Infinite Mana In The Oasis by Grayback

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
2 Patching Up Tory
3 Old House Old Memories
4 Oasis Online And O-Pods
5 Entering Oasis
6 Mcp Chip
7 Oshos
8 Bounty
9 Lifespan
10 The Botched-Up Op
11 Rationalizing Death
12 Kamikaze
13 Axela
14 Lazarus Pods
15 Meta Vs. Non-Metahuman
16 Insidious Attack
17 Whistleblowers P1
18 Whistleblowers P2
19 Full Circle
20 “I’Ll Be The Architect Of My Own Destruction”
21 Screech. Crash. Boom.
22 Seek And Ye Shall Find
23 Death-Like Slumber
24 Waking Up
25 Memories Flooding In
26 Rankers
27 Digesting Memories P1
28 Digesting Memories P2
29 What It Feels Like To Feel P1
30 What It Feels Like To Feel P2
31 Stardust Guild
32 Scare Tactics
33 Miranda Bloom
34 Adjusting On-Job Routine
35 Brush Up On The Basics P1
36 Brush Up On The Basics P2
37 Loving The Process
38 A Divergent Way To Learn
39 The Crane’S Nest
40 An Easter Egg
41 Siphoning Life Essence
42 Absolute Control Vs. Destructive Freedom
43 Walk The Rankers' Path With Unwavering Grit
44 Successful Warrior
45 Packing A Punch P1
46 Packing A Punch P2
47 A Philosopher Of Bullshittery
48 Formless
49 Countdown
50 Breakthrough Into Official Rank
51 I’Ll Begin My Journey In Infinity. In Infinity, My Journey Shall End
52 Infinite Mana Core
53 Spell Stacking
54 “Look What You Made Me Do”
55 Take No Prisoners
56 Confide
57 Grind Is Real
58 Rookie’S Test
59 Battlemage
60 Experimenting
61 To Hell With Circumstances. I Create Opportunities
62 Surpassing Expectations
63 Realizing Shortcomings
64 Entering Gilaahan
65 City Of Ludan
66 Death And Taxes
67 Possible Solution?
68 First Mission
69 Mia Silver
70 Dokkaebi
71 The Mammoth Hunt P1
72 The Mammoth Hunt P2
73 Karma
74 Multi-Stage Breakthroughs
75 State Of Epiphany
76 Artifact Smithing
77 Explore More Expect Least
78 The Bare Necessities
79 If It Doesn’T Open, It’S Not Your Door Yet
80 Hexers
81 The Hexers' Creeds P1
82 The Hexers' Creeds P2
83 Malcolm Merlot
84 Battlemage 101
85 Investment
86 The Wolf’S Creed
87 Back To Earth
88 Underground Fights
89 Eren Vs. Tegan
90 High Profit Margin
91 Rog Bandalwild And Jacob Jenkins
92 Leading Rog By The Nose
93 Believe In The Dead To Keep A Secret
94 Blitz Shard
95 Spirit Beast Spell
96 Real Knowledge Is To Know The Extent Of Your Ignorance
97 Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee
98 One Ring To Repel Them All
99 Benefiting From The Dead
100 Alfem
101 Demonic Rankers
102 Flesh Golems
103 Something'S Off
104 Uninvited
105 Roland’S Compromise
106 Collecting Raw Ingredients
107 Eren Vs. Jario P1
108 Eren Vs Jario P2
109 Baited
110 Gilaahan’S Blessing Once Again?
111 Forbidden Technique
112 Bulal Blood
113 Elevated Stats
114 Bulal’S Uninvited Guests
115 Undying Cockroach Vs Ariadne
116 Using Fire Element
117 Homing
118 Escape
119 Purpose Behind Guards' Infection
120 Flesh Golems Appear
121 Escaping Traitors
122 Red Runic Array
123 No Gall No Glory
124 Patience Is The Art Of Concealing Your Impatience
125 Gains
126 Securing The Bounty Reward
127 A Place To Return P1
128 A Place To Return P2
129 Straight Face
130 Picking Up From Where They Had Left Off
131 Coffee And Cuddles
132 Viktor Vs. Keith
133 The Ax Effect
134 Besting Keith
135 Unexpected Invitation
136 Trying Hex Gear Set
137 Entering The Hexers’ Testing Grounds
138 Puppets
139 Alfem And Blitz Shards Combo
140 Flesh-Altering Spell And Taranbiest
141 The Bear Trap
142 Kino
143 Mediocrity Is The Final Enemy Of Prosperity
144 Hexers And Freedom
145 Downsides P1
146 Downsides P2
147 Hex Spell: One Up
148 Slaadi
149 “Success For Me Is To Go Out There And Dominate”
150 Twin-Star Arts And Igni Series Spells
151 Igni Lotus
152 A True Fire Domain
153 Being Followed
154 Retrospection
155 Spied On
156 House Of Spiders P1
157 House Of Spiders P2
158 Prince Charming
159 Whatever Doesn’T Kill Me Had Better Start Running
160 Bigger Threat
161 Mia Escapes
162 Dual Kill
163 Let This Rain Wash Away All My Pain Of Yesterday
164 Bloodfest
165 Green Prison
166 Extreme Fear Can Neither Fight Nor Fly
167 There Is No True Genius Without Some Touch Of Madness
168 No Greater Danger Than Underestimating Your Opponent
169 Choices And Consequences
170 Aspect Fusion
171 Contract Bound
172 Awakening Potion
173 Breakthroughs P1
174 Breakthroughs P2
175 Encashing Kills
176 In Spontaneity Lies The True Beauty Of Life
177 Wild Forest Wind Trapped Inside Four Walls*
178 Unspoken Competition*
179 Ready Or Not*
180 All Yours*
181 Incredible And Unbelievable
182 Walk A Mile To Avoid A Fight
183 Seeing The Tip Of Something Dreadful And Evil
184 Violence Is Not The Answer
185 Baiting A Wolfpack
186 A Bit Of Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results
187 Yana Shiran And Raina Regan
188 Profit Is The Ignition System Of Any Economic Engine
189 Bad Guys Vs Bad Guys P1
190 Bad Guys Vs Bad Guys P2
191 Meeting Ariadne Again
192 Talk Between Two Survival Specialists
193 Destroying Spider Golem
194 We Can Live With Dignity; We Can’T Die With It
195 Dread
196 No Power Is Worth Losing Self Control Over
197 Adelman'S Ring
198 No Hard Feelings
199 Plans To Form A Merc Team
200 Same Brand Of Delusional
201 Aiming For Spiders’ Loot
202 Escaping Spiders
203 Assassinating The Assassin
204 Ambushing Behlam
205 Slaying Behlam
206 Multi-Element Artifact Forging
207 Soul Mark
208 Regaining Control Over Hex Spells
209 Clearing Second Stage
210 Having The Patience To Wait For The Right Moment
211 Anemoi: Model Elephant
212 Elemental Aspects & Spell Integrations
213 Fusion Flame
214 Bonus Stage: Wyvern Hunt
215 Battle Trance
216 Signs Of Soul Sense Awakening
217 Controlling Wrathful Summoned Creatures P1
218 Voice Of Reason?
219 Conversation With Aleph In A Near-Stagnant World
220 Controlling Wrathful Summoned Creatures P2
221 Overwhelming Rewards P1
222 Bonus Stage Reward: Kiamat
223 Steady Growth For Six Months
224 Confronting Gian
225 Eren Vs Gian P1
226 Eren Vs Gian P2
227 One Up + Hex Spells + Deviant Casting
228 Igni Lotus Collapse
229 Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity
230 Death And Insanity
231 Recruiting Yeti
232 Guild War Breaks Out
233 Battlefield Chaos
234 Jilly
235 An Illusionist'S Achivements
236 Of The Streets, By The Streets, For The Streets
237 Mind Control Through Illusion Spells
238 Arto
239 Ambitious Plans And Necessary Sacrifices
240 Using Debuff Potions & Being A Man
241 “I’Ll Be The Architect Of My Own Destiny”
244 Breakthrough Into Awakened Rank
245 Yeeting From Gilaahan
247 Meeting Malcolm Again
248 The Last Spider’S Origin Story
250 Eren Vs Sofiya P1
251 Eren Vs Sofiya P2
252 Eren Vs Sofiya P3
253 Eren Vs Sofiya P4
254 Defeating Sofiya
256 A Freelancer'S Dreamjob
257 Sofiya Onboard
258 Building Trust
259 Collecting The Bonus Test’S Reward
260 Forming Spirit Contract With Tiamat
262 Aleph'S Demonic Possession?
263 Discovery Of An Elder Seed Artifact
264 [Bonus Chapter] Beast Companion Technique Of Amazonian Origin
266 Elder Seed Inheritors
267 Diverse Paths To Power
268 Evokers, Elementalists, Body Cultivators, And Soulweavers
269 Planning For The Future
270 Elder Artifact: Adelman'S Ring
271 Unveiling The Distinctions: Transcendent-Grade, Hex, And Elder Seed Artifacts
272 Mapping The Path As An Artifact Forger
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Total Chapters in book: 265
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Welcome to the world that has shed its old skin.

It's an age of avant-garde technologies that break common sense. Science that transcends fantasy. And yet, it has lost its charm in the face of something even more fantastical.

The presence of mana is for those who are blessed by their origins. The Rankers are the true elites of their circles.

A long lifespan is possible. Gaining superhuman powers is feasible. But what use is personal power when the entire existence of your species is on the line?

Things on Earth are much more serious than the general populace is aware of. A threat of the unknown looms over the existence of everything living and otherwise.

Humanity may soon need to leave the only place it calls home. And seek shelter somewhere else in the infinite universe.

Who would find the Oasis for humans who have never been so powerful or as helpless as they are now? Will it be the hero they asked for? Or will it be the not-a-hero they need?

What happens when that not-a-hero gains one of the most broken powers?


I am lost and found

In the world of dreams

My serenity awaits

Amid the banshee screams!

Within mayhem, I'll find my reason

Within sorrows, my bliss

In the darkness, I'll see my light

In the desert, my oasis!

- Grayback

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

1 Viktor Vladimir

July 01, 3022. City-state of Ainazi. Latvia, Earth.


Someone’s cursing out loud.

Winds howling nearby.

The sound of sirens is added to the mix. The late afternoon sun is nowhere to be found as the cloudy gray sky is masking its brilliance effectively.

The day is gloomy with a chance of precipitation. But not uneventful.

“Everything’s turned to shit since we took this job, Vik. This whole plan was rigged from the moment we said yes to this suicide fest.

Aargh! I want to chop off that baldy’s Little Guy if it’s the last thing I have to do before dying.”

Fernando Torres couldn’t stop cursing as he drove the truck that had only two passengers including him at breakneck speed. The expressway was wide open for him to drive carelessly– barren even. So he wasn’t worried about running the truck onto something.

But what was at the back of the truck pursuing and closing in on them was an entirely different matter.

“Tory, don’t you fokin lose your shit now. Eyes on the road.

I’ll… I’ll do something about the cops. Give me that M-16 you have.”

Viktor commanded Fernando Torres, AKA Tory. He tried to calm his friend down even when he was feeling the pressure coming from the relentless pursuit.

The cops were almost breathing down their necks at this point. Their in-pursuit vehicles were a few meters away from the back of their truck.

Four high-tech Jeeps were pursuing a heavy truck that was easily zipping through hundreds of meters of distance in the blink of an eye, despite its large size. The cops’ vehicles were right behind that truck monstrosity.

The half-deafening sirens were blaring off in the background. But the combination of opposing wind pressure and its resultant noise was so loud that it almost acoustically overshadowed everything.


Both the stolen truck and four high-tech cop vehicles had no wheels. They were gliding over the earth at a fixed height without any contact with the surface. So the ride was smooth for both– the perps and the cops.

Vik had to admit. Tory was right. They shouldn’t have taken this job. It looked like a job entailing a simple hot-swap of a goods-carrying truck at first. But the “heat” they generated told them a different story.

What’s more, they hadn’t even checked what was in the truck they were currently riding on. Neither did the party that assigned them the job tell them anything about what they were stealing.

Maybe they should have done their recon better before executing this job. Maybe they shouldn’t have trusted the baldy that had acted as their mediator.

But the pill of regret has to be swallowed no matter how bitter it tastes. They couldn’t do anything about something that they’d already messed up.

Vik and Tory first thought it was someone backstabbing someone in an arms deal. The usual fiasco of some gang facing a mutiny from within. Or just local gang wars among non-Metas.

Sure, it held a fair share of risks too. But it wasn’t something they hadn’t done before.

But Vik and Tory knew the sheer number of police deployed on this chase meant the goods in the truck were extraordinary. And that same extraordinary aspect had created this situation for them.

“M-16? Hahahaha. I carry that thing just for the show, Vik. That super ancient scrap won’t be able to get past the cops’ energy shield. We should…”

“Shut your fuking mouth, Tory. Do what I say first. Your rants can wait.”

Vik couldn’t understand how Tory could laugh in situations like these. His co-called “cajones” that he often referred to whenever he did something brag-worthy were indeed… something.

Vik looked at Tory with stoic expressions that borderlined on suppressed anger. Tory begrudgingly gave Vik the rifle he was keeping beside him and started cussing everything from Vik to cops to his entire life choices in a hushed voice. They both didn’t know what they were angry at.

Vik heard Tory cursing some more in his fast-paced Spanish but paid it no heed.

The M-16 Beason was an old-gen rifle. It shot bullets that were made of compressed air. The gun was used by non-Metas a lot to handle their daily skirmishes in the past.

But there’s a reason it belonged to the bygone era now.

Vik knew it wasn’t enough in a frontal clash against the cops who were blessed with the most advanced equipment the city-state of Ainazi had to offer. He also suspected that there would be cops who were Metahumans, just waiting for the truck to stop so that they could apprehend the two ordinary perps swiftly.

Plus, the cops were using advanced military-grade jeeps that had energy shields deployed in front of them, which protected them against harm. In a frontal clash, the both knew they stood no chance against the cops.

But Vik wasn’t planning to shoot at them head-on anyway.

He found a beer keg stocked in the backseat. The driver that was supposed to drive this truck was no fan of the “don’t drink and drive” philosophy it seemed.

Vik wasn’t in the mood or place to judge someone else’s driving choices. He was in a soup of his own now which he needed to deal with quickly. And in his current situation, he could only thank the guy for being so overenthusiastic about the booze.

Vik knew he only had one shot at this. He took a deep breath before yelling loudly:



Tory nodded at Vik and suddenly steered the wheel sharply. The truck took a sharp turn and was positioned parallel to incoming cops’ jeeps.

Vik just opened the window of the driver’s cabin and let the wind pressure generated due to their kinetic state do its job. He simply released that beer keg and let the wind carry it where he had intended it to. He had already aligned the release in such a way that the keg would crash directly onto the pursuing vehicles.

Time seemed to have slowed down. The released beer keg was shot hard by Vik before it was about to crash onto one of the cops’ vehicles.

The energy shield was deployed but it didn’t prevent the vehicles from getting affected by the keg’s impact.

As it crashed-landed on one of the vehicles, the keg caught fire because of Vik’s shooting. But that was not all.

When the keg hit the ground and the other vehicle was passing over it, its gyro stabilization malfunctioned. It lifted the vehicle and allowed Vik a wide, unprotected area to shoot at.

Vik wasn’t one to let such opportunities pass him by. He had a wild idea to set the cops’ jeeps on fire. That plan didn’t work since the wind pressure made it difficult for the beer to get combusted and spread the fire.

Raise. Aim. Shoot.

Thankfully, something favorable came to pass that had not been planned before. Vik took aim and fired at the exposed bottom of the vehicle which wasn’t protected by the energy shield.

It only took a shot or two for the target to catch fire. And in the next moment, it was about to crash land on the other police vehicle running alongside it.

Vik was about to celebrate. But he had almost forgotten to look at what the police car in front of him was aiming for at the time.

The cops had drawn their firearms as soon as they saw one of the perpetrators brandishing a weapon. Now, they had the right to draw weapons and fight the assailants.

The cops in the front jeep fired a volley of laser bullets at the stolen truck. The bullets whizzed past Vik who dodged them at a hair’s breadth by ducking down at the very last moment. He then closed the window with the control panel near him and breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon the car that Vik shot crashed into the leading car. The newly created, still-in-motion debris of the first two cars became an obstacle for the two vehicles behind them to ram straight into.

Vik stretched his neck from his turtling position and watched his accomplishment with his own eyes. He couldn’t help taking a long breath before relaxing his posture that had been tense for a long time. They were getting farther away from the moving debris of four police vehicles.

“Fu*k yeah. Tory, my man. We did it. We are in the clear…”

Vik cut short his victory speech because there was nothing celebratory about the situation. Not when one had a clear look at Tory.

The clothes around his chest looked red.

Fernando Torres was critically injured!


Author’s Note: Hello and welcome. First of all, thank you for picking this book and giving it a try.

The pilot immediately plunges you into an action-packed chase without worrying too much about other deets. The character designs and world background will slowly unfold as you progress further. It is suggested that we read first 50 chapters before deciding to hit pause on the novel.

I have added the relevant tags for the story. Those elements would get added to the plotline over time. I’ll write a detailed review about this book once it has enough chapters under its belt. Till then, let’s just read this piece and see where it leads.

I request readers to donate their power stones. Your small contribution now would help this book grow into something big in the future! 😉


Total Chapters in book: 265
Estimated words: 348063 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1740(@200wpm)___ 1392(@250wpm)___ 1160(@300wpm)