Affinity:Chaos by Springs Halo

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Affinity - Zero
Chapter 3: Awakening
Chapter 4: Cultivation
Chapter 5: Shock
Chapter 6: Tenth Circle
Chapter 7: Chaos Element?
Chapter 8: F**K!, What Sh*T Luck
Chapter 9: Plans
Chapter 10: Training
Chapter 11: Pressure
Chapter 12: Talent - Orange
Chapter 13: Time’S Almost Up
Chapter 14: Lightning Mountain
Chapter 15: Grey Appeared
Chapter 16: I Was Only Trying To Look Mysterious!
Chapter 17: Surprise Suckers
Chapter 18: Wait!, Can She Read Minds?
Chapter 19: Wish You Were Here
Chapter 20: Departure
Chapter 21: Let Me Admire In Peace!
Chapter 22: He’S Not Bad, But I’M Still Better.
Chapter 23: Lunar Academy
Chapter 24: You Bet I Am
Chapter 25: Blake
Chapter 26: Tricked
Chapter 27: New Friends
Chapter 28: Sorry! I Didn’T Know You Were Busy
Chapter 29: Head Instructors
Chapter 30: It Expires?!
Chapter 31: Boar It Is Then!
Chapter 32: Nice Young Man
Chapter 33: Because I’M The Instructor
Chapter 34: That’S How A Man Should Act
Chapter 35: Principal
Chapter 36: Mission Hall
Chapter 37: Heading Out
Chapter 38: Silver Moon Restaurant
Chapter 39: Bandits
Chapter 40: Fight!
Chapter 41: Lord Of The Misty Mountain
Chapter 42: Wind Wolves
Chapter 43: Rescue
Chapter 44: Red Lizards
Chapter 45: Unwanted Guest
Chapter 46: First Kill!
Chapter 47: Overlord?!
Chapter 48: What’S Going On?!
Chapter 49: Unexpected Rewards
Chapter 50: Teacher
Chapter 51: Teacher Ii
Chapter 52: Underground Fight Club
Chapter 53: Underground Fight Club Ii
Chapter 54: You Call This An Array
Chapter 55: Lucky Bastard
Chapter 56: Inscribing
Chapter 57: You Again!
Chapter 58: Almost Lost My Poor Little Life
Chapter 59: Finally!
Chapter 60: Initial Success
Chapter 61: Fourth Round
Chapter 62: Fourth Round Ii
Chapter 63: Fourth Round Iii
Chapter 64: Fourth Round Iv
Chapter 65: Fourth Round V
Chapter 66: Heading Back
Chapter 67: Capital City
Chapter 68: True Dawn
Chapter 69: Competition
Chapter 70: Competition Ii
Chapter 71: Danger In Capital City
Chapter 72: Danger In Capital City Ii
Chapter 73: Danger In Capital City Iii
Chapter 74: Teacher Is So Overbearing!
Chapter 75: Augustus Gale
Chapter 76: Upgrade
Chapter 77: It’S A Date
Chapter 78: Magical Beast Forest
Chapter 79: Magical Beasts Forest Ii
Chapter 80: Horned Snake
Chapter 81: Black Metal Warriors
Chapter 82: Rewards
Chapter 83: Simple And Effective!
Chapter 84: Ice River Source
Chapter 85: Lost Caves
Chapter 86: Jackpot!
Chapter 87: Twelfth Prince
Chapter 88: Couldn’T You Knock Him In Another Direction?
Chapter 89: Black Lightning Crocodile
Chapter 90: Don’T Celebrate Too Early
Chapter 91: To Protect!
Chapter 92: Don’T Want To Beat Them
Chapter 93: Reynolds Plight
Chapter 94: Reynolds Plight Ii
Chapter 95: Unexpected Gift
Chapter 96: Two Months
Chapter 97: Origin Plane, Just So So
Chapter 98: Darkness Element
Chapter 99: Just An Ordinary Looking Rock
Chapter 100: Great Earth Essence Liquid
Chapter 101: I’M Your Teacher
Chapter 102: You Shall Not Pass!
Chapter 103: I’Ll See How It Survives
Chapter 104: Life And Death
Chapter 105: Fusion State
Chapter 106: An Eighth Element?!
Chapter 107: The Call
Chapter 108: To Think You Would Dare
Chapter 109: Sub-Zero
Chapter 110: Reborn From Fire
Chapter 111: Don’T Unlock Error Chapter
Chapter 112: Don’T Unlock Error Chapter
Chapter 113: Don’T Unlock Error Chapter
Chapter 114: Don’T Unlock Error Chapter
Chapter 115: Spatial Storage
Chapter 116: Cyan?!
Chapter 117: Touch It!
Chapter 118: Void’S Special Ability
Chapter 119: Great Void Technique
Chapter 120: You’Re Ruthless! I Like It!
Chapter 121: Or What?
Chapter 122: Blue Fire!
Chapter 123: Ancient Temple
Chapter 124: The Protectors
Chapter 125: Multi Elementalist
Chapter 126: Alliance
Chapter 127: Shocking News
Chapter 128: Terrifying Beast!
Chapter 129: Can I Keep It?
Chapter 130: A Special Bunch
Chapter 131: Psychopath
Chapter 132: You’Ll Die Before I Do
Chapter 133: Unexpected Helper
Chapter 134: Exposed
Chapter 135: Toying With Quinn
Chapter 136: Darkness! Consume!
Chapter 137: Quinn’S Death
Chapter 138: Always Check The Corpse!
Chapter 139: Refining The Great Earth Essence Liquid
Chapter 140: I Can’T
Chapter 141: Such A Brave Young Man
Chapter 142: One More Time
Chapter 143: Overpowered Ability
Chapter 144: Back To The Garden!
Chapter 145: Abnormal Bunnies!
Chapter 146: Two-Faced Bunny
Chapter 147: The Crowned Prince
Chapter 148: Blake Vs The Crowned Prince
Chapter 149: Blake Vs The Crowned Prince Ii
Chapter 150: It’S Shiny!
Chapter 151: Unfortunate Group
Chapter 152: Possible Helpers?
Chapter 153: Such A Destructive Element
Chapter 154: What Did He Do?!
Chapter 155: The Sacrifice
Chapter 156: Size Doesn’T Matter
Chapter 157: Getting Carried Away
Chapter 158: There’S Something Here
Chapter 159: Searching For The Hidden Passage
Chapter 160: Underground Lab
Chapter 161: Shiny Blade
Chapter 162: Is That What I Think It Is?
Chapter 163: Where Is It?
Chapter 164: Going For A Spin!
Chapter 165: Still Can’T Control It
Chapter 166: Battling The Quasi Dragon
Chapter 167: Battling The Quasi Dragon Ii
Chapter 168: Multi Elemental Blade
Chapter 169: Why Do We Always Get Chased!?
Chapter 170: What Did They Do To You?
Chapter 171: How The Fuck Does He Do It?
Chapter 172: Tiny Door
Chapter 173: Finding The Cause
Chapter 174: Nice Pants!
Chapter 175: The Pants Thief
Chapter 176: This Wasn’T Part Of The Plan!
Chapter 177: A Strange Reunion
Chapter 178: Making Lava
Chapter 179: Change Is Constant
Chapter 180: Delia’S Choice
Chapter 181: Terrible Cook
Chapter 182: Waiting For The Squad
Chapter 183: Since When Are You So Nice?
Chapter 184: Not In The Mood To Kill
Chapter 185: The Nutcracker!
Chapter 186: Klaus’ Ice Ability
Chapter 187: The Nutcracker Ii
Chapter 188: Advantages Of Being A Lady In A Boys Group!
Chapter 189: Use Your Gut Feeling
Chapter 190: Blooming Viper
Chapter 191: Don’T Swallow
Chapter 192: It’S Not Lost If We Consume It!
Chapter 193: Touched!
Chapter 194: Is That What I Think It Is?
Chapter 195: So Shiny
Chapter 196: Magnificent!
Chapter 197: We’Ll Beat Him Up
Chapter 198: Take It!
Chapter 199: Void Getting Beat Up
Chapter 200: You Made It Angrier
Chapter 201: I Miss Food!
Chapter 202: Where Is It?
Chapter 203: Going Through Two Seasons
Chapter 204: I Swear It On All Things Shiny!
Chapter 205: One-Hour Break
Chapter 206: Sacrifice The Cat!
Chapter 207: Fighting Back!
Chapter 208: Throw One More
Chapter 209: Train Him
Chapter 210: Whenever You See Him Running, Run!
Chapter 211: Going For A Dive
Chapter 212: Sneak Attacking Void
Chapter 213: Following The Trail
Chapter 214: Showing No Pity
Chapter 215: Void’S Mystery
Chapter 216: Leaving The Trial Land
Chapter 217: Leaving The Trial Land Ii
Chapter 218: Incensed Klaus!
Chapter 219: In Danger
Chapter 220: Kill Him!
Chapter 221: Curious Experts
Chapter 222: Vengeful Grey
Chapter 223: Vengeful Grey Ii
Chapter 224: I Don’T Threaten People
Chapter 225: Breakthrough!
Chapter 226: Questions
Chapter 227: Finding Out
Chapter 228: The Dawson Family
Chapter 229: You’Re No Fun
Chapter 230: Unknown Danger
Chapter 231: Which Is Better?
Chapter 232: Zivia City
Chapter 233: Trouble
Chapter 234: Klaus’ Antics
Chapter 235: Multi-Talented Klaus!
Chapter 236: Unlucky Smith
Chapter 237: We’Re Robbing This Place!
Chapter 238: It’S A Gift!
Chapter 239: Strange Feeling
Chapter 240: Immune To It
Chapter 241: Let The Fun Begin!
Chapter 242: Join The Queue!
Chapter 243: Taking Care Of The Trash
Chapter 244: Important Guests
Chapter 245: Klaus And Reynolds’ Regret
Chapter 246: Klaus’ Misery
Chapter 247: Treasury
Chapter 248: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 249: Shocking Discovery Ii
Chapter 250: Something’S Wrong
Chapter 251: Unexpected Change
Chapter 252: Unexpected Change Ii
Chapter 253: A Threat
Chapter 254: I Just Want A Peaceful Life
Chapter 255: Bad News
Chapter 256: Nothing Personal
Chapter 257: Journey To The Academy
Chapter 258: What Are You Planning Now?
Chapter 259: It’S All About Perspectives
Chapter 260: He Must Be A Bigshot!
Chapter 261: Your Teacher Lives Here?
Chapter 262: Visiting The Principal’S Office
Chapter 263: What Do I Do Now?
Chapter 264: The Forge
Chapter 265: Forgemastering
Chapter 266: Forgemastering Ii
Chapter 267: Checking The Loot
Chapter 268: Getting The Better Of Void
Chapter 269: Connor Aella
Chapter 270: I’Ll Kill Him!
Chapter 271: What Are Your Plans?
Chapter 272: Sad News
Chapter 273: Studying The Wooden Objects
Chapter 274: Encountering An Acquaintance
Chapter 275: Wood Fanatic
Chapter 276: Not Your Normal Hidden Room
Chapter 277: Why Are They Glowing?
Chapter 278: Homeless!
Chapter 279: Cowards?
Chapter 280: You Two Are More Than Enough!
Chapter 281: Where Did They Come From?
Chapter 282: Klaus, The Writer!
Chapter 283: Changes
Chapter 284: Getting Complicated
Chapter 285: It’S Been Long
Chapter 286: New Plan
Chapter 287: Fix Him
Chapter 288: Just Barely
Chapter 289: Appearance Of A Sixth Element
Chapter 290: Appearance Of A Sixth Element Ii
Chapter 291: The Darkness Element
Chapter 292: Borrowing Some Books
Chapter 293: The Crowned Prince’S Plan
Chapter 294: Eternal City
Chapter 295: Jump
Chapter 296: Terrifying Sensory Ability
Chapter 297: Divide And Conquer
Chapter 298: Divide And Conquer Ii
Chapter 299: Divide And Conquer Iii
Chapter 300: Records Are Not Always Correct
Chapter 301: We Might Have A Problem
Chapter 302: Inscriber
Chapter 303: What’S Going On?
Chapter 304: Showoff
Chapter 305: He’S My Friend
Chapter 306: The Blue Vest’S Capabilities
Chapter 307: Gotten More Powerful!
Chapter 308: Gamble
Chapter 309: Frost City
Chapter 310: Reiss Family
Chapter 311: Sasha Reiss
Chapter 312: [Bonus Chapter] Report Everything!
Chapter 313: Ceremony
Chapter 314: Such A Headache!
Chapter 315: Lenz Organization
Chapter 316: Not Interested!
Chapter 317: I’Ll Be Back!
Chapter 318: Twenty Seconds
Chapter 319: Ruthless!
Chapter 320: Threat To All
Chapter 321: Scared!
Chapter 322: Two Requests
Chapter 323: I Take It Back
Chapter 324: Donald Reiss
Chapter 325: New Ability!
Chapter 326: Donald’S Greed
Chapter 327: Did It For The Family
Chapter 328: Fight!
Chapter 329: [Bonus Chapter] Seal!
Chapter 330: What Do You Think?
Chapter 331: Time To Work!
Chapter 332: Communication Device, Acquired!
Chapter 333: [Bonus Chapter] One Month
Chapter 334: Sudden Enlightenment!
Chapter 335: Risk!
Chapter 336: Resolve!
Chapter 337: Just A Little Further
Chapter 338: Damaged Consciousness
Chapter 339: Space Element
Chapter 340: First Try!
Chapter 341: Town Of Mercenaries
Chapter 342: Lightning Tree
Chapter 343: Oh, Crap!
Chapter 344: I Want To Marry Him!
Chapter 345: Fifteen Years
Chapter 346: I’Ve Really Missed You
Chapter 347: Sentient Plants
Chapter 348: Officially Hate Plants!
Chapter 349: Half-Assed Fire Elementalists
Chapter 350: Sensory Trick
Chapter 351: That’S How You Do It!
Chapter 352: Second To None!
Chapter 353: Chimera Forest
Chapter 354: Chimera Forest Ii
Chapter 355: Red Lightning
Chapter 356: Unique Skill: Switch
Chapter 357: Unique Skill: Switch Ii
Chapter 358: The Expedition Is Over!
Chapter 359: Replica
Chapter 360: Where’S He?
Chapter 361: Scared Old Man
Chapter 362: I Tried
Chapter 363: Bullying The Weak
Chapter 364: Afterimage
Chapter 365: How Unlucky!
Chapter 366: Fighting Against An Overlord Plane Expert
Chapter 367: Fighting Against An Overlord Plane Expert Ii
Chapter 368: Of Course Not!
Chapter 369: The Boss Is Coming
Chapter 370: I Can Refine Anything!
Chapter 371: Like Candy
Chapter 372: Growth
Chapter 373: Goodbye, Rey
Chapter 374: Changed Lightning Region
Chapter 375: Meeting The Earl Sisters Again
Chapter 376: [Bonus Chapter] Earl Manor
Chapter 377: Unreasonable Old Fogies
Chapter 378: Why Did You Come?
Chapter 379: These Guys Are Rich!
Chapter 380: The Emperor Wants Me!
Chapter 381: You Should Be!
Chapter 382: You Can Fight With My Cat!
Chapter 383: One Strike
Chapter 384: Searching For The Vault
Chapter 385: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 386: Unbridled Rage
Chapter 387: New Plan
Chapter 388: Asking For Help
Chapter 389: Exasperated Jean
Chapter 390: Shattered Hopes
Chapter 391: Plunged To The Depths Of Despair
Chapter 392: According To Plan
Chapter 393: I’Ve Missed This!
Chapter 394: I Should’Ve Come Here Earlier!
Chapter 395: What Did He Do?
Chapter 396: Sacrifice!
Chapter 397: Let’S Help Them!
Chapter 398: We’Re Not Only Handsome, We’Re Strong Too!
Chapter 399: It Can’T Be!
Chapter 400: He’S My Friend!
Chapter 401: Sit Still So I Can Smash Your Head!
Chapter 402: I’Ll Take That As A Compliment
Chapter 403: Why Do You Get Four?
Chapter 404: Surprised Oliver
Chapter 405: How Did You End Up Like This?
Chapter 406: I Approve Of It!
Chapter 407: How Do You People Make It?
Chapter 408: I’M Your Friend!
Chapter 409 - Are You Seeing This Shit?
Chapter 410: Klaus’ Ultimate Ice Technique!
Chapter 411: What Do You People Want?
Chapter 412: Offer Them Up!
Chapter 413: You Don’T Believe Me?
Chapter 414: I’M Your Father, Boy
Chapter 415: Seeing A Familiar Face
Chapter 416: I Can Handle It
Chapter 417: Take It As It Is
Chapter 418: Wrong Direction
Chapter 419: Thanks For The Meal!
Chapter 420: Venturing Into The Magical Beasts’ Forest
Chapter 421: Bamboo Forest’S Whereabouts
Chapter 422: Heading To The Bamboo Forest
Chapter 423: Attack From Below
Chapter 424: Attack From Below Ii
Chapter 425: Grey’S Fear
Chapter 426: Suspicion
Chapter 427: It’S Not Worth It
Chapter 428: People Will Be People
Chapter 429: A Trick
Chapter 430: Offer
Chapter 431: Warm Up Battle
Chapter 432: Shall We?
Chapter 433: Overwhelming Space Element
Chapter 434: Shocking Information
Chapter 435: Studying Arrays
Chapter 436: Crystal Orb
Chapter 437: Speaking With The Crew
Chapter 438: Changes In The Magical Beasts’ Forest
Chapter 439: Changes In The Magical Beasts’ Forest Ii
Chapter 440: Just Like Throwing A Stone
Chapter 441: Another Cave Abode
Chapter 442: Move Or Die
Chapter 443: Floating Red Bead
Chapter 444: Tricked By An Old Man
Chapter 445: You Think You Can Escape?
Chapter 446: How Rude!
Chapter 447: Ellis’ Departure
Chapter 448: Ellis’ Departure Ii
Chapter 449: A Small Problem
Chapter 450: I Messed Up!
Chapter 451: Insane Luck!
Chapter 452: Repaying A Favour
Chapter 453: Will It Be Enough?
Chapter 454: Waiting For A Reaction
Chapter 455: Do You Regret It Now?
Chapter 456: The Auction
Chapter 457: The Auction Ii
Chapter 458: The Auction Iii
Chapter 459: Array Book
Chapter 460: Just Like Your Teacher
Chapter 461: So Unlucky!
Chapter 462: I Tried My Best
Chapter 463: Spatial Distortion
Chapter 464: Little Thieving Cat!
Chapter 465: Turn The City Upside Down!
Chapter 466: Down Here
Chapter 467: Robbed By A Small Black Talking Cat!
Chapter 468: Refining An Overlord Plane Beast Core
Chapter 469: Peak Of The Origin Plane!
Chapter 470: Start Of A New Journey
Chapter 471: Barbarians
Chapter 472: Thicker Air
Chapter 473: Eagle’S City
Chapter 474: Getting A Map
Chapter 475: Tales Of Gods
Chapter 476: The Arena
Chapter 477: Like To Train With Them
Chapter 478: Abyss Faction
Chapter 479: Watching The Battles
Chapter 480: The Strongest In The Origin Plane
Chapter 481: Meteor Descent
Chapter 482: Improved Inscribing
Chapter 483: Abyss Token
Chapter 484: What The Hell?!
Chapter 485: Leaving Eagle’S City
Chapter 486: Elemental Venerables
Chapter 487: I’M Not That Careless
Chapter 488: Battle Between Powerhouses
Chapter 489: What Did I Get Into?
Chapter 490: Reaching The City
Chapter 491: Ernst City
Chapter 492: I Just Want To Leave This Place
Chapter 493: You’Re Vicious, I Like It!
Chapter 494: Damn It! I’M F**Ked!
Chapter 495: It’S You!
Chapter 496: Start Of The Battle
Chapter 497: Fighting Against Ernst City’S Geniuses
Chapter 498: The Challenge Begins
Chapter 499: Genius Ranking
Chapter 500: Defeating A Genius In The Geniuses Rankings
Chapter 501: Wiping The Floor With Ernst City’S Geniuses
Chapter 502: Poison Specialist
Chapter 503: Underwhelming Performance
Chapter 504: Fighting Against A Speedster
Chapter 505: Fighting Against A Speedster Ii
Chapter 506: Two Left
Chapter 507: Tough Battle
Chapter 508: Mission Accomplished!
Chapter 509: Fighting Against An Elemental Warrior
Chapter 510: Fierce Fight
Chapter 511: Rise Of A Genius
Chapter 512: Leaving The Gale Region
Chapter 513: Knowledge Of Elemental Grades
Chapter 514: Trouble Lurking
Chapter 515: Is There A Reason You’Re Doing This?
Chapter 516: Lord Cat Is Awesome!
Chapter 517: Necromancy
Chapter 518: Hunt You Down For The Rest Of Your Life
Chapter 519: Marked
Chapter 520: Don’T Disturb Me
Chapter 521: Strolling Into The Top Fifty
Chapter 522: Challenging One And Two At The Same Time
Chapter 523: Climbing To The Top
Chapter 524: Number One In The Origin Plane At The Acer Region
Chapter 525: The Next Round
Chapter 526: Let’S Team Up
Chapter 527: Highest Elimination Count
Chapter 528: Fighting Confidently
Chapter 529: Qualifying
Chapter 530: Eliminating You Is Enough
Chapter 531: Top Fifty
Chapter 532: Deathmatch
Chapter 533: Deathmatch Ii
Chapter 534: On To The Next!
Chapter 535: Sylvia’S Intention
Chapter 536: How’S This Possible?
Chapter 537 - Polaris Region
Chapter 538 - Lucan Edinburgh
Chapter 539 - Huge Difference In Strength
Chapter 540 - Getting Stronger While Fighting!
Chapter 541 - Rare Talent
Chapter 542 - The Burchard Family
Chapter 543 - He’S Here
Chapter 544 - I Thought They Were Rare?
Chapter 545 - A Single Punch
Chapter 546 - You Don’T Have A Choice
Chapter 547 - Setting A Deadline For Revenge
Chapter 548 - Still Having A Rough Time
Chapter 549 - Suyin Canyon
Chapter 550 - The Bandit’S Hideout
Chapter 551 - Fighting Against The Bandits
Chapter 552 - Killing A Peak Overlord Plane Elementalist
Chapter 553 - Fierce Fight Against The Bandits Of Suyin Canyon
Chapter 554 - I’M Motivated By Loot!
Chapter 555 - Dragon Insignia
Chapter 556 - The Vaergahl Family
Chapter 557 - O’Brien Mansion
Chapter 558 - Dragon Blood
Chapter 559 - Sneaking Around In The O’Brien Mansion
Chapter 560 - A Visit From The Vaergahl Family
Chapter 561 - Where Is The Ring?
Chapter 562 - Meeting Ellis’ Father
Chapter 563 - Unwilling Duo
Chapter 564 - Dragon Blood Essence
Chapter 565 - Ellis Vs Gilliard
Chapter 566 - Is This How You Treat The Younger Generation?
Chapter 567 - Thoma’S Return
Chapter 568 - Thoma’S Warning
Chapter 569 - A Way To Hide The Mark
Chapter 570 - Return To The Azure Continent
Chapter 571 - Refining The Dragon Blood Essence
Chapter 572 - First Time In The Azure Empire
Chapter 573 - Reynolds’ Location
Chapter 574 - Reynolds’ Plan
Chapter 575 - Monster! Monster! Monster!
Chapter 576 - Breaking The Norm
Chapter 577 - Powerful Fire Elementalist
Chapter 578 - A Weird One
Chapter 579 - Return To Frost City
Chapter 580 - You’Re Still The Same
Chapter 581 - Meeting Old Man Gerald Again Ii
Chapter 582 - The Wedding
Chapter 583 - The Wedding Ii
Chapter 584 - Stepping Into The Overlord Plane
Chapter 585 - What Were You Saying?
Chapter 586 - Stopping The Wedding
Chapter 587 - Stopping The Wedding Ii
Chapter 588 - Watch Your Tongue
Chapter 589 - A Battle God
Chapter 590 - Maniac On The Battlefield
Chapter 591 - It’S Been So Long
Chapter 592 - They’Re Getting Away
Chapter 593 - Believe Me Now?
Chapter 594 - In Here, I’M God
Chapter 595 - Can You Forgive Me?
Chapter 596 - Bold Statement
Chapter 597 - Do You Think He’S Safe?
Chapter 598 - Diligent Klaus
Chapter 599 - You Had So Much Fun!
Chapter 600 - Bad News
Chapter 601 - To The Blue Wind Empire
Chapter 602 - To The Blue Wind Empire Ii
Chapter 603 - Destination, Blue Wind Empire’S Capital
Chapter 604 - Preparations For War
Chapter 605 - Locating Blake And Delia
Chapter 606 - Unknown Danger
Chapter 607 - The Emperor Of The Blue Wind Empire
Chapter 608 - Get Out Of There!
Chapter 609 - Spatial Lockdown
Chapter 610 - The Big Guns
Chapter 611 - He’S One Of Us!
Chapter 612 - A One In A Million Puppet
Chapter 613 - Chaos Orb
Chapter 614 - One More Should Do It
Chapter 615 - A Hidden Figure
Chapter 616 - A Nice Harvest
Chapter 617 - Risky Choice
Chapter 618 - With Him, Nothing Is Impossible
Chapter 619 - Reunion Of Two Friends
Chapter 620 - A Famous Expert From Three Hundred Years Ago
Chapter 621 - Sad Reunion
Chapter 622 - Back To The Capital
Chapter 623 - Attacked In The Castle
Chapter 624 - A New Target
Chapter 625 - Void’S Long Awaited Chance
Chapter 626 - Chaos In The Qilin Empire
Chapter 627 - Missing Throne
Chapter 628 - Gathering Of The Previous Emperors
Chapter 629 - Intruder In The Royal Treasury
Chapter 630 - Sensitive To The Space Element
Chapter 631 - The Day Of The Execution
Chapter 632 - The Day Of The Execution Ii
Chapter 633 - Surrounded From All Sides
Chapter 634 - Trouble
Chapter 635 - Trouble Ii
Chapter 636 - Oliver Showcasing His Abilities
Chapter 637 - Oliver Showcasing His Abilities Ii
Chapter 638 - Powerful Old Man
Chapter 639 - This Is The End
Chapter 640 - Chris’ Return
Chapter 641 - Chris’ Return Ii
Chapter 642 - Just What I Was Waiting For
Chapter 643 - All-Out Brawl
Chapter 644 - The Fall Of The Royals
Chapter 645 - Domain Of Fire
Chapter 646 - You Can Not Escape
Chapter 647 - He’S Been Marked
Chapter 648 - Where Are My Chickens?
Chapter 649 - Lt’S Up To You
Chapter 650 - That’S Unfair!
Chapter 651 - A New Beginning
Chapter 652 - Too Peaceful?
Chapter 653 - Food Delivery
Chapter 654 - A Familiar Tactic
Chapter 655 - A Familiar Tactic Ll
Chapter 656 - The Deeper We Go, The Stronger They Get
Chapter 657 - Such An Overpowered Element Shouldn’T Exist!
Chapter 658 - Goodbye Azure Continent, Hello Aurora Continent
Chapter 659 - Trapped?
Chapter 660 - Natural Formation
Chapter 661 - Marsh Rats
Chapter 662 - Strange River
Chapter 663 - Comprehension
Chapter 664 - Celebratory Owl Soup
Chapter 665 - Lend Me One!
Chapter 666 - Dixon Region
Chapter 667 - Dixon Region’S Annual Geniuses’ Rankings
Chapter 668 - Klaus Taking The Stage
Chapter 669 - First Victory!
Chapter 670 - Grey’S First Battle
Chapter 671 - You Beat People Up Like A Barbarian
Chapter 672 - Getting A Higher Rank
Chapter 673 - Getting A Higher Rank Ii
Chapter 674 - He’S Different
Chapter 675 - Teacher And Student
Chapter 676 - Cheated?
Chapter 677 - Monstrous Group Of Friends
Chapter 678 - Reynolds Battling For First Rank In The Early Stages Rankings
Chapter 679 - Glimpse Of The Light Element
Chapter 680 - Alice’S Battle
Chapter 681 - Shameless Reynolds
Chapter 682 - The Light Element
Chapter 683 - Collective Growth
Chapter 684 - Latchram Region
Chapter 685 - A Crazy Group Of Friends
Chapter 686 - Advancing Deeper
Chapter 687 - Monsters Made From Miasma
Chapter 688 - Strange Methods
Chapter 689 - You Gotta Be Kidding Me!
Chapter 690 - Can We Crawl Through It?
Chapter 691 - Large Shadow Under The Water
Chapter 692 - Encountering A Near Extinct Magical Creature
Chapter 693 - The Perfect Bait
Chapter 694 - Creating A Bond With The Seelie
Chapter 695 - Strip Her If She Disagrees!
Chapter 696 - What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
Chapter 697 - Powerful People Have The Right To Rob People!
Chapter 698 - This Would Be Fun
Chapter 699 - Stuck In The Mansion
Chapter 700 - I’Ve Been Scammed!
Chapter 701 - Why Wait Till Next Time?
Chapter 702 - Miasma
Chapter 703 - A Strange Person
Chapter 704 - A New Ability
Chapter 705 - Link To Another World
Chapter 706 - Are You A Real Necromancer?
Chapter 707 - Asking For A Talisman
Chapter 708 - Start Of The Competition
Chapter 709 - Start Of The Competition Ii
Chapter 710 Start Of The Competition Iii
Chapter 711 Advancing To The Next Round
Chapter 712 Next Round
Chapter 713 Making It To The Top Two Hundred
Chapter 714 Both Showing Their Hidden Cards
Chapter 715 - Shocking The Arena
Chapter 716 -Let Him Dream!
Chapter 717 - Reappearance Of Klaus’ Book
Chapter 718 The Raiden Faction
Chapter 719 Defeating A Member Of The Raiden Faction
Chapter 720 - Wishing For A Pair Of Extra Eyes
Chapter 721 - Human Nature
Chapter 722 - Top One Hundred
Chapter 723 - A Powerful Opponent
Chapter 724 - A Powerful Opponent Ii
Chapter 725 - A Powerful Opponent Iii
Chapter 726 - Rumbling Thunder
Chapter 727 - Rumbling Thunder Ii
Chapter 728 - You Did Your Best
Chapter 729 - Top Twenty-Five
Chapter 730 - A Gamble
Chapter 731 - A Gamble Ii
Chapter 732 - Two On One Battle
Chapter 733 - Playing Around
Chapter 734 - I Believe We Can Work Something Out!
Chapter 735 - Just A Few Words Of Advice
Chapter 736 - A Hidden Genius
Chapter 737 - Powerful Competition
Chapter 738 - Go Easy On Me
Chapter 739 - Two Vs Three
Chapter 740 - A Mental Attack
Chapter 741 - Well Coordinated Attack
Chapter 742 - The Top Faction True Geniuses
Chapter 743 - The Last Two
Chapter 744 - Unexpected Change
Chapter 745 - Reynolds Grabbing First Spot
Chapter 746 - Run Riot
Chapter 747 - Run Riot Ii
Chapter 748 - Top Two Hundred Battle
Chapter 749 - Monstrous Talent
Chapter 750 - Snowing
Chapter 751 - My Luck Shall Prevail!
Chapter 752 - We Accept Your Challenge
Chapter 753 - Suppressing An Ice User
Chpater 754 - All Vying For The Top Spot
Chapter 755 - Is He Favored By The Gods?
Chapter 756 - Give Me A Minute
Chapter 757 - Manipulating Space
Chapter 758 - We Got A Good One
Chapter 759 - Klaus' Improvement
Chapter 760 - Unfavorable Draw
Chapter 761 - Dividing The Duo
Chapter 762 - It'S Too Easy
Chapter 763 - Klaus' Famous Strategy
Chapter 764 Repeating Her Words
Chapter 765 Klaus’ Breakthrough
Chapter 766 Klaus’ Mind Games
Chapter 767 Something You Two Don'T Have
Chapter 768 The Top Five
Chapter 769 A Fallout ?
Chapter 770 Shocking The Arena Into Silence
Chapter 771 - Number One
Chapter 772 - Next Time, I Won'T Be So Lenient
Chapter 773 - Going Through The Gifts
Chapter 774 - Chased Into Space
Chapter 775 - You'Ll Have Your Answers Soon Enough
Chapter 776 - Strange Occurrence
Chapter 777 - People From Another Race?
Chapter 778 Tough Physical Battle
Chapter 779 Valuable Horns
Chapter 780 Insights
Chapter 781 Talented Geniuses
Chapter 782 Portal To Another Realm
Chapter 783 Appearance Of A Powerful Expert
Chapter 784 A Gift For Earth Elementalists
Chapter 785 A Tourist
Chapter 786 Increase In Physical Strength
Chapter 787 A Twist
Chapter 788 Mistake In The Script!
Chapter 789 Is This The Same Person?
Chapter 790 Incredible!
Chapter 791 Intentionally Letting Them Escape
Chapter 792 A Nice Haul
Chapter 793 The Capital
Chapter 794 White Desert
Chapter 795 White Desert Ii
Chapter 796 Conjoined Twin?
Chapter 797 This Will Be A Problem
Chapter 798 Unable To Leave
Chapter 799 Why Are You So Evil?
Chapter 800 Preparing To Raid The Capital
Chapter 801 Raiding The Capital
Chapter 802 Raiding The Capital Ii
Chapter 803 Dreadful Attack
Chapter 804 Upheaval In The Capital
Chapter 805 Massacre In The Capital
Chapter 806 Disappear
Chapter 807 Appearance Of An Old Expert
Chapter 808 Void'S Involvement
Chapter 809 Retreat
Chapter 810 Drag Them All Here
Chapter 811 Lmproved Space Abilities
Chapter 812 Parting Gift
Chapter 813 Trial
Chapter 814 Golden Fur Panther
Chapter 815 Golden Fur Panther Ll
Chapter 816 Always In Danger
Chapter 817 Wise People Live Longer
Chapter 818 Can We Stop Them?
Chapter 819 Getting Eliminated On The Lastday?
Chapter 820 Not To Be Bullied
Chapter 821 Accused
Chapter 822 A Complete Package
Chapter 823 Joining A Faction
Chapter 824 Are You Sure About This One?
Chapter 825 L'Ve Offended A Lot Of People
Chapter 826 Keeping To His Word
Chapter 827 Hiding In Poison Miasma
Chapter 828 Continuous Pursuit
Chapter 829 Lcy Flames
Chapter 830 Strange Volcano
Chapter 831 Pale-Blue Eyes
Chapter 832 Void'S Plan
Chapter 833 Fighting A Rank Six Magical Beast
Chapter 834 Void’S Second Domain
Chapter 835 Emerald!
Chapter 836 Keith'S Trouble
Chapter 837 You'Re Not My Type
Chapter 838 Why Are You Here?
Chapter 839 Easily Taking A Spot
Chapter 840 Promising Batch
Chapter 841 Not The Same?
Chapter 842 Conor Dawson
Chapter 843 Mistake?
Chapter 844 Syphilis Faction'S Ultimate Technique
Chapter 845 Falling For A Familiar Trick
Chapter 846 How Come?!
Chapter 847 Vicious Beating
Chapter 848 Two Monsters
Chapter 849 Wanting To Win At All Costs
Chapter 850 Irreparable Damage
Chapter 851 Sheer Dominance
Chapter 852 A Genius Like None
Chapter 853 Bittersweet Victory?
Chapter 854 We All Have Secrets
Chapter 855 Meeting The Faction Leader
Chapter 856 Celebratory Occasion
Chapter 857 Unexpected Situation
Chapter 858 Extra Protection
Chapter 859 How'S He So Lucky?
Chapter 860 Tremble At The Mention Of My Name
Chapter 861 Snatch And Vanish
Chapter 862 Spreading Across The Continent
Chapter 863 Lutra Race Seeking Revenge
Chapter 864 Not Coming Out
Chapter 865 The Sage Plane
Chapter 866 Two Domains
Chapter 867 A Deal
Chapter 868 A Deal Ii
Chapter 869 Increase In Elemental Grades
Chapter 870 A Genius From The Pyrmond Faction
Chapter 871 Judgement Of The Lightning God
Chapter 872 A Star High Above
Chapter 873 Leaving The Lutra Realm
Chapter 874 A Midget?
Chapter 875 A Powerful Foe
Chapter 876 Someone From The Era Of The War Of Gods
Chapter 877 Old Monster
Chapter 878 You Can'T Kill Me
Chapter 879 Fatal Attack
Chapter 880 Search For Grey
Chapter 881 Search For Grey Ii
Chapter 882 Unconscious
Chapter 883 Who Took Him?
Chapter 884 There'S Something Odd With The Boy
Chapter 885 We Have Scores To Settle
Chapter 886 Kangs City
Chapter 887 Did You Come Alone?
Chapter 888 Taking Action
Chapter 889 Leave After Destroying
Chapter 890 How Does His Brain Work?
Chapter 891 Cripple Yourself And I'Ll Let You Live
Chapter 892 I Don'T Do Well With Accepting Apologies
Chapter 893 Separating The Duo
Chapter 894 You Can Not Escape
Chapter 895 Regrets
Chapter 896 I Was Never Here
Chapter 897 I Want You Dead
Chapter 898 I Made A Promise
Chapter 899 Aren'T You Forgetting Something?
Chapter 900 Swept Under The Rug
Chapter 901 Let'S Go Break Up A Marriage
Chapter 902 Go Play With Your Fellow Girls
Chapter 903 I Am Enough
Chapter 904 Klaus Vs Gregory
Chapter 905 Klaus Vs Gregory Ii
Chapter 906 Klaus Vs Gregory Iii
Chapter 907 My Round, My Rules
Chapter 908 Letting Him Win?
Chapter 909 With Him, Anything Is Possible
Chapter 910 Abnormal Genius
Chapter 911 Dimensional Slash
Chapter 912 Create Another Miracle
Chapter 913 It Phased Through?
Chapter 914 A Complete Package
Chapter 915 Bringing Back Fun Memories
Chapter 916 New Motivation To Grow Stronger
Chapter 917 Three Left
Chapter 918 One More
Chapter 919 Battling With Tyris
Chapter 920 Disqualified?
Chapter 921 Victory
Chapter 922 He'Ll Win
Chapter 923 Klaus' Domain Of Water
Chapter 924 Leaving With Their Heads Down
Chapter 925 Heading To The Middle Continent
Chapter 926 Meeting Kyle Once Again
Chapter 927 Thousand Honing Fruit
Chapter 928 The Dawson Family
Chapter 929 Trouble Brewing
Chapter 930 I'M Your Ancestor!
Chapter 931 Weakening Seal
Chapter 932 In Search Of Sacrifices
Chapter 933 Fighting For Rewards
Chapter 934 Shiny Crystal
Chapter 935 You'Re Not Part Of The Army
936 I Must Take It!
937 Battle Credits Score Board
938 Search For The Crystal
939 Leaving The City
940 You Wanted Them Alive?
941 Arya
942 Not Worth My Time
943 Is He Really Dead?
944 Transported To Another Location
945 Good Stuff?
946 Dangerous Situation
947 The Allure Of Treasures
948 Overwhelmed By An Old Man
949 Power Of Decay
950 Intense Battle
951 Phantom
952 Self-Destruct
953 No Way To Go Back
954 The Middle Continent
955 The Burchard Family
956 Impeccable Judgment
957 Getting A Spot
958 Troublesome Skill
959 Victory
960 Information About The Secret Realm
961 The Nether Faction
962 The Nether Faction Ii
963 One Battle, One Death
964 Brutal Battle
965 Not Allowed To Kill
966 Odd Thoughts
967 What Can One Man Do?
968 The Older, The More Experienced
969 Difficult Situation For The Burchard Family
970 Why Do You Look Familiar?
971 Fearsome Strength
972 He Tried
973 Cunning Move
974 They Know Each Other?
975 Trampling A Genius' Pride
976 Keep On Challenging Him
977 Why Didn'T I Think Of That Sooner?!
978 Resorting To Devious Methods
979 Can He Still Fight?
980 Who The Hell Is This Kid?
981 Something'S Wrong
982 A Cut Above The Rest
983 Let'S Make It More Interesting
984 Bill'S Strength
985 Side-Effects Of The Fusion State
986 Continuous Use Of The Fusion State
987 Can I?
988 Help From Outside
989 Attack?
990 Unexpected Guest
991 Scott'S Rage
992 Do You Think I'M A Fool?
993 Reunited
994 Reunited Ii
995 Reunited Iii
996 I'Ll Introduce You Next Time
997 Dark Gnomes
998 Whoever Kills Him Gets A Reward
999 What If I Was Marked By Mistake?
1000 Short Exchange
1001 Chased Around
1002 Secret Space
1003 Lure Them In
1004 In Search Of Victims
1005 Shameless Grey
1006 Switching Roles
1007 Five Elements
1008 An Opponent Unlike The Rest
1009 Frustrated Prince
1010 Snatching The Prince'S Puppets
1011 Spreading Fame
1012 Hunt Them Down
1013 What'S The Situation?
1014 I'Ll Squash You
1015 Missed Some?
1016 Mind-Blowing Battle Prowess
1017 Attack Vs Defense
1018 An Ambush?
1019 Taking Them Away In Their Presence
1020 Visiting The Giants
1021 Someone'S Breaking In
1022 A Familiar Figure
1023 Messing With The Prince
1024 Not As Strong, Not A Problem
1025 I'Ll Come Back For You
1026 Running For His Life
1027 Who Is This Grey?
1028 Each With Their Plans
1029 Origin Source
1030 Void'S Breakthrough
1031 Quaver Region
1032 Evil Methods
1033 You Didn'T Leave Any For Me?
1034 I Didn'T Think Of That
1035 Cat Got Your Tongue?
1036 Did I Say You Can Leave?
1037 Tricked?
1038 This Is My Domain!
1039 I Want To See Him Fight
1040 That Grey Dawson?
1041 What Did You Feed Him?
1042 An Assassin
1043 Divine General
1044 To Take The Risk Or Not
1045 Too Cunning
1046 Where Are They?
1047 What Did You Hear?
1048 Exactly!
1049 Unreliable Information
1050 Unreliable Information Ii
1051 You'Re Too Strong
1052 Heading Over To See Alice
1053 Everyone'S Adventuring Except Me!
1054 Trade Center
1055 You Can'T Refuse
1056 He Can, But You Can'T
1057 Domain Of Metal
1058 Nothing To Be Impressed About
1059 Should'Ve Thrown You Out!
1060 The Path Is Broken
1061 Necromancers Camp
1062 Overbearing Friends
1063 I'M One Of You
1064 I'M One Of You Ii
1065 Have You Seen His Face?
1066 Are You Going To Protect Him?
1067 Evil Friends
1068 All Geniuses
1069 Separating Once Again
1070 Heading Back To The Pyrmond Faction
1071 Do As You See Fit
1072 Did You Kill Him?
1073 Settled With A Few Words
1074 Caught After Some Years
1075 Innate Ability?
1076 Necromancers, Again
1077 Five Against The Necromancers Camp
1078 Necromancers Nemesis
1079 A Plot
1080 Preparing To Breakthrough
1081 A Demon!
1082 Grey'S Third Domain
1083 Ruins Of The Last True God
1084 Gathering In The Fate Region
1085 Gathering In The Fate Region Ii
1086 It'S Dangerous To Travel With Me
1087 Trouble That Comes With Being Too Outstanding
1088 That Person Shouldn'T Be Allowed To Live
1089 A Setback?
1090 Not Calling Help
1091 It'S Not Mine
1092 Escaping With The Sword
1093 Encountering Someone From The Vaergahl Family
1094 Cruel Fate
1095 A Familiar Foe!
1096 I Want To Make Bunny Soup!
1097 Taking The Bunny
1098 Bullied By A Bunny?
1099 Not The Same Place
1100 To The Rescue
1101 Evil Grey
1102 Battle Hungry Group
1103 Plotting Against The Syphilis Faction
1104 Sage Plane Elementalists Against An Elemental Venerable
1105 Not In Sync With His Cultivation Stage
1106 I Wish I Was Deaf!
1107 Fight To The Death
1108 Shocking Fighting Style
1109 Center Of The Ruin
1110 I Don’T Know You
1111 Grey’S Cockiness
1112 A Garden
1113 Finding Balance
1114 Finding Balance Ii
1115 Freakish Magical Beasts
1116 Klaus’ Breakthrough
1117 Dungeon?
1118 Was That There?
1119 Ancient Cultivation Path?
1120 What Has The World Turned Into?
1121 Feeling Cheated
1122 Twilight Faction
1123 Chased Out
1124 All Pawns
1125 Testing New Battle Technique
1126 Jar Of Dirt?
1127 Unscrupulous Void
1128 Encountering Some Enemies
1129 Stop Him
1130 Not Letting Them Through
1131 Taking Care Of Business
1132 Showing No Sympathy
1133 Gnomes?
1134 Divine Luck
1135 Getting Cooked?
1136 The Same Reason
1137 Old Turtle
1138 Learning An Earth Element Technique
1139 Four Domains
1140 Not Wanting To Breakthrough
1141 Turned To Bones
1142 Morons
1143 Easy To Bully
1144 Reynolds' New Strength
1145 Beaten In All Ways
1146 Coincidence?
1147 I’M Death
1148 New Type Of Fusion Orb
1149 Fighting Against The Greatest Genius
1150 One Survivor
1151 Conflict With The Heavenly Fate Faction?
1152 Entering The Building
1153 Consumed By Greed?
1154 Passing It On
1155 Leaving
1156 Heading Further Into The Building
1157 A New Opponent
1158 Not Like Necromancers
1159 I Made Some Tweaks To It
1160 Didn’T Do A Proper Research
1161 A Different Breed
1162 Trouble?
1163 A Fool'S Dream
1164 Instant-Kill
1165 Stopped From Leaving
1166 Can You Deal With Them
1167 You Or The Family?
1168 This Little Guy Is A Jealous Type
1169 Chaos Battlefield
1170 Chaos Battlefield Ii
1171 Chaos Battlefield Iii
1172 Reacting To The Chaos Energy Eruption
1173 Causing Chaos
1174 Chaos Arena
1175 An Acquaintance From The Azure Continent
1176 Catching Up
1177 A Race Skilled In Illusions
1178 Elemental Advantage
1179 Déjà Vu
1180 Challenged
1181 Unending Surprises
1182 Collecting The Reward
1183 An Expedition With Jonas
1184 Deciphering The Array
1185 A Little Genius?
1186 A Beast'S Core
1187 A Passerby
1188 Origin Of The Core
1189 Asking For Help
1190 Summoned By The Tekik Family
1191 Cori’S Guardian
1192 Are You Calling Me A Thief?
1193 You'Re Screwed
1194 I'Ll Satisfy Your Wishes
1195 A Beastman?
1196 What Are We Sharing?
1197 Want More?
1198 Extortion
1199 A Fate Worse Than Death
1200 Going After The Old Man
1201 Traumatized Old Man
1202 Tricked Thrice?
1203 Can We Call It A Day?
1204 Top Tier Space Elementalist
1205 Anyone Who Intervenes Dies
1206 I Don'T Care
1207 Preparing A New Recipe For Grey
1208 Just You Two
1209 My Father Wants A Word With You
1210 Let Me Ask My Companions
1211 With Him, Anything Is Possible
1212 Training
1213 Show Some Sincerity
1214 Why Isn'T She Leaving?
1215 Abandoned Underground Castle
1216 Odd Reaction
1217 Battling The Constructs
1218 An Eerie Opponent
1219 Fear Of The Unknown
1220 Can You Do This
1221 Believe Me Now?
1222 Taking Out The Phantom
1223 Shouldn'T Have Told Them
1224 I’Ll Manage
1225 Avoided By All
1226 Special Fruits
1227 Amazing Drawings
1228 Taught By A Drawing?
1229 Drop It
1230 Coffin Thief?
1231 A Deal With The Voice
1232 What Are You?
1233 Fighting Against The Voices In His Head
1234 A God'S Bones
1235 Harvesting Spatial Rings
1236 Battling A Ninth Stage Elemental Venerable
1237 Human Ghost
1238 Poisoned?
1239 Too Stunning!
1240 Preparing To Leave The Chaos Battlefield
1241 Tracked Into The Chaos Battlefield
1242 Good Treasure, Bad Effect
1243 Punished By Greed
1244 Not A Fan Of Safety In Numbers
1245 My Turn
1246 Dealing With The Gnomes
1247 Feeling Of Unease
1248 A New Member Of The Dawson Family
1249 A Counter To The Gnomes
1250 Provoke Them
1251 Why Would I Change?
1252 Might Soon Run Out Of Luck
1253 Use Your Background To The Fullest
1254 Bold Action
1255 Did I Fail You?
1256 You'Re Not One Of Them
1257 Party Crashers
1258 Klaus At Work
1259 Use Him As Bait
1260 We Don’T Mind A Few Allies
1261 End Of The Meeting
1262 Even Void Has Done It
1263 I'Ll Kill You If You Dare Say It
1264 Do You Value Your Life?
1265 Crazy Kid!
1266 One More Sparring Session
1267 All Out
1268 You Asked For It
1269 A Facade
1270 Ninth Stage
1271 Taking Another Person Into The Chaos Space
1272 You Have Nothing To Do With It
1273 A Way To Connect To The Origin Source
1274 Shaking The World
1275 Why Does It Sound Familiar?
1276 No Way To Check Elemental Grades
1277 Chaos Is Coming
Chapter 1278 Don'T Leave The Faction
Chapter 1279 I Decline
Chapter 1280 Help Hold The Fort
Chapter 1281 Neglected Void
Chapter 1282 An Exhilarating Feeling!
Chapter 1283 Slaughter In The Secret Realm
Chapter 1284 Traumatized Gnome Prince
Chapter 1285 Will You Believe If I Said No?
Chapter 1286 You Asked For It
Chapter 1287 Where'S Your Big Mouth?
Chapter 1288 Klaus' Vengeance
Chapter 1289 I Hope It’S Him
Chapter 1290 We Wait
Chapter 1291 Face-Off
Chapter 1292 The Two Princes
Chapter 1293 The Two Princes Ii
Chapter 1294 He’S Not The Only Threat
Chapter 1295 Each Showcasing Their Abilities
Chapter 1296 Cowering Before Humans
Chapter 1297 Walking Into A Trap
Chapter 1298 I’Ve Never Seen Your Emperor
Chapter 1299 Join Us And Attain Godhood
Chapter 1300 Killing A Peak Elemental Venerable
Chapter 1301 We’Ve Planned The Funeral
Chapter 1302 Each With A Plan Of Their Own
Chapter 1303 You Believe That?
Chapter 1304 Fighting Against The Leader Of The Gnome Group
Chapter 1305 Nothing But Awe
Chapter 1306 Going After The Seventh Prince
Chapter 1307 Battles Everywhere
Chapter 1308 Objective Achieved
Chapter 1309 Seventh Prince'S Nightmare
Chapter 1310 Destructive Blow
Chapter 1311 Is He Coming?
Chapter 1312 Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 1313 Taking Advantage Of The Situation Ii
Chapter 1314 Surrounded
Chapter 1315 Tricking Them
Chapter 1316 Polite Klaus
Chapter 1317 Get To Know Each Other
Chapter 1318 One Versus Five
Chapter 1319 Always Thoughtful
Chapter 1320 Seeking Treasures
Chapter 1321 An Invitation From The Giants
Chapter 1322 Going To The Giant Race'S Territory
Chapter 1323 Who'S The Necromancer?
Chapter 1324 Beast'S Bloodline?
Chapter 1325 Attracting Powerful Magical Beasts
Chapter 1326 Eye In The Mountains
Chapter 1327 Where Are You?
Chapter 1328 Battling The Scorpion
Chapter 1329 Terrifying Killing Intent
Chapter 1330 It Looks Delicious
Chapter 1331 A Tomb
Chapter 1332 Heading Deeper Into The Pyramid
Chapter 1333 Journey To The Center Of The Pyramid
Chapter 1334 Hidden Enemy
Chapter 1335 Five Pillars
Chapter 1336 Cracking The Secret Behind The Pillars
Chapter 1337 Remarkable But Proud
Chapter 1338 White Bones
Chapter 1339 That'S Just The First Part
Chapter 1340 Battling The Skeleton
Chapter 1341 Creating A New Technique
Chapter 1342 An Aggrieved Skeleton
Chapter 1343 Making Trades
Chapter 1344 Klaus' Special Ability
Chapter 1345 Depressed Giant Leader
Chapter 1346 Sparring With Klaus
Chapter 1347 Attack Vs Defense
Chapter 1348 Here We Go Again
Chapter 1349 Cruel World
Chapter 1350 You'Re Leaving Like That?
Chapter 1351 Forced To Help
Chapter 1352 Forced To Help Ii
Chapter 1353 Increase The Offer
Chapter 1354 Hand Over Your Treasures
Chapter 1355 Battling The Bandits
Chapter 1356 Always Stay Focused
Chapter 1357 Always Stay Focused Ii
Chapter 1358 Quick-Witted Klaus
Chapter 1359 Cutting Off A Palm
Chapter 1360 Klaus' Overbearing Ice Ability
Chapter 1361 Who Would'Ve Thought You'D Go This Way
Chapter 1362 Changing Opponents Mid-Battle
Chapter 1363 The Bigger The Dog, The Stupider It Is
Chapter 1364 Killing The Bandits
Chapter 1365 The Firelord
Chapter 1366 A Flaming Trial
Chapter 1367 Intricate Formation
Chapter 1368 Passing Through In Style
Chapter 1369 She Enough?
Chapter 1370 Cockiest Person Alive
Chapter 1371 Leaving Everyone Speechless
Chapter 1372 Beautiful But Deadly
Chapter 1373 A Grade Five Powerhouse
Chapter 1374 Do You Want Me Dead?
Chapter 1375 All Grade Nine Geniuses
Chapter 1376 Getting Through With Ease
Chapter 1377 A Fraud?
Chapter 1378 I'M The Smartest Person Here
Chapter 1379 A Phoenix?
Chapter 1380 Where'S It?
Chapter 1381 What Are You Up To?
Chapter 1382 Locating The Secret Cave
Chapter 1383 Looking For A Rematch
Chapter 1384 Ploy To Create Ties
Chapter 1385 Sharp Senses
Chapter 1386 Afraid To Lose?
Chapter 1387 Deadly Speed
Chapter 1388 Sometimes It’S Best To Let Go
Chapter 1389 A Dilemma
Chapter 1390 Giving In
Chapter 1391 Klaus’ Opportunity
Chapter 1392 Don’T Give Her So Much Time
Chapter 1393 Sit And Watch
Chapter 1394 Learning From Klaus
Chapter 1395 Intense Battle
Chapter 1396 Meeting The Faction Leader Of The Phoenix Faction
Chapter 1397 Against The Elders
Chapter 1398 Unique Individual
Chapter 1399 Raid
Chapter 1400 Amazing Klaus
Chapter 1401 Amazing Klaus Ii
Chapter 1402 Frozen Volcano
Chapter 1403 A Grieving Father
Chapter 1404 We’Re All People
Chapter 1405 A Powerful Puppet
Chapter 1406 Borrowing Klaus’ Attitude
Chapter 1407 Unexpected Change
Chapter 1408 Stop Him!
Chapter 1409 Naturally Talented Klaus
Chapter 1410 Dangerous Opponent
Chapter 1411 Stop Bullshitting!
Chapter 1412 He'S Here
Chapter 1413 You Have The Right To Be Cocky
Chapter 1414 Remarkable Specimen
Chapter 1415 Broken Universe
Chapter 1416 Descendant Of A God?
Chapter 1417 Evil Grey
Chapter 1418 Each With Their Selfish Desires
Chapter 1419 Hypocritical World
Chapter 1420 I'Ll Be Dead Before Then
Chapter 1421 Don'T Forget Your Job
Chapter 1422 He Complicates Things
Chapter 1423 We'Re Fucked
Chapter 1424 Powerful Tribe Leader
Chapter 1425 Team Of Two
Chapter 1426 Violent Tribe Leader
Chapter 1427 Escape
Chapter 1428 Freedom
Chapter 1429 A Dangerous Life
Chapter 1430 I Know That Cat!
Chapter 1431 Three Links
Chapter 1432 I Don'T Need Any Evidence
Chapter 1433 Under Control
Chapter 1434 Of No Help
Chapter 1435 Dont Underestimate Me
Chapter 1436 Unsealed?
Chapter 1437 Someone Must Take The Fall
Chapter 1438 Where'S The Real Culprit?
Chapter 1439 I'D Like To Try
Chapter 1440 Tactful Old Man
Chapter 1441 Necromancers Meeting Ground?
Chapter 1442 Reassess Your Choice Of Friends
Chapter 1443 I Should Join You Too
Chapter 1444 Different Puppets
Chapter 1445 No Escape
Chapter 1446 Leaving The Region
Chapter 1447 Unsettled Continent
Chapter 1448 Revisiting The Burchard Family
Chapter 1449 Tricking The Prince
Chapter 1450 Kill Anyone To Stands In The Way
Chapter 1451 Hi There, It'S Been A While
Chapter 1452 Nothing Can Go Wrong Now
Chapter 1453 Following Him Isn'T Bad
Chapter 1454 Lunatics
Chapter 1455 A Way To Heal The Principal
Chapter 1456 Short Reunion
Chapter 1457 Short Reunion Ii
Chapter 1458 God’S Favorites
Chapter 1459 Hoping To Awaken Another Domain
Chapter 1460 Making A Deal With A Dragon
Chapter 1463 Making A Deal With A Dragon Ii
Chapter 1464 Birth Of Eisendrache
Chapter 1463 A New Member Of The Family
Chapter 1464 No Treasures, Just Responsibilities
Chapter 1467 Shortcut To Success
Chapter 1468 Abominable Act
Chapter 1467 Unexpected Change
Chapter 1468 Traitor
Chapter 1471 Traitor Ii
Chapter 1472 Heading Into Seclusion With A Goal
Chapter 1471 Return Of A Rebellious Daughter
Chapter 1472 The Lyttelton Family
Chapter 1473 The Lyttelton Family Ii
Chapter 1474 Meeting Conor Dawson Once Again
Chapter 1475 Greys Signature Move
Chapter 1476 Sky-Shaking Battle
Chapter 1477 A God’S Apparition
Chapter 1478 It’S Not Enough
Chapter 1479 Stealing
Chapter 1480 Awakening The Wind Domain
Chapter 1481 Battling A Sovereign
Chapter 1482 Incredible Explosive Speed
Chapter 1483 Can’T Bear To See You Endure Such Torment
Chapter 1484 Change In Physique?
Chapter 1485 Such A Thing Happened?
Chapter 1486 The Pros Outweighs The Cons
Chapter 1487 The Ultimate Ice User
Chapter 1488 The Ultimate Ice User Ii
Chapter 1489 Not Fair
Chapter 1490 Against The Universe
Chapter 1491 Against The Universe Ii
Chapter 1492 The Sovereign Plane
Chapter 1493 Movement From All Around
Chapter 1496 Lucas’ Deductions
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:


""Grey, elemental affinity, zero"" The Elder announced the result loudly

On hearing this, it was like a bolt of lightning struck Grey, he stood there dumbfounded and just stared at the Elder.

Shocked voices could be heard from the people and there was some which were also filled with scorn.

Grey stood dazed amidst all the noises without any reactions. One word was constantly reverberating in his head, 'How?'.

'Why, why did this happen to me?' Grey asked himself over and over again


Unbeknownst to Grey, something greater lies in wait in his body....


*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Test

Chapter 1: Test

“Come on Grey, the test will start soon” Martha’s voice could be heard from downstairs.

“I’m coming mom” A boy’s voice filled with excitement could be heard from upstairs.

Before long, Martha heard the sound of running on the stairs, “Take it easy dear, you might hurt yourself” Martha said in a soft tone when she heard the rushed footsteps

A young boy about the age of 12 could be seen running down the steps with a flushed look, “I’m ready mom, let’s get going before it starts. I want to get a good position on the list” Grey said with enthusiasm.

Martha looked at him with a smile and helped arrange his hair before they left for the Arena where the test will be held. Martha was a lady in her early thirties, she had fair skin and beautiful brown eyes. An oval-shaped face and shoulder-length blonde hair (In short, she was a breathtakingly beautiful woman :)…).

Today was the day when the Academy union did a test for the youngsters in this city to know their aptitude and which elements they were inclined to.

This is a world of Elementalists. Everyone has an element they are in tune with and the Academies help the people check what elements they are inclined with.

Elementalists cultivate by absorbing their said elemental particles from the world to increase their realms. With each increase in realm, there is also an increase in lifespan. Everyone wants a long life, so they always work hard on cultivating.

There are few people though who don’t have an affinity with any of the elements, but they are very rare. Not being inclined with the elements, these said people tend to be outcasts anywhere they are as they can barely survive. Since they don’t live long, they rarely have relationships with people also. Except for their families.

One can only check which elements he is compatible with after reaching the age of 12, but anything older isn’t advised as the body is at its best state to start cultivating at that given age. But some do take the test later. You can get a cultivation technique after you get admitted into any of the Academies or if you are from a big clan, getting one wouldn’t be hard.

(Okay, back to the story)


The entire town was abuzz with activity as people could be seen coming out from almost every home, heading in the direction of Arena at the eastern part of the city.

The test is held every year, as a lot of kids reach the age of 12 every year. There are different places where the test could be taken. And big cities do have multiple centers for taking the test since they have more people. This city though, well, it’s not that big and only has about 20 participants taking the test each year.

On getting to the arena, the stands were already filled to the brim with people. And the test had started already.

“Mom look, they’ve already started. Now I’m going to be among the last people tested” Grey complained when he saw the test had already commenced.

Martha looked at her son speechless, ‘You were the one who took heavens know how long dressing up, yet I’m the one to blame because we came late’. She was too lazy to reply to her son’s statement. She looked around for the registration stand.

“Come on, let’s go and get you registered little man,” Martha said as she walked towards the place for registration. A table and a chair were set up there and also a man could be seen sitting on the chair taking down names.

“Hello sir, I’m here to register my son for the test,” Martha said towards the man sitting on the chair.

“Okay, what’s his name, and exact age,” the man said politely.

“His name’s Grey, and he is 12 years 2 months old” Martha replied

“Okay, he will be the 16th person called up,” The man said after taking down the details of Grey

“Okay sir” Martha turned and was about to leave with Grey

“Currently, 3 people have already gone up to take the test, just be prepared. If his name is called, and he doesn’t come up the stage within 1 minute he would be skipped and will have to wait till next year to have his test done”

“Okay, thank you sir” Martha thanked him sincerely before taking Grey with her as they looked for a place to sit.

“Now sit down and behave. Wait for your turn patiently and don’t get nervous okay” Martha advised her son calmly, she knew how mischievous he can get. Although he causes a lot of trouble, she knew he was a sensible kid.

While the mother and son duo were still talking, a loud voice could be heard from the platform.

“Jonas, elemental affinity fire. Grade, purple” The Elder who took the test declared the result of the test loudly.

The entire arena immediately went into an uproar when this result was announced.

“Did he just say purple grade?”

“Oh my God, a purple grade appeared”

“The last time a purple grade appeared, all the big academies fought for who would admit him into their school”

Talents are graded with colors and there are 4 colors known to the people of the Qilin empire, which are, Pink, Orange, Purple, and Blue. With Blue being the highest and Pink the lowest. Pink and Orange talent takes up the majority of the population, while the talented have Purple and Blue.

There are rare cases of people who have multiple elements. It was said the Emperor of the empire is a Dual Elementalist and also had a Blue and Purple grade respectively on each element. The Emperor is the strongest Elementalist known to the public.

The representatives of each Academy immediately got into a heated argument on who would take Jonas as a student. Usually, after the result of a test is announced, the representatives discuss among themselves before one of the Academies gets the kid.

But in this case, none of the Academies wanted to miss out on such a talented individual. Although the Academies had a good relationship outside, they were still competing against each other.

“Cough, cough, Why don’t you allow him to choose which Academy he would like to enter as a student” The Elder announcing the results couldn’t allow the Academies to lose face in front of the crowd, so he coughed lightly to draw the attention of the representatives before giving them a suggestion.

The representatives quickly calmed themselves and looked at Jonas with eager looks.

Jonas felt proud for attracting such attention from the representatives. “Seniors, can I go talk with my parents before deciding on which Academy I will join?” Jonas asked respectfully.

“Yes of course, besides, the test is still ongoing,” The representatives said with a smile. Usually, they wouldn’t have been so courteous towards anybody from such a small city, but, the case was different for Jonas. Jonas was someone who will grow to be a powerhouse later in the future with his talent, so, having a good relationship with him isn’t bad even if he will only be able to join one of the Academies.

Everyone looked at Jonas with envy, he was currently the center of attention in the entire arena. His current status has already risen to a new high as even in the Academy, he will be someone the Academy will nurture greatly.

“Wow, a Purple grade” Grey said with a tinge of envy while looking at Jonas who was walking towards his parents with a smile on his face.

Martha looked at Jonas also, surprised that someone with a purple grade appeared in this little city of theirs.

“Okay now, let’s continue with the test” the Elder shouted as he tried to restore order to the arena

The people in the arena quickly toned down the noise. The Elder continued calling the names of the children on the list given to him. After getting to the 10th name, the Elder called for a break. He used the opportunity to take the new list which had been made since some people came late, they decided to hold the test in this manner.

After the 10 minutes break, the test continued. Quickly, it got to the 15th name on the list. Grey tensed up as it was soon going to be his turn. His palm became sweaty and his nervousness could visibly be seen.

“Calm down sweetie, it will be alright okay” Martha immediately held onto Grey’s sweaty hands to help relieve the stress he was currently going through.

“Next up, Grey” The Elder shouted the next name on the list, everyone in the arena looked on with interest awaiting the boy whose name was called up.


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