I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning by Legendary Youth

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - Handsome, Can I Add You On Wechat?
Chapter 3 - Bugatti La Voiture Noire
Chapter 4 - Sign In, 100,000 Rmb!
Chapter 5 - Is This The World Of The Rich?
Chapter 6 - Cat Girl, Xia Wanqiu
Chapter 7 - Fierce And Adorable
Chapter 8 - This Is Mr. Lin'S Magnanimity!
Chapter 9 - 20 Million Yuan School District Room
Chapter 10 - Lin Fan Was So Rich
Chapter 11 - Am I That Kind Of Person?
Chapter 12 - Master-Level Culinary Skills, Xia Wanqiu'S Wechat Message
Chapter 13 - Meow ~ You Lost
Chapter 14 - Stupid Pig Trotter!
Chapter 15 - Acting Poor
Chapter 16 - The Second-Largest Shareholder Of A Five-Star Hotel!
Chapter 17 - Unfathomable!
Chapter 18 - 840,000 Rent In Hand, Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 19 - Romanée Conti La Romanée-Conti
Chapter 20 - Mr Lin'S True Identity
Chapter 21 - This Blockhead
Chapter 22 - Do You Like Me?
Chapter 23 - It'S This Lin Fan Who Cheated My Cabbage?
Chapter 24 - : A School District House Worth 24 Million!
Chapter 25 - My Cat Was Bullied, Hit Him!
Chapter 26 - So Lin Fan Is So Outstanding
Chapter 27 - My Motive Of Opening A Restaurant Isn'T To Make Money
Chapter 28 - She Likes You
Chapter 29 - Torturing Singles
Chapter 30 - Aren'T You Going Overboard?
Chapter 31 - Top Of Weibo'S Hot Search List
Chapter 32 - Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu'S Relationship
Chapter 33 - The Sweet Love Xia Wanqiu Didn'T Announce
Chapter 34 - Run!
Chapter 35 - Pretending To Be A Girlfriend
Chapter 36 - Xia Wanqiu Is Shy
Chapter 37 - The Most Popular Person!
Chapter 38 - Fair Competition!
Chapter 39 - Yes~
Chapter 40 - : Damn Lin Fan Took Her Cat Away
Chapter 41 - I’M Not Interested In Money
Chapter 42 - Kissing Scene
Chapter 43 - Increasing The Rent
Chapter 44 - Is This The World Of The Rich?
Chapter 45 - Screenwriter Level: Master Level
Chapter 46 - Who Wants To Pretend To Be Your Girlfriend?
Chapter 47 - You’Re Jealous
Chapter 48 - The Cat Is Angry, The Consequences Are Serious
Chapter 49 - How Could Lin Fan Be So Handsome?
Chapter 50 - : Living Together
Chapter 51 - Need A Script
Chapter 52 - : The Youngest Entrepreneur
Chapter 53 - Banquet
Chapter 54 - This Is A Masterpiece!
Chapter 55 - Xia Wangqiu Is Going To Be The Female Lead
Chapter 56 - Competing For The Script, Lin Fan Is Going To Be Rich!
Chapter 57 - A Script Worth 18.4 Million
Chapter 58 - Officially Signed
Chapter 59 - The Male Lead, Lin Fan!
Chapter 60 - Yuehua Entertainment’S Sincerity
Chapter 61 - This Is The Difference Between Him And The Big Boss
Chapter 62 - Instant Kill Again
Chapter 63 - Competing For The Female Lead
Chapter 64 - Xu Yang: Why Is This Different From What I Thought?
Chapter 65 - Even If I Starve To Death, I Won’T Eat Lin Fan’S Meal
Chapter 66 - Why Couldn’T It Be Faster?
Chapter 67 - Xu Yang: Why Am I Being Pdaed Again
Chapter 68 - Let’S Face Any Storm Together
Chapter 69 - Unspoken Rules
Chapter 70 - No One Can Bully You!
Chapter 71 - Lin Fan’S Counterattack
Chapter 72 - Mua~~
Chapter 73 - Qian Hongguang’S Doomsday _ 1
Chapter 74 - Shock In The Entertainment Industry, Filming Begins! _ 1
Chapter 75 - Lin Fan… Is He Really A Newbie? _ 1
Chapter 76 - : God-Level Acting, Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 77 - Xu Yang: Why Is My Life So Tragic _ 1
Chapter 78 - Damn Woman, Pay Me Ice Cream! _ 1
Chapter 79 - Conquered By Lin Fan’S Acting Skills_1
Chapter 80 - He Can_1
Chapter 81 - Kissing Scene _ 1
Chapter 82 - She Was The Only One In His World
Chapter 83 - Xia Wangqiu’S First Kiss _ 1
Chapter 84 - Why Don’T You Give Me A Kiss? (1)
Chapter 85 - At The Celebratory Banquet, Lin Fan’S Culinary Skills Shocked Everyone (2)_ 1
Chapter 86 - Everyone Is Amazed, A Real Chef! (3) _ 1
Chapter 87 - God-Level Acting, The Post-Production Crew Was Mesmerised(4)
Chapter 88 - Conquering The Entire Post-Production Team, Getting 300,000 In Cash (5) _ 1
Chapter 89 - Lin Jingjing Was Shocked, What An Amazing Soundtrack!
Chapter 90 - How Can Xia Wanqiu Be So Beautiful (7)_1
Chapter 91 - Confession, Xu Yang’S Decision (8)_1
Chapter 92 - Xu Yang: How Can You Stuff Me With Dog Food Like This? (9)_1
Chapter 93 - Men Who Can Cook Are The Hunkiest(10) _1
Chapter 94 - Can I Borrow Your Hand To Hold? (11) _1
Chapter 95 - Neither Heaven Nor Earth Are As Beautiful As You (12) _ 1
Chapter 96 - Lin Fan’S Weibo Exploded, Joy Media Evenly Matched With Yuehua (13)
Chapter 97 - Breaking The Doubt With The Truth! (14) _1
Chapter 98 - The Battle Begins For The Two Major Television Dramas! (15) _1
Chapter 99 - Explosive Reputation, God-Level Acting Skills, Lin Fan’S Became Extremely Popular! (16)
Chapter 100 - The Idol Of 1.32 Million Fans, Lin Fan! (17) _ 1
Chapter 101 - Reputation Is Divergent, Completely Crushing Joy Media (18)_1
Chapter 102 - Joy Media Abandoned Their Struggle And Was Completely Defeated (19) __1
Chapter 103 - Top Of Weibo’S Trending Topics List Again, Shocking The Entertainment Industry (20) _
Chapter 104 - The Real Master Of Scripts, Lin Fan! 1
Chapter 105 - This Should Be Confirming Their Relationship, Right? _ 1
Chapter 106 - Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu Are Together!
Chapter 107 - Xia Wanqiu Admitted It? _
Chapter 108 - I’M Not Interested In Money (1)
Chapter 109 - Lin Fan’S A God Of Singing! _1
Chapter 110 - Master’S Singing Is Too Outstanding, Su Xiaoyu Worships Him_1
Chapter 111 - One Day, I Will Take Over The Cat!_1
Chapter 112 - The Luck Of The Entertainment Industry, The Birth Of A Genius Screenwriter _1
Chapter 113 - The Most Perfect Talent, Lin Fan!_1
Chapter 114 - Son, Pursue Xia Wanqiu Sooner (1)
Chapter 115 - Superstar, Lin Fan
Chapter 116 - Lake Heart Villa, A Billion-Dollar Sports Car, Lin Yushi Was Stunned (1)
Chapter 117 - Brother, Do I Have A Sister-In-Law?
Chapter 118 - God-Level Culinary Skills, Culinary Skills Shocking Everyone (1)
Chapter 119 - 9 Lin Fan Is Her Idol! 1
Chapter 120 - One Kiss And It Will No Longer Hurt _1
Chapter 121 - 1 My Wife Is Too Beautiful, What Should I Do!
Chapter 122 - Distributing So Much Dog Food That Dogs Were About To Be Full(1)
Chapter 123 - Lin Fan Is On Camera And His Live Stream Is Hot! _ 1
Chapter 124 - What Is A True Heavenly Voice!
Chapter 125 - A Song Becomes Extremely Popular On Tiktok, Shocking The Music Industry! _1
Chapter 126 - Fighting For The Music Copyright, Lin Fan Is Rich Again! __ 1
Chapter 127 - Qq Music’S Determination To Win Lin Fan Over!_1
Chapter 128 - Contract Fee Of 2.4 Million, Exclusive Copyright Sold! _1
Chapter 129 - You’Re My Wife ~ _1
Chapter 130 - One Song, A New Peak!_1
Chapter 131 - First On The List, Heavenly King Zhou’S Shock_1
Chapter 132 - Xu Yang: Why Am I So Tragic_1
Chapter 133 - Xia Wanqiu’S Face Turned Red. Was She Too Proactive? __
Chapter 134 - A Peak Work Is Born In Front Of Everyone’S Eyes! _ 1
Chapter 135 - A Million People Are Shocked, Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu’S Sweet Kissing Scene (1)
Chapter 136 - A True Masterpiece Has Broken A Historical Record! _ 1
Chapter 137 - 200 Million Profit! Lin Fan Is Rich, Fighting For Family Status With His Wife! 1
Chapter 138 - Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu’S Scandal, Xia Wanqiu’S Professional Crisis_1
Chapter 139 - Xia Wanqiu Was Bullied, Ceo Li Is Furious! _1
Chapter 140 - Lin Fan Is Here For Everything! _ 1
Chapter 141 - The Legend Of Sword And Fairy, Another Peak Television Drama! 1
Chapter 142 - Lin Fan Personally Directs His Film, War Declared On Huace Pictures!_1
Chapter 143 - Xia Wanqiu Took The Initiative To Kiss Him For The First Time, His Wife Is So Nice (1)
Chapter 144 - The Real Directing Master, Lin Fan! _ 1
Chapter 145 - Movie King-Like Acting Skills, Everyone Admired It _ 1
Chapter 146 - This Drama Touched Everyone In The Crew_1
Chapter 147 - Filming For The Television Series Completed, Lin Fan’S Acting Stuns Ceo Li (1)
Chapter 148 - Sujiang Tv Is Shocked, The Legend Of Sword And Fairy Is Too Interesting! 1
Chapter 149 - Confronting Today’S Apex King, Declaring War! _ 1
Chapter 150 - Come, Huace Pictures, A Direct Decisive Battle! _1
Chapter 151 - Shocking The Internet, Peak Showdown! 1
Chapter 152 - Classic Masterpiece, Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu Are Getting Married?! _ 1
Chapter 153 - It’S Hard To Compare Two God-Level Works! _1
Chapter 154 - Shock In The Entertainment Industry, Lin Fan’S God-Level Directing Ability! _1
Chapter 155 - Star Garden’S Viewership Ratings, Superstar Lin Kexin Appears ~ _1
Chapter 156 - Lin Fan – The Main Cause Of The Success Behind The Viewership Rating Of “The Legend Of Sword And Fairy”!
Chapter 157 - Holding Hands ~ _1
Chapter 158 - Visual Feast, The Legend Of Sword And Fairy Is Extremely Popular! _ 1
Chapter 159 - Breaking The 30-Year Record, Shocking The Entertainment Industry! _ 1
Chapter 160 - The True Moment Of Counterattack, Shocking The Entire World! _ 1
Chapter 161 - Popular Across The Entire Internet, Weibo Collapsed!
Chapter 162 - Brother Fan, You'Re Really Too Fierce! _ 1
Chapter 163 - The Legend Of Sword And Fairy, A Godly Masterpiece! _ 1
Chapter 164 - Confessing To Xia Wanqiu! _ 1
Chapter 165 - Just A Little Bit More, And She'Ll Be His Girlfriend! _ 1
Chapter 166 - At Home, The Wife Is In Charge Of The Money _ 1
Chapter 167 - Lv And Chanel'S Second-Largest Shareholder, Lin Fan! _ 1
Chapter 168 - The Overseas Executives Are Shocked, The Ceo Of Chanel Is Stunned! _ 1
Chapter 169 - Alarming The Lv Headquarters, Lin Fan'S True Identity! _ 1
Chapter 170 - Ceo Lin'S Identity And Status Are Unfathomable! _ 1
Chapter 171 - The Ceos Of Lv And Chanel Are Crying. Lin Fan'S Feast Was Too Delicious _ 1
Chapter 172 - This Is Lin Fan'S Style. Lv And Chanel'S Big Bosses Are Impressed _ 1
Chapter 173 - I Have No Choice But To Pamper My Wife _ 1
Chapter 174 - My Wife Is So Beautiful, I Have To Get Her! _ 1
Chapter 175 - Lin Fan Will Be Responsible For All Of Xia Wanqiu'S Endorsements! _ 1
Chapter 176 - Yuehua Entertainment Is Shocked, How Much Power Does Lin Fan Have?! _ 1
Chapter 177 - Who'S Your Wife? Xia Wanqiu'S Face Turned Red _ 1
Chapter 178 - I'Ll Marry Her Sooner Or Later ~
Chapter 179 - Today, I'Ll Confess!
Chapter 180 - He Will Celebrate This Birthday With You (1)
Chapter 181 - He Will Celebrate This Birthday With You (2)
Chapter 182 - Xia Wanqiu, Happy Birthday
Chapter 183 - Will You Marry Me?
Chapter 184 - He'S My Prince Charming, And Also My Idol!
Chapter 185 - From Today Onwards, You Are My Girlfriend
Chapter 186 - Official Announcement!
Chapter 187 - The Rest Of My Life Is Yours. Xia Wanqiu Is Lin Fan'S Girlfriend!
Chapter 188 - The Lethality Of This Dog Food Is A Little Too Great!
Chapter 189 - Facing Everyone As A Couple
Chapter 190 - Su Xiaoyu Was Moved To Tears. It Was All Lin Fan'S Credit!
Chapter 191 - Golden Eagle Award'S Television Drama Of The Year, "The Legend Of Sword And Fairy"!
Chapter 192 - Shocking Everyone, The Most Popular Actor Award Winner, Lin Fan!
Chapter 193 - How Can You Show Off Your Love Like This?
Chapter 194 - Once You Get My Dad'S Approval, I'Ll Marry You ~
Chapter 195 - Xia Wanqiu'S Private Photo. Lin Fan Is Too Blissful
Chapter 196 - I Want A Hug
Chapter 197 - A Major Shareholder Of The Bugatti Corporation, Alarming The European Higher-Ups
Chapter 198 - Bugatti'S Sincerity, Giving Lin Fan A Sports Car Worth Hundreds Of Millions!
Chapter 199 - I Don'T Have Much Savings, Just 100 Million
Chapter 200 - Lin Qianwei Was Stunned, Bugatti'S Higher-Ups Welcomed Lin Fan!
Chapter 201 - The 200-Million-Yuan Sports Car Launch Begins, Lin Fan'S Home Field!
Chapter 202 - Mua ~ Master Is So Nice (1)
Chapter 203 - Mua ~ Master Is So Nice (2)
Chapter 204 - Another Sports Car Worth Hundreds Of Millions! (1)
Chapter 205 - Another Sports Car Worth Hundreds Of Millions! (2)
Chapter 206 - Another Sports Car Worth Hundreds Of Millions! (3)
Chapter 207 - Shocking Everyone, Lin Fan'S True Identity! (1)
Chapter 208 - Shocking Everyone, Lin Fan'S True Identity! (2)
Chapter 209 - Shocking Everyone, Lin Fan'S True Identity! (3)
Chapter 210 - Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu, Please Get Married On The Spot!
Chapter 211 - How Can Lin Fan Be So Rich? Lin Yushi Cried With Envy (1)
Chapter 212 - How Can Lin Fan Be So Rich? Lin Yushi Cried With Envy (2)
Chapter 213 - How Can Lin Fan Be So Rich? Lin Yushi Cried With Envy (3)
Chapter 214 - Mr. Lin Fan, Can I Add You On Wechat? (1)
Chapter 215 - Mr. Lin Fan, Can I Add You On Wechat? (2)
Chapter 216 - This Will Be A True Visual Feast (1)
Chapter 217 - This Will Be A True Visual Feast (2)
Chapter 218 - This Will Be A True Visual Feast (3)
Chapter 219 - Tonight Is Destined To Be Extraordinary! (1)
Chapter 220 - Tonight Is Destined To Be Extraordinary! (2)
Chapter 221 - The Song "My Old Deskmate", Shocks Everyone!
Chapter 222 - Lin Fan'S Song Became Popular, Top Music Companies Kneeled To Beg To Work With Him!
Chapter 223 - Lin Fan'S God-Level Culinary Skills Shocks Everyone (1)
Chapter 224 - Lin Fan'S God-Level Culinary Skills Shocks Everyone (2)
Chapter 225 - Lin Fan'S God-Level Culinary Skills Shocks Everyone (3)
Chapter 226 - 200 School District Houses, Lin Fan Is Going To Be Rich! (1)
Chapter 227 - 200 School District Houses, Lin Fan Is Going To Be Rich! (2)
Chapter 228 - Lin Fan Isn'T A Simple Person (1)
Chapter 229 - Lin Fan Isn'T A Simple Person (2)
Chapter 230 - My Wife Has Become Prettier (1)
Chapter 231 - My Wife Has Become Prettier (2)
Chapter 232 - My Wife Has Become Prettier (3)
Chapter 233 - Stealing The Household Register And Registering Their Marriage ~ (1)
Chapter 234 - Stealing The Household Register And Registering Their Marriage~ (2)
Chapter 235 - Stealing The Household Register And Registering Their Marriage ~ (3)
Chapter 236 - Xia Wanqiu Is Back, My Wife'S Exclusive Reward
Chapter 237 - Goodbye, Lin Fan. Su Xiaoyu'S Farewell
Chapter 238 - Lin Fan'S First Artiste, Su Xiaoyu
Chapter 239 - Lin Fan Is A God Of Singers, Staff Tears
Chapter 240 - This Is Lin Fan'S Influence!
Chapter 241 - Lin Fan'S Monthly Income, Su Xiaoyu Completely Worshipped Him
Chapter 242 - You'Re My Boyfriend Now ~
Chapter 243 - Lin Fan'S Assets Might Be Over A Hundred Billion!
Chapter 244 - Even If Dad Saw Lin Fan, He Has To Call Him Boss Lin
Chapter 245 - Everyone Was Stunned. Lin Fan Was Actually Driving A 200-Million-Yuan Sports Car! (1)
Chapter 246 - Everyone Was Stunned. Lin Fan Was Actually Driving A 200-Million-Yuan Sports Car! (2)
Chapter 247 - Damn It, Is This The World Of Tycoons?
Chapter 248 - Living In A House Worth Hundreds Of Millions, Everyone Was Envious
Chapter 249 - Ceo Lin Is A Major Shareholder Of The Hotel!
Chapter 250 - Wang Zhiwen Is Crying. Why Are All The Girls At Lin Fan'S Place?
Chapter 251 - Damn It, I'Ve Been Stuffed With Dog Food By Lin Fan Again!
Chapter 252 - Signed In, Alibaba'S Second-Largest Shareholder!
Chapter 253 - : Legend Of China'S Business World, Ceo Ma'S Invitation
Chapter 254 - Madam Xia, Stay Here Tonight
Chapter 255 - Did Lin Fan Save The Milky Way In His Past Life?
Chapter 256 - Various Business Giants Actively Try To Rope Lin Fan In
Chapter 257 - Be My Woman, I Can Give You Everything You Want
Chapter 258 - Lin Fan Strikes, Huo Tian'S Hand Breaks!
Chapter 259 - Lin Fan Is Alibaba'S Vice President!
Chapter 260 - Attack!
Chapter 261 - Let'S Go To War, Lin Fan Attacks!
Chapter 262 - The Huo Family Is Shocked. The Bugatti Corporation Actually Helped Lin Fan
Chapter 263 - Yun Qian Is Shocked, So This Is Lin Fan'S Identity
Chapter 264 - Huo Xinyu, Let'S Fight!
Chapter 265 - Lin Fan Appears, The Official Battle Begins!
Chapter 266 - Lin Fan'S Acting Skills, Consolidating At Every Step
Chapter 267 - Lin Fan Wins, Everyone Is Shocked
Chapter 268 - Defeating Huo Xinyu, What Is A True God Of Gamblers!
Chapter 269 - Su Xiaoyu Takes Action, Huo Family'S Doomsday
Chapter 270 - Alarming The Huo Family, Lin Fan Is Actually Vice President Of Alibaba!
Chapter 271 - Stupid Lin Fan, You'Re Asking For A Beating!
Chapter 272 - Awarded A Tomson Riviera Villa Worth 300 Million!
Chapter 273 - Did I Still Fail?
Chapter 274 - Signing Lin Kexin, Lin Fan'S Money-Making Plan
Chapter 275 - Accidentally Earned 80 Million, Everyone Worshipped Lin Fan
Chapter 276 - Lin Fan And Xia Wanqiu'S Appearance Stunned Time (1)
Chapter 277 - Officially Declaring War!
Chapter 278 - Why Can Lin Fan'S Scripts Be So Good
Chapter 279 - : This Is Lin Fan'S Creative Ability!
Chapter 280 - I'Ll Reward You~
Chapter 281 - Shocking The Entire Internet, Lin Fan'S Television Drama Is About To Premiere!
Chapter 282 - Premiere Rights For 600 Million
Chapter 283 - Lin Fan Made Big Money Again. He Received 80 Million.
Chapter 284 - Living Together?!
Chapter 285 - How Can My Wife Be So Beautiful?
Chapter 286 - Lin Fan'S Theme Song Shook The Entire Internet!
Chapter 287 - First Place On Weibo'S Trending Topics List, Lin Fan!
Chapter 288 - 200 Million Popularity, Another Historical Record!
Chapter 289 - Lin Fan, Estee Lauder'S Largest Shareholder!
Chapter 290 - Crisis, Someone Wants To Kill Lin Fan!
Chapter 291 - Lin Fan'S Arrival Shocked Everyone In Estee Lauder!
Chapter 292 - Lin Fan Is The Ceo Of Estée Lauder. Counterattack!
Chapter 293 - Is This Boss Lin'S Ability?
Chapter 294 - Ceo Ma'S Call
Chapter 295 - Crushing Wang Qing! Lin Fan Is The Big Boss!
Chapter 296 - Lin Fan'S Strength Conquers The Company'S Shareholders!
Chapter 297 - Even In Hell, I Have To Snatch Su Xiaoyu Back
Chapter 298
Chapter 299 - This Is Boss Lin'S Daily Life
Chapter 300 - You'Re The Only One In My Heart
Chapter 301 - The Destruction Of The Wang Family!
Chapter 302 - Wife, Listen To My Explanation
Chapter 303 - Who Dares To Object To Me Showing Off My Love With My Girlfriend?
Chapter 304 - Boss Lin, Can I Cozy Up To You?
Chapter 305 - Lin Fan'S Ability In Business Is Second To None!
Chapter 306 - : Lin Fan Is Simply A Prince Charming!
Chapter 307 - Just How Rich Is Lin Fan?!
Chapter 308 - Xia Wanqiu Is His First Love
Chapter 309 - Rich And Willful!
Chapter 310 - Xia Wanqiu Is His Girlfriend
Chapter 311 - Do You Like Me? Su Xiaoyu'S Questions.
Chapter 312 - These Companies Give Too Much
Chapter 313 - An Endorsement Worth 1.5 Billion!
Chapter 314 - I Miss You
Chapter 315 - He Did Not Misjudge Her!
Chapter 316 - Building The Glory Of The Entertainment Industry!
Chapter 317 - Boss Lin'S Script... It'S Too Brilliant!
Chapter 318 - What Kind Of Godly Company Is This?
Chapter 319 - 43 Million Investment
Chapter 320 - If You Want To Fight, Let'S Fight!
Chapter 321 - Lin Fan Is Actually The Ceo Of Estee Lauder!
Chapter 322 - Lin Fan'S Determination!
Chapter 323 - Obtaining Tomson Riviera Villa!
Chapter 324 - Why Is Brother Fan'S Feast So Delicious!
Chapter 325 - : The Competition Has Begun!
Chapter 326 - Jiaxing Entertainment Can'T Lose!
Chapter 327 - The Legend Of Sword And Fairy 3 Is A Huge Hit, Shocking The Entire Internet!
Chapter 328 - He Made History In China!
Chapter 329 - The Entertainment Industry Was Shocked, Alarming All The Major Television Stations!
Chapter 330 - One Billion Credited To His Account, Lin Fan Is Rich!
Chapter 331 - Best Actor Of The Year, Lin Fan!
Chapter 332 - The Centre Of Attention, Lin Fan!
Chapter 333 - Tonight Is Destined To Be An Auditory Feast!
Chapter 334 - Lin Fan, The Forever Prince Charming!
Chapter 335 - Xia Wanqiu, Marry Me!
Chapter 336 - Lin Fan, I'M Willing... To Marry You!
Chapter 337 - Looking Up!
Chapter 338 - Lin Fan Can Change An Era!
Chapter 339 - Signing In And Receiving The Shares Of Emperor Entertainment!
Chapter 340 - You Can Obviously Make A Living With Your Looks
Chapter 341 - Boss Lin Is Too Bold!
Chapter 342 - Lin Fan Is Moved, But... He Already Has A Girlfriend
Chapter 343 - Tomson Riviera Villa!
Chapter 344 - : Just Asking, Who Can Resist This
Chapter 345 - Is This The Thousand-Layered Trick Of Women?
Chapter 346 - Someone Wants To Bully Su Xiaoyu
Chapter 347 - Everything Was So Perfect
Chapter 348 - She Really Fell In Love With Lin Fan
Chapter 349 - Lin Fan Drives A 300- Million-Yuan Sports Car, Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 350 - Who Doesn'T Want To Be A Landlord?
Chapter 351 - This Is A Villa Worth 300 Million Yuan
Chapter 352 - Lin Fan'S Vegetable Salad Can Be So Delicious Too!
Chapter 353 - A Random Livestream Has Such High Popularity
Chapter 354 - Lin Fan Is Too Amazing, The Livestream Is Shocked!
Chapter 355 - Meow Meow?
Chapter 356 - How Can Lin Fan'S Chinese Chess Skills Be So Ridiculous!
Chapter 357 - Who Exactly Is This Person?!
Chapter 358 - Earning 40 Million After One Night Of Livestreaming
Chapter 359 - Come, Fight!
Chapter 360 - Shock In The Chinese Chess World, Lin Fan'S 141 Consecutive Wins!
Chapter 361 - The Strongest Challenge!
Chapter 362 - An Impossible Miracle!
Chapter 363 - Another Battle With Wang Tianyi!
Chapter 364 - Overwhelming Strength
Chapter 365 - Wang Tianyi, Come And Fight!!
Chapter 366 - Lin Fan Turns Victory Into Victory, Beating Wang Tianyi!
Chapter 367 - Champion, Lin Fan!
Chapter 368 - Can They... Show Off Their Love Like This?
Chapter 369 - Meeting Family
Chapter 370 - Drama
Chapter 371 - How Rich Is Lin Fan?
Chapter 372 - Shocking Central Tv!
Chapter 373 - Negotiation
Chapter 374 - Lin Fan'S Shock, Is This His Employee?
Chapter 375 - My Wife Is Too Beautiful (1)
Chapter 376 - My Wife Is Too Beautiful (2)
Chapter 377 - What If I Accidentally Fall In Love With Lin Fan?
Chapter 378 - Su Xiaoyu, Do You Like Me?
Chapter 379 - I'M Sorry
Chapter 380 - Don'T Tell Me I'Ve Seduced Su Muqing?
Chapter 381 - Being Too Handsome Causes A Lot Of Trouble
Chapter 382 - Those Male Artists Are Not As Handsome As Boss Lin
Chapter 383 - The Entire Internet Is Shocked. Is This Lin Fan'S Strength?
Chapter 384 - Is This The Treatment In Jiaxing Entertainment?
Chapter 385 - It'S Really Good To Be Lin Fan'S Assistant
Chapter 386 - With Such A Girlfriend, What Else Can I Ask For?
Chapter 387 - I'M Really Blissful With You
Chapter 388 - Brother-In-Law Is Really Handsome!
Chapter 389 - Lin Fan Has Four Billion In Savings?
Chapter 390 - Since You Want To Fight, Bring It On!
Chapter 391 - Old Master Xia'S Favor, Su Muqing Arrives! (1)
Chapter 392 - Old Master Xia'S Favor, Su Muqing Arrives! (2)
Chapter 393 - Old Master Xia'S Favor, Su Muqing Arrives! (3)
Chapter 394 - Su Xiaoyu Is Here Too
Chapter 395 - Break His Legs
Chapter 396 - The Battle With The Gao Family Has Started!
Chapter 397 - She Likes Lin Fan
Chapter 398 - Marry Both?
Chapter 399 - Who Dares To Attack?
Chapter 400 - Men Should Settle Such Matters
Chapter 401 - This Is Lin Fan, Shocking Everyone!
Chapter 402 - Lin Fan Is Too Humble
Chapter 403 - Su Muqing Is His Woman!
Chapter 404 - I Don'T Want To Marry Gao Yong
Chapter 405 - Xia Wanqiu, You Are My Woman
Chapter 406 - The Gao Family'S Plan Was Broken
Chapter 407 - Today, I'M Here To Propose A Marriage
Chapter 408 - Su Muqing Cries
Chapter 409 - The Super Freeloader—Lin Fan
Chapter 410 - Lin Fan'S True Background, Shocking The Entire Internet
Chapter 411 - Is This Boss Lin'S Ability?!
Chapter 412 - The Second-Largest Shareholder Of Su Corporation, Lin Fan!
Chapter 413 - Let The Battle With The Gao Family Begin Tonight!
Chapter 414 - Not Anyone Can Enter This Place
Chapter 415 - Boss Lin Is Alibaba'S Vice President!
Chapter 416 - Gao Yong'S First Move
Chapter 417 - Asking For Humiliation
Chapter 418 - Xia Wanqiu Appears
Chapter 419 - Gao Yong, Come Fight!
Chapter 420 - Is This Gao Yong'S Trump Card?
Chapter 421 - Su Xiaoyu Appears, The Gao Family Is Doomed!
Chapter 422 - I Have To Take Revenge!
Chapter 423 - Su Xiaoyu Might Really Like Him
Chapter 424 - Gao Corporation, Wait For Your Destruction!
Chapter 425 - Ceo Wang And Bill Gates' Cooperation!
Chapter 426 - Destroying The Gao Family!
Chapter 427 - In My Eyes, There'S Only You
Chapter 428 - If The Cat Didn'T Agree, It'Ll Be Fierce!
Chapter 429 - Gao Group'S Doomsday!
Chapter 430 - At The End Of The Line
Chapter 431 - Gao Yong'S Loneliness
Chapter 432 - Looking At You In A Different Light
Chapter 433 - Can'T You Pretend To Be My Boyfriend?
Chapter 434 - How Terrifying Is Lin Fan'S Value?
Chapter 435 - Auction
Chapter 436 - Consumption Cash Return
Chapter 437 - : A Villa Worth 120 Million!
Chapter 438 - Come, Let'S See Who'S Rich
Chapter 439 - Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 440 - Could Lin Fan Really Have Four Billion?
Chapter 441 - 8 Billion In Savings, Shocking The Manager!
Chapter 442 - Lin Fan'S Final Bid!
Chapter 443 - Lin Fan Is Rich!
Chapter 444 - You Are My Boyfriend And My Fiancé
Chapter 445 - Xia Wanqiu'S Mother Agreed To The Marriage
Chapter 446 - Su Xiaoyu'S Confession
Chapter 447 - I'M Sorry
Chapter 448 - Advancing Into The Film Industry!
Chapter 449 - Boss Lin Is Too Rich!
Chapter 450 - Increase In Salary
Chapter 451 - Lin Kexin'S Sacrifice?!
Chapter 452 - Lin Fan Is Really The Right Person
Chapter 453 - The Plan To Cultivate New Stars
Chapter 454 - How Can Lin Fan Be So Handsome?
Chapter 455 - Why Is It Different From What Teacher Said?
Chapter 456 - Tomson Riviera, The Three Women Are Shocked!
Chapter 457 - The Man Who Once Shocked The Entertainment Industry Is Back!
Chapter 458 - Lin Fan'S Return!
Chapter 459 - Xia Wanqiu Is My Fiancée!
Chapter 460 - Su Xiaoyu Is Back!
Chapter 461 - Master, Just Toy With Me Once, Okay?
Chapter 462 - If I Were A Scumbag
Chapter 463 - What If The First And Second Female Lead Are Both Great Beauties?
Chapter 464 - Su Xiaoyu'S Lipstick Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 465 - Have A Candlelight Dinner!
Chapter 466 - Shocking Yangzhou Film Administration, Lin Fan'S Movie Is Too Outstanding!
Chapter 467 - Earning A Lot!
Chapter 468 - Legend Of The Condor Heroes! Another Masterpiece!
Chapter 469 - Lin Fan, Forever Awesome!
Chapter 470 - Breaking Record! Another
Chapter 471 - Kung Fu Hustle Released During The Spring Festival!
Chapter 472 - Filming Screening Rate, Attitudes From All Sides
Chapter 473 - Master, Do You Like Me
Chapter 474 - Kung Fu Hustle Released,
Chapter 475 - How Can A Movie Be So Good?
Chapter 476 - Popular Across The Internet, Overwhelming Popularity! (1)
Chapter 477 - Popular Across The Internet, Overwhelming Popularity! (2)
Chapter 478 - The Return Of The Condor Heroes" Released, Su Muqing Is Going To Be Really Popular!
Chapter 479 - Do You Want To Be A Scumbag?
Chapter 480 - How Can There Be Such A Great Boss In The World?
Chapter 481 - I Actually Really Want To Be Your Girlfriend
Chapter 482 - Testing The Self-Driving Technology
Chapter 483 - Su Xiaoyu, Will You Be My Girlfriend? (1)
Chapter 484 - Su Xiaoyu, Will You Be My Girlfriend? (2)
Chapter 485 - Lin Fan Is Her World
Chapter 486 - What If A Beautiful Girl Acts Coquettishly?
Chapter 487
Chapter 488
Chapter 489
Chapter 490
Chapter 491
Chapter 492
Chapter 493
Chapter 494
Chapter 495
Chapter 496
Chapter 497
Chapter 498
Chapter 499
Chapter 500
Chapter 501
Chapter 502
Chapter 503
Chapter 504
Chapter 505
Chapter 506
Chapter 507
Chapter 508
Chapter 509
Chapter 510
Chapter 511
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Lin Fan acquired the Sign-in System that led him on the path of the life of a god-level nouveau riche.

He was proficient in culinary arts, was a divine physician, a godly singer, a famous author and painter, an expert pianist, and even had a beautiful and cute catgirl as his girlfriend.

He just wanted to quietly enjoy life, but he accidentally became the richest person in the world.

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Chapter 1 - : Signed To A Billion-Dollar Mansion

Chapter 1: Signed to a Billion-Dollar Mansion


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Atlas Studios

“Son, you’ve been single for 25 years. When are you going to bring me a daughter-in-law?”

“Mom, I need a girl to like me first.”

“Fine, my son is so handsome. How can he not be liked by girls? Let me have a fat grandson soon. Everything is fine at home. Live well in Shanghai. If you have any difficulties, tell me.”

“Alright, alright. I still have to cook for your dad. I’ll hang up first. If you need money, tell me and I’ll ask your dad to transfer money into your bank card…”


In the rented apartment, Lin Fan hung up.

It was about bringing home a girlfriend again. Lin Fan’s mother had already urged him dozens of times to bring a girlfriend home. But where could he find a girlfriend?

Lin Fan had graduated from university for three years. He rented a small house in Shanghai and opened a small restaurant. It was difficult for him to even support himself.

Every inch of land in Shanghai was worth money. Lin Fan didn’t have much money and couldn’t rent a good restaurant position. His business was poor and he often only had one customer—Xia Wanqiu.

As for getting a girlfriend, Lin Fan had never considered it. Even though there were many girls chasing him, Lin Fan had been the school hunk since elementary school after all, Even if he was wearing a simple white shirt, there were still many girls who would turn around on the streets.

There was no other reason. He was simply too handsome!

After dressing, brushing his teeth and washing his face, he looked at the handsome young man in the mirror. He had a perfect figure and a handsome face. He was handsome and charismatic.

Lin Fan only had one feeling. I’m really handsome!

But could being handsome serve as food?

Could being handsome help him afford betrothal gifts?

“Ding! Discovered master, system binding…”

“Ding! The God-level nouveau riche has been successfully binded to the system. Master, please begin your first sign-in as soon as possible.”

Just as Lin Fan was about to head out, a robotic voice entered his mind.

A series of numbers appeared in Lin Fan’s mind.

Master: Lin Fan

System Level: LV1

Height: 182

Personal Wealth: None

Bank deposits: $50

Harem: What are you thinking about?

Skills: None

“Sign in?” Lin Fan was a little stunned. Looking at this line of numbers, he felt like his life had been insulted.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t afford betrothal gifts, would he still be a single dog? Mere system, go away!

“Ding… Congratulations, master, on signing in successfully. You have received a Lake Heart Villa in Blue Wave Bay District. ‘

“The property deed has been issued to the system warehouse. Master, please take note.”

“Blue Wave Bay District… Lake Heart Villa?” Lin Fan asked in disbelief.

To have a house in Shanghai, it would cost at least two to three million yuan, and it had to be outside the suburbs.

The housing prices in the city center were even more unimaginable.

Blue Wave Bay District was a famous high-end district in Shanghai. The housing prices here were at least 200,000 yuan per square meter.

The districts were divided into high-level districts and villa districts. Even the villa district had distinct buildings.

There were dozens of buildings in the high-level district. They occupied a large area and had a complete property management. The security system was top-notch and the environment was beautiful. The cheapest high-level district cost two to three million yuan per square meter.

And the ordinary villas in the Blue Wave Bay neighborhood were worth hundreds of millions!

Especially the villa at the center of Blue Wave Bay, Lake Heart Villa, had a value that exceeded 200 million!

The Blue Wave Bay district was a place that many people yearned for even in their dreams. However, not everyone could afford to buy a house here. Just the price of 200,000 yuan per square meter was enough to deter many people.

As for Lin Fan, he owned the most luxurious villa in the villa district in Blue Wave Bay.

Lin Fan tried to retrieve it from the system warehouse. Suddenly, a red book appeared on the table in front of him.

Lin Fan was dumbfounded.

This was the title deed!

The red book was exceptionally eye-catching. Lin Fan was stunned. In other words, everything that had just happened was not a dream.

“Azure Cloud District, 583 Fangdian Road… Blue Wave Bay, Lake Heart Villa. House owner: Lin Fan.”

Lin Fan flipped open the title deed and looked at it. He saw his name.

Lake Heart Villa, owner’s name, Lin Fan.

At the same time, Lin Fan switched on his phone and saw the news.

Shocking! The most valuable Lake Heart Villa in Blue Wave Bay was bought by a mysterious tycoon. This tycoon’s net worth is probably no less than one billion!

The news and the title deed were all in front of Lin Fan.

At this moment, Lin Fan only had a single feeling.

He was… rich!

The Azure Cloud District was filled with wealthy people, and the property prices in the Blue Wave Bay District had never dropped. The villas were even more priceless.

In other words, money alone was not enough to buy a villa in Blue Wave Bay.

Every villa in Shanghai was priceless. The value of this Lake Heart Villa was immeasurable.

If I sold this mansion…

I would get at least 100 million!

100 million wasn’t much to a true tycoon but to Lin Fan, it was a fortune that he would never be able to obtain in his entire life.

Lin Fan could buy more than ten houses in the suburbs and be a landlord. He could even build a small second floor for his parents in the countryside.

Most importantly, he could afford betrothal gifts.

Take a pretty girlfriend home, have one or two kids, buy a house and a car, and never have to worry about food and clothing ever again…

Lin Fan looked at the title deed in his hand and felt that he had struck gold.


“The property, cars, and other fixed assets obtained by signing in to the system cannot be sold. Moreover, the source of any fixed assets is reasonable and legal. The paperwork is complete and no one will suspect anything.”

“This system’s exists to allow master to experience life better and enjoy the pleasures of life.”

Upon hearing the voice of the system, Lin Fan was discouraged once more.

Fine, my dream of becoming a landlord is shattered and the girlfriend I’ve got is gone… gone…

Was it so difficult to have a prettier girlfriend?

But on second thought, Lin Fan perked up.

He had the system. He could sign in once a day. Maybe he could get something better tomorrow.

The name of this system was “God-level nouveau riche sign in system”. In other words, Lin Fan could rent out dozens of houses, have dozens of luxury cars, and dozens of girls. Pfft, I’m such an upright person. Am I that kind of person?

No matter what, Lin Fan believed in the existence of the system.

However, this didn’t affect Lin Fan’s mentality. In the future, he would collect rent and earn money everyday. He wouldn’t have to worry about cars and houses anymore.

He would buy a few villas and drive a few luxury cars. When he had the time, he would travel around, look at the scenery, and flirt with girls. He would experience a life without stress and experience the joy of life.

Occasionally, he would go out with a few friends to play soccer, golf, and “exercise”. It would be such a comfortable life.

The life of the rich was simple and boring.

Lin Fan’s goal was to be a God-level nouveau riche quietly. Let’s go!


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