Holistic Fantasy by Ruqing Rusu

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Chapter 190
Chapter 191
Chapter 192
Chapter 193: Three People Living Together?
Chapter 194: A Dorm Life Filled With Screams
Chapter 195: The Ladies And The Young Man In The Lounge
Chapter 196: Forget Everything You Saw
Chapter 197: Strong? The Girl Without Emotions
Chapter 198: Combat Jog? Physical Training?
Chapter 199: An Encounter, Challenging The Strong
Chapter 200: An Earth-Shaking Punch Attack
Chapter 201: The Punch That Can Emit Shockwaves.
Chapter 202: The Incredibly Difficult First Day At School
Chapter 203: Modified Stolen Technique
Chapter 204: Do As I Say And Run As I Instruct
Chapter 205: The Secret To Increasing Ones Stamina Recovery And Endurance
Chapter 206
Chapter 207: Can I Sleep With Noah?
Chapter 208:
Chapter 211: Shrinking The Distance
Chapter 212: The Exciting Dorm Life
Chapter 209: Probing Each Other And Various Motivations
Chapter 210: Another Accident? The Ever-Lasting Tactile Sensation
Chapter 213: Anti-Noah Alliance
Chapter 214: Blades, Sword, Chains, A Series Of Captivating Dances
Chapter 215: The Heavy Lance That Pierces All
Chapter 216: Irregulars And Superpower
Chapter 217: Turning The Soul Into A Weapon
Chapter 191: Attention-Grabbing On Many Aspects
192: Astar Marks Have Levels?
Chapter 218: A Foe On Another Level
Chapter 219: Emergency, Speed, And Attainment
Chapter 220: Victory Shall Be Mine
Chapter 221: The Conversations In The Dark And Out In The Open
Chapter 222: Under The Moonlight
Chapter 223: Slight Changes And Everyones Reason
Chapter 224: Sublimation
Chapter 225: The Irregular And The Exception
Chapter 226: A Brief Encounter Under The Moonlight
Chapter 227: Noah'S Duo
Chapter 228: I Came For You
Chapter 229: Can'T Acknowledge Your Point
Chapter 230: Special Bonus For You
Chapter 231: I Am Not Looking At Your Face
Chapter 232: The Assassin Returns
Chapter 72 - Cram School
Chapter 73 - Are You Really Stupid Or Are You Faking It?
Chapter 74 - Lin Qianchen’S Scheme
Chapter 75 - Time Will Tell
Chapter 76 - Each And Every One
Chapter 77 - Your Daddy’S On Menopause
Chapter 78 - I Was Serious When I Told You That I Would Court You!
Chapter 79 - She Does Not Believe It, She Doesn’T Dare To Believe It
Chapter 80 - Feng Feng’S Public Transport Secret
Chapter 81 - How’Re You Related To Her?
Chapter 82 - A New Arrival
Chapter 83 - A Troublemaking Intern
Chapter 84 - : The Pretense
Chapter 85 - The Protective An Fengyang
Chapter 86 - Eavesdropping
Chapter 87 - Is He Good To You?
Chapter 88 - Forced Against The Wall Again…
Chapter 89 - Counterattack
Chapter 90 - The Results Of The Punishment
Chapter 91 - A Cocktail Party
Chapter 92 - King Of The Silver Screen, Roomate
Chapter 93 - Do You Have Any Idea Who The New Tenant Is?
Chapter 94 - Stirring Her Into A Storm
Chapter 95 - It Has Always Been Your Decision
Chapter 96 - My Family’S Servant Girl
Chapter 97 - Why Won’T You Admit That You’Ve Suddenly Found Me Attractive?
Chapter 98 - Showing Off
Chapter 99 - The Jade Bracelet
Chapter 100 - Young… Madam?
Chapter 101 - Utterly Brainless
Chapter 102 - The Past Can’T Be Forgotten
Chapter 103 - No Reason
Chapter 104 - Wash Yourself Clean And Apologize
Chapter 105 - Unaware
Chapter 106 - An Explosive Atmosphere
Chapter 107 - Interrogation
Chapter 108 - Funny Parents
Chapter 109 - You Are My Disaster
Chapter 110 - The Empress Dowager’S Words
Chapter 111 - Are You That Afraid Of Her?
Chapter 112 - The Cheongsam
Chapter 113 - Don’T Do A Disservice To The Outfit Given To You By Your Mother-In-Law
Chapter 114 - How Do You Plan On Flirting Back?
Chapter 115 - This Is Called Confidence
Chapter 116 - Kids These Days
Chapter 117 - Hedgehog
Chapter 118 - What Do I Have To Be Afraid Of?
Chapter 119 - The King Of The Silver Screen Strikes
Chapter 120 - A Gift
Chapter 121 - Smiling, Still Smiling?
Chapter 122 - Regrettably, He’S Not My Father
Chapter 123 - Flirtatious Bitch
Chapter 124 - What Moral Character?
Chapter 125 - What A Great Show, Drama Of The High And Mighty…
Chapter 126 - Sever All Ties
Chapter 127 - A Pain In The Leg
Chapter 128 - Lin Qianchen’S Scheme
Chapter 129 - Your Father Is Critically Ill
Chapter 130 - You’Ll Be At A Disadvantage
Chapter 131 - A Stabbing Pain
Chapter 132 - A Press Conference
Chapter 133 - Concealing The Truth
Chapter 134 - How Did You Find Out?
Chapter 135 - Shui Anluo, You’Re More Formidable Than I Expected
Chapter 136 - Shui Anluo, Do You Really Think That You’Ve Won?
Chapter 137 - Taken The Wrong Medication
Chapter 138 - An Exposed Recording
Chapter 139 - A Decision Is Made
Chapter 140 - Hard-Hitting News
Chapter 141 - Who’Re You Thinking About?
Chapter 142 - Thinking About… Shui Anluo?
Chapter 143 - The Higher The Climb, The More Tragic The Fall
Chapter 144 - Slapped
Chapter 145 - Levels Of Hypocrisy
Chapter 146 - To Speak Or Not To Speak
Chapter 147 - Rather Talented
Chapter 148 - Don’T You Think That You’Re Being Dense?
Chapter 149 - Would He Let You Take The Baby Away?
Chapter 150 - Why Should I Contact Him?
Chapter 151 - I Really Can’T Understand What Eldest Chu Sees In You
Chapter 152 - A Mythical Entity
Chapter 153 - Weeping
Chapter 154 - Cruel Woman
Chapter 155 - A Brief Encounter
Chapter 156 - Were You The One Who Sent Me That Voice Recorder Pen?
Chapter 157 - Chu Ningyi’S Friends Don’T Like Her
Chapter 158 - Director Chu’S Return
Chapter 159 - Bitten
Chapter 160 - Familiar Words
Chapter 161 - A Forced Kiss
Chapter 162 - The King Summoned Me To Patrol The Mountains
Chapter 163 - Mother-In-Law Arrives
Chapter 164 - The Defender
Chapter 165 - Why Don’T I Marry You?
Chapter 166 - Are You Jealous?
Chapter 167 - What Do You Think?
Chapter 168 - There’S No Need To Stab Me
Chapter 169 - Long Manyin Versus Luo Yun
Chapter 170 - Grievance
Chapter 171 - To Leave Or To Stay?
Chapter 172 - Can You Give Me An Answer Now?
Chapter 173 - Strangely… Heartbreaking
Chapter 174 - A Conversation With The Empress Dowager
Chapter 175 - Do You Have The Capacity To Make Me Jealous?
Chapter 176 - Who I Choose Is Up To Me
Chapter 177 - Heartbreaking
Chapter 178 - Shui Anluo, Lift Your Head Up And Look At Me
Chapter 179 - Were You The One Who Said Something To Chu Ningyi?
Chapter 180 - Shui Anluo, What Are You Doing?
Chapter 181 - A Scheme
Chapter 182 - You’Ve Fallen For Him
Chapter 183 - The Two-Faced Green Tea B*Tch
Chapter 184 - Worrying This Old Lady To Death
Chapter 185 - There’S No Need To File A Report To Me
Chapter 186 - Arrogant… Pig
Chapter 187 - Luoluo’S Leaving With Her Mother
Chapter 188 - Do I Need Your Permission To Leave?
Chapter 189 - Hey!
Chapter 190 - Smacked Onto The Ground
Chapter 191 - Humiliating
Chapter 192 - Oh Dear, Has The Vinegar Jar Spilled Over?
Chapter 193 - Should She Defend Her Territory?
Chapter 194 - This Script Is Wrong
Chapter 195 - Think Carefully, Young Man
Chapter 196 - Don’T Use The Wrong Methods
Chapter 197 - How Long Has This Girl Been Starving?
Chapter 198 - Running Away With Her Tail Between Her Legs
Chapter 199 - Beijing’S Biggest Bitch
Chapter 200 - Quit Bringing Her Up, It’S Annoying
Chapter 201 - No Wonder You Can’T Manage Your Own Wife
Chapter 202 - Let’S Start By Dating
Chapter 203 - Shui Anluo, Can’T You Be A Little More Serious?
Chapter 204 - There’S Nothing That Can’T Be Solved Behind Closed Doors
Chapter 205 - You’Re Too Big!
Chapter 206 - That’S What Makes It Enjoyable For You, Right?
Chapter 207 - Wily Old Fox
Chapter 208 - Were You Unsatisfied With My Performance Yesterday?
Chapter 209 - Don’T Act Like Such A Hedgehog
Chapter 210 - The Report
Chapter 211 - An Explosion
Chapter 212 - An Obstruction
Chapter 213 - Who Plagiarized Whom?
Chapter 214 - I Won’T Repeat Myself Again
Chapter 215 - Stop Denying It
Chapter 216 - You’Re Always So Stupid
Chapter 217 - Had Those Two Fought All The Way To The Garbage Bins?
Chapter 218 - Then Choose To Self-Destruct
Chapter 219 - I Fear That Saying It Might Compromise Your Will To Survive
Chapter 220 - Right On Time
Chapter 221 - To Thoroughly Ensure That Lin Qianchen Can No Longer Remain In This Hospital?
Chapter 222 - It Doesn’T Seem Like Nonsense
Chapter 223 - What If I Can Prove It?
Chapter 224 - Your Plagiarism Is A Fact
Chapter 225 - Dispatched In One Sentence
Chapter 226 - But The Little Girl’S Director Chu Is Capable Of Doing That
Chapter 227 - What Have You Done To Cause Me To Set You Up?
Chapter 228 - She Holds The Most Powerful Talisman
Chapter 229 - Are You Jealous?
Chapter 230 - Old Fourth Is Just Afraid Of Being Lonely
Chapter 231 - She’Ll Have To Measure Up To My Standards First
Chapter 232 - Director Qiao Will Be Your Personal Mentor
Chapter 233 - Big Brother Chu, Please Help Me Out
Chapter 234 - Hoping That Director Chu Would Look After The Child!
Chapter 235 - Can I Take An Afternoon Nap?
Chapter 236 - The Former Mother-In-Law’S Words (1)
Chapter 237 - The Former Mother-In-Law’S Words (2)
Chapter 238 - What Can I Do, I’M A Top Student
Chapter 239 - You Are What You Eat
Chapter 240 - Chu Ningyi Was Anxious
Chapter 241 - It’S Unfortunate That This Person’S Name Was Yuan Jiayi
Chapter 242 - You’Re Jealous
Chapter 243 - This Is The Best Weapon She Has Against Eldest Chu
Chapter 244 - Just You Wait, Shui Anluo
Chapter 245 - From Mother-In-Law
Chapter 246 - A Child Addicted To A Game
Chapter 247 - It’S Not Good When It’S Too Tight
Chapter 248 - She’S Allegedly Self-Harming At This Moment
Chapter 249 - Yuan Jiayi’S Mental State
Chapter 250 - The Siren Goes Off
Chapter 251 - The Discarded Bracelet
Chapter 252 - Luoluo’S In Trouble!
Chapter 253 - : It’S All Your Fault
Chapter 254 - Where’S Chu Ningyi Now?
Chapter 255 - The Pebbles
Chapter 256 - Chu Ningyi…
Chapter 257 - Maximum Boyfriend Power
Chapter 258 - Out Of Control
Chapter 259 - The News
Chapter 260 - Bearing Responsibility
Chapter 261 - Just Remember One Name
Chapter 262 - How Will You Bear The Responsibility?
Chapter 263 - What’Re You Laughing About?
Chapter 264 - You’Ve Forgotten Because You Don’T Care
Chapter 265 - Idiot
Chapter 266 - Your Mommy’S Certainly Lucky In Love
Chapter 267 - Shui Anluo, Where’S Your Integrity?
Chapter 268 - This Kid Was Much Cuter Than You When You’Re Young
Chapter 269 - Chu Ningyi, I’M Going To Strangle You
Chapter 270 - Ask… Chu Ningyi?
Chapter 271 - I Don’T Wish To Hear You Speak
Chapter 272 - Where Are Your Principles?
Chapter 273 - Maid Yu’S Heart Almost Stopped
Chapter 274 - Show Your Senior Brother Around The Campus
Chapter 275 - A Threat
Chapter 276 - A Silent Rage
Chapter 277 - A Verified Mental State
Chapter 278 - Indeed, He Still Can’T Let Go
Chapter 279 - Poison-Tongued Pair
Chapter 280 - For The First Half Of His Life, Yuan Jiayi Has Always Been With Him
Chapter 281 - An Allergy
Chapter 282 - The Underground Taxi Driver
Chapter 283 - Just Who Are You?
Chapter 284 - Director Chu Does Not Like Having Other Men In Close Proximity To His Wife
Chapter 285 - Enjoy The Show If You Don’T Feel Cold
Chapter 286 - The First Slap He Has Ever Received In This Lifetime
Chapter 287 - What Had He Done Wrong?
Chapter 288 - His ‘Negative Integer’ Is Exploding Through The Fence!
Chapter 289 - So, This Is The Consequence Of An Exploding Iq
Chapter 290 - Maid Yu Joins In
Chapter 291 - You Won’T Find Out Why The Young Madam Left
Chapter 292 - That Man Is Too Conceited
Chapter 293 - Lost In A Deep Reverie
Chapter 294 - But We Can’T Lose Faith
Chapter 295 - The Bane Of Ignorance
Chapter 296 - Then Can You Guarantee That I’Ll Never Be Afraid?
Chapter 297 - The Vindictiveness Of A High Iq
Chapter 298 - Also, Why’S She So Angry?
Chapter 299 - It Seemed That He Had Really Done Wrong
Chapter 300 - Blacklisted
Chapter 301 - It Was Also For The Sake Of… Seeing Her
Chapter 302 - Achilles’ Heel
Chapter 303 - He’S A Guest
Chapter 304 - My Luoluo Is Still Young
Chapter 305 - That’S Shui Anluo
Chapter 306 - A Crooked Nose
Chapter 307 - What’Re You Doing?
Chapter 308 - This Is The First Time That I’Ve Ever Truly Been In Love
Chapter 309 - The Press Conference
Chapter 310 - Qiao Yaruan, I Want To Be Your Boyfriend!
Chapter 311 - Feng Feng Doesn’T Have A New Love Affair
Chapter 312 - Who Could It Be?
Chapter 313 - This Spilled Dog Food Has Caught Her Off Guard
Chapter 314 - Who’S The Innocent Party?
Chapter 315 - Senior Sister Lan Xin?
Chapter 316 - Lan Xin’S Goodwill
Chapter 317 - In The End, She Still Returned
Chapter 318 - What’S The Problem?
Chapter 319 - Choosing A Present
Chapter 320 - You’Re Still A Young Maiden?
Chapter 321 - I’Ll Explain This To You When We Get Home
Chapter 322 - Young Master Mo Has Arrived
Chapter 323 - Director Chu With A Low Eq, Are You Trying To Defy The Heavens?
Chapter 324 - : Director Chu, Who’S Possessed You?
Chapter 325 - Your Relationship Has Always Been Pretty Good
Chapter 326 - To Avenge Her
Chapter 327 - Luoluo Is Still Breast-Feeding, She Can’T Have Chili
Chapter 328 - Daggers Drawn
Chapter 329 - Don’T Follow Me
Chapter 330 - A Director Who Threatens And Bribes His Own Baby
Chapter 331 - Mo Lusu Versus The Chu Family
Chapter 332 - Awkwardly Carrying A Disposable Diaper
Chapter 333 - Chu Ningyi, What’Re You Doing?
Chapter 334 - Shouldn’T You Thank Me Properly?
Chapter 335 - Shui Anluo, Can’T You Speak More Civilly?
Chapter 336 - How Could He Relax?
Chapter 337 - Even If He Did Say It Again, It Won’T Be The First Time Anymore
Chapter 338 - Such A Hilarious Director Chu
Chapter 339 - Don’T Judge Someone Based Only On One Person’S Words
Chapter 340 - Do You Even Know What I’M Afraid Of?
Chapter 341 - Nothing, Just Practicing Some Singing
Chapter 342 - The Little Darling Fails In Seeking Attention
Chapter 343 - But It’S Not Me
Chapter 344 - This Dad Was A Troll
Chapter 345 - An Empty Mobile Phone
Chapter 346 - Realizing The Value Of Life
Chapter 347 - Do You Have No Sense Of Time And Place For Being Lovey-Dovey?
Chapter 348 - Isn’T Chu Ningyi Around?
Chapter 349 - Don’T Withhold His Food
Chapter 350 - Anxious To Make A Call?
Chapter 351 - Was He Not Afraid Of Breaking His Tiny Legs From All That Walking
Chapter 352 - The Little Darling’S Daddy
Chapter 353 - But You Love Him
Chapter 354 - The Father Of My Child
Chapter 355 - Hopefully, Senior Brother Will Notice Qiao Yaruan’S Feelings For Him
Chapter 356 - A Talk With Qiao Huihe
Chapter 357 - None Of Your Business
Chapter 358 - Are You Mrs. Chu?
Chapter 359 - Is That Woman Courting Death?
Chapter 360 - A Landside Is Coming
Chapter 361 - For The Child…
Chapter 362 - Are You Insane?
Chapter 363 - Doctor Shui Might Be In Danger
Chapter 364 - The Hidden Bruise
Chapter 365 - : Love, This Was An Accident
Chapter 366 - Love, I Was Victimized
Chapter 367 - Love, Don’T Go
Chapter 368 - Love, Why?
Chapter 369 - Love, You Clearly Know I
Chapter 370 - Love, Because You“Re Here
Chapter 371 - Why Does She Have So Much To Say To Another Man?
Chapter 372 - She“S Already Lucky That I“Ve Not Caused Her Any Trouble
Chapter 373 - I Miss The Little Darling
Chapter 374 - The Last Time
Chapter 375 - Stop Being Silly
Chapter 376 - To Pay It Back Ten Times And A Hundred Times Over
Chapter 377 - If You“Re Going To Put On An Act, Do It Thoroughly
Chapter 378 - Little Ancestor, Please Stop Smiling
Chapter 379 - Do You Have A Grudge Against Your Own Mother?
Chapter 380 - Gone Sour?
Chapter 381 - Daddy Drank It All
Chapter 382 - Stealing His Rice Bowl? He Deserves A Kick!
Chapter 383 - Mood Swings
Chapter 384 - I Like You This Way
Chapter 385 - My Intuition Says That It’S Yuan Jiayi
Chapter 386 - Young Madam, Are You Stupid?
Chapter 387 - Why Are You Looking At Us As If We’Re Adulterers?
Chapter 388 - What An Appropriate Time For You To Feel Unwell
Chapter 389 - A Fruitless Interrogation
Chapter 390 - I Can’T Bear It
Chapter 391 - A Fatal Phone Call
Chapter 392 - A Fatal Phone Call (2)
Chapter 393 - The Kind Of Person Who Could Banish Somebody From This World For Good
Chapter 394 - Are We Catching The Culprit Today?
Chapter 395 - Perhaps She Should Have Made That Call From The Very Beginning
Chapter 396 - Sinister Shui Online, At The Prison
Chapter 397 - Sinister Shui Online, The Last Chance
Chapter 398 - Sinister Shui Online, Thirty Million
Chapter 399 - Sinister Shui Online, Are You Really Stupid Or Faking It?
Chapter 400 - Sinister Shui Online, Final Explanation
Chapter 401 - Your Good Friend, Sinister Shui Is Online
Chapter 402 - What A Coincidence, I’M Not A Good Person Either.
Chapter 403 - The Best Kind Of Love
Chapter 404 - If You Don’T Reject Him, It Gives Him Hope
Chapter 405 - It’S Not A Bad Idea To Have A Second Child
Chapter 406 - You Have One Hour Of Space
Chapter 407 - How Am I Inferior To Him?
Chapter 408 - Director Chu, Are You Really That Vain?
Chapter 409 - Have I Summoned Your Idiotic Tendencies?
Chapter 410 - That’S A Foundation For You
Chapter 411 - Director Chu, I’M Still Single
Chapter 412 - You’Re Treating Your Own Life As A Joke
Chapter 413 - Why Don’T I Tell You A Story?
Chapter 414 - Give Lan Xin A Call
Chapter 415 - Explosive News?
Chapter 416 - Can’T Keep Up With The Speed Of Director Chu’S Whirlwind
Chapter 417 - Trying To Get Attention
Chapter 418 - You’Re Indeed Your Father’S Son
Chapter 419 - Qiao Yaruan’S Shackles
Chapter 420 - Could This Be A Doomed Love?
Chapter 421 - A Remarriage?
Chapter 422 - Or Rather, Do You Like Chu Ningyi Instead?
Chapter 423 - Director Chu’S Venomous Tongue Really Doesn’T Differentiate Between Targets
Chapter 424 - He Said ‘Poo Poo’
Chapter 425 - Why Are You Refusing To Remarry?
Chapter 426 - Stay Away From Me
Chapter 427 - You’Re Mine
Chapter 428 - Can’T Control Your Feelings For Me?
Chapter 429 - Lin Qianchen’S Failure Is A Warning For You
Chapter 430 - He Wanted To Cut Ties With Mommy For One Minute
Chapter 431 - My Son Can Say ‘Papa’ Now
Chapter 432 - You’Re Pretty Cute When You’Re Jealous
Chapter 433 - Everyone Just Wants To Get A Glimpse Of The Mother Of His Child
Chapter 434 - Otherwise, Your Hand Will Hurt From All That Hitting
Chapter 435 - A Confession Without Duress
Chapter 436 - Yuan Jiayi’S Complaint
Chapter 437 - Are You Asking Me To Sell Myself Out?
Chapter 438 - Perhaps I Might Agree
Chapter 439 - Use… Use Teeth…
Chapter 440 - I Think Her Name Was An Qirou
Chapter 441 - Are You Regretting It Now?
Chapter 442 - Qiao Yaruan’S Past
Chapter 443 - The Teddy Bears
Chapter 444 - A Phone Call From Mo Lusu
Chapter 445 - A Girl Should Not Be That Fierce
Chapter 446 - How’S Thirty Million?
Chapter 447 - Lan Xin’S Donation
Chapter 448 - Pretence
Chapter 449 - I Told Her That The Mother Of My Child Is Little Silly
Chapter 450 - Vomiting
Chapter 451 - Don’T Let Her Get Too Close To Feng Feng
Chapter 452 - Who’Re You Calling A Rag?
Chapter 453 - It Still Feels As Good As Ever
Chapter 454 - Chu Ningyi Retaliates
Chapter 455 - A Valiant Life Needs A Rival
Chapter 456 - That Milk Bottle Of Yours Isn’T Very Useful Anymore
Chapter 457 - I’M Your Man
Chapter 458 - Publicly Cut Off
Chapter 459 - What If He’S Fallen In Love With Qiao Yaruan?
Chapter 460 - A 50% Chance
Chapter 461 - You Think That I’M Horrible
Chapter 462 - What Do I Like About You?
Chapter 463 - I Like Everything About You
Chapter 464 - To Catch The Murderer For Shui Anluo
Chapter 465 - A Plan To Kill Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 466 - He’S Young Yet His Powers Of Destruction Are Great
Chapter 467 - The Audacious Little Darling
Chapter 468 - That’S The King Of The Silver Screen
Chapter 469 - Do You Want Us To Perish Together?
Chapter 470 - He Did Not Want To Be Jealous Of A Woman!
Chapter 471 - Don’T Disturb Me When I’M Working
Chapter 472 - The Reason For Starting Out Isn’T Important
Chapter 473 - His Smile When Glancing Back Is More Handsome Than Daddy’S
Chapter 474 - A Confiscated Phone
Chapter 475 - Did You Fly Back Here?
Chapter 476 - Your Mommy Is Becoming Even More Of A Rascal
Chapter 477 - Has Your Love For Me Deepened?
Chapter 478 - Showing Conjugal Love To Her Friends’ Circle
Chapter 479 - Confiscated By Old Fourth
Chapter 480 - Want Me To Take A Shower With You?
Chapter 481 - I’Ll Sleep On The Sofa
Chapter 482 - Even The Baby Can’T Watch This Anymore
Chapter 483 - She Felt That Her Director Chu Was A Conceited Man
Chapter 484 - Beautiful Brother Will Give You A Large Red Packet If We Have Twins
Chapter 485 - If You Have Something To Say, Let’S Discuss It Properly
Chapter 486 - Miss Shui Is Truly Fair And Considerate
Chapter 487 - Is That Really A Good Idea?
Chapter 488 - The Last Time
Chapter 489 - Don’T Use Your Affection As A Means To Trouble Me
Chapter 490 - Are Her Injuries Worse Than Mine?
Chapter 491 - You Should Call Her Mrs. Chu
Chapter 492 - Do You Feel Aggrieved, Beautiful Sister?
Chapter 493 - This Is Your Best Chance
Chapter 494 - Will Lan Xin Make Her Move Tonight?
Chapter 495 - You’Re The One Who’S Soft From Top To Bottom
Chapter 496 - Your Father Didn’T Convince Me Either
Chapter 497 - It Doesn’T Concern You
Chapter 498 - You’Ve Been Alive For Too Long
Chapter 499 - Are You Talking About This?
Chapter 500 - Give This Humble One A Chance To Explain, Okay?
Chapter 501 - I Have The Evidence
Chapter 502 - Confess, Lan Xin
Chapter 503 - Isn’T This What You Wanted, Director Chu?
Chapter 504 - Lan Xin Has Been Released?
Chapter 505 - Don’T Hit Your Head, You’Re Already Dumb In The First Place
Chapter 506 - Scheming Shui Came Online For Director Chu’S Sake?
Chapter 507 - Perfect Timing
Chapter 508 - Believe It Or Not, It’S Up To You
Chapter 509 - You Wouldn’T Be Melodramatic If Director Chu Wasn’T Here
Chapter 510 - Commence With Trading Again
Chapter 511 - Are You Still Afraid That I Might Bully Your Wife?
Chapter 512 - Explain, I’M Listening
Chapter 513 - Is Director Chu Calling Her ‘Beautiful’?
Chapter 514 - Your Mother Is Getting Married
Chapter 515 - I’Ll Visit My Father On My Own
Chapter 516 - I Don’T Think You Can Do Anything To Me Either
Chapter 517 - The Departure
Chapter 518 - Is Watermelon Juice Sour Enough?
Chapter 519 - Chat With Me
Chapter 520 - I’M Very Much Younger Than You
Chapter 521 - Shake Up The Entire Plane?
Chapter 522 - Messed Up Seniority
Chapter 523 - Bad Grades, Many Excuses
Chapter 524 - The Long Family
Chapter 525 - A Honeymoon Baby?
Chapter 526 - Aren’T You Quite Good At Talking?
Chapter 527 - Shui Anluo’S Threat
Chapter 528 - Trust You? I Might As Well Trust A Machine
Chapter 529 - He’S Boring?
Chapter 530 - She Has Been Killed In Action
Chapter 531 - How Can I Let You Fall For Anyone Else?
Chapter 532 - It Looks Like He’S Not As Simple As He Seemed
Chapter 533 - Aren’T You Overthinking?
Chapter 534 - Her Stepfather Was A Good Man
Chapter 535 - That Would Also Belong To Your Biological Mother
Chapter 536 - Stay With Mother
Chapter 537 - Change Of Heart
Chapter 538 - Who’S To Blame For Your Son’S Mysophobia?
Chapter 539 - Chu Luoning!
Chapter 540 - That’S Just A Blatant Waste Of Money!
Chapter 541 - A Small Hand In A Large Hand
Chapter 542 - I’M The One Who Can Walk This Entire Path With Her
Chapter 543 - The Cute Baby Is Poisonous
Chapter 544 - Come And Crash Into Me
Chapter 545 - You Better Hope That You Won’T Need My Help Someday
Chapter 546 - Your Crown Prince Is Crying
Chapter 547 - Did You Ever Love Father?
Chapter 548 - A Stinger Has Grown On The Little Bumblebee Today
Chapter 549 - Do You Trust Him That Much?
Chapter 550 - Could She Accept This Explanation?
Chapter 551 - She Was Unfortunate, Okay?
Chapter 552 - A Rhythm For Staying Up At Night?
Chapter 553 - Mischievous Child
Chapter 554 - A Drunk Man
Chapter 555 - Don’T You Know How Much I Love You?
Chapter 556 - Maybe We Should Remarry Tomorrow
Chapter 557 - An Absolutely Mischievous Child!
Chapter 558 - Prankster Dad And Prankster Baby, A Dream Team
Chapter 559 - I’Ve Even Offended Your Father
Chapter 560 - Are You Saying That He Doesn’T Love You?
Chapter 561 - Brother Chu, That'S Against The Law
Chapter 562 - You’Ll Get Arrested For Breaking The Law Too Many Times
Chapter 563 - That'S A Ruthless Role Too
Chapter 564 - You’Re Even Using Director Chu’S Supplementary Card
Chapter 565 - Meeting Wei Yuanyuan Again
Chapter 566 - You Can Try
Chapter 567 - Senior Brother
Chapter 568 - He’S Definitely Not Going To Fall For You
Chapter 569 - You Don’T Interest Me
Chapter 570 - Bringing The Little Darling Along For The Meeting
Chapter 571 - Yuan Jiayi“S Picture
Chapter 572 - Looks Like I Don’T Hold Any Place In Your Heart
Chapter 573 - What Happened This Afternoon?
Chapter 574 - What’S Up With Her?
Chapter 575 - What Would A Little Girl Like You Know About This?
Chapter 576 - If You Can’T Fight, Don’T Show Off
Chapter 577 - I’Ll Give You A Chance
Chapter 578 - Brother Chu, You’Re So Handsome
Chapter 579 - Go And See Him
Chapter 580 - Has Your Director Chu Dumped You?
Chapter 581 - An Accidental Meeting
Chapter 582 - Will You Listen To Reason?
Chapter 583 - Don’T You Know That You’Re My Woman?
Chapter 584 - Senior Brother Is Much More Reasonable Than You
Chapter 585 - He Descended To Earth But Was Turned Into A Fool
Chapter 586 - You’Re Mine
Chapter 587 - The Old Man Isn’T Here!
Chapter 588 - He’S The Small Dog!
Chapter 589 - He’S Obviously Hiding Something
Chapter 590 - Arrogant And Proud
Chapter 591 - I’M Definitely Not Going To Forgive Him This Time
Chapter 592 - Luo Xuan’S Arrival
Chapter 593 - At The Moment, That Wasn’T Her Home
Chapter 594 - Unfortunately, My Sister Doesn’T Feel Like Seeing Outsiders At This Moment
Chapter 595 - He Left, Just Like That
Chapter 596 - Stop Following Me
Chapter 597 - Kicked A Car
Chapter 598 - Do You Have Any Reason?
Chapter 599 - You’Re Still Thinking About Those Kinds Of Things
Chapter 600 - No Comment
Chapter 601 - Whatever It Was, You Have To Apologize
Chapter 602 - Her Appetite For Disaster Had Been Nurtured By Me
Chapter 603 - I’M Sorry
Chapter 604 - My Mother Never Asked Me To Study Etiquette
Chapter 605 - Apparently, She Has Also Invited Qiao Yaruan
Chapter 606 - He’S The Nation’S Silver Screen King, Okay?
Chapter 607 - Why’Re You Hating On Him?
Chapter 608 - On What Basis Do We Want It?
Chapter 609 - I Have No Interest In Your Body
Chapter 610 - Weakness
Chapter 611 - A Nullified Past
Chapter 612 - Expanding Your Range Of Damage Again?
Chapter 613 - Subconsciously, He Doesn’T Want To Wake Up
Chapter 614 - Not Even Your Mommy Gets This Kind Of Treatment
Chapter 615 - This Was His Biological Son
Chapter 616 - Brother Chu, I Need To Talk To You
Chapter 617 - Would He Understand At All?
Chapter 618 - Hurry Up And Finish Kneeling
Chapter 619 - A One Worded Retaliation
Chapter 620 - Why’Re You Berating Me For Being An Idiot?
Chapter 621 - A Public Confession
Chapter 622 - A Fit Of Paranoia?
Chapter 623 - Fire The Entire Tech Department?
Chapter 624 - Definitely No Match For Director Qiao
Chapter 625 - It’S Very Obvious, To Marry You
Chapter 626 - A Whole New Level Of Perception For Her!
Chapter 627 - Old Fourth Had Dragged Qiao Yaruan To The Civil Affairs Bureau!
Chapter 628 - Isn’T She Afraid That I Might Have An Extramarital Affair?
Chapter 629 - A Lethal Text Message
Chapter 630 - What A Sly Way To Show-Off
Chapter 631 - My Entire Brain Is Filled With Seawater!
Chapter 632 - Why Didn’T You Defend Yourself?
Chapter 633 - Are You That Fond Of Her?
Chapter 233: They Already Shared The Same Bed?
Chapter 234: Returning The Favor
Chapter 235: I'Ve Never Regretted
Chapter 236: The Infiltrator
Chapter 237: You Don'T Need To Know
Chapter 238: The Golden And Silver Ladies
Chapter 239: A Fun And Painful Night
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Quán Fāng Wèi Huàn Xiǎng, Toàn Phương Vị Huyễn Tưởng, 全方位幻想

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Protagonist travels between different anime worlds to right wrongs and uncover his reason for being along the way.

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Chapter 0


Feathers descending from the sky...

Suspended in bubbles, they flew down...

Covered in white glow and enclosed within them, these floating feathers came raining down...

In front of the young lad, this scene unfolded....

This scene registered itself in the young lad who looks 11 or 12 and in the true sense of the word just born. After obtaining a will and consciousness this scene entered his eyes....

Everything is white before him....

Those glowing bubbles with feather suspended is even whiter...

In a world where there is nothing else...

There’s only a blinding white, bubbles of feathers gently raining down and floating about in a world of white feathers....

Observing this surreal scene, the youngster went into a daze, his silky hair fluttering along with the wind, his starry dark eyes looked upon the feathers falling from the heavens. It feels like he’s submerged in amniotic fluid inside the embrace of his mother, there’s a weird warmness and peace.

This feeling didn’t last long however as an instance later the scene took a drastic turn, so drastic it made his heart jump.

It’s still the same bubbles with feathers descending from heaven...

However, this time, what fell were feathers that had lost their resplendent glow and broke down into pieces as if deliberately destroyed. They were oh so dim...

Looking at the broken fragments with their light lost, he watched as these feathers rained down, he felt really complicated right now...





Perhaps a mix of all of them.

But what came out more often than others were a kind of——-pain.

As the feels flowed through him, he had a hunch at that very moment.

His birth, it appears is to right these scattered and smashed dim feathers, return them to their former glory and state...

Without conscious though he reached out towards the nearest broken feather....

『White dreamworld... at this point... was discontinued...



Like he just woke up from some nightmare the youth opened his eyes abruptly and like a spring he raised his body from laid down position.

“Hufff... huff...”

With heavy brethes he held his head, his dark deep eyes kept shaking, there was still some despondence from the white dream world but he’s more at a loss of what to do then dazed.

With a forlorn expression the youngster raised his head and using that lost eyes, he turned his attention towards his surrounding.

This is a forest unknown and foreign to him.

He can see that in this place there’s only trees with various sizes and scattered leaves everywhere.

Redolent of his dream world, the leaves of green and yellow intertwined to fall from the trees, some landed on the ground, some were carried towards him who was sitting on the ground with a vacant expression covered by nothing but a piece of cloth. This made him almost fell back into a stupor from recalling the white dreamland.

Compared with dreamworld however, reality is cruel.

Unlike 『white dreamland』the forest lacked its beauty and its surreal nature. It however gave him a jump and made his mind go blank in a different sense when he looked towards a bush near him.


Low growls resounded one after another in this space.

“rustle.. rustle...”

Steps lightened on purpose came to his ear after rubbing with something.

In moments, big figures started appearing from the bushes surrounding him and slowly they became clearer in his eyes.

It was a bunch of quadrupedal organisms with over 2 meters height and feral faces.

If he had the common sense of humans then he would no doubt know tha these creatures are overgrown wolves.


The growls continued as the black wolves appeared from inside the forest locked onto the youth and slowly encircling from all directions.


Sitting on the ground the youth covered by only a cloth felt his mind crying out in alarm, his heart throbbed hard and his muscles tensed up, and his throat had a searing sensation.

Though he didn’t know what these creatures are, from their vicious looks he could feel his predicament.

His alarmed brain is telling him — run!

His throbbing heart is telling him — escape!

His dry throat told him —-withdraw!

It even sounds like there’re voices coming from all directions shouting at him—- run!

Run! Run! Run!

He understands his most logical move, but his limbs simply won’t listen and the thing known as ‘strength’ sap away as the scary things drew closer.

Even if he looked 11 or 12 but besides the scene in 『white dreamland』 there’s nothing he remembers.

In other words, he doesn’t know why he’s here, why he only has a piece of cloth covering him, even why he’s actually 11 or 12 but don’t seem to remember any past details of having lived for slightly over a decade.

It’s really as if he’s just born!

Too bad, moments after his birth, this world gave him his first experience of an emotion.

Called —- terror!


The encroaching lifeforms faintly felt like the youth has lost all hopes of survival and gave in to the desire in them called ‘hunger’, they didn’t hold back their roars anymore, they shot out like bullet out of barrels or arrow from bows, each of them charged at him looking lke black shadows.


In that moment, the fear inside him exploded.

His burning throat can’t utter a sound.

His weak limbs won’t support his body.

He can only stare with his pupils dilating, mind ringing in alarm stopped at this moment as well, he felt cold inside as he watched the beasts getting closer and bigger inside his horizon and he let the thing called ‘terror’ bring forth a weird warmness.


A strong and piercing light beamed out from him like a sun, except the light didn’t carry with it the searing heat that should accompany any such strong beam of lights. Shining past the dark shadows that’s about to pile up on him, it lit every corner of that area.

And then the strong light materialized into something more concrete and shot out with the youth as the event center.



Dull thuds and collision sounded and what seemed to be the creatures’ last roar reverberated in that area. The wolves who were about to pounce on him were sent flying away faster than they came and scattered about. Some kissed the ground, some personally redecorated the trees with their bodies, they yelped, they were laid down never to rise, dead or alive unknown.

The bright light receded revealing the youth who still had a face full of panic.

Only until then did he recover his cognitive processes. Looking at the fainted wolves littered around him he was alarmed and stupefied.

Clearly the youth could not process what just happened with his newborn brain.

He can’t understand, but that didn’t mean bystanders couldn’t.

“What a powerful magic...”

This is the first line he has heard since coming to this world that he placed in his memory.

Except that this complete sentence didn’t sound that much different to the youth than did the growls of the black wolves, it only brought him panic and dread.

“There’s no need to be afraid... child...”

Perceiving his terror and dismay the owner of the voice lowered his tone and spoke with much affection and softness. And just as he voiced this out he appeared in front of the youth.

The youth felt his gaze went out of focus for a bit before seeing a figure appear in his sights.

It is a very old man who looks like he’s 70+, but he only has the height of a little kid, he’s wearing a white windbreaker.

The midget old man focused his eye on the youth who’s still flipping out in panic, he sized him up before showing a genial grin.

“Kid, what’s your name?”


The foreign vocab entered his hear but inexplicably he understood it.

Hence he responded using the name that mysteriously appeared to him within his memory and slowly spitted it out with a hoarse, unnatural and tender voice.

“Noah (Tl:诺亚, will change this name if it’s separated into individual characters as an affectionate name, alternative name in mind is Nuo Ya.”

Tl: No, I don’t know if he’s gonna split seas I haven’t finish this novel yet. Anyway, tell me if you think I should continue this series.


Total Chapters in book: 804
Estimated words: 764585 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3823(@200wpm)___ 3058(@250wpm)___ 2549(@300wpm)