After Becoming a Solo Player, My Unlimited Skills Made Me Invincible by Traversing Nine Realms

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Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Your Attack Is Too Low
Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: He Was The First To Make A Move
Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: The Youngest Three-Star War General
Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Main City Token?
Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: Terrifying Four Symbols Set! Su Wei’S Apology
Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Five Million Gold Coins?!
Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: Black Ant Suit Blueprint
Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: Records Refreshed!
Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: Heavenly Spirit Auspicious Beast?
Chapter 54 - Chapter 54: Nightmare-Level Instance Dungeon? Sorry! Instant Kill!
Chapter 55 - Chapter 55= 99,999!
Chapter 56 - Chapter 56: Advanced Auction House?
Chapter 57 - Chapter 57: Basic Professional Skill Book
Chapter 58 - Chapter 58: Tu Family’S Illusory Stone
Chapter 59 - Chapter 59: Divine Forging Technique, Running Away?
Chapter 60 - Chapter 60: Jiangnan Tu Family
Chapter 61 - Chapter 61: Jiangnan Tu Family (2)
Chapter 62 - Chapter 62: Jiang He Strikes! Powerful Elf Archer
Chapter 63 - Chapter 63: The Secrets Of The Wood
Chapter 64 - Chapter 64: The Secrets Of The Wood (2)
Chapter 65 - Chapter 65: Wood Spirit Girl
Chapter 66 - Chapter 66: Npc? Secret Realm Mission?
Chapter 67 - Chapter 67: The Reappearance Of The Evil Energy Fragment
Chapter 68 - Chapter 68: Scarlet Vines! Mutation!
Chapter 69 - Chapter 69: Resurrection! Platinum-Level Boss!
Chapter 70 - Chapter 70: Radiance Of The Divine Spirit
Chapter 71 - Chapter 71: Wood Spirit Village
Chapter 72 - Chapter 72: Elder Wood Spirit, Dark Gold Rank Boss!
Chapter 73 - Chapter 73: Blue And Silver Entanglement!!
Chapter 74 - Chapter 74: Flame Entanglement
Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: Crisis
Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: Abnormality
Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Body Taken Away
Chapter 78 - Chapter 78: Wood Spirit Ancestor
Chapter 79 - Chapter 79: The Power Of Wood And The Power Of Earth
Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: Great Buddha Susanoo???
Chapter 81 - Chapter 81: Scarlet Leaf Spirit? Why Can’T I Kill Her?
Chapter 82 - Chapter 82: Dark Spirit Archer
Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: Undefeatable Jiang He
Chapter 84 - Chapter 84: Azure Dragon Jade
Chapter 85 - Chapter 85: Experience Spirit Fruit!
Chapter 86 - Chapter 86: Level 24, Time To Leave
Chapter 87 - Chapter 87: Killing The Skeletal Dragon Again
Chapter 88 - Chapter 88: Mo Xiao Returns To The City
Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: The Jiang Family’S Actions
Chapter 90 - Chapter 90: Hidden Evil Energy
Chapter 91 - Chapter 91: The Blocked Illusion Breaking Technique
Chapter 92 - Chapter 92: The Deal With The Tu Family
Chapter 93 - Chapter 93: Sss-Grade Talent Grows Stronger In Battle!
Chapter 94 - Chapter 94: The Sparring System?
Chapter 95 - Chapter 95: The Sealed Sword Emperor’S Sword
Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: Sword Emperor’S Remnant Soul
Chapter 97 - Chapter 97: Shocking The Sword Emperor For 10,000 Years
Chapter 98 - Chapter 98: Arriving At Jiangnan Base City
Chapter 99 - Chapter 99: Scared Her People To Death?
Chapter 100 - Chapter 1Oo: 99,999!
Chapter 101 - Chapter 101: The Gathering Monsters, Imminent Siege
Chapter 102 - Chapter 102: The Attack Of Different Monsters
Chapter 103 - Chapter 103: Strange Fang Chang
Chapter 104 - Chapter 104: Mo Xiao: Can I Touch Both?
Chapter 105 - Chapter 105: Iron-Armored Nether Spirit? Isn’T This Iron Man!
Chapter 106 - Chapter 106: Tenfold Amplification Of The Samsara Despair!
Chapter 107 - Chapter 107: F*Ck! Sword Wielding!
Chapter 108 - Chapter 108: Scarlet Demon Vine With A Damaged Soul
Chapter 109 - Chapter 109: Yama’S Heart Devouring Curse
Chapter 110 - Chapter 11O: Another Change
Chapter 111 - Chapter 111: Space Stone
Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: Suppression From A Third-Revolution Realm?
Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Untitled
Chapter 114 - Chapter 114: Jiang He Is Dead!
Chapter 115 - Chapter 115: Wood Spirit Seed, Fang Chang And The Jiang Family’S Hidden Secret?
Chapter 116 - Chapter 116: Rules Of The Siege Battle
Chapter 117 - Chapter 117: Level 3 Battle Map! Anxious Fang Chang
Chapter 118 - Chapter 118: Give Mo Xiao The Command Authority
Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: Benefits Of A Commander
Chapter 120 - Chapter 120: Untitled
Chapter 121 - Chapter 121: Trouble Is Still Here
Chapter 122 - Chapter 122: The Siege Battle Begins!
Chapter 123 - Chapter 123: Su Jin’Er’S Doubts
Chapter 124 - Chapter 124: Twelve Rounds Of Attack And Defense Battle
Chapter 125 - Chapter 125: Dragon Language Magic
Chapter 126 - Chapter 126: What? The First 11 Rounds Are So Simple?
Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Golden Centaur
Chapter 128 - Chapter 128: Kill And Instant Death
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The game descended into the alternate world.

Monsters ran rampant, forbidden zones were everywhere, waves of beasts attacked frequently, and humans suffered greatly.

Fortunately, this was the era of worldwide class change!

Under the leadership of various powerful professionals, humans struggled to fight against the monster tide.

However, Mo Xiao changed to a profession with no skills.

Just when Mo Xiao thought he was done for, he suddenly awakened his unique talent called ""Rub It"".

[You rubbed the kitchen knife, and it transcended into a Dragon-slaying Saber! Attack +1000!]

[You rubbed the skill book of Fireball, and it transcended into the Forbidden Curse-Buddha's Fury Lotus!]

While others were still struggling to level up, Mo Xiao had already reached the world's strongest. He was invincible.

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Chapter 1

Solo Player, an Unconventional Talent, I Just Rub

“Hahaha! I never thought there would be such a profession in this world!”

“No wonder it’s an S-class profession! If more people switch careers like this, humanity is doomed!”


Blue Star, Third Base City.

First High School, on the Transfer Plaza.

Mo Xiao groggily opened his eyes.

Before him was a futuristic and illusionary panel, with several large characters written on it.

[Grade 12 (Class 1), Mo Xiao’s career transfer successful.]

[Profession: Solo Player]

Grade 12? Didn’t I already graduate a long time ago?

What’s this career transfer thing? Solo player? Have I been watching too much Full-Time Expert?

Mo Xiao stood in the center of the formation, utterly bewildered, not knowing what had happened.

“Hey, classmate, are you okay? Don’t be too upset. Your situation is still better than those who have mundane careers.

“You should go down and calm yourself first, so you don’t affect others’ career transfers.”

The teacher in charge of the career transfer didn’t care about Mo Xiao’s current state and directly pushed him out.

Mo Xiao, wearing a confused expression, walked out of the transfer formation and instinctively returned to his own class group.

Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings and the unfamiliar school uniform, a ridiculous thought spread in his mind.

Have I… traveled through time?

Just as Mo Xiao began to guess what had happened, countless memories surged into his mind like a tide.

This place was called Blue Star.

A hundred years ago, the game invaded reality, and the area of Blue Star expanded a hundredfold, giving rise to numerous instances of secret realms and various kinds of monsters.

Once humans on the planet reached the age of 18, they could undergo a career transfer.

After the transfer, they could level up by hunting monsters and obtaining experience to increase their strength.

It would create a living space for humans.

Mo Xiao walked to the back of the crowd in a daze, but he felt very helpless.

Now the body he occupied was also named Mo Xiao, just like him.

However, this Mo Xiao was a complete orphan. He had no parents.

Although he had excellent grades, he was a loner, an oddity in school, without any friends.

“Hey hey hey, isn’t this our Mo Xiao, the great scholar Mo!?”

No matter the world, there was never a shortage of these obnoxious idiots.

As soon as Mo Xiao settled in, a well-dressed youth strode up to him.

This person in front of him was named Su Wei, a bona fide second-generation rich kid, and he and Mo Xiao didn’t get along.

“Great scholar Mo, you’re really amazing! You’ve become a solo player! It’s an S-class super rare profession!

“Unlike me, who can only be an ordinary mage. I can’t compare to you~~~”

Solo player was an extremely special profession.

Other professions naturally gained skills as they leveled up.

But solo players didn’t. This profession had no inherent skills; they could only learn skills through skill books.

The advantage was that solo players could learn any skill without restrictions, and they could also ignore the limitations of their profession when using equipment.

On the surface, it seemed good, but skill books in this world were extremely rare. Any random skill book would be priced sky-high.

This directly cut off the path for solo players, to the point where they couldn’t even leave the newbie village.

Listening to Su Wei’s sarcastic remarks, Mo Xiao calmly glanced at him and said, “Get lost.”

“What did you say? Say it again if you dare! I’ll have you struck by lightning!”

Mo Xiao looked at the incredibly arrogant Su Wei, his expression unchanged.

He pushed Su Wei away and started to leave.

[Ding, you rubbed against Su Wei and can copy his talent!]

[Su Wei does not have any talent for the time being. Replace it with a skill. Do you want to copy it?]

Seeing the notification panel that suddenly appeared in his mind,

Mo Xiao couldn’t help but pause and instinctively said, “Copy!”


[Congratulations, host, on a successful copy! You have obtained the skill, Lightning Strike!]

Just as Mo Xiao was wondering what was happening, a large hand suddenly landed on his shoulder.

“Su Wei! What are you trying to do? This is a school! Do you want to use skills on your classmates? Get back to your seat and wait for the career transfer to finish!”

Hearing the familiar reprimand, Mo Xiao instinctively looked up at the person who had arrived.

It was their class teacher, Li Xun.

Feeling Mo Xiao’s gaze, Li Xun gently patted his shoulder and said, “Everything will be alright in the end.”

After saying that, Li Xun glared at Su Wei again and returned to his seat.

But Mo Xiao remained stunned in place.

[Li Xun rubbed against you, and you can copy his talent—Advanced Reaction Enhancement (B-rank): Greatly improves reaction speed during battles.]

What’s going on? Teacher Li’s level should be much higher than mine. How can I copy it?

Mo Xiao instinctively glanced at Li Xun and involuntarily gulped.

With a thought, the character panel appeared directly in his mind.

[Character Panel]

Name: Mo Xiao

Level: LV1 (0/100)

Class: Solo Player

Strength: 10

Agility: 16

Spirit: 14

Endurance: 10

Physique: 10

Skills: Lightning Strike (Lv1), Equipment Mastery (Passive, allows the use of all equipment regardless of occupation and ignores certain level requirements), Skill Proficiency (Passive, ignores occupation restrictions and allows the learning of any skill)

Talent: I Just Rub (Unique talent, this is an extremely powerful talent! Items that you rub against can be sublimated! At the same time, it also has various unexpected characteristics and protective effects. Host, please explore further~{laughing emoji}]

Advanced Reaction Enhancement (Greatly improves reaction speed during battles)

F*ck me?

I brush? What kind of talent is this? Why does it look so unorthodox?

I Just Rub? Does it mean I just rub against it???

So, the skills and talents I copied earlier were all because of this talent?

In this world, everyone can change their occupation, but talents like this are only obtained after the second change. Yet I obtained them directly.

Could it be that this is compensation for the fact that solo players cannot automatically learn skills?

Just as Mo Xiao was lost in thought, the career transfer ceremony came to an end.

Just as Mo Xiao was preparing to leave with the rest of the group, a melodious voice suddenly called out to him.

“Mo Xiao… Do you want to team up with me?”

Mo Xiao instinctively turned his head and saw a graceful girl with a captivating smile silently looking at him.

“Jiang He…” Mo Xiao furrowed his brow slightly and quickly recalled the girl’s name.

“I’m an S-rank Elven Archer. I’m good at monster hunting.” Jiang He blushed slightly, making her appearance even more alluring.

Without hesitation, Mo Xiao said, “No need.”

“Eh! Don’t leave!”

Seeing Mo Xiao turn around and leave, Jiang He quickly chased after him and handed him a longbow and quiver, seemingly out of nowhere.

“You’re a solo player, so you should be able to use these. Let’s work together.”

Looking at Jiang He running away like a graceful elf, Mo Xiao fell into silence.

[Jiang He brushed against you~ Skill Wind Spirit Arrow has been copied.]

[A rub from the goddess, bringing you a refreshing and joyful feeling. The Wind Spirit Arrow is sublime~]

What the f*ck? Can it really happen like this?


Total Chapters in book: 128
Estimated words: 178180 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 891(@200wpm)___ 713(@250wpm)___ 594(@300wpm)