Supremacy Games by MidGard

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter -2 - Bloodline Integration System Spoiler Before Chap 7.
Chapter -1 - Abilities Sheet For Characters, Updated At Chp 502, (Spoilers!!)
Chapter 1 - Ruins Exploration Gone Wrong!
Chapter 2 - Fresh Start
Chapter 3 - Family Tradition
Chapter 4 - The Three Choices
Chapter 5 - The Great Chaos
Chapter 6 - The Pride Of Being A Human
Chapter 7 - Bloodline Integration System
Chapter 8 - The Three Methods
Chapter 9 - Running Naked
Chapter 10 - Grandfather Arrival
Chapter 11 - Successfully Fooled
Chapter 12 - And So It Begins
Chapter 13 - The Plan Commence
Chapter 14 - The Plan Outline
Chapter 15 - The United Nations Decision
Chapter 16 - The Universal Virtual Reality
Chapter 17 - The Supremacy Games Alliance
Chapter 18 - Joining The Sga
Chapter 19 - The Shipments Arrival
Chapter 20 - The Gentlemen Pact
Chapter 21 - The First Discoveries
Chapter 22 - Grandfather Care
Chapter 23 - Everything Is Ready
Chapter 24 - The Sympathy Card
Chapter 25 - Rewards And Punishments
Chapter 26 - The Green Light Is On
Chapter 27 - Five Months Later.
Chapter 28 - Arriving At The Headquarter
Chapter 29 - 1 Vs. 38
Chapter 30 - The Elemental Assessment
Chapter 31 - Entering The Uvr
Chapter 32 - The Bloodline Market
Chapter 33 - Joining The Scam
Chapter 34 - Betting Everything
Chapter 35 - The Five S Gang
Chapter 36 - Fortune And Misfortune
Chapter 37 - Handing Out The Bloodlines
Chapter 38 - The Training Camp Starts
Chapter 39 - Confidence Boost
Chapter 40 - You Have No Idea
Chapter 41 - The True Horror Of Awakening
Chapter 42 - Boss Olivia
Chapter 43 - The Wishing System
Chapter 44 - 500 Player Battle Royal
Chapter 45 - A Champion Is Born
Chapter 46 - Looby Bloodline Shop
Chapter 47 - Successfully Buying The Bloodline
Chapter 48 - Shopping Spree
Chapter 49 - Asna Reappearance
Chapter 50 - A Wasted Effort
Chapter 51 - Moving Stardust Movie
Chapter 52 - Elemental Stone Absorption
Chapter 53 - Shapeshifter Penis
Chapter 54 - Awakening Mock Practice
Chapter 55 - New Approach To Practice Awakening
Chapter 56 - The Assembly Fell Into Mayhem
Chapter 57 - The Delivery Has Arrived
Chapter 58 - Sending Off Fatty Worm (2 In 1)
Chapter 59 - Awakening Successfully (2 In 1)
Chapter 60 - The Primogenitors
Chapter 61 - Dealing With Gifts
Chapter 62 - I Am Done For
Chapter 63 - Announcing His Awakening
Chapter 64 - Heart Attack
Chapter 65 - Longevity Potion Effect
Chapter 66 - The Integration Process
Chapter 67 - The Unforgettable Lesson
Chapter 68 - The Holy Sinful City
Chapter 69 - Affinity Enhancement
Chapter 70 - The Third Integration
Chapter 71 - Unlocking Two Passives
Chapter 72 - Testing The Passive Abilities
Chapter 73 - One Day Before The Movie Release
Chapter 74 - Human Melodies
Chapter 75 - Three Months Later
Chapter 76 - Reaching Lesser Purity
Chapter 77 - Testing The Active Abilities
Chapter 78 - Training Camp Battles
Chapter 79 - Returning To The Island
Chapter 80 - Activating The Vr Pod
Chapter 81 - The Training Center
Chapter 82 - Training Spot Challenge
Chapter 83 - 1 Vs. 100 Ai Dummies
Chapter 84 - Signing The Sg Contract
Chapter 85 - Date At The Widow Restaurant
Chapter 86 - Participating With Anonymous Identity
Chapter 87 - Solaria Planet Hellish Environment
Chapter 88 - Nora And Asna
Chapter 89 Felix'S Victory, Yet At What Cost?
Chapter 90 Entering The Game Hall
Chapter 91 The Map And The Hidden Addition
Chapter 92 Asking For Partnership
Chapter 93 Interviewing The Players.
Chapter 94 First Eliminations!
Chapter 95 Conserving Energy
Chapter 96 Destroying An Alliance
Chapter 97 Reaching The Lava Sea
Chapter 98 Brutal And Vicious.
Chapter 99 Catching Up To First Rank.
Chapter 100 My Turn To Attack.
Chapter 101 Dropping From Above.
Chapter 102 Death Race Champion
Chapter 103 Fixing His Relationship With Asna
Chapter 104 Landlord Of Inducements Club
Chapter 105 Entering A Partnership With Looby.
Chapter 106 Clans And Techniques.
Chapter 107 Sleeping With Nora [R-18]
Chapter 108 Mariana Capital City
Chapter 109 Gallery Blackmail.
Chapter 110 Obtaining Jörmungandr Essence.
Chapter 111 The Auction House Hall
Chapter 112 Warning Molly
Chapter 113 The Auction Had Begun
Chapter 114 Dawntree Leaf
Chapter 115 I Am Sold, Where Do I Sign?
Chapter 116 Spinning The Game Wheel Again!
Chapter 117 Shuffle Maze!
Chapter 118 Getting A Gp Farmer!
Chapter 119 Explaining The Rules And Q&A!
Chapter 120 Open Wager.
Chapter 121 The Threats Took The Bait
Chapter 122 Public Shut Down
Chapter 123 Unexpected Reaction!
Chapter 124 Interview Block Strikes Again!
Chapter 125 Dropping In The Maze!
Chapter 126 Treating Traps Like Air
Chapter 127 Battling The Iron Shark Titan!
Chapter 128 The Game Is Forcing Me To Brag!
Chapter 129 Fiendish Smash!
Chapter 130 The Jigsaw Puzzle
Chapter 131 Hidden Compartment Chest
Chapter 132 Charm Elementalist!
Chapter 133 Raging Sandstorm!
Chapter 134 Meeting Up With The Devil Himself
Chapter 135 F*Ck Him Up For Me Blindy!
Chapter 136 The First Walls Shuffle!
Chapter 137 Princess Bird Vs The Glacial Bane Tree!
Chapter 138 Princess Bird Slaying The Glacial Bane Tree! (2 In 1)
Chapter 139 Another Fireworks!
Chapter 140 Replaying Landlord'S Battle Vs The Terror Serpent!
Chapter 141 Baiting The Serpent Out Of Its Turtle Shell! (2 In 1)
Chapter 142 Was He Faking It Or Not?
Chapter 143 Incoming Bounty On Felix'S Head!
Chapter 144 The 2Nd Shuffle!
Chapter 145 The Trypo Mother Spider!
Chapter 146 Poison Immunity In Play!
Chapter 147 Azure Inducement Effect!
Chapter 148 The Mother Spider'S Last Wail!
Chapter 149 Giving Up On The Championship
Chapter 150 Planning To Kill Landlord!
Chapter 151 The Hunt For Landlord Has Began! (2 In 1)
Chapter 152 Invisible Attack!
Chapter 153 Gotta Make A Run For It! (2 In 1)
Chapter 154 Hopeless Situation!
Chapter 155 Why Can'T I Feel Anything?
Chapter 156 The Sun Explosion That Made The Stadium A Silent Graveyard.
Chapter 157 The 4Th Passive Ability!
Chapter 158 Trapped Inside Three Illusion Domains!
Chapter 159 Killing Everyone! (2 In 1)
Chapter 160 The Game Has Ended! (2 In 1)
Chapter 161 Leaving In A Heartbeat!
Chapter 162 I'M Sorry...
Chapter 163 Forgiveness And Elemental Energy
Chapter 164 The Sg Ivy League!
Chapter 165 Going Viral In The Mariana Empire!
Chapter 166 The Agency'S Threat!
Chapter 167 Coins Trading Platform.
Chapter 168 The Ivy League City!
Chapter 169 Prize Pool Free Trading.
Chapter 170 Contacting A Witch.
Chapter 171 Hitting The Motherlode!
Chapter 172 Two Weeks Later.
Chapter 173 Meeting The Family
Chapter 174 The Hiltons Family'S Scheme!
Chapter 175 Two Days Before The Final Competition!
Chapter 176 Blatant Favoritism!
Chapter 177 Brackets Drawing!
Chapter 178 Abilities' Synergies!
Chapter 179 Lilly'S Children!
Chapter 180 The Maxwell Team Vs. The Lauder Team!
Chapter 181 The Maxwell Team Vs. The Lauder Team 2
Chapter 182 Uvr 100% Realism. Is It Good Or Bad?
Chapter 183 Families' Wealth Relation To Resources.
Chapter 184 The Flower Band Boys!
Chapter 185 Everyone Went Wild!
Chapter 186 Save Me!!
Chapter 187 Reaching The Finals!
Chapter 188 Parking Lot Meetup.
Chapter 189 The Butterfly Effect!!!
Chapter 190 Felix Against The Hiltons!
Chapter 191 Meeting The President!
Chapter 192 The Preparation Camp.
Chapter 193 Troubles During Integration!
Chapter 194 Offensive Type Passive'S Destructiveness!
Chapter 195 Upgrading The Ap Bracelet!
Chapter 196 Lucky For You, I Am Not A Regular Awakener
Chapter 197 Fuchsia Eagle Wings Substance!
Chapter 198 Dealing With The Ambush.
Chapter 199 Spending Two Months In A Shithole.
Chapter 200 The Driver'S Identity!
Chapter 201 Mr. Gama'S Voice!
Chapter 202 I Am Finally Free!
Chapter 203 Drinking The Elemental Potion!
Chapter 204 Tripping Or A Reality?
Chapter 205 Revisiting Fuzzia Stone Shop
Chapter 206 Maybe Battle Format?
Chapter 207 The Bounty And The Map!
Chapter 208 Here We Go Again!
Chapter 209 Dear God! Why Me First?!
Chapter 210 Hiring The Players!
Chapter 211 Lighting Up The Fuse!
Chapter 212 Buying Her Life!
Chapter 213 Snatching The Crown!
Chapter 214 Reaching The Volcano Zone!
Chapter 215 Booby-Trapping The Tunnel!
Chapter 216 Fake Groaning!
Chapter 217 Bona Fide Massacre
Chapter 218 The Rain Forest'S Players Are Making A Move!
Chapter 219 The Decisive 5 Minutes!
Chapter 220 The Volcano Is Erupting!
Chapter 221 The King Of The Island.
Chapter 222 Rank Skip Coupon!
Chapter 223 Leaks On The World'S Competition!
Chapter 224 A Discussion About Felix And Landlord.
Chapter 225 Buying Olivia A Tier 2 Bloodline.
Chapter 226 Going On Camping!
Chapter 227 Five Days In The Forest.
Chapter 228 Eating Within The Chaos!
Chapter 229 Securing 10,000 High-Grade Sand Stones!
Chapter 230 The Jörmungandr'S Memories I
Chapter 231 The Jörmungandr'S Memories Ii
Chapter 232 The Jörmungandr'S Memories Iii
Chapter 233 Creating A Risky Plan!
Chapter 234 Meeting The Jörmungandr!
Chapter 235 Wrong Information.
Chapter 236 General View On The Universe'S Past.
Chapter 237 The New Poison Primogenitor!
Chapter 238 This Is F*Cking War!
Chapter 239 Poison String!
Chapter 240 The Three Stages Of Elemental Manipulation.
Chapter 241 Leaving The Camp!
Chapter 242 Potentially, The Only Candidate!
Chapter 243 The Sand Primogenitor!
Chapter 244 Chimera And The Four Species.
Chapter 245 Finding The Problem, Fixing The Problem.
Chapter 246 The Captains' Banquet
Chapter 247 Suppressed Desires Resurfacing Again.
Chapter 248 Four Epic Tier 5 Bloodlines, The Result?
Chapter 249 Three Mutations!
Chapter 250 The Sphinx'S Eyes!
Chapter 251 The Etching Process.
Chapter 252 Testing The Enhancements!
Chapter 253 Looby'S Shop Transformation!
Chapter 254 Once You Go Black You Can Never Go Back...
Chapter 255 Toxic Bale Lion Bloodline.
Chapter 256 The Ten Elites.
Chapter 257 Granting Permission To The Queen.
Chapter 258 The Three Transportation Methods.
Chapter 259 Bribes Done Right.
Chapter 260 Bullying Olivia!
Chapter 261 The 24/7 Worldwide Live Stream!
Chapter 262 The 1St Airdrop!
Chapter 263 William Bentley, The Maestro Of England!
Chapter 264 The Fog Of Despair!
Chapter 265 A Spiteful Retaliation?
Chapter 266 Well, Hello There...
Chapter 267 Forcing Out An Alliance.
Chapter 268 Against The Argentinian Team.
Chapter 269 Noah, Taking Matter Into His Own Hands.
Chapter 270 They Just Keep Coming.
Chapter 271 One-Sided Beat Down.
Chapter 272 The Supervisors!
Chapter 273 Securing The First Flag.
Chapter 274 Three Days Left!
Chapter 275 Against The Brazilian Team.
Chapter 276 Securing All Flags!
Chapter 277 An Upcoming Ambush!
Chapter 278 Testing His Future Vice-Captain.
Chapter 279 Rightfully, The Number One Bloodliner! (2 In 1)
Chapter 280 The End Of The Competition.
Chapter 281 Back In The Hotel Room.
Chapter 282 A True Sand Elementalist!
Chapter 283 The 2Nd Passive!
Chapter 284 The Points System.
Chapter 285 Olivia'S New Goal!
Chapter 286 Silver Suitcases!
Chapter 287 The Birth Of The Earthling'S Team!
Chapter 288 A Week Later...
Chapter 289 Returning To The Ivy League City.
Chapter 290 Training The Techniques.
Chapter 291 The Monkey Path!
Chapter 292 Primo Investment Company.
Chapter 293 The Hilton'S Scheme I
Chapter 294 The Hilton'S Scheme Ii.
Chapter 295 The Governor'S Mansion.
Chapter 296 Successfully Kidnapped.
Chapter 297 Dealing With Mr. Hire
Chapter 298 Interrogation
Chapter 299 Countermeasures For All Of His Plans!
Chapter 300 Clown Trying To Bluff.
Chapter 301 Forwarding The Plan.
Chapter 302 The Hilton'S Fate And The Anonymous Savior.
Chapter 303 The Earthling Team Headquarter.
Chapter 304 The Planetary Supremacy Games!
Chapter 305 Meeting The Team.
Chapter 306 The Symbiotes!
Chapter 307 Using The 3Rd Wish!
Chapter 308 The Hilton'S Dynasty Had Crumbled!
Chapter 309 The Gama Organization Revealing Itself!
Chapter 310 This Is The Supremacy Games Alliance.
Chapter 311 Rolling The First Earthling'S Wheel!
Chapter 312 First Session Of Training With The Team.
Chapter 313 Goalkeeper Candidate.
Chapter 314 Aim Still Garbage, Doesn'T Matter Though?
Chapter 315 Preparing For The Gold Game.
Chapter 316 Three Months Later. (2 In 1)
Chapter 317 Spinning The Wheel For The 4Th Game.
Chapter 318 Deciding To Participate!
Chapter 319 The Real Artifacts And The Imitations.
Chapter 320 Entering The Game Hall.
Chapter 321 Rules Explanation
Chapter 322 We Have Long Awaited For Your Return!
Chapter 323 Teleporting On The Rainbow Turtle.
Chapter 324 The 1St Active Sand Ability And The 3Rd Passive!
Chapter 325 The Fishing Stage.
Chapter 326 The Fishing Stage Ii
Chapter 327 The 2Nd Active Sand Ability!
Chapter 328 Attributed Sand!
Chapter 329 Despairing Lead!
Chapter 330 Arrival Of New Threat!
Chapter 331 Taking Care Of The Threats!
Chapter 332 Taking Advantage Of All The Available Resources.
Chapter 333 The 1St Beastial Wave!
Chapter 334 Getting Bamboozled!
Chapter 335 I Will Play You To Death!
Chapter 336 Switching Their Target. (2 In 1)
Chapter 337 The Kraken Has Emerged!
Chapter 338 Against The Kraken.
Chapter 339 Being Unreasonably Cautious.
Chapter 340 The Guardians Of The Temples!
Chapter 341 Ambushing The Kraken!
Chapter 342 The Kraken Slayer!
Chapter 343 Lisa'S Nomination!
Chapter 344 Princess Bird'S 6 Months Efforts!
Chapter 345 The Alliance And The Royal Family.
Chapter 346 Selling Within The Ppft Market.
Chapter 347 Living With Snakes.
Chapter 348 Needing Coins Asap!
Chapter 349 Ancient Ruins.
Chapter 350 The Ivy League Training Center Mountain.
Chapter 351 Not Lifting A Finger.
Chapter 352 The Artifacts Creation System (Entry Level).
Chapter 353 The Fanclub Hidden Difficulties.
Chapter 354 Making Emma His Private Agent!
Chapter 355 Getting Suspected!
Chapter 356 Little Detective Olivia.
Chapter 357 The Maganda Tribe.
Chapter 358 Preparing For The Auction Event.
Chapter 359 Entering The Event'S Venue.
Chapter 360 Placing The Ancient Ruins Maps.
Chapter 361 Entering The First Auction!
Chapter 362 Securing 10,000 High-Grade Illusion Stones.
Chapter 363 Buying The Bloodlines.
Chapter 364 The Anti-Royal Alliance.
Chapter 365 Slavery In The Uvr Era.
Chapter 366 Buying Two 4Th Stage Bloodliners!
Chapter 367 Erik Boggous.
Chapter 368 Getting A Bit Closer.
Chapter 369 Grandfather'S Difficulties.
Chapter 370 The Annual Co-Hosted Galactic Auction!
Chapter 371 Bringing Out The Bloodlines Subject!
Chapter 372 It Might Work Or Not.
Chapter 373 Leaving The Auction Early.
Chapter 374 The Fire Primogenitor And The Wind Primogenitor
Chapter 375 Filtering The Three Primogenitors' Essence!
Chapter 376 Obscurum Suit!
Chapter 377 Three Days Before The Game!
Chapter 378 A New Method To Increase Poison Duration?
Chapter 379 A Different Approach!
Chapter 380 The Barbarian Speech!
Chapter 381 Meeting Their Opponents!
Chapter 382 The Game'S Rules.
Chapter 383 Being Looked Down Upon.
Chapter 384 The First Kick!
Chapter 385 Fighting Back!
Chapter 386 Give It Up! It'S Not Worth It!
Chapter 387 The Salvadorians' Retaliation.
Chapter 388 Did He Stop It Or Not?!
Chapter 389 The 2Nd Supersonic Shot!
Chapter 390 Mano A Mano!
Chapter 391 The Barbarian Of Australia
Chapter 392 He Is Done Playing Ball.
Chapter 393 Dashing Towards An Army
Chapter 394 Being Seen As A Moron.
Chapter 395 The Council'S Assembly!
Chapter 396 The Newest Sand Abilities!
Chapter 397 The Sphinx'S Memories.
Chapter 398 A Fitting Title.
Chapter 399 The 2Nd Earthling Game.
Chapter 400 Entering A Witch'S Lab.
Chapter 401 The Sphinx'S Peak Ability.
Chapter 402 The Sphinx'S Peak Ability Ii
Chapter 403 Lady Sphinx!
Chapter 404 Lady Sphinx Ii
Chapter 405 The Six Classements!
Chapter 406 The Six Classements Ii.
Chapter 407 Champions?
Chapter 408 Dark Deviant Spaceship!
Chapter 409 The Judgement Is About To Be Delivered!
Chapter 410 A Second Sun!
Chapter 411 A Monster...
Chapter 412 Attempting To Escape!
Chapter 413 Round Two!
Chapter 414 Going With The Plan.
Chapter 415 The Authorities' Interference.
Chapter 416 Leaving Mr. Gama No Way Out.
Chapter 417 Leaving A Gift Behind...
Chapter 418 The News Is Out!
Chapter 419 Going Viral In The Galaxy!
Chapter 420 Looking Out For Earth.
Chapter 421 Do You Want To Be My Champion?
Chapter 422 The Universal Individual Supremacy Games.
Chapter 423 The 5Th Individual Game!
Chapter 424 Cancel Culture Strikes!
Chapter 425 The Three Zones.
Chapter 426 Being Watched By The Earthlings!
Chapter 427 The Beastial City Zone!
Chapter 428 Energy Management Is Everything!
Chapter 429 The Earthquakes Strike!
Chapter 430 Finally In His Line Of Sight!
Chapter 431 The Peaceful Sea Zone.
Chapter 432 The Great Tsunami!
Chapter 433 And Another One!
Chapter 434 Risk It Or Lose The Game!
Chapter 435 Semi-God In The Desert!
Chapter 436 The Largest Sum He Had Ever Won!
Chapter 437 Methods To Enter The Uvr!
Chapter 438 Deciding The Newest Element!
Chapter 439 Being Given A Dreadful Mission.
Chapter 440 The Meeting I
Chapter 441 The Meeting Ii
Chapter 442 How To Become An Apprentice Potioneer!
Chapter 443 Reaching The Capital Planet!
Chapter 444 The 9Th Space Station!
Chapter 445 Meeting Lady Sphinx.
Chapter 446 Entering The Lab.
Chapter 447 Drinking The Lightining Potion.
Chapter 448 Thor'S Mutations!
Chapter 449 Testing The Avion'S Evolutionary Trait!
Chapter 450 Increasing His Intelligence!
Chapter 451 The Witches...
Chapter 452 The Royal Academy.
Chapter 453 Meeting The Headmistress.
Chapter 454 Meeting The Headmistress Ii
Chapter 455 Racist Mushroom!
Chapter 456 The 1St Class In The Academy!
Chapter 457 The News Spread Throughout The Academy!
Chapter 458 Concocting Rejuvenation Potion!
Chapter 459 Concocting Rejuvenation Potion Ii
Chapter 460 Concocting Rejuvenation Potion Iii
Chapter 461 The Contribution System.
Chapter 462 The Media Conference.
Chapter 463 The Media Conference Ii
Chapter 464 The News Spreading Universal!
Chapter 465 Proposing Deals.
Chapter 466 The Racist Mushroom'S Devious Plan!
Chapter 467 Felix'S Counterattack!
Chapter 468 Felix'S Counterattack! Ii
Chapter 469 Creating The Catalyst!
Chapter 470 The Photographic Memory Potion.
Chapter 471 Getting Closer To His Classmates.
Chapter 472 Bad Treatment In The Campus.
Chapter 473 Entering The Queen'S Royal Palace.
Chapter 474 Senior Sister Allura!
Chapter 475 The Triple-A Citizenship Bestowal!
Chapter 476 Two Months Later...
Chapter 477 The Surgery.
Chapter 478 The Half-Devourer.
Chapter 479 The Half-Devourer Ii
Chapter 480 Waking Up...
Chapter 481 A Wasteful Cultivation System.
Chapter 482 The Promotion Game!
Chapter 483 The Primogenitors Assembly
Chapter 484 The Primogenitors Assembly Ii
Chapter 485 Getting Signed Up!
Chapter 486 A Farfetched Coincidence!
Chapter 487 The Game Rules!
Chapter 488 The Game Has Began
Chapter 489 The Daylight Cycle.
Chapter 490 Finding His Target!
Chapter 491 The Hunt!
Chapter 492 The Hunt Ii
Chapter 493 Abnormal Freak!
Chapter 494 Aiming For A Higher Goal.
Chapter 495 Hell'S Crow.
Chapter 496 Hell'S Crow Ii
Chapter 497 The True Horror And Potential Of Size Manipulation!
Chapter 498 Vanlord!
Chapter 499 Lesser Version
Chapter 500 The Ragnarök Bringer Is Back!
Chapter 501 Vampire'S Full Transformation!
Chapter 502 Why Is He Wasting Energy?!
Chapter 503 The Last Key Keeper!
Chapter 504 The Wager!
Chapter 505 Coupons' Inventory!
Chapter 506 Adding New Members To The Organization!
Chapter 507 External Manipulation.
Chapter 508 The Great Granduncle.
Chapter 509 A Fierce Competition In The Upcoming Final Exams!
Chapter 510 His Own Potion-Making System!
Chapter 511 Returning To The Academy.
Chapter 512 One Day Before The Exams.
Chapter 513 Materials And Glassware Written Exam.
Chapter 514 Reaching Greater Purity!
Chapter 515 Making A Bet Of Their Own!
Chapter 516 The Practical Exams!
Chapter 517 The Practical Exam Ii
Chapter 518 The Practical Exams Iii
Chapter 519 A Resounding Slap That Would Be Written In History Books...
Chapter 520 The Real Potion-Making, Defying The Laws!
Chapter 521 In A Private Room At The Club.
Chapter 522 After The Holiday...
Chapter 523 A Demonstration.
Chapter 524 Spinning The Wheel.
Chapter 525 Garbage Luck Strikes Again!
Chapter 526 Asking For Him!
Chapter 527 The Bets!
Chapter 528 Dreadful Opponent!
Chapter 529 The Game Rules.
Chapter 530 Peculiar Waist Leather Bag
Chapter 531 The Thermosphere Layer.
Chapter 532 The Thermosphere Layer Ii
Chapter 533 Thor'S Ordnance!
Chapter 534 Krialder!
Chapter 535 Saltz Master Showing His Hand.
Chapter 536 Blazing Through It!
Chapter 537 Abonrmal Pain Tolerance!
Chapter 538 Loot Boxes!
Chapter 539 I Will Show You All!
Chapter 540 The Parachutes!
Chapter 541 The Wind Gales!
Chapter 542 The Thunderstorm!
Chapter 543 The Thunderstorm Ii
Chapter 544 God Of Thunder!
Chapter 545 God Of Thunder! Ii
Chapter 546 The Yearly Primogenitors' Custom Games!
Chapter 547 Thor'S Memories.
Chapter 548 Awakening Thor!
Chapter 549 The First Ever Experiment On Dual Elementalist!
Chapter 550 Thor'S Peak Active Ability!
Chapter 551 Thor'S Peak Active Ability! Ii
Chapter 552 Thor, The Trouble Maker!
Chapter 553 Getting Taken To The Police Station.
Chapter 554 The Preparation Of The Expedition Are Set!
Chapter 555 Introducing The Squad!
Chapter 556 Reaching The Déserte Planet!
Chapter 557 Unbearable Heat.
Chapter 558 Erik'S Wind Ability!
Chapter 559 A Deep Hole.
Chapter 560 Tombscreamers.
Chapter 561 A Unique Mechanism Of Entry!
Chapter 562 The Hieroglyphics On The Gate.
Chapter 563 The First Trap!
Chapter 564 The 1St Treasury.
Chapter 565 He Is Up For Trouble!
Chapter 566 Trading Fire!
Chapter 567 The Three Gates!
Chapter 568 The Three Gates Ii
Chapter 569 Troubles In Paradise.
Chapter 570 Failure After Failure.
Chapter 571 Thinking Outside Of The Box!
Chapter 572 Herbal Garden.
Chapter 573 Trying To Escape!
Chapter 574 Buying Time.
Chapter 575 How Exactly Are We Going To Emerge?
Chapter 576 They Are Even More Desperate!
Chapter 577 Armored Aircraft!
Chapter 578 - Sinking Deeper In A Misunderstanding!
Chapter 579 - Dealing With Momo.
Chapter 580 - An Entire Race Being Seen As A Tool...
Chapter 581 - Broke Fatty'S Tantrum!
Chapter 582 - Done Hiding!
Chapter 583 - The Ancient Ruins Industry'S Rivalry!
Chapter 584 - The Plan!
Chapter 585 - Escape!
Chapter 586 - Arrival.
Chapter 587 - Preparation For The 2Nd Round!
Chapter 588 - Finding An Alternative Way To Increase Posion Affinity.
Chapter 589 - The Mystry Of The Empty Hall.
Chapter 590 - Facing Off The Guardians!
Chapter 591 - Killing The Guardians!
Chapter 592 - Testing The Theory.
Chapter 593 - Strength That Defies Common Sense!
Chapter 594 - The Pitch-Black Cube!
Chapter 595 - The Kingly Guardian!
Chapter 596 - Battling The Kingly Guardian!
Chapter 597 - The Final Moment...
Chapter 598 - A Forgotten Protocol!
Chapter 599 - Trash-Panda?
Chapter 600 - An Impossible Target!
Chapter 601 - The Void Creatures' Origin!
Chapter 602 - The Void Creatures Origin Ii
Chapter 603 - Lady Sphinx'S Theory!
Chapter 604 - Missing The Exams!
Chapter 605 - The Experiment!
Chapter 606 - The Experiement Ii
Chapter 607 - Putting His Entire Focus On Potion Making!
Chapter 608 - Studying The Dark Reaction Upclose.
Chapter 609 - The Start Of The 3Rd Semester.
Chapter 610 - An Outrage!
Chapter 611 - The Outrage! Ii
Chapter 612 - Five Stars Potion!
Chapter 613 - An Unbelievable Percentage!
Chapter 614 - Drawing Interest From Queen Allura.
Chapter 615 - The Exams Are Over!
Chapter 616 - A Meeting With The Queen.
Chapter 617 - The Beginning Of A New !
Chapter 618 - Heartless Payback!
Chapter 619 - Unswallowed Pill For Eternity!
Chapter 620 - The Brutal Training And The Response.
Chapter 621 - The Meeting.
Chapter 622 - Spinning The Wheel!
Chapter 623 - A Difficult To Handle Champion!
Chapter 624 - The Wager And The Scheme!
Chapter 625 - Entering The Game Hall.
Chapter 626 - A War Above And Below.
Chapter 627 - Antagonizing Flame Bearer!
Chapter 628 - A Forced Fight!
Chapter 629 - A Series Of Unlucky Encounters!
Chapter 630 - The Executioner!
Chapter 631 - Unlucky Streak Is Finally Over!
Chapter 632 - Allies?
Chapter 633 - The Plan And The Result!
Chapter 634 - The Quiet Before The Storm.
Chapter 635 - Screwing Up The Timeline Again!
Chapter 636 - Battlegod Orca And Hebra.
Chapter 637 - For Exonia!
Chapter 638 - The Most Dangerous Player In The Game!
Chapter 639 - Getting Found Out!
Chapter 640 - Uncanny Synergy!
Chapter 641 - Sneaking Back!
Chapter 642 - Wits Over Fists I
Chapter 643 - Wits Over Fists Ii
Chapter 644 - One Of His Biggest Weaknesses.
Chapter 645 - Neutral Energy And Elemental Energy.
Chapter 646 - Mercenary Guilds I
Chapter 647 - Mercenary Guilds Ii
Chapter 648 - Freeing Asna I
Chapter 649 - Freeing Asna Ii
Chapter 650 - Entering The Uvr With Asna I
Chapter 651 - Entering The Uvr With Asna Ii
Chapter 652 - Asna'S First Appearnce!
Chapter 653 - A Virus Level!
Chapter 654 - Amusement Park!
Chapter 655 - The First Move...
Chapter 656 - Electromagentism Exercise.
Chapter 657 - Seeking A New Identity.
Chapter 658 - The Arrival Of Lord Khaos' Subordinate.
Chapter 659 - The 3Rd Replacemet!
Chapter 660 - Lord Khaos' Mutations!
Chapter 661 - Breaking The Limit!
Chapter 662 - Low Born Void Creatures!
Chapter 663 - Planet Winter.
Chapter 664 - City Of Craghorn!
Chapter 665 - The Void Mercenary Guild
Chapter 666 - Void Meteor/Cell!
Chapter 667 - The Mercenary Trials I
Chapter 668 - The Mercenary Trials Ii
Chapter 669 - The Mercenary Trials Iii
Chapter 670 - Mission Board.
Chapter 671 - Crisis On Planet Fonund.
Chapter 672 - Reaching The Void Base.
Chapter 673 - Spiritual Pressure Appliances.
Chapter 674 - The Hunt Begins!
Chapter 675 - Utilizing The Void Active Abilities!
Chapter 676 - A Perfect Combination!
Chapter 677 - Attracting Attention Of The Guild And The Army!
Chapter 678 - Bound To Find Out.
Chapter 679 - The Great Commander Samuel.D.Jackson.
Chapter 680 - Mistress Candace.
Chapter 681 - Two Contracts.
Chapter 682 - Blatant Act Of Disrespect.
Chapter 683 - Filing A Formal Letter Of Removal.
Chapter 684 - Change Of Plans!
Chapter 685 - Absurd Harvest!
Chapter 686 - A Gift For The Worthy.
Chapter 687 - The Guild, The Army, The Earplugs.
Chapter 688 - A New Journey...
Chapter 689 - The Milky Way Summit.
Chapter 690 - The Milky Way Summit Ii
Chapter 691 - Reaching Gamora.
Chapter 692 - The Norfolk Royal Family.
Chapter 693 - A Declaration Of War!
Chapter 694 - The Mole!
Chapter 695 - Either Now Or Never...
Chapter 696 - War In Sgalliance Era...
Chapter 697 - Not Daring To Believe It.
Chapter 698 - Will You Fight Now Or Die Later?
Chapter 699 - A New Democratic Federation!
Chapter 700 - The Royal Family'S Counter-Measures.
Chapter 701 - A Galactical Announcement!
Chapter 702 - Recieving The News.
Chapter 703 - Making A Decision.
Chapter 704 - Dropping By At The World Council.
Chapter 705 - Planet Ownership.
Chapter 706 - The General Plan.
Chapter 707 - War Understanding.
Chapter 708 - A Silent Cold War...
Chapter 709 - The Asteriod.
Chapter 710 - The Asteroid Ii
Chapter 711 - The Sages And Array Scrolls.
Chapter 712 - The First Clash!
Chapter 713 - The First Clash Ii
Chapter 714 - The First Clash Iii
Chapter 715 - A Number That Would Never Rise Concerns.
Chapter 716 - Royal Family'S Missing Fleets.
Chapter 717 - As Rotten As Politicians.
Chapter 718 - A Sudden Wide Invasion.
Chapter 719 - The Scariest Race In Wars!
Chapter 720 - A Meeting With The Emperor.
Chapter 721 - Emperor Rawal'S Shrewd Mind.
Chapter 722 - The Fat Pig Is Acting Abnormal!
Chapter 723 - Nimo'S Hatching!
Chapter 724 - Nimo'S Hatching Ii
Chapter 725 - Felix'S 3Rd Void Active Ability!
Chapter 726 - Black Mission Completed!
Chapter 727 - The New President!
Chapter 728 - Mistress Candace Making A Move.
Chapter 729 - Asna'S Sadistic Persona Resurfacing.
Chapter 730 - From A Queen To A Maid...
Chapter 731 - Traveling Through The Void Realm?!
Chapter 732 - The Void Army!
Chapter 733 - Returning To Earth.
Chapter 734 - Joining The War I
Chapter 735 - Joining The War Ii
Chapter 736 - The Plan To End The War.
Chapter 737 - Game Over For The Royal Family.
Chapter 738 - The Interrogation!
Chapter 739 - The Interrogation Ii
Chapter 740 - Releasing A Video.
Chapter 741 - Giving Him A Reason To Surrender.
Chapter 742 - The Final Act I
Chapter 743 - The Final Act Ii
Chapter 744 - The Final Act Iii
Chapter 745 - The Federation Hub.
Chapter 746 - The Summoning!
Chapter 747 - The Wishful Staircase
Chapter 748 - Making An Enemy Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 749 - Lord Khaos' Peak Active Ability I
Chapter 750 - Lord Khaos' Peak Active Ability Il
Chapter 751 - 2Nd Phase Of External Manipulation!
Chapter 752 - First Encounter With Noah.
Chapter 753 - The Reunion.
Chapter 754 - Creating A Mythical Earthling Team!
Chapter 755 - The Conversion Technique.
Chapter 756 - The Conversion Technique Ii
Chapter 757 - The Fairies’ Dimensional Pocket
Chapter 758 - The Fairies’ Dimensional Pocket Ii
Chapter 759 - The Stolen Goods District
Chapter 760 - Mjölnir! The Hammer Of Thunder God!
Chapter 761 - Mjölnir! The Hammer Of The Thunder God! Ii
Chapter 762 - The Shaman Ritual
Chapter 763 - Meeting The Matriarch
Chapter 764 - The Longest Ritual In The History!
Chapter 765 - Spinning The Wheel
Chapter 766 - A Four Way Showdown!
Chapter 767 - One Winner Take It All
Chapter 768 - Unexpected Appearence!
Chapter 769 - The Return Of The Legend!
Chapter 770 - The Snowy Mountain Range
Chapter 771 - First Blood Has Been Drawn!
Chapter 772 - Forcing A Hand To Hand Combat!
Chapter 773 - Hand To Hand Combat!
Chapter 774 - A Living Weapon
Chapter 775 - Danger Lies Everywhere!
Chapter 776: Blasted Into Oblivion!
Chapter 777: An Embarrassing Early Exit
Chapter 778: Eager To Fight!
Chapter 779: Running Away For The First Time!
Chapter 780: An Epic Artifact!
Chapter 781: His Hardest Battle Ever!
Chapter 782: Calculated To The Last Milisecond!
Chapter 783: Three Overlords
Chapter 784: The Last Remaining Five!
Chapter 785: Acting Smart For His Own Good
Chapter 786: The Emergence Of The Ultimate Ability!
Chapter 787: Not A Single Ripple!
Chapter 788: Putting Them Into Utter Despair!
Chapter 789: Going Further And Beyond!
Chapter 790: A Date And The Lnvitation
Chapter 791: Promotion To Diamond Rank
Chapter 792: A Second Date
Chapter 793: Until Death Do Us Apart
Chapter 794: Working In Secret
Chapter 795: The Universal Hall Of Fame!
Chapter 796: L Am A Big Boy...
Chapter 797: The Birthday Party
Chapter 798: Aspidochelone'S Team L
Chapter 799: Aspidochelone'S Team Ll
Chapter 800: Lord Osiris And Lord Quetzalcoatl
Chapter 801: An Unexpected Opportunity!
Chapter 802: The Individual Game
Chapter 803: Unthinkable Prizes!
Chapter 804: Supernatural Response Time!
Chapter 805: Unthoughtful Speed Will Get You Killed
Chapter 806: Staying True To His Word
Chapter 807: First Fight With Darkness Elementalist
Chapter 808: Lnfinite Energy+Size Manipulation= ?
Chapter 809 - Ten Players Remained!
Chapter 810 - Elvish Magic System!
Chapter 811 - First Fight Against A Magician!
Chapter 812 - Unbeatable, Unkillable!
Chapter 813 - Can'T Afford To Lost This Game!
Chapter 814 - L Owe You One
Chapter 815 - Unexpected Place To Strike!
Chapter 816 - The Roars Of Dragons
Chapter 817 - Lady Sphinx’S Ploy!
Chapter 818 - Crescent Battleaxe
Chapter 819 - Three Vs Three Tournament
Chapter 820 - Three Vs Three Tournament
Chapter 821 - Against The Fog Crawlers
Chapter 822 - Against The Fog Crawlers Ll
Chapter 823 - Lady Yggdrasil’S Sly Scheme
Chapter 824 - The Quarter-Finals!
Chapter 825 Not Doing His Homework.
Chapter 826 - The Mermaids!
Chapter 827 - The Mermaids Ll
Chapter 828 The Semi-Finals.
Chapter 829 - Red Mercy At Lt Again
Chapter 830 - The Bet And The Finals!
Chapter 831 - Heavy Disadvantage!
Chapter 832 Preparing For The Future.
Chapter 833 Not Relying On Void Abilities!
Chapter 834 - True Poison
Chapter 835 - Speculating On The Next Bloodline
Chapter 836 - The Dragons’ Retaliation!
Chapter 837 - Crescent Battleaxe Second Form!
Chapter 838 - The One And Only Dragon Slayer!
Chapter 839 - The Favor
Chapter 840 - Meeting Elder Cyclope
Chapter 841 Being Too Greedy.
Chapter 842 - A Century!
Chapter 843 - The Last Game Of The Event!
Chapter 844 - Fighting Thor!
Chapter 845 - Are We Being Scammed?
Chapter 846 - Parasitic Discharge!
Chapter 847 Can'T Be Defeated!
Chapter 848 - The Same Situation!
Chapter 849 - L Will Never Speak Trash About Poison Again
Chapter 850 - Prince Domino
Chapter 851 - The Ground Flour!
Chapter 852 Monopolizing The Keys!
Chapter 853 Monopolizing The Keys Ll
Chapter 854 Commencing The Plan!
Chapter 855 Graveyard Of The Damned Souls
Chapter 856 The Fastest First Floor Clear!
Chapter 857 Second/Third Floor
Chapter 858 Finally Caught Up!
Chapter 859 - The Ancestral Floor!
Chapter 860 - The God Of Shadows!
Chapter 861 - Refusing To Come Out!
Chapter 862 - Impossible Predicament
Chapter 863 - Abusing The Infinite Respawns System!
Chapter 864 - The Anticipated Backlash
Chapter 865 - The Dragons' Climb!
Chapter 866 - The Ancestral Vampire!
Chapter 867 - True Immortality!
Chapter 868 - Kill Or Fail!
Chapter 869 - The Worst Possible Scenari
Chapter 870 - Being Treated Unfairly...
Chapter 871 The Ancestral Dragon Bloodlineand The Royal Family
Chapter 872 The End Of The Game!
Chapter 873 The Joke Became A Reality!
Chapter 874 The Awards Ceremony
Chapter 875 Good News And Bad News
Chapter 876 Lady Sphinx'S Surprisinggenerosity
Chapter 877 The Beginning Of The Greatjourney
Chapter 878 The Angel And The Devil
Chapter 879 The Angel And The Devil Ll
Chapter 880 The Angel And The Devil Lll
Chapter 881 Choosing A New Bloodline
Chapter 882 Choosing A Bloodline Ll
Chapter 883 Convincing Noah
Chapter 884 Reaching Lcarius Galaxy
Chapter 885 Misunderstanding!
Chapter 886 Lt'S Going To Be A Productive Day
Chapter 887 A True Black Market!
Chapter 888 A True Black Market Ll
Chapter 889 The White Dragon Clan
Chapter 890 Prince Eizi And Princess Anastasia
Chapter 891 The White Clan Courtroom
Chapter 892 Coming A Long Way
Chapter 893 Anastasia'S Treasury!
Chapter 894 The Hexagon Crystal Gem!
Chapter 895 Disappointing Results
Chapter 896 Prince Domino'S Arrival
Chapter 897 Calling Out His Bullsh*T
Chapter 898 Creating An Opportunity Through Afacade
Chapter 899 The Agreement L
Chapter 900 The Agreement Ll
Chapter 901 The Void Suit!
Chapter 902 The Void Suit Ll
Chapter 903 Two Years Coma
Chapter 904 Waking Up Fenrir
Chapter 905 The Reunion
Chapter 906 Change Of Plan
Chapter 907 The Deal With Noah
Chapter 908 No Excuses!
Chapter 909 A Nightmarish Childhood L
Chapter 910 A Nightmarish Childhood Ll
Chapter 911 A Nightmarish Childhood Lll
Chapter 912 A Nightmarish Childhood Lv
Chapter 913 A Nightmarish Childhood V
Chapter 914 A Nightmarish Childhood Vl(Final)
Chapter 915 Welcome To The Pack
Chapter 916 Waking Up
Chapter 917 The New,New Bloodline
Chapter 918 The Forth Replacement!
Chapter 919 The Carbuncle'S Mutations
Chapter 920 The Replacement Enhancement And The Mental Test
Chapter 921 Joining The Other Side Of The Chasm
Chapter 922 The Void Laws
Chapter 923 A Massive Responsibility
Chapter 924 Green Lavender Dragon Heart Stew
Chapter 925 The Earthling Team'S Rise
Chapter 926 An Open Challenge
Chapter 927 The Rescue Mission!
Chapter 928 The Rescue Mission Ll
Chapter 929 The Return Of The Asgardian Faction!
Chapter 930 Waking Up Carbuncle!
Chapter 931 A Miniscule Chance
Chapter 932 Welcome To The Poker Club
Chapter 933 The Start Of The Test!
Chapter 934 Provocations, Doubts, And The Wager!
Chapter 935 A Tough Opponent At The First Round
Chapter 936 Landlord'S Fanclub Raiding The Stream!
Chapter 937 Feeling Left Out
Chapter 938 Danbconite Skin!
Chapter 939 An Unexpected Cheap Shot!
Chapter 940 Obtaining The Confidence Of The White Clan
Chapter 941 Traveling On Their Own Through The Void Realm
Chapter 942 Meeting Old Friends
Chapter 943 The Gemstone Manipulationbestowal! L
Chapter 944 The Gemstone Manipulationbestowal! Ll
Chapter 945 Heartbreaking Findings In Thor'S Galaxy
Chapter 946 Meeting The Team
Chapter 947 Dealing With Bad Blood
Chapter 948 Dealing With Bad Blood Ll
Chapter 949 Lt'S Finally My Time To Shine
Chapter 950 His Current Biggest Weakness
Chapter 951 The Green Clan'S Desperation
Chapter 952 Pissing Off Everyone
Chapter 953 The Elder Dragon
Chapter 954 In The Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 955 The Ancestral Dimensional Pocket
Chapter 956 A Rocky First Hour
Chapter 957 A Rocky First Hour Ll
Chapter 958 Exploring All Options!
Chapter 959 New Discovered Organism!
Chapter 960 The First Clash!
Chapter 961 Railgun Rings Technique!
Chapter 962 Under The Blood Nile
Chapter 963 Ruins Of The First Dragon City
Chapter 964 Classified Lntel About The Ancient Dragons
Chapter 965 Gemstone Golems
Chapter 966 The Ancestral Wine Jar
Chapter 967 The Partnership
Chapter 968 Reformation Technique
Chapter 969 Lgot You
Chapter 970 Against Eight Elite Royal Dragons
Chapter 971 You Guys Were Saying?
Chapter 972 Carbuncle'S Ultimate Ability
Chapter 973 Time For Round Two
Chapter 974 Bound To Get Exhausted
Chapter 975 Turning A Dirty Method Into Arightful One
Chapter 976 Refusing Confrontation
Chapter 977 A Threeway Final Battle L
Chapter 978 A Threeway Battle Ll
Chapter 979 A Threeway Battle Lll
Chapter 980 Electrical Sniper Railgun!
Chapter 981 Getting Trapped!
Chapter 982 This Is Taking A Wild Turn...
Chapter 983 No One To Blame But Myself...No One
Chapter 984 Ancestor Imyr'S Second Punishement
Chapter 985 Taking Advantage Of The Dimensional Pocket
Chapter 986 The Upper Echelon'S Worry
Chapter 987 Ls Lt Still Even My Heart...?
Chapter 988 A Frozen Heart Is A Good Heart
Chapter 989 The Truth About The Bloodline Treasures
Chapter 990 Half A Century Later...
Chapter 991 Rumors Of His Death And Theirrepercussion...
Chapter 992 Attempting To Learn Lightningtransmutation
Chapter 993 The Three Methods And Their Perks
Chapter 994 The Land Of Natural Treasures!
Chapter 995 Origin Realm Is The Only Way Forward
Chapter 996 A Century Of Growth For Nimo
Chapter 997 Exiting The Dimensional Pocket
Chapter 998 The Ancestral Scales
Chapter 999 Making An Example Of Them!
Chapter 1000 Holding A Private Auction
Chapter 1001 The Sore Loser And His Challenge
Chapter 1002 A Wager Capable Of Bankrupting A Race!
Chapter 1003 You Are No Longer My Match
Chapter 1004 Losing His Respect
Chapter 1005 Accepting The Summon
Chapter 1006 Mama Sphinx For The Rescue.
Chapter 1007 The Returnee System
Chapter 1008 The Sgalliance Complete Stracture.
Chapter 1009 Rejoining The Earthling Team.
Chapter 1010 Everyone Wants In!
Chapter 1011 The Glorious Return Of The Lord!
Chapter 1012 Sniper Rifle V3!
Chapter 1013 The World Tree, Yggdrasil.
Chapter 1014 Lncoming Trouble.
Chapter 1015 Queen Alfreda'S Scheme.
Chapter 1016 A Killer Move To Get A Reaction!
Chapter 1017 Discovering Their Scheme.
Chapter 1018 The Royal Family And The Breakfast.
Chapter 1019 Joining The Racial Games Platform!
Chapter 1020 Don'T Bother To Join If You Don'T Trust Me.
Chapter 1021 The Game Hall.
Chapter 1022 He Must Share Lt With Everyone!
Chapter 1023 Shattering Their Confidence.
Chapter 1024 A Total Lockdown!
Chapter 1025 Time For The Real Hunt!
Chapter 1026 Four Down In The Blink Of An Eye.
Chapter 1027 You Have No Ldea What L Am Capable Of!
Chapter 1028 One Harmonious But Vociferous Howl!
Chapter 1029 Raising The Human Race Rank!
Chapter 1030 Selphie Has Returned!
Chapter 1031 Queen Alfreda'S Story.
Chapter 1032 Meeting Lady Yggdrasil.
Chapter 1033 The Three Celestial Languages L
Chapter 1034 Six Months Later...
Chapter 1035 We Are So Screwed!
Chapter 1036 Why Not?
Chapter 1037 The 5Th Bloodline Replacement,Great Kraken Edition!
Chapter 1038 Great Kraken'S Mutations!
Chapter 1039 Exploring The Mutations.
Chapter 1040 The Dragons Cultivation System.
Chapter 1041 The Nine Sacred Attributes.
Chapter 1042 The Empyrean Promotion Game!
Chapter 1043 Betting Her Reputation.
Chapter 1044 Faster Than The Camera!
Chapter 1045 Catch Me Lf You Can.
Chapter 1046 Anytime Soon...Anytime Soon...
Chapter 1047 Silent Assasinations...
Chapter 1048 Finding Out The Truth!
Chapter 1049 Like Dogs Chasing After A Ball.
Chapter 1050 Tangleseeker'S Ldentity!
Chapter 1051 A Perverted Scene!
Chapter 1052 What Lies Underneath The Fog...
Chapter 1053 The Crystal Fortress!
Chapter 1054 The Final Battle Of Champions! L
Chapter 1055 The Final Battle Of Champions! Ll
Chapter 1056 The Final Battle Of The Champions ! Lll
Chapter 1057 The Final Battle Of The Champions Lv
Chapter 1058 The Empryean Human King!
Chapter 1059 The Empyrean Rank Unique System.
Chapter 1060 Outsourcing A War! L
Chapter 1061 Outsourcing A War! Ll
Chapter 1062 Making The Best Of Their Situation.
Chapter 1063 The Seed Of Life.
Chapter 1064 A New Mutation!
Chapter 1065 A Peculiar Strong Connection.
Chapter 1066 The Runic System/The Magic System.
Chapter 1067 Learning The First Runic Spell !
Chapter 1068 Crazed Training To Catch Up.
Chapter 1069 Too Numbed By His Actions...
Chapter 1070 Battling Selphie Again!
Chapter 1071 L Think We Have A Problem.
Chapter 1072 Aegnor’S Situation!
Chapter 1073 Visiting The Dwarven Empire.
Chapter 1074 One Angel Vs Seven Devils And Apet...
Chapter 1075 The White Star Forge.
Chapter 1076 Forging The Divine Weapon L
Chapter 1077 Forging The Divine Weapon Ll
Chapter 1078 The Unbreakable Oath.
Chapter 1079 Interrogating Aegnor!
Chapter 1080 L Will Show Them.
Chapter 1081 Did L Just Get Scammed?
Chapter 1082 The Ultimate Coupon.
Chapter 1083 Not Caring About Saving Faceanymore.
Chapter 1084 A Win-Win Situation!
Chapter 1085 The Distractor And The Slayer.
Chapter 1086 A Swift Plan That Went Against Rationality!
Chapter 1087 Eight Hours Left And Still Dead Last!
Chapter 1088 The Monkey King!
Chapter 1089 Must Take Every Opportunity!
Chapter 1090 Kill Steal!
Chapter 1091 One Of His Sneakiest Tactics!
Chapter 1092 Did His Best,Still Not Enough...
Chapter 1093 The God’S Raid! L
Chapter 1094 The God’S Raid! Ll
Chapter 1095 The God’S Raid! Lll
Chapter 1096 The God’S Raid! Lv
Chapter 1097 The God’S Raid! V
Chapter 1098 The God’S Raild! Vl (The End)
Chapter 1099 The Performence Rating! L
Chapter 1100 The Performance Rating! Ll
Chapter 1101 Not Compensated Properly.
Chapter 1102 Give Ln, Lt’S Natural...
Chapter 1103 Even More Racist To Their Own People.
Chapter 1104 Awakening The Great Kraken!
Chapter 1105 Unbeliavable Scenes!
Chapter 1106 Picking Only The Best Of The Best.
Chapter 1107 A Completely New Life.
Chapter 1108 Olivia’S Opportunity.L
Chapter 1109 Olivia’S Opportunity. Ii
Chapter 1110 Five Years Later...
Chapter 1111 The Gelatinous Cube.
Chapter 1112 What Goes Around Comes Around.
Chapter 1113 Taking Control Over Meriam’Steam!
Chapter 1114 Meriam’S Usefulness!
Chapter 1115 The Last Piece Of The Puzzle.
Chapter 1116 The Ability To Create Scrolls+Talismans!
Chapter 1117 The Void Nation!
Chapter 1118 Establishing A General Direction.
Chapter 1119 Preparing For A Preemptive Strike!
Chapter 1120 Concept Elements And Normal Elements.
Chapter 1121 Lnsane Difficulty!
Chapter 1122 A New Cheat To Hack The Runic System!
Chapter 1123 Either Here Or There...No Other Choice.
Chapter 1124 And Lt Has Began.
Chapter 1125 No One Was Safe!
Chapter 1126 Holding His Grounds!
Chapter 1127 Getting Scolded By Everyone!
Chapter 1128 An Absolute Win!
Chapter 1129 The Real Threat!
Chapter 1130 A Diplomatic Discussion.L
Chapter 1131 A Diplomatic Discussion Ll.
Chapter 1132 A Diplomatic Discussion Lll.
Chapter 1133 Joining The Lnner Circle Assembly!
Chapter 1134 Nbelievable Freakish Sight!
Chapter 1135 Duchess Alina Strikes Back!
Chapter 1136 Even A Master Of Emotions Can Break...
Chapter 1137 The Real Victims.
Chapter 1138 Winning Over The Lnner Circle!
Chapter 1139 His Last Fight For His Ldentity!
Chapter 1140 The Most Brutal Scene Ever Witnessed...
Chapter 1141 Taking Advantage Of His Mercy!
Chapter 1142 The Roughest Month In His Two Lives...
Chapter 1143 Agree Or Lose Your Humanity...Your Choice.
Chapter 1144 Lt’S On!
Chapter 1145 Too Ashamed To Face His Loved Ones...
Chapter 1146 The Lntroduction!
Chapter 1147 Darkness Realm!
Chapter 1148 The Sin Of Pride Law.
Chapter 1149 Who’S Next?!
Chapter 1150 No Other Option But Victory...
Chapter 1151 The Most Complex Technique Ever Created By A Mortal!
Chapter 1152 The Maze Of Forgiveness! L
Chapter 1153 The Maze Of Forgiveness! Ll
Chapter 1154 The Maze Of Forgiveness! Lll
Chapter 1155 The Maze Of Forgiveness! Iv
Chapter 1156 The Maze Of Forgivness! V
Chapter 1157 The Maze Of Forgiveness! Vi (Final)
Chapter 1158 The End Of The Great Universal War.
Chapter 1159 The Day Where Everything Changed...
Chapter 1160 The First Stage Of Grief...Denial. I
Chapter 1161 The First Stage Of Grief...Denial. Ii
Chapter 1162 The Repercussion Of Crossing The Line!
Chapter 1163 A Small Victory, But Unsatisfactory...
Chapter 1164 Invading His Dream.
Chapter 1165 Altering The Dream...
Chapter 1166 The Second Stage Of Grief...Anger.
Chapter 1167 The Third Stage Of Grief...Bargaining.
Chapter 1168 The Secrets Of Foremother Siamese Galaxy And The Elementals.L
Chapter 1169 The Secrets Of Foremother Siamese Galaxy And The Elementals.Ll
Chapter 1170 Grandfather Robert’S Last Email...
Chapter 1171 Elemental Lord Osiris’ Favor.
Chapter 1172 Deciding The Companions!
Chapter 1173 Joining The Sgalliance At Last!
Chapter 1174 Embarking On Their Journey To The Elementals Galaxy!
Chapter 1175 Miss Monaka,The Guide.
Chapter 1176 Landing On Strauvis!
Chapter 1177 Emerald Glen Village.
Chapter 1178 The True Terror Of Elementals.L
Chapter 1179 The True Terror Of Elementals.Ll
Chapter 1180 A Cheat Way To Assault The Origin Realm.
Chapter 1181 Condesend Elemental Energy And Lts Benefits!
Chapter 1182 Neverending Conflict Of True Lmmortals!
Chapter 1183 Lord Heatiaz And The Scorchlanders Tribe!
Chapter 1184 Exposed By Elder Strauvis.
Chapter 1185 Eternal Firestone!
Chapter 1186 The Eternal Firestone Ll
Chapter 1187 One Century Later!
Chapter 1188 Kill Or Be Killed!
Chapter 1189 Nimo’S Awakening!
Chapter 1190 The Cold Lone Lsland Tribe.
Chapter 1191 Finally Improving His Trash Talents!
Chapter 1192 A Discussion About The New Bloodline!
Chapter 1193 A New Destination!
Chapter 1194 Seeking Validation From Chief Drogath.
Chapter 1195 Using One Of His New Techniques!
Chapter 1196 Fighting For The Territorial Line.
Chapter 1197 The Great Flood!
Chapter 1198 Cashing In The Favor!
Chapter 1199 The Reinformcement!
Chapter 1200 The Most Shrewd Plan To Be Witnessed! L
Chapter 1201 The Most Shrewd Plan To Be Witnessed! Ll
Chapter 1202 The Most Shrewd Plan To Be Witnessed! Lll
Chapter 1203 This Is My Territory Now.L
Chapter 1204 This Is My Territory Now.Ll
Chapter 1205 L Am Not A Coward!
Chapter 1206 Way Out Of His Depth...
Chapter 1207 A Crack In His Confidence...
Chapter 1208 Philosopher’S Invasion!
Chapter 1209 The Red Eyed Entity And Nimo.
Chapter 1210 The End Of The Conflict! I
Chapter 1211 The End Of The Conflict! Ii
Chapter 1212 Nine Steps Of Damnation!
Chapter 1213 A Millennia Later...
Chapter 1214 Attempting To Breakthrough Origin Realm.
Chapter 1215 The Origin Realm’S Enhancements. I
Chapter 1216 The Origin Realm’S Enhancements. Ii
Chapter 1217 Meeting With Time Primogenitor.
Chapter 1218 The Forth Stage Of Grief...Depression.
Chapter 1219 The Earring'S Content.
Chapter 1220 Trouble Magnet!
Chapter 1221 Returning To The Sgalliance!
Chapter 1222 The Watchers!
Chapter 1223 The Mad History Of Shiva'S Apostles And Their Ancestor.
Chapter 1224 King Mahit.
Chapter 1225 Not Betting His Life On A Contract Technicality.
Chapter 1226 The Ultimate Cheat Code In This Universe!
Chapter 1227 The Sixth Stage Of Replacement, Lord Shiva'S Edition!
Chapter 1228 The Hardest Replacement Process In The History Of Mankind!
Chapter 1229 Confronting Nimo! I
Chapter 1230 Confronting Nimo! Ii
Chapter 1231 Force Absorbtion!
Chapter 1232 The Final Verdict.
Chapter 1233 His First Ten Rulers' Meeting.
Chapter 1234 What Lays Beyond The Great Void.
Chapter 1235 An Exhibition Game.
Chapter 1236 The Chasm'S Master.
Chapter 1237 The Game Hall.
Chapter 1238 Being A Complete Useless Teammate.
Chapter 1239 Ragnarã¶K'S Sun!
Chapter 1240 The Horrific Return Of True Poison, Third Level!
Chapter 1241 Sniping Through The Ground!
Chapter 1242 Awakening The Chasm'S Master.
Chapter 1243 A Monster, Through And Through!
Chapter 1244 A Bigger Monster...
Chapter 1245 The Biggest Rank Skip In The History Of The Alliance!
Chapter 1246 A Grandiose Challenge!
Chapter 1247 Either Now Or Never.
Chapter 1248 Destruction Element.
Chapter 1249 Destruction Element X Void Element.
Chapter 1250 Wanting It To Be Real...
Chapter 1251 The Challenge For The Tenth Supreme Title!
Chapter 1252 Giving Her A Stage For A Proper Dethronement!
Chapter 1253 A Single Punch!
Chapter 1254 We Are Rooting For You.
Chapter 1255 Dragons' Predator!
Chapter 1256 Decline, Decline, Decline!
Chapter 1257 The Strongest Spatial Elementalist In The Alliance!
Chapter 1258 The New Underdog!
Chapter 1259 Elder Dragon Going All Out.
Chapter 1260 Void Nation'S Spy Department.
Chapter 1261 King Maxwell Vs Elder Dragon Berserth. I
Chapter 1262 King Maxwell Vs Elder Dragon Berserth. Ii
Chapter 1263 King Maxwell Vs Elder Dragon Berserth. Iii
Chapter 1264 King Maxwell Vs Elder Dragon Berserth. Iv
Chapter 1265 King Maxwell Vs Elder Dragon Berserth. V (The End)
Chapter 1266 Retiring Under A Public Outrage.
Chapter 1267 How Deeply Was He Involved?
Chapter 1268 It'S Time To Put You To Rest...
Chapter 1269 Grand Supreme Ceremony!
Chapter 1270 His First Decision As The Grand Supreme.
Chapter 1271 Truth In Lies, Lies In Truth? Who To Believe? I
Chapter 1272 Truth In Lies, Lies In Truth? Who To Believe? Ii
Chapter 1273 Truth In Lies, Lies In Truth? Who To Believe? Iii
Chapter 1274 Truth In Lies, Lies In Truth? Who To Believe? Iv
Chapter 1275 Truth In Lies, Lies In Truth? Who To Believe? V (The End)
Chapter 1276 Stealing Elder Dragon'S Royal Gemstone!
Chapter 1277 No Evidence = No Case.
Chapter 1278 Losing Hatred, Gaining Hatred.
Chapter 1279 Extra, Extra, Cautious.
Chapter 1280 The Trial Run! I
Chapter 1281 The Trial Run! Ii
Chapter 1282 Evil Energy!
Chapter 1283 The Mysterious Demonic Statue.
Chapter 1284 Prince Beelzebub.
Chapter 1285 Change Of Plans!
Chapter 1286 All Of That Effort For This…
Chapter 1287 Each With His Own Scheme.
Chapter 1288 Amaterasu'S Descendants.
Chapter 1289 Fishing For Intel. I
Chapter 1290 Fishing For Intel. Ii
Chapter 1291 Return Of The Samurai
Chapter 1292 He Is Dead For Real!
Chapter 1293 A Cowardly Queen?
Chapter 1294 Is It Really A Coincidence?
Chapter 1295 A Shocking Theory
Chapter 1296 A Livestock Farm...
Chapter 1297 Busting Nimo'S Alter Ego!
Chapter 1298 The Plan To Get Rid Of Nimo'S Alter Ego I
Chapter 1299 The Plan To Get Rid Of Nimo'S Alter Ego Ii
Chapter 1300 Demonic Taming Of Beasts/Monsters
Chapter 1301 Unbridgeable Technological Differences! I
Chapter 1302 Unbridgeable Technological Differences! Ii
Chapter 1303 The Seven Demon Princes.
Chapter 1304 The Battle For Tartarus! I
Chapter 1305 The Battle For Tartarus! Ii
Chapter 1306 The Battle For Tartarus! Iii
Chapter 1307 The Battle For Tartarus! Iv (The End)
Chapter 1308 Elder Strauvis With The Alley-Oop
Chapter 1309 A Small Hope
Chapter 1310 The Darkins' First Meeting With Lucifer!
Chapter 1311 Demon King Lucifer Vs Gravity Primogenitor, Saurous
Chapter 1312 I Have No Soul.
Chapter 1313 Manipulating Lucifer To Join The War!
Chapter 1314 A Difficult Choice.
Chapter 1315 Two Options Left.
Chapter 1316 One Year Of Peace.
Chapter 1317 The War For The Universe. I
Chapter 1318 The War For The Universe. Ii
Chapter 1319 The War For The Universe. Iii
Chapter 1320 The War For The Universe. Iv
Chapter 1321 The War For The Universe. V
Chapter 1322 A Win-Win-Win Situation!
Chapter 1323 A Song Of Fire And Ice.
Chapter 1324 One Of The Greatest Cheats In The Universe! I
Chapter 1325 One Of The Greatest Cheats In The Universe! Ii
Chapter 1326 Wanting To Leave But Forced To Remain.
Chapter 1327 Noah And Olivia Vs Prince Beelzebub!
Chapter 1328 Attempting To Reverse The Demonization Process.
Chapter 1329 Who To Save First?
Chapter 1330 A Ludicrous Plan!
Chapter 1331 I Can'T Let Him Down.
Chapter 1332 Two Goddesses Collide.
Chapter 1333 Standing For Himself
Chapter 1334 Concept Erasure Palm
Chapter 1335 The Favor From A While Back.
Chapter 1336 Learning About The Uvr Truth.
Chapter 1337 Attempting The First Seventh Replacement!
Chapter 1338 Lord Loki'S Mutations!
Chapter 1339 The Thunderclap
Chapter 1340
Chapter 1341 The Destined Meeting
Chapter 1342 The Divine Ascension.
Chapter 1343 The Universal Conquest!
Chapter 1344 The Absurd And The Logical.
Chapter 1345 Sharing The News!
Chapter 1346 Occupied. (Overwritten After Coming Out)
Chapter 1347 Seeking A New Method.
Chapter 1348 The Deal With Lady Yggdrasil.
Chapter 1349 The End Of The Demonic Invasion!
Chapter 1350 Unwelcomed Visitor.
Chapter 1351 The Dangers Of Illusion Domain.
Chapter 1352 The Miraculous Benefits Of Illusion Domain!
Chapter 1353 Conditioning A Natural Evolution.
Chapter 1354 Sharing Natural Treasures Akin To Candy
Chapter 1355 Undesireable, But Expected Results
Chapter 1356 Revisiting The Forge.
Chapter 1357 Only For The Worthy.
Chapter 1358 Testing The Divine Axe!
Chapter 1359 Cosmic Rift!
Chapter 1360 Imperfect Fix To An Unsolvable Problem.
Chapter 1361 The Cogs Are Turning At Last...
Chapter 1362 The Fall Of Tartarus Realm
Chapter 1363 Your Personal Hell
Chapter 1364 Gravity Vs Ice Sand Vs Darkness
Chapter 1365 Successful Retreat!
Chapter 1366 Your Personal Hell. Ii
Chapter 1367 Your Personal Hell. Iii
Chapter 1368 The Only Method To End True Immortality
Chapter 1369 A Lifetime Regret...
Chapter 1370 Seeking Outsiders' Help
Chapter 1371 Facing Against His Adversities
Chapter 1372 Wendigo Vs Felix
Chapter 1373 Nimo'S Domination
Chapter 1374 The Day Of Judgement. I
Chapter 1375 The Day Of Judgement. Ii
Chapter 1376 The Day Of Judgement. Iii
Chapter 1377 A New Partnership.
Chapter 1378 Walls?
Chapter 1379 No Other Alternatives...
Chapter 1380 Why?
Chapter 1381 The Wail Of The Universe.
Chapter 1382 A Myriad Of Reactions!
Chapter 1383 A Wandering Spirit.
Chapter 1384 Can'T Move On...
Chapter 1385 Spirits Guardian Hades.
Chapter 1386 The End Of The Partnership.
Chapter 1387 Memories Reformation.
Chapter 1388 The Heavenly Plane'S System
Chapter 1389 Hiring A Servant
Chapter 1390 Instant Punishment
Chapter 1391 Quick Get Rich Schemes
Chapter 1392 Choosing A New Element
Chapter 1393 Nothing Is In Constant Rest
Chapter 1394 Red Fangs Organisation
Chapter 1395 A Ludicrous Offer!
Chapter 1396 Ripping Them Off
Chapter 1397 Blacklisted!
Chapter 1398 The Sponsors
Chapter 1399 The Accuracy Trial!
Chapter 1400 The Telekinesis Trial!
Chapter 1401 The End Of The Trials
Chapter 1402 Making An Offer
Chapter 1403 The Three Black Sheep
Chapter 1404 The Spectral Tournament
Chapter 1405 Sending A Message!
Chapter 1406 Scaldingwinter!
Chapter 1407 The Three Monsters And The Preparation To Take Them Down
Chapter 1408 The Final Sixteen!
Chapter 1409 The Traveler Vs Avalanche! I
Chapter 1410 The Traveler Vs Avalanche! Ii
Chapter 1411 The Mysterious Stalker
Chapter 1412 Spectrum Detection Services
Chapter 1413 Fallen Specters
Chapter 1414 Reaching The Finals.
Chapter 1415 The Traveler Vs Ravager! I
Chapter 1416 The Traveler Vs Ravager! Ii
Chapter 1417 The Traveler Vs Ravager! Iii
Chapter 1418 The Traveler Vs Ravager. Iv
Chapter 1419 The Heavenly Plane'S Tournement.
Chapter 1420 His First Case.
Chapter 1421 Sir. Azravan'S Beasts Shop.
Chapter 1422 The Brown Coated Stalker.
Chapter 1423 A Risky Plan!
Chapter 1424 Filmed In 24K!
Chapter 1425 Scamming His Customers!
Chapter 1426 Milking Him Dry!
Chapter 1427 The Three Conditions.
Chapter 1428 The Northern District.
Chapter 1429 The Negativity Fuelers.
Chapter 1430 No Medicine For Regrets.
Chapter 1431 Ten Cities At Once!
Chapter 1432 At Last, Some Silence.
Chapter 1433 The First To Secure A Spot!
Chapter 1434 Interrogating Sir. Azravan.
Chapter 1435 Forced To Commit To The Case.
Chapter 1436 The Northern Lights City.
Chapter 1437 The First Showdown!
Chapter 1438 Getting Scorned By Everyone!
Chapter 1439 Nebula'S Master.
Chapter 1440 It'S Time To Fulfill Your Promise,
Chapter 1441 Felix Vs Nebula! I
Chapter 1442 Felix Vs Nebula! Ii
Chapter 1443 The Dread Of Spacetime Frequency!
Chapter 1444 Getting Taken To The Station.
Chapter 1445 A Favorable Deal!
Chapter 1446 Speak To Yourself.
Chapter 1447 The Reunion Mission.
Chapter 1448 Plotting Against Miss Sanae! I
Chapter 1449 Plotting Against Miss Sanae! Ii
Chapter 1450 A Masterclass Move Without A Single Negative!
Chapter 1451 Return To The Promised Land.
Chapter 1452 Report On The Living World'S Situation.
Chapter 1453 The Qualification Stage!
Chapter 1454 A Brother'S Plight.
Chapter 1455 The Rescue Mission! I
Chapter 1456 The Rescue Mission! Ii
Chapter 1457 The Rescue Mission! Iii
Chapter 1458 Rescue Mission! Iv
Chapter 1459 Needing A Big Case.
Chapter 1460 Arion Delmar.
Chapter 1461 Trailing To The Source.
Chapter 1462 The Witness Protection Program.
Chapter 1463 Grim Findings.
Chapter 1464 Being Pressured To Drop The Case.
Chapter 1465 The Fallen Spectres Organization'S Five Heads.
Chapter 1466 A Hired Gang Of Misfits!
Chapter 1467 Hindering The Investigation.
Chapter 1468 A New Target! A New Opportunity!
Chapter 1469 Setting Up A Trap.
Chapter 1470 A Devious Tactic!
Chapter 1471 Caught Red-Handed!
Chapter 1472 Confronting Mr.Atticus.
Chapter 1473 A Night Raid!
Chapter 1474 Wickedness And Evil Even In The Afterlife...
Chapter 1475: A Deeper Level To The Case.
Chapter 1476: The Walk Of Shame.
Chapter 1477: Making Sharky Their Scapegoat.
Chapter 1478: The Lands Of The Gods...Huh?
Chapter 1479: The Trial Of The Century.
Chapter 1480: A Mere Traveler...Not A Hero.
Chapter 1481: The Blood Array. I
Chapter 1482: The Blood Array. Ii
Chapter 1483: The Right Choice.
Chapter 1484: A Beautiful Overdue Reunion...
Chapter 1485: High Inspector Charleson!
Chapter 1486: Waiting For The Call.
Chapter 1487: The Blood Beam'S Expansion.
Chapter 1488: A Mortal'S Defiance.
Chapter 1489: The Punishement Of The Universe.
Chapter 1490: Turning His Back On His Squad.
Chapter 1491: Angels Dropping Down Akin To Flies.
Chapter 1492: Taking The Fight To The City.
Chapter 1493: Harbringer Of Destruction!
Chapter 1494: Duke Humphrey Vs Felix. I
Chapter 1495: Duke Humphrey Vs Felix. Ii
Chapter 1496: Asnaleigha, The Exiled Celestial.
Chapter 1497: A Mere Shockwave.
Chapter 1498: Lord Hades Vs Godfather Hephaestus. I
Chapter 1499: Lord Hades Vs Godfather Hephaestus. Ii
Chapter 1500: The Four Divinities.
Chapter 1501: The First Ruler.
Chapter 1502: The Arrival Of The Reinfrocement.
Chapter 1503: Blockhole'S Intense Gravitational Pull!
Chapter 1504: Land Of Gods?!
Chapter 1505: White Flames, Black Flames.
Chapter 1506: A Rematch With The Duke!
Chapter 1507: Divine Archons!
Chapter 1508: Words More Harmful Than Strikes.
Chapter 1509: 144 Millennium Sentence.
Chapter 1510: Shatter...
Chapter 1511: Cutting Off The Divinities’ Connection!
Chapter 1512: Aborting The Mission!
Chapter 1513: Far Too Much Of A Coincidence.
Chapter 1514: A Cheap Prostitute.
Chapter 1515: There Is Hope!
Chapter 1516: A Unigin'S Core.
Chapter 1517: Each To His Own Destiny.
Chapter 1518: The Spiritual Pool.
Chapter 1519: The Ascension!
Chapter 1520: It'S Time To Leave.
Chapter 1521: Getting Disciplined!
Chapter 1522: The Universal Announcement!
Chapter 1523: When The Sword Comes Forward, The Pen Falls Down.
Chapter 1524: A Peaceful Departure.
Chapter 1525: The New Grand Supreme Leader!
Chapter 1526: I Am Back.
Chapter 1527: Too Much Love To Handle.
Chapter 1528: Spreading A Rumor!
Chapter 1529: Looking For Me?
Chapter 1530: Must Find The True Method.
Chapter 1531: If I Am Not Winning, No One Will Win!
Chapter 1532: Mother...
Chapter 1533: Accept Me As Me!
Chapter 1534: Manipulative Vixen.
Chapter 1535: Evil Energy'S Side Effect.
Chapter 1536: To Save Or Not To Save.
Chapter 1537: The Statue!
Chapter 1538: Earning Belly Rubs!
Chapter 1539: Bringing Them On The Plan.
Chapter 1540: Equal Trade Symbol.
Chapter 1541: It'S Time To Get New Slaves.
Chapter 1542: Seeking Their Location. I
Chapter 1543: Seeking Their Location. Ii
Chapter 1544: Forced To Improvise!
Chapter 1545: Welcome To Your Personal Hell. Iv
Chapter 1546: Welcome To Your Personal Hell. V
Chapter 1547: His First Demonization!
Chapter 1548: The End Of The Darkins.
Chapter 1549: Chad Fenrir.
Chapter 1550: Reuniting With Nimo'S Alter Ego.
Chapter 1551: Becoming A Bioresearcher!
Chapter 1552: The Endless Possibilities Of Crossbreeding!
Chapter 1553: God'S Pillar. I
Chapter 1554: God'S Pillar. Ii
Chapter 1555: Testing His Options.
Chapter 1556: The Most Insane Theory They Had Ever Heard!
Chapter 1557: Pulling The Strings.
Chapter 1558: Losing His Empathy...
Chapter 1559: Returning To Ancestral Dragon Dimensional Pocket.
Chapter 1560: Permission To Clean The Dimension!
Chapter 1561: A Heavenly Garden!
Chapter 1562: Failing At Seed Collection.
Chapter 1563: Working As A Unit, As A Hive, As One Mind.
Chapter 1564: Finding Inspiration.
Chapter 1565: Electromagnetic Field Method.
Chapter 1566: Time For Departure.
Chapter 1567: Worth It?
Chapter 1568: The Thief Strikes Again!
Chapter 1569: Mining The Nokksino'S Ingots.
Chapter 1570: An Emergency Meeting. I
Chapter 1571: An Emergency Meeting. Ii
Chapter 1572: An Emergency Meeting Iii.
Chapter 1573: Sometimes My Genius Is Almost Frightening.
Chapter 1574: The Gathering Of The Deities.
Chapter 1575: A Swift Opportunistic Ambush!
Chapter 1576: This Isn'T Going As Planned.
Chapter 1577: In Full Control, Of Everything, And Anything!
Chapter 1578: Unwilling To Bow Down.
Chapter 1579: The Elemental Techniques.
Chapter 1580: The Gathering Of Maniacal Monoliths. I
Chapter 1581: The Gathering Of Maniacal Monoliths. Ii
Chapter 1582: Altering Lord Marduk'S Perception Of Him.
Chapter 1583: The Unfiltered Truth.
Chapter 1584: I Am The Ruler.
Chapter 1585: Infinite Resources!
Chapter 1586: Two Decades Later...
Chapter 1587: Fading Out...
Chapter 1588: Don'T Even Think About It.
Chapter 1589: I Know You Are Up To Something.
Chapter 1590: A Mock Battle. I
Chapter 1591: A Mock Battle. Ii
Chapter 1592: A Mock Battle. Iii
Chapter 1593: The Despair Of Gluttony.
Chapter 1594: Reaching His Peak Potential.
Chapter 1595: Getting An Outsider’S Assistance!
Chapter 1596: Releasing The Seal!
Chapter 1597: The Infinite Time Loop.
Chapter 1598: Prepared Against All Posibilities!
Chapter 1599: The Only Win Condition...
Chapter 1600: Trust Your Body.
Chapter 1601: Both Sides Pushed To The Extreme!
Chapter 1602: All Out! I
Chapter 1603: All Out! Ii
Chapter 1604: All Out. Iii
Chapter 1605: Choosing The Lesser Evil.
Chapter 1606: A Laugh, Bitter And Tinged With Despair...
Chapter 1607: The Three Rulers’ Reaction.
Chapter 1608: Five Thousand Years Of Slumber.
Chapter 1609: Unable To Trust Again.
Chapter 1610: Seeking Clarifications. I
Chapter 1611: Seeking Clarifications. Ii
Chapter 1612: Forced To Start Fresh.
Chapter 1613: A New Way To Recover Elemental Manipulations?
Chapter 1614: Testing The Equal Trade Symbol.
Chapter 1615: Let’S Pump Those Numbers.
Chapter 1616: Can’T Delay It Any Longer.
Chapter 1617: Needing To Be Fed Again.
Chapter 1618: Returning To Earth.
Chapter 1619: Preparing His Parting Gifts...
Chapter 1620: Creating The Ultimate Cultivation System! I
Chapter 1621: Creating The Ultimate Cultivation System! Ii
Chapter 1622 Creating The Ultimate Cultivation System! Iii
Chapter 1623 Creating The Ultimate Cultivation System! Iv
Chapter 1624 The Parting Gifts. I
Chapter 1625 The Parting Gifts. Ii
Chapter 1626 The Parting Gifts. Iii (The End)
Chapter 1627 Breakthrough To The Origin Realm/The Ascention. I
Chapter 1628 Breakthrough To The Origin Realm/The Ascension. Ii
Chapter 1629 Breakthrough To The Origin Realm/The Ascension. Iii (The End)
Chapter 1630 The Seven Draconic Tailed Hydra!
Chapter 1631 A Loophole?
Chapter 1632 Free Of The Three Rulers’ Control.
Chapter 1633 The Eternal Kingdom’S Gate.
Chapter 1634 A Warm Welcome! I
Chapter 1635 A Warm Welcome! Ii
Chapter 1636 A Warm Welcome! Iii
Chapter 1637 A Warm Welcome! Iv
Chapter 1638 A Warm Welcome! V
Chapter 1639 A Warm Welcome! Vi (The End)
Chapter 1640 The Gathering Of The Hunters. I
Chapter 1641 The Gathering Of The Hunters. Ii
Chapter 1642 The Gathering Of The Hunters. Iii
Chapter 1643 Unigins’ Territorial Pressure.
Chapter 1644 Poseidon’S And Hephaestus’S War!
Chapter 1645 Each With Their Own Scheme!
Chapter 1646 Stealing The Celestial Energy! I
Chapter 1647 Stealing The Celestial Energy! Ii
Chapter 1648 All Eyes On Him.
Chapter 1649 The Second Round. I
Chapter 1650 The Second Round! Ii
Chapter 1651 The Second Round! Iii
Chapter 1652 The Second Round! Iv
Chapter 1653 The Second Round! V
Chapter 1654 The Second Round! Vi
Chapter 1655 The Second Round! Vii
Chapter 1656 The Second Round! Viii (The End)
Chapter 1657 One Question For Eachapter I
Chapter 1658 One Question For Eachapter Ii
Chapter 1659 A Forced Unanimous Decision.
Chapter 1660 The Second Ascension. I
Chapter 1661 The Second Ascension. Ii
Chapter 1662 Awakening The Sleeping Beauty.
Chapter 1663 The Celestial Ceremony.
Chapter 1664 Not So Innocent.
Chapter 1665 Exploring The True Potential Of Seven The Sins Laws. I
Chapter 1666 Exploring The True Potential Of Seven The Sins Laws. Ii
Chapter 1667 Exploring The True Potential Of Seven The Sins Laws. Iii
Chapter 1668 Exploring The True Potential Of Seven The Sins Laws. Iv
Chapter 1669 Exploring The True Potential Of Seven The Sins Laws. V
Chapter 1670 Exploring The True Potential Of Seven The Sins Laws. Vi
Chapter 1671 A Win-Win Situation.
Chapter 1672 The Sensation Of Mortality.
Chapter 1673 Embodiment Of Laws.
Chapter 1674 Challenging The Three Rulers’ Authority.
Chapter 1675 The Celestial Ceremony. I
Chapter 1676 The Celestial Ceremony. Ii
Chapter 1677 Zeus Vs Poseidon! I
Chapter 1678 Zeus Vs Poseidon. Ii
Chapter 1679 For You...I Will Set The World On Fire.
Chapter 1680 What Have You Done...
Chapter 1681 The Dreamrealm!
Chapter 1682 Zeus/Poseidon Vs The Paragon! I
Chapter 1683 Zeus/Poseidon Vs The Paragon! Ii
Chapter 1684 The First Ruler’S Might. I
Chapter 1685 The First Ruler’S Might. Ii
Chapter 1686 Twenty Millions Years Ago. I
Chapter 1687 Twenty Millions Years Ago. Ii
Chapter 1688 Twenty Millions Years Ago. Iii
Chapter 1689 The Two Unfortunate Options...
Chapter 1690 The Betrayal...
Chapter 1691 The Imprisonment Grounds. I
Chapter 1692 The Imprisonment Grounds. Ii
Chapter 1693 The Last Dance. I
Chapter 1694 The Last Dance. Ii
Chapter 1695 The Last Dance. Iii
Chapter 1696 The Last Dance. Iv
Chapter 1697 The Last Dance. V
Chapter 1698 The Last Dance. Vi
Chapter 1699 The Last Dance. Vii
Chapter 1700 The Last Dance. Viii
Chapter 1701 The Last Dance. Ix
Chapter 1702 The Last Dance. X
Chapter 1703 The Last Dance Xi. (The End)
Chapter 1704 The Great Chase!
Chapter 1705 Pointing Fingers.
Chapter 1706 That Place...
Chapter 1707 Awakening The God Of War.
Chapter 1708 The Beauty And The Danger Of The Quantum Realm.
Chapter 1709 Staying True To Her Nature.
Chapter 1710 The True Goal!
Chapter 1711 Nullvoiders! I
Chapter 1712 Nullvoiders! Ii
Chapter 1713 The Quantum Realm'S Natives.
Chapter 1714 Damaged Humanoid Peacock.
Chapter 1715 Capital Quantaar.
Chapter 1716 The Frequencies Hub!
Chapter 1717 Zephyr, The Entrepreneur(Scammer).
Chapter 1718 Seeking Ways To Recover His Strength.
Chapter 1719 The Third Ascension!
Chapter 1720 A Long Waited Message.
Chapter 1721 Revisting An Old Power!
Chapter 1722 The Echoing Tower. I
Chapter 1723 The Echoing Tower. Ii
Chapter 1724 The Echoing Tower. Iii
Chapter 1725 A Close Call.
Chapter 1726 The Commander Of The Vibrational Guards.
Chapter 1727 The Most Straightforward Trial!
Chapter 1728 Dankin, The Invincible!
Chapter 1729 You May Return Home.
Chapter 1730 Making Matters Worse.
Chapter 1731 Gonn Vs Dankin!
Chapter 1732 Commander Bia’S Plight.
Chapter 1733 The Thunderous Heartbeat!
Chapter 1734 Gathering Of The Fifty Major Nations!
Chapter 1735 The Bizzare Topmost Floor!
Chapter 1736 The Map Of Echoing Tower!
Chapter 1737 I Am Already Inside.
Chapter 1738 The Hundredth Floor. I
Chapter 1739 The Hundredth Floor Ii.
Chapter 1740 The Hundredth Floor. Iii
Chapter 1741 The Hundredth Floor. Iv
Chapter 1742 The Hundredth Floor. V
Chapter 1743 The Hundredth Floor. Vi
Chapter 1744 The Hundredth Floor. Vii
Chapter 1745 The Hundredth Floor. Viii
Chapter 1746 The Hundredth Floor. Ix
Chapter 1747 The Hundredth Floor. X
Chapter 1748 The Hundredth Floor. Xi
Chapter 1749 The Hundredth Floor. Xii
Chapter 1750 The Hundredth Floor. Xiii
Chapter 1751 The Hundredth Floor. Xiv(The End)
Chapter 1752 The Bioluminescent Jungle Floor.
Chapter 1753 The Jungle Predator.
Chapter 1754 A Little Ambush.
Chapter 1755 The Eternal Hourglass Floor.
Chapter 1756 The Silent Library.
Chapter 1757 The Librarian Monster!
Chapter 1758 Back Home.
Chapter 1759 Nowhere To Go.
Chapter 1760 Invading The Librarian!
Chapter 1761 I...Caught...You...At...Last.
Chapter 1762 Has He Gone Mad?!
Chapter 1763 This Is The Quantum Realm, My Realm!
Chapter 1764 An Unstoppable Shockwave!
Chapter 1765 Abusing His Laws!
Chapter 1766 The Starry Night Soul Explosion.
Chapter 1767 Protect Plix At All Cost!
Chapter 1768 If I Die, No One Deserves To Live.
Chapter 1769 Don'T Forsake Me...
Chapter 1770 I Can’T See A Way Out For Her.
Chapter 1771 The Indomitable Will Of A Mountain.
Chapter 1772 The Clockwork Tower.
Chapter 1773 Some Peace At Last.
Chapter 1774 Twelve Million Years Later...
Chapter 1775 A Chaotic Persona!
Chapter 1776 Severed Communications.
Chapter 1777 The Moment Of Truth Is Nigh...
Chapter 1778 Challenging The Universe'S Authority!
Chapter 1779 Two Seconds!
Chapter 1780 Freeze.
Chapter 1781 Ultimate Survival Techniques.
Chapter 1782 Eris! Save Me!
Chapter 1783 I Am On Your Side.
Chapter 1784 The Fifth Ascension!
Chapter 1785 Can You Handle The Truth? I
Chapter 1786 Can You Handle The Truth. Ii
Chapter 1787 Can You Handle The Truth? Iii
Chapter 1788 Can You Handle The Truth? Iv
Chapter 1789 Can You Handle The Truth? V
Chapter 1790 The Battle Of Trust. I
Chapter 1791 The Battle Of Trust. Ii
Chapter 1792 The Battle Of Trust. Iii
Chapter 1793 The Battle For Trust. Iv
Chapter 1794 The Battle Of Trust. V
Chapter 1795 The Battle Of Trust. Vi
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Welcome to Supremacy Games! The greatest entertainment platform in the universe that was created specifically to entertain and ease the boredom of the commoners all around the universe.
The platform was made out of tens of formats, each containing hundreds of deadly games that allowed the use of elemental abilities.

Sports format had games, like football, rugby, track running, and many more of such sports.

Battles format had games, like battle royals, bounty hunt, points collection...etc

There was even a lifestyle competition format, that had games like potion concoctions, fishing...etc.

As long as a game was well received by the spectators, it would be added to the Supremacy Games platform.

The Universal Virtual Reality that had 100% realism, made it easy for those games to be hosted inside it, and watched on a daily basis by every spectator in the universe.
Whether live by entering the UVR and attending the stadiums, or through a live stream.

Felix Maxwell was just an average joe, who wasn't really a popular player nor had a fanbase to support him in the games.
He was just like the majority of the players. Add on, whose role was to make famous players shine even brighter.

However, his fate was completely changed after joining a clan mission with 54 other clanmates. The mission was completed successfully. But, on their way back to the clan, their spaceship radar picked up a large amount of energy coming from a destroyed planet.

His fate flipped upside down inside that said planet. What happened exactly on it? How did he end up after leaving it? Did he even leave it in the first place?

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Chapter -3 - Abbreviations And Keys.

Abbreviations and Keys.

UVR: Universal Virtual Reality.

SGA: Supremacy Games Alliance.

SG: Supremacy Games.

SC: Supremacy Coins.

GP: Game Points.

PSG: Planetary Supremacy Games.

PPFT: Prize Pool Free Trading.

CTP: Coins Trading Platform.

(More will be added)


"..." Speech

'....' Though/speak in mind

[...] Online comment/stream comment.

//...// Hologram details.

>....< Notification.

*...* Abilities names


Total Chapters in book: 1798
Estimated words: 3206704 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 16034(@200wpm)___ 12827(@250wpm)___ 10689(@300wpm)