Dual Cultivation by MyLittleBrother

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 1 Su Yang
Chapter 2 Suffering To Find A Single Partner
Chapter 3 Waste Of A Handsome Face
Chapter 4 White Pearl Treasury
Chapter 5 Pleading For More
Chapter 6 Three Seasons Snake
Chapter 7 Extracting The Poison
Chapter 8 This Is Why You Are Still Single
Chapter 9 Wetting The Bed
Chapter 10 Beauty Waiting By The Door
Chapter 11 Stick Your Butt Towards My Way
Chapter 12 Overwhelmed By Pleasure
Chapter 13 Feeling Ashamed
Chapter 14 A Group Of Beauties
Chapter 15 Senior Sister Spectating Her Junior Sister
Chapter 16 Touch Me More, Daddy!
Chapter 17 Horrifying, Yet Tempting
Chapter 18 Lingering Fragrance
Chapter 19 The Only And True Path To Heaven
Chapter 20 Pure Yang Flower
Chapter 21 And You Call Yourselves A Man?
Chapter 22 Deathmatch
Chapter 23 Sword Inten
Chapter 24 His First Love
Chapter 25 Inner Court Disciple
Chapter 26 Acting Like A Dog In Hea
Chapter 27 The Jade Slip Beside The Pillow
Chapter 28 Five Cultivation Stages
Chapter 29 Cripple
Chapter 30 Searching For A Partner
Chapter 31 I Want Your Yin Essence
Chapter 32 How Are You Going To Be Responsible?
Chapter 33 Awakening Of A Dragon
Chapter 34 Their Dual Cultivation
Chapter 35 I Want To Try Putting It In My Mouth...
Chapter 36 Mission Hall
Chapter 37 Sword And Gold
Chapter 38 Swift Feather City
Chapter 39 A Lively Restauran
Chapter 40 The Four Great Families
Chapter 41 You Heard Me
Chapter 42 Golden Carriage
Chapter 43 Shadowy Figure
Chapter 44 Heavenly Constitution
Chapter 45 Hundred Poisons Body
Chapter 46 I Want To Look At Your Heavenly Constitution
Chapter 47 Priceless Technique
Chapter 48 Nine Astral Steps
Chapter 49 Have Eyes But...
Chapter 50 Extreme Yin Flower
Chapter 51 Unfortunate
Chapter 52 What If I Refuse?
Chapter 53 Burning Lotus Auction House
Chapter 54 Madam Wang
Chapter 55 Offer
Chapter 56 I Want You
Chapter 57 Profound Advancement Pill
Chapter 58 A Gift From The Heavens
Chapter 59 Behind The Glass Wall
Chapter 60 Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 61 The Struggles Of The Weak
Chapter 62 A Wealthy Gues
Chapter 63 Storage Ring
Chapter 64 Zhang Xiu Ying
Chapter 65 Who Did It?
Chapter 66 Returning To The Sec
Chapter 67 Seemingly Distressed
Chapter 68 Comforting Her Worries
Chapter 69 A Goddess Descends End Of Vol.1
Chapter 70 How Are You Still Alive?
Chapter 71 Do You Blame Me?
Chapter 72 Treating Her Things As If They Were His Own
Chapter 73 Emperor-Grade Heavenly Constitution
Chapter 74 Inner Court Disciple Assessmen
Chapter 75 I Want You To Touch Me Here...
Chapter 76 What Else Are You Hiding From Me?
Chapter 77 What If I Become Your Partner Instead?
Chapter 78 Depraved Techniques
Chapter 79 Worse Than Expected
Chapter 80 Relieving Her Pain
Chapter 81 Don’T Worry, I Will Be Gentle
Chapter 82 Everlasting Sacred Fire
Chapter 83 Inheritance
Chapter 84 Appearance Reforming Pill
Chapter 85 You Can’T Give Me What Is Already Mine!
Chapter 86 Little Girl Matriarch
Chapter 87 Bedtime Story
Chapter 88 Do You Still Remember Me?
Chapter 89 I Will See You Soon!
Chapter 90 Terrorizing The Sec
Chapter 91 Reunion Between Master And Slave
Chapter 92 Are You Regretting Your Actions Now?
Chapter 93 This Is Not Prostitution!
Chapter 94 Root Of Vitality
Chapter 95 Chamber Of Embrace 1
Chapter 96 Chamber Of Embrace 2
Chapter 97 Chamber Of Embrace 3
Chapter 98 Chamber Of Embrace 4
Chapter 99 Lick It More!
Chapter 100 Are You Even A Man?
Chapter 101 You’D Only Be Met With Disappointmen
Chapter 102 Get Him!
Chapter 103 Disciplinary Squad
Chapter 104 Celestial Qi
Chapter 105 Legend Of An Immortal
Chapter 106 An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 107 He Said Get Lost!
Chapter 108 Lecture
Chapter 109 Overflowing Yang Qi
Chapter 110 Towards The Northern Region End Of Vol. 2
Chapter 111 Moonlight Festival
Chapter 112 Asura God Clan
Chapter 113 Recognition
Chapter 114 Entering The Immortal'S Treasury
Chapter 115 A Treasure Has Appeared!
Chapter 116 Barely At Home, Always Disappearing For Days
Chapter 117 Silver King Armor
Chapter 118 Entering The Third Floor
Chapter 119 What A Poor Fellow
Chapter 120 How Is He So Big At Such A Young Age?
Chapter 121 Impossible To Obtain
Chapter 122 Are You Really Human?
Chapter 123 Like A Punching Bag
Chapter 124 I Have Been Looking Everywhere For You!
Chapter 125 Treasure Room
Chapter 126 Filled With Guil
Chapter 127 The Su Family
Chapter 128 Spirit'S Vengeance
Chapter 129 Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 130 Forced Contrac
Chapter 131 Even Now My Heart Is Filled With Uneasiness
Chapter 132 I Am Just A Nobody With Amnesia!
Chapter 133 Returning Home
Chapter 134 You Clearly Remember Everything!
Chapter 135 Sudden Ambush
Chapter 136 Only If You Have The Balls!
Chapter 137 Soul Divination Pill
Chapter 138 I Am Here To See My Fiance!
Chapter 139 Hong Yu'Er
Chapter 140 Clear Visions
Chapter 141 Four Seasons Academy
Chapter 142 If You Are Not Careful, I Might End Up Also Consuming You!
Chapter 143 Nine Spring Hall
Chapter 144 Three Ancient Academy
Chapter 145 Even If I Request For You To Warm My Bed?
Chapter 146 Let’S Start By Removing Your Dirty Clothes
Chapter 147 Can I Bear Your Child? 18+
Chapter 148 Impregnate Me! 18+
Chapter 149 Rumors
Chapter 150 Lecture Hall
Chapter 151 You Are Challenging Me?
Chapter 152 Concocting Pills
Chapter 153 Sudden Aggression
Chapter 154 Why Won’T You Accept Me?
Chapter 155 Entering The Earth Spirit Realm
Chapter 156 Brink Of Destruction
Chapter 157 Cowering In Fear
Chapter 158 An Invincible Entity
Chapter 159 Even If She Offered Herself...
Chapter 160 Even Now I Cannot Stop Thinking About Him
Chapter 161 There’S Someone I Want You To Mee
Chapter 162 Reward
Chapter 163 Do It One More Time!
Chapter 164 Azure Flames
Chapter 165 An Even Better Reward
Chapter 166 Is There Something Wrong With My Name?
Chapter 167 Go On, Tell Me More About Her!
Chapter 168 Shocking Progression
Chapter 169 Strict Discipline
Chapter 170 Futile Efforts
Chapter 171 Prolonging His Stay
Chapter 172 Pill Of Seduction
Chapter 173 Confession
Chapter 174 Inside The Enclosed Cauldron Room 1
Chapter 175 Inside The Enclosed Cauldron Room 2
Chapter 176 Inside The Enclosed Cauldron Room 3
Chapter 177 A Small Taste Of His True Powers
Chapter 178 Who Dares To Spread Such Nonsense?!
Chapter 179 God Of Womanizer
Chapter 180 Inevitable Depature
Chapter 181 On The Count Of Three
Chapter 182 More Than Just Friends
Chapter 183 Licking Each Other Contains Yuri
Chapter 184 Leaving The Holy Central Continent End Of Vol. 4
Chapter 185 So You Knew All Along!
Chapter 186 Aliases
Chapter 187 Regional Tournamen
Chapter 188 To See An Old Friend
Chapter 189 Lotus City
Chapter 190 Meeting Zhang Xiu Ying Again
Chapter 191 Burning Lotus Sec
Chapter 192 If You Take Another Step, I Will Cripple Your Legs
Chapter 193 You Have Forced My Hands, Junior!
Chapter 194 Entering With Force
Chapter 195 Burning Dragon Pill
Chapter 196 Just Who Is This Man?!
Chapter 197 Midnight Pleasure
Chapter 198 Midnight Assaul
Chapter 199 Midnight Torture
Chapter 200 Wang Ming'S Death
Chapter 201 Preparing To Concoct The Soul Divination Pill
Chapter 202 Consuming The Soul Divination Pill
Chapter 203 Wang Family'S Grief
Chapter 204 Slap My What?!
Chapter 205 Lack Of Discipline
Chapter 206 Surrounded By Experts
Chapter 207 One-Sided Fight Against The Burning Lotus Sec
Chapter 208 Chaos Within The Burning Lotus Sec
Chapter 209 Indisputable Dominance
Chapter 210 Aftermath
Chapter 211 Commotion At The Yin Yang Pavilion
Chapter 212 Act Of Treachery
Chapter 213 Waking Her Up
Chapter 214 Sudden Departure
Chapter 215 More Than Just Massages
Chapter 216 Teasing Her Body
Chapter 217 Go Ahead, Stick It Inside Me…
Chapter 218 The Group Of Beauties Returns For More
Chapter 219 What Do You Think Of My Body?
Chapter 220 I Want To Cultivate With You…
Chapter 221 Multitasking In Bed
Chapter 222 Can I Call You Daddy?
Chapter 223 There'S No Way He Can Handle All Of Us Together!
Chapter 224 Cultivating With Nine Beauties Simultaneously
Chapter 225 An Endless Supply Of Yang Qi
Chapter 226 Moving To The Inner Cour
Chapter 227 Convincing Li Xiao Mo To Cultivate
Chapter 228 Euphoric Oil
Chapter 229 Enslaving Her Body And Mind
Chapter 230 Returning To The White Pearl Treasury
Chapter 231 Testing The Euphoric Oil
Chapter 232 Betting With Elder Zhao
Chapter 233 Selling The Euphoric Oil
Chapter 234 What Have I Done…?
Chapter 235 The Sect Leader'S Task
Chapter 236 Heavenly Massages Return!
Chapter 237 Sect Elders In Distress
Chapter 238 Anonymous Vote
Chapter 239 The Desire To Cultivate!
Chapter 240 God Of Pleasure
Chapter 241 An Irresistible Offer
Chapter 242 Guardian Spiri
Chapter 243 Patriarch'S Return
Chapter 244 Stepping Down
Chapter 245 Unrequited Love
Chapter 246 Xiao Bai
Chapter 247 A Small Reques
Chapter 248 Su Yang Is Innocent!
Chapter 249 Sect Master'S Approval
Chapter 250 Meeting Fang Zhelan
Chapter 251 Seven Silver Blades
Chapter 252 In Exchange For The Seven Silver Blades
Chapter 253 Desire For Growth
Chapter 254 Peak Of The Earth Spirit Realm
Chapter 255 Effects Of The Seven Silver Blades
Chapter 256 Million Snakes Sec
Chapter 257 Prepare For Battle!
Chapter 258 Array Master
Chapter 259 Is This The End For The Profound Blossom Sect?
Chapter 260 Escaping With Their Lives
Chapter 261 Disciples Leaving Left And Righ
Chapter 262 Kill Them All!
Chapter 263 Instant Death
Chapter 264 Just Kill Me Now
Chapter 265 Are You Also Going To Leave This Place?
Chapter 266 Moving To The Center Cour
Chapter 267 Richest Sect In The Eastern Region
Chapter 268 Wang Shuren'S Worries
Chapter 269 Seemingly Abandoned
Chapter 270 Mysterious Exper
Chapter 271 Sexy Body
Chapter 272 Punishmen
Chapter 273 Punishing Wang Shuren
Chapter 274 Something Different About Her
Chapter 275 Heavenly Spirit Realm
Chapter 276 Aphrodisiac Candle
Chapter 277 Rescue Mission
Chapter 278 Who Are These Idiots?
Chapter 279 Red Mountain Bandits
Chapter 280 Ambush From Heaven
Chapter 281 Bandits' Hideou
Chapter 282 Bloodbath
Chapter 283 Look At This… I Am Still A Virgin…
Chapter 284 Being True To Their Hearts
Chapter 285 I Have Decided On A Partner
Chapter 286 Bad Influence
Chapter 287 Reaching Maturity
Chapter 288 Tasting Sun Jingjing
Chapter 289 The Sun Family Will Not Allow It!
Chapter 290 Lecturing The Junior Disciples
Chapter 291 Fingers Of Fulfillmen
Chapter 292 A Special Reward
Chapter 293 Cheating
Chapter 294 A World Of Pleasure
Chapter 295 Sect Master'S Observation
Chapter 296 Confidence
Chapter 297 Last Lecture
Chapter 298 Preparing For The Regional Tournamen
Chapter 299 Heavenly Swan Sec
Chapter 300 There'S A Place And Time For This!
Chapter 301 Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 302 Attracting Unwanted Attention
Chapter 303 Snowfall City
Chapter 304 Special Treatmen
Chapter 305 Denied Entry
Chapter 306 Divine Sword Master
Chapter 307 Golden Altar Sec
Chapter 308 Nothing But Sex In His Mind!
Chapter 309 Murder In Broad Dayligh
Chapter 310 Unknown Sword Master
Chapter 311 Xiao Yang
Chapter 312 His Name Is Su Yang
Chapter 313 New Techniques 18+
Chapter 314 Morals
Chapter 315 Kneel Before His Majesty!
Chapter 316 What Is Your Relationship With My Daughter?
Chapter 317 Guardian For The Xie Family
Chapter 318 Look At My Body
Chapter 319 Poisoned Body
Chapter 320 A Few Drops Of Blood
Chapter 321 Can He Be Trusted?
Chapter 322 Restless Body
Chapter 323 Isn'T That The Profound Blossom Sect?
Chapter 324 Shocking Results
Chapter 325 Puzzling Results
Chapter 326 Misunderstanding
Chapter 327 You Have Crossed A Line That You Shouldn’T Have
Chapter 328 The Sibling'S Secre
Chapter 329 If You Are Not Satisfied With Just A Kiss, I Can...
Chapter 330 Hellfire Seed
Chapter 331 Learning The Truth
Chapter 332 I Want To Join The Profound Blossom Sec
Chapter 333 Supporting Her Decision
Chapter 334 The Day Of The Auction
Chapter 335 Fake Invitation
Chapter 336 Young People Should Stay Together
Chapter 337 Wang Family'S Young Master
Chapter 338 Unexpected Guest At The Auction House
Chapter 339 Are You Trying To Bring Down The Entire Wang Family With You?
Chapter 340 A Cunning Snake
Chapter 341 Purple Poison Bell
Chapter 342 Openly Challenging The Million Snakes Sec
Chapter 343 Generous Boyfriend
Chapter 344 Token Of Authority
Chapter 345 Considering Engagemen
Chapter 346 Ring Of Thunder
Chapter 347 Immortal-Grade Martial Technique
Chapter 348 Mysterious Alchemy Master
Chapter 349 Earth Advancement Pills
Chapter 350 Leaving With The Heavenly Swan Sec
Chapter 351 Pressured To Reveal Information
Chapter 352 Blinded By Anger
Chapter 353 Enticemen
Chapter 354 Forming An Alliance
Chapter 355 Even Better Than The Earth Advancement Pill
Chapter 356 I Am Afraid That Your Body Won’T Be Able To Handle I
Chapter 357 The Million Snakes Sect Strikes Again!
Chapter 358 One-Sided Fight Between Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators
Chapter 359 Are You Threatening Me?
Chapter 360 Do Not Offend Him
Chapter 361 Purple Qilin
Chapter 362 Do You Have Any Proof?
Chapter 363 An Unprecedented Situation
Chapter 364 This Has To Be A Conspiracy!
Chapter 365 The Day Before The Tournamen
Chapter 366 Sect Masters' Gathering
Chapter 367 The First Day Of The Regional Tournamen
Chapter 368 Celestial Pond
Chapter 369 First Match
Chapter 370 Peerless Genius Su Yin
Chapter 371 Unfaithful Bastard
Chapter 372 Impossible!
Chapter 373 Vanishing Sword Dance
Chapter 374 Not Only Beautiful But Also Dangerous
Chapter 375 Devil'S Empowermen
Chapter 376 You Killed My Disciple!
Chapter 377 Seeking For Justice
Chapter 378 Second Day Of The Tournamen
Chapter 379 An Unexpected Opponen
Chapter 380 Fighting Li Xiao Mo
Chapter 381 A Friendly Warning
Chapter 382 Winning Their First Match
Chapter 383 End Of The Second Day
Chapter 384 First, You Strip
Chapter 385 Third Day Of The Tournamen
Chapter 386 Burning Lotus Sect Vs Profound Blossom Sec
Chapter 387 A Different Person?
Chapter 388 How A Real Dual Cultivator Fights
Chapter 389 Limp-Dick Bastard
Chapter 390 Fighting Lin Shao Shang
Chapter 391 Lotus Of Madness
Chapter 392 An Otherworldly Technique
Chapter 393 My Opinions Of Him Has Changed
Chapter 394 A Shameless Strategy
Chapter 395 Hong Yu'Er'S Real Cultivation
Chapter 396 I’Ll Speak With You Soon, Su Yang…
Chapter 397 Fourth Day Of The Tournamen
Chapter 398 Courting Fang Zhelan
Chapter 399 I Want To Pleasure You All Night With This Body 18+
Chapter 400 A Bunch Of Cowards
Chapter 401 I Know That You Have Been Sleeping With My Daughter
Chapter 402 Sun Jingjing'S Parents
Chapter 403 Su Yang'S Family Seal
Chapter 404 Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
Chapter 405 Entering The Semifinals
Chapter 406 A Bunch Of Nonsense
Chapter 407 Regardless Of What Happens Tomorrow
Chapter 408 The Divine Sword Sect Makes Their Appearance
Chapter 409 Their True Potential
Chapter 410 Fighting The Divine Sword Sec
Chapter 411 A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 412 He'S Playing With Me!
Chapter 413 Revealing His True Strength
Chapter 414 Entering The Finals
Chapter 415 Their Secret Revealed
Chapter 416 Acceptance
Chapter 417 I Doubt You'Ll Be Able To Satisfy Him Alone
Chapter 418 Astonishing Endurance
Chapter 419 Final Day Of The Tournamen
Chapter 420 Don’T You Recognize Your Own Fiance?
Chapter 421 Fighting With Hong Yu'Er
Chapter 422 Tang Lingxi
Chapter 423 First Place
Chapter 424 Qiuyue Returns
Chapter 425 Returning To The Four Divine Heavens? End Of Vol. 7
Chapter 426 Mirror Of Darkness
Chapter 427 Boar Tribe'S Settlemen
Chapter 428 Boar Tribe'S Hunters
Chapter 429 The Great Calamity
Chapter 430 The Ten Families And Four Supreme Clan
Chapter 431 Senior Sister'S Advice
Chapter 432 Dragon Tribe'S Envoy
Chapter 433 A Dreadful Aura
Chapter 434 Boar Tribe'S Treasure
Chapter 435 Rift Demons
Chapter 436 Visiting The Dragon Tribe
Chapter 437 The Wandering Immortal And His Missing Mirror
Chapter 438 Firefly Tribe
Chapter 439 Qin Liangyu'S Request For Help
Chapter 440 It Would Be A Waste To Kill Her
Chapter 441 Asura God'S Curse
Chapter 442 Lion Tribe'S Invasion
Chapter 443 The Goddess Has Returned!
Chapter 444 Where Did This Monster Come From…?
Chapter 445 Black Dragon Axe
Chapter 446 Ancient Movement Technique
Chapter 447 I'Ve Got You Now!
Chapter 448 Recruiting Bed Partners
Chapter 449 30,000
Chapter 450 Thirty-Two Cultivation Partners 18+
Chapter 451 Passionate Imaginations 18+
Chapter 452 Taking A Peek Inside
Chapter 453 You Will Only Become A Liability For Him
Chapter 454 Can You Take Me With You?
Chapter 455 Taking Her First Time 18+
Chapter 456 Announcing The Next Chief
Chapter 457 He Also Screwed My Wife!
Chapter 458 Parting Gif
Chapter 459 His Past With The Heavenly Emperor End Of Vol. 8
Chapter 460 Returning To The Eastern Continen
Chapter 461 Meeting The Profound Blossom Sect Disciples
Chapter 462 A Potential Partner
Chapter 463 It’S Definitely Bigger Than Before! 18+
Chapter 464 Astonishing Endurance 18+
Chapter 465 Fangirls
Chapter 466 New Sect Elders
Chapter 467 I Want You To Come With Me
Chapter 468 Su Liqing
Chapter 469 Vivid Dreams
Chapter 470 Screaming Internally
Chapter 471 If You Feel Lonely, You Know Where To Find Me
Chapter 472 Are You Stalking Me?!
Chapter 473 Untouchable Princess
Chapter 474 Lying Before Her Face
Chapter 475 Mayhem At The Burning Lotus Sect Once Again
Chapter 476 Wang Shuren Returns
Chapter 477 Heaven Transcendent Pill
Chapter 478 Best Alchemy Master In The World
Chapter 479 Wang Shuren'S Special Training
Chapter 480 Heaven And Hell Experience
Chapter 481 City Of Yuan
Chapter 482 Visiting The Sun Family
Chapter 483 Playing Dumb
Chapter 484 What If Your Parents Walk In On Us?
Chapter 485 Cultivation Inside The Sun Family'S Home
Chapter 486 Xiao Rong Wants To Taste More Of That Sticky White Stuff
Chapter 487 A Cat'S Curiosity
Chapter 488 Sun Family'S Scandal
Chapter 489 Demanding For Answers
Chapter 490 Confronting The Sun Family
Chapter 491 Who Are You?!
Chapter 492 Death By Heartbreak
Chapter 493 The End Of The Mu Family
Chapter 494 Xiao Rong'S Reques
Chapter 495 Exclusive Pleasure Toy
Chapter 496 Might Conceive By Acciden
Chapter 497 Definitely Going To Get Pregnan
Chapter 498 Legacy Disciples
Chapter 499 High Profile Spectators
Chapter 500 Profound Blossom Sect'S Disciple Examination 1
Chapter 501 Profound Blossom Sect'S Disciple Examination 2
Chapter 502 Profound Blossom Sect'S Disciple Examination 3
Chapter 503 Profound Blossom Sect'S Disciple Examination 4
Chapter 504 Profound Blossom Sect'S Disciple Examination 5
Chapter 505 Profound Blossom Sect'S Disciple Examination 6
Chapter 506 Unknown Genius
Chapter 507 Monstrous Talen
Chapter 508 Heaven'S Favorite
Chapter 509 Summoned Beas
Chapter 510 Sacrifices
Chapter 511 Divine Moonstone Blade
Chapter 512 Squirming In Fear
Chapter 513 Overwhelming Prowess
Chapter 514 Dreadful Curse
Chapter 515 The End Of The Million Snakes Sec
Chapter 516 Fu Kuan'S Punishmen
Chapter 517 Qiuyue’S Resolve
Chapter 518 An Unexpected Even
Chapter 519 Waking Up
Chapter 520 Gathering The New Disciples
Chapter 521 Insanely Generous
Chapter 522 Unimaginable Wealth
Chapter 523 Imbalance
Chapter 524 Divine-Grade Technique
Chapter 525 Honest Girl
Chapter 526 I Always Take Care Of My Own People
Chapter 527 Handing Out Cultivation Techniques Like Candies
Chapter 528 Dual Cultivation Division
Chapter 529 Dual Cultivation Techniques
Chapter 530 Refined Technique
Chapter 531 Grand Formation
Chapter 532 Squandering Spirit Stones
Chapter 533 Coming Of Age
Chapter 534 Golden Sword Grand Formation
Chapter 535 Near-Death Experience
Chapter 536 The Ancestor'S Interes
Chapter 537 Another World
Chapter 538 Su Yin'S Apology
Chapter 539 Body'S Natural Reaction
Chapter 540 Nearly Losing Self-Control
Chapter 541 Su Yin'S Birthday
Chapter 542 Ignoring The Situation
Chapter 543 Moonlight Blades' Messenger
Chapter 544 Practice Dolls
Chapter 545 Evaluating The Female Disciples
Chapter 546 Birthday Presen
Chapter 547 Xie Family'S Reques
Chapter 548 Xie Wang'S Invitation
Chapter 549 One-Of-A-Kind Woman
Chapter 550 A Selfish Woman
Chapter 551 Surname Fang
Chapter 552 The Fang Family
Chapter 553 Fang Zhelan'S Real Background
Chapter 554 Fang Zhelan'S Dilemma
Chapter 555 Family Dispute
Chapter 556 Fang Xiaoru'S Examination
Chapter 557 A Mere Glance
Chapter 558 Offering Her Body
Chapter 559 Drenched In Yin Qi
Chapter 560 Azure Cloud Sec
Chapter 561 A Sense Of Connection
Chapter 562 Returning To Snowfall City
Chapter 563 Public Torture
Chapter 564 The Day Of The Gathering
Chapter 565 A Gathering Of Experts
Chapter 566 Live Demonstration
Chapter 567 Desperate For The Heaven Transcendence Pill
Chapter 568 Three Disciples
Chapter 569 Patience
Chapter 570 Everlasting Time Pill
Chapter 571 Alchemy Examination
Chapter 572 Perfect Score
Chapter 573 Second Tes
Chapter 574 The Third Tes
Chapter 575 Soul Invading Pill
Chapter 576 End Of The Alchemy Exam
Chapter 577 Accepting Three Beautiful Disciples
Chapter 578 Approaching Danger
Chapter 579 Visiting The Heavenly Swan Sec
Chapter 580 I Am Not Su Yang
Chapter 581 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 1
Chapter 582 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 2
Chapter 583 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 3
Chapter 584 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 4
Chapter 585 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 5
Chapter 586 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 6
Chapter 587 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 7
Chapter 588 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 8
Chapter 589 Golden Lion Academy'S Invasion 9
Chapter 590 Meeting With The Golden Lion Academy
Chapter 591 Courting Death Would Be An Understatemen
Chapter 592 The Pinnacle Of Sword Techniques
Chapter 593 Have Mercy!
Chapter 594 Cultivators From A Higher Realm
Chapter 595 Missing Corpse
Chapter 596 Take It In The Butt?!
Chapter 597 Renowned Courtesan
Chapter 598 Sect Master'S Routine
Chapter 599 Urges To Just Go Wild
Chapter 600 Learning About The Loophole
Chapter 601 Turning It Up A Notch
Chapter 602 - Entrusting Her Body To Him
Chapter 603 - One In Ten Thousand Women
Chapter 604 - Do You Want To Stick It In My Butt?
Chapter 605 - Spreading Her Buttocks Wide Open
Chapter 606 - Yang Qi In Both Holes
Chapter 607 - Morning Wood Pagoda
Chapter 608 - Pleasuring Six At Once
Chapter 609 - Did You Girls Have Fun?
Chapter 610 - The Fang Sisters
Chapter 611 - The Sisters' Teamwork
Chapter 612 - Su Yang'S Plans
Chapter 613 - Divine Nature Garden
Chapter 614 - The Real Deal
Chapter 615 - Only A Slight Inconvenience
Chapter 616 - An Awkward Situation
Chapter 617 - Spanking Her Buttocks
Chapter 618 - Jade Flames
Chapter 619 - It'S Not Too Late To Quit
Chapter 620 - Preperations
Chapter 621 - A Favor
Chapter 622 - Telling Her The Truth
Chapter 623 - Lecturing Bai Lihua
Chapter 624 - Cannot Wait To Cultivate
Chapter 625 - Leaving It To Fate
Chapter 626 - Do You Think The Sect Master Is Only Playing With Us?
Chapter 627 - Visiting The Xie Family
Chapter 628 Xie Family“S Apology
Chapter 629 The Most Talented Disciple In The Profound Blossom Sec
Chapter 630 Starting To Feel The Symptoms
Chapter 631 Offering Her Service As A Woman
Chapter 632 A Painful Mistake
Chapter 633 A Talented Squirter
Chapter 634 Elite Sec
Chapter 635 Alliance With The Xie Family
Chapter 636 Existing In Another Space
Chapter 637 - Becoming Rebellious
Chapter 638 - Yan Yan'S Mysterious Background
Chapter 639 - Lowering His Head
Chapter 640 - Opening The Formation Early
Chapter 641 - Returning To The Holy Central Continent
Chapter 642 - The Reason I Like You
Chapter 643 - A Frog In A Well
Chapter 644 - Heavenly Spiritual Roots
Chapter 645 - Purple Bell Poison Flower
Chapter 646 - Legendary Pill Recipe
Chapter 647 - Emperor Lian
Chapter 648 - Two Beautiful Daughters
Chapter 649 - Taking Responsibility
Chapter 650 - B.R.E.A.S.T Milk
Chapter 651 - Zhu Mengyi'S New Technique
Chapter 652 - Flaming Dragon
Chapter 653 - Dragon'S Breath
Chapter 654 - Is That Even Possible?
Chapter 655 - Heading To The Holy Sword Academy
Chapter 656 - Holy Sword Academy
Chapter 657 - Burning With Anger And Jealousy
Chapter 658 - This F.U.C.Ker Is Really Handsome!
Chapter 659 - Pummeling The Crown Prince
Chapter 660 - Mysterious Beauty
Chapter 661 - Demon Slaying Sword
Chapter 662 - Unfathomable Arrogance
Chapter 663 - An Incomprehensible Fight
Chapter 664 - Slightly Better Than Lian Heng
Chapter 665 - What Do You Think You Are Doing To Me, You Damn Pervert?!
Chapter 666 - Public Humiliation
Chapter 667 - One Free Attack
Chapter 668 - Spirit Heaven’S Sword Emperor
Chapter 669 - Admitting Defeat
Chapter 670 - Conquering Lian Li
Chapter 671 - Dinner At Nine Spring Hall
Chapter 672 - Heavenly Gratification
Chapter 673 - A Taste Of Her Own Medicine
Chapter 674 - Why Are You Stopping?
Chapter 675 - You Can’T Do That To Me!
Chapter 676 - Extreme Humiliation
Chapter 677 - Well, Here I Am!
Chapter 678 - Proving Her Sincerity
Chapter 679 Legs In The Air
Chapter 680 Nearly Climaxing Every Minute
Chapter 681 How About Another Child?
Chapter 682 Conquering Holy Central Continent'S Top 3 Beauties
Chapter 683 Sect Master Zhu'S Decision
Chapter 684 Is There Anything He Cannot Do?
Chapter 685 Lian Family'S Ancestors
Chapter 686 Meeting Emperor Lian
Chapter 687 Dried-Up Corpse
Chapter 688 No Matter What I Do To Your Wife
Chapter 689 Virgin'S Blood
Chapter 690 Treating Feng Xindou
Chapter 691 Decades Of Sexual Frustration
Chapter 692 The Empress'S Recovery
Chapter 693 Do You Still Want To Be My Woman?
Chapter 694 Four Elements Roo
Chapter 695 Handshake
Chapter 696 - There’S No Harm In Being A Little Forceful, Right?
Chapter 697 - A Third One
Chapter 698 - Hundreds Of Millions
Chapter 699 - Peak Of The Heavenly Spirit Realm
Chapter 700 - It Just Happened
Chapter 701 - Ensnaring Formation
Chapter 702 - Devil Blood Ginseng
Chapter 703 - Abandoned Forest
Chapter 704 - Abandoned Forest (2)
Chapter 705 - Abandoned Forest (3)
Chapter 706 - Purple Qilin'S Nest
Chapter 707 - Xie Xingfang'S Resolution
Chapter 708 - Penetrating Xie Xingfang
Chapter 709 - A Serious Proposal
Chapter 710 - Purple Qilin'S Blood
Chapter 711 - Creating The Antidote
Chapter 712 - Opening The Formation
Chapter 713 - Restoring The Celestial Pond
Chapter 714 - You’Ll Never Win Against Him
Chapter 715 - Xie Xingfang'S Recovery
Chapter 716 - Four Peerless Beauties In The Celestial Pond
Chapter 717 - Announcing Their Alliance
Chapter 718 - Introducing The Family
Chapter 719 - Introducing The Family(2)
Chapter 720 - I Will I.M.P.R.E.G.N.A.T.E You As Many Times As You Want
Chapter 721 Compatibility
Chapter 722 Real Daughters
Chapter 723 Blossom Spring
Chapter 724 Impregnating Su Liqing
Chapter 725 Let Her Watch
Chapter 726 Watching Intensively
Chapter 727 Teaching Xiao Rong About Lus
Chapter 728 How He Obtained The Sword Emperor Title
Chapter 729 Recalling An Inciden
Chapter 730 Solving Patriarch Gold'S Disappearance
Chapter 731 He’Ll Sully Her Pure Body!
Chapter 732 Are You Really Senior Xiao?
Chapter 733 The Xiang Family
Chapter 734 Secret Lover
Chapter 735 God-Like Alchemy Flames Control
Chapter 736 Do You Remember What You Said To My Family?
Chapter 737 Wang Shuren'S Decision
Chapter 738 Abandoning Everything
Chapter 739 As A Reward, How About A Kiss?
Chapter 740 Liquid Of Fertility
Chapter 741 Training Cai Yan
Chapter 742 Leaving Behind His Legacy
Chapter 743 A Story Of An Immortal Living In A Distant World
Chapter 744 Su Yin'S Decision
Chapter 745 A Lot Of Practice And Swallowing
Chapter 746 The Sisters' Decision
Chapter 747 Like A Group Of Housewives
Chapter 748 But I Am Your Man
Chapter 749 Tossing Her On The Bed
Chapter 750 You'Re Actually A Pretty Lustful Woman, Aren'T You?
Chapter 751 Finding A New Sect Master For The Heavenly Swan Sect
Chapter 752 Not Wanting To Fall Behind
Chapter 753 Three Days Left
Chapter 754 Tang Lingxi'S Departure
Chapter 755 The Real Hong Yu'Er
Chapter 756 Returning To Her Own Body
Chapter 757 Disciple Rivalry
Chapter 758 Plowing Luo Yixiao
Chapter 759 Tighter Than Usual
Chapter 760 Another List Of Medicine
Chapter 761 I Didn'T Know I Was That Strong
Chapter 762 Lord Xie'S Reaction
Chapter 763 Twins
Chapter 764 A Great Harvest!
Chapter 765 Do You Think You Can Help Me Again?
Chapter 766 Emperor Lian'S Resolve
Chapter 767 Dew Of Life
Chapter 768 Public Bathhouse
Chapter 769 Ruan Family
Chapter 770 Negotiations
Chapter 771 The Shorter Your Temperament...
Chapter 772 A Quick Detour
Chapter 773 Twenty Immortal-Grade Techniques
Chapter 774 This Is What I'Ve Been Yearning For!
Chapter 775 It'S Like Comparing A Sword To A Tiny Needle!
Chapter 776 You Might As Well Be A Woman!
Chapter 777 Pill Of Rebirth
Chapter 778 Returning To The Southern Continent
Chapter 779 Spiritual Root Of Restoration
Chapter 780 Desolate City
Chapter 781 Ji Family
Chapter 782 You Should Become My Woman!
Chapter 783 Collection Room
Chapter 784 Cursed Treasure
Chapter 785 The Northern Continent
Chapter 786 Lotus Of Awakening
Chapter 787 Body Refiner
Chapter 788 Physical Abuse
Chapter 789 Root Of Revival
Chapter 790 Ancestor Xian
Chapter 791 Immortal Association
Chapter 792 In Three Days
Chapter 793 Teleport Formation
Chapter 794 Let Me Fight All Of Them
Chapter 795 A Total Of 27 Immortal-Grade Cultivation Techniques
Chapter 796 Frozen From Shock And Fear
Chapter 797 Banned From Participating
Chapter 798 24 Hours
Chapter 799 A Few Minutes To Prepare
Chapter 800 Are You Trying To Scare Us To Death?!
Chapter 801 Ten Minutes Of Relentless Attacks
Chapter 802 Teleport Formation
Chapter 803 Obtaining The Lotus Of Awakening
Chapter 804 Connecting The Five Continents
Chapter 805 Following Su Yang To The Eastern Continent
Chapter 806 Extreme Yang Qi
Chapter 807 Extreme Yin Qi
Chapter 808 Meeting The Lu Family
Chapter 809 On The Verge Of Death
Chapter 810 Lu Youyi
Chapter 811 Expelling The Poison
Chapter 812 Thanking Him Properly
Chapter 813 An Excuse To Embrace You
Chapter 814 Upcoming Gathering
Chapter 815 Eastern Continent'S Massive Gathering
Chapter 816 Revealing His Identity
Chapter 817 Who'S The Father?
Chapter 818 I Can Feel Them Kicking
Chapter 819 Moon Rock
Chapter 820 Su Family'S First Gathering
Chapter 821 I Have Always Paid Attention To You
Chapter 822 Giving Birth
Chapter 823 After Delivery
Chapter 824 Qiuyue
Chapter 825 Qiuyue (2)
Chapter 826 Take Responsibility And Stick It In My Butt!
Chapter 827 Something They'Ve Never Seen Before
Chapter 828 Unfathomable Alchemy Skills
Chapter 829 Four Great Families' Gathering
Chapter 830 Broadening Their Views
Chapter 831 Announcing His Depature
Chapter 832 A Line That Cannot Be Crossed
Chapter 833 There'S Only One Solution
Chapter 834 Why Haven'T You Invited Me To Go With You Yet?
Chapter 835 Yang Pagoda
Chapter 836 Fiery Hellfire Seed
Chapter 837 Swallowing The Hellfire Seed
Chapter 838 Sovereign Spirit Realm
Chapter 839 Burning Hot Rod
Chapter 840 This Is Just The Beginning
Chapter 841 A Familiar Face
Chapter 842 Ever Since She Left The Sect
Chapter 843 Not Fully Relieved
Chapter 844 Xiao Rong'S Bottomless Appetite
Chapter 845 Yellow River Sect
Chapter 846 Sect Master Huang'S Decision
Chapter 847 Scheduling The Continental Meeting
Chapter 848 I Have Been Spoiled Too Much By You
Chapter 849 Liu Lanzhi'S Request
Chapter 850 Continental Meeting
Chapter 851 I'M Here To Impregnate You
Chapter 852 Impregnating Cai Yan
Chapter 853 Cloud Nine Liquid
Chapter 854 Special Event
Chapter 855 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 856 Xiao Bai'S Future
Chapter 857 Celebration
Chapter 858 500 Years
Chapter 859 Hong Yu'Er'S Ambition
Chapter 860 Hong Yu'Er'S Decision
Chapter 861 Teasing Xiao Rong'S Rear End
Chapter 862 Su Li'Er
Chapter 863 Yan Yan'S Decision
Chapter 864 Lin Shao Shang
Chapter 865 Saying Their Goodbyes
Chapter 866 Saying Their Goodbyes (2)
Chapter 867 Visiting The Sun Family Again
Chapter 868 Visiting The Sun Family Again (2)
Chapter 869 Ancestral Peak
Chapter 870 Revisiting The Su Family
Chapter 871 Join My Family
Chapter 872 Leaving The Profound Blossom Sect
Chapter 873 Returning To The Boar Tribe
Chapter 874 Returning To The Boar Tribe (2)
Chapter 875 Supreme Appearance Altering Pill
Chapter 876 Xian Ni'S Decision
Chapter 877 Four Divine Heavens' Economy
Chapter 878 Entering The Silver Dimension Gate (End Of Vol. 9)
Chapter 879 Returning To The Four Divine Heavens
Chapter 880 Nine Celestial Provinces
Chapter 881 Stellar Bazaar
Chapter 882 Su Yang'S Business
Chapter 883 Selling His Yang Qi
Chapter 884 Cheng Xiaochen
Chapter 885 Some Things Never Change
Chapter 886 Tranquil Spirit Valley
Chapter 887 Statue
Chapter 888 What Are You Looking At?
Chapter 889 Descendant
Chapter 890 Qiang City
Chapter 891 Tower Of Intelligence
Chapter 892 Soul Validity Scroll
Chapter 893 Are All Of Them Still Alive?
Chapter 894 Sacred Lands
Chapter 895 Frozen Asgard
Chapter 896 Frozen Palace
Chapter 897 Mu Yuechan
Chapter 898 Wang Yunxuan
Chapter 899 Luo Ziyi
Chapter 900 What If It'S A Trap?
Chapter 901 Extreme Cold Resistance Pills
Chapter 902 Entering The Frozen Asgard
Chapter 903 Ice Cavern
Chapter 904 Primordial Mammoth
Chapter 905 Underground
Chapter 906 Restrained Yin Sect
Chapter 907 Returning To The Surface
Chapter 908 Sword Will
Chapter 909 Celestial Sword Sect
Chapter 910 Unknown Terror
Chapter 911 Devil Blood Mist
Chapter 912 She Will Definitely Come
Chapter 913 Frozen Azure Cave
Chapter 914 Inside The Frozen Azure Cave
Chapter 915 Reunion After 2,000 Years
Chapter 916 Reactivating Luo Ziyi'S Family Seal
Chapter 917 Does This Make Me The First?
Chapter 918 Su Yang'S Plans
Chapter 919 Leaving The Frozen Azure Cave
Chapter 920 Leaving Frozen Asgard
Chapter 921 12 Goddesses
Chapter 922 Learning The Truth
Chapter 923 Above The Seven Mortal Spirit Realms
Chapter 924 Sparring Each Other
Chapter 925 Their Mentors
Chapter 926 A New Home
Chapter 927 Celestial City
Chapter 928 Burning Spirit Wood
Chapter 929 Golden Treasure Auction House
Chapter 930 Life-Saving Treasure
Chapter 931 Nightmare Dust
Chapter 932 Dragon Bindweed
Chapter 933 Leaving Celestial Heaven
Chapter 934 Jade Heaven
Chapter 935 Jaded Garden
Chapter 936 Medicine Paradise
Chapter 937 Summoning The God Of Alchemy
Chapter 938 God Of Alchemy
Chapter 939 Take Responsibility
Chapter 940 Pill Basement
Chapter 941 Unique Alchemy Flames
Chapter 942 Most Powerful Alchemy Flames In The Universe
Chapter 943 Cheating
Chapter 944 One Month Trial
Chapter 945 Celestial Yang Qi
Chapter 946 A New Plan
Chapter 947 City Of Pleasure
Chapter 948 - Massage Parlor
Chapter 949 - First Customer
Chapter 950 - Do You Do Anything Other Than Massages?
Chapter 951 - Noise Complaints
Chapter 952 - Two Months
Chapter 953 - Hiring A New Receptionist
Chapter 954 - Intelligent Little Girl
Chapter 955 - Practice
Chapter 956 - Mei Xing'S First Day At Work
Chapter 957 - Priority
Chapter 958 - Too Much Money
Chapter 959 - Lack Of Talent
Chapter 960 - Visiting Mei Xing'S Mother
Chapter 961 - Mei Xing'S Mother
Chapter 962 - I Am Also A Doctor
Chapter 963 - I Will Take Care Of You And Your Daughter
Chapter 964 - Rowdy Crowd
Chapter 965 Mei Ying'S Decision
Chapter 966 Scarlet Phoenixes
Chapter 967 Help Me Climax!
Chapter 968 Leaving The Brothel
Chapter 969 Is That Your Real Size?
Chapter 970 That Was Just The Tip
Chapter 971 A Second Receptionis
Chapter 972 Can I Embrace You Tonight?
Chapter 973 I Might Get You Pregnant Again
Chapter 974 The Effects Of Feng Tianwei'S Promotion
Chapter 975 A New Receptionis
Chapter 976 Outrage
Chapter 977 Vandalized
Chapter 978: Vandalized(2)
Chapter 979: Ignoring Their Efforts
Chapter 980: Why He Failed To Become A Scholar
Chapter 981: The True Culprit
Chapter 982: Qian Fuju
Chapter 983: Red-Robed Madam
Chapter 984: Thugs Guarding The Entrance
Chapter 985: I Won’T Treat You Badly
Chapter 986: Are You Going To Kill Us?
Chapter 987: Relocating
Chapter 988: Key To Success
Chapter 989: Real Or Fake
Chapter 990: Medallion Of Pleasure
Chapter 991: Medallion Of Pleasure (2)
Chapter 992: Why Am I So Unlucky?
Chapter 993: Are You Here To Cause Us Trouble Again?
Chapter 994: Qian Fuju'S Apology
Chapter 995: Acting Innocent
Chapter 996: Room Services
Chapter 997: Deal!
Chapter 998: Xing Aiying
Chapter 999: Xing Aiying(2)
Chapter 1000: Do You Want To Try It?
Chapter 1001: Free Massage
Chapter 1002: Stop Using Your Fingers!
Chapter 1003: Special Treatment
Chapter 1004: A Rare Find
Chapter 1005: A Short-Lived Business
Chapter 1006: Leaving The City Of Pleasure
Chapter 1007: Arriving At Boundless Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 1008: A New Disciple At The Boundless Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 1009: Eternal Yin Yang Cave
Chapter 1010: The Outcast Triplets
Chapter 1011: Square Of Devotion
Chapter 1012: Breathtaking Beauty
Chapter 1013: Ouyang Family
Chapter 1014: Su Yang'S Pleasure Points
Chapter 1015: Ouyang Lufei
Chapter 1016: Event
Chapter 1017: Treasure Exchange Gallery
Chapter 1018: Perfect Replica Of Su Yang'S Dragon
Chapter 1019: Crafting His Own Dragon
Chapter 1020: Do You Prefer The Real One?
Chapter 1021: Celestial Meteorite
Chapter 1022: I Am Xiao Yang
Chapter 1023: Warming Up
Chapter 1024: Ten Minutes
Chapter 1025: This Is So Free!
Chapter 1026: Fill Me Up
Chapter 1027: Sacred Empress
Chapter 1028: Su Tianying
Chapter 1029: Illegally
Chapter 1030: Yin Yang Hot Springs
Chapter 1031: Fake Body
Chapter 1032: Nullify Pill
Chapter 1033: Leaving The Yin Yang Hot Springs
Chapter 1034: I Want You To Wreck My Body With The Monster Between Your Legs
Chapter 1035: We Can Deal With Him Whenever We Want
Chapter 1036: Cheating On Their Partners
Chapter 1037: First And Last Warning
Chapter 1038: Ignoring The Threats
Chapter 1039: There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Body!
Chapter 1040: A Small Punishment
Chapter 1041: Lt’S About Time L Get Serious
Chapter 1042: Sect Mission
Chapter 1043: Yao Qiang
Chapter 1044: Life Or Death Match
Chapter 1045: Life Or Death Match(2)
Chapter 1046: Life Or Death Match(3)
Chapter 1047: Lin Xinyi
Chapter 1048: Lin Xinyi(2)
Chapter 1049: Elder Yao’S Bait
Chapter 1050: Golden Yang Pill
Chapter 1051: Sect Leader Of The Boundless Yin Yang Sect
Chapter 1052: Sect Leader’S Suspision
Chapter 1053: Luo Li’S Visit
Chapter 1054: Three Bottles Of Yang Qi
Chapter 1055: Assistant Sect Leader
Chapter 1056: High Priority Missions
Chapter 1057: Three Months
Chapter 1058: Meeting His First Client
Chapter 1059: Madam Ruby
Chapter 1060: Sweet Nectar
Chapter 1061: Heavens, Have Mercy!
Chapter 1062: Red Hook City
Chapter 1063 Stellar Yin Constitution + Announcement
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Total Chapters in book: 1064
Estimated words: 1287632 (not accurate)
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

What is the point of wealth and status if there’s nobody to share it with? Dual Cultivation explores the sensual side of the Cultivation world that is often filled with solitude!

Su Yang was sentenced to life in prison within the Eternal Retribution Cliff, where only the universe’s most violent and evil criminals dwell.

His crime?

He seduced the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s sister, and even touched the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter.

He later meets a mysterious old man who would help him escape prison by reincarnating him.

In his new life, Su Yang swears to reunite with his lovers and hold them in his embrace once again, all the while finding new ones along the way.

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Cultivation Levels -

{Seven Mortal Stages}

Elementary Spirit Realm

Profound Spirit Realm

True Spirit Realm

Earth Spirit Realm

Heavenly Spirit Realm

Sovereign Spirit Realm

Divine Spirit Realm


{Divine Stages}

Divine Origin Realm

Divine Lord Realm


{Ancient Realm}



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Total Chapters in book: 1064
Estimated words: 1287632 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 6438(@200wpm)___ 5151(@250wpm)___ 4292(@300wpm)