Gate of Revelation by Dancing

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Can You Speak Human Language?
Chapter 3: We Will Not Die!
Chapter 4: Run!!!!!
Chapter 5: Loading
Chapter 6: Activation? What Is This?
Chapter 7: In Order To Survive
Chapter 8: First Loot
Chapter 9: Shitty Cat
Chapter 10: The Sheep Amongst A Pack Of Wolves
Chapter 11: Identity Crisis
Chapter 12: My Fan Turned Against Me!
Chapter 13: I Am Npc?
Chapter 14: Internally Worried Externally Distressed
Chapter 15: Rowing Without Paddles
Chapter 16: Xiaolian’S Discovery
Chapter 17: Underground Palace
Chapter 18: Complete Extermination Of Newbies
Chapter 19: Xiaolian’S Brilliance
Chapter 20: I Cannot Do It
Chapter 21: Nest
Chapter 22: Black Widow
Chapter 23: Undress
Chapter 24: You Can Kiss Me Back
Chapter 25: Humane Brother Xiaolian
Chapter 26: Must Survive
Chapter 27: Wind Slasher Guild’S Crisis
Chapter 28: Final Card
Chapter 29: Not Over Yet!
Chapter 30: Guardian
Chapter 31: Quest Complete
Chapter 32: Fantasy Or Reality?
Chapter 33: Omnipresent
Chapter 34: I Am Gm
Chapter 35: Rebellion
Chapter 36: You Are An Irregularity
Chapter 37: Perverted Freak? Masochistic Freak?
Chapter 38: Invest Capital
Chapter 39: Train Crisis
Chapter 40: Let Her Go!
Chapter 41: Roddy’S Courage
Chapter 42: The Wrong Person?
Chapter 43: Ko
Chapter 44: Bloody Loli
Chapter 45: Split Personality
Chapter 46: I Am Xia Xiao Lei
Chapter 47: Carry Me To The Lofty Skies
Chapter 48: Humanoid Discount Card
Chapter 49: Selection And Extermination
Chapter 50: Do Not Panic!
Chapter 51: Newbie Seeking Membership
Chapter 52: You Know Quite A Lot
Chapter 53: Only One
Chapter 54: I Will Go!
Chapter 55: Return Even If I Have To Crawl
Chapter 56: We Have Moral Integrity
Chapter 57: Caverns
Chapter 58: Shot While Lying Down?
Chapter 59: Killing The Wyrm
Chapter 60: Bone Crusher! Demon King’S Three Axes
Chapter 61: Black Knights Guild
Chapter 62: You People Are Too Gullible
Chapter 63: Metal Burst
Chapter 64: Not A Good Person
Chapter 65: Isolated Secret Chamber
Chapter 66: If You Do Not Want To Die, Then Fight
Chapter 67: Is It About To Begin?
Chapter 68: A Very Pleasant Name
Chapter 69: Epang Appears
Chapter 70: Let Us Undress!
Chapter 71: Peerless God Of Slaughter
Chapter 72: Temporary Alliance
Chapter 73: Five De
Chapter 74: Bronze Men And Big Tree
Chapter 75: Beginning Of The Five De
Chapter 76: Players
Chapter 77: Forbid You To Touch Him
Chapter 78: The Terrifying Qiu Yun
Chapter 79: Final Entrant
Chapter 80: Sea Of Pets
Chapter 81: Xia Xiao Lei
Chapter 82: Bai Qi
Chapter 83: Grim Reaper
Chapter 84: Decoy
Chapter 85: Plotting To Kill
Chapter 86: Bai Qi’S War Soul
Chapter 87: Miao Yan’S Insinuation
Chapter 88: Chen Xiaolian’S Invitation
Chapter 89: Guild Leader
Chapter 90: Accompany You!
Chapter 91: Zero
Chapter 92: The Awakened Community
Chapter 93: Tokyo
Chapter 94: Irregularities
Chapter 95: Miao Yan Reappears
Chapter 96: Player Rules
Chapter 97: Human Shell
Chapter 98: Receptionist/Salesperson
Chapter 99: Infiltration
Chapter 100: Entering Zero City
Chapter 101: Vigilance
Chapter 102: Demon Soldier Fragments
Chapter 103: Gryphon?
Chapter 104: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 105: Advancing Bai Qi
Chapter 106: Sea Of Love
Chapter 107: Thorned Flower Guild
Chapter 108: Unexpected
Chapter 109: Tokyo Instance Dungeon
Chapter 110: Fiery Tokyo
Chapter 111: Braving The Metropolitan Police Department
Chapter 112: Rampage!
Chapter 113: Mantis Stalks The Cicada
Chapter 114: Nicole Appears
Chapter 115: Struck Down
Chapter 116: Mech Angel
Chapter 117: Inspector
Chapter 118: Wanted
Chapter 119: Unfortunate Nicole
Chapter 120: Transaction Proposal
Chapter 121: Strongest Pet Beneath [S] Class
Chapter 122: Wicked Chen Xiaolian
Chapter 123: Exemption Card – Attacked!
Chapter 124: Getting Nearer!
Chapter 125: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 126: Angel Killer
Chapter 127: Punishment
Chapter 128: Second Phase Of The Quest
Chapter 129: Changing Waterguns For Cannons
Chapter 130: Monster
Chapter 131: Recognition And Trust
Chapter 132: Conflict
Chapter 133: Leaving Tokyo
Chapter 134: Loophole
Chapter 135: Come Out! Bai Qi!
Chapter 136: Eruption Of Conflict
Chapter 137: Truly Strange, Truly Strange
Chapter 138: Objective Location
Chapter 139: Storyline
Chapter 140: Splitting Again
Chapter 141: Deep Underground
Chapter 142: Enter
Chapter 143 Part 1: Unsafe
Chapter 143 Part 2: Unsafe
Chapter 144 Part 1: Terrifying Wax Figures
Chapter 144 Part 2: Terrifying Wax Figures
Chapter 145: Research And Development Centre
Chapter 146 Part 1: Open The Door
Chapter 146 Part 2: Open The Door
Chapter 147: Prototype Machine
Chapter 148: Mech!
Chapter 149: Test Of Luck
Chapter 150: I Hear You Have An Immortal Body?
Chapter 151 Part 1: Final Hunt
Chapter 151 Part 2: Final Hunt
Chapter 152 Part 1: Hide And Seek
Chapter 152 Part 2: Hide And Seek
Chapter 153: Now You See?
Chapter 154: Angel
Chapter 155 Part 1: Tian Lie’S Final Form
Chapter 155 Part 2: End Of Tokyo Instance Dungeon
Chapter 155 Part 3: End Of Tokyo Instance Dungeon
Chapter 156 Part 1: That Is How It Is
Chapter 156 Part 2: That Is How It Is
Chapter 157 Part 1: Unopened Path
Chapter 157 Part 2: Unopened Path
Chapter 158 Part 1: Small D
Chapter 158 Part 2: Small D
Chapter 158 Part 3: Small D
Chapter 159: Thrown Into The Sea
Chapter 160: Too Nonsensical!
Chapter 161: Meet Once More
Chapter 162 Part 1: Pension
Chapter 162 Part 2: Pension
Chapter 163: You Are Alive, That Is Good
Chapter 164 Part 1: Home
Chapter 164 Part 2: Home
Chapter 165: Fearless War Axe
Chapter 166: Meaning
Chapter 167: Return To Hangzhou
Chapter 168: Using My Methods
Chapter 169: Boss Duan’S Troubles
Chapter 170 Part 1: Chen Xiaolian’S Concerns
Chapter 170 Part 2: Chen Xiaolian’S Concerns
Chapter 171 Part 1: Turn Of Events
Chapter 171 Part 2: Turn Of Events
Chapter 172: Greatness For The Sake Of The Heavens
Chapter 173 Part 1: Friends?
Chapter 173 Part 2: Friends?
Chapter 174: London
Chapter 175 Part 1: Countess
Chapter 175 Part 2: Countess
Chapter 176: Treatment For High-Class Players
Chapter 177: Punishing The Weak
Chapter 178: Long Live
Chapter 179: I Want To Know
Chapter 180: All For Naught
Chapter 181: Reappearance
Chapter 182: Encroaching Upon The Forbidden Zone
Chapter 183: Strange Name
Chapter 184: Random Quest
Chapter 185: Doctor Mu
Chapter 186: Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 187: Clues
Chapter 188: Photo
Chapter 189: Conflict
Chapter 190: Repeating Storyline
Chapter 191: The Second Victim
Chapter 192 Part 1: Sequence Of Murder
Chapter 192 Part 2: Sequence Of Murder
Chapter 193: Loophole
Chapter 194: I Won’T Let You Escape Me!
Chapter 195: A Specific Person
Chapter 196: Don’T Trust Me
Chapter 197: Savage Pub
Chapter 198: Who Could It Be?
Chapter 199: Final Night
Chapter 200: It’S You!
Chapter 201: Stomp Him To Death!
Chapter 202: Permanent Death?
Chapter 203: Who Is Helping?
Chapter 204: Thing Of Legend
Chapter 205: Phantom In White
Chapter 206: Woman In White
Chapter 207: Queen Anne
Chapter 208: Stealing The King’S Property
Chapter 209: Fearless Roar
Chapter 210: The Queen’S Curse
Chapter 211: Glory Be My Life
Chapter 212: Lancelot
Chapter 213: Just A Base Person
Chapter 214: Curse
Chapter 215: Sword Blade?
Chapter 216: Clues
Chapter 217: Who Am I
Chapter 218: At All Costs
Chapter 219: Ambush
Chapter 220: First Confrontation
Chapter 221: Sacred Artefact
Chapter 222: Pleasant Sounding Name
Chapter 223 Part 1: It’S Yours
Chapter 223 Part 2: It’S Yours
Chapter 224: Strange Man
Chapter 225: New Pet
Chapter 226: Countdown
Chapter 227: Umbrella! It’S Been A Long Time
Chapter 228: Do You Consider Yourself As One?
Chapter 229: Random Quest Cancelled
Chapter 230: Speculations
Chapter 231: Exclusive Exchange System
Chapter 232: Second Phase
Chapter 233: Eve Of The Great War
Chapter 234: Competitive Type Instance Dungeon
Chapter 235: Your Name?
Chapter 236: Shrewdness Of The King
Chapter 237: The Eccentric From The Forest
Chapter 238: Commanding An Army For The First Time
Chapter 239 Part 1: Error
Chapter 239 Part 2: Error
Chapter 240: A Good Punch!
Chapter 241 Part 1: Chen Xiaolian’S Army
Chapter 241 Part 2: Chen Xiaolian’S Army
Chapter 242: Incoming Battle!
Chapter 243: Warrior’S Blood
Chapter 244: How Did You Know That?
Chapter 245: Cycle Of Death
Chapter 246: Soul Contract
Chapter 247: Spread The Warmth
Chapter 248: Knight’S Glory
Chapter 249: Enemy Of The Thorned Flower
Chapter 250: It’S Been A While
Chapter 251: I Can Only Help You This Much
Chapter 252: Lifeblood
Chapter 253 Part 1: King’S Courage
Chapter 253 Part 2: King’S Courage
Chapter 254: Final Decisive Battle
Chapter 255: King’S Blood
Chapter 256 Part 1: [S] Class?
Chapter 256 Part 2: S Class?
Chapter 257: We?
Chapter 258: Are You Certain?
Chapter 259: Very Fair
Chapter 260: Do You Want To Know?
Chapter 261: Final Words
Chapter 262: Phoenix’S Intuition
Chapter 263: Return Home
Chapter 264: Sword In The Stone
Chapter 265: Rules Might Not Apply
Chapter 266: Punishment Instance Dungeon
Chapter 267: Coincidence?
Chapter 268 Part 1: Thank You, Sorry
Chapter 268 Part 2: Thank You, Sorry
Chapter 269: First Quest?
Chapter 270 Part 1: Hijacking Event
Chapter 270 Part 2: Hijacking Event
Chapter 271: Just Kill
Chapter 272 Part 1: Come Take A Bite
Chapter 272 Part 2: Come Take A Bite
Chapter 272 Part 3: Come Take A Bite
Chapter 273: Best Job
Chapter 274: The Last One
Chapter 275: Surprise?
Chapter 276: New York
Chapter 277: Punishment Begins
Chapter 278: Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 279: Late Night Visitors
Chapter 280: Transformed Wolf Pack
Chapter 281: Thunderstorm Tank
Chapter 282: Robbery! Snatching Women!
Chapter 283: Heard That Name Before
Chapter 284: Put On An Act
Chapter 285: Qimu Xi
Chapter 286: What Is So Delicious About Human Flesh?
Chapter 287: Player Mechanism Safe Zone
Chapter 288: Opening Time
Chapter 289: This Is The Light
Chapter 290: Venomous Heart
Chapter 291: Avenging Time
Chapter 292: Running Away!
Chapter 293: Messy Battle
Chapter 294: Devious Warfare
Chapter 295: The Only Use
Chapter 296: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 297: Hunting Culkin
Chapter 298: Hunting Culkin Ii
Chapter 299: Back Again?
Chapter 300: Strange Little Town
Chapter 301: Strange Recording
Chapter 302: Messed Up Big Time
Chapter 303: Hide From What?
Chapter 304: Enraged Roddy
Chapter 305: Angel Reappears
Chapter 306: Men’S Talk
Chapter 307: Found It!
Chapter 308: Excited!
Chapter 309: Simulation
Chapter 310: Battle For Survival!
Chapter 311: Intense Competitive Mode
Chapter 312: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 313: Roddy’S Discovery
Chapter 314: Bitter Battle
Chapter 315: 3-Man Group
Chapter 316: Putting On An Act? Let Me Help You
Chapter 317: You And Me In A Party
Chapter 318: Siege
Chapter 319: Rise Of Nagase Komi
Chapter 320: Floater Vs Feral Tiger
Chapter 321: Part 1 Well Calculated!
Chapter 321: Part 2 Well Calculated!
Chapter 322: Slay The Tiger!
Chapter 323: Jacob
Chapter 324: Against The Dragon! Reinforcements!
Chapter 325: Part 1 Would You Trust?
Chapter 325: Part 2 Would You Trust?
Chapter 326: Roddy’S Thoughts
Chapter 327: Survivor
Chapter 328: Nicole
Chapter 329: Error
Chapter 330: I’M Back
Chapter 331: Something Troublesome
Chapter 332: Gunfire Agreement Plus Travel Expenses
Chapter 333: Animal Scum Roddy
Chapter 334: You Were Dumped By Me Before?
Chapter 335: Scram
Chapter 336: Part 1 Kidnapped By Me
Chapter 336: Pt 2 Kidnapped By Me
Chapter 337 Business Discussion
Chapter 338 Who Are You?
Chapter 339 Not That Easy!
Chapter 340 Condition!
Chapter 341 Could Only Accept
Chapter 342 Assassinating A Dictator
Chapter 343 I Hate Africa
Chapter 344 Chinese Martial Arts
Chapter 345 Request
Chapter 346 One Night In Africa
Chapter 347 Poachers
Chapter 348 I Just Want The Vehicles
Chapter 349 Wish You Good Luck
Chapter 350 How Much For Her?
Chapter 351 I’Ll Accompany You!
Chapter 352 Part 1 Unforeseen Development!
Chapter 352 Part 2 Unforeseen Development
Chapter 353 Part 1 Where Did He Get That?
Chapter 353 Part 2 Where Did He Get That?
Chapter 354 System Quest?
Chapter 355 Return!
Chapter 356 Don’T Be Afraid, I Am Here
Chapter 357 Escaping From Kabuka
Chapter 358 Too Many People!
Chapter 359 Huge Own Goal
Chapter 360 Do Your Best
Chapter 361 Show Of Loyalty
Chapter 362 Woman’S Intuition
Chapter 363 No One Is God
Chapter 364 Asking For Trouble
Chapter 365 A Cruel Suggestion
Chapter 366 Who Are You?
Chapter 367 I Can Try
Chapter 368 Kombia’S Secret
Chapter 369 What Mine?
Chapter 370 C11
Chapter 371 Are You Regretting?
Chapter 372 Too Expensive!
Chapter 373 Secret Intruder
Chapter 374 Ptui!
Chapter 375 Modding Tool!
Chapter 376 What A Pity
Chapter 377 What Did I Forget?
Chapter 378 Sharp As Knives
Chapter 379 Not The Owner
Chapter 380 Zero City’S Mechanism
Chapter 381 Blade Mountain Flame Sea
Chapter 382 Part 1 Fall
Chapter 382 Part 2 Fall
Chapter 383 Sun Wukong Disappeared
Chapter 384 Obtain Through Blood!
Chapter 385 Very Serious
Chapter 386 Sense Of Humour
Chapter 387 Confess Everything
Chapter 388 We Are Brothers
Chapter 389 To Zero City
Chapter 390 Nicole’S Warning
Chapter 391 Honeycomb
Chapter 392 The Endeavouring Bluesea
Chapter 393 Face Of A Scholar, Heart Of A Hero
Chapter 394 Huge Harvest
Chapter 395 How Did You Know My Nickname?
Chapter 396 Sorrowful Fatty
Chapter 397 Immortal Pats My Head
Chapter 398 Skyblade
Chapter 399 Jade White Capital Of The Sky
Chapter 400 A Blade
Chapter 401 A Lamp That Does Not Exist In This World
Chapter 402 Clue
Chapter 403 Special Affairs Department
Chapter 404 I Don’T Know
Chapter 405 Lamp Wick
Chapter 406 Return Home
Chapter 407 Blood Verdict Begins
Chapter 408 Sensation From Waiting For Death
Chapter 409 Scapegoat
Chapter 410 My Blade Is Used For Hacking!
Chapter 411 Kill, Kill!
Chapter 412 Wtf?!
Chapter 413 I Want To Eat It!
Chapter 414 Wise Decision
Chapter 415 It Had To Be Me
Chapter 416 I’Ll Wait For You Outside The Door
Chapter 417 The Man Who Gave Skyblade The Painting
Chapter 418 Gone
Chapter 419 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Chapter 420 Chen Xiaolian’S Special Training
Chapter 421 Transformation!
Chapter 422 The Lamp Wick And Soo Soo
Chapter 423 Eternal Clarity Fire
Chapter 424 Nothing At All
Chapter 425 Accompany Me For One Round!
Chapter 426 I Like It!
Chapter 427 New Instance Dungeon
Chapter 428 Arriving In Jerusalem
Chapter 429 Hope Not
Chapter 430 Shen
Chapter 431 Fishing In Troubled Waters
Chapter 432 Faulty Space
Chapter 433 Drawn Into Trouble
Chapter 434 Strange Actions Of Thorned Flower
Chapter 435 Chen Xiaolian’S Decision
Chapter 436 Guild… Leader…
Chapter 437 Finish You Off! Right Here!
Chapter 438 Harbouring Malicious Intentions
Chapter 439 Chen Xiaolian’S Weakness
Chapter 440 Heavily Wounded
Chapter 441 Surprise
Chapter 442 Roddy Infected
Chapter 443 Exploring Stonecutter’S Mountain At Night
Chapter 444 Foreboding Sensation
Chapter 445 Open
Chapter 446 Misled
Chapter 447 Seeking A Ride
Chapter 448 Strange Behaviour
Chapter 449 Child Of Darkness
Chapter 450 I Never Said
Chapter 451 Demon King
Chapter 452 Difficulty Increased!
Chapter 453 Public Enemy
Chapter 454 Phantom Demon
Chapter 455 Team Wipe
Chapter 456 Change Of Objective
Chapter 457 Objective, Sea!
Chapter 458 Quest Target Is?
Chapter 459 Surname
Chapter 460 Change!
Chapter 461 Race Against Time
Chapter 462 Island?
Chapter 463 Divergence
Chapter 464 Fallen Abyss
Chapter 465 Everyone Has A Weakness
Chapter 466 Weakness Of The Heart
Chapter 467 I Want You To Accompany Me!
Chapter 468 I Am Very Satisfied
Chapter 469 Magic Array Activated
Chapter 470 Bloodstain
Chapter 471 Unexpected Defeat
Chapter 472 Resurrection?
Chapter 473 Chasm
Chapter 474 I Feel Like Giving It A Shot
Chapter 475 Chrono Chasm
Chapter 476 Lifehymn Music Score
Chapter 477 No Intention Of Going In
Chapter 478 Incessant Battles
Chapter 479 The Box
Chapter 480 Floating Angel Reappears!
Chapter 481 Disappeared
Chapter 482 Is It Possible?
Chapter 483 Existence?
Chapter 484 Abnormal Situation?
Chapter 485 Confirm Something
Chapter 486 Look Through History?
Chapter 487 Thunderflame
Chapter 488 Deep Understanding?
Chapter 489 Board Of Patriarchs
Chapter 490 This Man Is Not Him
Chapter 491 Strange
Chapter 492 Impervious?
Chapter 493 Befriend
Chapter 494 Shutdown
Chapter 495 Inceptive Template
Chapter 496 Authority!
Chapter 497 What Is Going On?
Chapter 498 Miao Yan
Chapter 499 From The Future
Chapter 500 Core Element
Chapter 501 Tiger Tally?
Chapter 502 Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 503 Starchart Of Generals
Chapter 504 You… … Me?
Chapter 505 Not Just Anyone Can Use It
Chapter 506 Is There Something Special In This Time
Chapter 507 I Will Always Be By Your Side
Chapter 508 Room Zero
Chapter 509 Chen Xiaolian’S Place
Chapter 510 New Job
Chapter 511 Forced Offline?
Chapter 512 Huge Incident!
Chapter 513 Defenceless City
Chapter 514 Irrevocable
Chapter 515 Worst Case Scenario
Chapter 516 Find The Professional
Chapter 517 Let Us Cooperate
Chapter 518 Geeks Will Save The World
Chapter 519 Trustworthy Shen
Chapter 520 Alliance
Chapter 521 Filled With Smoke
Chapter 522 Saviour Of The World?
Chapter 523 You Must Leave!
Chapter 524 Synergistic-Type Equipment
Chapter 525 Three Exit Passageways
Chapter 526 Just What Have I Done?
Chapter 527 This Is My Home!
Chapter 528 Let’S Exercise A Bit!
Chapter 529 Kill The Guild Leader Of Thorned Flower Guild!
Chapter 530 How Is It Possible?
Chapter 531 Staying Behind And Leaving
Chapter 532 Electronic Guardians
Chapter 533 Desperation
Chapter 534 Once Again?
Chapter 535 No! And! Never!
Chapter 536 Ugly Truth
Chapter 537 Run Kiddo
Chapter 538 Fireworks
Chapter 539 Meet Again
Chapter 540 Impossible
Chapter 541 You
Chapter 542 Shen’S Identity
Chapter 543 The World’S End?
Chapter 544 The Disappeared Zero City
Chapter 545 Return
Chapter 546 The Odd Soo Soo
Chapter 547 Fallen Soo Soo
Chapter 548 Life Form?
Chapter 549 You Will Lose For Sure
Chapter 550 Thanks
Chapter 551 Coincidence
Chapter 552 Emergency Contact
Chapter 553 Special Couple
Chapter 554 Sense Of Guilt
Chapter 555 Tracking
Chapter 556 Memory Loss?
Chapter 557 Who Said We Are Running?
Chapter 558 Nicole At A Loss
Chapter 559 Lost Control
Chapter 560 Peculiar
Chapter 561 Do Your Parents Have A Grudge Against You?
Chapter 562 Unbelievable
Chapter 563 Curiosity
Chapter 564 Tricked
Chapter 565 Rules Are Rules
Chapter 566 Unexpected Person
Chapter 567 Actual Combat?
Chapter 568 She Is In A Bad Mood
Chapter 569 The Next Step?
Chapter 570 Childish
Chapter 571 Forbidden Land
Chapter 572 Phoenix’S Decision
Chapter 573 An Agreement
Chapter 574 This Instance Dungeon Is Infected
Chapter 575 Very Powerful Sword
Chapter 576 Before This Instance Dungeon Began?
Chapter 577 The Dark Clouds Will Eventually Fade
Chapter 578 It Has Been A While
Chapter 579 Gathering Of The Strongest Line-Up
Chapter 580 This Game Is Too Hard
Chapter 581 Two Years?!
Chapter 582 Separated
Chapter 583 Promise
Chapter 584 What The Hell
Chapter 585 It Is You
Chapter 586 A Very Pleasant Name
Chapter 587 Signboard
Chapter 588 Welcoming Ceremony
Chapter 589 Night Within The Forest
Chapter 590 I Will Forget You Ever Said That
Chapter 591 Night Shock
Chapter 592 Night Shock Part 2
Chapter 593 Never Felt So Angry Before
Chapter 594 Human Nature And A Vague Feeling
Chapter 595 Endless
Chapter 596 Chen Xiaolian'S Trump Card
Chapter 597 Primacy Of Rules
Chapter 598 Third Stage
Chapter 599 Clearing The Three Stages
Chapter 600 Creation
Chapter 601 Part 1 Messing With People’S Hearts
Chapter 601 Part 2 Messing With People’S Hearts
Chapter 601 Part 3 Messing With People’S Hearts
Chapter 602 Han Bi!
Chapter 603 Part 1 Phoenix’S Revenge
Chapter 603 Part 2 Phoenix’S Revenge
Chapter 604 I Have A Friend Called Bai Qi
Chapter 605 Apologize To You First
Chapter 606 There Is Something I Need To Talk To You About
Chapter 607 Part 1 Tian Lie’S Request
Chapter 607 Part 2 Tian Lie’S Request
Chapter 608 Part 1 Stop?
Chapter 608 Part 2 Stop?
Chapter 609 Method Of Resurrection
Chapter 610 Headshot!
Chapter 611 Stick-Like Body?
Chapter 612 Part 1 The World’S End
Chapter 612 Part 2 The World’S End
Chapter 613 Acquaintance?
Chapter 614 Warrior’S Battle
Chapter 615 A Guild Named Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild
Chapter 616 Bluesea
Chapter 617 What The Hell?
Chapter 618 Fight!
Chapter 619 Wu Ya
Chapter 620 Wu Ya'S Secret
Chapter 621 Escaping Manhattan
Chapter 622 To Battle, Youngster!
Chapter 623 I Refuse
Chapter 624 Faster?
Chapter 625 Part 1 Thank You
Chapter 625 Part 2 Thank You
Chapter 626 He Is Not Dead Yet
Chapter 627 Neverending
Chapter 628 Dangerous Place
Chapter 629 Devourer
Chapter 630 Part 1 This World
Chapter 630 Part 2 This World
Chapter 631 One Last Time
Chapter 632 Venomous
Chapter 633 Hammer
Chapter 634 A Lamp
Chapter 635 Aunt Yun
Chapter 636 Wait Here
Chapter 637 Speculation
Chapter 638 King!
Chapter 639 Guts
Chapter 640 Voluntarily Jumped In
Chapter 641 Armour
Chapter 642 How Powerful?
Chapter 643 Forbidden Name! Bai Qi!
Chapter 644 Let Him!
Chapter 645 Sword Snatching? I’Ve Done It Before
Chapter 646 A Stick Poking Me?
Chapter 647 Taiyi
Chapter 648 Fill The Yellow Springs!
Chapter 649 Baixx
Chapter 650 Restore Refresh?
Chapter 651 Old Friend
Chapter 652 Is There A Difference?
Chapter 653 Kill Without Hesitation
Chapter 654 Follow Me And Don’T Be Tardy
Chapter 655 The Silhouette
Chapter 656 Charge Out Part 1
Chapter 657 Charge Out Part 2
Chapter 658 Silver Bow
Chapter 659 Price
Chapter 660 Suicidal Attack
Chapter 661 Yun!
Chapter 662 Small Cabin
Chapter 663 Not Right
Chapter 664 One Conclusion
Chapter 665 Slightly Lacking
Chapter 666 Fox
Chapter 667 Two Things
Chapter 668 Continue
Chapter 669 Decision
Chapter 670 Seeking Life Amid Death
Chapter 671 I Have Seen It
Chapter 672 One-Man Battle
Chapter 673 Reversal
Chapter 674 Toxin
Chapter 675 King! Lei Hu'S Fear!
Chapter 676 Goodbye, Old Soldier
Chapter 677 Finished
Chapter 678 Difference
Chapter 679 Return
Chapter 680 Entering Zero City
Chapter 681 Central Zone
Chapter 682 Wooden Puppets
Chapter 683 Simple
Chapter 684 Seven!
Chapter 685 Is That All
Chapter 686 Key
Chapter 687 I Found It
Chapter 688 The Right Path
Chapter 689 One Second
Chapter 690 Longevity Palace
Chapter 691 Arrow
Chapter 692 Shen’S Power
Chapter 693 The Ultimate Path
Chapter 694 Shattered Armour!
Chapter 695 Idio
Chapter 696 You Are Finally Here
Chapter 697 Instance Dungeon?
Chapter 698 Soo Soo
Chapter 699 Begin
Chapter 700 Would We Care?
Chapter 701 Definitely
Chapter 702 Eat All Of I
Chapter 703 Bug Armour
Chapter 704 Instance Dungeon Begins
Chapter 705 Objective: Kill Zhao Yun?
Chapter 706 A Surprise Attack
Chapter 707 Confrontation
Chapter 708 Riding A White Horse
Chapter 709 This Makes No Sense!
Chapter 710 Besiege And Kill Zhao Yun!
Chapter 711 Jiangling County
Chapter 712 Would You Mind?
Chapter 713 Half Year
Chapter 714 Two Options
Chapter 715 Be A Rebellious Vassal Once
Chapter 716 Kill
Chapter 717 Conflic
Chapter 718 Going Home
Chapter 719 Toward Qiao Qiao, Who Had Disappeared From The World
Chapter 720 Meeting Qiao Yifeng Again
Chapter 721 Did You Think You Were A Holy Fighter?
Chapter 722 Myriad Beast King
Chapter 723 Your Words Are Correc
Chapter 724 Soo Soo'S Revenge
Chapter 725 Gaze
Chapter 726 Stop It!
Chapter 727 End The Pain
Chapter 728 Convince
Chapter 729 Intruder
Chapter 730 Thunderflame
Chapter 731 Little Girl
Chapter 732 What The Hell
Chapter 733 Own Place
Chapter 734 He Is Killing People
Chapter 735 The Dead Angel
Chapter 736 One Slash
Chapter 737 Demonic Bai Qi?
Chapter 738 Chen Xiaolian'S Command
Chapter 739 Enter
Chapter 740 Darkness
Chapter 741 Command
Chapter 742 How It Feels To Recover The Memories
Chapter 743 What Is The Development Team
Chapter 744 Still Friends
Chapter 745 Attack
Chapter 746 Twenty-Five Minutes
Chapter 747 Go All Ou
Chapter 478 Blackmail
Chapter 748 Blackmail
Chapter 749 Second Phase Completed
Chapter 750
Chapter 751 Let'S Complete This Instance Dungeon
Chapter 752 Sacrificial Offering
Chapter 753 Besieging Horus
Chapter 754 Not Righ
Chapter 755
Chapter 756
Chapter 757 Pleasant Cooperation
Chapter 758
Chapter 759
Chapter 760 Unknown Error
Chapter 761 Clean-Up Objective
Chapter 762 Chen Xiaolian?
Chapter 763 Wait For My Return
Chapter 764 Monster
Chapter 765 Seed
Chapter 766 My Partner, The Gm
Chapter 767 The First Phase
Categories Genre: Action, Adventure, All, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Mecha, Ongoing, Romance, Sci-fi, Tragedy, Xuanhuan Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , , Alternative names: Gate of Apocalypse, Thiên Khải Chi Môn, 天启之门,


Total Chapters in book: 809
Estimated words: 2126306 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 10632(@200wpm)___ 8505(@250wpm)___ 7088(@300wpm)

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Alternative Titles:

Gate of Apocalypse, Thiên Khải Chi Môn, 天启之门

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

We attend school, find love, work, buy a house, pay our housing loans, insert weird faces in WeChat, watch movies… do any of you find anything amiss? One day, a group of strange people entered this world, equipped in strange clothing and possessing extraordinary powers, cold-blooded killers! They call themselves [Players].

Wait! Wait! You people want to kill me? You say I am NPC (Non Playable Character)? Stop joking around! You crazy bastards! I will fight you to the death! I will survive!

NPC beating up Players! Original residents beating up Transmigrants!

My world, my rules! What makes you think you bastards can come over and boss us around?

Treading the path of the strongest saviour in history, one destined to be filled with excitement!

Chen Xiaolian: From today onwards, an organization whose sole purpose is to oppose those bastards is established! Our guild shall be named… Player Thwarting Alliance!

Guild Member: Leader, this name, if we are to say it out, I fear we will be beaten up…

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1: Come Forward And Receive Death

GOR Chapter 1: Come Forward and Receive Death

“Come forward and receive death!”

“I do not have many friends, you are one. If you die, I will be unhappy.”

After adjusting some final punctuation with his keyboard, Chen Xiaolian raised his head and massaged his sore temple.

Within a VIP waiting room of an airport, service personnel wearing beautiful uniform were gently pouring coffee for the guests.

This is an airport within a small country’s tourist city, located within Southeast Asia.

Chen Xiaolian stretched his waist and quickly affixed an author’s back section on the chapter that he had just finished. Thinking for a moment, he quickly typed in a line of text: Seeking monthly ticket… [1]

Glancing at the book review section, he could see some readers urging for more while others were cursing: Always not updating the book, but still have the face to ask for monthly ticket, author has a small dick ah…

He quickly exited the back section, switched off his laptop, and stuffed it into his bag. Suddenly getting the urge to urinate, he looked at his phone and saw that it was still early. Chen Xiaolian immediately got up while carrying his bag and proceeded to run towards the toilet.

Chen Xiaolian, gender male.

As for his profession… a web novelist, one who writes fantasy fiction novels. He has quite the reputation within the web novel circle as he had written one or two relatively popular web novels.

He also managed to earn some royalties.

Hmm, considering his current age, there was no need to spend much money anyways. As for things like getting married, having children and buying a house, those matters are something that is relatively far in the future for him.

However, in his online profile, he had made up a rather funny image of himself. It was something of a prank towards his readers. He casually took an image shared by his circle of friends and made it his own avatar picture: It is the picture of a thirty-year-old fair skinned fatty with a round looking face.

Because of this, his readers and fan base all thought Chen Xiaolian to be an adorable thirty-year-old fatty. Fans who were close to him would affectionately call him “bloody fatty” or “fat uncle”.

However, the truth…


Chen Xiaolian splashed a handful of cold water onto his face before roughly wiping at it. He then observed the reflection on the mirror. A noticeably immature looking face that was overly delicate looked back. Chen Xiaolian made a strange expression on his face.

By manhua standards, the face looking back at him through the mirror would no doubt belong to the ‘black bellied, attractive 16 year-old teenager’ classification. [2]

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian’s age is also not too far from sixteen. He is only eighteen-years-old, a long way to go before being called “uncle”.

Thus, every time he thought of his female fans amongst his readers calling him “uncle”, Chen Xiaolian would feel a certain pride in successfully pranking others.

His face may be a little off from being considered ‘handsome’, however, if it was any consolation, it could still be considered ‘elegant’.

His height could be considered as a flaw. At eighteen years of age, he is only at one hundred and seventy centimetres. During basketball sessions within school, he could only sit on the bench as part of the assisting group.

After wiping the water off his face, Chen Xiaolian moved his body into a basketball shooting posture and threw the rolled up tissue paper into the wastebasket.

His movements were fairly standard and were the results of him practicing in private. Unfortunately, with his problematic height, he would probably have no chance of being a basketball player.

Hmm, after this trip is over, it would almost be time for the school to reopen. If he were to fail in the selection for the basketball team, then he should just give up. Besides, just because one wishes to be surrounded by cheerleaders, that does not mean that one has to be a basketball player.

Looking at the time again, he noted that there was still some time before the plane takes off.

Within the airport restroom where there was an English signboard prohibiting smoking, Chen Xiaolian took out his hand phone and checked his WeChat. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard the sound of conversations coming from the restroom entrance.

“I heard that it is about to enter closed beta?”

“Indeed, it seems that the new settings have been implemented. The instance dungeon has also been completed. This time’s closed beta would probably be very lively, some very powerful players have been selected for this.”

“Sigh, it seems it would be very eventful…”

Chen Xiaolian walked out of the restroom and saw two person wearing aircrew uniforms chatting.

What had surprised him was the fact that these two person were conversing in Chinese – in this small Southeast Asian country, almost ninety per cent of tourists are Chinese. However, it was rare to meet a pilot who speaks in Chinese…

In addition, their topic of conversation that was obviously regarding online games also stoked Chen Xiaolian’s curiosity.

Closed beta… instance dungeon… players…

“I am sorry, please excuse me,” Chen Xiaolian smiled politely, showing some shyness at the same time.

The two crew members gave Chen Xiaolian a glance and immediately made way for him through the restroom entrance.

Chen Xiaolian walked two steps forward when he suddenly heard someone shouting for him from behind.

“Wait a moment, you dropped something.”

Turning his head, Chen Xiaolian saw the left most lanky looking pilot bending over to pick up something from the ground. He then handed it over to Chen Xiaolian. “Your boarding pass?”

Chen Xiaolian glanced over it and found that it was really his. It must have fallen off when he was retrieving his tissue papers from his bag.

He hastily said a few words of thanks, but the pilot narrowed his eyes as he glanced over Chen Xiaolian. “Flight XX3307? Interesting…”

What kind of words are those?

Moreover, Chen Xiaolian instinctively felt that the way the other person was looking at him was a little strange.

“I can only say… I wish you good luck.”

Those were the last words said by the pilot. After that, he waved goodbye with his hands and left with his companion in another direction.

How baffling!

Chen Xiaolian stared blankly at the pilots back.

Do airline companies hire their pilots in such a casual manner these days?

That person must have some brain problems, right? I wonder who would be so unfortunate as to ride on the plane he flies!

This minor event did not stay in Chen Xiaolian’s mind for too long. He went back to the waiting room, had another round of coffee and played mobile games for a while. After an hour, Chen Xiaolian began to board the plane.

As he was boarding, he was surprised to find that amongst the crewmembers greeting the passengers at the airplane entrance, was none other than the “I wish you good luck” fellow!

Chen Xiaolian was shocked senseless, however, the other party only smiled and nodded towards him. After that, the pilot turned around and headed into the cockpit.

The flight attendant politely guided Chen Xiaolian towards his seat. The space given to First Class was very wide and he sat down before changing into a pair of slippers. Chen Xiaolian then turned to the flight attendant and requested a glass of beer.

He has a mild discomfort towards flight, also known as motion sickness. By drinking some alcoholic drinks, he hoped to be able to fall asleep after boarding the plane. That would be for the best.

After drinking a mouthful of beer, someone sat down on the passenger seat beside him. He gave the passenger a glance and saw a little loli with a short bob cut hair… neat and clean, with a pair of big, black eyes. She wore a light blue short skirt as she sat on the passenger seat, her pair of white legs dangling freely in the air – Hmm, this act had exposed her height. When she was seated, her legs could no longer reach the ground.

Considering Chen Xiaolian’s age, he is naturally not a lolicon. (That is something exclusive to uncles!)

He was only curious as to why a child at such an age would board a plane alone. In addition, this was an international flight.

Realizing that Chen Xiaolian was looking at her, the little girl made a brief eye contact with Chen Xiaolian. She then nodded politely in a seemingly subconscious manner; however, her attitude remained cold, as though the nod earlier was simply an instinctive etiquette.

Later, she seemed to have received a phone call. She retrieved her phone and spoke into the phone with a childish voice.

“Unnie… Omo… Imnida…”

Chen Xiaolian chuckled to himself: A Korean loli…

Seemingly aware that he was still looking at her, her eyes became colder. When she saw Chen Xiaolian’s teenage face that indicated that he was not that old, but was holding on to a glass of beer… her eyes seemed to show traces of disapproval.

Well, I am now being despised.

Chen Xiaolian chuckled secretly, simply took out his eye blinders, and put it on before going to rest.

Soon, the flight attendants gave another notice and the plane began to slowly move along the runway. After a burst of violent vibrations, the plane rose to the skies…

Two hours later, Chen Xiaolian was woken up by a burst of vibration. Removing the blinders, he looked around in confusion and saw that the warning lamp above his head had been lit on.

The Korean loli sitting beside him was instead very calm, she held onto a glass of orange juice, drinking it mouthful after mouthful, wearing bunny shaped earphones and listening to music.

The flight attendant used a warm and harmonious voice to make an announcement, stating that the plane had probably ran into some turbulent airflow and asked everyone to not enter a state of panic.

It should not have been anything, an airplane running into these kinds of situations were simply far too common.

However, after a few minutes, the frequency of the vibrations from the airplane seems to be increasing and the extent of the vibration increased. This caused the passengers to gradually become alarmed.

Glancing around, Chen Xiaolian saw that the first class flight attendants had already been seated at their designated seats, their safety belts fastened tight.

Chen Xiaolian could not help himself as he started feeling apprehensive.

Of the two flight attendants of the first class area, the older one who was presumably the chief maintained calm and continued using a harmonious voice to sooth the passengers.

As for the younger flight attendant… when Chen Xiaolian was boarding the plane, he had taken another look at her. She had a pair of very slender legs and her current seating position just happened to be directly opposite Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian was able to spot the traces of panic and fear within the flight attendant’s eyes.

The chief attendant remained calm and was using a gentle voice to sooth the passengers, showing that nothing serious is going on.

However, Chen Xiaolian had noticed that the younger flight attendant’s legs were…


That is right! They were trembling!

Holy shit! Even the flight attendants are scared to the point of trembling?!

Then… then something big must have happened!

Chen Xiaolian suddenly became nervous. It was at this moment that a loud bang suddenly sounded out from who knew where!

The aircraft suddenly lost all power and sounds of screams were emitted from the passengers’ compartments.

One could clearly feel that the aircraft was falling down at a rapid rate…

Next, a series of loud noises rang out non-stop. Amidst the terrifying noises, Chen Xiaolian’s face had turned ghastly white, all the strength within his body seemingly sapped away.

The Korean loli beside him began crying out of fear, screaming out in Korean.

As the last of the loud rumbling noises roared out, Chen Xiaolian had one last thought before losing consciousness: I cannot be so unlucky, right? I am only eighteen-years-old! I am still a virgin… I write novels about transmigrations! Am I about to transmigrate?!

1. Seeking monthly tickets is part of the webnovel scene in China, where the monthly ticket roughly acts as a form of subscription fee.

2. Black bellied means someone who seemed kind and honest on the outside but could well be plotting something insidious on the inside.


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