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Chapter 2: Natal Artifact
Chapter 3: Magical Artifact Usage
Chapter 4: Outer Court Disciple
Chapter 5: Elder Making Things Difficult
Chapter 6: Sword Flying
Chapter 7: Strange Copper
Chapter 8: Miraculous Copper Bell
Chapter 9: Initial Display Of Power
Chapter 10: Hunted
Chapter 11: Firmament City
Chapter 12: Escaping Pitifully
Chapter 13: Purchasing Elixirs
Chapter 14: Lightning Wind Flying Sword
Chapter 15: Water Type Lightning Spell
Chapter 16: Scheming Plot
Chapter 17: A Great Battle
Chapter 18: A Night Of Romance
Chapter 19: Best Target To Bully
Chapter 20: Cave Investigation
Chapter 21: Unexpected Explosion
Chapter 22: Negative Lightning Prowess
Chapter 23: Water Lightning Prowess
Chapter 24: Spring Winds
Chapter 25: Another Plot
Chapter 26: Countering The Plot
Chapter 27: Let’S Go For A Mission
Chapter 28: 4-Eyed Snake
Chapter 29: Hidden Ploy Successful
Chapter 30: The Disaster
Chapter 31: Black Iron Bell
Chapter 32: Escape Day
Chapter 33: Cave Investigation
Chapter 34: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 35: Keeping The Treasure
Chapter 36: Preparing To Return
Chapter 37: Returning To The Sect
Chapter 38: Merit And Reward
Chapter 39: Compulsory Mission
Chapter 40: Bidding Farewell
Chapter 41: The Secular World
Chapter 42: The Way Of The Gentleman
Chapter 43: Meeting The Senior
Chapter 44: Past Stories
Chapter 45: Catching Ghosts
Chapter 46: First Time In A Sedan
Chapter 47: Curing The Disease
Chapter 48: Ghost De Rong
Chapter 49: Sword Of The Heart
Chapter 50: Others Dealing With The Aftermath
Chapter 51: Returning The Inheritance
Chapter 52: Earth Divine Lightning
Chapter 53: Smacked On The Face
Chapter 54: Sliced Into Eight Pieces
Chapter 55: The Guilty Party Files The Suit
Chapter 56: Killing The Royal Uncle
Chapter 57: The Reason
Chapter 58: Sent To Cool Breeze
Chapter 59: Taking Over As Temple Head
Chapter 60: Black Giant Boat
Chapter 61: A Conflict
Chapter 62: The Shocking Crossbow
Chapter 63: Killed On The Spot
Chapter 64: Mechanic Refinement Method
Chapter 65: First Try At Refining Weapons
Chapter 66: Blood Event At Cool Breeze
Chapter 67: Grim Circumstances
Chapter 68: Ready For Attack
Chapter 69: Wing Piercing Tiger
Chapter 70: Fleeing After Killing
Chapter 71: Battle In The Skies
Chapter 72: Comfortable And Relaxed
Chapter 73: Divine Cannon
Chapter 74: Exhausting All Means
Chapter 75: Fighting Together
Chapter 76: Imminent Peril
Chapter 77: Senior Uncle To The Rescue
Chapter 78: Returning To The Sect
Chapter 79: Three Years Later
Chapter 80: Genius Hong Ying
Chapter 81: Meeting The Sect Master
Chapter 82: A Gentleman'S Revenge
Chapter 83: Chased Out Of The Sect
Chapter 84: Life Imprisonment
Chapter 85: Past Matters
Chapter 86: Kind Hearted Me
Chapter 87: Five Element Divine Lightning
Chapter 88: Fire Divine Lightning
Chapter 89: Hong Ying Riding The Tiger
Chapter 90: Sect Competition
Chapter 91: Inner Workings Of The Competition
Chapter 92: I Am The Strongest!
Chapter 93: Pampered Girl’S Provocation
Chapter 94: Azure Shadow Divine Sword
Chapter 95: Ingenious Exploitation
Chapter 96: Miss Shui Jing
Chapter 97: Predictable
Chapter 98: Hong Ying Visits
Chapter 99: Plum Blossom Divination
Chapter 100: Fighting Azure Shadow
Chapter 101: Crazy Lady
Chapter 102: Big Hoo-Ha
Chapter 103: Dilemma
Chapter 104: Mystical Tortoiseshell And World Coin
Chapter 105: Two Live Treasures
Chapter 106: Meeting Miss Shui Jing Again
Chapter 107: Appearance Of Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 108: Storm Of Desire
Chapter 109: Moon Water State
Chapter 110: Unreasonable
Chapter 111: Competition (Of Another Type)
Chapter 112: Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 113: Bone Eroding Immortal Voice
Chapter 114: An Angry Huo Long
Chapter 115: Celestial Mei Hua
Chapter 116: Future Choice
Chapter 117: Hunting Demonic Beasts
Chapter 118: Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 119: Old Devil Feng Ning
Chapter 120: Mighty Old Devil
Chapter 121: He’S The One To Die
Chapter 122: Late Backup
Chapter 123: Just Not Falling For It
Chapter 124: Unlucky Jade Pearl Pavilion
Chapter 125: Shuijing’S Choice
Chapter 126: Divine Ice Soul Sword
Chapter 127: Sword Qi Vs Divine Lightning
Chapter 128: Defeat
Chapter 129: False Alarm
Chapter 130: Nine Beauties Painting Fan
Chapter 131: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 132: Jade Box Trap
Chapter 133: Beauty In Danger
Chapter 134: Sword Destroys The Cliff
Chapter 135: Shuijing In Danger
Chapter 136: A Dangerous Battle
Chapter 137: A Male’S Wish
Chapter 138: Obtaining The Nine Beauties
Chapter 139: Formidable Scapegoat
Chapter 140: Nine Beauties Test
Chapter 141: Accepting The Test
Chapter 142: A Narrow Escape
Chapter 143: Erotic Breakfast
Chapter 144: First Encounter With Devil Cultivator
Chapter 145: Frightening Witch
Chapter 146: 1 Vs 3
Chapter 147: Capturing Han Bing'Er
Chapter 148: Trampling The Goddess
Chapter 149: Crazy Lady
Chapter 150: Imminent Peril
Chapter 151: Battling Nine Cultivators
Chapter 152: Frightening Body
Chapter 153: Phoenix Cries To The Nine Heavens
Chapter 154: Ambush
Chapter 155: Harassing A Young Lady
Chapter 156: Heaven Shaking Battle
Chapter 157: Only Chance For Survival
Chapter 158: Divine Sword Origins
Chapter 159: Bitter Battle
Chapter 160: Heaven Shaking Sword
Chapter 161: Bed Battle With Lingfeng
Chapter 162: Devil Sect Bounty
Chapter 163: Foundational Cultivator
Chapter 164: Great Catastrophe Befalls
Chapter 165: Five Element Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 166: A Narrow Escape
Chapter 167: Profit From Disaster
Chapter 168: Mystical Sky Sect
Chapter 169: Dao Comprehending Tea
Chapter 170: Dual Cultivation Again
Chapter 171: Extremely Embarrassing Matter
Chapter 172: Blood River Pattern
Chapter 173: Immortal Beast Black Tortoise
Chapter 174: Final Choice
Chapter 175: Furiously Procuring
Chapter 176: News Of His Parents
Chapter 177: Plotting Against A Despicable Man
Chapter 178: Finding Shuijing
Chapter 179: Secretly Leaving The Sect
Chapter 180: Ambush
Chapter 181: Devious Plan
Chapter 182: Surrounding The Old Devil
Chapter 183: Joining Hands
Chapter 184: Fighting A Jindan Cultivator
Chapter 185: After The Battle
Chapter 186: Daoist Lecher
Chapter 187: The Egg Has Cracked
Chapter 188: Four Big Metal Brothers
Chapter 189: War Of Words
Chapter 190: Challenging The Bald
Chapter 191: Taking Revenge
Chapter 192: Do First, Speak Later
Chapter 193: Shocking Event
Chapter 194: Mistress Crisis
Chapter 195: Threesome
Chapter 196: Shocking Lightning
Chapter 197: Overbearing
Chapter 198: Exciting Day And Night
Chapter 199: Miserable Shuijing
Chapter 200: Having Fun
Chapter 201: Slashing The Baldies
Chapter 202: Killing For Nothing
Chapter 203: Demonic Beast Hunter
Chapter 204: Scary Lady
Chapter 205: Trampling A Crazy Lady
Chapter 206: Brutal Eastern Ocean
Chapter 207: Look Down On You
Chapter 208: All Perverts!
Chapter 209: Naked Skinning
Chapter 210: Sexy Witch
Chapter 211: Tyrannical Zirong
Chapter 212: Betraying The Witch
Chapter 213: Setting Sail
Chapter 214: Arriving At Volcanic Island
Chapter 215: Slaughtering Demonic Beasts
Chapter 216: Ingenious Split
Chapter 217: Perilous Situation
Chapter 218: Eagle King Shan’Er
Chapter 219: Divine Lightning’S Might
Chapter 220: Eagle King’S Scheme
Chapter 221: Black Shark King
Chapter 222: Mutual Deception
Chapter 223: Fighting Black Shark
Chapter 224: Heaven Shaking Battle
Chapter 225: Entry Without Escape
Chapter 226: Strange Island
Chapter 227: Primal Natal Fire
Chapter 228: Fighting Black Shark Again
Chapter 229: Escaping Death
Chapter 230: Meeting The Witch Again
Chapter 231: Discussing About Zirong
Chapter 232: Eastern Ocean Island Head
Chapter 233: Storm In The Yard
Chapter 234: Killing Two Birds With A Stone
Chapter 235: Three Demons Taunting
Chapter 236: Making Up
Chapter 237: Battling The Demons
Chapter 238: Pushing Back The Three Demons
Chapter 239: Spiritual Island
Chapter 240: Meeting A Baldie At Night
Chapter 241: Heaven Shaking Secret
Chapter 242: Do You Want To Know?
Chapter 243: Weapon
Chapter 244: Devil Entering The Body
Chapter 245: Extremely Pathetic State
Chapter 246: Catching
Chapter 247: Intense Battle
Chapter 248: Large Affair
Chapter 249: Celestial Qingyun
Chapter 250: Secret Scheme
Chapter 251: Imperial Bloodline
Chapter 252: Gold Dragon Boat
Chapter 253: Meeting The Demonic Beast Emperor
Chapter 254: Frightening Dragon
Chapter 255: Pure Water Palace
Chapter 256: Thousand Year Old Sea Turtle
Chapter 257: Meeting The Twin Beauties Again
Chapter 258: Core Successfully Formed
Chapter 259: Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 260: Lightning Tribulation Again
Chapter 261: Meeting Huo ** Again
Chapter 262: Precarious Situation
Chapter 263: Kicked Out Of The Sect
Chapter 264: Purple Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon
Chapter 265: Tiger Escaping The Cage
Chapter 266: Celestial Meihua
Chapter 267: Celestial Meihua’S Might
Chapter 268: Change Of Target
Chapter 269: Jade Pearl Ridgeline
Chapter 270: Meeting The Beauty Again
Chapter 271: Destroying The Jade Pearl Pavilion
Chapter 272: Hot Pursuit
Chapter 273: Shrewd Plan
Chapter 274: Destroying Thousands Desire
Chapter 275: Chance Encounter
Chapter 276: Witch Insertion
Chapter 277: Meeting Old Devil Feng Again
Chapter 278: Vicious Beating
Chapter 279: Enraged Attack
Chapter 280: Crazed Massacre
Chapter 281: Unexpected Change
Chapter 282: Surrounded On All Sides
Chapter 283: Blood Path
Chapter 284: Desperate Scenario
Chapter 285: Internal Fight
Chapter 286: Sinister Plan
Chapter 287: Reinforcements From The Demonic Clans
Chapter 288: Fighting A Yuanying Cultivator
Chapter 289: Retaliation
Chapter 290 - Burning Huo Qianwu
Chapter 291 - Second Form
Chapter 292 - Preparing For Revenge
Chapter 293: Subduing The Little Demon
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Alternative Titles:

Chaos Lightning Cultivation, Hun Dun Lei Xiu, 混沌雷修

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

“Song Zhong’s parents were the geniuses of the sect. But they were apparently killed while on a mission when he was barely 6. As he apparently did not excel in any of the 5 elements, in fact, all 5 elements are in balance in his body. Thus, our fatty is deemed to be trash and does not deserve the respect his parents had.

He is allowed to have one task, to collect garbage of the sect until he reaches the initial test-age where he has to prove that he is worthy to stay in the sect.

Our fatty has no choice but to cultivate the only heritage his parents gave him. A mysterious black pearl.

Unfortunately for him, this pearl seems to be only useful for… collecting garbage…”

Original Synopsis:

A Little Fatty who was constantly bullied in his sect, by relying on the Magical Artifact his parents left behind, cultivated the peerless, primarily chaotic Five Elements Lightning technique. Using this, he slowly rose and dominated the continents. 10th Step Water Divine Lighting, 3rd Step Fire Divine Lightning, 5th Step Earth Divine Lighting, 7th Step Metal Divine Lighting, Lesser 5 Element Soul Divine Lighting, Greater 5 Element Destruction Divine Lighting, Dark Purple Divine Lighting, Pure Divine Lighting, Clear Sky Divine Lighting, Righteous Taichi Divine Lightning.

~A monk once said, “One who has dissatisfaction should get struck by all 5 bolts of lightning”~

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Chapter 1: The Taoist Fatty

Chapter 1: The Taoist Fatty

In the endless vast mountains, there reside hundreds of greater and lesser sects, Mystical Sky Yard is one of the more tyrannic and powerful schools. Although Mystical Sky Yard only has a population of a few thousand, it possesses up to tens of thousands of miles of land in this area, and they are without a doubt, the rulers of these land, any practitioners who would dare make trouble here would be killed without mercy. Mystical Sky Yard’s reputation is built upon the corpses of numerous foreign practitioners.

At dusk, when majority of the practitioners in Mystical Sky Yard were having dinner or practicing, a little Taoist monk around sixteen or seventeen year old suddenly appeared in all the different side yards. The little Taoist monk appears a little chubby on the outside, dressed in a dirty green Taoist robe. Despite having a naturally delicate look, but with his pair of perverted little eyes has completely undermined his efforts to create the temperament of an immortal, which doesn’t make him look like a Practitioner. Instead, it made him look like an illiterate. In addition, he has an uncomfortable name, Song Zhong, which sounds like ‘Song Zhong’, thus causing everyone to despise him. Anyways, nobody calls him by his real name but instead calls him little fatty.

Little Fatty has a miserable background, his parents were elite disciples in the branch sect, but ten years ago, they met with an accident, and passed away. The Sect is famous for being cold and heartless, thus without the protection of his parents, his shocking ‘innate talent’ which can be considered as ‘Legendary Trash’ caused his status to take a plunge. From a child who was constantly under the protection and love of his parents, he became a servant who was constantly bullied by everyone.

A person who has an average affinity with all 5 elements has a title in the martial arts world, a ‘trash of all trades’. Although he can practise the spells of all elements, unfortunately he can never be outstanding in anything, and will never be able to become a true practitioner. Even by using countless elixirs to aid his training, there is still no hope for him to be an expert in any way. Under such circumstances, no school will be willing to waste any of these precious training materials on such a guy.

If not for the prestige of his parents, little fatty would long ago been chased out of the sect, left to perish on his own. But even so, his circumstances are not good. He cannot even be considered an outer court disciple, he can only be a lowly servant who does odd jobs. He specialises in helping the different side yards clear up their trash during dusk every day.

Even though little fatty is always silly and blur, but he is actually a very strong willed boy, even though he has seen through all sorts of ugliness and kindness from people over the past 10 years, not only did he not give up on himself, but continued to struggle in the face of difficulties. Even knowing that he has horrible talent, he has never given up on practicing.

Every day, other than his job of collecting rubbish, he spends the rest of his time on cultivating, for almost 20 hours a day(1 Shichen = 2 Hours). This sort of hard working attitude, even the practitioners who are considered to be martial art fanatics would be scared if they heard about it. After all, not everybody is able to be a statue, sitting down for a whole 16 whole hours without any form of entertainment nor anybody to converse with, just purely focusing on channelling your Qi. That sort of feeling can make any person alive seat til his brains turn to mush!

But, not only has Little Fatty been able to sustain this for 10 years, he firmly believes that as long as he doesn’t stop practising, he will be able to step upon all those who once bullied him before. As the saying goes, ‘The heavens do not disappoint the hard worker’. Alas, in his practise session yesterday night, little fatty had successfully converted all his Qi from HouTian to XianTian and became a true practitioner.

When mortals are born, they are all considered to be at the HouTian stage. Only by removing all the stench of HouTian and converting it into XianTian are they able to begin practising martial art techniques. If they manage to do it, they will become a practitioner. Otherwise, they will forever remain as a mortal.

However, in the face of such results, other than laughing bitterly, Little Fatty had nothing to be happy about. This is because those with talents have been able to cross this hurdle before they are 10. Some genius, supplemented by their family’s resources, are even able to achieve this when they’re merely 5 years old or younger! In other words, as compared to Song Zhong, these people have many more years to cultivate.

One must know that cultivating is an act which defies the heavens, it is essentially competing with the heavens for time. If one is unable to achieve any progress before his lifespan is over, what awaits him is nothing but death. Time spent cultivating is very precious, and it directly affects the future of the practitioner. For people like Song Zhong who needed 16 years to cross the hurdle towards becoming a cultivator, unless he is able to have any miraculous opportunity, he can basically wait to die.

In fact, the reason why Little Fatty is taking this gamble is because he really has such an opportunity which comes from an unknown treasure left by his parents. According to his parents, this treasure came from an ancient cave, and looking at the structure of the cave, the cave owner is likely to possess paramount strength. Chances were that his possessions would be extraordinary. Unfortunately, before Song Zhong’s parents were able to figure what it was out, they were sent out on a mission and never returned. This object was the only article which was left to Song Zhong by his parents.

Little Fatty’s intention was after he had cultivated to the XianTian stage, he would refine this treasure into his Natal Artifact. If he is lucky and it turned out to be a unique treasure, it could be the solution to all his problems. If not, he can only give up the idea of cultivating and slowly await his death.

People are naturally in a good mood when they have a good day. With this happy event, he became more light-hearted in his job since he had something to look forward to. He first went to the Mystical Sky Yard’s Talisman Hall, where disciples of the Sect practises the usage of the talismans. As such, there are a lot of discarded talismans here every day. The Taoist Children of the hall would clear up all these rubbish once the elite disciples leave. Little Fatty’s job now is to sweep up all these rubbish. Compared to the previous jobs of washing the dishes, cleaning up the place, the work is tougher, because the road to and fro is long.

There are 2 baskets of discarded talismans, as Song Zhong went to the shed in the backyard, he placed his empty basket down in a trained manner, after which he picked up the 2 full baskets of discarded talismans and briskly walked towards the outside.

Servants have no rights to walk out via the main door, they can only take the back door, and run along the mountain passages. After all, Little Fatty has been cultivating for 10 years already, even though he is unable to ride on his weapon and fly, he is still able to cover a few feet with every step, his plump figure is not affecting his speed in any way. The distance of many miles was covered very speedily. Along the way, Little Fatty will occasionally see practitioners flying in the sky on their spiritual weapons. They can see him too, but they would never bother about a servant.

Even as they fly arrogantly across the sky, Little Fatty thought that it was already very good. If he met some of the more childish people, they would even criticize him. Some lowly bastards would even use low-level spells to find some entertainment from Song Zhong. Over the past 10 years, Little Fatty has been splashed with water spells countless of times, there are even people who would set his ass on fire, resulting in him having to run around half naked for half a day, becoming the biggest joke amongst the servants. The most dangerous time was when a disciple who wanted to find some fun, did not control his spell properly, and instead of using a wind blade to shave off Little Fatty’s hair, almost chopped off his head instead. From that day on, Little Fatty changed his appearance, dressed as low profile as possible, worked where there are fewer people, in order to avoid these childish people.

The place where Little Fatty is going to now is called TianGou, it is a deep abyss behind the mountains of the Mystical Sky Yard, all the waste from the Sect is thrown into this abyss, and even after a few thousand years ever since the founding of the Sect, this abyss which stretches for hundreds of miles have never been filled.

However, when it is time for Little Fatty to take over the job, the garbage has piled to the point where the highest mountains of rubbish are not more than 10 feet away from the cliff.

Little Fatty is currently in no mood to appreciate the massive amount of waste. He just casually threw the trash within the 2 large baskets away and rushed straight to the Elixir Hall. There are also two baskets filled with Elixirs which failed in production.

After the Elixir Hall, Little Fatty also has to go to the Weapons Hall, where there are also 2 baskets of trash which are filled with the failed products of the Weapon Hall, and some ashes.

After throwing away the rubbish from the 3 halls, his job for the day is finally done. Running for hundreds of miles within 4 hours, even though he is a practitioner, he is also panting hard and soaked with sweat.

Like a dead dog, Little Fatty returned to his hut, not bothering to wash up, he immediately began meditating.

An hour later, as the crescent moon silent crept above the willows, after finishing his meditation, Little Fatty opened his eyes, and he is now at the peak of his physical and mental state. Adding to the fact that he stays in a deserted place, there is nobody who comes to disturb him in years, this is the best time to refine his unique treasure.

Carefully opening a hidden compartment by his bed, Little Fatty retrieved a black pearl of the size of a peach. This pearl is perfectly rounded, it is neither gold nor jade. Made of unknown materials, there isn’t a single design on the pearl, and there aren’t any visible benefits to the spirit. If not for the fact that this was discovered in an ancient cave, Little Fatty’s parents would not even have spared it a second glance.

Actually, even Little Fatty also has doubts as to whether or not this is a unique treasure, and whether or not it could be refined into a Natal Artifact. Everybody can only refine a single Natal Artifact in their life and it is impossible to be changed. It can be said that a person’s Natal Artifact would determine the future path which a practitioner would take. Normally, practitioners would wait until they train to a certain level before choosing a high-grade Artifact to be refined into their Natal Artifact. If they were unable to find any good Artifacts, they would rather not refine anything, instead of refining an Artifact with dubious origins.

However, for Little Fatty, he has no room for choice in this matter. This is the only Artifact which he can come into contact with. If he doesn’t refine it, he would for sure have no future, only biding his time awaiting death. Thus, even though refining it could be dangerous, he hung on to that sliver of hope for a miracle.

Little Fatty stroked the black pearl and laughed bitterly telling the black pearl, “Pearl, O pearl, please do not let me down.”

After saying this, Little Fatty’s face tightened with determination, and resolutely cut his wrist with his nails, dripping his Natal blood essence on the Black Pearl. As the blood essence came into contact with the pearl, it was immediately sucked into the pearl, as though the pearl was a monster with a voracious appetite.


Total Chapters in book: 293
Estimated words: 605531 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3028(@200wpm)___ 2422(@250wpm)___ 2018(@300wpm)