Everlasting Immortal Firmament by Guan Qi

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Book 1: Chapter 2: Gu Hai
Book 1: Chapter 3: Battle To Reverse The Desperate Situation
Book 1: Chapter 4: The Legend Of Gu Hai
Book 1: Chapter 5: Song Extermination Plan
Book 1: Chapter 6: Water Overflows When Filled To The Brim
Book 1: Chapter 7: The Heart'S Knife Pointed At The Camp
Book 1: Chapter 8.1: Don'T Say You Will Love Me Again In The Next Life, Part One
Book 1: Chapter 8.2: Don'T Say You Will Love Me Again In The Next Life, Part Two
Book 1: Chapter 9: Military'S Confidence Shaken
Book 1: Chapter 10: Executing The Crown Heir
Book 1: Chapter 11: Stratagem Of Sowing Dissension
Book 1: Chapter 12: Commander'S Prestige Lost
Book 1: Chapter 13: The First Step: Killing The Military'S Confidence
Book 1: Chapter 14: Everyone Hates Gu Hai
Book 1: Chapter 15: Old Demon Gu
Book 1: Chapter 16: Reward Or Punish?
Book 1: Chapter 17: Trouble Stems From Inequality Rather Than Scarcity
Book 1: Chapter 18: The Second Campaign: Killing The Citizens' Confidence
Book 1: Chapter 19.1: The Third Campaign: Killing The Officials' Confidence (1)
Book 1: Chapter 19.2: The Third Campaign: Killing The Officials' Confidence (2)
Book 1: Chapter 20: Innate Realm
Book 1: Chapter 21: Elite Hall, Long Wanqing
Book 1: Chapter 22: Heavenly Go Pavilion, Old Mister Guan Qi
Book 1: Chapter 23: Ninth Of The Top Sixteen Ancient Treasures, The Heavenly Go Stone
Book 1: Chapter 24: Tengen Puzzle
Book 1: Chapter 25: Animal Spirit Servant, Snake Lady
Book 1: Chapter 26: Killing Pang Tianlong
Book 1: Chapter 27: After Scouting
Book 1: Chapter 28: Empty Grave
Book 1: Chapter 29: Three Spiritual Souls And Seven Physical Souls
Book 1: Chapter 30: Spiritual Progenitor
Book 1: Chapter 31: Heavenly Saber Death Match
Book 1: Chapter 32: Go Death Match
Book 1: Chapter 33: The Disaster Of One'S Making Leads To One'S Inevitable Death
Book 1: Chapter 34: Ferocity Of The Evil Dragon
Book 1: Chapter 35: Breaking The Ritual Array
Book 1: Chapter 36: Cloud Beast
Book 1: Chapter 37: Great Light Sovereign Deity
Book 1: Chapter 38: Awakened By The Black Go Stone
Book 1: Chapter 39: Overloaded
Book 1: Chapter 40: Century Lifespan Immortality Peach Tree
Book 1: Chapter 41: Cloud Beast Battle
Book 1: Chapter 42: Merging Four Into One
Book 1: Chapter 43: Go Dao Ritual Array
Book 1: Chapter 44: Burning The Sea Of Ants With Fire
Book 1: Chapter 45: Gu Hai’S Summon
Book 1: Chapter 46: Vast Army
Book 1: Chapter 47: The Regretful Chen Tianshan
Book 1: Chapter 48: The Sickly Youth
Book 1: Chapter 49: Act After Measuring Oneself
Book 1: Chapter 50: Multiplying Endlessly
Book 1: Chapter 51: When The Peacock Spreads Its Plumes, It Breaks All Techniques
Book 1: Chapter 52: Meng Tai’S Lie
Book 1: Chapter 53: Kill
Book 1: Chapter 54: Earthly Soul
Book 1: Chapter 55: I Also Once Loved You
Book 1: Chapter 56: Queen Wa
Book 1: Chapter 57: The Unborn Man
Book 1: Chapter 58: Divine Strategy Battalion
Book 1: Chapter 59: Plotting The Departure
Book 1: Chapter 60: Leaving Unfettered
Book 2: Chapter 1: Li Haoran
Book 2: Chapter 2: Trouble At Sea
Book 2: Chapter 3: Great Feng Mafia Family
Book 2: Chapter 4: Evil Men Valley
Book 2: Chapter 5: Beast Arena
Book 2: Chapter 6: Number 1 Evil Man
Book 2: Chapter 7: Innate Realm Fight
Book 2: Chapter 8: Li Wei And Yue Yao
Book 2: Chapter 9: Defeating Scar
Book 2: Chapter 10: I Will Be The Boss
Book 2: Chapter 11: Evil Men’S King
Book 2: Chapter 12: The Four Legions: Heaven, Earth, Profound, And Regal
Book 2: Chapter 13: Organized Operation
Book 2: Chapter 14: Out Of The Valley
Book 2: Chapter 15: Prisoner
Book 2: Chapter 16.1: Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, And Yao Yue (1)
Book 2: Chapter 16.2: Meng Tai, Feng Ling, Li Wei, And Yao Yue (2)
Book 2 Chapter 17: Helping Meng Tai
Book 2: Chapter 18: Meng Tai Escapes
Book 2: Chapter 19: Feng Ling
Book 2: Chapter 20: Electrical Discharge From The Tip
Book 2: Chapter 21: Strictly Managing Troops
Book 2: Chapter 22: Revenge By An Entire Army
Book 2: Chapter 23: Fighting Hard In The Beast Arena
Book 2: Chapter 24: Fighting Li Wei
Book 2: Chapter 25: I Can Remove It
Book 2: Chapter 26: Removing The Masks
Book 2: Chapter 27: Intimidating Bandits
Book 2: Chapter 28: Taking The Great Feng Mafia Family’S Properties
Book 2: Chapter 29: Wei Yang’S Letter
Book 2: Chapter 30: Golden Horn
Book 2: Chapter 31: Dragon Tail
Book 2: Chapter 32: Splitting The Saber
Book 2: Chapter 33: Luo Tiange
Book 2: Chapter 34: Ritual Array Within A Ritual Array
Book 2: Chapter 35: Bone Ancestor
Book 2: Chapter 36: Extra Rib
Book 2: Chapter 37: Another Arrow
Book 2: Chapter 38: Life Ender Saber
Book 2: Chapter 39: Gu Residence Fort
Book 2: Chapter 40: Gu Hai Returns
Book 2: Chapter 41: Spirit Assimilation
Book 2: Chapter 42: Mourning
Book 2: Chapter 43: Declaration Of War
Book 2: Chapter 45: Plotting To Enter The First Song Sect
Book 2: Chapter 44: Arriving At The First Song Sect
Book 2: Chapter 46: Flood Dragon
Book 2: Chapter 47: Fu Xue
Book 2: Chapter 48: Writing An Imperial Edict On The Spot
Book 2: Chapter 49: Bodhisattva Lian Sheng
Book 2: Chapter 50: Gu Han Takes A Master
Book 2: Chapter 51: Borrow A Chicken To Lay An Egg
Book 2: Chapter 52: Barging Into The Clear River Sect
Book 2: Chapter 53: Petrified
Book 2: Chapter 54: Life Ender Demonstrates Its Might For The First Time
Book 2: Chapter 55: Venerable Liu Nian Returns
Book 2: Chapter 56: Visiting The First Song Sect Again
Book 2: Chapter 57: Providence
Book 2: Chapter 58: Entering The Ritual Array Alone To Kill Demons
Book 2: Chapter 59: One Saber Killing Thousands Of Demons
Book 2: Chapter 60: Executing The Demons And Gaining Providence
Book 2: Chapter 61: Dereliction Of Duty
Book 2: Chapter 62: Dragon Fixing Hoop
Book 2: Chapter 63: The Nascent Soul Is A Physical Soul
Book 2: Chapter 64: Plan To Start A Nation
Book 2: Chapter 65: Ferocious Reputation Established
Book 2: Chapter 66: Playing Go At The Dragon Pinning Sect
Book 2: Chapter 67: Three Go Masters
Book 2: Chapter 68: Guan Ninth
Book 2: Chapter 69.1: Ninth Young Master’S Dreams Shattered, Part One
Book 2: Chapter 69.2: Ninth Young Master’S Dreams Shattered, Part Two
Book 2: Chapter 70: Tenfold Reward
Book 2: Chapter 71: Scaring Ding Dong
Book 2: Chapter 72: Escaping
Book 2: Chapter 73: Making Enemies With The World
Book 2: Chapter 74: Unexpected Sneak Attack
Book 2: Chapter 75: Emotionless Meng Tai
Book 2: Chapter 76: Bone Manipulation
Book 2: Chapter 77: Bone Wings
Book 2: Chapter 78: Elite Hall’S Internal Matter
Book 2: Chapter 79: Murderer
Book 2: Chapter 80: Objective And Subjective
Book 2: Chapter 81: Venerable Liu Nian Arrives
Book 2: Chapter 82: Returning Home
Book 2: Chapter 83: Call For Surrender
Book 2: Chapter 84: Five Animal Spirits Attack
Book 2: Chapter 85: Eliminating Five Animal Spirits: Another Bottleneck
Book 2: Chapter 86: Performing Virtuous Deeds To Accumulate Beneficence
Book 2: Chapter 87: Yao Zhengtian
Book 2: Chapter 88: Raising A Dragon
Book 2: Chapter 89: Heavenly Dynasty Outline
Book 2: Chapter 90: Life And Death Puzzles
Book 2: Chapter 91: The Unborn Man Returns
Book 2: Chapter 92: The World Is Heartless, Everyone Is A Go Stone
Book 2: Chapter 93: Three Births All Things
Book 2: Chapter 94.1: Not Crazy (1)
Book 2: Chapter 94.2: Not Crazy (2)
Book 2: Chapter 95: Kill Everyone
Book 2: Chapter 96: Dragon Fixing Hoop Displaying Its Might
Book 2: Chapter 97: Fu Xue’S Death
Book 2: Chapter 98: Ingenious Scheme
Book 2: Chapter 99: Hall Master, Why Were You So Careless?
Book 2: Chapter 100: Pressure From Gu Hai
Book 2: Chapter 101: Gu Hai’S Plan
Book 2: Chapter 101: Golden Core Realm
Book 2: Chapter 103: Li Haoran’S Death
Book 2: Chapter 104: Everyone Leaves The Ritual Array
Book 2: Chapter 105: Collecting The Dragon Vein
Book 2: Chapter 106: Heaven Suppressing Divine Imperial Seal
Book 2: Chapter 107: Han Royal Dynasty
Book 2: Chapter 108: Li Shenji
Book 2: Chapter 109: Many Trifling Matters
Book 2: Chapter 110: The Mysterious Shangguan Hen
Book 3: Chapter 1: Imperial Casino
Book 3: Chapter 2: Cash Cow
Book 3: Chapter 3: Exchanging Treasures
Book 3: Chapter 4: Averting Disaster
Book 2: Chapter 5: Lifespan, Blessings, Divine, Cultural, And Spiritual
Book 3: Chapter 6: Departing On A Journey
Book 3: Chapter 7: Young Master An
Book 3: Chapter 8: Silver Moon City
Book 3: Chapter 9: World’S Best Zither Pavilion
Book 3: Chapter 10: Mu Chenfeng
Book 3: Chapter 11: Dispute At The Zither Pavilion
Book 3: Chapter 12: This Street’S Best Zither Pavilion
Book 3: Chapter 13: Preorder
Book 3: Chapter 14.1: Canon (1)
Book 3: Chapter 14.2: Canon (2)
Book 3: Chapter 15: The Manor Lord’S Artistic Conception Restoration
Book 3: Chapter 16: Piano Selling Like Hotcakes
Book 3: Chapter 17.1: Many Variations (1)
Book 3: Chapter 17.2: Many Variations (2)
Book 3: Chapter 18: Fooled By Gu Hai
Book 3: Chapter 19: Fairy Waner
Book 3: Chapter 20: Miserable World
Book 3: Chapter 21: Dark Clouds Suppressing The City
Book 3: Chapter 22: Sonata Pathétique
Book 3: Chapter 23: Commander
Book 3: Chapter 24: Zither Pavilion Seized
Book 3: Chapter 25: Zither? Go?
Book 3: Chapter 26: I Am Incredible At Go
Book 3: Chapter 27: Lord Mo
Book 3: Chapter 28.1: Overbearing Mo Yike (1)
Book 3: Chapter 28.2: Overbearing Mo Yike (2)
Book 3: Chapter 29: Fairies
Book 3: Chapter 30: Bloody Immortality Peach
Book 3: Chapter 31: Silver Moon Sea
Book 3: Chapter 32: Mu Chenfeng’S Disappointment
Book 3: Chapter 33: Zither Bestowal Event
Book 3: Chapter 34: Ensnaring Performance
Book 3: Chapter 35: Tracking The Sound
Book 3: Chapter 36: The Aggrieved Fairy Waner
Book 3: Chapter 37: Back To The Pyramid-Formation Islands
Book 3: Chapter 38: Capturing Lu An
Book 3: Chapter 39: Eliminating Gui Mian
Book 3: Chapter 40: One Million Bronze Statues
Book 3: Chapter 41: Water Deity Opening An Aperture
Book 3: Chapter 42: The Foul-Mouthed Fairy
Book 3: Chapter 43: Strong Bronze Statues
Book 3: Chapter 44: A Sky Full Of Bronze Statues Chasing Gu Hai
Book 3: Chapter 45: Breaking The Barrier
Book 3: Chapter 46: Mu Chenfeng’S Transformation
Book 3: Chapter 47: Imminent Peril
Book 3: Chapter 48: Atonement
Book 3: Chapter 49: He Shikang’S Death
Book 3: Chapter 50: Exclusive Supply
Book 3: Chapter 51: Meng Tai Visits
Book 3: Chapter 52: Gu Hai’S Background
Book 3: Chapter 53: Little Radish
Book 3: Chapter 54: Huangfu Chaoge
Book 3: Chapter 55: Tenfold The Soldiers To Surround
Book 3: Chapter 56: Thorny Ritual Array
Book 3: Chapter 57: Butterfly Lovers
Book 3: Chapter 58: Granny Qing Hua
Book 3: Chapter 59: Huangfu Chaoge’S Stance
Book 3: Chapter 60: Duke Lu Yang Rebelling?
Book 3: Chapter 61: Dragon Fixing Ritual Array
Book 3: Chapter 62: Breaking A Revolution
Book 3: Chapter 63: Ambush From Ten Sides
Book 3: Chapter 64: Suicide At The River Wu
Book 3: Chapter 65: Plundering Lifespan
Book 3: Chapter 66: Destruction
Book 3: Chapter 67: Who Is The Father?
Book 3: Chapter 68: Wood Deity Palace
Book 3: Chapter 69: That Is Not What I Meant
Book 3: Chapter 70: The Tricked Chu Chen
Book 3: Chapter 71: Mister Mo Returns
Book 3: Chapter 72: The Unborn Man Attacks
Book 3: Chapter 73: One Must Die For The Other To Live
Book 3: Chapter 74: Matchmaker (Teaser)
Book 3: Chapter 75: Long Wanqing’S Choice
Book 3: Chapter 76: My Father Is A Matchless Hero; No One In The World Can Get In His Way
Book 3: Chapter 77: Husband And Wife
Book 3: Chapter 78: Cooperation
Book 3: Chapter 79: Long Wanyu
Book 3: Chapter 80: Prince Shenwu
Book 3: Chapter 81: Qian Is Dead, Ying Rules Now! The Time Has Come, Great Fortune To The World!
Book 3: Chapter 82: Something From Nothing
Book 3: Chapter 83: People Long For Peace
Book 3: Chapter 84: Ying Royal Dynasty
Book 3: Chapter 85: Southern Suppression Supreme Commander
Book 3: Chapter 86: City Slaughtering Demons
Book 3: Chapter 87.1: Sword Devil (1)
Book 3: Chapter 87.2: Sword Devil (2)
Book 3: Chapter 88: Might Of The Sword Devil
Book 3: Chapter 89: Plundering Blessings
Book 3: Chapter 90: The Heptagold Sect, A Nest Of Demons
Book 3: Chapter 91.1: He Who Fears Loses (1)
Book 3: Chapter 91.2: He Who Fears Loses (2)
Book 3: Chapter 92: Destroying Chu Chen
Book 3: Chapter 93: Elite Hall Master Gu Hai
Book 3: Chapter 94: Luring The Dragons To The East
Book 3: Chapter 95: Focusing On Nine-Five Island
Book 3: Chapter 96: Killing Liao Ya
Book 3: Chapter 97: Welcoming Dragons With Doors Open Wide
Book 3: Chapter 98: Telling A Story To Prove Ao Sheng’S Identity
Book 3: Chapter 99: Every Word Attacking The Mind
Book 3: Chapter 100: Where Is Ao Sheng?
Book 3: Chapter 101: Ao Sheng Is Here
Book 3: Chapter 102: Dragons Confronting The Soaring Palace Hall
Book 3: Chapter 103: How Is That Your Business?
Book 3: Chapter 104: Forcing Ao Sheng To Retreat
Book 3: Chapter 105: Ao Sheng’S True Thoughts
Book 3: Chapter 106: Life Trapper Saber
Book 3: Chapter 107: Seven Victories And One Defeat
Book 3: Chapter 108: Strange Stone Steles
Book 3: Chapter 109: Vengeful Woman
Book 3: Chapter 110: Stab Yourself In The Abdomen
Book 3: Chapter 111: As Long As You Are Happy
Book 3: Chapter 112: Seer
Book 3: Chapter 113: Recommending Gao Xianzhi
Book 3: Chapter 114: Gao Xianzhi’S Debut
Book 3: Chapter 115: Die, You Demon!
Book 3: Chapter 116: Demonic Phantom’S Helplessness
Book 3: Chapter 117: The Mister Mo Who Refuses To Surrender
Book 3: Chapter 118: You Reap What You Sow
Book 3: Chapter 119: Inexplicably Allowed To Go
Book 3: Chapter 120: Greatly Auspicious? Greatly Ominous!
Book 3: Chapter 121: Brother-In-Law
Book 3: Chapter 122: Thirty Line-Pair World Go Puzzle
Book 3: Chapter 123: Ten Thousand Gu Hais
Book 3: Chapter 124: Bone Mountains
Book 3: Chapter 125: Music Dao Duel
Book 3: Chapter 126: A General Unrivaled In The World
Book 3: Chapter 127: Spy Mo Yike
Book 3: Chapter 128: Sudden Blessings
Book 3: Chapter 129: Great Light Sovereign Deity Comes Again
Book 3: Chapter 130: Locust Plague
Book 3: Chapter 131: Release The Dragon
Book 3: Chapter 132: Black Hole Swallowing The Locusts
Book 3: Chapter 133: Hanba’S Poison
Book 3: Chapter 134: Grave Valley Of Death
Book 3: Chapter 135: Pushed Into A Corner
Book 3: Chapter 136: Lu Yang Arrives Outside Of Foundation Deity City
Book 3: Chapter 137: If There Is A Next Life
Book 3: Chapter 138: The Heart Of An Emperor
Book 3: Chapter 139: The Strongest Foundation
Book 3: Chapter 140: An Emperor’S Death
Book 4: Chapter 1: Chaoge
Book 4: Chapter 2: Chang Ming
Book 4: Chapter 3: We Did Not Seem To Say That We Were Going Over
Book 4: Chapter 4: The Poisoned Chang Ming
Book 4: Chapter 5: Heaven’S Favored
Book 4: Chapter 6: The Sixteenth Top Ancient Treasure, Primal Essence Pearl
Book 4: Chapter 7: Prisoner-Of-War Prison
Book 4: Chapter 8.1: Capturing The City, Part 1
Book 4: Chapter 8.2: Capturing The City, Part 2
Book 4: Chapter 8.3: Capturing The City, Part 3
Book 4: Chapter 9: Destroyed With A Flick
Book 4: Chapter 10: Gao Xianzhi Winning The Soldiers’ Hearts
Book 4: Chapter 11: Mending Heaven Sect
Book 4: Chapter 12: Fire Cauldron Physique
Book 4: Chapter 13: Evil Demon’S Underground Palace
Book 4: Chapter 14: Nascent Embryo
Book 4: Chapter 15: Worldly Coital Karmic Energy Mending Heaven Sorrowful Endowment
Book 4: Chapter 16: Nascent Soul Realm
Book 3: Chapter 17: Karmic Energy Mending Heaven
Book 4: Chapter 18: Suppressing Cui Tie
Book 4: Chapter 19: Bing Ji
Book 4: Chapter 20: The Supreme Singularity’S Gift
Book 4: Chapter 21: Luring The Enemy To Chaoge City
Book 4 Chapter 22: Soldiers Reach Chaoge City
Book 4: Chapter 23: Cross Restraining Vampires
Book 4: Chapter 24: Grand Ice Mirror Technique
Book 4: Chapter 25: Unseal
Book 4: Chapter 26: Clash Between A Seer And A Heaven’S Favored
Book 4: Chapter 27: The War Ends
Book 4: Chapter 28: Heaven Favors The Kind
Book 4: Chapter 29.1: Cycle, Part 1
Book 4: Chapter 29.2: Cycle, Part 2
Book 4: Chapter 30: Heaven Punished Stone
Book 4: Chapter 31: Purple Subtlety And Longevity
Book 4: Chapter 32: White-Clad Youth
Book 4: Chapter 33: Fairy Waner Verified
Book 3: Chapter 34: Cycle Saber Technique’S Debut
Book 4: Chapter 35: Second Cycle
Book 4: Chapter 36: Saber Exploded
Book 4: Chapter 37: Various Experts Saving Gu Hai
Book 4: Chapter 38: Bi-An King
Book 4: Chapter 39: Blood Dragon Lifespan Ritual Array
Book 4: Chapter 40: Two Perverts
Book 4 Chapter 41.1: Treasure Map, Part 1
Book 4 Chapter 41.2: Treasure Map, Part 2
Book 4 Chapter 42: Anyone Who Sees Gets Pregnant
Book 4 Chapter 43: The Tables Are Turned
Book 4 Chapter 44: Requiting Evil With Good
Book 4 Chapter 45: Blood Dragon
Book 4: Chapter 46: Sha
Book 4: Chapter 47: Seven Immortal Executioner Swords
Book 4: Chapter 48: Wanyu Rushing In
Book 4: Chapter 49: Saving Wanyu
Book 4: Chapter 50: Waner Appears Again
Book 4: Chapter 51: Obtaining The Heaven Punished Stone By Chance
Book 4: Chapter 52: Red Sun Rising In The Sky
Book 4: Chapter 53: Jiang Ba Awakened
Book 4: Chapter 54: Ba
Book 4: Chapter 55: Two Good-For-Nothing Gluttons
Book 4: Chapter 56: Glutton Spirits
Book 4: Chapter 57: Life Executioner Saber
Book 4: Chapter 58: The Four Clans
Book 4: Chapter 59: The Army Returns On Arriving In The Han Nation
Book 4: Chapter 60: All Eaten
Book 4: Chapter 61: Donating Resources
Book 4: Chapter 62: Resorting To Overt Action After Covert Action Failed
Book 4: Chapter 63: Chivalrous Legends
Book 4: Chapter 64: Strong Wind And Rain Accompanying The Brush Strokes, The Poem Manifests Crying Supernatural Beings
Book 4: Chapter 65: Gongyang Sheng And The Bat Ancestor
Book 4: Chapter 66: Bring In The Wine
Book 4: Chapter 67: Simply Can’T Stop
Book 4: Chapter 68: You Have No Talent
Book 4: Chapter 69: The Savage Bat Ancestor
Book 4: Chapter 70: Ripping Up “Bring In The Wine”
Book 4: Chapter 71: Imperial Emperor Xi Yu
Book 4: Chapter 72: Coincidentally Finding Gongyang Sheng
Book 4: Chapter 73: The Qin Clan And Chang Clan
Book 4: Chapter 74: Why Do We Need A Plan?
Book 4: Chapter 75: Catch And Release Chang Ming
Book 4: Chapter 76: Fire Calabash
Book 4: Chapter 77: Calabash Entering The Palace
Book 4: Chapter 78: Too Easy
Book 4: Chapter 79: They Are Blind
Book 4: Chapter 80: Occasionally Dabble
Book 4: Chapter 81: The Slaughter Nation Appears
Book 4: Chapter 82: Command To Slaughter The City
Book 4: Chapter 83: Imminent Danger
Book 4: Chapter 84: Taiji
Book 4: Chapter 85: Zhang Sanfeng
Book 4: Chapter 86: Blood Prison
Book 4: Chapter 87: Heavy Snow Falling For Five Hundred Thousand Kilometers
Book 4: Chapter 88: Sending Long Wanyu Away
Book 4: Chapter 89: The Wronged Xi Yong
Book 4: Chapter 90: Using Both Brains And Brawn
Book 4: Chapter 91: Waner Helping
Book 4: Chapter 92: Samādhi True Flame
Book 4: Chapter 93: Damage Fixing Pearl
Book 4: Chapter 94: Number Eight Dongfang
Book 04 Chapter 095: Goodbye Forever, My Love!
Book 4: Chapter 96: Gu Hai Takes Revenge
Book 4: Chapter 97: I Came Back To Kill You
Book 4: Chapter 98: Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array
Book 4: Chapter 99: This Sect Master
Book 4: Chapter 100: Dongfang Bubai
Book 4: Chapter 101: Holy Dao Scriptures
Book 4: Chapter 102: Ice Mountain
Book 4: Chapter 103: The Great Light Sovereign Deity Withdraws
Book 4: Chapter 104: Divine Palace
Book 4: Chapter 105: Dongfang’S Main Body
Book 4: Chapter 106: The Unborn Man’S Arrival
Book 4: Chapter 107: Destroying Five Clones
Book 4: Chapter 108: Myriad Bone Sinister Mountain And East Spiritual Fire Sea
Book 4: Chapter 109: Investiture Of The Gods
Book 4: Chapter 110: Retreating Safely
Book 4: Chapter 111: Faked Death?
Book 4: Chapter 112: Zombie Army
Book 4: Chapter 113: Treatment
Book 4: Chapter 114: Poison?
Book 4: Chapter 115: Mo Yike Awaits
Book 4: Chapter 116: Twenty-Nine? Thirty?
Book 4: Chapter 117: Great Light Sovereign Deity And Ba
Book 4: Chapter 118: Count To Three
Book 4: Chapter 119: Plot In Vacant City
Book 4: Chapter 120: The Bat Ancestor Falls Into A Trap
Book 4: Chapter 121: Gu Hai’S Pity
Book 4: Chapter 122: Working With The Bat Ancestor
Book 4: Chapter 123: Ice Man
Book 4: Chapter 124: Wager
Book 4: Chapter 125: Killing With Another’S Hands
Book 4: Chapter 126: One Mouthful
Book 4: Chapter 127: An Egg?
Book 4: Chapter 128: Awkward Atmosphere?
Book 4: Chapter 129: Leaving The Yuan Nation’S Territory
Book 4: Chapter 130: Asura Secret Realm Entrance Blueprint
Book 4: Chapter 131: Cui Tong And Jiu Ming
Book 4: Chapter 132: Gu Hai’S Rage
Book 4: Chapter 133: Killing Cui Tong
Book 4: Chapter 134: Defeating Jiu Ming
Book 4: Chapter 135: Determining Punishment
Book 4: Chapter 136: Second Young Master
Book 4: Chapter 137: Yehua
Book 4: Chapter 138: Random Small Fries
Book 4: Chapter 139: Thirty-One?
Book 4: Chapter 140: Nine-Five Island Takes Off
Book 4: Chapter 141: Missing Nine-Five Island
Book 4: Chapter 142: Chang Sheng’S Favor
Book 4: Chapter 143: Solved
Book 4: Chapter 144: It’S Real This Time
Book 4: Chapter 145: Leaving Openly
Book 4: Chapter 146: Chang Sheng’S Hypothetical Situation
Book 4: Chapter 147: Nurturing A Spirit With One’S Officials
Book 4: Chapter 148: Sima Zongheng
Book 4: Chapter 149: Chang Sheng’S Plan
Book 4: Chapter 150: Shangguan Hen’S Bitter Encounter
Book 4: Chapter 151: You Are Free
Book 4: Chapter 152: Found?
Book 4: Chapter 153: Test Questions
Book 4: Chapter 154: Igniting The Divine Flame
Book 4: Chapter 155: Chang Clan’S Destruction
Book 4: Chapter 156: Chaoge City Citizens, We Have Returned!
Book 4: Chapter 157: Chang Sheng’S Final Words
Book 4: Chapter 159: The Bat Ancestor’S Death
Book 4: Chapter 160: Fishing
Book 4: Chapter 163: Eliminating Archduke Xi Kang
Book 4: Chapter 162: Long Live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence Live For Ten Thousand Years!
Book 4: Chapter 161: The Yuan Imperial Dynasty Is Our Yuan Nation
Book 4: Chapter 165: Who Is The Zombie Army Loyal To
Book 4: Chapter 164: Bamboo Cane
Book 4: Chapter 166: Imperial Emperor Xi Yu Vs. Slaughter Heavenly Emperor’S Body
Book 4: Chapter 158: The Bat Ancestor’S Impending Death
Book 4: Chapter 167: Fierce Battle Between Giants
Book 4: Chapter 168: Strongest Enchanted Treasure In The World
Book 4: Chapter 169: World Cleansing Shut Eyes Meditation
Book 4: Chapter 170: Killing Sin Śarīra
Book 4: Chapter 171: Spiritual Progenitor Deity King And The Life Killer Saber
Book 4: Chapter 172: Mo Yike’S Lament
Book 4: Chapter 173: A Peerless State Scholar
Book 4: Chapter 174: Four Brothers
Book 4: Chapter 175: Long Aotian
Book 4: Chapter 176: Back In The Imperial Prison
Book 4: Chapter 177: Rushing Straight To Major Metropolitan City
Book 4: Chapter 178: Gu Hai’S Plan
Book 4: Chapter 179: Rendering Mo Yike Useless
Book 4: Chapter 180: Soldiers Arriving In Major Metropolitan City
Book 4: Chapter 181: Jiangchen
Book 4: Chapter 182: Seven-Colored Pill
Book 4: Chapter 183: Dissension Begins
Book 4: Chapter 184: Difficult Choice
Book 4: Chapter 185: Utterly Isolated
Book 4: Chapter 186: Murong Yan
Book 4: Chapter 187: Final Craziness
Book 4: Chapter 188: Suicide At The Great Sigh Palace Hall
Book 4: Chapter 189: One Step Too Late
Book 4: Chapter 190: Yuan Nation Eliminated
Book 5: Chapter 1: Blood Uniform Guard
Book 5: Chapter 2: Supreme Ascendant Dao, Grand Mohist
Book 5: Chapter 3: Borderless Heavenly Capital
Book 5: Chapter 4: Grand Occasion
Book 5: Chapter 5: Sixty Cities
Book 5: Chapter 6: Returning To Silver Moon City
Book 5: Chapter 7: Murderous Ballad Of The Ferocious Birds
Book 5: Chapter 8: Music Throughout The City
Book 5: Chapter 9.1: A Hundred Birds’ Homage To The Phoenix, Part 1
Book 5: Chapter 9.2: A Hundred Birds’ Homage To The Phoenix, Part 2
Book 5: Chapter 10: Seven Kills’S Interference
Book 5: Chapter 11: Zither Demon Six Fingers
Book 5: Chapter 12: Gong Tian
Book 5: Chapter 13: The Great Information Age
Book 5: Chapter 14: War Drums Sound Outside Silver Moon City
Book 5: Chapter 15: Overly Stimulated
Book 5: Chapter 16: The Azure Emperor’S Will
Book 5: Chapter 17: Lord Tang’S Stance
Book 5: Chapter 18: Call Of The Deity
Book 5: Chapter 19: Shangguan Hen’S Resolve
Book 5: Chapter 20: Ao Shun’S Return
Book 5: Chapter 21: Thirty-Three Layers Of Heaven
Book 5: Chapter 22: Elite Hall’S Treasury
Book 5: Chapter 23: Heaven Blasting Cannon
Book 5: Chapter 24: A Newly Established Rule
Book 5: Chapter 25: Blasting The City Lord
Book 5: Chapter 26: One Drop Of Blood
Book 5: Chapter 27: Ao Shun’S Change
Book 5: Chapter 28: Demon Purifying Scripture
Book 5: Chapter 29: Zhengfa Ming
Book 5: Chapter 30: Fighting Over The Beggar
Book 5: Chapter 31: Blasting Another City Lord
Book 5: Chapter 32: Great Compassion Mantra
Book 5: Chapter 33: Bodhisattva Guanyin
Book 5: Chapter 34: Might Of Guanyin
Book 5: Chapter 35: Unmoving Vow Of Silence Meditation
Book 5: Chapter 36: Jie Dong’S Taunt
Book 5: Chapter 37: Breaking The Unmoving Vow Of Silence Meditation
Book 5: Chapter 38: The Beggar’S History
Book 5: Chapter 39: Luring The Snake Out Of Its Hole
Book 5: Chapter 40: Trap
Book 5: Chapter 41: Killing Feng Tonglao
Book 5: Chapter 42: Heaven Blasting Battalion
Book 5: Chapter 43: Ambush
Book 5: Chapter 44: Gong Tian Breaking Down
Book 5: Chapter 45: Eliminating Gong Tian
Book 5: Chapter 46: Heavenly Yin City
Book 5: Chapter 47: Gu Hai’S Heartache
Book 5: Chapter 48: Heart For Buddhism Crumbled
Book 5: Chapter 49: Victory In One Move
Book 5: Chapter 50: The Qian Heavenly Emperor’S Chain Of Situations
Book 5: Chapter 51: Human Path Secret Realm
Book 5: Chapter 52: Ten Thousand Sages Convention
Book 5: Chapter 53: Long Zhanguo
Book 5: Chapter 54: Sages’ Critique
Book 5: Chapter 55: The Sages’ Resentment
Book 5: Chapter 56: Gu Hai Vs. One Hundred Thousand Cultural Cultivators
Book 5: Chapter 57: Gu Hai’S Go Skills
Book 5: Chapter 58: You Are Distracted
Book 5: Chapter 59: Playing Calmly
Book 5: Chapter 60: Longevity’S Second Painting
Book 5: Chapter 61: Five Hundred Recommendation Talismans
Book 5: Chapter 62: Change In Wu Yazi’S Play Style
Book 5: Chapter 63: Demons And Monsters
Book 5: Chapter 64: Sages Barging In
Book 5: Chapter 65: The Blind Sages
Book 5: Chapter 66: Enmeshed In A Trap Of One’S Own Devising
Book 5: Chapter 67: Learning A Lesson
Book 5: Chapter 69: Going Back On One’S Words
Book 5: Chapter 70: I Am Good At Nourishing My Noble Spirit
Book 5: Chapter 71: Stuck
Book 5: Chapter 72: One Thousand Nine Hundred Recommendation Talismans
Book 5: Chapter 73: Eight Thousand Sages Causing Trouble
Book 5: Chapter 74: The Method To Obtain Recommendation Talismans
Book 5: Chapter 75: The Second Round Begins
Book 5: Chapter 76: I Want One Hundred
Book 5: Chapter 77: Rapid Improvement In Go Skills
Book 5: Chapter 78: Go Dao Improving Again
Book 5: Chapter 79: Sleep Immortal, Dream Of Longevity
Book 5: Chapter 80: One Is Powerless Before Heaven Unless One Becomes Immortal
Book 5: Chapter 81: Li Er
Book 5: Chapter 82: Awakening
Book 5: Chapter 83: Eastern Auspicious Clouds For Fifteen Thousand Kilometers
Book 4: Chapter 84: Legendary Supreme Ascendant Vs. Legendary Laozi
Book 5: Chapter 85: End Of The Cultural Battles
Book 5: Chapter 86: Sharing First Place
Book 5: Chapter 87: The Six Paths Immortal Firmament
Book 5: Chapter 88: If You Are Not Willing To, We Don’T Mind Taking Your Head
Book 5: Chapter 94: Reincarnation City
Book 5: Chapter 89: Beheading
Book 5: Chapter 90: Reincarnation
Book 5: Chapter 91: Long Shenying And Long Shenwen
Book 5: Chapter 92: Long Zhanguo’S Immortal Firmament
Book 5: Chapter 93: Greatly Compassionate Greatly Sorrowful Six Paths Veritable Lord
Book 5: Chapter 95: The Cowardly Reincarnation King
Book 5: Chapter 96: Chen Xianer
Book 5: Chapter 97: A Beast Is A Beast
Book 5: Chapter 98: Unkillable
Book 5: Chapter 99: Go Dao Mountain Manor
Book 5: Chapter 100: Black Cat
Book 5: Chapter 101: Six-Colored Water Seal
Book 5: Chapter 102: Black Cat Freed
Book 5: Chapter 103: Dreaming Of Heavenly Secrets Technique
Book 5: Chapter 104: Massive Increase In Cultivation
Book 5: Chapter 105: When Heaven Rages, All Life Kneels
Book 5: Chapter 106: Long Zhanguo Vs. Heaven
Book 5: Chapter 107: Long Zhanguo Victorious
Book 5: Chapter 108: Tang Gu
Book 5: Chapter 109: Long Zhanguo’S Favor
Book 5: Chapter 110: Gu Tang’S Invitation
Book 5: Chapter 111: Long Zhanguo’S Promise
Book 5: Chapter 112: Trapping Gu Hai In Fire
Book 5: Chapter 113: Ripping The “Song Of Noble Spirit”
Book 5: Chapter 114: Chopping Down The Supreme Ascendant Dao Disciples
Book 5: Chapter 115: Li Shenji’S Miscalculation
Book 5: Chapter 116: Li Shenji’S Death
Book 5: Chapter 117: Unfilial Son
Book 5: Chapter 118: Four Cloud Beast Experts
Book 5: Chapter 119: The Unborn Man’S Origins
Book 5: Chapter 120: Asura Path Secret Realm
Book 5: Chapter 121: Nether Realm
Book 5: Chapter 122: Houqing
Book 5: Chapter 123: Long Zhanguo’S Rage
Book 5: Chapter 124: One Million Soldiers Entering A Path Of Reincarnation Secret Realm
Book 5: Chapter 125: The Land Is Barren Where The Locusts Goes
Book 5: Chapter 126: Meeting Long Wanqing Again
Book 5: Chapter 127: Bloody Divine Offshoot
Book 5: Chapter 128: One Step Away
Book 5: Chapter 129: Ximen Chuixue’S Sword
Book 5: Chapter 130: Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array Manifesting The Great Sage
Book 5: Chapter 131: Monkey Demon Equal To Heaven
Book 5: Chapter 132: Ancestor Ming He’S Aim
Book 5: Chapter 133: Facing Ancestor Ming He
Book 5: Chapter 134: Vine World Calabash
Book 5: Chapter 135: Purple Sky Heavenly Lightning
Book 5: Chapter 136: Destroying Ancestor Ming He
Book 5: Chapter 137: Long Zhanguo’S Arrival
Book 5: Chapter 138: Spiritual Light
Book 5: Chapter 139: Four Chosen
Book 05 Chapter 140: Divine Demon Army
Book 5: Chapter 141: Vile Person, The Mosquito Daoist
Book 5: Chapter 142: The Separation Of Yan And Huang
Book 5: Chapter 143: Yehua Revived
Book 5: Chapter 144: Yanxuan
Book 5: Chapter 145: Luring The Wolf Home
Book 5: Chapter 146: Black Angels
Book 5: Chapter 147: Establishing The Heavenly Palace
Book 5: Chapter 148: First-Layer Lower Heavenly Palace Realm
Book 5: Chapter 149: Holding The Supreme Genesis’S Two Sons Hostage
Book 5: Chapter 150: The Mosquito Daoist’S Misunderstanding
Book 5: Chapter 151: Lu Ya
Book 5: Chapter 152: Zang Yulian
Book 5: Chapter 153: Lianshan Classic
Book 5: Chapter 154: Understand A Little
Book 5: Chapter 155: The Supreme Genesis Descends
Book 5: Chapter 156: A Leaderless Group Of Dragons Is An Auspicious Sign
Book 5: Chapter 157: Interrogating Jiang Lianshan
Book 5: Chapter 158: Jiang Lianshan’S Stance
Book 5: Chapter 159: Conspiracy
Book 5: Chapter 160: Heaven’S Envoy
Book 5: Chapter 161: Seed Of Desire
Book 5: Chapter 162: Zhen Hexagram, Gen Hexagram, And Jian Hexagram
Book 5: Chapter 163: Black Mountain Token
Book 5: Chapter 164: Undercurrents For Three Days
Book 5: Chapter 165: Thirty-Two Vs. Thirty-Two
Book 5: Chapter 166: The Azure Emperor’S Plot
Book 5: Chapter 167: Assassinating Jiang Lianshan
Book 5: Chapter 168: Jiang Lianshan Awakens
Book 5: Chapter 169: Let Me Finish This Go Match
Book 5: Chapter 170: The Azure Emperor’S Fall
Book 5: Chapter 171: Alliance Between The Qian Nation And The Yan Nation
Book 5: Chapter 172: Lu Ya Comes Searching
Book 5: Chapter 173: The Unlucky Chameleon
Book 5: Chapter 174: Convincing The Mosquito Daoist
Book 5: Chapter 175: The Unlucky Houqing
Book 5: Chapter 176: Never Return Without The Target’S Head!
Book 5: Chapter 177: Mosquito Daoist Vs. Lu Ya
Book 5: Chapter 178: Animal Spirit Technique
Book 5: Chapter 179: Azure Lotus Young Master, Sha
Book 5: Chapter 180: Zang Yulian’S Request
Book 5: Chapter 181: Walking Into The Trap
Book 5: Chapter 182: Marching On The Solar Divine Palace
Book 5: Chapter 183: Ao Shun Taken Hostage
Book 5: Chapter 184: Kong Xuan’S Obsession
Book 5: Chapter 185: Primal Chaos Bell And Universe Cauldron
Book 5: Chapter 186: Killing Yehua
Book 5: Chapter 187: Pinning The Blame On Kong Xuan
Book 5: Chapter 188: Manifold Deity Palace
Book 5: Chapter 189: The Animal Path Secret Realm
Book 5: Chapter 190: I Want To Kill Deities
Book 5: Chapter 191: Plundering Divine Nature
Book 5: Chapter 192: Slaughtering Forty Thousand Animal Spirit Deities
Book 5: Chapter 193: Lu Ya Alarmed
Book 5: Chapter 194: Major Defeat For Lu Ya
Book 5: Chapter 195: Rescuing Ao Shun
Book 5: Chapter 196: Imperial Father, This Child Did Not Embarrass You, Right?
Book 5: Chapter 197: Lu Ya’S Death
Book 5: Chapter 198: Refining The Animal Path Secret Realm
Book 5: Chapter 199: Destroying The Golden Crows With A Palm, Destroying Stars With A Punch
Book 5: Chapter 200: Duke Tianshan
Book 5: Chapter 201: Jiang Lianshan’S Assistance
Book 5: Chapter 202: In The Heavenly Realm
Book 5: Chapter 203: Immortal Energy
Book 5: Chapter 204: Energy Of All Life
Book 5: Chapter 205: Passageway
Book 5: Chapter 206: Sacrificing The Supreme Wa
Book 5: Chapter 207: False Countercharge Instigation
Book 5: Chapter 208: Killing The Supreme Wa
Book 5: Chapter 209: Sowing Chaos In The Solar Divine Palace
Book 5: Chapter 210: Fighting The Supreme Genesis
Book 5: Chapter 211: Long Zhanguo Breaking Out
Book 5: Chapter 212: Blood Staining The Sky
Book 5: Chapter 213: Long Zhanguo Is Not Dead
Book 5: Chapter 214: Solar Divine Palace Destroyed
Book 6: Chapter 001: The Pedantic Chen Tianshan
Book 5: Chapter 002: Hell Bladesman
Book 3: Chapter 003: Casual Betrayal
Book 6: Chapter 004: Director Zhang’S Shock
Book 6: Chapter 005: Leo
Book 6: Chapter 006: Meeting Laozi Again
Book 6: Chapter 007: Long Zhanguo’S Revival
Book 6: Chapter 008: Yi Qiu’S Final Testament
Book 6: Chapter 009: Xiaorou Revived
Book 6: Chapter 010: Middle Heavenly Palace Realm’S First Layer
Book 6: Chapter 011: Leaving Earth
Book 6: Chapter 012: Five Years
Book 6: Chapter 013: Changes In The Han Nation
Book 6: Chapter 014: Hearts And Minds
Book 6: Chapter 015: Opposing Each Other
Book 6: Chapter 016: Gu Qin Seizing Power
Book 6: Chapter 017: Increasingly Chaotic
Book 6: Chapter 018: Divine Demon Army Appears
Book 6: Chapter 019: Bone Saber Mountain
Book 6: Chapter 020: Shocking The Surroundings
Book 6: Chapter 021: Accumulated Blessings
Book 6: Chapter 022: Imperial Emperor Ruling The Nation
Book 6: Chapter 023: Revenge For The Nation, Marching In All Directions
Book 6: Chapter 024: Endless Reports Of Success
Book 6: Chapter 025: Revival Convention
Book 6: Chapter 026: Ninth Young Master’S Request
Book 6: Chapter 027: Rescuing Shangguan Hen
Book 6: Chapter 028: Raising An Army
Book 6: Chapter 029: Ao Clan’S Dragon Blood
Book 6: Chapter 030: Recruiting Ao Shun
Book 6: Chapter 031: Victorious Fighting Buddha Sun Wukong
Book 6: Chapter 032: Sun Wukong Unwilling To Return
Book 6: Chapter 033: The Powerful Long Shenwu
Book 6: Chapter 034: Di Shitian
Book 6: Chapter 035: Western Sea Dragon Palace
Book 6: Chapter 036: Earthly Soul Essence
Book 6: Chapter 037: Carp Leaping Over The Dragon’S Gate
Book 6: Chapter 038: The Unlucky Earthly Soul Essence
Book 6: Chapter 039: We Have Booked The Dragon’S Gate
Book 6: Chapter 040: The Strong Gu Hai
Book 6: Chapter 041: Another Wave Comes After One Just Calmed Down
Book 6: Chapter 042: Hell Path Secret Realm
Book 6: Chapter 043: Eighteen Layers Of Hell
Book 6: Chapter 044: Jiang Gautama
Book 6: Chapter 045: Good And Evil Gautamas
Book 6: Chapter 046: Kong Xuan’S Rejection
Book 6: Chapter 047: The Eighteenth Layer
Book 6: Chapter 048: Shangguan Hen Recultivating
Book 6: Chapter 049: Eyes Of Life And Death
Book 6: Chapter 050: Insufficient Time
Book 6: Chapter 051: Gu’S Immortal Firmament
Book 6: Chapter 052: Fifth Corps Commander
Book 6: Chapter 053: Exiting Hell
Book 6: Chapter 054: Kong Xuan Taking Revenge
Book 6: Chapter 055: A Demon Descends On The Spirit Mountain Holy Land
Book 6: Chapter 056: Matron Buddha
Book 6: Chapter 057: Cutting Off One’S Flesh To Feed Eagles
Book 6: Chapter 058: Exchanging For Kong Xuan
Book 6: Chapter 059: The Entire Spirit Mountain Holy Land Entering Hell
Book 6: Chapter 060: The Flame Monarch
Book 6: Chapter 061: Kong Xuan, Beat Him Up
Book 6: Chapter 062: Xuan Du’S Confidence
Book 6: Chapter 063: Gu Hai Vs. Xuan Du
Book 6: Chapter 064: Sect Master Heavenly Access
Book 6: Chapter 065: Inviting Sect Master Heavenly Access
Book 6: Chapter 066: Sect Master Heavenly Access Vs. Sect Master Heavenly Access
Book 6: Chapter 067: A Son?
Book 6: Chapter 068: Four Powerful Sword Cultivators Become Human
Book 6: Chapter 069: Revival Convention
Book 6: Chapter 070: Heavenly Souls Return
Book 6: Chapter 071: Vying For Heavenly Souls
Book 6: Chapter 072: Old Mister Guan Qi Revived
Book 6: Chapter 073: Guan Qi’S Game
Book 6: Chapter 074: Welcome To Eight Hundred Thousand Years Ago
Book 6: Chapter 075: Heavenly Access’S Shock
Book 6: Chapter 076: Arrival
Book 6: Chapter 077: The Purple Jade Sect’S Calamity
Book 6: Chapter 078: Super Peacock Deity
Book 6: Chapter 079: The Peacock Prime
Book 6: Chapter 080: Metal Buddha
Book 6: Chapter 081: The Peacock Race’S Calamity
Book 6: Chapter 082: Kong Xuan’S Shock And Anger
Book 6: Chapter 083: Fighting The Supreme Genesis Again
Book 6: Chapter 084: The Metal Buddha’S Embarrassment
Book 6: Chapter 085: Imminent Death
Book 6: Chapter 086: Six Paths Veritable Lord Attacks
Book 6: Chapter 087: When Heavenly Access Appears, Who Can Contest With Him?!
Book 6: Chapter 088: Heavenly Access Vs. Heavenly Access Again
Book 6: Chapter 089: World’S Strongest Vs. World’S Strongest
Book 6: Chapter 090: I Do Not Regret My Choice
Book 6: Chapter 091: Mortal Soul Monopolizing A Body
Book 6: Chapter 092: Tearing A Galaxy
Book 6: Chapter 093: Azure Lotus Will
Book 6: Chapter 094: The Ridiculously Powerful Six Paths Veritable Lord
Book 6: Chapter 095: One Body Finally Destroyed
Book 6: Chapter 096: Human Sovereign Fuxi
Book 6: Chapter 097: Hetu
Book 6: Chapter 098: Lady Supreme Wa
Book 6: Chapter 099: Protecting My Wife
Book 6: Chapter 100: Disintegration Beam
Book 6: Chapter 101: Three Fallen Six Paths Veritable Lords
Book 6: Chapter 102: Houtu
Book 6: Chapter 104: Guan Qi’S Plot
Book 6: Chapter 106: Consumed
Book 6: Chapter 107: Solipsistic Law
Book 6: Chapter 108: Ten Thousand Arrows Firing Simultaneously
Book 6: Chapter 109: White-Robed Six Paths Veritable Lord
Book 6: Chapter 110: Black-Robed Six Paths Veritable Lord
Book 6: Chapter 111: Fuxi Coming Out Of Closed Door Cultivation
Book 6: Chapter 112: Heaven’S Revenge
Book 6: Chapter 113: Gu Hai Snatching A Body
Book 6: Chapter 114: Jiang Lianshan Losing Control
Book 6: Chapter 115: Jiangchen
Book 6: Chapter 116: Senior Wu
Book 6: Chapter 117: Heaven Died, And The World Grieves
Book 6: Chapter 118: Fuxi’S Tribulation
Book 6: Chapter 119: Chaotic Spacetime
Book 6: Chapter 120: Forcing Senior Wu To Make A Move
Book 6: Chapter 121: All Life Striving Their Hardest
Book 6: Chapter 122: Who Will Become The Immortal?
Book 6: Chapter 123: Change? Preserve? Replicate?
Book 6: Chapter 124: Senior Wu’S Lingering Resentment
Book 6: Chapter 125: Gu Hai Vs. Jiang Lianshan
Book 6: Chapter 126: Gu Hai Vs. Old Mister Guan Qi
Book 6: Chapter 127: Yellow River Map And Nine Palace Diagram
Book 6: Chapter 128: Half-Step Thirty-Five
Book 6: Chapter 129: Sending You Back
Book 6: Chapter 130: Restoring The World
Book 6: Chapter 131: Man Proposes, Fate Disposes
Book 6: Chapter 132: You Care About Me
Book 6: Chapter 133: Six Paths Immortal
Book 6: Chapter 134: The Supreme Ascendant’S Death
Book 6: Chapter 135: Consummation Of The Middle Heavenly Palace Realm
Book 6: Chapter 136: Returning
Book 7: Chapter 001: Trapped In A Prison
Book 7: Chapter 002: Myriad Age Red Pill
Book 7: Chapter 003: Supreme Pure One Sword Dao Consolidated Record
Book 7: Chapter 004: Sha Vs. Sect Master Heavenly Access
Book 7: Chapter 005: Call For Help
Book 7: Chapter 006: Jingwei Filling The Sea
Book 7: Chapter 007: Southern Bright Li Flame
Book 7: Chapter 008: Divine Dao Shaman Canon
Book 07 Chapter 009: Succession Ceremony
Book 07 Chapter 010: Sowing Dissension
Book 07 Chapter 011: Jiang Lianshan Returns?
Book 07 Chapter 012: Isolated Island In The Eastern Sea
Book 07 Chapter 013: Upper Heavenly Palace Realm
Book 07 Chapter 014: Flame Monarch’S Death
Book 07 Chapter 015: Ferocious Demons Underground
Book 07 Chapter 016: Chiyou
Book 07 Chapter 017: The Domineering Chiyou
Book 07 Chapter 018: Brother
Book 07 Chapter 019: Opening The Heavenly Eye
Book 07 Chapter 020.1: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 1
Book 07 Chapter 020.2: Spy Causing Unrest, Part 2
Book 07 Chapter 021: The Mysterious Wu Imperial Dynasty
Book 07 Chapter 022: Recruiting The Mosquito Daoist
Book 07 Chapter 023: Gu Hai Vs. Sect Master Heavenly Access
Book 07 Chapter 024: Establishing The Nation’S Prestige
Book 07 Chapter 025: Secret Report
Book 07 Chapter 026: Searching For The Spy
Book 07 Chapter 027: Browbeating
Book 07 Chapter 028: Spy Exposed
Book 07 Chapter 029: Ao Shun Exposed?
Book 07 Chapter 030: Interrogating Ao Sheng
Book 07 Chapter 031: Sima Changkong’S Third Wave
Book 07 Chapter 032: Tang Gu’S Request
Book 07 Chapter 033: Gu Qin In Danger
Book 07 Chapter 034: Finding Gu Qin
Book 07 Chapter 035: Borrowed Influence
Book 07 Chapter 036: Distress Call To Gu Hai
Book 07 Chapter 037: Candle Epoch Azure Lamp
Book 07 Chapter 038: Teacher Yinyue’S Reincarnation
Book 07 Chapter 039: Outside Han Destruction City
Book 07 Chapter 040: Gu Qin Returns
Book 07 Chapter 041: Scaring Away Heavenly Access
Book 07 Chapter 042: Father And Son Secretly Plotting Against Each Other
Book 07 Chapter 043: Han Vengeance Army Marching On The Wu Imperial Dynasty
Book 07 Chapter 044: Sima Changkong’S Will Of The Citizenry Army
Book 07 Chapter 045: Sovereign And Official Doubting Each Other
Book 07 Chapter 046: Sincerely Inviting Sima Changkong
Book 07 Chapter 047: Extreme Disappointment
Book 07 Chapter 048: Chaos In Martial Heaven City
Book 07 Chapter 049: Seventh Corps Commander
Book 07 Chapter 050: Southern Sea Dragon King, Ao Sihai
Book 07 Chapter 051: Kong Xuan Swallowing An Army
Book 07 Chapter 052: The Unborn Man Returns
Book 07 Chapter 053: Converging In Three Mountains City
Book 07 Chapter 054: Coming With Ferocious Momentum
Book 07 Chapter 055: Lifespan Chunshen
Book 07 Chapter 056: The Spirit Mountain Holy Land’S Experts
Book 07 Chapter 057: Rescuing The Three Officials
Book 07 Chapter 058: A Blessing Or A Disaster?
Book 07 Chapter 059: For Zhengfa Ming
Book 07 Chapter 060: Absorbing Corpse Energy To Reach The Third Layer
Book 07 Chapter 061: Seeing Father
Book 07 Chapter 062: Qian Nation Conglomerate
Book 07 Chapter 063: Eighth Corps Commander
Book 06 Chapter 064: Returning To Deal With The Chao
Book 07 Chapter 065: Source Of Trouble
Book 07 Chapter 066: Gu Hai’S Rage
Book 07 Chapter 067: The Horrifying Spirit Mountain Holy Land
Book 07 Chapter 068: Divine Blood Replication
Book 07 Chapter 069: World Famous
Book 07 Chapter 070: Tathāgata Zhengfa Ming
Book 07 Chapter 071: Vairocana
Book 07 Chapter 072: Targeting Yinyue
Book 07 Chapter 073: Capturing Yinyue Again
Book 07 Chapter 074: Yinyue’S Destruction
Book 07 Chapter 075: Blessings Destruction Plan
Book 07 Chapter 076: Public Memorial Service
Book 07 Chapter 077: Shocking Change
Book 07 Chapter 078: Han Swallowing Ying Territory
Book 07 Chapter 079: Hostage Princes Of The Six Factions
Book 07 Chapter 080: Infinite Wealth
Book 07 Chapter 081: Financial Products Kick Off
Book 07 Chapter 082: Jingwei Returns
Book 07 Chapter 083: War God Marquis
Book 07 Chapter 084: The Domineering Ba
Book 07 Chapter 085: Yan Heavenly Dynasty
Book 07 Chapter 086: When The Father Is Absent, The Eldest Brother Is Like The Father
Book 07 Chapter 087: Xingtian Visiting
Book 07 Chapter 088: Second Trip To The Nether Realm
Book 07 Chapter 089: Corpse Mound World
Book 07 Chapter 090: Ancient Resentful Spirits
Book 07 Chapter 091: Fly Daoist
Book 07 Chapter 092: Dried Lamp Buddha
Book 07 Chapter 093: Three-Layered Past Conception
Book 07 Chapter 094: Kong Xuan Vs. Sword Deity Six Paths
Book 07 Chapter 095: Ancient Peacock Inheritance
Book 07 Chapter 096: Blood Shaman Resentful Spirit
Book 07 Chapter 097: Fly-Mosquito United Heart
Book 07 Chapter 098.1: The Fly Daoist’S Despair, Part 1
Book 07 Chapter 098.2: The Fly Daoist’S Despair, Part 2
Book 07 Chapter 099: Destroying The Sword Deity Six Paths
Book 07 Chapter 100: Gautama Heavenly Demon
Book 07 Chapter 101: Heavenly Soul Register
Book 07 Chapter 102: Three Lives Buddhist Conception
Book 07 Chapter 103: The Powerful Corpse Worm Heavenly Demon
Book 07 Chapter 104: Gu Hai Vs. Corpse Worm Heavenly Demon
Book 07 Chapter 105: Divinity Destroying Heavenly Eye
Book 07 Chapter 106: Eternal Buddhist Pagoda
Book 07 Chapter 107: Two Beams Of Divinity Destroying Light
Book 07 Chapter 108: Jiang Gautama’S Probing
Book 07 Chapter 109: Buddhist Nation In Hand
Book 07 Chapter 110: No One Trusts Lifespan Chunshen
Book 07 Chapter 111: Divine Continent Blacklist
Book 07 Chapter 112: The Enchanting Purple Jade Heavenly Demon
Book 07 Chapter 113: Sword Dao Merger Technique
Book 07 Chapter 114: Searching Purple Bamboo Island
Book 07 Chapter 115: In The Furnace
Book 07 Chapter 116: Ao Shun’S Death
Book 07 Chapter 117: Mutation
Book 07 Chapter 118: Exposed
Book 07 Chapter 119: Heavenly Access’S Desperate Situation
Book 07 Chapter 120: Take Care, My Second Elder Brother!
Book 07 Chapter 121: Essence Genesis Comes Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation
Book 07 Chapter 122: Essence Genesis Is Not Benevolent, Seeing All Life As Ants
Book 07 Chapter 123: I Will Let You Experience His Despair!
Book 07 Chapter 124: White Tiger Prime
Book 07 Chapter 125: Golden Egg’S Food
Book 07 Chapter 126: Hot Potato Hero
Book 07 Chapter 127: Death And Life Register
Book 07 Chapter 128: Destiny With The Heavenly Mandate
Book 07 Chapter 129: Cangjie’S Discovery
Book 07 Chapter 130: Topsy-Turvy
Book 07 Chapter 131: Riots Begin
Book 07 Chapter 132: Cangjie’S Prediction
Book 07 Chapter 133: Only I Reign Supreme In Heaven Above And In The World Below
Book 07 Chapter 134: The Course Of Nature Goes Around, Retribution Will Come
Book 07 Chapter 135: The Horrifyingly Great Debt
Book 07 Chapter 136: Blessings All Destroyed
Book 07 Chapter 137: Emperor Kong’S Scheme
Book 07 Chapter 138: Message From The White Emperor
Book 07 Chapter 139: Lord Buddha Vs. Lord Buddha
Book 07 Chapter 140: I’M Not Taking The Blame For This!
Book 07 Chapter 141: Gu Tang Is Safe
Book 07 Chapter 142: Spirit Mountain Holy Land Destroyed
Book 07 Chapter 143: Five Jiang Gautamas
Book 07 Chapter 144: Fourth Son, Gu Ming?
Book 07 Chapter 145: Father And Son Reunited
Book 07 Chapter 146: The Self-Harming Mister Starless
Book 07 Chapter 147: Barging Into The Second Layer Of Hell
Book 07 Chapter 148: Vairocana Displays His Might
Book 07 Chapter 149: Divine Blood Poison Ant
Book 07 Chapter 150: Gu Hai Makes A Move
Book 07 Chapter 151: The Strength Of The Gu’S Immortal Firmament
Book 07 Chapter 152: Gao Xianzhi Taking Decisive Action
Book 07 Chapter 153: Crimson Heavenly Eye
Book 07 Chapter 154: All Mine
Book 07 Chapter 155: The Powerful Jiangchen
Book 07 Chapter 156: Advancing Two Layers Continuously
Book 07 Chapter 157: Deity Seizing Hall
Book 07 Chapter 158: Cardinal Position
Book 07 Chapter 159: Dao Body
Book 07 Chapter 160: Decisive Battle At The Corpse Mound World
Book 07 Chapter 161: Kong Xuan’S Disappointment
Book 07 Chapter 162: Vast Amounts Of Divinity Destroying Light
Book 07 Chapter 163: If Heaven Wants You Dead, You Must Die
Book 07 Chapter 164: Jiang Gautama Courting Disaster
Book 07 Chapter 165: Five Peak Masters
Book 07 Chapter 166: Chiyou Coming To Reinforce
Categories Genre: Action, All, Drama, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Ongoing, Tragedy, Xianxia Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , , Alternative names: Vạn Cổ Tiên Khung, Wang Gu Xian Qiong, 万古仙穹,


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Alternative Titles:

Vạn Cổ Tiên Khung, Wang Gu Xian Qiong, 万古仙穹

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The world is like a chessboard.

“I do not want to be treated as a chess piece by the players!”

Defeat in this chess is tantamount to the destruction of my body and I’ll thoroughly disappear! Victory in this chess and I’ll have a very long life!

With the help of an ancient Weiqi piece, Gu Hai arrived at the Divine Province Mainland!

Heavenly Dao is eternal, however life is limited, making heaven and earth pieces of a chessboard, then in the end transformed into a loess, vanishing like faded smoke and scattered clouds. Nevertheless people still jump out of the chessboard, and these people are already prepared for their death while playing chess against the heavens, and perhaps win eternal life for themselves?

“I’ve come, and I want to live through 10,000 lives without any boundaries!”

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Book 1: Chapter 1: The Strongest Strategist

Book 1: Chapter 1: The Strongest Strategist

Book 1: Tengen Puzzle

[TL Note: Tengen refers to the center point on a Go board. It is normally marked with a dot. The Chinese word for this is Tianyuan, which means origin of heaven, or the center. Here is a link to what a Go board looks like: https://senseis.xmp.net/diagrams/29/ad217a381dbb8bc75d8420f6aec40af5.png. The nine dots you can see in the picture are known as star points, and the center one is tengen. The others are not named and are referred to by their grid reference, like 4,4.]

On the sixth day of the sixth month, Fallen Dragon Cliff, the Chen Nation:

Gray clouds covered the sky, and a chilly wind swept through the land. Thousands of wounded soldiers camped at Fallen Dragon Cliff, appearing like a defeated army. Many soldiers guarded a large yellow tent in the center.

Officials filled this large tent, looking worriedly at a throne at the north of the tent.

An old man dressed in imperial robes sat on the throne. This person looked about sixty-odd, had a pale complexion, and was coughing continuously. Servants carefully attended to him, occasionally wiping off the blood that he coughed out.

A white-clad man who looked to be about forty stood beside the throne. This person placed his hands on the back of the old man in imperial robes, apparently transfusing Veritable Energy into the old man to treat the old man’s injuries.


The old man in imperial robes spat out a mouthful of blood. The treatment ended, but his condition did not improve. Instead, his face paled even more.

“Imperial Father!” a middle-aged man wearing official robes, the leader of the group of officials, cried out in startlement.

“Your Majesty!” the group of officials immediately exclaimed in fear.

The old man in imperial robes ignored the officials. Instead, he looked at the white-clad man who transfused Veritable Energy into him.

“Third Granduncle, you can stop trying to save me. I know my condition. My heart vessels have ruptured; I was too careless,” the old man in imperial robes sighed bitterly.

The white-clad man sighed, “Your heart vessels ruptured. Chen Taiji, you were too greedy for accomplishments, making a premature advance! Why did you not wait for me?”

“I wanted to attack with my full force to gain victory for the sect. However, I underestimated the Song Nation’s strategist, Gao Xianzhi. He is truly incredible. While he was defending the southern territories, I did not know about his capabilities. In fact, my army enjoyed a streak of victories during that time. Unexpectedly, the Song Emperor handed full military authority to Gao Xianzhi. After he took control, it was like they gained divine assistance, turning unpredictable. He broke many of our advantages. He used a large army like a flood to force us into a full retreat. To think that the Song Emperor could bear to do that. Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji said bitterly as he coughed.

“I told you before, the battle between the Chen Nation and the Song Nation has great implications that you cannot imagine. Like us, the sect behind the Song Nation gave firm orders for victory. The sect behind the nation that wins will gain the newly discovered spirit stone mine,” the white-clad man sighed.

“This grandnephew begs Third Granduncle to help me kill Gao Xianzhi. Otherwise, my Chen Nation will fall in defeat, perhaps even be eradicated,” Chen Taiji begged.

The white-clad man frowned, then shook his head. “As I said, this battle has great implications. Initially, it was over a spirit stone mine. However, it attracted the attention of someone important. That personage wants to observe a battle of the mundane world and has ordered us not to interfere. Not to mention me, even the sect master will not offend that personage for the sake of a mundane nation.”

“What? You cannot interfere? Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji coughed out blood again.

The white-clad man shook his head with certainty. “Likewise, the sect behind the Song Nation cannot interfere, either. So, don’t assume that the sect behind the Song Nation is responsible for your injuries; it was all Gao Xianzhi’s handiwork.”

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji suffered another coughing fit.

“I have a report!”

A footsoldier rushed into the tent and knelt on one knee. When he saw the pale emperor coughing blood, his expression froze.

“Speak!” Chen Taiji stared at that footsoldier.

“Reporting to the emperor, Tong Pass has fallen!” the footsoldier reported anxiously.

“What?! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji coughed out blood again.

“I have a report!”

Another footsoldier rushed into the large tent.

“Reporting to the emperor, Chengshan Pass has fallen!”

“I have a report!”

“Reporting to the emperor, Jiayu Pass has fallen!”

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

The large tent fell silent except for the officials’ anxious breathing and Chen Taiji’s coughing.

Despite Chen Taiji’s violent coughs, a rosy color returned to his pale face.

The white-clad man frowned heavily, figuring out that this was a dying flash. Chen Taiji was on the verge of death.

All the civil and military officers in the tent appeared flustered.

“Imperial Father, with the fall of Tong Pass, Chengshan Pass, and Jiayu Pass, all that remains for the Song Nation are the plains. It’s practically over for three-quarters of my…my Chen Nation’s territory!” exclaimed the man in official robes, horror written across his face.

The white-clad man sighed, “We lost. In the end, we still lost. This Gao Xianzhi is genuinely capable. There is no way for the Chen Nation to retaliate.”

Chen Taiji’s complexion now appeared rosy. “Godlike usage of the army? A godlike usage of the army, feinting in the east and attacking the west, breaking through three passes simultaneously and shattering our army’s morale. This Gao Xianzhi is excellent, genuinely incredible. Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

“Chen Taiji, let the crown prince succeed the throne. The Chen Nation still has Hulao Pass. Hopefully, he can defend it for a while. Hah…! However, it does not matter how long he can defend it for; we lost this war. It is unfortunate for your son. I hope the sect master does not take his anger out on your son,” the white-clad man said with an unsightly expression.

“What? The sect master will take his anger out on him?” Chen Taiji resisted coughing as he looked at the white-clad man.

The white-clad man remained silent for a while before nodding. “It’s possible. I will be implicated, as well. An important person is watching this war. Once the Chen Nation loses, that personage will definitely be disappointed in the sect. The sect master values that personage’s opinion a lot. Perhaps… Hopefully, the sect master will not take out his anger on your son. After all, the other party’s strategist is too incredible…”

However, Chen Taiji trembled. Uncertainty appeared in his eyes; it seemed like he was making a tough decision.

“No, we have not lost yet. We still have Hulao Pass. There is still Hulao Pass!” Chen Taiji quavered.

“Hulao Pass? Hulao Pass has the weakest military might. Furthermore, they are all imperial guards. Unlike the soldiers of the other three passes, they are just inexperienced soldiers who have never seen battle—and there are not many of them. How are they to defend against the Song Nation’s ferocious army? Moreover, you won’t last much longer, and your son’s ability is a far cry from yours. If you cannot block them, what more the crown prince? Besides, you are about to lose three-quarters of your territory. After losing most of your territory, you will lose the confidence of your citizens. What are you going to use to fight the Song Nation? Not to mention, the other party has a great strategist, Gao Xianzhi. The situation is getting worse by the day; there is no stopping their momentum!” The white-clad man sighed.

“No, we have not lost!” Chen Taiji said with a fierce expression, trembling.

“With the scattered remnants of your army? No one can stop the destruction of your nation. Taiji, you are better off thinking how to beg for forgiveness from the sect master,” the white-clad man said bitterly.

“Father, what other ways are there? The sect is not willing to interfere!” the crown prince in official robes said with a bitter expression.

Chen Taiji closed his eyes, trembling all over. After a while, he said, “No, there is one person. He…he can save this desperate situation. He definitely can!”

“Oh?” The white-clad man stared somewhat blankly.

The crown prince in official robes also showed a curious expression.

“Crown Prince, go and beg him. As long as he is willing to help… As long as he is willing to help, we can win it all back. We definitely can. Cough! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji said while coughing.

“Chen Taiji, this is not the time for jokes. The Chen Nation has nearly lost everything already. Who can save this desperate situation? The Song Nation’s people are unified, and the strategist Gao Xianzhi is riding the strong momentum. Their troops’ morale is through the roof. There is no way to turn the situation around without our sect’s interference,” the white-clad man argued in disbelief.

“It’s possible. He can, he definitely can!” Chen Taiji’s face flushed red.

“Who is it? Imperial Father, who is it?” the crown prince asked, feeling startled and curious.

“Gu Hai!” Chen Taiji said this name with great difficulty, like he deeply rejected this person.

“The wealthiest man of the six nations, Old Mister Gu?” the crown prince asked, feeling shocked.

“The wealthiest man of the six nations? Cough! Cough! Cough! Gu Hai? Unexpectedly, I come and beg you again right before my death!” Chen Taiji revealed a bitter smile.

“Gu Hai? That person who only started cultivating after thirty, later holding wishful dreams of joining my sect despite his advanced age and poor cultivation talent?”

“Third Granduncle, you know him?” Chen Taiji looked at the white-clad man in shock.

“I have seen him before. Most of the Golden Core Realm cultivators of my sect have seen him before. As long as we come to the mundane world, that old man finds us very quickly, coming to bribe us with all sorts of ways to get inducted into the sect. However, his cultivation talent is too poor, and he started cultivating very late. It is difficult to find a use for him. If we take him in, we will become a laughingstock of the other sects.” The white-clad man nodded.

“Gu Hai? Ah, I thought I had already suppressed all opportunities for him to come in contact with the sects. Unexpectedly, he managed to circumvent my precautions against him long ago. The world is indeed filled with hidden talents. Hahaha! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji said bitterly while coughing out more blood.

“Chen Taiji, you say that Gu Hai can save this desperate situation? Why are you so sure? He is just an ordinary person with an Acquired Realm cultivation,” the white-clad man said with a frown.

“Indeed. Imperial Father, he is just a merchant. Can he command troops and fight wars?” the crown prince asked anxiously.

“He definitely can! If Gao Xianzhi is a great strategist, Gu Hai is the strongest of great strategists. Crown Prince, lead all the civil and military officials to beg him. You must obtain his help, even if you have to kneel!” Chen Taiji said with a resolute gaze.

“A merchant? The strongest of great strategists?”

“Third Granduncle, please do your best to fulfill his demands. Yes, he is a merchant. Yes, he is an ordinary person. However, only he can turn this desperate situation around. If we want to win everything back, we can only ask him for help. I guarantee it on the crown prince’s life!” Chen Taiji was completely flushed red now.

The white-clad man frowned as he looked at Chen Taiji contemplatively. There was no way to turn this hopeless situation around, but Chen Taiji insisted that Gu Hai could do it. Furthermore, Chen Taiji seemed to have unwavering faith in him. The white-clad man slowly turned grave. After all, this war had significant implications. He could not afford to overlook any detail.

“I will. The sect master has given me the authority to deal with this. As long as his demands are not overboard, I will do my best to satisfy him!” the white-clad man assured gravely.

“Crown Prince, after you manage to convince Gu Hai to help, you will have to listen to everything he says if you want to turn this desperate situation around. Remember: that goes for all arrangements he makes. Also, address him as Uncle Gu. He was once your father’s sworn brother. Cough! Cough!” Chen Taiji said weakly, feeling bitter.

“Uncle Gu?” The crown prince revealed a shocked expression.

“Finally, apologize to him on my behalf. I let him down back then.” Chen Taiji showed a sorrowful bitterness.

After saying that final line, Chen Taiji closed his eyes. This flushed face instantly paled, and he stopped breathing.

“Imperial Father!”

“Your Majesty!”

“The emperor has passed away!”

Everyone fell to their knees—both inside and outside the large tent—endlessly mourning.


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