Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure by Crustacean

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Chapter 90 - The Cooperation Of The Trading Firm, The Family Of Medicinal Pills
Chapter 91 - Alchemy Guild, Who Is Looking For Me?
Chapter 92 - The Dan Siblings, The Dan Family’S Invitation
Chapter 93 - Agree To The Conditions And The Cooperation Of The Dan Family
Chapter 94 - The Phenomenon Of The Central Plains, The List Has Been Released
Chapter 95 - Tiangang 11Th Move, Heading To The Center Of The Central Plains
Chapter 96 - : There Was A Sudden Disturbance On The Chengguang Mountain Range
Chapter 97 - : Pure Origin Spiritual Fruit, 28Th On The Hidden Dragon List
Chapter 98 - I’Ve Been Tricked. We Have Nothing To Do With It
Chapter 99 - Are You Calling Me An Idiot? The Power Of The Sky-Slashing Finger
Chapter 100 - He Won’T Be Able To Escape. The Treasure Is In His Hands
Chapter 101 - The True Art Of Illusion, Central Plains City
Chapter 102 - The Passion Of Nie Ling’S Parents In The Nie Family Of Central Plains
Chapter 103 - Midnight Dinner. What Do You Think Of Him
Chapter 104 - Become A Consecrator Of The Nie Family And Be Visited By The Zhao Family
Chapter 105 - The Meeting At The End, The Meeting Of Fate
Chapter 106 - The Two Beauties Travel Together, And The Tiandao Sect Descends
Chapter 107 - The Five Great Immortal Sects, The Ladder To Immortality.
Chapter 108 - A Sudden Drop In Qi And Blood? A Black Horse Appears
Chapter 109 - Walking On The Clouds. He Is The Real Dark Horse
Chapter 110 - Immortal Ladder To The Top, Golden Ranking List Title
Chapter 111 - Four Symbols Demon Prisoner, One-Eyed Evil Scaled Snake
Chapter 112 - Terrifying Defensive Power, Trapped In A Bitter Battle
Chapter 113 - The Power Of The Taiyuan Ancient Flag, The Power Of The Spirit-Breaking Dagger
Chapter 114 - Kill, The First To Advance
Chapter 115 - The Eye-Catching Name, Awe-Inspiring
Chapter 116 - Dao Extreme Heart Test, Lonely Starry Sky
Chapter 117 - The Mortal World Has Ended, Accompany On The Immortal Path
Chapter 118 - Ask Yourself, Where Is The Path Forward
Chapter 119 - Shocking Immortal Token, Young Shadow Of Immortal Lord
Chapter 120 - No One Can Fight. Su Yi Entered The Arena
Chapter 121 - Battle With All Your Strength, Use All Your Trump Cards (1)
Chapter 122 - Battle With All Your Strength, Use All Your Trump Cards (2)
Chapter 123 - Battle With All Your Strength, Use All Your Trump Cards (3)
Chapter 124 - Deciding The Victor, Obtaining The Immortal Transformation Medallion
Chapter 125 - The Decision Of The Immortal Sect, The Five Sects
Chapter 126 - Deciding On The Rosy Alchemy, The End Of The Grand Competition
Chapter 127 - Famous In The Central Plains, Close To 10,000 Attributes
Chapter 128 - Spiritual Land Of Immortal Plants, Seed Of Spiritual Herbs
Chapter 129 - The Effect Of The Spirit-Breaking Grass Herb, The Terrifying Effect Of Ripening
Chapter 130 - Immortal Spirit Gathering Technique, Cultivation Technique Upgrade
Chapter 131 - Footloose Illusionary Body Technique, First Level Completion. Heaven-Defying Divine Sky Palm Breakthrough
Chapter 132 - Heaven-Defying Divine Sky Palm, Flowing Shadows Transformation, Three Pure Flowing Shadow
Chapter 133 - The Immortal Transformation Medallion Changes, Mysterious Space
Chapter 134 - Immortal Martial Hall, Contribution Hall
Chapter 135 - Points System, Celestial-Grade Cultivation Method
Chapter 136 - The Five Elements Heaven Vein Mantra, Immortal Martial Hall
Chapter 137 - Accept All The Missions Of The Great Desolate Region
Chapter 138 - Travel, Pack Up, Map Of The Far East
Chapter 139 - Once Again, The Demon Subduing Mountain, The Mountain Path
Chapter 140 - Demonized Beasts, Meeting Li Mengxi Again
Chapter 141 - Help In A Crisis, Carry The Beauty With You
Chapter 142 - The Change In Demon Subduing Mountain, Emergency Rescue
Chapter 143 - Demonized Green Wood Flood Dragon
Chapter 144 - The Smell Of Demonization
Chapter 145 - Forest Of Fireflies, Have I Seen A Hundred-Year-Old Herb Before?
Chapter 146 - Meteors In The Sky, Objects In The Lake
Chapter 147 - Accompanying The Hundred-Year-Old Fluorescent Herb, The Green Rock Longevity Giant Turtle
Chapter 148 - The Fragrance Of The Flowers, The One-Colored Green Lotus
Chapter 149 - Gift A Precious Treasure To A Beautiful Woman And Head To Qinyang City
Chapter 150 - The Secret Of Qinwang Ridge, The City Lord Of Qinyang City
Chapter 151 - Agree To Settle Down In The City Lord’S Mansion
Chapter 152 - Five-Colored Lotus
Chapter 153 - Breakthrough, Middle Stage Of Foundation Establishment
Chapter 154 - Qinwang Ridge, Ghost Stories
Chapter 155 - The Cold Wind Blows, The Power Of The Evil-Slaying Sword Record
Chapter 156 - A Grave That Doesn’T Exist. Dig It? I’Ll Flatten It.
Chapter 157 - Heaven-Defying Divine Sky Palm Digging A Grave, A Deep Hole That Had Collapsed
Chapter 158 - Discovering The Underground Palace, Whose Tomb?
Chapter 159 - The Spirit Body Of The King Qin, The Past Of The Great Desolate
Chapter 160 - Tian Yuan World, Underground Palace Collapse
Chapter 161 - Fallen Sword Abyss, The Location Of The Sword Tomb
Chapter 162 - The Immortal Transformation Medallion Moves, And The Secret Realm Of The Sword Tomb Appears
Chapter 163 - Bronze Sword Tomb, Tens Of Thousands Of Sword Formations?
Chapter 164 - The Might Of The Spirit Nurturing Tower, Aura Cut Off
Chapter 165 - The Fog Sword Formation Is Broken, The Ancient Sword’S Resting Place
Chapter 166 - Demon-Slaying Seal. Who Would Dare Disturb Jian Wu’S Sleep
Chapter 167 - Evil-Slaying Sword Spirit
Chapter 168 - Sword Control Technique, Sword Spirit’S Request
Chapter 169 - The Sword Spirit Follows And Leaves The Secret Realm
Chapter 170 - Mission Exceeded Completion, Additional Points
Chapter 171 - The Change In Qinyang City, A Critical Moment
Chapter 172 - The City Lord Arrived Late. Who Helped You?
Chapter 173 - Entering Unending Illusionary Realm Again, The Immortal Sect’S Celebration
Chapter 174 - Half Price For The Whole Venue, Celestial-Grade Cultivation Technique Obtained
Chapter 175 - Five Elements Meridians, Entrusted By The City Lord
Chapter 176 - Entering Demon Subduing Mountain Again, Demonic Qi Berserk Demon Beast
Chapter 177 - The Gathering Of The Central Plains, That Terrifying Rumor
Chapter 178 - Su Yi Arrives And Is Caught
Chapter 179 - News Of The Forbidden Land, Invitation To Join The Exploration
Chapter 180 - Half A Month, Gengjin Qi
Chapter 181 - The Foundation Of The Forces Of The Central Plains, Heading To The Demon Subduing Mountain Range
Chapter 182 - Back To The Demon Subduing Mountain And The Demon-Seeking Compass
Chapter 183 - Little Xie’S Sensing Ability
Chapter 184 - Green-Eyed Lightning Tiger, Secretly Searching For The Demon King’S Secret Land
Chapter 185 - Anger, Ji Tongtian’S Rescue
Chapter 186 - That Inexplicable Killing Intent, The Location Of The Strange Point
Chapter 187 - Strange Phenomenon, A Place Filled With Black Qi
Chapter 188 - The Demon Beasts Attack And Charge Into The Black Qi
Chapter 189 - The Mystery Of The Black Qi, The Strange Pillar
Chapter 190 - Unprecedented Phenomenon, The First Appearance Of The Forbidden Land
Chapter 191 - Entering The Forbidden Land For The First Time Is Like Entering The Devil’S Domain
Chapter 192 - A Disciple Of The Sword Garret, Hiding A Blade Behind His Smile
Chapter 193 - A Sudden Attack, Flowing Shadow Flash
Chapter 194 - Testing One’S Strength, Battling A Late Stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator
Chapter 195 - Goodbye, Blood Evasion Technique. I Know Where The Other Party Is
Chapter 196 - Little Xie’S Inspiration. Guess Who I Am?
Chapter 197 - Soul-Locking Sword Qi, Earth Vein Node
Chapter 198 - Strange Lake, Bluestone Platform
Chapter 199 - Earth Vein Entrance, Guardian Puppet
Chapter 200 - The Terrifying Puppet
Chapter 201 - Five Elements Heaven-Defying Divine Sky Palm! Banisher
Chapter 202 - Crack, The Vital Points Of The Banisher Puppet
Chapter 203 - Puppet Core, Five Elements Element Gathering Formation
Chapter 204 - Five Elements Essence, Earth Vein Infusion
Chapter 205 - Nie Ling’S Transformation, Zhao Xuening’S Strength
Chapter 206 - : The Gathering Of The Strong, The Birth Of The Jade Lotus Of Destiny
Chapter 207 - Explore The Exit, The Place Of Suppression
Chapter 208 - The Inheritance Of The Ancient Sword, The Former Master Of Little Xie
Chapter 209 - The Past Has Fallen Into The Abyss, Returning To The Exit
Chapter 210 - When The Numinous Treasure Matured, The Elders Would Fight For It
Chapter 211 - Unintentionally Appearing And Snatching The Treasure
Chapter 212 - The Jade Lotus Of Destiny, The True Art Of Illusion
Chapter 213 - Fighting Again. Were They Fooled?
Chapter 214 - The Exit Of The Forbidden Area, Seal Off The Central Plains
Chapter 215 - Nothing Else To Do But To Run Away Fast
Chapter 216 - Detouring The Mountain Range And Patrolling The Teleportation Nodes
Chapter 217 - Identity Suspicion, Communication With Nie Ling
Chapter 218 - Time Passes, High-Grade Spirit Root
Chapter 219 - Breakthrough, Late-Stage Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 220 - Breakthrough Gift Pack, Red Flame Set
Chapter 221 - Tiangang Thirteenth Move, Five Elements To Activate The Opening The Heaven Vein
Chapter 222 - Opening The Heaven Vein, The Pain Of Forming Meridians
Chapter 223 - Pulse Opening And Amplification, Protect Me
Chapter 224 - Heart-Wrenching Proficiency, Exit Seclusion
Chapter 225 - Scheming. Nie Ling’S Grandfather Nie Dingtian
Chapter 226 - Nie Dingtian’S Differential Treatment
Chapter 227 - Sneak Attack? From Nie Dingtian’S Probing
Chapter 228 - Your Grandfather?
Chapter 229 - The Realm Of One Domain, The Most Terrifying Secret Realm
Chapter 230 - Agree, Chat At Night
Chapter 231 - Departure! Ancient Ruins
Chapter 232 - Great Desolate Northern Region, Spirit Energy Ship
Chapter 233 - Take Off! The View Of The Sky
Chapter 234 - A Robbery In A City In The North
Chapter 235 - Nie Ling’S Mercy? North Barren City
Chapter 236 - Grandfather Nie’S Old Friend, The Incident In The City
Chapter 237 - When The Spring Breeze Blows, It Will Rise Again, Nie Ling’S Killing Intent
Chapter 238 - Taking Advantage Of The Chaos To Run Away, Old Man Lin Yan
Chapter 239 - Li Mengxi’S Arrival, The Arrogant Inn
Chapter 240 - Coincidence? They Set Off Again
Chapter 241 - This Spirit Energy Ship Isn’T For Nothing
Chapter 242 - Pick Up The Li Family And Board A Ship
Chapter 243 - Old Master Lin’S Story, Arriving At The Ruins
Chapter 244 - The Sealed Entrance, The Dispute Between The Aristocratic Families
Chapter 245 - The Young Master Of The Wang Family Accosted Me To Test My Strength?
Chapter 246 - Ruins Exploration Invitation, Agree To Join The Team
Chapter 247 - The Secret In The Depths Of The Ruins, The Remaining Aristocratic Families
Chapter 248 - Another Spirit Energy Ship. Zhao Xuening Has Arrived
Chapter 249 - Aristocratic Families Gather, Waiting For An Auspicious Day
Chapter 250 - Seal Up, The Entrance Of The Ancient Ruins Appears
Chapter 251 - Sensing Jade, Entering The Ancient Ruins
Chapter 252 - Dangerous Ruins, Earth-Devouring Centipede
Chapter 253 - Surrounded By Demon Beasts, The Two Women Are In Danger
Chapter 254 - Turning The Situation Around, The Change Between The Hunter And The Prey
Chapter 255 - Solve It, Search For Clues In The Note
Chapter 256 - The Road Ahead Has Been Set, The Meeting Of Enemies In The Desolate Land
Chapter 257 - The Valley That They Had To Rush Into, The Venomous Hidden Green Snake
Chapter 258 - Leaping Into The Canyon, Escaping With The Rapid Current
Chapter 259 - Gathering By Chance, Ruins Map
Chapter 260 - The Analysis Of The Map Of The Ruins, The Choice Of The Jungle Plains
Chapter 261 - The Ruins Of The Forbidden Land. The Elders Gathered
Chapter 262 - Rattan Burial Swamp, Full Of Danger
Chapter 263 - The First Appearance Of The Tiangang Heaven-Slashing Finger, The Heaven-Cleaving Sword
Chapter 264 - Mysterious Metal Plate, Ruins
Chapter 265 - Cultivation Dao Pagoda, Amplification Of Spiritual Energy
Chapter 266 - Speed Up Your Cultivation And Reach The Ninth Level
Chapter 267 - The Celestial Pill Accelerates, And The Realm Rises Rapidly
Chapter 268 - Gold-Gilded To Protect The Body, Saturated With Spiritual Energy?
Chapter 269 - Come Out Of Seclusion One After Another And Improve In An All-Round Way
Chapter 270 - He’S Finally Here, Xuan Lingzi’S Killing Intent
Chapter 271 - Patience Is Limited, Absolute Strength
Chapter 272 - Eighth Level Of The Foundation Establishment Realm, Emergency Rescue By Zhao Xuening
Chapter 273 - Face-Smudging Restriction? Abnormal Movements In The Cultivation Dao Pagoda
Chapter 274 - Su Yi Comes Out Of Seclusion And Fights Xuan Lingzi
Chapter 275 - Crushing Battle, Xuan Lingzi, The Pawn!
Chapter 276 - Settling Grudges, A Senior Who Didn’T Exist?
Chapter 277 - The Older The Ginger, The Spicier The Ginger.
Chapter 278 - Parting Gifts, Strange Floating Island
Chapter 279 - Encountering A Group Of Demon Beasts Along The Way, A Phenomenon In The Depths Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 280 - Gathering Together, Xuan Mingzi’S Suspicions
Chapter 281 - Nine Dragons Suppressing The Demons, The World In Turmoil
Chapter 282 - : Demon Beasts In Human Form
Chapter 283 - Escape With Your Life, Unsealing The Ancient Ruins!
Chapter 284 - Escape With Tricks. I’Ll Do The Even If You Are Core Formation
Chapter 285 - Demon Beast Horde, The Great Desolate Region Is In Danger!
Chapter 286 - The Heavy Atmosphere, The Strength Of The Venerable Lone Dragon
Chapter 287 - Returning To Central Plains, Peace Before The Storm
Chapter 288 - Ji Tongtian’S Bad Idea
Chapter 289 - Urgent Report Of The Northern Region, The Entire Territory Has Fallen
Chapter 290 - The Hunt For The Demon. Life And Death Situation
Chapter 291 - Intercept The Desolate Region And Face The Beast Tide Head-On
Chapter 292 - Four Heroes Fighting The Venerable One
Chapter 293 - Strength Beyond The Core Formation Realm
Chapter 294 - This Is A Gamble, And I Won The Bet
Chapter 295 - My Tribulation Lightning Is Not Ordinary, The Five Elements Tribulation
Chapter 296 - That Agonizing Scream
Chapter 297 - Success Or Failure In Transcending The Tribulation?
Chapter 298 - The So-Called Hero Su Yi
Chapter 299 - Cultivating Just To Play Catch Up, Disband Of The Sword Pavilion
Chapter 300 - Big Idiot, You’Re Finally Awake, Lone Dragon’S Soul
Chapter 301 - Demon Race? Soul Contract
Chapter 302 - He Doesn’T Seem To Be Of Any Use To Me. I’Ve Decided.
Chapter 303 - Forming A Contract, The Central Sky Region
Chapter 304 - Explosive Attribute, Stronger In The Early Stage Than In The Middle Stage?
Chapter 305 - Silver Moon Maple Wolf, Die!
Chapter 306 - Core Formation Demon Beasts Are Just So-So
Chapter 307 - Spirit Stone Conversion, Realm Breakthrough Gift Pack
Chapter 308 - Yin-Yang Spirit Concentration Technique, A Terrifying Upgrade
Chapter 309 - Phantom Maze, Sword Control Technique, Great Void Sword Divine Art
Chapter 310 - : Great Void Sword Divine Art
Chapter 311 - Who Are You? A Lost Cultivator
Chapter 312 - Self-Cultivation, Demon Beast Ambush
Chapter 313 - Demon Beast Surprise Attack, Even Weaker Than Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 314 - The Beauty Is Concerned, Continue To Play Dumb.
Chapter 315 - Follow Us, The Division Of The Forces In The Central Sky Region.”
Chapter 316 - Xuanyang City, The Sword Seller
Chapter 317 - Yue Tianming, The Spirit Firmament Sect’S Disciple Recruitment Ceremony
Chapter 318 - Control Of Cultivation Resources, Travel Together
Chapter 319 - Head To Canglan City, Fog From The Woods
Chapter 320 - The Bone Carving Golden Battle Pig With Delicious Meat, Charge!
Chapter 321 - Where Is The Fragrant Pig! Who Is This?
Chapter 322 - Incite Conflict, I Want To Fight Five Of Them!
Chapter 323 - My Hand! Late-Night Barbecued Meat
Chapter 324 - The Attack Of The Core Formation Stage. Which Faction’S Disciple Are You?
Chapter 325 - So What If I Don’T Give In? Five Whips Of Lightning
Chapter 326 - This Sword Is The Great Void, The Sword Cuts Through The Void And Cuts Down Heroes
Chapter 327 - Man Who Returned Late, I Was Only There To Join In The Fun
Chapter 328 - Canglan City, A Bewitching Smile
Chapter 329 - Lucky In Love? The Calamity Of Love!
Chapter 330 - Brother, You’Re Really Something. You’Re Qualified To Register
Chapter 331 - Why Is She Here? Her Name Is Hu Yan
Chapter 332 - Successful Registration, Attitude Towards Discrimination
Chapter 333 - Selling Flying Swords. As Expected Of A Merchant
Chapter 334 - Expensive Core Formation Pills, Differentiation Of Pill Grades
Chapter 335 - Celestial-Grade Golden Origin Pill, The Day Of The Ceremony
Chapter 336 - The Huge Spirit Energy Flying Ship Headed Toward The Gate Of Lingxiao Mountain
Chapter 337 - Hu Yan’S First Time?
Chapter 338 - : The Mountain Gate Is Above The Cloud Peak? Entrance Test
Chapter 339 - Detection Barrier, Strength Test Pillar
Chapter 340 - Show Off Your Abilities And Give It A Try?
Chapter 341 - A Normal Punch Can Light Up A Ninth Tier?
Chapter 342 - Die Of Laughter. Is This The Bewitching Array? The Elders Are Competing For The Position.
Chapter 343 - Can I Join Pill Cloud Peak?
Chapter 344 - Paying Respects To Master, Pill Cloud Peak
Chapter 345 - The True Art Of Alchemy
Chapter 346 - Secrets Of The Elixir Fire. Has His Cultivation Been Exposed?
Chapter 347 - Strange Senior Brothers And Sisters
Chapter 348 - Cave Abode, Small Spirit Gathering Formation
Chapter 349 - You’Re Free Now, Condense The Pill Fire
Chapter 350 - Spirit Firmament Sect’S Reward Hunting Pavilion, The Magical Use Of The Token
Chapter 351 - Mission Of The Sect
Chapter 352 - Monster Prison Valley, Armored Giant Ape
Chapter 353 - One Year Later, Going Out To Travel
Chapter 354 - Meeting Nie Ling Again, We Will Meet Again In The End
Chapter 355 - The Battle Between Humans And Demons, New Path (Grand Finale)
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The Heavenly Voice was bestowed upon the world, and so the calendar of the Great Dao began. The world entered a new age of digitized cultivation. Humanity activated the immortal destiny seal to become cultivators. They toiled for their lives and powers — cultivation and breathing cycles, resources collection, divine powers and methods, spells, pill crafting, and weapon forging, they didn’t miss out on anything. However, when Su Yi activated his seal, he activated a Recharging System. Recharging by spending any amount of money and he would receive the First Recharge Gift Pack: Treasure of destiny -- Starry Sea Bottle [Able to purify pills of any quality to become ultimate celestial-tier] “Cash in 111 yuan, receive Mental Cultivation Technique Rewards Pack: ‘Art of Longevity’” “Spend 500 yuan, receive Pill Crafting Gift Pack: ‘Time Pill Technique’” “Spend 1000 yuan, receive Spell Gift Pack: ‘Tiangang Swords Finger’” “Accumulate enough cash to become VIP1, activated function: Dao Treasures Fishing”...... After many years in the calendar of the Great Dao, Su Yi stood atop the clouds as the ancestor of the Great Dao. With one casual strike of his fist, the sky collapsed, the earth shattered and the origin of powers was crushed. Across all of the worlds, no god dared to provoke him!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Everyone Cultivates Immortality, Mystic Female Body of the Nine Heavens


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

“Lin Yu, the immortal destiny has been activated, low-grade fire spiritual root.”

“Yue Bufan, no immortal destiny.”

“Han Xue, the immortal destiny has been activated, low-grade gold spiritual root.”

“Lin Bai, no immortal destiny.”

Green City, on the Immortal Destiny Stage.

The mature third-year students lined up and stepped onto the ancient and solemn Immortal Destiny Stage one by one, activating their own immortal destiny seal..

Those who stepped onto the path of immortality were jubilant.

Those who did not activate their immortal destiny had faces full of disappointment, some even crying bitterly.

Su Yi stood below the platform and watched everything silently. He could not help but feel a little nervous

Because as long as he activated the seal of immortal destiny, he could step onto the path of immortal cultivation and completely change his fate.

In the future, there was even a chance that he could become an immortal and become an ancestor. It will change his life.

The reason was that a hundred years ago, the heavenly voice of the Great Dao descended in this world and started the era of the Dao calendar.

It transformed the entire world into a digitized world of immortal cultivation for all people.

Before everyone reached adulthood, they would need to study the knowledge of immortal cultivation for many years.

After they reached adulthood, as long as they activated the seal of immortal destiny, they would be able to start cultivating.

The so-called digitization meant that every cultivator could see their own attributes through a digitized screen.

As a transmigrator who had read countless novels, Su Yi understood what this meant.

On the path of immortal cultivation, the worst thing was if one could not see any progress. With digitalization, one could actually see all their attributes.


At this moment, a burst of exclamations came from the surroundings.

Su Yi looked up at the Immortal Destiny Stage and saw a strange phenomenon flowing above it. It turned into the image of green waves that washed over the Immortal Destiny Stage.

Although it was like a dream, this strange phenomenon represented the birth of an excellent immortal cultivation spiritual root.

“Li Mengxi, the immortal destiny has been activated, top-grade water spiritual root.”

The voice came from the Immortal Destiny Stage, causing the exclamations below the stage to become even louder.

“My goddess! She has a top-grade water spiritual root!”

“What effect will a top-grade spiritual root have?”

“The best newcomer in Green Mountain City this time should be Li Mengxi! As expected, she is the young miss nurtured by the Li family.”

Listening to the discussions around him and looking at the beautiful figure on the platform, Su Yi could not help but feel a hint of envy in his eyes.

When a cultivator activated the seal of immortal destiny, their spiritual roots would be detected.

Spiritual root meant talent in the game. It played an inestimable role in the future path of immortal cultivation.

Spiritual root grades were divided into no-grade, low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade, and top-grade.

Everyone’s spiritual root effects were the most important secret and could not be revealed to the outside world.

However, based on everyone’s discussion, they could still determine some directions. For example, Li Mengxi on the platform was one of the Water Dao that was bound to walk the immortal path in the future.

“Wow, she’s so pretty. If I don’t look more now, I won’t be able to see her after graduation.”

A beautiful figure beside him spoke in a clear and melodious female voice, which brought Su Yi back to his senses. He turned his head and revealed a trace of a smile.

Standing beside Su Yi was Zhao Xuening. They were deskmates for three years in high school. Zhao Xuening and Li Mengxi on the stage were known as the two goddesses of Green Mountain.

Whether it was in terms of looks, knowledge, or family background, the two of them were equally matched.

“She’s not as good-looking as you. You’re the fairy who descended to the mortal world today.”

“What I’m afraid of is that I won’t be able to see you in the future.”

Su Yi said as he saw Zhao Xuening in a long white dress.

After more than three years of deskmate experience, Su Yi had long understood Zhao Xuening’s personality.

Although she was also as cold as ice in the eyes of outsiders, behind their backs, she was a mischievous girl.

“At least you know what’s good for you. If you fail to activate your immortal destiny, you can become an executive in my family’s company!” Zhao Xuening said smugly.

Hearing this, Su Yi was slightly stunned.

He really did not expect Zhao Xuening to send him an invitation.

After the era of immortal cultivation began, many forces took the opportunity to rise and become immortal cultivation aristocratic families.

The core business of immortal cultivation families was basically to embark on the path of immortality, but they also needed ordinary people to operate behind the scenes.

Zhao Xuening’s Zhao family and Li Mengxi’s Li family were such behemoths.

If Su Yi had not activated his immortal destiny, with Zhao Xuening’s guarantee, he would have been able to enter the Zhao family’s business and be able to live comfortably for the rest of his life.

‘It seemed that after three years at the same table, he had gained some status in Miss Zhao’s heart.’ Su Yi thought to himself.

“If I really fail to activate the seal of immortal destiny, Lady Zhao, don’t turn hostile and refuse to acknowledge me. If you refuse to acknowledge me, then you are really heartless. I will remember you till the day of my death.”

Su Yi did not refuse. Although the two of them seemed to be joking, they were really communicating.

“Then I, Zhao xuening, will embark on a heartless immortal path!”


The willow-leaf eyebrows on her fair and pretty face twitched slightly, and Zhao Xuening smiled as she talked.

Su Yi was speechless. This girl sometimes really acted like a fool.

Li Mengxi was detected to have a top-grade spiritual root, so the Immortal Destiny Stage ceremony was temporarily suspended.

Not long after, a few high-level officials, as well as members of the Li family, came to Green Mountain City.

At first, Su Yi thought that they were going to leave, but Li Mengxi seemed to have said something, and actually made a group of high-ranking officials wait.

Su Yi saw with his own eyes that Li Mengxi’s gaze from afar fell on the beautiful figure beside him.

“I suspect that this woman is mentally ill. She has been staring at me for the past few years. Wasn’t it just my brother who defeated her brother two years ago?”

Zhao Xuening complained to Su Yi.

Hearing this, Su Yi helplessly waved his hand. He had no right to judge the feud between the Li family and the Zhao family.

“As long as you have a top-grade spiritual root, you don’t have to be afraid of her,” Su Yi said thoughtfully.

“That’s hard to say. I even doubt myself and can’t activate the immortal destiny.”

“If that really happens, I’ll have to run away. As my deskmate, you should be able to help me, right?” Zhao Xuening stuck out her tongue and said.

This made the corner of Su Yi’s mouth twitch. You’re the eldest daughter of the Zhao family, and you want me to take you away?

“I don’t want to be sunk to the bottom of the river to feed the fish!” Su Yi said affirmatively.

This sentence instantly made Zhao Xuening’s face bloom with a smile once again.

The Immortal Destiny Stage continued its ceremony. Some people were happy, while others were sad.

Not long after…

“Next, Zhao Xuening.”

Su Yi was stunned and turned his head to look at the beautiful figure beside him.

At some point in time, this girl’s pretty face had returned to her usual cold and elegant look.

She was wearing a long white dress. She stepped onto the Immortal Destiny Stage at an unhurried pace, attracting the attention of everyone present.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths.

However, there was no movement on the Immortal Destiny Stage.

“It can’t be? Lady Zhao actually didn’t activate her immortal destiny?”

Whispers gradually started, and Su Yi frowned.

Zhao Xuening did not have an immortal destiny? It was impossible! He had seen with his own eyes a few days ago that there was spiritual qi surrounding her.

But in the next moment…


The Immortal Destiny Stage actually shook, and a ray of auspicious light shot into the sky.

Five-colored auspicious clouds gathered in the clear sky. Then, the illusory figures of a mysterious woman wearing plain-colored gauze and holding a zither appeared from the auspicious clouds.

A celestial tune started to play in the sky above Zhao Xuening.

At this moment, Zhao Xuening’s body could not help but float up and release waves of celestial qi.

“Zhao Xuening, immortal destiny has been decided.”

“Immortal body: Mystic Female body of the Nine Heavens.”

A majestic heavenly tune sounded from the Immortal Destiny Stage.


Total Chapters in book: 355
Estimated words: 562778 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 2814(@200wpm)___ 2251(@250wpm)___ 1876(@300wpm)