Demons Beside You by Han Bao

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 – Desperate Teenager
Chapter 3 – Practitioner
Chapter 4 – Bai Clan
Chapter 5 – Waking Up
Chapter 6 – Practitioner Weapon
Chapter 7 – Yuan Li Manipulation
Chapter 8 – Purple-Clothed Maiden
Chapter 9 – Receiving The Envoy
Chapter 10 – Lei Zhen
Chapter 11 – Barbarian Ghost Sect
Chapter 12 – Multitasking
Chapter 13 – Spirit Convergence Stage
Chapter 14 – Jia Lan
Chapter 15 – Awakening (Part One)
Chapter 16 – Awakening (Part Two)
Chapter 17 – Awakening (Part 3)
Chapter 18 – Earth Spiritual Pulse And Mu Yunxian
Chapter 19 – Sect Disciple
Chapter 20 – Belonging
Chapter 21 – Recorded Disciple
Chapter 22 – Duty Hall
Chapter 23 – Martial Uncle Ruan
Chapter 24 – Dark Bone Method
Chapter 25 – Soul Shaking Chain And Spirit Communication Technique
Chapter 26 – The Pill Of Fasting And Training
Chapter 27 – The Beginnings Of Spells
Chapter 28 – Sect Chores
Chapter 29 – Spirit Farms
Chapter 30 – First Success Of Training
Chapter 31 – Small Competition
Chapter 32 – Evaluation
Chapter 33 – The Three-Star Shield
Chapter 34 – Grey Market
Chapter 35 – Soul Shackling Chains
Chapter 36 – Ou Yang Xin
Chapter 37 – Ye Tian Mei
Chapter 38 – Strange Omen
Chapter 39 – Returning Spring Pavilion
Chapter 40 – Strange Changes
Chapter 41 – The Mysterious Space
Chapter 42 – A Dream
Chapter 43 – A Small Fight
Chapter 44 – The Fight For The Spirit Fruits
Chapter 45 – Competition And Spirit Elixir
Chapter 46 – Suppressing Serpent Dragon Island
Chapter 47 – Fighting With Spells (First)
Chapter 48 – Fighting With Spells (Second)
Chapter 49 – Fighting With Spells (Three)
Chapter 50 – Mechanical Plating
Chapter 51 – Victory
Chapter 52 Sudden Change
Chapter 53 – Spirit Scarlet Serpent Dragon
Chapter 54 – Spirit Communication Technique
Chapter 55 – Glyph Crossbow And Shooting Sun Arrows
Chapter 56 – Elder Ghost
Chapter 57 – Ghost Hell Region
Chapter 58 – Search
Chapter 59 – Ghost Bees And The Black Desert
Chapter 60 – White Bone Scorpion
Chapter 61 – The Strange Change Reappearing
Chapter 62 – The Strange Glyph Symbol
Chapter 63 – Trouble And Harvest
Chapter 64 – Bone Corpse
Chapter 65 – Cultivating Soul Pouch
Chapter 66 – The Ghost King’S Mystery
Chapter 67 – Exposed
Chapter 68 – Life Expectancy
Chapter 69 – Misty Ship
Chapter 70 – Cui Er
Chapter 71 – Selling Bones
Chapter 72 – The Woman And Boy
Chapter 73 – Appearance Of The Dragon
Chapter 74 – Dragon’S Might
Chapter 75 – Fighting For The Treasure
Chapter 76 – Totem
Chapter 77- Concocting Pills
Chapter 78 – Engagement
Chapter 79 – Trouble
Chapter 80 – Shi Jian, Lu Yun
Chapter 81 – Ten Thousand Bone Cave
Chapter 82 – Sima Tian
Chapter 83 – Miasma Beads And Spirit Bones
Chapter 84 – Bone Ghost
Chapter 85 – Condensing The Aura Into Cultivation Qi
Chapter 86 – The Heroes
Chapter 87 – Jade Shadow Needle
Chapter 88 – Lunar Monument
Chapter 89 – The Beginning Of The Large Competition
Chapter 90 – Duan Can Zu
Chapter 91 – Heavenly Imperial Corpse Clothing
Chapter 92 – The Power Of Lightning
Chapter 93 – Perfect Quality Ghost King
Chapter 94 – Cultivation Qi Versus Glyph Swords
Chapter 95 – Hidden Strength
Chapter 96 – Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body
Chapter 97 – Scarlet Flame Bead And Blood Marrow Pill
Chapter 98 – Glyph Armor
Chapter 99 – New Challenger
Chapter 100 – Intense Battles (Part One)
Chapter 101 – Intense Battles (Part Two)
Chapter 102 – Intense Battles (Part Three)
Chapter 103 – Intense Battles (Part Four)
Chapter 104 – Intense Battle (Part 5)
Chapter 105 – Intense Battles (Six)
Chapter 106 – News
Chapter 107 – Night Meeting
Chapter 108 – Departure
Chapter 109 – Martial Ancestor Yan
Chapter 110 – Evil Guest
Chapter 111 – Fusion Sect
Chapter 112 – The Secret Realm
Chapter 113 – Golden Spirit Ear
Chapter 114 – Mysterious Water Sunflower And Blood Thorns
Chapter 115 – Ravine
Chapter 116 – Tie Yue
Chapter 117 – Levitation Grass And The Centipede
Chapter 118 – Attack
Chapter 119 – Flying Needle
Chapter 120 – Cyan Ganoderma
Chapter 121 – Brother And Sister
Chapter 122 – Monstrous Bird And Enormous Ape
Chapter 123 – Working Together
Chapter 124 – Sword Communication Spirit Body And Xue Ci
Chapter 125 – Ambush
Chapter 126 – Exterminating Apes (One)
Chapter 127 – Exterminating Apes (Part Two)
Chapter 128 – Exterminating Apes (Three)
Chapter 129 – Exterminating Apes (Part Four)
Chapter 130 – Exterminating Apes (Five)
Chapter 131 – Exterminating Apes (Six)
Chapter 132 – Rock Spirit
Chapter 133 – Spirit Fruit
Chapter 134 – Resting Dirt
Chapter 135 – Monster Shadow
Chapter 136 – Half Dragon
Chapter 137 – Sudden Change
Chapter 138 – Sky-Upholding Demonic Hand
Chapter 139 – Nightmare
Chapter 140 – Xue Nu
Chapter 141 – Great Improvement In Cultivation
Chapter 142 – Battling The Dragon (1/3)
Chapter 143 – Battling The Dragon (Middle)
Chapter 144 – Battling The Serpent (3/3)
Chapter 145 – Escape
Chapter 146 – Subduing The Demon
Chapter 147 – Return
Chapter 148 – Ancient Giant Demon
Chapter 149 – The Profits Of Each Sect
Chapter 150 – Ranking
Chapter 151 – Reward
Chapter 152 – Wall Of Shadows And Nihou
Chapter 153 – Pure Aura Qi
Chapter 154 – Demonic Heart Method
Chapter 155 – Dragon Scale Armor
Chapter 156 – Marriage
Chapter 157 – Leaving Sect Mission
Chapter 158 – Supervising Disciple
Chapter 159 – The Third Month
Chaoter 160 – Observing The Wall
Chapter 161 – Ball Of Light
Chapter 162 – The Great Symbol Sword Technique And The Dragon Tiger Hell Method
Chapter 163 – Fantasy Of A Thousand Faces And Interchangeable Bone Technique
Chapter 164 – Bai Clan
Chapter 165 – Secret Discussion
Chapter 166 – Bai Yaner
Chapter 167 – Transaction
Chapter 168 – Seventh Blue Pure Aura
Chapter 169 – Temple
Chapter 170 – Intense Battle In The Temple
Chapter 171 – Qian Ruping
Chapter 172 – Removing The Poison
Chapter 173 – Entering Xuanjing
Chapter 174 – Elder Mian
Chapter 175 – Black Spirit Group
Chapter 176 – Small Clear Temple
Chapter 177 – Black Shadow
Chapter 178 – The Spy And The Immortal Dawn Mountain
Chapter 179 – Virtuous Lord
Chapter 180 – Yuan Spirit Flying Sword
Chapter 181 – Chen House
Chapter 182 – Prison Breakout
Chapter 183 – Mister Sun
Chapter 184 – Gold Spirit Guests
Chapter 185 – Secret
Chapter 186 – Qiu Longzhi
Chapter 187 – Xuan Zhi And Empress Dong
Chapter 188 – Fan Baizi
Chapter 189 – Blood Boil Pill
Chapter 190 – Trouble
Chapter 191 – Buddhist Weapon
Chapter 192 – Repelling The Enemy
Chapter 193 – Famous Across Xuanjing
Chapter 194 – Auction
Chapter 195 – Fire Pure Aura And Mechanical Battle Armor
Chapter 196 – Destruction Magic Column
Chapter 197 – Green Cave Flying Ship
Chapter 198 – Hu Chunniang
Chapter 199 – Exchange
Chapter 200 – Combining Forces
Chapter 201 – Divine Secret Goddess
Chapter 202 – Breaking Into The Palace At Night
Chapter 203 – Seriously Wounded
Chapter 204 – First Fight With The Sea Race
Chapter 205 – Escape
Chapter 206 – Real Appearance
Chapter 207 – Black Bead
Chapter 208 – First Yuan Heavy Water
Chapter 209 – Big Zheng
Chapter 210 – Four Seas Overturning Skies Formation
Chapter 211 – Disappearance
Chapter 212 – The Start Of Changes
Chapter 213 – Battle Formation
Chapter 214 – Breaking The Formation
Chapter 215 – Zhou Tianhe
Chapter 216 – Third Red
Chapter 217 – Arranging A Battle
Chapter 218 - The Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 219 - The Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 220 - The Battle (Part 3)
Chapter 221 - Battle Of The Sea Jia (Part 1)
Chapter 222 - Battle Of The Sea Jia (Part 2)
Chapter 223 - Purging Xuanjing Of The Remaining Enemies
Chapter 224 - Sword Aura
Chapter 225 - The Marquis House'S Phantom Demon
Chapter 226 - Former Dynasty’S Treasure
Chapter 227 - The Phantom Demon
Chapter 228 - Floating Ghost Tattoo And Beast Transformation Method
Chapter 229 - Steel Zombie
Chapter 230 - Aura Zombie
Chapter 231 - The Battle With The Aura Zombie
Chapter 232 - Exorcism
Chapter 233 - Unknown Pure Aura
Chapter 234 - Invasion Of The Sea Race
Chapter 235 - Appraisal
Chapter 236 - Glazed Magma Metal
Chapter 237 - Sword Spirit Embryo
Chapter 238 - The Second “Liu Ming”
Chapter 239 - Complete Mastery Of The Icicle Technique
Chapter 240 - Basic Mastery In Pill Refining
Chapter 241 - A New Journey
Chapter 242 - Demonic Ants
Chapter 243 - Return To The Sect
Chapter 244 - The Spirit Pool
Chapter 245 - Advancing To Spirit Master
Chapter 246 - Commotion
Chapter 247 - Precious Treasure
Chapter 248 - The Soul Eating Mace And The Skeleton
Chapter 249 - Ten Thousand Bones Demon
Chapter 250 - The Blacksmith Master
Chapter 251 - Golden Ginseng
Chapter 252 - Precious Bead
Chapter 253 - Reinforcement
Chapter 254 - The Bone Scorpion’S Mutation
Chapter 255 - Border
Chapter 256 - Resurrection Of The Ghost King
Chapter 257 - Corpse Refining Technique And Gathering
Chapter 258 - Fight
Chapter 259 - The Eight-Part Blood Dragon Cultivation Method
Chapter 260 - Clash Of Sword And Fist
Chapter 261 - Great Symbol Sword Controlling Technique
Chapter 262 - Attack Of The Sea Race
Chapter 263 - Initial Battle With The Sea Race
Chapter 264- Li Sha
Chapter 265 - The Crystal Level Spirit Master Steps In
Chapter 266- Egg Of The Sacred Beast
Chapter 267 - 援兵
Chapter 268 - Sneak Attack
Chapter 269- Perfect Tier Spirit Totem
Chapter 270 - Decisive Battle With The Sea Race
Chapter 271 - Final Battle With The Sea Race (Part Two)
Chapter 272 - Decisive Battle With The Sea Race (Part Three)
Chapter 273 - Decisive Battle With The Sea Race (Part Four)
Chapter 274 - Final Battle With The Sea Race (Part Five)
Chapter 275 - A Thousand Miles In Pursuit Of A Kill
Chapter 276 - Golden-Armored Man
Chapter 277 - Yuan Mo Appears
Chapter 278 - The Sea Demon Emperor
Chapter 279 - The Blue Ocean Great Art
Chapter 280 - A Fierce Battle
Chapter 281 - A Fierce Battle
Chapter 282
Chapter 283 - The Scarlet Dragon’S Bones
Chapter 284 - Refining The Treasure
Chapter 285 - Golden Moon Sword
Chapter 286 - Returning
Chapter 287
Chapter 288
Chapter 289
Chapter 290
Chapter 291
Chapter 292
Chapter 293
Chapter 294
Chapter 295
Chapter 296
Chapter 297
Chapter 298
Chapter 299
Chapter 300
Chapter 301
Chapter 302
Chapter 303: Blood Tiger
Chapter 304: Han Li
Chapter 305: Demon Calling Spell
Chapter 306: Snow Blowing Spell
Chapter 307: The Man In The Coffin
Chapter 308: The Suppressing Demon Tower
Chapter 309: Entering The Tower
Chapter 310: Di Qiu Beast
Chapter 311: Big Wind Bird And Blood Tiger
Chapter 312: Slaughtering The Demonic Tiger
Chapter 313: The Seal
Chapter 314: Breaking The Seal And Setting The Bait
Chapter 315: Black Liquid And White Flame
Chapter 316: Black Snake
Chapter 317: Sealing The Giant Foot
Chapter 318: The Seal And The Black Snake
Chapter 319: Another Drop Of Heavy Water
Chapter 320: Out Came The Demonic Character
Chapter 321: The Demonic Eyes
Chapter 322: The Round Sky Stele
​Chapter 323: The Comeback Of The Round Sky Stele
Chapter 324: Out Of The Tower
Chapter 325: Meeting Of Dragon And Tiger
Chapter 326: Liquid Middle Stage
Chapter 327: Qinzhou Alley
Chapter 328 The Choosing Of The Six Sons
Chapter: 329 The Morphing Of The Demon
Chapter 330 Soul Lock
Chapter 331 Out On The Sea
Chapter 332: The Black Demon Bird
Chapter 333: The Valley South City
Chapter 334: Black Blood
Chapter 335: A Windfall
Chapter 336: Speculation
Chapter 337: Meng Ning
Chapter 338: Yunchuan Token
Chapter 339: Ironfire Valley
Chapter 340: Five Spiritual Weapons
Chapter 341: Soul Lock And Tidal Shield
Chapter 342: Conflic
Chapter 343: Meeting Jia Lan Again
Chapter 344: Severed Head
Chapter 345: A Troublesome Matter
Chapter 346: Flying Sword Fusion
Chapter 347: Being Assaulted
Chapter 348: Red Glow
Chapter 349: Nine Skulls Shield
Chapter 350: Mysterious Tail
Chapter 351: Secret Talk In The Wood
Chapter 352: Escape Plan
Chapter 353: Mysterious Young Man
Chapter 354: Group Battle In The Ironfire Valley 1
Chapter 355: Group Battle In The Ironfire Valley 2
Chapter 356: Group Battle In The Ironfire Valley 3
Chapter 357: Group Battle In The Ironfire Valley 4
Chapter 358: Being Intercepted
Chapter 359:Golden Fallen Sand
Chapter 360: Counterattack
Chapter 361: Blood Beast Crystal
Chapter 362: Sudden Change
Chapter 363: Another Sudden Change
Chapter 364: Essence Pearl
Chapter 365: An Escape
Chapter 366: Pursui
Chapter 367: Earth Burrowing
Chapter 368: Fever Snake Venom
Chapter 369: Detoxification
Chapter 370: Strange Scene
Chapter 371: Siren King Appeared
Chapter 372: Call For Surrender
Chapter 373: The Disaster Of The Crystallization Period Powerhouse
Chapter 374: Xuan Yin Needle
Chapter 375: An Ultimate Blow
Chapter 376: Hurting The Real Pellet State Powerhouse
Chapter 377: Black Elixir
Chapter 378: Blood Spirit Silk
Chapter 379: Underwater Palace
Chapter 380: Guard
Chapter 381: The Old Man In The Mine
Chapter 382: The Person In The Painting
Chapter 383: The Forces In The Cave
Chapter 384: A Young Stranger
Chapter 385: The City In The Mine Cave
Chapter 386: Bounty
Chapter 387: Dispel The Toxic Again
Chapter 388: Return To The Entrance
Chapter 389: Sand Armor
Chapter 390: Two Forces
Chapter 391: Antidote
Chapter 392: Evil Beas
Chapter 393: Bone Wind Awl
Chapter 394: Evil Beas
Chapter 395: Being Surrounded
Chapter 396: Evil Beast Horde
Chapter 397: Xin Yuan
Chapter 398: Chaos Essence Refine Iron Rod
Chapter 399: Yan Luo
Chapter 400: Battle Practice
Chapter 401: Recrui
Chapter 402: Nine Moons Mother Son Sword Array
Chapter 403: Lan Xi
Chapter 404: Escape Route
Chapter 405: Crystal Mirror
Chapter 406 : Gather And Unexpected Change
Chapter 407: Yan Luo’S Death
Chapter 408: A War Occurred Again
Chapter 409: Feather
Chapter 410: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 1
Chapter 411: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 2
Chapter 412: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 3
Chapter 413: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan (4)
Chapter 414: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan (5)
Chapter 415: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 6
Chapter 416: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 7
Chapter 417: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 8
Chapter 418: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 9
Chapter 419: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan Ten
Chapter 420: The Battle Of The Sea Creature Clan 11
Chapter 421: Joined Forces Temporarily
Chapter 422: Crystallization Period Evil Beast
Chapter 423: Stone Forest Altar
Chapter 424: Guili
Chapter 425: Joint Attack
Chapter 426: Putuo Flame
Chapter 427: Troll Head
Chapter 428: The Demonized Lan Xi
Chapter 429: Being Controlled By Demonic Thoughts
Chapter 430: Defeating Siren King
Chapter 431: Luo Hu
Chapter 432: Prison
Chapter 433: Illusive Demonic Pupil
Chapter 434: South Sea Region
Chapter 435: Qingyu Island
Chapter 436: Changfeng Association
Chapter 437: Undercurren
Chapter 438: Envoy Of The Purple Night Temple
Chapter 439: Changfeng Association Presiden
Chapter 440: Split Up
Chapter 441: Qingsan Pill
Chapter 442: Detoxification And The Letter Of Challenge
Chapter 443: Huang Zhen And Spiritual Materials
Chapter 444: Fighting Beast Group
Chapter 445: Battling The King Beas
Chapter 446: Slayed The King Beas
Chapter 447: Detoxification
Chapter 448: Purple Night Temple And Golden Jade Alliance
Chapter 449: Selective Trial
Chapter 450: Qualified For The Gambling Figh
Chapter 451: Second Heavy Water Drople
Chapter 452: Valley Of Fire
Chapter 453: Draw Lo
Chapter 454: Xin Yuan’S Mighty Strength
Chapter 455: Jia Lan’S Battle
Chapter 456: Spirit Gathering Technique
Chapter 457: Warming Up
Chapter 458: The Second Round
Chapter 459: Blue Pythons Nine Turn Technique
Chapter 460: Third Round
Chapter 461: The Final Fight Part 1
Chapter 462: The Final Fight Part 2
Chapter 463: Yu Qing
Chapter 464: Four Great Ancient Sects
Chapter 465: Temple Panruo
Chapter 466: Thousands Spirit Mountain
Chapter 467: Emerald Cloud Peak
Chapter 468: Outer Disciple
Chapter 469: Void Spirit Tower
Chapter 470: Three Ways
Chapter 471: Five Elements Hall
Chapter 472: Xuan Notice
Chapter 473: Tes
Chapter 474: Black Sun Mountain Range
Chapter 475: Snowclaw Spider
Chapter 476: Armor Dragon Beas
Chapter 477: Tiancan Tongzi
Chapter 478: Fierce Battle In The Black Sun Mountain
Chapter 479: Life And Death Lis
Chapter 480: Wood Spirit Cave
Chapter 481: Long Yanfei
Chapter 482: Silver Spring Valley
Chapter 483: Suspicion
Chapter 484: The Secret Of The Alien Race
Chapter 485: Small Flame World
Chapter 486: Fire Crow
Chapter 487: Fire Spiri
Chapter 488: Mutated Fire Spiri
Chapter 489: Join Forces
Chapter 490: Died In The Battle
Chapter 491: Planning
Chapter 492: Three Tastes True Flame Cauldron
Chapter 493: Escape
Chapter 494: Abrupt Change
Chapter 495: Giant Fire Spiri
Chapter 496: Return
Chapter 497: Sneak Attack
Chapter 498: Fire Spirit King
Chapter 499: Crystallization
Chapter 500: Underground Treasure
Chapter 501: Bone Scorpion Woke Up
Chapter 502: The End Of Trial
Chapter 503: Gain
Chapter 504: Three Methods
Chapter 505: Jin Yuhuan
Chapter 506: Sect Contrac
Chapter 507: Revisiting The Marke
Chapter 508: Cold Pool
Chapter 509: Sword Duel
Chapter 510: White Insect Egg
Chapter 511: Icesilk
Chapter 512: Deep Into The Cool Pool
Chapter 513: First Time Seeing Magical Grade Weapon
Chapter 514: Tai Yin Cave
Chapter 515: Demon Flying Skull’S Evolution
Chapter 516: Materials
Chapter 517: Cold Condensing Pill And Golden Yuan Pill
Chapter 518: Flawless Grade Elixir
Chapter 519: Fighting Lan Xi Again
Chapter 520: Training In Illusion
Chapter 521: Strength Increased
Chapter 522: Selling Elixir
Chapter 523: Cangman Mountain
Chapter 524: Xu Family Fortress
Chapter 525: Green Face Ghos
Chapter 526: Gan Lou Pearl
Chapter 527: Two Sword Techniques
Chapter 528: Changyang Marke
Chapter 529: Bai Lian Pavilion
Chapter 530: Bat Clan Shop
Chapter 531: Mutated Insect Egg
Chapter 532: Mind Imitation Insec
Chapter 533: Thousands Associations Chamber Of Commerce
Chapter 534: The Rumor In The Marke
Chapter 535: Speculator
Chapter 536: Old Man Gao
Chapter 537: Green Condensing Fruit Of Thousand Years Of Maturity
Chapter 538: Six Elixir Patterns
Chapter 539: The Big Auction
Chapter 540: Spirit Essence Powder
Chapter 541: Demon Mystic Sect And Ouyang Family
Chapter 542: Magic Weapon Prototype
Chapter 543: Spirit Turtle’S Blood Essence
Chapter 544: Spirit Insect Was Born
Chapter 545: Reached An Agreemen
Chapter 546: Divination And Fate
Chapter 547: Yin Yang Strong Demon
Chapter 548: Rescue From A Besiege
Chapter 549: The Young Man In Green Robe
Chapter 550: Four Puppet Warriors
Chapter 551: Soul Leading Disc
Chapter 552: Body And Sword Fusion
Chapter 553: Demonic Text Ancient Book
Chapter 554: Ancient Mirror Fragmen
Chapter 555: Green Sky Illusory Palace
Chapter 556: Five Colors Stairs
Chapter 557: Showing Different Kinds Of Magical Power
Chapter 558: Magical Beas
Chapter 559: Encounter By Chance
Chapter 560: Human Form Magical Beas
Chapter 561: Fierce Battle
Chapter 562: Three Powerhouses Of The Real Pellet State
Chapter 563: Strange One-Horn Horse
Chapter 564: Joint Forces
Chapter 565: Continuous Fierce Battles
Chapter 566: The Strongest Phantom
Chapter 567: Persistent Pursui
Chapter 568: Jin Lieyang
Chapter 569: Liushen Cauldron
Chapter 570: The Venerable Kui Mu
Chapter 571: Challenge
Chapter 572: Powerful Migh
Chapter 573: The Magic Weapon Was Finally Done
Chapter 574: The Demonized Body
Chapter 575: Desperate Fights In The Illusion
Chapter 576: Killing Siren King
Chapter 577: Major Competition
Chapter 578: Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 1
Chapter 579: Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 2
Chapter 580: Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 3
Chapter 581: Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 4
Chapter 582: Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 5
Chapter 583: The Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 6
Chapter 584: Major Competition Of The 8 Courtyards 7
Chapter 585: Top 10 Ranking Battle 1
Chapter 586: Top 10 Ranking Battle 2
Chapter 587: Top 10 Ranking Battle 3
Chapter 588: Top 10 Ranking Battle 4
Chapter 589: Top 10 Ranking Battle 5
Chapter 590: Top 10 Ranking Battle 6
Chapter 591: Rank 1 Of The Outer Door
Chapter 592: The 8 Tentacles Cub Was Born
Chapter 593: Three Shadowy Mirages Technique
Chapter 594: Jade Pendan
Chapter 595: Bloodaxe Frenzy Demon
Chapter 596: Withered Bone Monk
Chapter 597: Void Spirit Tower
Chapter 598: Unimpeded Momentum
Chapter 599: Liger
Chapter 600: The 35Th Floor
Chapter 601: Fierce Battle With Liger Part 1
Chapter 602: Fierce Battle With Liger Part 2
Chapter 603: Fierce Battle With Liger Part 3
Chapter 604: Reward
Chapter 605: Fallen Serene Peak
Chapter 606: Sky Wind Cave
Chapter 607: Peng Demon Double Fury
Chapter 608: Seeing Luo Hu Again
Chapter 609: Daiyue Jade Boa
Chapter 610: Challenge
Chapter 611: Tanguang Mountain
Chapter 612: Nine-Color Spirit Deer
Chapter 613: The Battle Of Xiao Wu
Chapter 614: The Eyes Of Great Void
Chapter 615: Evil Ghost Way
Chapter 616: Being Ambushed
Chapter 617: The Assault Of An Evil Cultivator
Chapter 618: Black Phoenix Fairy
Chapter 619: Pegasus Grassland
Chapter 620: Spiritual Horse
Chapter 621: Amano Ancient City
Chapter 622: The Emergence Of The Ancient Ruins
Chapter 623: Entering The Ruins
Chapter 624: Altar And Seal
Chapter 625: Fierce Battle
Chapter 626: Fierce Battle With Black Phoenix Fairy
Chapter 627: Fighting With Blood Emperor Again
Chapter 628: Invisible Strike
Chapter 629: Demonized Again
Chapter 630: Kill
Chapter 631: Dry Corpse
Chapter 632: Zhen Yuan City
Chapter 633: Clear Water Pavilion
Chapter 634: Exchange Meeting
Chapter 635: Separation And Reunion Hall
Chapter 636: Ying Yang Separation And Reunion Mirror
Chapter 637: Advanced To The Crystallization Period
Chapter 638: Direct Disciple
Chapter 639: Alchemist Qualification
Chapter 640: Refined Earth Grade Elixir Again
Chapter 641: Beast Armor Tactic
Chapter 642: Sacrificial Refine
Chapter 643: Heavenly Thunder Spell
Chapter 644: River Moon City
Chapter 645: Five Light Liquid
Chapter 646: Yun Spirit Pill
Chapter 647: Training In The Illusion
Chapter 648: Demon Corpse
Chapter 649: Tianjian Peak
Chapter 650: Liang Gong
Chapter 651: Starlight Magnetic Refine Method
Chapter 652: Sect Mission
Chapter 653: Sword Fighting Pill
Chapter 654: Sword Maru
Chapter 655: Sword Soul Hall
Chapter 656: Hong Longzi
Chapter 657: Sword Intent Fragmen
Chapter 658: Meteorite Gold Essence
Chapter 659: Starlight Array
Chapter 660: Forging
Chapter 661: Sword Embryo Body
Chapter 662: Void Flying Sword
Chapter 663: Miaozhong Marke
Chapter 664: Shopping
Chapter 665: Selling Elixir
Chapter 666: Savage Tribe Robber
Chapter 667: Miaozhong Auction
Chapter 668: Superb Five Light Liquid
Chapter 669: Undercurrents
Chapter 670: Earth Grade Yun Spirit Pill
Chapter 671: Identity Exposed
Chapter 672: Fighting The Real Pellet State Cultivator
Chapter 673: Crushed The Real Pellet State
Chapter 674: Behead The Real Pellet State Cultivator
Chapter 675: Wolf League And Totem
Chapter 676: Wu Kui
Chapter 677: Five Light Queen Bee
Chapter 678: Totem Pillar
Chapter 679: Lure Out The Queen Bee And Kill I
Chapter 680: Besiege The Queen Bee
Chapter 681: Kill The Queen Bee Part 1
Chapter 682: Kill The Queen Bee Part 2
Chapter 683: Thunder Demon
Chapter 684: Sky Beastkin’S Inheritance
Chapter 685: First Visit To The Secret Realm
Chapter 686: Suspicion
Chapter 687: Long-Faced Beastkin Cultivator
Chapter 688: Gray Token
Chapter 689: Huang Ying And The Giant Wolf
Chapter 690: Slaying Rhino Beastkin
Chapter 691: Sky Beastkin’S Blood Essence
Chapter 692: Joined Forces
Chapter 693: Withered Tree Revive
Chapter 694: Wait For The Beastkin To Fall For The Traps
Chapter 695: Tough Battle
Chapter 696: Green Bull Beastkin
Chapter 697: Purple-Robed Beastkin Cultivator
Chapter 698: Twin Head Python Part 1
Chapter 699: Twin Head Python Part 2
Chapter 700: The Center Of The Secret Realm
Chapter 701: A Sudden Change In The Secret Realm
Chapter 702: The Great Elder Of The Golden Savage Tribe
Chapter 703: Fierce Battle With The Celestial State Powerhouse (Part 1)
Chapter 704: Fierce Battle With The Celestial State Powerhouse (Part 2)
Chapter 705: Escape
Chapter 706: Pursui
Chapter 707: Gale Eagle
Chapter 708: Tai Yin Thunder Talisman
Chapter 709: Wind Beastkin
Chapter 710: Sand Clan
Chapter 711: Sand Clan Grand Elder
Chapter 712: The Sorrowful Deser
Chapter 713: Sha Chuer
Chapter 714: Sand Jackal Siege
Chapter 715: Fierce Battle On The City Wall
Chapter 716: Giant Sand Beas
Chapter 717: Sand Bear
Chapter 718: Night Talk
Chapter 719: Southern Puppet Emperor
Chapter 720: Sand Clan Ruins
Chapter 721: The Palace
Chapter 722: Puppet Girl
Chapter 723: Spirit Breaking Dagger
Chapter 724: Illusion Part 1
Chapter 725: Illusion Part 2
Chapter 726: Black Puppets
Chapter 727: Fighting With 2 Puppets
Chapter 728: The Emergence Of Demon Corpse
Chapter 729: Qing Ling
Chapter 730: Subduing 2 Beastkins
Chapter 731: Staying In Retrea
Chapter 732: Chaos In The Southern Wilderness
Chapter 733: Chaos In The Southern Wilderness Part 2
Chapter 734: Heavenly Thunder Imprin
Chapter 735: Returning To The Miaozhong Marke
Chapter 736: Underground Secret Shop
Chapter 737: Awakening
Chapter 738: Breakthrough
Chapter 739: Crushing The Crystallization Period Cultivators
Chapter 740: Another Powerful Enemy
Chapter 741: Spiritual Pets Crystallized
Chapter 742: Advanced To The Later Stage
Chapter 743: Xie’Er And Fei’Er
Chapter 744: Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder
Chapter 745: Five-Color Thunder Seal
Chapter 746: Rumors And Return
Chapter 747: The Power Of One Sword Strike
Chapter 748: The Might Of The Celestial State
Chapter 749: Golden Gate And Hell Water
Chapter 750: Star Magnetic Force
Chapter 751: Immortal Tian Ge
Chapter 752: Sky Palace And Tianmen Convention
Chapter 753: Disturbance
Chapter 754: Challenge
Chapter 755: Extreme Yin And Yang Physique
Chapter 756: Luo Tiancheng And Dragon Tiger Hell Prison
Chapter 757: Evenly Matched
Chapter 758: 3 Months Challenge
Chapter 759: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 760: The Stick And The Carrot
Chapter 761: The Plague Curse Peak And Wen Zeng
Chapter 762: Agreed To Fight
Chapter 763: Battle On The Piaomiao Peak (Part 1)
Chapter 764: Battle On The Piaomiao Peak (Part 2)
Chapter 765: Battle On The Piaomiao Peak (Part 3)
Chapter 766: Shocking Results
Chapter 767: Engagement
Chapter 768: Seeing Off
Chapter 769: Attending An Exchange Meeting Together
Chapter 770: Seeing Black Phoenix Again
Chapter 771: Recognized The Wrong Person
Chapter 772: Sacrificial Refine
Chapter 773: The Sky Palace’S Gate Appeared
Chapter 774: Big Dipper Pavilion Master And Old Man Tian He
Chapter 775: Luck Lock
Chapter 776: All Showing Their Might
Chapter 777: Battles In The Secret Realm
Chapter 778: Yellow Turban Avatar
Chapter 779: Gufeng Bird
Chapter 780: Yellow Fluorite Mine
Chapter 781: Peng Yue And Black Phoenix Fairy
Chapter 782: Inheritance Disk
Chapter 783: Eagle-Faced Man
Chapter 784: Flame Pattern Marrow Stone
Chapter 785: Actions Everywhere
Chapter 786: The Land Of Inheritance
Chapter 787: It’S Opened
Chapter 788: Clean Up The Scene
Chapter 789: 3 Tunnels
Chapter 790: Selection
Chapter 791: Star River Sand, Vajra Sarira And Seven Color Glaze Liquid
Chapter 792: Demonstrating Skills
Chapter 793: Ranking
Chapter 794: Spiritual Herb Valley
Chapter 795: Formidable Enemy
Chapter 796: Xie’Er’S Power
Chapter 797: Moving To The Next Stage
Chapter 798: The Test Of Mind
Chapter 799: Copper Platform
Chapter 800: Pupil Art
Chapter 801: Fierce Fight
Chapter 802: Ghost Creature
Chapter 803: Bloody Space
Chapter 804: The Final Inheritance
Chapter 805: Paths
Chapter 806: Bloody Space
Chapter 807: Trapped
Chapter 808: Appearance
Chapter 809: Blood Trident And Qu Yao
Chapter 810: Team Up
Chapter 811: Illumination God And Hellish-Insect Clan
Chapter 812: Abnormality In The Tianmen Convention
Chapter 813: Battle With Qu Yao (Part 1)
Chapter 814: Battle With Qu Yao (Part 2)
Chapter 815: Battle With Qu Yao (Part 3)
Chapter 816: Tough Final Battle
Chapter 817: Blood Trident Emerged Again
Chapter 818: Turbid Sun
Chapter 819: Mystic Flame Heavenly Chain
Chapter 820: Return
Chapter 821: Tianmen Ranking
Chapter 822: Sect’S Treasure Spiritual Weapon
Chapter 823: Return
Chapter 824: Get Famous
Chapter 825: Amethyst Marten
Chapter 826: Have A Match
Chapter 827: Proposal To Join Hands
Chapter 828: Golden Jade Sect
Chapter 829: Void Fragrant Deer
Chapter 830: Dark Water Array
Chapter 831: Killing The Fragrant Deer Beastkin
Chapter 832: Millennium Python Beastkin
Chapter 833: Betrayal
Chapter 834: Demon Mystic Order
Chapter 835: Void Attribute Sword Pouch (Part 1)
Chapter 836: Void Attribute Sword Pouch (Part 2)
Chapter 837: Lifespan
Chapter 838: The Secret Of Luo Hu
Chapter 839: Jingang Bone Tempering Pill
Chapter 840: Master The Technique
Chapter 841: Fighting The Celestial State Again (Part 1)
Chapter 842: Fighting The Celestial State Again (Part 2)
Chapter 843: Mind Demon Tribulation
Chapter 844: Bloody Spiritual Coral And Jade Clear Pill
Chapter 845: Qinggang Mountain
Chapter 846: Ye Family Col
Chapter 847: General Demon Skull
Chapter 848: Battle Against The Demon Skull
Chapter 849: Golden Eyes Emerald Pupils
Chapter 850: Xuanmeng Mountain
Chapter 851: Visit
Chapter 852: Seeing Sha Chuer Again
Chapter 853: Ouyang Ming
Chapter 854: Xuanyuan Platform
Chapter 855: Green Sun Demonic Technique
Chapter 856: Breaking Green Sun With 1 Sword
Chapter 857: Elder Qingfeng
Chapter 858: Clear Exquisite Wall
Chapter 859: Mind Demon
Chapter 860: Pseudo Pellet State Anomaly
Chapter 861: Advanced To The Pseudo Pellet State
Chapter 862: Nanming City
Chapter 863: Ouyang Kui
Chapter 864: Bloodline Verification
Chapter 865: Secrets Of The Past
Chapter 866: Mystic Comprehending State Puppet
Chapter 867: The Fight Between Mystic Comprehending State
Chapter 868: Return To Taiqing Sect
Chapter 869: The Facts About Real Pellet
Chapter 870: Fusion Sword Art
Chapter 871: New Void Sword
Chapter 872: Broken Sword Mountain
Chapter 873: Sword Fighting
Chapter 874: Honing Sword
Chapter 875: Sword Maru Forged
Chapter 876: Inner Door Life And Death Pavilion
Chapter 877: Taist Evil Moon
Chapter 878: Deterred All Evil Cultivators
Chapter 879: Thousand Illusion Demon
Chapter 880: Zuo Gongquan
Chapter 881: Surprised Gain
Chapter 882: Trap
Chapter 883: Purdue Array
Chapter 884: Killed The Enemy
Chapter 885: Nanlu City
Chapter 886: Emperor Jiang
Chapter 887: Desperate
Chapter 888: Demonic Contract Art
Chapter 889: Beheaded Evil Cultivator
Chapter 890: New Missions
Chapter 891: The Might Of The Purdue Sumeru Array
Chapter 892: Sweeping Missions
Chapter 893: Shocking Phenomenon
Chapter 894: Upper Realm Ruins
Chapter 895: Visitors
Chapter 896: Team Leader
Chapter 897: Departure
Chapter 898: The Land Of Ruins
Chapter 899: The Strong Ones Emerged
Chapter 900: Chaos
Chapter 901: Spirit Gathering Stone
Chapter 902: Bat Beastkins Assault
Chapter 903: Alluring Spiritual Fluid
Chapter 904: Lure The Bats
Chapter 905: Get Rid Of The Pursuit
Chapter 906: Demonic Stone
Chapter 907: Surprise Appearance Of The Demons
Chapter 908: Diverting Away The Crisis
Chapter 909: Killing The Demon
Chapter 910: Coercion
Chapter 911: Woman With A Red Cloth
Chapter 913: Nine Tail Fox
Chapter 912: Fierce Battle
Chapter 914: Eight Eyes Pattern
Chapter 915: Facing The Heavenly Thunder Again
Chapter 916: Fierce Battle Again
Chapter 917: Demons Assemble
Chapter 918: Thousands Beastkins Hall
Chapter 919: Beastkin Soul
Chapter 920: Nine Tail Fox Inheritance
Chapter 921: Sudden Event
Chapter 922: A Wonderful Encounter
Chapter 923: Yao Ji
Chapter 924: Bone Erosion Toad
Chapter 925: Sneak Attack
Chapter 926: Demonic Insect Cloud
Chapter 927: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 928: Ran Separately
Chapter 929: Killing Long Xuan
Chapter 930: Battle With Demon (Part 1)
Chapter 931: Battle With Demon (Part 2)
Chapter 932: Battle With Demon (Part 3)
Chapter 933: The Power Of Sword Maru
Chapter 934: Regroup
Chapter 935: Jin Lieyang
Chapter 936: News From The Nature Work Sect
Chapter 937: Meeting
Chapter 938: Spirit Nurture Cauldron And Savage Huge Beast
Chapter 939: Mechanical Battle Armor
Chapter 940: Savage Giant Beast
Chapter 941: Five-Element God Puppet Formation
Chapter 942: Strange Insect
Chapter 943: Juvenile Parasite
Chapter 944: Spinning Top
Chapter 945: Cauldron Discovered
Chapter 946: Cauldron Obtained
Chapter 947: Escape From The Giant Beast’S Mouth
Chapter 948: Ji Ying
Chapter 949: Shadow Wolf Race And Silver Tiger Race
Chapter 950: Mystic Arts Fight
Chapter 951: Bitter Wheel Sword
Chapter 952: Unexpected Reinforcement
Chapter 953: Wood Spirit Great Array
Chapter 954: Berserk
Chapter 955: Dogfight
Chapter 956: Blue Wood Seal And Weapon Spirit
Chapter 957: Celestial Wheel
Chapter 958: True Spirit Orbs
Chapter 959: Blood Shield Technique
Chapter 960: Human Alliance
Chapter 961: Play Along
Chapter 962: Undercurrent
Chapter 963: Shen Family
Chapter 964: Powerful Techniques
Chapter 965: Fissure Eagle Race
Chapter 966: Puppet Clone
Chapter 967: The Power Of The Water Flag
Chapter 968: Reverse The Situation
Chapter 969: Evenly Matched
Chapter 970: Ulterior Moves
Chapter 971: Teamed Up To Break The Enchantment
Chapter 972: Unexpected Events
Chapter 973: Stalemate
Chapter 974: Blood Shadow
Chapter 975: Blood Ancestor, Xuan Wuchang
Chapter 976: Purple Yuan Fruit
Chapter 977: Seeing Gold Essence Soil Again
Chapter 978: Mountain River Pearl
Chapter 979: Sacrificial Refine
Chapter 980: Underground Herb Garden
Chapter 981: Crystal Scales Race
Chapter 982: The Pearl Was Forged
Chapter 983: Strange Golden Egg
Chapter 984: Palace Under The Lake
Chapter 985: The Might Of Mountain River Pearl
Chapter 986: Great Hongmeng Sword Art
Chapter 987: Green Ghost Flame Lotus
Chapter 988: Tentacle Chi
Chapter 989: Hell Ghost Yin Tree
Chapter 990: Return
Chapter 991: Return To Taiqing Sect
Chapter 992: Turn In
Chapter 993: Negotiation
Chapter 994: Companionship And Beast Egg
Chapter 995: Four Crown Golden Chicken King
Chapter 996: Egg Identification
Chapter 997: Heavenly Beast Mountain
Chapter 998: Thousand Beast Pavilion
Chapter 999: Hatching Failed
Chapter 1000: Regained True Name
Chapter 1001: Enter The Evil Ghost Way
Chapter 1002: Enter Evil Ghost Way
Chapter 1003: Golden Light City
Chapter 1004: The Seventh Squad
Chapter 1005: Strength Test
Chapter 1006: Yin Core
Chapter 1007: Fortune Bowl
Chapter 1008: Search
Chapter 1009: Ghost Lizard
Chapter 1010: Seven Orifices Ghost
Chapter 1011: Trade With Seven Orifices Ghost King
Chapter 1012: Fierce Battle With Yin Dog (Part 1)
Chapter 1013: Fighting With Yin Dog (Part 2)
Chapter 1014: Ghost Wall Array
Chapter 1015: Being Trapped
Chapter 1016: Return
Chapter 1017: Strange Movements
Chapter 1018: Infiltrate Mission
Chapter 1019: Meeting The Spy
Chapter 1020: One Body Two Souls
Chapter 1021: Spirit Vulture Slope
Chapter 1022: Break Army Basket
Chapter 1023: Infiltration
Chapter 1024: Seeing Xiao Wu Again
Chapter 1025: Escape From Danger
Chapter 1026: Incoming Storm
Chapter 1027: Assault And Being Ambushed
Chapter 1028: Ethereal Ghost And Ghost Blood Stone
Chapter 1029: Taitian Fortress
Chapter 1030: Imminent War
Chapter 1031: Abnormality
Chapter 1032: Unprepared
Chapter 1033: Confusion
Chapter 1034: Ghost Army Approaching
Chapter 1035: Fierce Fight
Chapter 1036: Precarious
Chapter 1037: Taitian Array
Chapter 1038: Fierce Battle Again
Chapter 1039: Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array
Chapter 1040: Mystic Ghost Wu Kui
Chapter 1041: Token
Chapter 1042: Break The Array
Chapter 1044: Battle Under The City
Chapter 1043: Interception
Chapter 1045: Ready To Fight Back
Chapter 1046: Trump Cards
Chapter 1047: Golden Light Heavenly Soldier
Chapter 1048: Chaotic Battles
Chapter 1049: Rakshasas Giant Ghosts
Chapter 1050: Rakshasas Immortal Execution Array
Chapter 1051: Pursuit And Blood Hell Pill
Chapter 1052: Tunnel
Chapter 1053: Unexpected Enemy
Chapter 1054: The Deepest Underworld
Chapter 1055: Cold Moon City
Chapter 1056: Thousand Condense Water Code
Chapter 1057: Tribute
Chapter 1058: Selection
Chapter 1059: Hell Devour Rings
Chapter 1060: Team
Chapter 1061: Hell Extinct Valley
Chapter 1062: Ambush
Chapter 1063: Encirclement
Chapter 1064: Skeleton Puppet
Chapter 1065: Chaos
Chapter 1066: Crush
Chapter 1067: Blood Hell Son
Chapter 1068: Blue Geng Cold Air
Chapter 1069: Pursuit
Chapter 1070: Mysterious Figure
Chapter 1071: Qing Lan
Chapter 1072: Che Huan Avatar
Chapter 1073: Hell River Heavy Water
Chapter 1074: Fierce Battle With The Giant Beast
Chapter 1075: Finally Refined The Beads
Chapter 1076: Opportunity
Chapter 1077: Real Pellet Formed
Chapter 1078: Real Pellet Formed (2)
Chapter 1079: Real Pellet Formed (3)
Chapter 1080: Thirteen Holes
Chapter 1081: Illusive Demonic Heart Flame And Spiritual Power Injection
Chapter 1082: Real Pellet State Intermediate Stage
Chapter 1083: Bi You City
Chapter 1084: Old Friend
Chapter 1085: Serene King Mission
Chapter 1086: Hell Prison Handbook
Chapter 1087: Hell River Giant Ghost
Chapter 1088: Void Ghost Patriarch
Chapter 1089: Red Ghost
Chapter 1090: Void Spirit
Chapter 1091: Encirclement
Chapter 1092: The Might Of Void Spirit
Chapter 1093: Black Crystal Forest
Chapter 1094: Mythical Puppet
Chapter 1095: Group Up
Chapter 1096: Backlash
Chapter 1097: Qing Ling Appeared Again
Chapter 1098: Nine-Turn Serene Core
Chapter 1099: Dong Hao
Chapter 1100: Yin Liu
Chapter 1101: Tidal Cold Current
Chapter 1102: Bloody Leaf Forest And Extreme Sun Array
Chapter 1103: Earth Flame Rat
Chapter 1104: Slice Wind Valley
Chapter 1105: Chaos Past Lives Array
Chapter 1106: Past And Present
Chapter 1107: Mirror Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 1108: Mirror Image Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 1109: The Eye Of Wrath Demon
Chapter 1110: Be Honest
Chapter 1111: Serene King Huang Han
Chapter 1112: The Tribulation Of Demon Flying Skull
Chapter 1113: Fei Zu
Chapter 1114: Scorpion King’S Inner Pellet
Chapter 1115: Warning
Chapter 1116: Entering The Prison Again
Chapter 1117: Xie’Er Condensing Pellet
Chapter 1118: Return To Middle Sky Continent
Chapter 1119: Giant Centipede
Chapter 1120: Crush
Chapter 1121: Chedi Mountain
Chapter 1122: Seeing Golden Savage Great Elder Again
Chapter 1123: Hellish-Insect Clan Invasion
Chapter 1124: Black Sand Day
Chapter 1125: Sneak Into The Desert
Chapter 1126: Array Setting
Chapter 1127: Precarious Situation
Chapter 1128: Precarious Moment
Chapter 1129: Mountain River Great Array
Chapter 1130: Showing Great Might
Chapter 1131: Killing Spree
Chapter 1132: Mission Accompished
Chapter 1133: Encounter
Chapter 1134: Rescue From An Encirclement
Chapter 1135: Return To The Sect
Chapter 1136: Grand Elder Xuan Yu
Chapter 1137: Sunset Peak
Chapter 1138: Spirit Isolation Wood
Chapter 1139: Imminent War
Chapter 1140: The Battle On The Sunset Peak (Part 1)
Chapter 1141: The Battle On The Sunset Peak (Part 2)
Chapter 1142: The Battle On The Sunset Peak (Part 3)
Chapter 1143: Shangguan Yanyu And Ling Yiyi
Chapter 1144: The Surviving Danger During The Tianmen Convention
Chapter 1145: Mother Hellish-Insect
Chapter 1146: Meeting Jia Lan (Part 1)
Chapter 1147: Meeting Jia Lan (Part 2)
Chapter 1148: Mother Hellish-Insect Avatar
Chapter 1149: Promotion To Esoteric Disciple
Chapter 1150: Mountain Futu
Chapter 1151: Ancient Sects Alliance
Chapter 1152: Kun Yu
Chapter 1153: Mountain Qingsang
Chapter 1154: Formidable Reinforcement
Chapter 1155: Jade Mountain Peak
Chapter 1156: Battle With Celestial State Hellish-Insect
Chapter 1157: Suppressing The Celestial State
Chapter 1158: Mysterious Stone Slab
Chapter 1159: Uprisings Of War Everywhere
Chapter 1160: All Creation Secret Realm
Chapter 1161: Sword Qi Soars To The Sky
Chapter 1162: Battle The Celestial State Again (Part 1)
Chapter 1163: Battle The Celestial State Again (Part 2)
Chapter 1164: Hidden Forces
Chapter 1165: Before The Decisive War
Chapter 1166: Sky Spying Mirror
Chapter 1167: Final War (1)
Chapter 1168: Final War (2)
Chapter 1169: Final War (3)
Chapter 1170: Final War (4)
Chapter 1171: Final War (5)
Chapter 1172: The Real Body Of Mother Hellish-Insect
Chapter 1173: 4 Evil Cultivators
Chapter 1174: The Previous Enmity
Chapter 1175: Run For Life
Chapter 1176:Severing Blood Ancestor’S Fingers
Chapter 1177: The Might Of Mother Hellish-Insect
Chapter 1178: Blood River Scripture
Chapter 1179: Dual Pincer Island
Chapter 1180: Essence Absolute Clan
Chapter 1181: One Versus Three
Chapter 1182: Showing Up
Chapter 1183: Missing
Chapter 1184: Sea Abyss Shiled And Holy Beast
Chapter 1185: Shocking Might
Chapter 1186: Old Age
Chapter 1187: Flying Silver Zombie
Chapter 1188: Things Are Different
Chapter 1189: Look After
Chapter 1190: Grand Elder
Chapter 1191: Write-In Disciple
Chapter 1192: Array Master
Chapter 1193: Counterattack
Chapter 1194: Deal
Chapter 1195: Attack
Chapter 1196: Desperate
Chapter 1197: Dual Chain Island
Chapter 1198: Defection
Chapter 1199: Nine True Nirvana Dragon Array
Chapter 1200: Hell Beastkin
Chapter 1201: Soul Stealing
Chapter 1202: Fierce Battle In The Sea
Chapter 1203: Breaking Array With Array
Chapter 1204: The Appearance Of Siren King
Chapter 1205: Total Defeat
Chapter 1206: Revisiting The Old Place
Chapter 1207: Return To The Abyss
Chapter 1208: Ancient Teleportation Array
Chapter 1209: Soul Leech Token
Chapter 1210: Pan Voodoo Codex
Chapter 1211: Black Gourd
Chapter 1212: Yin Conversion Gourd
Chapter 1213: Underwater Of The Deadly Island
Chapter 1214: Strange Land
Chapter 1215: The Sunset Tribe
Chapter 1216: Savage Wild Eight Races
Chapter 1217: Beastkin Assault
Chapter 1218: Wonderful Skills
Chapter 1219: Beastkin Tide
Chapter 1220: Luo City And The Sea-Crossing Giant Ship
Chapter 1221: Black Water City
Chapter 1222: All The Way East
Chapter 1223: Stange Events In The Savage Wild Continents
Chapter 1224: Beastkin Bandits
Chapter 1225: Meeting Lan Si
Chapter 1226: Sky Fox Race Princess
Chapter 1227: Little Huan Courtyard
Chapter 1228: Sky High Price
Chapter 1229: Skull Yin Island
Chapter 1230: Deal
Chapter 1231: Real Pellet State Perfect Stage
Chapter 1232: Cold Abyss Incense
Chapter 1233: Xue Long
Chapter 1234: Purgatory Mountain Range
Chapter 1235: Crimson Flame Beastkin
Chapter 1236: Kirin Phantasm Aspect
Chapter 1237: Elixir Obtained
Chapter 1238: Rupin Advanced
Chapter 1239: Qing Ling Race
Chapter 1240: Male And Female Mind Imitation Insects
Chapter 1241: Exotic Insects Of Qing Ling Race
Chapter 1242: Refining Voodoo
Chapter 1243: Endless Sea
Chapter 1244: Whale Hunting
Chapter 1245: A Plot
Chapter 1246: Abnormal
Chapter 1247: War Between Three Clans
Chapter 1248: Twists And Turns
Chapter 1249: Mo Tian
Chapter 1250: True Demon Imprint
Chapter 1251: Dragon Tiger Aspect
Chapter 1252: Wan Bo Palace
Chapter 1253: Hu Mei
Chapter 1254: The Difficulty Of Yao Ji
Chapter 1255: Seeing Yao Ji Again
Chapter 1256: Red Water River
Chapter 1257: Surprise Encounter
Chapter 1258: Hu Mei Avatar
Chapter 1259: Great Battle
Chapter 1260: Private Moment
Chapter 1261: 2 Women
Chapter 1262: The Young Master Of Green Snake Race
Chapter 1263: Mo Yun City
Chapter 1264: Joining Along
Chapter 1265: Xue Nishang
Chapter 1266: The Giant Beast Of The Dead Sea
Chapter 1267: White Hand Bone
Chapter 1268: The Entrustment Of Luo Hu
Chapter 1269: Weapon Spirit
Chapter 1270: Symbiosis
Chapter 1271: 4 Great Families
Chapter 1272: Cliff Moon City
Chapter 1273: The Yan Family
Chapter 1274: True Demon Blood
Chapter 1275: Yuan Attracting Array
Chapter 1276: Purple-Patterned Demonic Pupils
Chapter 1277: Illusive Demonic Domain
Chapter 1278: Covet
Chapter 1279: Fierce Battle Against Two Powerhouses
Chapter 1280: Celestial State Bone Scorpion
Chapter 1281: Zang State
Chapter 1282: Family Qing
Chapter 1283: Qing Family’S Elder
Chapter 1284: Illusion Power Seed
Chapter 1285: Secret Realm Opening
Chapter 1286: Heavenly Illusive Secret Realm
Chapter 1287: Three Illumination Water
Chapter 1288: Three Illumination Painting
Chapter 1289: Black Star Moth
Chapter 1290: Encirclement
Chapter 1291: Intense Battle
Chapter 1292: Domain
Chapter 1293: Killing The Two Beastkin
Chapter 1294: Demon Abyss Valley
Chapter 1295: Escape From Crisis
Chapter 1296: Succession Ceremony
Chapter 1297: Three Illumination Hall
Chapter 1298: Demon Hand
Chapter 1299: Mobilization Order
Chapter 1300: Da Shuo Dynasty
Chapter 1301: Liu Huifeng
Chapter 1302: Shuo Feng Dynasty
Chapter 1303: The Eve Of War
Chapter 1304: The War Broke Out
Chapter 1305: Looting
Chapter 1306: Great Chaos Mara Array
Chapter 1307: Conspiracy
Chapter 1308: Demon Abyss Key
Chapter 1309: True Demon Infusion
Chapter 1310: Demon Abyss Secret Realm
Chapter 1311: Central Imperial City
Chapter 1312: Han State
Chapter 1313: Guang Han City
Chapter 1314: Temporary Residence
Chapter 1315: Kong Xiang Family
Chapter 1316: The Mysterious Man
Chapter 1317: Past Events
Chapter 1318: Another Key
Chapter 1319: Condensed Primordial Spirit
Chapter 1320: Veiled Girl
Chapter 1321: The Lurking Predator
Chapter 1322: Kidnapping The Princess
Chapter 1323: Blood Heart Wood
Chapter 1323: Light Door
Chapter 1325: Entering The Demon Abyss
Chapter 1326: Yin Filth Spider
Chapter 1327: Waking Up
Chapter 1328: Demon Abyss Tower
Chapter 1329: Ancient Demon Realm
Chapter 1330: Ruins
Chapter 1331: Menace Soul Blue Light
Chapter 1332: Demon Corpse Skeleton
Chapter 1333: Fighting The Enemy Together
Chapter 1334: Exterminated A Demon Corpse Skeleton
Chapter 1335: Truth Hearing Talent
Chapter 1336: Inner Abyss
Chapter 1337: Spirit Fusion Technique
Chapter 1338: Pursuit
Chapter 1339: Brahman Saint Mystic Hell Technique
Chapter 1340: Sky Cry Demon Lord
Chapter 1341: Impermanent Wind
Chapter 1342: Sneak In
Chapter 1343: Hell River In The Cave
Chapter 1344: Hell Beast Guardians
Chapter 1345: Treasure Snatching
Chapter 1346: Green Demonic Gold
Chapter 1347: Demon Marrow Green Demonic Blade
Chapter 1348: Mysterious Woman
Chapter 1349: Ancient Demonic Snake
Chapter 1350: Black Strange Tree
Chapter 1351: Cemetary
Chapter 1352: Convergence
Chapter 1353: Ancient Demon Corpse
Chapter 1354: Beheading Ancient Demon Corpse
Chapter 1355: Demon Corpse Bead
Chapter 1356: Reunion
Chapter 1357: Puppet
Chapter 1358: Desperate
Chapter 1359: Encountering Sworn Enemy
Chapter 1360: Kill Mystic Comprehending State
Chapter 1361: Demon Abyss Tower
Chapter 1362: Ancient Secrets
Chapter 1363: Trailing Behind
Chapter 1364: Confrontation
Chapter 1365: Six Divination Disc
Chapter 1366: Golden Demon Corpse
Chapter 1367: Liu Yao
Chapter 1368: Ethereal Demonic Flame
Chapter 1369: Bitter Poison
Chapter 1370: Dispelling Poison
Chapter 1371: Into The Tower
Chapter 1372: Demon Corpse Guards
Chapter 1373: Strange Black Vine
Chapter 1374: Skeleton
Chapter 1375: Stone Door
Chapter 1376: Gain
Chapter 1377: Refine
Chapter 1378: Soul Bind Bell
Chapter 1379: Half Demon Body
Chapter 1380: Shortcut
Chapter 1381: Zhao Family In The Wang State
Chapter 1382: Ascension Pill
Chapter 1383: Ninth Floor
Chapter 1384: Qi Yao’S Heart
Chapter 1385: Encounter
Chapter 1386: Spiritual Pets Injured
Chapter 1387: Overwhelmed
Chapter 1388: The Situation Reversed
Chapter 1389: Qing Ling Reappeared
Chapter 1390: Demon Soul Reincarnation
Chapter 1391: Blood-Colored Crystal Stone
Chapter 1392: Tide Turned
Chapter 1393: Encountering The Giant Hand Again
Chapter 1394: Refining Pill In The Valley
Chapter 1395: A Dreamy Night
Chapter 1396: Trying The Thunder Ring
Chapter 1397: Wake Up
Chapter 1398: The Truth
Chapter 1399: Exit
Chapter 1400: Black Sea
Chapter 1401: Rival For Moyun Valley
Chapter 1402: Qing Cong Out Of Retreat
Chapter 1403: Gai Family Ugly Man
Chapter 1404: Heavenly Illusive Domain
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Alternative Titles:

DD, Ma Thiên Ký, Mo Tian Ji, 魔天记

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand, two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

What will happen?

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Chapter 1 – Escapee From Savage Island

In a remote jungle nestled between the Chu State and Whitewater City within the Da Xuan Country, a thin and frail figure was leaning against a thick tree trunk. Both of his legs were spread apart in a relaxed manner.

This figure belonged to a thirteen or fourteen year old teenager.

Aside from his unusually pale face, the boy had fairly common facial features. His clothes were loose fitting and a bright shining steel sword was carelessly thrown by his side.

The sword, although shiny, was also stained with spots of dried, black blood.

A strip of cloth was wrapped around the teenager’s shoulder, multiple times, forming a makeshift tourniquet. Even though it was tight, fresh blood still leaked out.

Closing his eyes, the young man became motionless against the tree trunk, as if he was taking a nap.

Suddenly, a slight “shaa… shaa…” sound came from within the jungle. Something was rapidly approaching the young man.

The young man opened his eyes and jumped up, while his toe instinctively flicked to the side.


The steel sword shot up and rested snugly within the young man’s palm.

The young man looked in the direction of the sound and without hesitation, leaped in the other direction. With just a few steps, he disappeared into the jungle.

After a while, a group of black-armored warriors appeared from the jungle brush, moving in a tight battle formation.

There were only twenty warriors, but everyone in their group was tall and sturdy with looks that matched those of seasoned veterans. It was clear that they were soldiers who were used to bloodshed.

They came out from one side of the jungle. After a low grunt from one of them, all twenty of them stopped and stood perfectly straight in the same spot.

At the same time, one of the young warriors hastily stepped forward and squatted down in front of where the youth once rested. Using his hands, he quickly dug through the teen’s resting place before soon standing up again.

“General Wang, the fugitive has only recently fled. If we were to leave now, we might be able to catch him.” The warrior reported to the only member within their group who was not wearing a black helmet and was instead showing off his bald head.

While the warriors were relatively tall, compared to this two meter giant next to them, they were much shorter in comparison. They were like children standing in front of an adult.

“Hmph, there is no need to chase him. We’ve already secured the surrounding cities. No matter how cunning this brat is, he won’t be able to escape. To that side, General Situ has already been waiting for a long time. Now, all we have to do is to slowly make our way over to him.” The giant man snorted while staring in the direction the young man had escaped in.

“Sir, this is a huge criminal that the state demands be apprehended. If we capture him, we will have accomplished something great. Are we really going to give our prize away to General Situ?” An armored warrior asked after a moments hesitation.

“Something great? No matter. Whether General Situ gets our prize or not will depend on if he has the capability required to capture the fugitive. Regardless, let us slow down a bit so that we might be able to catch them both tired.” The giant man said without emotion while wiping his bald head.

“Sir, what do you mean by that? General Situ has far more people than we do. Even if that young man knows a few skills, how will it be possible for him to stand against General Situ?” Astounded, the young soldier stared at his commanding officer.

“Yu Xin, you’ve been by my side for quite some time now and I can tell that you are quite strong. However, if you were wanted by the government, what is the most you would be able to face and still be able to get away safely?” The gigantic man didn’t answer the young soldier directly, instead he replied with a deep question.

TL: Yu Xin is not an important name – no need to remember it.

“If I were fighting general detectives, then I could handle about seven or eight of them without a problem. However, if they numbered over ten, I would start having problems.” The young soldier wasn’t sure where his superior was going with his question but regardless he answered the question.

“Seven or eight! Hah. Ever since the arrest warrant for this kid was issued, the number of general detectives killed while trying to capture him has already surpassed that paltry amount by tenfold!” The giant man roared with laughter, coldly explaining why he asked his original question.

“The general detectives have all been trained by specialists, though they cannot compare to us of the Black Tiger Guard, they definitely aren’t as weak as the average person!” The young soldier’s face revealed a look of disbelief, he couldn’t understand how this youngster could be that strong.

“This youth, he originally escaped from Savage Island, which in itself is no small feat. The island was originally designed to be a prison for the most diabolical of people; each prisoner locked away there possesses great talent and power. Never should they be underestimated.” The giant coldly stated.

“What? He escaped from Savage Island!?”

The young soldier sucked in a breath and suddenly, another thought came to him. Hastily, he asked,

“Sir, I’ve heard that Savage Island sank overnight, and didn’t they say that all of the prisoners sank with the island? The infamous Dead Sea surrounds it; a special Ebony Boat is required to traverse the waters. Nothing else is capable of staying afloat.”

“I’m not too sure of that myself, but other than that young man, at least ten others escaped from the Dead Sea. If it weren’t for the fact that we accidentally found one of the escapees and interrogated him for information, I’m afraid that the Courts would not have known about this at all. Consequently, the Black Tiger Guard would not have been sent to patrol this place either. No matter though, that young man we have to capture is the weakest criminal that escaped. Although he set up false trails and set us back half a month, all we need to do now is to head straight and we’ll find him. And once we do, he’s as good as dead.” Shaking his head, the giant man slapped the back of his black spear.

“Of course, who doesn’t know that Sir is ranked within the top hundred in the entire state?” The young soldier praised the giant man as his respect for the tall soldier floated onto his face.

“Stop flattering me! We should get going!” Waving his fanlike hand, the giant man rather bluntly commanded the soldiers to move out.

Saluting, the young soldier returned to his spot among the others.

Immediately the soldiers returned to their formation and each soldier quickly disappeared into the jungle.

One cup of tea later, the soldiers left the jungle and entered a small but spacious meadow. The sight that greeted them left all of them stunned.

TL: Cup of tea later = time it takes for tea to cool/finish infusing

The meadow which originally had been lush green and had bloomed with plant life, was now dyed crimson red!

In the middle of all the blood, the corpses of similarly dressed black armored soldiers were scattered across the ground.

On each of their faces horrified expressions remained. It was as if they had seen a truly dreadful sight before they died.

Each corpse had a thumb-sized hole in their throat with blood still pouring out.

“Altogether there are thirty corpses here, all of them under General Situ’s command. It seems that not one was spared; however, General Situ’s body is not among the corpses here.”

The young soldier named Yu Xin reported with a pale and disturbed face after he had quickly moved around the corpses and examined them.

The giant man’s face dropped as he heard the report. Glancing to the other side of the meadow something caught his eye. He quickly made his way over.

Without hesitation the other soldiers followed him, but they were on their guard and much more cautious than before.

The giant man quickly thundered to the tree and after looking down, his face twisted in anger and grief.

There, under the tree, was the withered body of a black armored soldier with a steel sword pierced through his throat, pinning him to the tree.

Near the tree, a long but pale silver blade was stabbed into the ground.

The rigid hands of the middle-aged man were grasping the sword’s blade. Every single finger bore multiple cuts and his eyes stared straight ahead even though his breathing had ceased long ago.


Liu Ming was quickly jumping through the jungle and his entire body felt sore. Even the spoils of his battle, another silver blade, began to feel heavier and heavier in his hand.

Although he had trained himself in swordsmanship for five to six years and was able to kill all of the warriors who were waiting for him, the ferocity of the warriors was beyond his expectation.

Even after he used a hit and run tactic to kill off all of the warriors, the leader of the warriors kept on pursuing him without fear for his own life.

This forced him to use a secret technique he had learned on Savage Island, one that burned his potential and reopened his old wound. Even using that technique he was still only barely able to kill that leader.

TL: Yes burning his potential (he will be less able/agile for another few days)

Using such a technique overworked his adolescent body; he wouldn’t last much longer at this rate.

When Liu Ming thought about the aftereffects, he couldn’t help but take a glance at his shoulder.

The layered cloth strips wrapped around his shoulder were soaked with blood, and at the same time, waves of pain kept on pulsating from his arm.

Even with his stubborn personality, enduring the burning aftereffects was simply too much.

Black Tiger Warriors deserved their title as Da Xuan’s elites. They were far superior compared to the normal government detectives that had chased after him before.

The him right now could only hope that the slaughter earlier made the other Black Tiger Warriors wary of him; too scared to pursue him closely.

Once one or two more days passed, the aftereffects of the ‘Air Closure Technique’ would wear off and he could jump into a nearby river to escape.

Although Liu Ming wasn’t very old, he had learned quite a few rare and non-mainstream techniques.

TL: Non-mainstream = not popular/not extremely useful in a lot of circumstances

If he hadn’t, even with someone protecting him on Savage Island, he wouldn’t have been able to survive there for seven to eight years as a child.

As Liu Ming thought back, the scarred face of a man floated before his eyes. Even though his demeanor was quite ferocious, when Liu Ming remembered him, his heart felt warm.

Suddenly, Liu Ming’s face turned dark and his body, which had been speeding forward, twisted itself to shift to the left and curled into a ball during the process.

At the same time, “shou shou” sounds rang out ahead of him.

A dozen, half foot long crossbow bolts shot out in front of him. They came whizzing out of the jungle with a couple of flashes and barely passed by the young man. Instead they pierced into a grey white tree behind him.

The bolts were shining coldly under the sun—it was obvious that they were made of high grade steel. Most of the bolts were stuck to the tree and were still quivering slightly.

“Who is it?”

The young man coldly called out as he tumbled into a nearby bush and pressed his silver blade out in front of him.

“Pretty good. No wonder you were able to live for so long under the pursuit of Black Tiger Warriors. However, now that you’ve met the two of us, prepare to die.” A sharp feminine voice came from ahead and two shadows, one of a man and the other of a woman, flickered out from a tree ahead of the young man.


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