I’ll Add Points To All Things by Eternal Era

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Chapter 62 - Two New Missions
Chapter 63 - Does She Really Have Depression?
Chapter 64 - Going To The Bar With Tang Jing
Chapter 65 - Tutoring Plan Settled
Chapter 66 - A Self-Earning Smart Pet
Chapter 67 - Life Evolution Failed?
Chapter 68 - To Tang Jing'S House
Chapter 69 - The Genius Tang Xiaomi
Chapter 70 - Continuous Random Missions?
Chapter 71 - Is Qu Xiaomeng Sick?
Chapter 72 - I'Ll Never Be A Vegetarian
Chapter 73 - Another Random Mission?
Chapter 74 - Miraculous Ginseng Water
Chapter 75 - Become A Part Of The Family?
Chapter 76 - Qu Xuan The Flamboyant Flatterer
Chapter 77 - Little Hus Is Going Out
Chapter 78 - Dealing With Little Hus
Chapter 79 - Su Yang! Have Mercy!
Chapter 80 - Special Item: 0 Score 2B Pencil
Chapter 81 - Aced The Test
Chapter 82 - Accidentally Got Top Three In The Test. What Should I Do? Waiting Online. Urgent.
Chapter 83 - Outfit Clash Ended Up In The Search Trend
Chapter 84 - Good News & Bad News
Chapter 85 - Making Up For The Mistake
Chapter 86 - Add A Point To The Hourglass
Chapter 87 - Special Item: Lethe’S Porcelain Bowl (False)
Chapter 88 - High Intensity Learning
Chapter 89 - What Do You Think About Your Results?
Chapter 90 - The Class Exploded
Chapter 91 - Suspect & Evidence
Chapter 92 - Come Out For A Drink?
Chapter 93 - Is Deeny Depressed?
Chapter 94 - Stood Chu Xia Up
Chapter 95 - A Story That Ended Before Even Starting
Chapter 96 - Add A Point To The Swimming Pool
Chapter 97 - Special Ability: Inequivalent Exchange
Chapter 98 - Little Monsters Watching Tv Together?
Chapter 99 - Complete Random Inequivalant Exchange
Chapter 100 - Han Yi & Lin Jiali On Campus
Chapter 101 - Searching For The Office
Chapter 102 - We Can Even Elope
Chapter 103 - Officially Moved Into The High-Tech Industrial Park
Chapter 104 - Is Little Hus Looking For Trouble Again?
Chapter 105 - Gold Bar Or Dog Food?
Chapter 106 - The Whisper Between The Little Monsters
Chapter 107 - Helped The Company Reach Top 500
Chapter 108 - It’S Been A While, Bronze Mission
Chapter 109 - Add A Point To The Copier
Chapter 110 - Special Item: A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog
Chapter 111 - Each Talent’S Comment
Chapter 112 - Old Zhou’S Invitation
Chapter 113 - Armlock Of Death
Chapter 114 - A Little Something From The Pool Deity
Chapter 115 - Bronze Ability & A New Little Monster
Chapter 116 - Talent: The Kind Sharp Knife
Chapter 117 - The Power Of The Verbal Canon Ability
Chapter 118 - Old Zhou’S Secret
Chapter 119 - Old Sixth Liu Causing Trouble
Chapter 120 - Old Sixth Liu’S Bizarre Night In The Basement
Chapter 121 - I Had A Good Sleep Last Night
Chapter 122 - A Monthly Income Of 150K?
Chapter 123 - Won The Lottery
Chapter 124 - : Triggered The Gold Mission
Chapter 125 - Add A Point To A Lightbulb?
Chapter 126 - Special Item: The Devil’S Angel Halo
Chapter 127 - The Second High Random Mission
Chapter 128 - Do You Know How To Rap?
Chapter 129 - Mission Rating Only B-?
Chapter 130 - The Side Effect Of The Angel Halo
Chapter 131 - Dine And Dash!
Chapter 132 - Little Hus Had A Pet Fish
Chapter 133 - The Campus Singing Competition Semi-Finals Begins!
Chapter 134 - I’Ll Add A Point To The System
Chapter 135 - Special Item: Memory Maze Hourglass
Chapter 136 - We All Want To Add Points
Chapter 137 - : Lady Knife’S New Talent: Quantum Overlap Mode
Chapter 138 - Transformed! Eight-Handed Sanque
Chapter 139 - Why Are You Changing Your Girlfriend Everyday?
Chapter 140 - Talk To Five Companies In One Afternoon
Chapter 141 - Our Boss Is Inhuman
Chapter 142 - Deeny’S Request
Chapter 143 - I Want To Make A Monster Family Series!
Chapter 144 - The Prescription To Make The Sticky Note
Chapter 145 - Special Item: Unknown Ability Sticky Note
Chapter 146 - April’S Silver Mission Stage Statistics Summary
Chapter 147 - Old Zhou: I Am 182Cm Tall And Handsome
Chapter 148 - A Completely Different Bronze Mission
Chapter 149 - It’S Your Birthday Tomorrow
Chapter 150 - The Little Monsters Stole The Sticky Note To Prepare A Present
Chapter 151 - A Strange Birthday Party
Chapter 152 - The Birthday Gift From The System: Soybeans +4
Chapter 153 - Acquired Monster Clan: Cyclops Bean
Chapter 154 - I Am Iron Man!
Chapter 155 - Little Monster Beans Made A Mess In The House
Chapter 156 - The Little Monster Beans Are Gone!
Chapter 157 - Bathe The Shark And Brush Her Teeth?
Chapter 158 - The Story Between The Female Celebrity And The Male Assistant That Must Be Shared
Chapter 159 - Master, You’Ve Gone Viral!
Chapter 160 - Did I Finish The Bronze Mission Just Like That?
Chapter 161 - The Harsh Entertainment Industry
Chapter 162 - Three Strange Bronze Abilities!
Chapter 163 - The Fourth Option Of The Bronze Ability
Chapter 164 - Escaped Hell!
Chapter 165 - The Little Monsters Want To Open A Shop
Chapter 166 - The Calm Sanque
Chapter 167 - Add A Point To Deeny!
Chapter 168 - New Area In The Virtual Space Unlocked!
Chapter 169 - Monster Plant Planting Manual
Chapter 170 - The Nation’S Little Sister: Deeny!
Chapter 171 - Girls Are Strange Animals
Chapter 172 - System Shop Selling An Unknown Item
Chapter 173 - Three-Star Talent?
Chapter 174 - Poaching Lin Jiali’S Manager
Chapter 175 - Strange And Unusual Prescription
Chapter 176 - Special Item: Reverse Wishing Sculpture
Chapter 177 - Little Hus Found The Wishing Sculpture
Chapter 178 - The True Power Of The Wishing Sculpture
Chapter 179 - Harvest The Little Monster Beans Plus Another Large Scale Planting
Chapter 180 - The Bronze Ability That Broke My Nose
Chapter 181 - Gru’S Second Point
Chapter 182 - Pool Is Not Around. Add A Point To The Soap
Chapter 183 - Special Item: The Naughty Soap
Chapter 184 - Weibo’S Trending Search List
Chapter 185 - The First Monster Family Meeting
Chapter 186 - Made More Than 500 Point Coins In One Day
Chapter 187 - : Shop Item: Book With Unknown Ability
Chapter 188 - Monster Family Teaser Trailer Revealed!
Chapter 189 - Technology Changes The World
Chapter 190 - Special Item: Negative Condition Book
Chapter 191 - Su Yang’S Condemnation Conference By The Little Monsters
Chapter 192 - The Girl Must Be Pretty
Chapter 193 - Monster Family Second Trailer Online
Chapter 194 - Try Everything Milk Tea Has Gone Viral!
Chapter 195 - Mr. President, I Want To Drink Milk Tea!
Chapter 196 - Special Item: Brick That Doesn’T Follow Orders
Chapter 197 - A Way To Test The Little Monsters’ Health
Chapter 198 - Special Ability: The Playful Swimming Pool
Chapter 199 - Problems About The Milk Tea Shop Comes One After Another
Chapter 200 - A Hint From The Inspector
Chapter 201 - Someone’S Up To No Good!
Chapter 202 - I Added A Point To A Squid?
Chapter 203 - Special Talent: The Squid Who Doesn’T Like To Dive
Chapter 204 - Special Ability: Squid’S Black Tooth Ink
Chapter 205 - Punching The Landlord And Kicking Junqing’S Ass!
Chapter 206 - Junqing’S Dark History
Chapter 207 - Obtained An Important Special Item From The Added Point!
Chapter 208 - Junqing’S Downfall And Backdoor Deals!
Chapter 209 - Junqing’S Merger Deal!
Chapter 210 - 10 Million Yuan — Junqing’S Annual Profits!
Chapter 211 - Recipe Item: Small Bench With Unknown Abilities
Chapter 212 - Special Item Births Additional Abilities
Chapter 213 - Special Item: A Small Bench That Refuses To Eat Melons
Chapter 214 - How To Raise 2 Million Yuan In A Month!
Chapter 215 - O Is This The Type Of Novel That Chu Xia Writes?
Chapter 216 - Tang Xiaomi’S Idea
Chapter 217 - Financing Failure
Chapter 218 - Acting Gullible For The Sake Of Two Million
Chapter 219 - Who’S Most Popular In The Monster Family?
Chapter 220 - Rabbit +2! Wondrous Changes To Deeny’S Rabbit
Chapter 221 - Sanque Wants To Open A Healthcare Company
Chapter 222 - Spending Money Like Water
Chapter 223 - Should I Add A Point To Janet?
Chapter 224 - System Store: The Teddy Bear That Loves To Play Hide And Seek
Chapter 225 - Sacrificing A Little Monster Bean That Looks Like It’S About To Die
Chapter 226 - Special Item: The Teddy Bear Who Loves To Play Hide-And-Seek
Chapter 227 - What Happened After Adding A Point To Janet
Chapter 228 - The Missing Maiden
Chapter 229 - The S-Ranked Netbig Project
Chapter 230 - The Death Of Two Girls
Chapter 231 - The Murderous Teddy Bear Is Missing
Chapter 232 - Testing The Murderous Teddy Bear’S Abilities
Chapter 233 - Finding Out Young Master Chen’S Name And Address!
Chapter 234 - Special Item: The Shape-Shifting Vellum
Chapter 235 - Additional Ability: The Universal Paper Key
Chapter 236 - The Counterattack Against Chen Ye And Tang Dafa Begins
Chapter 237 - The Internet Explodes! The End Of Young Master Chen!
Chapter 238 - Matters Resolved. Chen Ye’S Punishment!
Chapter 239 - Dealing With Tang Dafa. Silver Mission Accomplished.
Chapter 240 - Silver Ability: Heaven’S Eyes
Chapter 241 - Sanque Is Left With Seven Arms
Chapter 242 - 107Mm Light Rocket Launcher With An Unknown Ability
Chapter 243 - Special Item. Fake 50% Probability Light Rocket Launcher
Chapter 244 - Little Deeny Wants To Study Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 245 - Secondary Addition To The Rocket Cannon: Exploding Goth Loli
Chapter 246 - Lend Me A Billion Dollars
Chapter 247 - Is The Virtual Space Haunted?
Chapter 248 - Becoming Lin Jia’S Boss
Chapter 249 - Our New Boss Is Trying To Sneak Up On Me
Chapter 250 - The Watcher Is Caught!
Chapter 251 - Bubbles Looking Like A Little Clown Girl
Chapter 252 - Special Item: A Raincoat That Likes Bad Weather
Chapter 253 - Additional Talent: Designated Invisibility In Bad Weather
Chapter 254 - Loophole Talent: The Additional Condition Of Shame
Chapter 255 - Testing The (Raincoat That Likes Bad Weather]’S Ability!
Chapter 256 - Night Visit To Longteng Jiayuan And Chen Ye’S Villa
Chapter 257 - Invisibility Ability Failure! Exposed!
Chapter 258 - Open The Door! Teleport Sanque!
Chapter 259 - Midnight Yoga Lessons With Little Deeny
Chapter 260 - The Hidden Secrets Of Longteng Jiayuan
Chapter 261 - Mr. Jia Has Superior Intelligence
Chapter 262 - Predicting Lin Jiali’S Future With A Bedsheet
Chapter 263 - Intimidation And Threats From Longteng Jiayuan!
Chapter 264 - Beating Up People! Adding Points!
Chapter 265 - Special Item: The Grass-Eating Iron Pot
Chapter 266 - Teaching The Head Of Security A Lesson!
Chapter 267 - The Teddy Bear Makes An Appearance!
Chapter 268 - The Death Of The Head Of Security And The Identity Of Longteng Jiayuan’S Boss!
Chapter 269 - Tang Jing: Can You Take Me Away?
Chapter 270 - Su Yang: Why Don’T You Come To My House?
Chapter 271 - Janet +2! An Enviable Special Ability!
Chapter 272 - A Call From Longteng Jiayuan’S Boss
Chapter 273 - Teasing The Boss Of Longteng Jiayuan While Completing The Silver Mission!
Chapter 274 - Class A Silver Ability: Hands Of Fate
Chapter 275 - The Terrible Thing About The New Silver Ability: Time Suspension!
Chapter 276 - The Death Of Longteng Jiayuan’S Boss’S & His True Identity!
Chapter 277 - Capturing Pan Zhaodi’S Brother Alive
Chapter 278 - Is The Recipe Item… A Circus?
Chapter 279 - Convincing Lin Jiali To Film His Movie!
Chapter 280 - Special Item: Double-Sided Salted Fish Mask
Chapter 281 - The Special Items Turned Su Yang Into Salted Fish!
Chapter 282 - Chu Xia’S Aggrieved Crying And The New Bronze Mission!
Chapter 283 - Using The (Squid Who Didn’T Like To Dive) To Assist Chu Xia In Her Writing
Chapter 284 - A Good Afternoon With Chu Xia
Chapter 285 - Special Item: The Burning Reincarnation Circus!
Chapter 286 - Invited To Tea By The Cops. Is The Netbig Film Going To Make A Loss?
Chapter 287 - Chu Xia Writes Her Novel In Su Yang’S Office Again!
Chapter 288 - Attacked After Completing The Bronze Mission
Chapter 289 - Pan Zhaodi Vs Janet!
Chapter 290 - You Can Complete Bronze Missions Much Faster With Money
Chapter 291 - Exposed Special Abilities!
Chapter 292 - A Secret War Between Both Sides — You & Me!
Chapter 293 - Since You Can’T Play, Let’S Hang Up!
Chapter 294 - The Beautiful Secretary Who Comes To Work Early In The Morning
Chapter 295 - Janet Picks Up Something Odd
Chapter 296 - Special Item: Booth Of Exchanging Secrets
Chapter 297 - Killing Baldy!
Chapter 298 - Screwing Two More Over Before The Circus Opens!
Chapter 299 - A Night Encounter Qu Xiaomeng While She Jogs
Chapter 300 - The Reincarnation Circus Finally Opens Its Doors!
Chapter 301 - A Terrifying Circus – Reincarnation Reversal
Chapter 302 - Deciding To Add A Second Point To The Circus!
Chapter 303 - Circus +2: Turning Into A Leopard?
Chapter 304 - Will The Leopard Transform Again?
Chapter 305 - The Little Demon Cat’S Psychic Abilities
Chapter 306 - Whose Fault Is It?
Chapter 307 - Lin Jiali Steps In
Chapter 308 - Screwing Over The Director-Bubbles Makes An Appearance!
Chapter 309 - Bubbles Takes Control. Director Wang Falls Into A Trap
Chapter 310 - Sniffing Out A Item On Lin Jiali’S Body
Chapter 311 - The Scent Is Lin Jiali’S Thigh?
Chapter 312 - Adding A Point To Lin Jiali’S Leg Ring
Chapter 313 - Leg Ring +1: Three Days Without Sleep Halo
Chapter 314 - Xu Lu’S Internal Plot
Chapter 315 - Insider Information & A 10 Million Yuan Bonus. The Internet Explodes!
Chapter 316 - An Ai That Shocked The Nation And The All-Out Wager!
Chapter 317 - First Bronze Ability And Intermediate Additional Effects!
Chapter 318 - Intermediate Talent And The Second Bronze Ability!
Chapter 319 - Bronze Ability: I’Ll Drive A Tank
Chapter 320 - Special Items: Addictive Kisses & The Drama At (In)!
Chapter 321 - Su Yang’S Fierce Battle Against The All-Powerful Cybertroopers.
Chapter 322 - The Golden Mission Is About To Be Completed. The Internet Going Up In Flames!
Chapter 323 - Pan Zhaodi’S Evaluation!
Chapter 324 - Little Deeny’S Little Request For The Boss To Come Visit!
Chapter 325 - I’Ll Draw A Picture Of Chu Xia
Chapter 326 - Second Golden Mission Completed!
Chapter 327 - System +2: A Huge Update On Various Items!
Chapter 328 - The Role Of Various Vouchers And Night Visits To Qu Xiaomeng’S Home.
Chapter 329 - Checking The Achievement System & Completing The First Achievement Mission!
Chapter 330 - Little Deeny+3, Even The Room Exploded!
Chapter 331 - Little Deeny+3: New Ability!
Chapter 332 - The Unpredictable People At The Wrapping Up Party… (1)
Chapter 333 - The Unpredictable People During The Wrapping Up Party (2)
Chapter 334 - Sanque Gets His Third Point Tonight
Chapter 335 - Sanque’S Sage Mode!
Chapter 336 - Special Ability: Sage Mode
Chapter 337 - Going To Xu Lu’S Home Late Night To Collect Recipe Materials
Chapter 338 - Buying Advanced Life Transfer Vouchers!
Chapter 339 - New Little Monsters And Special Items!
Chapter 340 - Treating Qu Xiaomeng In The Middle Of The Night!
Chapter 341 - I’Ve Been Replenishing My Body Recently
Chapter 342 - The Vip Room’S Power Struggle!
Chapter 343 - Defeating Chu Hong! (1)
Chapter 344 - Defeating Chu Hong! (2)
Chapter 345 - Chu Hong’S Counterattack And Su Yang’S Response!
Chapter 346 - Lin Jiali And Su Yang Finally Arrives At New Arts Culture!
Chapter 347 - The New Boss Likes You Very Much
Chapter 348 - How Could He Be My New Boss?!
Chapter 349 - Whoever Doesn’T Want To Work Can Clean The Toilet!
Chapter 350 - Kill The Traitorous Employee!
Chapter 351 - Lin Jiali Feels Touched Vs Luo Yi’S Arrogance
Chapter 352 - I’M Sorry! You’Ve Been Stopped Because You Don’T Listen!
Chapter 353 - Killing Luo Yi. Lin Jiali’S Doubts
Chapter 354 - Kissed By Lin Jiali
Chapter 355 - A Stronger Kiss Against The Wall!
Chapter 356 - Lin Jiali Is Now Convinced!
Chapter 357 - All Five Shares Hit Their Limit Up. Has Trading Stopped!?
Chapter 358 - The Second Limit Up & Thoughts Of Female Employees
Chapter 359 - Actually Saving More Than 4,000 Coins And Lin Jiali’S Question
Chapter 360 - Creation Of A New Recipe Completed, It’S A Pair Of Chopsticks!
Chapter 361 - Special Item: Danger Detection Chopsticks
Chapter 362 - Extra Ability: Chopsticks Named “Ke Bei”
Chapter 363 - Could This World Be Any More Dangerous?
Chapter 364 - A Good Show…
Chapter 365 - Washing Points Before Adding Two More!
Chapter 366 - Achieving +2 Once More And Obtaining A New Special Ability
Chapter 367 - What A Shock! Su Yang Actually Did Such A Thing To No. 17…
Chapter 368 - Time To Kill Luo Yi And His Friend!
Chapter 369 - Little Hus+3, New Form, New Ability
Chapter 370 - When Did The Ability Activate?
Chapter 371 - Thank You For Buying The Company For Me
Chapter 372 - The Movie Is Released
Chapter 373 - The Uproar On Su Yang’S Social Media
Chapter 374 - The Box Office Premiere
Chapter 375 - Is Su Yang A Scammer?
Chapter 376 - The Heart That Was Beating Violently
Chapter 377 - A Sense Of Participation
Chapter 378 - A Special Item In The Store
Chapter 379 - Special Item: Masked Guitar Master’S Second Hand Guitar
Chapter 380 - What Using An Advanced Ability Felt Like?
Chapter 381 - The Video Becomes Very Popular
Chapter 382 - I’M A Piece Of Trash
Chapter 383 - A Strange Morning…
Chapter 384 - Dominating The Internet!
Chapter 385 - From “Filthy Rich” To “Dirt Poor”
Chapter 386 - No. 1 In The Box Office!
Chapter 387 - Shock Throughout The Entire Industry
Chapter 388 - Silver Ability Enhancement Voucher!
Chapter 389 - Breaking The Box Office Record!
Chapter 390 - Silver Ability+2!
Chapter 391 - This Is Really Exciting…
Chapter 392 - Silver Ability, Absolute Verbal Contract
Chapter 393 - : The New Silver Mission Is A Scam
Chapter 394 - Special Item, The Pork Shoulder That Can Roast
Chapter 395 - 20 Million Yuan In 5 Days!
Chapter 396 - Chu Hong And Director Wang
Chapter 397 - The [Burning Reincarnation Circus] Opens Up Again!
Chapter 398 - Burning Fate, Revival
Chapter 399 - Reverse Reincarnation, Permanent Actor
Chapter 400 - : Multiple Doubts From Xu Lu’S Cousin
Chapter 401 - Should I Give You My Heart?
Chapter 402 - Loan
Chapter 403 - Happiness
Chapter 404 - The One Borrowing Money Is The Boss!
Chapter 405 - Giving Dagger Girl +3
Chapter 406 - Dagger Girl+3, Subsidiary Race
Chapter 407 - Be Careful When In Contact With Him
Chapter 408 - Unrestricted Driver’S License
Chapter 409 - Becoming The Champion Again
Chapter 410 - We’Re All Men So It’S Understandable
Chapter 411 - A Big Project Worth 1.3 Billion Yuan
Chapter 412 - Unlocking The First Affinity!
Chapter 413 - The Polar Bear In Sheep’S Clothing
Chapter 414 - A Strange Change In Affinity
Chapter 415 - So What If You’Re Rich?
Chapter 416 - What A Joyous Occasion
Chapter 417 - Giving Janet A 3Rd Point
Chapter 418 - The Sequel For Wolf Warriors Could Actually Make 100 Million Yuan?
Chapter 419 - Janet+3, Race Talent
Chapter 420 - Little B*Tches! Lady Chu Xia Is Coming Home!
Chapter 421 - A Welcome That Shocked Wu Feng
Chapter 422 - : A New Bronze Ability!
Chapter 423 - Second Advanced Bronze Ability!
Chapter 424 - Prank
Chapter 425 - Beating Her At Her Own Game
Chapter 426 - Light Bulb Of Unknown Ability
Chapter 427 - Bronze Ability Enhancement Voucher
Chapter 428 - I Want To Drive A Tank In “Wolf Warriors”!
Chapter 429 - Special Item, The Mental Code Light Bulb
Chapter 430 - An Honest Mistake Due To Bad Timing
Chapter 431 - Can Su Yang Do That?!
Chapter 432 - You Can Buy 20 Houses With That Amount Of Money
Chapter 433 - My Friend Would Like To Have A Look At The Car
Chapter 434 - The Car Belongs To Su Yang?
Chapter 435 - A Tight Slap In The Face
Chapter 436 - Let Me Show You The Sharks
Chapter 437 - Could This Be… Love?
Chapter 438 - Memory Labyrinth Hourglass +3, Special Ability, Memory Master Obtained
Chapter 439 - Modifying Little Deeny’S Memories
Chapter 440 - Developing A Bronze Ability For Sanque
Chapter 441 - How Could You Possibly Have Found My Hotel?
Chapter 442 - Actually, I Have Superpowers
Chapter 443 - Would You Like To Do Something With Your Sister?
Chapter 444 - Teleportation
Chapter 445 - Three Magic Potions
Chapter 446 - The Loan Has Been Released
Chapter 447 - : First-Class Trip
Chapter 448 - Tank Driving Lessons For “Wolf Warriors”
Chapter 449 - Tank Operating Skills That Shocked Everyone
Chapter 450 - Are They Lining Up To Embarrass Themselves?
Chapter 451 - Everyone’S Face Hurts
Chapter 452 - I Really Know Barehanded Bleeding Control!
Chapter 453 - The Sofa With Unknown Abilities
Chapter 454 - Why Don’T You Become The Main Lead For “Wolf Warriors 2”
Chapter 455 - : Special Item, Entrepreneur’S Sofa Of Everlasting Victory
Chapter 456 - Su Yang’S House Is “Haunted”
Chapter 457 - Come To My Room Later…
Chapter 458 - Massaging Tang Jing…
Chapter 459 - Incoming Call From Chu Xia
Chapter 460 - Making An Avatar For Little Deeny
Chapter 461 - Monster Race: Quickgold Monster (+3)
Chapter 462 - Special Ability: A Clone That Transforms Into Anything
Chapter 463 - 31 Quickgold Monster Eggs
Chapter 464 - You’Re Not Together?
Chapter 465 - Chu Xia’S Disappointment
Chapter 466 - Silver Mission Completed
Chapter 467 - A New Random Voucher!
Chapter 468 - Buying The Silver Ability Blessing Voucher
Chapter 469 - Special Item: Lady Pan’S Gold Spoon
Chapter 470 - The Child’S Gone Missing!
Chapter 471 - The Amount Of People Influenced Dramatically Increases
Chapter 472 - Rescue Operation Successful!
Chapter 473 - Su Yang, Mommy, What Are You Doing?
Chapter 474 - The Angel Search Programme
Chapter 475 - The Lesser Quickgold Monster Have Hatched
Chapter 476 - On The News!
Chapter 477 - Using The Silver Ability Blessing Voucher
Chapter 478 - Bronze Ability With Additional Talent: The Immortal Cockroach (Fake)
Chapter 479 - A Humongous Increase In Coins!
Chapter 480 - Burning Reincarnation Circus+3, All Functions Unlocked
Chapter 481 - I’Ll Take Care Of You!
Chapter 482 - Signing A Verbal Contract With Chu Xia
Chapter 483 - Showing Chu Xia His Superpower
Chapter 484 - A Rank Silver Ability: Space Traversing Eyes
Chapter 485 - Flying To Lin Jiali’S House
Chapter 486 - Am I Becoming A God?
Chapter 487 - Third Gold Mission Completed
Chapter 488 - I Am The God Of Stock Investment!
Chapter 489 - System+3 Successful! Various New Functions Obtained!
Chapter 490 - Advanced Store And Lucky Stone
Chapter 491 - Fusing Special Items, Birth Of Ability Combo
Chapter 492 - Tang Jing Gambles On A Man
Chapter 493 - Little Deeny +4, The Villa Exploded
Chapter 494 - The Changes And New Ability Achieved For Little Deeny +4
Chapter 495 - Changes After The Virtual Space Gets Upgraded
Chapter 496 - Life Should Be Ceremonial
Chapter 497 - Silver Ability: Truth Or Explosion
Chapter 498 - Do You Like My Mommy?
Chapter 499 - : The University’S Directors Are Panicking
Chapter 500 - The University’S Conditions
Chapter 501 - The First Step To Global Stride
Chapter 502 - Xu Lu’S Beauty…
Chapter 503 - Surveying The Virtual Space Island
Chapter 504 - Summoning The Snow Mountain
Chapter 505 - His Special Ability Has Failed?
Chapter 506 - : Comrades Discovered
Chapter 507 - Meeting A Fairy
Chapter 508 - She Loves You
Chapter 509 - Terms Of Compensation
Chapter 510 - A Masochist Indeed
Chapter 511 - Successfully Buying An Island!
Chapter 512 - Giving Little Hus +4
Chapter 513 - Creating Two Special Items
Chapter 514 - Special Item: Special Effects Zinc Gluconate Tablets
Chapter 515 - Little Hus +4 Success, Enhanced Function!
Chapter 516 - Hidden Space Discovered
Chapter 517 - Dungeon Cell +1, Dungeon Cell +2?
Chapter 518 - : Resurrection… Guide?
Chapter 519 - Resurrected An Angel And A Devil?
Chapter 520 - Meeting Chu Xia’S Parent
Chapter 521 - Han Yi Returns
Chapter 522 - Descending Onto Lin Jiali’S House Early In The Morning
Chapter 523 - We Have An Extremely Messy Love Triangle
Chapter 524 - Advanced Random Mission (Bronze-Ranked): Polygamy
Chapter 525 - Ability Upgraded, Advanced Verbal Cannon
Chapter 526 - The Strange Price Of Advanced Verbal Cannon
Chapter 527 - : Lin Jiali, The Tsundere
Chapter 528 - A Small Target Completed?
Chapter 529 - Lin Jiali Said, “Daddy…”
Chapter 530 - Mission Completed, Schrödinger’S Box
Chapter 531 - I Really Don’T Want To Be Pretentious
Chapter 532 - A Legion Of Terminator Armies
Chapter 533 - Special Item: Shape Shifting Liquid Metal Avatar Mk 2
Chapter 534 - Special Item: Half-Monster Body Lotion
Chapter 535 - Su Yang Makes A Bold Request
Chapter 536 - Tang Xiaomi Cries
Chapter 537 - Giving +4 To Dagger Girl And Gru
Chapter 538 - Little Deeny Blushes
Chapter 539 - Gru’S Special Talent: Friends And Foes
Chapter 540 - Gru’S New Ability: Shepherd
Chapter 541 - Special Scenery: Multi-Functional Pasture
Chapter 542 - Dagger Girl +4, Body Unlocked: World Destroyer Dagger Lady
Chapter 543 - Dagger Girl’S New Ability: Quantum Assassin
Chapter 544 - Descending Virtual Space Into Reality Commences
Chapter 545 - Suddenly, The World Changed With Vicissitudes
Chapter 546 - Satellite Launching Rocket Base
Chapter 547 - All The Little Monsters Become Two?
Chapter 548 - Six Star-Ranked Talents
Chapter 549 - Su Yang Is Going Bankrupt?
Chapter 550 - A Plan Within A Plan
Chapter 551 - : Shocked
Chapter 552 - Too Messy
Chapter 553 - Selling Herself To Save Him
Chapter 554 - Caught Stealing Food Red-Handed
Chapter 555 - Turned Tables
Chapter 556 - Shocking News
Chapter 557 - : Su Yang’S Fatal Strike
Chapter 558 - Sun Hao Gets Arrested
Chapter 559 - A Fierce Struggle
Chapter 560 - Defeating Sun Hao Thoroughly
Chapter 561 - Triggering Platinum Road To Zenith
Chapter 562 - The Unexpected Platinum Mission
Chapter 563 - Special Item Obtained, Time To Deal With The Fengs
Chapter 564 - Meeting The Fengs Alone
Chapter 565 - : Special Item To Go Against The Fengs: Studying By The Cold Window Talisman
Chapter 566 - Feng Yonghui’S Response
Chapter 567 - The Fall Of The Fengs
Chapter 568 - Feng Yonghui’S Death
Chapter 569 - S-Rank Mission Rating
Chapter 570 - Opening The Treasure Chest: [A-Ranked Silver Ability Card]
Chapter 571 - Negotiations For “Wolf Warriors 2” Completed
Chapter 572 - This Is Unbearable, I’M Going To Kill Him!
Chapter 573 - Everyone Annihilated With No Survivors!
Chapter 574 - Throw Him Down To Feed The Sharks
Chapter 575 - Janet+4: I Am The Dragon King
Chapter 576 - Traitors
Chapter 577 - Adding A Point Onto The Unfinished Building
Chapter 578 - Lady Building Is Born! With Innate Talent!
Chapter 579 - Lady Building’S Accompanying Item: Dimensional Black Mist
Chapter 580 - This Is So Much Fun And Exciting!
Chapter 581 - Tang Jing Wants To Move Out?
Chapter 582 - How To Make Your Mom Angry?
Chapter 583 - An Ability That’S Beyond The System?
Chapter 584 - Lady Building Said, “Let Me Touch You”
Chapter 585 - You Were The One Who Wanted To Leave Back Then And Were Fine With It
Chapter 586 - Su Insults
Chapter 587 - Liquid With Unknown Abilities
Chapter 588 - Decrypting The Production Process Of Recipe Items
Chapter 589 - Special Item: Emotional Storage Card
Chapter 590 - Special Item: Neptune Divine Oil
Chapter 591 - Special Item: Upgraded Talent Printer
Chapter 592 - Planet Destruction Ability: True Water Of Yin And Yang
Chapter 593 - Corruption Rule
Chapter 594 - Shuraba
Chapter 595 - Secretly Giving Mei Yue A Physical Examination
Chapter 596 - Like A Roller Coaster
Chapter 597 - The Wonderful Experience In A Person’S Body
Chapter 598 - If You Don’T Agree, Die
Chapter 599 - Mei Yue’S System That Has A Paywall?
Chapter 600 - Five-Star Talent, Python With Dragon Characteristics
Chapter 601 - Cutting Off His Fingers
Chapter 602 - Han Yi’S Crisis
Chapter 603 - I’Ll Direct Her!
Chapter 604 - Shocked Everyone On Set
Chapter 605 - We’Ll Stop Acting!
Chapter 606 - The Bearded Director Apologizes
Chapter 607 - I Bet 500 Million Yuan On Box Office
Chapter 608 - I’M Not Playing With You Anymore
Chapter 609 - The Confrontation With Tang Jing’S Stepmother
Chapter 610 - This Stepmother Is Too Cautious
Chapter 611 - The Date Of The Premiere Has Been Brought Forward
Chapter 612 - A Five-Star Talent Has Turned Into An Ox?
Chapter 613 - : Special Materials: Honest Ox’S Skin
Chapter 614 - Absolute Verbal Contract +2
Chapter 615 - Forcefully Signing A Temporary Contract
Chapter 616 - : The Promotion Begins
Chapter 617 - Activating Spiritual Energy
Chapter 618 - Awakened Spiritual Energy!
Chapter 619 - This World Has Secrets
Chapter 620 - : The Premiere Begins
Chapter 621 - Watching “Wolf Warriors” With Chu Xia
Chapter 622 - Reputation For The Screening Has Exploded
Chapter 623 - Boycott Throughout The Entire Internet: Your Movie Is Bad!
Chapter 624 - A Complete Turnaround In Public Opinion!
Chapter 625 - 300 Million Yuan In Three Days! 60% Box Office Occupancy Ratio!
Chapter 626 - Box Office Of 4 Billion Yuan?
Chapter 627 - He So Talented
Chapter 628 - Ungrateful?
Chapter 629 - Box Office Exceeded 500 Million Yuan! Bet Won
Chapter 630 - I Refuse To Donate!
Chapter 631 - A Strange Donation
Chapter 632 - Big Beard Liu Admits Defeat
Chapter 633 - Building [Satellite Launching Rocket Base] And [Cellphone Development Factory]
Chapter 634 - Silver Ability Extraction Voucher
Chapter 635 - A-Ranked Silver Ability: Sealing Frame
Chapter 636 - : Zhao Licheng’S Reversal
Chapter 637 - A Project That Turns 2 Million Yuan Into 6 Billion Yuan?
Chapter 638 - My Eyes Were So Close To Being Blinded…
Chapter 639 - Activating The Second Affinity
Chapter 640 - The Standards Of Affinity Value
Chapter 641 - : Da Lang, It’S Time To Take Your Medicine
Chapter 642 - The Odd Price To Pay For [Advanced Verbal Cannon]
Chapter 643 - Win Or Lose, It’S All In One Card
Chapter 644 - The Future 12 Billion Yuan
Chapter 645 - The World’S Billionaires List Is Out
Chapter 646 - Spiritual Energy Cultivation Method!
Chapter 647 - Sniping Xinli Education Through Hong Kong’S Stock Market
Chapter 648 - Something Big Has Happened
Chapter 649 - Chu Xia Is Here To Write A Novel Again
Chapter 650 - My Su Yang
Chapter 651 - Special Item: Jealous Soft Maid
Chapter 652 - Old Cao’S Trump Card
Chapter 653 - A Violent Beating
Chapter 654 - Revenge Plan
Chapter 655 - Where Is The Fragrance Coming From?
Chapter 656 - Special Item: Jujube Pill For Men
Chapter 657 - Slam! Triggered Luck+?
Chapter 658 - The First Ultimate Bronze Ability
Chapter 659 - The Prize Voucher That Drained Everything From The Lucky Period
Chapter 660 - Grinding God!
Chapter 661 - A Talent With A “Super Strong” Evaluation!
Chapter 662 - Should I Revive The Devil?
Chapter 663 - Massacre
Chapter 664 - Reviving The Expert Stock Trader
Chapter 665 - Su Yang’S Realization
Chapter 666 - King Latin?
Chapter 667 - Showdown With The Clown Sea Serpent
Chapter 668 - Chopped Off His Hands!
Chapter 669 - Wandering Planet” Officially Begins
Chapter 670 - Shocking Special Effects!
Chapter 671 - How Could He Be Stronger?!
Chapter 672 - Everyone Was Shocked
Chapter 673 - The Big Shots Wants To Have Their Names Included Nominally
Chapter 674 - If Your Movie Can Earn Five Billion Yuan, Mine Would Be Able To Earn Six Billion Yuan Then!
Chapter 675 - Has Wu Feng’S Mouth Been Blessed?
Chapter 676 - Silver Ability Slot Expansion Voucher
Chapter 677 - B-Ranked Silver Talent: Kindness Must Be Repaid
Chapter 678 - : Some Pointers About Her Dance
Chapter 679 - : The First Request To Have His Kindness Repaid
Chapter 680 - The Power-Struggle In The Tv Station
Chapter 681 - Young Master Ying’S Repayment?
Chapter 682 - Zhao Licheng Has Been Arrested
Chapter 683 - I’M Going To Hit You In The Face Like I Said I Would
Chapter 684 - The Truth Of The Violent Beating
Chapter 685 - : A Sneak Attack On Socot Island
Chapter 686 - The Massacre On The Barren Island!
Chapter 687 - The Barrage Of Huge Waves!
Chapter 688 - I’Ve Watched 2,000 Episodes Of Conan
Chapter 689 - You Have To Learn Time Management!
Chapter 690 - Who’S The More Valuable Customer?
Chapter 691 - Daruma Butt
Chapter 692 - Tang Xiaomi’S “Tear-Jerking Farewell”
Chapter 693 - There’S No Need To Earn Money Through Underhanded Methods
Chapter 694 - Pan Zhaodi’S Morning Training
Chapter 695 - Special Item: A 50-50 Chance Against My Opponent
Chapter 696 - I Don’T Feel At Ease With Any One Of You Jungling!
Chapter 697 - Cellphone Factory Completed
Chapter 698 - Checking The [Satellite Launching Rocket Base]
Chapter 699 - I Have A Friend
Chapter 700 - I Don’T Want To Work Hard Anymore
Chapter 701 - I Hope You Find Another Boyfriend
Chapter 702 - Visiting Chu Xia In Her Home?
Chapter 703 - Chu Xia: Is It Soft?
Chapter 704 - Coaxing Chu Xia To Sleep
Chapter 705 - Who Is The Male Lead?
Chapter 706 - God Is A Girl
Chapter 707 - I’M Here With The Company’S Hopes
Chapter 708 - I Won’T Conceal Anymore And Come Clean With You
Chapter 709 - Separation Of The Satellites
Chapter 710 - The Earth Flashed?
Chapter 711 - The Little Softie Who Loves To Be Jealous
Chapter 712 - Domestically Produced And Proud Of It
Chapter 713 - : Shocked By The Glass Phone!
Chapter 714 - Adding Legs For The Dungeon?
Chapter 715 - Special Item: Soul Confining Ring
Chapter 716 - Kissing Chu Xia
Chapter 717 - Why Don’T You Stay Here Tonight?
Chapter 718 - Cao Qiguang’S Arrogance
Chapter 719 - Capital Transfer
Chapter 720 - The Little Monsters’ Chat Group
Chapter 721 - The Ugly Side Of Capitalists
Chapter 722 - I’Ve Drugged You
Chapter 723 - A Battle Behind The Scenes
Chapter 724 - Soaring Stock Price!
Chapter 725 - Receiving The Nation’S Attention
Chapter 726 - Xinli Education’S Stock Price Collapses!
Chapter 727 - Cao Qiguang Got Arrested
Chapter 728 - Kite Of Unknown Abilities (+4)
Chapter 729 - Special Item: The Electrocuting Kite
Chapter 730 - Special Item: Lightning Battery
Chapter 731 - Finding Somewhere To Be Struck By Lightning
Chapter 732 - A Tight Slap To Her Face
Chapter 733 - Gaining A Conscience After Being Struck By Lightning
Chapter 734 - Too Vulgar!
Chapter 735 - Is His Identity Going To Be Exposed?
Chapter 736 - Worms Floating In The Air?
Chapter 737 - Everything Can Be Described Through Science
Chapter 738 - Everyone Has Come To The Villa
Chapter 739 - Chu Xia Said, “Su Yang, I Want To Be Your Girlfriend”
Chapter 740 - Let’S Be In A Relationship
Chapter 741 - Chu Xia’S Thoughts Are Running Wild
Chapter 742 - I’M Not That Kind Of Person
Chapter 743 - Chaos In Central Asia
Chapter 744 - Tencent Interferes?
Chapter 745 - Gold Prize Voucher: Silver Ability Awakening Voucher
Chapter 746 - S-Ranked Awakening Ability: Eye Of Origin
Chapter 747 - : The Secret To Earth’S Flashes And Spiritual Energy
Chapter 748 - The Official Announcement Of The Glass Phone That Transcends Its Time!
Chapter 749 - The Entire Internet Is In An Uproar!
Chapter 750 - 60 Million Times More Advanced Compared To What The World Has To Offer
Chapter 751 - Fourth Gold Mission Completed!
Chapter 752 - The System Is Going To Become +4!
Chapter 753 - New Function: Grant & Deprive
Chapter 754 - Two New Panels
Chapter 755 - Chu Xia’S Best Friend Was Shocked
Chapter 756 - The First +5 Little Monster
Chapter 757 - Little Hus’S Elimination Plan…
Chapter 758 - Bad At Doing Everything Except For Causing Her Boss Trouble
Chapter 759 - Lonely Like A Wild Ghost
Chapter 760 - Great War Of Godly Monsters, Spirit Building And Janet Deprived!
Chapter 761 - Janet+5, New Special Ability
Chapter 762 - Occupying Yemen
Chapter 763 - Breaking Through The Maximum Point Limit
Chapter 764 - What Does Your Arrest Of Lao Ganma Have To Do With Me, Tao Huabi!
Chapter 765 - That Person Has An Identity!
Chapter 766 - Little Deeny+5, Advanced Life Evolution
Chapter 767 - Special Ability: Virtual And Reality Unified
Chapter 768 - Jiadian Mobile’S Glass Phone Officially Launches For Sale!
Chapter 769 - Chu Xia Meets Tang Jing…
Chapter 770 - Sniped On The Street
Chapter 771 - Huge Waves Crashing Onto The Sea Bridge
Chapter 772 - The Countrymen’S Excitement!
Chapter 773 - The Solution To The Glass Phone’S Production Rate
Chapter 774 - Su Yang, Have You Loved Someone Before?
Chapter 775 - A Competitor’S Test?
Chapter 776 - Do I Look Like I’M Short Of Money?
Chapter 777 - Put Down The Phone
Chapter 778 - Things Have Gotten Out Of Hand, Dozens Of Countries Are Welcoming Jiadian At The Same Time?
Chapter 779 - The Dust Settles, And The Nation Acknowledges
Chapter 780 - The Magical Half-Descent Of The Virtual Space
Chapter 781 - An Exceptional Drama
Chapter 782 - 36 Million Yuan Worth Of Profit A Day
Chapter 783 - The Plan To Control The World
Chapter 784 - Wang Jiang Attacks
Chapter 785 - Chu Xia, Who Was Dressed Up As Tang Jing
Chapter 786 - I Only Like You
Chapter 787 - How Is Little Deeny Maintaining Her Status As The Big Sister Of The Family?
Chapter 788 - The Sharkmen Imperial Guards
Chapter 789 - Sanque +4, Advanced Life Evolution
Chapter 790 - Mutated Plants And Animals On Socot Island
Chapter 791 - Sanque +5: Photosynthetic Treant
Chapter 792 - Accumulating Researchers At High Salaries
Chapter 793 - Betrayal
Chapter 794 - To Be, Or Not To Be…
Chapter 795 - Superpower Outsmarted By Technology?
Chapter 796 - Crushing Defeat
Chapter 797 - Nine People
Chapter 798 - Don’T Hit My Face
Chapter 799 - Mutated Philodendron Leaves
Chapter 800 - World-Class Researchers
Chapter 801 - An Explosion Of Negative News
Chapter 802 - A Reversal!
Chapter 803 - The Culprit Who Poisoned Meiyue
Chapter 804 - Record-Breaking Viewership Ratings
Chapter 805 - Viewership Ratings Surpassed Three, Top Five In History
Chapter 806 - The Contracts Have Been Leaked
Chapter 807 - Wang Jiang Has Been Caught
Chapter 808 - Huang Zheng, Who Has Been Deeny-Nized
Chapter 809 - Wang Jiang’S Counterattack
Chapter 810 - Skin So Thick That Even A Knife Can’T Cut Through His Face
Chapter 811 - Acquiring Zhongan Automobile At A Low Price
Chapter 812 - Is It Raining Pies?
Chapter 813 - : No Repayment For The Kind?
Chapter 814 - Half Over
Chapter 815 - The Death Of The Clown Sea Serpent?
Chapter 816 - : A Note
Chapter 817 - The Wishlist
Chapter 818 - The Passionate Madam Toxic Charcoal
Chapter 819 - Mutated Plant: Gold Coconut Tree
Chapter 820 - Mutated Plant: Blood Cotton
Chapter 821 - 1: Turning The Pacific Ocean Into A Gold Mine
Chapter 822 - Chu Xia: That’S It?
Chapter 823 - An Awesome Item That Failed To Receive Points 17 Times
Chapter 824 - Special Item: The Disbursing Balancing Scale
Chapter 825 - Special Item: Shape Shifting Liquid Metal Avatar Mk 3
Chapter 826 - The Truth About Xue Ya
Chapter 827 - A Huge Change In The Country
Chapter 828 - Production Of “Wandering Planet”
Chapter 829 - We Know What You’Re Doing
Chapter 830 - Spring Festival War
Chapter 831 - The Fat Man Who Produced The Animated Film
Chapter 832 - The Movie’S Pre-Sales Has Increased By A Hundred Times
Chapter 833 - A Visit From The World’S Billionaire List
Chapter 834 - Showtime
Chapter 835 - 1.6 Billion Yuan In Four Days!
Chapter 836 - Anti “Wandering Planet” Alliance
Chapter 837 - Going Against “The Entire World”
Chapter 838 - Number One In Box Office History!
Chapter 839 - The Dust Settles!
Chapter 840 - Chu Xia’S Wish…
Chapter 841 - A Meeting At Night
Chapter 842 - World’S Billionaire List Revealed
Chapter 843 - Key Information
Chapter 844 - Trump Card
Chapter 845 - Establishing The [Graphene Battery Production Factory]!
Chapter 846 - Xue Ya Has Given Up
Chapter 847 - A Choice
Chapter 848 - I’M Afraid Of Death
Chapter 849 - Various Experiments
Chapter 850 - Special Item: Boxer’S Supporting Sticker
Chapter 851 - Special Item: [Burning Reincarnation Circus: Ultimate Version]
Chapter 852 - Xue Ya’S Last Act Of Gentleness
Chapter 853 - The Birth Of Netherworld Village
Chapter 854 - Your Wife Has Turned Into A Bird
Chapter 855 - A Condition He Could Not Refuse
Chapter 856 - A State Of Chaos
Chapter 857 - The Blood Of The Nation’S Citizens Are Boiling!
Chapter 858 - Japan’S Frustrations
Chapter 859 - He Has Much Bigger Plans
Chapter 860 - A Diversion?
Chapter 861 - Who’S In The Trap
Chapter 862 - : The End Of The Line
Chapter 863 - A Shocking Change!
Chapter 864 - Lured In To Be Killed
Chapter 865 - But I Can’T Help It, I’Ve Earned Too Much
Chapter 866 - Unstoppable!
Chapter 867 - Success: Japan’S Stock Market Crashes!
Chapter 868 - Humiliation That Would Last For Centuries!
Chapter 869 - Happily Earning Six Hundred Billion Yuan, Platinum Mission Completed
Chapter 870 - Birth Of The Ultimate Mission
Chapter 871 - The First Platinum Race?
Chapter 872 - Platinum Race: Little Monster Soybeans
Chapter 873 - : A Theory
Chapter 874 - Publicity
Chapter 875 - Shocking
Chapter 876 - A Heated Discussion Throughout The Entire Internet
Chapter 877 - Entering Many Industries
Chapter 878 - : The Opec Conference
Chapter 879 - Captured
Chapter 880 - Prison Break
Chapter 881 - The Meeting
Chapter 882 - Annihilation!
Chapter 883 - China’S Power!
Chapter 884 - Exposed
Chapter 885 - A Shocking Record-Breaking Premiere!
Chapter 886 - Wang Yingying’S Determination
Chapter 887 - The 10 Billion Best Actors
Chapter 888 - Crushed Directly
Chapter 889 - Up The Rooftop
Chapter 890 - The Death Of Yagawa Masaru
Chapter 891 - Merging Forces
Chapter 892 - First Contact With Lee Jaerong
Chapter 893 - The Meeting
Chapter 894 - To Each Their Own
Chapter 895 - Fifth Gold Mission Completed
Chapter 896 - A Crisis
Chapter 897 - The Deal For “Nezha” Gets Finalized
Chapter 898 - The Tycoons Group Up
Chapter 899 - Drawing A New Silver Ability
Chapter 900 - : Silver Talent: God Mode: 15 Seconds
Chapter 901 - Turning Two Silver Abilities Into +6
Chapter 902 - S-Ranked Silver Ability: Hands Of Destiny, Awakened!
Chapter 903 - Little Deeny Wants To Confess?
Chapter 904 - The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 905 - : Ability Activated, Destiny Altered!
Chapter 906 - Raising Their Boards Over A Dozen Times!
Chapter 907 - Pushed Into The Abyss
Chapter 908 - Poison Pill Plan!
Chapter 909 - Samsung’S Crushing Defeat
Chapter 910 - The Dust Settles, And A Saviour Arrives In Korea
Chapter 911 - Sudden Change
Chapter 912 - Being Secretive
Chapter 913 - Salaman Submits
Chapter 914 - The Young Have No Virtues Whatsoever
Chapter 915 - Elixir Of Immortality
Chapter 916 - Space Age!
Chapter 917 - Half A Year Gone In The Blink Of An Eye!
Chapter 918 - Cherish The Person Before You
Chapter 919 - His Explanation To Chu Xia
Chapter 920 - Chu Xia’S Answer To Su Yang
Chapter 921 - The Devilish Boy” Gets Premiered
Chapter 922 - Su Yang Retires From The Film And Television Industry
Chapter 923 - The Sixth Gold Mission Completed
Chapter 924 - Becoming The World’S Richest Man
Chapter 925 - : Tang Jing…
Chapter 926 - A Fated Encounter
Chapter 927 - You Are One Of A Kind
Chapter 928 - The Biggest Loophole?
Chapter 929 - I’Ll Marry You When I Grow Up
Chapter 930 - Guys Should Really Learn How To Protect Themselves
Chapter 932 - The Encirclement
Chapter 933 - The End Of A Tyrant (Part 1)
Chapter 934 - : The End Of The Tyrant (Part 2)
Chapter 935 - Easily Gaining 500 Million People Influenced
Chapter 936 - Global War
Chapter 937 - Thus, The World Was Conquered
Chapter 938 - Scientists Get Exposed To The Existence Of Spiritual Energy
Chapter 939 - Is Janet Actually A Male, Or Female?
Chapter 940 - The System Is Really About To Be Cracked
Chapter 941 - Diamond Mission Completed, The Final Secret Is Revealed
Chapter 942 - Is Spiritual Energy Being Revived?
Chapter 943 - A God Descends!
Chapter 944 - Ime To Show My Hand
Chapter 945 (End) - This Might Be What Happiness Feels Like
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PTAT, 我给万物加个点

Source: Webnovel
Book Details / Information: Su Yang was an average university student in Shanghai when he received a system that allowed him to add points to things. The point system provided him with missions and by clearing them, he would gain points.

Add a point into an object, the object will receive a special ability; add a point into a plant, the plant will come alive; add points on himself, he will get talents or superpowers.

With the mysterious point system in hand, Su Yang aimed to become rich and alter his fate. On his path towards success, he encountered many interesting matters and people, including famous actresses and business tycoons. Fueled by determination, Su Yang set his sight on adding points into all things to help him achieve his goal.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Adding Points Turned It Into A Little Monster


EndlessFantasy Translation


EndlessFantasy Translation

In a dim room where the light flickered, strange things filled every corner of the space that measured about a dozen square meters.

There was a rabbit with wings locked up in a cage, an orange shaped like a banana, a pretty desk the size of a palm, and a book with a delicate cover that was over 2 meters tall and a meter wide.

On the cover of the book was the title ‘Modern History Essentials of Huaxia’.

A young man around 18 or 19 years of age was surrounded by those peculiar items. He was lying down on his study desk as he looked at his smartphone.

The screen on his smartphone was showing the page of a questionnaire app titled ‘How to earn 1 Million during your university years’.

The young man was scrolling down the page, jotting notes in the notebook beside him.

As he was carried away by the contents, his smartphone rang all of a sudden. The page of the questionnaire app turned into the incoming call screen and the caller ID showed ‘Mom’.

Quickly adjusting his sitting posture, the young man slammed the notebook shut and answered the call. He moved his smartphone to his ear to ask, “Mom? What’s wrong? Why are you calling me at this hour?”

On the other side of the call was the plain voice of a woman with a Southern accent. “Nothing in particular. I’m just calling you to see how you’re doing.”

A little pause later, the woman continued, “How have you been doing lately? Did you get into any trouble with the school? How are your studies?”

“No, I didn’t get into trouble and my studies are fine. You and Dad don’t have to worry about me,” answered the young man in a kind voice.

The woman answered with an ‘oh’ before she asked, “Do you have enough to spend? In the last two days, your pops and I got some extra grains and sold a bunch. We’ve been having it a bit easier lately, so why don’t I transfer another 300 yuan to you?”

The young man patiently waited for his mother to finish before he answered, “No need for that, Mom. I’m working part-time in between my studies, so it’s enough to cover my expenses. Don’t worry. You don’t need to transfer money to me. Save it or buy yourself some new clothes.”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Your Ma has enough to wear. You’re the one who should take care of yourself, especially since the expenses in the capital are higher. You’d better not save on food and have some good meals. We still have money to spend back here…”

The two chatted for almost 10 minutes. Finally, the young man hung the phone up after his mother had voiced all her reminders.

After the phone call, the young man looked at his room of strange things and sighed.

His name was Su Yang from the Jiujiang Province and he was currently a university student in Shanghai.

He was from a rural village in the Jiujiang Province. All the villagers there were farmers, including his parents, hence their lives were rather dry and meager, and they barely had enough to spend.

Su Yang’s tuition fees for high school and university alone had almost drained all his family’s savings. His parents had to tighten their belts just to save enough money for his daily expenses in the capital.

Even though life in Shanghai was rather bitter, Su Yang never told his family about it because he did not want to burden his parents.

As a boy who came from a poor family, he was hardworking. During the first half-semester in his first year, he worked during the weekends, sending flyers and selling stuff. Other than his own daily expenses, he managed to save up to a few thousand dollars after all his hard work.

At first, things started to improve. Maybe, in the future, Su Yang would be like most of the people who came to Shanghai to make a living. He would get a steady job, have some savings, and maybe buy a house in his hometown. Then, he would get married, have a baby, and spend the rest of his life plainly.

However, a month ago, his life changed.

He acquired a system. It was quite simple actually. He had to complete the mission provided by the system so that he could get points. These points could be added to anything just like skill points of a game, but the outcome totally depended on luck.

For example, he added the points to a rabbit, and the rabbit grew a pair of wings on its back. He added points to an orange and its shape changed into a banana. He added points to a book which became a lot bigger.

The results were all odd. In order to keep this unusual ability from his roommates, he moved out of the dorm and used his savings to rent a basement that was modified into a single room in the neighborhood near his campus to continue his research of the system.

However, after a month of deep research and having completed seven to eight missions, he spent all the points he got, but other than creating a dumb little monster, he got nothing useful.

As for that dumb little monster…

Su Yang fixed his attention on the flower pot at the edge of his desk. In the pot was a twig that looked like it had deteriorated, but it was planted in the soil with two withered leaves holding on for dear life at the tip.

This little monster’s name was Gru.

“Gru, get me a glass of water.”

The moment his voice subsided, the withered twig moved. The two dry leaves grew all of a sudden and extended towards a glass which was taken to the drinking machine and filled. Then, it was then delivered to Su Yang.

“Gru, Gru.”

“Thank you.” Su Yang took the glass of water and had a drink. He felt a lot more comfortable. Gru might seem useless, but at least, it proved that the system had endless possibilities.

He spent all his savings from his first year as rent for the basement, and because of his study of the system, he had not been working part-time lately, thus his supplies were running low.

However, Su Yang believed everything that he did would be worth it in the end! Working part-time could only earn him that much, but this system would be the key to truly change his life around!

It was the biggest gift from the heavens! As long as he could master the system, he was confident that he could change his and his family’s circumstances and reach the zenith of his life!

With that in mind, Su Yang summoned the system with a thought and a translucent window appeared before him.

The interface on the window was simple. There were only two rows: Mission and Random Points [0].

After he clicked on the Mission tab, three more options dropped down: Random Mission, Bronze Mission, Silver Mission.

If Su Yang completed the mission, he would get Random Points as the reward.

As for the Bronze and Silver Missions, after a whole lot of money for research, Su Yang had yet to trigger any one of them. He wondered if he had not fulfilled a certain requirement for the missions to be triggered..

Su Yang looked at the items in his room. The things which he had not added points to had a virtual button in the shape of a [+] beside it, meaning that he could add points to that item.

Those items which he had added points to would display a white frame instead.

For example, Gru the withered twig showed [Withered twig +1: Its life has moved on to the next level, acquired low-level intellect and some simple abilities. Remark: It’s really not that smart.]

On that rabbit with wings, there was [Rabbit +1: Acquired a pair of useless wings. Remark: It might have a pair of wings but it isn’t your angel.]

The book showed [Book +1: Increase in size. Remark: Maybe you should grow a meter taller.]

The desk in the size of a palm displayed [Desk +1: Reduced in size. Remark: It’s suitable for kids to play with.]

The last, which was also the funniest, displayed [Orange +1: Shape changed. Remark: Do you think it’s an orange that tastes like a banana, or a banana that tastes like an orange?]

‘Hmm, why don’t I shove the banana up your a**! Will it taste like an orange?’

Su Yang flicked the middle finger at the orange banana.

All the changes depended on luck. After all, it was called Random Points, so the outcome was entirely random, hence it was still acceptable. Maybe if he completed a Bronze or Silver Mission, the points that he received might not be that random anymore.

After adding the first point, the virtual [+] button disappeared.

Su Yang believed he might need to fulfill certain conditions to be able to add points for a second time.

While he was being carried away by his messy thoughts, a voice entered his mind. ‘Ding! New random mission.’

‘A new random mission?’

Su Yang had gotten used to the system distributing random missions, so he clicked on it calmly, went through it, and grumbled, “Saving a damsel in distress again? Isn’t this a little outdated?”

Despite saying so, he grabbed his bag and a brick on the desk before he stormed out of the door.

Meanwhile, in Su Yang’s neighborhood, Qu Xiaomeng was heading home after work. She was not very tall and had a doll-like face, which made her look cute. She was the type of girl who would emanate a comfortable feeling and leave an impression on people whenever she walked down the street.

She had just graduated from her post-graduate studies and had been transferred to Shanghai University for work. Today was her first day back at the campus and she got caught up by the talks with her ex-lecturers, so she was a little later than usual.

However, since the neighborhood was quite near to the campus, it was quite safe and she was not overly worried about her safety.

The facts proved her right. She did not run into any trouble along the way and safely reached her neighborhood.

Her house was in the south of the neighborhood. She hastened her steps and wanted to head home as soon as possible.

However, when she was a few steps away from her own unit, a drunkard appeared.

Qu Xiaomeng picked up the alcoholic stench from a distance, and in order to save herself some trouble, she hugged her bag tightly and moved aside.

Nevertheless, the drunkard still noticed her. His face was as red as a beet, and he squinted his eyes to size Qu Xiaomeng up. He stopped his staggering steps and asked in a hoarse voice, “Y-yer…n-new?”

Although Qu Xiaomeng’s heart raced, she did not answer and walked straight ahead with her head down.

Before she could walk further away, she felt a force on her shoulder and before she realized it, her bag tugged her back. The drunkard’s voice then came into her ears, “D-don’t run. Why don’t you say hello to your neighbor?”

As a rookie in society, Qu Xiaomeng had never experienced this before. Her heart pounded strongly and her mind was buzzing. Nevertheless, she forced herself to calm down. She turned around and said in a nervous tone, “W-what do you want? I’m calling the cops!”

Even then, the drunkard was not afraid. He seemed to be a veteran in this as he squinted his eyes and opened his mouth with two rows of rotten teeth to mock her without any concern, “Go ahead. Even if the cops get here, all they will do is question me. I didn’t lay a finger on you and I didn’t do anything. I’m just saying hello.”

Qu Xiaomeng dared not answer, she bit her lips tightly and tried to pull her bag, she failed. The fear in her heart made her eyes red, “What do you want?”

“Hehe, of course, I want to…” The drunkard reached out to her with a perverted gaze.

Right before he could touch her, a brick flew out from the darkness and smashed him precisely in the face. Blood splashed upon impact and his head started to bleed.

“Aaaargh!” The drunkard screamed in pain. He covered his head, staggering backward before he fell on his backside and passed out.

Qu Xiaomeng hugged her bag even tighter as she watched the scene with a dull look. Her pounding heart had somehow stopped.

A series of footsteps echoed in the quiet street.

A figure of 1.8 meters slowly walked out from the darkness. The handsome young man was obviously Su Yang who had just come out from his basement. He had a bag with him as he walked over leisurely as if he had nothing to do with smashing a brick into the drunkard’s face.

Qu Xiaomeng gulped nervously. She looked apprehensively at the young man walking closer to her. Her mind was blank as she had yet to recover from the shocking turn of events. She widened her mouth in an attempt to say something, but maybe because she was scared, no words came out from her. She did not know how she should face this young man.

As Su Yang came closer, Qu Xiaomeng’s heart pounded even harder. Thud. Thud-thud.

Be it feeling nervous or scared, her mind exploded with messy thoughts and she did not know what she should say.

As she fell deeper into her dilemma, Su Yang reached her side.

She mustered up her courage and opened her mouth.

Su Yang squatted down and picked up the brick on the ground. Then, he wiped the blood off the drunkard and turned around.

Qu Xiaomeng was dumbstruck.

‘Is h-he leaving?’

Her heart sank and she finally unsealed her mouth, she looked at Su Yang’s back in disbelief and said, “D-don’t you have anything to say?”

Right away, Su Yang paused. He tapped his head and said, “Oh right, I’d have almost forgotten if you didn’t remind me.”

Qu Xiaomeng was just as nervous as before.

Su Yang turned around, walked up to her, and fished a piece of paper from his pocket. He passed it to her and said, “Can I claim the taxi fare?”

Qu Xiaomeng widened her eyes in shock at him as she thought she had heard him wrongly.

“I took a taxi here to save you. Can I claim the taxi fare?” he explained kindly.

After she confirmed what she heard, her mind went blank. She did not even remember how she took her phone out and added Su Yang on Wechat before she transferred $21 to him.

After all that, Su Yang walked away. Qu Xiaomeng looked at his back again and the drunkard on the ground, she mustered up enough courage to shout, “What about him?

Su Yang replied without even looking back, “Don’t worry. He won’t die.”

“H-he won’t die?”

As Su Yang strayed further away, his voice lingered in the air. “I always save people like this. I know what I’m doing.”

Qu Xiaomeng was rendered speechless.

After he left, the neighborhood returned to silence.

Qu Xiaomeng stared at the unconscious drunkard on the ground and then at the receipt in her hand. The receipt showed that it was from three days ago.

A smile twitched on her cute, round face.


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