Cultivation Online by MyLittleBrother

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Mysterious Little Girl
Chapter 3: Becoming A Cultivator
Chapter 4: Hidden Ques
Chapter 5: Death Penalty
Chapter 6: Servants
Chapter 7: Heaven Splitting Sword Strike
Chapter 8: An Overwhelming Advantage
Chapter 9: Jade Frog
Chapter 10: A Natural Prodigy
Chapter 11: A Priceless Treasure
Chapter 12: Heaven-Defying Physique
Chapter 13: Flying Sword Sec
Chapter 14: Thousand Swords Formation
Chapter 15: The Stone Tablets
Chapter 16: A Battle Maniac
Chapter 17: Blood Sec
Chapter 18: Mo Zhou“S Gratitude
Chapter 19: Spirit Warrior
Chapter 20: Spirit City
Chapter 21: Azure Phoenix Auction House
Chapter 22: Vip Room
Chapter 23: Beginning Of The Auction
Chapter 24: Heaven-Grade Treasure
Chapter 25: End Of The Auction
Chapter 26: Wealth Leaderboards
Chapter 27: Stuffing His Face With Food
Chapter 28: Cooking Techniques
Chapter 29: Leaving Spirit City
Chapter 30: One Against Two
Chapter 31: Negotiations
Chapter 32: Sword Aura
Chapter 33: Monster Slayer
Chapter 34: Demonic Spider
Chapter 35: Poison Sac
Chapter 36: Consuming The Demonic Spider“S Monster Core
Chapter 37: Quest Complete
Chapter 38: Flying Sword
Chapter 39: Player Killing
Chapter 40: Contemp
Chapter 41: Pang City
Chapter 42: Luo Family
Chapter 43: Ulterior Motives
Chapter 44: Appearance
Chapter 45: Bounty
Chapter 46: Learning About The Situation
Chapter 47: Cultivation Technique Improvements
Chapter 48: In-Game Even
Chapter 49: Domineering Presence
Chapter 50: Heavenly Domain
Chapter 51: Achieving First Place
Chapter 52: Pang City“S Hero
Chapter 53: Starry Abyss
Chapter 54: Soul Weapons
Chapter 55: Yu Rou“S Evaluation
Chapter 56: Leaving Pang City
Chapter 57: Teleportation Device
Chapter 58: Liang City
Chapter 59: Xuan Family
Chapter 60: What The Heck Happened To You?!
Chapter 61: Meeting With Yu Rou
Chapter 62: Yu Tian
Chapter 63: Cultivators“ Haven
Chapter 64: Xiao Hua“S Mission
Chapter 65: Spoiling Yu Rou
Chapter 66: Spirit Weaver
Chapter 67: Repeatable Quests
Chapter 68: Divine Sense
Chapter 69: Player Killer
Chapter 70: Divine Crystal Of Heavenly Fortune
Chapter 71: Translucent Dew Of Flawlessness
Chapter 72: An Unknown Destiny
Chapter 73: Wind Blade
Chapter 74: Feeling Pain
Chapter 75: Doctor Wang
Chapter 76: Feeling Nothing But Pain
Chapter 77: Dragon Essence Temple Exam Token
Chapter 78: Center Of Attention
Chapter 79: Pagoda Of Tranquility
Chapter 80: Results
Chapter 81: Player Yuan“S Sister
Chapter 82: Legendary Child Prodigy
Chapter 83: Silver Ape Cave
Chapter 84: Spirit Frui
Chapter 85: Golden Phoenix Bazaar
Chapter 86: Madam Feng
Chapter 87: Empyrean Overlord
Chapter 88: Trading For The Soul Weapon
Chapter 89: Phoenix Blood
Chapter 90: Vermilion Phoenix
Chapter 91: Unknown Bloodline
Chapter 92: Breakthrough?
Chapter 93: A Frenzied Crowd
Chapter 94: Exploring The City Peacefully
Chapter 95: Increased Appetite
Chapter 96: Vermilion Phoenix Dominating The Heavens
Chapter 97: Movement Technique
Chapter 98: Dragon Essence Temple Disciple Examination
Chapter 99: First Tes
Chapter 100: Second Tes
Chapter 101: Third Tes
Chapter 102: Fifty Steps
Chapter 103: The Final Step
Chapter 104: Talent That Rivals Their Founder
Chapter 105: The Last Tes
Chapter 106: Tablet Of Comprehension
Chapter 107: Dragon“S Gaze
Chapter 108: Star-Destroying Gaze
Chapter 109: State Of Enlightenmen
Chapter 110: Seal Of Approval
Chapter 111: Talents That Will Make Even The Heavens Jealous!
Chapter 112: End Of The Disciple Examination
Chapter 113: Introducing Himself
Chapter 114: The Importance Of Having A Strong Backing
Chapter 115: Accepting A Master
Chapter 116: Pill Of Concealmen
Chapter 117: Golden Symbols
Chapter 118: Becoming A Disciple
Chapter 119: Outer Court Disciple
Chapter 120: Their First Lecture
Chapter 121: 1000 Contribution Points
Chapter 122: You Don“T Belong Here!
Chapter 123: Returning With A Sect Elder
Chapter 124: Lowering Their Heads
Chapter 125: Two Choices
Chapter 126: A Massive Crowd At The Education Peak
Chapter 127: Eating His Own Shoes
Chapter 128: What Does New Disciples Normally Do?
Chapter 129: Profound Pavilion
Chapter 130: Flying Daggers
Chapter 131: Practice Area
Chapter 132: Destroying The Training Puppe
Chapter 133: Challenging Yuan
Chapter 134: Admitting Defea
Chapter 135: Unbelievable Rumor
Chapter 136: A Bug In The System
Chapter 137: Perfectly Healthy
Chapter 138: Carp Leaping Over Dragon'S Gate Tower
Chapter 139: Taking Longer Than Expected
Chapter 140: Dragon Pavilion
Chapter 141: Fairy Fei“S Zither Performance
Chapter 142: Playing The Zither
Chapter 143: Completely Absorbed In Yuan“S Performance
Chapter 144: I Want To Know More About Him!
Chapter 145: Challenging The Tower
Chapter 146: 20Th Floor
Chapter 147: This Place Is Now Off Limits!
Chapter 148: The 100Th Floor
Chapter 149: The Great One“S Challenge
Chapter 150: 100 000 Magical Beasts
Chapter 151: Unique Ability
Chapter 152: Perfect Concealmen
Chapter 153: Clearing All 100 Floors
Chapter 154: Dragon Temple Treasure Key
Chapter 155: A Dangerous Situation
Chapter 156: Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 157: Blood Oath
Chapter 158: Ninth Level Spirit Warrior
Chapter 159: Recruitment
Chapter 160: Seven Legacy Families
Chapter 161: Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 162: Visiting The Mission Hall
Chapter 163: Disciple Fei
Chapter 164: Do You Know This Outer Court Disciple?
Chapter 165: In Need Of A Partner
Chapter 166: Zither Competition
Chapter 167: What Did He Do This Time?
Chapter 168: Abandoned Shed
Chapter 169: Trophy Room
Chapter 170: Practicing For The Competition
Chapter 171: Is This Breaking The Sect Rules?
Chapter 172: A Lot Can Happen In A Single Night
Chapter 173: Unable To Sleep
Chapter 174: Why Are You Here?
Chapter 175: Unexpected Guests
Chapter 176: Overslept
Chapter 177: Otherworldly Music
Chapter 178: Not Interested In Men
Chapter 179: Enhanced Pill Of Concealment
Chapter 180: Do Whatever You Want
Chapter 181: Heavenly Melody Academy
Chapter 182: Practicing Until Morning
Chapter 183: Last Day Of Practice
Chapter 184: Two Life-Saving Treasures
Chapter 185: Special Treatment
Chapter 186: Accidentally Spilling The Beans
Chapter 187: Splitting The Rooms
Chapter 188: Did You Two Already Do ‘That' Together?
Chapter 189: Instrument Store
Chapter 190: Spirit Stones
Chapter 191: Soul Ensnaring Zither
Chapter 192: Zither Goddess
Chapter 193: Zither Goddess'S Ethereal Arts
Chapter 194: What Is This Indescribable Feeling?
Chapter 195: Qi Manifestation
Chapter 196: Senior Zou
Chapter 197: The Day Before The Zither Competition
Chapter 198: Replica
Chapter 199: Veiled Figure
Chapter 200: Being Poached In Public
Chapter 201: Warning Her Disciples
Chapter 202: Introducing The Judges
Chapter 203: Always Looking For Talented Individuals
Chapter 204: How Is This Even Fair?
Chapter 205: Zero Points
Chapter 206: Yuan'S Three Music Notes
Chapter 207: Playing Seriously
Chapter 208: God Descends From Heaven
Chapter 209: Perfectly In Sync
Chapter 210: Thirteen Points
Chapter 211: Temporary Buff
Chapter 212: Player Yuan'S First Public Appearance
Chapter 213: Zither Competition Rewards
Chapter 214: End Of The Zither Competition
Chapter 215: Group Call
Chapter 216: Returning To The Dragon Pavilion
Chapter 217: An Expensive Meal
Chapter 218: Heaven Severing Zither Arts
Chapter 219: Exchange Hall
Chapter 220: The Most Unreasonable Person Yet
Chapter 221: Disciples From Other Sects
Chapter 222: Elder Shan'S Reward
Chapter 223: I Did Not Steal Anything!
Chapter 224: Treasury Hall
Chapter 225: I'Ll Take Them All
Chapter 226: You Cannot Do This To Me!
Chapter 227: Nearly Lost Her Mind From Shock
Chapter 228: Above Divine-Rank Physiques
Chapter 229: Parents
Chapter 230: Yu Tian'S Decision
Chapter 231: Planning To Leave The Family
Chapter 232: I Can Only Trust You
Chapter 233: Meixiu'S Decision
Chapter 234: A Small Change
Chapter 235: Looking For A New Home
Chapter 236: Moving Out
Chapter 237: 17F
Chapter 238: Meixiu'S Evaluation
Chapter 239: The Truth
Chapter 240: Official Match
Chapter 241: I'M Gonna Make An Example Out Of You!
Chapter 242: There'S No Surrendering In This Match
Chapter 243: Becoming Famous In The Outer Court
Chapter 244: A Powerful Slap
Chapter 245: Fake It Till You Make It
Chapter 246: Picking Up Yu Rou
Chapter 247: A Year Ago
Chapter 248: Real-World Trading
Chapter 249: Officially Disowned
Chapter 250: Desperation And Passion
Chapter 251: Soul Techniques
Chapter 252: A Bored Face
Chapter 253: Inner Court Disciple Examination
Chapter 254: Increasing The Standards
Chapter 255: Special Training Puppet
Chapter 256: Exploded Into Many Pieces
Chapter 257: Powerful Magical Beast
Chapter 258: Becoming An Inner Court Disciple
Chapter 259: An Unexpected Phenomenon
Chapter 260: You Tricked Me!
Chapter 261: Impossible To Beat
Chapter 262: Abnormal Amount Of Visitors
Chapter 263: Dragon'S Peak
Chapter 264: Where Is The Treasure?
Chapter 265: Dragon Essence
Chapter 266: Nine Dragon Symbols
Chapter 267: A New Experience
Chapter 268: Nothing Is Impossible In The Cultivation World!
Chapter 269: We Should Play Together
Chapter 270: Three Years Old
Chapter 271: Last Two Spots
Chapter 272: The Three Names
Chapter 273: Who'S The Third Disciple?
Chapter 274: Rainbow Koi
Chapter 275: Spirit Master
Chapter 276: Introducing The Team
Chapter 277: Xue Jiye
Chapter 278: Visiting Yu Rou
Chapter 279: Housekeeper
Chapter 280: Meixiu'S Mother
Chapter 281: Yellow Envelope
Chapter 282: Apology
Chapter 283: The Perfect Solution
Chapter 284: Does It Feel Good?
Chapter 285: Phone Call
Chapter 286: Minimal Price
Chapter 287: Fake Request
Chapter 288: Meeting Meixiu
Chapter 289: Long Chen City
Chapter 290: Verifying The Treasure
Chapter 291: The Treasure Is Real!
Chapter 292: Announcing The Auction To The World
Chapter 293: We Should Do This More Often
Chapter 294: Frozen Jade Zither Auction
Chapter 295: Dao Companion
Chapter 296: Flying Treasure
Chapter 297: Mystic Realm Gathering Spot
Chapter 298: Jealousy
Chapter 299: Rebellious Stage
Chapter 300: Taking A Closer Look At The Mystic Realm
Chapter 301: The Aura Of A Spirit King
Chapter 302: Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity
Chapter 303: Distributing The Tokens
Chapter 304: Handshake
Chapter 305: Two Incredibly Powerful Individuals
Chapter 306: Shattering Their Confidence
Chapter 307: Entering The Mystic Realm
Chapter 308: Separated From The Team
Chapter 309: Following The Voice
Chapter 310: Sword Marks
Chapter 311: Studying Sword Aura
Chapter 312: Advanced Sword Mastery
Chapter 313: When Can We Expect A Child?
Chapter 314: Mystic Realm Natives
Chapter 315: Faceless Statue
Chapter 316: Unique Charisma
Chapter 317: Blue Star
Chapter 318: Earth Dragon
Chapter 319: Unknown Entity
Chapter 320: Demon
Chapter 321: Three Free Attacks
Chapter 322: Demon Sealing Strike
Chapter 323: Demon Slayer
Chapter 324: Transformation
Chapter 325: Riding Lan Yingying
Chapter 326: End Of The Frozen Jade Zither Auction
Chapter 327: Preparing For The Demons' Invasion
Chapter 328: Consuming Magical Beasts
Chapter 329: Heaven Refining Physique
Chapter 330: Bane Of Demons
Chapter 331: Learning To Fly
Chapter 332: A Thousand Years
Chapter 333: A Cup Of Blood
Chapter 334: Awakened Bloodline
Chapter 335: Immortal Bloodlines
Chapter 336: How To Make Babies
Chapter 337: Abandoned Valley
Chapter 338: As If Such A Toy Could Injure Me!
Chapter 339: Key To Mystic Pagoda
Chapter 340: The Lord'S Sword
Chapter 341: Perfect Regeneration
Chapter 342: Fighting The Demon Lord
Chapter 343: Core Detonation
Chapter 344: Barely Surviving The Explosion
Chapter 345: Unsuspecting Victims
Chapter 346: Who Is Responsible For This?!
Chapter 347: Mystic Pagoda
Chapter 348: Suspiciously Easy
Chapter 349: Inside The Mystic Pagoda
Chapter 350: Pillar Of Light
Chapter 351: Detained
Chapter 352: Interrogation
Chapter 353: Dragon Palace
Chapter 354: Royal Family
Chapter 355: Dragon Awakening Ritual
Chapter 356: Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 357: Xi Meili
Chapter 358: A Dragon'S Pride
Chapter 359: Rivals
Chapter 360: Serious Implications
Chapter 361: Changing Diet
Chapter 362: Ancestral Dragon Temple
Chapter 363: Let Me Fight Him!
Chapter 364: Royal Family’S Secret Child
Chapter 365: Human
Chapter 366: Staring Contest
Chapter 367: Returning To The Dragon Palace
Chapter 368: First Defeat
Chapter 369: Dragon Meat Skewer
Chapter 370: Spirit Stone Cave
Chapter 371: Beef Stew
Chapter 372: Training With Xi Meili
Chapter 373: The Real Player Yuan
Chapter 374: Not Logging Off
Chapter 375: Before Sunrise
Chapter 376: Mastery Level 3
Chapter 377: Golden Dragon Robe
Chapter 378: Exiting The Mystic Pagoda
Chapter 379: Beauty Falling From The Sky
Chapter 380: Master Of The Mystic Realm
Chapter 381: Forcefully Removed
Chapter 382: Returning To The Cabin
Chapter 383: Farewell Gift
Chapter 384: Leaving The Mystic Realm
Chapter 385: Mystic Realm Results
Chapter 386: Picking Three Individuals
Chapter 387: Returning To The Dragon Essence Temple
Chapter 388: Recalling His Experience In The Mystic Realm
Chapter 389: Blood Essence
Chapter 390: Taking A Break
Chapter 391: Family Assignment
Chapter 392: Looking For Disciple Yuan
Chapter 393: A Strict Family
Chapter 394: Golden Dragon Badge
Chapter 395: Obsidian Dragon Medallion
Chapter 396: Dragon Ruby Ring
Chapter 397: Looking For Solutions
Chapter 398: Increased Difficulty
Chapter 399: You Can Rely On Me
Chapter 400: Let Your Body Do The Talking
Chapter 401: Dragon Fissure
Chapter 402: A Monster Has Been Born
Chapter 403: Guest At The Dragon Essence Temple
Chapter 404: The First Players To Ascend
Chapter 405: A New Era
Chapter 406: Breaking News
Chapter 407: Cultivation Is Real!
Chapter 408: Preparing For The Future
Chapter 409: The Great One'S Trial
Chapter 410: Golden Dragon Gift Box
Chapter 411: Duplicate Treasure
Chapter 412: Closing School Early
Chapter 413: Spirit Severing Physique
Chapter 414: The Great One'S Legacy
Chapter 415: Shadow Realm
Chapter 416: Banished Souls
Chapter 417: Banished Immortals
Chapter 418: Entering The Treasure Room
Chapter 419: Leaving The Dragon Temple
Chapter 420: Heavenly War Of Immortals And Gods
Chapter 421: Announcing His Departure
Chapter 422: Watching Yuan Cultivate
Chapter 423: I Can Take You With Me
Chapter 424: A Small Favor
Chapter 425: Core Disciple
Chapter 426: Leaving The Dragon Essence Temple
Chapter 427: Myriad Of Techniques
Chapter 428: Is There Something On Me?
Chapter 429: Visiting Senior Bai Again
Chapter 430: Factions
Chapter 431: Celestial Overlords
Chapter 432: Supreme Heaven’S Legacy
Chapter 433: Sea Of Corpses And Blood
Chapter 434: Spirit Severing Scripture
Chapter 435: Meixiu'S Cultivation
Chapter 436: I Found Us Something Even Better!
Chapter 437: Decisive Action
Chapter 438: The Right Choice
Chapter 439: Training With Feng Yuxiang
Chapter 440: Fierce Beauty
Chapter 441: Four Ancient Families
Chapter 442: Increase In Crime And Violence
Chapter 443: The Future Of The Yu Family
Chapter 444: Cultivators' Association
Chapter 445: A New Rumor
Chapter 446: Stalker
Chapter 447: Returning To The Golden Phoenix Bazaar
Chapter 448: Her Reason For Leaving
Chapter 449: Do You Think It Exists?
Chapter 450: Longevity Seed
Chapter 451: Berserker’S Gem
Chapter 452: Peak Of Spirit Warrior
Chapter 453: Xiao Hua Returns
Chapter 454: Black Pajamas
Chapter 455: A Noticeable Change
Chapter 456: A True Cultivation Genius
Chapter 457: Chairman Zhao
Chapter 458: Meeting With The Yu Family
Chapter 459: Please Carry Me
Chapter 460: Snowy
Chapter 461: Spiritual Beast
Chapter 462: Magical Beasts Blocking The Road
Chapter 463: Internal Destruction
Chapter 464: Please Have Mercy!
Chapter 465: Returning To The Myriad Of Techniques
Chapter 466: Ancient Seal
Chapter 467: Primordial Realm
Chapter 468: Hunted By The Nine Heavens
Chapter 469: Free
Chapter 470: Contest
Chapter 471: Fiery Lotus
Chapter 472: Mount Hua Temple
Chapter 473: Li Shizhen
Chapter 474: Divine Doctor
Chapter 475: The Reason For His Condition
Chapter 476: Northern Continent
Chapter 477: Embodiment Of Curses
Chapter 478: Celestial Rank Physique
Chapter 479: Treasures In The Real World
Chapter 480: A Work Of Art
Chapter 481: Body Tempering
Chapter 482: Unable To Calm Down
Chapter 483: Relieving His Pain
Chapter 484: A Secret
Chapter 485: What It Means To Be A Man
Chapter 486: An Unexpected Find
Chapter 487: Questioning Meifeng
Chapter 488: Don’T Underestimate Him
Chapter 489: More Kitchen Knives
Chapter 490: Going From Door To Door
Chapter 491: Midnight Invasion
Chapter 492: The Police Arrives
Chapter 493: How Long Do You Plan On Sleeping?
Chapter 494: Waking Up
Chapter 495: Standing On His Own
Chapter 496: 50 Billion Dollars
Chapter 497: Nearly Had A Heart Attack
Chapter 498: Grow Up
Chapter 499: Aiming To Be The First
Chapter 500: What Do You Think Of My Daughter?
Chapter 501: Temporary
Chapter 502: Desperation
Chapter 503: Playing The Piano
Chapter 504: Surprising Yu Rou
Chapter 505: His Own Company
Chapter 506: Divine Melody
Chapter 507: Breaking His Bottleneck
Chapter 508: I Will Come With You
Chapter 509: I Am Here To Speak With Your Chairman
Chapter 510: The Presence Of A Spirit Master
Chapter 511: Chairman Zhao'S Resignation
Chapter 512: Hidden Experts
Chapter 513: Why Do You Reject My Existence?
Chapter 514: Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
Chapter 515: Relentless Dragon Overwhelms The Nine Heavens
Chapter 516: Eternal Lotuses
Chapter 517: Approaching The Stage
Chapter 518: Tian Yang
Chapter 519: Tian Yang(2)
Chapter 520: White Envelope
Chapter 521: Bring Her Back!
Chapter 522: White Lotus
Chapter 523: Gift
Chapter 524: Eternal Lotuses
Chapter 525: Once A Week
Chapter 526: Taking The Airplane
Chapter 527: Helicopter Service
Chapter 528: Jaded Garden
Chapter 529: Spiritual Elites
Chapter 530: Six Spiritual Families
Chapter 531: Underrated
Chapter 532: A Friendly Exchange
Chapter 533: Trial Disciple
Chapter 534: Training
Chapter 535: Archery
Chapter 536: Avoiding And Attacking Simultaneously
Chapter 537: Sword Of Dominance
Chapter 538: A Worthy Opponent
Chapter 539: A Single Bed
Chapter 540: Guests At The Yu Family
Chapter 541: Lady Chu
Chapter 542: Following The Information
Chapter 543: Archery Competition
Chapter 544: The First Event
Chapter 545: The Second Event
Chapter 546: The Third Event
Chapter 547: The Final Event
Chapter 548: Friend
Chapter 549: Brother Yuan
Chapter 550: Do You Remember Me, Brother Yuan?
Chapter 551: Chu Liuxiang
Chapter 552: Harmonica
Chapter 553: A Beauty On Each Side Of The Bed
Chapter 554: Do You Desire Revenge?
Chapter 555: You Are The Problem
Chapter 556: Chu Liuxiang'S Ambitions
Chapter 557: Unable To Focus
Chapter 558: Senior Hong
Chapter 559: Too Light
Chapter 560: Polearms
Chapter 561: Polearms(2)
Chapter 562: Battlefield
Chapter 563: The Aura Of A True Master
Chapter 564: Spirit Competition
Chapter 565: First Round
Chapter 566: Second Round
Chapter 567: Tyrannical Strength
Chapter 568: A Worthy Opponent
Chapter 569: Changing Weapons
Chapter 570: Fighting Li Jinxi
Chapter 571: Tribulation
Chapter 572: Curse
Chapter 573: Azure
Chapter 574: Promise
Chapter 575: Rematch
Chapter 576: You Can Open Your Eyes
Chapter 577: Sharing The Bathtub
Chapter 578: Real Treasures
Chapter 579: Harvesting Medicine
Chapter 580: Sneaking Inside The Bathroom
Chapter 581: Plain Zither
Chapter 582: Divination
Chapter 583: Stay With Me!
Chapter 584: Crimson Sky
Chapter 585: Ancestors' Tomb
Chapter 586: Hidden Staircase
Chapter 587: Demon Statue
Chapter 588: Flesh And Blood
Chapter 589: Staying Behind
Chapter 590: Let Me Eat You!
Chapter 591: Trail Of Blood
Chapter 592: Intense Killing Intent
Chapter 593: Demon Sealing Zone
Chapter 594: A Demon'S Cry
Chapter 595: Last Breath
Chapter 596: Founder Of The Demon Sealing Clan
Chapter 597: Aftermath
Chapter 598: The Calamity Is Not Over Yet
Chapter 599: Returning Home
Chapter 600: Creating Their Own Faction
Chapter 601: Demon Sealing Faction
Chapter 602: Qi Device
Chapter 603: Returning To Cultivation Online
Chapter 604: Heavenly Melody Academy
Chapter 605: Two Statues
Chapter 606: Paying Respects
Chapter 607: Music Pagoda
Chapter 608: Prove It!
Chapter 609: Zither Goddess'S Immortal Cave
Chapter 610: Disappeared!
Chapter 611: Freefall
Chapter 612: Chased By Six Beauties
Chapter 613: Imprisoned And Interrogated
Chapter 614: Dragon Spatial Ring
Chapter 615: Royal Dragon Family
Chapter 616: Dragon Emperor
Chapter 617: Release Him Immediately!
Chapter 618: Can I See Your Horns?
Chapter 619: Don’T Resist
Chapter 620: Meeting The Fairy Empress
Chapter 621: Why Don’T You Take A Guess?
Chapter 622: Blood Essence Of A God-Like Entity
Chapter 623: Visiting The Royal Dragon Family
Chapter 624: Dragon Paradise
Chapter 625: Dragon Marble
Chapter 626: Something Must Have Happened To Him!
Chapter 627: Kidnapped!
Chapter 628: Fourth Level Spirit Grandmaster
Chapter 629: Performing For The Heavenly Melody Academy
Chapter 630: Seven Songs
Chapter 631: Fei Yuyan'S Decision
Chapter 632: Going To The Min Family
Chapter 633: Not Accepting Any Visitors
Chapter 634: The Real Madam Feng
Chapter 635: Leaving The Min Family
Chapter 636: Golden Dragon Realm
Chapter 637: The Hero Has Returned!
Chapter 638: Visiting The Flying Sword Sect
Chapter 639: Insanity
Chapter 640: Killing Each Other
Chapter 641: Hunted By The Blood Sect
Chapter 642: Half A Year Of Supplies
Chapter 643: Dragon Spiral Mountain
Chapter 644: Four Billion Dollars
Chapter 645: Moving Out Of The Apartment
Chapter 646: Manager Of The Dragon Spiral Mountain
Chapter 647: Meixiu'S New Role
Chapter 648: Obsessed
Chapter 649: Fighting The Blood Sect
Chapter 650: Destroying The Blood Sect
Chapter 651: Heart Demon
Chapter 652: Revealing His True Background
Chapter 653: Picking Up Chu Liuxiang
Chapter 654: Confession
Chapter 655: Yu Rou'S Decision
Chapter 656: Just Joking
Chapter 657: Nightmare
Chapter 658: Evil God
Chapter 659: Encountering The Gu Family
Chapter 660: Take His Cultivation Away!
Chapter 661: A Generous Donation From The Gu Family
Chapter 662: Climbing The Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 663: Entering The Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 664: Master Of The Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 665: Stairway To Heaven'S First Trial
Chapter 666: Vanishing Ghost’S Soundless Blade
Chapter 667: Fighting The City Lord
Chapter 668: Frustration
Chapter 669: Tian Yang'S Memories
Chapter 670: Stairway To Heaven'S Second Trial
Chapter 671: Bodyguard
Chapter 672: Giant'S Continent
Chapter 673: Huang Family
Chapter 674: Sea Demons
Chapter 675: Three Years
Chapter 676: Too Easy
Chapter 677: Array Master
Chapter 678: Learning About Arrays
Chapter 679: Incoming Sea Demon
Chapter 680: Sea Demon Identified
Chapter 681: I Won'T Let You Die
Chapter 682: Spirit Lord
Chapter 683: Flying Leviathan
Chapter 684: Fighting The Flying Leviathan
Chapter 685: Stairway To Heaven'S Third Trial
Chapter 686: Golden Temple
Chapter 687: Hunting Grounds
Chapter 688: Hunting Grounds(2)
Chapter 689: Hunting Grounds(3)
Chapter 690: Stairway To Heaven'S Fourth Trial
Chapter 691: Yuan'S Heart Demon
Chapter 692: Leaving The Lower Heavens
Chapter 693: Spirit Heaven
Chapter 694: Opened To All Players
Chapter 695: Hypothetically
Chapter 696: Meixiu'S Commitment
Chapter 697: Making Love (18+)
Chapter 698: Convenience Store
Chapter 699: Until The End Of The Month
Chapter 700: Plans For Tomorrow
Chapter 701: Spirit Heaven'S Sudden Increase In Population
Chapter 702: Free Divine-Rank Technique
Chapter 703: The Real Myriad Of Techniques
Chapter 704: Spiritual Veins
Chapter 705: South Wing City
Chapter 706: Array Masters' Association
Chapter 707: Array Master Assessment
Chapter 708: Level 3 Array Symbols
Chapter 709: Officially Becoming An Array Master
Chapter 710: Level 2 Array Master
Chapter 711: Unsealing Spatial Rings
Chapter 712: Suddenly Wealthy
Chapter 713: Destiny Seal
Chapter 714: Bright Night City
Chapter 715: House Of Riches
Chapter 716: Flood Dragon'S Scale
Chapter 717: Helping Yuan
Chapter 718: Rematch
Chapter 719: Powerhouses Gathering
Chapter 720: Invitation To The Auction
Chapter 721: Royal Hall
Chapter 722: Flood Dragon'S Scale Auction
Chapter 723: Winner Of The Auction
Chapter 724: Their Young Master
Chapter 725: Mysterious Box
Chapter 726: Using The Flood Dragon'S Scale
Chapter 727: Yin And Yang
Chapter 728: Ascending Together
Chapter 729: Come Meet Me As Soon As Possible
Chapter 730: Returning To The Chu Family
Chapter 731: Senior Qi
Chapter 732: Escaped Immortals
Chapter 733: Asura Clan
Chapter 734: Waited All Night
Chapter 735: Visiting The Chu Family
Chapter 736: Are You Really A Spirit Master?
Chapter 737: Fighting Sebastian
Chapter 738: Chu Liuxiang'S Master
Chapter 739: Sealed
Chapter 740: Qi Family
Chapter 741: Fighting The Chu Family
Chapter 742: Punishment
Chapter 743: Preparing To Move Again
Chapter 744: Did You Or Did You Not?
Chapter 745: Indecent Thoughts
Chapter 746: Lord Of The Dragon Spiral Mountain
Chapter 747: Inside The Dragon Spiral Mountain
Chapter 748: Demons Within The Mountain
Chapter 749: Technique Transmission
Chapter 750: Demon Sealing Clan’S Grand Library
Chapter 751: Demon Sealing Aura
Chapter 752: Artificial Demon
Chapter 753: Destroying The Artificial Demon
Chapter 754: Demon Sealing Grotto
Chapter 755: Demon Sealing Clan'S Decline
Chapter 756: Legend Of The Divine Paragon
Chapter 757: Advanced Demon Sealer Examination
Chapter 758: Little Founder
Chapter 759: Advanced Demon Sealer
Chapter 760: The Next Divine Paragon
Chapter 761: Red Tyrant
Chapter 762: Immortal
Chapter 763: Heaven'S Mandate
Chapter 764: Stolen Memories
Chapter 765: Within The Seventh Heaven
Chapter 766: Divine Paragon Fanatics
Chapter 767: Fearing For His Life
Chapter 768: Qi Family
Chapter 769 - Entering Seclusion
Chapter 770 - I Will Handle It
Chapter 771 - Toying With The Demon
Chapter 772 - How Will It Taste?
Chapter 773 - As Their Lecturer
Chapter 774 - Chaotic Energy
Chapter 775 - Losing His Mind
Chapter 776 - A Grave Mistake
Chapter 777 - Destructive Urges
Chapter 778 - Starved Beast
Chapter 779 - Bruises
Chapter 780 - Full Recovery
Chapter 781 - Lecturing The Qi Family
Chapter 782 - Lecturing The Qi Family(2)
Chapter 783 - Testing Their Demon Sealing Aura
Chapter 784 - Killing Intent
Chapter 785 - Hovering In The Air
Chapter 786 - Exhaustion
Chapter 787 - Taking Care Of Meixiu
Chapter 788 - Do You Want To Do It Now?
Chapter 789 - To Make Things Even
Chapter 790 - Sleeping Together
Chapter 791 - Overslept
Chapter 792 - Magic Trick
Chapter 793 - Their Last Day
Chapter 794 - Leaving The Qi Family
Chapter 795 - Soon
Chapter 796 - A World Outside The Nine Heavens
Chapter 797 - Demons' Ranking
Chapter 798 - Demon Sealing Pagoda
Chapter 799 - Superior Demon
Chapter 800 - Demon General
Chapter 801 - Quick Breakthroughs
Chapter 802 - Assistance
Chapter 803 - Experiencing Death
Chapter 804 - Demon On The Fourth Floor
Chapter 805 - Not Human
Chapter 806 - Demon Sealing Groups
Chapter 807 - Wrong Decision
Chapter 808 - Killing Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 809 - Max Mastery Level
Chapter 810 - Min Li'S Plans
Chapter 811 - Grand Coliseum
Chapter 812 - Leader Of The Demon Sealing Clan
Chapter 813 - Real Demon Emperor
Chapter 814 - Demon Sealing Flag
Chapter 815 - Blood Sphere
Chapter 816 - Eventually
Chapter 817 - Bloody Carnage
Chapter 818 - Final Nail In The Coffin
Chapter 819 - Blood Separation
Chapter 820 - Do You Still Think I Am Dead?
Chapter 821 - What Is The Meaning Of This?
Chapter 822 - A Nasty Individual
Chapter 823 - A Second Personality
Chapter 824 - Closed Until Further Notice
Chapter 825 - Pill Of Truth
Chapter 826 - Moonlight City
Chapter 827 - Benefactor Feng
Chapter 828 - Magical Beast Store
Chapter 829 - Nature Of Magical Beasts
Chapter 830 - Upcoming Disciple Examination
Chapter 831 - Have You Seen My Son?
Chapter 832 - Nameless Town
Chapter 833 - Elite Demon Sealer'S Examination
Chapter 834 - Demons’ Valley
Chapter 835 - Demons’ Valley(2)
Chapter 836: Sublime Scriptures Of Heaven
Chapter 837: The Abomination
Chapter 838: Deep Within His Consciousness
Chapter 839: Divine Paragon’S Legacy
Chapter 840: Swords Of Eternal Torment
Chapter 841: Fighting The Abomination
Chapter 842: Promotion To Elite Demon Sealer
Chapter 843: Act Of Treachery
Chapter 844: Heavenly Oath
Chapter 845: Demon Warding Talisman
​Chapter 846: The Real Demons’ Valley
Chapter 847: Suspicious Woman
Chapter 848: Red Pond
Chapter 849: Hidden Passage
​Chapter 850: Hibernation
Chapter 851: False Incense
Chapter 852: Just An Ordinary Demon Sealer
Chapter 853: Accepting Their Fate
Chapter 854: Blood-Soaked Mountain
Chapter 855: Golden Celestial Tree
Chapter 856: Jia Chong
Chapter 857 - Medallion Of Fate
Chapter 858 - Seven Spirit Academies’ Disciple Examination
Chapter 859 - Seven Spirit Academies’ Disciple Examination (2)
Chapter 860 - Seven Spirit Academies’ Disciple Examination (3)
​ Chapter 861 - Li Jinxi’S Evaluation
Chapter 862 - Li Jinxi’S Evaluation (2)
Chapter 863 - Final Examination
Chapter 864 - Seven Sect Masters
Chapter 865 - The Sect Masters’ Offers
Chapter 866 - Escalating Situation
Chapter 867 - Death Note
Chapter 868 - Persuading The Sect Masters
Chapter 869 - Fighting The Sect Masters
Chapter 870: You Know Him?
Chapter 871: Monster
Chapter 872: Heaven'S Favorite
Chapter 873: Don'T Look
Chapter 874: Come With Me
Chapter 875: Seven Spirit Academies' Disciple Examination'S Results
Chapter 876: Because Of You
Chapter 877: Lt Wasn'T Robbery
Chapter 878: Hidden Formation
Chapter 879: How Confident Are You?
Chapter 880: 26 Days
Chapter 881: Tian Chenyu
Chapter 882: Fascinated
Chapter 883: Ai Rong
Chapter 884: Tian Chenyu'S Awakening
Chapter 885: L Am Tian Chenyu!
Chapter 886: This Ls Just The Beginning
Chapter 887: Tian Chenyu'S Decision
Chapter 888: The Beginning Of An Everlasting Legend
Chapter 889: Practice Tool
Chapter 890: Backlash
Chapter 891: Massage
Chapter 892: Manager'S True Nature
Chapter 893: Explosion
​Chapter 894: Celestial Qi
Chapter 895: Strength Of The 11 Demons
Chapter 896: Not Created For Humans
Chapter 897: Training
Chapter 898: Understanding The Nameless Technique
Chapter 899: New Product
Chapter 900: Drastic Improvements
Chapter 901: Why Are You Wearing A Mask?
Chapter 902: Terrified Demons
Chapter 903: Unread Messages
Chapter 904: Silver Spirit Grass
Chapter 905: Meeting White Lotus
Chapter 906: Meeting White Lotus (2)
Chapter 907: Teasing The Legacy Families
Chapter 908: Confronting The Gu Family
Chapter 909: Evil God'S Killing Intent
Chapter 910: Sect Master Of The Universal Music Academy
Chapter 911: Confronting The Sect Masters Again
Chapter 912: Sect Master Sun
Chapter 913: Black Anguish Needle
Chapter 914: Revealing His Secret
Chapter 915: Wang Xiuying'S Alchemy Flame
Chapter 916: Wang Xiuying'S Alchemy
Chapter 917: Medicine Fields
Chapter 918: Alchemy Store
Chapter 919: Buying A Cauldron
Chapter 920: Phoenix Down
Chapter 921: Body Tempering Pills
Chapter 922: Disciplinary Squad
Chapter 923: Message
Chapter 924: Underground Prison
Chapter 925: Release Him!
Chapter 926: Answer My Question Or Die!
Chapter 927: Grail Of Truth
Chapter 928: Lord Ji
Chapter 929: Heavens' Judgment
Chapter 930: Tier 4 Body Tempering Pill
Chapter 931: Becoming An Alchemist
Chapter 932: Feng Yuxiang'S Alchemy
Chapter 933: Violet Qilin'S Fire
Chapter 934: Drastic Improvements
Chapter 935: Number One Servant
Chapter 936: Crazy Shopping Spree
Chapter 937: Heaven Sealing Technique
Chapter 938: Let Them Die!
Chapter 939: Confronting The Universal Music Academy
Chapter 940: 10,000 Corpses
Chapter 941: Playing Catch
Chapter 942: Applying For The Demon Sealing Faction
Chapter 943: It'S A Mutual Thing
Chapter 944: Love Capsule
Chapter 945: Killing The Last Demon
Chapter 946: The Lord'S True Identity
Chapter 947: The Lord'S True Identity (2)
Chapter 948: The Truth About Cultivation Online
Chapter 949: Traveling To The Nine Heavens
Chapter 950: Immortal Monarch
Chapter 951: Immortal Monarch'S Descendant
Chapter 952: On The Verge Of Destruction
Chapter 953: Leaving The Dragon Spiral Mountain
Chapter 954: Player Yuan'S Face
Chapter 955: Meeting White Lotus In Person
Chapter 956: Who Are You Trying To Seduce?!
Chapter 957: Young Master Zheng
Chapter 958: Legacy Ranking
Chapter 959: I Want Him Dead!
Chapter 960: Meeting Between Two Legacy Families
Chapter 961: Nightmare In Broad Daylight
Chapter 962: Assassination Attempt
Chapter 963: The Real Culprit
Chapter 964: Take Me To The Zheng Family
Chapter 965: Regaining His Vision
Chapter 966: Punishing Zheng Weimin
Chapter 967 - It’S Just A Kiss
Chapter 968 - Unknown Weapon Of Mass Destruction
Chapter 969 - Locating The Assassins
Chapter 970 - Locating The Assassins (2)
Chapter 971 - I Will See You In Hell!
Chapter 972 - A Big Mistake
Chapter 973 - Hospitalized
Chapter 974 - My Name Is Yu Tian
Chapter 975 - Happy Birthday
Chapter 976 - What Can A Child Like Him Do To Us?
Chapter 977 - Feelings
Chapter 978 - All The Way
Chapter 979 - Visiting Eternal Lotuses
Chapter 980 - Fiery Queen’S Offer
Chapter 981 - Staying Overnight
Chapter 982 - A Pile Of Treasures
Chapter 983 - Sparring With White Lotus
Chapter 984 - Leaving Eternal Lotuses
Chapter 985 - Returning To The Yu Family
Chapter 986 - Confronting The Yu Family
Chapter 987 - A Proposal
Chapter 988 - Halting Their Support
Chapter 989 - Taking Away Their Cultivation
Chapter 990 - I Am No Longer Yu Tian
Chapter 991 - Until The Interview
Chapter 992 - Removing His Mask
Chapter 993 - Player Yuan’S True Identity
Chapter 994 - End Of Yuan’S Interview
Chapter 995 - Orphanage
Chapter 996 - Personal Maid
Chapter 997 - Room Inspection
Chapter 998 - Who Was Your First?
Chapter 999 - New Member
Chapter 1000 - Mother And Daughter
Chapter 1001 - Not Ready
Chapter 1002 - Surrounded
Chapter 1003 - Opening The Stairway To Heaven
Chapter 1004 - Heaven’S Regulation
Chapter 1005 - Fighting Lord Ji And The Seven Legacy Families
Chapter 1006 - Asura'S Blade Of Execution
Chapter 1007 - Shocking The Spirit Heaven
Chapter 1008 - Preparing Their Ambush
Chapter 1009 - City Lord
Chapter 1010 - City Of Xian
Chapter 1011 - A Familiar Voice
Chapter 1012 - He’S Back!
Chapter 1013 - God Of War'S Astral Arts
Chapter 1014 - Proceeding To The Second Trial
Chapter 1015 - Mammoth Bloodline
Chapter 1016 - Serious Accusations
Chapter 1017 - The Gold And Money Bandits
Chapter 1018 - I Will Accept Your Challenge!
Chapter 1019 - The Prowess Of A Giant
Chapter 1020 - Golden Mountain Body Refinement
Chapter 1021 - Giant Emperor Kulas
Chapter 1022 - Tournament Of Strength
Chapter 1023 - Unbearable Pain
Chapter 1024 - Soul Strength
Chapter 1025 - Soul Nourishment Array
Chapter 1026 - Mysterious Woman
Chapter 1027 - Colossal Tower
Chapter 1028 - Colossal Tower (2)
Chapter 1029 - Perfect Tempering Ginseng
Chapter 1030 - Perfect Physique
Chapter 1031 - Perfect Physique (2)
Chapter 1032 - Ancestral Tablet
Chapter 1033 - Ancestral Tablet (2)
Chapter 1034 Number 3
Chapter 1035 Kulas
Chapter 1036 Kulas(2)
Chapter 1037 Kulas(3)
Chapter 1038 Heaven'S Supremacy
Chapter 1039 Heaven'S Supremacy(2)
Chapter 1040 Heaven'S Supremacy(3)
Chapter 1041 Player Massacre
Chapter 1042 Arriving At Third Heaven
Chapter 1043 Arriving At Third Heaven(2)
Chapter 1044 Returning To The Demon Sealing Clan'S Grand Library
Chapter 1045 Returning To The Demon Sealing Pagoda
Chapter 1046 Spirit King
Chapter 1047 Seventh Floor Of The Demon Sealing Pagoda
Chapter 1048 Fighting The Demon Emperor
Chapter 1049 The True Purpose Of The Demon Sealing Pagoda
Chapter 1050 Ninth Floor Of The Demon Sealing Pagoda
Chapter 1051 Demon Sealing Ring
Chapter 1052 Divine Paragon'S Legacy
Chapter 1053 Gates Of Heaven
Chapter 1054 Immortal Rendering Sword Strike
Chapter 1055 Nine Heavens Eternal Grotto
Chapter 1056 Attacking Senior Bai
Chapter 1057 Founder Of The Celestial Overlord
Chapter 1058 A Trade
Chapter 1059 Xu Jiaqi
Chapter 1060 Lost Legacy
Chapter 1061 Celestial Emperor'S Request
Chapter 1062 Lady Xiang
Chapter 1063 Limitless Bloodlust
Chapter 1064 Tian Family
Chapter 1065 Tian Family(2)
Chapter 1066 Tian Family(3)
Chapter 1067 Tian Family(4)
Chapter 1068 A Group Of Hooligans
Chapter 1069 Stone Bandits' Hideout
Chapter 1070 Stone Bandits' Hideout(2)
Chapter 1071 Stone Bandits' Hideout(3)
Chapter 1072 Lin Family'S Damage Control
Chapter 1073 Lin Family'S Visit
Chapter 1074 Caused By Heartbreak
Chapter 1075 Silent Rippers
Chapter 1076 Midnight Assassination Attempt
Chapter 1077 Dealing With The Silent Rippers
Chapter 1078 Dealing With The Silent Rippers(2)
Chapter 1079 Dealing With The Silent Rippers(3)
Chapter 1080 Dealing With The Silent Rippers(4)
Chapter 1081 Confronting The Lin Family
Chapter 1082 Confronting The Lin Family(2)
Chapter 1083 Confronting The Lin Family(3)
Chapter 1084 Confronting The Lin Family(4)
Chapter 1085 Familiar Sword Technique
Chapter 1086 Lin Family'S Gathering
Chapter 1087 Lin Family'S Gathering(2)
Chapter 1088 The Man Responsible
Chapter 1089 The Man Responsible(2)
Chapter 1090 The Man Responsible(3)
Chapter 1091 Killing Lin Minghai
Chapter 1092 Vanishing Demon
Chapter 1093 Vanishing Demon(2)
Chapter 1094 Jade Sword Manor
Chapter 1095 Jade Sword Manor(2)
Chapter 1096 Jade Sword Manor(3)
Chapter 1097 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb
Chapter 1098 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb(2)
Chapter 1099 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb(3)
Chapter 1100 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb(4)
Chapter 1101 Commander Of The Evil God’Sshadow Army
Chapter 1102 Evil God’S Loyal Servant
Chapter 1103 Controlling Fate
Chapter 1104 Arrival From The Upper Heaven
Chapter 1105 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb’Sopening
Chapter 1106 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb’Sopening(2)
Chapter 1107 Nameless Emperor’S Tomb’Sopening(3)
Chapter 1108 Strongest Soul Cultivationtechnique In The Nine Heavens
Chapter 1109 Strongest Soul Cultivation Technique In The Nine Heavens(2)
Chapter 1110 Strongest Soul Cultivation Technique In The Nine Heavens(3)
Chapter 1111 The Nine Heavens Trembles!
Chapter 1112 Lady Xiang’S Offer
Chapter 1113 Lady Xiang’S Blessing
Chapter 1114 Heaven’S Indomitable Soul
Chapter 1115 Entering Nameless Emperor’Stomb
Chapter 1116 Nameless Stone Warrior
Chapter 1117 Moon Splitting Sword Art
Chapter 1118 A Treasure Has Appeared!
Chapter 1119 Fighting For The Treasure
Chapter 1120 Fighting For The Treasure(2)
Chapter 1121 Fighting For The Treasure(3)
Chapter 1122 Fighting For The Treasure(4)
Chapter 1123 Fighting For The Treasure(5)
Chapter 1124 Nine Swords Trial
Chapter 1125 Nine Swords Trial(2)
Chapter 1126 Nine Swords Trial(3)
Chapter 1127 Nine Swords Trial(4)
Chapter 1128 Sword Pagoda
Chapter 1129 Sword Pagoda(2)
Chapter 1130 Sword Pagoda(3)
Chapter 1131Sword Pagoda(4)
Chapter 1132 Sword Pagoda(5)
Chapter 1133 Sword Tablet
Chapter 1134 Studying The Sword Tablet
Chapter 1135 Enhanced Sword Aura
Chapter 1136 Weapon Upgrade
Chapter 1137 Awakened Empyrean Overlord
Chapter 1138 Silver Dragon
Chapter 1139 Heading Towards The Sword Temple
Chapter 1140 Renowned
Chapter 1141 Burst Of Bloodlust
Chapter 1142 Massive Magical Beast
Chapter 1143 Massive Magical Beast(2)
Chapter 1144 Sword Temple
Chapter 1145 Sword Trial
Chapter 1146 Sword Trial(2)
Chapter 1147 Sword Trial(3)
Chapter 1148 Jin Xi
Chapter 1149 Poison Phoenix
Chapter 1150 Sword Temple
Chapter 1151 Divine Gaze
Chapter 1152 Sword Body
Chapter 1153 Sword Body(2)
Chapter 1154 Entering The Inner Areas
Chapter 1155 What Just Happened?
Chapter 1156 Sword Graveyard
Chapter 1157 Sword Graveyard(2)
Chapter 1158 Memories Within The Sword Graveyard
Chapter 1159 Sword Graveyard’S Fury
Chapter 1160 The Sword Graveyard Trembles Again!
Chapter 1161 Return The Swords Or Die!
Chapter 1162 Ten Minute Countdown
Chapter 1163 Unfathomable Generosity
Chapter 1164 Jin Xi’S Authority
Chapter 1165 Mysterious Garden
Chapter 1166 Phoenix Statue
Chapter 1167 Sword Pond
Chapter 1168 Sword Pond(2)
Chapter 1169
Chapter 1170 Top Ten Treasure
Chapter 1171 Their Journey Together
Chapter 1172 Peak Of Treasures
Chapter 1173 A Familiar Scenery
Chapter 1174 Returning To Ancient Dragon City
Chapter 1175 Returning To Ancient Dragon City(2)
Chapter 1176 Xi Meili’S Desire
Chapter 1177 Xi Shengmo’S Worries
Chapter 1178 Visiting The Ancestral Dragon Temple Again
Chapter 1179 God’S Physique
Chapter 1180 Lf You Can Defeat Me, L Will Marry You
Chapter 1181 Defeating Xi Meili
Chapter 1182 Boss
Chapter 1183 Unable To Land A Single Hit
Chapter 1184 Sparring With The Dragon Empress
Chapter 1185 Sparring With The Dragon Empress(2)
Chapter 1186 Sparring With The Dragon Empress(3)
Chapter 1187 Sparring With The Dragon Empress(4)
Chapter 1188 The Final Exchange
Chapter 1189 A Sign Of Awakening
Chapter 1190 Xi Meili'S Decision
Chapter 1191 Accepted As Family
Chapter 1192 Untainted Body
Chapter 1193 Blood Cleansing Ceremony
Chapter 1194 Dragon Awakening
Chapter 1195 Dragon God
Chapter 1196 An Overwhelming Presence
Chapter 1197 Mysterious Handsome Young Man Shocks The City
Chapter 1198 Azure Dragon City
Chapter 1199 Azure Dragon Family
Chapter 1200 Azure Dragon Fanily(2)
Chapter 1201 Azure Dragon Family'S Ambitions
Chapter 1202 War
Chapter 1203 War(2)
Chapter 1204 War(3)
Chapter 1205 Someone You Can Only Dream Of Becoming
Chapter 1206 Clashing With The Azure Dragon Family
Chapter 1207 Clashing With The Azure Dragon Family(2)
Chapter 1208 Clashing With The Azure Dragon Family(3)
Chapter 1209 Clashing With The Azure Dragon Family(4)
Chapter 1210 Dragon'S Soul Awakening
Chapter 1211 Patriarch Liang'S Trump Card
Chapter 1212 The Third Dragon God
Chapter 1213 Asking For Mercy
Chapter 1214 City Engulfed In Flames
Chapter 1215 Kneel.
Chapter 1216 Not An Ordinary Dragon'S Gaze
Chapter 1217 Dragon'S Authority
Chapter 1218 Dragon Goddess Yeyou
Chapter 1219 Dragon Goddess Yeyou(2)
Chapter 1220 The Great Enlightenment
Chapter 1221 Not Even A Thousand Years Old
Chapter 1222 Primordial Phoenix
Chapter 1223 Primordial Phoenix(2)
Chapter 1224 Madam Feng
Chapter 1225 Eater Of Stars
Chapter 1226 A Waste Of Talents
Chapter 1227 Insatiable Hunger
Chapter 1228 An Unprecedented Occurrence
Chapter 1229 A Plan To Change The World
Chapter 1230 Golden Aura
Chapter 1231 Unfathomable Talents
Chapter 1232 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1233 Immortal Monarch'S Dominion
Chapter 1234 A Dangerous Ability
Chapter 1235 Primordial Phoenix'S Contribution
Chapter 1236 The War Between Humans And Dragons
Chapter 1237 Proclamation Of Marriage
Chapter 1238 Furious Dragon
Chapter 1239 Returning To The Nameless Emperor'S Tomb
Chapter 1240 Master Of The Nameless Emperor'S Tomb
Chapter 1241 An Unexpected Transformation
Chapter 1242 Dragon Goddess Yeyou'S Soul
Chapter 1243 A Common Thief
Chapter 1244 A Growing Sense Of Purposelessness
Chapter 1245 Xiao Hua
Chapter 1246 Xiao Hua'S Drastic Transformation
Chapter 1247 Xiao Hua'S Drastic Transformation(2)
Chapter 1248 The Secret To Player Yuan'S Progression
Chapter 1249 Working Together
Chapter 1250 The Plan To Take Down Player Yuan
Chapter 1251 Massive Recruitment
Chapter 1252 Massive Recruitment(2)
Chapter 1253 God Ascension Realm
Chapter 1254 Ancient Seals' Whereabouts
Chapter 1255 Returning To The Tian Family
Chapter 1256 Tian Yanyu'S Feelings
Chapter 1257 Surprising Progress
Chapter 1258 Yuan'S Plan
Chapter 1259 Catching Up
Chapter 1260 A Hundred Years
Chapter 1261 Earth'S Impending Destruction
Chapter 1262 The Soul Of A God Ascension Realm Cultivator
Chapter 1263 Liya'S True Identity
Chapter 1264 Liya'S Doubt
Chapter 1265 Homeland
Chapter 1266 The End Of The World
Chapter 1267 A Weird Symbol
Chapter 1268 Immortal Clans
Chapter 1269 Heavenly White Tiger
Chapter 1270 Unforgivable!
Chapter 1271 Rules Of Heaven
Chapter 1272 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1273 Yuan'S Return
Chapter 1274 Where'S Feng Feng?
Chapter 1275 Find Me Bai Xutao!
Chapter 1276 Locating Bai Xutao
Chapter 1277 Meeting Bai Xutao
Chapter 1278 Confronting Bai Xutao
Chapter 1279 Overwhelming Prowess
Chapter 1280 Breaking Bai Xutao
Chapter 1281 You Already Know My Name
Chapter 1282 Crucial Matter
Chapter 1283 Gateway To Hell
Chapter 1284 Flashing Memories
Chapter 1285 Tan Songyun
Chapter 1286 Tian Kai
Chapter 1287 Tan Songyun'S Response
Chapter 1288 Let Us Meet Each Other Again In The Upper Heavens
Chapter 1289 Reschedule
Chapter 1290 Mysterious Beauty
Chapter 1291 Zither Goddess' Return
Chapter 1292 Zither Goddess' Performance
Chapter 1293 Liang Xiaosheng
Chapter 1294 Treated Like Royalty
Chapter 1295 Traitor
Chapter 1296 Acquiring The First Ancient Seal
Chapter 1297 Spiritual Energy Outburst
Chapter 1298 Liang Qinru
Chapter 1299 Cup Of Blood
Chapter 1300 Partaking In The Exile Recruitment
Chapter 1301 Majestic Pill Pavilion
Chapter 1302 Alchemy Flames
Chapter 1303 Creating Alchemy Flames
Chapter 1304 Yuan'S Alchemy Flame
Chapter 1305 Damaged Pill
Chapter 1306 Expert In Disguise
Chapter 1307 Grand Appearance Altering Pill
Chapter 1308 Second Part Of The Exile Recruitment
Chapter 1309 A Gathering Of Exiles
Chapter 1310 A Hundred And Twelve Exiles
Chapter 1311 Player Yuan'S Sudden Appearance
Chapter 1312 Poison
Chapter 1313 Player Yuan Has Appeared!
Chapter 1314 Why Don'T You Work With Me Instead
Chapter 1315 Our Target Was Player Yuan?!
Chapter 1316 Confronting The Exiles
Chapter 1317 There'S Not Enough Of You!
Chapter 1318 Crimson Empress
Chapter 1319 Outside
Chapter 1320 Final Answer
Chapter 1321 Exile Executioner
Chapter 1322 Declared War
Chapter 1323 Earth
Chapter 1324 Celestial Council
Chapter 1325 Spirits
Chapter 1326 Soul Emperor’S Crown
Chapter 1327 Towards The Fourth Heaven
Chapter 1328 Make It More Difficult
Chapter 1329 Divine Warrior
Chapter 1330 Royal Guard
Chapter 1331 Royal Guard(2)
Chapter 1332 Royal Palace
Chapter 1333 Two Days
Chapter 1334 Tempering In Golden Celestial Tree'S Liquid
Chapter 1335 Tempering In Golden Celestial Tree'S Liquid(2)
Chapter 1336 Golden Immortal Physique
Chapter 1337 Golden Immortal Physique(2)
Chapter 1338 Supreme Physiques
Chapter 1339 Royal General
Chapter 1340 Prince Hellak
Chapter 1341 Golden Immortal Physique'S Prowess
Chapter 1342 Fighting Giant Emperor Kulas
Chapter 1343 Fighting Giant Emperor Kulas(2)
Chapter 1344 Defeating Giant Emperor Kulas
Chapter 1345 Desolate Continent
Chapter 1346 Raging Serpent
Chapter 1347 Leviathan
Chapter 1348 Huang Xiao Li
Chapter 1349 Escaping The Flying Leviathan
Chapter 1350 Escaping The Flying Leviathan(2)
Chapter 1351 Days Without Rest
Chapter 1352 A Cold Shiver
Chapter 1353 Massive Sea Demon Of Unknown Origin
Chapter 1354 Colossal
Chapter 1355 Nothing But A Hindrance
Chapter 1356 Southern Stronghold
Chapter 1357 Searching For The Huang Family
Chapter 1358 Teleportation Array
Chapter 1359 Targeted
Chapter 1360 Huang Xiao Li'S Feelings
Chapter 1361 Training Together
Chapter 1362 Unable To Enter Or Leave
Chapter 1363 Stuck In A Loop
Chapter 1364 Deceiving Himself
Chapter 1365 Immortal Ensnaring Vault
Chapter 1366 Definition Of Talent
Chapter 1367 Nine Immortal Clans
Chapter 1368 Elder Sun
Chapter 1369 Tomb'S Restriction
Chapter 1370 Entering Han Zexian'S Tomb
Chapter 1371 Golden Ginseng Roots
Chapter 1372 Four Types Of Trials
Chapter 1373 Fish Pond
Chapter 1374 Kulas' Background
Chapter 1375 Kulas' Background(2)
Chapter 1376 Jade Altar
Chapter 1377 Jade Altar(2)
Chapter 1378 God'S Fruit
Chapter 1379 Consuming God'S Fruit
Chapter 1380 A Darker Path
Chapter 1381 Red Altar
Chapter 1382 Kulas' Fiancee
Chapter 1383 Ren Xia
Chapter 1384 Stone Sword
Chapter 1385 Ambiguous Hoarder
Chapter 1386 Seven Divine Sword Peaks
Chapter 1387 Limitless Sword Domain
Chapter 1388 The Technique'S Name
Chapter 1389 Great Mammoth Body Refinement
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him.

In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living.

Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds.

Disclaimer: The MC is extremely overpowered and talented but also naive/innocent at first due to his illness. If you cannot wait for character developments and dislike OP MCs, this is not your cup of tea. Furthermore, the 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all.
My other novels: Dual Cultivation/ Inferior Cultivation System

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Cultivation Online

Chapter 1: Cultivation Online

“Brother! I got the game you wanted!” The teenager said cheerfully next to the young man laying on the bed. In her grasp was a large helmet that looked like a bike helmet, but with more of a sci-fi look.

The young man’s eyes were closed, seemingly asleep, but the girl continued to speak: “Here, let me help you put it on…”

The girl climbed on the large bed that could fit an entire family of four, and she lifted his head, putting the helmet she had prepared on his head.

“Thank you…” The young man finally spoke in a hoarse voice after she gently laid his head back down.

The girl smiled, tenderly caressing his hair so it wouldn’t bother him. “Brother, although I will be busy with school this week, next week for sure, I will play with you.”


“I will come back later, so until then, have fun!” After those words, she went to touch the button on the side of the helmet and waited a few moments before leaving the young man alone.

It only took a few seconds after the button was pressed for the young man’s body in the real world to fall into a state similar to slumber. He could no longer smell the aroma that was unique to his room or feel the weight of the blanket pressing down on his body. Instead, he could feel himself standing, something he didn’t have the opportunity to experience for many years.

The world before him was mostly black, like the night sky without stars, and he could see white numbers floating above him, slowly counting down.




“I can see… I can feel my limbs… I… am no longer blind or a cripple…” The young man broke down in this darkness, becoming emotional and falling to his knees.

He was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at the age of 7 and crippled at the age of 13. He is now 18 years old, and for the past 5 years he would lay in his bed, unable to do anything else besides just laying there; it was a gruesome and unimaginable life that one wouldn’t even dare to imagine themselves in.

However, for this young man who has spent more than half of his life living in a world void of light, he was able to continue living without giving in to despair because of his caring younger sister, who supported him every day without any complaints.

“So this is the world’s first VRMMORPG with 100% immersion, huh.”

When he first heard of the game from his younger sister, he almost couldn’t believe it.

A game that operates inside the mind of the individual, allowing that person to live in another world without the need to move a single limb — who would believe that such an incredible and advanced technology could exist? Not to mention that this high-tech technology was announced to be affordable enough for even the most common families to enjoy.

It was unimaginable at first, but experiencing it firsthand, the young man can only believe it.



The countdown continued to lower as the young man tries to familiarize himself with the feeling of moving his limbs. Although it was difficult at first, even tripping after every few steps, he gradually became familiarized with his body again.





«Welcome to Cultivation Online!»

As the system’s notice appeared, the black space quickly brightened, becoming a bright white room. And right before the young man, a crack appeared out of thin air, looking like a glass window being cracked.

Crack. Crack. Crack…

The crack grew larger and larger — until it was large enough for an adult to fit.

Suddenly, the large crack broke apart entirely, revealing the darkness behind it, and a beautiful woman with a graceful and elegant body slowly walked out from within the cracked space, looking like a goddess appearing from another world.

“This is…” The young man could only watch in a daze as the beautiful woman who just came out of the cracked space began looking at him from top to bottom with a seemingly cold expression on her otherwordly face. Dressed in unfamiliar red and golden robes, her figure was supple and graceful. Her facial features are sharp, symmetrical, and peerless. All in all, she looked like an otherworldly goddess. However, despite all of her perfect features, her gaze was anything but friendly.

She stared at him with her golden eyes that overflowed with a feeling of dominance, and her aura radiated with a tyrannical power that the young man cannot comprehend.

“Mortal, place your hand on this.” The beauty spoke to him with a cold voice that was fitting for a ruler, and the young man watched as she pulled out a crystal ball from thin air.

“Okay.” Believing that she was an NPC, the young man followed her instructions and placed his hand on the crystal ball without thinking about it too much, and words began appearing inside the crystal ball.

Name: ???

Cultivation: None

Legacy: None

Bloodline: None

Physique: Heaven Refining Physique

Physical Strength: 34

Mental Strength: 275

Soul Strength: 1,210

Physical Defense: 10

Mental Defense: 1,121

“?!?!” The beauty’s expression suddenly changed upon seeing the information in the crystal ball, her clear eyes filled with disbelief.

“Heaven Refining Physique!” Her hands trembled along with the crystal ball in her grasp. “Not to mention his Soul Strength is at the rank of Spirit Warrior despite being only a mortal with no cultivation — No, that is nothing when compared to his physique!”

The beauty has never been this shocked before, even to the point of her body trembling.

“Is something wrong?” The young man asked her upon seeing her silence and excited expression.

She lifted her head to look at him, thinking to herself: ‘I must rope him into joining my faction before the others find him…’

“What is your name?” she asked him with a serious expression.

“You can call me Yuan.”

“Take this token and keep it with you until we meet next time.” The beauty retrieved a jade medallion from thin air and suddenly tossed it to him. “I don’t have much time left here. Make sure you don’t lose the token, I will see you again.”

“Huh? Wait, I have some…” Before Yuan can even ask her any questions, the beauty walked back into the cracked hole, disappearing alongside the crack in the air.

“What an odd NPC. What should I do now?” He looked around the empty place.

«Character evaluation complete. Teleportation will occur in 10 seconds.»



As the timer reached zero, Yuan’s vision suddenly twisted, giving him a slight headache. When he blinked and opened his eyes, he found himself on some kind of stage where many people that wore the same white robe as him were gathered in a spacious area.

“This is… Cultivation Online?” His eyes widen when he saw mountains floating in the sky above the clouds and what appeared to be houses built on these floating mountains.

“Welcome, Mortals! I am Elder Song, in charge of making sure that before you all leave this place and adventure this vast world that you will have a goal of what you want to do here set in your mind.” An old man in blue robes suddenly greeted everybody with a booming voice, causing everybody there to look above them.

“He’s flying! He is really flying while standing on that sword!” The people exclaimed the obvious.

Elder Song smiled and said: “I will answer your questions later, but first, let me explain to you about this world — the world of Cultivation.”

“First and foremost, this is the Heavenly Continent, and we are currently at Mountain #96. Before you were transported here, everyone should have met a representative from our world that gave you an evaluation. That is your character status; it tells you almost everything about yourself.”

“We will start with the basics. In this world, humans and monsters cultivate their bodies and mind with Spirit Qi that allows them to obtain supernatural powers. We call people like them Cultivators, and the higher the cultivation you reach, the stronger you will be in this world. Legacy and Bloodlines are special features that can be obtained later on if you are fortunate enough. As for Physique, everyone here should have one. Whether or not it is useless, this will tell you.”

Elder Song waved his long sleeves and thousands of talisman flew towards the people there.

“Activate it with your thoughts,” said Elder Song.

The crowd followed his instruction, and loud exclamations resounded soon afterward.

“It says that I have an Earth-ranked Physique! What does that mean?”

Elder Song looked at the young man who just spoke and said to him, “There is a one in ten thousand chances one is born with an Earth-rank Physique. Congratulations. You are what we call ‘talented’.”

“Elder, how many ranks of Physiques are there?”

“The rank for Physiques consists of Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Divine.”

“Elder, what does having a Mortal-rank Physique mean, and what is the difference between the ranks?”

Elder Song remained silent for a moment, before speaking with a grin, “Having a Mortal Physique means you are only ordinary, but having an Earth Physique means you are talented. The difference is obvious — you are naturally inferior to those who have a better physique than you! The more talented you are, the easier it will be for you as a Cultivator!”

His words caused many faces to sink, especially those with a Mortal Physique.

“Can our Physiques be changed?” Someone suddenly asked.

“Physiques can be changed, but the process is a long and painful one, so most people just accept their fate.”

The people sighed in relief after hearing that their Mortal Physique can be changed.

“Does anyone here happen to have a Divine rank Physique?” Elder Song’s eyes flickered with expectation, but when nobody replied to his question the light in his eyes dimmed.

‘The chances of someone having a Divine Physique is one in a hundred million, a genius above genius that knows no equal, so it isn’t surprising that such a prodigy wouldn’t appear amongst a mere thousand people.’ He shook his head inwardly.

“Elder, I have a Heaven-ranked Physique.” An individual suddenly said out loud, causing everybody there to look at him.

“Hoh? The chances of a Heaven Physique appearing is one in a million. You are a very fortunate one, young genius. What is your name?”

“My name is Shen Ming,” replied the handsome young man.

“Shen Ming? Isn’t he the eldest son of Shen Li, the CEO of Royal Entertainment?”

Some people there recognized the handsome young man whose face looked exactly the same as he does in real life.

“Did you receive something from the representative who did your evaluation?” Elder Song asked him with great interest.

“Yes, I did.” Shen Ming did not hide that fact and told him the truth. “I received this pouch from the representative.”

“Oho… That is a storage pouch used to store items, there may be a few things in there that could benefit you. However, only cultivators are capable of using it. Additionally, if you can meet the person who gave you that gift again, they might even recruit you as a disciple for their Sect.”

“Sect? You mean like guilds?”

“A Sect is a place created by one or a group of people for the purpose of nurturing its disciples to become powerful Cultivators — a school for Cultivators, basically.” Elder Song briefly explained. “Is that it? Does nobody else have a Heaven Physique?”

After a moment of silence, Elder Song shook his head and thought to himself, ‘What a pity that there is only one person out of the thousands here worth investing in. But even then, I don’t know who had given him that storage pouch. It’d be rude of me if I were to steal away their target, and I might even offend someone I cannot afford to offend.’

“I have one question for everybody here before I let you leave… What do you desire to achieve in this world? Strength? Status? Wealth? Handsome men? Beautiful women? Tell me, Mortals from another world!”

“I want to fly like you!”

“I wish for power!”

“I want to be famous!”

“I want enough money to make a mountain!”

“I want to walk around with beautiful women in both my arms!”

“I want handsome men to pamper me!”

Elder Song smiled upon hearing the masses’ desires. “If you want to survive in a world such as this, then you must have power! In this world, the strong rules the weak! Wealth and fame will naturally come if you are strong! People will flock to you if you are strong! Remember my words, young ones — this world looks down on the weak and the inferior, respecting only the strong! Having strength means you have everything!”

“Who do you think have the most power in this world?” Elder Song glanced at the people below with a narrowed gaze, sending chills down their spine.

“Cultivators! We, Cultivators, are a symbol of power, wealth, fame, and respect — we are the rule of this world!”

“Cultivators, is that some sort of class?” The people wondered.

“Elder, how do I become a Cultivator?”

Elder Song smiled. “It’s simple, really.” He suddenly waved his sleeves, and thousands of glowing orbs appeared out of the blue and flew towards the people and directly at their forehead, submerging into their brain.

“I have just given you all the method to cultivate. It is now up to you to decide whether you want to cultivate or remain as a mortal.” Elder Song waved his sleeves again, and four portals appear not too far away from the group. “Each portal represents a Continent. In this world, we have Four Great Continents not including this Heavenly Continent. Once you step inside, it will take you to a place within one of these Four Great Continents randomly, but even I will not know exactly where you’ll land so it is up to your fate.”

«You have learned: Basic Qi Gathering Techniqiue»

«Rank: Mortal»

«Mastery Level: 1»

«Description: Absorbs 1 Qi every second. Can only be activated when sitting in the lotus position.»

“Now, scram. I have spent too much of my precious time dealing with you mortals. You will learn more about this world as you travel. Even if I use the remaining of my longevity, I won’t be able to explain to you everything about this world.”

With another wave of his sleeve, everybody there began flying towards the portal as though they were being pulled towards them.


Shocked cries resounded, and those who entered the portal would soon appear in this vast and unknown world at random.

After being thrown into the portal, Yuan felt the slight dizziness again, and before he was aware, he was in the middle of a forest.

“Where is this? Is there a map I can use?”

Suddenly, a large map with four large continents separated by water appears before him.

“Eastern Continent?” That was the only information he could gather from the map. Everything else was blacked out.

Yuan tilted his head to look at the bright sky and sighed. “I didn’t get to ask him about my Physique. That old man said that there only exist four ranks of Physiques: Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Divine, so why does my Physique not belong to any one of these four ranks? Do I have a special body?”

In his grasp was a talisman with the following words on it:

«Heaven Refining Physique»

«Rank: Celestial»


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