Zhu Xian by Xiao Ding

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1: Qing Yun
Chapter 2: Confuse
Chapter 3: Wish
Chapter 4: Surprise Change
Chapter 5: Adopt
Chapter 6: Meeting Master
Chapter 7: New Beginning
Chapter 8: Teaching
Chapter 9: Dagos And Fuwa
Chapter 10: Dark Bamboo Grove
Chapter 11: Weird Change
Chapter 12: Reunion
Chapter 13: Prodigy
Chapter 14: Divine Power
Chapter 15: Secretly Teach
Chapter 16: Navigate Object
Chapter 17: Attend
Chapter 18: Come Across
Chapter 19: Draw Part
Chapter 20: Trace Of Evil
Chapter 21: Dark Night
Chapter 22: Contest
Chapter 23: Divine Sword
Chapter 24: Unexpected
Chapter 25: Luck
Chapter 26: Self Esteem
Chapter 27: Persist
Chapter 28: Top Four
Chapter 29: Supreme Art
Chapter 30: Suspect
Chapter 31: Path Of Righteous
Chapter 32: Leave Mountain
Chapter 33: Ten Thousands Bats
Chapter 34: Ancient Cave
Chapter 35: Heretics
Chapter 36: Strange Eye
Chapter 37: Forsaken Abyss
Chapter 38: Deep Abyss
Chapter 39: Meet Again
Chapter 40: Abyssal Viper
Chapter 41: Dead End
Chapter 42: Blooddrop Cave
Chapter 43: Libruis
Chapter 44: Golden Bell
Chapter 45 Sadness
Chapter 46 Escape
Chapter 47: Scholar
Chapter 48: Small Town
Chapter 49: Divination
Chapter 50: Fox Spirit
Chapter 51: Inferno Mirror
Chapter 52: Dark Drake Cave
Chapter 53: Fire Dragon
Chapter 54: Strange Beast
Chapter 55: Death Of The Devil
Chapter 56: Die Together
Chapter 57: Chang He
Chapter 58: Set Out To The Sea
Chapter 59: Broken Heart A
Chapter 60: Vicious Energy
Chapter 61: Storm
Chapter 62: Person Of The Past
Chapter 63: Felkin
Chapter 64: Master Vim
Chapter 65: Worries
Chapter 66: The Past
Chapter 67: Vampire Devil
Chapter 68: Flame Spirit
Chapter 69: Qing Long
Chapter 70: The Past
Chapter 71: Ambush
Chapter 72: Kui Niu
Chapter 73: Impasse
Chapter 74: Youji
Chapter 75: Conspiracy
Chapter 76: Intention
Chapter 77: At A Loss
Chapter 78: Interrogation
Chapter 79: Screen Wall
Chapter 80: Scheme Within Scheme
Chapter 81: Founders Ancestral Hall
Chapter 82: Zhu Xian The Ancient Sword
Chapter 83: Past Sin
Chapter 84: Blood Curse
Chapter 85: Ten Years
Chapter 86: Long Journey
Chapter 87: Old Places
Chapter 88: Big Wang Village
Chapter 89: Fortune Telling
Chapter 90: Death Marsh
Chapter 91: Wild Dog The Good Person
Chapter 92: Mantis
Chapter 93: Oriole
Chapter 94: End Of The Road
Chapter 95: Miasma
Chapter 96: Mysterious Flower
Chapter 97: Night Talk
Chapter 98: Past Affections
Chapter 99: Unusual Sign
Chapter 100: Gigantic Tree
Chapter 101: Old Friends Sentiments
Chapter 102: Mysterious Snake
Chapter 103: Yellow Bird
Chapter 104: Xiao Hui
Chapter 105: Fish Monster
Chapter 106: Inquire
Chapter 107: Sword Dance
Chapter 108: Ancient Temple
Chapter 109: Devil Formation
Chapter 110: Sneaking
Chapter 111: Inferno Altar
Chapter 112: Assassination
Chapter 113: Strange Beast
Chapter 114: Celestial Fox
Chapter 115: White Fox
Chapter 116: Escape
Chapter 117: Hope
Chapter 118: Tianshui Stockade
Chapter 119: Cold Night
Chapter 120: Deep Scar
Chapter 121: Tracking
Chapter 122: Seven Mile Cave
Chapter 123: Strong Liquor
Chapter 124: The Altar
Chapter 125: Li Tribe
Chapter 126: Black Fire
Chapter 127: Broken-Hearted
Chapter 128: Evil Shaman
Chapter 129: Intention
Chapter 130: Pursue
Chapter 131: Legend
Chapter 132: Eerie Forest
Chapter 133: Farewell
Chapter 134: Fierce Spirit
Chapter 135: Revived
Chapter 136: Murderous Air
Chapter 137: Unusual Skill
Chapter 138: Spirit Calling Bait
Chapter 139: Broken-Hearted Man
Chapter 140: Decadent
Chapter 141: Chance Encounter
Chapter 142: Murderous Intentions
Chapter 143: At A Loss
Chapter 144: Predestined Fate
Chapter 145: Reluctant
Chapter 146: Chance Encounters
Chapter 147: To Meet
Chapter 148: Venomous Scheme
Chapter 149: Alliance
Chapter 150: Internal Conflict
Chapter 151: Hypertoxic
Chapter 152: Insane
Chapter 153: Purgatory
Chapter 154: Unfilial
Chapter 155: Night Drinks
Chapter 156: Former Residence
Chapter 157: Paying Respect
Chapter 158: Night Exploration
Chapter 159: The Way Of Ghost
Chapter 160: Secret
Chapter 161: Struggle
Chapter 162: Lonely
Chapter 163: Concealed Person
Chapter 164: Plotting
Chapter 165: Illusory Moon
Chapter 166: Intense Fight
Chapter 167: Forbidden Place
Chapter 168: Bonds Of The World
Chapter 169: Red Flame
Chapter 170: Decisive Battle
Chapter 171: Witchcraft
Chapter 172: Evil Beast
Chapter 173: Celestial Sword
Chapter 174: Zhu Xian
Chapter 175: Blood-Sucking
Chapter 176: Escape
Chapter 177: Man In Black
Chapter 178: Meditation Room
Chapter 179: Secular Prayer Hall
Chapter 180: Difficult To Cross Sea Of Misery
Chapter 181: Ill-Fated Relationship
Chapter 182: Resolve
Chapter 183: Haze
Chapter 184: Wordless Jade Wall
Chapter 185: Heaven Punishment
Chapter 186: Difficult To Enlighten
Chapter 187: Secret Command
Chapter 188: Mad Dog
Chapter 189: Capture Soul
Chapter 190: Ghost Way
Chapter 191: Surprise Appearance
Chapter 192: Fresh Blood
Chapter 193: Unusual
Chapter 194: Secrets Leaked
Chapter 195: Internal Injury
Chapter 196: Decisions
Chapter 197: Footprints
Chapter 198: Old Haunts
Chapter 199: Merits
Chapter 200: Real Fury
Chapter 201: Mystery
Chapter 202: Heartache
Chapter 203: Black Bat
Chapter 204: Strange Man
Chapter 205: Heaven
Chapter 206: Mysterious Person
Chapter 207: Reunited
Chapter 208: Broken Sword
Chapter 209: Scheming
Chapter 210: Devil Beast
Chapter 211: Pursue
Chapter 212: Horror
Chapter 213: Eight Wild Fire Dragons
Chapter 214: Doomsday
Chapter 215: Embrace
Chapter 216: Return
Chapter 217: Demons In Your Heart
Chapter 218: Secret
Chapter 219: Murder Teacher
Chapter 220: Blood Formation
Chapter 221: Hometown
Chapter 222: Plot
Chapter 223: Wretched
Chapter 224: Convergence
Chapter 225: Rescuing
Chapter 226: Intention
Chapter 227: Reunite
Chapter 228: Ulterior Motives Exposed
Chapter 229: Separation
Chapter 230: Wound
Chapter 231: Returning Home
Chapter 232: Loved Ones
Chapter 233: Blood Omen
Chapter 234: Despair
Chapter 235: No Regrets
Chapter 236: Perplexed
Chapter 237: Intention To Kill
Chapter 238: Sorrow
Chapter 239: Separation
Chapter 240: Conspiracy
Chapter 241: Night Breeze
Chapter 242: Redeem Vow
Chapter 243: Pude
Chapter 244: Extraordinary Treasure
Chapter 245: Fear
Chapter 246: Hope
Chapter 247: Qian Kun Lock
Chapter 248: Helpless
Chapter 249: Astrolabe
Chapter 250: Waiting
Chapter 251: Internal Fight
Chapter 252: Ferocious Monkey
Chapter 253: Evil Spirit
Chapter 254: Parted By Death
Chapter 255: Leaning Close
Chapter 256 - Memorial Tablet
Chapter 257 - Summon
Chapter 258 - Heaven Dao/Way
Chapter 259 - Zhu Xian
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Completed, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia Status: Completed Tags Authors: Alternative names: Jade Dynasty, Noble Aspirations, The Legend of Chusen, Tru Tiên, 诛仙,


Total Chapters in book: 261
Estimated words: 978470 (not accurate)
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Alternative Titles:

Jade Dynasty, Noble Aspirations, The Legend of Chusen, Tru Tiên, 诛仙

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Book Details / Information: A terrible calamity has fallen onto Zhang Fan, not only becoming one of the three survivors of Grass Temple Village, where everyone else was horribly massacred, he was also tasked to carry one of the most evil artifacts, the Sinister Bead, and taught one of the most secret teachings of the Skysong Sect, the Brahmin Wisdom. Now he cultivates in the Jadeon Sect, his knowledge and possession will draw him into a chaotic story where he will have to carry some of the greatest burdens of the Martial World.

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Chapter 0: Prologue

Chapter 0: Prologue

Time: Unknown, perhaps a very long, long time ago.

Place: Shen Zhou

Since the early dawn of man, humanity have observed the strange and hostile world surrounding them. From the sound of rumbling thunder, the fearsome bursts of lightning, the heavy rainstorms accompanied by howling winds, devastating floods that wrecks destruction and cost massive loss of lives, and countless other natural disasters, humanity reached the stunning conclusion that these strange and powerful forces of nature were beyond the power of any one man to create and impossible to resist against. This insight leads them to believe that divine beings lived in the nine heavens above, and demons dwell in hell, beneath the great earth. Because of this, tales of divine beings passed down from one generation to the next. Owing to humanity imaginations to rationalize the harsh and unpredictable world around them, humanity created elaborate rituals to worship these false gods.

From ancient times till now, no man, no matter how powerful or great they are in life, have ever escaped from the cold grasp of death. All men craved for life’s sweet delights and fear death’s cold embrace. Just the mere mention of death will send a small chill of fear down the spine of men. Due to this irrational fear, humanity begins their fruitless struggle against death in search for Immortality.

Compare to other living species, humanity is physically weaker, but yet they have dominated all living species. This is no small feat. Humanity’s secret to their dominance is being able to pass the knowledge they gathered during their lifespan and passing it on to the next generation. So as one man lie down, another man rises up to pick up his mantle. Following the same process that they did for dominance, humanity persistently continued their lifelong pursuit for Immortality. Unfortunately, up till now, Humanity still has not found the secret to Immortality.

However, stories are told that a select group of Taoists have seen into the fabric of creation of Heaven and Earth. Using what they have learned, these Taoists have decided to take humanity destiny into their own hands. Using mysticism, alchemy, and various other magical tools, they can make Heaven and Earth shake with the sound of thunder.

Other stories tell that many of these enlightened Taoist Elders live to be thousands of years old, maybe even achieving immortality. The common people assume that these enlightened Taoist have become deities, so therefore attracting more people to join in the practice and study of the Way of Tao.

Shen Zhou is a wide and open land. However, only the Central Plains is lush and fertile. Nine out of ten people lived here. The surrounding lands of the Central Plains is treacherous and almost uninhabitable to man. This is mainly due to large mountainside and toxic water. In addition to this, various wild and dangerous beasts roam through this inhospitable area. Rumors of blood thirsty barbarians tribes exists here. According to ancient legends, there are still remnants of ancients creatures and long lost civilization hidden there, but no one alive have seen or witness this

To this day, many priests practice the way of Tao, but very few have complete understanding of it Due to the large expanse of Shen Zhou, the Taoist priests are many, they practice various ways, but not all Taoist priests’ practices are the same. Since they have not discovered the secrets to Immortality, the world is split into multiple sects and clans, both good and evil. Due to these differences, these sects and clans compete against one another which often resulted in endless killings.

With Immortality remaining a distant and elusive goal, strength and power became the focus of many of these practitioners. Today, Good is in ascendence, and Evil is on the decline. Thus the Central Plains is the domain of the various Good sects and clans. Of these Good sects and clans, three stands out as pillars of the Central Plains: Qing Yun Sect, Tian Yin Temple, and Fen Xiang Valley.

This story begin with Qing Yun Sect.


Qing Yun Sect = Green Cloud Sect

Tian Yin Temple = Sounds of Heaven Temple

Fen Xiang Valley = Incense Valley


Total Chapters in book: 261
Estimated words: 978470 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 4892(@200wpm)___ 3914(@250wpm)___ 3262(@300wpm)