Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love

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Chapter 2 - Awake
Chapter 3 - Road Crash
Chapter 4 - Chaos At The City Gate
Chapter 5 - Visiting Yun Manor
Chapter 6 - Visiting (2)
Chapter 7 - Bath
Chapter 8 - The Night Has A Thick Atmosphere
Chapter 9 - Sunrise And Warm Feelings
Chapter 10 - 3P
Chapter 11 - Fifth Husband’S Son
Chapter 12 - Second Young Master’S Jian Garden
Chapter 13 - A Ridiculous Play
Chapter 14 - Hand In Hand By The Roadside
Chapter 15 - Jian Garden
Chapter 16 - The Night Is Hazy
Chapter 17 - City Gate
Chapter 18 - The Man In White
Chapter 19 - Returning Home
Chapter 20 - Meeting Mister Peacock Again
Chapter 21 - Chastity Belt
Chapter 22 - Returning To The Residence
Chapter 23 - Teasing
Chapter 24 - Threesome
Chapter 25 - Reorganizing
Chapter 26 - Punishing Mister Peacock
Chapter 27 - Pleasure Boat
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Alternative Titles:

Transverse Time Husbands Seeking Love, 穿越之众夫追爱

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The day she transmigrated it, she was already the wife of two men. She later became the Queen of the country. Her life has been cherished by seven men.

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Chapter 1 - 3P

☆ Chapter 1: 3P

She was in a trance. Her back was being held by one man who used a pair of strong arms to support her buttocks so she was in a posture similar to a child urinating. He brought her in front of another man…And the other man grabbed her slender legs, encircling them around his strong waist before leaning forward…

What kind of situation is this? I’m dreaming, this has to be a dream!

In her confused state, she suddenly felt a foreign body slowly entering her most shameful place.

“Ah!” She screamed, using her hands to push against the man’s chest in refusal, but his skin was thick and tough, displaying the man’s extraordinary burly stature. Her small, delicate hands were not enough to tickle him, let alone be able to push him away.

She became anxious as even without experience, she knew this wasn’t a good situation. Her hands kept flailing and her legs that were encircled around the man’s waist carelessly kicked his back, making loud noises each time.

But her resistance was not a threat; on the contrary, it evoked stronger enthusiasm. He fell on her body, staring at her with a pair of red eyes and spewing warm breaths on her body. The two arms gripped onto her hips and his movements rapidly increased.

She cried in panic: “Go away, don’t…don’t do this to me…”

“Zhu Zhu, don’t be scared. Eldest Cousin promises it won’t be as painful as yesterday. Being a wife is like this; this is an inevitable course of events.” From her back came a gentle murmur–it was the man that was holding her that spoke.

Who’s Eldest Cousin are you? Which family’s Eldest Cousin would dare do this to their Sister Cousin? Please, are you mentally sane?

But the situation in front of her clearly was 3P, 3P ah! She really wanted to cry. She had watched these videos on the computer before, but never expected to experience it herself.

She definitely didn’t want this. Her reputation would be ruined. She’s only 18 years old, had only just recently entered college and had a great future ahead.

“No, no, you can’t!” She panicked and struggled in the man’s arms.

But either because of the man restraining her from behind or the oppression from the man in front, her weak body clearly couldn’t break free.

“Let Second Cousin finish, it’s not like this is the first time. Yesterday in the bridal chamber, you weren’t like this…” The man that was pressed on her gasped out a little impatiently but the action underneath his body didn’t stop.

What bridal chamber? Shitty bridal chamber aside, I may be an adult, but I’m still under the legal marriage age. I’ll be fined for having an early marriage.

She scolded them in her mind, when suddenly her view turned dark. The man behind her had bowed his head and kissed her. He gently rubbed her mouth, the tip of his tongue pushing between her lips, before immediately sliding into her mouth and entangling with her sweet tongue. He sucked on her lips, used his tongue to touch her uvula, nonstop sucking on her sweetness.

“Wu wu…” She was kissed to the point where she forgot to struggle and unconsciously became soft in his embrace.

It turns out kissing could also make one addicted.

This is a dream, it must be a dream. Otherwise how could a 3P situation appear? In the past, she was a good girl that had never even kissed before.

While kissing her, the man’s big hands holding her legs slowly moved towards her chest, gently caressing her pair of sweet buns, sometimes rubbing, sometimes pulling.

As if his touch contained endless charm, wave after wave of numbness followed where his fingers moved, causing her body to be suffused with a luster…It was merely a short while but her white skin had turned pink and her bright eyes were shrouded in a layer of haze, threatening to drop tears.

The beautiful and bewitching body admitted defeat under the attack of the two males. Her slender legs were still encircled around the waist of the man on top but were now catering to him, drawing him closer and closer to her and leaving no gaps.

“Zhu Zhu’s so obedient.”

The man who kissed her praised her and moved his lips down her body to her two plump mounds before stopping. Opening his mouth, he sucked on a brightly-colored red plum when suddenly the girl’s sweet fragrance blurred his senses and caused him to devote himself wholeheartedly to his endeavor.

“Nn…” She gasped as pleasure overtook reason, and she involuntarily raised her chest up towards the head above.

Since this is a dream, just let her sink into depravity!

The man pressed on her body raised his arms to place her slender legs that previously had been wrapped around his waist on his shoulders. He then raised her white derriere, his immense heat penetrating deeper, like a metal spring, seemingly weak but hiding great power.

“Nn..ah..” She writhed unbearably. What a tortuous dream!

The young and tender body was continually teased by the two men in front and behind, stimulating each nerve, until finally the most splendid of fireworks burst out.

Suffering to the extreme, pleasure to the extreme; it was the dual feeling of flying to heaven and sinking to hell.

She had never experienced anything like this before. She screamed as her body trembled violently before her vision went black and she lost consciousness.

“Zhu Zhu!” Yun Shi Yi held the unconscious girl, his eyes flashing in distress. He couldn’t help but reproach the other male: “What’s wrong with you? I told you to be gentler. Did you think you were hunting in the woods? Zhu Zhu is our wife, not the prey under your arrows.”

“Then, what about about you, Eldest Brother?” With a guilty conscience, Yun Shi Wei muttered under his breath: “Last night during the bridal night, I didn’t see your movements being gentle. Zhu Zhu also fainted then, and you still have the gall to blame me?”

He was still inside the girl’s wonderful area and his heavy body still pressed on her underneath, but he was unwilling to extricate himself.

“Didn’t you already finish?” Having been refuted, Yun Shi Yi had no words to counterattack with but he kept a straight face and launched another assault. “Hurry and get up. Zhu Zhu is this weak, how can she endure your heavy body pressing on her for long?”

“But I’m still not satisfied!” Yun Shi Wei reluctantly got up.

Yun Shi Yi gently placed her on the bed and picked up a towel from the desk to clean the white turbidity flowing from the girl’s lower parts. Once finished, he threw the towel on the ground and laid down on the bed to hug the fragile body. Suddenly filled with great satisfaction and affection, his movements became much warmer.

To be honest, his swelling underneath was very uncomfortable but he didn’t want her to suffer from the slightest injury. Anyhow, they will be husband and wife for a lifetime, so it’s fine to go slowly!

Yun Shi Wei glared at him: “Last night you already embraced Zhu Zhu while sleeping. Tonight it should be my turn.”

Yun Shi Yi snorted: “Don’t forget I’m the legitimate husband. Not kicking you off the bed is already treating you fairly. Act less shamelessly. If you’re not satisfied, the door is to the right. You can open it yourself and get out.”

“No way I’m leaving. I won’t make things convenient for you.”

Yun Shi Wei indignantly opened the covers and laid down on Ruan Zhu’s other side. One hand crept towards one of her mounds in front but he was noticed by Yun Shi Yi, who waved YSW’s hand away.

“What are you doing? I can’t even touch?”

“Of course not. Sleep and don’t randomly move your limbs. We still have to pay a visit to the elders tomorrow!”

Outside the window, the moon was bright and clear. Inside the room, the sound of snoring gradually resounded. After an indeterminate amount of time, the girl that was nestled between two men opened her watery eyes and blankly stared at her surroundings.

A phrase that she commonly saw on the internet slowly took shape in her mind….Transmigration?


Total Chapters in book: 114
Estimated words: 376832 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1884(@200wpm)___ 1507(@250wpm)___ 1256(@300wpm)