Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted by Strawberry Flavored Moonlight

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Chapter 41 - A Hot Topic
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Chapter 45 - : The Thoughtful Li Hanchen
Chapter 46 - : The Stunt Double’S Video
Chapter 47 - Trust
Chapter 48 - A Slap On The Talent Agent’S Face
Chapter 49 - Scare The Hell Out Of The Scum
Chapter 50 - Let’S Go Home
Chapter 51 - : More Sweetness
Chapter 52 - Fall Sick
Chapter 53 - What Should We Do Then?
Chapter 54 - The Video
Chapter 55 - Li An’S Hopelessness
Chapter 56 - Endless Stars
Chapter 57 - Mu Sheng’S Brilliant Gameplay
Chapter 58 - Libel
Chapter 59 - The Truth Speaks For Itself
Chapter 60 - Retribution
Chapter 61 - The Restless Li Hanchen
Chapter 62 - She Was Incredible As Usual
Chapter 63 - Mu Sheng Went Online
Chapter 64 - Mind-Blowing Performance
Chapter 65 - Consider You My Friend
Chapter 66 - She Was The Only Exception
Chapter 67 - Idiots Who Didn’T Know Better
Chapter 68 - $800?
Chapter 69 - Intimidation
Chapter 70 - Personal Chauffeur
Chapter 71 - My Hero
Chapter 72 - He Got Cold
Chapter 73 - Share A Bed
Chapter 74 - His Acting
Chapter 75 - His Older Brother’S Mind Reader
Chapter 76 - Crappy Car
Chapter 77 - Li An’S Sad Situation
Chapter 78 - : Battle Of The Kings
Chapter 79 - Mu, The God Of Gaming
Chapter 80 - Outrage Everywhere
Chapter 81 - Dispute
Chapter 82 - Shocked Everyone By Showing Her Hands
Chapter 83 - A Gift From A Rich Fan
Chapter 84 - Game Together
Chapter 85 - Some Wine
Chapter 86 - A Romantic Moment
Chapter 87 - Adorable Little Brother
Chapter 88 - She Was Back!
Chapter 89 - Play Hard To Get
Chapter 90 - The True Genius
Chapter 91 - Mu Sheng Goes For Audition
Chapter 92 - The Ceo Is Here
Chapter 93 - In Comparison
Chapter 94 - The Cunning Mr. Li
Chapter 95 - Threw A Temper
Chapter 96 - Absolutely Adorable
Chapter 97 - Acting
Chapter 98 - Cool
Chapter 99 - Boyfriend
Chapter 100 - Li An’S Backer
Chapter 101 - Mu Sheng Exposes Her Gender
Chapter 102 - A Fan Magnet
Chapter 103 - Li Hanchen Was So Cool
Chapter 104 - She Was A Ray Of Light
Chapter 105 - Taking Li An
Chapter 106 - Ruan Yingying Kept Getting Scolded
Chapter 107 - Awe Striking Beauty
Chapter 108 - Getting Into A Fight
Chapter 109 - A Blissful Afternoon
Chapter 110 - Dispel Li An’S Greatest Fear
Chapter 111 - Li An Goes To Some Other School
Chapter 112 - She Will Break Up With Him
Chapter 113 - I Am Her Husband
Chapter 114 - Gossip
Chapter 115 - The Sly Mr. Li
Chapter 116 - Completely Unprecedented
Chapter 117 - A Cute Couple
Chapter 118 - Mu Sheng’S Excellent Gaming
Chapter 119 - Doubt
Chapter 120 - Take Off Your Clothes
Chapter 121 - Seduce Mu Sheng
Chapter 122 - : Good Night
Chapter 123 - Project Apex
Chapter 124 - Strike Up Conversation
Chapter 125 - Fans
Chapter 126 - Where Is Mu’S Number One Fan?
Chapter 127 - A Potential Love Rival
Chapter 128 - Showing Off His Wife
Chapter 129 - Your Wife Certainly Loves You
Chapter 130 - Flip The Table
Chapter 131 - More Scenes?
Chapter 132 - Talent Scout Entertainment Makes Trouble
Chapter 133 - Mr. Li’S Awesome Clarification!
Chapter 134 - Top Star
Chapter 135 - Mr. Li’S Big Moment
Chapter 136 - Jealousy
Chapter 137 - Mr. Li’S Imperceptible Influence
Chapter 138 - Meet The Parents
Chapter 139 - Made Mu Sheng Embrace Him
Chapter 140 - The Devious Mr. Li
Chapter 141 - You Smell Good Too
Chapter 142 - Collusion
Chapter 143 - Li An’S Shock!
Chapter 144 - Double Standards
Chapter 145 - Mu Is A Girl
Chapter 146 - Indulgence And Jealousy
Chapter 147 - Overwhelming Jealousy
Chapter 148 - Lets Date For Publicity
Chapter 149 - Mr. Li Claims Sovereignty
Chapter 150 - Mr. Li’S Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 151 - Mu Sheng Was Like A Cat
Chapter 152 - No One Ever Noticed These Minor Details
Chapter 153 - Mr. Li’S Background
Chapter 154 - A Languid Afternoon Together
Chapter 155 - Leave In A Flock
Chapter 156 - Mr. Li’S Tenderness
Chapter 157 - Mr. Li Is A Nice Guy
Chapter 158 - Mr. Li Saves The Day
Chapter 159 - The Furious Mr. Li
Chapter 160 - A Stunning Assist From Mu Sheng
Chapter 161 - Mu Sheng The Genius Doctor
Chapter 162 - Savior
Chapter 163 - Mr. Li’S Ploy
Chapter 164 - Mu Sheng Was A Girl
Chapter 165 - Piano Genius
Chapter 166 - Mu Sheng Defeats A Scumbag!
Chapter 167 - Gifts Her With A Ski Resort
Chapter 168 - Mr. Li Plots To Avoid Divorce
Chapter 169 - I Am God Mu!
Chapter 170 - The Sweetest Little Brother On Earth
Chapter 171 - Mu Sheng Astonishes The Audience With Her Knowledge
Chapter 172 - Li An Stops Them From Divorcing
Chapter 173 - Mu Sheng Changes Her Mind About The Divorce
Chapter 174 - The Sad Mr. Li
Chapter 175 - God Mu Reveals Her True Identity
Chapter 176 - Mu Sheng Was God Mu
Chapter 177 - God Mu Astounds The Public
Chapter 178 - Mu Sheng’S Captivating Singing
Chapter 179 - Li An Falls Downstairs
Chapter 180 - Read Each Others’ Minds
Chapter 181 - An Exception
Chapter 182 - Queen Of Marketing
Chapter 183 - Mu Sheng Won’T Go Easy
Chapter 184 - Master Ouyang Is Attracted By Mu Sheng’S Piano
Chapter 185 - Mu Sheng Is Loaded
Chapter 186 - You Can Live Off Me
Chapter 187 - Absolutely Adorable!
Chapter 188 - Powers Of The Capital
Chapter 189 - Hero To The Rescue
Chapter 190 - Li Hanchen Teaches The Scum A Lesson
Chapter 191 - International Competition
Chapter 192 - Under One Roof
Chapter 193 - Restlessness From Living Under One Roof
Chapter 194 - Awestriking
Chapter 195 - Successfully Infuriating Her Step Mother
Chapter 196 - Carry Her
Chapter 197 - Li Hanchen Coaxes His Wife
Chapter 198 - Li Hanchen Made Mu Sheng Blush
Chapter 199 - A Challenge?
Chapter 200 - Mu Sheng Slaps Them On Their Faces
Chapter 201 - : Li Hanchen Feeds Mu Sheng
Chapter 202 - Li Hanchen And Mu Sheng Appears On An Entertainment Program
Chapter 203 - : Completely Unaware Of Her Charms
Chapter 204 - Li Hanchen Coaxes Mu Sheng
Chapter 205 - The Cunning Li Hanchen
Chapter 206 - Blown Away By Her Beauty
Chapter 207 - The Luckiest Boy On Earth
Chapter 208 - The One Who Genuinely Got The Spot
Chapter 209 - Mu Sheng Proves Everyone Wrong
Chapter 210 - Some Action In The Car
Chapter 211 - Sleeping With Li Hanchen
Chapter 212 - Li Hanchen Keeps Annoying His Wife
Chapter 213 - Li Hanchen Fools Mu Sheng Into Calling Him Big Bro
Chapter 214 - Feed Him
Chapter 215 - Mu Sheng Almost Cried
Chapter 216 - Mu Sheng Throws A Temper
Chapter 217 - A Stunning Medusa Preparing To Go Into Battle
Chapter 218 - The Season Of Love
Chapter 219 - Mu Sheng Looked Adorable When She Ate
Chapter 220 - Throwing A Jealous Fit
Chapter 221 - Li Hanchen Carries Mu Sheng
Chapter 222 - Li Hanchen Annoys Mu Sheng
Chapter 223 - Feed The Adorable Mu Sheng
Chapter 224 - A Kiss
Chapter 225 - Mu Sheng Kisses Li Hanchen
Chapter 226 - Mu Sheng Is Mesmerized By Li Hanchen
Chapter 227 - Mu Sheng Steals The Limelight
Chapter 228 - Mu Xiao’S Plot Blows Up In Her Face
Chapter 229 - A Stunning Appearance At The Hacker Competition
Chapter 230 - Because You’Re Stupid
Chapter 231 - Mr. Li Is So Bored That Shengsheng Gives Him A Gift
Chapter 232 - Shengsheng'S Revenge On The Mu Family
Chapter 233 - A Real Kiss
Chapter 234 - President Li’S Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 235 - Complete Trust In The Hero
Chapter 236 - Who’S The Victim Here?
Chapter 237 - President Li Was Angered To Death By Sheng Sheng
Chapter 238 - Shengsheng Is Wronged
Chapter 239 - Confession, President Li Feels Wronged
Chapter 240 - President Li Shocked The World And Won The Championship
Chapter 241 - The Temptation Of The Rose
Chapter 242 - President Li Supports Shengsheng
Chapter 243 - The Most Beautiful Girl Joins The Black Society
Chapter 244 - Counterattack President Li And Bring Back Shengsheng
Chapter 245 - A Spokesperson?
Chapter 246 - He’S Here!
Chapter 247 - Conflict Between President Li And Sheng Sheng
Chapter 248 - -Shengsheng Coaxing President Li
Chapter 249 - Boyfriend
Chapter 250 - Shengsheng, The One Who Killed All The Geniuses In Seconds
Chapter 251 - President Li Is Teaching The Mu Family A Lesson
Chapter 252 - The Storm Rises
Chapter 253 - President Li Falls From Grace
Chapter 254
Chapter 255 - -Reconciliation
Chapter 256 - I Am The Richest Man In The World
Chapter 257 - The Goddess Of Studies
Chapter 258 - The Gentlest
Chapter 259 - -Double Endorsement And Double Goddesses
Chapter 260 - Cute
Chapter 261 - Sheng Has Awakened Her Aperture!
Chapter 262 - The Big Boss Takes Action
Chapter 263 - Red To The Sky
Chapter 264 - Stepping Out Of The Dao
Chapter 265 - Why Did You Bite Me?
Chapter 266 - Shengsheng'S Ruthless Abuse Of Mu Yu (3 In 1)
Chapter 267 - A Beautiful Misunderstanding, President Li Angers Sheng
Chapter 268 - Shengsheng Teasing The White Lotus Family
Chapter 269 - The Scumbag Sheng Sheng World Piano Competition
Chapter 270 - Sheng Sheng Is Moved
Chapter 271 - Shengsheng Is Shy
Chapter 272 - Sheng Is Jealous!
Chapter 273 - Misunderstanding Cleared Up, Sheng Sheng Is Moved
Chapter 274 - Shengsheng'S Award
Chapter 275 - Sheng Said She Missed President Li
Chapter 276 - Super Ability
Chapter 277 - A Surprise
Chapter 278 - President Li Is Too Bad
Chapter 279 - Drunken Wine
Chapter 280 - Drunk
Chapter 281 - I Think Of You When I'M Doing Things, I Think Of You When I'M Sitting
Chapter 282 - Handsome Shengsheng, Cool President Li
Chapter 283 - The Handsome President Li
Chapter 284 - -President Li'S Beautiful Man, Gou Shengsheng
Chapter 285 - The Lady Boss, Shengsheng
Chapter 286 - The Photo Of Them Hugging Was Released
Chapter 287 - Shengqi White Lotus
Chapter 288 - He Descended Like A God
Chapter 289 - Proud President Li
Chapter 290 - A Shocking Contestant
Chapter 291 - Mu Sheng In The Finals
Chapter 292 - Mu Sheng'S Champion Slaps The Audience In The Face
Chapter 293 - The Truth Is That Da Shengsheng Is The God!
Chapter 294 - The Truth
Chapter 295 - The Foreshadowing Of A Confession
Chapter 296 - Face-Smacking Great God Mu Xi'S Support
Chapter 297 - The Spread Of Longing~
Chapter 298 - Sweet~~
Chapter 299 - Continue, Little Sweetie
Chapter 300 - Shengsheng'S Little Avatar Has Been Discovered
Chapter 301 - Poison
Chapter 302 - Shengsheng'S Amazing Ability To Carry Goods
Chapter 303 - -Sheng Sheng'S Torture Of A Scumbag
Chapter 304 - President Li Bites Shengsheng
Chapter 305 - -Shengsheng Wants To Earn Money
Chapter 306 - Big Boss Sheng, You'Re Making Money
Chapter 307 - Favoritism And Accommodating
Chapter 308 - Holding Hands And Asking For A Hug
Chapter 309 - Birthday Celebration
Chapter 310 - President Li'S Fall
Chapter 311 - I'M The Richest Man
Chapter 312
Chapter 313
Chapter 314 - President Li Makes Things Clear
Chapter 315 - The Miraculous Effect Of The Facial Mask
Chapter 316
Chapter 317 - Coaxing The Wife
Chapter 318 - Coaxing A Good Wife
Chapter 319 - There'S Always Scum Coming To The Door To Be Abused
Chapter 320 - Shengsheng Saves A Life Domineeringly
Chapter 321 - A Professional Group Planning
Chapter 322 - Acquisition
Chapter 323 - A Waste Of Effort
Chapter 324 - Freeloading
Chapter 325 - All-Rounded Abuse Of Trash, Evil Will Be Rewarded
Chapter 326 - -Evil Will Be Rewarded
Chapter 327 - I'M Your Backer
Chapter 328 - Shengsheng Solved The World'S Problem By Accident
Chapter 329 - The Interview
Chapter 330 - Beating Up The Bad Director
Chapter 331 - Asking For Advice On Poison, Shengsheng
Chapter 332 - My Little Madam
Chapter 333 - -Sheng Misses President Li
Chapter 334 - Coming, Coming
Chapter 335 - Ruan Yingying Reaped What She Sowed
Chapter 336 - Green Tea Is Sent To Jail
Chapter 337 - Shengsheng Said She Missed You
Chapter 338 - : I Miss You Too
Chapter 339 - The Boat Of Friendship
Chapter 340 - The National Research Institute
Chapter 341 - The Reason
Chapter 342 - Saving People
Chapter 343 - Goodnight
Chapter 344 - Shengsheng'S Uproar In The Physics World
Chapter 345 - Shaking The World
Chapter 346 - The Truth Is Exposed And Shocks The Whole Internet
Chapter 347 - Love Rival
Chapter 348 - Official Poster Announcement
Chapter 349 - The Top Student, Shengsheng
Chapter 350 - A Meeting Between Masters
Chapter 351 - Sharing The Good
Chapter 352 - President Mo Takes The Initiative
Chapter 353
Chapter 354 - Shengsheng'S Show Of Love
Chapter 355 - Big Boss Sheng Sheng'S Beauty
Chapter 356
Chapter 357 - A Surprise
Chapter 358 - -Shengsheng Is Here
Chapter 359 - Exchanging Thoughts
Chapter 360 - President Li Has Turned Bad
Chapter 361 - Can'T Control It
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 - Public Confession Of Love
Chapter 364 - Hot Search
Chapter 365 - Angry
Chapter 366 - -Shock
Chapter 367 - Once Upon A Time
Chapter 368 - Hiding The Injury
Chapter 369 - Withdrawing From The Quota
Chapter 370 - Shengsheng Is Forced To Go On A Blind Date
Chapter 371 - Shengsheng'S Magical Hands
Chapter 372 - -Sheng Sheng'S Domineering
Chapter 373 - Shengsheng'S Medical Skills Are Superb
Chapter 374 - Lost Contact
Chapter 375 - Like
Chapter 376 - I Like You Too
Chapter 377 - Looking For Death D
Chapter 378 - The Mysterious Doctor
Chapter 379 - A Freak Combination Of Factors
Chapter 380 - -Sheng Is Merciless
Chapter 381 - Dispute
Chapter 382 - -Sheng Is Cute
Chapter 383 - Sweet Night Talk Between Husband And Wife
Chapter 384 - Sheng Is Clingy
Chapter 385 - The Classroom
Chapter 386 - Witness
Chapter 387 - Shengsheng Slaps The Scumbag Professor In The Face
Chapter 388 - Shengsheng Went To See President Li
Chapter 389 - Under The Glacier
Chapter 390 - Past
Chapter 391 - Saving Night Crossing
Chapter 392 - Sheng Sheng Is Smart
Chapter 393 - Confrontation
Chapter 394 - Found President Li
Chapter 395 - Saving President Li
Chapter 396 - The Kiss Under The Glacier
Chapter 397 - Love
Chapter 398 - Saved!
Chapter 399 - Going Home
Chapter 400 - Engagement
Chapter 401 - Exercising Her Boyfriend'S Rights
Chapter 402 - Who'S The Best Looking?
Chapter 403 - -Various Parties
Chapter 404 - The Princess
Chapter 405
Chapter 406 - Different Treatment
Chapter 407 - The Bad President Li
Chapter 408 - Adorable Ai Shengsheng
Chapter 409 - Qualification To Inspect The Northwest
Chapter 410 - Scandal
Chapter 411 - Sweet
Chapter 412 - -Everlasting Romance
Chapter 413 - The Post That Went Viral On The Internet
Chapter 414 - Turn Bad
Chapter 415 - Mu Sheng'S Little Avatar
Chapter 416 - -Attending The Banquet
Chapter 417 - Mu Sheng'S Abuse Of A Scumbag
Chapter 418 - Personally Retaliating
Chapter 419 - Shengsheng'S Prescription Is Popular All Over The Country
Chapter 420 - Rejected
Chapter 421 - -Reaping What You Sow
Chapter 422 - : Fired
Chapter 423 - Shengsheng Playing With Green Tea
Chapter 424 - Revelation
Chapter 425 - Mu Sheng'S Bullying
Chapter 426 - The Fate Of The Scumbag
Chapter 427 - Help
Chapter 428 - Published Paper
Chapter 429 - Shengsheng Opened Her Own Hospital
Chapter 430 - : Doctor Mu Sheng
Chapter 431 - Love At First Sight
Chapter 432 - I Really Like You
Chapter 433 - Shengsheng'S Face-Slapping
Chapter 434 - The Tv Series Being Released
Chapter 435 - Shengsheng'S Treatment
Chapter 436 - Mu Sheng'S Medical Skills
Chapter 437 - A Reversal Of The Television Series 'Reputation
Chapter 438 - Word Of Mouth
Chapter 439 - Receiving Help
Chapter 440 - -Viewership Ratings
Chapter 441 - Death
Chapter 442 - -Shengsheng Takes Action
Chapter 443 - -Shengsheng Turns The Tide
Chapter 444 - Seeking Justice
Chapter 445 - -Copying From Others
Chapter 446 - A Fake Doctor
Chapter 447 - Confrontation
Chapter 448 - -Shengsheng Makes Her Move
Chapter 449 - Shengsheng'S Surgery
Chapter 450 - The Operation Was A Success
Chapter 451 - Gathering Of Big Shots
Chapter 452 - The Big Boss Arrives At The Imperial Capital
Chapter 453 - Convinced
Chapter 454 - Good Relationship With The Big Boss
Chapter 455 - Hospital'S Open Day
Chapter 456 - Shengsheng And The Big Boss Appeared At The Same Time
Chapter 457 - Mu Sheng Is The Big Boss
Chapter 458 - Clarifying And Slapping The Face
Chapter 459 - Great Success
Chapter 460 - Recording A Variety Show Together
Chapter 461 - Tiantian'S Mysterious Force
Chapter 462 - Full Firepower Attack
Chapter 463 - Support
Chapter 464 - Memories
Chapter 465 - Taking On Business Activities
Chapter 466 - Substitute
Chapter 467 - Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu
Chapter 468 - Shengsheng Was Caught
Chapter 469 - A Vegetable
Chapter 470 - Taking The Blame
Chapter 471 - Wanted
Chapter 472 - Coming To The Door
Chapter 473 - Chased Out
Chapter 474 - Tit For Tat
Chapter 475 - -Sheng Comes Out Of Seclusion
Chapter 476 - A Lawyer'S Letter
Chapter 477 - Quota
Chapter 478 - Left And Right
Chapter 479 - Leaving To Commentate The Competition
Chapter 480 - Old Acquaintance
Chapter 481 - An Unexpected Arrival
Chapter 482
Chapter 483 - Crushing Defeat
Chapter 484 - -Letter Of Challenge
Chapter 485 - A Provocation
Chapter 486 - The Bet
Chapter 487 - Entering The Arena
Chapter 488 - : Embarrassing
Chapter 489 - The Undefeatable Legend
Chapter 490 - An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 491 - A Popular Product
Chapter 492 - Gossip
Chapter 493 - The Variety Show'S Broadcast Turned Everyone Sweet
Chapter 494 - Reaching The Flooding Lake
Chapter 495
Chapter 496 - -Handsome Man
Chapter 497 - The Competition
Chapter 498 - The Necklace
Chapter 499 - Back Then
Chapter 500
Chapter 501 - The Beggar'S Chicken
Chapter 502 - Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 503 - Pampering
Chapter 504 - It Was Different
Chapter 505 - Conflict
Chapter 506 - Past Events Of The Past
Chapter 507 - The Walking Hormones
Chapter 508 - President Li'S Bad Taste
Chapter 509 - Contracted The Fish Pond
Chapter 510 - The Difference
Chapter 511 - Taking A Bath
Chapter 512 - President Li Who Was Hooked
Chapter 513 - Easy To Deceive
Chapter 514 - Difficult Opening
Chapter 515 - The Years Of Youth
Chapter 516 - Variety Show, Tiantian
Chapter 517 - -Taste
Chapter 518 - Secretly Concerned
Chapter 519 - The Battle
Chapter 520 - Scaring
Chapter 521 - Bonfire, After Getting Drunk
Chapter 522 - Soft-Hearted
Chapter 523 - Thought Through
Chapter 524 - Kiss
Chapter 525 - The Bonfire Party
Chapter 526 - Mode Of Interaction
Chapter 527 - Interrupted
Chapter 528 - Thirsty
Chapter 529 - : I'Ll Chase You
Chapter 530 - Back To The Capital
Chapter 531 - A Provocation
Chapter 532 - The Identity Of The Second Young Miss
Chapter 533 - A Medical Complaint
Chapter 534 - Shengsheng Makes Her Move
Chapter 535 - Shengxiao
Chapter 536 - Shengsheng'S Medical Skills Show
Chapter 537 - End Of The Operation
Chapter 538 - Bullying
Chapter 539 - Shengsheng'S Medical Skills Shocked The Imperial Capital
Chapter 540 - Here He Comes
Chapter 541 - Younger Sister
Chapter 542 - Return To The Country
Chapter 543 - Wrong Payment
Chapter 544 - Call For A Doctor
Chapter 545 - Blood Brother
Chapter 546 - Cooperation Reached
Chapter 547 - -Conflict
Chapter 548 - University Days
Chapter 549 - -Heartfelt Words
Chapter 550 - The Stars Fall Into My Arms
Chapter 551
Chapter 552 - -Promoting Shengsheng
Chapter 553 - Coveting
Chapter 554 - Gift
Chapter 555 - His Girlfriend
Chapter 556 - The Difference
Chapter 557 - An Accident
Chapter 558 - Framed
Chapter 559 - Found The Real Murderer
Chapter 560 - The Prince
Chapter 561 - Setting A Trap
Chapter 562 - The Truth Of Saving People
Chapter 563
Chapter 564
Chapter 565 - Han Yuan Was Caught
Chapter 566 - Wen Ting Apologizes
Chapter 567 - Mu Sheng'S Cover Is About To Fall
Chapter 568 - Shengsheng Meets The Principal
Chapter 569 - Mu Sheng And The Dean Meet
Chapter 570 - So, Shengsheng Is The Big Boss!
Chapter 571 - Support
Chapter 572 - -Not Guilty And Released
Chapter 573 - For The Sake Of A Man
Chapter 574 - Resolve
Chapter 575 - An Exception For Researcher Promotion
Chapter 576 - Befriending
Chapter 577 - Invited To The Banquet
Chapter 578
Chapter 579
Chapter 580
Chapter 581
Chapter 582
Chapter 583
Chapter 584
Chapter 585
Chapter 586
Chapter 587
Chapter 588
Chapter 589 - 589 Taking The Exam
Chapter 590 - 590 Brother And Sister Getting Along
Chapter 591 - 591 Big Brother'S Gift
Chapter 592 - 592 Cheating Out Of Jealousy
Chapter 593 - 593 The Dean Of The Research Institute Supports Mu Sheng
Chapter 594 - 594 Closed-Door Disciple
Chapter 595 - 595 The Wedding Scene
Chapter 596 - 596 Smooth Progress
Chapter 597 - 597 Confrontation In The Research Institute
Chapter 598 - 598 Weibo Is Paralyzed
Chapter 599 - 599 Senior Researcher Exposed
Chapter 600 - 600 Arriving At The Meeting Room
Chapter 601 - 601 Chapter 599
Chapter 602 - 602 Big Brother Is Here
Chapter 603 - 603 Jealous Of His Brother-In-Law
Chapter 604 - 604 I'M Going To Bring You Back
Chapter 605 - 605 Chapter 603-Mother
Chapter 606 - 606 Big Jealousy
Chapter 607 - 607 Conflict
Chapter 608 - 608 Military Advisor Li An
Chapter 609 - 609 Good-Tempered
Chapter 610 - 610 Leaving
Chapter 611 - 611 The Little Princess
Chapter 612 - 612 The Results Of The Appraisal
Chapter 613 - 613 Chapter 611
Chapter 614 - 614 Chapter 612-Meeting On A Narrow Path
Chapter 615 - 615 Making Their Relationship Public
Chapter 616 - 616 Chapter 614-Internal Strife
Chapter 617 - 617 Discovered
Chapter 618 - 618 The Gratified Brother-In-Law
Chapter 619 - 619 Granddaughter-In-Law
Chapter 620 - 620 Chapter 618-Conspiracy
Chapter 621 - 621 Brother And Sister Reuniting
Chapter 622 - 622 Chapter 620-Take Action
Chapter 623 - 623 Li An Is In Trouble
Chapter 624 - 624 Grand Finale, Grand Wedding
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Mu Sheng had researched quantum mechanics and engineered cross-sea bridges in her past life. However, she became a small-time celebrity plagued with a bad image overnight. This sad foolish woman was made to marry a sick man to counteract his bad luck. Even when her kidney and marrow were taken from her, she was glad to help. Memories of how her body's original owner sacrificed everything for a scum flooded Mu Sheng’s mind, making her eyes roll.

The news exploded in the entertainment industry. Mu Sheng performed a 1440 degree somersault when she skied on an entertainment program and left everyone awestruck. The anti-fans felt she must have edited the image or hired a stunt double. Two weeks later, the International Ski Federation invited her to join them as a lifetime member. In time, government research, hacking, calligraphy and brush painting, and music associations all reached out for her to join their ranks one after another.

So what? She ended up marrying a useless man who was on the brink of death and would become a widow in a matter of time. Things did not quite play out as everyone expected. The useless Mr. Li did not die and ended up healthier than ever. He even shockingly turned out to be a mysterious big shot in the corporate world. Mu Sheng did not wind up a widow and Mr Li. loved her to bits.

Mu Sheng glanced at a man. “Now that you have been healed, can you sign the divorce agreement?”

Li Hanchen smiled. “There’s one more thing you haven’t healed.”

Mu Sheng frowned. “Are you still unwell?”

Li Hanchen said, “I love you to death and there’s no cure for it.”

He had found a ray of hope amid the darkness and her name was Mu Sheng.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rebirth into an Unknown World


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations


Only the sound of machines was audible. At the center of the operating table, the heavily anesthetized woman suddenly opened her eyes.

Mu Sheng frowned as she studied the environment, and memories flooded into her mind.

Mu Sheng was about to get up when she suddenly heard a sound at the door, so she quickly closed her eyes.

The door opened, and a man and a woman walked in.

“Ming, will my sister suffer any side effects from kidney donation? Will she be in pain?” Mu Xiao frowned with tears welling in her eyes as she leaned into Li Ming’s arms delicately.

“She was the one who made you so sick. If taking her kidney isn’t enough, I will draw all the blood from her body to cure you.” Li Ming could not help feeling sad when he saw the tears in Mu Xiao’s eyes. “She did this to you because you were too nice, you know? There there. Stop crying. It breaks my heart to see you cry.”

“Boohoo. I’m sure that’s not what she meant to do. It was a pure accident. I’m certain she didn’t purposely push me,” said Mu Xiao as she lowered her head and looked somewhat worried. She looked utterly frail and pitiful. “Will she blame me when she wakes up?”

“No, she won’t. It’s her honor to donate a kidney to you.” Li Ming hurriedly comforted the love of his life.

Mu Sheng could not bear listening to them and frowned. What melodrama was this couple up to?

The moment Mu Xiao saw Mu Sheng move, she looked worried. “Ming, is she going to wake up? I’m leaving. I’m afraid she might get angry if she sees me.”

“Uh huh. Makes sense for you to leave,” said Li Ming as he saw Mu Xiao out the door. By the time he returned, Mu Sheng had sat up.

Li Ming was instantly stunned.

He grew up with Mu Sheng and knew that she was good-looking, but her domineering personality and poor sense of style made Li Ming find her distasteful and ugly.

Mu Sheng quietly sat in bed dressed in only plain colored hospital robe with her hair scattered behind her shoulders.

It finally dawned on Li Ming that Mu Sheng had such exquisite features and beauty. Her cold eyes were particularly stunning.

Li Ming was stunned for a second before he smiled and walked over to Mu Sheng. “Sheng, the test results are out. You and your little sister are a match. The operation will take place in three days.”

“Is that so?’ Mu Sheng was feeling giddy from all the memory flooding her head, so she automatically frowned.

Li Ming hated Mu Sheng but inexplicably had the urge to help Mu Sheng smooth her brow. “Uh huh. Sheng, you certainly are as kind as ever.”

Mu Sheng said nothing, so Li Ming added, “Don’t worry. My engagement with Mu Xiao isn’t real. She’s just doing it to help you save your spot as Mrs. Li. Once you have divorced Li Hanchen, I will marry you in no time.”

Since Mu Sheng was trying to get accustomed to this new body, she felt a little sick. Now that she had heard this pretentious little speech, she could not help feeling disgusted. “What do you love about me? My kidney or my blood?”

Li Ming panicked. Had she heard their conversation? “Sheng, what do you mean by that?”

“I’m telling you to leave,” said Mu Sheng as she got off the bed.

“Sheng, it’s not what you think.” Li Ming reached his hand out to hug Mu Sheng. Instead, Mu Sheng kicked him so hard that the cabinet beside him toppled to the side from the force.

Li Ming clutched his chest and looked at Mu Sheng in disbelief as she left the operating theater.

The frail-looking Mu Xiao stood at the door and walked up to Mu Sheng when she saw her. “Sheng, are you okay?”

Mu Sheng glanced at Mu Xiao. She recalled how the original owner of the body had so-called accidentally pushed Mu Xiao down the stairs and smiled.

An accident? It was more like a set-up, right?

“Come here. I have something to tell you.” Mu Sheng raised her head and looked around before she walked over to a blind spot of the security cameras.

“What?” Mu Xiao followed behind her. “Sheng, I’m not trying to snatch Li Ming from you. Please don’t be mad. Our engagement is just for show.”

“You claimed that I pushed you down the stairs.” Mu Sheng’s cold voice echoed within the fire escape as she turned to look at Mu Xiao frostily. “Did I push you like this?”

Before Mu Xiao realized what Mu Sheng was up to, Mu Sheng had pushed her down. Mu Xiao rolled down the stairs in horror as she screamed.

Mu Sheng retrieved a piece of tissue from her pocket, wiped her hands, tossed it into the trash can, and left briskly.

The hospital ward was located on the tenth floor, and Mu Sheng decided to take the stairs. She quietly organized these unfamiliar memories in her head as she went downstairs.

The original owner of this body was the Mu family’s eldest daughter. Her mother was her father’s first wife, and Mu Xiao was her younger stepsister.

Since Mu Xiao had a weak constitution, everyone in the family doted on her more. Hence, Mu Sheng ended up increasingly short-tempered and kept accidentally pushing Mu Xiao down the stairs, into the water, or even ripping her intravenous drip from her arm.

Mu Sheng’s family increasingly hated her because of this vicious cycle, so when the firstborn son of the Li family fell ill and needed to marry someone to counteract his bad luck, they made Mu Sheng marry Li Hanchen.

Her family completely deserted Mu Sheng, so the only hope she had was for her childhood friend, Li Ming, to save her.

However, Li Ming’s lover was unexpectedly her delicate little sister, Mu Xiao.

Li Ming pretended to love Mu Sheng so that Mu Sheng would willingly offer her organs to Mu Xiao.

After Mu Sheng had gone through the memories, she shook her head sadly. The previous owner of the body failed to discover their plot and lost everything.

She used to be an accomplished winner in her past life. Why did she transmigrate and end up becoming this sad, foolish woman?

The moment Mu Sheng left the hospital, her phone rang like mad.

“Mu Sheng!!! Don’t you know we are filming ‘Every Day Is an Inspiration’ today? Where the hell are you? If you don’t get your a*s here in 30 minutes, you will get kicked out of Sunny next week!” roared the talent agent furiously into the phone.

“Okay,” replied Mu Sheng before hanging up the phone. She hailed a cab and told the driver where to go.

“Why am I so unlucky to have to work with an artist like her?” The talent agent was furious after Mu Sheng hung up on him. “If she’s late, I’ll ensure she gets kicked out. Or else, I will change my surname to hers!”

The largest ski resort in the country was located midway up the snowy mountain, and the filming for this episode of “Every Day Is an Inspiration” was taking place there.

The guests had arrived at the ski resort, so the film crew did a headcount before they started filming.

There were three hosts and four guests in total. Other than Mu Sheng, all of them had arrived.

“Where is Mu Sheng? Why isn’t she here yet? Ruan Yingying, do you know where she is since you are closer to her?” The person in charge looked at a stunning girl beside him.

“Mr. Wang, I don’t know either.” Ruan Yingying opened her eyes wider. “I already reminded her to wake up early today.”

On the surface, nothing seemed unusual about what she said. However, she was implying that Mu Sheng had woken up late.

The film crew only agreed to let Mu Sheng appear on the program on account of Ruan Yingying. Instead, she failed to appreciate the opportunity, so the film crew had an even worse impression of her.

“Why isn’t Mu Sheng here yet? Is she crying in some corner and afraid to show her face?” said one of the girl band members, Chen Jiao, furtively.

“Haha!” Su Tao covered her mouth and looked at Chen Jiao. “She is probably upset because Yingying managed to become the female lead. Tsk tsk. What made her think she stood a chance? That is Director Yang’s biggest project this year. How dare she secretly go for the audition? Haha! Who does she think she is?”

“Call her again.” The film crew checked the time annoyingly. “If you can’t get her, let’s start filming without her. In any case, she is unimportant.”

“Don’t bother. I’m here.” A cold female voice rang from behind.

Everyone turned to look and was instantly stunned.

Mu Sheng stood in the snow. She lifted her chin slightly and looked at them somewhat loftily. Her black ski wear complemented her face and made her even more gorgeous.

Even though she looked the same, she felt like a new person.

She used to look like a coward, but she gave off a glacial aura today and seemed like a cold blade standing confidently in the snow.

Despite his anger, the film crew unexpectedly panicked when Mu Sheng looked at him coolly. He waved his hand. “I’m glad you’re here. Standby everyone. We will start filming.”

“Sheng, are you okay?” asked Ruan Yingying gently with concern.

Mu Sheng glanced at Ruan Yingying before she lowered her eyes and ignored her.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry with me?” whispered Ruan Yingying.

“Yingying, ignore her. Sheng must be jealous of you. Just look at her. How could she have the audacity to go and audition for Director Yang’s show?”

“Don’t say that about her.” Ruan Yingying forcibly smiled as she comforted her bandmates. This made her bandmates console her again.

Everyone was here, the film equipment was in place, and filming started.

“Welcome to ‘Every Day Is an Inspiration’. Today, we have with us the girl band Sunny. Let’s put our hands together to welcome them!”

The host introduced each of the band members. The other girl band members greeted the audience enthusiastically when the camera landed on them.

Mu Sheng looked up when it was her turn. The bangs by the side of her forehead fluttered and landed on her curly eyelashes. She was a natural beauty.

“I’m Mu Sheng.” She spoke concisely.

The director quickly waved his hand for the cameraman to move the camera. After all, Mu Sheng was just a burden in the band. No one would miss her if he did not film her.

Mu Sheng was cut from the picture as she stood by the side while the three band members were surrounded by the hosts and given a 360-degree shot.

Ten minutes into the filming, everything was going according to the director’s plans.

Ruan Yingying found it odd that filming was going so smoothly. Why did Mu Sheng not kick a fuss this time? In the past, she was in the habit of stealing the limelight. Why was she so quiet this time?

Ruan Yingying glanced at Mu Sheng from the corner of her eye. Mu Sheng was calmly making snowballs as though the filming had nothing to do with her.

Something was up with Mu Sheng today. Did she finally get smart, or was she pretending to be strong?

Ruan Yingying looked at Mu Sheng’s exquisite profile and felt upset. Mu Sheng was certainly gorgeous. If not for her lousy reputation and pushover personality, there was no way Ruan Yingying would have been made the bandleader.

“Yingying, we know you were once a provincial-level competitive skier, so you are an excellent skier. You absolutely have to show us your skiing today.”

The camera focused on Ruan Yingying. She veered her eyes and smiled shyly. “You’re too kind. I haven’t practiced in a long time, so I’m a little rusty.”

“Yingying, you are so modest. We invited some professionals to help today, so please ski for us.”

“Okay. If you insist.” Ruan Yingying stepped forward but halted and suddenly turned to look at Mu Sheng in the corner. “Sheng loves to ski too. Why don’t we do it together?”

The moment Ruan Yingying finished her sentence, the camera landed on Mu Sheng.

She was making a snowman, and her fingertips were slightly red.

Mu Sheng did not make a scene like she did in the past. Instead, she was as quiet as ice and seemed absolutely composed as she gave off a cool aura.

She glanced at Ruan Yingying quietly and smiled. “Sure.”


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