I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens by Xin Feng

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Cultivation? So Boring
Chapter 3 - Stop Caring About The Useless Things
Chapter 4 - A Smile That Makes One Feel Perfunct
Chapter 5 - My Disciple Can Split The Table With His Hands
Chapter 6 - Kick Her
Chapter 7 - It'S Him, It'S Him
Chapter 8 - I Am A Good Person
Chapter 9 - This Is An Insult To Me
Chapter 10 - I Will Retaliate If You Want To Hit Me
Chapter 11 - Crazy Probing
Chapter 12 - Well Played, Really Well Played
Chapter 13 - Opening Up Bones And Tendons
Chapter 14 - So Painful, Eyes Are Swollen
Chapter 15 - Ate Too Full, Nothing To Do
Chapter 16 - Over After A Beating
Chapter 17 - Widespread Fame
Chapter 18 - Have To Remove Danger
Chapter 19 - Gossip With You
Chapter 20 - Nearly Lost Face
Chapter 21 - Annoying, Really Annoying
Chapter 22 - This Person Is A Little Interesting
Chapter 23 - Father Is Amazing
Chapter 24 - Luckily My Reaction Speed Is Quick
Chapter 25 - Drunk Movement
Chapter 26 - Who Did It
Chapter 27 - You Forced Me
Chapter 28 - Cousin Let’S Go
Chapter 29 - What A Maniac
Chapter 30 - Don’T Touch Me, You Are My Grandchild
Chapter 31 - Cousin Will Take Revenge For You
Chapter 32 - I Am Sorry, Let Me Begin
Chapter 33 - If You Have Balls Come In The Day
Chapter 34 - Son Paying For The Debts Of The Father
Chapter 35 - He Cried
Chapter 36 - I Want To Prove Myself
Chapter 37 - Being Helpless Is So Terrifying
Chapter 38 - This Is Interesting
Chapter 39 - - Moved To Tears
Chapter 40 - - It Was An Accident The Last Time
Chapter 41 - Father, Who Won?
Chapter 42 - No Need To Fear
Chapter 43 - Not Good, Huge Problem
Chapter 44 - Your Fear Isn’T Looking From The Sides Right
Chapter 45 - Words Can’T Be Wrongly Said
Chapter 46 - Fight To Dote
Chapter 47 - I Am The Victim
Chapter 48 - - Again
Chapter 49 - For Reals
Chapter 50 - - I Am A Rice Thief
Chapter 51 - Heart Can Be Slain
Chapter 52 - Depends On Comprehension
Chapter 53 - - Dad, Are You Insulting My Intelligence?
Chapter 54 - Really Makes Sense
Chapter 55 - Me Again
Chapter 56 - So You Are Such A Person
Chapter 57 - What Do You Want
Chapter 58 - Wei River Is Dyed Red
Chapter 59 - You City Is Still Safe
Chapter 60 - Zhenxiang Theory
Chapter 61 - I Really Came To Visit You
Chapter 62 - A Vicious Person
Chapter 63 - Wife, Why Do You Feel So Cold?
Chapter 64 - Why Is Your Mentality So Easily Broken
Chapter 65 - One More Blade, I Can Take It
Chapter 66 - Take Home To Play
Chapter 67 - Those Words Make Sense
Chapter 68 - Silly From Sleeping Too Much
Chapter 69 - So Cruel
Chapter 70 - Can Only Find Things To Do Alone
Chapter 71 - Cousin Where Are You
Chapter 72 - - If You Dare To Bite, I Will Dare To Shoot
Chapter 73 - I Am Not Weak
Chapter 74 - Cultural Exchange
Chapter 75 - Different From What I Thought
Chapter 76 - Lin Fan Is So Scheming
Chapter 77 - Cousin Is So Cruel
Chapter 78 - How Did You Raise Such A Daughter
Chapter 79 - I Am Willing To Call You The Strongest
Chapter 80 - Expert, True Expert
Chapter 81 - I Have Violent Tendencies
Chapter 82 - Is It So Easy To Call Me Father
Chapter 83 - - Father Do You Think I’M Dumb
Chapter 84 - Fake
Chapter 85 - Done Just Like That
Chapter 86 - The Devil
Chapter 87 - Stop Acting, Let’S Be Honest
Chapter 88 - Do You Know How Pain It Is
Chapter 89 - I Am Perverted
Chapter 90 - I Am Serious Now
Chapter 91 - Corpses, Where Did The Corpses Go
Chapter 92 - This Person Is Too Sick In The Head
Chapter 93 - I Didn’T Do Anything
Chapter 94 - How Is There Such An Unkind Person
Chapter 95 - Huge Jump In Strength
Chapter 96 - - This Isn’T The Yongqi In My Heart
Chapter 97 - Chapter 97
Chapter 98 - Let’S Go, Out Of You City, To Roam
Chapter 99 - East Forest
Chapter 100 - - I Am The Boss
Chapter 101 - Seems Like Something Huge Occured
Chapter 102 - We Just Want To Eat
Chapter 103 - - This Is A Good Idea
Chapter 104 - Different From What I Thought
Chapter 105 - Look, What Did I Say
Chapter 106 - What. Damn
Chapter 107 - - This Is A Test
Chapter 108 - Tragic
Chapter 109 - Its Settled
Chapter 110 - Cousin, You Are About To Be Beaten Up
Chapter 111 - Then Isn’T Being Calm But Stupid
Chapter 112 - This Is A Talent
Chapter 113 - That Makes Sense
Chapter 114 - Investment Is Dangerous
Chapter 115 - I Also Want To Be Low Profile
Chapter 116 - Dumb But Strong
Chapter 117 - Help, Stop Playing
Chapter 118 - Damn, Do You Even Treat Me As Human
Chapter 119 - What A Vicious Plot
Chapter 120 - Can’T You Have Some Morals
Chapter 121 - Wolf Brigade Wiped Out
Chapter 122 - No Matter What I Am Your Uncle
Chapter 123 - Have I Ever Been High Profile
Chapter 124 - Time To Kill Old Master Chen
Chapter 125 - I Am A Person Of Principles
Chapter 126 - 2 Legs 1 Jump And He Fainted
Chapter 127 - Ah, I Am So Sad
Chapter 128 - He Still Underestimated Me
Chapter 129 - I, Li Cong Am Not Like The Rest
Chapter 130 - - Entire Race Was Wiped Out
Chapter 131 - Yin Demons Are Such Small And Cute Things
Chapter 132 - - Everyone Hid So Deeply
Chapter 133 - I Am The One Stabbed, Not You All
Chapter 134 - What Kind Of Sect Is This
Chapter 135 - Wow So Fragrant
Chapter 136 - It Was Best To Live
Chapter 137 - You All Cannot See The Blade
Chapter 138 - You Are Already Really Strong
Chapter 139 - Feeling Good
Chapter 140 - I Zhang Tianxian Am So Strong
Chapter 141 - Your Mystery Makes Me
Chapter 142 - We Yin Demons Are Pitiful
Chapter 143 - - You Young People
Chapter 144 - Were We Wrong
Chapter 145 - I Want To Be An Exquisite Young Master
Chapter 146 - I Know. He Went To A Whorehouse.
Chapter 147 - Another Successful Business Deal
Chapter 148 - Such Bad Acting
Chapter 149 - Cheers. Everyone Is Cheering
Chapter 150 - I Am A Hero
Chapter 151 - - Weak Bug
Chapter 152 - How Courteous
Chapter 153 - Another Painful Lesson
Chapter 154 - More Bad Luck
Chapter 155 - Could You Be More Reasonable
Chapter 156 - Misunderstanding, Really A Misunderstanding
Chapter 157 - Why Not Go Rob
Chapter 158 - That’S Impossible
Chapter 159 - I Will Treat You Like How You Treat Me
Chapter 160 - This Is Brotherhood
Chapter 161 - Feels Good To Be Trusted
Chapter 162 - Where Did That Look Of Disdain Come From
Chapter 163 - You Are Finding Free Labour
Chapter 164 - This Person Is Not Career-Minded At All
Chapter 165 - Danger Signs Have Broken Out
Chapter 166 - Did You Get It Wrong
Chapter 167 - Burning The Old Nest
Chapter 168 - Are They Bickering
Chapter 169 - Sense Of Mystery From Cultivation Is Amazing
Chapter 170 - Recently I Became Strong
Chapter 171 - For You, I Will Break
Chapter 172 - Keep On Killing Keep On Feeling Good
Chapter 173 - Marry The Princess To Me
Chapter 174 - Battle For Disciple
Chapter 175 - Couldn’T Bear To Watch
Chapter 176 - This Girl Has Potential Waiting To Be Uncovered
Chapter 177 - Reality Is Like That
Chapter 178 - Nosy Heart Burning Intensely
Chapter 179 - I Lin Fan Am Not Such A Person
Chapter 180 - - Battle With No Retreat
Chapter 181 - Can’T Hold On
Chapter 182 - Climax
Chapter 183 - Grandson You Are Not Bad
Chapter 184 - Kid You Have Balls
Chapter 185 - Can You Consider My Feelings
Chapter 186 - Little Grandmaster
Chapter 187 - Horse Flipped
Chapter 188 - – Ah I Fainted
Chapter 189 - This Thing Feels Amazing
Chapter 190 - Let Me Teach You How To Play With Bugs
Chapter 191 - So Much Silver So Why Not Take It Away
Chapter 192 - You Dont Like My Fatty Meat
Chapter 193 - Senior Brother, I Am Junior Brother
Chapter 194 - I Became Stronger
Chapter 195 - You All Left Too Quickly
Chapter 196 - You Can’T Even Break My Defence
Chapter 197 - -Father Is Good
Chapter 198 - Your Smell, Your Voice
Chapter 199 - Stop Causing Problems For Cousin
Chapter 200 - Experts Only Need One Person
Chapter 201 - An Expert Holds Up An Entire Power
Chapter 202 - Your Killing Intent Is Too Heavy
Chapter 203 - Bridge Builder
Chapter 204 - I Remember You Went To The Brothel
Chapter 205 - Don’T Hesitate, I Will Buy It
Chapter 206 - Today, Young Master Zhao, Will Treat
Chapter 207 - What I Want Is Loyalty
Chapter 208 - I Hope You Can Remember Me
Chapter 209 - Cousin Made Huge Profits
Chapter 210 - My Daughter Is So Charming
Chapter 211 - This Doesn’T Sound Right
Chapter 212 - Back To Wang Family
Chapter 213 - Take A Good Look
Chapter 214 - I Told You, Something Is Going To Happen
Chapter 215 - Don’T Chop Him, You Can Chop The Rest
Chapter 216 - How Is My Will So Easy To Squash
Chapter 217 - Death Looms
Chapter 218 - I Will Beat You To Death
Chapter 219 - Am I Going To Meet Trouble Here?
Chapter 220 - I Forgot His Name
Chapter 221 - None Of The People On Martial Path
Chapter 222 - Don’T Say Surprise, He Was Most Afraid Of It Being A Nightmare
Chapter 223 - He Really Hated It
Chapter 224 - He Is Really Similar
Chapter 225 - What If He Wants To Rape?
Chapter 226 - One Against A Country
Chapter 227 - I Am Very Petty
Chapter 228 - Who Is Acting Cool?
Chapter 229 - Who Cares About That? Demeanour Is Most Important
Chapter 230 - Maybe He Was Bragging
Chapter 231 - Talk So Much For Nothing
Chapter 232 - : I Won’T Let You Off Even If I Become A Ghost
Chapter 233 - Ex… Expert
Chapter 234 - Came For Nothing, Nearly Got Into Danger
Chapter 235 - Am I Too Handsome?
Chapter 236 - Where Is My Horse?
Chapter 237 - Just More Of A Sense Of Beauty
Chapter 238 - Swelling, Swelling
Chapter 239 - Grandson Zhao
Chapter 240 - Lin, If You Have The Balls, Come To The Headquarters
Chapter 241 - This Is Too Terrifying
Chapter 242 - You City Matter
Chapter 243 - These People Aren’T Human
Chapter 244 - My Hand Is Tired From Hitting
Chapter 245 - One Doesn’T Have A Soul If They Don’T Have Rage Points
Chapter 246 - If You Have Balls, Don’T Let Us Kill You
Chapter 247 - Identity Exposed, How Embarrassing
Chapter 248 - Don’T You Think You Are Beautiful
Chapter 249 - You Look The Best
Chapter 250 - On This Day, Nine Bug Gang Was No More
Chapter 251 - You Should Have Listened To Me
Chapter 252 - I Really Want To Become An Expert
Chapter 253 - This Is True Happiness
Chapter 254 - The Whole City Is Filled With Actors
Chapter 255 - Wow What A Treasure
Chapter 256 - Wipe Out The Whole Family
Chapter 257 - Enemy Of An Enemy Is My Friend
Chapter 258 - A Bug Climbed Out Of A Hole
Chapter 259 - Slowly Getting Closer To The Truth
Chapter 260 - I Am Here, I Am In A Rush
Chapter 261 - 2Nd Generation
Chapter 262 - Young Man Fleeing For Life
Chapter 263 - : Teacher Chen Will Bring You To Fly
Chapter 264 - As Expected, Mocking A Group Is The Only Way
Chapter 265 - Why So Few?
Chapter 266 - Going Against The Agreement
Chapter 267 - Everyone Wants Me To Die
Chapter 268 - Great Increase In Strength
Chapter 269 - This Is Awkward
Chapter 270 - Dimension Research Is Such A Headache
Chapter 271 - So Awkward
Chapter 272 - How Can You All Be So Arrogant?
Chapter 273 - Why Not Give A Title?
Chapter 274 - Who Dares To Block?
Chapter 275 - Sorry, I Was Stunned
Chapter 276 - They Died Because They Were Righteous
Chapter 277 - I Did Not Say I Am Not Cruel
Chapter 278 - Like A Pervert
Chapter 279 - One Day I Will Return
Chapter 280 - Kid, There Is Someone Behind You
Chapter 281 - Who Is This Person?
Chapter 282 - We Are Begging For Mercy
Chapter 283 - Girls Are Really Bold
Chapter 284 - It Doesn’T Look Simple
Chapter 285 - Our Intelligence Is Enough To Crush Them
Chapter 286 - : No, It Must Be An Illusion
Chapter 287 - Killing A Genius When He Is A Baby
Chapter 288 - Look At Me, Do I Look Like A Bad Person?
Chapter 289 - I Am Not Afraid To Die
Chapter 290 - I Won’T Let Rubbish Dirty You
Chapter 291 - This Battle Will Be Intense
Chapter 292 - A Mysterious Valley
Chapter 293 - A Serious Comprehension
Chapter 294 - Really Know How To Imagine
Chapter 295 - Who Can Compare With Me In This World?
Chapter 296 - I Saw Through Your Plan
Chapter 297 - People Nowadays
Chapter 298 - I Understand Too Little
Chapter 299 - A Bunch Of Weak Fellows
Chapter 300 - Don’T Insult Me
Chapter 301 - I Smell A Virgin
Chapter 302 - Where Did The Animal Go?
Chapter 303 - Time For Something Special
Chapter 304 - Blood Demon Reversal Technique
Chapter 305 - What Does This Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 306 - Time For Sword Head To Act Cool
Chapter 307 - This Place…
Chapter 308 - Do Not Malign Me
Chapter 309 - No, I Don’T Want To Be Dirtied
Chapter 310 - New Stage Of Bug Transformation
Chapter 311 - This Might Be The Fastest Way
Chapter 312 - Darkness Domain
Chapter 313 - I Did Not Come Here To Cause Trouble
Chapter 314 - Happened For A Reason
Chapter 315 - This Feels Great
Chapter 316 - This Person Is Not Simple
Chapter 317 - Ascended Zhou Dafu
Chapter 318 - Don’T Hit The Wrong Person
Chapter 319 - Senior, Your Words Are A Little Hurtful
Chapter 320 - You Have To Be Confident
Chapter 321 - Have Been Noticed, Have Been Noticed
Chapter 322 - Want To Return To You City
Chapter 323 - What Is This?
Chapter 324 - Dad, I Am Back. Battle Of You City
Chapter 325 - Battle Stops, Dissing Does Not
Chapter 326 - Unfilial Kid, Shut Up
Chapter 327 - I Have To Disgust Them
Chapter 328 - Nickname Night Soil Weapon
Chapter 329 - I Only Sent Some Night Soil
Chapter 330 - This Is To Create A Demon
Chapter 331 - This Way Is A Bit Wild
Chapter 332 - Do You Have A Special Relationship With The Yin Demon King?
Chapter 333 - Another Round Of Shamelessness
Chapter 334 - Whether They Are Generals Doesn’T Matter, What Matters Are Numbers
Chapter 335 - It Exploded, It Exploded
Chapter 336 - Enjoying Life
Chapter 337 - All Want To Kill Me
Chapter 338 - Easy To Make One Break Down
Chapter 339 - Gang Xiong’S Death Is So Tragic
Chapter 340 - All Of This Was Because It Was Too Disgusting
Chapter 341 - Terrifying, Terrifying
Chapter 342 - Domain
Chapter 343 - Don’T Dispirit Me Like That
Chapter 344 - I Am Very Similar To You, Monster Emperor
Chapter 345 - Spending Every Day Scolding And Cursing At People
Chapter 346 - How Annoying
Chapter 347 - This Is A Little Vicious
Chapter 348 - Run, Run
Chapter 349 - Am I Going To Die?
Chapter 350 - : This Battle Is A Little Dangerous
Chapter 351 - Nervous, Emotional, Afraid
Chapter 352 - I Will Commit Suicide
Chapter 353 - But I Am The Strongest
Chapter 354 - Unreasonable
Chapter 355 - Because Of One Pighead
Chapter 356 - Like A Monster Is About To Appear
Chapter 357 - Second Form
Chapter 358 - You Dare To Take The Move? Damn You, Liar
Chapter 359 - We Have Already Lost
Chapter 360 - I’Ve Seen A Ghost
Chapter 361 - We Are All Kids
Chapter 362 - A Tough Victory
Chapter 363 - Leaving
Chapter 364 - All Your Fault, All Your Fault
Chapter 365 - Back To Martial Path Mountain, Moving Homes
Chapter 366 - Sect Leader Lin, What About Martial Path Mountain?
Chapter 367 - Wah, You Are Too Much
Chapter 368 - Imperial Dynasty Destroyed
Chapter 369 - Danger Does Not Exist
Chapter 370 - He Is Acting Cool A Little Too Much
Chapter 371 - Do You Want To Play With Me?
Chapter 372 - These Scenes Let Me Comprehend Something
Chapter 373 - How Amazing?
Chapter 374 - You Are Really Smart
Chapter 375 - Pointless Working With You All
Chapter 376 - Low Profile Cultivation
Chapter 377 - No One Dares To Jump Out
Chapter 378 - I, Lin Fan, Must Have A Servant
Chapter 379 - Then, Just Try
Chapter 380 - I Am Telling You That This Is Good
Chapter 381 - Hello, Chief God Lin
Chapter 382 - People Who Believe In Me Will Become Immortal
Chapter 383 - How Did You End Up Like That?
Chapter 384 - What Kind Of Person Am I?
Chapter 385 - I Want To Run Now
Chapter 386 - Monster Emperor Loves To Work Together
Chapter 387 - Let’S Go Take A Look
Chapter 388 - Is Life More Important Than Face?
Chapter 389 - : You Want To Rebel
Chapter 390 - I Was Afraid Wind Would Blow In
Chapter 391 - Is It Too Late To Pray Now?
Chapter 392 - Senior, Am I Good Enough?
Chapter 393 - Chopped Down Right Away
Chapter 394 - We Bumped Into The Mouth Of The Gun
Chapter 395 - This Thing Is So Heavy
Chapter 396 - Are These People Even Human?
Chapter 397 - How Do We Even Fight This?
Chapter 398 - You Only Have Three Days
Chapter 399 - Time To Scare You
Chapter 400 - All Of You Scram
Chapter 401 - Princess Yongle
Chapter 402 - One Realm A Month Is Too Slow
Chapter 403 - Can Only Scare You First
Chapter 404 - Arm In The Darkness
Chapter 405 - I Have Surrounded Them
Chapter 406 - It Would Be Much Better If There Was A Beauty Filter
Chapter 407 - You Have Been Abandoned
Chapter 408 - You Are An Honest Person
Chapter 409 - That Is Just So Tragic
Chapter 410 - What Has He Gone Through?
Chapter 411 - I, Zhang Xuan, Want To Be Your Close Friend
Chapter 412 - Senior Lin Is Someone With Class
Chapter 413 - If The Enemy Doesn’T Move, I Won’T Move Either
Chapter 414 - Luckily, Lin Fan Is A Normal Person
Chapter 415 - Why, Why Must I Be So Strong?
Chapter 416 - Time For Me To Mock You
Chapter 417 - I Did So On Purpose
Chapter 418 - Betraying Sect So Fast
Chapter 419 - Sad Child
Chapter 420 - Relying On Looks
Chapter 421 - Where Did My Wife Go?
Chapter 422 - Are The Kids So Arrogant Now?
Chapter 423 - I Thank You
Chapter 424 - Wow, So Despicable
Chapter 425 - He Will Overshadow The Crown Prince
Chapter 426 - You Ran Just Like That
Chapter 427 - Aiyo, This Seems Wrong
Chapter 428 - Moving The Sect Again
Chapter 429 - I Am Getting Hunted Down
Chapter 430 - Wah, That Is A Little Too Much
Chapter 431 - Are All Of You So Vicious?
Chapter 432 - Thank God
Chapter 433 - The Facilities Are A Little High Class
Chapter 434 - : Really Came
Chapter 435 - Whether You Die Is Not Important
Chapter 436 - Monster Emperor’S Friend
Chapter 437 - Someone Like You Wants To Beat Me
Chapter 438 - Aiyo, That Sounds A Little Wrong
Chapter 439 - Solving It Alone
Chapter 440 - Wow, You Are Serious
Chapter 441 - I Am A Capable Person
Chapter 442 - Kneeling Down And Shouting Daddy
Chapter 443 - Big Brother, Let Me Follow You
Chapter 444 - I Won’T Be Bullied In The Future
Chapter 445 - You Failed To Defend
Chapter 446 - I Told You To Be Careful
Chapter 447 - Why Don’T You Believe Me?
Chapter 448 - What If I Tell You That This Is A Misunderstanding? Lin Fan Could Understand The Rage And Unha
Chapter 449 - Unable To Keep Calm
Chapter 450 - Starting To Snatch Territory
Chapter 451 - Nearly Kissed My Feet
Chapter 452 - Why Don’T We Rest And Let Your Son Attack?
Chapter 453 - Unresolvable Conflict
Chapter 454 - Evil God Is The Cutest And Most Handsome
Chapter 455 - This Doesn’T Make Sense
Chapter 456 - Phenomenons Descended
Chapter 457 - You Will Return
Chapter 458 - One Look And I Know That Is A Pig
Chapter 459 - We Are Protected By A God
Chapter 460 - Senior, Take Me In
Chapter 461 - Really Eaten By Me
Chapter 462 - Why Is There Someone Who Tries To Act So Cool?
Chapter 463 - You Wait
Chapter 464 - Evil Alliance, Daddy Is Here
Chapter 465 - Why Do You Like To Act Cool So Much?
Chapter 466 - Maybe I Am Jealous
Chapter 467 - Go, Go To Your Sect To Play
Chapter 468 - There Is Something With Your Brain
Chapter 469 - You Are Just Too Arrogant
Chapter 470 - I Am Just Playing With You
Chapter 471 - If The Heavens Give You One More Chance
Chapter 472 - : How Did This Happen?
Chapter 473 - Save Me… Save Me
Chapter 474 - You Are A Little Cruel
Chapter 475 - Dry And Boring
Chapter 476 - Back To You City
Chapter 477 - Feeling Sad Because Of Death
Chapter 478 - Fighting To Prove Yourself
Chapter 479 - Time To Let Me Perform
Chapter 480 - Wa, Little Sword God
Chapter 481 - Please Wait A Moment
Chapter 482 - Two Melancholic Old Men
Chapter 483 - I Am Done, I Can’T Do This Anymore
Chapter 484 - Enough People, Start The Battle
Chapter 485 - Chief’S God Protection Is Here
Chapter 486 - Another Ignorant Person
Chapter 487 - Standing In The Wind, Even A Pig Knows How To Fly
Chapter 488 - Wow, How Piercing To The Eyes
Chapter 489 - Sect Leader Lin, You Really Are Amazing
Chapter 490 - Cherish The Chance
Chapter 491 - Damn, Who Are You Sending Me To?
Chapter 492 - Maybe This Is Fate
Chapter 493 - I Won’T Run Anymore
Chapter 494 - Killing One Right Away
Chapter 495 - Easy For The Young To Accept Defeat
Chapter 496 - You Didn’T Cherish Your Chance
Chapter 497 - The Development Is A Little Unexpected
Chapter 498 - Don’T You Have Any Idea?
Chapter 499 - Who Knows What Will Happen?
Chapter 500 - I Feel That Something Is Off
Chapter 501 - Why Don’T We Work Together?
Chapter 502 - Let’S Go And Wipe Them Out
Chapter 503 - How Can You Do That?
Chapter 504 - Would Anyone Believe What Happened To Me?
Chapter 505 - That’S A Little Too Much
Chapter 506 - What Is Your Relationship?
Chapter 507 - The Alliance Makes A Move
Chapter 508 - Free And Casual Life
Chapter 509 - Someone Wants To Kill Me
Chapter 510 - Four Alliances Working Together
Chapter 511 - Why So Troublesome?
Chapter 512 - Why Do That?
Chapter 513 - Father, You Look Good When You’Re Scared
Chapter 514 - I Am Going To Be Honest With All Of You
Chapter 515 - I Will Walk Upside Down
Chapter 516 - Father, You Still Haven’T Forgotten
Chapter 517 - Damn, Makes One Feel Helpless
Chapter 518 - I Am The Most Direct
Chapter 519 - This Is Really Terrifying
Chapter 520 - This Thing Is Just Too Terrifying
Chapter 521 - You Can Do It, You Definitely Can.
Chapter 522 - Probably Dead
Chapter 523 - : This Seems…
Chapter 524 - I Miss The Past
Chapter 525 - Shaking Alliance Headquarters
Chapter 526 - Gaze, Do You Understand The Gaze?
Chapter 527 - You Blocked The Wind
Chapter 528 - Can You Stop Fighting?
Chapter 529 - : You Won’T Be Lonely
Chapter 530 - That’S Right, Very Stylish
Chapter 531 - Dispute
Chapter 532 - Why Don’T You Give Face?
Chapter 533 - : We Are Not Stupid
Chapter 534 - Can You Not Do That?
Chapter 535 - Sick And Tired Of Playing
Chapter 536 - Excellent People Are So Popular
Chapter 537 - I Don’T Like To Act
Chapter 538 - All This Is The Future
Chapter 539 - : Dry And Boring
Chapter 540 - I Came To Mock All Of You
Chapter 541 - Wait Til I’M Out Of Secluded Meditation
Chapter 542 - Damn You
Chapter 543 - Eh Eh, We Can Run Over Them
Chapter 544 - This Is My Greatest Gift For All Of You
Chapter 545 - All Of You Don’T Know The Joy Of Becoming Strong
Chapter 546 - This Is Your Honor
Chapter 547 - Come And Take A Look, Would A Person Even Say Such A Thing?
Chapter 548 - You Are Quite Weak
Chapter 549 - Leave With No Regrets
Chapter 550 - Why Hit Me?
Chapter 551 - Different Sheng Rufo
Chapter 552 - Let Everything Go With The Wind
Chapter 553 - I Left Quickly With Everything
Chapter 554 - Where Is He? He’S Gone
Chapter 555 - Boring, Really Boring
Chapter 556 - Shock! Shock!
Chapter 557 - He Is Evil
Chapter 558 - Haiz, All Of Us Got Sick Playing
Chapter 559 - Beginning And End
Chapter 560 - It Is A Waste Of Your Talent To Be A Sect Leader
Chapter 561 - How Frustrating
Chapter 562 - Hesitating To Run Or Not To Run
Chapter 563 - You Really Came To Snatch People
Chapter 564 - No, I Understand Him
Chapter 565 - I Will Hand The Commander Position To You
Chapter 566 - I’M Trembling In Fear
Chapter 567 - End
Chapter 568 - Deal With All These People And It Will Be Quiet
Chapter 569 - Alliance, Lets Begin
Chapter 570 - Alliance In Chaos
Chapter 571 - I Didn’T Beat Them Up, They Are Harming Themselves
Chapter 572 - Forced To The Corner
Chapter 573 - 5 Seconds, Just 5 Seconds
Chapter 574 - So Vicious, Don’T Even Want Their Lives
Chapter 575 - No Killing Of The Envoy
Chapter 576 - Would A Person Even Say Such Things?
Chapter 577 - That’S A Bit Awkward
Chapter 578 - Alliance Falls
Chapter 579 - What Did You Say?
Chapter 580 - Starting A Family
Chapter 581 - Life Is Just Great
Chapter 582 - Let’S Blow A Sect
Chapter 583 - Why Don’T We Try?
Chapter 584 - That’S Weird, Why’S There No Feeling?
Chapter 585 - What’S Going On?
Chapter 586 - This World Of Despair
Chapter 587 - Are There Experts In This World?
Chapter 588 - This Is My Territory
Chapter 589 - Are You A God? No, I Am An Ordinary Person
Chapter 590 - Fist Is Still Useful
Chapter 591 - More Chaos
Chapter 592 - Saint Hall
Chapter 593 - Nurturing Troops To Use
Chapter 594 - : Hard To Do, A Little Dirty
Chapter 595 - Catching Evil God
Chapter 596 - Two Hardworking Old Men
Chapter 597 - That’S Just So Weak
Chapter 598 - A Bunch Of People Who Deserve To Die
Chapter 599 - Fighting To The Death
Chapter 600 - Tragic Lula
Chapter 601 - Don’T Be Afraid, I’M Not A Bad Person
Chapter 602 - Main Reason For All Getting Wiped
Chapter 603 - Insect Valley’S Secret
Chapter 604 - Beating Them Up
Chapter 605 - Evil God Lula’S Psychological Injury
Chapter 606 - What For? You Will Recover After Resting
Chapter 607 - Beating Up One Another
Chapter 608 - Old Ancestor Asks For Cooperation
Chapter 609 - No One Will Believe You
Chapter 610 - Why Are There So Many Problems After We Took Over?
Chapter 611 - That’S A Little Too Much
Chapter 612 - Old Ancestor, You Are Quite Unlucky
Chapter 613 - Run Away
Chapter 614 - Taking Revenge On Evil Gods
Chapter 615 - Name Is Like Thunder To The Ears
Chapter 616 - Problem With His Brain
Chapter 617 - We Might Become Good Friends
Chapter 618 - Too Much, That’S Too Much
Chapter 619 - Actually, He Is A Decent Person
Chapter 620 - : Do You Know Where My Cousin Is?
Chapter 621 - Worship Your God
Chapter 622 - Wa, You Are Being Shameless
Chapter 623 - What’S The Point? Just Say That You Are Leeching Off
Chapter 624 - Is The Food Not Good?
Chapter 625 - Monster Emperor’S Desires
Chapter 626 - Cousin, Stop
Chapter 627 - Evil God Servant’S Tourist Site
Chapter 628 - Damn Fellows
Chapter 629 - Where Do I Know This Person From?
Chapter 630 - Start To Swallow
Chapter 631 - Finally Walk The Path Of A Foodie
Chapter 632 - Life Is Tough
Chapter 633 - Purest Change
Chapter 634 - Isn'T This Someone Familiar?
Chapter 635 - Complete Hand And Finger
Chapter 636 - Sect Leader Lin, Save Us
Chapter 637 - Your Weakness Makes Me Happy
Chapter 638 - Look At How Nice They Are
Chapter 639 - Homework Every Guy Needs To Do
Chapter 640 - Can You Afford To Offend Me
Chapter 641 - Too Tough
Chapter 642 - Old Demon Wuwei Don’T Run
Chapter 643 - You Know How I Passed It
Chapter 644 - Jump Out Excitedly
Chapter 645 - Don’T Bring The Divinator, He Will Bring Us Down
Chapter 646 - Time To Join In
Chapter 647 - Find Him For Revenge
Chapter 648 - You Sure You’Re Right?
Chapter 649 - Not An Evil God We Killed
Chapter 650 - I Will Solve It For All Of You
Chapter 651 - : Rigt, I Am Lin Fan
Chapter 652 - Uncontrollable Terrifying Monster
Chapter 653 - Evil God Descends
Chapter 654 - : Don’T Be Too Nervous
Chapter 655 - Too Small
Chapter 656 - I Didn’T Kill Them
Chapter 657 - Am I Strong?
Chapter 658 - Can You Let Us Eat
Chapter 659 - This Might Not Be Yours
Chapter 660 - Life Goes On
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Alternative Titles:

I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky, IDWTDTH, Wǒ Bùxiǎng Nì Tiān A, 我不想逆天啊

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Book Details / Information: When I became a rich young master, I had to enjoy it.

Training? No!

That is so boring.

I have a system, no need for training.

Are you hungry? Come, I will treat you with some food at a luxurious restaurant.

What a poor homeless. Come, I will give you a house.

I, Lin Fan am a good person.

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Chapter 1 - Ok Then Scram

Chapter 1: Chapter 1- Ok then scram


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Within a room, a male calmly sat next to a mattress with a tinge of seriousness.

However, deep down, he was distressed.

“Three days, I can’t return anymore.”

Lin Fan’s mind was a mess; he remembered that before this, he was still at the subway station.

Within the subway, there was an unhappy situation that occurred where he fought with two brutes. He was really strong and used Wing Chun; however, in just three seconds, two huge sandbag sized fists struck him. With a “Peng”, he felt nothing after that.

When he opened his eyes, he was here.

At the start, he thought that it was a prank.

However, one had to know their own situation and status.

People like him, who were so normal they couldn’t even be considered a passerby, wouldn’t have anyone pranking them.

The furniture in the house was all made of a deep red wood; the air was also fragrant.

Everything seems really expensive.

Today was the third day.

The moment he arrived here, he didn’t dare run around. He was not sure about anything, and he also didn’t know where he was.

“A little messed up, didn’t novels say that when one transmigrates one would receive memories?”

Lin Fan scratched his head and was really worried and annoyed.

He came to the front of a mirror.

It was really clear.

He had looked many times, and he looked exactly the same except his hair was longer.

He didn’t even know whether he had transmigrated or teleported.

Different worlds definitely had two similar people, but the current situation was a little awkward.

Suddenly, Lin Fan pulled up the clothes on his left arm. When he saw the wounds and scars on his bicep, he was stunned.

“This is my original body!”

He didn’t dare believe it.

How did this happen?

Each person’s left bicep would have a mark from vaccinations, it is hard to remove it at all during one’s life.

He calmed himself down.

“Forget it, I have come here peacefully. Who have I been afraid of? It is just an alien world, no problem.”

After hiding for three days, he didn’t want to hide anymore and walked out of the door to take a look at this foreign world.

However, where was his golden finger?

Without any benefits, how was he going to spend time in this world? He was having such a bad time on Earth so could there be changes in a different place?

Lin Fan sank into deep thought.

He still didn’t believe what was happening.

“There should be changes.”

He did not think about all that, as an ambitious teen, even if he was in a foreign environment, he had to be confident and take the first step out.

He pushed the door and walked out.

It was a huge courtyard, with fake mountains and flowers.

The home of a rich person.

“It seems like I am lucky; in this foreign world I should be from a rich family.” Lin Fan was satisfied with his current state.

In the past, he couldn’t understand how rich people lived, but now he should be one.

Could he enjoy the wealth?

He headed out of the door and left the courtyard.

He had been thinking about a problem.

He should be a young master, but he didn’t see a single servant in the past three days.

No one even sent him any meals.

He was really hungry, but due to his fear of the foreign environment, he starved for those three days. However, luckily there were some snacks that filled his stomach.

At that moment, a servant walked over. When he saw Lin Fan, his expression was weird as he said respectfully, “Young Master, why are you out?”

Lin Fan acknowledged him.

Wait, what?

Since he acknowledges me as Young Master, then who would care if I came out?

To not let anyone feel uncomfortable, he knew that he had to speak less.

The servant lowered his head and found it weird.

Young Master was different from usual.

But he didn’t dare to ask more.

Lin Fan coughed softly and cleared his throat, acting like a young master, “Walk around with me.”

The servant wanted to remind him of something, but he knew his personality and that it would be useless even if he said it. He would even make him unhappy, as such, he could only follow along.

This place was too foreign.

He had to bring someone just in case.

Turning the corner, Lin Fan was stunned. He halted and nearly smacked into someone.

Just as he wanted to use his identity to holler, who is blind to not know who I am?

This shout was something he didn’t have the right to say in the past.

However, forget it.

Low profile.

Lin Fan raised his head and saw that the person in front of him was a strong male. He was majestic and really young.

There were many people who looked at Lin Fan.

In a narrow road, the courageous win.

Lin Fan noticed that the gaze the guy had towards him was weird like he wasn’t a subordinate but someone of a certain position.

However, even if he had a high status, how could he compare to him?

The male behind him shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Just at that moment, everyone opened their mouths in shock.

Lin Fan raised his hand and patted the male’s shoulder, “Brother, can you help me out?”

He asked really politely.

Although he didn’t know who it was, he looked very young so he might even be a blood brother or even a relative.

It shouldn’t be wrong to call him brother.

“Old Master.” The servant that followed Lin Fan held some silver in his hands. The young master wanted to go out to play, but he had no money so he went to get some. When he saw young master and old master bumping into one another, he headed over and he nearly lost his soul.

That voice calling out “Old Master” caused Lin Fan to be frightened.


Please make it clear.

Is this a joke? This person whose age was similar to him was actually his father.

Did that mean I am his son?

“Scoff! ”

The male scoffed angrily, “Servant, you are very bold to bring my son out to play, very bold indeed.”

His voice was like thunder, like that of a wild beast roaring.

It was really loud.


The servant knelt on the ground, his face turned white from fear like there was no blood at all.

“Men, drag him out and beat him to death.” The male ordered solemnly.

“Old Master, I won’t dare to in the future.” The servant was so afraid he nearly wet his pants. He kowtowed, his skin broke and fresh blood dyed the brick.

Lin Fan was stunned.

What kind of Family Head was this arrogant, treating the lives of his servants like this?

Looking at the expressions of the people around, it was like they were used to it, like beating servants to death was really normal.

After which, two muscular guards walked out. Looking at this pitiful servant being pulled away, Lin Fan had to intervene.


He stepped out, reaching out and blocking the two of them.

With his size, if not for him being the young master, the two guards would be able to beat him to death with two fists.

“I did it so it is my responsibility. I was the one who came out myself so it has nothing to do with him. Punish me if you need.”

Lin Fan was a person with a sense of righteousness if not he wouldn’t have been punched by those two brutes into the subway until he appeared here.

Of course, no matter what happens, since I am the young master, you can’t do much to me, right?

The servant who knelt on the floor raised his head, his tears covered his entire face.

He looked towards the young master in disbelief.

He didn’t expect that young master would actually speak for him at that moment.


As a servant, his life was as thin as paper and it wasn’t worth anything.

People often used the lives of servants to build prestige and to give their masters a chance to turn matters into nothingness.

As for them as servants, they would be forgotten just like that. Those better once would have straw wrapped around their bodies, the worse ones would have their corpses thrown into the wilderness with no one asking questions at all.

“Congratulations for activating the small support system.”

A sound rose up in his mind.

Was this his golden finger?

Lin Fan, who was addicted to novels, just closing his eyes and he could say thousands of different scenarios.

If he really talked about novels with you, one case of beer and he could make you hate novels forever.

Since the scenarios and plots were already revealed, what is the point of reading them?

Very quickly, Lin Fan came to his senses and he saw things that weren’t there before.

Several lines of data attracted his attention.

Lin Fan.

Physique: 9

Internal Strength: 0

Heart Cultivation: Nil

Cultivation Technique: Nil

Rage Points: 10

It was a little confusing.

Lin Fan didn’t understand it. The plot armor was activated just like that, and what was this rage value?

Was it?

He thought about a possibility.

“HAHAHAH! Brother Lin, your son really is charismatic.” A middle-aged man standing at the side laughed.

His clothing was really grand and beautiful, like that of an important person.

To prove the truth, he directly spoke up, “Aren’t you talking nonsense? Of course, I have charisma.”

The rage points value jumped.

From 10 to 30 points.

Lin Fan understood immediately and knew that this was the key.

Just a little increase and he understood.

However, his father was very angry with him, but that only added 10 points while this unknown person gave him 20.

Or was he so useless that his father gave up on him?

That was possible.

“Brat, how can you speak to Old Master Yuan. Have you cultivated the Vengeful Tiger Blade Technique I told you to?” Lin Wanyi scolded.

Old Master Yuan’s face changed slightly like he was enraged.

However, he still smiled.

“It is okay, it is okay, your son is a direct person. I don’t blame him, I don’t blame him.”

Lin Fan already knew his own status and position.

Although he didn’t know what was going on.

But just because he was his son, he had nothing to fear, could he chop him to death from rage?

Wait, cultivation method?

What kind of world is this?

Was it a Wuxia one?

Calm down, he had to calm down and not panic.

“No.” Lin Fan replied.

“Rage +5.”

There was such a small addition, did he really give up on him?

His heart was long in despair.

He had no hopes for him?

Lin Wanyi calmed his rage, “Why didn’t you cultivate? ”

Towards this problem, Lin Fan really didn’t know how to reply. Cultivate what? At least he had to give him a cultivation technique.

Who knew where his son threw it to.

“I don’t know where it went.” Lin Fan replied honestly, that was the truth.

Lin Wanyi’s chest movement was a little huge, he couldn’t calm himself down anymore, ‘Scram.”

“Okay, I will scram now.”

Before Lin Wanyi said anymore, he pulled the servant on the floor and ran.

“Rage +100.”

Lin Fan, who already fled into the distance, found it weird.

He received a hundred points just like that?

Lin Wanyi’s face turned green, this son, he really is a brat.

He shook his head and sighed, his heart was filled with sadness.

What was going to happen in the future?

Old Master Yuan consoled him, in his heart he was delighted. As expected from the rumors.


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