Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! by Coconut Fiber

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Chapter 69 - Assessment Result
Chapter 70 - What Are You Guys Doing?
Chapter 71 - Jian Qi Is So Popular
Chapter 72 - He Is Just Like His Name!
Chapter 73 - I’M Not A Weak Person
Chapter 74 - What Do You Need The Stones For?
Chapter 75 - : What Did I Owe You In My Previous Life?
Chapter 76 - You Cannot Even Run Faster Than A Novice Soldier
Chapter 77 - What’S Your Problem With Me?
Chapter 78 - Is This School Violence?
Chapter 79 - Do You Have To Be So Harsh And Strict?
Chapter 80 - Little Tang Tang, Goodnight
Chapter 81 - I Want To Embarrass Her
Chapter 82 - Ten Ring? One Hundred Ring?
Chapter 83 - Absolute Confidence
Chapter 84 - You Take Yourself Too Seriously!
Chapter 85 - Shouldn’T You Do This In Close Combat?
Chapter 86 - You Look So Charming When You Smile, Instructor!
Chapter 87 - Ridiculous Qi
Chapter 88 - Did She Have To Be So Weak?
Chapter 89 - Instructor Tang Protecting His Own
Chapter 90 - Revoke Tang Jinyu’S Position As An Instructor
Chapter 91 - There’S A Halo Above Your Head, Instructor!
Chapter 92 - No Faith, Just Passion!
Chapter 93 - Little Tang Tang’S Heart And Words Never Match
Chapter 94 - Someone Changed The Backpack
Chapter 95 - Still Too Dumb
Chapter 96 - I Don’T Want Her To Come Back In One Piece!
Chapter 97 - Congratulations, You’Ve Been Eliminated!
Chapter 98 - Finally, I Get To Hold Your Hand
Chapter 99 - When Did She Arrive?
Chapter 100 - I Did It Intentionally!
Chapter 101 - Can I Be Your Girlfriend?
Chapter 102 - Be A Couple And Make Your Debut
Chapter 103 - The Girl Whom Tang Jinyu Likes
Chapter 104 - I Want To Beat You Up
Chapter 105 - Boss, Are You Recruiting People Beforehand?
Chapter 106 - Instructor, I’M Professional
Chapter 107 - Sister Qi Is Very Overbearing
Chapter 108 - Wait For Me To Return Obediently
Chapter 109 - Let Me Become The Hostage
Chapter 110 - Let’S Make A Bet
Chapter 111 - : Grief, Young Man
Chapter 112 - You’Ve Been In This Kind Of Situation Before?
Chapter 113 - When Will The Wedding Bells Sound?
Chapter 114 - Boss, Are You Serious?
Chapter 115 - A Well Fed Man Doesn’T Know The Hunger Of A Starving Man
Chapter 116 - Eat The Boss Dry And Clean
Chapter 117 - Instructor, Have Some Meat
Chapter 118 - The Person That Slept On Your Bed
Chapter 119 - Are You Planning To Take Me Down?
Chapter 120 - Drill Is Over Just Like That?
Chapter 121 - Did They Find Out?
Chapter 122 - Did You Do It On Purpose?
Chapter 123 - Too Much? I Think It’S Fine
Chapter 124 - Instructor, You Will Lose Me If You Behave Like This
Chapter 125 - A Fluttering Heart
Chapter 126 - What I Said Was True
Chapter 127 - What Are They Waiting For?
Chapter 128 - I’M In Charge Of Fighting, You’Re In Charge Of Being The Pretty One
Chapter 129 - Why Are You Such A Clingy One?
Chapter 130 - Aren’T You Afraid Of Being Beaten Up Since You’Re So Reckless?
Chapter 131 - : I Want Some Silence
Chapter 132 - Filled With Deep Hatred
Chapter 133 - Jian Qi, I’Ll Remember You
Chapter 134 - She Is A Humane Person
Chapter 135 - Rumors
Chapter 136 - She Prefers Taking Action Over Explaining Herself!
Chapter 137 - He Had Been On Her Side From The Beginning
Chapter 138 - Jian Qi, Come With Me
Chapter 139 - Does It Mean That I Have Successfully Gotten A Great Support System?
Chapter 140 - I Reject Your Offer
Chapter 141 - Fifteen Minutes?
Chapter 142 - Don’T Crumble
Chapter 143 - Why Are You So Excited?
Chapter 144 - Young Lady, You’Re Quite Arrogant!
Chapter 145 - You Should Have Listened To Him!
Chapter 146 - This Brat Is Wicked!
Chapter 147 - I Do Like To Kill My Teammates!
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 - Young Lady, You Are Right!
Chapter 150 - I See You As My Buddy But You See Me As A Love Rival!
Chapter 151 - It Is Better To Take The Initiative Than To Wait For Death
Chapter 152 - Jian Qi Is Indeed A Wicked Girl
Chapter 153 - Fighting Among Themselves
Chapter 154 - Big Sister Qi, Do You Want To Fight With Me One-On-One?
Chapter 155 - Well Done You Guys!
Chapter 156 - Dare To Prey On Tang Jinyu
Chapter 157 - Did It Look Like She Was Going To Sexually Harass Them?
Chapter 158 - Let Instructor Lu Carry You
Chapter 159 - Aren’T You The One Who Wanted To Challenge Her One-On-One?
Chapter 160 - An Existence That Did Not Seem To Exist
Chapter 161 - Can’T Be Too Brutal With My Goddess
Chapter 162 - Three Against Two Is Not Very Fair, Is It?!
Chapter 163 - Is That Person Lu Yao Or Jian Qi?
Chapter 164 - Your Time Is Up!
Chapter 165 - Only She Would Play With Our Feelings
Chapter 166 - Instructor Tang, You’Re Being Cheeky!
Chapter 167 - Who Is So Lucky And Unlucky At The Same Time?
Chapter 168 - Coming…
Chapter 169 - Her Little Heart Is Broken
Chapter 170 - She Had Never Eaten Dirt No Matter How Poor She Was
Chapter 171 - I Need To Be On The Run Now
Chapter 172 - Do We Share Telepathy?
Chapter 173 - Instructor, Where Are You Kicking At?
Chapter 174 - Someone Is Being Shameless
Chapter 175 - Sir Tang, Are You Going To Hit A Corpse?
Chapter 176 - These Freshmen Are Quite Impulsive!
Chapter 177 - Instructor Tang Is Not Happy
Chapter 178 - The ‘Bloodshed’ That Was Caused By A Plate Of Leftovers
Chapter 179 - Mu Zi, What’S Wrong?
Chapter 180 - Have Her Quit
Chapter 181 - Two-Men-Team Cannon Fodder
Chapter 182 - Remember To Put Flowers On My Grave
Chapter 183 - It’S Too Late
Chapter 184 - Whose Shirt Is This?
Chapter 185 - Instructor Tang, Don’T You Want To Consider Being With Me?
Chapter 186 - It’S Ruined Again!
Chapter 187 - Do You Have A Misunderstanding?
Chapter 188 - Boss, When Did You Become So Friendly?
Chapter 189 - We’Ve Run Out Of Bullets. Dismissed!
Chapter 190 - How Dare You Bully Big Sister Qi! Have You Forgotten About Boss?
Chapter 191 - Final Words? A Love Letter!
Chapter 192 - Give Up, You’Re No Match For Big Sister Qi
Chapter 193 - Being The Queen Of Actresses Is Not As Important As You
Chapter 194 - Your Little Goddess Jian Qi Qi
Chapter 195 - You Won’T Be Able To Live Without Me
Chapter 196 - : Aren’T You Gonna Give Me A Kiss?
Chapter 197 - They Had Been Completely Annihilated?
Chapter 198 - There Were So Many Traps In The City, Unlike The Village!
Chapter 199 - Counter
Chapter 200 - Two Against One?
Chapter 201 - Instructor Tang?
Chapter 202 - Mr. Tang, Are You Not Going To Do Anything?
Chapter 203 - What Are You Going To Do With Him?
Chapter 204 - Kiss Or Hug?
Chapter 205 - My Heart Is Made Of Glass
Chapter 206 - This Man Is Insane
Chapter 207 - I Want To Loosen Your Bones
Chapter 208 - Will I Become A Part Of The Special Fire Team?
Chapter 209 - Your Talent Must Be Staying Single Since Birth!
Chapter 210 - Am I The Only One That Thinks Our Boss Is Being Easy?
Chapter 211 - Young Lady, Can You Not Trick Yourself?
Chapter 212 - Battle Of Veterans And Rookies!
Chapter 213 - The World Smells Of Rotten Love!
Chapter 214 - Your Little Ancestor Called
Chapter 215 - Meeting Little Tang Tang On A Date With An Idol
Chapter 216 - Heart Shattered Into Pieces
Chapter 217 - Brother, Do You Like Jian Qi?
Chapter 218 - You’Re Quite Fixated On Tang Jinyu, Aren’T You?
Chapter 219 - Talk About Killing The Mood!
Chapter 220 - Did I Bully Anyone?
Chapter 221 - Who Would Dare Bully Her People!
Chapter 222 - Let Me Tell You How Important He Is
Chapter 223 - How Did You Know I Was Talking About Jian Qi?
Chapter 224 - She Came Here To Cause Trouble?
Chapter 225 - Little Tang Tang, You Must Have Followed Me Here
Chapter 226 - I Wouldn’T Mind If You Call Me Sister-In-Law
Chapter 227 - It Has Been A While Since He Punished Someone, His Hand Is Itching
Chapter 228 - Until I Say Stop
Chapter 229 - I Want To Beat You Up, Does That Count?
Chapter 230 - Fed With Dog Food!
Chapter 231 - I Wanted To Die Because Of You
Chapter 232 - Are You Trying To Get Them To Hate Me?
Chapter 233 - It Seems That Our Timing Is Terrible
Chapter 234 - Why Are You Clapping?
Chapter 235 - Are You Preparing To Give Me A Loving Encouragement?
Chapter 236 - How Could You Do This To Your Love Rival?
Chapter 237 - I Am Straight!
Chapter 238 - Instructor Tang, Would You Let Me Pass The Final Elimination?
Chapter 239 - This Is Sweet
Chapter 240 - She’S Eating All Of It Like They Were Candies
Chapter 241 - Big Sister Qi, Were The Candies Tasty?
Chapter 242 - How Can I Flirt If My Voice Isn’T Sweet Enough?
Chapter 243 - Might Not Be The Freshman Who Gets Eliminated
Chapter 244 - It’S Rare To See Big Sister Qi Being Humble
Chapter 245 - How Bloodthirsty, How Violent… I Love It
Chapter 246 - Does This Person Want To Create A Spy?
Chapter 247 - Confessing To My Instructor Tang Is A Pressing Matter Too!
Chapter 248 - You Would Definitely Be The First To Commit Mutiny!
Chapter 249 - Words Can Definitely Cut Like A Knife!
Chapter 250 - She’S Going To Ambush Him!
Chapter 251 - If You Were The Same As Us, You Would Be Dead By Now!!
Chapter 252 - Are You Interested In Two-On-One?
Chapter 253 - Have You Thought About How You Want To Die?
Chapter 254 - Have You Ever Heard Of A Hunter Being Bullied By His Prey?
Chapter 255 - I Think You’Re Sullying Her Name!
Chapter 256 - Let’S Gossip About You And Instructor Tang!
Chapter 257 - Do Men Like Weak And Helpless Girls?
Chapter 258 - The Freshmen Are All Going To Be Eliminated
Chapter 259 - Stalemates… Were Made To Be Broken
Chapter 260 - Do You Guys Think That I Can Attract Instructor Tang With This?
Chapter 261 - Big Sister Qi, Is Your Throat Made Of Gold?
Chapter 262 - Who Said That Wristbands Had To Be Worn On Wrists?
Chapter 263 - Shall I Balance Out Your Numbers?
Chapter 264 - The Bond In The Special Fire Team!
Chapter 265 - I Have Instructor Tang, After All!
Chapter 266 - Boss, Which Side Would You Pick?
Chapter 267 - Don'T You Think I'M Strong?
Chapter 268 - Betting With Her Life
Chapter 269 - Big Sister Qi, You'Re Still Alive?
Chapter 270 - Who Do You Want Disqualified?
Chapter 271 - Big Sister Qi, Can We Not Fly In The Sky?
Chapter 272 - Was She Confident Or Would She Rather Die Than Lose?
Chapter 273 - T Won'T Be Quiet For Too Long!
Chapter 274 - Instructor Lu Is A Delicate Flower That Needs Protection!
Chapter 275 - The Fight Between Li Yibo And Her
Chapter 276 - My Instructor Tang Said That I Should Traumatize You
Chapter 277 - He Can’T Beat Me One-On-One
Chapter 278 - If Not The Face, Where Else Should I Hit?
Chapter 279 - Mighty Big Sister Qi!
Chapter 280 - Feeling Defeated Yet?
Chapter 281 - Throw Him Back To Wherever He Came From
Chapter 282 - Do You Think The Special Fire Team Members Are Easy Targets?
Chapter 283 - The Traps Are Too Deep To Avoid!
Chapter 284 - I Put Those Flying Cows In The Sky!
Chapter 285 - Instructor Tang Has Been Conquered By My Beauty
Chapter 286 - Soon…
Chapter 287 - Try My Best To Seduce You
Chapter 288 - Instructor, Are You Worried About Me?
Chapter 289 - Give Me A Reason
Chapter 290 - Tang Jinyu Is Doubtful
Chapter 291 - Senior Officer, Just You Wait For Your Pretty Girl
Chapter 292 - She Does Not Want To Complicate Matters
Chapter 293 - Instructor Tang Wants To Be All Lovey-Dovey With Me
Chapter 294 - Do You Want To Kiss Me For A Month?
Chapter 295 - Just Stare At Me If You Think That I’M Pretty, Don’T Even Blink
Chapter 296 - She’S Way Too Strong
Chapter 297 - Your Little Cutie Is Waiting For Your Reply
Chapter 298 - Watch How I Would Torture Instructor Tang To Death!
Chapter 299 - Target Has Appeared
Chapter 300 - What An Attitude, Big Sister Qi!
Chapter 301 - I’Ll Be Fine
Chapter 302 - Location Exposed!
Chapter 303 - Boss, I’M Dead
Chapter 304 - Boss, Big Sister Qi Is Publicly Taunting You!
Chapter 305 - We’Re Finally Gonna Fight Each Other
Chapter 306 - Boss, I…
Chapter 307 - Instructor Tang Is Good At Hiding
Chapter 308 - There’S Only One Person Left On The Battlefield
Chapter 309 - I Heard That You Want To Torture Me
Chapter 310 - Instructor Tang Is Good At Playing With People’S Hearts
Chapter 311 - Have You Been Frozen Stupid?
Chapter 312 - Why Don’T You Lift Me Up Like I’M A Princess?
Chapter 313 - I’M Warm Because I’M Hugging Little Tang Tang
Chapter 314 - I Want To Die On The Same Day As Instructor Tang
Chapter 315 - I Have To Carry Him Back Because I’M The One Who Knocked Him Out
Chapter 316 - I Was Bawling My Eyes Out
Chapter 317 - A Proud ‘Wife’
Chapter 318 - Little Tang Tang, I Can Feel A Green Halo Above My Head
Chapter 319 - Who Are You?
Chapter 320 - I Should Introduce Myself Again!
Chapter 321 - Charming And Friendly Big Sis
Chapter 322 - Boss, Are You Using This As A Chance To Get Revenge On Her?
Chapter 323 - Your Little Goddess Has Fallen And She Needs A Kiss To Be Revived
Chapter 324 - Be Gentle, Don’T Rush!
Chapter 325 - Little Tang Tang, I’M Scared
Chapter 326 - Put On The Coat
Chapter 327 - They Wanted To Sexually Harass Me Just Now
Chapter 328 - Why Don’T We Put On A Show For A While?
Chapter 329 - Little Tang Tang, How Could You Change So Suddenly?
Chapter 330 - Can I Take Advantage Of You?
Chapter 331 - Do You Want To Take Advantage Of Me?
Chapter 332 - Let’S Hug Longer Since It’S The Last Hug
Chapter 333 - Stay Alive No Matter What
Chapter 334 - Remember What I Said
Chapter 335 - Could I Repay You With My Body?
Chapter 336 - Am I Still Human If I Don’T Take Advantage?
Chapter 337 - I’M Injured, Not Handicapped!
Chapter 338 - Warm-Hearted Sir Tang
Chapter 339 - Big Sister Qi, You’Re Messing Around Again!
Chapter 340 - I’M Embarrassed To Be Praised Like That
Chapter 341 - Even Though You Said No, Your Body Is Exceptionally Honest
Chapter 342 - Don’T You Think It Would Be More Dangerous If It Were A Man?
Chapter 343 - Aren’T You Afraid Of Being Beaten Up By Boss?
Chapter 344 - We’Re Suitable No Matter What
Chapter 345 - Don’T Treat Instructor Tang Like A Fool
Chapter 346 - You Cannot Do This In An Ambush
Chapter 347 - Little Tang Tang, Come Quickly To Protect Your Goddess
Chapter 348 - Instructor Tang, Will You Protect Me?
Chapter 349 - If You’Re Stupid, Don’T Blame Others For Being Smart.
Chapter 350 - Here I Come!
Chapter 351 - Jian Qi, Why Don’T You Give Me An Explanation?
Chapter 352 - Is This Considered A Fool’S Errand?
Chapter 353 - Darling, We’Ve Reached Home Safely
Chapter 354 - Your Acting Skills Are So Good That I Cannot Tell Whether You’Re Acting Or Not
Chapter 355 - Idol, You Look Even More Handsome Than Before!
Chapter 356 - My Idol Has Actually Started Dating
Chapter 357 - Farewell, You, The Best Person In The World
Chapter 358 - Hug Tightly, Your Little Fairy Is About To Sleep
Chapter 359 - It Was All A Trap!
Chapter 360 - You Will Only Buy Pork Knuckles Even If You’Re Rich
Chapter 361 - Boss, You Like Jian Qi, Don’T You?
Chapter 362 - If She Doesn’T Have Genuine Feelings, I’Ll Make Her Have Such Feelings!
Chapter 363 - What Are You Talking About So Happily?
Chapter 364 - Young Lady, How Can I Save You From Your Self-Obsession?
Chapter 365 - Why Are You Gazing At Me So Lovingly?
Chapter 366 - A Failed Honey Trap
Chapter 367 - Acting Queen, Are You Done Acting?
Chapter 368 - All Third Wheels
Chapter 369 - You And I Will Be Together
Chapter 370 - Don’T Worry, I Won’T Let Anything Happen To You
Chapter 371 - Single Men Are Destined To Feel Jealous
Chapter 372 - Boss, You Are Cunning!
Chapter 373 - When Will We Try Lying On The Bed?
Chapter 374 - Boss Is Keeping His Eye On Her!
Chapter 375 - Congratulations, Big Sister Qi, You Are The Center Of Attention
Chapter 376 - : Too Much Of A Coincidence
Chapter 377 - Was It Anger Or Jealousy?
Chapter 378 - Do You Know Norman?
Chapter 379 - Were My Tears All For Naught?
Chapter 380 - Give Me A Reason I Can Believe In
Chapter 381 - Walking In The Rain Is Very Romantic
Chapter 382 - I Will Protect You With My Life
Chapter 383 - Even If Thunder Strikes, You Will Be The First To Die!
Chapter 384 - A Couple’S Bath With Instructor Tang
Chapter 385 - Rapport
Chapter 386 - Willingly Become The Target
Chapter 387 - Your Little Fairy Will Return To You Alive
Chapter 388 - Who Are You, Really?
Chapter 389 - You Might Have Been Blown Into Pieces!
Chapter 390 - Vicious Speech
Chapter 391 - What Did Someone Else’S Death Have To Do With Him?
Chapter 392 - Don’T You Dare Get Hurt!
Chapter 393 - Your Little Fairy Has Three Seconds To Arrive In Your Arms
Chapter 394 - Your Little Fairy Nearly Lost Her Life!
Chapter 395 - She Was Lying Earlier
Chapter 396 - Her Cover Was Falling Apart
Chapter 397 - The Bullets Are All Gone
Chapter 398 - Listen Willingly For A Lifetime!
Chapter 399 - Why Did You Lie?
Chapter 400 - Hug Me And Comfort Me
Chapter 401 - Are You Really Going To Ignore Your Little Fairy?
Chapter 402 - Was Number Seven Really Killed By A Shot To The Head?
Chapter 403 - Mercilessly Hateful Words Of Endearment
Chapter 404 - : Don’T Get In The Way Of Us Meeting In Our Dreams
Chapter 405 - A Grand Meal Of Pork Knuckles
Chapter 406 - I Am Your Little Fairy
Chapter 407 - Similar Individuals With Different Lives
Chapter 408 - I’Ll Buy One For You When I Propose To You
Chapter 409 - Tie Me Around Your Waist With A Rope
Chapter 410 - Little Tang Tang, Are You Hiding Your Mistress?
Chapter 411 - A Soldier? Why Did Yiyi Call Her Sister-In-Law?
Chapter 412 - Worried About Someone’S Behavior Tonight
Chapter 413 - The Bride, Little Tang Tang And The Groom, Jian Qi Qi!
Chapter 414 - The Mouth Says No But The Body Says Yes
Chapter 415 - Your Future Daughter-In-Law, My Sister-In-Law!
Chapter 416 - We’Re Talking About Marriage
Chapter 417 - Listen To The Walls
Chapter 418 - How Dare You Knock On Your Little Fairy’S Noble Head
Chapter 419 - She’S My Soldier, I’Ll Take Responsibility!
Chapter 420 - You Can’T Easily Make Such Promises
Chapter 421 - Are You Murdering Your Husband?
Chapter 422 - Are We Going To Meet Again Soon?
Chapter 423 - Whenever It’S Late Into The Night, I’Ll Wash My Face With Tears
Chapter 424 - Silent Threat, King’S Eyes!
Chapter 425 - Little Tang Tang, Are You Jealous?
Chapter 426 - Do You Think Boss Is Only Friendly With You?
Chapter 427 - Did Tang Jinyu Like Her?
Chapter 428 - Worried That She Would Disappear
Chapter 429 - Your Mission Is To Protect Me!
Chapter 430 - Big Sister Qi, You’Re Crazy!
Chapter 431 - Want To Engage The Tang Family
Chapter 432 - Deep Doubt
Chapter 433 - Other Than Luck, I Also Have Instructor Tang
Chapter 434 - Jian Qi, What’S Your Relationship With The Anti-Terrorists?
Chapter 435 - Jian Qi, You Can’T Get A Divorce!
Chapter 436 - She Wants Him To Be Fine!
Chapter 437 - Time To Meet That Red-Haired Girl
Chapter 438 - What Would The Real Jian Qi Look Like?
Chapter 439 - How Did You Know You Would Not Be Single?
Chapter 440 - Kiss Me Deeply
Chapter 441 - Trust Him!
Chapter 442 - Dear, Are You Going To Tire Me Out?
Chapter 443 - Little Tang Tang, Are You Worried About Me?
Chapter 444 - I Will Protect You Even If I’M Blind!
Chapter 445 - Kissing Her Forehead
Chapter 446 - Boss, You’Re Exposed!
Chapter 447 - Even If You’Re Jealous Of Me, You Can’T Fight Against An Injured Person
Chapter 448 - : I Want To Meet Your Boss!
Chapter 449 - Sooner Or Later, I Will Take Over This Antiquest!
Chapter 450 - What About You? Did You Have Someone To Remember?
Chapter 451 - Everyone, Move!
Chapter 452 - : His Yiyi Has A Good Eye!
Chapter 453 - Instructor Tang, Is Your Little Fairy Beautiful?
Chapter 454 - : Tang Jinyu Was Hurt For The Second Time
Chapter 455 - Teamwork
Chapter 456 - How Could I Like Someone Else?
Chapter 457 - Little Tang Tang, Your Halo Is Especially Bright Today!
Chapter 458 - You’Re So Nice, Can I Not Take It?
Chapter 459 - How Are You Going To Propose To Instructor Tang?
Chapter 460 - You Didn’T Hear Wrongly, She Really Appeared!
Chapter 461 - Crocodile Is Going Down The Path Of Death
Chapter 462 - Girl, Are You A Bandit?
Chapter 463 - Who Is The Owner Of The Phone Number?
Chapter 464 - He’S Fine… How Great
Chapter 465 - She’S Gone
Chapter 466 - This Girl Is In His Heart
Chapter 467 - Big Sister Qi, Take Care!
Chapter 468 - : It Looks Like You Remember Her
Chapter 469 - It Was Like This Girl Was A Devil From Hell!
Chapter 470 - Where Were You When Number Seven Was Killed?
Chapter 471 - A Mini Bug In The Necklace
Chapter 472 - She Didn’T Say Goodbye To That Person!
Chapter 473 - Surprise? Shock?
Chapter 474 - Take Off Your Clothes
Chapter 475 - Big Sister Qi, Take Out The Diamond Ring!
Chapter 476 - An Unexpected Kiss
Chapter 477 - Buy A Flower And Give A Handsome Kiss
Chapter 478 - I’Ll Be In Charge Of Earning Money, You’Ll Be In Charge Of Being Pretty!
Chapter 479 - I Really Prepared Chinese Valentine’S Day Gift For You
Chapter 480 - If She Was Not Her, Who Was She?
Chapter 481 - Even If I Die, I’Ll Never Tell On You
Chapter 482 - My Instructor Tang Is Injured
Chapter 483 - Don’T You Think I’M Beautiful?
Chapter 484 - He Was The One Who Took The Photo
Chapter 485 - The Photo Of You Kissing Boss Forcefully
Chapter 486 - Are You Jealous?
Chapter 487 - I’M Pretentious
Chapter 488 - He’S Still In My Heart Even If He Isn’T With Me
Chapter 489 - Your Boss Is The Best!
Chapter 490 - Don’T Block My And Little Tang Tang’S Wedding Photos
Chapter 491 - You Can Leave Now, She Will Stay!
Chapter 492 - Tang Jinyu Panics
Chapter 493 - Jian Qi, I’Ve Investigated You
Chapter 494 - This Is The Power Of Love
Chapter 495 - Sister-In-Law, Throw My Brother Down!
Chapter 496 - Jian Qi, Come Here
Chapter 497 - You Can’T Take Advantage Of Me, Painful…
Chapter 498 - Don’T Touch My Person
Chapter 499 - I Really Have Feelings About Her
Chapter 500 - I’Ll Save You!
Chapter 501 - Little Fool…
Chapter 502 - He Might Have Targeted You!
Chapter 503 - You Need To Cover My Pink Lips
Chapter 504 - Jian Qi, Steady!
Chapter 505 - Instructor Tang, You’Re So Handsome That You Don’T Have Friends!
Chapter 506 - Are You Going To Fall Out?
Chapter 507 - Jian Qi, Can I Believe You?
Chapter 508 - It’S Indeed A Little Fox!
Chapter 509 - Big Sister Qi’S Hobbies Are Getting More And More Special
Chapter 510 - Is This General Going To Beat Her Up?
Chapter 511 - Big Sister Qi, This Is What Society Is
Chapter 512 - Who Is Stronger Between Tang Jinyu And Tang Xiao?
Chapter 513 - You Must Protect Instructor Tang, Understand?
Chapter 514 - If I Don’T Defeat You, I’M Not Your Father!
Chapter 515 - Baby Tang Needs Care!
Chapter 516 - Girl, You’Re Really A Bandit!
Chapter 517 - The End Of The Talk Is Tang Jinyu!
Chapter 518 - Because I Still Have You!
Chapter 519 - Change Our Relationship Again
Chapter 520 - The Affinity Between Father And Son
Chapter 521 - Her Sweet Smile
Chapter 522 - You Still Have Us
Chapter 523 - Kill Your Dad
Chapter 524 - Is My Mouth Blessed?
Chapter 525 - Where Did Big Sister Qi Go?
Chapter 526 - Her Little Tang Tang Is Really Fair!
Chapter 527 - It’S Not That He Doesn’T Believe Her, He Can’T Gamble!
Chapter 528 - Major, Are You Angry?
Chapter 529 - Six Strange Gunshots
Chapter 530 - Don’T Blame Your Father For Being Merciless
Chapter 531 - Why Do I Feel Like You’Re Doing Something Bad?
Chapter 532 - Little Tang Tang, Cover Me!
Chapter 533 - But I Still Want To Blow Them Up!
Chapter 534 - How Dare You Bully My Big Sister Leng Yu
Chapter 535 - Let’S Go And Kill Him!
Chapter 536 - Even If You Die, You Can Be A Ghost
Chapter 537 - Are We Going To Fight Head-On?
Chapter 538 - Impressive, Instructor Tang
Chapter 539 - These Two Have Great Rapport!
Chapter 540 - She Wanted To Kill Tang Jinyu If Forced Into A Corner!
Chapter 541 - Who Would Win?
Chapter 542 - A Life For A Life!
Chapter 543 - I Clearly Belong To Instructor Tang
Chapter 544 - Tang Enthusiasm’S Day Is Coming
Chapter 545 - I Will Protect Her Since Elder Tang Wants To Deal With Her!
Chapter 546 - Would She Really Marry Tang Jinyu In The Future?
Chapter 547 - Preparing Loving Breakfast For You!
Chapter 548 - Little Tang Tang, I Can’T Part With You
Chapter 549 - Do You Want To Lose Me Completely?
Chapter 550 - The Taste Of Love And Love
Chapter 551 - The Opponent’S Strength Is Not Enough For Me To Take Action!
Chapter 552 - Someone’S Taking My Side For A Mission? Who?
Chapter 553 - Was He Going Because Of Jian Qi?
Chapter 554 - She’S Indeed A Little Fairy, Her Beauty Is Unblockable
Chapter 555 - I Want To Hug You!
Chapter 556 - A… Couple Suite
Chapter 557 - Why Didn’T You Say You Were Gathering Cold Air?
Chapter 558 - You Look Very Hot
Chapter 559 - It’S Not Suitable For A Child
Chapter 560 - You Don’T Know How To Be Gentle!
Chapter 561 - This Girl Has Many Problems!
Chapter 562 - Come And Feed Your Little Fairy
Chapter 563 - I’M A Woman, I Have A Chest!
Chapter 564 - Why Did You Yelp Like A Dog With Such A Beautiful Face?
Chapter 565 - I’Ll Try My Best To Suppress My Light
Chapter 566 - Hand Of Sin
Chapter 567 - Acting Queen Is Online
Chapter 568 - Pick Up The Gun!
Chapter 569 - Qi, Get Rid Of This Person
Chapter 570 - Tang Jinyu’S Selfishness
Chapter 571 - Slap Tang Jinyu’S Buttocks
Chapter 572 - Jian Qi, Just You Wait!
Chapter 573 - She Must Take Every Step Well
Chapter 574 - Captured?
Chapter 575 - Brother, What’S Your Name?
Chapter 576 - Is This Person A Mute?
Chapter 577 - : This Person Is A Hooligan!
Chapter 578 - Brother, I’M Sorry!
Chapter 579 - Survival Or Death?
Chapter 580 - You Will Regret It For The Rest Of Your Life!
Chapter 581 - Beat Tang Jinyu Up
Chapter 582 - You’Re My Big Brother!
Chapter 583 - Little Tang Tang, When Should We Take Action?
Chapter 584 - Not Everyone Can Be An Actress!
Chapter 585 - Don’T You Know That Your Face Is Disgusting?
Chapter 586 - Acting Herself
Chapter 587 - Suspicion
Chapter 588 - Instructor Tang, You’Re Mine!
Chapter 589 - Little Lunatic… His
Chapter 590 - How Dare You Peek At Another Man’S Body Behind My Back!
Chapter 591 - Bootlicker
Chapter 592 - Two Scars
Chapter 593 - Do You Know About Jinyu?
Chapter 594 - Qi, Do You Think We Should Kill Him?
Chapter 595 - Master, I’Ll Kill Him!
Chapter 596 - Little Tang Tang, Do You Hate Me?
Chapter 597 - Is This Girl Stripping Again?
Chapter 598 - 8: I Want To Sleep With You!
Chapter 599 - Become A Scapegoat
Chapter 600 - Can I Deal With It Myself?
Chapter 601 - What’S His Name?
Chapter 602 - : Brother, You'Re My Brother
Chapter 603 - I'Ll Serve You Like A Cow
Chapter 604 - A Cockroach’S Life Is Too Strong
Chapter 605 - My Love Rival Is Very Like My Little Tang Tang!
Chapter 606 - Is It Easy For Me To Be A Spy?
Chapter 607 - Don'T Bully Her!
Chapter 608 - You Want Her To Get Into The Rain?
Chapter 609 - Do You Have Evil Intentions For Him?
Chapter 610 - Tang Jinyu'S Brain Was Fried!
Chapter 611 - You Have To Suffer Some Misery!
Chapter 612 - You'Re Sure Enough About My Little Tang Tang
Chapter 613 - Qi Zai Should Have Been Dead!
Chapter 614 - Who'S Norman?
Chapter 615 - Sneaking Into The Building
Chapter 616 - Godly Assistant
Chapter 617 - : Catch Her!
Chapter 618 - Tang Jinyu'S Worry
Chapter 619 - What Are You Worried About?
Chapter 620 - Do You Believe That I'Ll Feed You To The Sharks?
Chapter 621 - What'S Your Relationship With Her?
Chapter 622 - Are You A Recorder?
Chapter 623 - You Really Love Me!
Chapter 624 - I Won'T Let You Die Alone
Chapter 625 - Little Tang Tang, I Love You!
Chapter 626 - Jian Qi, How Dare You Run!
Chapter 627 - I'M Not Your Sister!
Chapter 628 - You Might Hurt A Little
Chapter 629 - It'S Not That I Don'T Want To Chase You, It'S That I Can'T Catch You
Chapter 630 - What Should I Do With You?
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Alternative Titles:

高冷帝少; 惹不起

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

He—an enigmatic and cold-blooded soldier with a mysterious background.
She—a ruthless and bloodthirsty spy.

After she transmigrated out of the blue, she held a knife to his neck on their first meeting— marking the beginning of their twisted fate.

One day, she pinned him to a wall.
“I’ve been teasing you for so long but you aren’t reacting at all, you’re forcing me to…”

Before she could finish, he smiled wickedly and counterattacked.
“Good girl, this is what you call sending a lamb to a tiger’s mouth.”
Then, he sealed her lips with a kiss…

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Transmigration


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

Along with the pain came a sense of nausea.

The person who was lying on the bed couldn’t help but groan in pain, before she slowly opened her eyes.

The girl furrowed her brows before subconsciously moving to touch the back of her head, then stopping her movements in shock.

She got shot in the head, how had she survived?

But there weren’t any signs of wounds on the back of her head.

Suddenly she realized that something wasn’t right. There was something wrong with her body, and she couldn’t bring herself to gather her thoughts.

As some strange images flitted through her mind…

She stumbled off the bed, wobblily making her way to the bathroom and splashed her face with water from the faucet. Even the icy cold water could not quell the heat that ran throughout her body because of the drugs.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, the girl was surprised to see a face that was completely different than her own.

She was wearing a knee-length white dress, and had flowing black hair that reached her hips.

She wasn’t wearing any makeup, but her skin was supple and bright, further accentuating her distinct but delicate features. Her eyebrows were as delicate as the strokes of a portrait, and her features gave her a conflicting air of purity and seductiveness.

Due to the drugs that she had unknowingly taken, her normally porcelain pale skin was now as red as a ripe tomato.

The images in her mind flitted on like a movie, giving her a terrible headache before she processed the information completely.

When the word transmigration surfaced in her mind, her first reaction was disbelief.

She was originally Agent 007 in the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the FBI, and she was killed by a shot to the head in one of her missions.

But she hadn’t expected that she would transmigrate into the body of this girl named Jian Qi.

Jian Qi was in her third year of high school, and she was already somewhat famous. Earlier today, she went to the bar with her classmates, but she was drugged and kidnapped to this place.

As the heat in her body grew stronger, she knew that cold water wouldn’t help. Either she found a man or she had to go to the hospital!

Opening the door of the bathroom and shuffling out, she saw a man enter the room.

The middle-aged man was fat and had a large stomach, and he looked quite greasy.

The lascivious smile he had on his face made her want to kill him right on the spot.

“You’re awake?”The man spoke as he made his way over to her, reaching his hand towards her face as if he wanted to cup it.

A cold glint shimmered in the girl’s eyes, and when his hand was only a centimeter away from her face, she quickly gripped his wrist and judo-flipped him, then stomping foot onto the fallen man’s chest.

The middle-aged man screamed in pain, not expecting such a frail-looking girl to pack such a punch, especially since she had been drugged.

As she looked at the man that was lying on the floor helplessly, she furrowed her brow. This body she was occupying was too weak, and now that she used so much strength, the nausea that plagued her only grew stronger.

Ignoring the heat that rose in her body momentarily, she promptly twisted and broke the man’s arm with a fluid motion.

Then she got up and moved to leave the room.

“You b*tch, you’ll get what’s coming for you!” The man held in the pain as he shouted towards the girl.

The girl who had already opened the door and was preparing to leave stopped in her tracks and turned around, and an oppressive aura of bloodlust filling the entire room, making it hard to breathe.

“W-What are you going to do?”

Seeing the girl that was making her way back towards him, he struggled to retreat from the aura of bloodlust and stuttered, “D-Don’t come near me, I can ban you from the entertainment industry forever!”


Total Chapters in book: 630
Estimated words: 470436 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2352(@200wpm)___ 1882(@250wpm)___ 1568(@300wpm)