Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints by Sword Old Wolf

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Chapter 41 - Meet A Gold-Digging Dwarf? Start The Trade!
Chapter 42 - Obtain A Reputation Trading Card, And Little Fox Evolves!
Chapter 43 - To Test The Strength Of Little Fox After Its Evolution!
Chapter 44 - Obtain Perfect Dexterous Belt!
Chapter 45 - Create Another Water Condenser!
Chapter 46 - Meet The Treasure Chest Monster, Found Bread Tree Seeds!
Chapter 47 - Night Buff, The 33Rd Catacomb?!
Chapter 48 - Gas Mask, Fish Catcher, Another Map
Chapter 49 - Someone Snatched Two Prescriptions Before Klein?
Chapter 50 - This Is The Difference Between Us!
Chapter 51 - Be Careful! A Dangerous Sand Troll
Chapter 52 - Obtain The Second Pet And Name It Little Wind
Chapter 53 - Take Down The Sand Troll!
Chapter 54 - A Human And A Beast In The Vicinity? Enemy Or Friend?
Chapter 55 - Team Up With Me? I Refuse!
Chapter 56 - Disgusting Catacomb Creatures: Swarm Mutated Insects
Chapter 57 - Klein’S Quality Of Life Is Too Enviable
Chapter 58 - Special Training For Little Fox And Little Wind
Chapter 59 - Speed, Stamina, And Hardness Increase!
Chapter 60 - : Silent High-Speed Movement!
Chapter 61 - Special Training Ends! Set Off For The Next Catacomb!
Chapter 62 - A New Crypt Creature, The Undying Cerberus?
Chapter 63 - Kill The Cerberus! Obtain The Mysterious Treasure Chest
Chapter 64 - Klein Has The Power Of Fire?
Chapter 65 - Trading Runic Crossbow
Chapter 66 - Little Fox And Little Wind Evolve Once Again!
Chapter 67 - Perhaps This Is The Charm Of Personality
Chapter 68 - Flame Power Coupled With The Firestorm Saber!
Chapter 69 - Head To The 41St Catacomb
Chapter 70 - Know The Secrets Of The Catacombs World
Chapter 71 - Perfect Runic Crossbow, All On Shelves!
Chapter 72 - Klein Becomes Administrator Of The World Regional Channel?
Chapter 73 - The Difference Between The First And Second Place Is More Than One Level!
Chapter 74 - You Want Information From Me? Sure, Pay Up!
Chapter 75 - Compared To The Castle That Big Brother Klein Lives In, We’Re Practically Living In A Garbage Dump
Chapter 76 - Obtain A Luck Buff And Head To The Forty-Second Catacomb!
Chapter 77 - Prepare To Deal With The Treants
Chapter 78 - Finish The Runic Toilet
Chapter 79 - Are You Sure You Want To Kill Me?
Chapter 80 - The Treants Are Afraid. Klein Wants The Radiant Fruit
Chapter 81 - New Crypt Creature, Scarecrow Of Fear!
Chapter 82 - Harvest-Rich Farmland
Chapter 83 - Subdue The Lava Crocodile
Chapter 84 - The New Crypt Creature, Withered Vine Monster
Chapter 85 - There Will Be An Endless Supply Of Meat Fields In The Future
Chapter 86 - The Sand Barley Goes On The Shelf And Is Gone In An Instant!
Chapter 87 - : Rune Base Upgrade Once Again!
Chapter 88 - Take A Look At The Doomed Crypt Creature Observer Eye Devil? Never Look Up!
Chapter 89 - The Roar Of Incompetence From The Observer Eye Devil!
Chapter 90 - Using The Snowdrift Ox To Cultivate The Meat Field!
Chapter 91 - Harvest Ice-Cream Fruit Seeds
Chapter 92 - Bluff, Bluff, Bluff!
Chapter 93 - Making Sweet Fruit Wine
Chapter 94 - Trading Planting Pots
Chapter 95 - Klein Must Have Another Trick Up His Sleeve
Chapter 96 - From Now On, The Bath Water I Used Will Be Contracted By You!
Chapter 97 - Obtain A Perfect Runic Hand Shield!
Chapter 98 - Kill The Radiant Pond Water Monster!
Chapter 99 - Precise Control Of Fire!
Chapter 100 - The True Appearance Of The Death Whispering Beast!
Chapter 101 - : The Weak Little Fox And Little Wind
Chapter 102 - There’S Demonic Aura Here!
Chapter 103 - Conquering Me, Aren’T You Excited?
Chapter 104 - Master A New Charm Spell!
Chapter 105 - Unlock The Second Gold Treasure Chest!
Chapter 106 - Death Ray? This Is Too Chuunibyou
Chapter 107 - : There’S Still Magic In This World?
Chapter 108 - Runic Dishwasher. There’S No Need To Wash It Manually Now!
Chapter 109 - A Crystal Treasure Chest Or A Diamond Treasure Chest?
Chapter 110 - A Voice That Repeatedly Sounded In Klein’S Ears
Chapter 111 - : Entering The 58Th Catacomb!
Chapter 112 - One Man, Two Beasts. It’S Not Tiring To Work
Chapter 113 - In One Go!
Chapter 114 - Fire Release, Devouring Gnomes!
Chapter 115 - This Stone Statue Is Too Lifelike
Chapter 116 - The Only Person Who Was Generous Was Klein
Chapter 117 - Who Are You Looking Down On? I’Ll Be Here For At Least Half An Hour
Chapter 118 - Has It Been Bled Dry?
Chapter 119 - T’S My Turn. Don’T Fight Me Over It!
Chapter 120 - This Is Too Much.
Chapter 121 - Head To The Sixty-Second Catacomb!
Chapter 122 - The Ability To Infiltrate Dreams Is Just So-So
Chapter 123 - No Matter How Small An Item Is, It’S Still Better Than Nothing
Chapter 124 - More People Than Me? Young!
Chapter 125 - Do I Still Have A Choice In This Hint?
Chapter 126 - : Is It Good? If It’S Good, You Can Trade With Me
Chapter 127 - Mr. Klein, Do You Want To Have A Child With Me?
Chapter 128 - The Sixty-Fifth Catacomb!
Chapter 129 - Agreement Reached!
Chapter 130 - For The Sake Of The Crystal Treasure Chest, He Had To Bear With It
Chapter 131 - Little Fox Is Showing Off In Front Of Little Wind
Chapter 132 - A Crypt Creature With A Gentle Nature
Chapter 133 - You Can Give Less, But You Can’T Not Give
Chapter 134 - The Ice-Cream Fruit Has Officially Ripened!
Chapter 135 - Old Friend In Trouble
Chapter 136 - Alice’S Luck Isn’T Bad. She’S In For A Treat.
Chapter 137 - A Sudden Situation. Klein Is In Danger!
Chapter 138 - Are You Ready To Receive My Baptism Of Fire?
Chapter 139 - Get Rid Of The Leader Of The Sand Murlocs
Chapter 140 - Selling Sand Murloc Clothes, Fish Clothes That Can Be Used For Swimming In The Sand!
Chapter 141 - Water Elemental Grass Seed! Head To The Seventieth Catacomb!
Chapter 142 - Dealing With The Golden Sand Dragon!
Chapter 143 - Dive Underground And Face Off Against The Golden Sand Dragon!
Chapter 144 - Kill The Golden Sand Dragon, Golden Firestorm Saber!
Chapter 145 - Accelerated Growth Potion! The 71St Catacomb
Chapter 146 - An Indestructible Iron Wall? Cleave It In One Strike!
Chapter 147 - Water Elemental Grass Fruit. Selling Stone Armor Ironstone
Chapter 148 - Eat The Fruit Of The Water Elemental Grass And Activate The Ability!
Chapter 149 - Obtain A Water Elemental Missile And Engage In A Fierce Battle With A Cactus Monster!
Chapter 150 - Deal With The Cactus Monster King And Sell New Products
Chapter 151 - Sweet Fruit, The Elf Family
Chapter 152 - Gain The Favor Of The Smurfs!
Chapter 153 - Forge A Fire Ring!
Chapter 154 - Crystal Ores, Scorpion Monsters.
Chapter 155 - Fire Ring Upgrade! Modification Of The Aircraft!
Chapter 156 - Three-Winged Bird! Who Is The King Of Speed?
Chapter 157 - Have I Really Fallen In Love With Klein?
Chapter 158 - Pet Upgrade! Entering The 83Rd Catacomb!
Chapter 159 - The Jumping Frog Race
Chapter 160 - Win The Trust Of A Jumping Frog
Chapter 161 - Make A Plan And Start Taking Action!
Chapter 162 - There’S A Mole Between Us!
Chapter 163 - Wipe Out The Jumping Frog Clan And Obtain The Poison Antibody
Chapter 164 - Selling Antidotes
Chapter 165 - This Poisonous Mushroom Tastes Really Good
Chapter 166 - : This Waterfall Is So Big And White!
Chapter 167 - This Guy Is Paying Attention.
Chapter 168 - You Want To Lie To Me? No Way!
Chapter 169 - It’S A Pity That This Is Such A Great Scene
Chapter 170 - Do You Want To Ask If I Choose The Top Or The Bottom? Of Course, It’S The Bottom
Chapter 171 - This Goatman Is Obviously An Old Pervert
Chapter 172 - Master A New Charm!
Chapter 173 - The Peerless Beauty Alice, In Person!
Chapter 174 - Guardian Of The Elk Queen? Ironman!
Chapter 175 - Subdue The Iron Man And Obtain A Ticket To The Misty Forest!
Chapter 176 - Take Me To The Elk Queen, And I’Ll Spare Your Life
Chapter 177 - The Appearance Of The Elk Queen. Don’T Come Over!
Chapter 178 - First Time Meeting, Elk Queen
Chapter 179 - A Secret About The Entire Catacombs World?!
Chapter 180 - Get Out Of Fantasy Forest
Chapter 181 - Illusion Ring!
Chapter 182 - Testing The Power Of Illusions!
Chapter 183 - Mask Monster!
Chapter 184 - White Mask, Mental Attack!
Chapter 185 - : Feel The Taste Of Being Burned By Fire
Chapter 186 - Because You Were Affected By My Illusion
Chapter 187 - The Secret Society? Highly Intelligent Crypt Creatures?
Chapter 188 - Information Explosion
Chapter 189 - Mirror Monster
Chapter 190 - How Did You Know My Location?
Chapter 191 - There’S More Than One Monster In The Mirror?!
Chapter 192 - Footsteps!
Chapter 193 - Klein Has Been Discovered?
Chapter 194 - This Fellow Is A Tentacle Monster?
Chapter 195 - These Tentacles Are Actually Attacking The Mirror To Blame Me?
Chapter 196 - The Tentacles Finally Stopped Growing!
Chapter 197 - The Incompetence And Rage Of The Mirror Monster No. 2
Chapter 198 - Raksha? This Is The Second Time I’Ve Heard This Name.
Chapter 199 - What Happened On The World Channel? Why Is It So Lively?
Chapter 200 - William And Roger Have Already Overtaken Klein?
Chapter 201 - William’S Thoughts
Chapter 202 - Setting Goals And Rewards
Chapter 203 - This Kid William Has Been Suppressed By Me All This Time. He Must Be Suffocating
Chapter 204 - Training And Confrontation Begins!
Chapter 205 - The First Lucky Person Who Was Chosen Suddenly Panicked!
Chapter 206 - 20 Seconds Have Passed, And William Still Hasn’T Made A Move?!
Chapter 207 - The Old Man Lost His Temper
Chapter 208 - William’S Second Goal
Chapter 209 - William’S Hypocritical Face
Chapter 210 - William’S Image Collapses?
Chapter 211 - The Mysterious Masked Man Appeared!
Chapter 212 - William’S Secret Weapon
Chapter 213 - The Identity Of The Masked Man?
Chapter 214 - The Masked Man Takes Off His Mask
Chapter 215 - This Person Is Actually Klein?
Chapter 216 - A Duel With Life As The Stake
Chapter 217 - : Even Cheating Can’T Win Against Me?
Chapter 218 - Can’T Even A Cheating Device Make Up For The Difference Between The Two Of Them?
Chapter 219 - William’S Trump Card
Chapter 220 - Victory Has Been Decided!
Chapter 221 - A Warning From Klein
Chapter 222 - A Short, Warm Time
Chapter 223 - : The Kangaroo King Awakens, And The Show Begins!
Chapter 224 - The Kangaroo King Is A Puppet?
Chapter 225 - Reversal? Kangaroo King’S Rampage!
Chapter 226 - The Death Ray Loses Its Effect For The First Time!
Chapter 227 - The Kangaroo King Enters A State Of Rage
Chapter 228 - Strange Symbol
Chapter 229 - Head To Raksha’S Lair
Chapter 230 - Hidden Information
Chapter 231 - Cunning Opponent
Chapter 232 - Terrifying Blood Ape, Hidden Danger
Chapter 233 - A Person Suddenly Appeared
Chapter 234 - Breaking The Blood Ape’S Invisibility At The Critical Moment
Chapter 235 - Ghouls Descend
Chapter 236 - Undead Characteristic Of Ghouls
Chapter 237 - Terrifying Spiral Shuriken
Chapter 238 - The Stone Of Destruction
Chapter 239 - I Still Have A Lot Here. Please Continue.
Chapter 240 - Rage!
Chapter 241 - Spiral Destruction!
Chapter 242 - The Weakness Of The Hints
Chapter 243 - : Destruction Of The Stone Of Destruction
Chapter 244 - Clues To Crack Open The Underground Cave
Chapter 245 - The Most Ridiculous Forging System
Chapter 246 - Search For Raksha
Chapter 247 - The Strange Desolate Village
Chapter 248 - A Bad Guess
Chapter 249 - The Past Of The Disaster
Chapter 250 - Undying Skeleton Ginseng!
Chapter 251 - Frenzied Killing
Chapter 252 - A Skeleton That Knows Magic
Chapter 253 - Little Wind’S Assault Hammer
Chapter 254 - The Mysterious Man Made His Move
Chapter 255 - Terrifying Blade Aura, The Fusion Of Elements!
Chapter 256 - Elemental Explosion
Chapter 257 - Little Wind Isn’T Dead?
Chapter 258 - The Drop Of Giant
Chapter 259 - Giant’S Heart
Chapter 260 - Gathering Materials
Chapter 261 - Transaction Requirements
Chapter 262 - Platinum Treasure Chest
Chapter 263 - The First Time I Saw The Three Great Monsters
Chapter 264 - A Tricky Combination
Chapter 265 - Self-Defeating
Chapter 266 - What A Cunning Monster
Chapter 267 - Destroy Them One By One
Chapter 268 - The Despairing Armored Scorpion
Chapter 269 - Lack Of Powerful Magic Skills
Chapter 270 - The Doubts Of The Rogue Archer
Chapter 271 - I Was Deceived By Myself
Chapter 272 - Suddenly Interrupted Klein’S Research
Chapter 273 - Exterminate The Rogue Archer
Chapter 274 - Life-And-Death Crisis, I’M Going All Out!
Chapter 275 - The Crisis Has Arisen Again, The Elemental Explosion!
Chapter 276 - Little Fox Uses The Endless Sword To Suppress A Natural Disaster!
Chapter 277 - Chain Reaction, Catacomb Tremors
Chapter 278 - The Endless Sword Is Unleashed To Suppress A Half-Step Natural Disaster.
Chapter 279 - Obtain The Magic Core And Crazily Increase The Power Of Your Magic
Chapter 280 - The Damaged Endless Sword
Chapter 281 - Killing A Rogue Archer And Dropping A Treasure
Chapter 282 - Opening A Platinum Treasure Chest
Chapter 283 - Equipment Strengthening Coupons. The System Announcement Sounds Once Again
Chapter 284 - What Kind Of Disaster Happened Here?
Chapter 285 - Recovery After The Battle, Rewarding Himself With Two Pairs Of Large Pincers
Chapter 286 - The Miraculous Effects Of A Tier 6 Ingredient
Chapter 287 - The Necklace Of Timaeus Of Wisdom
Chapter 288 - The Excitement Of Seeing A Powerhouse, Buying A Necklace
Chapter 289 - Flesh And Blood Purchasing Materials, Shocking The Catacombs World
Chapter 290 - : Information Regarding The Poison Dragon Ghost Gold
Chapter 291 - Improved Whirlwind, Materials For The Crusade Against The Poison Dragon
Chapter 292 - Cutting The Ingredients And Purchasing The Ingredients
Chapter 293 - Being Sold Too Quickly. It Was Still A Loss
Chapter 294 - Repairing The Endless Sword And Strengthening The Equipment
Chapter 295 - +5 Strengthening Coupons For Exploring Caves
Chapter 296 - Poison Resistance Fruit, Enter The Poison Dragon Space
Chapter 297 - The Heritage Of The Poison Dragon, The Terrifying Ambush
Chapter 298 - A Corpse That Had Undergone A Shocking Transformation. Is This A Poison Dragon?
Chapter 299 - Luring The Enemy Deep In And Killing The Poison Wind Fire Dragon Beasts
Chapter 300 - Endless Flames, Exterminating The Vanguard
Chapter 301 - The Mogunica Flying Dragons That Knew Magic
Chapter 302 - Elemental Explosions Clearing The Area
Chapter 303 - Floor-To-Ceiling Blast Rate. This Is A Win-Win!
Chapter 304 - Half-Step Natural Disaster, Terrifying Whirlwind
Chapter 305 - The Terror Of A Half-Step Natural Disaster. It Swept Through Everything In Its Path
Chapter 306 - Cleaning Up The Battlefield
Chapter 307 - Investing Ingredients And Frantically Refining Medicine
Chapter 308 - Crazy Transformation, Opening A New Chapter In The Catacombs World
Chapter 309 - The Personal Template Was Activated, Allowing Him To Enter The Next World
Chapter 310 - Eat To Your Heart’S Content And Advance Your Skills
Chapter 311 - Advanced Golden Spiral Shuriken, Terrifying Magic Array
Chapter 312 - A World Suppresses A Person
Chapter 313 - After Penetrating The Terrifying Shockwaves, The Gigantic Seal Was Finally Revealed
Chapter 314 - Leaving This Floor, A New World
Chapter 315 - Severing The Arm. The Giant Suffered A Setback
Chapter 316 - The Undying Dead
Chapter 317 - The Birth Of A Divine Artifact. Heaven And Earth Shook!
Chapter 318 - The Surviving Staff Of Storm
Chapter 319 - A Second Person Appeared
Chapter 320 - The Traitor Zekos’ Terrifying Magic
Chapter 321 - The Clash Of Spells, Seizing The Opportunity To Get Close
Chapter 322 - Quick-Witted, Desperate Counterattack
Chapter 323 - The Undying Dead’S Choice
Chapter 324 - Crazy Explosion, Golden Spiral Shuriken Appeared!
Chapter 325 - Traitor Zekos Shaken. Klein Seized The Opportunity
Chapter 326 - An Existence That Far Surpasses Raksha, The Truth Of The Catacombs World
Chapter 327 - The Undying Dead Has Risen, And Terror Has Descended
Chapter 328 - : Burning The Body, The Final Battle
Chapter 329 - Burning All Destructive Attacks
Chapter 330 - : Devour, Evolve, And Gain Benefits?
Chapter 331 - Mutated Blood Lake, Reaching The Peak Of Tier 8
Chapter 332 - Three Great Bizarre Powers
Chapter 333 - Devour And Doppelganger, The Two Main Forms Were Revealed
Chapter 334 - Find A Way To Restrain The Blood Lake Doppelganger And Kill Her
Chapter 335 - He Used All Of His Ultimate Moves, Forcing The Blood Lake Into A Desperate Situation
Chapter 336 - Rebirth In Flames, Third Form Activated!
Chapter 337 - Extreme Speed
Chapter 338 - An Unexpected Attack. The Bloody Figure Was Nearly Killed!
Chapter 339 - An Accident Occurs As The Bloody Figure Escapes
Chapter 340 - It Was A Tragic Sight, A True-Blood Person
Chapter 341 - Burning Blood Essence, Final Resistance!
Chapter 342 - A Fatal Strike That Burns Up All The Blood Essence In One’S Body
Chapter 343 - Kill! Klein In Danger
Chapter 344 - Enlightenment, Elemental Explosion
Chapter 345 - The Bloody Figure Dies, His Own Weakness
Chapter 346 - Floor-To-Floor Explosion Rate, Activate The God Creation Plan
Chapter 347 - Divine Items, Runic Devouring Coupons, And Magic Skill Books
Chapter 348 - Powerful Magic Skills
Chapter 349 - Vacuum Strike Magic Book
Chapter 350 - : Fusion Experiment, Vacuum Strike And The Power Of The Wind! After Trying It A Few Time
Chapter 351 - The Spoils Of War Collected. It Was Time To Lie Flat Again!
Chapter 352 - Instant Nil!
Chapter 353 - Klein’S Plan Succeeded, And The Speed Of His Exploration Increased Exponentially
Chapter 354 - Bumper Harvest, Fusing Devouring Runes
Chapter 355 - The Wondrous Use Of The Affinity Of The Wind Elements
Chapter 356 - Countdown
Chapter 357 - The Mysterious Reward Of The Catacombs World Ranking Board
Chapter 358 - Cosmos Stone, Repairing The Endless Sword
Chapter 359 - Inquiry
Chapter 360 - : Klein’S Suggestion
Chapter 361 - The World Of Water
Chapter 362 - Immortal Mountain In The Water? No, It’S Poison
Chapter 363 - Sealed Poison Dragon, Ophelius Poison Dragon
Chapter 364 - The Poison Dragon Reveals Itself!
Chapter 365 - Close Combat
Chapter 366 - The Enraged Poison Dragon
Chapter 367 - Terrifying Heavenly Lightning
Chapter 368 - I Don’T Believe It!
Chapter 369 - Erupted Once Again, Threatening To Kill Klein
Chapter 370 - The Poison Dragon Was So Angry That It Vomited Blood
Chapter 371 - The Second Person To Exist?
Chapter 372 - A Shocking Secret
Chapter 373 - The Poison Dragon Whose Thoughts Were Exposed
Chapter 374 - Was Just A Tier 7 Crypt Creature That Could Be Killed At Will
Chapter 375 - Sam, Who Had Made A Great Start, Was Extremely Miserable
Chapter 376 - The Poison Dragon Went All Out
Chapter 377 - Multiple Vacuum Strikes
Chapter 378 - The Poison Dragon Pill Is Activated And Destroyed
Chapter 379 - Heavy Casualties
Chapter 380 - Surviving A Desperate Situation And Finding An Opportunity
Chapter 381 - The Terrifying Poison Dragon, Represses Two Beasts
Chapter 382 - Multiple Vacuum Strikes To Aid Spirit Beasts
Chapter 383 - A Spirit Beast That Explodes When A Hundred Secrets Are Neglected
Chapter 384 - Little Wind Was In A Life And Death Crisis
Chapter 385 - The Poison Dragon Was Finally Stunned
Chapter 386 - Was This A Restriction Skill?
Chapter 387 - The Poison Dragon’S Choice
Chapter 388 - The Last Chance To Fight To The Death
Chapter 389 - Little Wind’S Choice
Chapter 390 - Klein’S Greatest Crisis
Chapter 391 - Inhumane!
Chapter 392 - The Face-Smacked Poison Dragon
Chapter 393 - Surround And Kill The Blood Ape
Chapter 394 - The Unlucky Poison Dragon
Chapter 395 - Is This A Dragon?
Chapter 396 - The Poison Dragon That Incarnates The Tragedy Of Human Relations
Chapter 397 - Begging For Mercy?
Chapter 398 - The Poison Dragon Dies!
Chapter 399 - Against The Ghoul
Chapter 400 - How Dare A Little Ghoul Act So Arrogantly In Front Of The System?
Chapter 401 - The Tragic Fire God, Wallace
Chapter 402 - Bumper Harvest
Chapter 403 - Bumper Harvest (2)
Chapter 404 - Undispelled Ghoul
Chapter 405 - James Who Suffered A Crushing Defeat
Chapter 406 - The Ghoul That Was Still Growing
Chapter 407 - Total Annihilation
Chapter 408 - Calling For Help
Chapter 409 - : Klein’S Plan
Chapter 410 - I Can Abuse This Kind Of Trash As I Please
Chapter 411 - Was It Finally Coming?
Chapter 412 - We’Re Here!
Chapter 413 - Why? Do You Want To Make A Move In Front Of Me?
Chapter 414 - This Doesn’T Look Right!
Chapter 415 - Shock. It Was Actually Dragon Meat
Chapter 416 - Focker. Is This Really A Poison Dragon?
Chapter 417 - I Heard That You’Re Crazy?
Chapter 418 - You… All Of You Are Lying
Chapter 419 - Killing The Ghoul
Chapter 420 - Reaction
Chapter 421 - The Drop Rate
Chapter 422 - Mutation
Chapter 423 - It’S A Blessing, Not A Curse. If It’S A Curse, There’S No Way To Avoid It
Chapter 424 - This Is The Tier 8 Stone Of Destruction?
Chapter 425 - The Killing Intent Of The Stone Of Destruction
Chapter 426 - The Chilling Truth
Chapter 427 - Milord, Don’T Panic. Let Me Teach It A Lesson
Chapter 428 - F*Ck, Did Grimm Get Stuck In The Mud?
Chapter 429 - This… How Many Bullwhips Did He Eat?
Chapter 430 - How Do You Wish To Die?
Chapter 431 - Klein’S Plan
Chapter 432 - Thoughts Of The Stone Of Destruction
Chapter 433 - Attack!
Chapter 434 - Just How Powerful Is God Klein?
Chapter 435 - The Stone Of Destruction. Your Path Is Narrow
Chapter 436 - : Is This A Person?
Chapter 437 - The Sky Has Collapsed?
Chapter 438 - Why Don’T You Get Out Of Here
Chapter 439 - Was Like An Aircraft Carrier Floating Over Their Heads
Chapter 440 - Two Aftershocks. Unlucky Survivors
Chapter 441 - The Stone Wall Of Terror!
Chapter 442 - God Klein’S Strange Powers
Chapter 443 - The Third Stage Of Refining A Great Medicine!
Chapter 444 - Venting Is The Best Way To Save Your Life
Chapter 445 - Battle Without Reservation
Chapter 446 - Not Bad. Let’S Do It A Few More Times
Chapter 447 - You… Are You A Monster?
Chapter 448 - It’S Still A Little Lacking. Why Don’T I Introduce You To A Master?
Chapter 449 - 0.0001 Second Attack
Chapter 450 - Strange Speed
Chapter 451 - Advancement Completed. This Punch Is Powerful Enough
Chapter 452 - Crazy Strikes, Industrious Stone Of Destruction
Chapter 453 - This Fellow Was Using It To Break Through
Chapter 454 - The Stone Of Destruction That Knew The Answer
Chapter 455 - That Would Depend On Your Acting Skills
Chapter 456 - A Reasonable Defeat
Chapter 457 - Hold On! I Can’T Do It Anymore!
Chapter 458 - He Was Clearly Overthinking Things!
Chapter 459 - Why Did You Only Make Your Move Now?
Chapter 460 - Who Are You?
Chapter 461 - Divine Artifact, Endless Sword
Chapter 462 - Magic Ice Crystal Pendant
Chapter 463 - Difficult Problem
Chapter 464 - Icy Ground Thorn
Chapter 465 - Suicide Attack?
Chapter 466 - Remy’S Assistance
Chapter 467 - What Is He Trying To Do?
Chapter 468 - The Extravagant Klein
Chapter 469 - The Powerful Rakshasa
Chapter 470 - Intermediate Whirlwind
Chapter 471 - Intermediate Whirlwind (2)
Chapter 472 - : Magic Freeze
Chapter 473 - World Of Ice
Chapter 474 - Ice Hell
Chapter 475 - : Ice Hell (2)
Chapter 476 - Frosty Air Erupts
Chapter 477 - Magic Elemental Cannon
Chapter 478 - 10,000 Cannons Fired At The Same Time
Chapter 479 - Saturation Attack
Chapter 480 - James’S Determination
Chapter 481 - Grimm’S Choice
Chapter 482 - The Plan Of Containment
Chapter 483 - The Scroll Of Concealment
Chapter 484 - Action
Chapter 485 - Teleportation Scroll
Chapter 486 - The Things Are Mine, And The People Are Mine
Chapter 487 - Klein Was At A Disadvantage At The Critical Moment
Chapter 488 - Do You Want To Bet Or Not?
Chapter 489 - Goodbye Grimm
Chapter 490 - Oh No, I’Ve Fallen Into A Trap
Chapter 491 - Carve Out A Bloody Path
Chapter 492 - This Is Much Better Than Bowling
Chapter 493 - The Strange Water Elemental Cannonball
Chapter 494 - The Appearance Of A New Space
Chapter 495 - A New Space Rich In Resources
Chapter 496 - A Monster That Knows How To Fool Others
Chapter 497 - Raw Materials From The Beast Of Heaven
Chapter 498 - The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 499 - Kitagawa World
Chapter 500 - One More Sidekick
Chapter 501 - A Shocking Idea
Chapter 502 - Tears Of The Clown
Chapter 503 - The Heaven Lake Water Monster
Chapter 504 - The Fall Of The Water Monster
Chapter 505 - Mutated Skin
Chapter 506 - The Sorrow Of The Bald Uncle
Chapter 507 - The Resistance Of The Intruders
Chapter 508 - Crushing Defeat
Chapter 509 - Princess, It’S Really You
Chapter 510 - The Girl Is A Princess
Chapter 511 - Who Is The Savior
Chapter 512 - Saxe’S Ambition
Chapter 513 - The Mind-Reading Girl
Chapter 514 - The Space In The Lower Level
Chapter 515 - The Towering Tree
Chapter 516 - Create A Miracle
Chapter 517 - An Eagle In The Sky
Chapter 518 - Water Snake Coiling!
Chapter 519 - The Antidote To The Venomous Snake
Chapter 520 - Bats In Packs
Chapter 521 - Five-Colored Stones
Chapter 522 - The Birth Of A Tier 10 Weapon
Chapter 523 - High Strength Attribute
Chapter 524 - Fighting Poison With Poison
Chapter 525 - The Girl’S Disappearance
Chapter 526 - High-Altitude Flight
Chapter 527 - Tropical Rainforest
Chapter 528 - Treasure Wood
Chapter 529 - Amnesiac Princess
Chapter 530 - The Abyssal Sea Of Fire
Chapter 531 - The Strange Stone Bed
Chapter 532 - Life In Danger
Chapter 533 - Mysterious Distorted Space
Chapter 534 - Terrifying Ice-Type Magic
Chapter 535 - Exquisite Method
Chapter 536 - Bloodworm King
Chapter 537 - Quickly Stop
Chapter 538 - Wood-Elemental Magic
Chapter 539 - Iron-Armored Puppet
Chapter 540 - : Rare Metal
Chapter 541 - The Enemy’S Territory
Chapter 542 - Crow People
Chapter 543 - The Power Of Lightning Magic
Chapter 544 - Tension Between Swords
Chapter 545 - Meeting With The Demon King
Chapter 546 - The Demon King Appears
Chapter 547 - A Showdown Between Top-Tier Weapons
Chapter 548 - Gray’S Betrayal
Chapter 549 - Change Of Stance
Chapter 550 - Rescuing A Partner
Chapter 551 - The Eerie And Terrifying Sea Of Fire
Chapter 552 - Stealth Operation
Chapter 553 - Crazy Revenge
Chapter 554 - Crazy Attacks
Chapter 555 - Utterly Defeated
Chapter 556 - The Power Of The Moonstone
Chapter 557 - Escape
Chapter 558 - The Girl Who Was Captured
Chapter 559 - The Devil’S Cave
Chapter 560 - System Failure
Chapter 561 - Danger In The Darkness
Chapter 562 - Complete Darkness
Chapter 563 - Treasure Gathering Bottle
Chapter 564 - Fault Space
Chapter 565 - The Black And White World
Chapter 566 - White
Chapter 567 - Strongest Tentacle
Chapter 568 - White Fog Dispersing
Chapter 569 - Wind Magic
Chapter 570 - The Counterattack Of The Octopus
Chapter 571 - Under The Abyss
Chapter 572 - Man-Made Marks
Chapter 573 - Rescue
Chapter 574 - Discovered A Spy
Chapter 575 - A Very Shrewd Youth
Chapter 576 - Moving Stone Statue
Chapter 577 - The Terrifying Human-Faced Spiders
Chapter 578 - Incineration
Chapter 579 - The Destruction Of The Spider King
Chapter 580 - Beehive Space
Chapter 581 - Carmela Viper
Chapter 582 - Carmelas That Blotted Out The Sky
Chapter 583 - The Mysterious Pied Piper Of The Temple
Chapter 584 - The Temple That Worships Pythons
Chapter 585 - : The Enchantment Of Red Magic
Chapter 586 - The Method To Open The Protective Net
Chapter 587 - Magic Glove
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After being awakened from their slumber, billions of people found themselves dispersed in various sealed crypts. Surrounded by earth, they each had only a shovel. They had to dig their own tunnels in order to advance to the next crypts. Nobody could predict whether it was a crypt full of supplies or monsters ahead! Klein was also forced to join in the digging, but he could see hints. [Dig further and you will end up in magma.] [It’s not a bad idea to dig to your right. After you enter the crypt, dash for four meters and stab the underground creature in slumber to death with a spear.] [A baby lamb is awaiting you on your left.] While everyone else was still exploring cautiously, Klein was already loaded with supplies and was dominating the underground world. While the rest were still stressed over their next meal, Klein was already trading with others with his leftover food...

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Survival in the Catacombs!


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Simple MTL

[Welcome to the game of Survival in the Catacombs. As you can see, everyone is trapped in the catacombs.]

[Survival is your only goal. If you want to live as long as possible, you must remember the following important points:]

[1. The soil can stop you from moving forward, but you can dig it out. There are ten excavations every day. Only when you enter the next catacomb can you be considered to have dug it out completely. ]

[2. Do not casually abandon the runic base. Below, the runic base is the most trustworthy.]

[3. The world you are in is connected to various subterranean caves. Choose carefully to excavate.]

[4. Upon entering the next subterranean cave, the return passage will be sealed. Do not dream of returning to the previous subterranean cave. Every step is exceptionally important. It is like playing chess.]

[5. The next catacombs might have survival resources, or there might be dangerous crypt creatures. Defeating the crypt creatures will bring a pleasant surprise.]

[6. Try your best to plunder as many resources as possible. It’s not shameful to be a locust.]

[7. If you accidentally dig up your own kind, congratulations. Perhaps you can form an alliance or trade. Or, you can plunder the resources that the other party has painstakingly accumulated and become a wave of fertilizer.]

[8. The runic base is bound to you. Once the chant is activated, the home will be opened.]

[9. There are days and nights in the catacombs world.]

[10. If you focus, you can open the game panel. There are more functions waiting for you to explore.]

[There’s no need to worry about the elderly, children, and pregnant women. They will be taken care of. The disabled will recover from their illnesses. I wish everyone a happy game.]

In the square, sealed catacombs.

Klein frowned slightly.

Rows of small words appeared on the translucent light blue panel in front of him.

A hint of doubt flashed across his handsome face.

If he remembered correctly, when he went shopping today, he saw people falling backward. Even he wasn’t spared.

After that, he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself in a strange place.

There was soil all around him!

There was light inside, and there was no lack of oxygen.

It was completely against the laws of nature.

“A survival game?” Klein muttered as he squatted down, his palm touching the ground.

He stroked the soil inch by inch before touching the surrounding soil walls.

It was firm, tight, and cold.

The space for activity was narrow.

It was about two meters in length and width.

If it was a claustrophobic person, they would definitely feel particularly uncomfortable at this moment.

There was a rusty shovel beside his feet. There was also an oval metal ball engraved with a strange texture, about the size of a thumb.

Klein looked at the two items.

[Ordinary Shovel: A trustworthy tool that can be used to dig a safe passage.]

[Runic Base (Damaged) : This is where you live. Try to repair and expand it. It might become a palace.]

The small words appeared again.

Klein picked up the two items.

A shovel wasn’t unusual.

But it was the first time he had seen a runic base.

“I’ll first figure out the functions of the game panel.”

Klein focused his attention and silently read the game panel.

As expected, the translucent panel unfolded in front of him.

[Chat], [Trade], [Auction], [Manufacture] …

There was a shovel icon in the upper right corner. The number behind it was 10, representing the number of excavations left for the day.

Klein focused his gaze on the chat button.

The page changed.

Two brand new buttons appeared.

They were the world channel and the regional channel.

He first entered the world channel.

“Can anyone see this? Help! I’m trapped in a cave.”

“Can someone help me? I’m surrounded by red earth…”

“Were we kidnapped by aliens?”

“Do you also have rusty shovels?”

“The end of the human world is coming! Haha, everyone is going to die.”

One conversation after another slid by.

Klein noticed the small horn pattern in the upper right corner.

Following it was a number 1.

[Small Horn: In the early stages of the game, you can only post one message a day in the world channel. If you want to chat freely, you can enter the regional channel.]

In the early stages, a loudspeaker a day was definitely not used to seek help!

Klein looked away.

From the looks of it, everyone was trapped in the catacombs. There was no difference in the beginning. There was only the shovel and the runic base.

“I can only try to save myself. Shouting in the channel is useless. If I don’t exchange survival experiences, it will be a waste of time.”

Klein exited the world channel.

He entered the regional channel to take a look.

It was similar to a chat group.

Members: 1000.

All the public channel’s headshots were of real people.

The nickname was a combination of name and height.

“Is anyone near me? I was shouting just now, but I heard a knock.”

“I’m slapping the mud wall on the left. Can anyone hear me?”

“I’ve never done any heavy work before. Now, I have to dig. Boohoo…”

Klein silently observed for a minute before exiting in disappointment.

All of them were in a daze, and no one was digging for the time being.

Klein wanted to watch others dig first…

The game had given him a hint.

There might be dangerous crypt creatures in the next subterranean chamber.

It was like opening a blind box.

No one knew whether the next subterranean chamber was a resource or a crisis!

Therefore, he needed a guinea pig.

Following that…

Klein checked the trading and auction functions.

The trading platform provided players with barter.

The trading rules were free, and the items could be given away for free.

An auction was similar to a transaction.

There was no intermediary fee.

The auction time and the price were set by the owner.

“Open the manufacturing interface.”

Klein looked at another function.


It was a full page.


[Ordinary Shovel: Wood 0/2, Iron 0/2]

[Ordinary Spear (Iron) : Wood 0/2, Iron 0/1]

[Ordinary Spear (Stone) : Wood 0/2, Stone 0/1]

[Charcoal: Wood 0/1, Fire Source]

[Ordinary Light Armor: Iron 0/4, Rope 0/2]

Each item and equipment required different materials to be synthesized.

Obviously, gathering and producing materials was especially important in the survival game!

Klein studied the game interface.

His gaze landed on the runic base metal ball in his hand.

This thing looked like a high-tech or magical product.

“Runic base, open!” he chanted.

Instantly, the metal ball vibrated. It gradually turned into a ball of light.

Silver-white light radiated outwards.

It was like a projector.

The speed of light was projected around him.

In about a few seconds, a simple and crude little stone house was formed.

The entire narrow space was covered.

On the ground, there were stains.

There was nothing inside, not even a bed.

“It really is… A bare house.”

Klein shook his head and tentatively said, “Runic base, close!”

The small stone house trembled slightly.

It turned into dozens or hundreds of beams of light speed and flowed back into Klein’s hand.

It condensed into the original metal sphere again. It was very magical.


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