Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor by LazySageDao

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Reincarnation
Chapter 3: The Impact
Chapter 4: The Escape
Chapter 5: The Path Of Emperor
Chapter 6: Dao Heart
Chapter 7: Polishing Dao Heart Pagoda
Chapter 8.1: Suffering Makes The Heart Grow Stronger Part 1
Chapter 9.2: Suffering Makes The Heart Grow Stronger Part 2
Chapter 10.3: Suffering Makes The Heart Grow Stronger Part 3
Chapter 11: A Path To Loneliness Is Inevitable
Chapter 12.1: Ultimate Suffering Lead To Ultimate Victory Part 1
Chapter 13.2: Ultimate Suffering Lead To Ultimate Victory Part 2
Chapter 14.1: Lust Is The Enemy Of All Heroes Part 1
Chapter 15.2: Lust Is The Enemy Of All Heroes Part 2
Chapter 16.3: Lust Is The Enemy Of All Heroes Part 3
Chapter 17.1: What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Power? Part 1
Chapter 18.2: What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Power? Part 2
Chapter 19.3: What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Power? Part 3
Chapter 20.4: What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Power? Part 4
Chapter 21: Never Forget The Original Intention
Chapter 22: The Path Of Supreme
Chapter 23: Great Emperor, Dao Ancestor, And Immortal
Chapter 24: Emperor Enlightening Academy
Chapter 25.1: A Life Of Humbleness Can Illuminates The Heart Part 1
Chapter 26.2: A Life Of Humbleness Can Illuminates The Heart Part 2
Chapter 27: The Forbidden Lands
Chapter 28: The Unwavering Belief To Always March Forward.
Chapter 29: It Is Always Better To Standup After Falling Down
Chapter 30.1: The Final Trial: Despair Part 1
Chapter 31.2: The Final Trial: Despair Part 2
Chapter 32.3: The Final Trial: Despair Part 3
Chapter 33.4: The Final Trial: Despair Part 4
Chapter 34.5: (Re-Edited)
Chapter 35: My Will Shall Make The Impossible Into The Possible
Chapter 36: Everything Must Eventually Come To An End
Chapter 37: Some Things Must Be Done
Chapter 38: Everyone Needs A Distraction Once In A While
Chapter 39.1: What I Lack, I Will Take From Heaven Part 1
Chapter 40.2: What I Lack, I Will Take From Heaven Part 2
Chapter 41.3: What I Lack, I Will Take From Heaven Part 3
Chapter 42.4: What I Lack, I Will Take From Heaven Part 4
Chapter 43: A Bait That Is Hard To Resist
Chapter 44: [Ten Thousands Things Adapt To One Sutra]
Chapter 45: A Bait That Is Hooked?
Chapter 46: A Sudden Visit From A Fellow Competitor
Chapter 47: I Have No Desire To Train The The Competitor
Chapter 48.1: Spirit Road Trial Part 1
Chapter 49.2: Spirit Road Trial Part 2
Chapter 50.3: Spirit Road Trial Part 3
Chapter 51.4: Spirit Road Trial Part 4
Chapter 52: Hunting
Chapter 53.1: Growth Part 1
Chapter 54.2: Growth Part 2
Chapter 55: The Plan Begins
Chapter 56: Trap
Chapter 57: Rebirth
Chapter 58: Sacrifice And Nirvana
Chapter 59: Forbearance
Chapter 60: Relics From A Bygone Era
Chapter 61: The Body As 'The Levy'
Chapter 62: The End Of The Spirit Road Trial
Chapter 63: Sword Casting Villa
Chapter 64: The Current Situation Of The World
Chapter 65: Heavenly Physique (1)
Chapter 66: Heavenly Physique (2)
Chapter 67: Heavenly Physique (Final)
Chapter 68: Start Cultivating
Chapter 69: [Nine Nirvana Blood Qi] (1)
Chapter 70: [Nine Nirvana Blood Qi] (2)
Chapter 71: [Nine Nirvana Blood Qi] (3)
Chapter 72: Dare
Chapter 73: Divine Punishment
Chapter 74: Intensifying Conflict
Chapter 75: Divine Sea Realm
Chapter 76: Fathers Or Grandpas?
Chapter 77: Higher Difficulty Level
Chapter 78: Meeting An Elder
Chapter 79: Catching Up With Old Friends
Chapter 80: Divine Altar Realm
Chapter 81: [Ancient Desolate Bodyrefining Scripture]
Chapter 82: Unwilling Genius
Chapter 83: The Lower Plane
Chapter 84: The Competitors
Chapter 85: Skin And Muscles (1)
Chapter 86: Skin And Muscles (2) And The Upcoming Trial
Chapter 87: The Endless Void
Chapter 88: Revenge
Chapter 89: The Warring Kingdom World
Chapter 90: The Situation
Chapter 91: Observation
Chapter 92: The Chosen Kingdom
Chapter 93: The First Meeting
Chapter 94.1: A Deal Part 1
Chapter 95.2: A Deal Part 2
Chapter 96: Everything Is Settled
Chapter 97: The Peoples Heart
Chapter 98: The Rebellion
Chapter 99: Inevitable
Chapter 100: The Nuance Of War
Chapter 101: The Cruelty Of War
Chapter 102: No More Playing Games
Chapter 103: The Last Remaining Straw
Chapter 104: Betrayal
Chapter 105: Hidden Card
Chapter 106: Judgement (1)
Chapter 107: Judgement (2)
Chapter 108: Judgment (Final)
Chapter 109: The New Dynasty
Chapter 110: Internal Affairs
Chapter 111: Changes (1)
Chapter 112: Changes (2)
Chapter 113: The Human Emperor (1)
Chapter 114: The Human Emperor (2)
Chapter 115: Transcendent Dao Foundation
Chapter 116: Soul
Chapter 117: The Big Threes Response
Chapter 118: Preparations
Chapter 119: Outward Expansion
Chapter 120: Modern War
Chapter 121: Interference
Chapter 122: Politics
Chapter 123: The Duel
Chapter 124: Iron Fist King
Chapter 125: Li Juns Dao
Chapter 126: Dao Child
Chapter 127: Unexpected Guess
Chapter 128: Bloodline Aristocrat
Chapter 129: Shadow Ruler Emperor
Chapter 130: The Di Clan
Chapter 131: The Death Order Palace
Chapter 132: Raging Wars
Chapter 133: Heaven Chosen Battle (1)
Chapter 134: Heaven Chosen Battle (2)
Chapter 135: Heaven Chosen Battle (Finale)
Chapter 136: Bond
Chapter 137: Secret Realm (1)
Chapter 138: Secret Realm (2)
Chapter 139: Leak
Chapter 140: Worlds Center (1)
Chapter 141: Worlds Center (2)
Chapter 142: Worlds Center (3)
Chapter 143: Really?
Chapter 144: Aftermath
Chapter 145: How Could You?
Chapter 146: Sudden Rise
Chapter 147: Son Of Destiny
Chapter 148: The Lucky Fool (1)
Chapter 149: The Lucky Fool (2)
Chapter 150: The Lucky Fool (3)
Chapter 151: The Lucky Fool (Finale)
Chapter 152: Temporary Chaos
Chapter 153: Another New Player
Chapter 154: The Tide
Chapter 155: Crazy Plan
Chapter 156: Response
Chapter 157: Enlightened
Chapter 158: Liu Meixiu
Chapter 159: Revenge Rematch
Chapter 160: Peak Battle (1)
Chapter 161: Peak Battle (2)
Chapter 162: Peak Battle (3)
Chapter 163: Peak Battle (4)
Chapter 164: Peak Battle (Finale)
Chapter 165: Aftermath Of The Battle
Chapter 166: Absolute Beginning Emperor (1)
Chapter 167: Absolute Beginning Emperor (2)
Chapter 168: Absolute Beginning Emperor (3)
Chapter 169: Brilliant Move
Chapter 170: Suspicions
Chapter 171: Heart Demon
Chapter 172: United World
Chapter 173: Western Desert
Chapter 174: Rainbow Qi Luck
Chapter 175: The End Of The Trial
Chapter 176: Home
Chapter 177: Family Reunion
Chapter 178: Supernatural Realm
Chapter 179: Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 180: Innate Talent
Chapter 181: Yun Zhaojun
Chapter 182: Emperor Offspring
Chapter 183: The Groups Innate Talent
Chapter 184: [Rainbow Escape Art]
Chapter 185: Battle Of The Faction (1)
Chapter 186: Battle Of The Faction (2)
Chapter 187: Battle Of The Faction (3)
Chapter 188: Sacred Son
Chapter 189: The Ceremony
Chapter 190: Traveling
Chapter 191: Strange Encounter
Chapter 192: Removing Potential Trouble
Chapter 193: Another Weird Encounter
Chapter 194: Invitation
Chapter 195: The List
Chapter 196: Who Is Worthy?
Chapter 197: The Meeting
Chapter 198: Xuan Yi
Chapter 199: Who Is That?
Chapter 200: Its Her...
Chapter 201: Wu Hong
Chapter 202: Poem
Chapter 203: Companion
Chapter 204: Arrogance And Pride
Chapter 205: Noble Being
Chapter 206: Feast
Chapter 207: End Of The Meeting
Chapter 208: Discussion After The Meeting
Chapter 209: Demon Race Reaction
Chapter 209.1: Demon Race Internal Affairs
Chapter 209.2: Everything Is Ready
Chapter 210: Warning
Chapter 211: Dao Companion
Chapter 212: Negotiation
Chapter 213: Old Business
Chapter 214: Chess Players
Chapter 215: Old Business
Chapter 216: Generational Conflict
Chapter 217: Non-Seeded Players
Chapter 218: Mo Xingyun
Chapter 219: The Elimination Rounds Begin
Chapter 220: True Partnership
Chapter 221: Cant Say Anything Anymore
Chapter 222: Empress Wu (1)
Chapter 223: Empress Wu (2)
Chapter 224: Empress Wu (Finale)
Chapter 225: Heaven Devour Physique In Action
Chapter 226: Years Of Planning (1)
Chapter 227: Years Of Planning (2)
Chapter 228: Years Of Planning (3)
Chapter 229: Spirit Of The Epoch (1)
Chapter 230: Spirit Of The Epoch (2)
Chapter 231: Spirit Of The Epoch (3)
Chapter 232: Spirit Of The Epoch (Finale)
Chapter 233: Bending The Rules
Chapter 234: Secret Conspirators
Chapter 235: Modern Thinking
Chapter 236: Family Dynamic
Chapter 237: Third Round
Chapter 238: Final Round
Chapter 239: Progress
Chapter 240: Primordial Era
Chapter 241: Anxious
Chapter 242: Ninger
Chapter 243: Aftermath
Chapter 244: Qi Of Calamity
Chapter 245: The Horror Of Qi Of Calamity
Chapter 246: Null Era (I)
Chapter 247: Null Era (Ii)
Chapter 248: Rematch
Chapter 249: Rematch (Ii)
Chapter 250: Underhanded
Chapter 251: Regret
Chapter 252: World Changes, Civilization Advances
Chapter 253: Consequences
Chapter 254: Aftermath
Chapter 255: Aftermath (Ii)
Chapter 256: Aftermath (Iii)
Chapter 257: Follow-Up
Chapter 258: Li Juns Plan
Chapter 259: Foreboding
Chapter 260: True Monarchs
Chapter 261: Challenge
Chapter 262: Battle Of The Top 3 (I)
Chapter 263: Battle Of The Top 3 (Ii)
Chapter 264: Battle Of The Top 3 (Iii)
Chapter 265: Preparation
Chapter 266: Ending Ceremony Battle (I)
Chapter 267: Ending Ceremony Battle (Ii)
Chapter 268: Ending Ceremony Battle (Iii)
Chapter 269: Ending Ceremony Battle (Finale)
Chapter 270: Dead?
Chapter 271: Her?
Chapter 272: The Dao Tablets
Chapter 273: Scriptures (I)
Chapter 274: Scripture (Ii)
Chapter 275: Scriptures (Finale)
Chapter 276: Expected Guest
Chapter 277: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 278: Question
Chapter 279: Materials
Chapter 280: Proven Dao Artifact
Chapter 281: Plan B
Chapter 282: Earth Stage
Chapter 283: Heart
Chapter 284: Five Elements Balance
Chapter 285: Sleepers
Chapter 286: Official Visit
Chapter 287: First Meeting
Chapter 288: Devil Scripture
Chapter 289: Son Of Destiny
Chapter 290: Seed
Chapter 291: Hatred
Chapter 292: Heaven Stage
Chapter 293: Failure
Chapter 294: Secret Archive
Chapter 295: Mysterious Force
Chapter 296: Blackmail
Chapter 297: Strange World
Chapter 298: The Southern Continent
Chapter 299: Infiltration
Chapter 300: Landing
Chapter 301: Exploring
Chapter 302: Exploring (Ii)
Chapter 303: The Situation
Chapter 304: The Power Of The Gods
Chapter 305: Supreme Gods
Chapter 306: Information Analysis
Chapter 307: Inflitration
Chapter 308: Heavenly Tribulation Again
Chapter 309: Alchemy
Chapter 310: Alchemy (Ii)
Chapter 311: [Flame Controlling Art]
Chapter 312: Mystery Deepens
Chapter 313: [Curse Of Hatred]
Chapter 314: Guardian
Chapter 315: Nine Devil God World
Chapter 316: Chen Tong
Chapter 317: Ultimate Taboo
Chapter 318: Pursuing Longevity World
Chapter 319: Immortal Qi?
Chapter 320: Dao Monarch Inheritance
Chapter 321: An Alternate Journey
Chapter 322: Blood Refining
Chapter 323: Material Alchemy
Chapter 324: Precision
Chapter 325: Death
Chapter 326: Weakness Of The Gods
Chapter 327: Armor Law
Chapter 328: Advantage Of Higher Civilization
Chapter 329: Luring
Chapter 330: Unexpected Problem
Chapter 331: Two Birds With One Stone
Chapter 332: News Spread
Chapter 333: Secret Realm
Chapter 334: Huang Yuan
Chapter 335: Huo Clan
Chapter 336: Natural Formation
Chapter 337: Huo Fenghuang
Chapter 338: Obvious Secret
Chapter 339: Mortals Woes
Chapter 340: Goddess Wrath
Chapter 341: Rebellion
Chapter 342: Mortal Freedom Alliance
Chapter 343: Death Gods Fate
Chapter 344: Chaotic Situation
Chapter 345: Shadow Tactics
Chapter 346 - Rush Move
Chapter 347 - What Did You Do?
Chapter 348 - Tit For Tat
Chapter 349 - Overwhelming Supression
Chapter 350 - Final Struggle
Chapter 351 - Guardian Protocol
Chapter 352 - Fate And Destiny
Chapter 353 - Aftermath
Chapter 354 - Karma Backlash
Chapter 355 - Cause And Effect
Chapter 356 - Unexpected Truth
Chapter 357 - Fiendgods
Chapter 358 - Divination
Chapter 359 - Ten Lives, Nine Reincarnations
Chapter 360 - Upcoming Danger
Chapter 361 - Petty Revenge
Chapter 362 - At Peace
Chapter 363 - Ancient Clans Goal
Chapter 364 - Project Innate Atavism
Chapter 365 - Demon Races Plight And Future
Chapter 366 - Heavy Responsibility
Chapter 367 - Saint Alchemist
Chapter 368 - Saint Alchemist (Ii)
Chapter 369 - Saint Alchemist (Iii)
Chapter 370 - Request
Chapter 371 - Rebirth
Chapter 372 - Not The Destined One
Chapter 373 - Failure As A Master
Chapter 374 - Pill Sage Trial
Chapter 375 - Body As Heaven And Earth
Chapter 376 - Finally Succeeded
Chapter 377: Origin Pill Flame Sutra
Chapter 378: Second Meeting
Chapter 379: Leaving
Chapter 380: Visi
Chapter 381: Path Forward
Chapter 382: Destiny
Chapter 383: Experimen
Chapter 384: Chess Piece
Chapter 385: Where Are They And What Are They Doing? Part 1
Chapter 386: Where Are They And What Are They Doing? Part 2
Chapter 387: Primordial Spirit Realm I
Chapter 388: Primordial Spirit Realm Ii
Chapter 389: Who Are You?
Chapter 390: Let’S Cha
Chapter 391: Outclassed I
Chapter 392: Outclassed Ii
Chapter 393: Typical Protagonis
Chapter 394: Useless
Chapter 395: Worry
Chapter 396: Trump Cards
Chapter 397: The Truth I
Chapter 398: The Truth Ii
Chapter 399: The Truth End
Chapter 400: True Challenge
Chapter 401: Karma And Fate
Chapter 402: Doom
Chapter 403: World Lord
Chapter 404: Waiting
Chapter 405: Memories
Chapter 406: Secrets Of This World
Chapter 407: Dangerous Game
Chapter 408: Protagonis
Chapter 409: Sealed
Chapter 410: Love
Chapter 411: Eternal Emperors
Chapter 412: Son Of Destiny And Destined Villain
Chapter 413: Savior And Destroyer
Chapter 414: Fruition
Chapter 415: Reward And True Secre
Chapter 416: Healthy
Chapter 417: Game End
Chapter 418: The Fate Of The Chess Pieces
Chapter 419: Reunion
Chapter 420: Dark Truth
Chapter 421: True Dao Of Power
Chapter 422: Deep Inheritance
Chapter 423: Dao Foundation
Chapter 424: Source Qi Space
Chapter 425: The Sects Foundation
Chapter 426: Memory Lane
Chapter 427: Time And Karma
Chapter 428: The Future
Chapter 429: Dao Burial Ground
Chapter 430: Little Fatty
Chapter 431: Assimilation
Chapter 432: Wedding
Chapter 433: Wedding Night
Chapter 434: Yu Yong/The Return
Chapter 435: Beach Filler Episode (I)
Chapter 436: Beach Filler Party ()
Chapter 437: Beach Filler Episode: Competition
Chapter 438: Beach Episiode: End
Chapter 439: Helplessness
Chapter 440: Farewell And Hope
Chapter 441: Nexus Of Fate: Death
Chapter 442: Outlaws (I)
Chapter 443: Outlaw (Ii)
Chapter 444: Forbidden Land
Chapter 445: Plot Or Karma?
Chapter 446: Hint
Chapter 447: Fate Vs Absolute Beginning (1)
Chapter 448: Fate Vs Absolute Beginning ()
Chapter 449: Everchanging Dao Heart (I)
Chapter 450: Everchanging Dao Heart ()
Chapter 451: Everchanging Dao Heart (Iil)
Chapter 452: Everchanging Dao Heart (End)
Chapter 453: Cultivation Retreat
Chapter 454: You Again!
Chapter 455: Star Acupoints
Chapter 456: Intuition
Chapter 459: Another Method
Chapter 460: Always Benefit
Chapter 461: Different Methods
Chapter 462: More Time
Chapter 463: What?
Chapter 464: Cruelty
Chapter 465: Fate Manipulation
Chapter 466: Final Decision
Chapter 467: Choice
Chapter 468: Paranoia
Chapter 469: News
Chapter 470: Discussion
Chapter 471: Martial Sovereign Vs Battle Maniac
Chapter 472: Battle Sovereign Vs Battle Maniac(I)
Chapter 473: Shadow Of The Past
Chapter 474: Falling Dynasty?
Chapter 475: Ambitions
Chapter 476: Solution?
Chapter 477: Final Appearance
Chapter 478: Void Shattering Realm (1)
Chapter 479: Void Shattering Realm (2)
Chapter 480 Soul Network
Chapter 481 Sudden Complications
Chapter 482 Thirteen Taboos
Chapter 483 Scientific Age (I)
Chapter 484 Scientific Age (Ii)
Chapter 485: Scientific Age (Iii)
Chapter 486 Scientific Age (Finale)
Chapter 487 Fated Enemy
Chapter 488 World Collision
Chapter 489 Identity
Chapter 490 Fateless
Chapter 491 Cave Heaven
Chapter 492 Devilish Deal
Chapter 493 Innocence
Chapter 494 Gamble
Chapter 495 Reward
Chapter 496 Anomalies
Chapter 497 Tough Talk
Chapter 498 Anger And Resentment
Chapter 499 New Fleshly Body
Chapter 500 Immortal Sovereign
Chapter 500 Immortal Sovereign
Chapter 501: Xu Jinyao
Chapter 502 Hidden History
Chapter 503 Dusk
Chapter 504 Reveal
Chapter 505 Resources
Chapter 506 Release
Chapter 507 Endless Void Politics
Chapter 508 Foreign Visit
Chapter 509 Fateless Abilities
Chapter 510 Second Lncarnation
Chapter 511 Karma And Causality
Chapter 512 Sect Master
Chapter 513 The Sect'S Future Direction
Chapter 514 Perfect Foundation
Chapter 515 Tangible Advantage
Chapter 516 The Other Incarnations
Chapter 517 Overlord'S Luck
Chapter 518 Sword One
Chapter 519 Devil Whisper
Chapter 520 Chat Group
Chapter 521 Success And Ambitions
Chapter 522 Gu Xuan
Chapter 523 Gather
Chapter 524 The Chosens One
Chapter 525 Undercurrents
Chapter 526 I Agree
Chapter 527 Accord
Chapter 528 Debt Paying
Chapter 529 First And Second
Chapter 530 Fate Palace
Chapter 531 The Commerce Hub
Chapter 532 Dinner Party
Chapter 533 The Rules
Chapter 534 The Blessed Ones
Chapter 535 Another One
Chapter 536 Xu Shi Vs Barbarian Siblings
Chapter 537 Dao Child'S Provocation
Chapter 538 The Unorthodox Way
Chapter 539 Survive?
Chapter 540 Dao Ancestor'S Classification
Chapter 541 The Demon Supremacy World
Chapter 542 The Revolution (I)
Chapter 543 The Revolution (Ii)
Chapter 544 The Revolution (Final)
Chapter 545 The First Test: Body
Chapter 546 The Second Test: Soul
Chapter 547 Wang Wei Vs Ye Dafu
Chapter 548 That One Sword [Gift Bonus Chapter]
Chapter 549 Force Control Skill
Chapter 550 True Power Dao
Chapter 551 Saint
Chapter 552 Xu Shi'S Challenge [Gift Bonus Chapter]
Chapter 553 The Origin Talisman
Chapter 554 Useless Plot? [Gift Bonus Chapter]
Chapter 555 The Incarnations' Mission (I)
Chapter 556 The Incarnation'S Mission (Ii)
Chapter 557 The Incarnations' Mission (Iii)
Chapter 558 The Incarnations' Mission (Finale)
Chapter 559 Willpower And Dao Heart Trial
Chapter 560 Complications And Curse [Gift Bonus Chapter]
Chapter 561 The Hostile Takeover
Chapter 562 Ultimate Glorious Age
563 Memories [Gift Bonus Chapter]
564 Danyuan Emperor
565 Li Taishuang'S Fate
566 Qiyuan Emperor [Gift Bonus Chapter]
567 Insecurities
568 Limit Breaker
569 Di Tian'S Woe
570 God King
571 The Upper Seeded Players
572 Longevity Resources
573 Lower Seeded Players
574 Unionized
575 Worldwide Changes [Gift Bonus Chapter]
576 Heaven Will Emperor
577 The Ancestors [Gift Bonus Chapter]
578 Nine Paragons Preaching
579 Inextinguishable [Gift Bonus Chapter]
580 Discussion
581 Agreement [Gift Bonus Chapter]
582 Heart Of Hope
583 Bloodline Battle
584 Three Paths Of Law
585 Domain'S Power
586 Order [Gift Bonus Chapter]
587 Sword Will Clash
588 Hypocrisy
589 Mortal And Lmmortal Qi
590 Sovereign Dao
591 The Flaw
592 Duyi Stages
593 The Two Physique'S History
594 Grandmist Wheel
595 Disdain
596 Buddhism Vs Taoism (1)
597 Buddhism Vs Taoism (2)
598 Buddhism Vs Taoism (3)
599 The Two Suns
600 The Seven Moons
601 New Era'S Destiny
602 Opportunist
603 Negotiations
604 The Final Trial (Gift Bonus Chapter)
605 Seeking Longevity (I)
606 Seeking Longevity (Ii) [Gift Bonuschapter]
607 Seeking Longevity (Iii)
608 Seeking Longevity (Iv) [Gift Bonus Chapter]
609 Seeking Longevity (Finale)
610 Final Trial'S Ranking [Gift Bonuschapter]
611 Gu Xuan'S Deception Dao
612 Inheritance Acquired [Gift Bonus Chapter]
613 The Deceiving Heaven Longevity Art
614 L Know You Can.[Gift Bonus Chapter]
615 Rules Are Rules
616 [Existence] And [Eternity]
617 Sword One
618 Qiyuan'S Scheme
619 Visitor [Gift Bonus Chapter]
620 Why Were You Chosen?
621 Fallen Dragon
622 Known Truth[Gift Bonus Chapter]
623 The Corpse Selling Sect
624 Death Reverence [Gift Bonuschapter]
625 The Assembly
626 Good Faith
627 Compromise [Gift Bonus Chapter]
628 Immortal Mansion
629 Ao Shen [Gift Bonus Chapter]
630 Heaven Path Tribulation
631 Learning Experience
632 Li Jun'S Encounter
633 Li Jun Vs Yang Guowei
634 The Clean Up
635 Saint Tribulation
636 Saint Tribulation (L)
637 Saint'S Preaching
638 Family Reunion
639 Flesh Tribulation
640 Eight Heterogeneity
641 Eating Time
642 Mortal Dust ( L )
643 Mortal Dust ( Ll )
644 Mortal Dust ( Iii )
645 Mortal Dust (Iv)
646 Mortal Dust (V)
647 Mortal Dust (Vi)
648 Mortal Dust (Finale)
649 The Game
650 Supreme Realm
651 Heavenly Book
652 The Lifeless Domain
653 Clash Of The Titans
654 Defamation
655 Oddity
656 The Game Of King
657 Start Of The Game
658 Suffocating
659 Seven Sins
660 Bloodline Mixture
661 His Era
662 Military Tactic
663 Military Battle
664 Improve Slaughter Dao
665 Traitor
666 Third Match
667 Killing Fate
668 Luck Manifestation
669 Love
670 Obsession
671 Yi Lianchang
672 Spirit Genesis Sect
673 Energy Dominance
674 Emperor Jia
675 Four Symbol Mirror
676 Soul Path
677 Dragon Of Darkness
678 Hidden Rules
679 Devil'S Purpose
680 Primogenitor
681 Heavenly Dao'S Chat
682 Changes
683 Another Great Deal
684 Clear Mind
685 Deal After Deal
686 General
687 The Future
688 Confrontation
689 Conversation
690 Injured
691 Yin Gen'S Pursue
692 Chaos (I)
693 Chaos (Ii)
694 Chaos (Iii)
695 Chaos (Iv)
696 Chaos (V)
697 Chaos (Vi)
698 Chaos (Finale)
699 Five V.One (I)
700 Five V.One (Ii)
701 Aftermath
702 Greatest Regret
703 Origin Seal Continent
704 Disappearance
705 The Great Purge
706 Sect Affairs
707 The Commerce Hub'S Future
708 Jin Mengyao'S Path
709 The Two Projects
710 Dao Protector & Dao Heart
711 The Past (L)
712 The Past (Ii)
713 Boost Not A Hindrance
714 Fate One
715 Lnnate Technique
716 Weirdness
717 Heaven Shaking Battle
718 Verification & Backhand
719 The Four Rats
720 Slaughter Heart
721 Behind The Scene Battle
722 Lou Cheng'S Situation
723 Lou Cheng'S Situation (Ll)
724 Ultimate Swordsmanship Showdown (I)
725 Forging Sword Body
726 Ultimate Swordsmanship Showdown (I)
727 Ultimate Swordsmanship Showdown (Ll)
728 Ultimate Swordsmanship Showdown (Lll)
729 Ultimate Swordsmanship Showdown (Iv)
730 Ultimate Swordsmanship Showdown (V)
731 Aftermath
732 Rejuvenation
733 Sword Alliance
734 Extreme Vs Ultimate
735 Seclusion
736 Quasi-Emperor Realm
737 Completed Nine Extremity
738 Fierce General
739 Mortal Emperor
740 Ten Supremacy
741 Quantum Realm'S Mystery
742 Flaw
743 True Self & Bottleneck
744 Leap Of Faith
745 News
746 Immortal Runes
747 No Worse Than Others
748 Vacation
749 Parting
750 Primary Materials And Husband Picking
751 Red Dust
752 Asking Heart Road
753 Not Yet Answered
754 Repressed Memories
755 Fate Seed
756 Terrifying Conjecture
757 Final Preparations
758 Three Days
759 Battle Types
762 Suppressing Fate Alliance On The Move
763 Objective
764 Retribution
765 Scheme & Proving Dao Artifact
768 Ao Shen'S Ambitions
769 Yin Gen Is On The Move
771 Yin Gen Vs Li Jun (Ii)
773 First Move
774 Yin Gen'S Fate
775 Walking A Thin Line
776 Tong Ruobing Vs Jingwu Hua (I)
777 Tong Ruobing Vs Jingwu Hua (Ii)
780 Bloodline Supremacy Battle (I)
781 Bloodline Supremacy Battle (Ii)
783 The History Of The Chaos Universe
785 Huo Fenghuang'S Next Move
786 Path To Victory
788 Huo Fenghuang Vs Mo Xingyun (Ii)
789 Huo Fenghuang Vs Mo Xingyun (Iii)
790 Huo Fenghuang Vs Mo Xingyun (Iv)
793 Conversation
796 Wang Ju'S Strength
797 Awakening
800 Chen Chen Vs Tong Ruobing (I)
802 Influences
803 Chen Chen Vs Tong Ruobing (Iii)
806 Last Chance
808 Son Of Grand Dao And Wang Wei
809 Heavenly Book And Supreme Unity
812 Discovered
814 Feng Heng Vs Zhen Biyu (I)
815 Designer'S Plan Or Selfish Desires?
817 Feng Heng Vs Zhen Biyu (Iii)
818 Feng Heng Vs Zhen Biyu (Iv)
820 Feng Heng Vs Zhen Biyu (Vi)
821 Feng Heng Vs Zhen Biyu (Vii)
823 Danger Sense
824 Shock
825 You!
826 Worldwide Reaction (I)
827 Worldwide Reaction (Ii)
829 Worldwide Reaction (Finale)
832 Li Jun Vs Di Jiaying (I)
834 Li Jun Vs Di Jiaying (Iii)
836 Li Jun Vs Di Jiaying (V)
837 Li Jun Vs Di Jiaying (Vi)
838 Li Jun Vs Di Jiaying (Finale)
839 Yan Liling'S Battle (I)
842 Yan Liling'S Battle (Finale)
844 The Weakest Link (I)
849 Battle Of Assassins (Ii)
850 Battle Of Assassins (Iii)
852 The Plan
855 Rematch (Ii)
856 Rematch (Iii)
857 Rematch (Iv)
858 Rematch (V)
859 Rematch (Vi)
860 Rematch (Vii)
861 Regaining Momentum
862 Argument
863 Regret
864 Triggered Memory
865 There Was A Way
866 Clash Of Dao (I)
867 Clash Of Dao (Ii)
868 Clash Of Dao (Iii)
869 Clash Of Dao (Iv)
870 Clash Of Dao (V)
871 Clash Of Dao (Vi)
872 Clash Of Dao (Vii)
873 Playing Dirty
875 Unhinge
876 Unknown Power
877 Struggling
878 The Answer
879 The Imperfection And The Divination
880 Cursed Fate
881 The Winner
882 Proving The Dao
883 Ripples
884 Scary Conversation
885 Immeasurable Emperor
886 Preaching
887 100 Years Summon
888 The End And The Beginning
890 Assignments
891 Court Dispute
892 The End Of The Fist Meeting
894 The God Positions
895 The Meeting'S Aftermath
897 Tong Ruobing'S Fate
898 [Existence Manipulation]
899 New Buddha
900 Swift Decisions
901 Attack
902 The Vast Difference
903 Ruthless
904 Yu Yan'S Fate
905 Unparallel Strength
906 Second Flesh Tribulation
908 Ten-Fold Battle Realm
910 Wang Ju'S Fate
911 Old Man Tianji
912 Meeting Of The Highest Order
913 Looking Outside
915 Balance Mechanism
916 Heavenly Emperor Era'S Fate
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

After being reincarnated in a world of Gods, Demons, and Great Emperors, Wang Wei embarks on a journey to bear Heaven Mandate, proves the Dao, and proclaims himself a Great Emperor--a Supreme Being that overlooked Myriad World and Races. However, his Dao involves despising fate and its encompassing glory. So what awaits our protagonist on his journey full of vicissitudes to defy and even control fate? While he controls the fate of countless races and worlds, is fate playing with him? Can he escape the very shackles of fate that he controls?

Better Synopsys:

After an unknown cosmic accident that enveloped the Earth, Wang Wei was reincarnated into a magical world of spiritual cultivation. This world was composed of powerful Demons, cunning and brutal Devils, ruthless and indifferent Gods, detached and ethereal Immortals. More Importantly, Great Emperors--Supreme Beings that stand above everyone and everything, even life and death itself.

Despite being born in one of the most powerful sects in the world, Wang Wei was placed under tremendous pressure when so many expectations were placed on him by his sect due to the fact they have not cultivated a Great Emperor for countless millennia--an act which threatened the fundamental status of his family, friends, and sect.

On top of that, Wang Wei was not one of the chosen few of this world that was granted special gifts by Heaven, thus further aggravating his circumstances.

However, he did not retreat in the face of adversity.

With the mindset that “If Heaven does not give me, I shall take it for myself”, Wang Wei begins to plan his rise to the top with a brilliant tactical mind and the help of his mysterious soul so that one day he will become a Great Emperor that not only control his fate but the fate of all lives in existence.

This story has a similar setting as Emperor Dominion, I am a True Villain, and Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go. If you enjoy this type of story, then you will enjoy my story.

The first 30 chapters or so have many problems story-wise, so please bear with it as I was just beginning as a writer. However, I promise the story gets better afterward.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

March 23, 2020, Qinghai, City Z

A young man dressed in a suit was walking home with a mask around his mouth and nose. In his face, you could see both tiredness and a youthful vigor. His appearance was above average: not handsome, but somewhat pleasing to the eye. What was extraordinary about him was his eyes.

His eyes were black just like everyone in the Republic, but if you stare at them, you would notice a strong and determined will; a will full with the drive to move forward. His name was Wang Wei.

Wang Wei walked to his three bedroom apartment and put his mask properly on a hanger by the door. Just by entering the room, you could see that this was a somewhat luxurious apartment. This young man had achieved some success in his career at such a young age.

Afterward, he took off his clothes, put on his slippers and got into the shower to wash off the tiredness of the day.

"What a tired week," he proclaimed. " The director was driving us crazy."

After a long shower, he began to prepare his diner for the day. Today’s menu involved miso soup with a couple of side dishes. Afterward, he turned on both the TV and his laptop. Just by looking at the first page of his screen, you could see that Wang Wei was an avid fan of online novels.

On the TV, you could hear a beautiful reporter dressed in a standard woman suit talking with great exclamation, thus creating a sense of drama and tension to the audience.

" Hello, everyone, I’m reporter Chen Hua, bringing you international news. International Space Agencies across the world have discovered a cosmic phenomena that is spreading across multiple galaxies. As you can see in the sky behind me, there you can see something that resembles space cracks. We have invited Academician Chen from the Chinese Academic Institute of Science and Technology to make a statement."

Afterward, an old man with white hair and beard appeared. Just by looking at him, you could notice a scholarly temperament about him. Wang Wei--who was cooking--stopped and looked at the TV. The first thing he noticed was the slight resemblance between Academician Chen and the reporter. Well, given the fact that they have the same surname, it would not be too far fetched if they were family.

Academician Chen took a mike and responded: " After analyzing the data, we theorized that an enormous amount of energy waves was making its way throughout the universe, thus affecting the gravity field of each galaxy to the point that the fabric of space itself was shaking."

The academician went on to explain a bunch of scientific theory to back up his theory. You could see at a glimpse that he was very excited; his body exuded a vigor that was far beyond an old man in his 70’s.

Wang Wei watched the program with full concentration. He did not know why, but he had a hunch that something bad was going to happen. Do not think that this is just his feeling. Ever since he was young, he always had an extraordinary intuition. That intuition had saved his life many times and even greatly helped him in his career.

Wang Wei was an orphan whose parents abandoned him since he was born. As such, he always lived in an orphanage ever since he could remember. Growing up without parents, he was forced to grow up early and matured way before his peers. At the orphanage, he became what you called a study tyrant and had the best grades of all the kids.

The first time his intuition manifested was when he was 8 years old and being adopted. The director of the orphanage brought a couple dressed in a bunch of luxurious and high brand clothes. They drove a car worth at least two million yuan. All the children were lined up one by one, dressed in the best outfit and tried to look as cute as possible. The couple checked each of them in order to pick the best. Finally, they chose Wang Wei--as expected since he was the best among those children.

However, the moment he was chosen, Wang Wei felt a terrible dread overflowing in his mind. The only thing in his mind at that moment was that if he went with that couple, his life would be more miserable than a street dog. He did not know how and why this feeling came, but he believed in it anyway. This was the first time that Wang Wei disobeyed the order of the director. Anyway, he refused to be adopted by the couple. In the end, two other boys and a girl were taken away by them.

In fact, Wang Wei ’s intuition turned out to be right. In less than a month, a storm swept the national news that involving kidnapping children and selling them as sex slave. While watching the news, Wang Wei recognized the couples that wanted to adopt him as one of the main suspects of this massive operation.

Unfortunately, the director of the orphanage was fired after the incident. However, Wang Wei became aware of his intuition and relied on it. Two years later, Wang Wei used his intuition to choose a new adopted parents. This couple were not well off like the previous one, but had the financial capability to raise a child. It turns out that Wang Wei’s intuition was right off the bat again.

In less than five years, his adopted father’s company rose like a comet with assets worth billions of yuan. Sadly though, with his parents giving birth to a biological son and the increase of fortune of the family, many problems were intensified. However, this is not an influential part of this story--at least not yet.

Another instance in which Wang Wei’s intuition saved his life was when he was in high school. As one top study tyrant of his school--and one with a prominent background-- Wang Wei had attracted the eye of one his school goddess. After she confessed her feelings and he accepted, one of her suitors could not accept his goddess being defiled by a nerd. So he decided to take matters into his own hand. He hired a bunch of thugs to beat Wang Wei when he was on his way to cram school.

After school that day, Wang Wei was headed to cram school when a dreaded feeling overwhelmed his mind again. This was the same way he felt the day of his first adoption. Without hesitation, he called a taxi home. Upon arriving, he told his mother that he was not feeling well, so he skipped cram school that day.

The second day after the incident, he learned at school that some poor student was beaten by gangsters. It so happened that said student went to the same cram school as Wang Wei. Coincidence? I think not.

Afterward, Wang Wei used his intuition on many major decision of his life: what school to go to, what professor to get along with, which co-worker to get along with, which friend is truly trustworthy, which project at work that had potential and which look good on the surface, but were prone to problems.

These decisions made him--who was in just his late twenties--heading into a promotion for deputy manager at a Fortune 500 Company.

Now back to the present.

Wang Wei was watching the news with worry on his face. He pondered what action to take. At the same time, many places in the world were in chaos. The cracks in space that were small and visible in only some places began to expand exponentially. They look exactly like when the character White Beard from the anime One piece used his devil fruit ability.

As the cracks became more visible in the sky, panic and chaos spread across the globe. People began to wonder:

"Is this the end of the world?"


Total Chapters in book: 868
Estimated words: 1533650 (not accurate)
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