Following a Hundred Years of Cultivation, I’m dying Before I Got Cheats by West Traveler

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Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Third Level Of The Foundation Establishment Realm
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Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Revisiting The Hua Wu Peak
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Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: Candidate Is Confirmed
Chapter 52 - Chapter 52: Hosting The Trade Fair
Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: Making The Golden Armor Puppet Talisman
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Chapter 57 - Chapter 57: Pure Treasure Pavilion
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Chapter 67 - Chapter 67: The Eve Of The Battle
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Chapter 71 - Chapter 71: Power Of The Golden Armored Puppet, Death Of
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Chapter 74 - Chapter 74: Yun Dongshan
Chapter 75 - Chapter 75: Jiang Chengxuan’S Decision
Chapter 76 - Chapter 76: Immortal Pelong
Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Hidden Crisis Outbreak
Chapter 78 - Chapter 78: The State Of Enlightenment
Chapter 79 - Chapter 79: Sneak Attack Of A Level 3 Demon Beast
Chapter 80 - Chapter 80: Unforeseen Event, The Fall Of Tian Qin
Chapter 81 - Chapter 81: Three Golden Core Realm Cultivators
Chapter 82 - Chapter 82: Dispute
Chapter 83 - Chapter 83: End Of The Demon Beast Riot
Chapter 84 - Chapter 84: Someone Sent By The Hong Family (1)
Chapter 85 - Chapter 85: Someone Sent By The Hong Family (2)
Chapter 86 - Chapter 86: Fire Meteor Sword Technique To Perfection
Chapter 87 - Chapter 87: Revealing The Secret
Chapter 88 - Chapter 88: New Violet Palace Realm Immortal Family, The Lin Family
Chapter 89 - Chapter 89: Try Calling It, See If It Will Respond To You
Chapter 90 - Chapter 90: One Against Five, The Lin Family Is Shocked
Chapter 91 - Chapter 91: Lin Family’S Ancestor
Chapter 92 - Chapter 92: Killing A Violet Palace Realm Cultivator
Chapter 93 - Chapter 93: Extermination
Chapter 94 - Chapter 94: Huge Harvest, The Demise Of The Lin Family
Chapter 95 - Chapter 95: Returning To Splendid Jade Mountain
Chapter 96 - Chapter 96: Four Years
Chapter 97 - Chapter 97: Shen Yuanlong’S Honest Words
Chapter 98 - Chapter 98: Meeting Shen Mengxue Again
Chapter 99 - Chapter 99: Five Places
Chapter 100 - Chapter 1Oo: Shadow Tracking Gu
Chapter 101 - Chapter 101: Arriving At The Fallen Leaves Mountain Range
Chapter 102 - Chapter 102: Miss Of The Moon Watcher Sect
Chapter 103 - Chapter 103: The System Becoming Too Casual
Chapter 104 - Chapter 104: Heavenly Eye Of Insight, The Lightning Pool (1)
Chapter 105 - Chapter 105: Heavenly Eye Of Insight, The Lightning Pool
Chapter 106 - Chapter 106: Heavenly Eye Of Insight, The Lightning Pool
Chapter 107 - Chapter 107: Five Lightning Dao Body, Ruyan Entering The Violet Palace Realm
Chapter 108 - Chapter 108: Five Lightning Dao Body, Ruyan Entering The Violet Palace Realm (2)
Chapter 109 - Chapter 109: Ah! Violet Palace Realm Cultivator!
Chapter 110 - Chapter 110: Ah! Violet Palace Realm Cultivator! (2)
Chapter 111 - Chapter 111: Meeting An Old Friend, Fake Golden Core Cultivator
Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: Meeting An Old Friend, Fake Golden Core
Chapter 113 - Chapter 113: Meeting An Old Friend, Fake Golden Core Cultivator (3)
Chapter 114 - Chapter 114: Violet Palace Realm Trade Fair (1)
Chapter 115 - Chapter 115: Violet Palace Realm Trade Fair (2)
Chapter 116 - Chapter 116: Empty Sky Stone
Chapter 117 - Chapter 117: Huang Wenyu’S Invitation
Chapter 118 - Chapter 118: Shen Mengxue’S Death
Chapter 119 - Chapter 119: Fighting The Violet Palace Realm With Brute Strength
Chapter 120 - Chapter 120: Killing The Enemy
Chapter 121 - Chapter 121: The Situation In The Shen Family
Chapter 122 - Chapter 122: Demonic Cultivator Attack
Chapter 123 - Chapter 123: Jiang Chengxuan And His Wife Return
Chapter 124 - Chapter 124: Violet Palace Realm Demonic Cultivator
Chapter 125 - Chapter 125: Gu Ling Falls, Jiang Chengxuan Blocks The Way
Chapter 126 - Chapter 126: Fishing In Troubled Waters
Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Seeing Shen Yuanlong Again
Chapter 128 - Chapter 128: Shen Yuanlong Enters The Fifth Level Of The
Chapter 129 - Chapter 129: Shen Daoming Comes Out Of Seclusion
Chapter 130 - Chapter 130: Paying Tributes
Chapter 131 - Chapter 131: Returning To The Family, Eve Of Breakthrough
Chapter 132 - Chapter 132: Soul Splitting Worm, The Eve Of
Chapter 133 - Chapter 133: Reaching The Violet Palace Realm And
Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: Reaching The Violet Palace Realm, Deduction Bead(2)
Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: Removing The Hidden Danger
Chapter 136 - Chapter 136: The Zhang Family
Chapter 137 - Chapter 137: Arrival At The Zhang Family
Chapter 138 - Chapter 138: Zhang Baiyang Appears
Chapter 139 - Chapter 139: Affiliate Family
Chapter 140 - Chapter 140: Violet Palace Realm Celebration
Chapter 141 - Chapter 141: Understanding The Key
Chapter 142 - Chapter 142: Sect Master Of The Sunset Sect, Immortal
Chapter 143 - Chapter 143: Alliance
Chapter 144 - Chapter 144: Level 3 Weapon Refiner
Chapter 145 - Chapter 145: Intrinsic Dharma Treasure, Golden Void Sword, Completed!
Chapter 146 - Chapter 146: Coming Out Of Seclusion, Xiong Wandao
Chapter 147 - Chapter 147: Jiang Chengxuan’S Suggestion
Chapter 148 - Chapter 148: Departure To The Valley Plains
Chapter 149 - Chapter 149: Cyan Lightning Wind Bird
Chapter 150 - Chapter 150: Change Of Situation, Blue-Eyed Demon Ape Race
Chapter 151 - Chapter 151: Killing Two Demon Apes In A Row
Chapter 152 - Chapter 152: Endowed Divine Power, The Blue-Eyed
Chapter 153 - Chapter 153: Killing Both, Level 3 Wood Vein
Chapter 154 - Chapter 154: Three Slashes In A Row
Chapter 155 - Chapter 155: Distribution Of Battle Gains, Prioritization
Chapter 156 - Chapter 156: The Thought Of Leaving The Shen Family
Chapter 157 - Chapter 157: Parting On Good Terms, Xu Qianhe Entering The Violet Palace Realm
Chapter 158 - Chapter 158: Leaving The Shen Family And Going Back To The Place Of Birth
Chapter 159 - Chapter 159: Leaving The Shen Family And Going Back To The Place Of Birth (2)
Chapter 160 - Chapter 160: Leaving The Shen Family And Going Back To The Place Of Birth (3)
Chapter 161 - Chapter 161: Blood Relations
Chapter 162 - Chapter 162: Betrayer
Chapter 163 - Chapter 163: Shock
Chapter 164 - Chapter 164: Blood Channeling Technique
Chapter 165 - Chapter 165: Jiang Immortal Family
Chapter 166 - Chapter 166: The Myriad Wind Forest
Chapter 167 - Chapter 167: Despair, Level 3 Giant Gale Crocodile!
Chapter 168 - Chapter 168: Violet Palace Realm Cultivators?
Chapter 169 - Chapter 169: Ancestor, Please Return To The Family With Us!
Chapter 170 - Chapter 170: Ancestor, Please Return To The Family With
Chapter 171 - Chapter 171: Ancestor, Please Return To The Family With
Chapter 172 - Chapter 172: It’S You Guys! The Remaining Members Of The Jiang Family!
Chapter 173 - Chapter 173: It’S You Guys! The Remaining Members Of The
Chapter 174 - Chapter 174: Killing Shi Yifei
Chapter 175 - Chapter 175: Pursuit
Chapter 176 - Chapter 176: Bai Xuanhong’S Death
Chapter 177 - Chapter 177: Windfall
Chapter 178 - Chapter 178: Chapter 178 The Ancestor Of The You Family
Chapter 179 - Chapter 179: The Ancestor Of The You Family 2
Chapter 180 - Chapter 180: The Ancestor Of The You Family 3
Chapter 181 - Chapter 181: Five Years Of Change
Chapter 182 - Chapter 182: Two System Missions In A Row
Chapter 183 - Chapter 183: Arrival Of All Parties
Chapter 184 - Chapter 184: Temporary Small Trade Fair
Chapter 185 - Chapter 185: System Reward, Search For The Secret Treasure
Chapter 186 - Chapter 186: System Reward, Search For The Secret
Chapter 187 - Chapter 187: Spirit Refinement Technique
Chapter 188 - Chapter 188: Shen Ruyan Breaking Through To The Mid­Stage Violet Palace Realm
Chapter 189 - Chapter 189: Jade Water Market Auction
Chapter 190 - Chapter 190: Jade Water Market Auction (2)
Chapter 191 - Chapter 191: Jiang Rendao Bidding For The Purple True Pill
Chapter 192 - Chapter 192: Fighting For The Cloud Spirit Purple Water
Chapter 193 - Chapter 193: Finale Item, Jiang Rendao’S Request
Chapter 194 - Chapter 194: Finale Item, Jiang Rendao’S Request (2)
Chapter 195 - Chapter 195: Finale Item, Jiang Rendao’S Request (3)
Chapter 196 - Chapter 196: Fourth Level Of The Violet Palace
Chapter 197 - Chapter 197: The Soul Refinement Technique, Bad News
Chapter 198 - Chapter 198: Jiang Rendao Breaking Through To The Violet
Chapter 199 - Chapter 199: Returning To The Shen Family
Chapter 200 - Chapter 200: Zheng Pelong’S Summon
Chapter 201 - Chapter 201: Golden Core Celebration
Chapter 202 - Chapter 202: Seven Lotuses Demonic Sect
Chapter 203 - Chapter 203: Returning To Liang Nation, Level 3 Water Vein
Chapter 204 - Chapter 204: Killing The Demon Spirits, Huge Gain
Chapter 205 - Chapter 205: Killing The Demon Spirits, Huge Gain (2)
Chapter 206 - Chapter 206: Going To The Jade Water Sword Pavilion
Chapter 207 - Chapter 207: Sword Intent Token
Chapter 208 - Chapter 208: Upgraded System Mission
Chapter 209 - Chapter 209: Rich Reward, Exploring System Missions
Chapter 210 - Chapter 210: Bad Luck Is Coming
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Jiang Chengxuan accidentally transmigrated to the immortal cultivation world and accidentally obtained the immortal cultivation heritage.

However, his qualifications were really low, and after a hundred years of hard work, he was still unable to advance to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Just when he was discouraged, he came to a mortal city in silence, ready to end his life. That was when he got the long-awaited cheats.

Detected that the host has achieved 100 years of immortal cultivation, hereby granting a life extension fruit, which can increase the life expectancy by one year.

The next achievement task was now issued.

Please complete the quest a hundred times. Complete it to achieve the honor of completing the quest a hundred times and you can get a chance to complete the quest smoothly.


Please complete 100 times of technique practice, and achieve it to obtain a sense of perfection in technique inheritance jade talisman.

Please complete 100 times of energy training to enhance the foundation bone.

Please complete 100 times of talisman-making achievements...

Please complete 100 times of enlightenment achievement...

Please complete 100 times of alchemy achievement...

Please complete 100 times of poisoning achievement...


Unknowingly, when Jiang Chengxuan heard the system's prompt again, he was told that there were no more achievements worthy of him to complete, because his existence itself was already an achievement that could never be surpassed.

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Chapter 1

The End Is Coming, Activating the Cheat System

Let’s settle down here.

An old man with white hair and a hunched back appeared in a rather prosperous city.


This was Autumn Leaf City under the jurisdiction of Heyang County.

It was the city with the best environment among the several mortal cities under Heyang County.

It was also one of the most artistic cities.

The old man, Jiang Chengxuan, looked at the enormous mansion in front of him and suddenly sighed softly.

From now on, let me stay and slowly die here.

While he was thinking, Jiang Chengxuan had already walked into the mansion.

There were no servants or maids.

Before Jiang Chengxuan bought this house, he had already made it clear to the owner that he didn’t want anyone to serve him.

It was also his own request.

Since he only had a year or two left to live, Jiang Chengxuan only wanted to finish this journey quietly and not be disturbed by anyone.

Nor did he want his arrival to alarm the mortals here.


Jiang Chengxuan was not an ordinary person.

Instead, he was a true cultivator.

A hundred years ago, due to an accident, he transmigrated to this place called the Nine Essences Immortal Cultivation World.

By chance, he obtained the cultivation inheritance of a Qi Refinement cultivator.

He originally thought that he could start his cultivation journey smoothly and become an immortal.

He thought that there would be all kinds of treasures and beauties surrounding him.

Unexpectedly, reality played a big joke on him.

There was no System to help him, nor were there any artifacts.

Most importantly, his cultivation aptitude was the lowest-grade, the False Spiritual Roots.

The speed of his cultivation was like a snail crawling.

In addition, he was a person who was afraid of death and did not dare to confront others, let alone compete with others for opportunities.

Therefore, after a hundred years, his cultivation level had only reached the eighth level of Qi Refinement.

He had not even reached the ninth level of Qi Refinement, which was the perfected realm of Qi Refinement.

Most importantly, the reason why he could have reached the eighth level of Qi Refinement was because he was lucky and obtained an opportunity for no reason.

If not for that, he would probably still be at the fourth or fifth level of Qi Refinement.

One could imagine that with him like this, not to mention breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm, the Violet Palace Realm, and the Golden Core Realm,

Even before his death, it was impossible for him to break through to the ninth level of Qi Refinement.

Therefore, Jiang Chengxuan did not have ambitions for anything else now. He just wanted to spend the last year or two in peace.

After walking around the entire mansion, Jiang Chengxuan chose the largest room in the middle courtyard as his bedroom.

Just like that.

Jiang Chengxuan lived in this mansion for half a year.

On this day.

He suddenly felt his body weaken.

Then, the qi and blood in his body began to dry up.

The True Essence in his body also began to quickly deplete until it was like that of a dry river.

Compared to before, he was noticeably emaciated and hunched.

Every step he took seemed to consume a lot of his strength.

He couldn’t help but sigh with a shake of his head.

With his current condition, not to mention living for another year or two, he might not even be able to live to see the sun rising tomorrow.


Forget it.

No matter what, I had lived for more than a hundred years.

Compared to those who died before the age of 50, he was much luckier.

He really could not ask for more.

Just as Jiang Chengxuan was comforting himself and was about to wait quietly for his life to end, a robotic electronic voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Detected that the host has achieved a hundred years of cultivation. The achievement system is therefore activated.]


Jiang Chengxuan was stunned.

Was he hallucinating? Or was it really the System Daddy?

In an instant, Jiang Chengxuan had a mixed feeling that he couldn’t describe.

As an Cultivator at the eighth level of Qi Refinement, he was actually certain that the voice just now was not an hallucination, but a real system notification.

But so what?

He was about to die anyway.

Even if the cheat system came, he wouldn’t have the luck to use it.

After all, he had clearly heard just now that the system that was activated was not a sign-in system, or a lottery system, but an achievement system.

As the name suggested, if he wanted to obtain anything from the system, he had to achieve something.

Just like what the system said just now about a hundred years of cultivation achievement.

He achieved it and accidentally activated the system.

What about the reward?

What is the use of activating you if you don’t give me a reward?


As if hearing Jiang Chengxuan’s thoughts, a system notification sounded in his mind again.

[Detected that the host has achieved a hundred years of cultivation. You are specially rewarded with a life-extending fruit. Consume it to increase your lifespan by 60 years.]


Jiang Chengxuan burst out cursing uncontrollably.

There was really a reward?

Moreover, it was an item that he urgently needed to extend his life.

What was more, it could extend his lifespan by 60 years.

Hurry up! Where is the life-extending fruit?

Jiang Chengxuan quickly called out to the system in his mind.

This was because at this moment, he could clearly feel his life force flowing away.

Death was approaching bit by bit.

If this happened in the past, he wouldn’t be anxious.

Anyway, there was no hope. If he died, so be it.

However, it was different now. If he died as soon as he found new hope, it would be too tragic.

After all, if there was a way to live, who would want to die?

Just as he was feeling anxious, Jiang Chengxuan saw an orange fruit suddenly appear in his hand.

Then, a string of words appeared in his mind.

[Life-extending Fruit: Eating it can increase one’s lifespan by 60 years. It’s also one of the main ingredients for refining life-extending pills.]

At this moment, Jiang Chengxuan couldn’t care less about refining pills.

He was about to die. It would be really stupid to think about those useless things.

Therefore, without wasting a second, he finished the fruit in a few mouthfuls.


In an instant, Jiang Chengxuan felt a new vitality suddenly replenishing his crumbling body.

This vitality was extremely abundant.

In just an instant, it covered his entire body, making his hunched body straight again.

His white hair turned black again.

His face emitted a healthy glow.

In just a moment.

Jiang Chengxuan went from an old and weak old man to a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties.

The life force that he lost also came back, fresh and new.

With this body, if Jiang Chengxuan had the cultivation of the perfected Qi Refinement realm, he could absolutely try to break through to the Foundation Establishment realm.

Unfortunately, he was not there yet.

However, no matter what, to Jiang Chengxuan, being able to regain 60 years of life was already a lot.

Most importantly, now, he had a cheat system to fall back on.


Total Chapters in book: 210
Estimated words: 273028 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1365(@200wpm)___ 1092(@250wpm)___ 910(@300wpm)