Chrysalis by RinoZ

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Coming To Grips
Chapter 3 Monstrous Associates
Chapter 4 The First Prey
Chapter 5 To The Victor Goes The Spoils
Chapter 6 Exploration Is Perilous
Chapter 7 Cohabitation?
Chapter 8 Titus
Chapter 9 To Live Is To Learn
Chapter 10 The Study Of The Beas
Chapter 11 Forced Relocation.
Chapter 12 The Trail
Chapter 13 Insect > Arachnid
Chapter 14 The Express Lane
Chapter 15 How To Last Hi
Chapter 16 Currents And Undertows
Chapter 17 The Deep Roads
Chapter 18 The World Below
Chapter 19 The Harves
Chapter 20 Offence Is Defence
Chapter 21 Eye For An Eye
Chapter 22 Once More Into The Breach
Chapter 23 The Invasion
Chapter 24 Core Of The Problem
Chapter 25 New Frontiers
Chapter 26 Conqueror
Chapter 27 Long Roads
Chapter 28 True Lords Of The Domain
Chapter 29 Croc Landing
Chapter 30 Juniors Are For Light Duties
Chapter 31 Unwelcome Guests
Chapter 32 Seeking But Not Finding
Chapter 33 A Mutation Sensation
Chapter 34 Camping Ou
Chapter 35 On The Hunt For Xp
Chapter 36 Battle! For Darwin!
Chapter 37 I Hunt, Therefore I Ant.
Chapter 38 Rudely Interrupted
Chapter 39 Finally! Evolution!
Chapter 40 Check Out My New Ride!
Chapter 41 Follow The Yellow Brick ... Pheromones
Chapter 42 My Family Needs More Education
Chapter 43 Blood Is Thicker Than Ichor
Chapter 44 Something New
Chapter 45 My Mother Is A Giant Monster
Chapter 46 The Colony
Chapter 47 On The Hunt With My Brethren
Chapter 48 Anthony And The Giant Centipede
Chapter 49 Nest Assaul
Chapter 50 Storm Of Blades
Chapter 51 Royal Intervention
Chapter 52 R And R
Chapter 53 Skill Up!
Chapter 54 Back To Work
Chapter 55 Timber.
Chapter 56 Anthony'S Colony Growth Strategy
Chapter 57 Practice Makes Perfec
Chapter 58 Hunger For Wolf-Dragon
Chapter 59 The First War Of The Hill
Chapter 60 The First War - War Never Changes
Chapter 61 The First War - War Is Mother To Us All
Chapter 62 The First War - Winner Takes It All
Chapter 63 Core Concern
Chapter 64 Right To The Core
Chapter 65 Mutation Trepidation
Chapter 66 The Heat Factor
Chapter 67 These Guys Are Seriously Annoying
Chapter 68 Drawing A Line
Chapter 69 The Evolving Situation
Chapter 70 Using The Power Of The Mind
Chapter 71 Too Effective?
Chapter 72 Finer Things In Life
Chapter 73 Establishing The Network
Chapter 74 Dead....Er?
Chapter 75 Reconnect With My People
Chapter 76 I Can'T Bear I
Chapter 77 Crossroads
Chapter 78 The Actual Evolving Situation
Chapter 79 Chatterbox
Chapter 80 Birth Of The Mage.... Ant.
Chapter 81 Flex The Mental Muscle!
Chapter 82 Mechanic In Training
Chapter 83 The Ants New Move
Chapter 84 The Gravity Of The Situation
Chapter 85 Voluntary Beating
Chapter 86 Still Much To Learn
Chapter 87 Tunnel Solution
Chapter 88 Once More To Battle!
Chapter 89 Splendid Chap
Chapter 90 Conversation With A Mind
Chapter 91 Breaking
Chapter 92 Prelude To The Second War
Chapter 93 The Second War Of The Hill
Chapter 94 The Colony Erupts
Chapter 95 Anthony'S Figh
Chapter 96 Anthony'S Decision
Chapter 97 The Family
Chapter 98 Digging Commences
Chapter 99 Experiments In Mechanics
Chapter 100 Concerning Tiny
Chapter 101 Storm Kong
Chapter 102 The Great Dig!
Chapter 103 Rising Tide
Chapter 104 The Roar That Follows The Dark
Chapter 105 Kong Fury
Chapter 106 The Endless Battle Begins
Chapter 107 Counter Attack
Chapter 108 Experiments With Gravity
Chapter 109 Something Weighing On Your Mind?
Chapter 110 Temporary Reprieve
Chapter 111 The Reality Of The Wave
Chapter 112 Interloper
Chapter 113 The Vigil
Chapter 114 The Bleary Days Preceding The Panic
Chapter 115 Retreat From Danger
Chapter 116 Body Of Iron, Heart Of Flame
Chapter 117 Raid
Chapter 118 The Furious Tiny, The Delectable Feast!
Chapter 119 Breaching The Surface
Chapter 120 Cultural Exchange
Chapter 121 Whoops
Chapter 122 New Home
Chapter 123 New Territory
Chapter 124 Strange New Life
Chapter 125 It All Comes Back To Mana
Chapter 126 Just So Skillful
Chapter 127 Embers
Chapter 128 Core Farming
Chapter 129 Transform And Roll Ou
Chapter 130 Whispers In The Dark
Chapter 131 Flee From Fire!
Chapter 132 Crafting The Jellymaw!
Chapter 133 Digging Is The Song Of My Soul
Chapter 134 Once More Into The Breach
Chapter 135 Rising
Chapter 136 Brawlin'
Chapter 137 The Beating Goes On!
Chapter 138 Family
Chapter 139 Monster Unleashed
Chapter 140 The Human Menace
Chapter 141 The Queen
Chapter 142 The Path Forward
Chapter 143 Mind Games
Chapter 144 Talking Points
Chapter 145 Flames Rising
Chapter 146 The Mini Escapade
Chapter 147 Small Fish, Small Pond
Chapter 148 The Risk, The Reward
Chapter 149 Desperate Times...
Chapter 150 The Case For Cooperation
Chapter 151 Fall Like Dominos
Chapter 152 A Tunnel Is Always The Answer
Chapter 153 Assault On The Surface
Chapter 154 Premiums Are Going Up For Sure
Chapter 155 Gateway
Chapter 156 Into The Castle
Chapter 157 Battle To The Doorstep
Chapter 158 The Queens Circumstances Part 1
Chapter 159 The Queens Circumstances Part 2
Chapter 160 The Queens' Circumstances Part 3
Chapter 161 The Sweetest Voice
Chapter 162 The Endless Nightmare
Chapter 163 Those Who Descend, That Which Rises
Chapter 164 Settling New Lands
Chapter 165 Green Thumb
Chapter 166 Combine Harvester
Chapter 167 The Finer Vegetation, Compressed.
Chapter 168 Salad Ala Carte
Chapter 169 Stairway To Biomass
Chapter 170 Field Trip Ends, Itching Begins
Chapter 171 Laying The Foundation
Chapter 172 Core, What Is It Good For?
Chapter 173 Well Behaved Ape
Chapter 174 Options Abound
Chapter 175 Exceed Mortal Kind
Chapter 176 Words With The White Wizard
Chapter 177 The Low Rider
Chapter 178 Mind At Work
Chapter 179 The Pain Inside
Chapter 180 The Day That Changed Pangera
Chapter 181 Unexpected Company
Chapter 182 Rumour Has I
Chapter 183 Inconvenien
Chapter 184 Ape Slap
Chapter 185 The Surge
Chapter 186 Dire Lightning Storm Kong
Chapter 187 Crinis Unleashed
Chapter 188 Playing With Water
Chapter 189 The Croca Army
Chapter 190 The Marsh Expanse
Chapter 191 Tentative Exploration
Chapter 192 Battling The Marsh
Chapter 193 The Next Wave
Chapter 194 A Tasty Feas
Chapter 195 Surface Situation
Chapter 196 Humans And Their Needs
Chapter 197 Improve Thyself
Chapter 198 Quick, Status Report!
Chapter 199 Spendin'
Chapter 200 Upgraded And Ready To Roll
Chapter 201 The World Below Part 1
Chapter 202 The World Below Part 2
Chapter 203 The World Below Part 3
Chapter 204 The World Below Part 4
Chapter 205 The World Below Part 5
Chapter 206 New Dawn
Chapter 207 The Boys And Girls Are Back In Town
Chapter 208 Compression Obsession
Chapter 209 The State Of Play
Chapter 210 The A Nt Team
Chapter 211 Farewell Surface
Chapter 212 Assault Begins
Chapter 213 Contac
Chapter 214 Battle Begins
Chapter 215 The New Croc On The Block
Chapter 216 Magical An
Chapter 217 Feast Of Croc
Chapter 218 Skirmish Conculsion
Chapter 219 Expiditious Retrea
Chapter 220 Once More Into The Expanse
Chapter 221 The Wonders Of Nature
Chapter 222 Further Marsh Exploration
Chapter 223 New Growth
Chapter 224 The Rebel Child
Chapter 225 The Push
Chapter 226 Woodstuffs
Chapter 227 Undying
Chapter 228 The Bigger They Are
Chapter 229 The Encroaching Doom
Chapter 230 Eye Of The Beas
Chapter 231 Eye Of The Beast Part 2
Chapter 232 Eye Of The Beast Part 3
Chapter 233 Eye Of The Beast Part 4
Chapter 234 To Consume The Beas
Chapter 235 The Spoils And Return To The Surface
Chapter 236 Discussion
Chapter 237 Misunderstanding
Chapter 238 Confrontation
Chapter 239 The Pries
Chapter 240 Learnings And Worship
Chapter 241 Sudden Attack
Chapter 242 The Apple Doesn'T Fall Far From The Tree
Chapter 243 The Troops Arrive
Chapter 244 Battle Of Unity
245 Chapter 245 - Gathering Thoughts
Chapter 246 Changing Ways
Chapter 247 Changer Of Ways
Chapter 248 I Mutate Therefore I Itch
Chapter 249 Hey Big Spender
Chapter 250 The Ancient Itch
Chapter 251 The New Crinis
Chapter 252 Getting Down To Work
Chapter 253 Preparations Continue
Chapter 254 Check Out My Skillz
Chapter 255 Grinding All Day, Grinding All Nigh
Chapter 256 Time Advances Rapidly
Chapter 257 The Day Draws Near
Chapter 258 The Feast, The Grind, The Spend
Chapter 259 The Final Preparation
Chapter 260 First Words Of A New Era
Chapter 261 Another Voice From The Dark
Chapter 262 Training Day
263 Chapter 263 - New Rules
Chapter 264 The Waking Monarch
Chapter 265 The New Colony Takes Shape
Chapter 266 The Beast Slumbers No More
Chapter 267 Lining Up Those Ducks
Chapter 268 The Second Phase
Chapter 269 Diving Into The Depths
Chapter 270 Back From Patrol 1
Chapter 271 Back From Patrol 2
Chapter 272 Triumph Of Training
Chapter 273 Naming The Twenty
Chapter 274 The First Council
Chapter 275 Purpose Going Forward
Chapter 276 Anthony Sallies Forth
Chapter 277 Delving Once Again
Chapter 278 Aphid Association
Chapter 279 The Grind Of Battle
Chapter 280 The Modified Aphid
Chapter 281 Counting The Gains
Chapter 282 My Finest Creation?
Chapter 283 Feast Averted
Chapter 284 The Queen Has A New Pe
Chapter 285 The Second Council
Chapter 286 Scouting Repor
Chapter 287 Surface Situation
Chapter 288 Deflec
Chapter 289 The Impac
Chapter 290 Colony Building
Chapter 291 The Surface Is Just So Draining
Chapter 292 City Under Attack
Chapter 293 Bird Is The Word
Chapter 294 Salvation?
Chapter 295 Flexing Profile
Chapter 296 Just Barely
Chapter 297 The Children Of The Beas
Chapter 298 Bring Down The Commander
Chapter 299 The Stuff Of Nightmares
Chapter 300 Leap Of Faith
Chapter 301 Mind War
Chapter 302 The Fall
303 Chapter 303 - Don'T Mess With Momma
Chapter 304 The Sound Of The Inevitable
Chapter 305 Regroup
Chapter 306 Stealth Ant Rides Forth, Status Update
Chapter 307 Return To The Others, The Plan
Chapter 308 Spending And Patrol
Chapter 309 Making Motions
Chapter 310 Settling In
Chapter 311 Approaching Liria
Chapter 312 The Oppressive Sense
Chapter 313 Over The Walls
Chapter 314 The Beast Itself
Chapter 315 Flight From Liria
Chapter 316 The Escape
Chapter 317 Advance
Chapter 318 Fleeing South Again
Chapter 319 Reunite With The Family
Chapter 320 Mother Of Planning
Chapter 321 War Council Part 1
Chapter 322 War Council Part 2
Chapter 323 Crinis Evolves
Chapter 324 New Crinis, Spending Up
Chapter 325 Belonging
Chapter 326 Consultation
Chapter 327 The Forward Hq
Chapter 328 The First Ambush
Chapter 329 The First Ambush Part 2
Chapter 330 Musings
Chapter 331 Regroup
Chapter 332 Stepping Forward
Chapter 333 Crafting The Future
Chapter 334 The Third Ambush Part 1
Chapter 335 The Third Ambush Part 2
Chapter 336 Third Ambush Part 3
Chapter 337 Third Ambush Part 4
Chapter 338 Third Ambush Part 5
Chapter 339 Revel
Chapter 340 All Revved Up And ....
Chapter 341 Ant + Simian
Chapter 342 Hatching A Plo
Chapter 343 The Never Ending Ambush
Chapter 344 Planning Is Hard
Chapter 345 People Helping People
Chapter 346 Tussling With Mage Slaves
Chapter 347 Angry Wizard Lizard
Chapter 348 Ride The Lightning
Chapter 349 Cradle Of The End Times
Chapter 350 Dignity Of The Eldes
Chapter 351 The Final Stretch Begins
Chapter 352 Tempting Fate
Chapter 353 Go Time
Chapter 354 Timely Intervention
Chapter 355 Lightning Crashes
Chapter 356 Dangerous Games
Chapter 357 Council Councils
Chapter 358 At Least Stamina Is Levelling Up.
Chapter 359 Get 'Em
Chapter 360 C'Mere
Chapter 361 Level 40
Chapter 362 Return And Nes
Chapter 363 Wrestling With The Core
Chapter 364 Crushed
Chapter 365 Evolution Begins!
Chapter 366 Rounding Out The Evolution
Chapter 367 Sinking
368 Chapter 368 - The Soldiers Life
Chapter 369 War Queen
Chapter 370 The Dark Army
Chapter 371 The Approaching Tide
Chapter 372 Contac
Chapter 373 The Boldest Soldier!
Chapter 374 Pushes And Pulls
Chapter 375 The Queen Strode Forth
Chapter 376 The Queen Effec
Chapter 377 Her Time Will Come
Chapter 378 The Patient Ones
Chapter 379 A Different Perspective
Chapter 380 Fight For Your Life
Chapter 381 Croc Around The Bloc
Chapter 382 The Leeroy Initiative
Chapter 383 Shadow Offensive
Chapter 384 Mosh Pi
Chapter 385 Gotta Go Fast!
Chapter 386 Dreaming
Chapter 387 Stand Agains
Chapter 388 Shaping Up
Chapter 389 Stay Away
Chapter 390 The Paragon'S Figh
Chapter 391 Twisted Mind
Chapter 392 Communal Will
Chapter 393 Attack The Mind
Chapter 394 It'S Getting Hot!
Chapter 395 The Person Within
Chapter 396 Dialogue
Chapter 397 Sacrifice
Chapter 398 The Boom Times
Chapter 399 The Beast Falls
Chapter 400 The Conclusion, The Feas
Chapter 401 Heat Is Rising, Heat Is Falling
Chapter 402 Food Coma
Chapter 403 The Church Of Anthony
Chapter 404 Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 405 Conversations With A Wizard Lizard
Chapter 406 Let'S Get Back To Business
Chapter 407 Aphid Time, Spending Up!
Chapter 408 Hello Again My Old Friend
Chapter 409 Search For The Sophos
Chapter 410 Tunnel Time
Chapter 411 Shadow Flower
Chapter 412 The Sophos Village
Chapter 413 Formo Returns
Chapter 414 Day Spa
Chapter 415 The Real Art Of Core Shaping
Chapter 416 The Fires Of Industry
Chapter 417 Road To Recovery
Chapter 418 Hospitality
Chapter 419 Crinis Evolution
Chapter 420 Gratuitous Death Sphere
Chapter 421 Departure
Chapter 422 Gate To The Second Strata
Chapter 423 Break Through To The Other Side
Chapter 424 World Of Shadow
Chapter 425 Goals And Amibitions
Chapter 426 Wrong Legged
Chapter 427 Tunnels Of Shadow
Chapter 428 Stupid Ape
Chapter 429 The Wizards' Favourite
Chapter 430 The Monsters Come
Chapter 431 Dust To Dus
Chapter 432 The Deep
Chapter 433 Wide Open Spaces
Chapter 434 Reunion
Chapter 435 Reunion Part 2
Chapter 436 Light The Way
Chapter 437 Crustacean Sensation
Chapter 438 Digesting Gains
Chapter 439 Advancing Into The Unknown
Chapter 440 Attack From Two Sides
Chapter 441 Fishing For Levels
Chapter 442 Devastation
Chapter 443 Devastation Part 2
Chapter 444 My Head Hurts
Chapter 445 Grinding For Kicks
Chapter 446 Fighting In The Shadows
Chapter 447 Stone Skin, Fast Feet!
Chapter 448 The Hunt Is On
Chapter 449 They'Re Coming
Chapter 450 Spider To The Fly
Chapter 451 The Latest Candidate
Chapter 452 Face To ... Thing
Chapter 453 Custody
Chapter 454 Not A Fan
Chapter 455 Gateway
Chapter 456 Escaping?
Chapter 457 Run! To Captivity!
Chapter 458 Changing Circumstances
Chapter 459 Locked Up
Chapter 460 Honesty Is Refreshing
461 Chapter 461 - Too Much Honesty Is Maybe Not So Grea
Chapter 462 The Legionaries Tales
Chapter 463 Morrelia Awakens
Chapter 464 Was Dancing To The...
Chapter 465 The Monster In The Mirror
Chapter 466 So Bohemian Like Me
Chapter 467 The Rock In My Corner
Chapter 468 Strategising
Chapter 469 Putting The Ducks In A Row
Chapter 470 Opening Nigh
Chapter 471 The First Figh
Chapter 472 Getting Bogged Down
Chapter 473 Tiers Of Magic, Delicious Meals
Chapter 474 Eye Of The Tiger, Mouth Of A Teamster
Chapter 475 The Regimen
Chapter 476 An Unlikely Ally
Chapter 477 Another Perspective
Chapter 478 Meanwhile, Back At The Colony
Chapter 479 Antdustrial Revolution
Chapter 480 If You Got It, Spend It.
Chapter 481 In The Red Corner
Chapter 482 Envy
Chapter 483 The Real Master Of Magic
Chapter 484 The Secret Technique Of My Elders
Chapter 485 Demonically Delicious
Chapter 486 The Shock Of It All
Chapter 487 I Feel Potential Here
Chapter 488 Back At I
Chapter 489 Meeting Of The Minds
Chapter 490 The Worm Conspiracy
Chapter 491 Why So Much Pain?
Chapter 492 The Shape Of The Days To Come
Chapter 493 The Round That Wasn'
494 Chapter 494 - Dangerous Satisfaction
Chapter 495 Deal With Devil - An
Chapter 496 Idle Monster
Chapter 497 Keep The Train Going
Chapter 498 No Tickle
Chapter 499 What Comes Next?
Chapter 500 The Rumble Below
Chapter 501 Trade
Chapter 502 Holy Ground
Chapter 503 Round Four
Chapter 504 Speed. I Am Not Speed.
Chapter 505 Gaining Traction
Chapter 506 Getting Too Far
Chapter 507 Imminent Escape
508 Chapter 508 - Mosty Chatting
Chapter 509 Worm Your Way In
Chapter 510 The Horror
Chapter 511 How To Outwit A Scholar
Chapter 512 Daring Do
Chapter 513 Flight For Freedom
Chapter 514 Pay The Bill
Chapter 515 Fly, You Fools!
Chapter 516 Closing In On Closing In
Chapter 517 Pursued
Chapter 518 Triad In Front, Triad Behind
Chapter 519 Fight For Freedom
Chapter 520 A New Kind Of Mayhem
Chapter 521 Rescue From The Dark
Chapter 522 The Creeping
Chapter 523 The Early Colony Gets The Worm
Chapter 524 Diversions
Chapter 525 The Fear
Chapter 526 The Sas Of Colonies
Chapter 527 Barging In
Chapter 528 Bringing The Shapers Home To Visi
Chapter 529 The Trek
Chapter 530 The Royal Hun
Chapter 531 The Next Generation Part1
Chapter 532 The Next Generation Pt 2
Chapter 533 Who'S Tracking Who
Chapter 534 Run? Fight?
Chapter 535 A Game Of Cat And Mouse
Chapter 536 Being Bai
Chapter 537 What Are You Really Made Of?
Chapter 538 The Heck Are You Doing?!
Chapter 539 Stabbed In The Heart! Who'S To Blame?!
Chapter 540 They Really Want Me Stabbed
Chapter 541 War Commences
Chapter 542 Battle Concludes
Chapter 543 Incredible Advances In Medical Technology
Chapter 544 The Long Walk Home
Chapter 545 The Heart Of The Legion Pt 1
Chapter 546 The Heart Of The Legion Pt 2
Chapter 547 Heart Of The Legion Pt 3
Chapter 548 The Heart Of The Legion Pt 4
Chapter 549 Arriving Home
Chapter 550 Status Update
Chapter 551 The New Nes
Chapter 552 Tickles Denied
Chapter 553 Words With Mother
Chapter 554 A Busy Day In The Antborough
Chapter 555 Upturning The Applecar
Chapter 556 Council Meeting
Chapter 557 What'S Going On Up Here?
Chapter 558 Would You Go To War For Some Insects?
Chapter 559 Picking Up Something I'D Rather No
Chapter 560 Strange New Surrounds
Chapter 561 Taking Stock
Chapter 562 Waking
Chapter 563 Scouting Repor
Chapter 564 This Is Something Differen
Chapter 565 Ant Squad, Assemble!
Chapter 566 Attack On Rylleh
Chapter 567 Attack On Rylleh Pt 2
Chapter 568 Attack On Rylleh Pt 3
Chapter 569 Attack On Rylleh Pt 4
Chapter 570 Attack On Rylleh Pt 5
Chapter 571 Attack On Rylleh Pt 6
Chapter 572 Attack On Rylleh Pt 7
Chapter 573 Attack On Rylleh Pt 8
Chapter 574 Attack On Rylleh Pt 9
Chapter 575 Attack On Rylleh Pt 10
Chapter 576 The Aftermath
Chapter 577 Silent Halls
Chapter 578 Downward Growth
Chapter 579 The Dark Web
Chapter 580 The Truly Disgusting Face Of The Foe
Chapter 581 Prepare To Strike
Chapter 582 Attack On The Eight-Legged
Chapter 583 The Great Working Pt 1
Chapter 584 The Great Working Pt 2
Chapter 585 The Great Working Pt 3
Chapter 586 The Great Working
Chapter 587 The Delegation Pt 1
Chapter 588 The Delegation Pt 2
Chapter 589 The Delegation Pt 3
Chapter 590 The Delegation Pt 4
Chapter 591 Free From Webs
Chapter 592 Exploration And Sweet Sweet Skills
Chapter 593 Gathering Once More
Chapter 594 Advisors
Chapter 595 The Simplest Way
Chapter 596 Where The Hell Are They?!
Chapter 597 Creeping Doom
Chapter 598 Doing The Rounds
Chapter 599 A Strange New World
Chapter 600 Who Are These Folks?
Chapter 601 Punching Out The Numbers
Chapter 602 Finessing The Numbers
Chapter 603 Improve Thyself!
Chapter 604 Outward Bound
Chapter 605 Back In Action
Chapter 606 Elementary My Dear... Deer
Chapter 607 First Contac
Chapter 608 The Welcome Stranger
Chapter 609 Hat'S Off To You
Chapter 610 The Fire And Steel
Chapter 611 A Hive Of Activity
Chapter 612 The Work Of War
Chapter 613 A Determined Enemy
Chapter 614 The Stone Endures
Chapter 615 Marshall The Colony
Chapter 616 A Chat With Titus
Chapter 617 The Rage
Chapter 618 Easy Breezy
619 Chapter 618 - The Press
Chapter 620 In The Dark, But Not Alone
Chapter 621 In The Mouth Of Madness
Chapter 622 Blissful Danger
Chapter 623 Ah, Nards
624 Chapter 623 - The Enemy Advances
Chapter 625 Death Comes
Chapter 626 Vengeance
Chapter 627 Short... And Sharp
Chapter 628 Growth, Then Growth
Chapter 629 Differing Views
Chapter 630 The Cavalry Arrives
Chapter 631 Elemental Soup
Chapter 632 The New Construc
Chapter 633 Put Through The Paces
Chapter 634 It'S Da Bomb
Chapter 635 Mind Games
Chapter 636 A New Way Pt 1
Chapter 637 A New Way Pt 2
Chapter 638 A New Way Pt 3
Chapter 639 A New Way Pt 4
Chapter 640 The Churn
Chapter 641 It'S Progress, I Suppose
Chapter 642 Monkey Business
Chapter 643 - Fists Of Fury
Chapter 644 The Prize
Chapter 645 Rnd
Chapter 646 Heart Of Glass
Chapter 647 Suiting Up
Chapter 648 The Sound Of The Beas
Chapter 649 Armoured Kong
Chapter 650 The Hunger
Chapter 651 - Under The Sea
Chapter 652 - One Day More
Chapter 653 - What Does It Take To Get Biomass Around Here?
Chapter 654 - Daughter'S Fear
Chapter 655 - Diplomacy With The Damned
Chapter 656 - The Siege Pt 1
Chapter 657 - The Siege Pt 2
Chapter 658 - The Siege Pt 3
Chapter 659 - The Siege Pt 4
Chapter 660 The Siege Pt 5
Chapter 661 The Siege Pt 6
Chapter 662 The Siege Pt 7
Chapter 663 The Siege Pt 8
Chapter 664 The Siege Pt 9
Chapter 665 - The Siege Pt 10
Chapter 666 - The Siege Pt 11
Chapter 667 - The Siege Pt 12
Chapter 668 - The Siege Pt 13
Chapter 669 - The Siege Pt 14
Chapter 670 - The Siege Pt 15
Chapter 671 - The Siege Pt 16
Chapter 672 - The Siege Pt 17
Chapter 673 - The Siege Pt 18
Chapter 674 - The Siege To 19
Chapter 675 - The Siege Pt 20
Chapter 676 - The Siege Pt 21
Chapter 677 - The Siege Pt 22
Chapter 678 - The Siege Pt 23
Chapter 679 - The Siege Pt 24
Chapter 680 - The Siege Pt 25
Chapter 681 - The Siege Pt 26
Chapter 682 - The Siege Pt 27
Chapter 683 - The Siege Pt 28
Chapter 684 - The Siege Pt 29
Chapter 685 - 684 - The Siege Pt 30
Chapter 686 - The Siege - Final
Chapter 687 - The Bell Tolls For Thee
Chapter 688 - What Was Lost, What Was Gained
Chapter 689 - Close To Power
Chapter 690 - The Breaking Wave
Chapter 691 - Turning Over A New Leaf
Chapter 692 - Moving On Up, Moving On... Etc
Chapter 693 - The Wonders Of Science
Chapter 694 - Waves Gonna Wave
Chapter 695 - Charge Toward Evolution
Chapter 696 - I Spied A Spider
Chapter 697 - Seizing The Levels
Chapter 698 - 80 Achieved
Chapter 699 - All You Can Eat
Chapter 700 - Ugh... Planning
Chapter 701 - Final Mutations Pt 1
Chapter 702 - Final Mutations Pt 2
Chapter 703 - The Core Of The Matter
Chapter 704 - Evolution Pt 1
Chapter 705 - Evolution Pt 2
Chapter 706 - Evolution Pt 3
Chapter 707 - Evolution Pt 4
Chapter 708 - That Magnificent Beard
Chapter 709 - The Sanctum Of Sleep Pt 1
Chapter 710 - The Sanctum Of Sleep Pt 2
Chapter 711 - The Sanctum Of Sleep Pt 3
Chapter 712 - The Sanctum Of Sleep Pt 4
Chapter 713 - Royal High Tea Pt 1
Chapter 714 - Royal High Tea Pt 2
Chapter 715 - Live Evil Pt 1
Chapter 716 - Live Evil Pt 2
Chapter 717 - Live Evil Pt 3
Chapter 718 - Live Evil Pt 4
Chapter 719 - Live Evil Pt 5
Chapter 720 - Awakening
Chapter 721 - Mother'S Love
Chapter 722 - And Thwacks For All
Chapter 723 - What'S Been Going On?
Chapter 724 - Going On Tour
Chapter 725 - The Paragon Emerges
Chapter 726 - The Paragon Fights
Chapter 727 - Real Strength
Chapter 728 - Need To Work Fast!
Chapter 729 - Delve
Chapter 730 - The Flaming Pillar
Chapter 731 - Pillars Of The World
Chapter 732 - Demon Fight!
Chapter 733 - Demon Subdued
Chapter 734 - Infernal Conversation
Chapter 735 - New Recruits
Chapter 736 - Straight Out Of The Ranch
Chapter 737 - Resting Up
Chapter 738 - Flowing Spirit
Chapter 739 - The Grind Of War
Chapter 740 - Bubbling From Beneath
Chapter 741 - The One True Path
Chapter 742 - Surfs Up!
Chapter 743 - Status Update!
Chapter 744 - Look Within Thyself
Chapter 745 - Upgrading
Chapter 746 - Generally Fighting
Chapter 747 - City Livin'
Chapter 748 - City Livin' Pt 2
Chapter 749 - Visitation
Chapter 750 - Visitation Pt 2
Chapter 751 - The Return
Chapter 752 - The Charge
Chapter 753 - Something Stopped Us
Chapter 754 - The Stenchapter Of Decay
Chapter 755 - The First Of Its Kind
Chapter 756 - The Mind Has A Gravity Of Its Own
Chapter 757 - Clean Up
Chapter 758 - Tree Talk
Chapter 759 - Holding The Line
Chapter 760 - Do The Evolution!
Chapter 761 - The Apevolution
Chapter 762 - A Horrific Evolution
Chapter 763 - Hanging With The Eyeball
Chapter 764 - While You Were Sleeping
Chapter 765 - A Brand New Pain In The Neck
Chapter 766 - A Harmonious Cycle
Chapter 767 - The New Kids
Chapter 768 - The Gang Mutates
Chapter 769 - Out To Fight In The New Digs
Chapter 770 - I Wish I Hadn'T Seen That
Chapter 771 - Pupal Stage
Chapter 772 - Is It Getting Damp In Here?
Chapter 773 - A Taste Of What Is To Come
Chapter 774 - Getting Hot In Here?
Chapter 775 - A Glimpse Of The Fourth
Chapter 776 - 775 - The Boiling Rage
Chapter 777 - Getting Classy
Chapter 778 - The New Way
Chapter 779 - War Planning
Chapter 780 - Gettin' Down In The Tunnels
Chapter 781 - Emerging Talents
Chapter 782 - Receding Waters, Rising Tides
Chapter 783 - Introducing The New Blood
Chapter 784 - Forge World
Chapter 785 - The Hammer Of The Future
Chapter 786 - Measurements
Chapter 787 - Mad Mages
Chapter 788 - Spatial Senses
Chapter 789 - Advanced Tactics
Chapter 790 - Heading Out
Chapter 791 - Evolution
Chapter 792 - The Mutation Discussion
Chapter 793 - Decisions, Decisions
Chapter 794 - Mind Your Step
Chapter 795 - The Path That Has Been Given, The Name That Has Been Given
Chapter 796 - 796 - Poking Our Noses In
Chapter 797 - Descending
Chapter 798 - Low Society
Chapter 799 - Discussions With Royalty
Chapter 800 - Tourists
Chapter 801 - Tour Guide
Chapter 802 - You Can Call Me Al
Chapter 803 - Where?!
Chapter 804 - Rumble In Demon Town
Chapter 805 - Maybe It'S Time To Leave?
Chapter 806 - 806 - What Goes On Above
Chapter 807 - What Goes On Above Pt 2
Chapter 808 - A Breakthrough, A Revelation
Chapter 809 - Laying Low In Leng
Chapter 810 - Just Can'T Keep Out Of Trouble
Chapter 811 - Pride Cometh...
Chapter 812 - Before The Fall
Chapter 813 - Yes, I Know That'S Not How Gravity Works
Chapter 814 - A Demonic Crack
Chapter 815 - What Lies Between
Chapter 816 - Rhymes With Drops
Chapter 817 - Awakening
Chapter 818 - Tunnel Of Love
Chapter 819 - Playing Out Once Again
Chapter 820 - Scuttles, Schemes And Broken Dreams
Chapter 821 - 821- The Ants Go Marching
Chapter 822 - Sudden War
Chapter 823 - Battle In The Streets
Chapter 824 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 1
Chapter 825 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 2
Chapter 826 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 3
Chapter 827 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 4
Chapter 828 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 5
Chapter 829 - Confronting Our Demons
Chapter 830 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 7
Chapter 831 - Confronting Our Demons Pt 8
Chapter 832 - Fallout
Chapter 833 - Diplomacy
Chapter 834 - Council Meeting
Chapter 835 - Fancy Stylin'
Chapter 836 - New Bling
Chapter 837 - Tunnelling
Chapter 838 - The Bear Market
Chapter 839 - Express Train
Chapter 840 - Long Overdue Upgrades
Chapter 841 - Mutating Makes The World Go 'Round
Chapter 842 - More Choices In Menus
Chapter 843 - Nope
Chapter 844 - Grind It Out
Chapter 845 - 845 - Too Many New Toys
Chapter 846 - The Reborn City
Chapter 847 - A Spoonful Of Sugar
Chapter 848 - Offense Is Best
Chapter 849 - Hatchling Hatches … Again
Chapter 850 - Movement
Chapter 851 - Ambition
Chapter 852 - Running Rings About The Place
Chapter 853 - There'S A Bear In There
Chapter 854 - I Spy A Spy
Chapter 855 - Sarah Meets Her Demons
Chapter 856 - Asura Bear
Chapter 857 - More Huntin'
Chapter 858 - The Very Best
Chapter 859 - Assault On Orpule
Chapter 860 - Assault On Orpule Pt 2
Chapter 861 - Assault On Orpule 3
Chapter 862 - Return Of My Old Friend
Chapter 863 - Assault On Orpule 5
Chapter 864 - Assault On Orpule Pt 6
Chapter 865 - Assault On Orpule Pt 7
Chapter 866 - Assault On Orpule Pt 8
Chapter 867 - Assault On Orpule Pt 9
Chapter 868 - Assault On Orpule Pt 10
Chapter 869 - Assault On Orpule Pt 10
Chapter 870 - Assault On Orpule Pt 12
Chapter 871 - Assault On Orpule Final
Chapter 872 - Landing Is The Best Part
Chapter 873 - Less Than You Expect But More Than You Think
Chapter 874 - Ponder, Ponder
Chapter 875 - Old Friends
Chapter 876 - Leisure Time
Chapter 877 - The Lesson
Chapter 878 - Adventure
Chapter 879 - Suit Up
Chapter 880 - The History
Chapter 881 - Finger Pistols
Chapter 882 - A Whole New World
Chapter 883 - Use The Force
Chapter 884 - Get That Worm!
Chapter 885 - Diplomatic Immunity
Chapter 886 - Little Talks
Chapter 887 - Wriggle And Worm
Chapter 888 - Big Brain
Chapter 889 - Blooming Potential
Chapter 890 - The Lay Of The Land
Chapter 891 - Limits? We Don'T Need No Stinking Limits!
Chapter 892 - Scout'S Honour
Chapter 893 - Darkness Eternal
Chapter 894 - Pushy Lizards
Chapter 895 - 895 - To Thirty!
Chapter 896 - Raised In The Shadow Pt 1
Chapter 897 - Raised In The Shadow Pt 2
Chapter 898 - Raised In The Shadow Pt 3
Chapter 899 - The Roots
Chapter 900 - No Fault
Chapter 901 - To Be Tolly
Chapter 902 - Sizing Up
Chapter 903 - Rising Sands Pt 1
Chapter 904 - Rising Sands Pt 2
Chapter 905 - Rising Sands Pt 3
Chapter 906 - Face Off
Chapter 907 - The Enemy
Chapter 908 - Something Grander
Chapter 909 - Soul Crushing
Chapter 910 - Drawn Down
Chapter 911 - The Realm Of Myth
Chapter 912 - The Realm Of Myth
Chapter 913 - The Creed
Chapter 914 - Digging In
Chapter 915 - The Rush
Chapter 916 - Hold The Line
Chapter 917 - Colony V Colony Pt 1 (Of Two Hundred)
Chapter 918 - Colony Vs Colony Pt 2
Chapter 919 - Colony Vs Colony Pt 3
Chapter 920 - Clean Up
Chapter 921 - Worm On A Hook
Chapter 922 - Realms Of Myth
Chapter 923 - The Tree Fort
Chapter 924 - Put A Toe Out In The Fourth
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Anthony has been reborn! Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera.

However, something seems a little off. What's with these skills? Bite? Dig?


I've been reborn as a WHAT?!

Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life, to survive and grow in his new Dungeon home!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 Anthony Reborn

Chapter 1 Anthony Reborn

I had no time to think, pause or consider before I came to be enveloped in a soft, white light. A blinding flash impacting not just my eyes but seemingly my whole body.

Sensation fell gradually away as I tried to gather my thoughts. What had happened? Where was I? I think I made myself dinner, my parents hadn't been home, again. I was eating in my room, at my desk maybe? Then there had been … white?

I can't tell how long I've been here, floating in this gentle light. Has it been ten days? Or only ten minutes? The light surrounds me, enveloping me like a warm blanket.

Sound begins to swell like a wave in the distance. It rushes toward me and just when washes over me I hear a voice.

[Welcome Anthony]

Well thank you! These are the kinds of good manners that make me feel warm inside.

[you have died]


What do you mean I died, disembodied voice? How on earth are you speaking anyway? Come to think of it, how on earth am I hearing you? Do I even have ears right now?!

So if I died, is this heaven? I mean, it's comfortable enough but I'm not sure if I want to stay here forever you know?

[Be calm, you will soon awaken to experience life again in a new world]

This voice feels somewhat familiar, a deep and gruff intonation that is comforting yet full of wisdom? Is it that legendary bearded figure, dressed all it white? Worshipped with devotion all over the Earth?

Could it be you?


[You will be reborn on the world of Pangera]

[Destiny and luck shall determine your fate]

Hold on a moment, Gandalf! This … This sounds kind of cool doesn't it? Reborn into another world? Adventure, peril and opportunity around each corner? Will there be magic? Girls?!

Whoa there … hold on there, me. Need to be calm. Focus and listen to Lord Gandalf!

[You will be reborn with the following status:]

Here it comes!

[Level: 1]

So game like!


Might: 15

Toughness: 12

Cunning: 25

Will: 18

HP: 30

MP: 0

Oh ho! I sound strong. MP is zero though? Is it because my spirit is lacking? Why are you judging me like this Gandalf?

[Skills: Digging level 1; Acid Shot Level 1; Grip Level 3; Bite Level 2]

Okay! Skills! This is exciting! Just … bite? Acid? Aren't these skills a little… strange? What about destruction magic or inter-dimensional spirit summoning?

[Species: Hatchling Ant Worker (Formica)]




What the heck was that Gandalf?! Ant? Not just an ant but a hatchling worker ant?! This isn't the glorious rebirth I had in mind Lord Gandalf! Was I lacking in virtue during my previous life? Was I too cruel to my friends? That can't be so, I didn't have any friends!

[You have one Skill point and one Biomass available]

[Go forth and forge your own path]

An ant path? Forge your mother, Gandalf!

At this moment, I sensed a change the light surrounding me. Gradually, it began to condense, shrinking and squeezing against me. Simultaneously it began to take form. Slowly the features and details of my new body were taking shape.

Sadly those features were not to my liking!

Six legs, two antennae, strong mandibles and a large abdomen. This is definitely the body of an ant.

After what felt like only a few minutes my shape was fully formed, my body, still white and somewhat translucent had coalesced around my consciousness.

I was now a fully formed ant.

What the hell am I supposed to do now Gandalf?! I may have kept ants as pets, but that doesn't mean I know what one is supposed to do?! Is that all it takes is it? Pet ants means ant rebirth?

First I suppose I'll try and get my bearings. The first thing I notice is that my vision is terrible. I appear to be somewhere quite dark but a faint blue glow can be seen coming from a wall in front of me, but the details are terribly blurry. Every time I turn my head my vision seems to swim, as if the colours are washed away with water before settling again.

There is a sinking feeling in my… abdomen? Most ants have very poor vision, some are even completely blind. At least I'm not that unlucky. I'll have to adjust to the other senses I have to compensate for my crappy vision!

Of course I mean my antennae! I should, if I recall right, be able to use them to smell the air and detect movement from air currents. I diligently start waving my still white feelers to see if I can sense anything.

Ooooo. This is a bit different.

I'm detecting a few smells I can't identify. The air here certainly seems a bit stale, which makes sense if I'm underground.

But wait. Where are all my ant brethren? Ants usually communicate by pheromones and their sense of smell right? My fellow colony mates should be around here ready to welcome their new comrade shouldn't they?! Why can't I find them?

Wait! I'm detecting a whiff of something nearby. I turn left and frantically wave my antennae in this new direction. Yes. Something that smells much like myself is nearby. By piecing together information from my senses I can work out that I'm in a long tunnel. Across one of the walls there is a faintly pulsing blue light. The tunnel seems to be a combination of rock walls with dirt sections.

Very gradually I begin to proceed towards the scent of my ally. My six legs begin to move, hesitantly at first and then with growing confidence.

I'm starting to hear something as I approach a curve in the tunnel ahead. It's a little hard to make out, like a crunching noise?

Not to fear my fellow ant buddy! Whatever your task may be, I am here to assist, for the glory of the colony!

Antennae waving furiously I approach the curve and poke my head around the corner.

I see movement. An ant is lying flat on its back, legs slowly waving jerkily in the air. Mandibles open and snap at air weakly, but that's not all I see.

Above my brethren I see a long snout open wide, jagged curved teeth revealed within. Two powerful hands grip a weakly struggling ant, lifting it towards those jaws which close with crushing force. The ant victim writhes in silent agony and the predator snaps its jaws a few more times before lifting its head and throwing the food down its gullet.



What the heck is this?!

Is this some sort of monster walking crocodile lizard beast?! At the end of its body I can see a massive tail swishing across the ground, two strong looking hands are pinning down the body of its prey, my comrade is still twitching and trying to move but is clearly at the end of their strength.

Fortunately the monster has its back to me!

Don't look at me like that, ally!

What do you want me to do? Fight that giant Croca-beast?! I can tell its easily four or five times my size!

This isn't the colony, there aren't any other ants here. No team, no support, no soldiers to protect us workers. What can I possibly do?

Clearly my best strategy in this situation is to … Flee!

Before it finishes eating and looks for more I have to run!

Tripping and falling over my own legs I turn and scurry back down the tunnel in the direction I came. Run, run, run!


What if I run into another of those monsters coming down the tunnel towards me?! That would be game over man, game over!

Think Anthony, think like an ant!

I stop too quickly and tangle my legs up again, causing me to fall in a heap. Hang on a moment?! I do have an option to ensure my safety. What would an ant do? Dig!

I use my feelers and front legs to scan the walls around me as quickly as I can. There! Aha! This section of wall is softer dirt, not rock!

Dig like your life depends on it Anthony! Because it does!

Raising my forelegs I start to scratch madly at the wall. My legs are still white coloured and faintly translucent, too soft to effectively dig! Hold on, ants don't use their legs to dig anyway. I try opening my mandibles on the front of my face for the first time. In my vision I can see the thick jaws open and snap shut.

I have to dig with my face!

I push my face towards the wall and open my jaws as wide as I can then crunch them shut with all of my strength. My mandibles are yet to harden fully but they are still enough to rip into this dirt wall easily!


Frantically I dig without pause, without rest, until I have carved out a small tunnel in the wall large enough to fit myself in and then collapse the entrance, trapping myself in complete black.

If I'm found, I'm dead!

Shivering in my dark hidey hole I begin to ponder my circumstances.

This situation is too strange! A new ant should be born inside the colony, surrounded by allies and protectors, why on Pangera was I born alone in a tunnel with such fearsome beasts! Judging by my poor fellow ant out there I'm not the only one dropped into these hopeless straights.

I can only think of one thing. A raid. Something attacked my home colony and escaped carrying a few unhatched young. A juicy, defenseless food supply to snack on back in their own home tunnels. It may not have even been that giant Croca-beast that conducted the raid, it may have intercepted the creatures that did the deed and stolen their prize.

As a result I was dropped, unseen and managed to hatch successfully, leading to my current position of shaking in the dirt hoping I don't get found.

I can also dismiss the idea that I am a normal ant, just a few millimeters long. I've no idea how large I actually am but I can safely assume I would be a ridiculous size for an ant on Earth. That bi-pedal crocodile-headed beast certainly did not exist on Earth and surely cannot evolve naturally. This evidence, combined with the game like system in this world leads me to believe that it was a monster I saw and that I am also a monster in some underground labyrinth or dungeon.

That's scary! Do I have some sort of monster core that explorers will come to farm? Do I drop money when I die?!

This is some ridiculous hard mode right here Gandalf!

A little help?

Wait. He did say something about a skill point and Biomass?


Total Chapters in book: 924
Estimated words: 1303402 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 6517(@200wpm)___ 5214(@250wpm)___ 4345(@300wpm)