Hedonist Sovereign by Peerless Young Master Du

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Chapter 361 - Did I Just Cut Young Master Li?
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Chapter 363 - Going Home
Chapter 364 - End Of Semester Party
Chapter 365 - Sales Department’S Party
Chapter 366 - Nobody Will Save You
Chapter 367 - Fired Up, Xu Ruo Rou!
Chapter 368 - Qin Feng Revealed His True Identity
Chapter 369 - I Want To Be His Only Beauty
Chapter 370 - The Party Becomes A Concert
Chapter 371 - Getting Famous
Chapter 372 - I’M The Champion!
Chapter 373 - Secret Ballot
Chapter 374 - The Elysium Of Heroes
Chapter 375 - I’M Not An Outsider
Chapter 376 - I Won'T Back Down
Chapter 377 - High Grade Financial Management Skill
Chapter 378 - I Have Not Had Enough Fun!
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Chapter 380 - A Toast To Our Success
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Chapter 385 - Devil Beast Mountain
Chapter 386 - Flaming Dragon Horse And Spear Of Rathalos
Chapter 387 - Martial Artists Assembled
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Chapter 389 - Qin Feng Versus Uncle Ghost
Chapter 390 - You’Re The Only One Behind Me
Chapter 391 - Ximen Chui Xue, Engage!
Chapter 392 - A New Life
Chapter 393 - A Swindler Who Sells Talisman
Chapter 394 - System Reboot
Chapter 395 - Performing An Operation With Talisman Of Clairvoyance
Chapter 396 - Let’S Go Home Together
Chapter 397 - Staying Together Under The Same Roof With Beauties
Chapter 398 - Just Require A Few Acupuncture Treatment
Chapter 399 - Saving Live With Acupuncture
Chapter 400 - Reunited With Hua Yan
Chapter 401 - The Strongest Lecturer
Chapter 402 - Bestie’S Back In The House!
Chapter 403 - Chang Xin’S Bestie
Chapter 404 - Look For Me If Your Hands Are Itchy
Chapter 405 - Am I In The Wrong Lecture Hall?
Chapter 406 - Nobody Will Be Exempted From Punishment For Being Late, Not Even Lady!
Chapter 407 - I Won’T Give You The Chance To Say No When I’M Going To Beat The Hell Out Of You!
Chapter 408 - Get Into The Habit Of Stealing Spiritual Plants!
Chapter 409 - Develop The Chinese Medicine!
Chapter 410 - Forging The Ultimate Class!
Chapter 411 - The Spirit Of Teamwork!
Chapter 412 - Glove With Phosphor Powder
Chapter 413 - Martial Artist Alliance
Chapter 414 - Joining The Martial Artist Alliance
Chapter 415 - Accepting Level 4 Mission
Chapter 416 - Fighting The Unicorn Rhinoceros (1)
Chapter 417 - Fighting The Unicorn Rhinoceros 2
Chapter 418 - Sacred Azure Battle Armor
Chapter 419 - What The Hell Is This?!
Chapter 420 - Eye-Blinding Acupuncture
Chapter 421- Qiao Shi Shi’S Complicated Feeling
Chapter 422 - Flower Thief Captured
Chapter 423 - Dongfang Ming Wang'S Debut!
Chapter 424 - Nine Dragons And Five Tigers!
Chapter 425 - Exchange Study
Chapter 426 - Neurology And Neuropsychiatry
Chapter 427 - Five Poison Sting And Compendium Of Hundred Materia Medica
Chapter 428 - Heretic
Chapter 429 - Demon Cultivator Versus Heretic
Chapter 430 - The Real Identity Of Billowy Lady
Chapter 431 - The Death Of Taoist Rakshasa
Chapter 432 - The Soft-Hearted Queen
Chapter 433 - Looking For Beauties On Ghost Mountain
Chapter 434 - Ambushed
Chapter 435 - Are We Gonna Fight?
Chapter 436 - Throw A Long Line To Catch A Big Fish
Chapter 437 - The Town Of Martial Artist
Chapter 438 - Pharmaceutical Master
Chapter 439 - The Sima Family’S Blacksmith
Chapter 440 - I’Ll Still Hit You Even If You’Re From The Sima Family!
Chapter 441 - Bow Down Before The Dragon Door
Chapter 442 - Hooking Up With A Woman Requires Deep Knowledge
Chapter 443 - I’Ll Never Set My Foot In This University Ever Again!
Chapter 444 - Martial Artist Alliance Level 5 Mission
Chapter 445 - Trap
Chapter 446 - The Freezing Magic Seal
Chapter 447 - Twin Beautiful Combination!
Chapter 448 - One Hundred Million Hedonist Points Diagnosis
Chapter 449 - Stage 4 Inner Qi
Chapter 450 - In The Name Of The Moon, I Shall Punish You!
Chapter 451 - The Bastard Taoist And Qin Feng
Chapter 452 - Hitting Up Girls Under The Guise Of A Lecturer
Chapter 453 - Transfer Student
Chapter 454 - Marios Bar
Chapter 455 - You’Re The Best, Ms. Wu Shuang
Chapter 456 - Shameless Weasel
Chapter 457 - Will You Fire Me?
Chapter 458 - Feeling Good At All?
Chapter 459 - Qin Feng Has Told Me Everything
Chapter 460 - Wind Blades
Chapter 461 - The Pharmaceutical Master Who Made A Pill On A Gas Stove
Chapter 462 - Making The Pill Of Immortality!
Chapter 463 - The Su Family Is In Trouble
Chapter 464 - Professor Qin Feng Was Fired?
Chapter 465 - Breaking Through With The Help Of Blood Qi Pill.
Chapter 466 - Hua Yan’S Vengeance!
Chapter 467 - Qin Feng Is An Ecchi!
Chapter 468 - Creating Trouble For My Enemies Is What I Loved To Do
Chapter 469 - Tripartite Alliance
Chapter 470 - The Strongest Class Is Beginning To Take Shape
Chapter 471 - Goodbye, Four Talents!
Chapter 472 - I Want To Purchase The Ma Family’S Corporation
Chapter 473 - A Destined War: Face-Off Between Qin Feng And The Yin Yang Elders!
Chapter 474 - Showdown Between Three Poison User
Chapter 475 - Rank 6 Hedonist Mortal Quest
Chapter 476 - No Wonder You Have No Friends
Chapter 477 - Student Parade
Chapter 478 - Strife Within The Feng Group
Chapter 479 - The Hell Of Death
Chapter 480 - The Best Memories We Had
Chapter 481 - Save Lin Bei Bei From Her Coma
Chapter 482 - Are You Pretending To Be Asleep?
Chapter 483 – Deliberately Sleeping
Chapter 484 – Encounter With An Acquaintance
Chapter 485 – Sad
Chapter 486 – Provoke Qin Feng
Chapter 487
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Chapter 489
Categories Genre: Action, Adult, All, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Ongoing, Romance, School Life, Xuanhuan Status: Ongoing Tags Authors: , Alternative names: HS, 至尊纨绔,


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Alternative Titles:

HS, 至尊纨绔

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Official synopsis: Doing quests, romancing beauties, fighting rich young masters and battling evil tyrants! His goal is very clear: to become the number one Hedonist Sovereign in the universe!

Translator’s synopsis: A rich young master, a hedonist, has the Hedonist Sovereign System forced upon him. Follow this hedonist on his adventure of becoming a Hedonist Sovereign through doing real life quests, filled with action-packed battles and hilarious moments. A lazy and slothful hedonist doing exercise in the morning? A spoilt and self-entitled hedonist starting from the bottom as a salesperson? Watch as Qin Feng is changed by the Hedonist Sovereign System, inside and out!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Confessing in Public

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

"Ding… the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: make Zhao Ling Xian have a favourable impression of you!"

"Quest time limit: 3 months; 7 days have passed."

"Successfully completing the quest will result in you formally opening the Hedonist Sovereign System and gaining 3 Lottery chances. Failing will reduce the Host's lifespan by 3 years!"


"Go screw yourself!"

Qin Feng was lying on his desk and happily playing on his phone, when a cold electronic voice sounded out in his mind. He was so shocked that his mouth furiously twitched and he jumped up from his seat, cursing out loud.

He was currently in his art class at the lecture hall and all the other students were engaged in the lesson. Their gazes were all attracted by his sudden outburst and they looked at him in curiosity.

The incredibly quiet and constrained atmosphere of the lecture hall immediately burst into noise.

The lecturer for this art class was the Acropolis University's publicly acknowledged number 1 beautiful teacher, Yun Xiao. She was 25 years old and was at the peak of her beauty. She wasn't much older than the rest of her university students, so she found it difficult to contain problem students during her classes.

She had finally managed to control the atmosphere when it had been disrupted once again by Qin Feng. Yun Xiao glared at him furiously and wished that she could bite him to death.

Soon, her perfect face calmed down, though her eyes were still filled with iciness. She stood up straight with her slim and beautiful legs, her large chest heaving as she did her best to control her emotions.


Finally, Yun Xiao let out a long breath, but didn't explode into anger.

After all, who was Qin Feng?

A young master Hedonist who was famous throughout the entire Acropolis University. He had an extraordinary background and was a lady-killer.

His father, Qin Huang, was the richest man in Acropolis City and invested money every year to expand the University. As the Honorary Principal's son, she couldn't do anything about him, no matter how unbridled his actions were.

"Qin Feng, please obey the class rules. Alright, everyone calm down. Let's continue."

Yun Xiao glowered at Qin Feng, but she was at her wit's end with this young master Hedonist. She suppressed the discontent within her and continued to lecture.

Qin Feng didn't pay any attention to Yun Xiao's words and paid even less attention to the strange stares that people were shooting him. After mumbling to himself angrily, he sat back on his seat as if nothing had happened.

However, his eyebrows remained frowned…

"Fudge… the hell is this? Could this young master really have been possessed by a spirit?"

It was the seventh day!

It was the seventh day since Qin Feng had started hearing that voice in his head!

He would hear that cold electronic voice in his head every day and the content was the same every time. It would always tell him to make Zhao Ling Xian have a favourable impression of him!

Qin Feng inwardly laughed. Rubbish… this was a complete truckload of rubbish!

After all, who was Zhao Ling Xian?

Zhao Ling Xian was the most beautiful girl in the Acropolis University's Arts Department and had a remarkable background. She was a 'Ms Perfect', who was fair-skinned, rich and beautiful!

She was a goddess who was out of everyone's reach and someone who almost every guy at the Acropolis University dreamed of. However, this was completely different with Qin Feng.

A week ago, he had publicly announced at the Acropolis University Campus that he was cancelling the marriage between Zhao Ling Xian and himself!


How could a young master Hedonist like Qin Feng agree to such a thing? Who cares if you're a goddess or a succubus? Marriage was simply a prison. Qin Feng absolutely didn't want to get married and ruin the rest of his romantic life.

Sleeping around and enjoying the pleasures of life was what this young master Qin Feng wanted!

As such, telling him to make Zhao Ling Xian have a favourable impression of him was simply ridiculous. He had dumped her in public, so he was absolutely certain that she would rather get together with a gorilla than have a favourable impression of him.

In fact, she probably wanted to kill Qin Feng…

"Ahahaha… looks like my kidney deficiency has been making me have delusions. I'll have to do some proper recovering when I get back."

Qin Feng evilly smiled and shook his head, clearing his mind of all the messy thoughts. He then looked to Lin Bei Bei sitting next to him and his smile grew wider.

An absolute angelic beauty!


Lin Bei Bei, who was intently focused on the lesson, suddenly felt a large hand land on her leg. She was so shocked that she almost cried out and she hurriedly tried to move away.

She turned her teary eyes to look at Qin Feng's grinning face.

"Bei Bei, why are you sitting so far away? Don't fall down."

Qin Feng moved closer to Lin Bei Bei and sniffed her neck, causing her to move halfway off her chair.

Her pitiful look would melt even the most unsympathetic heart.

"Young master Qin, please spare me. My family's poor, I'm ugly and I have an ordinary body. There's nothing good about me."

Qin Feng was the number 1 Hedonist of the Acropolis University. Although he had no evil intentions, he was incredibly flirtatious. According to the rumours, he had slept with hundreds of women.

A young master Hedonist like Qin Feng was someone who a poor, pure girl like Lin Bei Bei feared the most.

He was like a demon from hell!

"Bei Bei's quite good at joking. If you're ugly, then there aren't any women in the whole Acropolis University. If you have an ordinary body, then everyone else at the Acropolis University are pigs!"

Ling Bei Bei's eyes flashed with fear and disgust. Qin Feng pretended that he didn't see, and looked up and down her body. He didn't even try to hide his wandering eyes.

However, Qin Feng's words weren't just for flirting or flattery. He had seen many, many beauties, but very few could compare with Lin Bei Bei.

This, combined with her gentle and weak personality would give any man the urge to protect her.

Qin Feng had sat at the same table as her for half a year. He had put in much effort over the past half a year, but the girl simply wasn't interested in riches or power. He didn't know how to win her over.

"I say, Bei Bei, why is your face so red? Aiya… and it's quite hot as well. Bei Bei, don't tell me that you're sick?"

While Lin Bei Bei had her defences lowered, Qin Feng grinned and squeezed her cheek. He knew that she would turn red and heat up when she was embarrassed, but pretended that he was concerned about her being sick.

"Young master Qin, you…"

Lin Bei Bei was so flustered that she couldn't react, which allowed Qin Feng to take advantage of her. She was so furious that she gnashed her teeth, but she didn't dare to anger Qin Feng because of his background. She could only ball her hands into fists, as tears of indignance started to well up in her eyes.

This Qin Feng was simply too shameless!

"Ding… the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest. Declare your intentions to chase after Lin Bei Bei in public!"

"Quest time limit: 1 day."

"Successfully completing the quest will result in you formally opening the Hedonist Sovereign System, and gaining 3 Lottery chances. Failing will reduce the Host's lifespan by 1 year!" ……

Qin Feng was currently grinning and preparing to touch Lin Bei Bei's silky and cool legs again, when the cold electronic voice once again sounded out in his mind. He was so shocked that he almost fell off his chair.

After a while, Qin Feng slowly recovered. He thought about the voice he had heard and his hands trembled. After mulling it over for a while, he slapped his hand onto the table and shot to his feet, loudly saying, "I, Qin Feng, am declaring in front of my teacher and classmates that I am going to chase after the Arts Department's Number 2 Beauty, Lin Bei Bei!"

No matter if it was true or not, Qin Feng simply didn't want to gamble with 1 year of his life!


Total Chapters in book: 490
Estimated words: 1042794 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 5214(@200wpm)___ 4171(@250wpm)___ 3476(@300wpm)