I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses by Su Xianning

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Chapter 61 - Grandpa Likes It Too Much!
Chapter 62 - Yunyun, Is That Your Nickname?
Chapter 63 - Brother Shidu
Chapter 64 - On Account Of Jiaojiao
Chapter 65 - I Will Drag You Back
Chapter 66 - There'S Nothing Much To See, Yunyun."
Chapter 67 - Why Are You Daydreaming While Looking At Your Older Brother?
Chapter 68 - My Gift To Yunyun
Chapter 69 - Ask For A Promise
Chapter 70 - Tutor Me?
Chapter 71 - Have Lunch After You Finish Copying, How About That?
Chapter 72 - He Will Be Appeased Even If He Is Angry
Chapter 73 - I Like Someone Like Older Brother
Chapter 74 - Stop Staring At Older Brother
Chapter 75 - Family Exposed
Chapter 76 - Become A Better Person When You Get Your Next Account
Chapter 77 - All I Can Say Is I Deserve It
Chapter 78 - Provoked The Big Boss
Chapter 79 - They Have To Swallow Even If They Don'T Want To
Chapter 80 - Inviting Trouble From Doing Nothing
Chapter 81 - All Of You Will Be The Greatest Contributors
Chapter 82 - Intrude My Territory To Poach Someone?
Chapter 83 - Trying To Poach Someone? Dream On!
Chapter 84 - What Are You Trying To Do?!
Chapter 85 - Miss Qin'S Identity
Chapter 86 - Second Brother Returns
Chapter 87 - Did That Child Agree?
Chapter 88 - Younger Sister Needs A Boyfriend
Chapter 89 - Coax Ge’Er Behind His Back?!
Chapter 90 - They Actually Came To Fetch Pei Yunge?
Chapter 91 - Bear Is Very Cute, Will You Take It?
Chapter 92 - Fighting For Love In Front Of Pei Yunge
Chapter 93 - Who Is Ge’Er Calling?
Chapter 94 - Yunyun, Sit Here With Older Brother
Chapter 95 - Okay? Yunyun
Chapter 96 - Older Brother Is Begging For Forgiveness, Okay?
Chapter 97 - : Treatment Of A Biological Daughter
Chapter 98 - Mr Huo Said You Would Surely Like It
Chapter 99 - Having Interns
Chapter 100 - : Are You Being Stubborn Now?
Chapter 101 - Chu Zhixing, Can You Protect Me?
Chapter 102 - : Did You Drag Him Like This Just Now?
Chapter 103 - : Don’T Know The Big Boss?
Chapter 104 - Is Student Pei Willing To Join Us?
Chapter 105 - Do You Want To Shut Up Or Stay In The Hospital?
Chapter 106 - Keep My Sexuality Fluid
Chapter 107 - I Feel Like She Knows Everything
Chapter 108 - Something Might Have Happened To My Granddaughter
Chapter 109 - I Won'T Be Going Back Today
Chapter 110 - This Is Actually Pei Yunge?!
Chapter 111 - She Is A Liar!
Chapter 112 - With Someone Shameful
Chapter 113 - You Are Getting Bullied Whenever Older Brother Is Not Around?
Chapter 114 - Do You Know How To Complain To Older Brother?
Chapter 115 - Backing My Child Up
Chapter 116 - : Treating Me Well Because Of Qin Yu?
Chapter 117 - Does It Seem Like Older Brother Is Treating You Well Because Of Someone Else?
Chapter 118 - Older Brother Has Really Gotten Lucky
Chapter 119 - Protect Pei Yunge
Chapter 120 - : Is Mrs Qin Your Mother?
Chapter 121 - The Daughter Pays Her Mother’S Debt
Chapter 122 - Baby, Who Bullied You?
Chapter 123 - I’Ll Take Care Of Ge’Er
Chapter 124 - Brothers Fight
Chapter 125 - Save My Contact As ‘Pei Yunge’S Brother’
Chapter 126 - Do You Really Not Want Third Brother Anymore?
Chapter 127 - Applying Medicine For Someone
Chapter 128 - Severing Ties!
Chapter 129 - Don’T Be Afraid, Hubby! I’Ll Take Care Of You And Sister!
Chapter 130 - She Only Called Him Older Brother, But He Is Willing To Give Her His Life
Chapter 131 - Your Concern Is Two Years Late
Chapter 132 - Pei Yunge’S Defeat
Chapter 133 - Why Is Your Attitude Towards Older Brother So Bad?
Chapter 134 - I Brought One Back, So You Can Humor Her
Chapter 135 - No Resistance Towards The Handsome And Bad Older Brother
Chapter 136 - Coaxing Older Sister To Sleep
Chapter 137 - : Older Brother, You Cheated!
Chapter 138 - No, Older Brother’S Heart Aches For Yunyun
Chapter 139 - : The Young Girl Is Afraid Of The Dark
Chapter 140 - Sister Is The Child
Chapter 141 - It’S Useless To Guard Grandpa
Chapter 142 - Do You Know Pei Yunge?
Chapter 143 - Your Big Boss
Chapter 144 - Make Him Cry Until His Life Ends!
Chapter 145 - The Big Boss’ Special Treatment
Chapter 146 - Pei Yunge Is Completely Fine
Chapter 147 - Stay Away From My Old Master
Chapter 148 - Secretly Leaving Inheritance
Chapter 149 - Master Pei Will Settle Scores
Chapter 150 - Doesn’T Make Me Lose A Piece Of Flesh
Chapter 151 - Came For Pei Yunge
Chapter 152 - What Kind Of God Is Capable Of This?
Chapter 153 - Would The Qin Family Have The Fate To Soar To The Heavens In A Single Bound?
Chapter 154 - You Have To Endure The Pain You Are Experiencing Now
Chapter 155 - The Scene Of The Accident
Chapter 156 - Qin Lang’S Anti-Fan Has Been Caught!
Chapter 157 - Older Brother Is Still Angry
Chapter 158 - Master Du Will Definitely Lose
Chapter 159 - Do You Still Want To Reason With Older Brother?
Chapter 160 - Older Brother’S Yunyun, You Can Have Whatever You Want
Chapter 161 - A.M.’S Director Poaching Someone
Chapter 162 - : All The Members Of A.M. Will Take Care Of Her
Chapter 163 - You Don’T Have It?
Chapter 164 - Pei Yunge’S Parents
Chapter 165 - How Fiercely They Doted On Their Younger Sister
Chapter 166 - I’M Just Pei Yunge’S Older Brother
Chapter 167 - If This Were To Reach Ge’Er’S Ears, He Would No Longer Be ‘Pure’
Chapter 168 - With Her Looks, The Boy Is The One Being Seduced In The Relationship
Chapter 169 - My Ge’Er Is My Life
Chapter 170 - More Than Capable Of Changing The Dean
Chapter 171 - Pei Yunge Pursued Him Before
Chapter 172 - I Think You’Re Tired Of Living
Chapter 173 - Lies Exposed
Chapter 174 - Can’T Watch My Young Miss Suffer
Chapter 175 - Master Du, This Child Is Foolish
Chapter 176 - I Don’T Want Any Smudge On My Young Miss
Chapter 177 - Our Yunyun Is A Troublemaker
Chapter 178 - Master Pei Is Overprotective
Chapter 179 - : Qin Youjiao’S Apology
Chapter 180 - Qin Yu’S Public Humiliation
Chapter 181 - Why Does This Old Lady Look So Familiar?
Chapter 182 - Who Wouldn’T Want To Be Doted On By Director Lin While Growing Up?
Chapter 183 - Qin Youjiao’S Apology
Chapter 184 - Doted On By The Big Bosses
Chapter 185 - Where’S Older Brother?
Chapter 186 - The Happiest Place In The World
Chapter 187 - A New Member Of The Institute?!
Chapter 188 - Like An Ancestor Everywhere
Chapter 189 - The Big Boss Who Was Poached With So Much Effort
Chapter 190 - The Meeting Of The Big Bosses, Who Were All Godly
Chapter 191 - The Situation Is Already So Bad That O Make It Worse Makes No Real Difference
Chapter 192 - Older Brother Is Not Coming Home For Dinner?
Chapter 193 - Don’T Pick Wild Flowers By The Roadside
Chapter 194 - Arson In The Old House
Chapter 195 - The Last
Chapter 196 - Mr Qin Regrets
Chapter 197 - Older Brother, Did You See That Just Now?
Chapter 198 - Master Du Is Too Strict
Chapter 199 - Building Connections With The Top Rich Young Miss
Chapter 200 - Fond Of The Little Vixen
Chapter 201 - Not Everyone Can Be Compared To Her
Chapter 202 - Almost The Same Age As Miss Qin? Is She A God?
Chapter 203 - The Possessiveness Of A Little Girl
Chapter 204 - Master Pei’S Backing
Chapter 205 - Master Du Really Found A Treasure
Chapter 206 - Was She Faking It On Purpose Before?!
Chapter 207 - You Humiliated The Yu Family In Public, Will You Be Able To Sleep Peacefully?
Chapter 208 - Qin Youjiao Apologized In Public
Chapter 209 - She Can Definitely Boost Your Family’S Reputation Than Qin Youjiao Can!
Chapter 210 - Second Brother’S Girlfriend?
Chapter 211 - Since You Are Sober Now, Mind Your Own Business From Now On
Chapter 212 - Do I Need You To Teach Me?
Chapter 213 - Scammed Pei Yunge
Chapter 214 - Both Parents Of Your Parents Have Passed Away”
Chapter 215 - When Ge’Er First Returned To The Qin Family
Chapter 216 - Do I Look Like Someone Who Would Steal Your Little Sister?
Chapter 217 - Results Of The First Monthly Examination
Chapter 218 - Huge Patent Fees
Chapter 219 - When The Time Comes, The Fees Will Be Double
Chapter 220 - I’M Afraid Older Brother Will Be Scolded If He Goes
Chapter 221 - Signing With Qin Yu’S Studio
Chapter 222 - President Huo’S Younger Sister?
Chapter 223 - Not Your President’S Younger Sister
Chapter 224 - How Would Older Brother Dare To, Child?
Chapter 225 - Brother Shidu Can’T Take It
Chapter 226 - A Perfect Score For The College Entrance Examination?
Chapter 227 - But My Old Master'S Life Is Too Precious
Chapter 228 - Miss Pei Will Have Her Reason For This Arrangement
Chapter 229 - Who Is This Big Shot!
Chapter 230 - Who’S Eating Noodles In The Institute?!
Chapter 231 - Pei Yunge Is The Important Person They Want
Chapter 232 - : Change Of Attitude!
Chapter 233 - Why Are You Touching Someone’S Adam’S Apple For No Reason?
Chapter 234 - Threatening Pei Yunge?
Chapter 235 - Older Brother? What'S Going On?
Chapter 236 - Call Me Older Brother And I'Ll Return It To You
Chapter 237 - This Man Is Really Deadly
Chapter 238 - Stirred Up
Chapter 239 - Do You Really Think The Big Boss Is A Celebrity Who Can Be Used For Clout?
Chapter 240 - The Daughter Of The Dignified Director Lin
Chapter 241 - Doctor Fang’S Clarification
Chapter 242 - R Nation’S Medical Institute’S Like
Chapter 243 - Successor
Chapter 244 - Goodbye, Brother
Chapter 245 - The Big Bosses: ? [Smile]
Chapter 246 - Found Trouble With My Child
Chapter 247 - Aren’T They Fighting With Each Other??
Chapter 248 - Meeting The Idol
Chapter 249 - Older Brother’S Concern
Chapter 250 - Did Older Brother Bully You?
Chapter 251 - Older Brother Can’T Take It
Chapter 252 - Sister Man Attacked Qin Youjiao
Chapter 253 - Hengde’S Parent-Teacher Conference
Chapter 254 - Lacking One More Person Of The Trio For The Parent-Teacher Conference
Chapter 255 - The Male Idol Team
Chapter 256 - : Fancy Bragging
Chapter 257 - Older Brother Wants To Stay Anticipated
Chapter 258 - Older Brother Is Quite Sad After Seeing This
Chapter 259 - How Can You Bully Our Yunyun Like This?
Chapter 260 - Qin Youjiao Left!
Chapter 261 - The Real And Fake Daughters Exposed!!
Chapter 262 - Qin Youjiao’S Dwinding Fanbase
Chapter 263 - Master Pei, Isn’T Your Temper Too Bad Today?
Chapter 264 - Why Are Your Ears So Red?
Chapter 265 - Tricked The Ancestor Here
Chapter 266 - Try Secretly?
Chapter 267 - Master Du, You Are Bad At Managing Your Household
Chapter 268 - Older Brother Will Be Unhappy Whenever He Sees Yunyun Now
Chapter 269 - Master Du Chiding Someone
Chapter 270 - Older Brother’S Gift
Chapter 271 - Accompany Eldest Brother To See Grandpa
Chapter 272 - My Teacher’S Surname Is Pei
Chapter 273 - Want To See Pei Yunge
Chapter 274 - Another Hundred Million?
Chapter 275 - Sacrifice Your Looks When Necessary
Chapter 276 - Dote On Her
Chapter 277 - Master Pei’S One-Sided Blood Battle
Chapter 278 - Participating In The Competition
Chapter 279 - Provocation
Chapter 280 - Deskmate Thinks She Can Do Anything
Chapter 281 - The Situation Turns Around!
Chapter 282 - Displaying Her Talent For The First Time!
Chapter 283 - Your Brother Is Really Good
Chapter 284 - Master Pei Is Too Suave
Chapter 285 - Accepting Punishment
Chapter 286 - Older Brother, Do You Have Someone You Like?
Chapter 287 - Delighting Master Pei
Chapter 288 - Must You Touch Someone Else’S Treasure?
Chapter 289 - Speaking Frankly
Chapter 290 - Teacher Pei, Will You Give Me A Chance?
Chapter 291 - Older Brother Noticed That You Are Too Immersed
Chapter 292 - The Higher-Ups Are Keeping An Eye On The Experts
Chapter 293 - Only The Inspector And Y.G. Can
Chapter 294 - The School Belle Is Not Qin Youjiao?
Chapter 295 - Beg Y.G. And Use Pei Yunge As A Shield?
Chapter 296 - @ Qin Corporation, Come And Fight Now
Chapter 297 - The Scene Of The Lei Corporation’S Failure
Chapter 298 - Using My Younger Sister As A Shield
Chapter 299 - Y.G. Rejected?
Chapter 300 - Headquarters: Y.G.’S Assistance
Chapter 301 - The Busy Y.G.
Chapter 302 - Approaching Birthday
Chapter 303 - He Dotes On Miss Pei Too Much!
Chapter 304 - Terminating The Contract Lei Corporation
Chapter 305 - First Place [Y.G.]
Chapter 306 - Y.G. Is Famous!
Chapter 307 - Going Against Pei Yunge
Chapter 308 - Deskmate, Are You A Y.G. Fan?
Chapter 309 - Attending Master Pei’S Birthday Party
Chapter 310 - Master Du’S Arrangement
Chapter 311 - Uther Residence?!
Chapter 312 - The Continuation Of The Party
Chapter 313 - The Elder Young Miss Of The Qin Family Is Not To Be Provoked
Chapter 314 - Late Guests
Chapter 315 - Old Madam Huo’S Scheme
Chapter 316 - : Looks Very Sweet
Chapter 317 - What Is Your Wish? Huo Shidu
Chapter 318 - Qin Youjiao’S Birthday Crisis
Chapter 319 - The Distinguished Guests Are Leaving One After Another!
Chapter 320 - Rejected Outside The Residence After Hearing About Its Reputation
Chapter 321 - Invitation From The International Musicians Association
Chapter 322 - Taking Advantage Secretly
Chapter 323 - Collecting Big Bosses Like Stamps
Chapter 324 - Is Y.G. The Only One Who Can Help Me In The Entire Institute?
Chapter 325 - Isn’T That Master Du’S Little Girl?
Chapter 326 - Your Baby Y.G. Looks Like She’S Going To Kill Everyone Today
Chapter 327 - The Treatment Elder Zhong Gives Her?
Chapter 328 - I’M Afraid You Would Run Away
Chapter 329 - Master Pei Strikes
Chapter 330 - Hooligans Are Afraid Of Bullies
Chapter 331 - Does Miss Pei Think Y.G. Can Do It?
Chapter 332 - How Can An Older Brother Be Considered An Elder?
Chapter 333 - Master Du, Why Are You So Jealous?
Chapter 334 - Who Dares To Touch My Child In Yun Cheng?
Chapter 335 - The First Member Of Country A Of The International Musicians’ Association
Chapter 336 - Examiner Of The International Musicians’ Association
Chapter 337 - The Lunatic Who Pursued Older Brother
Chapter 338 - The Big Scene Of The Ning Family
Chapter 339 - Settle Old Scores Together?
Chapter 340 - Y.G.: [[Red Packet] Congrats]
Chapter 341 - Master Du Is Scheming
Chapter 342 - Older Brother Will Get It For You
Chapter 343 - One Is Willing To Fight, Two Are Willing To Suffer
Chapter 344 - Master Pei Interferes
Chapter 345 - Huo Shidu: What Do You Need?
Chapter 346 - Master Pei Is Raging Out Of Humiliation Today
Chapter 347 - Master Pei Wants To Become Hardworking
Chapter 348 - Master Pei, What’S With You
Chapter 349 - When Professor Si Calls Her That, It Sounds Inexplicably Sweet
Chapter 350 - The Big Boss Was Scammed?
Chapter 351 - Take Care Of Yourself And Be Respectful Of Yourself @ Y.G
Chapter 352 - Full Score Paper
Chapter 353 - Anonymous Threat
Chapter 354 - Cuter Than Other Girls
Chapter 355 - Master Pei’S Vengeance.
Chapter 356 - How Much Have You Indulged Pei Yunge?
Chapter 357 - Even Y.G. Has This Day
Chapter 358 - It Is Not The Time To Present The Award To The First Place Yet
Chapter 359 - The Strongest Dark Horse Of The Year!
Chapter 360 - Full Marks!
Chapter 361 - Be Pei Yunge’S Sidekick
Chapter 362 - Master Pei’S Encouragement
Chapter 363 - You Want To Treat Her To A Meal Too?
Chapter 364 - Friendship Of The Three
Chapter 365 - Yunyun, Are You Unwell?
Chapter 366 - Older Brother Will Teach You
Chapter 367 - How Can You Learn If You Keep Looking At Older Brother?
Chapter 368 - Master Du Brought A Young Lady?
Chapter 369 - Provoking Master Pei
Chapter 370 - This Is The Little Ancestor Of The Family (Part)
Chapter 371 - Delight My Child
Chapter 372 - Their Elder Young Miss
Chapter 373 - This Child Is Mine
Chapter 374 - Yunyun, Work Hard For Older Brother, Okay?
Chapter 375 - With You Around, Hengde Will Not Collapse
Chapter 376 - The Only Child Of Class Seven
Chapter 377 - Nili University Exchange Competition
Chapter 378 - I Forget To Think About Teacher Ygg Today
Chapter 379 - Jian Xi Arrived
Chapter 380 - Why Don’T The First Place Of The Competition Give It A Try?
Chapter 381 - I Have To Protect The Honour Of My Alma Mater
Chapter 382 - Where Did This Divine Teacher Come From?
Chapter 383 - Y.G.’S Questions!
Chapter 384 - Unable To Solve It
Chapter 385 - The Answer
Chapter 386 - Crazy Manipulation
Chapter 387 - Stealing Someone’S Limelight
Chapter 388 - Don’T Come To The Computing Exchange Competition
Chapter 389 - Looking For Ge’Er
Chapter 390 - Taking Master Pei Back To The Qin Family
Chapter 391 - Where Did You Get The Ability To Warm Up This Block Of Ice?
Chapter 392 - Old Master Qin Is Angry
Chapter 393 - Offended The Qin Family
Chapter 394 - The Little Girl Is Very Adorable
Chapter 395 - Ge’Er Is The Only Elder Young Miss Of The Qin Family
Chapter 396 - : Do I Look Like Someone With Morals?
Chapter 397 - Yunyun, Don’T Scare Grandpa Qin
Chapter 398 - Eldest Brother And Second Brother Are Jealous
Chapter 399 - You… Know Yunge?
Chapter 400 - Nurturing Her As The Successor
Chapter 401 - Talking About You
Chapter 402 - My Elder Young Miss Should Be More Spoiled And Willful
Chapter 403 - Master Pei Is Acting Coquettishly
Chapter 404 - Yun, I Admit That You Are Young And Talented
Chapter 405 - The Person-In-Charge Is From Our Country
Chapter 406 - The Person-In-Charge Of Recruitment, Yun
Chapter 407 - Country A Can Have These Two Spots Because Of Yun
Chapter 408 - Use Her New Score In The Fourth Round
Chapter 409 - Let Her Move Away This Week
Chapter 410 - To Be Favored By That Miss Qin, He Probably Has To Marry Into The Family
Chapter 411 - Delivery From The Older Brothers
Chapter 412 - Miss Pei?
Chapter 413 - The Dog’S Bark On The Second Floor Is Quite Scary
Chapter 414 - Are You Satisfied With Their Treatment?
Chapter 415 - Advanced Custom-Made Leather Box
Chapter 416 - Stop Saying Strange Things
Chapter 417 - President Qin Bought It For You
Chapter 418 - Qin Yu Is Angry
Chapter 419 - Exposing Her Identity
Chapter 420 - Fire Both Of Them
Chapter 421 - Discount
Chapter 422 - Have You Made Ge’Er Angry Before?
Chapter 423 - Thank You, Second Brother
Chapter 424 - Master Pei Moves Back To The Old Residence
Chapter 425 - Not Coming Back? Who Said So?
Chapter 426 - Teacher Pei Is Not Busy?
Chapter 427 - Titch And Jasmin Visit Yun Cheng
Chapter 428 - This Is Y.G.
Chapter 429 - Come Home To Accompany Older Brother
Chapter 430 - Experienced Vs Rookie
Chapter 431 - Watching The Competition
Chapter 432 - Special Treatment
Chapter 433 - I Think You Have A Death Wish
Chapter 434 - Will This Thing Be Crippled?
Chapter 435 - Give Ge’Er A Trophy
Chapter 436 - The Qin Family Behind Him And The Xiao Family Behind Me
Chapter 437 - Didn’T You Want Me To Be More Sensible?
Chapter 438 - The Headquarters’ Big Boss Was Rejected
Chapter 439 - You Can Provoke Anyone But That Person
Chapter 440 - Id For The Special Award: Y.G.
Chapter 441 - Y.G., Give Me Some Face ~
Chapter 442 - Master Du Lives In The Qin Residence
Chapter 443 - How Much Projects Did Y.G. Take On Last Month?
Chapter 444 - Master Du Did It On Purpose
Chapter 445 - I Want To Coax You Home
Chapter 446 - Yun’S Score
Chapter 447 - Picking Pei Yunge Up
Chapter 448 - Can’T I Afford It?
Chapter 449 - President Qin Dotes On His Sister
Chapter 450 - Look After Your Brother Shidu
Chapter 451 - Where Is Your Granddaughter, The Goddess?
Chapter 452 - I’M Not Allowed To Cause Trouble
Chapter 453 - Let Bo Jinqiao Teach Master Pei
Chapter 454 - I Heard Miss Pei Play Before
Chapter 455 - Making Friends
Chapter 456 - What My Ge’Er Has Can Only Be The One And Only
Chapter 457 - No, You Like Him
Chapter 458 - Don’T Let Ge’Er Get Kidnapped By A Bad Boy
Chapter 459 - The Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 460 - Teach You How To Use The Computer
Chapter 461 - A Successor I Like
Chapter 462 - Even More Natural Than Her
Chapter 463 - Since When Were They So Close?
Chapter 464 - Don’T Make My Older Brother Angry
Chapter 465 - Spoiled Child
Chapter 466 - Working Hard To Get Into The Top 50 For The Monthly Examination?
Chapter 467 - Rejecting The Competition
Chapter 468 - Got The News
Chapter 469 - Taking A Fancy To A High School Student
Chapter 470 - Only Being Bullied
Chapter 471 - Help Pei Yunge Register
Chapter 472 - Si Chengyan: You Won’T Even Let Go Of This Small Amount Of Money?
Chapter 473 - Yun Is Here!
Chapter 474 - A Wrong Introduction To The Venue Of The International Musicians’ Association
Chapter 475 - Girl Is So Fierce
Chapter 476 - Ten Thousand People Begging For Her To Debut
Chapter 477 - While Yun Is Not Around?
Chapter 478 - She’S Yun?!
Chapter 479 - The Next President Of The International Musicians’ Association
Chapter 480 - Yunyun, You Can Look When We Get In The Car
Chapter 481 - No One Catches His Eye
Chapter 482 - : Want To See Master Pei
Chapter 483 - Stand By Pei Yunge
Chapter 484 - Leave The Big Boss Hanging
Chapter 485 - Bo Jinqiao Stealing From Someone
Chapter 486 - Not Yet
Chapter 487 - : At This Moment, Master Pei On The Top Floor
Chapter 488 - I Hope You’Re Not Surprised
Chapter 489 - Stop It, It’S Itchy
Chapter 490 - This Older Brother Knows
Chapter 491 - Master Du Is Good At Being A Boyfriend
Chapter 492 - Spoils Of War
Chapter 493 - How To Make A Girl Like You?
Chapter 494 - First Meeting With Shang Yan
Chapter 495 - : A Very Honest Little Girl
Chapter 496 - Watch A Movie
Chapter 497 - : Not Good For The Body
Chapter 498 - Participating In The Competition
Chapter 499 - Zhong Pei Yunge
Chapter 500 - Master Pei: This Does Not Conform To Competition Rules
Chapter 501 - Master Pei Is So Amazing!
Chapter 502 - Give The Child A Chance
Chapter 503 - Fighting For A Successor
Chapter 504 - What I’M Doing To You Is Called Teaching You A Lesson
Chapter 505 - The Impartial And Incorruptible Zhong Shenglin?
Chapter 506 - Even If She Can’T Be Your Successor, She Will Be Mine
Chapter 507 - Everything Is Ready Except For Master Pei
Chapter 508 - Going For The Monthly Examination
Chapter 509 - Hell Mode Monthly Examination
Chapter 510 - What’S With The Full Score For Comprehensive Natural Science?
Chapter 511 - This Student Is Too Strange
Chapter 512 - Don’T Care About Those Who Did Worse Than Her
Chapter 513 - Where Did Your Deskmate Go Again?
Chapter 514 - Pei Yunge Next Door Did Not Participate In The Mathematics Exam, Yet She Can…
Chapter 515 - Older Brother Likes It Too
Chapter 516 - Or Does Yunyun Mind?
Chapter 517 - Another Crazy One, Transfer Of Funds
Chapter 518 - Very Doting On The New Elder Young Miss
Chapter 519 - Master Pei’S New Sockpuppet
Chapter 520 - First Appearance
Chapter 521 - Master Pei’S First Mission
Chapter 522 - A Sudden Turn Of Tables
Chapter 523 - : A Blood Battle? Don’T I Own This Battle?
Chapter 524 - Only Thinking About Her Boyfriend
Chapter 525 - Master Du Is Scheming To Coax His Wife
Chapter 526 - Older Sister Smells So Good
Chapter 527 - Professor Dou Poached Someone
Chapter 528 - Yunyun Will Wear It When She Grows Up
Chapter 529 - Feeding Master Pei
Chapter 530 - Master Pei’S Questions
Chapter 531 - Is That Genius So Difficult To Deal With?
Chapter 532 - The Students Of Y.G. Are R Nation’S Top Rich Second-Generation Heir??
Chapter 533 - Y.G. Dotes On Her Students Too Much?
Chapter 534 - Take My Child To The Hospital
Chapter 535 - I’Ll Feed You
Chapter 536 - Meeting Titch And Jasmin
Chapter 537 - The New Inspector Currying Favor
Chapter 538 - Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 539 - How Dare You Purge My Student?
Chapter 540 - # Y.G. Nominated For Farizk #
Chapter 541 - Posting ‘Y.G. Love Me Again This Year’ On Their Official Website
Chapter 542 - Y.G. This Trump Card
Chapter 543 - Keeping A Close Eye On Master Du
Chapter 544 - Give The Orders: Poach Y.G.
Chapter 545 - Master Pei Is Jealous
Chapter 546 - Are You Here To Kill Older Brother?
Chapter 547 - Older Brother Wants To Hold Hands
Chapter 548 - You Want A Gift So Badly?
Chapter 549 - This Douchebag Did It On Purpose
Chapter 550 - Second Brother’S Variety Show
Chapter 551 - Don’T Bully Her
Chapter 552 - Best Actor Qin Dotes On His Sister
Chapter 553 - I Want To Lean On Older Brother’S Shoulders Too
Chapter 554 - Yu Manran Is Striking The Roll!
Chapter 555 - Master Pei Challenges The Secondary Mission Alone
Chapter 556
Chapter 557 - Master Pei Is Destroying The Game
Chapter 558 - Extremely Arrogant Master Pei Is Collecting Her Fees
Chapter 559 - The Uncontrollable Master Pei
Chapter 560 - This Team Belle Is A Little Troublesome
Chapter 561 - A Polite Troublemaker
Chapter 562 - Master Pei’S Failure?
Chapter 563 - Master Pei: I’M A Little Rusty
Chapter 564 - I Always Thought She Was An Extremely Arrogant Elder Young Miss
Chapter 565 - Zhong Shenglin Is Here To Get Someone
Chapter 566 - Zhong Shenglin’S Destroys His Powerful Opponent
Chapter 567 - Choose The Elite To Protect Y.G.
Chapter 568 - Protected With Great Fanfare
Chapter 569 - : Master Du Is Jealous
Chapter 570 - Still Throwing A Tantrum At Older Brother?
Chapter 571 - Master Pei’S Kabedon
Chapter 572 - Master Du: Quite Guilty
Chapter 573 - Qin Youjiao’S Idea Failed
Chapter 574 - Qin Yu Shows Off
Chapter 575 - Tearing Down The Couple
Chapter 576 - Master Pei Tacitly Agreed To Get Married!!
Chapter 577 - Do You Like Older Brother?
Chapter 578 - Chasing Your Younger Sister?
Chapter 579 - Do You Think You Have Been Living Too Long?
Chapter 580 - Want To See Pei Yunge
Chapter 581 - Approaching The God Of Fortune Through The Son
Chapter 582 - Offending Someone You Shouldn’T Offend
Chapter 583 - Teach The Yun Family A Lesson
Chapter 584 - The Person Master Du Cares About The Most
Chapter 585 - I Am Reminding You To Save Your Face And Scram
Chapter 586 - The Fu Family Can’T Take Any Troubles
Chapter 587 - Part-Time Job Adventure Of A Simple-Minded And Sweet Girl?
Chapter 588 - The Scene Of Domestic Violence
Chapter 589 - Just Take Care Of Her When Necessary
Chapter 590 - Master Pei’S Overbearing Act
Chapter 591 - The Student Chosen By Professor Dou
Chapter 592 - Master Pei And Song Yao Are Kicked Out
Chapter 593 - Ask About Y.G.
Chapter 594 - : Y.G.’S Call
Chapter 595 - It’S Just A Small Competition
Chapter 596 - Recommended By: Y.G.
Chapter 597 - Poaching
Chapter 598 - Ceng Yue’S Assistance
Chapter 599 - Older Brother Can Do It Any Time
Chapter 600 - Older Brother Misses You Too
Chapter 601 - More Than Half Of It Is ‘Huo Shidu’
Chapter 602 - Ask Your Friend To Be More Sensible
Chapter 603 - An Existence He Can’T Dream Of
Chapter 604 - His Granddaughter, Who Knows Nothing, Is Y.G.?
Chapter 605 - The Ji Family’S Savior
Chapter 606 - Master Du Doesn’T Give Her Food
Chapter 607 - The Spoiled Miss Pei
Chapter 608 - Playing The Piano For Her?
Chapter 609 - Master Pei And Song Yao’S Piano Duet
Chapter 610 - The Fu Corporation Is Capable
Chapter 611 - Master Pei’S 19Th Birthday Present
Chapter 612 - Master Pei’S Big Shot Friends
Chapter 613 - Hobby Of Repeating Words
Chapter 614 - Master Pei Strikes!
Chapter 615 - Ask Master Du
Chapter 616 - Set Up A Family Soon
Chapter 617 - : Master Pei Fails Again
Chapter 618 - Master Pei Has Gone Too Far
Chapter 619 - Giving Master Pei Money
Chapter 620 - Little Liar
Chapter 621 - Master Du Is Biased
Chapter 622 - Master Pei’S Bodyguards
Chapter 623 - Scene Of The Competition
Chapter 624 - An Up And Coming Scientific Researcher
Chapter 625 - Secret Exchange Of Opponents
Chapter 626 - Direct Advancement!
Chapter 627 - Cozy Up To Someone Powerful
Chapter 628 - Pei Yunge’S Retaliation
Chapter 629 - Only A Fool Like Fu Yanbai
Chapter 630 - Master Pei Is Nervous
Chapter 631 - The Professors Of The Famous Universities Are Speechless
Chapter 632 - Song Yao Reverses The Score
Chapter 633 - Pei Yunge Waiting To Die
Chapter 634 - Y.G.’S Little Fan
Chapter 635 - Nance Convinces Master Pei
Chapter 636 - Can Your Heir Be So Amazing?
Chapter 637 - I Can Give Anything The Huo Corporation Wants
Chapter 638 - Do You Want Me?
Chapter 639 - Older Brother Is Waiting For You
Chapter 640 - Y.G. Might Come
Chapter 641 - Walking Into A Romance Drama
Chapter 642 - Master Pei Is Too Obedient
Chapter 643 - Coaxing Her
Chapter 644 - Delani’S Complaint
Chapter 645 - Worried That Y.G. Is Anti-Social
Chapter 646 - Sister Yao Is Fiercely Protective Of Her Child
Chapter 647 - What Kind Of Immortal Conference Is This?!
Chapter 648 - Fighting For The Successor
Chapter 649 - Our Dear Daughter
Chapter 650 - Is The Pickled Radish Too Delicious?
Chapter 651 - Untitled
Chapter 652 - Suffering Heaven’S Wrath
Chapter 653 - The Consequences Of Bullying Her
Chapter 654 - The Heartless Teacher Pei
Chapter 655 - : Let Me Give You Some Evidence?
Chapter 656 - Where Did This Little Robber Come From?
Chapter 657 - Master Pei Covers His Ears
Chapter 658 - As A Domineering President
Chapter 659 - Have To Wait Two To Three Years
Chapter 660 - Send Master Pei To The War Zone
Chapter 661 - D-Rank In A Year
Chapter 662 - : Arriving At The Border!
Chapter 663 - I Don’T Want To Feel The Misery Of The World Today
Chapter 664 - She’S My Patient?
Chapter 665 - Is Ge’Er Very Scary When She’S Angry?
Chapter 666 - Master Pei Is Petty
Chapter 667 - Protect Pei Yunge
Chapter 668 - Y.G.’S Character
Chapter 669 - Spend Some Energy To Protect Master Pei?
Chapter 670 - I’Ll Let You Play Tonight?
Chapter 671 - Team Red’S Situation Changes!
Chapter 672 - Master Pei Is Cheating Again!
Chapter 673 - That’S Y.G.!
Chapter 674 - Knowing The Two Team Leaders
Chapter 675 - Stop Miss Pei From Going In?
Chapter 676 - Untitled
Chapter 677 - Big Boss’S Temper
Chapter 678 - Untitled
Chapter 679 - Negotiating With Master Pei
Chapter 680 - Intercepted By Master Pei!
Chapter 681 - Quite A Temper
Chapter 682 - She Is Too Modest
Chapter 683 - Its Retribution Is Me
Chapter 684 - Provoking Us?
Chapter 685 - Carry Him Away
Chapter 686 - Their Scalps Turn Numb While Facing Master Pei
Chapter 687 - Capturing Meng Liang
Chapter 688 - It’S Not Something You Should Be Worried About
Chapter 689 - Master Pei’S Driving Skills
Chapter 690 - Protect Master Pei
Chapter 691 - Release Him
Chapter 692 - The Rumored Two Team Leaders Appeared!
Chapter 693 - Everyone’S Baby
Chapter 694 - What My Ge’Er Has Gone Through
Chapter 695 - Uproar
Chapter 696 - Master Pei Caught Making Trouble
Chapter 697 - Older Brother Is Picking Someone Up
Chapter 698 - Master Pei Is Too Obedient?
Chapter 699 - Older Brother Is In Such High Demand
Chapter 700 - Older Brother Is Happy For Nothing
Chapter 701 - But She Wants Her Wish To Come True
Chapter 702 - Could It Be A Fake Watch?
Chapter 703 - Watch Incident
Chapter 704 - Master Pei Consults About Relationship Problems
Chapter 705 - No One Else Can Match Her Expectations
Chapter 706 - Can’T Force A Marriage
Chapter 707 - The Sugar Mummy
Chapter 708 - Master Pei Is A Beautiful And Bipolar Sugar Mummy
Chapter 709 - Collective Ban!
Chapter 710 - Theodore Successfully Pursued His Idol!
Chapter 711 - Master Pei Is Despised
Chapter 712 - Unless Ge’Er Follows
Chapter 713 - The Proud President Qin’S Gaze
Chapter 714 - Fan Meeting
Chapter 715 - Mine, Not Yours
Chapter 716 - This Elder Young Miss Seems A Little Wild
Chapter 717 - Master Pei Is Watching The Show
Chapter 718 - The Problem Of Inviting A God
Chapter 719 - Looking For Yun?
Chapter 720 - Fighting Over Snacks
Chapter 721 - Untitled
Chapter 722 - Changing The Song For Qin Yu
Chapter 723 - Low-Level Celebrity Yun?
Chapter 724 - Lowering Yun’S Status?
Chapter 725 - Yun: Mind Your Own Business
Chapter 726 - Miss Pei Is A Lucky Charm
Chapter 727 - I Do Have A Good Impression Of You
Chapter 728 - Master Pei’S Hands Are Shaking
Chapter 729 - Yunyun, Why Are You So Fierce?
Chapter 730 - Master Du, I Hate You
Chapter 731 - Yunyun, Did You Drink?
Chapter 732 - You Like My Older Brother So Much?
Chapter 733 - : Master Pei Messed Up Again
Chapter 734 - Master Du Is Also Deadly Charming Today
Chapter 735 - If It’S Yunyun, Can I?
Chapter 736 - Mm, You Are Not Blushing
Chapter 737 - Older Brother, Don’T Miss The Opportunity
Chapter 738 - Untitled
Chapter 739 - The Chu Family
Chapter 740 - Are You Not Giving Me One?
Chapter 741 - Introduction To Ci7
Chapter 742 - Untitled
Chapter 743 - Thank You, Daddy Pei
Chapter 744 - Rules Of The Game
Chapter 745 - Remove His Mask?
Chapter 746 - I Won’T Lose This Bet
Chapter 747 - No One Can Take What I Want
Chapter 748 - What Is This Person Doing?
Chapter 749 - Master Pei Is Savage
Chapter 750 - This Person Is Too Strange!
Chapter 751 - Answer 7010
Chapter 752 - Master Pei: A Little Embarrassing
Chapter 753 - Big Boss’S Doubt
Chapter 754 - The Extremely Attractive Pei Yunge From Next Door’S Hengde
Chapter 755 - Master Pei Climbing Over The Wall
Chapter 756 - Master Pei: I See That You Are Quite Bold
Chapter 757 - Untitled
Chapter 758 - Spoiling The Big Boss
Chapter 759 - “Will You Lose Me?” “I Won’T.”
Chapter 760 - Master Pei’S Seduction
Chapter 761 - Who Taught You To Coax A Woman Like This?
Chapter 762 - Little Troublemaker
Chapter 763 - Untitled
Chapter 764 - The Mysterious Parent’S Contact Number
Chapter 765 - Meeting At The Academy Of Science
Chapter 766 - Going To The Awards Ceremony
Chapter 767 - The Importance Of Being First In The Year
Chapter 768 - Master Pei: First Place
Chapter 769 - Master Pei Is Being Inhumane Again
Chapter 770 - Yun University’S Junior Class
Chapter 771 - Our Y.G. Is Sitting In Yun University’S Office Gnawing On Chicken Claws
Chapter 772 - Assistant Pei Enters
Chapter 773 - Master Pei: My Results Are Okay For Every Subject
Chapter 774 - Master Pei Rejects
Chapter 775 - : Jian Xi Snatches Teacher
Chapter 776 - Jian Xi’S Fury
Chapter 777 - Treat Y.G. As Cheap Labor?
Chapter 778 - Assistant Pei’S Teaching
Chapter 779 - Master Pei’S Special Consolation
Chapter 780 - Let Master Pei Choose
Chapter 781 - Master Pei Flares Up (1)
Chapter 782 - Crawl Out Or Scram?
Chapter 783 - Master Pei Calls Her Parents
Chapter 784 - : Apologize To Feng Jianwen?
Chapter 785 - Want To Talk To Director Lin?
Chapter 786 - Identity Cannot Be Exposed
Chapter 787 - Care For Big Boss More
Chapter 788 - Reversal, Protect Assistant Pei
Chapter 789 - Master Pei’S Teaching
Chapter 790 - Is The Girl So Wild?
Chapter 791 - Human-Shaped Answer Machine
Chapter 792 - The One Who Got In Through The Back Door Is An Ancestor
Chapter 793 - Will Brother Agree?
Chapter 794 - Master Pei Coaxes
Chapter 795 - Just Showing A Little Skin
Chapter 796 - This Is Too Sweet!
Chapter 797 - Master Pei’S Itinerary Leaked
Chapter 798 - Untitled
Chapter 799 - Fernans Teaching Master Pei
Chapter 800 - Fernans: Hopeless
Chapter 801 - Discussing Y.G.
Chapter 802 - Provoking Master Pei?
Chapter 803 - Marcus Zhong Shenglin Suspected To Have Jumped Into The Sea?
Chapter 804 - Not Going To Stop, Right?
Chapter 805 - Master Pei: One Cigarette In Exchange For A Wish
Chapter 806 - Do You Want To Elope With Me?
Chapter 807 - What If You Can See Y.G. In Person?
Chapter 808 - : Public Humiliation
Chapter 809 - I’M Already Here, How I Not Cause Trouble?
Chapter 810 - As Expected Of A Big Boss
Chapter 811 - Master Pei Is Speechless
Chapter 812 - A 19-Year-Old Professor?
Chapter 813 - Fire Professor Bresse!
Chapter 814 - Become Fernans’ Neighbor
Chapter 815 - Curious About The Owner Of Bacton
Chapter 816 - Ditching Class
Chapter 817 - Fernans Protects Master Pei
Chapter 818 - The Remaining Students Left To Be Chosen
Chapter 819 - Master Pei Is Reduced To Being An Assistant?
Chapter 820 - My Girl Is Just A Year Three Student In High School
Chapter 821 - Like My Granddaughter-In-Law??
Chapter 822 - Too Bad For Me To Throw Money Into University?
Chapter 823 - The Troublemaker, Master Pei
Chapter 824 - Do You Want To Call Older Brother?
Chapter 825 - Trying To Steal Master Pei?
Chapter 826 - Easy Domination!
Chapter 827 - Big Boss’S Secret Assistance, Best Of The Teams!
Chapter 828 - The Partner Of The Corporation’S Big Boss!
Chapter 829 - Accident In The World Of The Rich!
Chapter 830 - Master Pei’S Turn!
Chapter 831 - The Big Boss Turns On The Purgatory Mode
Chapter 832 - A Large Scale Loss, A Miscellaneous Warning
Chapter 833 - Reversal, Video Exposed!
Chapter 834 - Master Pei: Look At Those Reckless People
Chapter 835 - Master Pei: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 836 - The God Of Fortune’S Call, The Big Boss’S Guardian Arriving
Chapter 837 - Here To Show Off, A Big Scene Of Humiliation
Chapter 838 - The Ace Legal Team: Waiting For You To Fight
Chapter 839 - Principal Warle Is Angry And Master Pei Holds A Grudge
Chapter 840 - Poached Master Pei And Got Expelled
Chapter 841 - Wanting To Touch Master Pei’S Project?
Chapter 842 - Older Brother Is Here, Being Lovey-Dovey At The Airport
Chapter 843 - Master Pei’S Bad Thoughts And Older Brother’S Little Girlfriend
Chapter 844 - Master Pei Tearing Down Her Love Rival
Chapter 845 - Master Du Protects His Wife And Master Pei Flirts
Chapter 846 - Master Du: You Really Don’T Want Me To Leave?
Chapter 847 - Giving Out Candies
Chapter 848 - Master Du: Heartless
Chapter 849 - Master Du: Someone’S Heart Is Aching
Chapter 850 - Countdown To The Awards Ceremony, Banning Of The Mv
Chapter 851 - Poaching Master Pei Into The Entertainment Industry To Deal With Her?
Chapter 852 - Master Pei Is Still Master Pei, Second Brother Is Haughty
Chapter 853 - Master Pei: Earn 100 Million First
Chapter 854 - The Honest Big Boss Is Inciting Trouble
Chapter 855 - It Doesn’T Affect Her From Getting An Award In Another Field
Chapter 856 - The Big Boss’ Appearance And The Start Of The Humiliation
Chapter 857 - Fan Smashed A Car? A Mysterious Friend Is Coming
Chapter 858 - Protect Master Pei
Chapter 859 - Han Yu’S Banning, The Awards Ceremony Begins!
Chapter 860 - Contrary To Everyone’S High Expectations, Master Pei Is Not Coming
Chapter 861 - Did Master Pei Get Exposed Today?
Chapter 862 - Embarrassing Master Pei In Public?
Chapter 863 - The Big Shots Are Shocked By The Person Sitting In The Center Of The First Row!
Chapter 864 - Teach Master Pei A Lesson? The Big Boss Is Half-Hearted
Chapter 865 - The Commotion In The Award Ceremony Because Of Y.G.
Chapter 866 - It Has Never Been Y.G. Lacking Prizes
Chapter 867 - Master Pei Controls The Situation And Rejects Farizk!
Chapter 868 - Exposed Online And Master Pei Is Forced To Appear
Chapter 869 - Where Did This Little Troublemaker Come From?
Chapter 870 - The Boss Is Y.G.?!
Chapter 871 - Bet, A Preview Of The Godly Project!
Chapter 872 - Demanding Pei Yunge To Step Down And The Scientific Big Boss Speaks Up!
Chapter 873 - The Truth Is Revealed! I Want To See Y.G.’S Dad’S True Appearance
Chapter 874 - Re-Film The Mv And Find Master Pei As The Backdrop?
Chapter 875 - Master Pei Catching Someone ‘Red-Handed’
Chapter 876 - Master Pei Is Jealous!
Chapter 877 - Hug Yunyun So That You Can Kiss Me More?
Chapter 878 - The Big Boss’S Friend, Master Pei’S Flaunts Her Piana Skills For The First Time
Chapter 879 - Terrifying Talent, Master Pei Faces Trouble At The Assessment?
Chapter 880 - Master Pei Is Scheming And Is Just A Newcomer?
Chapter 881 - Who Is So Important To Let The Big Boss Of The Top Floor Come And Look?
Chapter 882 - Qin Youjiao’S Main Character Image? Alone In The Lounge
Chapter 883 - Ask Master Pei To Scram? Qin Youjiao’S Assessment Is Too Impressive
Chapter 884 - The Big Boss Wants To Take Qin Youjiao As Her Disciple?
Chapter 885 - Making Master Pei Leave And Forecast Of The Assessment Humiliation!
Chapter 886 - Chased Out Of The International Musicians’ Association? Master Pei Wants To Be Mentor
Chapter 887 - The Big Boss Is Panic-Stricken, Afraid That Yun Will Bear A Grudge!
Chapter 888 - The Strongest Advancement! Explode!!!
Chapter 889 - Do You Take Any Trash In The International Musicians’ Association?
Chapter 890 - Continue To Seek Death And Suspecting That Master Pei Got In Through The Back Door
Chapter 891 - Stirring Trouble At The International Musicians’ Association? Big Boss’S Generosity!
Chapter 892 - Money Planted In The Soil – The Roses From The Big Boss
Chapter 893 - Squandering Master Pei, A Famous Director Begging For Work
Chapter 894 - Untitled
Chapter 895 - Ci7’S Order; Can’T Even Block Huo Shidu?
Chapter 896 - Why Are You Toying With Older Brother’S Feelings?
Chapter 897 - Should I Touch Older Brother’S Adam’S Apple?
Chapter 898 - Master Du Is Acting Coquettishly
Chapter 899 - Coaxed Her And Sent A God
Chapter 900 - Platinum Member Returns To Yun Cheng
Chapter 901 - Song Yao And Yu Ling Got Kidnapped!
Chapter 902 - Yu Ling And The Fu Family Will Be Buried!
Chapter 903 - Master Pei Stirred Up Trouble
Chapter 904 - Fu Yanbai Is Beaten And The Truth About Song Yao Is Revealed!
Chapter 905 - Untitled
Chapter 906 - 2 Chapters Combined
Chapter 907 - Withdrawing From School, See You At Yun University Next Time
Chapter 908 - Plotting Behind Her Back And Exposing Master Pei’S True Colors?
Chapter 909 - Choosing Master Pei And Master Pei Being Despised?
Chapter 910 - Master Pei Practicing What She Has Learned
Chapter 911 - Inviting Y.G.?
Chapter 912 - Untitled
Chapter 913 - Pei Yunge Is Here And You Want Me To Help You??
Chapter 914 - Master Pei Is An External Help And Professor Si Gifted Master Pei?
Chapter 915 - Untitled
Chapter 916 - The External Help Continues To Humiliate
Chapter 917 - Underestimating The Big Boss’ Connections And Giving Up On Master Pei?
Chapter 918 - Why Is Y.G. Here?!
Chapter 919 - Master Pei Teaches Them How To Be A Person And The Atmosphere Is So Tense
Chapter 920 - The Big Boss’ Arrangement, The Countdown To The Commotion
Chapter 921 - Marcus Looking For A Friend And Master Pei Hiding In The Corridor
Chapter 922 - The Big Boss Is Chatting With Master Pei
Chapter 923 - The Big Boss’ Appearance, So Many Asuras!!!
Chapter 924 - The Spectacle Continues, Master Pei’S Support Group
Chapter 925 - Voter: Y.G. Explode!
Chapter 926 - Afraid Of Y.G.’S Revenge, The Mysterious Person Appeared
Chapter 927 - Laboratory 191, Full Score!
Chapter 928 - The Big Bosses Of Ci7 Collectively Rejected The Orders And Got Troubled By A New Power
Chapter 929 - The Love Rival Is Here? Master Du Is Jealous
Chapter 930 - The Qin Family’S Bankruptcy Crisis, Qin Luyan
Chapter 931 - Gave Her All The Money, Forcing Qin Luyan To Submit
Chapter 932 - Gathering At The Old Residence
Chapter 933 - Taking Advantage Of The Situation And Want Master Pei To Apologize?
Chapter 934 - The Old Master’S Order To Protect Master Pei And The Qin Family?
Chapter 935 - The Public Discussion Brews And Countdown To Humiliation
Chapter 936 - Reversal! The Humiliation Scene Is Blinding!
Chapter 937 - Untitled
Chapter 938 - Ci7 Rejecting The Order, Master Pei Feeling Guilty
Chapter 939 - Untitled
Chapter 940 - : Fighting Again, Provoking Master Pei
Chapter 941 - Master Pei Teaches Someone A Lesson
Chapter 942 - Threatening Qin Luyan And Continuing The Reversal
Chapter 943 - Master Pei Faints, The Humiliation Of The Protective Brother
Chapter 944 - No Matter How Good Older Brother Is, He Can’T Be Compared To Your Biological Brother
Chapter 945 - I Want To Take Her From President Qin, Can I?
Chapter 946 - : Master Pei Coaxes
Chapter 947 - Master Pei Teases Her Love Rival
Chapter 948 - Pei Du Couple Shows Love And The Love Rival Is Here
Chapter 949 - Old Madam Dotes On Her Only And Provoked Master Pei
Chapter 950 - Complimenting Each Other And Partying In The Old Madam’S Territory
Chapter 951 - The Godly Assistant, Higgins’S Contact Person
Chapter 952 - Problems Appeared, The Ladies Are Panic-Stricken
Chapter 953 - Someone Solved The Questions?! Master Pei’S Old Acquaintances?
Chapter 954 - Cheng Zihuai Is Being Abused And Master Pei Is Arrogant
Chapter 955 - Cheng Zihuai’S Humiliation, Asking For It
Chapter 956 - Solve The Problem! President Nie Wants To Beat His Boss
Chapter 957 - Master Pei Got In Through The Back Door, Making Losses A Little Every Day
Chapter 958 - Come To Older Brother’S Room To Steal Something?
Chapter 959 - Master Du’S Scheme And Master Pei’S Flirting
Chapter 960 - Master Du Knows The Truth And His Heart Hurts
Chapter 961 - Master Du Shirks Responsibility, Someone From Continent K Arrives
Chapter 962 - K Zhou’S Tang Family And Momo Will Be Taken Away?
Chapter 963 - Master Pei Controls The Scene!
Chapter 964 - Master Du’S Identity, Plead Huo Shidu
Chapter 965 - Brother, Did You Drink?
Chapter 966 - Untitled
Chapter 967 - Master Du Is Lying; It’S Sweet
Chapter 968 - Kiss On The Hand
Chapter 969 - Where Are You Kissing? Secret Experiment
Chapter 970 - Class A Pass
Chapter 971 - The Big Boss Is Angry And Was Arranged To Enter Through The Back Door?
Chapter 972 - Taking Master Pei’S Place, Class One’S Troubles
Chapter 973 - Entering Class Two, Difference In Treatment
Chapter 974 - Difference In Treatment Compared To Master Pei And Class Two
Chapter 975 - : Provoking Class Two And Master Pei’S Humiliation Show
Chapter 976 - Master Pei Is Starting To Be Scheming, You Guys Are Quite Serious About Accomplishing This
Chapter 977 - King Of Humiliation, Pei Yunge, Humanoid Bug
Chapter 978 - Professional God, Overwhelming Humiliation
Chapter 979 - Elder Zhong Is Overprotective And Always Doting On Her
Chapter 980 - Team Pet, Someone Cheated
Chapter 981 - Think About It Carefully, Do I Need A Reason To Be Arrogant?
Chapter 982 - Accusing Master Pei And Old Friends Meet Again
Chapter 983 - Everyone Is Secretly Getting The Big Boss In Through The Back Door
Chapter 984 - End Of The Assessment And Master Pei’S Prediction
Chapter 985 - Master Pei Is The Last And Scandals?
Chapter 986 - Making Master Pei The Scapegoat And Courting Death Crazily
Chapter 987 - Asking Master Pei To Apologize And Gao Ran Humiliated
Chapter 988 - The Big Boss Is Looking For Trouble And Master Pei Is Angry
Chapter 989 - Really Break The Record With A Perfect Score?!
Chapter 990 - Elder Qu’S Humiliation And Zhong Shenglin’S Pressure
Chapter 991 - Continued Humiliation And Elder Zhong Protects His Child!
Chapter 992 - Pei Yunge Is Y.G.?!
Chapter 993 - My Older Brother Is Very Strict
Chapter 994 - This Girl Is Still Under His Control
Chapter 995 - Meeting Younger Cousin Coincidentally, Acting As A Matchmaker Schemingly
Chapter 996 - : Master Pei Shows Her Authority
Chapter 997 - Master Pei’S Gift
Chapter 998 - Found Master Du’S ‘Hidden Good’
Chapter 999 - Older Brother Likes Wild Cats More
Chapter 1000 - Coaxing And Getting Coaxed
Chapter 1001 - Where Is Our Yunyun’S Little Tail?
Chapter 1002 - Cui Hengchuan’S Scheme
Chapter 1003 - Master Pei Suspects Something, The Big Boss Is Recalled
Chapter 1004 - First Place In The Joint School Examination
Chapter 1005 - The Gods Retreat, Yizhong’S Fear
Chapter 1006 - Hengde Is Left With A Group Of Useless People? Caught Watching A Show
Chapter 1007 - Master Pei Is Being Scolded And Si Chengyan Protects His Kid
Chapter 1008 - Crazy Humiliation And Sister Yao Scolding Someone
Chapter 1009 - The Examination Begins, Countdown To Master Pei’S Team Destruction!
Chapter 1010 - Humiliating Someone In The Examination Hall And Master Pei Teaching Someone A Lesson
Chapter 1011 - Master Pei’S Counterattack, Marking Teacher Doubting Life
Chapter 1012 - High Scores, Intense Battle Between The Two Schools!
Chapter 1013 - Yun University And Beichuan’S Scam Call? The Scheduled Humiliation
Chapter 1014 - A Large Scale Massacre Scene! Total Team Elimination!!
Chapter 1015 - Full Score, Hengde’S King Of Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 1016 - Big Humiliation, Backing Of The Godly Big Boss
Chapter 1017 - This Humiliation Is Out Of This World!
Chapter 1018 - Crushing The Top Student Among The Nine Schools And The Adventure Of The Haunted House
Chapter 1019 - Pei Yunge, Can’T You Learn To Be More Humane?
Chapter 1020 - : Master Pei Is Unreasonable, Restored Main Venue
Chapter 1021 - Why Did You Take So Long To Look For Me? Irritable Master Pei
Chapter 1022 - Are You Tired Of Living? Challenging Her?
Chapter 1023 - The Hobby Of A Douchebag
Chapter 1024 - You Can Dream About Older Brother Like This
Chapter 1025 - Am I Not Losing Out Too Much, Yunyun?
Chapter 1026 - There Will Be Time When Master Du Is Inhumane
Chapter 1027 - The Refined Scum Huo Shidu
Chapter 1028 - What Bewitching Medicine Did Huo Shidu Eat?
Chapter 1029 - Master Du Dotes On Her!
Chapter 1030 - Y.G.’S Little Fanboy
Chapter 1031 - The Professor’S Provoking, A.M.’S Powerful Opponent?
Chapter 1032 - Master Pei’S Scheming Actions And Giving Her A Humiliation
Chapter 1033 - : Master Pei’S ‘Laptop’ Has A Bad Temper
Chapter 1034 - Ultimate Domination, Father G: Your Family Is A Bunch Of Lousy People
Chapter 1035 - : The Computer Is Too Awesome And Little G Strikes Lai Yunqing
Chapter 1036 - Organization Invasion And Exposing Danger
Chapter 1037 - Master Pei Hacked The System And The Scumbag Got Abused
Chapter 1038 - Unexpected Humiliation, Big Boss’S Manipulation
Chapter 1039 - I Want To Cling To Master Pei And Advise Master Pei To Turn Back
Chapter 1040 - Inspection And Defeating The Looks Of People In The Entertainment Industry
Chapter 1041 - Untitled
Chapter 1042 - Threatening Master Pei, Big Boss’S Secret Contact
Chapter 1043 - Countdown To The Elimination Of The Big Boss!
Chapter 1044 - Y.G. Teacher Is Protecting Her Kid
Chapter 1045 - Master Pei’S Vicious Tongue And Y.G.’S Memory Is Invincible
Chapter 1046 - Master Pei Is Amazing And Master Pei Is Missing In Action
Chapter 1047 - Y.G. Crushing The Situation
Chapter 1048 - Lai Yunqing Strikes And Is Beaten
Chapter 1049 - The Big Boss’S Guardians Are Fighting Online
Chapter 1050 - Attacking Y.G., Nance Is Angry
Chapter 1051 - Even If You Stab A Hole In The Sky, I Can Take It
Chapter 1052 - Master Pei’S Mistake, Acting Coquettishly
Chapter 1053 - If You Want To Take My Clothes Off, Do It In The Car Later
Chapter 1054 - Master Pei Coaxes
Chapter 1055 - Master Du Protects His Wife
Chapter 1056 - Haven’T You Already Got Me?
Chapter 1057 - Qin Lang’S Withdrawal, Jiang Zhi’S Misdeeds
Chapter 1058 - Master Pei Is Overprotective And Another Familiar Humiliation Scene
Chapter 1059 - The Big Boss Receives And Coaxes The God Of Fortune
Chapter 1060 - Heaven-Defying Connections And Brought A Man Here
Chapter 1061 - Bewitching Pei Yunge And Chosen By The Famous Director
Chapter 1062 - The Contemporary Female King Gu Is Seducing People Now!!!
Chapter 1063 - Master Du Is Jealous
Chapter 1064 - Master Du Is Moved And Master Pei Is Substitute
Chapter 1065 - It’S Time To Behave, Yunyun
Chapter 1066 - The Director Is Taken Away, Y.G.’S Ardent Fan, Luo Xie
Chapter 1067 - The Couplet Organization 191: Master Pei Is Ready To Scam Someone
Chapter 1068 - Master Pei’S Secret Mission, Luo Xie’S Fan’S Mindset Is Cracked
Chapter 1069 - Qin Lang’S Stress Will Double And The Competition Begins!
Chapter 1070 - Cui Hengchuan’S Appearance And Captain Qin Lang’S Misery
Chapter 1071 - Another Scheme, Almighty Qin Appeared!
Chapter 1072 - Substitute Your God Qin And Master Pei Explode
Chapter 1073 - Top 1 God Of Billions, Ultimate Reversal!
Chapter 1074 - Daddy Pei’S Humiliation Textbook And The Newcomer King’S Cheating!
Chapter 1075 - Master Pei’S Crazy Domination, Even The God Of Billions Is Missing
Chapter 1076 - The Club’S Boss Is Crazy Stealing Someone, God Of Billions’ Rise To Fame
Chapter 1077 - The Highest Level Of God Of Billions Master Du, Cui Hengchuan Meeting Again
Chapter 1078 - Master Du Is Good At Being A Boyfriend And Master Pei Teases
Chapter 1079 - : Little Rich Woman, Feed Older Brother One
Chapter 1080 - Master Du Is Giving Her A Pedestal, A Place In The Confederation 191 191
Chapter 1081 - Shattering Confidence And Muddleheaded Qin Family
Chapter 1082 - Gathering Of Geniuses, On Par With Y.G.?
Chapter 1083 - Fight Between Gods And Cozying Up To Master Pei
Chapter 1084 - Strong Alliance And Strange Competition
Chapter 1085 - Master Pei’S Scheming Actions And A Large Scale Asura!
Chapter 1086 - Another Day Of Being A King, Soaring Points!
Chapter 1087 - Master Pei Leading The Team To Success And The Mentor Being Humiliated!
Chapter 1088 - Breaking Confederation 191’S Record! Easily An Asura Arena!
Chapter 1089 - Reversal And Humiliation, Master Pei Dominates The Situation!
Chapter 1090 - Wang Huiying’S Gift, Master Pei Rejects 191
Chapter 1091 - Former Successor Of Confederation 191, The Wife Of Master Pei’S Teacher
Chapter 1092 - Going To The Library, The Old Monster’S Lonely Book
Chapter 1093 - Worship The Dead As A Teacher, Genetic Experiments
Chapter 1094 - Be Shi Nanyi’S Disciple And Successor Of Confederation 191?
Chapter 1095 - The Heir Of Confederation 191, Wang Huiying Got First Place
Chapter 1096 - Wang Hui Pressured To Steal Power And Accident In The Written Exam!
Chapter 1097 - Master Pei Turns The Situation Around! The Great Demon Of Humiliation Appears Again!
Chapter 1098 - Wang Huiying Poached Someone Secretly And Got A Dark Horse!
Chapter 1099 - Wang Huiying Got Humiliated, Two First Place?!
Chapter 1100 - Beat Up Wang Huiying, Which Research Institute’S Genius?!
Chapter 1101 - Changing The Successor Of Confederation 191, Wang Huiying Got Beaten
Chapter 1102 - Encouraging Master Pei To Steal The Throne, The Third Round Of Humiliation As Enemies Meet On A Narrow Road!
Chapter 1103 - The Scumbag Hurts Someone In A Moment, Master Pei Is Angry!
Chapter 1104 - Master Pei’S Big Move, Preparing To Dominate The Situation!
Chapter 1105 - Wang Huiying Plagiarized, Master Pei Tearing Down Mr Wang
Chapter 1106 - Is Master Pei Humiliating Her?! This Is Clearly Targeting Her!!!
Chapter 1107 - The Fear Of Being Dominated By A Big Boss, Wang Hui’S Scheme
Chapter 1108 - New And Old Grudges, Master Shi Poaching A Successor In Front Of Him!
Chapter 1109 - Flirting From The First Time They Meet
Chapter 1110 - Luo Xie’S Goddess, Master Du Is Jealous
Chapter 1111 - We Have A Long Time In The Future; Wang Huiying Got Beaten
Chapter 1112 - : Changes In Confederation 191, Master Pei Retreats
Chapter 1113 - In Danger! Master Pei Flaunts Her Wealth
Chapter 1114 - Try Picking It Up, The Bai Efamily Found The
Chapter 1115 - A Fake Good, Master Pei Is Looking For Trouble?
Chapter 1116 - Making Things Difficult On The Scene, The Foreshadow Of Master Pei Having The Upper Hand In The Situation!
Chapter 1117 - Master Pei Starts Fire And Humiliation
Chapter 1118 - Master Pei Made A Bad Choice? Crazy Humiliation And Clarification
Chapter 1119 - The Successor’S Failure, Boiling Humiliation
Chapter 1120 - Suffering The Consequences Of Your Own Actions And Everyone Kicks You When You’Re Down!
Chapter 1121 - Master Du Is Jealous, Master Pei Coaxes
Chapter 1122 - Brother, When Do You Think I Can Be In Love?
Chapter 1123 - Pei Du Couple Arguing
Chapter 1124 - Do You Want Older Brother To Teach You How To Play?
Chapter 1125 - The Big Boss Returns And The Change In High School
Chapter 1126 - Master Pei Is Arrogant, Fighting For First Place!
Chapter 1127 - Is This Man Here To Kill Her?
Chapter 1128 - Intense Competition For The College Entrance Examination, Old Madam Teaches Master Du A Lesson
Chapter 1129 - Untitled
Chapter 1130 - Older Brother Is Still Quite Nervous
Chapter 1131 - Master Pei Is Taking The College Entrance Examination While Sick, The Atmosphere In The Old Mansion Is Tense
Chapter 1132 - Untitled
Chapter 1133 - Downtrodden Attack, The Difference Between Gods!
Chapter 1134 - The Nation’S Number One! The Temper Of The Nation’S Top Scorer
Chapter 1135 - Master Pei Is More Arrogant And Mrs Qin Came To Provoke
Chapter 1136 - Untitled
Chapter 1137 - Extreme Humiliation Of Mrs Qin, Everyone’S Mind Is Blown!
Chapter 1138 - Fighting For The Top Scorer Of The College Entrance Examination, The Big Boss Is Coaxing Her
Chapter 1139 - Life Is Not Easy For Big Bosses To Run Their Businesses, Foreshadowing Of The Trending Topic!
Chapter 1140 - Reversal Of The Situation, Humiliation, The True Daughter Is Amazing!!
Chapter 1141 - Become The Ghost Under Senior Pei’S Skirt, Qin Youjiao Is Ruthlessly Humiliated
Chapter 1142 - Enemies Meet And Cheng Zihuai Comes To Seek Collaboration
Chapter 1143 - The Scumbag Is Courting Death, Going Against Master Pei
Chapter 1144 - President Pei Is Amazing And The Big Boss Is Being Scolded
Chapter 1145 - Master Pei Scolded Her Company And Humiliated The Boss
Chapter 1146 - : The Boss Who Is Last To Be Provoked Is A Girl??
Chapter 1147 - Master Pei Is Being Ruthless And Scumbag Will Be Finished!
Chapter 1148 - The Boss Got In Through The Back Door Personally, Master Pei Dominates Thousands Of People
Chapter 1149 - Are You Serious Or Playing With Pei Yunge?
Chapter 1150 - Master Pei Is Acting Coquettishly, Wanting To Lose In Master Pei’S Hands
Chapter 1151 - The Ge Yao Couple Is Displaying Affection Too, Master Pei Is Amazing!
Chapter 1152 - Song Yao’S Competition, God Of Billions’ Losses!
Chapter 1153 - Sister Yao Is Speechless, Master Pei’S Little Angel
Chapter 1154 - Fans Screaming Throughout The Venue!!!
Chapter 1155 - Who Dares To Touch The Account Of The Billion Gods? The Big Bosses Are Fighting For Reinforcements
Chapter 1156 - Sabotaging The Top Of Esports, Wang Kai Looking For Humiliation
Chapter 1157 - God Of Billions Is Saying No, God Of Billions Is Here!!!
Chapter 1158 - The God Of Billions: Who Does She Have To See Who Is The Other Party If She’S Here To Cause Trouble?
Chapter 1159 - The God Of Billions’ Home Ground Control, Even The Level Os Are Beaten!
Chapter 1160 - The God Of Billions Is Out Of Control, Sister Yao Is Helping Master Du Display Affection
Chapter 1161 - Sister Yao’S Gentle Warning And Master Pei’S Flirting
Chapter 1162 - I’M Not Your Ancestor, Little Child
Chapter 1163 - Don’T Coax Others, Coax Me More
Chapter 1164 - Enjoying Her Own Drama, Master Pei Interrogates
Chapter 1165 - Master Pei Is Holding On To Her Vest And Xiao Han Is Being Scammed?
Chapter 1166 - Master Pei: Representing The People
Chapter 1167 - Anxious Xiao Han And Accusing Master Pei!
Chapter 1168 - Xiao Han Suffers A Lesson And Master Pei Loses Control
Chapter 1169 - Scumbag Scheming On Master Pei
Chapter 1170 - Stealing Yun’S Account And Causing Trouble On The Big Boss
Chapter 1171 - Hardcore Response And Big Boss Creates A Commontion On The Internet!
Chapter 1172 - Destroying The Nest And Humiliation Done In One Go, Master Pei Sets Up A Her Own Fanclub
Chapter 1173 - Master Pei Is Shameless And The Anti-Fans Are Angry!
Chapter 1174 - 4 Xiao Han’S Connections, Completely Provokes Pei Yunge
Chapter 1175 - Out Of Control! Is My Bottom Line So Easy To Cross?
Chapter 1176 - Exposed! Causing A Huge Commotion And Calling The Office Of The South Side
Chapter 1177 - Meeting The Head Boss And The Large Scale Humiliation!
Chapter 1178 - You Even Dare To Climb Above My Head!
Chapter 1179 - Everyone Is Afraid Of Elder Qu And Master Pei: Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 1180 - Y.G.-A Walking Sci-Fi
Chapter 1181 - The Price Xiao Han Has To Pay For Offending The Most Untouchable
Chapter 1182 - Master Pei: I Am Accepting The Treatment Just So I Can Have A Boyfriend
Chapter 1183 - Master Du Is Jealous
Chapter 1184 - The Surname Huo Can Suppress Me
Chapter 1185 - What’S The Difference Between A Brother Who Was Not Related By Blood And A Lover? Coaxing Him
Chapter 1186 - A Game Of Sweet Love, “Huo Shidu!”
Chapter 1187 - Master Pei Is Provoked, Good Girl
Chapter 1188 - The Person In Submission Is A Glutton For Punishment
Chapter 1189 - Don’T Let Older Brother Wait For Nothing, Little Tyrant (Sweet)
Chapter 1190 - Master Pei Is Strict, Master Du Comes Home On Time
Chapter 1191 - Why Does It Feel Like You Are Seducing Someone Even By Lighting Fireworks?
Chapter 1192 - Look At The Fireworks, Older Brother Will Look At You
Chapter 1193 - The Coming Of The Graduation Banquet And Old Master Qin’S Illness
Chapter 1194 - Mrs Qin Is Looking For Trouble, Eldest Brother Protects Her
Chapter 1195 - Qin Youjiao Seeking Death, Eldest Brother Strikes Her Face Ruthlessly
Chapter 1196 - Isn’T It Natural For An Older Brother To Coax His Younger Sister?
Chapter 1197 - Only Pei Yungeism, The Big Boss’S Graduation Banquet
Chapter 1198 - The Graduation Banquet, Luo Xie: I Scolded My Idol
Chapter 1199 - Carrying Twins Next Year And Master Pei Fails
Chapter 1200 - Nonsense, Half Of The Scientific Industry Is Bad!
Chapter 1201 - Meeting The Big Boss, Ci7’S Surprisingly Good Gift!
Chapter 1202 - Master Pei’S Rumors Debunked, The Big Boss’S Love Of Planting Flowers
Chapter 1203 - The Second Wave Of Gift Giving, Qin Youjiao Suppressed?
Chapter 1204 - Direct Provocation, Third-Rate Company
Chapter 1205 - Poaching The Big Boss, Teacher Pei’S Death Greetings
Chapter 1206 - Boss Pei Is Publicly Humiliating Someone Today
Chapter 1207 - The Big Bosses’ Collective Termination, Master Pei Dominates The Situation
Chapter 1208 - Master Pei Is Jealous: You Seem To Be Very Good At Seducing People
Chapter 1209 - Master Du Is Jealous And Sister Yao Tears Apart A Scumbag Gently
Chapter 1210 - Get Him First, Luo Xie’S Goddess Exposed
Chapter 1211 - It’S My Territory, Who Are You Looking For Trouble With?
Chapter 1212 - Older Brother Doesn’T Know What I Want?
Chapter 1213 - The Big Boss Has No Desires And Is Actually The Top Scorer Of The College Entrance Examination!!
Chapter 1214 - The Godly Beauty Of The Top Scorer Of The College Entrance Examination, Meeting Old Enemy
Chapter 1215 - Enemies On A Narrow Road, A Big Boss Contestant Dominating Someone Of The Same Level
Chapter 1216 - The Newcomer King'S Connections, Yun University'S Top Couple
Chapter 1217 - Exposing Master Pei'S Identity And Being Targeted
Chapter 1218 - Master Pei Rejects Invitation To Be Yun University'S Representative And Sister Yao'S Gentle Cut
Chapter 1219 - Pulling Master Pei Down, The Big Boss Is Hunting
Chapter 1220 - I'M Going To Cause Trouble. Yun University'S First Humiliation
Chapter 1221 - A Feast For The Eyes, Dominating The Popularity Of The Top
Chapter 1222 - The Big Boss'S Moment Of Brilliance! It'S Easy To Seduce Her!
Chapter 1223 - The Big Boss'S Behavior, Y.G. Is Good
Chapter 1224 - Date, Good Evening, Student?
Chapter 1225 - Then Can'T You Coax Older Brother A Little?
Chapter 1226 - Master Pei: This Bastard Is Shameless
Chapter 1227 - Master Pei'S Good-For-Nothing Image Collapses, A Large-Scale Hunt!
Chapter 1228 - Master Pei Stabs Someone, Can No One Beat Me?
Chapter 1229 - Cheng Zihuai'S Misery And Master Pei'S Humiliation!
Chapter 1230 - Master Pei'S Domination And Instant Humiliation!!
Chapter 1231 - How Ruthless, Top Scorer Daddy, Destroying The Situation!
Chapter 1232 - This Is The True Big Boss, Master Pei'S Focus
Chapter 1233 - Continuous Downfall Of A Useless Persona, A Lesson
Chapter 1234 - What Does Master Pei Want To Do In Front Of Me?
Chapter 1235 - Master Pei Is Not Being Human Again, Big Boss-Level Competition??
Chapter 1236 - Master Pei'S Powerful Reversal And Dimensional Attack!
Chapter 1237 - The King Of Fails' Existence, The Fearful Master Pei
Chapter 1238 - The Big Boss Is Drunk And Master Du Is Calling
Chapter 1239 - Master Du: I Have To Serve Her Well
Chapter 1240 - Master Pei'S First Ai Creation And International Conspiracy
Chapter 1241 - The Villain Boss Is My Husband
Chapter 1242 - Not Easy To Coax, The Big Boss Of The Department Is Rejected
Chapter 1243 - Connections Of A Famous School, Master Du'S Secret
Chapter 1244 - J.H. Is Huo Jing, In Master Pei'S Hands
Chapter 1245 - Master Pei Praises Grandma And The Big Boss'S Difference
Chapter 1246 - Top Scorer Pei: I'Ll Guide Myself And Make Things Difficult
Chapter 1247 - I Heard The Elder Young Miss Of The Qin Family Is In Your Department Too?
Chapter 1248 - Even A Relationship Is So Mysterious
Chapter 1249 - Master Pei'S Beauty Kills, Hiding Something For Master Pei
Chapter 1250 - Amazing, Top Scorer, Deliberately Setting A Trap
Chapter 1251 - Master Pei'S Draft Approval, Casual Humiliation
Chapter 1252 - Continue Humiliating! Professor Huang, Please Teach Me
Chapter 1253 - Crazy Treatment Of A Big Boss, Rumors About Master Pei
Chapter 1254 - Master Pei Is Angry And Meng Wenwen Is Scared Dumb
Chapter 1255 - Everyone'S Humiliation, A Big Lesson!
Chapter 1256 - Professor Huang Kidnapped A Big Boss And Recruited Her To The Laboratory In A High-Profile Manner!
Chapter 1257 - The Big Boss'S Blind Confidence, Master Pei'S Immortal Composition Preview!
Chapter 1258 - Countdown To Master Pei'S Debate!
Chapter 1259 - Making Master Pei A Substitute, Hellish Suffering!
Chapter 1260 - Professor Battle, Master Pei Became The Substitute For Another Team
Chapter 1261 - What Kind Of Pervert Is This Y.G.?
Chapter 1262 - The Godly Substitute, Master Pei Is Arrogant!
Chapter 1263 - Master Pei Is Overwhelming, The Big Boss' Disciple Is Blinded!
Chapter 1264 - Protecting Master Pei, Going Easy
Chapter 1265 - Touching Teacher-Student Relationship, Reincarnated God
Chapter 1266 - The Big Boss'S Famous Scene, Master Pei Directly Sitting On The Professor Seat!
Chapter 1267 - Master Pei'S Battling The Professor On The Spot
Chapter 1268 - Obviously Going Against The Professors, The Difference Between Professors And Big Bosses!
Chapter 1269 - The Big Boss Of Another School Poaching Someone And Tearing Hai Ning Apart
Chapter 1270 - Meng Wenwen Regrets, Hai Ning Courting Death
Chapter 1271 - The Big Boss' Domineering Speech And Master Pei Scolding Her Roommate
Chapter 1272 - Master Du'S Sweet Moves, Taken Care Of It For So Long For Nothing
Chapter 1273 - Master Pei: Shameless Master Du: Despicable
Chapter 1274 - Little Scumbag, Senior Is So Handsome!
Chapter 1275 - Dig Into Master Du'S Past, Popular Senior
Chapter 1276 - It'S As Simple As A Beck And Call From Older Brother
Chapter 1277 - Master Pei: You'Re Quite Brave, Aren'T You?
Chapter 1278 - The Original Score Of The Demon King And Big Boss Is Amazing!
Chapter 1279 - Defeat Qin Youjiao And Expose Her For Plagiarism?!
Chapter 1280 - Qin Youjiao'S Scheme And Master Du'S Appearance
Chapter 1281 - Master Pei Shows Her Dominance And Elopes With Master Du
Chapter 1282 - How Can I Not Put Away My Ego When Chasing My Little Girl?
Chapter 1283 - Our Yunyun Has Grown Up Too, Ancestor
Chapter 1284 - Master Du Is Flirting, Ostracizing Master Pei?
Chapter 1285 - The Mistress Fang Shiyun And Master Pei'S Lustful Comments
Chapter 1286 - Scumbag Courting Death, Master Pei'S Humiliation Technique!
Chapter 1287 - Master Pei Controls The Situation And The Big Boss' Free Meal
Chapter 1288 - The Top Scorer Causes An Uproar, Master Du Is Being Sweet
Chapter 1289 - Yunyun, Bear With It A Little More, You Scumbag!
Chapter 1290 - Director Lin Returns To Scientific Research And Master Pei Is Angry!
Chapter 1291 - Irritable Y.G., Fighting Someone!
Chapter 1292 - Master Pei: I Want To Win More Awards And Welcome The New Year
Chapter 1293 - The Team Dotes On Master Pei And Causes Trouble??
Chapter 1294 - The Backer Comes Looking For Trouble, Master Pei—The Owner Of The Asura Arena
Chapter 1295 - Mrs He'S Domineering And Master Pei'S Abuse!
Chapter 1296 - Acting Special In Front Of Master Pei, Foreshadowing Humiliation!
Chapter 1297 - Y.G.'S Application For Collaboration And The Big Boss Is Causing Trouble Today
Chapter 1298 - Elder He'S Forceful Threat, The Big Boss Is Attacking!!
Chapter 1299 - Emergency Conference, Master Pei'S Main Character Aura Intensifies!
Chapter 1300 - It'S Actually Y.G., A Large Scale Threatening Scene!!
Chapter 1301 - Self-Humiliation, Elder He Is Being Abused!
Chapter 1302 - Be Obedient Wolf Child, Yun University'S New Crisis!
Chapter 1303 - Talented Transfer Student, Targeting Master Pei
Chapter 1304 - Arrogant Wang Guanchen, Who Dares To Bully Our Master Pei?
Chapter 1305 - Master Pei: This Is Being Provoked, Master Pei Is Flirting!
Chapter 1306 - Pei Yunge Has Moved My Heart, Stealing The Limelight?!
Chapter 1307 - Provoking Master Pei'S Hacking System And Courting Death In My Hands
Chapter 1308 - Master Pei Crushes Everyone And A Large Scale Attack!!
Chapter 1309 - Revenge, Find A Backer, A Big Boss In The Fashion Industry Gifts
Chapter 1310 - Qin Youjiao'S Preparations, Countdown To The Gala'S Humiliation!
Chapter 1311 - Focus On Qin Youjiao? The Deadly Couple'S Charismatic Attack!
Chapter 1312 - Visual Feast, Master Du'S Beauty Scheme
Chapter 1313 - Do You Want To Hug Older Brother?
Chapter 1314 - Master Pei: Huo Shidu, You'Re Gone
Chapter 1315 - Master Pei Is Crazy And The Show Is Reported?
Chapter 1316 - Rumors Everywhere, The Popular Singer Accused Master Pei Of Plagiarism?
Chapter 1317 - Sister Yao Sacrifices For Her Love, Culprit Frames Another Person
Chapter 1318 - A Godly Reversal And The First Wave Of Humiliation!!
Chapter 1319 - Guss Headquarters Taking The Initiative To Acknowledge It, An Exciting Second Wave Of Humiliation!!
Chapter 1320 - Heaven-Defying Connections, Third Wave Of Big Boss Humiliation!!
Chapter 1321 - The Fourth Wave Of Humiliation And Master Pei'S Eternal Heavenly Treatment!
Chapter 1322 - Scumbag Continues To Seek Death And Is Targeted By Master Pei!
Chapter 1323 - Fang Shiyun Is Beaten, Yun Fans Crushing The Famous Scene!
Chapter 1324 - Qin Youjiao Suffers, A Dogfight!
Chapter 1325 - Qin Youjiao Instigates Mrs Qin And Master Pei Starts To Play
Chapter 1326 - Master Pei'S Yun Identity Exposed, The Whole Internet Is Shocked!!
Chapter 1327 - Director Lin Resumes Her Post And The Music Department'S Professors Are Humiliated!
Chapter 1328 - 21-Year-Old Chief Musician! Mrs Qin, Qin Youjiao Got Beaten!
Chapter 1329 - Suspected Forgery, Yun'S Behind-The-Scenes Recording!
Chapter 1330 - Qin Youjiao'S Humiliation, Yun'S Fan Tearing Down Jiao'S Fan!
Chapter 1331 - Qin Youjiao'S Ending, Eldest Brother'S Ability To Protect His Sister!
Chapter 1332 - Break One Of Her Legs Every Time I See Her!
Chapter 1333 - Throwing A Tantrum, My Little Girl
Chapter 1334 - Faith In Scientific Research And The Honesty Of The Grandparents
Chapter 1335 - The True Elder Young Miss Is Busy With Carrying On The Torch, Master Du Is Helping
Chapter 1336 - Elite Teams From All Over The World Gather And Reporters Attack!
Chapter 1337 - The Old And New Gods Fight!
Chapter 1338 - The Expert Group'S Dispute, An International Live Broadcast Conference!
Chapter 1339 - The Big Boss Who Came Out Of The Textbook, Master Pei'S Backing
Chapter 1340 - Bombarding Director Lin And The Mysterious Big Boss' Backing!
Chapter 1341 - Director Lin Is Surrounded By Enemies And President Higgins Is Here!
Chapter 1342 - A Large Scale Confusion, A Capitalist Daddy Delivering Himself!
Chapter 1343 - The Weak Spot To Take Down Lin Lanjun, The Person In The Dungeon
Chapter 1344 - Mr Huo Appeared And Master Pei Provoked Master Du
Chapter 1345 - Master Du: Need A Lesson? Master Du Reunited With His Biological Father
Chapter 1346 - Master Du Protects His Wife
Chapter 1347 - Master Pei'S Koala Hug
Chapter 1348 - Stalking Master Pei And Encountering The Sharp Blade Team!
Chapter 1349 - The Big Boss'S Banquet And A Banquet To Make Things Difficult For Master Pei?!
Chapter 1350 - The Mysterious Big Boss, Became Master Pei'S Scene
Chapter 1351 - Appointing Young Madam And Provoking Master Pei!
Chapter 1352 - Master Pei Stirred Up Trouble And Bo Jinqiao Was Abused!
Chapter 1353 - Master Pei'S Scumbag Behavior, Big Boss Fanboy?
Chapter 1354 - Condemn Master Pei And Everyone'S Old Acquaintances!
Chapter 1355 - Old Master Bo'S Expression Changes And Bo Jinqiao'S Misery!
Chapter 1356 - Using Someone To Kill Someone, Humiliation In The Academic Circle
Chapter 1357 - Higgins'S Changes, Master Pei Purges The Company!!
Chapter 1358 - If You Say Another Word, I'Ll Break One Of Your Bones
Chapter 1359 - The Person The Big Boss Is Afraid Of, Master Pei Shugs Higgins!
Chapter 1360 - The Shocking Secret Twenty Years Ago, Pei Du Couple Preparing To Leave
Chapter 1361 - Master Pei Strikes And Higgins'S Higher-Ups Beat Them One By One!
Chapter 1362 - Master Pei Punishes Her Subordinates, Trembling!
Chapter 1363 - Master Pei: Solve The Problem Or Dismiss Yourself
Chapter 1364 - Sitting In Prison For A Long Time, Master Pei Has Dark Humor
Chapter 1365 - Yunyun, Be Brave.
Chapter 1366 - Qin Yu: My Brother Is A Dog
Chapter 1367 - Can You Still Be A Brother-In-Law? Trouble Comes Looking For You
Chapter 1368 - Is There No End To It?
Chapter 1369 - Brothers Fall Out And Master Du Is Beaten
Chapter 1370 - Leave Yunyun To Someone Else Than Leave Her To Me?
Chapter 1371 - Huo Shidu, What'S With Your Face?
Chapter 1372 - Qin Yu: Do You Think It'S So Easy To Enter My Qin Family?
Chapter 1373 - : You Still Want To Elope With Older Brother?
Chapter 1374 - Known As Little Y.G.
Chapter 1375 - — The Big Boss'S Pain
Chapter 1376 - Give Her All The Family Wealth, Dog Fight
Chapter 1377 - Master Pei Is Going To Kill Him
Chapter 1378 - Arrogant Little Genius Vs Demon King
Chapter 1379 - Big And Small Demon Kings, Master Pei Hitting A Child
Chapter 1380 - The Bullies Came To Attack, Master Pei'S Idea
Chapter 1381 - What Should I Do? Am I Regretting It Again?
Chapter 1382 - Yun University'S School Tyrant, Y.G. Is Faith
Chapter 1383 - Master Pei Protects Her Child!
Chapter 1384 - Wang Huiying'S Scheme And Xiang Jing'S Trouble!
Chapter 1385 - The Wang Siblings Are Courting Death And Master Pei Is Angry
Chapter 1386 - Master Pei Is Reasonable. Isn'T Crippling One Hand Enough?
Chapter 1387 - Master Pei Controls Violence With Violence, Making Things Big!
Chapter 1388 - Master Pei Publicly Attacked Wang Huiying And Humiliated Her!
Chapter 1389 - Isn'T It Up To Me To Raise A Few Dogs?
Chapter 1390 - Wang Huiying'S Conspiracy And The Attack Of Confederation 191'S Big Boss!
Chapter 1391 - The Runner-Chaser Successor Show!
Chapter 1392 - The Big Boss Of Confederation 191 Is Overprotective And The Successor Position!
Chapter 1393 - Master Pei: I Just Made A Mistake Every Good Person Makes
Chapter 1394 - You'Re Already Here, You Can Go Back After Kowtowing This Time
Chapter 1395 - You'Re Still Thinking About Me, Turn Of The Tables!
Chapter 1396 - Abusing K University And K Corporation'S Apology!
Chapter 1397 - Old Master Qin Is In Trouble And Master Pei Is Investigating The Murder!
Chapter 1398 - A Mysterious Guest From Continent K, Find Out The Truth!
Chapter 1399 - : Master Pei Is Being Targeted, Master Du Is Really Here!
Chapter 1400 - Master Pei Is Overprotective And Master Du Is Proclaiming Ownership!
Chapter 1401 - Master Du Is Clingy When He'S Drunk
Chapter 1402 - Master Pei'S Domestic Violence Scene
Chapter 1403 - She Calls The Shots About Who Goes To Hell
Chapter 1404 - The Qin Family'S Weakest Pei Yunge, Scam!
Chapter 1405 - Destroying Qi Wuxiu'S Lair, Furious!
Chapter 1406 - Intimidation And A Huge Commotion In Yun Cheng!
Chapter 1407 - Higgins Technical Competition And Tang Boyang Taking Over The Territory!
Chapter 1408 - Tang Shu Exposed Her Identity And Confronted Master Pei!
Chapter 1409 - The Highest Arrest Order!
Chapter 1410 - Master Pei Is Inhumane, The Big Boss Behind Tang Shu
Chapter 1411 - The Big Boss Is Looking For Trouble, A Large Scale Loss!
Chapter 1412 - Master Pei Is A Scumbag And The Big Boss Is Injured!
Chapter 1413 - Tang Shu Is Unwilling, Reversed Humiliation!
Chapter 1414 - Master Pei'S Iron Fist Manipulation, Dog Fight!
Chapter 1415 - The Big Boss'S Warning And Troublemaker!
Chapter 1416 - My Good Older Brother, Fernans Is Provoked
Chapter 1417 - Isn'T Good Older Brother Here To Pick Our Yunyun Up?
Chapter 1418 - Huo Shidu: Including Me, Do You Understand?
Chapter 1419 - Master Du: Yunyun, Have You Thought About It—
Chapter 1420 - The Rule Of The Top Scorer, The Old Master'S Indulgent Love
Chapter 1421 - I Haven'T Met Someone So Arrogant And Humiliation Awaits!
Chapter 1422 - Handing In The Paper In Advance, Meeting The Top Scorer!
Chapter 1423 - Smith'S Steal, Pei Yunge Is Y.G.?
Chapter 1424 - Master Pei Carries The Team
Chapter 1425 - Yun University'S System Bug, Acknowledgement
Chapter 1426 - Promise, Master Pei Became An Unpopular Candidate!
Chapter 1427 - Hundred Scientists, Emergency Conference!
Chapter 1428 - The First Lists Of The Conference: Y.G.!
Chapter 1429 - Fighting For The Assistant Slot, Playing Tricks!
Chapter 1430 - Master Pei: I Have A Few More Candidates
Chapter 1431 - Master Pei Reserving Her Own Home Ground, Grandpa And Granddaughter Arguing
Chapter 1432 - Master Pei Is Forced To Cooperate
Chapter 1433 - Gathering Of The Scientific Research Big Bosses, Warning Of Humiliation!
Chapter 1434 - The Big Boss "Eating Lemon" And Randomly Found Y.G.
Chapter 1435 - Master Du Has Been Cheated On
Chapter 1436 - Another Award!
Chapter 1437 - Fighting For Favor, The Big Boss'S Bottleneck
Chapter 1438 - Little Bastard, How Dare You Bite Me?!
Chapter 1439 - You Won'T Even Pick Some Place To Die?
Chapter 1440 - Master Pei'S Expression Changes, Come And Settle The Scores
Chapter 1441 - Master Pei Is Angry
Chapter 1442 - Crazy Scolding Of A Beauty, Hubby Strikes Me
Chapter 1443 - Master Du: Do You Know What You Did Wrong?
Chapter 1444 - Master Du, Momo, Brothers Stab Each Other
Chapter 1445 - Master Du'S Scheme
Chapter 1446 - Master Pei: You Have To Pay For This
Chapter 1447 - I Only Like The Little Cabbage I Raise At Home
Chapter 1448 - Older Brother, Do You Want To Play A Game With Me?
Chapter 1449 - Master Du: Master Pei Has Such Unyielding Spirit
Chapter 1450 - Master Pei'S Suspension, Yun'S Interview
Chapter 1451 - Master Pei'S Ruthless Remarks During The Interview!
Chapter 1452 - Coaxing The Big Boss And Stepping On Master Pei?
Chapter 1453 - Song Yao Is Implicated!
Chapter 1454 - Deliberate Framing, Master Pei'S Final Exam Score Is Zero?!
Chapter 1455 - Master Pei Is Wild
Chapter 1456 - Be Sensible, How About That? Start The Humiliation!
Chapter 1457 - Song Yao'S Failure And Jin Taixin'S Backlash!
Chapter 1458 - Everyone Is From Higgins, Jin Taixin Is Humiliated!
Chapter 1459 - Jin Taixin Being Humiliated On Live Broadcast, Intense Discussion!
Chapter 1460 - Reversal! Begging For A Video Of Daddy Pei Beating Someone Up
Chapter 1461 - Trampling Master Pei'S Results, Crazy Sweetness (Warning: Humiliation
Chapter 1462 - What Kind Of Monster Is Master Pei?!
Chapter 1463 - Who Doesn'T Know That She Is A Daddy? Master Pei Can Help Her Soar!!
Chapter 1464 - Humiliation! Explode! Master Pei Breaking A Record!
Chapter 1465 - Exposed Again! Master Pei'S Was The Junior Class' Assistant!
Chapter 1466 - Forgive Master Pei Immediately, Do You Hear Me!!!
Chapter 1467 - Master Pei Is Beaten, Master Pei: He Can'T Do It
Chapter 1468 - Master Pei'S Teaching, Jin Taixin Courting Death
Chapter 1469 - Master Du'S Reputation Has Been Affected And Second Brother Is Causing Trouble
Chapter 1470 - Second Brother'S Blind Date Recommendation, Master Du Is Jealous
Chapter 1471 - Jin Taixin Stirred Up Trouble And Master Du Is Jealous!
Chapter 1472 - Jealous, Master Pei: How Do You Want Me To Help You?
Chapter 1473 - Huo Shidu, Are You Playing With Me?
Chapter 1474 - Master Du: Older Brother Was Set Up
Chapter 1475 - Master Du'S Misery And Master Pei Applies Medicine
Chapter 1476 - Who Asked Master Du To Be A Standoff??
Chapter 1477 - Jin Taixin Sowing Discord, Master Du'S Humiliation Prelude!
Chapter 1478 - Master Pei: I Have Experience Next Time I Get Married
Chapter 1479 - Master Du Forced A Marriage In Public
Chapter 1480 - Jin Taixin Is Humiliated In Public And Public Opinion Erupts!
Chapter 1481 - The Scientific Conference Begins, Flirting
Chapter 1482 - Why Must Everyone Be Shocked By Y.G..
Chapter 1483 - What F*Cking Bottleneck Period, Farrina Poaching?
Chapter 1484 - Master Pei Attends The Conference!
Chapter 1485 - Who Is Y.G.? Do You Have Any Works?
Chapter 1486 - Y.G. Controls The Situation!
Chapter 1487 - Farrina'S Scheme Is Exposed, The Big Bosses Are Shocked!
Chapter 1488 - Reverse Humiliation, Just Call Her Teacher!
Chapter 1489 - Master Pei: It'S Fine If You Don'T Know What'S Good For You, But Don'T Be Reckless
Chapter 1490 - The Team Dotes On Master Pei, Causing Trouble!
Chapter 1491 - Lou Dexin Stirs Up Trouble And Master Pei'S Prelude To Abusing Scumbag!
Chapter 1492 - Better Not Seek Death, Hacking Genius Ba Hu
Chapter 1493 - Ba Hu Was Played, Continent K'S Organization—Death'S Scythe!
Chapter 1494 - Master Pei: Is This Your Epitaph?
Chapter 1495 - : Master Pei'S Humiliation, I'Ll Let You Go Too!
Chapter 1496 - : Master Pei Is Threatening Her Back, Don'T Talk About Morals
Chapter 1497 - The Big Boss Comes Looking For Trouble And Master Pei Blames Someone
Chapter 1498 - Master Pei Is A Fool, A Big Boss!
Chapter 1499 - The Pride Of A Big Boss
Chapter 1500 - Master Du Fetches Someone, Outright Preference
Chapter 1501 - Master Du Taught Her Well
Chapter 1502 - Do You Think You'Re Very Polite?
Chapter 1503 - For Our Yunyun
Chapter 1504 - : Good Bite
Chapter 1505 - Old Master Qin'S Will And Master Pei'S Lawlessness
Chapter 1506 - You Don'T Even Dare To Fight For The Inheritance, How Can You Be My Biological Granddaughter? Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
Chapter 1507 - Not Even Qin Youjiao Back Then Can Be Compared!
Chapter 1508 - 16-Year-Old Phds All Over The Ground, Continent K'S Exchange Competition!
Chapter 1509 - The Most Difficult Multiple Choice Question, Qin Youjiao Coupled With The Xie Family!
Chapter 1510 - The Evidently Wicked Master Pei, The Domineering President Is Silent
Chapter 1511 - Y.G.'S Event: Don'T Approach Y.G., You Will Be Unfortunate
Chapter 1512 - He Can'T Bear To See This Girl Pursue One-Sided Love
Chapter 1513 - Too Soft-Hearted, Continent K'S Trump Card!
Chapter 1514 - A Genius Meets A Genius! Childhood Trauma
Chapter 1515 - The Little Genius Is Disappointed In His Idol, Master Pei Is Inhumane
Chapter 1516 - Rejected, Participating In The Xie Family'S Selection!
Chapter 1517 - The Boss'S Exclusive Suite And Let Master Pei Be Cannon Fodder?
Chapter 1518 - Scheming Against Master Pei And Yun University Being Crushed?
Chapter 1519 - Please Reserve The Knee Crush Machine!
Chapter 1520 - Excellent Reversal, Master Pei Is Inhumane!
Chapter 1521 - Master Pei Controls The Situation And Humiliates!
Chapter 1522 - Definite Crushed! So Fierce, Nasty Sister
Chapter 1523 - The Xie Family'S Conspiracy And The Research Association'S Recruitment!
Chapter 1524 - Continent K Is Rising Secretly And Yun University'S Team Is Splitting!
Chapter 1525 - Cheng Shu'S Second Heart And Master Pei'S Second Move!
Chapter 1526 - Master Pei Was Eliminated? The Big Boss'S Hidden Coding!
Chapter 1527 - Cheng Shu'S Rebellion, The Successor Selection Begins!
Chapter 1528 - : The Xie Family Gathers And Master Pei Turns Around!
Chapter 1529 - Imprison Master Pei? Prepare To Torture The Xie Family One By One!
Chapter 1530 - The First Wave Of Humiliation And Master Pei'S Punishment!
Chapter 1531 - Burning The Ancestral Hall! The Top Big Boss'S Reputation!
Chapter 1532 - The Big Boss'S Top Appearance! Helping The Big Boss (Steal Money)
Chapter 1533 - The Xie Family Collapses! Xie Xishan Is Hospitalized From Anger!
Chapter 1534 - Master Pei Goes On Strike: Why Would I Accept The Heir Position For No
Chapter 1535 - Jian Xi Beats Everyone! Master Pei Is Angry!
Chapter 1536 - Master Pei: I'Ll Reward You For Cutting The Reincarnation Line
Chapter 1537 - Our Little White Flower Is Beautiful, Things Have Turned Around!
Chapter 1538 - Reversal! The Big Boss Poached Someone!
Chapter 1539 - The Direction Of Humiliation! Master Pei'S Is Nominated With Her High Score!
Chapter 1540 - Qiao Lan Poaching Master Pei'S Student! Humiliation!
Chapter 1541 - Stealing Laboratory 191! Gathering To See The Boss!
Chapter 1542 - Master Pei'S Punishment! I'M Your Dog!
Chapter 1543 - Reversal Of Attitude! Is It His Turn To Be A Dog?
Chapter 1544 - 1544 What Should I Persuade Someone Who Came To Die On Their Own Accord?
Chapter 1545 - 1545 Funeral Act, Crazy Big Boss!
Chapter 1546 - 1546 Y.G. Came To Continent K And Qiao Lan Takes Revenge!
Chapter 1547 - 1547 Endless? Area A Causing Trouble!
Chapter 1548 - 1548 Master Pei'S Wicked Behavior! Qiao Lan Defamed Director Lin!
Chapter 1549 - 1549 Who Is This Qiao Lan? A Big Boss Fight!
Chapter 1550 - 1550 Qiao Lan Pressures! Forces Mentor Jian Xi Out!
Chapter 1551 - 1551 Jian Xi Protector Strikes! Qiao Lan Conspiracy!
Chapter 1552 - 1552 Jian Xi Is Banned, Countdown To Master Pei'S Asura Arena!
Chapter 1553 - 1553 Yun University Suffers! K Continent Competition Apologizes?
Chapter 1554 - 1554 Settle Scores! The First Wave Of Humiliation!
Chapter 1555 - 1555 Reversal! Continue Humiliating The Research Association!
Chapter 1556 - 1556 No One Can Leave! Master Pei Abuses Qiao Lan!
Chapter 1557 - 1557 Master Pei Kidnaps Someone, Qiao Lan'S Weakness!
Chapter 1558 - 1558 Discussion About Mentor Jian Xi! A Famous Apology!
Chapter 1559 - 1559 The Great Trouble In Continent K! 191'S Confrontation To Steal Someone!
Chapter 1560 - 1560 191 Golden Sign! Humiliating The Research Association!
Chapter 1561 - 1561 Skin Pei Yunge Off? President Zhong Comes Looking For Her!
Chapter 1562 - 1562 Master Pei'S Failure! Old Fan Is Overjoyed!!
Chapter 1563 - 1563 Exposed Scheme! Biological Father: Are You Very Noble?
Chapter 1564 - 1564 Qiao Lan'S Killing Intent! So Crushing That Yun University Regrets Coming To Continent K!
Chapter 1565 - 1565 Daddy Pei'S Warning, Continent K'S Troubled
Chapter 1566 - 1566 The Big Boss'S Fangirl, Chaos!!
Chapter 1567 - 1567 I Am The Peak! Humiliating Qiao Lan!
Chapter 1568 - 1568 Titch And Jasmin Participating! Y.G.'S Behavior!
Chapter 1569 - 1569 Yun University'S Reversal! Public Execution Of Qiao Lan!
Chapter 1570 - 1570 The Big Boss'S Attack! An Accidental Loss
Chapter 1571 - 1571 I'Ll Coax You, Master Pei Will Make You Happy All Day
Chapter 1572 - 1572 Master Pei Acts Pitiful, Master Du Is Soft-Hearted
Chapter 1573 - 1573 Those Who Are Willing Will Take The Bait, Acting Huo Shidu
Chapter 1574 - 1574 Everyone Has Their Own Schemes, Master Pei Is Worried
Chapter 1575 - 1575 Master Pei Has Just Gotten A Divorce, Using Master Pei As A Scapegoat?
Chapter 1576 - 1576 Oppressing Yun University, Countdown To The Bloodbath In Continent K!
Chapter 1577 - 1577 Master Pei Is Soaring Brave! The Most Arrogant Big Shot Is Here
Chapter 1578 - 1578 Master Pei Is Despised, Y.G.'S Manuscript!
Chapter 1579 - 1579 The Next Director? Master Pei Is Picking Trouble!
Chapter 1580 - 1580 Experiment Center'S Problem: Requesting Higgins'S Technical Higher-Ups
Chapter 1581 - 1581 Master Pei Strikes! Do You Think, We Parents, Can'T Even Take This Stupid Matter?
Chapter 1582 - 1582 The Godly Standard! Stopping The Broadcast And Reforming!!
Chapter 1583 - 1583 Qin Youjiao'S Premeditation And First Wave Of Humiliation!
Chapter 1584 - 1584 Double Update, Hu Liaoxun'S Crisis!
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After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl who is sent into a mental hospital by her biological elder brothers. Her biological elder brothers only dote on the fake young miss, the ‘younger sister’ who is switched at birth. She despises her in any possible way. So, Pei Yunge makes trouble and deals with the fake young miss, waiting for them to tell her to scram. However, the brothers’ attitudes are extremely strange.

President Qin sneers. “My younger sister destroyed a shop? Buy the entire mall for my younger sister to trash!”

Best Actor Qin raises an eyebrow. “She sent herself to the casting couch? What am I then, dead?”

God Qin’s expression is dark. “You repeatedly played tricks and bullied Ge’er. Did you think I was blind?”

Pei Yunge: “?”

#Scum brothers have days when they’re abnormal too#

After returning to eight years ago, before the Qin family goes bankrupt, the brothers only cares about their biological younger sister that died so terribly because of them. So what if she is talentless and stupid? She remains the apple of their eye, one they swear to protect and love! Just as the brothers take determined steps and find Pei Yunge…

“My Yunyun got first place in the world championship again. What a good girl.” The refined and dignified man smiles charmingly.

After her real identity is exposed, she is seethes with rage. She grabs the man and bites him. “Don’t even think about humoring me home.”

The three biological brothers: “?”

#What is with this strange development and wild man#

[Doted on by everyone + Identity Reveal] [An extremely cool and foxy boss and a President wolf in sheep’s clothing]

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: You Have To Compensate Me


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Atlas Studios

At the hospital.

In an empty and quiet corridor, faint and sorrowful sobs trailed from the toilet.

“For f*cks sake, shut the f*ck up! Do you want to end up like that b*tch?!” A greasy-looking, middle-aged man cursed with a crazed expression as he kicked ruthlessly at the teenage girl that was curled up on the floor beside him.

As he spoke, no one noticed the stiff fingers of the other, unconscious girl in the toilet suddenly tremble.

With a splitting headache, Pei Yunge suddenly opened her eyes, a stark coldness glimmering in them!

However, she found herself in a completely unfamiliar place.

Where was this?

She wasn’t dead?!

It was Pei Yunge’s first time meeting such a strange incident. Immediately, before she could familiarize herself with her surroundings, the Director of the hospital, who was beside her, suddenly noticed her movements.

“Yo, the little b*tch is actually awake.”

The fat face of the Director of the hospital was covered with a sinister smile, as he threw away the teenage girl covered in rags and stalked towards Pei Yunge.

This Pei Yunge sounded so much better than the rest.

Hearing this, together with the quick glance at what was happening, Pei Yunge felt a strange familiarity as a daring guess appeared in her mind.

“Who are you?”

“Pei Yunge, quit acting like you’ve lost your memories. Didn’t you call yourself the Eldest Young Lady of the Qin family two days ago? You really have many tricks up your sleeves!” The Director of the hospital sneered at her. However, Pei Yunge’s expression bloomed after she heard his words.

She realized why this scene felt so familiar.

Wasn’t this the storyline of the antisocial romance novel her secretary showed her the other day?

The novel was labeled as antisocial even though this novel had an enjoyable story, the character of the female protagonist, Qin Youjiao, was one that sought revenge for even the smallest grievances she faced. If a person refused to accept or obey her, they would lose everything they have.

On the other hand, the female side character that had the same name as her, Pei Yunge, was a character with the smallest presence in the entire novel. She grew up in an orphanage and was introverted and closed off, while she desired nothing more than kinship with a desperation that was almost frightening.

When she was seventeen years old, Pei Yunge returned to the Qin family as the real young lady that was lost at birth. At first, Pei Yunge thought that she had gained three older brothers. However, she never imagined that a fake young lady – the female protagonist – had already taken her position.

As such, her older brothers treated her coldly and disregarded her with contempt, only treating Qin Youjiao, the female protagonist, as their biological younger sister.

Over the past two years, Pei Yunge watched with defeated eyes how Qin Youjiao was treated and doted on as a princess by her older brothers, while she was merely an ugly duckling and couldn’t compare to Qin Youjiao in all aspects. Because of her jealousy towards Qin Youjiao, she even said that Qin Youjiao had taken her everything, only to be side-eyed coldly by her older brothers.

However, the truth was that Qin Youjiao was the actual ruthless character. The epitome of a white lotus from those novels and dramas, she acted naive and innocent, yet conditioned the Qin brothers everyday by hinting that Pei Yunge’s mental state wasn’t normal and that she was too stubborn and getting darker by the day.

Even the fact that Pei Yunge had been sent into the mental hospital was arranged by Qin Youjiao alone, by making the brothers see a ‘crazy’ Pei Yunge push her down the stairs. With no other choice, they sent Pei Yunge into the mental hospital.

However, they never thought that this was an unethical hospital where the Director of the hospital liked to take advantage of the young female patients.

Recalling it all, Pei Yunge could not help but snort.

Wow, even this sort of female protagonist could be termed as the ‘black-lotus-type female protagonist’ that sought revenge for every grievance she had suffered.

After recalling the entire storyline, Pei Yunge had no choice but to accept reality. However, she wasn’t panicked at all. Instead, her hoarse voice was filled with a prickling coldness. “Were you the one who injured my leg?”

This sudden question made the Director of the hospital freeze for a second, before he sneered.

“Did the little b*tch’s brain rot? Do you really think you’re the Qin family’s Eldest Young Miss? Can’t you see what kind of a good you are?!”

With that said, the Director of the hospital was about to pull her towards himself. However, he saw the person in front of him slowly stand up.

It was as if she felt no pain at all.

“Then you’ll have to compensate me.”

Pei Yunge’s eyes were bright and colored with charm. Yet, there was a hint of ruthlessness shining within them. This unreadable expression made one’s scalp turn numb even more!

The Director of the hospital almost thought he had seen a ghost!

This girl in front of him seemed to be a completely different person and wasn’t like that timid and reclusive Pei Yunge at all?!

“Have you thought of which one you want to compensate me with?”

The girl’s words were like a talisman that called for death. However, that second allowed the Director of the hospital to regain his senses!

What ghost?!

A witless young girl’s acting had actually scared him?! Impossible!

“You dare to scare me? Little b*tch, watch how I’ll take care of you!”

The Director of the hospital grew angry from embarrassment as he savagely pounced towards Pei Yunge!


Total Chapters in book: 1584
Estimated words: 1282407 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 6412(@200wpm)___ 5130(@250wpm)___ 4275(@300wpm)