Esper Harem in the Apocalypse by NoWoRRyMaN

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Telepathy And Superhuman Strength
Chapter 3 - Superhuman Speed And The Abandoned Tunnel
Chapter 4 - Getting A Job
Chapter 5 - Psychokinesis | Telekinesis
Chapter 6 - Mental Strength
Chapter 7 - See Through
Chapter 8 - Death Flags
Chapter 9 - Flight
Chapter 10 - Breakdown
Chapter 11 - Rebecca
Chapter 12 - The Super Gene Experiment
Chapter 13 - The History Of The Abandoned Tunnel And The Ghost Girl
Chapter 14 - Ghost Girl
Chapter 15 - [Bonus ] The Birth Of A God
Chapter 16 - Reoccurring Fear
Chapter 17 - [Bonus ] Culture Crisis
Chapter 18 - Relaxing Bath
Chapter 19 - [Bonus ] Taming The Ghost Girl
Chapter 20 - Lethal Protector
Chapter 21 - Childhood Friend
Chapter 22 - Right Choices
Chapter 23 - [Bonus ] Possessed | Teased By The Ghost
Chapter 24 - Reasons To Go Harem Route
Chapter 25 - [Bonus ] A Ghost Girl’S Mouth*
Chapter 26 - Post Nut Clarity
Chapter 27 - Rize
Chapter 28 - Evil Resolution
Chapter 29 - Caught In The Act
Chapter 30 - Strange Anomaly
Chapter 31 - Looking For Girlfriend
Chapter 32 - My Ghost Girl
Chapter 33 - Evil Resolution (Ii)
Chapter 34 - Beings Of Night
Chapter 35 - [Bonus ] Mommy’S Boy
Chapter 36 - Angelica’S Prowess**
Chapter 37 - Moaning Angelica**
Chapter 38 - Not So Usual Morning
Chapter 39 - Flirting With Alice
Chapter 40 - A Sudden Development
Chapter 41 - A New Family
Chapter 42 - Reason To Kill
Chapter 43 - The Absolute Power
Chapter 44 - Reason To Kill (Ii)
Chapter 45 - [Bonus ] Mind Control
Chapter 46 - Time To Get Rich
Chapter 47 - Into The Casino
Chapter 48 - Weird Encounter
Chapter 49 - Stuck In The Cubicle
Chapter 50 - Beginner’S Luck
Chapter 51 - Multiple Bets
Chapter 52 - Uh Oh!
Chapter 53 - Wayouts
Chapter 54 - Master Rusher
Chapter 55 - Sugar Mama
Chapter 56 - Friends
Chapter 57 - Maria’S Family Background
Chapter 58 - Underworld’S History
Chapter 59 - Comforting Maria
Chapter 60 - Thirsty Angelica
Chapter 61 - Wild Night**
Chapter 62 - Exciting Morning
Chapter 63 - [Bonus ] Rebecca’S Secret
Chapter 64 - Picking Up Alice
Chapter 65 - Mental Exhaustion
Chapter 66 - Exchanging Juice
Chapter 67 - Making Up With Alice
Chapter 68 - Making Up With Alice (Ii)
Chapter 69 - Making Out With Alice
Chapter 70 - Confession
Chapter 71 - Evening With Rebecca
Chapter 72 - Two Days Later
Chapter 73 - Dinner With Rebecca
Chapter 74 - Rudy’S Past Life Struggle
Chapter 75 - Visiting Joe And Lucy
Chapter 76 - Landlord’S House
Chapter 77 - Unexpected Twist
Chapter 78 - Secret Behind The Powers
Chapter 79 - Rudy’S Judgement
Chapter 80 - Guilty Pleasure
Chapter 81 - Pervy Angelica*
Chapter 82 - Visiting The Water Park
Chapter 83 - Dealing With The Annoying Guard
Chapter 84 - Anthony
Chapter 85 - Another Trouble
Chapter 86 - The Commitment
Chapter 87 - Priorities
Chapter 88 - Chasing Scott
Chapter 89 - Reina Wants To Be Kissed
Chapter 90 - Bad Girl
Chapter 91 - Rudy’S Kissing Course
Chapter 92 - Special Secret Course| I Prefer Mangoes
Chapter 93 - Into The Pool With Reina
Chapter 94 - Reina Meets Angelica
Chapter 95 - Reina Wants To Be Loved
Chapter 96 - I Want You Inside Me
Chapter 97 - Reina Wants To Be Railed*
Chapter 98 - Exploring Reina*
Chapter 99 - Long, Yet Short Night*
Chapter 100 - Harem Lord
Chapter 101 - Searching Searching
Chapter 102 - Interrogation
Chapter 103 - Unexpected Ending
Chapter 104 - Date Day
Chapter 105 - Date Day (Ii)
Chapter 106 - At The Park Again
Chapter 107 - Reina Meets Alice
Chapter 108 - Pool Problem
Chapter 109 - Renting A Personal Pool
Chapter 110 - Reina Is Curious
Chapter 111 - Reina Wants To Be Nailed*
Chapter 112 - A New Course*
Chapter 113 - Reina Wants To Be Punished
Chapter 114 - Libido Crisis
Chapter 115 - Official Relationship
Chapter 116 - One Step Closer
Chapter 117 - With Alice*
Chapter 118 - With Alice (Ii)
Chapter 119 - Alice Is Innocent
Chapter 120 - First Finger
Chapter 121 - I Lied
Chapter 122 - Leaving The Waterpark
Chapter 123 - Brainless
Chapter 124 - Not Your Rudy
Chapter 125 - Spilling Beans
Chapter 126 - Discussing Harem
Chapter 127 - Alice’S Decision
Chapter 128 - Rudy’S Revenge | Harem Membership
Chapter 129 - Pink Suits You
Chapter 130 - Jinx
Chapter 131 - Visiting The Store
Chapter 132 - Home Sweet Home
Chapter 133 - Dinner With Rebecca (Ii)
Chapter 134 - Home Alone
Chapter 135 - Late Night Text
Chapter 136 - Visiting Alice Late At Night
Chapter 137 - Alice Meets Angelica
Chapter 138 - A New Power?
Chapter 139 Innocence Level Over 9000!
Chapter 140 Silence Before The Storm
Chapter 141 Calm Before The Calamity
Chapter 142 Calamity
Chapter 143 Cryokinesis
Chapter 144 Breaking Laws
Chapter 145 Ways To Kill
Chapter 146 God.| Devil.| Grim Reaper.
Chapter 147 Anti-Hero
Chapter 148 Main Attraction
Chapter 149 Fool’S Pride
Chapter 150 Bad Pilot
Chapter 151 Rebecca Is Anxious
Chapter 152 Comforting Angelica
Chapter 153 Infiltration
Chapter 154 Wrong Answers
Chapter 155 Unusual Roleplay
Chapter 156 Getting Caught?
Chapter 157 On Rooftop With Alice
Chapter 158 [Bonus Chapter]Lonely Lover
Chapter 159 Asking Alice About George
Chapter 160 Mess With Me, And I Will Mess You Up
Chapter 161 Comforting Rebecca
Chapter 162 Feeding Rebecca
Chapter 163 Walking With Rebecca At Night
Chapter 164 Janet, The Former Bully
Chapter 165 Bully Getting Bullied
Chapter 166 Future Friends
Chapter 167 Bonds
Chapter 168 Vampire
Chapter 169 Fighting With A Vampire
Chapter 170 Fighting With A Vampire (Last Part)
Chapter 171 Life Of The Normal Highschool Student
Chapter 172 Life Of The Normal Highschool Student (Ii)
Chapter 173 Classic Creepy House
Chapter 174 Inside The Creepy House
Chapter 175 Inside The Creepy House (Ii)
Chapter 176 Inside The Creepy House (Iii)
Chapter 177 Breaking Promise
Chapter 178 Stupid Or Brave?
Chapter 179 One Month After The Meeting
Chapter 180 Getting Closer
Chapter 181 Rias Meets Rebecca
Chapter 182 Rias Vs Rebecca
Chapter 183 The Winner
Chapter 184 Until The Very End
Chapter 185 Way To Enter The Vampire World
Chapter 186 Into The Vampire World
Chapter 187 Crashing The Party
Chapter 188 The Beckoning
Chapter 189 The Massive Arena
Chapter 190 Three! Two! One! Fight!
Chapter 191 Flick
Chapter 192 Rias And Jane
Chapter 193 Trying To Create A New Power
Chapter 194 Direct Contact
Chapter 195 Sharing Senses
Chapter 196 Dire Decision
Chapter 197 To Stay Or Not To Stay
Chapter 198 Impossible To Impose
Chapter 199 Sin Of Lust
Chapter 200 Judgement Time
Chapter 201 Helping Hand
Chapter 202 Awkward Silence Followed By Lust
Chapter 203 The Temptation
Chapter 204 Get On Your Knees
Chapter 205 Their Schemes
Chapter 206 Five More To Go
Chapter 207 A Tight Reward
Chapter 208 Desperate Jane
Chapter 209 A Vampire’S Mouth*
Chapter 210 Filling Jane’S Mouth With White Blood*
Chapter 211 Sixty Nine
Chapter 212 Mission Failed
Chapter 213 Deflowering Jane*
Chapter 214 A Vampire’S Cave*
Chapter 215 Under The Red Moon*
Chapter 216 Vampire’S Lust*
Chapter 217 Falling In Love*
Chapter 218 A Sweet Nightmare
Chapter 219 Angry Ghost
Chapter 220 Disastrous Morning
Chapter 221 Why. Why? Why?!
Chapter 222 Jane And Rudy
Chapter 223 Will You Join My Harem?
Chapter 224 Mister D
Chapter 225 Beg For It
Chapter 226 Virgil
Chapter 227 The Lord
Chapter 228 The Lord’S Incarnation
Chapter 229 Blue Moon
Chapter 230 Cursed Child
Chapter 231 Royal Dining Hall
Chapter 232 Bloody Breakfast
Chapter 233 Date With Jane
Chapter 234 Vampire Academy
Chapter 235 Nostalgia
Chapter 236 A Yandere?
Chapter 237 Conflicted
Chapter 238 Classroom
Chapter 239 Blonde-Haired Student
Chapter 240 Grandmaster’S Office
Chapter 241 Mad Queen
Chapter 242 Labyrinth
Chapter 243 [Bonus Chapter] Magic Vs Abilities
Chapter 244 Domineering Aura
Chapter 245 One Body Two Souls
Chapter 246 Oh. Oh? Oh?!
Chapter 247 Teleport Malfunction
Chapter 248 Letter
Chapter 249 Letter (Ii)
Chapter 250 Yet Another Evil Resolution
Chapter 251 Royal Bathhouse
Chapter 252 Gaining Intel
Chapter 253 Thirsty Nyxia
Chapter 254 Tampered. Forgotten. Forgiven
Chapter 255 Powers And Knowledge
Chapter 256 Hero And Villain
Chapter 257 Truth About The Apocalypse
Chapter 258 Rendezvous Point
Chapter 259 Not So Casual Conversation
Chapter 260 Nyxia’S Children
Chapter 261 Hard Time || Second Strongest Vampire
Chapter 262 Twist Over Twist
Chapter 263 Reality Check
Chapter 264 Returning?
Chapter 265 Vampire’S Thirst
Chapter 266 [Bonus Chapter] Late Night Dinner
Chapter 267 Blood Moon Trees
Chapter 268 Returning To The Labyrinth
Chapter 269 Stranded
Chapter 270 Way Out
Chapter 271 Awakening
Chapter 272 Your Highness
Chapter 273 Begone!
Chapter 274 Reality Wrap
Chapter 275 Merits Of Having A Vampire Wife
Chapter 276 Niti’S Strange Behavior
Chapter 277 The Maids’ Lives
Chapter 278 Niti
Chapter 279 Interrogating Niti
Chapter 280 Personal Maids
Chapter 281 Strolling Never Ends Well
Chapter 282 Royal Hall
Chapter 283 Vesier
Chapter 284 Crashing Yet Another Party
Chapter 285 [Bonus Chapter] Sonovabich
Chapter 286 Killing Is Overrated
Chapter 287 Into The Space
Chapter 288 Pandora Box
Chapter 289 Never-Ending Curse
Chapter 290 Alucard Family
Chapter 291 Marriage Proposal
Chapter 292 A Presence That Rivals The Lord
Chapter 293 Sheer Emotions
Chapter 294 A Kind Threat
Chapter 295 Nyxia'S Domineer
Chapter 296 Recharge
Chapter 297 Cultivation
Chapter 298 Blood And Saliva
Chapter 299 Red-Handed
Chapter 300 Caught In 4K
Chapter 301 Rudy'S Greatest Fear
Chapter 302 Find My Prey
Chapter 303 (Un)Expected Happening
Chapter 304 Niti'S Secret
Chapter 305 A Tsundere Masochist
Chapter 306 Niti'S Betreyal
Chapter 307 Digging Niti
Chapter 308 (Un)Wanted Empathy
Chapter 309 Amid Pleasure
Chapter 310 Riding Niti*
Chapter 311 Filling Niti*
Chapter 312 Round Three*
Chapter 313 Ln A Closed Room
Chapter 314 Jane'S Obsession
Chapter 315 A Guest
Chapter 316 Miu
Chapter 317 He Is The One
Chapter 318 Re(Pro)Ducing The Blood Moon Tree
Chapter 319 Blood Moon Forest
Chapter 320 The Attacker'S Ldentity
Chapter 321 Vampire Harem
Chapter 322 So Many Worries
Chapter 323 Culprit Plays Victim
Chapter 324 [Bonus Chapter] A Promisedreward
Chapter 325 Rudy'S Daring Wwishes
Chapter 326 After The Rejection
Chapter 327 Nyxia'S Demand
Chapter 328 Nyxia'S Answer
Chapter 329 After A Long Time
Chapter 330 Sweet Shots
Chapter 331 Long Time No See
Chapter 332 Rias' Fury
Chapter 333 Catching Up
Chapter 334 Rudy And Rias ||R& R
Chapter 335 First Time Ever
Chapter 336 Marraige Ritual
Chapter 337 Married Life
Chapter 338 Classic Catch
Chapter 339 Party
Chapter 340 Enchanting Dance
Chapter 341 Tingling Sensation
Chapter 342 Monster Hunting
Chapter 343 The Lord'S Chamber
Chapter 344 Lord'S Throne
Chapter 345 Omniscient And Omnipotent
Chapter 346 Return
Chapter 347 Forbidden Kiss
Chapter 348 Universal Call
Chapter 349 [Bonus Chapter] Future Plans
Chapter 350 Meeting Maria
Chapter 351 After Winning The Gamblingtournament
Chapter 352 Returning To The School
Chapter 353 Visiting The Bank
Chapter 354 Money Heist
Chapter 355 Sneaky Attack
Chapter 356 Detective Rudy
Chapter 357 The Mastermind
Chapter 358 Triggering The Bombs
Chapter 359 Date With Maria
Chapter 360 Dinner With Maria
Chapter 361 Fetching Cash
Chapter 362 Home Visit
Chapter 363 Moving In
Chapter 364 Alone With Lucy
Chapter 365 Master
Chapter 366 Alice Meets Reina, Again
Chapter 367 Repaying The Debt
Chapter 368 Show Time
Chapter 369 Movie Date
Chapter 370 Movie Time
Chapter 371 Shopping
Chapter 372 Good Old Memories
Chapter 373 Emotional Damage
Chapter 374 Double Emotional Damage
Chapter 375 Emotional Damage Subscription
Chapter 376 Reina'S Demise
Chapter 377 Meanwhile
Chapter 378 [Bonus Chapter] Under The Blue Moon
Chapter 379 Blessings Of The Blue Child
Chapter 380 Tailing Rebecca
Chapter 381 Ghosts Of Lost Souls
Chapter 380 Tailing Rebecca
Chapter 381 Ghosts Of Lost Souls
Chapter 382 An (Un)Fortunate Incident
Chapter 383 Lucky Pervert Moment
Chapter 384 A Forbidden Relationship
Chapter 385 Confronting Rudy
Chapter 386 Will You Go Out With Me?
Chapter 387 Crowded Bus
Chapter 388 Pet Shop
Chapter 389 Seeking Rudy'S Help
Chapter 390 On The Bus, Again
Chapter 391 Preying The Predator
Chapter 392 Gambling Time
Chapter 393 Vip Club Gambling Tournament
Chapter 394 Gamble Of Life
Chapter 395 Finale Of The Vip Club Tournament
Chapter 396 Rock. Paper. Scissor.
Chapter 397 Mad Gambler
Chapter 398 The Winner Of The Vip Club Casino Gambling Tournament
Chapter 399 Sexting In The Casino While Gambling
Chapter 400 Half Day
Chapter 401 Submitting Homework
Chapter 402 Alone With Rize In Her Office
Chapter 403 Rize And Rudy || R & R
Chapter 404 A Pest
Chapter 405 Defenseless Rize
Chapter 406 Kissing Rize In Her Office
Chapter 407 Step-Sister
Chapter 408 Cleaning Trash
Chapter 409 Punishment Of Pleasure
Chapter 410 A Failed Strategy
Chapter 411 Sealing Maria'S Lips
Chapter 412 Lilim || Land Of Mafia
Chapter 413 Stepping Into The Underworld
Chapter 414 Mafia Estate || Ross Syndicate
Chapter 415 Shot Dead
Chapter 416 Turning The Tables
Chapter 417 Rudy Ross
Chapter 418 Sit With Me
Chapter 419 Lilim'S True Self
Chapter 420 Not A Human
Chapter 421 Tasting A Demon
Chapter 422 Breaking Lilim
Chapter 423 Loads Later
Chapter 424 Rusher'S Scheme
Chapter 425 Departing For The Underworld Tournament
Chapter 426 Under Blades
Chapter 427 Underworld Tournament
Chapter 428 Semi Finals
Chapter 429 Underworld Ranking
Chapter 430 Vision Abilities
Chapter 431 Absolute Vision Impairment
Chapter 432 Asserting Dominance
Chapter 433 Fearless Mad Gambler
Chapter 434 Flipping Cards || Breaking Tables
Chapter 435 Span Of Seconds
Chapter 436 Engagement
Chapter 437 Exhilarating Challange
Chapter 438 Back To Estate
Chapter 439 Way Back Home
Chapter 440 Early Morning With Lilim
Chapter 441 Adapting- Mutating- Evolving
Chapter 442 Doesn'T Matter
Chapter 443 Friends And Goals
Chapter 444 Yet Another Anomaly
Chapter 445 The Day
Chapter 446 Super Processing
Chapter 447 Two Maids
Chapter 448 Two Maids (Ii)
Chapter 449 Failure
Chapter 450 Father-In-Law
Chapter 451 Ultimate Risk
Chapter 452 In The Name Of Peace
Chapter 453 Tough Choice
Chapter 454 Rudy'S Choice
Chapter 455 Unmasking The Leader Of The Under Blades
Chapter 456 Artificial Humans
Chapter 457 Secrets Of Underworld
Chapter 458 [Bonus Chapter] Death Game || Perfect Revenge
Chapter 459 Meeting Maria And Lilim
Chapter 460 Winner Of The Vip Underworld Tournament
Chapter 461 Maria And Lilim
Chapter 462 How To (Not) Get Blue Balled
Chapter 463 Angry Fans
Chapter 464 Rudy'S New Challenge
Chapter 465 Number One
Chapter 466 Spilling Beans || Revealing Secrets
Chapter 467 Who To Blame
Chapter 468 Ruby Ross
Chapter 469 Relationship Counselling
Chapter 470 Rusher'S Immoral Tale
Chapter 471 Actions And Consequences
Chapter 472 Not A Quick Stop
Chapter 473 Night Of The Tragedy
Chapter 474 Long Night Events
Chapter 475 Returning To The Vampire World
Chapter 476 Enemy Of Lord
Chapter 477 Waging War
Chapter 478 First Awakening
Chapter 479 Grand Entrance
Chapter 480 Lightning Speed
Chapter 481 Vampire War
Chapter 482 Son Of Lord
Chapter 483 Lord'S Judgement
Chapter 484 Punishment | Mercy | Order
Chapter 485 Confronting Virgil
Chapter 486 War Report
Chapter 487 Vampire Gang
Chapter 488 [Bonus Chapter] Vampires In The Human World
Chapter 489 Dinner With The Girls
Chapter 490 The Vampire Gang Meets Angelica
Chapter 491 A Bigger Place
Chapter 492 Copy And Paste
Chapter 493 Rewarding The Girls
Chapter 494 Case Study Of Angelica’S Murder
Chapter 495 Rudy'S Wishes
Chapter 496 Defenseless Rebecca
Chapter 497 Mother And Son
Chapter 498 Sudden Revelation
Chapter 499 Breakthrough
Chapter 500 Janet'S Scheme
Chapter 501 Relationship Changing Action.
Chapter 502 Alice Meets The Vampire Gang
Chapter 503 Just An Ordinary Day At School
Chapter 504 Modern Vampires
Chapter 505 Legal Visit
Chapter 506 Legal Trouble || Confessing Crimes
Chapter 507 Cassy
Chapter 508 Wicked'S Traces
Chapter 509 Pool Party
Chapter 510 Promise
Chapter 511 Promise (Ii)
Chapter 512 New Maria
Chapter 513 Maria'S Room
Chapter 514 First Drink
Chapter 515 Wedding Night
Chapter 516 Moaning Challange
Chapter 517 Time To Moan
Chapter 518 Retirement Plan
Chapter 519 Sister-In-Law
Chapter 520 Breakfast With In-Laws
Chapter 521 Meeting Lu Bela
Chapter 522 D For Disband
Chapter 523 Recent Suspicion
Chapter 524 (Un)Pleasent Twist
Chapter 525 Jessica
Chapter 526 Two Sisters
Chapter 527 Rudy Meets Rebecca
Chapter 528 [Bonus Chapter] Taking Care Of Thehouse
Chapter 529 Clipboard Conjuring
Chapter 530 Teaching Life Lesson To Rebecca
Chapter 531 Troubles Of Super Libido
Chapter 532 Visiting A Familiar Place
Chapter 533 Black Market
Chapter 534 Setting Up The House
Chapter 535 The Reason
Chapter 536 Elena
Chapter 537 Two Weeks Later
Chapter 538 Date
Chapter 539 Alone In The Mountains
Chapter 540 Getting Closer
Chapter 541 Walking Elena To Her House
Chapter 542 Bed Talk
Chapter 543 Exploring Elena
Chapter 544 Lt Always Fits
Chapter 545 Elena And Rudy
Chapter 546 Lucid Memory
Chapter 547 Sunday Picnic
Chapter 548 Wife Material
Chapter 549 All Seeing
Chapter 550 Lurking Shadow
Chapter 551 An Unexpected Meet
Chapter 552 Intresting Discovery
Chapter 553 Telling Elena
Chapter 554 Meeting Grandparents
Chapter 555 Visiting The Haunted House Again
Chapter 556 Steady Development
Chapter 557 How To Tame A Vampire
Chapter 558 How To Kiss A Vampire
Chapter 559 Rias Meets The Girls
Chapter 560 Memory Bonding
Chapter 561 B For Beach
Chapter 562 Evil Perspective
Chapter 563 Cleaning Trash
Chapter 564 [Bonus Chapter] Elena’S Fetish
Chapter 565 Precious Memories
Chapter 566 Kind Threat
Chapter 567 Break Up
Chapter 568 Seal Of Love And Memories
Chapter 569 Elena’S Fear
Chapter 570 One Year Later
Chapter 571 Evolved Abilities
Chapter 572 Little Demon
Chapter 573 Lilim Meets The Girls
Chapter 574 Don’T Call Me Daddy
Chapter 575 Voting
Chapter 576 Ripping Tights
Chapter 577 Eromantic Propose
Chapter 578 Picnic With The Girls
Chapter 579 Couple’S Life
Chapter 580 Rebecca’S Wish
Chapter 581 Date With Rebecca
Chapter 582 Life Goals Of The Lord
Chapter 583 Above The Clouds
Chapter 584 Power Leakage
Chapter 585 Sacrifices For God
Chapter 586 Knock Knock
Chapter 587 Smoking Demon
Chapter 588 Connection To A Future Event
Chapter 589 Yet Another Related Event
Chapter 590 In The Dressing Room
Chapter 591 Precious And Delicate Love
Chapter 592 Scared And Sacred
Chapter 593 God
Chapter 594 Absolute Power
Chapter 595 Asura’S Decision
Chapter 596 Rudy, The Baker
Chapter 597 Ting!
Chapter 598 Celebrating Birthday
Chapter 599 Energy
Chapter 600 Rudy Meets Asura
Chapter 601 [Bonus Chapter] Asura’S Powers
Chapter 602 Absoulute Powers
Chapter 603 Rewriting Existence
Chapter 604 Big Bang And Realities
Chapter 605 How To Become A God
Chapter 606 Universal Annihilation
Chapter 607 Battle Of Domains || Ultimate Domain
Chapter 608 In The Name Of Peace
Chapter 609 Waking Up
Chapter 610 It’S Only Been Five Minutes
Chapter 611 Finding Rias
Chapter 612 May The Lord Be With You
Chapter 613 Meeting Rebecca After Eighteen Years || Present Time
Chapter 614 How To (Not) Adopt Rudy
Chapter 615 Baby || Shadow || Diary
Chapter 616 Raising Rudy
Chapter 617 Jessica Jeopardy
Chapter 618 Rebecca’S Loss
Chapter 619 Friendly Catastrophe
Chapter 620 Restricted Relationship
Chapter 621 Violating Restrictions
Chapter 622 Rudy And Rebecca.
Chapter 623 Nostalgic Promise
Chapter 624 Phone Call
Chapter 625 Talking With Erika Over The Phone
Chapter 626 Mordern Era Requires Modern Problems
Chapter 627 Fred Mores
Chapter 628 Punisher
Chapter 629 Ordinary Buisness Day
Chapter 630 Memory
Chapter 631 Voyeurism
Chapter 632 [Bonus ] Memory Seed
Chapter 633 Angelica Meets Rebecca
Chapter 634 Meeting Cassandra
Chapter 635 Whisphers Of Ghost
Chapter 636 Dinner With Family
Chapter 637 Mia Is Mia
Chapter 638 The Promised Morning
Chapter 639 Relationship Counselling
Chapter 640 Exciting Day
Chapter 641 Phone Call (Ii)
Chapter 642 In The Classroom
Chapter 643 Daring Rize
Chapter 644 Dad Advice
Chapter 645 Participating In The Sports Tournament
Chapter 646 The Incident At The Sprint Race
Chapter 647 Karma
Chapter 648 Rize’S Selfish Secret
Chapter 649 Rize’S Salvation
Chapter 650 Walking With Alice
Chapter 651 Pool House
Chapter 652 Jane In The Closed Room With Rudy
Chapter 653 Versus Temptation
Chapter 654 [Bonus ] Another One
Chapter 655 Purest Vs Scariest
Chapter 656 Mouthful
Chapter 657 Utilizing Free Time
Chapter 658 An (Un)Familiar Guest
Chapter 659 Seeking Lord’S Help
Chapter 660 New Life With Rebecca
Chapter 661 Kissing And Squeezing
Chapter 662 In The Bathroom
Chapter 663 After Bath Counselling
Chapter 666 Planning True Event
Chapter 667 Preparing For The Auction
Chapter 668 Getting On The Ride
Chapter 669 Landing And Boarding
Chapter 670 Reaching The Destination
Chapter 671 Guests Next Room
Chapter 672 A Humble Man
Chapter 673 Opening Ceremony Of The Auction
Chapter 674 Otherworldly Auction
Chapter 675 Lord’S Perspective
Chapter 676 House Worthy Of Lord
Chapter 677 House Worthy Of Lord (Ii)
Chapter 678 Bidding Time
Chapter 679 Curse Of The Lord
Chapter 680 Preparing For The After-Party
Chapter 681 Bat Fight
Chapter 682 Party Dress
Chapter 683 Cyberpunk City
Chapter 684 Cop
Chapter 685 Saving John
Chapter 686 New World
Chapter 687 Angelica’S Realisation
Chapter 688 A Sudden Discovery
Chapter 689 Mysterious Happening
Chapter 690 Shadows Of Past
Chapter 691 Two Selves Of The Two
Chapter 692 Divergence Point
Chapter 693 Angelica’S Decision
Chapter 694 Memory Lane
Chapter 695 Welcome To Hel
Chapter 696 Hel’S Spirit || Wwrd
Chapter 697 A Challenge For Love
Chapter 698 A Challange Of Love
Chapter 699 Jane’S Redemption
Chapter 700 Underwater Party
Chapter 701 Lu Bela
Chapter 702 New Bela
Chapter 703 Discussion
Chapter 704 Lord’S Mercy
Chapter 705 Lost Dynasties
Chapter 706 Reason To Live
Chapter 707 Lost Ruins
Chapter 708 New Task
Chapter 709 Maria’S Jealousy
Chapter 710 Sunrise Surprise
Chapter 711 Just Another Propose
Chapter 712 Brother-In-Law
Chapter 713 Ruby
Chapter 714 Requirements To Join Harem Membership
Chapter 715 Wrapping Up The Event
Chapter 716 An Invitation
Chapter 717 Lord’S Duty
Chapter 718 Jessica Or Angelica
Chapter 719 Kid Rudy’S Trick
Chapter 720 Questioning Lilim About The Past
Chapter 721 Bad Move
Chapter 722 Janet’S Effort
Chapter 723 Girl’S Race
Chapter 724 Janet’S Score
Chapter 725 Panicked Eric
Chapter 726 Saving Elena
Chapter 727 Plane Crash
Chapter 728 Crash Site
Chapter 729 [Bonus ] Who Is The Culprit?
Chapter 730 Punishment Time
Chapter 731 Case Solved
Chapter 732 It’S Eleanor
Chapter 733 Asking Eleanor About Eric And Erika
Chapter 734 Childern Issues
Chapter 735 2008 Elena
Chapter 736 Hottest Human Girl In Harem
Chapter 737 Bathtub Kissing
Chapter 738 Unanswered Questions
Chapter 739 Shower Talk
Chapter 740 S3X Loan
Chapter 741 Mission Impregnation
Chapter 742 Dirty Talk
Chapter 743 Eleanor’S Story
Chapter 744 Just Another Interrogation
Chapter 745 Eleanor’S Fetish
Chapter 746 Eric’S Call
Chapter 747 Suckers
Chapter 748 Unlimited Mining
Chapter 749 Hard Feelings Ft Pleasure
Chapter 750 Watching Memories
Chapter 751 Mysterious Bartender
Chapter 752 Best Friend’S Mother
Chapter 753 The Vial’S Effect
Chapter 754 Masterplan
Chapter 755 Masterplan (Ii)
Chapter 756 Rudy And The Lord
Chapter 757 Mature Lady
Chapter 758 Lady In Black
Chapter 759 Seducer
Chapter 760 Judged Opinions
Chapter 761 With Son’S Bestfriend
Chapter 762 Exciting Round
Chapter 763 Anxious Rebecca
Chapter 764 Mother And Lover
Chapter 765 Another Regressor
Chapter 766 Dinner With Lucy
Chapter 767 Janet’S Whereabouts
Chapter 768 Anomalous Existence
Chapter 769 Shadow’S Ash
Chapter 770 Janet’S Yandere-Ness
Chapter 771 Yandere Tamer
Chapter 772 Angelica And Lilim
Chapter 773 Image Change
Chapter 774 Demerits And Merits Of Harem
Chapter 775 Setting A Meeting Of Harem Members
Chapter 776 A Sad Realisation
Chapter 777 Family Dinner
Chapter 778 Things Never Go As Planned
Chapter 779 The Tallest Statue
Chapter 780 Good Morning
Chapter 781 Rebecca At Work
Chapter 782 [Bonus ] Ping
Chapter 783 Judgy Personality
Chapter 784 Rrrrudii
Chapter 785 Hoodie Man
Chapter 786 Test Subject 005
Chapter 787 Chains Of The Void
Chapter 788 Hot And Badass Milf
Chapter 789 Cupid Eleanor
Chapter 790 Liable Lucy
Chapter 791 Just A Regular Sibling’S Fight
Chapter 792 Love And Lust
Chapter 793 Moment With Rebecca
Chapter 794 Man Behind The Screen
Chapter 795 Manipulator?
Chapter 796 Controller
Chapter 797 Ponders And Wonders
Chapter 798 Inviting Nyxia To The Wedding
Chapter 799 Double Eclipse
Chapter 800 Lord’S Assistant
Chapter 801 Lore Of Fairies
Chapter 802 Group Chat
Chapter 803 Pick Up Before Meet Up
Chapter 804 George Edeson
Chapter 805 Before The Meeting
Chapter 806 Meet Up
Chapter 807 Lucy’S Day Out
Chapter 808 Lucy’S Day Out (Ii)
Chapter 809 Lucy’S Day Out (Iii)
Chapter 810 Lucy At Water Park
Chapter 811 Lucy’S Friends Meet Rudy
Chapter 812 Rina Meets Rudy
Chapter 813 Pregnancy
Chapter 814 [Bonus ] Quick Judgement
Chapter 815 Harbinger
Chapter 816 Accursed Existence
Chapter 817 Debating Harem
Chapter 818 High School Girls Having Fun
Chapter 819 Leah Lopez
Chapter 820 The Girls Gossip Rudy
Chapter 821 End Of The Day
Chapter 822 Land Of Lu Bela
Chapter 823 Lu Bela’S Wish
Chapter 824 How To Make A Portal
Chapter 825 Playing With Black Holes
Chapter 826 Pranking Harem
Chapter 827 Moving To Castle
Chapter 828 Prepping Date
Chapter 829 Three Way Date
Chapter 830 Third Girl
Chapter 831 Yelena || Damn Dictator
Chapter 832 When They Defy The Lord’S Order
Chapter 833 Yelena’S Hobby
Chapter 834 Mortal Realm’S Ambassador
Chapter 835 Whereabouts Of The Super Gene Experiments
Chapter 836 Domestic Banter
Chapter 837 Ride
Chapter 838 Waiting For Rebecca
Chapter 839 Yes Yes Yes
Chapter 840 Virgin Mouth
Chapter 841 Sucking Lessons To Rebecca
Chapter 842 Balls Deep
Chapter 843 Double Orgasm
Chapter 844 Rebecca’S Cave Exploration
Chapter 845 Staining Bedsheet
Chapter 846 Fully-Filling Rebecca
Chapter 847 Pain And Pleasure
Chapter 848 Sucking Love
Chapter 849 Unwavering Resolve
Chapter 850 Infiltrating Area 69
Chapter 851 Attacking The Labyrinthine Facility
Chapter 852 Fifty Floors
Chapter 853 Tasting A Glimpse Of Cosmic
Chapter 854 Transcendence
Chapter 855 Friendly Fire
Chapter 856 Gathering Of The Human Test Subjects And The Mythical Beings.
Chapter 857 Rudy, Humans, And The Mythical Beings.
Chapter 858 Rudy’S Offer
Chapter 859 Grand Summoning
Chapter 860 Pledge || Departure
Chapter 861 At The Castle
Chapter 862 Harem Spot Order
Chapter 863 Selfless Selfishness
Chappter 864 Kingdom Come
Chapter 864 Kingdom Come
Chapter 865 New Beginning
Chapter 866 Sigil Ceremony
Chapter 867 Grand Feast
Chapter 868 Dinner For The Girls
Chapter 869 Versus Humans
Chapter 870 Laws And Orders Of Rudy’S Dynasty
Chapter 871 Housing The Dynasty
Chapter 872 Lounge
Chapter 873 First Test
Chapter 874 Passing The Second Test
Chapter 875 Halo Garden
Chapter 876 Morning Wood
Chapter 877 Wood Sucker
Chapter 878 Rebecca’S New Day
Chapter 879 Lucy And Rebecca
Chapter 880 Kinks
Chapter 881 Suspecting George
Chapter 882 Under The Boundries
Chapter 883 Rias' Invitation
Chapter 884 Rias' Invitation
Chapter 885 Rias' Room
Chapter 886 Rudy And Rias
Chapter 887 Plugging Rias
Chapter 888 Euphoria
Chapter 889 I'Ll Be Damned
Chapter 890 Interrogated
Chapter 891 Ultimate Harem
Chapter 892 Jane'S Confession
Chapter 893 Defending Jane
Chapter 894 Approval
Chapter 895 A New Play
Chapter 896 Chained Jane
Chapter 897 Dominating Jane
Chapter 898 New Participant In The Play
Chapter 899 Niti'S Confession
Chapter 900 Game Of Pretends
Chapter 901 In A Closed Room With Jane, Rias, And Niti
Chapter 902 Vampires Are Amazing
Chapter 903 Wild Moans
Chapter 904 Sharing Essence
Chapter 905 Horny Vampires
Chapter 906 Three At Once
Chapter 907 Lips And Fingers
Chapter 908 Triple Orgasm
Chapter 909 Twin Sisters
Chapter 910 Ultimate Blow
Chapter 911 Railing The Horny Vampires
Chapter 912 Waking Up At Castle
Chapter 913 Balcony Flirter
Chapter 914 Quickie
Chapter 915 Celestial Elixir
Chapter 916 Inspecting George’S Room
Chapter 917 Telepathic Commandment
Chapter 918 Buying A Luxurious Car
Chapter 919 Police Chase
Chapter 920 Going To The Marked Location
Chapter 921 Meanwhile At The Castle
Chapter 922 Meeting Kaguya
Chapter 923 Maria'S Check-Up
Chapter 924 Test Results Report
Chapter 925 Inviting Kaguya
Chapter 926 A Sealed Report
Chapter 927 Kaguya Is Nervous
Chapter 928 Helpless Nurse
Chapter 929 Kaguya’S Struggle
Chapter 930 A Baffling Discovery
Chapter 931 Mood Swings
Chapter 932 Maria'S Atonement
Chapter 933 Daily Commute Of Lonely Nurse
Chapter 934 Kaguya'S Apartment
Chapter 216 Vampire'S Lust
Chapter 217 Falling In Love
Chapter 218 A Sweet Nightmare
Chapter 306 Niti'S Betrayal
Chapter 311 Filling Niti
Chapter 312 Round Three
Chapter 336 Full
Chapter 356 Detective Rudy
Chapter 358 Triggering The Bombs
Chapter 360 Dinner With Maria
Chapter 362 Home Visit
Chapter 364 Alone With Lucy
Chapter 366 Alice Meets Reina, Again
Chapter 368 Show Time
Chapter 370 Movie Time
Chapter 372 Emotional Damage
Chapter 374 Double Emotional Damage
Chapter 376 Reina'S Demise
Chapter 382 An (Un)Fortunate Incident
Chapter 494 Case Study Of Angelica'S Murder
Chapter 495 Rudy'S Wishes
Chapter 501 Relationship Changing Action.
Chapter 503 Just An Ordinary Day At School
Chapter 564 [Bonus Chapter] Elena'S Fetish
Chapter 574 Don'T Call Me Daddy
Chapter 579 Couple'S Life
Chapter 580 Rebecca'S Wish
Chapter 595 Asura'S Decision
Chapter 601 [Bonus Chapter] Asura'S Powers
Chapter 610 It'S Only Been Five Minutes
Chapter 618 Rebecca'S Loss
Chapter 648 Rize'S Selfish Secret
Chapter 649 Rize'S Salvation
Chapter 659 Seeking Lord'S Help
Chapter 675 Lord'S Perspective
Chapter 687 Angelica'S Realisation
Chapter 693 Angelica'S Decision
Chapter 696 Hel'S Spirit || Wwrd
Chapter 699 Jane'S Redemption
Chapter 704 Lord'S Mercy
Chapter 709 Maria'S Jealousy
Chapter 717 Lord'S Duty
Chapter 719 Kid Rudy'S Trick
Chapter 722 Janet'S Effort
Chapter 723 Girl'S Race
Chapter 724 Janet'S Score
Chapter 732 It'S Eleanor
Chapter 935 Back At The Castle
Chapter 936 Harem’S Reaction
Chapter 937 Ruby’S Reaction
Chapter 938 Rudy And Ruby
Chapter 939 Dedications
Chapter 940 A Calm Night
Chapter 941 Hey George
Chapter 942 Organization'S Reaction
Chapter 943 Rudy'S Deliberately Dropped Evidence
Chapter 944 Unspoken Intentions
Chapter 945 Kitchen Battle
Chapter 946 Black Cosmos
Chapter 947 Guardian Of The Cosmos
Chapter 948 Lord Of The Universe
Chapter 949 Book Of Prophecy
Chapter 950 George'S Dream To Create A Perfect Utopia
Chapter 951 Duty As The Lord
Chapter 952 George'S Ultimatum
Chapter 953 Gruesome Act Of A Father
Chapter 954 Angry Rudy
Chaptr 955 Wake Up To Reality
Chapter 956 Beckoning The Angry Lord
Chapter 957 Rudy Versus George
Chapter 958 Lifeless World
Chapter 959 Omniscience
Chapter 960 Before The Battle || The Halo Garden
Chapter 961 Damned Existence
Chapter 962 The Judgement || Becoming Shadow
Chapter 963 The Good Of The Evil
Chapter 964 Revelation
Chapter 965 Shadow Lord
Chapter 966 Commencing The Apocalypse || The Final Message
Chapter 967 Trembling Realms
Chapter 968 72 Hours To Apocalypse
Chapter 969 To The Apocalypse
Chapter 970 Behold The Apocalypse
Chapter 971 The New World
Chapter 972 Apocalyptic World
Chapter 973 Rudy'S Dynasty
Chapter 975 Harem Situation
Chapter 975 Mary And Reed
Chapter 977 Jane
Chapter 977 Blue Moon Princess
Chapter 978 Rudy'S Legacy
Chapter 979 Battered Heroes
Chapter 980 Eric And Erika || Sss Rank Heroes
Chapter 981 Humanity'S Strongest Heroes
Chapter 983 Convergence
Chapter 983 The Place Out Of The Boundaries Of Time And Space.
Chapter 984 Tombs Of The Lords
Chapter 985 Reincarnation?
Chapter 986 Soulmates
Chapter 987 Red Strings Soulmates In The Web Of Relationships
Chapter 988 The World Without Rudy
Chapter 989 Uninvited Visitor
Chapter 990 Overly Cautious Jane
Chapter 991 Rudy'S Final Message
Chapter 992 Rebecca'S Curious Questions
Chapter 993 Rudy'S Secret Harbinger
Chapter 994 Fifty One Thousand Years Later
Chapter 995 The Reset
Chapter 996 Back To School
Chapter 997 Rizzing Rize
Chapter 998 The Changes In The Same World
Chapter 999 Meeting Mother
Chapter 1000 Stranger In The House
Chapter 1001 So-Called Apocalypse
Chapter 1002 Damn Time-Travel
Chapter 1003 A Billion Deaths
Chapter 1004 Realization
Chapter 1005 Phone Call To Eleanor
Chapter 762 Go For It, I'M Rooting For You
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

[WPC #228 - Silver Place Winner!]

""Farming wives in the post-apocalypse."" Getting a wife is possible. Getting Wives is hard. And after the apocalypse, it's impossible. But what if you have superpowers that allow you to do anything? I mean everything!

Rudy was optimistic, handsome, and blessed with knowledge. He topped every exam with minimal effort and got into his first choice university. Growing up in a low-class family, he had to do what it took to be a successful person. So he focused on his studies and aced the university.

When he was in his last year, dozens of famous companies wanted to recruit him. He had a bright future waiting for him. However, he got into an accident on the day of his graduation.

He was left crippled at the age of 23, and all his hard work was in vain. He had to break up with his girlfriend of 5 years, his friends stopped visiting him, and his family was working hard to pay his medical fees.

One night, when he was staring at the ceiling like countless other nights, a mysterious man visited him. He said he was from an organization that was working on the ‘gene experiment.’

The man offered Rudy a chance to live his life again, but if he died in the experiment, he promised to give Rudy’s family a huge amount of money. It was a win-win situation for Rudy as he had nothing else to lose.

However, after months of experiments, nothing happened. As his last wish, Rudy was left alone to die in the middle of nowhere. As he was taking his last breaths, he recalled everything he had done in his life, and he remembered all he did was work hard to have a bright future, which he never got a chance to experience.

“If I knew this would happen to me, I would have lived a better life.”

Left with regret and despair, Rudy died. But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in his high school. He later learned that he had become an esper with all the psychic abilities.

However, there was a catch. The world was different from what he used to live in. It was a post-apocalyptic world in a parallel universe, where his superpowers were going to help him dominate and crush everyone on this path.
Note- It is a harem novel, so expect at least one yandere. And many more things!

MC is the definition of overpowered!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 - Superpowers In The Apocalypse

"See you later!" a black-haired young man named Rudy left the restaurant after greeting his friends and made his way to the university across the street.

'Finally! Today is the day when I get my degree and apply to the highest paying company.' He rejoiced.

'I got another offer from the international company last week. They are ready to pay 30k$ as my first monthly salary, then later promote me to the section chief. I Will be earning even more after the promotion.'

Rudy glanced around the street to make sure no vehicles were coming. The lights were red, so he began crossing the street.

'I should accept their offer. After all, they are the ones paying me the highest from all the companies.' Rudy successfully crossed the street and entered the university gate.

'I don't want to sound like a jerk, but my top priority is to get the job that pays me the most. I have to take care of my family now. They have been sacrificing their happiness for me, so now it's my turn to fulfill all of their wishes.'

Rudy glanced around the campus to look for his girlfriend, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Weird. She said she is waiting for me at the gate." Rudy moved his hand to his pocket to take out his phone, but he realized he had left it at the restaurant.

"Come on~" he groaned and made his way back to the restaurant.

Luckily, his friends were still there, so his phone was safe. He grabbed his phone and left the restaurant in a hurry.

"Phew!" he sighed and muttered, "All my important data is on the phone. If I lose it, I might get into trouble."

Rudy called his girlfriend on the phone and crossed the street without looking at the lights. His attention was on the university gate and the phone call.

"Hey, where are you? No, you are not at the gate. Oh! The other gate. Yeah, I will wait for you at the—"

Rudy was hit by the truck passing at full speed.

His body was sent flying a few meters before hitting the floor. Lights faded from his vision as his lifeless body rolled on the street.



When he opened his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar room. He could smell the scent of chemicals and medicines.

'Where… am… I?' he thought to himself.

He moved his eyes around and realized he was in the hospital room. He tried to move his body, but he couldn't move. He couldn't even move his fingers, nor could he speak; He was crippled from everywhere.

He stayed like that for some minutes until the nurse who came for his regular check-up noticed his eyes were open.

She immediately rushed out of the room and called the doctor. The doctor came soon after and performed a check-up on Rudy. However, Rudy passed out during the check-up.

The next time he opened his eyes, he saw his girlfriend, his best friend from childhood, and his mother, standing in front of him with the doctor.

His girlfriend burst into tears after seeing Rudy opening his eyes.

"I will ask you some questions. Try to reply to them if you can. If you have trouble speaking, you can simply blink and let us know. Are you ready?" the doctor asked. "If you can listen to me, blink once."

Rudy blinked once.

"Good." The doctor looked at the reports and asked, "Do you know who you are?"

Rudy blinked once.

"What is your name? Is it Riley?"

Rudy blinked twice in denial.

"Is it Ronald?"

Rudy blinked twice.

"Is it Rudy?"

Rudy blinked once in response.

"Good." The doctor pointed his finger at Rudy's mother and said, "Do you know who she is?"

Rudy blinked once.

"Is she your teacher?"

Rudy blinked twice.

"Is she your aunt?"

Rudy blinked twice.

"Is she your mother?"

Rudy blinked once.

"Very good." The doctor then pointed his finger at Rudy's girlfriend and asked, "What about her? Do you remember who she is?"

Rudy blinked once.

"Is she your sister?"

Rudy blinked twice.

"Is she your classmate?"

Rudy blinked once.

"Is she your girlfriend?"

Rudy blinked once.

"Nice!" The doctor moved to Rudy's best friend and asked, "What about him? Is he your brother?"

Rudy blinked twice.

"Is he… your classmate?"

Rudy blinked twice.

"Is he your friend?"

Rudy blinked once.


The doctor turned to them and said, "It seems he hasn't suffered from amnesia."

"How long will it take for him to recover fully?" his best friend asked.

"Let's talk about all that in my office."

The three of them followed the doctor to the office.

The doctor told them that Rudy's injuries were incurable, and he will have to stay at the hospital for his entire life.

"Most of his bones are shattered. And his broken ribs punctured his lugs, and his neck also cracked on impact. It's a miracle that he is still alive, but after looking at his condition, I wonder if…" the doctor sighed and continued, "I will be serious with you. He is beyond saving, and he can die anytime."

Rudy's mother and girlfriend started crying while his best friend signed the documents for Rudy's treatment.

Days passed, but they never stopped visiting Rudy. His mother and girlfriend would come to visit him every day, while his best friend would come whenever he got time.

His friends from high school also visited him once or twice, and his classmates from the university sent their regards. Most of them were busy with their jobs, while some were still hunting for jobs.

Rudy's girlfriend had also received a job offer from an international company, but she was stalling as she couldn't leave Rudy alone. He had promised her that they would get married once they got their jobs, but neither of them had expected this to happen.

When Rudy found out about his girlfriend's job conditions from his best friend, Rudy broke up with her because he didn't want her to destroy her life looking after him.

Rudy was aware that he could die any moment, and there was no guarantee of his future with her. He made a reasonable and logical choice and drove her away from him.

Weeks passed by, and people eventually stopped visiting Rudy. Once in a while, his best friend dropped by. When Rudy asked how his family was doing without him, he told them that his little sister had to drop out of school because they couldn't afford her fees when they had to pay for his treatment. His mother had opened up a shop, and his little sister was helping in it. His father had also taken several loans for Rudy's treatment.

Rudy felt hopeless as he cried alone at night. He wanted to give his family a better life, but now he had become a burden to them. He spent countless nights thinking of his life choices and cried for hours.

One night, a mysterious man visited Rudy and told him about the 'gene experiment.'

Gene experiment was permitted by the government but wasn't made public. The scientists focused on the people with incurable diseases who were going to die sooner or later in exchange for money.

Rudy was one of them. With 12 other people like him, Rudy was transferred to the laboratory far away from his city.

Rudy had lost hope, but the gene experiment was giving him new hope. He wasn't worried about dying as his family was going to receive money upon his death.

Rudy had nothing to lose. In either case, he was going to gain something. If the experiments were successful, then he would get his life back, and if it failed and he died, his family would get money.

It was a win-win situation for him. However, he forgot the possibility of failing and surviving the experiment.

The experiments made Rudy highly sensitive to pain, and even a little poke hurt him more than a thousand needles. They made him even more crippled, where he lost his sense of smell and became blind. He was totally useless now.

After feeling pity for Rudy, the scientists offered him a solution— that was to die. They promised they would still give a considerable amount of money to his family for helping them out with the tests.

Rudy requested them to leave his body in the open, where he could see the stars in his last moments, even though he was blind. They injected a serum into his body and left him in the middle of the forest.

Minutes passed by, which were like an eternity to Rudy. His entire life flashed before his eyes as he recalled everything. He regretted living the way he spent his life. However, no matter what choices, the outcome would still be the same.

Rudy took his last breath and died.



"… one… get…"

Rudy's ears twitched as he heard a voice after a long time. He opened his eyes, knowing well that he wouldn't be able to see. However, when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the classroom of his high school.


Surprised, he fell off the chair, and everyone's attention was diverted to Rudy.

"Rudy. Are you okay?" the female teacher asked.

Rudy stood up and sat on his desk. He glanced around the room and looked at everyone's faces.

'Is this real?' he wondered.

"Rudy. Are you okay?" the teacher asked again.

Rudy slowly opened his mouth and spoke, ""

'I can speak too!' Rudy couldn't believe his eyes and ears. 'Am I getting a second chance, or did I somehow travel back in time? Did the experiment work?'

Rudy had too many questions he needed the answers of, but he was happy that he could move, speak and see again.

He looked to his right and saw his best friend scribbling on his book.

'This is truly happening!' Rudy stood up and yelled, "Yes!"

Everyone's attention was once again focused on Rudy, but he paid no attention to them.

'I will live every moment of my life to the fullest!' he decided and dashed out of the room.

"Where do you think you are going?!" the teacher yelled.


Author's Note- I hope you guys liked the first chapter, although it was more like a prologue. This novel will be superpowers + apocalypse+ action+ slice of life+ harem+ comedy. With his crazy superpowers, he will live a hilarious daily life.

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Total Chapters in book: 1054
Estimated words: 1240987 (not accurate)
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