Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World by Eternal Regret

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Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: The Immortal Bird Engraved On The Chest And The Nine-Dragon Coffin Engraved On The Back!
Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: Release Of Star Coins! Asking For Ximen’S Third Prince
Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Ferocious Menglan And The Secret Stalkers
Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Brother, You Want To Kill Gu Changqing?
Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: The Three Big Bosses Are Preparing To Reunite!
Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: The Three Strongest People In The World Attack Together- – Hunting Down Gu Changqing!
Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Gu Changqing’S Divine Runes Begin To Evolve
Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: This Idiot Is Seeking His Own Destruction?
Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: An Ancient Monument Appears, Gu
Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Gather Everyone, Boss Gu Is Going On A Massacre!
Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: A Futuristic City!
Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: The Boss Is Already Here, It Seems You Don’T Have A Chance
Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: Gathering Of Everyone, The Satellite’S Projection!
Chapter 54 - Chapter 54: The Emperor Armor Looks So Much Cheaper When You Wear It!
Chapter 55 - Chapter 55: You Won’T Be Able To Kill Me At This Level!
Chapter 56 - Chapter 56: She’S Your Own Daughter, Are You Going To Kill Her Too?
Chapter 57 - Chapter 57: She’S Your Own Daughter, Are You Going To Kill Her
Chapter 58 - Chapter 58: Gather All The Pandas, Prepare To Attack The Futuristic City!
Chapter 59 - Chapter 59: Establishing A Relationship With Menglan. I’Ll Bring You To Fight The Day After Tomorrow!
Chapter 60 - Chapter 60: Ancient Secrets, The Blue Star Empire Killing All Races!
Chapter 61 - Chapter 61: Dark Demon King Divine Rune, Creating An Invincible Monkey Army
Chapter 62 - Chapter 62: Attracting The Universe’S Attention, Attacking The Central City
Chapter 63 - Chapter 63: Unbelievable Combat Strength That Shocked Billions Of Living Beings!
Chapter 64 - Chapter 64: The Battle Ends, Exploring The City Of Division
Chapter 65 - Chapter 65: Since You’Ve Left, I’Ll Take The Stage. The Blue Star Empire Will Never Be Destroyed!
Chapter 66 - Chapter 66: The White Emperor And Mystic Fairy Divine Runes Appear, Shocking The Supreme God Platform
Chapter 67 - Chapter 67: The Man From Hell Star’S Thunder Flame Clan Vows
Chapter 68 - Chapter 68: Encountering An Old Madman In Division 2, Suspected To Be An Expert From The Blue Star Empire
Chapter 69 - Chapter 69: Enemies Coming From Foreign Realms, Instantly Perishing Four Cities
Chapter 70 - Chapter 70: The Nine Great Divine Rune Academies In The Universe, Gu Changqing’S Descent
Chapter 71 - Chapter 71: If You Want To Force Me To Be A Tyrant, I’Ll Show You!
Chapter 72 - Chapter 72: I… On Behalf Of All The Humans On Blue Star, We Welcome You!
Chapter 73 - Chapter 73: Come Down And Kill Me If You Can
Chapter 74 - Chapter 74: Black Tail Palace. Trving To Make The Robot Wearing Hao Tian Emperor Armor Submit!
Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: Fighting The Hao Tian Emperor-Armored Robot! You Want To Cut Off My Head?
Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: Unprecedented! The First Person To Reach This In The Universe!
Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Don’T Be Merciful To The Other Races
Chapter 78 - Chapter 78: Absorbing The Abyssal Emperor Dragon Divine Rune, Gu Changqing Falls? (1)
Chapter 79 - Chapter 79: Absorbing The Abyssal Emperor Dragon Divine Rune, Gu Changqing Falls? (2)
Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: When Gu Changqing Died, All The Races Descended
Chapter 81 - Chapter 81: Opening The First Sealed Space, Gu Changqing Wakes Up
Chapter 82 - Chapter 82: The Dawn Flower!
Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: Starlight, Central City Revives
Chapter 84 - Chapter 84: The Divine Tree’S Arrival, Everyone Gathering
Chapter 85 - Chapter 85: Vicious People Are Everywhere! You All Look So Happy, Even While My Boss Is Watching.
Chapter 86 - Chapter 86: First Destroy The Demon Alliance, Then Get The Divine Fruits
Chapter 87 - Chapter 87: Shocking Everyone! An Ant Confronting A Giant Dragon? (1)
Chapter 88 - Chapter 88: Shocking Everyone! An Ant Confronting A Giant Dragon? (2)
Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: Shocking Everyone! An Ant Confronting A Giant Dragon? (3)
Chapter 90 - Chapter 90: 67 Layers But You’ Re Only At This Level?
Chapter 91 - Chapter 91: Have You All Seen The Peak Of Divine Rune Power?
Chapter 92 - Chapter 92: The Rise Of The Empire! The New Era For The Divine Runemasters Is Coming
Chapter 93 - Chapter 93: The New Empire Is Set Up!
Chapter 94 - Chapter 94: The Soul- Suppressing Seal Bursts!
Chapter 95 - Chapter 95: The Old Madman Recovers Temporarily!
Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: The Old Madman’S Return Shocked The Whole Universe
Chapter 97 - Chapter 97: Destroy The Supreme Sorcerer Tribe!
Chapter 98 - Chapter 98: Niyue Star! Please Meet With The Mysterious Creature
Chapter 99 - Chapter 99: True Experts Don’T Need Love
Chapter 100 - Chapter 100: I Will Be Very Happy, But You Will Be Angry And Vomit Blood Translator: Endlessfantasy Translation Editor: Endlessfantasy Translation
Chapter 101 - Chapter 101: Reaching A Cooperation With The Alpha Platform
Chapter 102 - Chapter 102: Yantian Emperor Rune!
Chapter 103 - Chapter 103: God Production Liquid! A Bloody Battle Is About To Begin
Chapter 104 - Chapter 104: 80 -Layer Yantian Emperor Armor! Arriving At Niyue Star
Chapter 105 - Chapter 105: Gu Changqing Should Die!
Chapter 106 - Chapter 106: Gray Fog Creatures, Large-Scale Arrival!
Chapter 107 - Chapter 107: A Chaotic Battle Is About To Begin!
Chapter 108 - Chapter 108: Falling Out! Fight Them Till Death
Chapter 109 - Chapter 109: A Bloody Battle, Gu Changqing Arrives!
Chapter 110 - Chapter 110: You Dare To Attack Me? Then I’M Sorry, Please Die! Translator: Endlessfantasy Translation Editor: Endlessfantasy Translation
Chapter 111 - Chapter 111: You… You… How Are You Controlling It?!
Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: The Wrong Path? The Evil Lord Breaks Out Of The Seal
Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Black Prison Palace! Battle (1)
Chapter 114 - Chapter 114: The Battle! Powerful Suppression
Chapter 115 - Chapter 115: A Black Dragon Appears On Mount Kunlun? Blue Star’S Origin
Chapter 116 - Chapter 116: A Black Dragon Appears On Mount Kunlun? Blue Star’S Origin(2)
Chapter 117 - Chapter 117: Black Dragon Follows! Golden Door
Chapter 118 - Chapter 118: The Universe Is Going Crazy, He’S Using The God-Creating Liquid To Exchange For This?
Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: Resurrecting Emperor Qjn, The God-Creating Liquid Is Really A Divine Item
Chapter 120 - Chapter 120: Everyone Consumes God-Creating Liquid, And Huang Di Completely Recovers
Chapter 121 - Chapter 121: Emperor Qjn Is Resurrected And Extremely Humiliated
Chapter 122 - Chapter 122: Ultimate Mode!
Chapter 123 - Chapter 123: You Ming Self-Destructed!
Chapter 124 - Chapter 124: The Netherworld Imperial Clan’S Sorrow! Diqin Naxi’S Counterattack
Chapter 125 - Chapter 125: The Auction Begins, Shocking The Universe!
Chapter 126 - Chapter 126: The Auction Begins, Shocking The Universe!
Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Torturing The Blue Star Empire’S Former Ruler, Emperor Qjn, Live!
Chapter 128 - Chapter 128: Prepare To Attack Supreme God Star!
Chapter 129 - Chapter 129: Black Jail Emperor Arrives On Supreme God Star! The Battle Is Starting! (1)
Chapter 130 - Chapter 130: Black Jail Emperor Arrives On Supreme God Star! The Battle Is Starting! (2)
Chapter 131 - Chapter 131: Huang Di’S Power Shocks Countless Creatures
Chapter 132 - Chapter 132: The Planet Protection Array! Gu Changqing Is Preparing To Arrive In Person
Chapter 133 - Chapter 133: Gu Changqing Descends And Destroys Everything With A Raise Of His Hand(L)
Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: Gu Changqing Descends And Destroys Everything With A Raise Of His Hand (2)
Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: Prepare To Face The Empire’S Anger, Bitch! (1)
Chapter 136 - Chapter 136: Prepare To Face The Empire’S Anger, Bitch! (2)
Chapter 137 - Chapter 137: Prepare To Face The Empire’S Anger, Bitch! (3)
Chapter 138 - Chapter 138: I Hope Your Strongest Attack Won’T Disappoint Me Too Much!
Chapter 139 - Chapter 139: I Can Just Squeeze An Ant Like You To Death
Chapter 140 - Chapter 140: Massacre! Absorbing The Black Flame Seal!
Chapter 141 - Chapter 141: Don’T You Hate Me For Killing Your Father?
Chapter 142 - Chapter 142: The Universe’S Mighty Beast! A City In The Universe (1)
Chapter 143 - Chapter 143: The Universe’S Mighty Beast! A City In The Universe (2)
Chapter 144 - Chapter 144: Gi Changqing Descends, Preparing To Tame The Giant Space Beast
Chapter 145 - Chapter 145: Capturing The Space Beast! A Troublemaker’S Arrival
Chapter 146 - Chapter 146: They Really Don’T Know How Terrifying The Person They Provoked Is (1)
Chapter 147 - Chapter 147: They Really Don’T Know How Terrifying The Person They Provoked Is (2)
Chapter 148 - Chapter 148: Sorry, But I’Ve Had Enough
Chapter 149 - Chapter 149: The Azure Emperor Clan, Haoxue Academy
Chapter 150 - Chapter 150: Cunning Woman! Subduing The Space Beast
Chapter 151 - Chapter 151: Descending To Shenyu Star
Chapter 152 - Chapter 152: A Mysterious Ancient Book!(L)
Chapter 153 - Chapter 153: A Mysterious Ancient Book!(2)
Chapter 154 - Chapter 154: Torturous Murder!
Chapter 155 - Chapter 155: The Dead Man
Chapter 156 - Chapter 156: Sky-High Bounty! The Terrifying Black Dragon
Chapter 157 - Chapter 157: Tianqiong Ancient Clan! Gu Yanyan’S Transformation
Chapter 158 - Chapter 158: The Southern Universe’S Unification
Chapter 159 - Chapter 159: Everyone’S Ascension, Soaring Strength!
Chapter 160 - Chapter 160: Reaching The Transcendent Realm, Reincarnation Vine
Chapter 161 - Chapter 161: Resurrection Of The Old Empire’S Ancient Seer!
Chapter 162 - Chapter 162: You Two Are Having An Affair?!
Chapter 163 - Chapter 163: The Crystal Balps Function! Helping Huang Di Improve
Chapter 164 - Chapter 164: Achieving A Breakthrough!
Chapter 165 - Chapter 165: The Universe’S Creation!
Chapter 166 - Chapter 166: The Black Dragon Soars Across The Starry Sky, Suppressing Its Surroundings!
Chapter 167 - Chapter 167: Did I Allow You To Negotiate?
Chapter 168 - Chapter 168: The Power Of The Emperor Armor! Entering Universe City!
Chapter 169 - Chapter 169: Space Beasts
Chapter 170 - Chapter 170: There Are So Many Idiots!
Chapter 171 - Chapter 171: An Ancient Tower In The Gobi Desert
Chapter 172 - Chapter 172: A Mysterious And Powerful Black Shadow!
Chapter 173 - Chapter 173: A Mysterious Attacker! Everyone Is In Trouble
Chapter 174 - Chapter 174: A Great Conspiracy, A Dark Divine Runemaster!
Chapter 175 - Chapter 175: A Top Expert Who’S Fearless Of Everything
Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Rebirth Bridge Ruins
Chapter 177 - Chapter 177: Twelve Giant Pillars, Totem Divine Beasts
Chapter 178 - Chapter 178: Yu Hao’S Attack
Chapter 179 - Chapter 179: Killing Everything!
Chapter 180 - Chapter 180: Entering Chaoge City!
Chapter 181 - Chapter 181: L9527
Chapter 182 - Chapter 182: The Dark Divine Runemasters’ Haunting!
Chapter 183 - Chapter 183: The Space Devourer!
Chapter 184 - Chapter 184: Controlling Chaoge City!
Chapter 185 - Chapter 185: Dog Eat Dog!
Chapter 186 - Chapter 186: The Mysterious Dark Divine Runemaster
Chapter 187 - Chapter 187: The Nine-Colored Demoness Has Another Origin?
Chapter 188 - Chapter 188: Daiji? Di Xin?
Chapter 189 - Chapter 189: A Mysterious Creature
Chapter 190 - Chapter 190: A Mysterious Tombstone!
Chapter 191 - Chapter 191: The Otherworldly Demon
Chapter 192 - Chapter 192: Breaking Through The Array Formation(L)
Chapter 193 - Chapter 193: Breaking Through The Array Formation(2)
Chapter 194 - Chapter 194: Sinner
Chapter 195 - Chapter 195: Training Space
Chapter 196 - Chapter 196: The Mysterious Cloud
Chapter 197 - Chapter 197: A Terrifying Monster!
Chapter 198 - Chapter 198: Powerful Flames
Chapter 199 - Chapter 199: What His Clan Had Been Protecting Was A Joke
Chapter 200 - Chapter 200: Mysterious Black Water
Chapter 201 - Chapter 201: Luoshui City
Chapter 202 - Chapter 202: Fighting Against Himself
Chapter 203 - Chapter 203: An Attack On Chaoge City!
Chapter 204 - Chapter 204: The Mastermind Appears!
Chapter 205 - Chapter 205: Murder And Chaoge City’S Hidden Crisis!
Chapter 206 - Chapter 206: Divine Rune Equipments, The Space Scythe!
Chapter 207 - Chapter 207: Doubts From The Ancient Book
Chapter 208 - Chapter 208: A Strange River
Chapter 209 - Chapter 209: A Different Otherworldly Demon
Chapter 210 - Chapter 210: Zhulu County? Something’S Not Right
Chapter 211 - Chapter 211: The Source Of The Otherworldly Demons And Divine Rune Power
Chapter 212 - Chapter 212: A Mysterious Cave, The Source Of Divine Rune Power! Translator: Endlessfantasy Translation Editor: Endlessfantasy Translation
Chapter 213 - Chapter 213: Divine Rune Powers. Hear Mv Summon!
Chapter 214 - Chapter 214: Zhulu Under Attack, Gu Changqing Fights Back Domineeringly! Translator: Endlessfantasy Translation Editor: Endlessfantasy Translation
Chapter 215 - Chapter 215: The Black Dragon Moves Out, Slaying The Invincible!
Chapter 216 - Chapter 216: How Dare You Become An Enemy Of The Human Race? Die! Human Race? Die!
Chapter 217 - Chapter 217: A Non-Existent River?
Chapter 218 - Chapter 218: Thick Fog, Impending Danger
Chapter 219 - Chapter 219: Zhulu City Rebuilt, Gu Changqing’S Potential Index Greatly Increases
Chapter 220 - Chapter 220: The Azure Emperor Clan’S True Ancestor And The Beginning Of A Great Battle!
Chapter 221 - Chapter 221: Formless Otherworldly Demons, Ashes Under The Spirit Flames!
Chapter 222 - Chapter 222: Perfect Cooperation
Chapter 223 - Chapter 223: Heavenly Punishment Descends, Zhulu County’S Doomsday!
Chapter 224 - Chapter 224: Critical Moment
Chapter 225 - Chapter 225: Gu Changqing’S Return
Chapter 226 - Chapter 226: Nezha, 100% Affinity Completed!
Chapter 227 - Chapter 227: News Shocking The Entire Universe
Chapter 228 - Chapter 228: Enemy Troops Arriving At The Battlefield
Chapter 229 - Chapter 229: Cooperation Talks Fail, Gu Changqing Watches The Battle From A Distance
Chapter 230 - Chapter 230: The Enemy Arrives!
Chapter 231 - Chapter 231: We Will Never Betray Them
Chapter 232 - Chapter 232: Turning The Tables, Making Sure You Guys Never Return! Translator: Endlessfantasy Translation Editor: Endlessfantasy Translation
Chapter 233 - Chapter 233: Diqin Naxi Fleeing
Chapter 234 - Chapter 234: The Self-Sacrificing Yu Hao
Chapter 235 - Chapter 235: A Terrifying “Reunion
Chapter 236 - Chapter 236: The Azure Emperor Clan Has Been Destroyed
Chapter 237 - Chapter 237: The Northern Universe’S Secret Zone
Chapter 238 - Chapter 238: Gu Changqing’S Interstellar Pursuit
Chapter 239 - Chapter 239: Gu Yanyan Awakens!
Chapter 240 - Chapter 240: Leave The Rest To Me!
Chapter 241 - Chapter 241: Crossing Through Galaxies
Chapter 242 - Chapter 242: The Ten Yama Kings, Divine Yama Emperor Armor!
Chapter 243 - Chapter 243: Mark Relin’S Intentions
Chapter 244 - Chapter 244: A Professional At Moral Kidnapping
Chapter 245 - Chapter 245: Are You Teaching Me How To Do Things On Blue Star?
Chapter 246 - Chapter 246: The Mechanical Heart’S Strength
Chapter 247 - Chapter 247: Omnipresent Scheming
Chapter 248 - Chapter 248: In Blue Star, You Can Be Fearless!
Chapter 249 - Chapter 249: The Power To Crash The Universe
Chapter 250 - Chapter 250: Emperor Qjn’S Secret
Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: Divine Rune Upgrade
Chapter 252 - Chapter 252: Upgrade
Chapter 253 - Chapter 253: Isabelle’S Admiration
Chapter 254 - Chapter 254: Preparing Before Leaving
Chapter 255 - Chapter 255: Emperor Qin Goes To The Northern Universe As Well
Chapter 256 - Chapter 256: The Northern Universe’S “Obstacle”
Chapter 257 - Chapter 257: Furious Emperor Qjn, The Ancient Douluo Clan Is In Danger!
Chapter 258 - Chapter 258: Detonating The Planet, Live Streaming It Across The Whole Universe!
Chapter 259 - Chapter 259: Silver-White Giant Lizard Emperor Armor,
Chapter 260 - Chapter 260: To Tear The Princess Apart With My Hands, That Sounds So Cool That It Will Turn The Universe Upside Down!
Chapter 261 - Chapter 261: Emperor (In Enters The Trap
Chapter 262 - Chapter 262: Emperor (In, My Heart Is Red, Don ‘T You See? Translator: Endlessfantasy Translation Editor: Endlessfantasy Translation
Chapter 263 - Chapter 263: Black Lotus Of Annihilation, One Shot!
Chapter 264 - Chapter 264: Revenge Army, Set Off!
Chapter 265 - Chapter 265: The Ancient Battleship In The Secret Realm
Chapter 266 - Chapter 266: So You Changed Men Again, You Bitch!
Chapter 267 - Chapter 267: I Don’T Want Anyone, I Only Want Emperor Qjn!
Chapter 268 - Chapter 268: A Ferocious Killing Weapon, The Divine Rubik’S Cube!
Chapter 269 - Chapter 269: You Killed Your Own Sister, You ‘Ve Been Exposed!
Chapter 270 - Chapter 270: Swallow You And Fulfill My Wish!
Chapter 271 - Chapter 271: If You Are The Blue Star Emperor, Then Who Am I?
Chapter 272 - Chapter 272: Diqin Naxi Taking The Dark Night Divine Talisman
Chapter 273 - Chapter 273: Destruction Begins!
Chapter 274 - Chapter 274: The Southern Universe Falling Into The Hunting Net
Chapter 275 - Chapter 275: If They Had 49 Days Left
Chapter 276 - Chapter 276: The Dark Night Divine Talisman’S Array Eye
Chapter 277 - Chapter 277: A Galactic Graveyard
Chapter 278 - Chapter 278: National Guardians, Kill Them For Us!
Chapter 279 - Chapter 279: Emperor, I’Ll Leave The Rest Up To You!
Chapter 280 - Chapter 280: Dark Night Divine Talisman Shattered, The Southern Universe Escaped Calamity
Chapter 281 - Chapter 281: Gergon Descends!
Chapter 282 - Chapter 282: Another Disaster
Chapter 283 - Chapter 283: The Ancient Douluo Clan Has Completely Fallen
Chapter 284 - Chapter 284: Diqin Naxi’S Death
Chapter 285 - Chapter 285: The Gergon’S Target
Chapter 286 - Chapter 286: I Asked You To Purify The Souls, Yet You Directly Opened A Galactic Hell?
Chapter 287 - Chapter 287: Every Creature In The Universe Shares A Common Destiny
Chapter 288 - Chapter 288: Gu Changqing Is The Greatest Villain?
Chapter 289 - Chapter 289: The Forbidden Totem Land Of All The Spirits – Mount Kunlun!
Chapter 290 - Chapter 290: The Endless Fighting Spirit!
Chapter 291 - Chapter 291: Nine Heavens Soul-Devouring Spear
Chapter 292 - Chapter 292: Bloodline Inheritance, Endless Lives
Chapter 293 - Chapter 293: The Arrival Of The Universe City, Another Journey (Final Chapter)
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[Decisive! Invincible! No Mercy!]

When a thunderbolt ripped through the night sky, the blood moon appeared, and the world changed forever. Animals evolved, vegetation grew wildly, and intelligence was awakened.

In just one night, the world was plunged into bloody chaos. The helpless humans were unable to resist the onslaught of the evolved animals and the sweeping plants with awakened intelligence, making countless humans their prey.

However, those with divine runes engraved on their bodies were shocked to find that their runes had also been revived, which gave them incredibly powerful strength.

Three years after the world changed, Gu Changqing transmigrated back to the eve of the cataclysm.

In his previous life, he did not like to engrave anything on his body, but now that he had come back to this chaotic world, the first thing he did to survive and rise up was to invite the world's top divine rune master to engrave the ten evil demons in the world: Rahu, Kirin, White Tiger, Black Dragon, Grim Reaper, Asura, Hades, Skeleton, Great Sage, and Nezha!

He knew that engraving divine runes after the cataclysm would not awaken their power and make them powerful.

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Chapter 1

Returning to the Past Before the Cataclysm; Divine Runes Can Be Awakened

In the Nine Region Empire’s Longjiang City in Blue Star, a parallel world.

In a luxurious room in a villa in a villa district.


A handsome man with short hair jolted up on the bed, gasping for breath. He panted heavily as he looked around the room.

“I… I’m not dead? This…”

He surveyed the familiar yet unfamiliar room, slightly shaken, before he reached for his phone on the bedside table and took a look. He froze momentarily before he muttered under his breath, “It’s April 1st in Year 28? Did I go back in time or am I dreaming?”

The man’s name was Gu Changqing. He was 26 years old this year. After his parents died in a car accident, he inherited a listed company with a value of nearly 100 billion. At this moment, he was confused. He was not sure if he was dreaming or if he had truly returned to the past before the Cataclysm. The dream he had was extremely vivid.

At midnight on June 1st, a bolt of lightning that illuminated the world tore through the night sky. The thunder that accompanied it was deafening. It was as though the sky was falling.

Subsequently, the plants and animals in the world began to mutate rapidly. After the lightning bolt, even tiny ants grew bigger than the size of an adult wolf. The blades of grass in a yard sprouted quickly to the height of several meters in just an instant.

Not only did all the animals and plants undergo earth-shattering changes physically, but they also seemed to have gained intelligence.

Then, those mutations began to feed on humans.

The world was paralyzed in just a blink of an eye. It took half a month for the countries to regain their footing, using powerful weapons to deal with the mutated animals and plants on a large scale.

During that time, countless people became food for the mutated monsters.

Fortunately, during the Cataclysm, a group of powerful humans appeared. They possessed all kinds of superpowers. The strongest among them were those who had awakened their tattoos, which would be later known as divine runes. Even the divine rune of a rose could bring a person unimaginable power after it was awakened. Those with even more powerful divine runes could also manifest armor with unfathomable powers. Humans called these people who had awakened their divine runes Divine Runemaster. Some of them joined their countries to fight against the mutated animals and plants while others degenerated and went further down the road of crimes, corrupted by the sudden power they possessed.

After the Cataclysm, ordinary humans did not stay ordinary forever. They could absorb the crystal cores in the mutated animals and plants to cultivate and obtain powerful supernatural abilities.

In the ‘dream’, Gu Changqing not only did not have divine runes, but he also did not possess any other abilities. He struggled to survive for three years, and in the end, he died. However, he was not killed by the monsters. Instead, he was killed by those fanatics.

At this moment, Gu Changqing suspected more and more that it was not just a dream. Suddenly, he saw a strange but familiar mark on the palm of his hand. He recalled the mark was caused by a mysterious gray flame when the Cataclysm began.

“That’s right! This is… I’m not dreaming!”

Gu Changqing’s eyes shone with excitement and a hint of madness. In his previous life, he missed the opportunity to become stronger. As a result, he lived a life no better than livestock, suffering humiliation and being trampled on. During the Cataclysm, ordinary humans were only used as laborers. Only if one possessed power could one climb to the top and command respect. After all, the strong could fight against the mutated monsters and protect their countries.

Gu Changqing did not waste time and hurriedly called his secretary.

“Hello, Chairman Gu. What can I do for you?”

As soon as the call connected, a rather pleasant female voice rang from the other end of the line.

Gu Changqing said, “Bring me the best tattoist in the world! The price doesn’t matter. I want to see him by seven tonight!”

As far as he knew, the more realistic the tattoos or divine runes were, the stronger their powers would be after they awakened. The strength of the same divine rune depended on their realism. Apart from that, divine runes of the same type could absorb each other to increase their powers. For this reason, during the Cataclysm, many Divine Runemasters would kill each other.

“Yes, Chairman Gu. Do you have any other instructions?”

“Not at the moment. Remember. I want the best tattooist. If you randomly bring me someone, you’ll have to bear the consequences!!”

Gu Changqing’s voice grew extremely cold nearing the end of his words. This matter concerned his rise to the peak after the Cataclysm. If his secretary ruined his plan, he would kill her after the Cataclysm!

Gu Changqing might seem extreme at this moment. However, it was inevitable for his personality to become extremely dark after lingering on the brink of death for three years after the start of the Cataclysm.

“Chairman, please rest assured. I’ll definitely find you the best tattooist in the world,” the female voice on the other end of the line promised.

After Gu Changqing ended the call, he walked to the window and looked at the clear sky. He knew he only had a short time to admire it. When June 1st arrived, the entire world would be shrouded in a thick layer of smog. Although there was still day and night, the sky was perpetually gloomy, and a blood moon would hang high in the sky at night.

“There are still two months left before the world changes. I should have time to build a large fallout shelter…” Gu Changqing muttered to himself as he walked to the bathroom.

He wanted to build a large shelter because after the Cataclysm, even a blade of grass could be extremely dangerous. There were very few places where humans could survive. He had no financial restraints now so it was of utmost importance for him to build an indestructible and large shelter and store resources.

About half an hour later, Gu Changqing stepped out of the bathroom and stopped in front of a huge mirror. The mirror reflected a figure slightly over 1.8 meters tall that possessed a handsome face with flawless and defined features. His body was perfect; it was not too thin and not too fat. Soon enough, his body would be covered entirely with all kinds of divine runes.

After drying his hair, Gu Changqing changed before he went downstairs.

A woman, who looked to be in her thirties, was cleaning at this moment. When she heard the sounds of footsteps, she stopped what she was doing and turned around before she asked, “Young Master, lunch is ready. Do you want to eat now?”

Gu Changqing nodded slightly and walked to the dining room.

The woman was Wang Rongg. When Gu Changqing was ten years old, his mother had hired her as a nanny. It had been 15 or 16 years since then o she knew Gu Changqing’s eating habits like the back of her hand.

After Wang Rong served lunch, she said tentatively, “Young Master, this afternoon I…”

Before Wang Rong finished speaking, Gu Changqing interjected, “You can go.”

“Huh?” Wang Rongg asked, surprised, “Young Master, how did you know what I was going to say?”

Gu Changqing picked up the glass of milk on the table and drank it. He knew that Wang Rongg’s husband was a gambler indebted to loan sharks. According to the original plot in his previous life, her husband would jump off a building to commit suicide because he was unable to repay his debt. At that time, Wang Rongg had tried to borrow money from him. Although the sum was not large to him at all, he thought it would be better for that unrepentant trash to die.

“Then, Young Master, I’ll take my leave first.”

Although Wang Rong was very curious and puzzled as to how Gu Changqing knew she was going to ask for leave, she did not ask any questions. She quickly left in the car that Gu Changqing bought her.


Total Chapters in book: 293
Estimated words: 459775 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2299(@200wpm)___ 1839(@250wpm)___ 1533(@300wpm)