His Genius Wife is a Superstar by ArriaCross

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Waking Up In Another Body
Chapter 3 - Iris Long
Chapter 4 - Shallow Mother And Daughter
Chapter 5 - Jin Liwei
Chapter 6 - The New Young Miss
Chapter 7 - Long Tengfei
Chapter 8 - Image Overhaul
Chapter 9 - Iris Long’S Scandal
Chapter 10 - Linluo
Chapter 11 - Big Gamble
Chapter 12 - Iris Long’S Twin Sister?
Chapter 13 - The Phantom Of Your Love
Chapter 14 - Jj’S Offer
Chapter 15 - Long Xiulan
Chapter 16 - Russian Men Are Hot
Chapter 17 - Qiao Yu’S Visit
Chapter 18 - Half A Billionaire
Chapter 19 - The Other Woman
Chapter 20 - Linluo Responds To The Rumours
Chapter 21 - An E-Mail From Jin Liwei
Chapter 22 - Pay Up First
Chapter 23 - The Mysterious Long Xiulan
Chapter 24 - Iris Long Is Back
Chapter 25 - Rebirth
Chapter 26 - Viral Video
Chapter 27 - Jin Liwei Barges In
Chapter 28 - Need To Search It Up
Chapter 29 - I Forbid You To Kiss Other Men
Chapter 30 - How To Know If You’Re Feeling Horny
Chapter 31 - Pursuit Of Knowledge
Chapter 32 - Give Me Your Number
Chapter 33 - Drastic Change In Style
Chapter 34 - Senior Jin Chonglin
Chapter 35 - Alarm Girls
Chapter 36 - Furious Dominic
Chapter 37 - Acting Duo
Chapter 38 - I Will Perform Tonight
Chapter 39 - Black Star
Chapter 40 - A Song Entirely Mine
Chapter 41 - Iris! Iris! Iris!
Chapter 42 - Mortal Enemy
Chapter 43 - Ghost Composer
Chapter 44 - Eat Your Slippers
Chapter 45 - Selective Amnesia
Chapter 46 - She Has Amnesia?
Chapter 47 - Come Down
Chapter 48 - Selfish Xiulan
Chapter 49 - Goodnight Kiss
Chapter 50 - A Weapon Of Mass Destruction
Chapter 51 - Baby Girl
Chapter 52 - Linluo Breaks Up?
Chapter 53 - The Truth About Linluo
Chapter 54 - Dj Song
Chapter 55 - I Will Survive
Chapter 56 - The Black Stars
Chapter 57 - Uniting For The First Time
Chapter 58 - Rather Die Than Apologize
Chapter 59 - Sleepover
Chapter 60 - Can’T Wait For Dessert
Chapter 61 - Stupid Computer
Chapter 62 - Amazed By Her
Chapter 63 - The Black Notebook
Chapter 64 - I’M Your Lover
Chapter 65 - Measuring Tape
Chapter 66 - Give Me Your Hand
Chapter 67 - We'Re All Human Beings
Chapter 68 - To Hell With The Schedule
Chapter 69 - Delicious
Chapter 70 - Girlfriend
Chapter 71 Great Moves
Chapter 72 Darling
Chapter 73 Yes What?
Chapter 74 Wild Iris
Chapter 75 Brothers
Chapter 76 Sister-In-Law
Chapter 77 Don’T Tell Me She’S Iris Long
Chapter 78 Inside Your Mouth
Chapter 79 Meh!
Chapter 80 Bullseye
Chapter 81 Don’T You Like Shooting?
Chapter 82 Are You Really Third Bro?
Chapter 83 Popcorn And Ice Cream
Chapter 84 Rolling On The Bed Naked
Chapter 85 Will You Miss Me?
Chapter 86 How It Feels Like To Have A Wife
Chapter 87 You’Re Mine, Long Xiulan
Chapter 88 Endorsement Deal
Chapter 89 Waiting Too Long
Chapter 90 Offended Jin Corporation
Chapter 91 Catfigh
Chapter 92 See You In Cour
Chapter 93 Almost Within Reach
Chapter 94 How Stupid
Chapter 95 Already Over
Chapter 96 Falling In Love Is Such A Hassle
Chapter 97 Fifth Brother
Chapter 98 Russian Ladies Are Ho
Chapter 99 Launch Party
Chapter 100 Her Star
Chapter 101 Masked Women
Chapter 102 How Dare They Hurt My People?
Chapter 103 Boss
Chapter 104 War
Chapter 105 Just Cancel The Even
Chapter 106 Envoy Of Light And Dark
Chapter 107 Rising Phoenix
Chapter 108 Mighty Slippers
Chapter 109 Deep Background
Chapter 110 That’S My Daughter
Chapter 111 Remember
Chapter 112 Problematic Situation
Chapter 113 Do You Miss Daddy?
Chapter 114 Are These My Kids?
Chapter 115 Snapped At Him
Chapter 116 Just Like Candies
Chapter 117 We Won’T Need Them!
Chapter 118 Lx
Chapter 119 Collapsed
Chapter 120 I’Ll Fly With You
Chapter 121 Son-In-Law Meets Father-In-Law
Chapter 122 Liar
Chapter 123 Make Her Happy
Chapter 124 Father And Daughter
Chapter 125 Photos Of The Boss
Chapter 126 Harsh Reality
Chapter 127 Music Charts
Chapter 128 Medical Record
Chapter 129 Slippers Of Justice
Chapter 130 Mother Figure
Chapter 131 Unexpected Confession
Chapter 132 Commando
Chapter 133 Compromise
Chapter 134 Slippers Army
Chapter 135 Drakon
Chapter 136 What Baby?
Chapter 137 Will You Wait For Me?
Chapter 138 The Long Ancestral Residence
Chapter 139 Aunt And Niece
Chapter 140 Life Of Regrets
Chapter 141 Long Hui
Chapter 142 Playing Around
Chapter 143 Unqualified
Chapter 144 Negative
Chapter 145 Lover’S Privilege
Chapter 146 Pipsqueak
Chapter 147 Got Her Pregnan
Chapter 148 Jiang Ying Yue
Chapter 149 Are You Hiring Me?
Chapter 150 The Suits
Chapter 151 Mommy And Daddy Ice Cream And Popcorn Side Story
Chapter 152 Second Date Part I
Chapter 153 Second Date Part Ii
Chapter 154 Second Date Part Iii
Chapter 155 A Force To Be Reckoned With
Chapter 156 Little Jun
Chapter 157 Third Album
Chapter 158 Chaos Around The World
Chapter 159 Cross Academy
Chapter 160 Legendary School For Geniuses
Chapter 161 I’Ll Go With You
Chapter 162 That Mannerism
Chapter 163 Beloved Grandpa And Unfilial Grandson
Chapter 164 Hit The Jackpo
Chapter 165 Mysterious Supporter
Chapter 166 Rebirth Melodies
Chapter 167 Good News And Bad News
Chapter 168 True King Of The Business World
Chapter 169 It’S My Fault, Even If It’S No
Chapter 170 Stupid Question
Chapter 171 Tonight Will Be For You
Chapter 172 Godchild
Chapter 173 Test Subjec
Chapter 174 Meeting Grandpa Lu
Chapter 175 My Special Fish
Chapter 176 A Student Of Lu Jianhong
Chapter 177 The Next Dragon
Chapter 178 For The Sake Of Her Experimen
Chapter 179 Where’S My Grandchild?
Chapter 180 Rightful Throne
Chapter 181 When Are We Going To Marry?
Chapter 182 Yes Or No
Chapter 183 We’Re Brothers
Chapter 184 Keymonster
Chapter 185 Posh Gossip Over Champagne
Chapter 186 Cuckoo Monster
Chapter 187 The Two Madams
Chapter 188 Birds And A Worm
Chapter 189 As Handsome As My Boyfriend
Chapter 190 Don'T Worry, Mommy!
Chapter 191 Introducing The Boyfriend
Chapter 192 You’Re Not His Papa!
Chapter 193 Papa Vs. Dada
Chapter 194 I’Ll Kill You If You Hurt Them
Chapter 195 Soon
Chapter 196 Deserve
Chapter 197 Meeting Drakon
Chapter 198 Deal Or No Deal
Chapter 199 Jin Liwei Goes Berserk
Chapter 200 Jealous
Chapter 201 She Likes Me Very Much
Chapter 202 Surprise
Chapter 203 Kids These Days
Chapter 204 Passionate Lover
Chapter 205 Strong Yet Broken
Chapter 206 Meeting Fifth Brother
Chapter 207 Familiar
Chapter 208 Dangerous
Chapter 209 Not Again
Chapter 210 Face The Phantoms
Chapter 211 In-Laws
Chapter 212 Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 213 New Slave?
Chapter 214 Trus
Chapter 215 Never Good Enough
Chapter 216 Nothing But A Coward
Chapter 217 Moulding The Ultimate Protector
Chapter 218 Exhausted
Chapter 219 I Feel Weird
Chapter 220 A Change In His Baby Girl
Chapter 221 Stupid Grin
Chapter 222 An Important Even
Chapter 223 Road To Redemption
Chapter 224 Just The Beginning
Chapter 225 The Evil Called Fan Luo
Chapter 226 Struggle For Control
Chapter 227 The Jins React To The News
Chapter 228 Family
Chapter 229 Two Years Ago
Chapter 230 Fateful Decision
Chapter 231 Destiny
Chapter 232 Useless
Chapter 233 Forgive Me
Chapter 234 Promise
Chapter 235 Come Back Soon
Chapter 236 Shadow Winds
Chapter 237 You Can’T, But I Can
Chapter 238 Remnan
Chapter 239 Clicked Into Place
Chapter 240 Alibi
Chapter 241 Where Is Iris Long?
Chapter 242 I Miss You So Much
Chapter 243 Unbalanced
Chapter 244 World-Renowned Campus
Chapter 245 The Other Geniuses
Chapter 246 Let’S Talk About Love
Chapter 247 The Maestro And The Hitmaker
Chapter 248 I’Ll Be There Soon
Chapter 249 Fall In Love All Over Again
Chapter 250 Best Morning Ever
Chapter 251 Not Soundproofed
Chapter 252 Smacked In The Face
Chapter 253 The “Genius” Label
Chapter 254 Come Closer
Chapter 255 Underworld Apocalypse
Chapter 256 One Of Everything
Chapter 257 Do What You Want To Do
Chapter 258 Goddess Of Fire
Chapter 259 Sold Her Soul To The Devil
Chapter 260 Orchidia Beauty
Chapter 261 Bad Boy
Chapter 262 My Lady, My Man
Chapter 263 Title Is A Spoiler
Chapter 264 No Going Back
Chapter 265 Best Night Ever
Chapter 266 Coming Back Soon
Chapter 267 Do You Want To Have A Baby?
Chapter 268 Your Happiness Is My Happiness
Chapter 269 Planet Monkey And Pandemonium
Chapter 270 Lead Guitar
Chapter 271 Eros’ Substitute
Chapter 272 Nightmare
Chapter 273 Punishment Or Present?
Chapter 274 Dare To Suppress His Baby Girl?
Chapter 275 May The Best Musician Win
Chapter 276 Ieatslippers Is Back
Chapter 277 A Closer Look
Chapter 278 Feng Jiu Interviews Iris Long Part I
Chapter 279 Feng Jiu Interviews Iris Long Part Ii
Chapter 280 Feng Jiu Interviews Iris Long Part Iii
Chapter 281 Feng Jiu Interviews Iris Long Part Iv
Chapter 282 Time Is Up
Chapter 283 More Important Than Royalty
Chapter 284 Jin Chonglin Arrives
Chapter 285 Shock After Shock After Shock
Chapter 286 Envious
Chapter 287 One Family
Chapter 288 Lucky Charm
Chapter 289 Dead When Awake, Alive When Asleep
Chapter 290 The Power Of Mothers
Chapter 291 Different Paths
Chapter 292 Boss Iris Vs. Prince Lin Lin
Chapter 293 Competitive Spiri
Chapter 294 The Chua Family
Chapter 295 My Present For You
Chapter 296 I Won’T Run Away
Chapter 297 Only For You
Chapter 298 Own The Stage Tonigh
Chapter 299 Monster Of Insanity
Chapter 300 Back To The Basics
Chapter 301 Hey, It’S Me
Chapter 302 True Battlefield
Chapter 303 Lovers’ Quarrel
Chapter 304 My Everything Belongs To You
Chapter 305 Sacrilege
Chapter 306 History Maker
Chapter 307 A Day Of Congratulations
Chapter 308 Meltdown
Chapter 309 Clandestine Affairs
Chapter 310 Linris
Chapter 311 The Long Family Elders
Chapter 312 Blessings, Not Weapons
Chapter 313 Give It To Me Or I’Ll…
Chapter 314 Dog Food Overdose
Chapter 315 I Need Your Help
Chapter 316 Press Conference
Chapter 317 Happy Family
Chapter 318 More Capable
Chapter 319 Team Up
Chapter 320 Family Banquets
Chapter 321 Give It All Up
Chapter 322 Gladly Step In
Chapter 323 Just Getting Started
Chapter 324 Back To Work
Chapter 325 Proud Father
Chapter 326 Important Lesson
Chapter 327 In The Name Of Our Noble Family
Chapter 328 Music Awards
Chapter 329 Bombshell
Chapter 330 Not On The Same Level
Chapter 331 Magnetic Force
Chapter 332 Phoenix Queen
Chapter 333 Battle Of The Performances
Chapter 334 Big Favour
Chapter 335 Am I Still Your Brother?
Chapter 336 The Award Goes To…
Chapter 337 Special Award
Chapter 338 Be Careful
Chapter 339 Get Off
Chapter 340 Damn Dress
Chapter 341 Move In
Chapter 342 Long Jinjing
Chapter 343 Power Of A Celebrity
Chapter 344 Mr. Z
Chapter 345 Conditions
Chapter 346 New Method Of Persuasion
Chapter 347 Supreme Ascension
Chapter 348 Ex-Girlfriend
Chapter 349 For My Friend
Chapter 350 Househusband
Chapter 351 Bodyguard Mistress
Chapter 352 Stirring Inside
Chapter 353 What'S-Her-Name
Chapter 354 Very Close
Chapter 355 Impromptu Play
Chapter 356 Important Announcemen
Chapter 357 Circus
Chapter 358 Big Idio
Chapter 359 Family Meeting
Chapter 360 Homewrecker
Chapter 361 Hidden Dragon
Chapter 362 Start Of A Life-Long Connection
Chapter 363 Beloved Granddaughter
Chapter 364 Walk Of Shame
Chapter 365 Her Enemy Is My Enemy
Chapter 366 Fake News
Chapter 367 No Medicine For Regre
Chapter 368 Princess Porkchop
Chapter 369 I Am Drakon
Chapter 370 Film Awards
Chapter 371 Reputation And Prestige
Chapter 372 Opportunistic Couple
Chapter 373 Trophy Wife
Chapter 374 International Business Conference
Chapter 375 Official Interpreter
Chapter 376 Calm Down, Boy
Chapter 377 Wrapped Around Her Little Finger
Chapter 378 When To Announce
Chapter 379 Polyglo
Chapter 380 Attention Lapse
Chapter 381 Real Genius
Chapter 382 Baby-Making Skills
Chapter 383 Let’S Do Something Fun Today
Chapter 384 Not The Real Long Xiulan
Chapter 385 Don'T Underestimate My Love
Chapter 386 My Own Company
Chapter 387 Exclusive Business Network
Chapter 388 Sell Soul To The Devil
Chapter 389 First Anniversary?
Chapter 390 Explosive Rages
Chapter 391 Fall
Chapter 392 I Messed Up
Chapter 393 Don’T Spoil Me Too Much
Chapter 394 Sang Bleu
Chapter 395 Ceo And Cfo On The News
Chapter 396 An Emperor And A Lord
Chapter 397 Time To Step Up
Chapter 398 Surprise Delivery
Chapter 399 Evil Demon
Chapter 400 A Walk In The Fores
Chapter 401 Not An Enemy
Chapter 402 Disrupted Dinner
Chapter 403 Orange
Chapter 404 Stupid Idio
Chapter 405 Invisible Wall
Chapter 406 Worry
Chapter 407 Safe Haven
Chapter 408 Mother Missed You Sooooooo Much!
Chapter 409 Man Up
Chapter 410 Our Love, Our Destiny
Chapter 411 Only One
Chapter 412 Doomsday
Chapter 413 Just Like Me
Chapter 414 Look A Little Like You
Chapter 415 Karma
Chapter 416 Poor Man’S Cross Academy
Chapter 417 Furious Wei Lan
Chapter 418 No Different From A Mistress
Chapter 419 Best Perfume
Chapter 420 Confidently Beautiful
Chapter 421 The Zheng Family
Chapter 422 Special Secret Weapon
Chapter 423 Probably Just Noobs
Chapter 424 Battle Of The Gods
Chapter 425 Eagle
Chapter 426 I’Ll Return Soon
Chapter 427 Caught By Surprise
Chapter 428 Is She Out Yet?
Chapter 429 Break It Down
Chapter 430 Hello Daddy
Chapter 431 Ketchup
Chapter 432 Crazy Family
Chapter 433 Who Are You Calling Master?
Chapter 434 Self-Learning Kitty
Chapter 435 Sweet Dreams, Darling
Chapter 436 A Very Special Announcemen
Chapter 437 Star-Crossed Lovers
Chapter 438 Naughty Conversation
Chapter 439 No Other Legs As Beautiful As Yours
Chapter 440 Misunderstanding
Chapter 441 Death Wish
Chapter 442 Do You Like Her As A Woman?
Chapter 443 Shining Eyes
Chapter 444 Jin Liwei’S Fiancée
Chapter 445 Perfect For Each Other
Chapter 446 Not In My League
Chapter 447 Burn Into Ashes
Chapter 448 Thoroughly Clean The Contamination
Chapter 449 Loose Woman
Chapter 450 Infiltrated
Chapter 451 Must Protec
Chapter 452 Evolution
Chapter 453 One Of The Old Guys
Chapter 454 Not A Daycare
Chapter 455 Rose Young'S Dream Part I
Chapter 456 Rose Young’S Dream Part Ii
Chapter 457 Rose Young’S Dream Part Iii
Chapter 458 A Day Of Visitors
Chapter 459 The Return Of Lu Zihao Part I
Chapter 460 The Return Of Lu Zihao Part Ii
Chapter 461 The Return Of Lu Zihao Part Iii
Chapter 462 The Return Of Lu Zihao Part Iv
Chapter 463 The Return Of Lu Zihao Part V
Chapter 464 Sleep Now, My Boy
Chapter 465 Undercurrents
Chapter 466 Natural Beauty Is Orchidia Beauty
Chapter 467 That’S Your Fee
Chapter 468 A Chance Encounter At The Hospital
Chapter 469 You’Re Back
Chapter 470 Emergency! Emergency!
Chapter 471 Final Trigger
Chapter 472 You’Ll Regret This
Chapter 473 Stupid Girl
Chapter 474 Drained
Chapter 475 New Engagemen
Chapter 476 Please Help Me
Chapter 477 Kill This Love
Chapter 478 Not My Brother
Chapter 479 More Aggressive
Chapter 480 Luxurious
Chapter 481 Ziris
Chapter 482 Once A Social Climber, Always A Social Climber
Chapter 483 Opening Nigh
Chapter 484 Vizcondesa Lan
Chapter 485 New Status
Chapter 486 Chicken Pretending To Be A Phoenix
Chapter 487 Come Back To Me
Chapter 488 Title Is A Spoiler
Chapter 489 Is It Him?
Chapter 490 They’Re Engaged?!!!
Chapter 491 Energetic
Chapter 492 Yes, I’M Engaged
Chapter 493 It’S Your Own Faul
Chapter 494 King And Queen
Chapter 495 Livestream
Chapter 496 Snobbish Attitudes
Chapter 497 It Should Be Me
Chapter 498 Merciless
Chapter 499 They'Re Our Family
Chapter 500 Four Nominations
Chapter 501 Dragon King And Phoenix Queen
Chapter 502 Don’T Distract Me
Chapter 503 Dazed
Chapter 504 Holding Hands
Chapter 505 This Honour Is Our Honour
Chapter 506 There’S Still A Chance
Chapter 507 Two!!!
Chapter 508 Weiris
Chapter 509 Kittybaby
Chapter 510 Tough Nut To Crack
Chapter 511 Demonic Angel
Chapter 512 Matrimonial Assets
Chapter 513 A Little Patience
Chapter 514 Unsuitable
Chapter 515 Grand Welcome
Chapter 516 Home Is Wherever We’Re Together
Chapter 517 Grounded
Chapter 518 Lunch At The Jin Family’S Old House Part I
Chapter 519 Lunch At The Jin Family’S Old House Part Ii
Chapter 520 Lunch At The Jin Family’S Old House Part Iii
Chapter 521 Lunch At The Jin Family’S Old House Part Iv
Chapter 522 Lunch At The Jin Family’S Old House Part V
Chapter 523 Lunch At The Jin Family’S Old House Part Vi
Chapter 524 Stubborn Grandma Li
Chapter 525 Watch Over All Of You
Chapter 526 Endure
Chapter 527 Dinner At The Long Ancestral Residence Part I
Chapter 528 Dinner At The Long Ancestral Residence Part Ii
Chapter 529 Dinner At The Long Ancestral Residence Part Iii
Chapter 530 My Man Is The Bes
Chapter 531 The Guests Arrive Part I
Chapter 532 The Guests Arrive Part Ii
Chapter 533 The Guests Arrive Part Iii
Chapter 534 The Guests Arrive Iv
Chapter 535 The Arrival
Chapter 536 Dangerous Path
Chapter 537 Reverberate Throughout The Country
Chapter 538 Shameless Trickery
Chapter 539 The Two Emcees
Chapter 540 A Tale All The Way From Munich
Chapter 541 The Revelation Part I
Chapter 542 The Revelation Part Ii
Chapter 543 The Revelation Part Iii
Chapter 544 The Revelation Part Iv
Chapter 545 The Revelation Part V
Chapter 546 What About You?
Chapter 547 Countdown
Chapter 548 Title Is A Spoiler
Chapter 549 Never Win Against My Wife
Chapter 550 Shadows Of The Nigh
Chapter 551 Approval
Chapter 552 Grandpa Lu Wants To Know!
Chapter 553 Liberté
Chapter 554 Iris Of Hope
Chapter 555 Surprise Performance
Chapter 556 Real Monster Of Insanity
Chapter 557 The Next Legendary Hitmaker
Chapter 558 Surprise Announcemen
Chapter 559 Headlines
Chapter 560 Iris Long Fever
Chapter 561 A Person'S Worth
Chapter 562 Most Stupid Thing I’Ve Heard Today
Chapter 563 Kittybaby Is Back
Chapter 564 Right Direction
Chapter 565 Naughty Ketchup
Chapter 566 Incompeten
Chapter 567 Brand Ambassador
Chapter 568 Ulterior Motives
Chapter 569 Eloquent Bullshi
Chapter 570 Whose Son Are You?
Chapter 571 Don’T Ever Forge
Chapter 572 Mindset Change
Chapter 573 Wei Lan Vs. Zhu Ning Part I
Chapter 574 Wei Lan Vs. Zhu Ning Part Ii
Chapter 575 Wei Lan Vs. Zhu Ning Part Iii
Chapter 576 Magnanimous Viscountess
Chapter 577 Love Song Of The Year
Chapter 578 The Box
Chapter 579 Scene From Hell
Chapter 580 Going Crazy
Chapter 581 Damn Stupid Ca
Chapter 582 I Just Want To Hug You
Chapter 583 Disturbing
Chapter 584 Losing
Chapter 585 Shawn
Chapter 586 Bomb-Sniffing Training
Chapter 587 Hate Campaign
Chapter 588 Where’S The Third One?
Chapter 589 Afterthough
Chapter 590 I Thought I Lost You
Chapter 591 Blaze Of Heat And Zap Of Electricity
Chapter 592 I’Ll Make You Scream
Chapter 593 Great To Be Alive
Chapter 594 Shameless Businesswoman
Chapter 595 Almighty Diamond-Encrusted Golden Slippers
Chapter 596 This Prince Is A Superstar
Chapter 597 Generosity
Chapter 598 The Danger Is Not Over Ye
Chapter 599 Meow
Chapter 600 Corrupted Par
Chapter 601 Who Is The Real Mastermind?
Chapter 602 Stop Being Naughty
Chapter 603 Visitor
Chapter 604 One Goal
Chapter 605 Desperation Calls For Extreme Measures
Chapter 606 Alliance
Chapter 607 A Man Changes After He Marries
Chapter 608 Traitorous Thoughts
Chapter 609 Still A Long Way To Go
Chapter 610 We Want More Of Iris Long!
Chapter 611 Strong Rivalry
Chapter 612 Adaptation
Chapter 613 International Expansion
Chapter 614 Quench The Blazing Fire
Chapter 615 Grumpy Lion And His Lioness Wife
Chapter 616 Intruder Aler
Chapter 617 Can We Censored ?
Chapter 618 His Beloved Pair Of Treasures
Chapter 619 Fantasy
Chapter 620 Dom To The Rescue
Chapter 621 Fulfilled Promise
Chapter 622 What If
Chapter 623 Emotional
Chapter 624 Anchor
Chapter 625 Just You Wai
Chapter 626 Sleepy Time
Chapter 627 Forget I Asked
Chapter 628 Reminiscing Memories Of The Pas
Chapter 629 Moonlit Nigh
Chapter 630 Title Is A Spoiler
Chapter 631 Poor Husband
Chapter 632 Stable And Successful
Chapter 633 On Fire
Chapter 634 The Dragon And The Phoenix
Chapter 635 Iris Effec
Chapter 636 Passionate Flames Part I
Chapter 637 Passionate Flames Part Ii
Chapter 638 Good Auspicious Date
Chapter 639 Scarlet Woman
Chapter 640 Damaged Frui
Chapter 641 Reigning Emperor
Chapter 642 Unwelcome Face
Chapter 643 Provoked Lin Yehan
Chapter 644 Be Brave, Don’T Cower
Chapter 645 Arrival At The Courthouse
Chapter 646 Jin Corporation'S Corporate Lawyer
Chapter 647 His Excellency
Chapter 648 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part I
Chapter 649 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part Ii
Chapter 650 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part Iii
Chapter 651 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part Iv
Chapter 652 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part V
Chapter 653 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part Vi
Chapter 654 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part Vii
Chapter 655 Tied By Destiny An Evelina Vetrova & Young Jin Liwei Special Part Viii
Chapter 656 Ugly Battle
Chapter 657 Numb
Chapter 658 Trust In Your Friend
Chapter 659 Are We Eloping?
Chapter 660 Why, Mr. Lin?!
Chapter 661 New Friend
Chapter 662 The Return Of King Yama
Chapter 663 Emperor Emeritus
Chapter 664 New Evidence
Chapter 665 If Only
Chapter 666 I Pity You
Chapter 667 Welcome Home
Chapter 668 Agricultural Tycoon
Chapter 669 Lie Detector Tes
Chapter 670 Bought For Love
Chapter 671 Money Over Love
Chapter 672 Out To Get You
Chapter 673 Unexpected Appearance
Chapter 674 Good Skill To Have
Chapter 675 Proposed Solution
Chapter 676 What Kind Of Brother Are You?
Chapter 677 I Suppor
Chapter 678 The Higher Someone Soars, The Deeper The Fall
Chapter 679 Don’T Forget Our Deal
Chapter 680 Something Interesting
Chapter 681 Thank You For Taking Care Of My Censored
Chapter 682 Am I Uncool?
Chapter 683 Fighting For Credi
Chapter 684 Room For Improvemen
Chapter 685 Title Is A Spoiler
Chapter 686 Parental Quality
Chapter 687 Do You Dare Marry Without My Blessing?
Chapter 688 Crazy In Love With You
Chapter 689 I Belong To The Shadows
Chapter 690 Perfect Match
Chapter 691 Lx Holdings
Chapter 692 Wedding Gif
Chapter 693 Nice And Gentle
Chapter 694 Succeed In Waking You Up
Chapter 695 What’S The Secret?
Chapter 696 Cool Lady Boss Like Mommy
Chapter 697 Ketchup’S Tes
Chapter 698 Do Not Disturb
Chapter 699 Hypocrite
Chapter 700 Mother’S Daughter
Chapter 701 Businessca
Chapter 702 White Tigress
Chapter 703 Delayed
Chapter 704 Long Industries’ Party Part I
Chapter 705 Long Industries’ Party Part Ii
Chapter 706 Long Industries’ Party Part Iii
Chapter 707 Long Industries’ Party Part Iv
Chapter 708 Long Industries’ Party Part V
Chapter 709 Long Industries’ Party Part Vi
Chapter 710 Personal Air Freshener
Chapter 711 Stop Seducing Me!
Chapter 712 Are You A Vacuum Cleaner?!
Chapter 713 Kicked Ou
Chapter 714 I Take It Back
Chapter 715 Call Me Husband
Chapter 716 Celibate Monk
Chapter 717 Let Instinct Take Over
Chapter 718 Have Mercy On Your Husband
Chapter 719 Poor Pillow
Chapter 720 Young Madam
Chapter 721 Nobody Noticed
Chapter 722 Chaos
Chapter 723 Lifelong Deb
Chapter 724 Don’T Do This To Me
Chapter 725 Take Them Out Of Me
Chapter 726 Title Is A Spoiler
Chapter 727 Role Swap
Chapter 728 How Rough Is Too Rough
Chapter 729 Cancel The Wedding?
Chapter 730 Monkeys And Bulldogs, Gorillas And Warthogs
Chapter 731 Double The Blessings
Chapter 732 Mutual Promise
Chapter 733 Scary Mommy
Chapter 734 Paranoid
Chapter 735 Long Hui’S Reques
Chapter 736 Rich Kid And Poor Artis
Chapter 737 Never Doubt Yourself
Chapter 738 Don’T Show Mercy
Chapter 739 Scaredy-Ca
Chapter 740 You’Re Not My Master
Chapter 741 Lovers And Partners In Life
Chapter 742 Husband Wants A Kiss
Chapter 743 The Siblings’ Deadly Secre
Chapter 744 Shot Himself In The Foo
Chapter 745 Uncle Haohao Is Back
Chapter 746 Our Home, Our Rules
Chapter 747 I'Ve Known Him Longer Than You Do
Chapter 748 Don’T Be Afraid
Chapter 749 Say I
Chapter 750 Stinky
Chapter 751 I’Ll Crush Them All
Chapter 752 Past Body Vs. Present Body
Chapter 753 Madam Vetrova
Chapter 754 Your Children Are My Family
Chapter 755 Devil
Chapter 756 Beyond Death And Through Eternity
Chapter 757 Evelinka
Chapter 758 Goodbye, Fifth Brother
Chapter 759 Did He Beat You Up?
Chapter 760 Why Are You Hurt Again?
Chapter 761 My Wife Is A World-Class Hacker
Chapter 762 Bacon
Chapter 763 Panther
Chapter 764 Ketchup Vs. Bacon
Chapter 765 No Longer Alone
Chapter 766 Grand Reward
Chapter 767 Emotion Processing Centre
Chapter 768 Who Are You, Wife?
Chapter 769 Secret Affair?
Chapter 770 Rejection
Chapter 771 Consequences
Chapter 772 I Am Evelinka
Chapter 773 Not The Real Long Xiulan
Chapter 774 The Real Me
Chapter 775 Unknown Effects Of The Merging
Chapter 776 Beautiful Name
Chapter 777 Fifth Brother Is Dead
Chapter 778 Grief
Chapter 779 Violent Energy
Chapter 780 Night Walk
Chapter 781 Storm
Chapter 782 Mr. Yummylicious
Chapter 783 Restless
Chapter 784 You
Chapter 785 Proposition
Chapter 786 Final Chance
Chapter 787 Don’T Call Me Tha
Chapter 788 Miss Prim And Proper
Chapter 789 Nikolai
Chapter 790 No Sleeping Tonigh
Chapter 791 Welcome Back To Reality
Chapter 792 Note
Chapter 793 Invading His Mind
Chapter 794 Afterglow
Chapter 795 Bright Summit’S Offer
Chapter 796 Flood Of Inspiration
Chapter 797 100 Kids
Chapter 798 Pathetic Obsession
Chapter 799 Say Your Name Again
Chapter 800 Two-Faced Crook
Chapter 801 Brother-In-Law Nikolai
Chapter 802 Drop All Pretense
Chapter 803 Annoying Pests
Chapter 804 Fearsome Fans
Chapter 805 Tongues Wagging
Chapter 806 Shell-Shocked
Chapter 807 Jin Liwei’S Headache
Chapter 808 True Professional
Chapter 809 Lovesick Fool
Chapter 810 Jin Chonglin’S Two Requests Part I
Chapter 811 Jin Chonglin’S Two Requests Part Ii
Chapter 812 Jin Chonglin’S Two Requests Part Iii
Chapter 813 Jin Chonglin’S Two Requests Part Iv
Chapter 814 Bossy Woman
Chapter 815 Pathetic Monk
Chapter 816 Tempted
Chapter 817 State Your Terms
Chapter 818 Long Jinjing’S Terms
Chapter 819 Don’T Expect Romance
Chapter 820 30-Day Deadline
Chapter 821 Seal The Deal
Chapter 822 You Can Take Me
Chapter 823 Too Small For Both Of Us
Chapter 824 Are You Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 825 Not A Good Man
Chapter 826 Seizure
Chapter 827 Shun
Chapter 828 Controlling
Chapter 829 Still So Shy
Chapter 830 Trinity Of Goddesses
Chapter 831 Beas
Chapter 832 Teddy Bear
Chapter 833 Little Liwei
Chapter 834 Gossip
Chapter 835 Needs Of A Vetrov Man
Chapter 836 Brother Of The Soul And Sister Of The Flesh
Chapter 837 Thinking, Worrying And Stressing
Chapter 838 Family’S Loyal Boy
Chapter 839 Pantherbaby
Chapter 840 Stressful
Chapter 841 Good Night, Evelina
Chapter 842 Scream At Heaven And Hell
Chapter 843 Protect Together
Chapter 844 True Father
Chapter 845 Useless Existence
Chapter 846 Women Are Amazing
Chapter 847 Familiar Sigh
Chapter 848 Randy
Chapter 849 Coming Soon
Chapter 850 Robin
Chapter 851 Rich Young Master
Chapter 852 Young Master Lu
Chapter 853 What’S The Big Deal?
Chapter 854 Caught In The Ac
Chapter 855 Let Me Take The Hea
Chapter 856 Babe
Chapter 857 Total Opposite
Chapter 858 Do You Love Him?
Chapter 859 Charming Lu Zihao Vs. Devilish Lu Zihao
Chapter 860 Remnant Soul Vs. Invading Soul
Chapter 861 I Like You More
Chapter 862 Don’T Run
Chapter 863 I Love Them Already
Chapter 864 Is My Sister Sick?
Chapter 865 Are You Prepared To Know The Truth?
Chapter 866 The Vetrov Report Part I
Chapter 867 The Vetrov Report Part Ii
Chapter 868 The Vetrov Report Part Iii
Chapter 869 Vetrov Report Part Iv
Chapter 870 The Vetrov Report Part V
Chapter 871 The Vetrov Report Part Vi
Chapter 872 Third Brother, It’S Me
Chapter 873 I’M Just A Remnan
Chapter 874 Can’T Disconnec
Chapter 875 No Intimidating Power Lef
Chapter 876 I’Ll Cooperate With You
Chapter 877 You'Re Not Nikolai Vetrov Anymore
Chapter 878 Hiding Something
Chapter 879 Pregnancy Brain
Chapter 880 Perfect Balance
Chapter 881 Play Time
Chapter 882 Familiar Sprightly Figure
Chapter 883 Past Girlfriends
Chapter 884 Thank You, Jinjing
Chapter 885 Lethargy
Chapter 886 Mysterious Invitation
Chapter 887 So-Called Girlfriends
Chapter 888 Let’S Break Up
Chapter 889 Be More Confident Of Yourself
Chapter 890 We’Ll Just Sleep Tonight
Chapter 891 Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
Chapter 892 I’M Not Your Bro
Chapter 893 Please Keep It A Secret
Chapter 894 Introduce Someone Important To Me
Chapter 895 Know The Real You
Chapter 896 Knowledge Is Power
Chapter 897 Big Macho Man
Chapter 898 Where’S The Person?
Chapter 899 Contradictory
Chapter 900 How Is That Possible?
Chapter 901 Backlash
Chapter 902 Inspiring
Chapter 903 Whose Wedding?
Chapter 904 Arrival Of The Geniuses
Chapter 905 Wedding Or Birth
Chapter 906 When The Time Is Right
Chapter 907 Gathering Before The Appointed Time
Chapter 908 The Appointed Time Has Come
Chapter 909 Tantrum Before The Wedding
Chapter 910 Ex-Wife Vs Ex-Husband
Chapter 911 Viciousness
Chapter 912 World Of Fairies
Chapter 913 Wedding Procession
Chapter 914 Fairy Queen
Chapter 915 His Vow
Chapter 916 Her Vow
Chapter 917 I Wouldn’T Miss It For The World
Chapter 918 A Father’S Worry
Chapter 919 Mr. And Mrs. Jin
Chapter 920 Unwell
Chapter 921 Where Are The Newlyweds?
Chapter 922 Blessing In The Family
Chapter 923 No Wedding Presents
Chapter 924 Not Bound By Customs And Traditions
Chapter 925 Bouquet Toss
Chapter 926 Additional Incentive
Chapter 927 Garter Toss
Chapter 928 Keep On Baking
Chapter 929 Absolute Privacy
Chapter 930 Feels Different
Chapter 931 Delicious As Always
Chapter 932 Torturous Night
Chapter 933 Sweet Torture
Chapter 934 Exotic Surprise
Chapter 935 Goddess Of Sensuality
Chapter 936 In Tandem
Chapter 937 Slow Down
Chapter 938 Enjoy The Ride
Chapter 939 Stepson
Chapter 940 René Alejandro
Chapter 941 Can Your Children Do That?!
Chapter 942 Apologize Or Suffer The Consequences
Chapter 943 Excess Energy
Chapter 944 Drakon’S Two Disciples
Chapter 945 Fantom, The Legend
Chapter 946 Not So Mighty Kitty Babies
Chapter 947 Not Too Easy, Not Too Difficult
Chapter 948 Bacon And Blackmail
Chapter 949 Bestest Daddy In The Whole Wide World
Chapter 950 Ketchup And Bacon’S Special Training
Chapter 951 Lecture
Chapter 952 A Few Days Left Until The End
Chapter 953 (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 954 Renegotiate
Chapter 955 (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 956 Three Days Left
Chapter 957 Apology And Compensation
Chapter 958 You Already Know What I Like
Chapter 959 All Night Long
Chapter 960 Duty
Chapter 961 Delay Tactic
Chapter 962 The Wait
Chapter 963 Countdown: 3 Nights, 2 Days Left (I)
Chapter 964 Countdown: 3 Nights, 2 Days Left (Ii)
Chapter 965 Countdown: 3 Nights, 2 Days Left (Iii)
Chapter 966 Throw Under The Bus
Chapter 967 None Of Your Business
Chapter 968 No Need To Choose Sides
Chapter 969 You’Ll Never Understand
Chapter 970 Searching For A Photo Of Evelina
Chapter 971 Vultures Scavenging For Cadavers
Chapter 972 Dream Man
Chapter 973 Front Cover Bombshell
Chapter 974 Congratulations On Your Marriage
Chapter 975 You’Re Fired
Chapter 976 Treat
Chapter 977 Grandpa Lu’S Sudden Revelation
Chapter 978 Sunset
Chapter 979 Heartbroken Women
Chapter 980 Focus On Long-Term Prospects
Chapter 981 Ceo Jin’S Surprise Contest
Chapter 982 Vicious Eyes
Chapter 983 Contract Expiration
Chapter 984 Lxc Studio
Chapter 985 I Can And I Will
Chapter 986 Save Fuel, Save The Planet
Chapter 987 My Husband Is Too Formidable
Chapter 988 I Won’T Allow It
Chapter 989 Challenged Authority
Chapter 990 A Waste Of Time
Chapter 991 Liberal Upbringing
Chapter 992 Sue Me
Chapter 993 The Older The Ginger, The Spicier It Gets
Chapter 994 Gone Viral
Chapter 995 Perfect Target
Chapter 996 Not Classy
Chapter 997 Little Scoundrel
Chapter 998 Everything Under Control
Chapter 999 Hot Memory
Chapter 1000 Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
Chapter 1001 Tamp It Down
Chapter 1002 Are You Lonely?
Chapter 1003 Break In
Chapter 1004 More Beautiful
Chapter 1005 Love Is A Weakness
Chapter 1006 Nikolai, You Jerk
Chapter 1007 Come Out On Top
Chapter 1008 Most Loyal Friend
Chapter 1009 All Or Nothing
Chapter 1010 Document Of Doom
Chapter 1011 Nervous
Chapter 1012 Spellbound
Chapter 1013 The Vetrov Siblings
Chapter 1014 Identity Crisis
Chapter 1015 Elusive Memory
Chapter 1016 That Was You?
Chapter 1017 Fate Or Coincidence?
Chapter 1018 Seeds Of Destiny
Chapter 1019 All The Shocking News
Chapter 1020 Worshipping An Unknown Genius
Chapter 1021 Fake Experts
Chapter 1022 Formidable Powerhouse Family
Chapter 1023 Not My Money
Chapter 1024 Sensitive Child
Chapter 1025 Beautiful Wallpaper
Chapter 1026 Bacon’S English Name
Chapter 1027 Panther Jin
Chapter 1028 Crazy
Chapter 1029 For The Money
Chapter 1030 I Know All About The Plan
Chapter 1031 Mother Is Coming
Chapter 1032 Confused Prince Lin Lin
Chapter 1033 Carrying The Next Generation Of Jins
Chapter 1034 Familiar Forbidding Aura
Chapter 1035 Best Hacker In The World
Chapter 1036 Poison Expert
Chapter 1037 A Test Of Acting Skills
Chapter 1038 Something Is Weird
Chapter 1039 Five Minutes
Chapter 1040 Power Flood
Chapter 1041 A Little Bit Of Love
Chapter 1042 Old And New
Chapter 1043 Not A Ghost, A Phantom
Chapter 1044 Gotcha
Chapter 1045 Surpassed Initial Impressions
Chapter 1046 Legacy
Chapter 1047 Impossibility Is A Limit
Chapter 1048 The Apocalyptic Power Flood
Chapter 1049 Just A Little More
Chapter 1050 You’Re Mine Now
Chapter 1051 Helpless Uncle Lin Lin
Chapter 1052 Tell Me Everything
Chapter 1053 Let Me Out
Chapter 1054 No No No No No
Chapter 1055 C-Minus
Chapter 1056 Do It
Chapter 1057 Is That Kind Of Person Normal?
Chapter 1058 Unexpected Arrival
Chapter 1059 That Kind Of Relationship
Chapter 1060 True Victim
Chapter 1061 No Reply
Chapter 1062 Chief Of Police
Chapter 1063 Rescued
Chapter 1064 Soul-Deep Fear
Chapter 1065 Complete Bed Rest
Chapter 1066 Crossed The Bottomline Too Far
Chapter 1067 Provoked Bull
Chapter 1068 I’M Your Grandpa
Chapter 1069 Can’T Compare To Her Pinky Toes
Chapter 1070 Another Chance
Chapter 1071 Mama Bear Protecting Her Cub
Chapter 1072 End Both Existences
Chapter 1073 I’Ll Stay Here
Chapter 1074 Familiar Weapons
Chapter 1075 Not Enough
Chapter 1076 Cuter And Mightier
Chapter 1077 Success Story
Chapter 1078 Top Dogs
Chapter 1079 All Hail Jin Corporation!
Chapter 1080 Biggest Flaw
Chapter 1081 Punishment And Reward
Chapter 1082 Blacklisted
Chapter 1083 Key Person
Chapter 1084 Share The Burden
Chapter 1085 Self-Reprogram
Chapter 1086 How To Be A Good Expectant Father When Your Wife Is Expecting
Chapter 1087 Mr. Moneybags
Chapter 1088 Theory Of The Remnants
Chapter 1089 Routine Visit
Chapter 1090 Trash Reputation, Golden Status
Chapter 1091 Blood Test
Chapter 1092 Murder In Cold Blood
Chapter 1093 Human Killer Machines
Chapter 1094 Animals
Chapter 1095 Hell On Earth
Chapter 1096 Avenging Devil
Chapter 1097 Criminal Allies
Chapter 1098 Emilio Miguel
Chapter 1099 Matador
Chapter 1100 Disgusted
Chapter 1101 Awakening
Chapter 1102 Cat Language
Chapter 1103 Scam Or Not
Chapter 1104 Hella Weird
Chapter 1105 Idol Businessman
Chapter 1106 Good Seedling
Chapter 1107 Heavy Responsibility
Chapter 1108 Barely Classy
Chapter 1109 P.J. (I)
Chapter 1110 P.J. (Ii)
Chapter 1111 P.J. (Iii)
Chapter 1112 Katana
Chapter 1113 Love Of My Life
Chapter 1114 Real Threat In The Domestic Beauty Industry
Chapter 1115 Friendship
Chapter 1116 Video Message
Chapter 1117 What Happened To Iris Long?
Chapter 1118 Chemistry
Chapter 1119 High Standards
Chapter 1120 Prinz
Chapter 1121 Beat The Record
Chapter 1122 3 Seconds
Chapter 1123 (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 1124 Fighting Together
Chapter 1125 Avoiding “The Talk”
Chapter 1126 Scumbag
Chapter 1127 Woo You
Chapter 1128 Can I Trust You?
Chapter 1129 Create Your Own Future
Chapter 1130 Gamble For Love
Chapter 1131 Power To Destroy
Chapter 1132 You Can Trust Me
Chapter 1133 I’M Not Afraid
Chapter 1134 Scary Idiot
Chapter 1135 Mind In Conflict But Heart Is Decided
Chapter 1136 Won Over By Feline Cuteness
Chapter 1137 Exactly What I Want
Chapter 1138 Corrupted Miss Prim And Proper
Chapter 1139 Can You Handle Me?
Chapter 1140 Man Of Integrity
Chapter 1141 Murder Weapon
Chapter 1142 First Time Ever
Chapter 1143 Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 1144 Trending Pair
Chapter 1145 Fine As Hell
Chapter 1146 Bacon Laughs For The First Time
Chapter 1147 Seal
Chapter 1148 Black Stars Singapore
Chapter 1149 More Than Just A Pretty Face
Chapter 1150 Ultimate Dream
Chapter 1151 Dom, The Beauty King
Chapter 1152 New Eligible Bachelor
Chapter 1153 Sealed Invitation
Chapter 1154 Befriend The Wife And The Husband Will Follow
Chapter 1155 Breakthrough
Chapter 1156 Bring It On
Chapter 1157 Cunning Old Guy
Chapter 1158 Buy Something For My Boyfriend
Chapter 1159 Niggling Feeling
Chapter 1160 Suspicious
Chapter 1161 Starting To Feel A Little Like Home
Chapter 1162 Feels Similar
Chapter 1163 Not Worth Your Anger
Chapter 1164 Patience
Chapter 1165 Beyond First Class
Chapter 1166 Finally Meeting His Idol
Chapter 1167 Illogical Superstitions
Chapter 1168 Psychic Dreams
Chapter 1169 Nothing To Do With Us
Chapter 1170 Live My Own Life From Now On
Chapter 1171 Interference
Chapter 1172 Meet The Qualifications
Chapter 1173 Need A Lot Of Manpower
Chapter 1174 Stop Interfering
Chapter 1175 Stupid Hormones
Chapter 1176 Horrible Taste In Women
Chapter 1177 Long Jufang’S Visit
Chapter 1178 Bloody Farce
Chapter 1179 Grandpa Lu Trashtalks Another Old Man
Chapter 1180 Their Relationship Is Like A Storm
Chapter 1181 Jinjing Is Mine
Chapter 1182 Learned A Good Lesson
Chapter 1183 Don’T Tempt Me
Chapter 1184 Your Wish Is My Command
Chapter 1185 As Long As We’Re Together
Chapter 1186 Only Me
Chapter 1187 Rated Spg
Chapter 1188 Eve Holdings
Chapter 1189 Black Stars Philippines
Chapter 1190 Slippers Army Philippines
Chapter 1191 Tempting Offer And Irresistible Incentives
Chapter 1192 Second Thoughts
Chapter 1193 Naughty Wife
Chapter 1194 Precious Equipment
Chapter 1195 Because You’Re Mine
Chapter 1196 Panic
Chapter 1197 Being Human Is Such A Hassle
Chapter 1198 Live A Life Of Integrity
Chapter 1199 Speak Your Mind
Chapter 1200 Borderline
Chapter 1201 Little Miracle
Chapter 1202 Clueless
Chapter 1203 Doing It All Wrong
Chapter 1204 Apathetic To Romance
Chapter 1205 Experiencing Romance
Chapter 1206 You’Re A Coward
Chapter 1207 Reversed Roles
Chapter 1208 Basic Courtesy
Chapter 1209 Good Morning
Chapter 1210 This Must Be Heaven
Chapter 1211 Shall We, Mrs. Jin?
Chapter 1212 Ceo Jin’S Special 3-Nation Bonanza
Chapter 1213 Dedicated To The Black Stars
Chapter 1214 Your Highness, The Queen Of (Censored)
Chapter 1215 The Most Peace-Loving Fan Club
Chapter 1216 All My Black Stars
Chapter 1217 Music Artisan
Chapter 1218 Rough Gem
Chapter 1219 Here To Stay
Chapter 1220 True Fear
Chapter 1221 Between Life And Death
Chapter 1222 Useful
Chapter 1223 Important Discovery
Chapter 1224 Baby Bump
Chapter 1225 - This I Promise You
Chapter 1226 - (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 1227 - Never Saw It Coming
Chapter 1228 - More Guts
Chapter 1229 - Chosen Road
Chapter 1230 - Ground Rules
Chapter 1231 - Best Friend
Chapter 1232 - Good Impression
Chapter 1233 - Royal Family
Chapter 1234 - First Meeting
Chapter 1235 - Like Mother, Like Daughter
Chapter 1236 - Less Than A Second
Chapter 1237 - Nothing Special
Chapter 1238 - Important Tool
Chapter 1239 - Trace Of Wild Power
Chapter 1240 - Gaze Of A Predator
Chapter 1241 - Familiar But Different
Chapter 1242 - Sweeter Than Chocolates
Chapter 1243 - Hold His Breath
Chapter 1244 - Clash
Chapter 1245 - Already At That Stage
Chapter 1246 - Exchanging Conspiratorial Smiles
Chapter 1247 - (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 1248 - I Won’T Hold It Against You
Chapter 1249 - Birthday Party Invitation
Chapter 1250 - Brand New
Chapter 1251 - I Trust In You
Chapter 1252 - Let Nature Take Its Course
Chapter 1253 - Same Owner
Chapter 1254 - To My Wife
Chapter 1255 - Soy Sauce And Sausage
Chapter 1256 - Open To New Things
Chapter 1257 - Aggressive And Forceful Acquisition
Chapter 1258 - You Better Watch Out
Chapter 1259 - Big-Hearted And Self-Sacrificing
Chapter 1260 - Birthday Party Starts
Chapter 1261 - Don’T Make A Scene
Chapter 1262 - Olé!
Chapter 1263 - Personification Of An Angel
Chapter 1264 - Mix Between Holy And Sinful
Chapter 1265 - Bidding War
Chapter 1266 - Heirloom
Chapter 1267 - Grandfather Of All Smoking Pipes
Chapter 1268 - Smoking Devil
Chapter 1269 - True Devil From Hell
Chapter 1270 - Drag To Hell
Chapter 1271 - Iris Long Is Dying?
Chapter 1272 - The Laughing Matador
Chapter 1273 - Phantom Dragon
Chapter 1274 - Salvation
Chapter 1275 - Not A Saint Nor A Saviour
Chapter 1276 - Bear Any Sin In The World For You
Chapter 1277 - (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 1278 - Go Find A Wife And Make Your Own Baby
Chapter 1279 - Waiting
Chapter 1280 - Official Revelation
Chapter 1281 - Protect Our Precious Baby
Chapter 1282 - Make A Baby
Chapter 1283 - Best Songwriter Award Goes To….
Chapter 1284 - Competing Against Herself
Chapter 1285 - Heavier Flavour Like Fine Wine
Chapter 1286 - The Biggest Winner
Chapter 1287 - Perfect Target Of Envy
Chapter 1288 - Orchidia Mommy And Orchidia Baby
Chapter 1289 - Mini Devils
Chapter 1290 - You Always Know What To Say
Chapter 1291 - Your Husband Is Strong
Chapter 1292 - Protective
Chapter 1293 - In Labour
Chapter 1294 - Long, Agonizing Wait
Chapter 1295 - Vision Problems
Chapter 1296 - Happiness Breeds Complacence
Chapter 1297 - Little Mochi And Little Matcha
Chapter 1298 - Jin Haoyu And Jin Lingyu
Chapter 1299 - Confinement
Chapter 1300 - Sexiest Cow In The World
Chapter 1301 - Not A Stereotypical Evil Mother-In-Law
Chapter 1302 - One Love, Twice The Blessings
Chapter 1303 - Little Mochi Resembles His Uncle Lin Lin?
Chapter 1304 - Two Generations Of Jin Brothers
Chapter 1305 - Why Aren’T You Married Yet?
Chapter 1306 - Fat, Ugly Whale
Chapter 1307 - Inferiority Complex
Chapter 1308 - Rush
Chapter 1309 - You Can No Longer Escape From Me
Chapter 1310 - Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. Lu
Chapter 1311 - Scandalous
Chapter 1312 - Closer Than Lovers
Chapter 1313 - You Like It?
Chapter 1314 - Dumbfounded Lu Zihao
Chapter 1315 - The Ultimate Hacker Team Is Back
Chapter 1316 - E.V.
Chapter 1317 - Dare To Profit Off The Vetrovs?
Chapter 1318 - Death Sentence
Chapter 1319 - Biologically Mother And Son
Chapter 1320 - Drama Queen
Chapter 1321 - Second Only To The Vetrovs
Chapter 1322 - Alcatraz Organización
Chapter 1323 - God Fantom
Chapter 1324 - Fantom Vs. Drakon
Chapter 1325 - Childhood Sweetheart
Chapter 1326 - Generosity Is Classy
Chapter 1327 - Greeting An Old Friend
Chapter 1328 - Brave
Chapter 1329 - Break A Chain
Chapter 1330 - Bloody Memory
Chapter 1331 - Evelinka’S Dead Body
Chapter 1332 - Warm Home And Loving Family
Chapter 1333 - Desecration Of The Dead
Chapter 1334 - Calmer And Colder
Chapter 1335 - Difficult But Not Impossible
Chapter 1336 - Not So Stupid After All
Chapter 1337 - Airtight Preparations
Chapter 1338 - Well Played, Mr. Z
Chapter 1339 - Long Jinjing’S Water Breaks
Chapter 1340 - Useless Man
Chapter 1341 - Go Get A Vasectomy
Chapter 1342 - Short Labour
Chapter 1343 - Little Misha And Little Dima
Chapter 1344 - Chicharon And Burrito
Chapter 1345: Failure As A Mother
Chapter 1346: Do You Want It?
Chapter 1347 Nikolai Vs. Evelina (Part I)
Chapter 1348 Nikolai Vs. Evelina (Part Ii)
Chapter 1349 Delirium
Chapter 1350 Another Newer Version
Chapter 1351 Regal Calmness
Chapter 1352 Beautiful Family
Chapter 1353 Welcome Back To The Living
Chapter 1354 Hallucination
Chapter 1355 Angel Among A Family Of Devils
Chapter 1356 Indelible Mark On The Psyche
Chapter 1357 Icky Feelings
Chapter 1358 So Bad
Chapter 1359 Don’T Hate It Anymore Because I Love It
Chapter 1360 Erased From History
Chapter 1361 Gala Invitation
Chapter 1362 Let’S Become A Family
Chapter 1363 Slow But Steady
Chapter 1364 Rebound
Chapter 1365 Mother Is Back
Chapter 1366 Crying Babies
Chapter 1367 Serves Her Right
Chapter 1368 New Beginning
Chapter 1369 Out For Blood
Chapter 1370 Out For Blood
Chapter 1371 Credibility
Chapter 1372 Beautiful Family
Chapter 1373 Welcome Back To The Living
Chapter 1374 Hallucination
Chapter 1375 Angel Among A Family Of Devils
Chapter 1376 Indelible Mark On The Psyche
Chapter 1377 Icky Feelings
Chapter 1378 So Bad
Chapter 1379 Don’T Hate It Anymore Because I Love It
Chapter 1380 Erased From History
Chapter 1381 Gala Invitation
Chapter 1382 Let’S Become A Family
Chapter 1383 Slow But Steady
Chapter 1384 Rebound
Chapter 1385 Mother Is Back
Chapter 1386 Crying Babies
Chapter 1387 Serves Her Right
Chapter 1388 Serves Her Right
Chapter 1389 New Beginning
Chapter 1390 Out For Blood
Chapter 1391 Credibility
Chapter 1392 A Slipper Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 1393 True Backer
Chapter 1394 Murder Is A Crime
Chapter 1395 Fiasco
Chapter 1396 Game Of Pretend
Chapter 1397 I’M My Own Sugar Mama
Chapter 1398 Mrs. Superstar
Chapter 1399 Two Little Princes
Chapter 1400 Wailing Wei Lan
Chapter 1401 All Tools In The End
Chapter 1402 Is He Targeting Me?
Chapter 1403 Real Alpha
Chapter 1404 If That’S What You Want
Chapter 1405 Make An Exception For Her
Chapter 1406 You’Re The One Who Destroyed Your Family
Chapter 1407 I Can See It In Your Eyes
Chapter 1408 (Title Is A Spoiler)
Chapter 1409 Forced Acknowledgement
Chapter 1410 I Can’T Take It Anymore
Chapter 1411 Angry Mob
Chapter 1412 Weirdos
Chapter 1413 Ceasefire
Chapter 1414 Uncle Hui
Chapter 1415 Mayhem
Chapter 1416 No Mercy
Chapter 1417 Jump Out Of A Sinking Ship
Chapter 1420 It’S Too Late
Chapter 1421 Sweetheart And Honey
Chapter 1420 Not Good At All
Chapter 1421 Childish Fathers
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

A world-famous hacker and daughter of the most powerful criminal family who ruled the international underworld for many generations is killed when their organization is annihilated in a single night.

She is reborn into the body of Iris Long, a teenage pop singer, wild party girl, and spoiled brat. For the former princess of the underworld who lived an overprotected and shackled life, this new life is a chance to finally live the life of freedom and independence that she always wanted.

Jin Liwei is the most powerful man in the country's business world. Cold and ruthless, he is someone only a few dare offend. When the infamous Iris Long, who used to chase his younger brother, wakes up from a year-long coma, his unfeeling heart moves for the first time and he falls hard for this unexpected genius girl.

She wants to fly freely and soar high beyond the sky. He wants her everything, to tie her to himself and to never let her go.

This is her journey to super stardom. This is his journey in accompanying her. Together, they will rock the world while facing many challenges.

But what will happen when she discovers that she can never escape from the shadows of her previous life? Will she still be able to live her dream life of freedom and independence? Will he be able to protect her from the dangers?


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Chapter 1 - The Woman In White

Chapter 1: The Woman in White

The smell of blood, gunpowder and death filled the air. The numerous helicopters sounded like beating drums announcing the execution of criminals. Shouts and screams blended with gunshots. Smoke rose in the night sky like an evil phantom about to swallow the moon and the stars.

Inside the mansion, a young woman wearing a white dress watched this scene from hell. She stood in the dark, sweeping her emerald eyes across all the carnage below her. Moonlight reflected on her golden hair.

She looked otherworldly, like a fairy watching mortals kill each other while she remained detached and pure.

Unfortunately, she was not an immortal. She was fated to die this night.

She closed her eyes and sighed. She took one last look at the nightmare playing outside, turned around, and walked towards the grand piano in the room.

The five bodyguards protecting her also shifted with her movement, but otherwise remained silent and invisible.

She knew that this night would be her last. She didn't know whether her older brother, father, and mother were still alive. Perhaps they were killed already. From what she saw outside, the enemies planned to annihilate all of them.

With her great hearing, she heard the enemies finally invading the mansion. The gunshots rang louder as they drew nearer.

Her five bodyguards tensed and stepped closer towards her. Their murderous eyes locked at the door.

Gently, she sat in front of the piano. It would be her end soon. The least she could do was play music to accompany the souls of the killed this night as they left this world. Taking a deep breath, her fingers danced on the keyboard.


"Für Elise"

started seeping through the sounds of murder in the air.


The door to the room crashed open. The bodyguards immediately started trading shots with the soldiers and police.

The smell of blood and sweat grew stronger, but the beautiful young woman in white played the piano as if nothing was happening around her. Even when two bullets pierced her left shoulder and right hip, she still continued playing without missing a beat.

The music complemented the sounds of carnage to the point that the soldiers and police listening felt goosebumps. The contrast between the music and the violence almost felt mystical.

The five bodyguards fought to protect their lady without any regard to their own lives. They were trained to be emotionless assassins from a young age. They killed a few, but the enemies grossly outnumbered them.

Finally, the last of the bodyguards died.

"Hands in the air!" shouted a police officer.

The beautiful woman in white ignored him, closing her eyes and swaying as she continued to play the piano.

The soldiers and the police officers had their guns raised and locked on to the beautiful woman playing as if she was the only person in the world. Her pristine white dress was now dyed dark red, as blood continuously flowed from her wounds.

Everyone in the room was mesmerized by her otherworldly beauty and elegance.

What a pity.

A soldier gritted his teeth. "We have orders. Fire!"

The woman smiled softly before bullets barraged her back. Her blood showered up in the air like rose petals and then splashed on the ground like raindrops.

The music abruptly stopped.

Her body slumped over the piano, banging against the keyboard and producing a discordant tune. Her emerald eyes swiftly drained of life, yet they were still beautiful.

She slid to the floor and fell hard.

"At last, I'm free." Her voice was a soft whisper.

Then she breathed her last.


Total Chapters in book: 1421
Estimated words: 1804843 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 9024(@200wpm)___ 7219(@250wpm)___ 6016(@300wpm)