I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

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Chapter 2 - Let’S Go, I Will Bring You For A Checkup
Chapter 3 - I’Ll Pee On Your Hand
Chapter 4 - Massive Hemorrhage
Chapter 5 - Rebirth · I’M Pregnant. Are You Gonna Be Responsible?!
Chapter 6 - A Coward That Sneaked Away
Chapter 7 - The Coward Is Worried
Chapter 8 - The So-Called Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow
Chapter 9 - Date? Date Your Sister Ah!
Chapter 10 - Let’S Make A Bet!
Chapter 11 - You Haven’T Blackmailed Anyone, Have You?
Chapter 12 - It Doesn’T Matter, You Can Hide From Me, Can’T I Chase You?
Chapter 13 - : Entanglement
Chapter 14 - Rent The House? That’S A Good Idea!
Chapter 15 - The Handsome New Tenant
Chapter 16 - Welcome To The House!
Chapter 17 - Persuading You To Abort The Child!
Chapter 18 - Shotgun Marriage?
Chapter 19 - Could He Be… Pregnant?!
Chapter 20 - A Freak Combination Of Circumstances!
Chapter 21 - Abhorrent Little Thing! Just You Wait!
Chapter 22 - Overbearing Exposed, I Am The Child’S Father!
Chapter 23 - The Child Is Really Not Yours
Chapter 24 - Laozi Don’T Want You To Be Responsible!
Chapter 25 - Don’T Want To Die…
Chapter 26 - Who’S Eating Your Vinegar?
Chapter 27 - Lying Down And Still Got Shot!
Chapter 28 - Blame, I Hate You!
Chapter 29 - I’M Not Dead?! The Child Is Still Here?!
Chapter 30 - Attempted Abduction
Chapter 31 - Vinegar Flavor Flying All Over The Sky, Flying All Over The Sky
Chapter 32 - Divergence, To Return To Your House Or My Home
Chapter 33 - : Is This Inviting A Wolf To My House?
Chapter 34 - Big Grey Wolf Ling’S ‘Conspiracy’
Chapter 35 - It’S You Who Make Trouble!
Chapter 36 - Secretly Cheating
Chapter 37 - Fetal Movement
Chapter 38 - Second Bedroom
Chapter 39 - Can’T Him Be Stubborn! Can? Can?
Chapter 40 - Nervous, I Cut My Hand
Chapter 41 - Have You Really Decided To Be Responsible?
Chapter 42 - This Is A Reward For You.
Chapter 43 - Do You Want Me To Abort The Baby?
Chapter 44 - The Relationship Between Men And Men…
Chapter 45 - Almost Exposed
Chapter 46 - Express Delivery
Chapter 47 - The Coexistence Model Of These Happy Little Two
Chapter 48 - To The Point Of Taking A Cold Bath
Chapter 49 - Get Out! Lao Zi Wants To Do Big Business!
Chapter 50 - The Hungry Wolf’S Expression
Chapter 51 - Bastard, Get Your Hands Off!
Chapter 52 - : Dizziness, Sore Throat, Runny Nose…
Chapter 53 - The Future Daughter-In-Law Is Pregnant?!
Chapter 54 - A Smile, No Matter How Hard And Tired, Is Worth It!
Chapter 55 - Mothers Are Honored By Their Sons? A Knot In The Bottom Of The Heart
Chapter 56 - Video Conferencing, Why Do You Have A Crib?
Chapter 57 - Wife’S Orders Must Be Absolutely Obeyed!
Chapter 58 - He Can Finally Take His Wife Home!
Chapter 59 - Those Doted Ones Are All Fearless
Chapter 60 - Bastard Ling’S House Is Too Luxurious!
Chapter 61 - Expressing Sincerity, Finally Had Gotten Relief!
Chapter 62 - Little Ancestor Falls In Love With The Bathtub!
Chapter 63 - Twins! Some Are Happy, Some Are Worried.
Chapter 64 - Alas, Didn’T Get To See The Future Daughter-In-Law!
Chapter 65 - The Future Parents-In-Law Make Their Way To The Door!
Chapter 66 - Determined Not To Open The Door!
Chapter 67 - 100% Pure Goodness Wife!
Chapter 68 - Discussing To Meet The Parents-In-Law!
Chapter 69 - Sweet Progressive Time
Chapter 70 - Son, Father And Mother Support You!
Chapter 71 - To Pick A Date Is Not As Good As To Encounter A Date1. So Let It Be Today!
Chapter 72 - A Nervous Historical Meeting
Chapter 73 - Brain Short Circuited, Directly Called Them As Dad And Mom
Chapter 74 - Aiyo, My Little Ancestor! Why Are You Crying?
Chapter 75 - To Penetrate Into A Bull’S Horn1, An Unexpected Cold War With Him!
Chapter 76 - Mutually Finding Someone To Complain To
Chapter 77 - Children Are Becoming More And More Arrogant Nowadays
Chapter 78 - What Is Your Intention?
Chapter 79 - Still Remembers That Year…
Chapter 80 - If Elder Brother Can’T Give You Happiness, Then I Will Give You!
Chapter 81 - Someone Has Been Protecting You Somewhere You Don’T Know
Chapter 82 - Victory Is Perseverance!
Chapter 83 - Rejected Confession–I Don’T Like Men.
Chapter 84 - That Call Of “Husband” Is So Pleasing
Chapter 85 - Beg Wife To Give Me An Assurance Pill1!
Chapter 86 - Happy Husband And Husband Buy The Rings!
Chapter 87 - A Pregnant Man’S Mind Is Hard To Guess
Chapter 88 - Unknown Number, The Matters Of Eating Vinegar
Chapter 89 - Friends Are Used To Relieve Boredom.
Chapter 90 - Intersected Network…
Chapter 91 - That Woman Is A Scourge After All.
Chapter 92 - Come Back Drunk
Chapter 93 - Wife… Help Me Get Rid Of The Fire
Chapter 94 - Shoot! Sudden Stomach Pain!
Chapter 95 - Endure, It Won’T Hurt After A While
Chapter 96 - En, He Is Going Into Labor.
Chapter 97 - It’S Really Painful To Give Birth
Chapter 98 - Ee~ My Sons Are So Ugly Ah!
Chapter 99 - Wife, Is It Comfortable?
Chapter 100 - Serving Tirelessly!
Chapter 101 - A Tough Half Month
Chapter 102 - It’S Non-Refundable To Die By Sweetness
Chapter 103 - Wife, You Are Awesome
Chapter 104 - Keeping A Close Watch On The Husband Who Is Heading Out
Chapter 105 - Revenge, Do It On The Spot!
Chapter 106 - The Evil Video On The Computer Desktop
Chapter 107 - Don’T… We Are In The Office…
Chapter 108 - Naming Our Sons!
Chapter 109 - Which Family… Is That Young Master From?
Chapter 110 - A Request From A Colleague
Chapter 111 - Don’T Tell Me The Man Who Married Ziyang… Is Ling Zhanyi?!
Chapter 112 - My Husband Is Too Black-Bellied.
Chapter 113 - Teasing His Son, His Son Is A Little Fool…
Chapter 114 - Bastard Ling Is Acting Coquettish Too
Chapter 115 - Husband, In The Future, Why Don’T You Hand Me Your Payroll Card!
Chapter 116 - Going Back Home To Get The Books
Chapter 117 - Insinuating Black-Belly
Chapter 118 - So——Much——Love!
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After seeking pleasure in the nightclub and a night of romance, he discovered there’s a seed in his stomach;

After pondering back and forth, he decided to look for the father’s child for responsibility;

Fate was unfavourable, he was dragged to get an abortion, unexpectedly, his life was even throw in during the process;

When he once again opened his eyes, he had returned back to the night of pleasure under that slag man…

In order to avoid his past fate, Su Ziyang decided that this life, he would bring up his own child by himself!

However, Ling Zhanyi, what happened to you!

Don’t bother Lao Zi!

Lao Zi merely had an one-night stand with you, everyone had fun!

Lao Zi don’t want you to be responsible!

Lao Zi really don’t want you to be responsible!!!!

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Chapter 1 - I’M Pregnant

Chapter 1 – I’m pregnant

“I’m pregnant.” Su Ziyang was wearing loose sportswear, holding his waist with one hand while the other was extended out, blocking the Ling Zhanyi in front of him.

At the rush hour of getting off work, Ling Shi Enterprise Building downstairs, there were many employees coming and going. Ling Zhanyi squinted, feeling displeased as he sized up this young man in front of with danger reflected in his iris.

Three months ago, he indeed went to a nightclub, and immediately chimed in easily with a man named Su Ziyang. They opened a room and rolled in the sheets. Both of them had a good time. But then, like all one-night stands, they went their separate ways and had nothing to do with each other.

Who expected that Su Ziyang got his telephone number from nowhere, and called every day to say that he was pregnant and he should be responsible for it.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t believe in his words at all… Men could get pregnant, who was he lying to?! Even ghosts don’t believe it!

Find a better reason if he wanted to pester him for hush money!

Su Ziyang didn’t call in these two days. He thought that this fellow had finally figured it out. How would he know that he was stopped just after he left the company today?

Looking over the man’s abdomen, Ling Zhanyi sneered, “How many months?”

“Three months.” Su Ziyang scratched his cheeks and said with some embarrassment, “Actually, I didn’t want to come to you, but this child is your seed after all. I don’t have the right to decide this child’s life or death. If you are sure you don’t want this child, you can accompany me to the hospital and abort the child. If you want the child, I’ll have to bother you with my child’s living expenses. I’m a pregnant person who can’t come out to work again, can I? But you can rest assured that when the baby is born, I will disappear automatically and never pester you! “

When Ling Zhanyi heard him mention the “living expenses”, his eyes revealed sarcasm. Oh, he said all this with such pompous, in the end, it was just for the word “money”!

However, talking nonsense to him under the company building was not Ling Zhanyi’s style. There were so many employees coming and going that if they knew that their president was entangled by a man for the reason of “pregnancy” and “responsibility”, where will his face go? “Get on the car.” Ling Zhanyi went to his car, opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

Su Ziyang was stunned for a long time before he came to his senses and incessantly opened the back door and sat in.

The car was spacious and comfortable, and Su Ziyang, who had been holding his waist, breathed an air of relief. Then he put his hand on his lower abdomen, subconsciously assumed a protective form, and said, “Slow down, or I will puke in your car later.”

Ling Zhanyi gritted his teeth secretly and stared at Su Ziyang in the rearview mirror. He started the car, stepped on the accelerator, and flew out!

“Ah-” Su Ziyang was shocked and leaned backward. He quickly and carefully reached out one hand to grasp the arm of the front seat, while the other hand was still protecting his stomach.

Ling Zhanyi ignored his howling and drove his car so fast that he even took the route with an overpass.

“Hey… Slow down… Hey… ” Su Ziyang was leaning all over the sides in the back seat, and in a few moments, his stomach was brewing storms. He covered his mouth and made a vomiting gesture. Ling Zhanyi made a turn and stepped on the brakes when he was at the parking lane.

When the rear door opened, Su Ziyang stumbled off the car. He leaned on the railing and could not stop vomiting. Of course, he did not vomit anything except stomach acid, but it was still uncomfortable that his tears came down.

Ling Zhanyi took a glance at Su Ziyang, who was vomiting from the reversing mirror. His mouth was slightly warped, showing a smile, but he still despised that guy in his heart:  He truly acted like he was pregnant!


Total Chapters in book: 118
Estimated words: 206225 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1031(@200wpm)___ 825(@250wpm)___ 687(@300wpm)