Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On by Magic Principal

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Chapter 108 - An Old Friend From 100 Years Ago
Chapter 109 - The Truth And Danger
Chapter 110 - The Evil Spirit Awakens
Chapter 111 - Land Of Longevity
Chapter 112 - Mutual Destruction
Chapter 113 - Lost Descendant Search Talisman
Chapter 114 - The Path To Finding One’S Family Member
Chapter 115 - The Immortal Arrives
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Chapter 135 - Return Of The Clansmen In Exile
Chapter 136 - Expansion Of Cultivation Base
Chapter 137 - : Upgrade Of The Family Clan’S Formation
Chapter 138 - The Secret Of The Murder Leaked
Chapter 139 - Eliminate The Weeds By The Roots
Chapter 140 - The Shocked Xi Bolai
Chapter 141 - Ron’S Return
Chapter 142 - The Sin Of Killing Is Deep
Chapter 143 - Death Threat
Chapter 144 - A Short Calm, A Great Calamity Descends
Chapter 145 - Attacked By A Powerful Enemy
Chapter 146 - Family Clan In Danger
Chapter 147 - The Formation Bouncing Off Attack
Chapter 148 - Xi Bolai Intervenes
Chapter 149 - Guardian Spirit Beast
Chapter 150 - Who Dares To Create A Scene?
Chapter 151 - Arrival Of The Reinforcements
Chapter 152 - : Since You’Re Here, Let’S Fight
Chapter 153 - Mission Completed
Chapter 154 - Enlightenment Halo And Heaven-Tier Cultivation Technique
Chapter 155 - Unknown Elder
Chapter 156 - Family Clan Reputation Increased
Chapter 157 - Night Travel Talisman, Pursuit For A Thousand Miles
Chapter 158 - Killed Eight People
Chapter 159 - Snatching The Luck Of The Four Large Family Clans
Chapter 160 - The Ancestral Grave Exploded
Chapter 161 - Upgrade In The Family Luck Level
Chapter 162 - Who Is The Murderer?
Chapter 163 - Ron Breaks Through! Family Clan Upgrade!
Chapter 164 - Romo’S Breakthrough
Chapter 165 - Constructing The Forbidden Ground
Chapter 166 - Silence From The Four Large Family Clans
Chapter 167 - Powerful Reinforcements Left
Chapter 168 - Spirit Beast Egg, Opportunity
Chapter 169 - Guardian Spirit Beast Breakthrough Talisman
Chapter 170 - I Clearly Came First!
Chapter 171 - The Foundations Of The Nicholas Family
Chapter 172 - Divine Deterrence Technique
Chapter 173 - Second Search For Clansmen
Chapter 174 - Ambush
Chapter 175 - First Battle Of The Divine Power Realm
Chapter 176 - The Mu Guang Pavilion That Does Not Go Away.
Chapter 177 - Lost Clansmen
Chapter 178 - Finding The Clansmen
Chapter 179 - Encountering Danger On The Return Journey
Chapter 180 - The Guardian Spirit Beast Makes A Move
Chapter 181 - Another Chief Dies
Chapter 182 - Heads Delivered To The Door
Chapter 183 - Great Archmage
Chapter 184 - The Chief Who Had Been Played With
Chapter 185 - The Secret Of The Mu Guang Pavilion
Chapter 186 - Abnormal Actions
Chapter 187 - Destroy The Mu Guang Pavilion In Thirty Days
Chapter 188 - Rewards For Efforts
Chapter 189 - Hardy County
Chapter 190 - Information On The Walls Village
Chapter 191 - 1 There’S A Show To Watch
Chapter 192 - Decisive Killing
Chapter 193 - Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 194 - The Strange Movement Of The Dragon Flame Flying Sword
Chapter 195 - The Difficulty In Finding One’S Clansmen
Chapter 196
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Chapter 199 - Is It You?
Chapter 200 - Those Who Hurt My Clansmen Should Die
Chapter 201 - True Identity
Chapter 202 - Fighting Openly And Secretly
Chapter 203 - Return Together
Chapter 204 - Bestowing A Surname
Chapter 205 - Surging Undercurrents
Chapter 206 - Save It If You Can
Chapter 207 - Scorching Power
Chapter 208 - Legend Of The Abyss
Chapter 209 - The Magical Beasts In The Abyss
Chapter 210 - A Cleansing Sword
Chapter 211 - End The Battle Quickly
Chapter 212 - Hiding Place
Chapter 213 - The Best Moment
Chapter 214 - Coming To Rescue
Chapter 215 - Panicked
Chapter 216 - Removing Distracted Thoughts
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Chapter 218 - Everyone Has A Part
Chapter 219 - Innumerable
Chapter 220 - Impartiality
Chapter 221 - A Gift To Him
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Chapter 227 - Ignore It
Chapter 228 - Little Achievement
Chapter 229 - Waiting For An Opportunity
Chapter 230 - Snatching Back
Chapter 231 - The Troublemakers Are Here
Chapter 232 - Condemnation
Chapter 233 - Can Fight Without Talking
Chapter 234 - He Deserves To Die
Chapter 235 - Come At Me All Together
Chapter 236 - Shocked
Chapter 237 - : Ignorance
Chapter 238 - Rebound Attack
Chapter 239 - Feeling Fear
Chapter 240 - Finally Recaptured
Chapter 241 - Hidden Rewards
Chapter 242 - Time To Harvest
Chapter 243 - One Annihilated Four
Chapter 244 - Soft Fragrance
Chapter 245 - : Nurture The Descendants
Chapter 246 - Intense Curiosity
Chapter 247 - Famous
Chapter 248 - Level-3 Weapon Refinement Master
Chapter 249 - A Bet On Refining Weapons
Chapter 250 - Alchemist And Weapon Refiner
Chapter 251 - Rebuilding The Family Cemetery
Chapter 252 - The Turbulence Of Making Connections
Chapter 253 - Retainer Assessment
Chapter 254 - Greeting Gift
Chapter 255 - Tenfold Speed
Chapter 256 - The Ruins Appeared
Chapter 257 - Scarlet Blood
Chapter 258 - In An Alternate Space
Chapter 259 - Ron'S Fury
Chapter 260 - Where The Treasures Are
Chapter 261 - Demon Binding Ropes
Chapter 262 - Strange Tentacles
Chapter 263 - Rescue From The Python'S Mouth
Chapter 264 - That Move Was...
Chapter 265 - Old Man Pale Face
Chapter 266 - Surrender? Kill!
Chapter 267 - Powerful Aura
Chapter 268 - Platinum Fire Cloud
Chapter 269 - The Crisis Is Still Here
Chapter 270 - Killing With A Raise Of The Hand
Chapter 271 - Destruction Of The Mystic Realm
Chapter 272 - Attacked By Everyone
Chapter 273 - Besieged By Hungry Wolves
Chapter 274 - The Crisis Reappears
Chapter 275 - Help From An Old Friend
Chapter 276 - Divine Mountain Immortal Island
Chapter 277 - Deep Relationship
Chapter 278 - The Nurture Of A Son Of Destiny
Chapter 279 - Difficult To Explain
Chapter 280 - Had She Known Earlier
Chapter 281 - Refining And Counting
Chapter 282 - Guessing The Sacred Spirit
Chapter 283 - Divine-Tier Inheritance
Chapter 284 - Congratulations, Kathleen
Chapter 285 - Worship By Returning Clansmen
Chapter 286 - Under The Skin
Chapter 287 - Family Punishment
Chapter 288 - Bloodline Upgrade
Chapter 289 - Ron'S Marriage
Chapter 290 - Marriage Proposal
Chapter 291 - Sacred Peacock To Propose Marriage
Chapter 292 - Back To The Residence
Chapter 293 - Congratulations At The Wedding Banquet
Chapter 294 - The Third Flame
Chapter 295 - Incubation Time
Chapter 296 - Birth Of The Heavens' Will, Opening A Surprise
Chapter 297 - Freedom Of The Temporary Body
Chapter 298 - Killed Someone With Ignorance
Chapter 299 - The Old Man Is Coming Over? He Is Courting Death.
Chapter 300 - Search For Medicine Under The Sea
Chapter 301 - Revenge, Deep In The Sea
Chapter 302 - A Shocking Change In The Depths Of The Palace Before The Banquet
Chapter 303 - Magical Beasts Break Out Of The Body
Chapter 304 - Battle With The Magical Beasts
Chapter 305 - A Huge Mountain Descending From The Sky
Chapter 306 - Going In The Opposite Direction, Shattering The Mountain
Chapter 307 - Follow-Up, Famous Again
Chapter 308 - Departed Spirit Domain, Deep Sea
Chapter 309 - Human-Shaped Ghost, Again
Chapter 310 - The Vortex Opens, An Old Friend Appears
Chapter 311 - Reunion, Seal, Leave
Chapter 312 - News Of Romo'S Dead Wife
Chapter 313 - How To Save My Wife
Chapter 314 - Appearance Of The Opportunity, Sacred Spirit Transformation
Chapter 315 - The Might Of A Heavenly Divine Mage, Grandmaster
Chapter 316 - Divine Sky Battle, Third Transformation
Chapter 317 - Heavenly Divine Mage? Come Down
Chapter 318 - Chapter 318
Chapter 319 - Ghost Deity'S Ultimate Move To Destroy Romo
Chapter 320 - Ghost Deity In Despair, Not Dead
Chapter 321 - Secret, Listening In The Netherworld
Chapter 322 - : Possessed By The Enemy, I'Ll Search Your Soul
Chapter 323 - Fated Person Blessed With Good Luck
Chapter 324 - Primordial Calamity, Secret Of Lost Souls
Chapter 325 - Companion Realm Treasure, Return To The City
Chapter 326 - Time-Limit For Temporary Body Became Zero
Chapter 327 - Seclusion, Seven-Color Young Peacock
Chapter 328 - The Children Ten Years Later
Chapter 329 - Going Home After School, The Return
Chapter 330 - Ten Million, Current Situation Of The Family Clan
Chapter 331 - Beast Sect, A Storm Is Brewing
Chapter 332 - Flying North, Where Is Seven-Color?
Chapter 333 - Premonition, Seven-Color In Danger
Chapter 334 - New Mission, Asking In The Dream
Chapter 335 - Break Through Realm, Small Prediction Technique
Chapter 336 - Position Calculation, Elder'S Request
Chapter 337 - Divine Magi Attack, Southward
Chapter 338 - Just Passing By
Chapter 339 - Found, Pierced In One Spear
Chapter 340 - Divine Mage, Don'T Hide, Come Out
Chapter 341 - Transforming Into A Beast, Mysterious Person
Chapter 342 - Unable To Block, Unable To Escape
Chapter 343 - Destruction Of The Beast Sect, Rewards
Chapter 344 - Shocking Return, Northern Territory
Chapter 345 - Passing Through, Those Who Block Will Die
Chapter 346 - The Village Becomes A Ruin, Killing In Rage
Chapter 347 - Kill Them All! Fortunate On Hindsight
Chapter 348 - Luck Suppression Dragon Scale, Stolen
Chapter 349 - Hole In The Ground
Chapter 350 - Underground Trap, Trapping Formation
Chapter 351 - You Cover Me, I'Ll Break Through
Chapter 352 - Orly Kingdom, Absorbing The Dragon Vein
Chapter 353 - Self-Destruction Of The Divine Mage, Pursuit
Chapter 354 - True Dragon Scale, Seizing And Control
Chapter 355 - Killing My Clan? You Can’T
Chapter 356 - Platinum Fire Cloud, Destruction Of The Divine Mage
Chapter 357 - Return Home Soon, Four Divine Magi
Chapter 358 - Refining A Sacred Weapon, Stabilizing The Family Clan'S Luck
Chapter 359 - Family Clan Luck Upgrade, Gift Bag Opening
Chapter 360 - Near The Bottleneck, Dream Of Restoring The Kingdom
Chapter 361 - Cultivation Technique, Heaven-Tier Sacred Body
Chapter 362 - The Four Young Masters Of The Family Clan, Spring Outing
Chapter 363 - Hunting Competition, Strange Green
Chapter 364 - Miasma Savage, Poison
Chapter 365 - Attack Him, Formick
Chapter 366 - The Four Young Men Captured The Savage
Chapter 367 - This Person, Formick
Chapter 368 - The Founder Of The Poison Sect, Scheer
Chapter 369 - To Restore The Poisonous Body Or To Expel The Poisons, Choose
Chapter 370 - You Choose Your Path
Chapter 371 - Complete Restoration, Stunned
Chapter 372 - Magic Stone Mine
Chapter 373 - Destruction Of The Calamity Mountain Range
Chapter 374 - Magic Stone Mine? Demonic Devouring Insects
Chapter 375 - The Magic Stone Mine Revealed
Chapter 376 - Explosion Of The Insects, Killing To The Nest
Chapter 377 - Mutated Insects, Surrender Or Die
Chapter 378 - The Gale Wind Island Attacked Out Of The Blue
Chapter 379 - This Mine Should Be Mine
Chapter 380 - 380 Snatching The Mine, Going To War
Chapter 381 - 381 Come Quick, Heavenly Divine Realm
Chapter 382 - 382 Sky Ascension Stairs, Path To Ascension
Chapter 383 - 383 Tit For Tat, Home Ground
Chapter 384 - 384 The Nicholas Family Vs. The Gale Wind Island
Chapter 385 - 385 Terrifying Powerful Force
Chapter 386 - 386 Battle Outcome Decided? Not Quite
Chapter 387 - 387 That Move, Ancestral Master Appears
Chapter 388 - 388 The Ancestral Spirit Appears, Romo Appears
Chapter 389 - 389 The Nicholas Family Clan'S Heavenly Divine Mage
Chapter 390 - 390 Kill Those Who Wanted To Kill Me
Chapter 391 - 391 The Nicholas Family, How Ruthless
Chapter 392 - 392 There'S Hope For A Breakthrough, Support
Chapter 393 - 393 Traveling In Different Teams, Blood Calamity
Chapter 394 - 394 You Too Have A Blood Calamity
Chapter 395 - 395 The Fake Gone, The Real One Appears, Fierce Ghost
Chapter 396 - 396 Unresolved Blood Calamity
Chapter 397 - 397 Gale Wind Island? You'Re Finished
Chapter 398 - End - 398 Ten Years Later, The End
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

With the birth of Romo’s 18th generation descendant, something beyond the realm of consciousness has been awakened!

Romo Nicholas had been dead for more than 500 years. He has just been forcefully revived by the System called the Ancestral Simulator.

To his shock, someone is plundering his descendant Little Arthur’s luck! Romo has to save him!

But how? The System has only revived his spirit but not his body. He is now without the magical powers he had as a powerful Mage in his previous life.

After his death, his Nicholas family clan has fallen into dire straits and fled to Winterfrost, a desolate place, where they have been oppressed by the two large local family clans in Winterfrost.

Sinister forces are plotting against his descendants.

Romo can only rely on the System, exchanging Faith Points from the worship by his descendants for Meditation Techniques, Luck Points, Magic Pills, Talismans, Magic Weapons etc.

Can he, the Old Ancestor, who remains stuck in his tablet in the ancestral hall, save his clan, protect and prosper his descendants?

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Ancestor Simulator


Henyee Translations


Henyee Translations

Magic Martial Continent.

“Waah!” With a loud cry, the 18th generation descendant of the Nicholas family clan was born. As if a switch had been flipped, something beyond the realm of consciousness was awakened.

[Ding… System conditions fulfilled. System initializing]

[Ding… Ancestor Simulator activated]

[Ding! Host status detected…]

[Host: Romo Nicholas]

[Identity: Founder of the Nicholas family clan]

[Current status: Deceased for 503 years, 3 months and 3 days]

[Physical Body: Destroyed]

[Spirit: Dormant. Can be activated]

[Activating spirit…..]

[Spirit activated]

A transparent spirit, not visible to the naked eye, had emerged from the uppermost tablet in the ancestral hall of the Nicholas family clan. Romo was dumbfounded.

What was happening? Wasn’t he dead? Why was he alive?

Buzz! A stream of information entered Romo’s mind, and he instantly knew the cause of all this.

Damn, Ancestor Simulation System? Are you messing with me? You didn’t activate when I was alive, and now that I’ve been dead for hundreds of years, you then activated?

Romo was especially speechless. He was actually a transmigrator who was originally a homebody on earth. By chance, he had transmigrated to the Magic Martial Continent. This was a world filled with magical power and martial arts, where the strong reigned and the law of the jungle ruled.

He did not have a prominent identity; he was just a commoner. All his hopes had been placed on systems which might have existed. After all, he had read many web novels as a homebody. All transmigrators had the Systems with them. However, he had exhausted almost all means to summon the System and still failed to make the System manifest itself in the end. After a year, he gave up.

Fortunately, his mental strength was extremely powerful, perhaps because he had lived two lifetimes. It was also because of this that a wandering Mage took a fancy to him and took him in as an apprentice of magical power. Then, he learned magical power from this Mage and embarked on the never ending journey to study magical power.

It was not easy for him to get to live again, so no matter what, he had to have some achievements. Therefore, he worked extremely hard to study magical power, much harder than anyone else. Coupled with his mental strength, which was much stronger than others, he advanced rapidly along the path of magical power. Soon, from an apprentice of magical power, he became a very powerful Mage. This enabled him to establish his own Mage family, and they became renowned.

However, because he did not have the background, he had to go around searching for the magical relics left behind by the predecessors. He searched for magic potions and magical power techniques that could help him increase his strength. However, in one such expedition, he was plotted against by a Paladin and died.

Initially, he thought that his life was over, just like that. However, who would have thought that he would come back to life again after having been dead for hundreds of years? And he was even awakened by the System, which was called the ‘Ancestor Simulator’.

Romo did not know whether to laugh or cry at the required condition for the System to be activated. It actually required Romo’s 18th generation descendant to be born.

Just a moment ago, this condition had been met, so the System had also activated. Even Romo had been forcefully revived by the System. However, this revival had failed somewhat. Only his spirit had been revived, but not his physical body.

According to how this world would put it, he was now a spirit. This was not a good state to be in. He had studied magical power for over a hundred years and had some understanding of the special existence of a spirit.

Spectral spirits were a strange and precarious existence. They did not become a spirit simply after a person had died. No one knew how they came into being.

Spectral spirits usually did not have their own consciousness; they were unaware. Some were harmless just like a figure of imagination. Some were extremely terrifying; they killed wantonly without even knowing how the other party was killed. In short, ‘Creepy’ and ‘Terrifying’ were their names.

However, Romo clearly had his own consciousness and thoughts currently. It could be said that he was an oddity among the spectral spirits. He just did not know if he could be completely revived with the help of the System. As he thought of the System, he immediately spoke silently in his head,

System, open my attributes panel.

With a flash of light, a transparent attributes panel, which only he could see, appeared in front of him. On it, his attributes were listed in detail.

[Host: Romo, Nicholas]

[Identity: Founder of the Nicholas family clan]

[Status: Spectral Spirit (Special)]

[Level: Spectral Spirit Level 1]

[Family Clan Rank: Rank 1. (lowest rank, on the verge of bankruptcy)]

[Family Clan Luck: Level 1 (lowest)]

[Family Clan Members: 23 people]

[Family Clan Base Location: Winterfrost]

[Family Clan Reputation: Little-known]

[Family Clan Assets: Some minor assets. Think in silence to see the details]

[Family Clan Treasures: None]

[Magical Items: None]

[Faith: 130,000]

Romo first looked at the state of his spirit. He was actually a level-1 Spectral Spirit. This meant that even if he was in the spirit form, he could still level up.

It was great as long as he could still level up. This way, he would have a way to increase his strength. If his strength could be increased, then it would be possible for him to be completely revived. But currently, what he could depend on the most now was the Ancestor Simulator.

The Ancestor Simulator’s use was to protect descendants and help them, and then obtain their faith in return. He could then use the faith to exchange for good stuff from the System. This would form a virtuous cycle.

In order to obtain more faith, the family clan had to be stronger, the better. However, Romo’s heart turned cold when he saw the family clan’s information on the attributes panel.

He clearly remembered that when he was still alive, his family clan was in the Holy Light City. It was the most prosperous city in the entire Magic Martial Continent, the center of the entire continent.

Their family clan had more than a hundred family members; their Nicholas family clan was indeed very powerful.

But now, they had actually moved from the Holy Light City to such a desolate place like Winterfrost. The family clan’s members numbered only 22, and the family clan was only a little-known. After five hundred years of development, the family clan had actually declined to such a sorry state. Romo felt a little indignant for himself. These descendants were too useless. He had built such a good foundation, and yet they had squandered the entire estate he had accumulated?

Unfilial descendants!


omo rebuked, in his heart.

“No, I must see who the current head of the family is. He had messed up the family clan; he’s too useless.”

After speaking, Romo’s mind stirred. Instantly, the System sensed something. The contents within that transparent attributes frame in front of him immediately changed.. A huge pyramid-shaped network appeared.


Total Chapters in book: 398
Estimated words: 588998 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2945(@200wpm)___ 2356(@250wpm)___ 1963(@300wpm)