Wu Dong Qian Kun by Heavenly Silkworm Potato

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Penetrating Fist
Chapter 3: The Mysterious Rock Pool
Chapter 4: The Secret Of The Rock Pool
Chapter 5: The Mysterious Stone Talisman
Chapter 6: Seventh Echo
Chapter 7: Tempered Body 4Th Layer
Chapter 8: Clash
Chapter 9: Lin Hong
Chapter 10: Golden Jade Branch
Chapter 11: Yin Pearl
Chapter 12: The Tenth Echo
Chapter 13: Treatment
Chapter 14: Grade 5 Yin Energy
Chapter 15: Tempered Body 5Th Layer
Chapter 16: Eight Desolations Palm
Chapter 17: Scorpion Tiger
Chapter 18: Yuan Power Seed
Chapter 19: Breakthrough Before The Family Competition
Chapter 20: The Family Competition Begins
Chapter 21: Lin Yun
Chapter 22: Crowd Stunning Martial Arts
Chapter 23: The Final Three
Chapter 24: Complete Victory
Chapter 25: Accepting A Position
Chapter 26: The Hunt
Chapter 27: Martial Arts Library
Chapter 28: Wonder Gate Seal, Incomplete
Chapter 29: A Change In The Stone Talisman
Chapter 30: A Minor Accomplishment
Chapter 31: Monster
Chapter 32: The Underground Bazaar
Chapter 33: Xie Ting
Chapter 34: Lei Li
Chapter 35: Preliminary Exchange
Chapter 36: Family Gathering
Chapter 37: Breakthrough
Chapter 38: Change
Chapter 39: Earthly Yuan Stage!
Chapter 40: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 41: Luo Cheng
Chapter 42: Fire Python Tiger
Chapter 43: Snatching The Cubs
Chapter 44: Success
Chapter 45: Rising Tension
Chapter 46: Stunning The Entire Arena
Chapter 47: Intense Battle
Chapter 48: Reward
Chapter 49: Martial Arts Genius
Chapter 50: Qingyuan Art
Chapter 51: Little Flame
Chapter 52: Matters Of The Family
Chapter 53: Steel Wood Manor
Chapter 54: Destruction
Chapter 55: A Death Match
Chapter 56: Yang Energy In The Earth
Chapter 57: Yang Yuan Stone
Chapter 58: Lode
Chapter 59: Killing The Panthers
Wdqk Chapter 60: Tough Training
Chapter 61: Yang Yuan Pills
Chapter 62: Yan City
Chapter 63: Symbol Master
Chapter 64: Grand Master Yan
Chapter 65: Obstruction
Chapter 66: Spiritual Movement Chapter
Chapter 67: Ominous Clouds
Chapter 68: Black Dragon Stockage
Chapter 69: Calamity
Chapter 70: Mind-Blowing
Chapter 71: Breakthrough!
Chapter 72: Pushing Back The Enemy
Chapter 73: An Enraged Lin Zhentian
Chapter 74: Massacring The Black Dragon Stockade
Chapter 75: Shattering Yuan Shrapnel
Chapter 76: Mysterious Beast Bones
Chapter 77: The Bewitching Flower
Chapter 78: Sharp Increase In Mental Energy
Chapter 79: The Underground Bazaar
Chapter 80: Ambush
Chapter 81: Reversal
Chapter 82: One Wounded, One Dead
Chapter 83: Ancient Wooden Block
Chapter 84: Ancient Swirl Symbol
Chapter 85: First Seal Symbol Master
Chapter 86: Reinforcement
Chapter 87: Holding Them Back
Chapter 88: Breakthrough
Chapter 89: Probe
Chapter 90: Initial Yuan Dan Stage
Chapter 91: Connected By Marriage
Chapter 92: The Lei And Xie Families’ Plan
Chapter 93: Grand Master Gu
Chapter 94: Revealed
Chapter 95: Showdown Between Symbol Masters
Chapter 96: Destiny Soul Symbol
Chapter 97: Kill!
Chapter 98: Hidden Danger
Chapter 99: The “Rat” Within The Stone Talisman
Chapter 100: Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 101: Arrival Of The Blood Cloth Sect
Chapter 102: Wager
Chapter 103: Temporarily Leaving
Chapter 104: Thousand Gold Auction House
Chapter 105: Money Squandering Establishment
Chapter 106: Xuan Su
Chapter 107: Celestial Dan Pool
Chapter 108: Piercing Helicity
Chapter 109: Song Qing
Chapter 110: Time For Action
Chapter 111: Celestial Pool Battle
Chapter 112: The Last Duel
Chapter 113: Blood Transformation Art
Chapter 114: Entering The Celestial Dan Pool
Chapter 115: Qi Gathering Mental Vortex
Chapter 116: Demonic Jade Water-Python
Chapter 117: Battle Between Two Beast
Chapter 118: Sinecure And Expenses
Chapter 119: Earning Money
Chapter 120: Tri Sun Art
Chapter 121: Intensive Training
Chapter 122: Fortune Does Not Come Alone
Chapter 123 – Initial Yuan Dan, Second Seal Symbol Master
Chapter 124: Showing His Strength
Chapter 125: Deathmatch
Chapter 126: Doing Battle With Wei Tong
Chapter 127: Fierce Battle
Chapter 128: Kill!
Chapter 129: End Of The Show
Chapter 130: Tower Battle
Chapter 131: Zi Yue
Chapter 132: Say It Again
Chapter 133: Cao Zhu
Chapter 134: Mysterious Ice Swords
Chapter 135: The Tower Battle Begins
Chapter 136: The Fifth Level
Chapter 137: Robbery
Chapter 138: Chase
Chapter 139: Entering The Seventh Level
Chapter 140: Willpower
Chapter 141: Manifestation Symbol Array
Chapter 142: The Outcome Of The Battle
Chapter 143: Third Seal Symbol Master
Chapter 144: Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 145: Mental Energy Map
Chapter 146: A Storm Arises
Chapter 147: Pieces Of Crap
Chapter 148: Pointers
Chapter 149: Doing Battle With Gui Yan
Chapter 150: The Might Of The Manifestation Symbol Array
Chapter 151: The Four Great Factions
Chapter 152: Awe
Chapter 153: Terminus Devil Body
Chapter 154: Blood Vermillion Devil Fruit
Chapter 155: The Old Tomb
Chapter 156: Main Clan Members
Chapter 157: Lin Chen
Chapter 158: Perfect Control
Chapter 159: Advanced Yuan Dan Stage
Chapter 160: Sky Flame Mountain Range
Chapter 161: Song Dao
Chapter 162: Soul Treasure
Chapter 163: Manifestation Symbol Array, Third Layer
Chapter 164: Seizing By Force
Chapter 165: The End To The Night
Chapter 166: Lin Langtian
Chapter 167: The Four Top Young Practitioners!
Chapter 168: Breaking The Seal
Chapter 169: Sudden Windfall
Chapter 170: Ransacking The Demonic Spirit Chambers
Chapter 171: The Six Soul Treasures
Chapter 172: The Scramble Over The Treasure
Chapter 173: Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd
Chapter 174: Symbol Puppet
Chapter 175: Middle Ranked Symbol Puppet
Chapter 176: Sea Of Fire
Chapter 177: Nirvana Heart
Chapter 178: Forcefully Seizing Yang Energy
Chapter 179: Master Of The Tomb
Chapter 180: Trouble
Chapter 181: Today’S Matter Will Be Repaid A Hundredfold
Chapter 182: Symbol Ancestor
Chapter 183: Fierce Battle With Wang Yan!
Chapter 184: Might Of The Symbol Puppet
Chapter 185: Saved
Chapter 186: Chat On The Mountaintop
Chapter 187: Harvest
Chapter 188: Bloody Battle
Chapter 189: One Versus Three
Chapter 190: Might Of The Halberd Technique
Chapter 191: Resolved
Chapter 192: Fall Of The Blood Wolf Gang
Chapter 193: Eruption Of Yin Energy
Chapter 194: Black Yin Dan
Chapter 195: Activating The Stone Talisman
Chapter 196: Great Sun Thunder Body
Chapter 197: A Challenge Before He Departed
Chapter 198: Fighting The City Lord
Chapter 199: Dragon Transformation
Chapter 200: Training Journey In The Forest
Chapter 201: Drawing Thunder To Temper The Body
Chapter 202: Swallowing The Thunderbolt
Chapter 203: Little Flame In Danger
Chapter 204: Dayan Province’S Di Family
Chapter 205: Di Teng
Chapter 206: Thunder Crystal Beast
Chapter 207: Forcefully Snatching The Thunder Source
Chapter 208: Battling Against The Form Creation Stage
Chapter 209: Refining The Thunder Source
Chapter 210: Closed-Door Cultivation In The Mountain Cave
Chapter 211: Massive Surge In Strength
Chapter 212: Demonstrating His Prowess
Chapter 213: Annihilation
Chapter 214: Extortion
Chapter 215: Mist Forest
Chapter 216: Eagle Martial Dojo
Chapter 217: Mist Leopard Alligator King
Chapter 218: Revealing His Prowess
Chapter 219: Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet
Chapter 220: Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo
Chapter 221: Thrashing
Chapter 222: Beauty Offering Her Body
Chapter 223: Luo Jiu
Chapter 224: Martial Arts Arena
Chapter 225: Battling The Advanced Form Creation Stage
Chapter 226: Devil Ape Transformation
Chapter 227:Utter Defeat
Chapter 228: A Beautiful Chance Encounter
Chapter 229: Devil Ape Essence Blood
Chapter 230: Ancient Dragon Ape
Chapter 231: Ancient Wastelands
Chapter 232: Ancient Sword Sect
Chapter 233: Thousand Beast Fruit
Chapter 234: Urging The Tiger To Swallow The Wolf
Chapter 235: Ancient Sword Resents The Dragon Ape
Chapter 236: Massive Earth-Shattering Battle
Chapter 237: Essence Blood Obtained
Chapter 238: Refining The Dragon Ape Essence Blood
Chapter 239: Successful Refining
Chapter 240: Physical Battle
Chapter 241: Great Puppet City
Chapter 242: Mu Qianqian
Chapter 243: The Auction
Chapter 244: Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat
Chapter 245: Grandmaster Cheng
Chapter 246: The Evolved Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd
Chapter 247: A Complication
Chapter 248: Secret Of The Praying Mat
Chapter 249: Yuan Essence Energy
Chapter 250: Encirclement
Chapter 251: Soul Symbol Master
Chapter 252: Fierce Battle Against Hua Zong
Chapter 253: Breaking The Vest
Chapter 254: Annihilation
Chapter 255: A Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 256: Complete Breakthrough
Chapter 257: Race Against Time
Chapter 258: Caught
Chapter 259: Fending Off Advanced Qi Creation Stage
Chapter 260: Blown Back
Chapter 261: Black-Clothed Teenager
Chapter 262: Great Desolate Ancient Origin
Chapter 263: Teng Lei
Chapter 264: Second Encounter
Chapter 265: Rematch Against Wang Yan
Chapter 266: Tyrannical
Chapter 267: Wiseass
Chapter 268: Disappearing Seal
Chapter 269: Ancient Tablet Spiritual Domain
Chapter 270: Chilling Wind Body Training
Chapter 271: Stone Pavilion Bones
Chapter 272: Enemies Often Cross Path
Chapter 273: Breaking His Arm
Chapter 274: Core Area
Chapter 275: Symbol Puppet Lair
Chapter 276: Forcibly Taking
Chapter 277: Subduing The High Class Symbol Puppet
Chapter 278: Black Altar
Chapter 279: Black Eyed Elder
Chapter 280: Sealed
Chapter 281: Ghastly Devil Kill
Chapter 282: The Might Of A High-Grade Symbol Puppet
Chapter 283 Manifestation Martial Tablet
Chapter 284: Ten Praying Mats
Chapter 285: Fighting For A Spot
Chapter 286: Displaying His Strength
Chapter 287: Captured Forcefully
Chapter 288: Occupied
Chapter 289: Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger
Chapter 290 Inheriting Martial Arts
Chapter 291: Qi Creation Stage
Chapter 292: The Sect’S Treasure Hoard
Chapter 293: Primordial Blood Bat Dragon
Chapter 294: Killing The Primordial Blood Bat Dragon
Chapter 295 Easy Money
Chapter 296 Escape
Chapter 297 Seizing The Treasure And Fleeing
Chapter 298 Black Symbol
Chapter 299 Curse Power
Chapter 300 Strength Upgrade
Chapter 301 Provocation At The Door
Chapter 302: Power Play
Chapter 303 Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen
Chapter 304 Battle Against Half-Step-To Manifestation
Chapter 305 Nine Sky-Shaking Steps
Chapter 306: Retreating Safely
Chapter 307 Information
Chapter 308: Nine Destruction Purple Shadow
Chapter 309 Ghastly Puppet City
Chapter 310: Teng Sha
Chapter 311 Black Eye Phantasm
Chapter 312 Breaking The Formation
Chapter 313 Advanced Manifestation Stage
Chapter 314: Snatching It And Running Away
Chapter 315 Chaos
Chapter 316 Vicious And Merciless
Chapter 317 Mysterious Black Yin Crevice
Chapter 318: Nowhere To Hide
Chapter 319: Impasse
Chapter 320: The Seal Is Broken
Chapter 321: The Dark World
Chapter 322 Acknowledgement Of The Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 323 High Level Soul Symbol Master
Chapter 324: Surge In Strength
Chapter 325 Deep Into The Mysterious Black Yin Crevice
Chapter 326 Danger
Chapter 327 Advancing To Half-Step-To Manifestation
Chapter 328 Overflowing Killing Intent
Chapter 329 Vengeance
Chapter 330: Massive Battle Against Advanced Manifestation
Chapter 331: Bloody Battle
Chapter 332 Threatening Anger
Chapter 333: The Might Of The Ancient Symbol
Chapter 334 Wiping Out The Cult
Chapter 335: To Eliminate Weeds, You Must Cut The Roots
Chapter 336 Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 337: Acting Decisively
Chapter 338 Sealing The Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 339: The Requirements To Level Up
Chapter 340 Departure
Chapter 341 Collecting Demonic Blood
Chapter 342 Thunder Body Mastered
Chapter 343: Elderly Man In Cotton Robes
Chapter 344: A Narrow Escape
Chapter 345 Great Yan Province
Chapter 346 Clan Gathering!
Chapter 347: Powerful Qingtan
Chapter 348 Lin Dong’S Return!
Chapter 349: Get Down Now
Chapter 350 The Meaning Of Arrogance
Chapter 351 A Single Punch
Chapter 352 Two Words For You
Chapter 353 The Battle With Lin Langtian!
Chapter 354 Battle Of The Titans
Chapter 355: Great Heavenly Phoenix Seal!
Chapter 356 All Cards Revealed
Chapter 357 Spirit Wheel Mirror
Chapter 358 Desperate Struggle
Chapter 359 Lin Fan
Chapter 360 End Of The Lin Clan Gathering
Chapter 361 The Battle Of Seeds
Chapter 362 The World Beyond Great Yan Empire
Chapter 363 The Clan Trove
Chapter 364: Sneak Attack
Chapter 365: Mysterious Tiny Black Hill
Chapter 366 Heavy Prison Peak
Chapter 367: Initial Manifestation Stage
Chapter 368 Give Face But Don’T Want Face
Chapter 369 Sparing No Feelings
Chapter 370: A Second Encounter
Chapter 371: Cruel
Chapter 372 Rushing To The Imperial City
Chapter 373 The Gathering Of Geniuses
Chapter 374: Green Robes Mo Ling
Chapter 375 The Beginning Of The Battle Of Seeds
Chapter 376 Moving Mountain Generals
Chapter 377: Huangpu Ying
Chapter 378: The Art Of Assassination
Chapter 379 Breaking The Shadow
Chapter 380: The Final Opponent
Chapter 381 Wang Zhong
Chapter 382: Blood Demonic Asura Spear
Chapter 383: A Bitter Fight
Chapter 384 Bloody Battle
Chapter 385 The Placing
Chapter 386: End Of The Selection
Chapter 387 Enraged Wang Lei
Chapter 388: A Conversation At Night
Chapter 389 Sacred Spirit Pool
Chapter 390: Various Means
Chapter 391 Scramble For Power
Chapter 392: Snatching Everything
Chapter 393 The Mysterious Entity In Lin Langtian’S Body
Chapter 394: A Bountiful Reward
Chapter 395 Bone Spear
Chapter 396 Refining The Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear
Chapter 397 A Change In The Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 398 Entering The Ancient Battlefield!
Chapter 399 Unfamiliar Space
Chapter 400 Assembly Point
Chapter 401 Saint Light Empire
Chapter 402 Demon Horde
Chapter 403 Conflict
Chapter 404 Massacre
Chapter 405 Snatching Food From A Tiger’S Mouth
Chapter 406: Li Sheng
Chapter 407 Battling A Peak Manifestation Stage Elite
Chapter 408 Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle
Chapter 409 Fifth Finger Move The Universe
Chapter 410: A Complete Massacre
Chapter 411 Forced To Leave
Chapter 412 Checking The Harvest
Chapter 413 The Big Senior Of Saint Light Empire
Chapter 414 Information
Chapter 415 Lesser Nirvana Golden Body
Chapter 416 Mastering Lesser Nirvana Golden Body
Chapter 417 Trouble Pays A Visit
Chapter 418 Massacre
Chapter 419 Proceeding Towards Yang City
Chapter 420 Trio’S Breakthrough
Chapter 421 Bazaar
Chapter 422: Jin Mu
Chapter 423 Battling A Half-Step-To Nirvana Practitioner
Chapter 424 Shock And Awe
Chapter 425 Utter Disgrace
Chapter 426 Finally Enough
Chapter 427 Heaven Symbol Spirit Tree
Chapter 428 Cleansing The Blood Soul Puppet
Chapter 429 Time To Make A Move
Chapter 430 Entering The Thunder Granite Mountain Range
Chapter 431 Second Encounter With The Demonic Horde
Chapter 432 Kill
Chapter 433 Vicious
Chapter 434 Harvest
Chapter 435 Another Upgrade
Chapter 436 Collecting A Debt
Chapter 437 Killing Jin Mu
Chapter 438 Ling Zhi, Liu Yuan
Chapter 439 Thunder Granite Valley
Chapter 440 Two High-Grade Empires
Chapter 441 A Wager
Chapter 442 Acknowledgement
Chapter 443 Undercurrent
Chapter 444 Stone Temple
Chapter 445 Tree Veins Symbol
Chapter 446 Trump Card
Chapter 447 The Main Chamber
Chapter 448 Trap
Chapter 449 Stone Statue
Chapter 450 Lady Dressed In Red
Chapter 451 Mu Hongling
Chapter 452 A Sudden Change
Chapter 453 Takeover
Chapter 454 Heaven Symbol Master
Chapter 455 Li Pan
Chapter 456 Showing Up
Chapter 457 Might Of A Heavenly Symbol Master
Chapter 458 Killer
Chapter 459 Trouble
Chapter 460 The Scheme
Chapter 461 Arrival
Chapter 462 Battle
Chapter 463 Lei She
Chapter 464 Devouring World
Chapter 465 Fat Lamb
Chapter 466 Kidnap And Ransom
Chapter 467 Attacking The Half-Step-To Nirvana Stage
Chapter 468 Collecting The Pills
Chapter 469 Shi Xuan
Chapter 470 One Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 471 A Situation
Chapter 472 Internal Body Formation
Chapter 473 Ancient Universe Formation
Chapter 474 Changing The Bloodline
Chapter 475 Ancient Lands
Chapter 476 The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger
Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight
Chapter 478 Making A Move
Chapter 479 Retreating In Fear
Chapter 480 Tiger Bone Obtained
Chapter 481 Fusing The Tiger Bones
Chapter 482 Little Flame After Metamorphosis
Chapter 483 Three Brothers
Chapter 484 Ancient Palace
Chapter 485 Great Hall
Chapter 486 Little Flame’S Might
Chapter 487 Giant Essence Swallowing Palm
Chapter 488 Establishing One’S Might
Chapter 489 Various Factions
Chapter 490 Opening Of The Secret Trove
Chapter 491 Golden Body Sharipu
Chapter 492 Pill River
Chapter 493 Sky Eagle Empire
Chapter 494 Attacking The Nirvana Stage
Chapter 495 Arrival Of The Double Tribulations
Chapter 496 Explosion Of Reserves
Chapter 497 Escalating Strength
Chapter 498 Overwhelming
Chapter 499 Arrival Of Trouble
Chapter 500 Soul Martial Arts
Chapter 501: Soul Martial Arts
Chapter 502: Reunion
Chapter 503: Ancient Sect Remnants
Chapter 504: Deterrent Force
Chapter 505: Liu Bai
Chapter 506: Tiangang Alliance
Chapter 507: Nirvana Burning Sky Array
Chapter 508: Nirvana Demon Flame
Chapter 509: A Mysterious Person
Chapter 510: Eight Level Sect
Chapter 511: Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog
Chapter 512: Palm Imprint, Fist Imprint, Finger Hole
Chapter 513: Majestic Fist Aura
Chapter 514: Eight Level Fist Aura
Chapter 515: The Might Of The Fist Aura
Chapter 516: Fallout
Chapter 517: The Remains Of The Four Mysterious Sect
Chapter 518: Pill Grounds
Chapter 519: Pill Room
Chapter 520: Samsara Pill
Chapter 521: Violent Wolf Tian Zhen
Chapter 522: Little Flame Battles Tian Zhen
Chapter 523: Meeting Again
Chapter 524: Soul Martial Arts Battle
Chapter 525: The Overlords
Chapter 526: Bronze Door
Chapter 527: Using His Trump Card
Chapter 528: Summoning The Ancient Heavenly Crocodile
Chapter 529: The Might Of The Ancient Heavenly Crocodile
Chapter 530: Killer Intent
Chapter 531: Killed?
Chapter 532: Entering The Great Bronze Door
Chapter 533: First
Chapter 534: Second
Chapter 535: Third
Chapter 536: The Mysterious Qing Zhi
Chapter 537: Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill
Chapter 538: Seclusion
Chapter 539: The Third Nirvana Tribulation
Chapter 540: Retaliate
Chapter 541: Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead
Chapter 542: The True Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 543: A Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 544: Coming Out Of Seclusion
Chapter 545: Great Gan Empire
Chapter 546: Fire General, Mountain General
Chapter 547: Tit For Tat
Chapter 548: A Fierce Battle
Chapter 549: Green Dragon Sky Ripping Hand
Chapter 550: Defeating The Two Generals
Chapter 551: Departure
Chapter 552: Being Targeted
Chapter 553: Little Marten’S Might
Chapter 554: A Night Encounter
Chapter 555: Su Rou
Chapter 556: Intervention
Chapter 557: Vicious
Chapter 558: Companion
Chapter 559: Nirvana Monument
Chapter 560: The Nirvana Monument Test
Chapter 561: Chang Ling
Chapter 562: Complete Sweep
Chapter 563: Wanxiang Auction
Chapter 564: Luo Tong
Chapter 565: Face-Off Between The Strong
Chapter 566: Green Dragon Finger
Chapter 567: An Approaching Storm
Chapter 568: The Four Great Super Empires
Chapter 569: Wanxiang Auction
Chapter 570: Balance Spirit Fruit
Chapter 571: Desolate Heavenly Cow
Chapter 572: Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal
Chapter 573: Competition Of Wealth
Chapter 574: The Final Victor
Chapter 575: Before The Battle
Chapter 576: Hundred Empire War, Begin!
Chapter 577A: Face Off
Chapter 577B: Bloody Battle
Chapter 578A: Might Of A Heavenly Soul Treasure
Chapter 578B: Earthshaking
Chapter 579: Snatching Treasure
Chapter 580: Defeat & Death
Chapter 581: Kick Off
Chapter 582: Death Spirit General
Chapter 583: The Second Seal
Chapter 584: Awakening
Chapter 585: Extermination
Chapter 586: Improving His Abilities
Chapter 587: Progress Into The Deeper Regions
Chapter 588: Do You Dare
Chapter 589: Resist
Chapter 590: Ground Evil Alliance
Chapter 591: Enemies
Chapter 592: Knocking On Their Door
Chapter 593: Xiao Shan
Chapter 594: Dragon Soul Battling Zhuyan
Chapter 595: Domination
Chapter 596: A Reunion
Chapter 597: Lanying
Chapter 598: Seven Great Super Sects
Chapter 599: Cooperation
Chapter 600: Accept The Fight
Chapter 601: Three Devils Of The Song Family
Chapter 602: A Peculiar Move
Chapter 603: How Freakish
Chapter 604: Four Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 605: Taozong Fierce Spirit
Chapter 606: Swallowing And Devouring
Chapter 607: Outcome
Chapter 608: Do You Still Have Strength?
Chapter 609: Devastating
Chapter 610: Qin Tian
Chapter 611: Opening Of The Hundred Empire Mountain
Chapter 612: Ascending The Mountain
Chapter 613: Eight Great Super Sects
Chapter 614: A Familiar Face
Chapter 615: Nirvana Golden Ranking Battle
Chapter 616: Cooperation
Chapter 617: Battling Lin Langtian Again
Chapter 618: Forming A Martial Soul
Chapter 619: Unleashing All Of One’S Skills
Chapter 620: Green Dragon Aegis
Chapter 621: Violence
Chapter 622: Killing Lin Langtian
Chapter 623: Complete Extermination
Chapter 624: Vying Over The Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 625: Cao Yu
Chapter 626: Intervening
Chapter 627: Revealing All Trump Cards
Chapter 628: Stacking
Chapter 629: Stacking Three Trials
Chapter 630: Lightning Trial Destruction Formation
Chapter 631: Break Free
Chapter 632: Meeting Ling Qingzhu Again?
Chapter 633: Four Years
Chapter 634: Origin
Chapter 635: Sect Selection
Chapter 636: Joining The Dao Sect
Chapter 637: Conclusion Of The Hundred Empire War
Chapter 638: Dazzling Great Yan
Chapter 639: Dao Region, Dao Sect!
Chapter 640: Four Great Mysterious Scriptures
Chapter 641: Choosing A Hall
Chapter 642: Reward
Chapter 643 Guidance
Chapter 644: Fight
Chapter 645: Desolate Blade
Chapter 646
Chapter 647: Nirvana Golden Qi
Chapter 648: The Bottom Of The Pill River
Chapter 649: Movement
Chapter 650: Uproar
Chapter 651: Dragon Yuan Ring
Chapter 652: Five Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 653: Emerging From The River
Chapter 654: Senior Direct Disciples
Chapter 655: Objection From Jiang Hao
Chapter 656: Martial Arts Hall
Chapter 657: The Desolation Skill
Chapter 658: The Desolate Stone
Chapter 659: Forming A Desolate Seed
Chapter 660: Four Stone Tablets
Chapter 661: Desolate Demon Eye
Chapter 662: Huang
Chapter 663: Success Or Failure?
Chapter 664: Monthly Competition
Chapter 665: Intense Fight With Jiang Hao
Chapter 666: Great Star Majestic Fist
Chapter 667: The Power Of The Demon Eye
Chapter 668: The Fifth Senior Direct Disciple
Chapter 669: A Talk In The Night
Chapter 670: Peace
Chapter 671: Heading Out Of The Sect
Chapter 672: Blood Rock Grounds
Chapter 673: Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree
Chapter 674: Ape King
Chapter 675: Battling The Ape King
Chapter 676: Kill
Chapter 677: Activity
Chapter 678: Bad News
Chapter 679: A Troublesome Situation
Chapter 680: Fighting The Butcher
Chapter 681: Spirit Of The Desolate Beast
Chapter 682: Retreat
Chapter 683: Formless Bodhi Sound
Chapter 684: Rescue
Chapter 685: Grudge
Chapter 686: Bloody Fight
Chapter 687: Swallowing The Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits
Chapter 688: Killing Su Lei
Chapter 689: Demonic Yuan Cursed Body
Chapter 690: Heavily Wounded
Chapter 691: Rest
Chapter 692: Ying Xiaoxiao, Qing Ye
Chapter 693: Dao Sect Master
Chapter 694: Soul Locking Array
Chapter 695: Dual Tribulations Once Again
Chapter 696: Great Desolate Tablet
Chapter 697: Ripple
Chapter 698: Desolate
Chapter 699: You Are Sick
Chapter 700: Breakthrough
Chapter 701: Unknown Lifeforms
Chapter 702: Comprehending The Great Desolation Scripture
Chapter 703: Success
Chapter 704: Mountain Challenge
Chapter 705: Great Precipice Cave
Chapter 706: Violence
Chapter 707: Great Precipice Cave Scripture
Chapter 708: Upgraded Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand
Chapter 709: Zither-Playing Young Lady
Chapter 710: Wang Yan
Chapter 711: Standoff
Chapter 712: Start Of The Hall Competition
Chapter 713: Battling Ying Huanhuan
Chapter 714 Opponent
Chapter 715: Clash Of The Top
Chapter 716: Intense Battle
Chapter 717: Earth Dragon Divine Sealing Palm
Chapter 718: Dragon Wings
Chapter 719: Battle Of The Finest
Chapter 720: Wang Yan V.S. Ying Xiaoxiao
Chapter 721: Clash Of The Sky Emperor Scripture
Chapter 722: Fight
Chapter 723: Battle Of The Titans
Chapter 724: Black Demon Mirror Vs Great Desolation Scripture
Chapter 725: Tragic
Chapter 726: Victory And Defeat
Chapter 727: Return Of The Commanding Rights
Chapter 728: Selecting A Treasure
Chapter 729: Static Tablet
Chapter 730: A Sudden Disturbance From The Demon Spirit Seal
Chapter 731: Borrowing The Zither
Chapter 732: The Trio’S Reunion
Chapter 733: Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva
Chapter 734: Demon Sound Mountain
Chapter 735: Sudden Guests
Chapter 736: Change In The Situation
Chapter 737: An Unforeseen Development
Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of
Chapter 739: Getting Rid Of All Loose Ends
Chapter 740: The Power Of A Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 741: Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 742: Battle Of Techniques
Chapter 743: Cleanse
Chapter 744: Breaking Core Brewing Spirit
Chapter 745: Surge In Strength
Chapter 746: Reincarnator
Chapter 747: Returning Back To The Sect
Chapter 748: A Conversation
Chapter 749: Do You Still Remember
Chapter 750: Departing
Chapter 751: Unique Devil Region
Chapter 752: Conflict
Chapter 753: An Eagle
Chapter 754: An Amusing Exchange
Chapter 755: Nice To Meet You
Chapter 756: Meeting Again After Five Years
Chapter 757: Does He Want To Die
Chapter 758: Burning Sky Ancient Stash
Chapter 759: Gathering Of Monsters
Chapter 760: Tit For Tat
Chapter 761: Unique Devil Region, Open
Chapter 762: Mysterious Life Bone Beads
Chapter 763: Unexpected Occurrence
Chapter 764: Bitterly Fight Against The Demon Corpse
Chapter 765: Controlling The Demon Corpse
Chapter 766: Harassment
Chapter 767: Information About The Ancient Treasure Stash
Chapter 768: Hurrying To The Ancient Stash
Chapter 769: Getting Someone Else To Do One’S Dirty Work
Chapter 770: Brother And Sister’S Reunion
Chapter 771: Qingtan
Chapter 772: Challenge
Chapter 773: Intense Battle Against Lei Qian
Chapter 774: Lightning God Codex
Chapter 775: Might Of The Reverse Rotation
Chapter 776: Confrontation
Chapter 777: Opening Of The Burning Sky Ancient Stash
Chapter 778: Mysterious Realm
Chapter 779: Central Hub
Chapter 780: Confirmation
Chapter 781: An Unexpected Twist
Chapter 782: Cauldron
Chapter 783: Red Robed Man
Chapter 784: Red Robe Versus Black Fog
Chapter 785: Suppression
Chapter 786: Fen Tian
Chapter 787: Absorbing
Chapter 788: Eight Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 789: Supreme Purity Celestial Pond
Chapter 790: The Yang Brothers
Chapter 791: Martial Emperor Law
Chapter 792: Might Of The Burning Sky Array
Chapter 793: Martial Emperor
Chapter 794: Unexpected Turn Of Events At The Bottom Of The Pond
Chapter 795: Outcome
Chapter 796: Fight
Chapter 797: Start Of The Battle
Chapter 798: Grudge
Chapter 799: The Disciples’ Battle
Chapter 800: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 801: Yuan Cang’S Spirit Emblem
Chapter 802: Two Ladies Joining Forces
Chapter 803: Misery
Chapter 804: Ability
Chapter 805: Battle Of The Top
Chapter 806: Re-Emergence Of The Great Desolation Scripture
Chapter 807: Intense Battle Against Yuan Cang
Chapter 808: Might Of The Burning Sky Cauldron
Chapter 809: Change In The Situation
Chapter 810: Lunatic
Chapter 811: Desolation Stone Beads
Chapter 812: Bitter Victory
Chapter 813: Coming To A Close
Chapter 814: Shock
Chapter 815: Return
Chapter 816: Dispute
Chapter 817: Gathering Once Again
Chapter 818: Little Marten’S Might
Chapter 819: 1V6
Chapter 820: Ren Yuanzi
Chapter 821: Desperate
Chapter 822: The Three Brothers’S Crushing Defeat
Chapter 823: Feelings
Chapter 824: Gathering Of The Top Experts
Chapter 825: Withdrawal From The Sect
Chapter 826: Desperate Struggle
Chapter 827: Teleportation
Chapter 828
Chapter 829: Escape
Chapter 830: He Will Return
Chapter 831: A Foreign Land
Chapter 832: Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region
Chapter 833: Mysterious Life Spirit Fruit
Chapter 834: Xuan Yuan Pill
Chapter 835: Night Attack
Chapter 836: Divine Symbol Master
Chapter 837: Reward
Chapter 838: Attacking The Nine Yuan Nirvana Stage
Chapter 839: Mysterious Spirit Mountain
Chapter 840: Shock And Deter
Chapter 841: Gathering Of The Various Factions
Chapter 842
Chapter 843: Might Of The Green Dragon
Chapter 844: Three-Headed Demon Snake
Chapter 845: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 846: Each Displaying Their Skills
Chapter 847: Obtained
Chapter 848: Situation
Chapter 849: Sucked Into The Cauldron
Chapter 850: Overwhelming Might
Chapter 851: Kill
Chapter 852: Core Spiritual Birth Serum
Chapter 853: Entering The Lake
Chapter 854: Behind The Lava
Chapter 855: An Extremely Dangerous Situation
Chapter 856: Mysterious Domain
Chapter 857: Token
Chapter 858: External Helper
Chapter 859: Profound Life Stage
Chapter 860: Chaotic Tower
Chapter 861: Movement
Chapter 862: Martial Gathering Island
Chapter 863: Conflict
Chapter 864: Thanks For The Win
Chapter 865: Obstinate
Chapter 866: Collaboration
Chapter 867: Enemies Will Inevitably Meet
Chapter 868: Martial Gathering
Chapter 869: Allocation
Chapter 870: Intense Battle Against Su Yan
Chapter 871: A Single Strike
Chapter 872: Victory
Chapter 873: Asura Method
Chapter 874: Challenge
Chapter 875: Martial Emperor’S Fury
Chapter 876: Powerful
Chapter 877: Initial Contact
Chapter 878: Sea Map
Chapter 879: This Path Is Unpassable
Chapter 880: Green Dragon Battle Armour
Chapter 881: Green Dragon Battles Asura
Chapter 882: Asura Earthly Demonic Prison
Chapter 883: All Out
Chapter 884: Victory
Chapter 885: End
Chapter 886: Entering The Chaotic Tower
Chapter 887: Sea-Like Desolation Qi
Chapter 888: Great Benefits
Chapter 889: Purplish Gold Skin
Chapter 890: Ancestor Stone Spirit
Chapter 891: Trouble Knocking On One’S Door
Chapter 892: Nefarious Bone Old Man
Chapter 893: Plan
Chapter 894: Leave
Chapter 895: Fighting The Nefarious Bone Old Man
Chapter 896: Power Of The Ancient Divine Flame Tablet
Chapter 896: Seriously Injured
Chapter 898: Blood Demon Shark Clan
Chapter 899: Green Clothed Girl
Chapter 900: Mu Lingshan
Chapter 901: Rescue
Chapter 902: Exchange
Chapter 903: Striking First
Chapter 904: Slaughter
Chapter 905: Intense Battle On The Sea
Chapter 906: Demon Shark Tooth
Chapter 907: Complete Elimination
Chapter 908: Sky Merchant City
Chapter 909: Tang Dongling
Chapter 910: Refining The Burning Sky Gates
Chapter 911: Complete Burning Sky Cauldron
Chapter 912: Sky Merchant Auction
Chapter 913: Confrontation
Chapter 914: Sky Devouring Corpse
Chapter 915: Bidding Competition
Chapter 916: Main Auction Item?
Chapter 917: Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol Clue
Chapter 918: Competition For The Silver Tower
Chapter 919: Controlling The Sky Devouring Corpse
Chapter 920: Good Show
Chapter 921: Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 922: Strike
Chapter 923: Might Of The Burning Sky Gates
Chapter 924: Snatching The Tower And Fleeing
Chapter 925: Pursuers
Chapter 926: Sky Lightning Sea Region
Chapter 927: Encounter During The Journey
Chapter 928: Wu Xuan
Chapter 929: Two Great Samsara Stage Experts
Chapter 930: Gift
Chapter 931: A Discussion In The Night
Chapter 932: Arrival
Chapter 933: Scheme
Chapter 934: Killing As A Deterrence
Chapter 935: Still Water Runs Deep
Chapter 936: Entering Sky Lightning Sea Region
Chapter 937: Treacherous Sky Lightning Sea Region
Chapter 938: Opening The Cave
Chapter 939: Lightning Battleground
Chapter 940: Inside The Cave
Chapter 941: Pursuit
Chapter 942: Massacre
Chapter 943: A Mysterious Red-Robed Man
Chapter 944: Thunderbolt Core
Chapter 945: Crossing Blows
Chapter 946: A Lively Affair
Chapter 947: Lightning Cliff Gorge
Chapter 948: Collecting
Chapter 949: Battle At The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 950: Implicated
Chapter 951: Intense Battle Against Pang Hao
Chapter 952: Vicious
Chapter 953: Yimo
Chapter 954: Withdraw
Chapter 955: Help
Chapter 956: Three Great Divine Objects
Chapter 957: Removing The Demonic Markings
Chapter 958: Zuo Fei
Chapter 959: Absorption
Chapter 960: Thunder Hall
Chapter 961: The Gathering Of Experts
Chapter 962: Nine Serene Guarding Spirit Formation
Chapter 963: Luring The Corpses
Chapter 964: Destroying An Arm
Chapter 965: Lightning Emperor Scepter
Chapter 966: Tussle
Chapter 967: Subdue
Chapter 968: Previous Generation Of The Yuan Gate’S Three Little Kings
Chapter 969: Mo Luo
Chapter 970: Expel
Chapter 971: Thunder World
Chapter 972: Eliminating The Demon Together
Chapter 973: Three Great Ancestral Symbols
Chapter 974: Eliminating The Yimo King
Chapter 975: Competition
Chapter 976: Using Every Means Possible
Chapter 977: Bitter Struggle Till The End
Chapter 978: I Win
Chapter 979: Bait
Chapter 980: I Stand Unbending
Chapter 981: A Hundred Thousand Thunderbolts To Create The Lightning Body
Chapter 982: Refining The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 983: Significant Improvement In Strength
Chapter 984: Wait
Chapter 985: Rescue
Chapter 986: Kill
Chapter 987: Ruthless
Chapter 988: Demonic Traces
Chapter 989: Exterminating Devils
Chapter 990: Two Great Ancestral Symbols
Chapter 991: Murder
Chapter 992: Dealt With
Chapter 993: Awestruck
Chapter 994: Rookie List
Chapter 995: Fiery Flame City
Chapter 996: Familiar Faces
Chapter 997: Conflict
Chapter 998: Fight
Chapter 999: Tang Xinlian
Chapter 1000: Still Water Runs Deep
Chapter 1001: Say My Name
Chapter 1002: The Calm Before The Competition
Chapter 1003: Begin
Chapter 1004: Blood Decapitation Guard
Chapter 1005: Onward
Chapter 1006: Encounter
Chapter 1007: Their First Fight
Chapter 1008: Immeasurable Mountain
Chapter 1009: Ascending The Mountain
Chapter 1010: Sha Li
Chapter 1011: Conquering The Peak
Chapter 1012: Fight At The Mountaintop
Chapter 1013: Pinnacle Battle
Chapter 1014: Waiting To Strike
Chapter 1015: Unsheathed Blade
Chapter 1016: Battling Two Demons
Chapter 1017: Using Every Technique
Chapter 1018: Three Prong Attack
Chapter 1019: Breaking An Arm
Chapter 1020: Each Using Their Strongest Technique
Chapter 1021: Three Hundred
Chapter 1022: Breaking The Mirror
Chapter 1023: Soft And Gentle
Chapter 1024: Devil Appears
Chapter 1025: King Tianming
Chapter 1026: Qing Zhi Appears Again
Chapter 1027: Commander Of The Flame Divine Hall
Chapter 1028: Terrifying Girl
Chapter 1029: Suppress
Chapter 1030: Breakthrough
Chapter 1031: Subdued
Chapter 1032: King Destroying Heavenly Plate
Chapter 1033: Life Death Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 1034: King Destroying Heavenly Plate
Chapter 1035: Devil Prison
Chapter 1036: Clues
Chapter 1037: Death Flame Spiritual Pool
Chapter 1038: Death Qi Cleansing
Chapter 1039: The Final One
Chapter 1040: Departure
Chapter 1041: Surging Dark Clouds
Chapter 1042: Beast War Region
Chapter 1043: Snatching My Grilled Meat
Chapter 1044: Taken Away
Chapter 1045: Stepping Stone
Chapter 1046: Cao Ying
Chapter 1047: Revealing Their Might
Chapter 1048: Achieving His Objective
Chapter 1049: Arrival
Chapter 1050: Nine-Tail Village
Chapter 1051: Qin Gang And Meng Shan
Chapter 1052: Reunion Of Brothers
Chapter 1053: Flame General
Chapter 1054: Little Flame’S Experiences
Chapter 1055: Chat
Chapter 1056: Behind The Scenes
Chapter 1057: Ancestral Soul Hall
Chapter 1058: Nine-Tail Spirit Fox
Chapter 1059: Inheritance
Chapter 1060: Devouring Divine Palace
Chapter 1061: Hope
Chapter 1062: Do You Still Have Any Doubts
Chapter 1063: Overawe
Chapter 1064: Deep Lightning Mountain Range
Chapter 1065: Demon Commander Xu Zhong
Chapter 1066: Each One’S Preparations
Chapter 1067: Fighting The Demon Commander
Chapter 1068: Battle Of Deep Lightning Mountain
Chapter 1069: Gone Crazy
Chapter 1070: Kill
Chapter 1071: Changing Owners
Chapter 1072: Essence Blood Inheritance
Chapter 1073: Divine Item Treasury
Chapter 1074: Endless Divine Prison
Chapter 1075: Tempering Mental Energy
Chapter 1076: Blood Dragon Hall
Chapter 1077: The Two Great Commanders
Chapter 1078: Heaven Dragon Demon Commander
Chapter 1079: Temporary Respite From The Storm
Chapter 1080: Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 1081: Divine Item Mountain Range
Chapter 1082: Afraid To Make A Move Due To Potential Losses
Chapter 1083: The Treasury Appears
Chapter 1084: Taking Treasures
Chapter 1085: Each Displaying Their Own Techniques
Chapter 1086: Inside The Mysterious Divine Palace
Chapter 1087: Ten Thousand Demon Eroding Array
Chapter 1088: Joining Forces
Chapter 1089: Last Stand
Chapter 1090: Fighting The Samsara Stage
Chapter 1091: Mysterious Divine Palace
Chapter 1092: I’Ll Say This Again
Chapter 1093: Three Brothers Finally Reunite
Chapter 1094: Overbearing Celestial Demon Marten
Chapter 1095: Little Marten Vs Heaven Dragon
Chapter 1096: Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1097: Face-Off
Chapter 1098: A Problem At The Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1099: Heading To The Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1100: Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1101: Problem Of The Dragon Tribe
Chapter 1102: Troublesome
Chapter 1103: Devil Suppressing Prison
Chapter 1104: Darkness Master
Chapter 1105: Resolving The Devil Sea Problem
Chapter 1106: A Spot
Chapter 1107: Yan Shan
Chapter 1108: Dragon Bones
Chapter 1109: Opening Of The Dragon Transformation Pool
Chapter 1110: Dragon Bone Transformation
Chapter 1111: Bone Burial Site
Chapter 1112: Ancient Dragon Bone
Chapter 1113: Six Finger Sage Dragon Emperor
Chapter 1114: Helper
Chapter 1115: Fight Between Top Experts
Chapter 1116: Primal Dragon Bone
Chapter 1117: Punishment Elder
Chapter 1118: Departure
Chapter 1119: Mang Mountain
Chapter 1120: Cooperation
Chapter 1121: Four Titans Palace
Chapter 1122: Demonic Beast Ancient Plains
Chapter 1123: Sky Battle Arena
Chapter 1123: Successive Defeats
Chapter 1125: Divine Hammer Clashes Against Black Tortoise
Chapter 1126: Final Round
Chapter 1127: Intense Fight With Luo Tong
Chapter 1128: Nine Phoenix Life Transformation Light
Chapter 1129: Fearsome
Chapter 1130: It’S Over
Chapter 1131: Great Unification
Chapter 1132: Little Marten’S Trouble
Chapter 1133: Reappearance Of Devil Prison
Chapter 1134: Heavenly Cave
Chapter 1135: Eternal Illusion Demon Flower
Chapter 1136: Awakening
Chapter 1137: Face-Off
Chapter 1138: The Stronger One
Chapter 1139: Hao Jiuyou’S Techniques
Chapter 1140: Capturing Devils
Chapter 1141: Reappearance Of Yimo Kings
Chapter 1142: Big Gift
Chapter 1143: Making A Move
Chapter 1144: Reappearance Of Desolation
Chapter 1145: Eternal Illusion Flower Demon Body
Chapter 1146: Hand Of The Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 1147: Resolving The Situation
Chapter 1148: Attacking The Symbol Grandmaster Level
Chapter 1149: Purgatory
Chapter 1150: Cocoon
Chapter 1151: Guardian
Chapter 1152: Advancing To The Symbol Grandmaster Level
Chapter 1153: Out
Chapter 1154: Joining
Chapter 1155: Suppress
Chapter 1156: Killing Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 1157: Stunned
Chapter 1158: Commotion In The Demon Region
Chapter 1159: Gathering Of The Strong
Chapter 1160: Liu Qing
Chapter 1161: Kun Ling
Chapter 1162: Entering The Desolate Plains
Chapter 1163: Arrive
Chapter 1164: Darkness Saint Tiger
Chapter 1165: The Three Great Tiger Tribes
Chapter 1166: One Vs Two
Chapter 1167: Palace On The Lone Mountain
Chapter 1168: Mysterious Black Figure
Chapter 1169: Overcoming The Challenge
Chapter 1170: Jiu Feng
Chapter 1171: Within The Darkness
Chapter 1172: Two Devouring Powers
Chapter 1173: Devouring Master
Chapter 1174: Secret Of The Inheritance
Chapter 1175: Borrowing His Body To Slay Devils
Chapter 1176: Terrifying Devouring Master
Chapter 1177: Blessing
Chapter 1178: Three Reincarnation Tribulations
Chapter 1179: Reincarnation Ocean
Chapter 1180: War
Chapter 1181: Its Time We Charged Back
Chapter 1182: Dispatching Troops
Chapter 1183: Returning To The Eastern Xuan Region
Chapter 1184: State Of The Eastern Xuan Region
Chapter 1185: Return
Chapter 1186: Beat
Chapter 1187: Legend
Chapter 1188: Meeting Ying Huanhuan Again
Chapter 1189: Strengthen Our Dao Sect!
Chapter 1190: Returning To The Sect
Chapter 1191: Performance
Chapter 1192: Entering The Tablet
Chapter 1193: Cooperating To Slay The Devil
Chapter 1194: Disaster
Chapter 1195: Error In Judgement
Chapter 1196: Crisis At Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace
Chapter 1197: Zenith Palace
Chapter 1198: Lonely Beauty Faces The Enemy Alone
Chapter 1199: No One Can Hurt You
Chapter 1200: Be Careful
Chapter 1201: Payback Begins
Chapter 1202: Display Of Might
Chapter 1203: The Eighth Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 1204: Spatial Ancestral Symbol
Chapter 1205: Yuan Destruction Alliance
Chapter 1206: Time To Gather; A War Is About To Arrive
Chapter 1207: Outside Yuan Gate
Chapter 1208: Zhou Tong
Chapter 1209: Lin Dong Vs Zhou Tong
Chapter 1210: Devil Emperor Lock
Chapter 1211: Rescue
Chapter 1212: Grand Devil Feast
Chapter 1213: Dragon, Tiger, Marten
Chapter 1214: Fighting The Devils
Chapter 1215: Battle Of Revenge
Chapter 1216: Ancestral Symbol Eye
Chapter 1217: Killing The Three Great Heads
Chapter 1218: Two Ladies Joining Forces
Chapter 1219: Fourth Seat King
Chapter 1220: Flame Master
Chapter 1221: Quiet Willow Silent Wind
Chapter 1222: Supreme Symbol Master
Chapter 1223: Furious Fight Against The Flame Master
Chapter 1224: Clear Sky After A Snowstorm
Chapter 1225: Chat
Chapter 1226: Zenith Sensing Art
Chapter 1227: Chat On A Mountain Top
Chapter 1228: Tens Of Thousands Of Mountains
Chapter 1229: Meeting Chen Gui Again
Chapter 1230: Qingtans Problem
Chapter 1231: Darkness City
Chapter 1232: Forced To Step Down
Chapter 1233: We Meet Again
Chapter 1234: Display Of Might
Chapter 1235: Scythe Spirit
Chapter 1236: Modus Operandus
Chapter 1237: Devils Attack
Chapter 1238: Seventh Seat King
Chapter 1239: Devil Emperor Armour
Chapter 1240: An All-Out Fight
Chapter 1241: Cultivation Method
Chapter 1242: Detect
Chapter 1243: Lightning Bow, Black Arrow
Chapter 1244: Thunderbolt Master
Chapter 1245: Matter Of The Devil Prison
Chapter 1246: Return To The Unique Devil Region
Chapter 1247: Awakening Fen Tian
Chapter 1248: Reunion
Chapter 1249: Peace
Chapter 1250: Eagle Sect
Chapter 1251: Old Friend
Chapter 1252: Devil In The Tablet
Chapter 1253: Ninth Seat King
Chapter 1254: Kill
Chapter 1255: A Little Lacking
Chapter 1256: Return To The Sect
Chapter 1257: Reunion Of Master And Disciple
Chapter 1258: Crack Between The Planes
Chapter 1259: Advancing To The Reincarnation Stage
Chapter 1260: Beginning Of The Turmoil
Chapter 1261: Returning To The Chaotic Demon Sea
Chapter 1262: Island Surrounded By Thousands Of Devils
Chapter 1263: A Familiar Person
Chapter 1264: Chaos Master
Chapter 1265: Advent Of A Great Battle
Chapter 1266: Meeting The Seventh Seat King Again
Chapter 1267: Bloody Battle
Chapter 1268: Yimo Emperor Phantasm
Chapter 1269: Primal Chaos Arrow
Chapter 1270: Ying Huanhuan Intervenes
Chapter 1271: Spatial Master
Chapter 1272: Gathering Of The Strong
Chapter 1273: Peak Level Clash
Chapter 1274: Ancestral Citadel
Chapter 1275: Alliance
Chapter 1276: Meet (1)
Chapter 1277: Meet (2)
Chapter 1278: Opening The Ancestral Citadel
Chapter 1279: Training Journey
Chapter 1280: Turmoil
Chapter 1281: Forming A Divine Palace
Chapter 1282: The Three Great Alliances
Chapter 1283: Heaven Seat King
Chapter 1284: Ten Years In A Flash
Chapter 1285: Qingzhi Fights A Devil
Chapter 1286: Calming The Chaotic Demon Sea
Chapter 1287: Alliance Between The Four Xuan Regions
Chapter 1288: Quarrel
Chapter 1289: Life Death Master
Chapter 1290: Gathering Of The Armies
Chapter 1291: Attacking The Western Xuan Region
Chapter 1292: Great Eastern Xuan Desert
Chapter 1293: Great World War
Chapter 1294: Intense Fight With The Third Seat King
Chapter 1295: Devil Emperor Avatar
Chapter 1296: Devil Emperor Hand
Chapter 1297: Protect It Myself
Chapter 1298: Crack Between The Planes
Chapter 1299: Leaving A Way Out
Chapter 1300: Decision
Chapter 1301: Qingyang Town
Chapter 1302: A Year
Chapter 1303: Success Or Failure
Chapter 1304: Wish
Chapter 1305: Reincarnation
Chapter 1306: Shattering Of The Seal
Chapter 1307: Advancing Into The Ancestor Stage
Chapter 1308: The Final Fight
Chapter 1309: I Will Bring You Back (Finale!)
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Alternative Titles:

Earth-Shattering Martial Arts, Martial Movement Upheaval, 武动乾坤

Source: Wuxiaworld
Book Details / Information: The Great Yan Empire exists in a world where respect can only be earned through strength. Within this Great Yan Empire, the four great clans have always stood above the rest. Among them, a particular incident in the Lin Clan resulted in the banishment of a certain individual who went on to start his own family, in hopes of one day being recognized again by the Lin Clan, and rejoining them…

Hailing from a banished family of the Great Lin Clan, when Lin Dong was very young, he watched, powerless, as his talented father was easily crushed and crippled by the overwhelming genius of the great Lin Clan, Lin Langtian.

With a despairing father, a heartbroken grandfather, and a suffering family, ever since that fateful day, Lin Dong has been driven by a deep purpose; to take revenge on the man who had taken everything and more from his family.

Armed with nothing but willpower and determination, join Lin Dong as he unknowingly discovers a destiny greater than he could ever hope to imagine when he stumbles upon a mysterious stone talisman…

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Chapter 1: Lin Dong

WDQK Chapter 1: Lin Dong


When Lin Dong gathered every ounce of strength to open his heavy eyelids, a simple, crude yet tidy room appeared before his eyes. This familiar scene caused him to blink distractedly, unable to make sense of why he was here, though soon after, he promptly turned his head in a flash of understanding. Sure enough he saw the two figures of a man and a woman seated at a table in the room.

“Father, mother……”

As Lin Dong gazed at the two figures, he grew spirited and let out a soft cry.

“Dong-er, you’ve woken?”

Hearing his cries, the woman first turned her head, as she saw Lin Dong finally opening his eyes, she immediately exclaimed in happiness.

Dressed somewhat plainly and about thirty years in age, the outline of her cheek gave a sense of elegance to her face and also a type of sweet-tempered and gentle feeling. This was Lin Dong’s mother, Liu Yan.

“Unskilled and yet you pick fights with others, you are literarily asking for trouble.”

Seated besides the woman was a man who looked to be about thirty or forty years old. His body was slightly frail yet he had a bit of sternness in his brows, he also seemed to be suffering from serious injuries as his face was pale which in turn masked up a large part of his sternness. This was Lin Dong’s father, Lin Xiao.

Turning to face his often-times stern father, Lin Dong ostensibly displayed a sliver of fear, pulling back his neck, though soon after he somewhat defiantly declared: “Who asked them to call my father useless right in front of my face…”

As he spoke, Lin Dong reached to feel the still aching wound on his chest, and clenched his teeth. Today was merely one of the tests for the Lin Family and he had only went down to gauge his progress. Today’s setback hardly dented his faith in himself because he had only been training for about half a year and he did not expect to make much progress. He remained confident that given the same time and conditions to train, he would not lose out to anyone.

Nevertheless, right after the test ended, as Lin Dong was preparing to make his way home, he encountered a fellow which he had some bad history with. His original plan was to ignore that chap, however after a few rounds of deliberate provocation, he could no longer stand it and in a moment of fury, the young and hot-blooded Lin Dong attacked the provocator. Nonetheless, the results were clear as day as he was immediately soundly knocked out by a heavy punch……

“Lin Shan, you had better remember this! The next time, I vow to smash your head into a pulp, or my name is not Lin Dong!”

Lin Dong ground his teeth together. The Lin Shan mentioned, was the perpetrator of this incident, and also the number one enemy in Lin Dong’s heart. Because their fathers had bad blood between them, Lin Shan constantly tried to inconvenience Lin Dong, and the latest incident was just one of many.

One moment he was resolutely clenching his jaw, yet the next, Lin Dong was hanging his head dejectedly. Though Lin Shan was extremely vile, the fact remained that he was currently already at the 4th layer of Tempered Body. In the Lin family, this kind of achievement was considered better than average. Compared to the 2nd layer that Lin Dong was at, it was indeed much better.

In the path of training, the body should be trained first as everything begins with one’s body. After all, the human body is the most wonderfully mysterious thing in the world.

Simply said, Tempered Body was the cultivation of one’s body, allowing one’s body to gradually strengthen and eventually grow stronger from outside to within. When the muscles and bones within the body have strengthened to a certain level, it will give rise to a seedling of Yuan Power. Only when a seedling of Yuan Power naturally appears in the body, can one then be called a true practitioner.

Tempered Body is divided into 9 layers, the difference between the first 3 layers is not significant as it only improves one’s physical body and foundations slightly. Only when the body has been cultivated to the 4th layer, will the advantages of training gradually surface. At that level, the skin will slowly harden to become as tough as wood or rock, and both one’s strength and speed will be substantially upgraded.

Since Lin Shan was currently at that level, Lin Dong, who had only mastered the 2nd layer of Tempered Body, was clearly outclassed.

As for why there was such a disparity between the two, although they were both of similar age, it was not due to a difference in their potential. For the Tempered Body levels, talent was not a key factor, in fact it could be said that anyone could train in it. However, how far they were able to progress, would depend on one’s wealth and affinity.

Nonetheless, to reach the 9th layer of Tempered body is an extremely difficult and tiring affair. This was because only by constantly pushing the limits of one’s physical body, could one’s body gradually grow stronger.

Yet this way of testing one’s limits was akin to squeezing out the potential in one’s body. If one’s body was not sufficiently restored after the ‘squeezing’, one’s body would be injured due to the strain. At that time, not only would the training be affected but the whole body would be riddled with injuries. An overall loss.

Thus, as one attempts to master the Tempered Body, they would need various nourishing elixirs to supplement their body before they can progress with their training. However, as these elixirs are mostly expensive commodities, those without adequate wealth would not be able to afford it.

And this is the so called wealth!

The reason why Lin Shan was able to surpass Lin Dong by 2 layers was not because he had trained for half a year more but largely because his father was in charge of the finances in the Lin family. In comparison to Lin Dong who lacked this good fortune and therefore the access to elixirs to nourish his body. Thus his training progress was naturally much slower than the former…….

Suddenly, as Lin Xiao heard Lin Dong’s mutterings, his palm that was resting on the table clenched tightly, as his expression grew a shade darker. To the side, Liu Yan who had seen this change promptly signalled to Lin Dong with her eyes before the latter hastily shut his mouth.

“No need to whine, concentrate on training and others will naturally shutup.”

Lin Xiao waved his hands as he said: “Liu Yan, take that Red Ginseng and pass it to Dong-er, with the Red Ginseng, his training should go slightly faster. There’s only half a year left till the family competition, if he doesn’t make the most of this time to train, he will only bring shame to us.”

“Xiao-ge, that Red Ginseng is for your injuries……” Liu Yan hastily said before she fell into a quiet stupor.

“I am already a useless person, no matter what kind of remedies are used, it would all be for naught. In the future, I will spend more time finding elixirs in the mountain for Dong-er.” Lin Xiao declared in a self mocking tone as he shook his head.

“Father is not useless, Father used to be the strongest practitioner in the family excluding grandpa!” Hearing Lin Xiao’s words, Lin Dong exclaimed, red-faced. As a child, his father was the biggest figure in his heart.

“Strongest Practitioner……”

Lin Xiao’s subsciously clenched his fist tightly as a deep pain flashed across his face. A moment later, he stood up and tiredly walked outside the room.

“Liu Yan, brew the tonic for our child, my injuries are fine, it’s already been so many years, what use would one stalk of Red Ginseng possibly be?”

Gazing at his somewhat decrepit back, Liu Yan’s eyes reddened, who could have imaged that that the man who was once the most gifted and remarkable man in Qingyang Town would end up in such a slump.

“Mother, don’t cry, Dong-er promises that he will work hard in his training. And when the time comes, I will find a way to cure father.” Lin Dong softly said as he pulled at the corner of Liu Yan’s clothes.

“Dong-er, don’t blame your father if he is strict towards you. It is just because he has devoted everything to you, after all, you should know that you are his only hope.”

Liu Yan muttered softly as she lowered her head, lightly wiping at her eyes and stroking Lin Dong’s tiny head while she gazed at the earnest expression on Lin Dong’s young and tender face.

“Mother, I have heard that top three contestants in the upcoming family competition will obtain a type of 3rd grade elixir called Vermillion Blood Clotting Fruit. I once heard an uncle say that it is very effective in treating injuries. If I manage to obtain it, it would definitely aid to heal the wounds in Father’s body.” As if he had suddenly thought of something, Lin Dong lifted his head as he said while watching Liu Yan with shining eyes.

“Vermillion Blood Clotting Fruit……” Hearing these words, Liu Yan was slightly taken aback. Nonetheless, she helplessly shook her head: “It is not easy to be the top three in the family competition, it is good that you have the heart. Mother will leave first and brew the Red Ginseng for you.”

As she finished, Liu Yan turned to walk out of the room. Within the current younger generation in the Lin family, there were already a few that had obtained decent accomplishments, therefore it would not be easy for Lin Dong to enter the top three and obtain the Vermillion Blood Clotting Fruit. Hence, she did not take this matter too seriously.

As he gazed at Liu Yan’s leaving back, Lin Dong’s lips pursed tightly together, clenching his tiny fists: “Mother, rest assured, I will definitely obtain that Vermillion Blood Clotting Fruit and heal the injuries in father’s body!”

As Lin Dong thought of Lin Xiao’s injury, a deep hatred suddenly surfaced in his eyes. The reason why father was often ridiculed by many in the family was all because of that one man!

The Lin family that Lin Dong belonged to was only a small family, even in Qingyang Town, they could not be considered the best. Yet this unremarkable looking Lin family had a highly respectable background that would shock many people: they were of the Lin Clan.

One of the four great clans of the Great Yan dynasty, the Lin Clan!

From a certain point of view, the Lin Family of Qingyang Town could count as an extension of the Lin Clan, yet to Lin Dong who had never travelled beyond a hundred miles of Qingyang Town, the overwhelming strength of the Lin Clan in the Great Yan Dynasty was just another unfamiliar and distant thing.

What Lin Dong knew from the occasional scraps of information gleaned from his father, was that the branch they belonged to was actually once part of the inner circle of the Lin Clan. It was only because of one mission. The failure of Lin Dong’s grandfather in that mission had lead to a huge loss for the clan, consequently, he was expelled from the inner circle and banished to Qingyang Town.

Here, he established this small Lin Family and over these tens of years, he has tried everything he could in order to fulfill a lifelong dream: to return to the inner circle of the Lin Clan.

Yet all his efforts did not amount to much. All that he had accomplished was not even worth mentioning to the huge and incomparable Lin Clan. Therefore, he could only turn his attention to other places, such as the Ten-Year Clan Gathering of the Lin Clan.

This was the most important gathering of the Lin Clan and also an extremely famous event in the entire Great Yan Dynasty. Held every ten years, each gathering presented the perfect opportunity for the younger generations in the clan to stand in the spotlight and make a name for themselves. Moreover, many of the prizes for this humongous competition were naturally so generous, that they would draw covetous gazes. Yet, the most appealing caveat for Lin Dong’s grandfather lay in the fact that as long as one could enter the top ten in this gathering, even if you were an outsider to the clan, you will be promoted into the inner circle with no obstructions and obtain unparalleled honor.

Thus, the clan gathering had become the new dawn in Lin Dong’s grandfather’s long night of despair. But because of his age, he was already unable to participate, therefore he placed all of his hopes onto his five sons that came from different mothers. Naturally the most outstanding one of them all, Lin Dong’s father, became grandfather’s and the entire Lin Family’s ray of hope.

Even though Lin Dong’s father carried this heavy burden on his shoulders, he did not betray their expectations. Among the 5 brothers, he was the earliest to breakthrough the 9th Layer of Tempered Body, and advance into the “Yuan” stage. Furthermore, in another short four years, he once again broke through the “Yuan” stage to become the 2nd Heavenly Yuan master in the Lin Family after grandfather Lin Zhentian.

This spectacular progress caused the normally quiet and stern grandfather to elicit a kind and gratified smile on his aged face every time he met his father. It was said that in all of the ten long years, this was the time that grandfather smiled the most.

However, when the Ten-Year Clan Gathering finally arrived, the outcome shocked all the members of the Lin Family, and left them deep in the abyss of despair.

One move!

In just one move, his father, the shining ray of hope for the Lin Family, was cruelly defeated!

Furthermore, this happened in the first match right at the start of the gathering!

Years of expectations and nurturing crumbled into dust within that brief moment.

The final reward for losers was naturally countless peculiar gazes as well as an endless stream of mocking sneers. Like a pack of stray dogs, they returned to Qingyang Town defeated.

That night, his father left the inner district of the Lin Family and moved to live on a small, desolate hill at the furthest reaches of the Lin Family territory. From then on, he never again touched anything from the Lin Clan. According to him, he had already lost all right to do so.

However, fortune never arrives in pairs; disaster never strikes alone.

After that defeat, what had been bestowed onto Lin Xiao was not merely depression. Afterwards, he was even more grieved to find that the person he had fought with not only defeated him with one palm but also, without a shred of mercy, used an almost beast-like violent Yuan force to ravage the insides of his body till it was a total mess.

With injuries of this degree, Lin Xiao’s lost his Heavenly Yuan level of strength and returned to the Earthly Yuan level. In addition, the serious injuries also caused the channels in his body to be disrupted and clogged up, and no matter how he trained, he found further advancement nearly impossible.

Within the family, what was once respectful gazes had gradually turned to sighs and disappointment……

Faced with disaster after disaster, Lin Xiao finally gave up all hope. Everytime he got drunk, he would furiously pound at his own chest. The sound of the dull thuds broke his mother’s heart as she quietly stood aside and brushed off her falling tears. Even though Lin Dong was still young when he witnessed this scene, he felt as though his heart was sliced to shreds. At the same time, in his young heart, seeds of hatred were quietly planted towards the man who had humiliated and devastated his father.

He not only destroyed my father but he ruined his family as well!

As for the man in question, later on, Lin Dong by chance heard his uncle and the others mention him with loathing and powerless tones.

At 10, he started training.

At 12 he broke through the 9th Layer of Tempered Body to enter into Yuan territory.

At 14, he advanced to the Earthly Yuan level.

At 17 he advanced to the Heavenly Yuan level.

At 25, the Yuan Qi in his body exchanged Yin and Yang, finally succeeding in forming a Dan. Like a carp that became a dragon, in one fell swoop, he joined the ranks of the rarified few in the Great Yan Dynasty to ever form a Yuan Dan before the age of 30.

The story of his life was practically one legendary feat after another.

His name was Lin Langtian.

In his room, Lin Dong clenched his fist tightly, as thick hatred brewed in his eyes.


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