Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband by Bing Gong Zhu

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Chapter 2 - Let’S Get Married!
Chapter 3 - Are You Treating Me As A Kitty Cat?!
Chapter 4 - An Eye For An Eye
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Chapter 71 - The Same Day Last Year
Chapter 72 - Being Self-Righteous
Chapter 73 - Popping Up
Chapter 74 - Unbelievable
Chapter 75 - Chattering
Chapter 76 - F3 Vs Knight Xv
Chapter 77 - All Of A Sudden
Chapter 78 - Call Me Darling
Chapter 79 - Someone To Marry
Chapter 80 - My Marriage Has Nothing To Do With You!
Chapter 81 - All Are Harmful
Chapter 82 - The Fight
Chapter 83 - The King Of Kings
Chapter 84 - Robbery
Chapter 85 - A One-Night Stand
Chapter 86 - Go To Her Home
Chapter 87 - Proposal Of Marriage
Chapter 88 - It Is Not A Game For Me.
Chapter 89 - It Is Confirmed.
Chapter 90 - Close Relation
Chapter 91 - I Don’T Want To Lose You Again.
Chapter 92 - You Can Decide The Amount.
Chapter 93 - Fight And Fight Back
Chapter 94 - Call By The Name
Chapter 95 - Vodka Of 80% V/V
Chapter 96 - Gastrorrhagia
Chapter 97 - The One I Like Most As A Boyfriend.
Chapter 98 - It Is Obvious.
Chapter 99 - An Zeyou
Chapter 100 - Tell Me Honestly
Chapter 101 - A Mini Arsenal
Chapter 102 - To Be Besieged!
Chapter 103 - An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter 104 - Her Name Is Xia Ning
Chapter 105 - I Will Do It Perfectly.
Chapter 106 - An Act
Chapter 107 - Raging Fire
Chapter 108 - Someone Like You
Chapter 109 - Different People Are Treated Differently.
Chapter 110 - I Have Been Waiting For You The Whole Day.
Chapter 111 - The Last Request
Chapter 112 - We Will Divorce!
Chapter 113 - A Wish
Chapter 114 - Tell On Her
Chapter 115 - Activities
Chapter 116 - Because You Are Xia Ning.
Chapter 117 - Yi Yuntian
Chapter 118 - Newcomers
Chapter 119 - I Am Not Going With You!
Chapter 120 - Another Side
Chapter 121 - A Nominated Interview
Chapter 122 - Resignation To Assume The Responsibility
Chapter 123 - Icu
Chapter 124 - Everyone Comes.
Chapter 125 - The Duty
Chapter 126 - Sorry That I Didn’T Take Good Care Of You.
Chapter 127 - Perpetrator
Chapter 128 - The Big Fish Is Hooked.
Chapter 129 - To Solve The Problem With Money
Chapter 130 - So Familiar
Chapter 131 - Take Care Of” Him
Chapter 132 - A Clown
Chapter 133 - You Can’T Let Go Of Me All Your Life.
Chapter 134 - Several Times
Chapter 135 - Confusion
Chapter 136 - Gu Ruoruo
Chapter 137 - The Strange Relation
Chapter 138 - Face It At Ease
Chapter 139 - Who Hits Who?
Chapter 140 - When Are You Going To Have A Baby?
Chapter 141 - Listen To Your Breath
Chapter 142 - A Sore Subject
Chapter 143 - Don’T Bother With It. I Can Manage Myself.
Chapter 144 - Joint-Military Exercise
Chapter 145 - Headquarters
Chapter 146 - Make You Angry!
Chapter 147 - 24-Hour On
Chapter 148 - To Get Involved
Chapter 149 - The Evil Plan
Chapter 150 - A Scheme
Chapter 151 - The Stubborn Smile
Chapter 152 - She Is Afraid.
Chapter 153 - Gu Luan’S Secret
Chapter 154 - What You Have Done!
Chapter 155 - The Strange Man
Chapter 156 - You Know The Answer.
Chapter 157 - The Super Rich Second Generation
Chapter 158 - Pour It On Your Face
Chapter 159 - Who Is Wiser
Chapter 160 - You May Have A Try.
Chapter 161 - An Accident
Chapter 162 - Unnecessary Existence
Chapter 163 - Pamper Her
Chapter 164 - A Knot In The Heart
Chapter 165 - Who Is Protecting Her?
Chapter 166 - Sanye
Chapter 167 - To Solve The Problem Together
Chapter 168 - Sweetheart, Sorry.
Chapter 169 - The Promotion Opportunity
Chapter 170 - Shareholder? Owner?!
Chapter 171 - The Super Enjoyment
Chapter 172 - Find Out The Secret
Chapter 173 - The Suspicious Record
Chapter 174 - Concealment
Chapter 175 - A Fat Woman
Chapter 176 - Never Accept Failure
Chapter 177 - Tit For Tat
Chapter 178 - In The Eye Of The Storm
Chapter 179 - To Announce The War
Chapter 180 - A Real Beauty
Chapter 181 - Plump
Chapter 182 - Create Disturbances
Chapter 183 - The Princess’S Temper
Chapter 184 - You Go And I Chase
Chapter 185 - The Dangerous Person
Chapter 186 - To Bear It Alone
Chapter 187 - An Encounter
Chapter 188 - It Is Time To Wake From Dreams
Chapter 189 - To Hit The Pains Of Each Other
Chapter 190 - Can’T Make The Concession
Chapter 191 - It Is Not Easy For Everybody
Chapter 192 - Collaboration
Chapter 193 - Pain In Heart
Chapter 194 - Lose Control
Chapter 195 - What Kind Of Person Are You?
Chapter 196 - Changing
Chapter 197 - Insisting On Her Will
Chapter 198 - The Lady Chef
Chapter 199 - Serious Warning
Chapter 200 - Too Careless
Chapter 201 - Untie The Heart Knot
Chapter 202 - A Mysterious Man
Chapter 203 - Action
Chapter 204 - Zhenzhen’S Father
Chapter 205 - We Should Be Frank
Chapter 206 - I Only Want You All My Life!
Chapter 207 - Show It To You
Chapter 208 - He Has Changed.
Chapter 209 - Trust You, Respect
Chapter 210 - Incorrigible
Chapter 211 - To Defend The Happiness
Chapter 212 - The Ingenuous Man
Chapter 213 - The Single Beautiful Woman
Chapter 214 - How Can I Make It Up To You
Chapter 215 - It Has To Be You
Chapter 216 - The Quarrel Fighting
Chapter 217 - Chasing The Source
Chapter 218 - Ready To Take Actions
Chapter 219 - Frontal Attack
Chapter 220 - Fight Openly And Secretly
Chapter 221 - The Hidden Boss
Chapter 222 - Fighting Back
Chapter 223 - Find The Supporter
Chapter 224 - Not To Interfere
Chapter 225 - Threat
Chapter 226 - Ask For Mercy
Chapter 227 - What Is Crazy
Chapter 228 - Intention
Chapter 229 - Work Arrangement
Chapter 230 - Who Did That?
Chapter 231 - Secret Vicious Plan
Chapter 232 - Human Search
Chapter 233 - Fighting And Injury
Chapter 234 - This Is What She Can Do
Chapter 235 - An Alternative Battlefield
Chapter 236 - I Have To Follow You
Chapter 237 - The Revolution Is Not Successful Yet!
Chapter 238 - Counterattack From Another Side
Chapter 239 - The Letter Of Resignation
Chapter 240 - How To Deal With It?
Chapter 241 - You Bully Her With Your Advantages
Chapter 242 - This Is Reality
Chapter 243 - The Importance
Chapter 244 - How To Make It Up
Chapter 245 - What Are You Doing?
Chapter 246 - A Shot Causes The Damage Of Half A Year
Chapter 247 - Speak It Out Clearly
Chapter 248 - The Popular One
Chapter 249 - Tell The Truth
Chapter 250 - The Villain Tells On First
Chapter 251 - Fall Into The Trap
Chapter 252 - There Are Plenty Of Chances In The Future
Chapter 253 - We Are Taking The Normal Path
Chapter 254 - The Condition Is Not Good.
Chapter 255 - The Great Surprise
Chapter 256 - You Real Business Is Not Me
Chapter 257 - Her Backup
Chapter 258 - To Make It Complete
Chapter 259 - Yi Yunrui’S Strange Behaviors
Chapter 260 - Wan Liqing’S Anger
Chapter 261 - Who Is Naïve?
Chapter 262 - A Good Play
Chapter 263 - You May Agree Or Resign
Chapter 264 - The Words Don’T Express Clearly
Chapter 265 - Girl, Don’T Be Nonsense. I Am You Aunt
Chapter 266 - People In The Ambush
Chapter 267 - What Do You Want, Career Or Family?
Chapter 268 - Hit From The Sides
Chapter 269 - Careless!
Chapter 270 - Yi Yuntian Comes!
Chapter 271 - The Stern Requirement
Chapter 272 - Do You Think You Can Escape?
Chapter 273 - Bite To Make You Bleed
Chapter 274 - Civilian Versus Royalty
Chapter 275 - Let’S See Who Is More Merciless
Chapter 276 - Wipe Them Out!
Chapter 277 - The War Between Men
Chapter 278 - A Great Difference
Chapter 279 - She Is Missing
Chapter 280 - The Reason
Chapter 281 - The Ambush
Chapter 282 - Get Shot
Chapter 283 - It Is For Real
Chapter 284 - He Loves Her More!
Chapter 285 - The Threat With Death
Chapter 286 - You Are My Happiness!
Chapter 287 - The Unpredictable Pattern
Chapter 288 - Condemnation
Chapter 289 - I Don’T Live For Your Favor
Chapter 290 - I Won’T Do Anything For Your Favor
Chapter 291 - She Is Not Resigned.
Chapter 292 - The Conspiracy
Chapter 293 - Open Confrontation!
Chapter 294 - The New Lover Versus The Old One
Chapter 295 - You May Tell Them To Divorce
Chapter 296 - I Will Hold Your Hands And Share My Life With You
Chapter 297 - I Will Not Admit That
Chapter 298 - The Battle Between Man And Wife
Chapter 299 - Waiting To Watch The Performance!
Chapter 300 - Did You Cheat Me?
Chapter 301 - Is She Qualified For That?
Chapter 302 - Apology
Chapter 303 - The Concern From The Leaders
Chapter 304 - The Real Identity
Chapter 305 - Confirmation Signature
Chapter 306 - Rush To Be The First
Chapter 307 - Will You Wait For Me?
Chapter 308 - She Feels Regretful
Chapter 309 - Who Dares Make A Fuss?
Chapter 310 - The Trade For Love
Chapter 311 - Unable To Identify The Big Shot
Chapter 312 - Got Poisoned
Chapter 313 - Beg For Mercy
Chapter 314 - The Thing I Care Most
Chapter 315 - The Public Trial
Chapter 316 - Assassination
Chapter 317 - The Background
Chapter 318 - The Grief Of Love
Chapter 319 - The Situation Changes
Chapter 320 - It Is Her Turn To Take The Initiative
Chapter 321 - The Last Warning
Chapter 322 - Alarmist Speeches
Chapter 323 - Baby, I Find You.
Chapter 324 - Cooperation Test
Chapter 325 - The Person To Be Interviewed
Chapter 326 - The Person Locked Up
Chapter 327 - Happen To See It
Chapter 328 - The Urge To Take Revenge
Chapter 329 - Called To Go Back Urgently
Chapter 330 - Nomination
Chapter 331 - Can’T Be Delayed Any Longer
Chapter 332 - The Misunderstanding
Chapter 333 - I Give You An Opportunity
Chapter 334 - You Really Fantasize Enough
Chapter 335 - Fighting
Chapter 336 - Not Resigned To That
Chapter 337 - Warning
Chapter 338 - Home Wrecker Again
Chapter 339 - What She Has Done Is Not Enough
Chapter 340 - Keep Her Promise
Chapter 341 - Deep Hatred
Chapter 342 - I Will Break Your Leg!
Chapter 343 - To Tell The Truth
Chapter 344 - A Great Disaster
Chapter 345 - Zhou Mengyao
Chapter 346 - Rebellion! Showing No Respect For The Senior!
Chapter 347 - The Weird Look
Chapter 348 - I Won’T Give You A Break!
Chapter 349 - I Am Against You!
Chapter 350 - One Woman And Eight Men!
Chapter 351 - The Hidden Mysterious Person
Chapter 352 - In The Years Of War
Chapter 353 - A Sudden Arrangement
Chapter 354 - The Interference Of The Third Party
Chapter 355 - The Death Crisis
Chapter 356 - To Die Or To Live
Chapter 357 - Have A Try
Chapter 358 - The Importance Of Life
Chapter 359 - To Stay With You, Dead Or Alive
Chapter 360 - The Plan
Chapter 361 - Don’T Despise Me
Chapter 362 - The Real Purpose
Chapter 363 - To Warn Him In Person
Chapter 364 - A Crazy Woman
Chapter 365 - To Visit And Apologize
Chapter 366 - Did You Ever Have Sex With Her?
Chapter 367 - Tell Her To Leave
Chapter 368 - He Doesn’T Know Who The Boss Is.
Chapter 369 - I Can’T Love You Too Much
Chapter 370 - Beat Him To Death!
Chapter 371 - He Dares To Insult Her! Go To Hell!
Chapter 372 - Could You Do Me A Favor?
Chapter 373 - The Scary Scene
Chapter 374 - You Caused A Big Trouble
Chapter 375 - Give Him One More Chance
Chapter 376 - Fell Into The Trap!
Chapter 377 - Exclusive Model Vs Brand Spokesperson
Chapter 378 - A Girl Of Strategies
Chapter 379 - To Find The Evidence
Chapter 380 - A Letter Of Remorse
Chapter 381 - I Will Support You Unconditionally
Chapter 382 - Marry Him?
Chapter 383 - Tell Me The Truth!
Chapter 384 - A Sudden Attack
Chapter 385 - An Unexpected Action
Chapter 386 - Ruin His Plan!
Chapter 387 - She Belongs To Him Only!
Chapter 388 - Ask For Help
Chapter 389 - Does He Have Another Woman?
Chapter 390 - He Is A Devil.
Chapter 391 - Turn The Table
Chapter 392 - Kidnap
Chapter 393 - The Situation Goes Far Beyond His Expectation.
Chapter 394 - The Man Never Changes His Personality.
Chapter 395 - The Information Is Disclosed.
Chapter 396 - No One Can Save You.
Chapter 397 - It Is Too Sudden For Her To Accept At Once.
Chapter 398 - A Sincere Confession.
Chapter 399 - The Last Counterattack
Chapter 400 - The “Beautiful” Life!
Chapter 401 - She Wants To Apologize
Chapter 402 - What Happened Over Twenty Years Ago
Chapter 403 - Threat? Or Exploiting?
Chapter 404 - To Visit To Make An Apology
Chapter 405 - Her Kindness
Chapter 406 - A Fair Competition
Chapter 407 - I Want To Exploit You.
Chapter 408 - The Home Changed.
Chapter 409 - Death Threat
Chapter 410 - She Will Never Give Him Up!
Chapter 411 - Make Up Her Mind To Fight Back Till The Last Minute!
Chapter 412 - Look Down Upon Her
Chapter 413 - A Storm Of Jealousy
Chapter 414 - The Hidden Waves
Chapter 415 - The Buxom Is Stupid.
Chapter 416 - Yi Yunrui’S Dream
Chapter 417 - Serious Warning
Chapter 418 - Flying Wing To Wing
Chapter 419 - They Start Fighting.
Chapter 420 - Launch The Plan
Chapter 421 - To Fully Take That Over
Chapter 422 - The Superior Department
Chapter 423 - The Danger Is Approaching.
Chapter 424 - Put On The Play
Chapter 425 - How Much Does She Know?
Chapter 426 - She Faints And Falls Onto The Ground.
Chapter 427 - Gu Luan’S Evil Plan
Chapter 428 - The Baby
Chapter 429 - This Is Your Home
Chapter 430 - A Week
Chapter 431 - The Storm Is Approaching
Chapter 432 - Zheng Yao’S Anger
Chapter 433 - Something Happened Over Twenty Year Ago
Chapter 434 - The Modern Version Of Beyond The Realm Of Conscience!
Chapter 435 - End Up In Death With You
Chapter 436 - Don’T Want To Get Others Implicated
Chapter 437 - For The People I Love
Chapter 438 - Successive Shocks!
Chapter 439 - Make The Confession!
Chapter 440 - The Return Of The Commander
Chapter 441 The Three Sons Of Yi Family
Chapter 442 It Is Worth Doing Anything For You And The Baby
Chapter 443 The Strange Monitoring Video
Chapter 444 A Special Way To Deal With It
Chapter 445 You Don’T Need To Worry About Me
Chapter 446 Come With Preparation
Chapter 447 Be Caught On The Site
Chapter 448 Her Backup
Chapter 449 Serious Hit
Chapter 450 To Reverse The Target
Chapter 451 - The New President
Chapter 452 - Ask Him Not To Come With You
Chapter 453 - I Did That
Chapter 454 - She Remembers Everything
Chapter 455 - Darling, I Was The One With Intentional Plans
Chapter 456 - The Super Rich Woman
Chapter 457 - Play With Fire
Chapter 458 - The Baby Is Not To Be Surnamed Yi
Chapter 459 - What On Earth Have You Done?
Chapter 460 - You Are My Niece
Chapter 461 - You Have To Divorce!
Chapter 462 - The Biological Uncle
Chapter 463 - I Am Your Cousin!
Chapter 464 - It Is Totally Unreasonable!
Chapter 465 - You Are Hard On My Niece And I Will Be Hard On Your Son.
Chapter 466 - Please Do Me A Favor.
Chapter 467 - Beat The Grasses To Alert The Snake
Chapter 468 - The Root Cause
Chapter 469 - Play Tricks With Tricks.
Chapter 470 - To Take Over The Car And Save The Woman!
Chapter 471 - Let Me Take The Initiative
Chapter 472 - Another Letter Of Appointment
Chapter 473 - Confession
Chapter 474 - Break Your Poker Face
Chapter 475 - The Hidden Truth
Chapter 476 - To Openly Admit It
Chapter 477 - I Don’T Want To Lose You Again
Chapter 478 - Arrest
Chapter 479 - Sisters Work Arm In Arm
Chapter 481 - To Be Mentally Prepared
Chapter 482 - An Assassination
Chapter 483 - It Is Not Simple
Chapter 484 - Eye For Eye!
Chapter 485 - You Deserve Death, Too.
Chapter 486 - The Hidden Contract
Chapter 487 - The Hostage
Chapter 488 - They All Died
Chapter 489 - Go Ahead!
Chapter 490 - This Is Not A Battlefield.
Chapter 491 - No Way!
Chapter 492 - An Unexpected Interview
Chapter 493 - A Positive Report
Chapter 494 - A Snub
Chapter 495 - A Real Actress!
Chapter 496 - This Isn'T Over
Chapter 497 - Power Oppression
Chapter 498 - The Complete Version
Chapter 499 - Who Will Be Given Justice?
Chapter 500 - An Attractive Man
Chapter 501 - N Accident Ten Years Ago
Chapter 502 - First Rivalry
Chapter 503 - Another Conspiracy
Chapter 504 - Some Ridiculous Thoughts
Chapter 505 - Different Wordings And Different Ways Of Playing
Chapter 506 - A Sensible Child
Chapter 507 - The One Behind The Scenes
Chapter 508 - The Truth
Chapter 509 - An Lingxi
Chapter 510 - A Lot Of Police
Chapter 511 - Snipe
Chapter 512 - Robust Deployment
Chapter 513 - Twenty-Four Hours
Chapter 514 - Hard To Escape
Chapter 515 - His Beloved Wife Belonged To Him Alone
Chapter 516 - Show Your Sincerity
Chapter 517 - Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 518 - Play Hard-To-Get
Chapter 519 - Biting Back
Chapter 520 - Sinister Behind Justice
Chapter 521 - The Crush
Chapter 522 - Forced To Have Sex
Chapter 523 - Fight Back
Chapter 524 - A Weird Feeling
Chapter 525 - Who Was This Person?
Chapter 526 - Truth
Chapter 527 - A Trap
Chapter 528 - Being Betrayed
Chapter 529 - Being Irresponsible
Chapter 530 - Just Fight
Chapter 531 - Relationship Agreement
Chapter 532 - Questioning
Chapter 533 - Making The Will
Chapter 534 - Is It Done Accidentally Or Purposely?
Chapter 535 - Make An Exception For Your Man?
Chapter 536 - An Escort
Chapter 537 - Sleeping In Separate Rooms
Chapter 538 - The Apple Of His Eye
Chapter 539 - Hua Xiaoran
Chapter 540 - Not Get Him Into Trouble
Chapter 541 - Women Differ From One Another
Chapter 542 - Express Her Love
Chapter 543 - Not That Easy To Escape
Chapter 544 - Losing Face
Chapter 545 - Partnership
Chapter 546 - All Are Cleared Out
Chapter 547 - The Beitang Family
Chapter 548 - Come To The Home And Apologize
Chapter 549 - Men As Wine
Chapter 550 - Comparisons Are Odious
Chapter 551 - He Is The Victim!
Chapter 552 - Punch Him!
Chapter 553 - Something That Shouldn'T Have Happened
Chapter 554 - Woman, You Deserve It
Chapter 555 - What President Yi Cannot Stand
Chapter 556 - Unexpected Posh
Chapter 557 - Keep Your Man In Line
Chapter 558 - Jealous Heart
Chapter 559 - She Is Angry
Chapter 560 - A Misunderstanding
Chapter 561 - Carelessness
Chapter 563 - A Terrible Past Event
Chapter 564 - Dear, You Think I'M Annoying?
Chapter 565 - The End Of The Yin Family
Chapter 566 - Angel And Devil
Chapter 567 - Walk Properly
Chapter 568 - I’Ll Get Your Girl Back!
Chapter 569 - A Horrible Man
Chapter 570 - Present Herself
Chapter 571 - You Wanna Die?
Chapter 572 - There Is Always One Reason
Chapter 573 - Promise Or Not, It'S Up To Me!
Chapter 574 - She Will Not Forgive Herself
Chapter 575 - Another Reason
Chapter 576 - Real Age
Chapter 577 - A Foregone Conclusion
Chapter 578 - Don'T Let You Go
Chapter 579 - He Is Really Not A Man!
Chapter 580 - Late Wedding Gift
Chapter 581 - Blood Feud Of That Year
Chapter 582 - If You Are A Bomb, Then We Will Die Together!
Chapter 583 - Long-Lost Affection Between Family Members
Chapter 584 - You Must Be Happy
Chapter 585 - God Is Giving Her Another Chance!
Chapter 586 - They Tested Her
Chapter 587
Chapter 588
Chapter 589
Chapter 590
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Xia Ning is betrayed by her boyfriend who wants to marry another girl from a rich and powerful family.

Just when she encounters a lot of difficulties in her career and love life and feels helpless, she meets a military commander named Yi Yunrui, who is always on her side to support her and help her out of troubles.

With a good-looking face, well-shaped body, rich family background and loyalty to love, Yi Yunrui is the perfect “Mr. Right” in every girl’s dream.

The military commander claims that he has known Xia Ning for a long time, while Xia seems to know little about him.

How does Yi Yunrui know Xia Ning? What happened between the two before the story even begins? Will Xia Ning fall in love with Yi Yunrui under his unremitting efforts? Just start reading and find out.

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Chapter 1 - Who She “Slept With” Was Not A Nobody

Chapter 1: Who She “Slept with” was not A Nobody

Soldiers must have an ironic will, and Feng Le knows very well about that.

He also knows very well that he is driving a car.

But he still can’t help glancing at the rearview mirror.

If let he tell what the most incredible thing is in his life, it must be what happened today!

His Commander, in the B City, is famous for being cold and cool. He is known for being iron-blooded. He is the Major General Yi Yunrui who is famous for having little interests in love affairs, but now holds a woman in his arms!

And this woman, made the Commander leave in the middle of a meeting, was carried forcedly out of a box in a bar!

Undoubtedly, the woman who was held in the Commander’s arms, is the luckiest person in the whole world!

But to make him dumbfounded, this woman called the name of another man in the arms of the Commander!

What makes him even more stunned is that the Commander is not angry. In his eyes that watching the woman, there is obviously something more…

Feeling the instability of the Knight XV, Yi Yunrui’s face is condensed, and he looks up at Feng Le, whose mind is absent, and said in a cold voice, “Eyes on the road!”

Feng Le is immediately shocked and sweaty. Sitting upright, he responds with a big voice, “Yes, sir!”

A five-star hotel in B City

Yi Yunrui sits beside her. With love in his eyes, he touches her soft long hair with his big palm. A slight smile is on his pursed thin lips.

This time, he will never let her go.

This time, he will never leave her alone.

“Yixuan… Don’t leave me alone…” She is so drunk that she is dizzy and confused, calling the name of someone in her heart.

The man next to her trembles!

“Ning…” knowing very well that she was calling someone else’s name, he is painful, and he feels sorry for her, for her bitter experience since then.

“Yixuan… Why do you betray me? Why…”

His little girl in his arms whispers, as if she is having a nightmare that makes her heartbroken.

Yi Yunrui’s face clouds over, and his dark eyes seem like a deep pound without bottom.

In quite a while, only a sigh can be heard in the darkness. The big palm clinging to Xia Ning stretches slightly, and pats her back softly…

“Baby, from today, the man who is with you can only be me.”


The head is sore, and the whole body seems to be scattered…

With consciousness gradually recovers, Xia Ning opens her eyes, and what she sees is a standard hotel room.

Her heart is beating fast!

God, was she drinking at the bar last night? How did she end up in the hotel? !

“you’re awake.”

A magnetic low-pitched male voice interrupts her thinking. Xia Ning looks up and falls in a pair of sharp eyes.

These eyes can see the soul of people!

The owner of the eyes is a man, dressed in a military uniform with a star and a golden leaf on the shoulder badge. A Major General!

The man looks cold and masculine, but he is so handsome!

Xia Ning pauses for few second, “Ah!”

With the female high-pitched scream, Xia Ning jumps off the bed, but with dizziness suddenly occurs, she falls back to the bed.

“Who are you?” Xia Ning is extremely nervous and looks at the man in front of her as an enemy.

“My name is Yi Yunrui.” The man replies shortly, talking as he stretches his hand to her face.


Xia Ning shouts. The big palm nearly touches her face stops in the air.

“What do you want to do?!” Xia Ning stepped back a few steps, glancing around. There is a water glass next to her, and she will use it if necessary.


His name is Yi Yunrui?!

The famous commander of the C Military Region, Yi Yunrui, the legendary Major General?!

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes another look at the insignia on the uniform of Yi Yunrui and becomes absolutely stunned!

When Xia Ning is confused, Yi Yunrui’s hand reaches out and gently wipes her face.

“You’re crying.” After wiping her tears, Yi Yunrui stands up and pours a cup of hot milk and handed it to her, “You drank a lot last night. Having some milk will make you feel better.”

Xia Ning takes over the milk, confused, unconsciously looking down at her clothes, then her face changes color!

She is wearing the hotel’s pajamas! Not what she used to wear!

“You dirtied your clothes when you vomited last night,” Yi Yunrui pauses. “I asked the hotel waitress to change your clothes.”

Xia Ning breathes a sigh of relief, takes a sip of milk, and immediately thinks of something. She asks anxiously, “Did we do that last night?!”

The man frowns slightly and slightly opens his mouth, but he seems to change his idea and answers, “Well, you slept me last night.”

“Cough!” that’s a surprise for a major general to say something like this…

What does he mean that I slept him?

What does “slept” mean?

Does it mean that he and she really had… last night?!

“Look at this.” Yi Yunrui slightly opened the collar, and on his neck is a clear hickey. (In fact, it was scratched by Xia Ning last night)

Xia Ning is frozen!

She drank a lot last night, vaguely felt that someone was carrying her in arms and came in and out to take care of her… It seems that it is the man right before her but she mistook him as Ou Yixuan!

Damn, is the hickey on the man’s neck made by her?!


The phone is ringing, breaking the embarrassing atmosphere. Yi Yunrui says, “Sorry.” and answers the phone aside.

The phone call is a quite long one, but Yi Yunrui doesn’t say anything from start to end. Finally, he nods, saying, “I know. I’ll be there soon.” then hangs up.

“How can we be here?” Knowing that the man is about to leave, Xia Ning hurriedly askes.

Yi Yunrui glances at her. “We knew each other a long time ago.”

“Hm?” Long time ago?! Since when?

“We met each other in the UK.” Yi Yunrui answers succinctly and glanced at the watch on his wrist, “Now it is 3:15 pm on October 20, XX, I told your company you asked for leave today. You can have a rest here.”

At 3:15 pm on October 20, XX?! Xia Ning hurriedly looks at the wall clock, dumbfounded!

She remembers that Ou Yixuan announced that he was going to marry on the 19th. That night she went to the Wondertime Bar, opened a box, and sang and vented emotions while drinking.

In other words, she slept for more than ten hours!

“Xia Ning, I need to go back to the meeting,” Yi Yunrui handed her a note, “This is my personal phone number. Take care of it.”

The writing on the note is powerful and soaring. Xia Ning’s brain is a paste.

Yi Yunrui tidies his military uniform, opens the door, but makes a slight pause at the door as if something just occurs to him, saying, “Xia Ning, there are some responsibilities you have to bear. I will come to you after some time.”


Ignoring Xia Ning’s confusion, Yi Yunrui closes the door.

Xia Ning sits on the bed, being confused for a while… Wait, how does Yi Yunrui know that her name is Xia Ning?!

Also, Yi Yunrui did not answer any of her questions at all!

Did they have that…?! Why did she wake up in the hotel?!

“My boyfriend is married but the bride is not me…”

The phone is ringing, Xia Ning picks up, takes a look and has a headache. After pressing the answer button, a loudly shout suddenly breaks out on the other side.

“You’re finally willing to answer the call!!”

TIME ERA TV Station.

“I knew you were going to get drunk!” Li Baoer pointed her finger at Xia Ning’s head, “The man is not worth what you did for him!”

“Hey! Be quieter!” Xia Ning looks around and says, “Yixuan is our editor!”

“Hum.” Li Baoer snorts with disdain.

The relationship between Xia Ning and Ou Yixuan is well known in the TIME ERA magazine. Everyone in the company privately discussed when they would get married. Yesterday, Ou Yixuan suddenly announced that he would marry the daughter of the Mayor of B City, Yin Jingsi, surprising everyone.

Regarding the relationship between Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi, there are many rumors. Li Baoer, as the best friend of Xia Ning, thinks Ou Yixuan as someone pursues money and power through marriage at all costs. She looks down on him!

In fact, the most heartbreaking thing for Li Baoer is the expression of Xia Ning at the moment when Ou Yixuan announced his marriage with Yin Jingsi. It seems that Xia Ning had been kept in the dark.

She knew that Xia Ning’s heart was broken and thought about comforting Xia Ning after the work. But Xia Ning left the company hurriedly with her phone turned off. Until this morning, a man called her and asked her to find an excuse for Xia Ning’s absence.

Thinking of this, Li Baoer’s eyes light up, and smiles with a tease, “Xia Ning, as best friends, do we need to be honest with each other?”

Li Baoer was full of anger a few seconds earlier, but now she can’t help smiling. Not knowing Li Baoer’s intention, Xia Ning’s eyebrows are raising, “What do you want to ask?”

Li Baoer’s smile is bigger, “Who is the man called me this morning? His voice is attractive! Hey, to be honest, did you sleep with him last night?”

Xia Ning’s face turns red and quickly turns away, “Don’t say something like this. We are just friends.”

“Friends?” Li Baoer teases her, “If he’s just a friend, why is your face red?”

Feeling awkward, Xia Ning licks her lips and is about to explain. At this time, Li Baoer lowers her voice and says, “Look, they are coming out.”

The door of the office of Ou Yixuan opens, and two people came out, Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi.

The mayor of B City has two daughters, Yin Jingsi and Yin Jingyao. Yin Jingsi is the eldest daughter, the agent of the internationally renowned makeup brand L’Oreal in B city, with decent behavior and good looking. She was the focus of famous magazines, and also a goddess of countless successful men.

Ou Yixuan is the chief editor of the famous old brand magazine TIME ERA Weekly in China. He was graduated from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom with excellence grades. Being handsome and elegant, with a good character and expanded knowledge, he is the ‘Mr. Right’ in the hearts of countless girls.

Ou Yixuan and Yin Jingsi are dating like, according to the propaganda, they are born to be the perfect match!

The two look at each other with love. After whispering a few words, Yin Jingsi gently kisses on the face of Ou Yixuan.

Xia Ning’s heart is fiercely painful!

“Ning, give me five years. When I make some achievements in my career, we will get married. I will make you the happiest woman in the world!”


The warm whisper is still echoing in her ear, but the vows and memories all died like yesterday…

She is no longer his girl. The cruel reality has crushed the beautiful dram and fantasy!

Feeling the burning gaze behind, Ou Yixuan looks back and falls into the eyes of Xia Ning.

The two souls collide at this moment. It is like an explosion booming between the two!

Ou Yixuan dodges her eyes and speaks to Yin Jingsi with a soft voice, “Jingsi, I drive you home.”

Yin Jingsi slightly smiles, making her more attractive. “No, you still get work to do. Have a good rest at night. Don’t forget tomorrow’s plan.”

“Yeah.” Ou Yixuan nods, turns and walks back to the office.

At the moment when the office door is closed, Yin Jingsi looks straight at Xia Ning.

Although it happens in just a few seconds, it is enough for Yin Jingsi to show her disdain to Xia Ning!!

The next second, Yin Jingsi’s red lips rise slightly. She nods to Xia Ning and leaves.

“Pretentious!” Li Baoer rolls her eyes at Yin Jingsi’s back, “The princess and the Mr. Right are going to get engaged tomorrow. Will our Cinderella attend the engagement party?”

Xia Ning’s heart seems to be hurt by a knife. She takes a deep breath.

Yes, she lost. She lost a war which didn’t even start!

But she wants a decent leave. She, Xia Ning, will never run away from the war of love!

“Yes! Of course I will go!” Xia Ning looks at Li Baoer, one word by one word, “I need to correct you, I am not Cinderella, I am Xia Ning!”


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