After Experiencing Morning Sickness On A Livestream Fake Young Lady Become An Internet Celebrity by Fog

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Book Details / Information: # SCUM-TORTURING

[Live Broadcast Variety Show, Hidden Marriage, Scum-torturing, Mary Sue]

The fake young lady with tons of scandals to her name, Gu Ran, participated in survival in the wild variety show. Everyone was waiting to watch her fail, assuming she would cry and retire from the program ten minutes into it.

Three days into the live broadcast, other people looked disheveled, lacking food and clothing. Meanwhile, she was out hunting wild boars, fishing in the river, making salt from seawater, and cooking mouthwatering dishes. Everyone cried, “We were wrong! We shouldn’t have stereotyped you, please help us!”

Then, Gu Ran, whose survival skills were maxed out, too appealing for words, and had a ton of female fans, suddenly experienced morning sickness in front of hundreds and thousands of viewers! Fans shouted, “Who did this?! Show yourself! We promise we won’t kill you!” The world began searching for her baby’s father. Yet, Gu Ran’s only concern was that her almighty identity might be exposed!

A genuine and vicious young lady had wanted to send Gu Ran to the survival program, in hopes of letting her die there, was panicking now. “Isn’t she just a cheap pretty face? Why is she getting more and more popular?!” And so, she began to spread more scandals about Gu Ran. Only, she miscalculated the response this time. Not only did Gu Ran’s fans stand on Gu Ran’s side, but even Gu Ran’s parents came looking for her. They were actually a wealthier and more reputable family compared to the young lady’s!

Meanwhile, after excruciating effort on the fans’ part, they finally found the baby’s father. He was the legendary super tycoon of C City whose influence could easily cause an uproar in the entire city! Mo Yancheng feigned distress on a live broadcast, saying, “I don’t hope for much. I just want legal status.” The fans chirped, “This is wonderful. They have to get married!”

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“What? Fifty million! You’re crazy!”

“Director Li, Gu Ran is still a female celebrity after all. This price is already considered pretty discounted!”


Director Li spat into in his face angrily. “You have the gall to say that about a thirty-eighth tier celebrity nobody covered in blackmail material?! If it weren’t for the fact that she had a rather pleasing face and body to look at, I wouldn’t accept her even if you gave her to me for free!” ”

Inside the poorly lit room and on the messy bed, Gu Ran’s face was flushed as she took in panicked breaths. The world before her was fuzzy and unfocused. Vaguely, she could hear the sound of Feng Cheng’s voice.

It’s him!

Had he come to save her?

“Director Li, you can’t say that! Our Gu Ran is still inexperienced! If it weren’t for your good relationship with Feng Cheng, I wouldn’t let her near you either!”

That was… Mother’s voice.

Gu Ran could not believe what they were saying! What did they mean, letting her near him!

Director Li!

Oh, right, it was her birthday tonight. Feng Cheng had said that he wanted to celebrate it for her – he’d even bought a large bouquet for her with more than ninety-nine stalks of roses in it. Then, they had even shared a glass of wine together tenderly. She’d felt rather dizzy afterwards. Feng Cheng had been kind enough to lend her a room, to let her rest for a while…

It was the wine! There was something wrong with the wine!

“That’s right! Director Li, Gu Ran is considered above average in the entertainment circle, be it her body or looks. Let her serve you well tonight. When you get tired of her after a while, you can still give her to someone else in exchange for favors!”

“Are you sure she’ll listen to me?” Director Li narrowed his eyes. Gu Ran did not look like someone who would bend to another’s every whim.

Feng Cheng joined in the conversation triumphantly. “I’ve installed a camera in the room. When you guys are doing it later, we’ll record it in real time. If Gu Ran dares to be disobedient in the future, we’ll release the video onto the Internet. Her reputation will no doubt be tarnished and ruined when that happens. Will she dare to disobey?”

Listening to Feng Cheng’s words, feeling his triumphant smile and his glee of having victory at hand, Gu Ran felt her heart shatter.

He was her fiancé! How could he wrap her up like some sort of present and ship her into someone else’s bed, then threaten her with blackmail in the form of a video recording!

Feng Cheng, how could you do this to me! How could you hurt me like this!

No wonder Mother had so readily agreed to celebrate her birthday tonight, and no wonder Feng Cheng had treated her so gently tonight. Just as she’d thought with giddy happiness that her hard work had finally paid off and that she could now live her life blissfully, the two of them decided to resolutely shove her into a bottomless abyss!

“Director Li, you shouldn’t have to continue to consider such a good price anymore. If you’re unsatisfied with this deal, we could always find someone else. I know for a fact that Director Zhang is also interested in Gu Ran, and he’s willing to fork out an even higher price for her.”

That was… Gu Yi’s voice!

She did not expect her to be involved in this as well! Truly, the entire family was complicit in this!

Director Li thought about it for a long while. Finally, with much teeth gritting and feet stomping, he agreed to the deal, and transferred ten million yuan to Feng Cheng’s bank account on the spot. .

Feng Cheng received the notification from the bank of his successfully transferred money, and grinned in delight. “As Director Li has promised before, the next time you direct a film, you must give the male lead role to me. It’s a done deal and you cannot go back on your word!”

“Alright, you will definitely be included!”

30 million, and a movie contract!

Apparently, she was worth so much!

Gu Ran heard them leave with the door closing behind them with a ‘bang’. And just like that, the last bit of hope in her heart fizzled out.

The bedroom door was opened and Director Li walked in. He saw Gu Ran lying on the bed with her eyes open and her face full of tears, and guessed that she must have heard the whole exchange just now. He walked towards her boorishly, and touched a hand to her face.


Total Chapters in book: 100
Estimated words: 88543 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 443(@200wpm)___ 354(@250wpm)___ 295(@300wpm)