Keyboard Immortal by Monk Of The Six Illusions

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: Murderous Ploy
Chapter 3: Lightning From Nowhere
Chapter 4: The First Secret Manual
Chapter 5: Messed-Up Rewards
Chapter 6: The Wager
Chapter 7: Breakthrough
Chapter 8: Faith In Brother Spring
Chapter 9: Wife'S Best Friend
Chapter 10: A Trap
Chapter 11: Surrounded By Danger
Chapter 12: Keeping Mum
Chapter 13: Divine Physician Ji
Chapter 14: Mission
Chapter 15: Plum Blossom Twelve
Chapter 16: Deep Brotherly Ties
Chapter 17: A Bird Swooping Down
Chapter 18: I Won'T Agree To It Unless You Write It Down
Chapter 19: The Young Woman In The Lake
Chapter 20: Adorable
Chapter 21: An Innovative Idea
Chapter 22: There'S Poison In Its Shit
Chapter 23: A Mysterious Madam
Chapter 24: Collusion
Chapter 25: A Chance For Survival
Chapter 26: A Goddamned Question
Chapter 27: As The Keyboard Emperor, It Goes Without Saying That I'Ll Destroy All Enemies That Stand In My Way
Chapter 28: Dumb Lass
Chapter 29: Little Aunt And Her Close Friend
Chapter 30: Hellhole
Chapter 31: The Woman In The Gazebo
Chapter 32: The Easiest Way To Earn Money
Chapter 33: Hong Yuan
Chapter 34: Infiltration
Chapter 35: Why Are Your Pectoral Muscles So Big?
Chapter 36: Exchange
Chapter 37: Grandgale
Chapter 38: The Nine Hatchlings Of A Phoenix
Chapter 39: The Thief In The Flower Field
Chapter 40: Just Like His Name
Chapter 41: The Ten Great Beauties
Chapter 42: Female Principal
Chapter 43: Tripitaka
Chapter 44: Blackmail
Chapter 45: Can'T I At Least Ask About It?
Chapter 46: I Have Tried It Myself
Chapter 47: Mooching Requires Skills!
Chapter 48: Mooching Ain'T Easy
Chapter 49: The Legend Of The Moochlord
Chapter 50: Fertile Water Should Be Kept In One'S Own Rice Pad
Chapter 51: What Strengths Do I Have?
Chapter 52: Loan Sharks
Chapter 53: Framing
Chapter 54: Try Shouting All You Want, Let'S See If They'Ll Agree With It
Chapter 55: You Can'T Shirk Off Responsibility Just Because You Have Put On Clothes!
Chapter 56: A Lower-Tier Steed
Chapter 57: Putting On Airs
Chapter 58: She'S Lusting After My Body
Chapter 59: Gambler'S Fallacy
Chapter 60: Just Who Is The Antagonist Here?
Chapter 61: I'M Jealous
Chapter 62: Guts Turning Green With Regret
Chapter 63: I Am The God Of Gambling!
Chapter 64: Reaching The Peak
Chapter 65: Despair
Chapter 66: In A Tight Spot
Chapter 67: Xie Xiu'S Principles
Chapter 68: Fiance
Chapter 69: Honey Trap
Chapter 70: A Huge Killing
Chapter 71: Knock-You-Up Eyes
Chapter 72: What Did You Do To Me?
Chapter 73: Unexpected
Chapter 74: I Need To Become Poor
Chapter 75: The Treatment
Chapter 76: Evanescent Lotus
Chapter 77: The Right To Enter Dungeons
Chapter 78: The Eighth Beauty
Chapter 79: Honorary Teacher
Chapter 80: Intentional
Chapter 81: Guys, Time To Wake Up For The Show!
Chapter 82: Popular Star Shang Liuyu
Chapter 83: Shameless
Chapter 84: Not A Single Question Correct
Chapter 85: You Again!
Chapter 86: Bai Susu
Chapter 87: Authority
Chapter 88: I Want To Keep A Low Profile Too!
Chapter 89: Bixie Swordplay Manual
Chapter 90: Sent Right To My Doorstep
Chapter 91: The Textbook Example Of A Honey Trap
Chapter 92: Her Fragrance
Chapter 93: The Tournament Has Been Brought Forward!
Chapter 94: Whatcha Starin' At?
Chapter 95: Sunflower Phantasm
Chapter 96: Young Master Shi
Chapter 97: Realization
Chapter 98: Promise
Chapter 99: Furious
Chapter 100: What Do You Mean By That?
Chapter 101: Young Miss Of The Wu Clan
Chapter 102: Rumors
Chapter 103: Appearance
Chapter 104: How Are You Going To Compete With Me?
Chapter 105: You May Look But Don'T Laugh!
Chapter 106: Even Though You Keep Rejecting Me
Chapter 107: The Sharp-Witted Brat
Chapter 108: Secret Plans
Chapter 109: You Think I Wouldn'T Recognize You Just Because You'Re Wearing A Hat?
Chapter 110: Boring
Chapter 111: Too Popular
Chapter 112: Does Your Face Hurt?
Chapter 113: I Want To Mooch Too
Chapter 114: You'Re A Horrible Person
Chapter 115: Wu Di, Your Mum Is Calling You Back For Dinner!
Chapter 116: Why Does No One Believe Me?
Chapter 117: Childhood Trauma
Chapter 118: I'Ve Never Heard Such A Request In My Entire Life
Chapter 119: No One Can Defeat Me In My Bgm
Chapter 120: Milord, The Era Has Changed!
Chapter 121: Whatcha Staring At? (1)
Chapter 121.5: Whatcha Staring At? (2)
Chapter 122: Revelation
Chapter 123: Even Dogshit Has Its Uses
Chapter 124: Interrogation
Chapter 125: Hand My Prize Over
Chapter 126: The Ways Of A Vixen
Chapter 127: You'Re In Trouble
Chapter 128: Dying Message
Chapter 129: Blessed By The Wisdom Of Brilliant Detectives
Chapter 130: Feelings Speak Louder Than Words
Chapter 131: Final Chance
Chapter 132: Murder Ploy
Chapter 133: Surprise!
Chapter 134: They Are My Wife And Children Now!
Chapter 135: The Tenth Beauty
Chapter 136: Who'S Taking Care Of Who?
Chapter 137: Too Big!
Chapter 138: Don'T Raise Flags!
Chapter 139: Come Here!
Chapter 140: Hell On The Mountain Valley
Chapter 141: Desperation
Chapter 142: Luck And Risk
Chapter 143: Chase
Chapter 144: Is He Going To End Me In A Single Strike?
Chapter 145: A Family Should Remain Together
Chapter 146: Unexpected Situation
Chapter 147: Magical Flashlight
Chapter 148: Moon'S Reflection
Chapter 149: Addicted To Labor
Chapter 150: It'S Precisely Because Of You That I'M No Match For Them
Chapter 151: Befriend A Rich Man
Chapter 152: A Friend'S Wife Shouldn'T Be Coveted
Chapter 153: The First Man To Get Pregnant In The Great Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 154: Divine Beast Devouring Kun
Chapter 155: Absolute Zero
Chapter 156: Lovers' Suicide
Chapter 157: Diving Right Into Danger
Chapter 158: We Might Not Have Been Born In The Same Quilt, But We Shall Die In The Same Grave
Chapter 159: Don'T Come Here
Chapter 160: I'M The One Suffering The Brunt Of The Impact!
Chapter 161: Superficial Brothers
Chapter 162: I'M Actually An Expert
Chapter 163: The Mysterious Woman'S Voice
Chapter 164: Choice
Chapter 165: Heh, Men!
Chapter 166: Soul Suppression Seal
Chapter 167: I Am Qin Shihuang!
Chapter 168: The Undead Army
Chapter 169: Ancient Secrets
Chapter 170: Cold Sweat
Chapter 171: Human Seal
Chapter 172: The Twelve Golden Giants
Chapter 173: Earth Seal
Chapter 174: How Lonely It Is To Be Invincible
Chapter 175: Big Brother
Chapter 176: Desperation
Chapter 177: Half Life'S Fate
Chapter 178: You Actually Did That Kind Of Thing To Me
Chapter 179: Heaven Seal
Chapter 180: Antares Occupying The Heart
Chapter 181: Paradox
Chapter 182: The Way Out
Chapter 183: The Real Way To Unlocking The Heaven Seal
Chapter 184: The Woman In The Crystal Coffin
Chapter 185: A Descent Of His Sword, And All Nobles Shall Rush Westward!
Chapter 186: Primordial Origin Sutra
Chapter 187: Accident
Chapter 188: Blood Tribute
Chapter 189: Trump Card
Chapter 190: Recovery
Chapter 191: Choice
Chapter 192: We'Ll Meet Once Again Soon
Chapter 193: Confrontation
Chapter 194: Mercy
Chapter 195: Wood Elf
Chapter 196: You Stupid Sword
Chapter 197: Face To Face
Chapter 198: Double The Happiness
Chapter 199: Life-And-Death Contract
Chapter 200: I Haven'T Had Enough Fun Yet
Chapter 201: Dominating The Kindergartens With My Fists And Kicks
Chapter 202: An Evil Woman
Chapter 203: Call Me Master
Chapter 204: River Of Forgetfulness
Chapter 205: It'S Hard To Cure Brain Damage
Chapter 206: Abled
Chapter 207: You Really Go All Out For Your Flirting
Chapter 208: The Circle Of Nobility Sure Is Complicated
Chapter 209: I'M Doing It For Your Good
Chapter 210: Trauma
Chapter 211: Less Than A Beast
Chapter 212: There'S Something Wrong With Your Gaze
Chapter 213: Me And My Incredible Mouth
Chapter 214: Sucking Out Your Poison? Leave It To Me!
Chapter 215: Arguing
Chapter 216: Only Women!
Chapter 217: Lusting Over My Body
Chapter 218: I Also Feel Helpless About It
Chapter 219: Even A God Can'T Save Her
Chapter 220: What Do You Want Her Heart For?
Chapter 221: Bad Daughter
Chapter 222: No Wonder He'S So Weak
Chapter 223: Compromise
Chapter 224: A Thief In The Middle Of The Night
Chapter 225: Not Even A Drop Left
Chapter 226: Despair
Chapter 227: Six Pulse Divine Sword
Chapter 228: Admiration
Chapter 229: Prodigy
Chapter 230: Promise
Chapter 231: I Wouldn'T Usually Laugh...
Chapter 232: Pleasant Countenance
Chapter 233: Daughter-Doting Devils
Chapter 234: Retaliation
Chapter 235: Drawing Suspicion
Chapter 236: Masked Individual
Chapter 237: Courtesan'S Meeting
Chapter 238: Stop Talking, I Can Already Picture It!
Chapter 239: Do You Think You'Re All That Just Because You Have Money?
Chapter 240: Pervert
Chapter 241: Driving Everyone Crazy
Chapter 242: Should I Help, Or Not?
Chapter 243: I Would Never Hide My Name
Chapter 244: Getting Too Worked Up
Chapter 245: A Heartbreaking Tale
Chapter 246: Where Is My Soulmate? On The Other End Of The World
Chapter 247: Messed Up
Chapter 248: Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 249: Moving The Plan Forward
Chapter 250: Why Don'T You Do It, Then?
Chapter 251: Do You Know How To Blow The Xiao?
Chapter 252: Keep Blessings Within The Family
Chapter 253: Straw Bag And Trash
Chapter 254: Losing Money Instead Of Being Paid
Chapter 255: Fake Meets Real
Chapter 256: Betrayal
Chapter 257: All Ulterior Motives Ruined
Chapter 258: Completely Exposed
Chapter 259: Magnificent Home With Magnificent Woman
Chapter 260: Misunderstanding
Chapter 261: Assassination
Chapter 262: Clinging On
Chapter 263: Fragrant Barf
Chapter 264: Probing
Chapter 265: Caught In The Act
Chapter 266: I'Ll Leave If I Have To
Chapter 267: The War Horn Sounds
Chapter 268: Lust Leads To Bitter Consequences
Chapter 269: Who The F*Ck Said Mooched Food Doesn'T Taste Good?
Chapter 270: A Beautiful Woman'S Deep Affection
Chapter 271: Flirting Approved
Chapter 272: Strip!
Chapter 273: Aren'T We Buddies Already
Chapter 274: I Just Happen To Be Good With Girls
Chapter 275: I Really Don'T Mind Having A Friend Like This
Chapter 276: Stalling And Stalling
Chapter 277: Will You Take Responsibility?
Chapter 278: Incompetent And Angry
Chapter 279: Robbed And Killed
Chapter 280: Whale Gang Boss
Chapter 281: Beauty Visit
Chapter 282: Entering The Door
Chapter 283: Buying Freedom
Chapter 284: Rather Be The Concubine Of A Hero Than The Wife Of Someone Mediocre
Chapter 285: Fire In The Back Garden
Chapter 286: A Goddess In Critical Condition
Chapter 287: Ridiculous
Chapter 288: Furious
Chapter 289: Qin Wanru'S Tortured Heart
Chapter 290: Why Can'T I?
Chapter 291: Warning
Chapter 292: Even The Heavens Want The Chu Clan Eradicated
Chapter 293: The Chu Clan'S Secret
Chapter 294: Going For A Stroll Around The Estate
Chapter 295: I Have Always Been A Fair Person
Chapter 296: The 'Gigolo' Strategy
Chapter 297: A Tool
Chapter 298: Are You Okay?
Chapter 299: Playing With Fire
Chapter 300: Best Friends
Chapter 301: Great Minds Think Alike
Chapter 302: Impersonation
Chapter 303: Please Don'T Raise Any Flags
Chapter 304: Entering The Tiger'S Den
Chapter 305: An Unreasonable Request
Chapter 306: Eighteen Spring Winds
Chapter 307: The Cooked Duck Has Flown Away
Chapter 308: Never Done Something So Idiotic
Chapter 309: The Secret Of The Hidden Dragon Mountain
Chapter 310: Fragrant Barf
Chapter 311: Dying With A Grievance
Chapter 312: Burning Bridges
Chapter 313: Shocked
Chapter 314: Handsome Men Always Have The Best Luck
Chapter 315: Promise
Chapter 316: Profit From Disaster
Chapter 317: New Task
Chapter 318: Strange Big Bird
Chapter 319: Chu Chuyan'S Rage
Chapter 320: My Own Wife Loves Me The Most
Chapter 321: Blessed Witness
Chapter 322: Can'T Wash Away This Sin
Chapter 323: Kill That Dog Zu
Chapter 324: A Hellish Battlefield
Chapter 325: Would You Even Believe Me?
Chapter 326: An Unkind Guest
Chapter 327: Touch Less
Chapter 328: Strutting Like A Rooster
Chapter 329: Even A Toad Lusts After The Flesh Of A Swan
Chapter 330: Exposed
Chapter 331: Secrets On Both Sides
Chapter 332: Impossible Escape
Chapter 333: Bringing It Forward
Chapter 334: Before And After
Chapter 335: The Young Master Is Formidable
Chapter 336: Ambush
Chapter 337: Brother-In-Law Looks So Pale
Chapter 338: Bad News
Chapter 339: Predicament
Chapter 340: Bewitching Potion
Chapter 341: Another Wolf
Chapter 342: Doubt
Chapter 343: Good For Nothing But Losing
Chapter 344: Fighting Back
Chapter 345: Account Book
Chapter 346: Another Way
Chapter 347: Sea Of Jealousy
Chapter 348: Flirting With Disaster
Chapter 349: A Helping Hand
Chapter 350: A Change In Status
Chapter 351: Luring The Tiger From Its Den
Chapter 352: Conditions
Chapter 353: A Sudden Realization
Chapter 354: Two-Person Operation
Chapter 355: What The Hell
Chapter 356: Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 357: Rob And Kill
Chapter 358: A Good Deed
Chapter 359: Out Of A Tiger'S Cave And Into A Wolf'S Den
Chapter 360: On The Verge Of Being Exposed
Chapter 361: What Do You Want?
Chapter 362: A Huge Surprise
Chapter 363: A Gift
Chapter 364: Something Bad Has Happened
Chapter 365: Exposed
Chapter 366: Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 367: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 368: The Path Of No Return
Chapter 369: The Cooked Duck Has Flown Away
Chapter 370: Slander
Chapter 371: Kids Do Some Stupid Shit
Chapter 372: Too Late
Chapter 373: Pursuit
Chapter 374: A Potential Cure
Chapter 375: A Win-Win Situation
Chapter 376: An Embarrassing Misunderstanding
Chapter 377: Specter'S Hand
Chapter 378: One Finger To Seal The Universe
Chapter 379: The Dust Settles
Chapter 380: Extreme Joy Turns To Sorrow
Chapter 381: A Secret Escape
Chapter 382: Sunflower Finger Versus Stellar Palm
Chapter 383: Steps Of The Rising Lotus
Chapter 384: I’M Just A Bystander!
Chapter 385: A Fickle World
Chapter 386: Old And Treacherous
Chapter 387: Hidden Intentions Exposed
Chapter 388: Twisted
Chapter 389: A Missing Little Chick
Chapter 390: A Tiny Mishap
Chapter 391: No Hesitation
Chapter 392: What Element Are You?
Chapter 393: Special Training
Chapter 394: Three Treasures
Chapter 395: Golden Finger
Chapter 396: No Honor
Chapter 397: The Other Side
Chapter 398: Count Me In
Chapter 399: Transaction
Chapter 400: Righteous Revenge
Chapter 401: I Saw Something In You
Chapter 402: You Should Be Calling Me Uncle
Chapter 403: I Have Money
Chapter 404: An Imperial Envoy
Chapter 405: Revenge For My Father, And Revenge For My Stolen Wife
Chapter 406: The Truth Exposed
Chapter 407: Planting A Bad Flag
Chapter 408: A Small World
Chapter 409: Shining Finger
Chapter 410: Justice Is Accompanied By Life And Death
Chapter 411: Sarcastic Old Fart
Chapter 412: Persuasion Through Virtue
Chapter 413: An Ingenious Gift
Chapter 414: Your Green Hat Is Crooked
Chapter 415: The Wedding
Chapter 416: On The Verge Of Erupting
Chapter 417: A Sea Change
Chapter 418: When The Popcorn Eats You
Chapter 419: The Embroidered Envoy
Chapter 420: Where Did Dad Go?
Chapter 421: Flipping Tables
Chapter 422: The Power Of A Master Rank
Chapter 423: The Chu Clan’S Might
Chapter 424: Act In The Emperor’S Stead
Chapter 425: The Hat Of Forgiveness
Chapter 426: Show Me Your Sincerity
Chapter 427: No Way Out
Chapter 428: A Loophole
Chapter 429: Saved From Absolute Death
Chapter 430: I’Ll Ride With Her
Chapter 431: My Wife Is As Clear And Pure As Ice
Chapter 432: Malding
Chapter 433: An Unexpected Scene
Chapter 434: Madam Wu
Chapter 435: Such A Pity
Chapter 436: Seeking Your Own Doom
Chapter 437: Killing Intent
Chapter 438: The Dark Elf
Chapter 439: A Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 440: Yun Yuqing
Chapter 441: Madam’S Mission
Chapter 442: The Demon Race
Chapter 443: A Demonic Eye
Chapter 444: Exposed
Chapter 445: An Impossible Condition
Chapter 446: Guest Becomes The Host
Chapter 447: By Any Means Necessary
Chapter 448: Those Who Achieve Great Things Do Not Bother With Trivialities
Chapter 449: A Walk In The Park
Chapter 450: Out Of Thin Air
Chapter 451: Return Of The Divine Skill
Chapter 452: A Twist
Chapter 453: I'Ll Do It For You
Chapter 454: A Good Lesson
Chapter 455: Joining Forces
Chapter 456: Little Sis
Chapter 457: A Private Discussion
Chapter 458: Swapping Identities
Chapter 459: Underground Ambush
Chapter 460: Dragon Soulspeak
Chapter 461: No Way Out
Chapter 462: The Solitary Eight
Chapter 463: Counters And Synergies
Chapter 464: What Did You Eat To Get So Big?
Chapter 465: Cash Warrior
Chapter 466: You'Re Putting Me In A Tight Spot
Chapter 467: Song Of The Struck Blade
Chapter 468: A Lethal Blade
Chapter 469: Cunning Sister-In-Law
Chapter 470: Strangely Embarrassed
Chapter 471: Only One Good Thing About Me
Chapter 472: Dragonslaying Eighteen Palms
Chapter 473: Boasting Punished By Heavenly Judgement
Chapter 474: Nemesis
Chapter 475: Use Your Mouth
Chapter 476: Fragrance
Chapter 477: Aren’T You Forgetting Something?
Chapter 478: The Most Intimate Of Strangers
Chapter 479: What Luck!
Chapter 480: Can’T Move
Chapter 481: Lady Saint
Chapter 482: The Deal
Chapter 483: Outwit
Chapter 484: Are You Looking Down On Us?
Chapter 485: An Enchanting Woman
Chapter 486: Who Is The Bad One?
Chapter 487: Zhuxie Chixin
Chapter 488: Fiend Races
Chapter 489: Win-Win
Chapter 490: Surprise
Chapter 491: Mosquito Daoist
Chapter 492: Are You All Blind?
Chapter 493: Right At The Edge
Chapter 494: A Strange Excitement
Chapter 495: Raging Jealousy
Chapter 496: Nave Lovers
Chapter 497: A Jealous Arrival
Chapter 498: Absolute Chaos
Chapter 499: I Have Always Lived A Pure And Innocent Life
Chapter 500: Bad News
Chapter 501: Flaming Meteor
Chapter 502: Strange Stele
Chapter 503: Yinxu
Chapter 504: The Most Shameless Man Of All
Chapter 505, Part I: Hell On Earth
Chapter 505, Part Ii: Hell On Earth
Chapter 506: Everything Is Strange
Chapter 507: A Difficult Dilemma
Chapter 508, Part I: On The Verge Of Despair
Chapter 508, Part Ii: On The Verge Of Despair
Chapter 509: Ancient Beast
Chapter 510: At Death'S Door
Chapter 511, Part I: Hidden Affection
Chapter 511, Part Ii: Hidden Affection
Chapter 512, Part I: A Stone Gate Above White Bones
Chapter 512, Part Ii: A Stone Gate Above White Bones
Chapter 513: A Flash Of Cold Light
Chapter 514: A Strange Mural
Chapter 515, Part I: Show Me What You'Ve Got!
Chapter 515, Part Ii: Show Me What You'Ve Got!
Chapter 516: Natural Enemies
Chapter 517: A Strange Elevated Pavilion
Chapter 518: Turn Back Now
Chapter 519: An Offering
Chapter 520: An Underground Tunnel
Chapter 521: Guman Tong
Chapter 522: Controlled
Chapter 523: The Girl From The Netherworld
Chapter 524: A Young Lady’S Request
Chapter 525: Ya Zhang’S Tomb
Chapter 526: A Victim Of Violence
Chapter 527: Going Against The Grain
Chapter 528: Let’S Make A Deal
Chapter 529: The Destined Ones
Chapter 530: Roiling And Churning
Chapter 531: The Unexpected Beginning Of A Trial
Chapter 532: What Exactly Is Being Tested?
Chapter 533: My King, There'S Bad News!
Chapter 534: A Crisis
Chapter 535: A Happy Coincidence
Chapter 536: Who'S The One With The Problem?
Chapter 537: A Maid’S Contempt
Chapter 538: Childhood Sweethearts
Chapter 539: Business Or Pleasure
Chapter 540: A Pure And Innocent Female Spy
Chapter 541: Blind Confidence
Chapter 542: Cards On The Table
Chapter 543: A Crumbling Heart
Chapter 544: Testing The Heart
Chapter 545: The End?
Chapter 546: Buried In Work
Chapter 547: Dream, Or Reality?
Chapter 548: Reincarnation
Chapter 549: I Want To Try It Too!
Chapter 550: Shooting Oneself In The Foot
Chapter 551, Part I: A Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 551, Part Ii: A Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 552: New Rivals, Old Hatreds
Chapter 553: The Marrying Maiden
Chapter 554, Part I: The Final Boss
Chapter 554, Part Ii: The Final Boss
Chapter 555, Part I: Heaven-Devouring Sutra
Chapter 555, Part Ii: Heaven-Devouring Sutra
Chapter 556: New Function Unlocked
Chapter 557: The First Valkyrie
Chapter 558, Part I: The Mysteries Of Life
Chapter 558, Part Ii: The Mysteries Of Life
Chapter 559, Part I: A Falling Out
Chapter 559, Part Ii: A Falling Out
Chapter 560, Part I: Unstoppable
Chapter 560, Part Ii: Unstoppable
Chapter 561: Fatal Red Lips
Chapter 562: The Embrace Of Death
Chapter 563: What It Means To Court Disaster
Chapter 564: No, You Came At The Perfect Time
Chapter 565, (1): The Most Badass Little Miss Perfect In The Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 565, Part Ii: The Most Badass Little Miss Perfect In The Zhou Dynasty
Chapter 566, Part I: Scandal
Chapter 566, Part Ii: Scandal
Chapter 567: The Capital City
Chapter 568: Pretty Features
Chapter 569: Younger Brother-In-Law And Younger Sister-In-Law
Chapter 570: One Step, One Kill
Chapter 571, Part I: The Shadow Group
Chapter 571, Part Ii: The Shadow Group
Chapter 572: Beyond Her Understanding
Chapter 573: Entering The Palace
Chapter 574: Dumbstruck
Chapter 575: Crown Princess
Chapter 576: Young Noble Lady
Chapter 577: Meeting The Emperor
Chapter 578: Unfathomable Might
Chapter 579: First In History
Chapter 580: A Chill Between His Legs
Chapter 581: No Middle Path
Chapter 582: Phoenix Man
Chapter 583: Kindred Spirits
Chapter 584, Part I: Murong Qinghe
Chapter 584, Part Ii: Murong Qinghe
Chapter 585: Girl On Girl?
Chapter 586: A Deal
Chapter 587: The Devil Sect’S Retaliation
Chapter 588: Persona Destroyed
Chapter 589: Wrong Person
Chapter 590: Leading A Wolf Into The House
Chapter 591: Midnight Visitor
Chapter 592: Questioning Life
Chapter 593: Dangerous Job
Chapter 594: Falling Into Your Own Trap
Chapter 595: Vicious Tactics
Chapter 596: How Is This Possible?
Chapter 597: A Tragic Sight
Chapter 598: Repaying Evil With Evil
Chapter 599: Explosion After Reconnection
Chapter 600: Insider Details
Chapter 601: Interrogation
Chapter 602: Empress’ Flight
Chapter 603: A Man Among Men
Chapter 604: Who'S Threatening Who?
Chapter 605: Reunion
Chapter 606: The Sorrow Of Parting
Chapter 607: Exposed
Chapter 608: I Wanted To Keep A Low Profile, But My Opponent Is Too Strong!
Chapter 609: Long-Haired Master
Chapter 610: The Only One Who Knows
Chapter 611: Protector’S Silhouette
Chapter 612: Two-Faced Woman
Chapter 613: Grandmaster
Chapter 614: An Astonishing Attack
Chapter 615: Wheel Of The Crescent Moon
Chapter 616: Come And Go As We Please
Chapter 617: Am I Really Going To Lose An Arm?
Chapter 618: Scammer
Chapter 619: Embrace Of Death, Part Two
Chapter 620: Stunning Beauty
Chapter 621: Accidental Meeting
Chapter 622: Toying With The Heart
Chapter 623: Blood Moon Rises, Hell Is Unleashed
Chapter 624: I Want You...
Chapter 625: Different Means, Same Result
Chapter 626: Rejection
Chapter 627: Love Over Friendship
Chapter 628: Caught Like A Turtle In A Jar
Chapter 629: Shrinking Technique
Chapter 630: Loli Transformation
Chapter 631: Sound In The Middle Of The Night
Chapter 632: Sinister Web
Chapter 633: Accidental Collision
Chapter 634: Impending Hell
Chapter 635: Both Sides Shattered
Chapter 636: Signboards
Chapter 637: Push And Pull
Chapter 638: Lethal Move
Chapter 639: Kill The Criminal
Chapter 640: A Formidable Woman
Chapter 641: As If Waking From A Dream
Chapter 642: Keyboard, Come!
Chapter 643: Face Bathed In Tears
Chapter 644: Sailing Through A Sea Of Bitterness
Chapter 645: Mysterious Master
Chapter 646: Flower Tea
Chapter 647: Government Courtesan Queen
Chapter 648: Completely Played
Chapter 649: Don’T Touch Me
Chapter 650: Sinister Undertaking
Chapter 651: The Chicken Has Flown The Coop, The Eggs Are Broken
Chapter 652: Confrontation
Chapter 653: An Uproar In The Capital
Chapter 654: Willing To Even Sell Out Your Own
Chapter 655: Male Honey Trap
Chapter 656: Confession
Chapter 657: Interrogation
Chapter 658: Storm Clouds Approach
Chapter 659: Hanging On By A Thread
Chapter 660: One Day, I Will Rise
Chapter 661: Playboy Cultivation Time
Chapter 662: Tit For Tat
Chapter 663: Grandmasters Should Not Be Provoked
Chapter 664: If We Can’T Be Saved, Then Just Wait For Death
Chapter 665: Ingenious Plan
Chapter 666: Exposed
Chapter 667: Suspicion Aroused
Chapter 668: Guiding Light
Chapter 669: Two Faces
Chapter 670: Looming In The Shadows
Chapter 671: Reincarnated Playboy
Chapter 672: I Have A Friend
Chapter 673: No Meaning Left
Chapter 674: Embarrassing Encounter
Chapter 675: Forced Breakup
Chapter 676: Confiscating The Tool Of Crime
Chapter 677: Strange Peace
Chapter 678: Other Side Effect
Chapter 679: You Can Use Me
Chapter 680: Meticulous And Careful
Chapter 681: Fierce Woman
Chapter 682: Trap
Chapter 683: Even Someone Like You?
Chapter 684: Humiliation And Rage
Chapter 685: She’S A Bit Too Old For Me
Chapter 686: I Mean, You Said It
Chapter 687: Not Very Strong, But Definitely Humiliating
Chapter 688, (1): Lightning Descends Upon The Arrogant
Chapter 688, (2): Lightning Descends Upon The Arrogant
Chapter 689: Why Not?
Chapter 690: World Easily Deceived
Chapter 691: Fury
Chapter 692: Madam’S Invitation
Chapter 693: Rebound
Chapter 694: Auntie, I Don’T Want To Work Anymore
Chapter 695, (1): Chess Pieces And The Player Who Moves Them
Chapter 695, (2): Chess Pieces And The Player Who Moves Them
Chapter 696: The Crown Princess’ Worries
Chapter 697: Fanning The Flames
Chapter 698: Dangerous Sister-In-Law
Chapter 699: Brother-In-Law’S Ultimate Move
Chapter 700: Intentional Trouble
Chapter 701: One Palm Cannot Clap
Chapter 702: Eastern Palace’S Predicament
Chapter 703: Test
Chapter 704: Suspicious
Chapter 705: Scalp Numbing
Chapter 706: To Catch A Thief In The Act
Chapter 707: End Of The Line
Chapter 708: Shameless To This Degree?
Chapter 709: Heaven-Defying Charm
Chapter 710: Secret Path
Chapter 711: Devastated
Chapter 712: Reward
Chapter 713: Joint Hearing
Chapter 714, (1): Father-In-Law
Chapter 714, (2): Father-In-Law
Chapter 715: Disappeared
Chapter 716: Silenced
Chapter 717: Irrefutable Evidence
Chapter 718: I Have A Friend
Chapter 719: That Other Half Person
Chapter 720: Back In The Light
Chapter 721: It’S Even Embarrassing For Me To Expose You
Chapter 722: You Don’T Want My Big Sister, But I Want Your Younger Sister
Chapter 723: Simp All You Want, You Won’T Even Get A Crumb
Chapter 724: Even An Honest Person Flips Out Sometimes
Chapter 725: Time To Settle Things
Chapter 726: The Reveal
Chapter 727: Daggers Hidden Behind A Smile
Chapter 728: Bad Cop
Chapter 729: It'S Him?
Chapter 730: Tough Guy
Chapter 731: Loving Family
Chapter 732: You Can Definitely Help Me
Chapter 733: Trap
Chapter 734: Beaten
Chapter 735: Badger Game?
Chapter 736: Master And Servant
Chapter 737: Change Of Plans
Chapter 738: How Disappointing
Chapter 739: A Feeling
Chapter 740, (1): Someone Overlooked
Chapter 740, (2): Someone Overlooked
Chapter 741: Appropriate Retribution
Chapter 742: Praising Myself
Chapter 743: Daggers Drawn
Chapter 744: Madam Qi
Chapter 745: Suspicion
Chapter 746: New Discovery
Chapter 747: Watched
Chapter 748: Something I Need Your Help With
Chapter 749, (1): Ambush And Black-Clad Woman
Chapter 749, (2): Ambush And Black-Clad Woman
Chapter 750: Layers Upon Layers Of Suspicion
Chapter 751: Rune Master
Chapter 752: Yin-Yang Man And Cat Woman
Chapter 753: Spirit Master
Chapter 754: Should I Just Watch With Folded Arms?
Chapter 755: Moments Before Death
Chapter 756: Fantasy Materialize
Chapter 757: Five Poison Token
Chapter 758: Mysterious Teacher
Chapter 759: Breakthrough
Chapter 760: Resolved To Pursue His Dao
Chapter 761: Behind The Scenes
Chapter 762: Absolutely Bizarre
Chapter 763: The Truth Comes To Light
Chapter 764: Mastermind
Chapter 765: Victim And Perpetrator
Chapter 766: All Cards Laid On The Table
Chapter 767: To Scheme Against
Chapter 768: Making Things Even
Chapter 769: No Idea What To Do
Chapter 770: Extreme Joy Turns To Sorrow
Chapter 771: All Alone
Chapter 772, (1): The Royal Academy’S Eighth Senior
Chapter 772, (2): The Royal Academy’S Eighth Senior
Chapter 773: Paying Respects As A Disciple
Chapter 774: Seventh Brother
Chapter 775, (1): This Dungeon Is Indecent
Chapter 775, (2): This Dungeon Is Indecent
Chapter 776, (1): Profound And Mysterious
Chapter 776, (2): Profound And Mysterious
Chapter 777: The Rage Of A Side Chick
Chapter 778: Divining Fate
Chapter 779: Teacher Can Obtain Some Guidance Too
Chapter 780: More Than Enough
Chapter 781: I’Ll Be Your Cow
Chapter 782: Golem
Chapter 783: No One To Enjoy Them
Chapter 784: Familiar Presence
Chapter 785: I Share Affinity With This Color
Chapter 786: Playful
Chapter 787: Unexpected Leak
Chapter 788: Cards Revealed
Chapter 789: Fortunes Rise And Fall
Chapter 790: Acknowledged
Chapter 791: Mysterious Power
Chapter 792: Gold And Fire
Chapter 793: Birds Resemble Their Master
Chapter 794: The Shadow Group’S Master
Chapter 795: All-Element Proficiency
Chapter 796: Another One Who Wants To Silence Him
Chapter 797: Whore And Dog
Chapter 798: How Is It Any Different?
Chapter 799: Would You Dare?
Chapter 800: Imperial Grandson
Chapter 801: Before And After
Chapter 802: Childhood Friends
Chapter 803: Clear And Logical
Chapter 804: Implicit Meaning
Chapter 805: Last Breath
Chapter 806, (1): Clamoring
Chapter 806, (2): Clamoring
Chapter 807, (1): Destined To Fail
Chapter 807, (2): Destined To Fail
Chapter 807, (3): Destined To Fail
Chapter 808: Divided
Chapter 809: Dead
Chapter 810: Panic
Chapter 811: Vanished
Chapter 812, (1): Who Will You Choose?
Chapter 812, (2): Who Will You Choose?
Chapter 813: How About Doing It Together?
Chapter 814: Filthy Souls
Chapter 815: Where Do You Get Your Confidence From?
Chapter 816: How Can It Be So Great?
Chapter 817: Death
Chapter 818: Do You Have Any Shame At All?
Chapter 819: Jade Moon Serpent
Chapter 820: Does It Like To Eat Skinny Or Fat People?
Chapter 821: Undaunted By Perils
Chapter 822: Concern And Chaos
Chapter 823, (1): Mutual Selfless Sacrifice
Chapter 823, (2): Mutual Selfless Sacrifice
Chapter 824: A World For Only Two
Chapter 825: King Qin’S Mirror Of Souls
Chapter 826: Tacit Understanding
Chapter 827: Dungeon Barbarians
Chapter 828: After Working So Hard
Chapter 829: Do You Dare To Fight Against Me?
Chapter 830: The Bride With White Hair
Chapter 831: What’S Wrong With Lending My Wife?
Chapter 832, (1): Inevitable Death
Chapter 832, (2): Inevitable Death
Chapter 833, (1): Hunter And Prey
Chapter 833, (2): Hunter And Prey
Chapter 833, (3): Hunter And Prey
Chapter 834, (1): Emperor’S Trump Card
Chapter 834, (2): Emperor’S Trump Card
Chapter 835: Discovered
Chapter 836: Beyond Disrespect
Chapter 837: I’M Toast
Chapter 838: My Luck Is Just Too Good
Chapter 839: Ghost Dungeon
Chapter 840: World Splitting
Chapter 841: End Of The World
Chapter 842: World Upside Down
Chapter 843: Happy And Unhappy Clans
Chapter 844: Can’T Catch Me
Chapter 845: Deadly Misunderstanding
Chapter 846: Great Beginning
Chapter 847: Three Sacred Mountains
Chapter 848: Encroaching Danger
Chapter 849: What If I Tell You To Die?
Chapter 850: Westhound Tomb
Chapter 851: Gate Of Immortality
Chapter 852: Strange Temple
Chapter 853: Mountains In Gloom
Chapter 854: Ten Thousand Year Turtle For The Supreme Sovereign
Chapter 855: Receive Eternal Life
Chapter 856: All Will Die
Chapter 857: Manifestation
Chapter 858: No One Will Survive
Chapter 859: 4,560 Years
Chapter 860: F***** Up
Chapter 861: The Stele Inscriptions' Secrets
Chapter 862: Confessing Love
Chapter 863: The Secret Of King Qin’S Mirror Of Souls
Chapter 864: Deathly Stillness
Chapter 865: Descent Of The Reaper
Chapter 866: I’Ll Stop Playing Around Now
Chapter 867: Immortal Palace’S Gate
Chapter 868: Coffin
Chapter 869: Why Is He Here?!
Chapter 870: Reunion
Chapter 871: Someone Has Finally Come
Chapter 872: The Book
Chapter 873: Grave Of The Emperor
Chapter 874: Ceremony Activation
Chapter 875: Everlasting Spring Flower
Chapter 876: Separated In Life And Death
Chapter 877: Death Wish
Chapter 878: Tangled
Chapter 879: None Of You Shall Escape
Chapter 880: Mastermind
Chapter 881: End Of The Line
Chapter 882: Method Of Ascension Obtained
Chapter 883: Substitution
Chapter 884: Betrayal
Chapter 885: Who Is Number One?
Chapter 886: Sacred Sword
Chapter 887: Scatter With The Wind
Chapter 888: Collapse
Chapter 889: What In The World?
Chapter 890: Chosen One
Chapter 891, (1): New Function Unlocked
Chapter 891, (2): New Function Unlocked
Chapter 892: I Think You Did That On Purpose!
Chapter 893, (1): Interrogation
Chapter 893, (2): Interrogation
Chapter 894: Video Recording Pendant
Chapter 895: Abrupt Inspection
Chapter 896: Trust Ah Zu, Gain Eternal Life
Chapter 897: Taunting
Chapter 898, (1): King Manor’S Secret
Chapter 898, (2): King Manor’S Secret
Chapter 899, (1): Unexpected Judgment
Chapter 899, (2): Unexpected Judgment
Chapter 900: Horrible Title
Chapter 901: Pin Ru’S Wardrobe
Chapter 902, (1): Alliance
Chapter 902, (2): Alliance
Chapter 903, (1): The Fiend Races’ Invasion
Chapter 903, (2): Fiend Races’ Invasion
Chapter 904: New Mission
Chapter 905: Cold Shoulder
Chapter 906: The Living Can Lie, But The Dead Will Not
Chapter 907: I Am A Rough Man
Chapter 908: Waste Of Saliva
Chapter 909: Night Exploration
Chapter 910: Trapped Inside
Chapter 911: Night Of The Seventh Day
Chapter 912, (1): Coincidence
Chapter 912, (2): Coincidence
Chapter 913: Rare Confusion
Chapter 914: Screwed
Chapter 915: Shark-Raising Lord Of The Sea
Chapter 916: Scarlet Invitation
Chapter 917: Prompt Assistance
Chapter 918: A Unique Courtesan Queen
Chapter 919, (1): Entry Denied
Chapter 919, (2): Entry Denied
Chapter 920, (1): Big Manman’S Crisis
Chapter 920, (2): Big Manman’S Crisis
Chapter 921, (1): Born To Be A Protagonist
Chapter 921, (2): Born To Be A Protagonist
Chapter 922, (1): Avoid The Moon
Chapter 922, (2): Avoid The Moon
Chapter 923, (1): This Humble Zu Occupies Eight Parts
Chapter 923, (2): This Humble Zu Occupies Eight Parts
Chapter 924, (1): War Song And Killing Intent
Chapter 924, (2): War Song And Killing Intent
Chapter 925, (1): Goosebumps
Chapter 925, (2): Goosebumps
Chapter 926, (1): Bag Of Evil
Chapter 926, (2): Bag Of Evil
Chapter 927, (1): Winner Takes All
Chapter 927, (2): Winner Takes All
Chapter 928: The One Behind The Scenes
Chapter 929: Green Feather
Chapter 930: Accomplice To The Tiger
Chapter 931: A Large Net In The Darkness
Chapter 932: Relationship Between Life And Death
Chapter 933: Feel My Bottomless Longing
Chapter 934, (1): Lying Through One’S Teeth
Chapter 934, (2): Lying Through One’S Teeth
Chapter 935, (1): A Day In The Life Of A Playboy
Chapter 935, (2): A Day In The Life Of A Playboy
Chapter 936: Leaves Of A Willow Lifted By The Wind
Chapter 937: Zu An’S Gift To Daoyun
Chapter 938: Horrifying Information
Chapter 939: Past Secrets
Chapter 940: Vicious And Merciless
Chapter 941: Most Blessed And Most Unfortunate Man
Chapter 942: Something Happened
Chapter 943: Nightmares
Chapter 944: Hatred Arts
Chapter 945: People From The Capital Really Know How To Play
Chapter 946: Specter Race
Chapter 947: Heart Rending
Chapter 948: Might Of The Celestial Drake
Chapter 949: Huge Secret
Chapter 950: Rigorous Schemes
Chapter 951: Trap
Chapter 952: Old Ginger Is Spicier Than Young Ginger
Chapter 953: To Suit Her Fancy
Chapter 954: Voice From Afar
Chapter 955: White Jade Sect
Chapter 956: Defending Purity
Chapter 957: Schemes Stirring
Chapter 958: Amid The Clouds And Mist
Chapter 959: Generous Invitation
Chapter 960: Plan For The Worst
Chapter 961, (1): Model For Us All
Chapter 961, (2): Model For Us All
Chapter 962, (1): Luck Talisman
Chapter 962, (2): Luck Talisman
Chapter 963: Eleven Golden Token Envoys
Chapter 964: Milk Of Purple Frost
Chapter 965: Clues
Chapter 966: Substitute
Chapter 967: King Yan
Chapter 968: Money-Squandering Establishment
Chapter 969: Hub Of Freedom
Chapter 970: Most Distinguished Guest
Chapter 971: Too Arrogant
Chapter 972: I Wanted To Hear A Certain Sound
Chapter 973: Will It Respond If I Call Out To It?
Chapter 974: Immortal Beheading Reunion
Chapter 975: You Shouldn’T Repeat The Same Mistake More Than Three Times
Chapter 976: I Will Bid!
Chapter 977: A Cherished Item Will Bring Trouble
Chapter 978: Tang Tian’Er
Chapter 979: Sea Empress
Chapter 980: Seven Li Soulchaser Scent
Chapter 981: Made A Scapegoat
Chapter 982: Face Of A Thousand Identities
Chapter 983: Confrontation
Chapter 984: How Bold
Chapter 985: Retaliation
Chapter 986: Unexpected Hit
Chapter 987: Reunion With Old Friends
Chapter 988: Locked Up
Chapter 989: Hot Potato
Chapter 990: Golden Token Seven
Chapter 991: A Crafty Escape Plan
Chapter 992: The Early Bird Catches The Worm
Chapter 993: Why Is He Not Scared Of Poison?
Chapter 994: Beautiful Scene
Chapter 995: True Master Of Charm Arts
Chapter 996: Daji’S Anger
Chapter 997: Our Child
Chapter 998: What The Hell?
Chapter 999: Spy Obtained Through Deceit
Chapter 1000: Primordial Ki’S Side Effect
Chapter 1001: An Unexpected Acquaintance
Chapter 1002: Mysterious Swordsman
Chapter 1003: Sword Immortal
Chapter 1004: Initial Display Of Strength
Chapter 1005: You Are Not Qualified For That
Chapter 1006: Why Should I Care?
Chapter 1007: The Sword Rides The Wind, Purging Evils Throughout The World
Chapter 1008: Letting A Wolf Guard The Sheep
Chapter 1009: Abusing What Was Entrusted
Chapter 1010: My Wife Really Is Adorable
Chapter 1011: Doubts Everywhere
Chapter 1012: Completely Defenseless
Chapter 1013: A Riddle Of Disappearance
Chapter 1014: In A Hurry To Marry Away
Chapter 1015: Familiarity Breeds Fondness
Chapter 1016: From Now On, You Have Me
Chapter 1017: The Dead Won’T Lie
Chapter 1018: The Trail Has Been Cut Short?
Chapter 1019: The Truth Comes To Light
Chapter 1020: Concealed
Chapter 1021: I Am Still A Child
Chapter 1022: I Will Have Nothing To Do With Gambling And Drugs
Chapter 1023: Mysterious Case
Chapter 1024: Subjects Of The Skirt
Chapter 1025: Warm Darling
Chapter 1026: Unexpected
Chapter 1027: Increase The Fee
Chapter 1028: Dummy And Lady
Chapter 1029: Inevitable Clash
Chapter 1030: Swift And Decisive
Chapter 1031: On The Verge Of Eruption
Chapter 1032: To Capture Evildoers, Capture The Head First
Chapter 1033: Mysterious
Chapter 1034: Sinister Glint
Chapter 1035: True Mastermind
Chapter 1036: Kawaii Waifu Voice Changer
Chapter 1037: A Painstaking Investigation
Chapter 1038: I Want Everything
Chapter 1039: New Clues
Chapter 1040: Mysterious Men Of The Round Table
Chapter 1041: Encircled
Chapter 1042: Completely Trapped
Chapter 1043: A Cat Has Nine Lives
Chapter 1044: Poisonous
Chapter 1045: Like Hell I Care Who You Are
Chapter 1046: What A Fast Sword!
Chapter 1047: My Fate Is Mine Alone
Chapter 1048: Heavens, Please Stop Messing With Me Already!
Chapter 1049: Did I Come At A Bad Time?
Chapter 1050: Came At The Perfect Time
Chapter 1051: Free Of Feelings
Chapter 1052: Invisible Hand
Chapter 1053: Flipping The Table
Chapter 1054: World Ender
Chapter 1055: Breakthrough
Chapter 1056: Sticking Out
Chapter 1057: Interrogation
Chapter 1058: Chess Piece
Chapter 1059: Her Smell Is Still There?
Chapter 1060: Paper Wives
Chapter 1061: Defending Traditions Of The Past
Chapter 1062: Toying With The Heart
Chapter 1063: Return
Chapter 1064: What’S Tolerable And Intolerable
Chapter 1065: A Way To Authenticate
Chapter 1066: Change Of Plans
Chapter 1067: Revenge For Their Husband
Chapter 1068: Teaching By Example
Chapter 1069: Liven Things Up
Chapter 1070: Suspicion And Paranoia
Chapter 1071: Great Snowy Mountains
Chapter 1072: Cold Pool
Chapter 1073: Unrequited Love
Chapter 1074: I Don’T Agree
Chapter 1075: Marriage Due To Unintended Pregnancy
Chapter 1076: Overexerting Myself For The Lord
Chapter 1077: Paper Bride
Chapter 1078: Heart Carved Out
Chapter 1079: Desiring My Body
Chapter 1080: Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 1081: Clash Of Red And White
Chapter 1082: Breaking Out
Chapter 1083: Venom Child
Chapter 1084: Prescription
Chapter 1085: Unexpected
Chapter 1086: Detoxification
Chapter 1087: Return Of The Dead?
Chapter 1088: Life And Death Trial
Chapter 1089: Tragic End
Chapter 1090: Bright Blackeye Parasite
Chapter 1091: Tacit Understanding
Chapter 1092: Annihilated
Chapter 1093: Share Your Highness’ Burdens
Chapter 1094: Milk Of Purple Frost
Chapter 1095: Imminent Peril
Chapter 1096: Proof
Chapter 1097: Request
Chapter 1098: Invitation
Chapter 1099: Cultivating In His Sleep
Chapter 1100: Secrets Of The Previous Dynasty
Chapter 1101: Soul Condensed
Chapter 1102: Predicament
Chapter 1103: Horrifying Discovery
Chapter 1104: Accidental Meeting
Chapter 1105: Male Honey Trap
Chapter 1106: One Behind The Scenes
Chapter 1107: Aiming For His Life
Chapter 1108: Sect Master Yan’S Anger
Chapter 1109: Man Stolen
Chapter 1110: A Gift
Chapter 1111: Instigator Behind The Scenes
Chapter 1112: Revenge
Chapter 1113: Blood For Blood
Chapter 1114: The Three Slashes
Chapter 1115: Even You?
Chapter 1116: For Them
Chapter 1117: The Fate Of The Commandery
Chapter 1118: Trouble
Chapter 1119: An Old Story
Chapter 1120: Snake Race Ceremony
Chapter 1121: Pressured Into A Corner
Chapter 1122: Reason For Her Death
Chapter 1123: Shelter
Chapter 1124: I Am The Law!
Chapter 1125: Important Person
Chapter 1126: Do Whatever They Please
Chapter 1127: Who Would You Choose?
Chapter 1128: Business Deal
Chapter 1129: You Owe Me
Chapter 1130: Not A Single One Is Normal
Chapter 1131: Right Up To His Door
Chapter 1132: Ambush
Chapter 1133: Luring The Tiger Away From Its Domain
Chapter 1134: Hoodwink
Chapter 1135: Medusa’S Gaze
Chapter 1136: Wait
Chapter 1137: On The Verge Of Being Exposed
Chapter 1138: To Hide
Chapter 1139: Teamwork
Chapter 1140: Alone And Dejected
Chapter 1141: Great Danger
Chapter 1142: Black Fog
Chapter 1143: Accidental Meeting
Chapter 1144: Medusa’S Eye
Chapter 1145: Call It Even
Chapter 1146: Can You Let Me Look Again?
Chapter 1147: No Way Out
Chapter 1148: Live To See Another Day
Chapter 1149: Revenge
Chapter 1150: Strange Roar
Chapter 1151: It’S Everywhere
Chapter 1152: Strange And Life-Threatening
Chapter 1153: A Ghost Around The Corner?
Chapter 1154: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 1155: Surrounded
Chapter 1156: Emergence
Chapter 1157: Real Body
Chapter 1158: Exposed
Chapter 1159: Silverflame Flowertree
Chapter 1160: A Deal
Chapter 1161: Gacha God
Chapter 1162: Only Benefiting A Third Party
Chapter 1163: Courting Disaster
Chapter 1164: Awkward
Chapter 1165: Shock
Chapter 1166: Caught Red-Handed
Chapter 1167: Three Women Are Enough For A Drama
Chapter 1168: Investing A Lot
Chapter 1169: Supreme Skills Of Two Masters
Chapter 1170: Star Shattering Imprint
Chapter 1171: Situation Reversed
Chapter 1172: Little Bastards Don'T Fight With Honor
Chapter 1173: Two Grandmasters Admit Defeat
Chapter 1174: Sacrifice
Chapter 1175: Exploit A Weakness
Chapter 1176: Are You Going To Do It, Or Am I?
Chapter 1177: Regret
Chapter 1178: One Line Prophecy Fulfilled
Chapter 1179: Keep A Secret
Chapter 1180: Trapped
Chapter 1181: Misunderstanding
Chapter 1182: The Frozen Mountain Melts
Chapter 1183: His Blood Inside Me
Chapter 1184: Hell Battlefield
Chapter 1185: Escaped
Chapter 1186: Private Worries
Chapter 1187: White And Blue Ladies
Chapter 1188: King Court Emissary
Chapter 1189: Golden Crow Crown Prince
Chapter 1190: A Charitable Lesson
Chapter 1191: Domineering
Chapter 1192: Stakes Of The Gamble
Chapter 1193: Valiant Body
Chapter 1194: Golden Crow Sacred Fire
Chapter 1195: Unrivaled At His Rank?
Chapter 1196: Cover Blown
Chapter 1197: Feeling Of Death
Chapter 1198: Sun Slaying Bow
Chapter 1199: Using His Spear Against His Shield
Chapter 1200: We’Re Even
Chapter 1201: Cracks
Chapter 1202: Godrune Forging Diagram
Chapter 1203: A Woman Is Born To Leave Her Family
Chapter 1204: Face To Face
Chapter 1205: Cards Laid On The Table
Chapter 1206: Sharing Misfortunes Together
Chapter 1207: Way Too Packed
Chapter 1208: Help Our Disciples Control Their Man
Chapter 1209: Fell Down
Chapter 1210: Selling Out A Comrade
Chapter 1211: Caught Up In The Drama She Was Enjoying
Chapter 1212: Thoughts Aligned
Chapter 1213: Nickname Card
Chapter 1214: Leader Of The Four Nation-Destroying Beauties
Chapter 1215: Betrayal
Chapter 1216: Farewell, Nanchao!
Chapter 1217: Not Even The Yellow River Can Wash This Clean
Chapter 1218: Too Smart
Chapter 1219: Completely Blank
Chapter 1220: A Lesson
Chapter 1221: An Insensitive Man’S Consolation
Chapter 1222: Red Strings
Chapter 1223: Can’T Be Dealt With, Can’T Be Understood Either
Chapter 1224: Exposed
Chapter 1225: Bluefield Country
Chapter 1226: Relationship Destined By Fate
Chapter 1227: Something Isn’T Quite Right
Chapter 1228: Bluefield Country'S Leader
Chapter 1229: Appearance Of A Great Treasure
Chapter 1230: A Straightforward Man’S Distress
Chapter 1231: Dangerous Eyes
Chapter 1232: Why Aren’T Things Going According To Plan?
Chapter 1233: Personal Visit
Chapter 1234: The Dragon’S Nine Sons
Chapter 1235: Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox
Chapter 1236: Mysterious
Chapter 1237: A Clear And Cold Sigh
Chapter 1238: Auntie
Chapter 1239: Mooching Has Never Felt So Good
Chapter 1240: Followed
Chapter 1241: Huge Scandal
Chapter 1242: We’Re Going To Ascend?
Chapter 1243: The Choice
Chapter 1244: Tangseng’S Flesh
Chapter 1245: Swindler
Chapter 1246: Succeeding Through A Lucky Stroke
Chapter 1247: Giant Tongue
Chapter 1248: The Consequences Of Wit
Chapter 1249: The Different Races’ Elites
Chapter 1250: Why Is It Different?
Chapter 1251: Azure Dragon And White Tiger
Chapter 1252: Can’T Advance Or Retreat
Chapter 1253: Leading The Way
Chapter 1254: Fiend Races' Crown Princess?
Chapter 1255: What Lies Behind The Thick Fog
Chapter 1256: Terrifying Existence
Chapter 1257: Making Things Difficult
Chapter 1258: Whose Mouth Is More Formidable, Really?
Chapter 1259: Fiend Races’ Five Great Experts
Chapter 1260: Then Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 1261: Forbidden Devil’S Seed Manual
Chapter 1262: He Has To Save Them
Chapter 1263: Bronze Gate
Chapter 1264: Great Treasures
Chapter 1265: Pendant
Chapter 1266: One Drop Of Heaven’S Essence
Chapter 1267: Is Anyone Against This?
Chapter 1268: Three Three Flower
Chapter 1269: Display Of Unique Skills
Chapter 1270: The One Inside The Coffin
Chapter 1271: Relations Broken
Chapter 1272: An Ominous Change In The Situation
Chapter 1273: A Large Hand From The Darkness
Chapter 1274: To Each Their Own Designs
Chapter 1275: A Resolute Decision
Chapter 1276: Unexpected
Chapter 1277: Living Dead
Chapter 1278: Unchanging And Faithful Oath
Chapter 1279: Lord Sui’S Pearl
Chapter 1280: Tears Falling Like Rain
Chapter 1281: Unknown Region
Chapter 1282: Mutual Suspicion
Chapter 1283: Fatal Call
Chapter 1284: An Exception For Him
Chapter 1285: Senior’S Lesson
Chapter 1286: Heaven’S Will
Chapter 1287: Accidentally Stumbling Into The Very Center
Chapter 1288: Snow Lady
Chapter 1289: Dao Wound
Chapter 1290: Returning From Death’S Door
Chapter 1291: You’Re Dead If You Turn Around!
Chapter 1292: You'D Better Not Think Of It As Anything Else
Chapter 1293: Breakthrough
Chapter 1294: Noobs Compared To Other Grandmasters
Chapter 1295: There’S Not Enough Time
Chapter 1296: Passing Of The Finest Judgment
Chapter 1297: Pressured More And More
Chapter 1298: To Dress As A Man
Chapter 1299: Vicious And Merciless
Chapter 1300: Conclusive Proof
Chapter 1301: Harsh Interrogation
Chapter 1302: Never Spoken A Lie
Chapter 1303: New Noble Title
Chapter 1304: I'M Not That Kind Of Person
Chapter 1305: A Gentleman Uses His Mouth, Not His Fists
Chapter 1306: Secret Within The Hot Springs
Chapter 1307: Breaking Apart Lovebirds
Chapter 1308: Bad News
Chapter 1309: Chaos
Chapter 1310: Passing On Cultivation
Chapter 1311: A Grudge Must Be Repaid
Chapter 1312: Slip Of The Tongue
Chapter 1313: Fiend Race King Court
Chapter 1314: Bogus Accusations
Chapter 1315: First And Second Empress
Chapter 1316: Unforeseen Developments
Chapter 1317: Sealed
Chapter 1318: Worry
Chapter 1319: Fiend Imperial Palace
Chapter 1320: Heartbreaking Words
Chapter 1321: Superman Punch
Chapter 1322: Eyes In The Sky
Chapter 1323: Nowhere Left To Run
Chapter 1324: Fiend Empress’ Resting Chambers
Chapter 1325: Surprise Attack
Chapter 1326: Not Qualified
Chapter 1327: Confrontation
Chapter 1328: Take Care Of Something
Chapter 1329: New Grudge, Old Hatred
Chapter 1330: Money And Influence Will Help You In Any Occupation
Chapter 1331: Returning In Anger
Chapter 1332: Crown Princess
Chapter 1333: Imperial Tomb
Chapter 1334: Battle Of The Arts
Chapter 1335: A Place That Fits Their Status
Chapter 1336: Trap
Chapter 1337: The Gamble
Chapter 1338: Excellent Teeth
Chapter 1339: On Purpose
Chapter 1340: Smugness Of A Nobody
Chapter 1341: Paradise
Chapter 1342: Reunion
Chapter 1343: Envy
Chapter 1344: Shocking Bet
Chapter 1345: One Of The Greatest Treasures
Chapter 1346: Chou Clan’S Supreme Skill
Chapter 1347: True Corpse Bamboo
Chapter 1348: Confidence
Chapter 1349: Trash Stone
Chapter 1350: Divine Radiance
Chapter 1351: Complete Victory
Chapter 1352: Those In The Mirror
Chapter 1353: Ambush
Chapter 1354: Pissed
Chapter 1355: Hunter And Prey
Chapter 1356: Mysterious Key
Chapter 1357: All Races General Assembly
Chapter 1358: Picking Bamboo Sticks
Chapter 1359: Not Worthy
Chapter 1360: Literal Shit Beaten Out Of Them
Chapter 1361: Extreme Joy Into Extreme Sorrow
Chapter 1362: Suspicion
Chapter 1363: Invitation
Chapter 1364: Empress, You Don’T Want Something To Happen To Your Son, Right?
Chapter 1365: Luring Through Benefits
Chapter 1366: There Is More Than A Single Knife Poking Against Your Back
Chapter 1367: Executed Without Exception
Chapter 1368: Worst Case Situation
Chapter 1369: Something In The Walls
Chapter 1370: An Old Friend
Chapter 1371: Ritual
Chapter 1372: Alarmed
Chapter 1373: No Morals
Chapter 1374: Times Have Changed
Chapter 1375: Only Survivor
Chapter 1376: Sudden Change In The Imperial Tomb
Chapter 1377: Intent To Kill
Chapter 1378: Poor Eye For Men
Chapter 1379: Pathfinders
Chapter 1380: Abyss
Chapter 1381: Trap
Chapter 1382: Feather Abyss
Chapter 1383: Legend
Chapter 1384: Resentment
Chapter 1385: He Will Fight To Live
Chapter 1386: Just Accept Reality And Die
Chapter 1387: Method Of Salvation
Chapter 1388: Stupefied
Chapter 1389: Saved
Chapter 1390: Power Of The Snowflake Sword
Chapter 1391: Relocated
Chapter 1392: Why Is The Taste Off?
Chapter 1393: What Is Going On?
Chapter 1394: Wisdom In A Crisis
Chapter 1395: Finally Arrived
Chapter 1396: Residual Effects
Chapter 1397: Too Early To Feel Happy
Chapter 1398: An Injustice From The Distant Past
Chapter 1399: Ancient Hidden Truth
Chapter 1400: Ascension
Chapter 1401 Goldenrain Immortal Fruit
Chapter 1402: Soul Capture
Chapter 1403: Jiuyi Mountain Range
Chapter 1404: Black Emperor’S Descendant
Chapter 1405: The Regret Of Chang’E
Chapter 1406: Path Of A Hero
Chapter 1407: Blacked Out
Chapter 1408: Path To Immortality Ruined
Chapter 1409: My Most Precious Thing
Chapter 1410: Shaoxian Mountain
Chapter 1411: Three Thousand Weak Water
Chapter 1412: Endless
Chapter 1413: Water Surface’S Dangers
Chapter 1414: Hunter And Prey
Chapter 1415: Gift
Chapter 1416: Endless Revival
Chapter 1417: Red Eyes Deep Underwater
Chapter 1418: Human Face, Snake Body
Chapter 1419: Celestial Emperor
Chapter 1420: Three Times Stronger Than Yi
Chapter 1421: Mulberry Forest
Chapter 1422: Seduction
Chapter 1423: Aloof And Seductive
Chapter 1424: Bewitching Dance
Chapter 1425: True Form Revealed
Chapter 1426: Bite The Hand That Feeds
Chapter 1427: Killer
Chapter 1428: Scratch My Back And I’Ll Scratch Yours
Chapter 1429: Ferocious Maw
Chapter 1430: Between Reality And Illusion
Chapter 1431: Guardian
Chapter 1432: Blessing
Chapter 1433: Field Of Longevity
Chapter 1434: Zaochi Giant
Chapter 1435: Nine Infants
Chapter 1436: Zu An Stirring The Water
Chapter 1437: Bluefield Pond
Chapter 1438: Grandgale
Chapter 1439: Ten Suns Above
Chapter 1440: Miniskirt
Chapter 1441: Fusang
Chapter 1442: Sun Goddess
Chapter 1443: Disappeared Memories
Chapter 1444: Clown Woman
Chapter 1445: Spirit Mountain’S Ten Shamans
Chapter 1446: Ancient Secret
Chapter 1447: Immortal Medicine Stolen
Chapter 1448: Paths Between Heaven And Earth Severed
Chapter 1449: Decree From The Heavens
Chapter 1450: Battle Between Deities
Chapter 1451: A Goddess’ Plea
Chapter 1452: Real And False World
Chapter 1453: Fading Away
Chapter 1454: Exactly The Same
Chapter 1455: Body And Soul Reunited
Chapter 1456: Deliberate Misrepresentation
Chapter 1457: Abandoning One’S Benefactor Upon Achieving One’S Goal
Chapter 1458: I Wouldn’T Mind Being Called Master
Chapter 1459: Absolute Social Suicide
Chapter 1460: Formation Core
Chapter 1461: Coming In To Take The Spoils
Chapter 1462: Seal Undone
Chapter 1463: Key
Chapter 1464: Don’T I Still Have You?
Chapter 1465: Respectfully Welcome Master
Chapter 1466: Rock Bottom
Chapter 1467: Something Isn’T Right Here
Chapter 1468: Want To Date, But Scared Of Getting F*Cked?
Chapter 1469: Power Of Dragon Veins
Chapter 1470: Heaven Never Bars One’S Way
Chapter 1471: Revival
Chapter 1472: King Meets King
Chapter 1473: A Ten Thousand-Year Score To Settle
Chapter 1474: Heartbroken
Chapter 1475: World Formation
Chapter 1476: Rune Weapon Chart
Chapter 1477: Robbery
Chapter 1478: You Won’T Have A Chance Anymore
Chapter 1479: Gatling The Savior
Chapter 1480: Dongfeng’S Blossom
Chapter 1481: Is A Thousand Miles Far?
Chapter 1482: You Just Had To Go For The Mental Blow Too?
Chapter 1483: Flesh And Bones
Chapter 1484: It’S Everywhere
Chapter 1485: This Fatty Is So Wise
Chapter 1486: Forging System
Chapter 1487: And You Said You Two Were Innocent!
Chapter 1488: Major Changes In The Fiend King Court
Chapter 1489: Internal Strife
Chapter 1490: Orphan And Widow
Chapter 1491: Shattering Of A Past Dream
Chapter 1492: Wife, You Don’T Want
Chapter 1493: The Reason I Chose You
Chapter 1494: Call Him Father
Chapter 1495: Great Elf King
Chapter 1496: Most Handsome In The World
Chapter 1497: New Ally
Chapter 1498: Stopped
Chapter 1499: Crazy Taunting
Chapter 1500: I’M Worried That You’Ll Just Die
Chapter 1501: I Admit That I Was Shooting My Mouth Off
Chapter 1502: Committee Of Elders
Chapter 1503: Disbelief
Chapter 1504: Doing All The Work For Another
Chapter 1505: Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 1506: Do You Really Have No Idea?
Chapter 1507: Undisclosed Strength
Chapter 1508: The Ignorant Are Fearless
Chapter 1509: Too Kind
Chapter 1510: The Wind Is So Noisy Today
Chapter 1511: Great Elder
Chapter 1512: Widow Maker
Chapter 1513: Netherworld Seal
Chapter 1514: Regent
Chapter 1515: Whoever Starts The Trouble Should End It
Chapter 1516: I Came At The Wrong Time
Chapter 1517: Should I Run Or Not?
Chapter 1518: End Of An Age
Chapter 1519: Agate Of Enlightenment
Chapter 1520: Divine Weapon
Chapter 1521: Key Upgrade Materials
Chapter 1522: Sword Energy Soars
Chapter 1523: Son Of Heaven’S Sword
Chapter 1524: The Fiend King Court Will Not Tolerate One So Outstanding
Chapter 1525: Arrogance To Deference
Chapter 1526: Departure
Chapter 1527: A Test Lingering On The Brink Of Death
Chapter 1528: I, Yun Jianyue, Have Never Been Inferior!
Chapter 1529: Drunk?
Chapter 1530: Naught But A Kun Fish Fry
Chapter 1531: Return To True Self
Chapter 1532: The Sound Of A Heart Shattering
Chapter 1533: Wedding
Chapter 1534: Huge Loss
Chapter 1535: Coming Out
Chapter 1536: Ambush
Chapter 1537: Anything Is Possible With Determination
Chapter 1538: Intrusion Of Bad Guys
Chapter 1539: Coercion
Chapter 1540: Not Even An Immortal Can Save You Now
Chapter 1541: Against Someone Like You?
Chapter 1542: Counterattack
Chapter 1543: Goddess And Moonlight
Chapter 1544: Too Naive
Chapter 1545: Feng Shan Ceremony
Chapter 1546: Marquis Shen
Chapter 1547: Dancing On The Tightrope Of Life And Death
Chapter 1548: Danger Approaches
Chapter 1549: Alarmed
Chapter 1550: Empress’ Anger
Chapter 1551: Heads Will Tumble
Chapter 1552: Warning
Chapter 1553: Bitter Waiting
Chapter 1554: Wasted Effort
Chapter 1555: Desperate Action
Chapter 1556: Death Courting Topic
Chapter 1557: Harsh Criticism
Chapter 1558: Frank And Open
Chapter 1559: Plots Revealed
Chapter 1560: The Terror Of Linked Sword Heart
Chapter 1561: Torturing Of The Soul
Chapter 1562: Battle Within The Harem
Chapter 1563: Unjustly Attacked
Chapter 1564: Message
Chapter 1565: Don’T Be Led Astray By Big Brother Zu
Chapter 1566: News Of Death
Chapter 1567: New Mission
Chapter 1568: Violet Mountain
Chapter 1569: Slipped
Chapter 1570 – Ulterior Motive
Chapter 1571 – Heartbeat
Chapter 1572: Meeting And Separation
Chapter 1573: State Teacher
Chapter 1574: Criticism
Chapter 1575: Entrust
Chapter 1576: Despair
Chapter 1577: Regret
Chapter 1578: Fleeing Within Calamity
Chapter 1579: Just You By Yourself?
Chapter 1580 – Internal Psychological Warfare
Chapter 1581 – Appearance Of A Great Treasure
Chapter 1582: Moving Through The Night
Chapter 1583: Coroner
Chapter 1584: Nowhere To Begin
Chapter 1585: Occult Conversation
Chapter 1586: Witness
Chapter 1587: Mysterious Woman
Chapter 1588: Clues
Chapter 1589: A New Dawn
Chapter 1590: Breaking Into The Camp
Chapter 1591 – Resolute
Chapter 1592 – Meeting Of Enemies
Chapter 1593 – Old Friends Reunited
Chapter 1594 – Great Happiness
Chapter 1595 – Pair
Chapter 1596 – Trying To Steal A Chicken, But Ending Up Losing The Rice Used To Lure It
Chapter 1597 – Are You Still Young If Your Blood Isn’T Hot Anymore?
Chapter 1598 – New Challenge
Chapter 1599 – Past Stories
Chapter 1600 – You Don’T Want Anyone Else To Know, Do You?
Chapter 1601 – Wordless Edict
Chapter 1602 – Remarry
Chapter 1603 – New Clues
Chapter 1604 – Repay
Chapter 1605 – Cheated
Chapter 1606 – Do You Want To Live
Chapter 1607 – Fortunes Rise And Fall
Chapter 1608 – I Have Never Heard Such A Weird Request
Chapter 1609 – Imposter
Chapter 1610 – Infatuation
Chapter 1611 – One Mistake In Judgment Leads To A Lifetime Of Regret
Chapter 1612 – Jadefall Palace
Chapter 1613 – Mystery To All, All To One
Chapter 1614 – Doubts
Chapter 1615 – Public Authority For Private Grievances
Chapter 1616 – This Day Will Change
Chapter 1617 – Master Jian Huang
Chapter 1618 – Absolute Nonsense
Chapter 1619 – Joy And Sorrow
Chapter 1620 – Immortal Sword
Chapter 1621 – Unjustified Enmity
Chapter 1622 – Rumors And Slander
Chapter 1623 – Disturbance
Chapter 1624 – Uproar
Chapter 1625 – I Will Testify
Chapter 1626 – Sign Of Big Disaster
Chapter 1627 – Envy, Jealousy, And Hatred
Chapter 1628 – Danger
Chapter 1629 – Stumbling Block
Chapter 1630 – Push Of The Iron Mountain
Chapter 1631 – Sword Destroyed
Chapter 1632 – Falling Out
Chapter 1633 – Making The Whole World His Enemy
Chapter 1634: You Overrate Yourself
Chapter 1635: Golden Peak’S Silence
Chapter 1636: Message
Chapter 1637: Wishes Fulfilled
Chapter 1638: An Impossible Mission
Chapter 1639: Fishy
Chapter 1640: Luring A Tiger From Its Domain
Chapter 1641: Matchmaker
Chapter 1642: Freeloader
Chapter 1643: I Gave You An Opportunity But You Didn’T Cherish It
Chapter 1644: Wailing Of The Cold Cicadas
Chapter 1645: Fists For Giggling Freaks
Chapter 1646: Driven Insane
Chapter 1647: Let People Off Whenever Possible
Chapter 1648: Are You All From The Devil Sect?
Chapter 1649: Proud Yun Jianyue
Chapter 1650: Selection
Chapter 1651: An Unexpected Weapon
Chapter 1652: It’S Really Big
Chapter 1653: All’S Fair In War
Chapter 1654: Something Fishy
Chapter 1655: Hidden Room
Chapter 1656: Six Major Barriers
Chapter 1657: A Condition
Chapter 1658: Semi-Finals
Chapter 1659: Demonic Blade
Chapter 1660: Interrogation
Chapter 1661: Moving Through The Night
Chapter 1662: Like A Vacation Stroll
Chapter 1663: Darkness
Chapter 1664: Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War
Chapter 1665: Frontal Clash
Chapter 1666: The Best Backer
Chapter 1667: Other Hidden Motives
Chapter 1668: Two Hours
Chapter 1669: I Have A Friend
Chapter 1670: Missing
Chapter 1671: The One Who Was Investigating
Chapter 1672: Behind-The-Scenes Story
Chapter 1673: Unforeseen Event
Chapter 1674: Banners Raised
Chapter 1675: Appeased
Chapter 1676: Lucky Stroke
Chapter 1677: Exposed
Chapter 1678: Revived From The Dead
Chapter 1679: Assassin
Chapter 1680: Revenge Plot
Chapter 1681: Truth Of The Throne
Chapter 1682: Curse Arts
Chapter 1683: Doubt
Chapter 1684: Did I Come At A Bad Time?
Chapter 1685: Code Names
Chapter 1686: Ambush
Chapter 1687: One Breath Three Essence
Chapter 1688: Shaman
Chapter 1689: A Question
Chapter 1690: A Terrifying Question
Chapter 1691: Night Scout
Chapter 1692: Accidental Meeting
Chapter 1693: Another Disappearance
Chapter 1694: Identity Exposed
Chapter 1695: All Cards Revealed
Chapter 1696: Imminent Battle
Chapter 1697: Predestined Showdown
Chapter 1698: Sisters
Chapter 1699: Dance Of Ice And Snow
Chapter 1700: Enchanting Both Men And Women
Chapter 1701: Indecisive
Chapter 1702: Champion
Chapter 1703: Requesting Help
Chapter 1704: Spy
Chapter 1705: Royal Family Chaos
Chapter 1706: Execution
Chapter 1707: Repay Kindness
Chapter 1708: One For Another
Chapter 1709: Ominous Premonition
Chapter 1710: King Guangling
Chapter 1711: Exposed
Chapter 1712: Dispute
Chapter 1713: Olive Branch
Chapter 1714: Love In The Air
Chapter 1715: Foot Of The Mountain
Chapter 1716: Offering Ceremony
Chapter 1717: Ambush
Chapter 1718: Pure Yang Art Of Youth
Chapter 1719: Revenge
Chapter 1720: Proof
Chapter 1721: Reunion
Chapter 1722: Death
Chapter 1723: Weaken
Chapter 1724: Primordial Spirit Appearance
Chapter 1725: Besiege
Chapter 1726: I’M So Stupid
Chapter 1727: Painstaking Efforts
Chapter 1728: To Rope Him In
Chapter 1729: You Didn’T Expect That, Did You?
Chapter 1730: Wedding Clothes For Another
Chapter 1731: Plea
Chapter 1732: You Shouldn’T Have Come
Chapter 1733: Great Formation
Chapter 1734: Banishment
Chapter 1735: Caught Up In Disaster
Chapter 1736: Regardless Of Perils
Chapter 1737: Exploring
Chapter 1738: An Old Friend Who Shouldn’T Be Here
Chapter 1739: Zither In The Wilderness
Chapter 1740: Ordeal
Chapter 1741: My Life Isn’T Over
Chapter 1742: We Can Have Some Fun
Chapter 1743: Full Of Expectation
Chapter 1744: Humiliation
Chapter 1745: A Unexpected Grandmother
Chapter 1746: Ghost King Pt. 1
Chapter 1747: Ghost King Pt. 2
Chapter 1748: Proverbs
Chapter 1749: A Deal
Chapter 1750: Kill Them All
Chapter 1751: Ghosts
Chapter 1752: Bride
Chapter 1753: Performance
Chapter 1754: What The Hell Is This?!
Chapter 1755: Back To The Start
Chapter 1756: Condition
Chapter 1757: Solving The Riddle
Chapter 1758: Enlightenment
Chapter 1759: Enemies
Chapter 1760: Runes And Records
Chapter 1761: Wang Port
Chapter 1762: Price
Chapter 1763: Soul Artist
Chapter 1764: Red Brilliance Yellow Talisman
Chapter 1765: Sect Master Records
Chapter 1766: Record Of High Firmament
Chapter 1767: Divine Firmament Sect Master
Chapter 1768: Reversal
Chapter 1769: Shocking Developments
Chapter 1770: Hidden Dragon Phoenix Chick
Chapter 1771: Hostage
Chapter 1772: Extreme Joy Turns To Extreme Sorrow
Chapter 1773: Order For Arrest
Chapter 1774: Down Memory Lane
Chapter 1775: He Is My Man!
Chapter 1776: Original Body
Chapter 1777: Fate Cannot Be Changed
Chapter 1778: Everyone Has Gathered
Chapter 1779: Pursuit
Chapter 1780: Surrounded
Chapter 1781: Why Isn’T It Like How I Imagined?
Chapter 1782: Fighting Side By Side
Chapter 1783: Glare Of Eternal Slumber
Chapter 1784: Wife Of The Immortal Ruler
Chapter 1785: Kiss Of The Goddess
Chapter 1786: Mutual Salvation
Chapter 1787: Throwing Lives Away
Chapter 1788: Reaper Of Death
Chapter 1789: Caught Red-Handed
Chapter 1790: Self-Sacrifice To Save Each Other
Chapter 1791: Appearance Of The Ghost King
Chapter 1792: Demonic Voice Of The Ghost King
Chapter 1793: Laying Out All Cards
Chapter 1794: Cooperation
Chapter 1795: Earthflame Devil
Chapter 1796: Soulburn Firecrystal
Chapter 1797: Tomb Inside The Tomb
Chapter 1798: Immortal Ruler Remains
Chapter 1799: Methods Left Behind
Chapter 1800: Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1801: Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 1802: Did We Come At A Bad Time?
Chapter 1803: Not Weird Enough
Chapter 1804: Entrusted With A Mission (Teaser)
Chapter 1805: One Gaze Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 1806: Pure World Icelotus
Chapter 1807: Dance Offering To The Universe
Chapter 1808: A Melon To Eat (Teaser)
Chapter 1809: Drive Away The Tiger To Swallow The Wolf
Chapter 1810: You’Re Not Going To Act Anymore
Chapter 1811: A Single Mishap And Utter Defeat
Chapter 1812: How Can This Be?
Chapter 1813: One Sword For One Life
Chapter 1814: Sisters As One
Chapter 1815: Questioning Life
Chapter 1816: Humiliation
Chapter 1817: Goosebumps
Chapter 1818: Truth Of The Past
Chapter 1820: How Lowly
Chapter 1821: Hidden Path
Chapter 1822: Underground Monk
Chapter 1823: To Steal A Chicken Only To Lose The Rice
Chapter 1824: Repaying The Fare
Chapter 1825: Lascivious Activities Can Lead To Bitter Consequences
Chapter 1826: Great Tomb Depths
Chapter 1827: Seal
Chapter 1828: Jing Teng’S Original Body
Chapter 1829: Sisters
Chapter 1830: Saving The World
Chapter 1831: Collapse
Chapter 1832: Everything
Chapter 1833: Words Spoken, Order Implemented
Chapter 1834: Big Sister Likes White, I Like Black
Chapter 1835: Isn’T It Just Mating?
Chapter 1836: Not Owning Up
Chapter 1837: Right By His Side
Chapter 1838: New Gains
Chapter 1839: Awkward
Chapter 1840: Escape
Chapter 1841: New Master
Chapter 1842: United Against The Enemy
Chapter 1843: Death To End All Troubles
Chapter 1844: Dao Heart Shattered
Chapter 1845: Immortal Beheading
Chapter 1846: Facing Tribulation
Chapter 1847: You Have Immortal Cultivation, I Have Science
Chapter 1848: Babes On Both Sides
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A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan?

What? I’m a transmigrator but I don’t have any talent for cultivation? Why are there so many people out for my life? And most importantly of all, how in the world did I get on the bed of my sister-in-law on my wedding night?!

It was a nightmarish starting point for Zu An, but fortunately, as a famed keyboard warrior in his previous life, the world gave him a keyboard in this life too so that he could turn things around. Through his trolling and flaming, he shall stand atop the corpses of his burned enemies and rise to the top of the world!

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Chapter 1: Keyboard Warrior

Chapter 1: Keyboard Warrior

Ow ow ow ow!! Pain arced through every inch of his body as the stench of burnt flesh filled his nose. Wait a sec! What’s going on?

Zu An was certain that he had been arguing with a bunch of people on an internet forum just a few seconds ago…

It was a stormy day. A thunderstorm was wreaking havoc outside his windows, but it did nothing to dull Zu An’s furious typing. He was trolling the absolute shit out of a bunch of users on a forum, insulting them to the point of speechlessness… ahem, which is to say, he was gently persuading them through heartfelt appeals to their sense of decency.

All of a sudden, there was a blinding flash of light accompanied by a thunderous cacophony. A basketball-sized clump of lightning drifted through his window, glowing with a strange, hazy red light.

Following that, Zu An remembered hearing an absolutely miserable scream ring out, followed by an utterly indescribable sensation. He vaguely recalled seeing the keyboard in front of him vaporize into dust along with his hands, which had been placed on the keyboard. More and more of him had been vaporized, until finally… everything became a blank.

Was I just hit by lightning? What the hell was that thing? Ball lightning? As a highly qualified keyboard warrior, he had naturally read up on these phenomena before. He was naturally quick-witted, and instead of feeling frightened, he was overcome with excitement and eagerness. Holy shit! Have I gained superpowers? Maybe I’m going to turn into the Flash! Or maybe even Captain Atom?

He struggled to open his eyes, but everything in front of him was a blur. He had no idea where he was at all. Suddenly, a stabbing pain radiated into him from his fingertips. He jerked his gaze downwards and ‘saw’ something before him – although he wasn’t sure if he was just seeing things.

There, floating in front of his fingers, was a keyboard. It looked identical to the one he normally used, but the keys looked gray and lifeless. He tried tapping on the keys, but none of them was budging at all. It was as though they were locked in place.

“You have successfully bound the ‘Keyboard Warrior’ account. Upon fulfilling the necessary conditions, the relevant abilities shall be unlocked.” An icy voice reverberated in Zu An’s mind, scaring the crap out of him.

What the hell? Zu An thought to himself. Why can’t I be the Flash, Spiderman, Iron Man, or something cool like that? Although the ‘Keyboard Warrior’ title kinda fits my personality, it sounds… weird.

“So what do I need to do to unlock these abilities?” Zu An asked hurriedly.

“Collect the secret manuals from the Twelve Unknowable Regions of this world and then embed them in the F1 through F12 function keys. Each time you collect a manual, you’ll unlock a corresponding ability,” the icy voice replied.

Only then did Zu An notice that the function keys on his keyboard were covered in strange runes. He surmised that these corresponded to those twelve so-called secret manuals.

“Good luck, Keyboard Warrior!” At these final words, the keyboard began to fold in on itself. It transformed into a shadow before seeping into his fingertip, vanishing from sight.

“Wait a second! What the hell are the ‘Twelve Unknowable Regions’, and how am I supposed to find these secret manuals?” The words tumbled out of Zu An’s mouth, but no matter how he shouted, there was no response from the icy voice.

Zu An wanted to cuss. A keyboard? This is bullshit. Why do other protagonists get to start out with something cool, like the Midas touch and stuff, whereas I have all my abilities locked up? On top of that, the ‘Twelve Unknowable Regions’ sounds incredibly dangerous, and I doubt they’ll just hand out secret manuals freely. And I need to get twelve of them?! This is bullshit!

The haze around him began to dissipate. He felt warm sunlight shining down on him, and he could vaguely make out the sounds of others speaking nearby.

“That was odd. There’s not even a cloud in the sky. Where in the world did the lightning come from? It makes no sense at all!”

“This guy’s probably done so many bad things that the heavens have decided to exact divine retribution on him.”

“Hey, isn’t that the useless son-in-law of the Chu clan? He should have thanked his lucky stars that a fairy maiden like Chu First Miss would fall for him, but was he? No! I heard that last night, on his wedding night, he actually snuck into his sister-in-law’s bed!”

“Holy crap! Is he planning on bagging both of them?”

“Ehehehe. Plenty of guys like to eye their sisters-in-law, after all.”

“No wonder he got struck by lightning! Serves him right!”

“Pity about that lovely Chu First Miss, though. So young, but already a widow.”

“Shh! The Chu clan might hear you gossiping. They are searching everywhere for this animal.”

Zu An was completely confused by what he was hearing. What is this nonsense? What the hell is going on? Everyone’s just watching, but no one’s even called for an ambulance. When I recover, I’m going to expose all of them and their shameless actions on social media!

“Out of the way! The coroner’s arrived,” someone shouted out.

Coroner?! Zu An was stunned. Shouldn’t they call a doctor? Are they shooting a historical drama here?

Moments later, he sensed someone crouch down by his side, who then began poking and prodding the hell out of him. A voice reported, “Sallow face. Body charred black. Hands balled loosely. Eyes and mouth still wide open. Body streaked red and purple, but flesh relatively unharmed. It would appear that he was indeed electrocuted to death.”

Zu An was enraged to hear that. Dying was one thing, but dying in such an ugly fashion was simply unforgivable. He somehow mustered the strength to sit up, and he bellowed, “HEY! Can you at least put some makeup on me first before snapping pictures?”

“ZOMBIE!!!” The crowd around him screamed in unison.

Zu An was stunned. Everyone around him was indeed dressed in ancient period costumes, although they were decidedly low-quality, unlike the extravagant, beautiful costumes he saw on TV. What was even more puzzling was the lack of cameras or cameramen nearby. In fact, he couldn’t see so much as a cell phone anywhere! Nor did he see any telephone lines, cars, or any other traces of the modern world he was familiar with.

So I didn’t die? Have I transmigrated into another world? As a huge fan of webnovels, Zu An had read about many situations like this before, so he wasn’t too shocked by this development.

“W-w-what manner of freakish demon are you?!” The coroner’s lips quivered as he pointed at Zu An in horror. He was so shocked that he fell flat onto his back.

“I’m not a freak, jackass. Can’t you even tell the difference between a person and a corpse? I think you need to find a new day job.” Cough, cough. Smoke rose ceaselessly from his mouth and nostrils as he spoke, causing him to choke on his words. Probably an after-effect of being struck by lightning, he mused.

Looking down at himself, Zu An noticed that he was not dressed in his usual clothing, and his limbs were slimmer than he remembered them to be. A terrifying thought sprang into his mind. He hurriedly pulled open his pants and took a peek inside… A heart-wrenching shriek of agony ensued.


Where should have been a ‘giant roc’ had been replaced by a ‘tiny chick’. No man could withstand the mental anguish of that.

A sudden hush fell among the onlookers, and they hurriedly stepped aside to open up a pathway for an approaching figure. Some nervously lowered their heads and snuck secret glances at the new arrival.

Zu An subconsciously turned to look as well, and it finally dawned on him why the crowd was reacting in such a manner.

A woman dressed in white was walking serenely towards him.

Her eyes were clear, and her skin was snowy-white. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows looked like the masterpiece of a skilled artist. A gentle breeze seemed to accompany her every step, rustling the hem of her white dress and fluttering her beautiful black hair. A pale blue belt encircled her slender, willowy waist. She drifted towards him like an ephemeral fairy maiden amidst the clouds.

HOLY SHIT! Zu An floundered for the right words to properly describe this immaculate beauty before him, only to fail miserably. He cursed himself for not studying harder at school.

The woman came to a halt right before him and gazed down. Zu An feebly crawled to his feet and said, “Hey, babe. Do you have a boyfriend? If you do, would you consider dropping him for me? Otherwise, I’m perfectly fine with being your secret lover too?”

Displeasure clouded the woman’s face. She uttered coldly, “It’s only been a few hours since our wedding, Zu An, and you suddenly can’t recognize me anymore?”

Wu-wu-wuuuh?! Zu An was speechless. The beautiful woman before me, who looks so perfect that she could have come out of a portrait, is actually this poor bastard’s wife? Not to mention, this poor bastard who had been killed by lightning was also named Zu An?

This revelation suddenly brought a flood of information into his mind, which felt familiar yet foreign.

It felt familiar because this world was very similar to that of ancient China, sharing a similar language and culture. But at the same time, it felt foreign because this was a world of cultivation, a world where people could reach incredible heights of strength, becoming mighty enough to cleave entire seas with a slash of their swords, or leap beyond the horizon in a single bound.

It wasn’t exactly the same as the world of the Xianxia cultivation novels he had read. In this world, power was mostly concentrated in the hands of the royal court. The stronger one was, the greater power and authority one would be able to amass.

This land was known as that of the Zhou Dynasty, and its current emperor was one of the most powerful cultivators in the land.

The Zhou Dynasty was an incomparably flourishing one, and it had lasted far longer than any of ancient China’s dynasties. The highest-ranking princes and kings of the Dynasty were scattered throughout the lands, and below them were the dukes, the marquesses, the counts, the viscounts, and the barons. These nobles all had their own fiefdoms and private armies, and they jointly supervised their assigned territory alongside officials appointed by the imperial court.

The city Zu An was currently in, Brightmoon City, was the fiefdom of the Brightmoon Duke, also known as Chu Zhongtian.

His body’s previous owner was also named Zu An. He had been an orphan raised by an uncle, and he was notorious in the city for being a young ne’er-do-well. He had been untalented in both learning and cultivation, but had incredibly lofty dreams that vastly surpassed his reach. This fatal combination had purportedly enraged his uncle so much that the old man had died of anger.

But not too long ago, something improbable happened. This wastrel had somehow caught the attention of the eldest daughter of the Brightmoon Duke, the ‘princess’ of Brightmoon City. He had been summoned to the Chu Estate to become the duke’s son-in-law.

How could such a wastrel be worthy of the noble Chu First Miss, who possessed such incomparable beauty? Virtually everyone who heard this news shared the same thought: Even I would have been a better choice than him!

The beautiful woman clothed in white standing before him was none other than the First Miss of the Chu clan, Chu Chuyan.

Thankfully, Zu An managed to think on his feet when faced with her reproving question. Smiling, he reached out to hug her by the waist. “I knew you’d be heart-broken to see me like this, so I thought I’d tell a little joke to ease the tension.”

Since he had apparently been transmigrated into the body of this other Zu An of this parallel dimension, it meant this lady was now his wife! Thankfully she was not hideously ugly, or else he wouldn’t have been so eager to accept her.

Chu Chuyan turned smoothly and stepped aside, avoiding his grasping claws. “Heart-broken? Over you?” Her calm voice had a cold edge to it.

Zu An brushed it off, thinking that she was simply too shy to behave intimately with him in public. He chased after her hurriedly, wanting to take this opportunity to leave a positive impression on her.

Unexpectedly, a figure leapt out to bar his path. Zu An blinked in surprise. A young woman dressed in green robes stood in his way. She had flat bangs, an exquisite coiffed ponytail, and was willowy. In fact, her waist was so dangerously slender that it was without a doubt the most alluring part of her.

Before Zu An could sing praises for her beauty, she cut him off acidly. “Have you forgotten your place? You know the rules, get back in line.”

Zu An scanned his memories. Ah, right. This young woman was Miss Chu’s personal maidservant, Snow. How dare a serving wench like you speak to her master like this?

His thoughts were interrupted by whispers coming from the bystanders.

“So that’s the eldest daughter of the Chu clan? There really are no words to describe her beauty.”

“Even her maid is gorgeous!”

“So that guy who was hit by lightning really is the cowardly son-in-law of the Chu clan? How the hell did he pull this off?”

“Everyone in the city knows that he’s just mooching off his wife at the Chu clan. Look, even the maid despises him!”

Zu An was incredulous. Cowardly son-in-law?! An odd look crept over his face. It looked like his previous self wasn’t doing very well in this world. Still, he wasn’t too concerned. So what if I’m a lady-moocher? Mooching requires talent as well! All of you guys want to mooch like me, you just don’t have the skills to do so!

Leaving him behind, Chu Chuyan quickly boarded a carriage. Zu An tried to follow her in, but the maidservant Snow stopped him with a glower. The other servants seemed accustomed to this. Not paying any heed to him at all, the coach immediately began driving the carriage off.

Rage bubbled within Zu An. Look, lady, your husband just got hit by lightning, and he’s feeling pretty weak right now. At the very least, you shouldn’t be forcing me to walk back, right? And so, throwing caution to the wind, he charged toward the carriage and scurried right in.

The carriage was filled with a faint yet mesmerizing scent. Chu Chuyan looked up from her book, startled to see him suddenly barge in. In the past, he had always obediently stayed outside! She stared at him in bewilderment for a moment there, not knowing what to do.

Just as Zu An was about to speak, the title of her book caught his eye: [Sweet Pampered Wife: Dominating Sword Immortal’s Ninety-Nine Days of Searching For Love]. He blinked. [1]

In a heartbeat, Snow furiously charged in after him. “Ugh, I swear, you…”

Chu Chuyan quickly hid the book inside her sleeves, a tinge of pink suffusing her flawless face. “Forget it, Snow. Just let him stay inside.”

Snow glared at Zu An before storming out to sit at the front of the carriage.

“Did you… see something just now?” Chu Chuyan’s eyes flashed dangerously.

Zu An hurriedly shook his head. “I didn’t see a thing!” So this world has pulpy romance fiction? And the names are just as shameless as the sappy romance novels back on Earth. He had not expected an ice princess like her to favor such steamy novels.

He could tell, however, that she didn’t believe him. Frightened that she might kill him to cover up her secret, Zu An hurriedly changed the subject. “Sweetheart, have you heard of an ‘Unknowable Region’? Which one is closest to our home?”

Her eyes widened noticeably. “Where did you learn of this phrase, ‘Unknowable Region’?” Outside the carriage, a crafty look flashed acrossSnow’s eyes as well, but she hurriedly lowered her head to disguise it.

Zu An replied almost casually, “I heard someone mention it.”

“Impossible!” Chu Chuyan frowned. “There’s no way that an ordinary person would’ve even heard of this phrase.”

1. This is a Xianxia version of the female romance webnovels girls like to read these days…


Total Chapters in book: 1900
Estimated words: 3911358 (not accurate)
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