Dark Blood Age by Tian Xia Piao Huo

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Chapter 577 - You'Ve Been Exposed.
Chapter 578 - Who Touched My Memory!
Chapter 579 - The Night Operation
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Chapter 581 - Restrain, The Vicious Wolf Within!
Chapter 582 - Call Me Edgar
Chapter 583 - Persuasion
Chapter 584 - Breaking Into The Lab
Chapter 585 - An Old Scroll
Chapter 586 - I Even Dared To Kill God.
Chapter 587 - The Scariest Existence
Chapter 588 - It'S Not That Complicated
Chapter 589 - I Am The Law
Chapter 590 - Being Unreasonable Is Much Quicker.
Chapter 591 - You Must Lead Us
Chapter 592 - A Miracle Happened
Chapter 593 - Consequences
Chapter 594 - The Chaotic City
Chapter 595 - Meet An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 596 - Battle Cloak
Chapter 597 - If I Die, I Will Make Your Life Miserable Too!
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Chapter 599 - Villain
Chapter 600 - Witchcraft
Chapter 601 - A Hundred Years Ago
Chapter 602 - The Secret Of The White Shadow Man
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Chapter 604 - Confidence
Chapter 605 - Arrogance
Chapter 606 - A List
Chapter 607 - A Complex Alliance
Chapter 608 - Hundreds Of Millions Of Fragments
Chapter 609 - You Are Chu Yunsheng?
Chapter 610 - The Prophecy Is About To Come True!
Chapter 611 - Are You Out Of Your Mind?
Chapter 612 - Status And Stallion
Chapter 613 - The Non-Existent Person
Chapter 614 - Yu Xiaohai'S Mission
Chapter 615 - Final Decision
Chapter 616 - Plans
Chapter 617 - Luo Guolong
Chapter 618 - The Night Before The Forever Darkness
Chapter 619 - Silence
Chapter 620 - New Deity
Chapter 621 - Unexpected Situation.
Chapter 622 - Where Did They Come From?
Chapter 623 - Weird Dream
Chapter 624 - Waterdrop
Chapter 625 - Kill!
Chapter 626 - Prepare To Go To Shanghai
Chapter 627 - Nuptial Flight
Chapter 628 - Despicable
Chapter 629 - The Place Where Dead People Go
Chapter 630 - Deep Inside The Edge
Chapter 631 - Give It Back To Me!
Chapter 632 - The World After The Bubble
Chapter 633 - The Descender Of Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 634 - Star Map
Chapter 635 - Looking For “Ah”
Chapter 636 - I Am A Human Being!
Chapter 637 - Break Through Yuan Tian Stage One
Chapter 638 - Gai Yi
Chapter 639 - Familiar Food
Chapter 640 - Hide The Tail
Chapter 641 - Floating Monsters Are Scary?
Chapter 642 - The Punishment From Heaven
Chapter 643 - I Have Been Waiting For You For A Long Time
Chapter 644 - A Secret
Chapter 645 - Accumulating Knowledge
Chapter 646 - Trap
Chapter 647 - Shooting The Sun
Chapter 648 - Battle Of Gods
Chapter 649 - The Railway Across The Sky
Chapter 650 - The Dragon That Flies Towards The Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 651 - Practise It Or Not?
Chapter 652 - I Will Deal With Them
Chapter 653 - Where Are You?
Chapter 654 - Hold The Sword Tightly
Chapter 655 - Unsheathed In The Darkness
Chapter 656 - Phantom Sect
Chapter 657 - Shanghai, I’M Back
Chapter 658 - Entry
Chapter 659 - Draw, Slash, And Sheathe
Chapter 660 - Even If It Is Your Sect Leader, I Can Also Kill It.
Chapter 661 - You Can Control The Insect?
Chapter 662 - Do You Know Him?
Chapter 663 - It Seems Like You Are Also An Descender
Chapter 664 - Stop Talking Nonsense And Eat Him!
Chapter 665 - Old Youling Let’S Go!
Chapter 666 - Oh, Shit, Shit, Shit
Chapter 667 - Spatial Trap
Chapter 668 - Challenge The World
Chapter 669 - Limit Break
Chapter 670 - Who Is The Real Devil?
Chapter 671 - You Must Not Linger In This World
Chapter 672 - Current Plan
Chapter 673 - No Matter What You Become, I Can Still Recognize You.
Chapter 674 - The Dragon Chapters
Chapter 675
Chapter 676 - If They Don'T Attack, What Is Waiting For Them Is Only The Destruction.
Chapter 677 - I Miss Her Very Much
Chapter 678 - You Don’T Know, But You Have To Remember
Chapter 679 - Is Three Days Enough?
Chapter 680 - Yuan Xiaoyi
Chapter 681 - We Shouldn’T Trust This Man
Chapter 682 - Harmonic Waves
Chapter 683 - Auroral Shield
Chapter 684 - It'S You!
Chapter 685 - Please, Please Don’T Do This To Me
Chapter 686 - Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures
Chapter 687 - You Really Think That God Is So Easily To Be Slain?
Chapter 688 - I Am Talking Nonsense? Or You Still Don'T Want To Accept It?
Chapter 689 - Don’T You Want To Go Back?
Chapter 690 - The Real World
Chapter 691 - Did You Really Forget It!?
Chapter 692 - Future And Nightmare
Chapter 693 - The War Between Humans And Insects
Chapter 694 - The War Has Begun
Chapter 695 - The Magnificent Palace Between The Snow Peaks
Chapter 696 - Going To Wu Yi Mountain To Find Out The Truth
Chapter 697 - You Are Here Again
Chapter 698 - So We Built It
Chapter 699 - The Truth Of The Pseudo-Monolith
Chapter 700 - The End Of The Universe
Chapter 701 - So What If I Am Still A Human Being
Chapter 702 - Act Like A Devil
Chapter 703 - Soul Devouring
Chapter 704 - You Can’T Command Us
Chapter 705 - Don’T Run Away Like A Coward!
Chapter 706 - Wuzi Sword And Cardinal Source Gate
Chapter 707 - A Future Free From Slavery
Chapter 708 - Do You Want To See Its Power?
Chapter 709 - Mysterious Power
Chapter 710 - Fall Of The Celestial Star
Chapter 711 - One Day We Will All Come Back
Chapter 712 - On Top Of All Insects
Chapter 713 - , Purple Flames
Chapter 714 - Master Has Appeared!
Chapter 715 - The World Is Burning
Chapter 716 - Please Come With Us
Chapter 717 - The Upside-Down World
Chapter 718 - You All Have To Die
Chapter 719 - Let There Be Swords
Chapter 720
Chapter 721
Chapter 722
Chapter 723 - Fight To The End
Chapter 724 - Shooting Toward A Planet
Chapter 725 - Are You The God Of Death?
Chapter 726 - Sorry, You Are Just A Supporting Character
Chapter 727 - God Of Death Chi
Chapter 728 - The Aura Of Death
Chapter 729 - The God Of Death Is Here!
Chapter 730 - Someone Is Onto You
Chapter 731 - The End Of Life Is Death
Chapter 732 - The Vampires Of The Fifth Era
Chapter 733 - Go And Kill Her
Chapter 734 - The Undead King
Chapter 735 - Oops, He Was Hit Again
Chapter 736 - You Are So Shameless
Chapter 737 - Substitute Becomes The Main Force
Chapter 738 - Warm And Lonely. Without Me
Chapter 739 - Caught In The Act
Chapter 740 - Chiwu, Gai Yi Si!
Chapter 741 - Just Wanting To Score Points Once
Chapter 742
Chapter 743 - Met An Old Acquaintance
Chapter 744
Chapter 745
Chapter 746
Chapter 747 - This Person Must Be Killed Tonight
Chapter 748 - A Better Host
Chapter 749 - The Secret Of Green Armor
Chapter 750 - The Return Of The Undead King
Chapter 751 - Desire Backlash
Chapter 752 - Protecting The Seventh Era
Chapter 753 - Fake Deity
Chapter 754 - Global Chaos
Chapter 755 - Seventeen Blood Horsemen
Chapter 756 - Vampires Alliance
Chapter 757 - The Lucky Chris
Chapter 758 - The Ambitious Andrew
Chapter 759 - The Gate To The New World Is About To Open
Chapter 760 - Strange Reaction
Chapter 761 - Caught In The Center
Chapter 762 - My Lord, Here Is The Medicine You Asked For
Chapter 763 - Ancient Secrets
Chapter 764 - Our Enemy Is Not Human
Chapter 765 - The Sound Of Rain
Chapter 766 - Where Are You?
Chapter 767 - Bids Farewell To The Past, And Begins The New Life
Chapter 768 - The Fall Of Seven Stars
Chapter 769 - Are You Hungry?
Chapter 770 - Never Meet Again
Chapter 771 - The Place Where The Lord’S Flag Is Heading
Chapter 772 - Put It On
Chapter 773 - Goodbye, Earth!
Chapter 774 - What Is Deity
Chapter 775 - Kill Three Birds With One Stone
Chapter 776 - Game
Chapter 777 - Die And Seal
Chapter 778 - Fight Again In The Future
Chapter 779 - They Are Approaching
Chapter 780 - It Thinks That You Are Hungry
Chapter 781 - The Advantage Of Mankind
Chapter 782 - Extraterrestrial Creatures
Chapter 783 - I’Ll Catch It And Give It To You
Chapter 784 - Peak And Perfection
Chapter 785 - Two Freaks
Chapter 786 - Invincible Below The Cardinal Source Gate
Chapter 787 - Pigs?
Chapter 788 - He Xiaoning
Chapter 789 - Elder Brother Little Eight Is Awesome
Chapter 790 - Impacting Cardinal Source Gate
Chapter 791 - It Failed
Chapter 792 - Are They Still Alive?
Chapter 793 - Daddy Is Going To Hide Now
Chapter 794 - A Combined Blow
Chapter 795 - I Seem To Suddenly Acquire A Great Power!
Chapter 796 - Where Is The Kingdom Of God?
Chapter 797 - The Information About The Blood Horsemen.
Chapter 798 - Elder Brother Little Eight Let'S Go And Find Mon And Dad Together
Chapter 799 - Exchange
Chapter 800 - Fight Until They Were Willing To Talk
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Alternative Titles:

Dark Blood Times, World of Darkness - The century of blood, 黑暗血时代

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

A mysterious natural phenomenon caused the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The world turned into endless bloody chaos and mankind is on the brink of extinction…

Chu Yun Sheng, an ordinary white-collar worker, discovered his family heirloom, a book, shining a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the book.

After long research, he still only understood a few symbols written in the ancient book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the ancient book tried to tell him: the sun will disappear, and humanity is doomed…

He tried to spread the message, but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret.

Until one day — the sun really disappeared…

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 The Disappearance of the Sun





Date: December 22nd, 2012

“Hello and welcome to CCTV! You are now watching Breaking News!”

“I’m reporting to you live from Queens, New York City, where riots have been taking place for the past few hours. In order to get the current situation under control, the New York Police Department has deployed all available personnel. Minutes ago we received word that one person was confirmed dead and over thirty others were injured. The situation is continuing to escalate…”

“At the moment, we are monitoring the situation. Joining us now, live, from Europe, is our correspondent Ms. Sun Fei. Hello, Ms. Sun Fei.”


“Thank you for joining us, Ms. Sun Fei. Can you give us an update on the situation in Paris?”

“Yes, thank you. Since this afternoon, a large number of people have been gathering at the Élysée Palace. They are holding signs and banners demanding the government to disclose the truth. As we can see, a large police force has surrounded the Presidential Palace in an attempt to control the crowd. President Nicolas Sarkozy has canceled his plans to visit the Middle East and through the national news channels, has asked the general public to remain calm…”

“Ah! Thank you, Ms. Sun Fei. Now, we switch to our correspondent in Tokyo, Japan. Hello, Mr. Su Ren? Hello? Hello…? Well, it seems like we’re facing some technical difficulties as we’re temporarily unable to reach Mr. Su Ren. While we are waiting to reconnect, let’s take a small break. Later on, we’ll be joined by two special guests who will be giving us their professional opinion about this mysterious phenomenon.”

––––– Commercial Break–––––

“Welcome back and this is CCTV News – Special Watch Program! Please welcome our special guests for today. Professor Huo Si Nian, an astronomer from Tsinghua University and Professor Zhang Tingen, an astrophysicist from the University of Science and Technology of China!”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you for joining us today, professors. Everyone knows that today, on December 22nd, at 7:15 in the morning, the Sun suddenly disappeared from the sky. It didn’t return until 10 minutes later. The whole world observed this special astronomical phenomenon and this has led to a lot of speculation because there were no announcements about a solar eclipse on the 22nd.”

“Currently, the most discussed theory is about the predictions made by the Mayan civilization. According to the Mayans, they believed that today, on December 22nd, the Sun would vanish and the Earth would be plunged into darkness. We know that there are many people that are really concerned about the accuracy of this prediction.”

“Unlike a solar eclipse, where sunlight gradually fades out. Instead, the Sun itself vanished instantaneously. While the entire world was wrapped in darkness, many countries reportedly lost communication with their satellites. This chaotic situation lasted for about 10 minutes, and returned to normal immediately after the event.”

“Due to the similarities between recent events and the Mayan prophecy, many people have come to believe that the prophecy may come true. Of course, we know that this could also be a rare astronomical phenomenon. However, this is still an unprecedented event. So, please professors, give us an explanation from a scientific perspective and help us understand this. Thank you!”



“After the professors’ explanation, we can rest assured that this is indeed a special astronomical event, a phenomenon that we have never encountered before. This would also mean that the rumors about the Mayan prophecy might just be baseless horror stories. This event shows us that we should look at such things from a scientific point of view. Do not blindly trust rumors as they will only cause unnecessary panic…”

Chu Yunsheng turned off the TV. He felt that there was no need to continue watching the news anymore. People have been condemning these so-called experts online and spreading rumors stating that these experts were just trying to deceive the public. That was why, ever since 2008, only a few people still believed in these so-called experts as they specialize in talking only nonsense. That was why Chu Yunsheng also didn’t want to listen to their gibberish.

Although the government tried to censor all negative opinions on the Internet, their efforts were for nothing. While some people were watching and ridiculing the government’s futile actions while taking the situation lightly, most people were in a state of panic. Just a quick glimpse at the local supermarket this afternoon revealed a huge crowd that had rushed in to purchase long-term supplies of food and other necessities. If the public didn’t receive a real answer, this situation would soon turn into a disaster.

Chu Yunsheng strongly believed in his own judgment. Something was troubling him for the longest time. It all began with a book he inherited from his parents. An heirloom that had been in their family for generations. Although the book was completely incomprehensible, worse than the cryptic words of an oracle, he had always felt that there was something peculiar about it. He believed that the reason for the recent events could be found within this book. That this book was capable of solving many of the questions that were troubling people.


Even though the book was said to be a family heirloom, for many years it was only being used to stabilize his wobbly bed. The book was so old and worn out that it had no value to him other than its thickness. Chu Yunsheng’s father often said that regardless of how he used it, he should hold onto it until he dies. This book was inherited from one generation to the next generation after all.

However, back when Chu Yunsheng was admitted to a University, his father struggled in supporting him. He secretly took their family’s old book to several pawn shops and antique fairs to appraise it, hoping to sell it to help pay for his expenses. The appraisal showed that the book didn’t have any real value. They said that it wasn’t old enough to be an antique and that it was, at most, only around 3 to 5 years old at the time.

Chu Yunsheng’s father passed it down to Chu Yunsheng later on, and he only ever used the book to prop up his bed. It wasn’t until Chu Yunsheng had decided to buy a house that he tried to sell the book again at the antique fairs, but nobody was interested in buying it. Frustrated, Chu Yunsheng gave up on the idea of selling the book.

For years the book was kept under the corner of his bed. He nearly forgot about its existence. But on this night, everything changed.

Earlier that night, he had just broken up with his long-term girlfriend. He tried to drink away his sorrows. It was then that the book, which he nearly forgot he even had, begun to emit a bright light. The light lingered for around 20 seconds, long enough for Chu Yusheng to take notice. Even though he was drunk at the time, he still firmly believed that what he saw wasn’t an illusion. He reached out to his friends and told them what he saw but all they did was mock him.

In order to prove to himself that what he saw wasn’t just a figment of his imagination, alongside his drive to earn money, he took the book to other pawn shops. The result was still disappointing. Nobody believed it to be precious. He even subjected it to a radiocarbon dating test. The test result showed that the book was no more than ten years old. That was why they said it couldn’t possibly be an antique book, but rather just a replica.

Chu Yunsheng was upset by the test results. But he soon realized that this didn’t make sense. He knew about this book back when he was still a child. While he didn’t know how long his father had this book, the book should have been at least 20 years old. He had seen the book back then with his own eyes. If the test results showed that this book was no more than ten years old, then it indicated that the book wasn’t as simple as it looked.

Chu Yunsheng spent a period of time studying the material of the book trying to discover the real age of the book, but nothing came of it. That was when he took another approach; trying to understand the contents of the book. He went through all the books that he could find on the traditional Chinese language, oracle bone scripts, ancient texts, and any literature that might have the slimmest connection to the contents of his book. Eventually, after a long period of research, he was able to understand about 300 relatively simple symbols. By then it was the year 2010.

Understanding a mere 300 symbols couldn’t help Chu Yunsheng in reading the entire book. Even with them, he wasn’t able to understand anything beyond the first ten pages of the book. But with just these measly ten pages that he roughly translated, Chu Yunsheng discovered that the author of this book repeatedly said that “Tian Gui will return.”, “All the laws will become one.” and “The universe will reveal its true face and the world will be doomed.”

Chu Yunsheng was depressed after his break up that night. At the time, a new American blockbuster movie with an apocalyptic setting had been released. He felt that he had nothing but time to kill. And because of boredom and his curiosity about the Mayan prophecy, he used the laws and algorithms he had learned from his book to calculate a series of dates based on the modern calendar. Chu Yunsheng was shocked after coming to the same results repeatedly. The calculation showed that the date when “All the laws will become one” was December 28th, 2012. This meant that if the contents of the book were true, then on December 28th, 2012, the world would meet disaster.

Chu Yunsheng had forgotten the number of times he calculated this. He didn’t trust the results at first. It was because he simply wasn’t sure if he really understood the symbols he had translated from the book. But after deciphering more symbols, his calculations still pointed at the 28th. Chu Yunsheng started to feel anxious. He couldn’t understand why but he felt that the book was affecting his mind. A strange force that compelled him to believe that the events written in the book would come true.

Chu Yunsheng struggled for some time but he finally decided to believe the results. He tried to convince the people online about the information he had discovered, but of course, no one believed him. The internet was already known for its wild theories. On top of that, the government often censored wild rumors that were posted online, his theories included. As a result, his posts were soon removed.


It was not until three months earlier that the antique book began to emit colorful lights again, just when he was about to go to sleep. Chu Yunsheng was drunk back then; but this time, he was sober. After that rousing experience, he no longer had any doubt about what he had seen. He had started preparing for this day. His behavior in the previous three months caused his friends to think he had gone insane and almost landed him in the hospital.

He unhesitatingly sold his house, which he had bought with a mortgage, in exchange for the cash to buy everything he needed. He sold everything which was valuable and did not have a use in the future. He used those funds to rent two adjacent apartments on the same floor of a building in the interior of Shen Cheng City. The rooms that he chose weren’t on the ground floor of the building since those would be vulnerable to forced entry. The rooms weren’t on the highest floor either because his book warned him that the return of Tian Gui would cause the Earth to collide with other dimensions and would cast down vicious beasts so powerful that no one on earth would be able to kill them.

Chu Yunsheng used the strongest steel he could find to seal the doors and windows. He also stored large quantities of food, clean water, and other supplies such as salt, sugar, paper, batteries along with toothpaste, detergent, and lighters. He bought everything he could think of; he calculated that if he ate 2 pounds of rice a day, the rice he had stored up could help him survive for several decades.

He even bought a pistol and 100 rounds of ammunition on the black market. He spent all that he could to buy what he might need. His savings went down from a few hundred thousand Chinese Yuan to just under 2000. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend it all, it was just that there was no space for him to store anything more. Even the empty cabinets in the bathroom were now stuffed with things.

Chu Yunsheng’s landlords lived outside the city. They hardly ever come back to Shen Cheng City. On December 21st, Chu Yunsheng knocked down the wall between the two rooms he rented. After that, he blocked the front door of one of the rooms and blocked off all the windows in both. After preparing everything, he quietly began to wait for the apocalypse.

It wasn’t that Chu Yunsheng didn’t want to help his friends, it was just that almost all of them thought that he was crazy, including his relatives, and no one was willing to believe him.

This morning, however, he started receiving a large number of phone calls. The disappearance of the Sun caused way more panic than he thought it would. Although a lot of people still thought that it was ridiculous to believe in the end of the world, the panic just kept spreading. That was why the people who knew that Chu Yunsheng was preparing for this, all called to ask for his advice.

Chu Yunsheng did not really know a lot of details. He barely understood the first few pages of the book. All he could do right now was to tell people to store more food along with anything they might need during the approaching disaster.

The evening news was repeatedly trying to persuade the people that there was a scientific explanation for this phenomenon and that this wasn’t the end of the world. But who would believe them right now? Rumors spread much faster than news and the riots were getting worse. Almost all news websites had an apocalypse section on their front page.

The Sun disappeared. Will the Mayan prophecy really come true?

It’s the end of the world. Are you ready?

2012 is here. Have you bought your tickets?


Total Chapters in book: 800
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