kidnapped? (First)
Chapter 625: Kill Him! (Second)
Chapter 626: To Kill Or Not? (Third)
Chapter 627: The Start Of A Feud (Fourth)
Chapter 628: The Attention From The House Of Cheng (Fifth)
Chapter 629: Upgrading Difficulties (Sixth)
Chapter 630: The Fifth Princess Wu Ping (Seventh)
Chapter 631: A Furious Xiao Lan
Chapter 632: I Want To Eat Them
Chapter 633: Breaking Both Arms
Chapter 634: Save Me Fourth Prince!!
Chapter 635: You Can Get Lost
Chapter 636: The Incoming 'Retaliation'
Chapter 637: Invitation
Chapter 638: The Summons Of His Majesty
Chapter 639: Prince Hao
Chapter 640: His Majesty Wu Hong
Chapter 641: Cheng Yao
Chapter 642: Sparring In Front Of Nobility
Chapter 643: Electric Purgatory
Chapter 644: Pulsing Winds
Chapter 645: The Anomaly In The Soul Sentinel Scarf
Chapter 646: Thundercloud Tempest
Chapter 647: Victory
Chapter 648: The Regalia In The Royal Palace
Chapter 649: Kicking Someone While They'Re Down
Chapter 650: Losing Control Again?
Chapter 651: Prevention
Chapter 652: Reunion
Chapter 653: A Warm Recount
Chapter 654: Changes In The Crafting School
Chapter 655: The Restless Second Generational
Chapter 656: Secrets
Chapter 657: Xiao Qi Falling In Love?
Chapter 658: Goodwill Of The House Of Xu
Chapter 659: Flame-Shaped Lightningseed
Chapter 660: Anger
Chapter 661: One-Eyed Mara
Chapter 662: A Strange Occurence
Chapter 663: A New Application Of The Charm Bracelet
Chapter 664: Investigating The Western Outskirts
Chapter 665: An Astonishing Discovery!
Chapter 666: Being Chased!
Chapter 667: To Battle
Chapter 668: Difficulties
Chapter 669: "Devouring" Chains!
Chapter 670: Break!
Chapter 671: Damage To The Armament, Damage To The Soul!
Chapter 672: Forced Back Step By Step
Chapter 673: Replicating Flames
Chapter 674: Death Throes?
Chapter 675: Breakthrough! Experiencing The Soul King Realm!
Chapter 676: The Killing Blow
Chapter 677: Tragedy At The Manor
Chapter 678: Alleviating The Final Headache
Chapter 679: The Spoils
Chapter 680: Sudden Happenings
Chapter 681: Plans
Chapter 682: Repairing A Soul Armament
Chapter 683: Blood As The Medium
Chapter 684: Yet Another Powerful Equipment
Chapter 685: Intruder
Chapter 686: Xiao Lan'S Battle
Chapter 687: The Power Of Long Zhen: Soul Extraction!
Chapter 688: Xiao Lan'S Breakthrough
Chapter 689: Long Lan
Chapter 690: Vacation Plans
Chapter 691: Dragon Boar.....
Chapter 692: Southward River Province
Chapter 693: Vacancy Inn
Chapter 694: Hornets Of Plum Valley
Chapter 695: Unable To Withstand Even One Hit
Chapter 696: Boss Lei
Chapter 697: Formagua City
Chapter 698: A Strange City
Chapter 699: Saving A Young Girl
Chapter 700: Surprise Attack From Underneath
Chapter 701: Underground Chase
Chapter 702: Trapped
Chapter 703: The Lair
Chapter 704: A Pool Of Blood!
Chapter 705: The First Battle Underwater
Chapter 706: Blood Octopus
Chapter 707: Boiling!
Chapter 708: Sudden Changes
Chapter 709: Who Is It?
Chapter 710: Blood Construct
Chapter 711: The Final Strategy
Chapter 712: Breakthrough By Devouring!
Chapter 713: One Wave Subsides, Another Rises!
Chapter 714: The Crisis Of Huangfu Rui!
Chapter 715: Crisis Averted?
Chapter 716: Dongfang
Chapter 717: He'S....
Chapter 718: Not Yet The Time
Chapter 719: Powerlessness
Chapter 720: Another Enemy?!
Chapter 721: A Misunderstanding
Chapter 722: Underworld School
Chapter 723: Suddenly Meeting Huangfu Nan
Chapter 724: Dongfang Ming?
Chapter 725: Black Cloud Valley
Chapter 726: Crossing Through
Chapter 727: Mountain Protecting Barrier
Chapter 728: Mo Yanbai
Chapter 729: Conditions
Chapter 730: Going Deeper Into Black Cloud Valley
Chapter 731: Serpent Engulfing The Clouds
Chapter 732: Battle Of Dragon And Snake
Chapter 733: Violent Methods
Chapter 734: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 735: Gone!
Chapter 736: Unexplained Disappearance And....A Major Event
Chapter 737: The Mountain Over There
Chapter 738: A Mysterious Place
Chapter 739: Passing Through
Chapter 740: A Reunion Between Good Friends
Chapter 741: Extreme King Pill!
Chapter 742: Determined To Participate
Chapter 743: Gathering Of Prodigies
Chapter 744: A Completely Unexpected Development
Chapter 745: Opening Of The Pocket And The Appearance Of The Extreme King Pills!
Chapter 746: Entering The Pocket And A Very Strange Restriction
Chapter 747: The Massacre Has Already Begun!
Chapter 748: Coming One After Another
Chapter 749: Meeting Another Friend
Chapter 750: A Blocked Path
Chapter 751: Li Yuchun
Chapter 752: One Against Many
Chapter 753: A Hero Saving The Maiden
Chapter 754: Battle Between The Space-Types
Chapter 755: Battle In The Middle Of The Small Ravine
Chapter 756: Unable To Withstand Even A Single Blow
Chapter 757: The Dreg Of The Hornets
Chapter 758: That Figure....
Chapter 759: Meeting You Qingfeng Again
Chapter 760: Battling The Students Of The Beast Taming School
Chapter 761: Illusions That Shock The Enemy
Chapter 762: The Might Of The Beast Taming Ring
Chapter 763: Escaping From The Madness Ahead!
Chapter 764: The Big Bang
Chapter 765: Chased Down
Chapter 766: Another
Chapter 767: Extermination
Chapter 768: Boltgrass? Or Just A Figment Of The Imagination?
Chapter 769: The Days Of Before
Chapter 770: The Other Side
Chapter 771: Convergence
Chapter 772: Even More Chaos
Chapter 773: A Strange Man And A Terrifying Needle
Chapter 774: Why'S There So Many?
Chapter 775: Gathering
Chapter 776: Spatial Barrier
Chapter 777: Within The Fog
Chapter 778: 'Leaving' The Fog?!
Chapter 779: Leaving Without A Prize
Chapter 780: The Reaper Approaches
Chapter 781: Surprise Attack
Chapter 782: Battle In The Mist
Chapter 783: Spatial Maze
Chapter 784: The Killing Shadow
Chapter 785: Widespread Panic
Chapter 786: Change In The Pocket, Time To Go
Chapter 787: The Loss Of Control And Destabilization Of The Pocket!
Chapter 788: Two Portals
Chapter 789: A Decision
Chapter 790: A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 791: Battles Everywhere
Chapter 792: Bai Yunfei'S Choice
Chapter 793: The Other Space
Chapter 794: A Crushed Stone
Chapter 795: An Encounter
Chapter 796: Waging Battle
Chapter 797: Equally Matched?!
Chapter 798: The Appearance Of Someone Who Shouldn'T
Chapter 799: Soul King
Chapter 800: A Powerful Enemy!
Chapter 801: They'Re Out!!
Chapter 802: Developments From The Other Side
Chapter 803: The Final Struggle
Chapter 804: Destruction Of The Cauldron!
Chapter 805: Fragrance Of The Pills
Chapter 806: Fortune For The Younger Generation
Chapter 807: Black Skull
Chapter 808: Counterattack!!
Chapter 809: The Finishing Blow!
Chapter 810: Reinforcements Have Arrived
Chapter 811: Retreat Of The Enemy
Chapter 812: Conclusion Of The Competition
Chapter 813: A Unique Soul Skill
Chapter 814: Battling?
Chapter 815: Domain Of Ice And Snow, Snowbeast Crystallization
Chapter 816: A Barrage Of Soul Skills
Chapter 817: Jing Mingfeng'S In Danger?
Chapter 818: Jing Wuying
Chapter 819: It Was Him!
Chapter 820: Mid-Divine Tier 'Stone'!
Chapter 821: The Regalia 'Core', The Spirit 'Xiao Fang'
Chapter 822: Conditions
Chapter 823: Upgrading The Core Stone
Chapter 824: Fidelity Of The Regalia
Chapter 825: A Powerful Attribute
Chapter 826: Core World
Chapter 827: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 828: Soul Anchor Technique
Chapter 829: A Vein Of Boltgrass And A 'Ruined' Garden
Chapter 830: Preparing To Train
Chapter 831: Absorbing The Fragrance
Chapter 832: Realm Accretion Seal
Chapter 833: A Setup To Smooth Sailings
Chapter 834: The Aftermath Of The Pill Royale
Chapter 835: An Unpredictable Piece Of Misfortune
Chapter 836: Xiao Ling
Chapter 837: Crafting Yet Another Heaven-Tier Soul Armament
Chapter 838: Continuous Craftings
Chapter 839: Bewilderment
Chapter 840: The Flying Sword 'Heaven'S Thunder'
Chapter 841: A First Look Into A Mystery, And The Purifying Earring (End Of Book Six)
Chapter 842: Return To School And The King'S Phenomena
Chapter 843: Unexpected Information
Chapter 844: Reserving The Airship
Chapter 845: The Qin From The Swallow Province
Chapter 846: Setting Sail
Chapter 847: A Strange Conversation, Arrival In The Forest Pass Province
Chapter 848: Auntie Xue Has Fallen Ill
Chapter 849: Purification
Chapter 850: Third Son Of Tang
Chapter 851: Fury That Scorches The Heavens And The Seal Undone!
Chapter 852: Shocking Every Soul King
Chapter 853: Killing Another
Chapter 854: Tremble! The Ultimate Finishing Move!
Chapter 855: Another Chance?
Chapter 856: Unstoppable Force
Chapter 857: Overwhelming Force!
Chapter 858: Invasion Of The Late-Stage Soul King
Chapter 859: Berserk Mode And Freezing The Soul!
Chapter 860: The Battle Within The Core World
Chapter 861: Planar Laws Of Fire
Chapter 862: You?!
Chapter 863: Panicked Fleeing
Chapter 864: Teleportation Soul Armament
Chapter 865: Interrogating Gui Wei
Chapter 866: Soul Scan
Chapter 867: Resolution Of Things
Chapter 868: Shock After Shock
Chapter 869: Checking The Spoils Of War
Chapter 870: The Art Of Soul Ignition And The Third Piece Of Cloth
Chapter 871: Li Fenghai'S Equipment
Chapter 872: Even More Equipment And A Strange Crystal
Chapter 873: A Chain Reaction To Breakthrough!
Chapter 874: The 'Enhancement' Of The Fire-Tipped Spear And The Third Lifebound Armament!
Chapter 875: Patriarch Tang
Chapter 876: A Secret?
Chapter 877: Betrothment
Chapter 878: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 879: To Rescind A Marriage
Chapter 880: Swallow Province, Swallow City
Chapter 881: Shut This Idiot Up!
Chapter 882: Unable To Take Even A Single Blow
Chapter 883: The Qin And Rescinding The Betrothment
Chapter 884: Compromise With The House Of Qin
Chapter 885: Picking Up A Dog
Chapter 886: Chronicles Of A Shar-Pei'S Adventure
Chapter 887: Lao Sha
Chapter 888: The Starting Of A Conspiracy
Chapter 889: Underground Exploration
Chapter 890: Disaster Zone?
Chapter 891: Coincidental Meeting
Chapter 892: Darkwind Meteorite
Chapter 893: Crafting Difficulties
Chapter 894: Success
Chapter 895: Chaotic Energy: Dangerous Or Fortuitous?
Chapter 896: A Decision To Go For It!
Chapter 897: Refining The Chaotic Energy
Chapter 898: Rumors
Chapter 899: Mo Ni'S Plan
Chapter 900: A Forbidden Secret To Escape Blame
Chapter 901: Auction
Chapter 902: Core Blossom
Chapter 903: Wind Immortal Grass
Chapter 904: Operating At A Loss
Chapter 905: Fragments Of The Throne!
Chapter 906: All Sorts Of Choices
Chapter 907: The Ending Of The Auction
Chapter 908: Trouble Is Brewing
Chapter 909: Using The Throne Fragments
Chapter 910: A Historical Breakthrough, Bai Yunfei'S Fourth Lifebound Armament!
Chapter 911: Change In The Critical Glove!
Chapter 912: The Crazed Actions Of Qin Shoufeng!
Chapter 913: Qin Shoufeng'S Death
Chapter 914: Tragedy Of The Qin
Chapter 915: The Malicious Mo Ni: Soul Puppetry!
Chapter 916: Left With No Choice But To Fight
Chapter 917: Battling Qin Long
Chapter 918: Counterattack!
Chapter 919: An Obstruction
Chapter 920: Lord-Mayor Of Swallow City
Chapter 921: Proof
Chapter 922: Siding With The Other!
Chapter 923: Surprising Developments On The Other Side
Chapter 924: The Actions Of Jing Wuying And Jing Mingfeng
Chapter 925: One Against Two
Chapter 926: Out With The First Wave, In With The Second
Chapter 927: Strange Happenings In The Sky
Chapter 928: The Crazy Plan Of Patriarch Qin!
Chapter 929: Troubles Underground
Chapter 930: Soul Fusing Array!
Chapter 931: A Sudden Turn Of Events
Chapter 932: Jing Wuying'S Methods
Chapter 933: The Plan
Chapter 934: Rushing Here
Chapter 935: Jing Mingfeng'S In Trouble
Chapter 936: Taking A Decisive Part
Chapter 937: The Start Of A Great Chaotic Battle!
Chapter 938: An Increasingly Worrisome Problem
Chapter 939: An All-Out Battle
Chapter 940: Another Helping Of Trouble
Chapter 941: Seamless Coordination
Chapter 942: A Dangerous Situation
Chapter 943: Ambush
Chapter 944: Stepping On The Dragon'S Tail
Chapter 945: Kindling The Flames Of Fury
Chapter 946: The Death Of One Person!
Chapter 947: The Start Of A Massacre!
Chapter 948: Unstoppable Strength!
Chapter 949: Ascertaining Victory
Chapter 950: All-Or-Nothing!
Chapter 951: The Line Between Victory And Defeat?
Chapter 952: An Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 953: Patriarch Qin'S Fury
Chapter 954: The Final Move Of Patriarch Qin?!
Chapter 955: Appearance Of A Regalia!
Chapter 956: A One Second Berserk Mode
Chapter 957: The Might Of Chaos
Chapter 958: The Arrival Of Mo Ni
Chapter 959: Do Or Die, Steal The Item!
Chapter 960: Gone And Transported Far Far Away?!
Chapter 961: Xiao Qi'S Anger
Chapter 962: The Actions Of The Black Dragon King
Chapter 963: The Destination
Chapter 964: Brought To The Gates Of The Soul Refining School?!
Chapter 965: Left With No Options Means Using The Last Resort!
Chapter 966: Crushing A Mountain
Chapter 967: Recuperating
Chapter 968: The Spirit Of The Soul Sealing Mandate
Chapter 969: The Situation On The Other Side
Chapter 970: The Death Of Jing Wuying
Chapter 971: Soul Inheritance
Chapter 972: Back To Normal
Chapter 973: Discovered!
Chapter 974: Nowhere To Run!
Chapter 975: Yao Tong Appears Again
Chapter 976: Shock!
Chapter 977: A Predicament
Chapter 978: An Intensive Battle
Chapter 979: Kill!
Chapter 980: A Bone-Chilling Massacre And The Chance Of Escaping?!
Chapter 981: The First Elder Takes Action!
Chapter 982: King Caging Bell
Chapter 983: Luck'S Too Good, Time To Change Plans!
Chapter 984: Easily Gaining Control
Chapter 985: Going Berserk To Continue The Slaughter!
Chapter 986: A Half-Emperor Approaches!
Chapter 987: The Strongest Attack!
Chapter 988: Left With No More Trump Cards
Chapter 989: Trapping A Half-Emperor! Will There Be Freedom?
Chapter 990: The Destruction Of The Black Prison
Chapter 991: Profiting
Chapter 992: The Lost Swamp And Song Qing'S Condition
Chapter 993: Weapon Of Mass Destruction
Chapter 994: An Unexpected Misfortune!
Chapter 995: The Devastation Of A Half-Emperor Self-Destructing!
Chapter 996: The Determination To Fight An Avatar!
Chapter 997: Is He Trying To Die?!
Chapter 998: A Miscalculation!
Chapter 999: Samsara!
Chapter 1000: Shaking The World With One'S Deeds!
Chapter 1001: I Am...Tang Long?
Chapter 1002: A Nameless Village
Chapter 1003: Going Hunting
Chapter 1004: Elixirs? Immortals?
Chapter 1005: Scavenging For Ingredients
Chapter 1006: Separating From The Others And Getting Lost
Chapter 1007: Lao Sha'S Discovery
Chapter 1008: A Pool Of Primal Liquid And Memories
Chapter 1009: Return Of The Upgrade Technique, Control Of Soulforce!
Chapter 1010: Acceptance
Chapter 1011: Lao Sha, The 'King Of Dogs'
Chapter 1012: Unwelcome Guests
Chapter 1013: The Elixers Have Been Revealed!
Chapter 1014: A Soul Warrior?
Chapter 1015: Trouble
Chapter 1016: Extermination
Chapter 1017: Descent Of The 'Immortals'
Chapter 1018: Enemies Incoming
Chapter 1019: A Wipeout
Chapter 1020: A Request
Chapter 1021: Leaving The Village
Chapter 1022: The City Within The Forest
Chapter 1023: The Yao Clan
Chapter 1024: The Recall Pill
Chapter 1025: Making Arrangements
Chapter 1026: Using The Fireseed Pill To Reform A Fireseed?
Chapter 1027: An Unexpected Result
Chapter 1028: Guarding The Pill Repository
Chapter 1029: Trouble Is Brewing
Chapter 1030: Besiegement!
Chapter 1031: The Beginnings Of The Beseigement
Chapter 1032: The Army Of Familiars!
Chapter 1033: A Hidden Intruder
Chapter 1034: The Start Of Lao Sha'S Might
Chapter 1035: Monster
Chapter 1036: It'S You!
Chapter 1037: The Eventual End Of The Enemy
Chapter 1038: Dire Situations On The Battlefield
Chapter 1039: New Reinforcements/Foes
Chapter 1040: Retreat
Chapter 1041: Soul Puppetry
Chapter 1042: He Is...Bai Yunfei!
Chapter 1043: He Must Be Saved!
Chapter 1044: A Single Pill
Chapter 1045: Truth Of Reincarnation
Chapter 1046: Kickstarting Another Battle
Chapter 1047: Berserk
Chapter 1048: The Pill Formation And A Drastic Change!
Chapter 1049: Reliving The Current Incarnation
Chapter 1050: I Am...Bai Yunfei!! (End Of Book 8)
Chapter 1051: Battling The Avatar Of A Soul Emperor!
Chapter 1052: An Overwhelming Advantage!
Chapter 1053: Complete And Utter Terror!
Chapter 1054: How Awkward
Chapter 1055: The Conflict Happening On The Outside
Chapter 1056: The Fifth Lifebound Armament
Chapter 1057: Antecedents
Chapter 1058: It'S Gone!!
Chapter 1059: Who Is The Hunter And Who Is The Hunted?
Chapter 1060: A Reunion
Chapter 1061: To Battle
Chapter 1062: Trapping Nether
Chapter 1063: The Demon-Eyed Tiger King As A Medium
Chapter 1064: The Bane Of Soulbeasts, The Beast Taming Ring
Chapter 1065: 'Traitor'
Chapter 1066: A Furious Nether
Chapter 1067: Bird And Beast Fiends
Chapter 1068: A Battle Where One Side Is Vastly Superior
Chapter 1069: Qin Bangjie'S Death By Irony
Chapter 1070: A Conclusion
Chapter 1071: Is Killing An Avatar Useless?
Chapter 1072: Peak Late-Stage Class Seven
Chapter 1073: Unexpected Information
Chapter 1074: The Plot Of The Beast Taming School And A Change Of Plans
Chapter 1075: A Tender Moment
Chapter 1076: A Breakthrough With The Upgrade Technique
Chapter 1077: Demonic Armament
Chapter 1078: The Vampiric Demon Edge And A Return To The Past
Chapter 1079: An Old 'Acquaintance'
Chapter 1080: Difficulties For The Enemy
Chapter 1081: A Lightning-Fast Rescue
Chapter 1082: A Reunion Of Enemies
Chapter 1083: A Reunion With Hong Yin And Thunderfire
Chapter 1084: The Bloodhowl Wolf King
Chapter 1085: Lao Sha'S Awakening And The Incoming Invasion!
Chapter 1086: A Stunning Initiative By Lao Sha!
Chapter 1087: The War Begins
Chapter 1088: Surprise Attack From The Demon-Eyed Tiger King!
Chapter 1089: Trapped!
Chapter 1090: Suppressing The Golden Roc King
Chapter 1091: A Temporary Deadlock
Chapter 1092: The Bounty
Chapter 1093: Capturing The Golden Roc King
Chapter 1094: It'S Your Turn!
Chapter 1095: Bloodrage
Chapter 1096: Bloodhowl Celestial Wolf
Chapter 1097: The Distinction Between Victory And Defeat
Chapter 1098: Starfall Of The Celestial Wolf
Chapter 1099: Unable To Beg For Even Death!
Chapter 1100: Total Victory
Chapter 1101: The Execution Grounds For An Emperor
Chapter 1102: A Pleasant Surprise When Cleaning The House!
Chapter 1103: Splitting A Stone And Upgrading Another
Chapter 1104: The Sixth Lifebound Armament And An Area-Type Effect!
Chapter 1105: The Gathering Of The Wolf Clan'S Allies
Chapter 1106: A Shocking Proposal!
Chapter 1107: A Problem Of Trust
Chapter 1108: Vow Of Souls
Chapter 1109: A Period Of Waiting And Relaxing
Chapter 1110: Golden Crow Talons
Chapter 1111: 'Treating' The Permafrost Mastiff
Chapter 1112: Three-Eyed Tiger King
Chapter 1113: So Many Upgrade Stones!
Chapter 1114: The +12 Soul Sealing Mandate!
Chapter 1115: An Insight On +12
Chapter 1116: The Gathering Of The Clan Heads
Chapter 1117: Golden-Eyed Ape King
Chapter 1118: A 'Challenge' From The Class Eight Soulbeast!
Chapter 1119: In Three Moves!
Chapter 1120: Confidence
Chapter 1121: We'Ll Help You Become A Soul Emperor!
Chapter 1122: Tomb Of The Emperor Beasts
Chapter 1123: In Search Of An Upgrade Stone
Chapter 1124: Treasure Mountain
Chapter 1125: The Inheritance Of The Immortal Iridescent Phoenix!
Chapter 1126: The Laws Of Fire And Lightning!
Chapter 1127: Attempting To Become Soul Emperors!
Chapter 1128: All Conditions Met To Become A Soul Emperor!
Chapter 1129: The Seventh Lifebound Soul Armament And A Change In The Cataclysmic Seal
Chapter 1130: The +13 Soul Sealing Mandate
Chapter 1131: Destruction Of The Lightningfire Cauldron
Chapter 1132: The Flying Dagger 'Voidsplitter'!
Chapter 1133: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon King And The Start Of The Plan!
Chapter 1134: Beast Taming City
Chapter 1135: Ruofeng And Ruoling
Chapter 1136: A Reunion Of Brothers After A Decade
Chapter 1137: Junior Headmaster Of The Fate School
Chapter 1138: The Predestined End Of The Beast Taming School
Chapter 1139: Seven Days
Chapter 1140: Declaring War On The Beast Taming School
Chapter 1141: The Power Of The Voidsplitter!
Chapter 1142: Why Now Of All Times?!
Chapter 1143: The War Begins!
Chapter 1144: The Interdimensional...Phantasm!
Chapter 1145: A Disadvantageous Situation
Chapter 1146: The Battle Within The Phantasm
Chapter 1147: A Fierce Battle
Chapter 1148: An Escalating Battle
Chapter 1149: Sealing The Eight-Tailed Bull!
Chapter 1150: A Unique Killing Method
Chapter 1151: The Situation On The Outside
Chapter 1152: Is It The End Of The Road? Or Is There Another Way?
Chapter 1153: The Strongest Trump Card Of The Beast Taming School!
Chapter 1154: A Mere Soul Emperor...
Chapter 1155: The Frostfeather Saint
Chapter 1156: The End Of The Beast Taming School
Chapter 1157: The Return To The Village
Chapter 1158: I Shall Gift You Good Fortune!
Chapter 1159: Understanding Chaotic Energy In The Ninth Heaven!
Chapter 1160: Stunning The World (End Of Book Nine)
Chapter 1161: Return To The Crafting School
Chapter 1162: The Secret Of The Examination Caves
Chapter 1163: Guardian Spirit
Chapter 1164: The Dualflame Cauldron And Awaking The Soul Sentinel Scarf
Chapter 1165: A Tale From Thirty Years Ago
Chapter 1166: Revealing A Secret
Chapter 1167: A Qualitative Life
Chapter 1168: Reuniting With Zheng Kai
Chapter 1169: Meeting Nalan Yin Once Again
Chapter 1170: The Troubles Of The Water School
Chapter 1171: The Chaos Amongst The Five Schools!
Chapter 1172: The Battlefield Situation Of The Water School
Chapter 1173: Promptly Rushing Over
Chapter 1174: A Hidden Enemy, Revealed!
Chapter 1175: You Scared Me...
Chapter 1176: To Make One'S Own Bed
Chapter 1177: The Crisis Of Kou Tingting!
Chapter 1178: The Demise Of Yue Kuangfeng
Chapter 1179: Stunning Everyone
Chapter 1180: Victory Has Already Been Determined
Chapter 1181: The End Of This Battle
Chapter 1182: Zheng Kai'S Battle
Chapter 1183: The Might Of The Demon Edge
Chapter 1184: For Your Sake I'D Become A Demon!
Chapter 1185: Defeating The Enemies!
Chapter 1186: When A Hero Saves The Princess
Chapter 1187: Soul Spring
Chapter 1188: The Calamity Of The Crafting School!
Chapter 1189: The Heart Compass Of Fate
Chapter 1190: Zhi Tian'S Assistance
Chapter 1191: The Attack Of The Enemies!
Chapter 1192: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 1193: Zombie Dragon!
Chapter 1194: Monster!
Chapter 1195: The Traitorous Disciple!
Chapter 1196: Destroying The Formation!
Chapter 1197: 'Protector Of The Mountain', Lao Sha
Chapter 1198: Heavenfire'S Domain
Chapter 1199: New Developments
Chapter 1200: He'S Back!
Chapter 1201: An Obstacle
Chapter 1202: An Immortal Body?!
Chapter 1203: Force Meets Force
Chapter 1204: Stolen Stats Due To The Ardent Sun Glove'S Power
Chapter 1205: A Demonic Heart?!
Chapter 1206: Dongfang Ming'S Revenge
Chapter 1207: Panic
Chapter 1208: Dongfang Ming'S Strength
Chapter 1209: Is He Really Invincible?!
Chapter 1210: Elder Chu Yintian
Chapter 1211: The Trump Card Of The Wind Lightning School!
Chapter 1212: He'S Not Human!
Chapter 1213: The Body For The Armament, A Demonic Body!
Chapter 1214: An Existence Without Flesh And Bone
Chapter 1215: Instant Kill! And Another For Blocking The Way!
Chapter 1216: Anger
Chapter 1217: A Resurgence In Battle
Chapter 1218: Li Chengfeng Versus Lin Dongxiao
Chapter 1219: Calculated
Chapter 1220: An Unclear Premonition
Chapter 1221: A Difficult Battle
Chapter 1222: Fighting Wholeheartedly
Chapter 1223: Counter From Close Death
Chapter 1224: The Power Of A Core!
Chapter 1225: A Duel Between Spirits
Chapter 1226: Ambush!
Chapter 1227: Chaos
Chapter 1228: Dongfang Ming'S Despair
Chapter 1229: Crushing A Black Jade Slip!
Chapter 1230: Gu Lianhun And Shen Pojun
Chapter 1231: I'Ll Go Help!
Chapter 1232: Intervening In A Battle Between Saints!
Chapter 1233: Upgrading Before The Battle
Chapter 1234: Nine Cycles Of Annihilation
Chapter 1235: A Crushing Blow With The Vampiric Demon Edge
Chapter 1236: Reversal
Chapter 1237: Return To The Earth
Chapter 1238: Fleeing In Defeat
Chapter 1239: The Critical Condition Of Zi Jin!
Chapter 1240: Backlash Of A Demon Armament
Chapter 1241: Symbiosis Imprint And The Heaven'S Bloodtears
Chapter 1242: The Death Of Dongfang Ming
Chapter 1243: Huangfu Rui, Safe At Last
Chapter 1244: The Heaven'S Bloodtear Sword And Zi Jin'S Recuperation
Chapter 1245: The Death Of Gu Lianhun'S Avatar
Chapter 1246: Reorganizing
Chapter 1247: The Crisis Of Shen Pojun
Chapter 1248: Sharing Understandings To Breakthrough!
Chapter 1249: Meteoric Striker
Chapter 1250: Rousing The School To Destroy The Wind Lightning School!
Chapter 1251: Ye Zhiqiu'S In Danger
Chapter 1252: The Change In The Ye
Chapter 1253: Huangfu Rui'S 'Special Power'
Chapter 1254: The Indecision Of The Wind Lightning School
Chapter 1255: A Critical Juncture
Chapter 1256: A Single Move!
Chapter 1257: The Death Of Dong Wanfeng And A Debt Paid
Chapter 1258: The Appearance Of A +14 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone!
Chapter 1259: The Safe Or Risky Decision: Reforging The Cataclysmic Seal
Chapter 1260: An Insight On Upgrading To +14
Chapter 1261: A New Regalia And An Overpowered +14 Effect
Chapter 1262: A Huge Boost In Equipment Power
Chapter 1263: To Mo City
Chapter 1264: Visiting The Tang
Chapter 1265: Seeing Soul Puppetry Again
Chapter 1266: The Truth
Chapter 1267: A Grand Marriage
Chapter 1268: Within The Fate School
Chapter 1269: The Hidden Horizon Array
Chapter 1270: A Prompt Arrival!
Chapter 1271: Immediately Killing Two
Chapter 1272: Deadlocked!
Chapter 1273: The Battle Begins With Ge Yiyun'S Power!
Chapter 1274: A Failure Of The Cataclysmic Seal!
Chapter 1275: The Regalia 'Triumphant Fire'!
Chapter 1276: A Critical Moment
Chapter 1277: Unexpected Reinforcements
Chapter 1278: Retreating After A Defeat
Chapter 1279: Long Lan'S Battle With Destiny!
Chapter 1280: Beaten! The Death Of The Black Dragon King!
Chapter 1281: The Overpowered Needle
Chapter 1282: The Death Of Mo Ni
Chapter 1283: A Change Within Gui Nu
Chapter 1284: Battling Zhang Zhenshan
Chapter 1285: The Conclusion Of A Decade-Long Grudge
Chapter 1286: Ambush
Chapter 1287: Nether'S Death
Chapter 1288: The Return
Chapter 1289: The Supreme Saint'S Inheritance
Chapter 1290: +12 Heart Compass (End Of Book Ten)
Chapter 1291: The Location Of The Inheritance
Chapter 1292: Everyone'S Going
Chapter 1293: Abyssal Snake Saint
Chapter 1294: The Dragon'S Ascent Mountains
Chapter 1295: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 1296: Inheritance Of The Wind Saint
Chapter 1297: Important Information!
Chapter 1298: Hidden Dragon Valley
Chapter 1299: The Supreme Saint'S Abode
Chapter 1300: The Shocking Arrival Of An Enemy!
Chapter 1301: Shattering The Illusion
Chapter 1302: Medicinal Hall
Chapter 1303: Arrival
Chapter 1304: Scheming Against Gu Lianhun
Chapter 1305: Powerful Attacks!
Chapter 1306: An Overwhelming Advantage!
Chapter 1307: The Final Move
Chapter 1308: Even Ants Can Kill An Elephant
Chapter 1309: The Second Crisis!
Chapter 1310: An Unexpected Development!
Chapter 1311: Scattered
Chapter 1312: An Enemy Approaches
Chapter 1313: One'S Captured, One'S Dead
Chapter 1314: The Stone Door
Chapter 1315: Becoming A Late-Stage Soul Emperor!
Chapter 1316: Coming Across Shen Pojun
Chapter 1317: Trapped!
Chapter 1318: A Sneak Attack!
Chapter 1319: Force Them Back Step By Step!
Chapter 1320: Adding On The Pressure!
Chapter 1321: Gu Jimie'S Death
Chapter 1322: The Fourth Piece!
Chapter 1323: An Unexpected Development
Chapter 1324: Wu Tianhun!
Chapter 1325: Sainthood! The Creation Of An Avatar
Chapter 1326: Sharing And The Humanization Of Xiao Qi!
Chapter 1327: The Crumbling Of The Saint'S Abode
Chapter 1328: The Return And Lingering Regrets
Chapter 1329: The Situation Of The Yao Clan And Reorganizing After Battle
Chapter 1330: A Powerful Intruder!
Chapter 1331: The Bloodsoaked Demon Lord
Chapter 1332: The Demonic Blade 'Bloodbath'!
Chapter 1333: Victory?!
Chapter 1334: Xiao Qi'S Battle
Chapter 1335: The Death Of The Abyssal Snake
Chapter 1336: The True Aim Of The Bloodsoaked Demon Lord!
Chapter 1337: The Hunter Gets Hunted!
Chapter 1338: Shangguan Xiongyan'S Death
Chapter 1339: Two Regalias
Chapter 1340: The Great Change In The Capital
Chapter 1341: The Dragonic Black Tortoise
Chapter 1342: The Truth Behind The Rebels
Chapter 1343: The Disruption In Tianhun Academy
Chapter 1344: The Demon Armament 'Demon Mask'!
Chapter 1345: The Cavalry Has Arrived
Chapter 1346: A Familiar Person
Chapter 1347: A Powerful Foe From Two Thousand Years Ago!
Chapter 1348: The Power Of Soul Armaments: Saved From Death!
Chapter 1349: Suppressed By Soul Armaments
Chapter 1350: Defeating The Enemy
Chapter 1351: Despair
Chapter 1352: Again?!
Chapter 1353: Cleaning Up
Chapter 1354: The Eradication Of The Soul Refining School
Chapter 1355: A Decade
Chapter 1356: A New Journey
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Dị Giới Chi Trang Bị Cường Hoá Chuyên Gia, USAW, 异界之装备强化专家

Source: Wuxiaworld
Book Details / Information: Just as a gamer found an overpowered skill book called ‘Item Upgrade’ in the hottest virtual reality role-playing game on Earth, something happened to the game’s system, causing his soul to leave his body and go to another dimension. Common sense dictates that he would be born anew then become the greatest overlord of this world by making use of his advanced knowledge. Not in this case! He was already dead. Only some fragments of his soul and that skill book managed to get into that dimension and merge with an ordinary common youngster called Bai Yunfei.

This was the enormous Tianhun continent, where humans could be said to have no limits. There was a group of humans here who could cultivate the power of their own souls then control their bodies, the natural elements and even other people’s souls with that power! These special beings were called — soul cultivators. Come witness how the several fragments of the dead inter-dimensional traveler’s soul and that skill book, which was not governed by the laws of this plane, were going to help Bai Yunfei become a legendary soul cultivator and craftsman!

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Prologue: The most tragic interdimensional traveler in history

‘The happiest interdimensional traveler in history’ was the hottest virtual reality online game in 2xxx CE. Its name was a bit cheesy but as soon as it appeared, it occupied almost the entire game market. Its top-notch technologies made it the ‘Second Life’ arena for people.

In a murky cave in the game, a player was holding a skill book in his hands, laughing like crazy.

“F*ck yeah! ‘Item Upgrade’! Wahahahaha! I’m rich now… I’m rich now!”

He laughed like crazy for 5 or 6 minutes and only stopped when he was about to feel a pain in his chest. But his body still quivered nonstop from head to toe. He stared greedily at the skill book in his hands, ready to use it immediately to learn this skill which can help him make a meteoric rise.

“Oh? What’s going on?”But right at this moment, his surroundings suddenly looked like unstable TV signals, beginning to warp while flashing repeatedly. “Could it be a power outage? Impossible, even if the electricity is cut off, there’s still the backup power source. Could it be something has happened to the game’s system?”

When this person was considering whether or not to quit the game temporarily, his surroundings seemed no longer able to endure and they suddenly shattered! Yes, they shattered, like a mirror, breaking into many pieces until the pieces look like light dots and disappeared!!

That person was scared stiff for a long time by this abrupt accident. After regaining his composure, he discovered that he was falling down nonstop!

Everything around him was in chaos and filled with all kinds of colors. The distinct feeling of falling down warned him that he was going down faster and faster.

This unprecedented situation struck fear into him. He shouted unceasingly at the game controller on his left wrist: “Quit! Quit! Force quit! F*ck you! Why can’t I quit the game?!”

In the end, he gave up shouting to quit and began to look around in terror, only to see streamers of different colors. It was simply impossible for him to tell where was where.

“Where am I gonna fall down to?! I’m merely in a VR game. If I keep falling down like this, where am I gonna end up?”All of a sudden, this person trembled with astonishment, “Could it be… Could it be… I’m traveling through dimensions?! My body is still in the gamepod, but my soul is going through dimensions?!”

As if to respond to his guess, the lower region of this colorful area gradually turned into a formless mass of gray. It was even possible to vaguely catch glimpses of the scenery below through the gray clouds. There seemed to be a street with even people going on it.

“I have arrived!I have really traveled through dimensions?”After being stupefied for a moment, he finally turned his face to the sky and laughed out loud, “Wahahaha… Your grandpa has traveled through dimensions! The effort I put into memorizing historical records, researching science and studying the history of interdimensional travel (all kinds of novels about interdimensional travel) won’t be a waste… I know everything in heaven above and on the earth beneath. Papermaking, smelting, architecture, etc. there’s no necessary skill in interdimensional travel that I haven’t mastered… Keke! The world! Beautiful women! I am here…”

“Oh? What’s going on? Hey hey… Are you kidding me?!”

The complacent guffaws suddenly stopped and turned into terrified shrieks because he noticed that apparently the closer he got to the gray clouds below, the more ill he felt, even to the point that it gave him a feeling of suffocation. Moreover, many crack-like things had appeared around him and they were traveling in all directions.

When a crack brushed his shoulder, a part of his shoulder suddenly went missing!

It looked like it had been removed by an eraser. The touched part immediately disappeared. In addition, a small piece of his shoulder was separated from his body and turned into a mass of black mist.

What made him despair even more was that the cracks around him kept increasing in number while swallowing his body nonstop like a group of piranhas… Or perhaps, his soul!

The happiness of interdimensional travel was replaced by the fear of death.

“Don’t play with me like this, ok? Ouch…”

A crack cut across him. His entire right leg was separated from his body and turned into back mist.

“What’s going on? The books didn’t say this is what happens when traveling through dimensions…”

His right arm was cut off from there. His right hand, still holding tightly that ‘Item Upgrade’ book, was floating in the air.

As the world below drew closer and closer, there were also more and more cracks. In addition, a type of transparent air mass appeared. Those soul fragments, which had been torn off by the cracks, were enfolded by the air masses and slowly disappeared…

“Is there a mistake here?! I’m a freaking interdimensional traveler! I’m the damn main…”

Before he could finish those actor’s lines, he dissipated in the chaos, leaving behind only soul fragments of varying sizes, which in turn were destroyed by the transparent air masses…

However, at this moment, a skill book had already reached the bottom edge of the gray clouds. Wrapped in a group of soul fragments, it passed through the gray clouds to enter the world below!

A transparent air mass also went out after it…

… … … …

Interdimensional travel was not so easy! Each plane of existence had its own planar laws. Everything that was not part of this world would be deemed a virus and eliminated by the planar laws!

This bit player who did not even have a name was naturally not the main character. This tragic bit player’s soul failed to go through dimensions and as a result was shattered with most of it destroyed. He was now as dead as mutton — Could he be considered the most tragic interdimensional traveler in history?

However, that group of soul fragments which had escaped and that game skill book were not governed by the laws of this plane. What kind of storms were they going to bring to this world?


Total Chapters in book: 1357
Estimated words: 2298066 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 11490(@200wpm)___ 9192(@250wpm)___ 7660(@300wpm)