In Different World With Naruto System by Author

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 02: Naruto System
Chapter 03: Chakra Attribute
Chapter 04: Practicing Seal Forming
Chapter 05: Katon—Endan [Fire Style: Flame Bullet!]
Chapter 06: Actual Combat
Chapter 07: 2 Years After The Battle
Chapter 08: Doton—Uitenpen!
Chapter 09: Awakening Mangekyo Sharingan
Chapter 10: Leaving Magical Beasts Forest.
Chapter 11: Break Out Of Person With A Poor Sense Of Direction
Chapter 12: Protection
Chapter 13: Steel Monster—Eiffel Capital
Chapter 14: Top 10 Famous Wines
Chapter 15: Duel
Chapter 16: Doujutsu—Tsukuyomi
Chapter 17: Explanation
Chapter 18: Kuchiyose—Sanju Rashomon!
Chapter 19: Space Transmission
Chapter 20: 7 Star Broken Bone Blood Lineage
Chapter 21: Quicksand Shower
Chapter 22: Nature Of Expert
Chapter 23: Space-Time Ninjutsu
Chapter 24: Lightning Nature Change
Chapter 25: To Eat One’S Own Fruit
Chapter 26: Entering Inside Supreme Light Academy
Chapter 27: Konoha Ryujin
Chapter 28: Divine Imperial Earth Armor
Chapter 29: Hachimon Tonkou
Chapter 30: Selling Magical Beasts’ Core.
Chapter 31: Genjutsu Shibari
Chapter 32: Mysterious Youngster
Chapter 33: Babel Tower
Chapter 34
Chapter 35: Return To The Room Of Dormitory Through The Window
Chapter 36: First Lesson At Different World
Chapter 37: Sage Mode
Chapter 38: Sishen Clan
Chapter 39: Undead Battle Qi
Chapter 40: The Waves Of The World
Chapter 41: Cultivation Room Ranking Competition
Chapter 42: Taijutsu Training
Chapter 43: Illusion Magic Formation
Chapter 44: Combat Skills
Chapter 45: Blood Lineage Secret Ability
Chapter 46: Result Of Convenient Lie
Chapter 47: Library
Chapter 48: 6 Major Super Powers
Chapter 49: 5 Major Dangerous Spot
Chapter 50: Confirmed Name Lists For Competition
Chapter 51: Competition Start
Chapter 52: Ranking Competition(1)
Chapter 53: Ranking Competition (2)
Chapter 54: Ranking Competition (3)
Chapter 55: Ranking Competition(4)
Chapter 56: Ranking Competition (5)
Chapter 57: Ranking Competition (6)
Chapter 58: Ranking Competition (7)
Chapter 59: Ranking Competition (8)
Chapter 60: Ranking Competition (9)
Chapter 61: Ranking Competition (10)
Chapter 62: Mission System Triggered
Chapter 63: Quarter-Finals Matches (1)
Chapter 64: Quarter-Finals Matches (2)
Chapter 65: Quarter-Finals Matches (3)
Chapter 66: Quarter-Finals Matches (4)
Chapter 67: Quarter-Finals Matches (5)
Chapter 68: Quarter-Finals Matches (6)
Chapter 69: Quarter-Finals Matches (7)
Chapter 70: Semi-Finals (1)
Chapter 71: Semi-Finals (2)
Chapter 72: Semi-Finals (3)
Chapter 73: Semi-Finals (4)
Chapter 74: Semi-Finals (5)
Chapter 75: Semi-Finals (6)
Chapter 76: Semi-Finals (7)
Chapter 77: Semi-Finals (8)
Chapter 78: Semi-Finals (9)
Chapter 79: Finals (1)
Chapter 80: Finals (2)
Chapter 81: Finals (3)
Chapter 82: Finals (4)
Chapter 83: Finals (5)
Chapter 84: Finals (7)
Chapter 85: Auction Start
Chapter 86: Cruel Smile
Chapter 87: Different Lan Xinmeng
Chapter 88: Divinity Crystal
Chapter 89: Fierce Bidding War
Chapter 90: The Curtain Falls———Operation Start
Chapter 91: Night Raid
Chapter 92: Secret Hand———- Kibaku Fuda
Chapter 93: Freeze Over Thousand Li
Chapter 94: Doujutsu——-Amaterasu!
Chapter 95: Combination Ninjutsu
Chapter 96: Gyaku Kuchiyose No Jutsu
Chapter 97: Susanoo
Chapter 98: 4 Big Forbidden Magic Spells
Chapter 99: Wall Of Sigh
Chapter 100: Battle End
Chapter 101: System Upgrade——-Mission System Added
Chapter 102: Second Mangekyo
Chapter 103: Ichibi Shukaku
Chapter 104: Preparation For Promotion Assignment
Chapter 105: Purple Gauze Sky Magnificent Flower
Chapter 106: Prototype Akatsuki Group
Chapter 107: Right Eye’S Kamui
Chapter 108: Successfully Joined
Chapter 109: Attack Of Ocean Magical Beasts (2-In-1)
Chapter 110: Joining The Fight
Chapter 111: Preparing Forbidden Magic Spell
Chapter 112: Raiton—Kaminari Shibari (Lightning Style—Lightning Bind)
Chapter 113: God Weeping Region
Chapter 114: Going Separate Ways
Chapter 115: Extremely Poisonous
Chapter 116: In The Process Of Nurturing A New Eye
Chapter 117: Resentment Power
Chapter 118: Sabaku Sotaiso Fuin (Grand Sand Mausoleum Seal)
Chapter 119: Group Brawl? That Is Just A Joke
Chapter 120: Beast Of Resentment
Chapter 121: Raiton——-Kirin
Chapter 122: Flee
Chapter 123: Demon Clan
Chapter 124: Shikotsumyaku (Macabre Bone Pulse)
Chapter 125: Heaven Ranked Warrior Skill
Chapter 126: Murder
Chapter 127: Disagree? Then I’Ll Beat Until You Agree
Chapter 128: Sword
Chapter 129: Weakness Of Kamui
Chapter 130: Fall Into Disadvantageous Position
Chapter 131: Bakufu Ranbu (Bomb Blast Dance)
Chapter 132: Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger)
Chapter 133: White Tiger Of Akatsuki
Chapter 134: God’S Domain
Chapter 135
Chapter 136: Thunder From A Clear Sky
Chapter 137: Memory From The Depth Of One’S Soul
Chapter 138: 10 Days Later, Akatsuki Organization Will Arrive At Ximen Clan
Chapter 139: Go To Babel Tower
Chapter 140: Tower Of Babel
Chapter 141: Surrounded (2 In 1)
Chapter 142: Big Move
Chapter 143: Powerful Barrier
Chapter 144: Surprised
Chapter 145: Jade Maiden Of Akatsuki
Chapter 146: Clearance
Chapter 147: 2Nd Floor
Chapter 148: Demon Clan Appears
Chapter 149: Diversion
Chapter 150: **Look At The Bottom
Chapter 151: Before Operation
Chapter 152: Operation Start
Chapter 153.1: Causing Havoc In Wedding Site
Chapter 153.2: Causing Havoc In Wedding Site
Chapter 154: Kekkaimon Gofujutsu——Hachimon Heijo
Chapter 155: Known By Many
Chapter 156: Meet Enemy Head-On By Oneself
Chapter 157: Brilliant Fireworks
Chapter 158: Saint Dragon Heavenly Cross
Chapter 159: Twisting Off Your Head
Chapter 160: Tsukuyomi World
Chapter 161: 5 Susanoo
Chapter 162: Reinforcements Arrived
Chapter 163: Tragedy
Chapter 164: **Somewhat A Spoiler
Chapter 165: Abilities Of 2 Eyes
Chapter 166: Futsu No Mitama
Chapter 167: Earth Mountain God
Chapter 168: Kuchiyose No Jutsu
Chapter 169: Nibi Matatabi
Chapter 170: Different World Version Sennen Goroshi
Chapter 171: Real Target
Chapter 172: Final Attack
Chapter 173: Super Powerful Attack
Chapter 174: Bijudama
Chapter 175: Renowned “Akatsuki”
Chapter 176: Road To Resurrection
Chapter 177: Eternal Mangekyo Exchange Method
Chapter 178: Flame Phoenix Villa
Chapter 179: Business Deal
Chapter 180: Steps Of Resurrection
Chapter 181: Set Off
Chapter 182: Elven Forest
Chapter 183: Control
Chapter 184: Daylight Robbery
Chapter 185: Despicable Ren Tianyou
Chapter 186: Succeed
Chapter 187: Fake
Chapter 188: Grandson Monkey Steals Pallet Medicine**
Chapter 189: Infiltrate
Chapter 189: Inner Palace
Chapter 190: Endless Spring Scenery
Chapter 191: Unexpected
Chapter 192: Iryo Ninjutsu
Chapter 193: Spring Of Life
Chapter 194: Crescent Moon Well.
Chapter 195: Gamadaira — Kageayatsuri No Jutsu
Chapter 197: Forever Green
Chapter 198: Choose
Chapter 199: Mokuton
Chapter 200: Leave And Return
Chapter 201: Taking Liberties With A Woman
Chapter 202: Return
Chapter 203: Members Of Akatsuki In Danger
Chapter 204: Hatred Of Jade Maiden
Chapter 205: Lightning Speed—-Bu Feng
Chapter 206: Speed
Chapter 207: Insulting Akatsuki, Die!!!
Chapter 208: Earth Hydra
Chapter 209: Sky Splitting Lightning Butterfly
Chapter 210: Mashed Battle
Chapter 211: Analyze
Chapter 212: Suiton—-Dai Bakusui Shoha
Chapter 213: Pinned Down
Chapter 214: Pursue And Attack
Chapter 215: Stars Blood Lineage
Chapter 216: Pursue Star
Chapter 217: About To Arrive Demon Clan
Chapter 218: Great Bear (North Dipper) Of Akatsuki
Chapter 219: Eating Little Yu
Chapter 220: Death Door
Chapter 221: Unusual Change
Chapter 222: Seal
Chapter 223: Leave
Chapter 224: Training In Sea Area
Chapter 225: Training Hiraishin
Chapter 226: First Phase Complete
Chapter 227: Might Of Hiraishin
Chapter 228: 3 Years Later
Chapter 229: Jade Maiden Declares A War
Chapter 230: Shocking The Entire Continent
Chapter 231: Prewar Preparation
Chapter 232: Grand Entrance To The Scene
Chapter 233: Uchihagaeshi
Chapter 234: The Might Of Mokuton
Chapter 235: Marked With Curse Seal
Chapter 236: Ninja Art–Scorching Stars Fall And Exterminate
Chapter 237: Yin Dragon Clan
Chapter 238: Amaterasu Fails
Chapter 239: Mokuton—-Jukai Kotan
Chapter 240: Death God’S Reap
Chapter 241: Postwar Disturbance
Chapter 242: Earth Emperor Crystal
Chapter 243: Exchanging Eternal
Chapter 244: Eternal Mangekyo
Chapter 245: Sanbi Isobu
Chapter 246: War Start
Chapter 247: Kuchiyose No Jutsu
Chapter 248: Disperse
Chapter 249: Mokuton—-Kajukai Korin
Chapter 250: Roasting Dragon Meat
Chapter 251: Dragon God’S Heavenly Incantation
Chapter 252: Mokuton—-Mokuryu No Jutsu
Chapter 253: Holy Law
Chapter 254: Full Body Susanoo
Chapter 255: Arrival Of Final Battle
Chapter 256: Sealed Off
Chapter 257: Destruction Of Dragon Island
Chapter 258: The End Of The War
Chapter 259: Scheme
Chapter 260: Entering The City
Chapter 261: Insane Ximen Clan
Chapter 262: Pressing Time
Chapter 263: Dorai
Chapter 264: Accidentally Meeting Bu Feng
Chapter 265: Great Holy Light Stars Formation
Chapter 266: Trap
Chapter 267: Go And Return
Chapter 268: The Past Of Bu Feng
Chapter 269: Poison
Chapter 270: Threaten
Chapter 271: Heart Of The Strong
Chapter 272: Akatsuki
Chapter 273: Returning To Tower Of Babel
Chapter 274: Three Great Demon God
Chapter 275: Mokuton—-Hobi No Jutsu
Chapter 276: Amike After Lifting The Seal
Chapter 277: Intense Battle
Chapter 278: Intense Battle (2)
Chapter 279: Ninja Art—-Gale Thunderstorm
Chapter 280: Gale Thunderstorm (2)
Chapter 281: Iso
Chapter 282: Ultraman Also Unable To Defend
Chapter 283: Final Collision
Chapter 284: Breaking Space
Chapter 285: Disappearance Of Ren Tianyou
Chapter 286: Search
Chapter 287: Ren Tianyou Regain Consciousness
Chapter 288: Trace Discovered
Chapter 289: Returning To Ninth Floor
Chapter 290: Spirit Of Tower Of Babel
Chapter 291: The Inheritance Of Seven Great Saints
Chapter 292: Profit From A Disaster
Chapter 293: Extremely Tragic
Chapter 294: Demon Spirit Baleful Soldier
Chapter 295: Raimu Raito!
Chapter 296: Making Firm Resolution To Learn Edo Tensei
Chapter 297: Hiding Identity
Chapter 298: Yaorao
Chapter 299: Demon Metropolis
Chapter 300: Shikotsumyaku
Chapter 301: Why Have Fear
Chapter 302: Dance Together With Me
Chapter 303: Sawarabi No Mai
Chapter 304: Endless Abyss
Chapter 305: Thousand Eyes Evil Beast
Chapter 306: Eternal Dark Night
Chapter 307: Abyss Hydra
Chapter 308: Suspicious Demon
Chapter 309: Demon Emperor’S Graveyard
Chapter 310: Robbing The Grave
Chapter 311: Demon Empress
Chapter 312: Battle Start
Chapter 313: Space Teleportation
Chapter 314: Strange Purple Light
Chapter 315: Slipping Away Secretly
Chapter 316: Sage Mode
Chapter 317: Sage Mode Accomplish
Chapter 318: Meeting Again
Chapter 319: Benefactor?
Chapter 320: Flame Of Amaterasu
Chapter 321: Source Of Strange Energy
Chapter 322: Mysterious Virtual Shadow
Chapter 323: Method To Break Universe
Chapter 324: Capturing Living Sacrifice
Chapter 325: Edo Tensei
Chapter 326: Returning To Demon World
Chapter 327: Choodama Rasenshuriken
Chapter 328: Miserable Thousand Eyes Evil Beast
Chapter 329: The Scheme Of Yaorao
Chapter 330: Rinnegan
Chapter 331: Ranking Of Experts
Chapter 332: Invitation Card
Chapter 333: Who Said We Akatsuki Will Not Come
Chapter 334: Allied Force
Chapter 335: Soul Breaking Cliff Reappears
Chapter 336: Formulating Plan
Chapter 337: The Objective Of Yaorao
Chapter 338: Gain
Chapter 339: Demon Clan Descend
Chapter 340: Leave Other Side To Me
Chapter 341: Yaorao’S Doubts
Chapter 342: Meeting Enemies Head-On By Himself
Chapter 343: Using Susanoo
Chapter 344: Rinnegan Emerges
Chapter 345: Tengai Shinsei
Chapter 346: You All Are Not Qualified For Me To Personally Raise Hand
Chapter 347: Edo Tensei Jutsu
Chapter 348: Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!
Chapter 349: Battle Of Speed
Chapter 350: Jinton (Particle Style) Of Yue’Er
Chapter 351: Dark Night Befall
Chapter 352: Dark Night Star Explosion
Chapter 353: Arrival Of Yaorao
Chapter 354: I Also Want Your Divine Artifact
Chapter 355: Super Shinra Tensei
Chapter 356: Forced To Go All-Out
Chapter 357: Fierce Fight
Chapter 358: Yaorao’S Summon
Chapter 359: Real Wood Style
Chapter 360: Chibaku Tensei
Chapter 361: Nine Tailed-Beasts
Chapter 362: Yue’Er’S Edo Tensei
Chapter 363: Shadow Demon God
Chapter 364: Unexpected Appearance Of Mo Yun
Chapter 365: Capture
Chapter 366: Yaorao’S Eruption
Chapter 367: Gedo Mazo
Chapter 368: Strong Collision
Chapter 369: Battle Escalate
Chapter 370: One Attack Of Fate
Chapter 371: Hopeless Situation
Chapter 372: Jubi Revived
Chapter 373: Strongest State—-Heavenly Buddha Descend
Chapter 374: Chojo Kebutsu
Chapter 375: Six Path Mode
Chapter 376: Musekiyojin
Chapter 377: Space-Time Teleport
Chapter 378: No Title
Chapter 379: God—-Chibaku Tensei
Chapter 380: Infinite Kotoamatsukami
Chapter 381: Space-Time Passage
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Total Chapters in book: 382
Estimated words: 614416 (not accurate)
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Alternative Titles:

Bringing the Hokage System to Another World, Dai zhe huo ying xi tong dao yi jie, 带着火影系统到异界

Source: steady, WuxiaNation TL
Book Details / Information: At Divine Wind Continent, there is cultivation system—douqi, illusion and magic.

Ren Tian You was a fan of Naruto, single carelessness caused him to arrive in different world.

Unexpectedly only to discover within his body possessed Naruto system.

What? You will use douqi! I, your father’s taijutsu is also not weak! Look at my shadow dance!

What? You will use illusions! I, your father however have every illusions’ ancestor, Sharingan! Look at my Tsukuyomi!

What? You are a magician! I, your father am a ninja! Look at my fire style——– grand fireball!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 01: Rebirth In A Different World

chapter 01: Rebirth in a different world

‘Ren Tian You’ was sitting in front of his computer waiting excitingly and thinking about what would happen next in the plot; he couldn’t help but tremble with excitement.

Well, everyone, do not misunderstand, Ren Tian You was only going to watch a masterpiece of Japanese anime———Naruto.

It is said that, there is nothing special on the other side, but anime creation truly make people to have no choice but to really admire it.

Like Prince of Tennis, Detective Conan, Death God……….and so on, anime masterpiece had many fans and Ren Tian You was also one of them. He, however, only liked a single anime series, Naruto, for no reason at all.

Ren Tian You was a second year university student in H City. But don’t even mention losing his virginity, he didn’t even had a girlfriend.

It’s not like he was ugly, he only had a little fault with his character——cooping up in his residence. Correct, cooping up in his residence. This fellow loved to shut himself in his rented room and watch the history or creation of Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto on his computer. Naruto updated every Thursday, an event he wouldn’t miss even once.

Once, the classmates of Ren Tian You wondered why he always nesting in his house and didn’t go out. They even thought that he was ‘building a golden house to keep his mistress’ [TL: doing something secretly], as he always looked impatient to go back to his house after class. Once, they secretly followed him to his house, and the next thing they saw made a black line appear on their faces. They saw him returning to the house, directly turning on the computer and going ‘’ [TL: Chinese video sharing site] to watch Naruto. This made the classmates who were following him greatly depressed.

Today the new Naruto episode 563 [ED: seems to be Shippuden episode 343] was updated. The teaser said that in this episode Naruto’s opponent’s [ED: Tobi’s] mask would be destroyed and his real face will be revealed. So it could not be missed.

Ren Tian You was anxiously looking at the 60 second advertisement countdown on the upper right corner of video player. The 1 second that was remaining finally passed. When he was ready to watch with complete passion, he heard a ‘tudou’ sound and he saw the large words, “Error code 2011.”

At once his anger exploded in a flash.

“F**k, F**king trash tudou.”

His right hand suddenly grabbed the cup on the table and threw it at the computer, however he had forgotten that there was still tea inside the cup. The tea directly splashed on the plug of the computer; instantly a series of sparks were generated which spread along the top of the table to his right hand.

In that instant, before the electric sparks reached his body, his last thought was, “F**k, I will never throw anything again.”



Divine Wind Continent, the country of Emperor Ai le. In its eastern area there was a magical beast forest which was filled with terrifying magical beasts. This place was paradise for many adventurers because they could hunt high level magical beasts and suddenly become rich overnight, no longer needing to worry about eating and drinking in their lifetime. But there were also countless adventurers who had forever slept in the forest because of their low actual strength.

In the magical beast forest’s surroundings there was a small stream, at whose side lay a youth who was wearing luxurious clothes. This youth looked to be 15 years in age but he didn’t have a trace of childishness in his face and those two dashing eyebrows increased his handsomeness even more. At this time the right hand of this youth slowly moved few times, he slowly opened his eyes and with a puzzled expression he looked around.

“Where am I? Don’t tell me I didn’t die?”

He slowly stood up, looked around at his surrounding environment and only towering tree appeared in his vision. He was completely puzzled looking at the huge towering trees.


He hold his head and unceasingly rolled on the ground as one scene after another flashed through his mind. After a few minutes, he stopped whining and forced a bitter smile on his pale face.

Divine Wind Continent, the country of Emperor Ai le……….Ximen Tian Long, scion of the Ximen household, hehe, I had never thought one day I would unexpectedly be reborn.”

Correct, Ren Tian You was no longer on Earth, but was rather reborn in the world called Divine Wind Continent and the name of his current body was Ximen Tian Long who was of the ‘Ximen’ clan. This clan was one of the four major clans in this country of Emperor Ai le. Don’t see the peculiar domineering name of this guy, because this guy is hundred percent a loser. [TL: ‘Tian Long’ means Dragon of Heaven] The thing is, his mother was just a female servant of Ximen family, and 5 years after giving birth to him, she died of an illness. And his father, the master of the Ximen house, Ximen Ba Tian, had not entered his mother’s courtyard once, not even when she died.

And this guy was also a loser at cultivating. He didn’t have any cultivation talent, no magic talent, and only had a pitiful battle qi talent which was also limited so he could only practice up to Intermediate Fighter and no further.

But this guy seemed to be exceptionally popular with females. He didn’t know why, but the daughter of Wang Jia clan which was also one of the 4 major clans, of all the people, she had fallen for this guy. But the eldest son of Ximen clan, Ximen Feng, Ximen Tian Long’s elder brother also liked her which gave birth to wild jealousy in his heart. Finally, he sent some people to proclaim that Ximen Tian Long was not the biological son of Ximen Ba Tian. And, he didn’t know how, but Ximen Tian Long’s father had believed those words and Ximen Tian Long was driven away and banished from the imperial capital. Still, Ximen Feng didn’t let him go and dispatched assassins to hunt him; finally this guy was killed by those assassins at this magical beast forest.

Ren Tian You was studying this information in his brain, after which he forced out a smile in his heart. He had never thought that this guy whom he possessed was so miserable. Unexpectedly, not only was he a loser in cultivating, in addition, he had such a formidable enemy. How do you expect me to survive from now on…ah?

Ai, suddenly he thought about his parents on Earth and his younger sister, not knowing when they will realize about his death and how they would react, he felt sad in his heart.

Just then he felt extremely thirsty and having seen the stream in front of him, he struggled to get up, supported his weak body and started to walk towards it. He was about to die because of thirst so he was ready to drink the water.

At that time when he saw the reflection of himself in the water, his mouth became ‘O’ shaped. He didn’t notice whether this guy was too ugly or extremely handsome. Rather, he clearly saw the reflection of his eyes on the water. They were a pair of scarlet eyes, inside of which was an inverted magatama.

“This is………..the Sharingan!”


Total Chapters in book: 382
Estimated words: 614416 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 3072(@200wpm)___ 2458(@250wpm)___ 2048(@300wpm)