Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita by Ezo Gingitsune

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 - And So, 10 Years Have Passed.
Chapter 3 - Rakku Who Became A Legend
Chapter 4 - King Eric
Chapter 5 - Let’S Go To The Adventurer’S Guild
Chapter 6 - Let’S Subjugate Some Goblins
Chapter 7 - The Goblins’ Nest
Chapter 8 - Goblin Lord
Chapter 9 - F-Ranker Vs Goblin Lord
Chapter 10 - Shea’S Circumstances
Chapter 11 - Vampire Lord
Chapter 12 - The Gods Of The Dark
Chapter 13 - Shea’S Suspicions
Chapter 14 - Retrieving The Spoils Of War
Chapter 15 - Cleaning Up The Goblins
Chapter 16 - Adventuring Until Returning
Chapter 17 - Gran’S Worries
Chapter 18 - 10 Years After
Chapter 19 - 10 Years After
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 - Return To The Capital
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 - The Vampire Hunter’S Request
Chapter 29 - Family Reconciliation
Chapter 30 - Speaking With Goran
Chapter 31 - How To Protect The Lord God Fowl
Chapter 32 - Let’S Go To The Palace
Chapter 33 - The Princess And The Fowl
Chapter 34 - Let’S Create A Plan To Kill The Vampires
Chapter 35 - Ambush
Chapter 36 - Questions
Chapter 37 - F Rank Warrior Vs 6Th Ranking Officer
Chapter 38 - Let’S Think Of A Counter-Measure
Chapter 39 - Let’S Head To The Base
Chapter 40 - The High Lord’S Stronghold
Chapter 41 - Shia & F Rank Warrior Vs High Lord
Chapter 42 - Shia & S Rank Sorcerer Vs High Lord
Chapter 43 - Vampire High Lord
Chapter 44 - Return To The Royal Capital
Chapter 45 - A Reward For Their Service
Chapter 46 - New House
Chapter 47 - The Ghost Incident
Chapter 48 - F Rank Warrior And The Secret Room
Chapter 49 - Exploring The Secret Passage
Chapter 50 - What Lay At The End Of The Passage
Chapter 51 - The Apprentice System
Chapter 52 - The Return To The House
Chapter 53 - Preparations For Fortifying The Passage
Chapter 54 - Shopping
Chapter 55 - Let’S Interrogate The Thugs
Chapter 56 - The Villain, Kabino
Chapter 57 - Let’S Think Of A Plan To Capture Kabino
Chapter 58 - The Fight At Kabino’S House
Chapter 59 - Let’S Search Kabino’S Mansion
Chapter 60 - On The Way Back To The Mansion
Chapter 61 - Repairing And Reinforcing The Secret Passage
Chapter 62 - Let’S Go To The Palace
Chapter 63 - Installation Of The Door
Chapter 64 - Eric And The Secret Room
Chapter 65 - Eric’S Request
Chapter 66 - Arrangements
Chapter 67 - A Changed Milka
Chapter 68 - Inspecting The Mansion
Chapter 69 - Hunting The Demon Rats
Chapter 70 - The Demon Rat Horde The Demon Rat Horde I moved the lantern to look at the rest of the area and saw that there was a horde of demon rats. And all of them were very large. Serulis unsheathed her sword and said, “These are some big rats. And there are so many of them.” “Yes, I can see how this would have been too much for two people.” I said and Ario nodded. “Yes, we ran out in a panic.” “Just the thought of being eaten alive by those rats gave me a chill.” It was just as Josh said. It would be one of the worst ways to die. “Ario. Use fireballs. I will charge into them at the same time.” “Understood.” “Josh, you support us with arrows.” “Of course.” “Serulis, you get any that I miss.” “Leave it to me.” And then I unsheathed the Devil King Sword. “Groof?” Grulf looked at me with eyes that seemed to ask the question, ‘why don’t you give me any orders?’ “Grulf, your work begins when the rats start trying to escape. I want you to work with Serulis to get any that leak through the cracks.” “Grr!” Grulf puffed out his chest. His tail was wagging excitedly. “Ario. Let’s start.” “Understood!” Ario’s fireballs began flying. They landed and exploded inside of the demon rat horde. “SQUEEKI-KI-KI-KI-KI-KI-KIIIIIIIII!!!!” The shrieking of the rats echoed around us. Over a dozen of them had died from the blast. And so I charged into the confused swarm. I swung the Devil King Sword with all of my strength and cut into five of them. “SQUEEKI-KI-KI-KI-KI-KI-KIIIIIII!!!!” The rats cried noisily as they grouped together and jumped at me. But I cut them all down. I had thought that most of them would try to run away, but they were mostly jumping towards me. Perhaps their appetites for food were stronger than their instinct for self-preservation. The demon rats were even eating the dead rats that I had killed. To them, it didn’t matter if it was a monster of the same species. It was just meat once they were dead. I could sense an intense hunger throughout the whole horde. It all felt very horrifying. What if they had managed to get out of the sewers? They would have begun to attack and eat people immediately. They may have been rats, but they were as big as medium-sized dogs. An adult may be able to kill one of them. But they would be hard pressed against two or three. A child would not be able to fight even one. “We’ll kill them all!” “Yes!” Ario shouted in reply. Josh unleashed his arrows, killing the rats one by one. “Ario. Try not to waste your magic.” “I know!” The power of a Sorcerer was not unlimited. It was important to use it wisely. I too was swinging my sword as to not let a single rat escape. However, there were just so many of them. Not only that, but they were attacking from all sides. It would be impossible to defeat them without using magic. “Leave this side to me.” “Groof!” Serulis and Grulf were fighting the rats that got passed us. “Thank you.” I continued to swing my sword. By the time there were over a hundred corpses surrounding us, the battle ended. “It looks like it’s over for now?” “No. I think there are more of them deeper in.” “Is that right.” Serulis said with a serious expression. “Grulf. Stay on your guard.” “Groof!” “And you can mark your territory.” “Groof-groof!” We had Grulf watch for more rats as we collected the magic stones from the rats. They were small and of terrible quality. Still, they were at least bigger than the ones from normal demon rats. “Serulis. Look at my hands as I work.” “Yes.” Serulis looked at my hands intently as I removed the stones. After that, I had her try it. As an Adventurer, taking out the magic stones was a necessary skill. The demon rats reeked and were filthy. Normally, you wouldn’t even want to touch them. But Serulis never showed any hesitation or disgust as she removed the stones. At the same time, Grulf was carefully sniffing out the area. And he would occasionally squat and mark his territory in different places. And he was a wolf. A spirit beast wolf. Most rats should be too afraid to come close to that scent. After taking out all of the magic stones, we gathered the corpses into a pile. And then I explained to Serulis, “They might turn into undead or start to rot if we leave them here. And so they must be dealt with.” “I see.” Serulis was a very capable fighter but had very little experience as an Adventurer, and so she listened attentively. “It would be easy to burn them if we were outside, but this is the sewers. I suppose we will just have to put them in my magic bag.” “But what should you do when you don’t have a magic bag?” “Find a way to burn them down here…or take them outside a little by little and burn them.” I said and Ario nodded. “Yes. When Locke fought the goblins with us, we had to drag a few dozen goblins outside to burn them.” “That’s right. It was really hard work.” “It was, but we had no choice but to do it.” “I see.” Serulis said as she listened. Grulf was nodding his head next to us. And then I asked Ario, “What do you two usually do?” “Well, we usually only have to kill a few of them. So we drag them outside and burn them.” “I see. Yes.” After that, Josh seemed very interested in my magic bag. “By the way, Mister Locke. That is a very impressive bag.” “And his mansion was huge. I believe Locke to be a very rich man!” “Well, maybe.” And then I said to them, “There are likely still more of them.” “I agree with Locke.” “Yes. I think the likelihood of that is quite high. It is no use unless we crush them all at the source.” Everyone looked very serious. And with that, we descended even further into the sewers.
Chapter 71 - Killing The Demon Rat Horde
Chapter 72 - The Aftermath Of The Demon Rat Hunt
Chapter 73 - Aftermath Part 2
Chapter 74 - Bathing
Chapter 75 - God Fowl Bird Bath
Chapter 76 - Milka’S Talent
Chapter 77 - The Mystery Of The Demon Rats
Chapter 78 - Evil God Idol And The Missing Person Requests
Chapter 79 - The Secret Of The Missing People
Chapter 80 - The Mystery Of The Sewers
Chapter 81 - Marquis Mastafon
Chapter 82 - Invading Marquis Mastafon’S House
Chapter 83 - The Marquis’S Dog
Chapter 84 - The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 85 - Searching The Marquis’S House
Chapter 86 - Powered-Up Vampire
Chapter 87 - The Enemy’S Base
Chapter 88 - The Mysterious Head And The Protection Of The Dark God
Chapter 89 - Dealing With The Evil God Head
Chapter 90 - Return To The Royal Capital
Chapter 91 - Marquis Mastafon And His Wife
Chapter 92 - Family Reunion
Chapter 93 - Dinner And A Pleasurable Evening
Chapter 94 - Night Of Drinking
Chapter 95 - Ruck. Thinking Alone.
Chapter 96 - Checking The Sewers
Chapter 97 - Buying And Eating
Chapter 98 - Nia And The Bath-Hating Luchila
Chapter 99 - Nia’S Request
Chapter 100 - Nia And Shia And Serulis And The Room
Chapter 101 - About The Private Teacher
Chapter 102 - Let’S Hunt Goblins
Chapter 103 - The Goblin Nest
Chapter 104 - F-Rank Warrior Vs Dragon
Chapter 105 - The Dragon’S Reasons
Chapter 106 - Dealing With The Aftermath
Chapter 107 - Shia And Nia’S Father
Chapter 108 - Old Men Taking A Bath
Chapter 109 - Old Men Drinking
Chapter 110 - Old Men Drinking 2
Chapter 111 - Grulf’S Walk
Chapter 112 - Kathe The Great Dragon
Chapter 113 - The Ruin Raiding Goblins
Chapter 114 - Battle With The Goblins
Chapter 115 - Exploring The Ruin
Chapter 116 - Interrogation With The Vampire
Chapter 117 - Cleanup And A Search
Chapter 118 - Talking With Kathe
Chapter 119 - The Walk Back Home
Chapter 120 - Lunch Meeting
Chapter 121 - Eric And Philly
Chapter 122 - Philly’S Odd Way Of Talking
Chapter 123 - The Dragon Machine
Chapter 124
Chapter 125 - Making Philly’S Laboratory
Chapter 126 - Preparing For Their Education
Chapter 127 - Mystery Guest
Chapter 128 - Kathe’S Business
Chapter 129 - Kathe’S Testimony
Chapter 130 - Asking Kathe About Her House
Chapter 131 - Going To Kathe’S House
Chapter 132 - Taking Back Kathe’S House
Chapter 133 - The Battle At Kathe’S House
Chapter 134 - The Fight With The Dragon
Chapter 135 - Kathe’S House
Chapter 136 - Cleaning Up
Chapter 137 - Tea With Kathe And The Magic Circle
Chapter 138 - Ancient Ruins Protection Committee
Chapter 139
Chapter 140 - Talk Before Dinner & Introductions
Chapter 141 - Dinner
Vchapter 142 - Luchila’S Situation
Vchapter 143 - Personnel For The Ancient Ruins Protection Committee
Vchapter 144 - Breakfast Meeting
Vchapter 145 - Kathe’S Father
Vchapter 146 - Dorgo And The Trash Can
Vchapter 147 - Dorgo’S Business
Vchapter 148 - Dorgo’S Request
Vchapter 149 - Dragon King’S Authority
Vchapter 150 - Dorgo’S Request
Vchapter 151 - Dorgo’S Request
Vchapter 152 - Lunch With The Beasts
Vchapter 153 - After Lunch, The Human And The Dragon
Vchapter 154 - The Dragon’S Magic Circle
Vchapter 155 - Let’S Go To The Water Dragon Settlement
Vchapter 156 - The Water Dragon’S Magic Circle Room
Vchapter 157 - Getting To Know The Water Dragons
Vchapter 158 - The Room In The Water Dragon Palace
Vchapter 159 - A Tour Of The Water Dragon Settlement
Vchapter 160 - The Water Dragon Defense Barrier
Vchapter 161 - Acquiring A Means To Contact The Water Dragons
Vchapter 162 - Return To The Capital
Vchapter 163 - Grulf’S Walk In The Water Dragon Settlement
Vchapter 164 - Attack Of The Dark Ones
Vchapter 165 - The Battle With The Dark Ones
Vchapter 166 - Giant Evil Dragon
Vchapter 167 - Hunting The Survivors And Cleaning Up
Vchapter 168 - After The Attack
Vchapter 169 - Water Dragon Breakfast
Vchapter 170 - The Day After The Attack
Vchapter 171 - A Meeting At The Mansion
Vchapter 172 - The Plan To Raise Mental Resistance
Vchapter 173 - Library
Vchapter 174 - Return To The Mansion
Vchapter 175 - Wind Dragon Ruler’S Library
Vchapter 176 - Reading Magic
Vchapter 177 - Let’S Make A Magic Tool
Vchapter 178 - Checking The Magic Tool’S Capabilities
Vchapter 179 - Days Of Defending The Water Dragon Settlement
Vchapter 180 - Going To The Water Dragon Settlement
Vchapter 181 - Planning The Attack On The Main Base
Vchapter 182 - Preparing To Attack
Vchapter 183 - Attacking The Main Base
Vchapter 184 - Attacking The Main Base 2
Vchapter 185 - Defending The Water Dragon Settlement
Vchapter 186 - Defending The Water Dragon Settlement Ii
Vchapter 187 - Back To The Main Base
Vchapter 188 - After The Battle
Vchapter 189 - After The Battle Ii
Vchapter 190 - Peaceful Days
Vchapter 191 - Dinner
Vchapter 192 - Dinner With The Beasts
Chapter 193 - Eric’S Concerns
Chapter 194 - Preparing To Investigate The Beastkin Tribe
Chapter 195 - Buying Gifts
Chapter 196 - Let’S Go To The Beastkin Wolf Settlement
Chapter 197 - The Beastkin Wolves Settlement
Chapter 198 - Danton’S Mansion
Chapter 199 - A Feast With The Beastkin Wolves
Chapter 200 - Preparing For The Magic Investigation
Chapter 201 - Old Men Talking
Chapter 202 - Bathing With Old Men
Chapter 203 - Drinks After A Bath
Chapter 204 - Morning Practice
Chapter 205 - Using Illusions For Practice
Chapter 206 - Using Illusions For Practice 2
Chapter 207 - Grulf And Lord Gerberga’S Walk
Chapter 208 - Water Dragon Mors
Chapter 209 - Mors And Danton
Chapter 210 - Introducing Mors
Chapter 211 - Making Magic Tools With Dragons
Chapter 212 - Finishing The Magic Tool
Chapter 213 - A Late Lunch
Chapter 214 - The Sound Of The Bell
Chapter 215 - Mystery Invader
Chapter 216 - Dark Wraith Hunt
Chapter 217 - After The Fight
Chapter 218 - Making Future Plans
Chapter 219 - Materials For The Core
Chapter 220 - Gathering Materials
Chapter 221 - Strengthening Danton’S Mansion
Chapter 222 - Departure
Chapter 223 - Casting Magic On The Mansion
Chapter 224 - Let’S Visit All Of The Mansions
Chapter 225 - Ambush
Chapter 226 - Counter-Attack
Chapter 227 - After The Battle
Chapter 228 - The Mysterious Magic Tool
Chapter 229 - Dealing With The Magic Tool
Chapter 230 - Explosion
Chapter 231 - Teleportation Ambush
Chapter 232 - Battle Against The High Lord
Chapter 233 - The Report After The Battle
Chapter 234 - Meeting At The Water Dragon Settlement
Chapter 235 - The Problem Over Who Should Go
Chapter 236 - The Dragon Family
Chapter 237 - The Enemy Territory
Chapter 238 - The Large Room
Chapter 239 - Making Our Way Forward While Searching The Building
Chapter 240 - Serulis’S Surprising Skill
Chapter 241 - Fighting In The Large Room
Chapter 242 - Encounter With The Enemy Boss
Chapter 243 - A Strong Vampire
Chapter 244 - Fighting The Strong-Looking Vampire
Chapter 245 - The Multiplying Vampire
Chapter 246 - The Man’S Identity
Chapter 247 - The True Ancestor
Chapter 248 - Reunited
Chapter 249 - Rescuing The Hostages
Chapter 250 - The New Invaders
Chapter 251 - Marguerite
Chapter 252
Chapter 253 - Morning At Home
Chapter 254 - Breakfast
Chapter 255 - The Meeting After Breakfast
Chapter 256
Chapter 257
Chapter 258
Chapter 259
Chapter 260
Chapter 261
Chapter 262
Chapter 263
Chapter 264
Chapter 265
Chapter 266
Chapter 267
Chapter 268
Chapter 269
Chapter 270
Chapter 271
Chapter 272
Chapter 273
Chapter 274
Chapter 275
Chapter 276
Chapter 277
Chapter 278
Chapter 279
Chapter 280
Chapter 281
Chapter 282
Chapter 283
Chapter 284 - Mercenary Situation 2
Chapter 285 - Chapter 285 – North Building
Chapter 286 - Chapter 286 – Ringain Ambassador
Chapter 287 - Chapter 287 – The True Lord Of The Embassy
Chapter 288 - Chapter 288 – The Mystery Artifact
Chapter 289 - Chapter 289 The Strange High Lords
Chapter Vv 289 - 289 The Strange High Lords
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Alternative Titles:

Leave Me and Go, ここは俺に任せて先に行けと言ってから10年がたったら伝説になっていた。

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The Hero’s party was attacked by a large group of powerful devils. The party will no doubt be annihilated if this were to go on.

One member of the party, the strongest mage, Rakku, decided to stop the enemies in their tracks.

「Leave it to me here and go!」


「Hey, I’ll catch up immediately, alright?」

Rakku mindlessly defeated the enemies, over and over again.

Using his special skill, Learning, Rakku learned the devils’ magic.

As he studied and utilised the devils’ abilities such as Drain Touch, he continued fighting, without rest nor sleep.

The devils got stronger and stronger, but Rakku too rapidly grew.

Rakku battled for 10 years, until no devils came at him.

Rakku returned to the capital, and was surprised.

His own name became the currency, and a gigantic statue of him, albeit fairly beautified, was erected.

Due to him relentlessly absorbing the vitality of the devils, he had become young again.

An appearance unfitting of his age. Godly abilities.

「I stand out too much」

Rakku concealed his true identity, and decided to pretend being a novice adventurer.

Rakku, disguising as a F-rank warrior despite being an S-rank mage. His adventure in this now peaceful (?) world starts now!

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 - Leave This To Me And Go

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We, the Hero’s party, drove the strongest Devil King away into another dimension after a fierce battle.

We ambushed the Devil King who was on his way from the other dimension in the gap between the dimensions.

Even though we didn’t manage to finish him off, the Devil King was seriously wounded. For now, he will not be able to move.

With wounds all over his body, the warrior spoke as he breathed heavily.

「It was a long fight, but it’s finally over」

「It took us longer than expected, huh. It’s a shame that I didn’t make it in time to witness my child’s birth」

Said the Hero.

The Hero had married a former party member, a healer.

The party now consists of three people, the Hero Eric, the warrior Gran, and me, the mage Rakku.

All three are guys.

Facing the Hero, I said,

「Hey, you can live with your kid as much as you like from now on, alright?」

「I sure hope so」

「My kid too should be all grown up by now. He might even have forgotten my face」

Said the warrior, self-deridingly.

Both the Hero and warrior are married with kids. I’m the only one single.

「It’s about time. Let’s say farewell to this depressing place」

Just a while after we started heading back.

We noticed a large army of devils chasing after us from the other dimension.

They didn’t come in tens. They came in more than just hundreds.

We were already wounded. If we were to confront them directly, we will absolutely be annihilated.

「There’s still this many……?」

I shouted at the Hero who was looking at them dumbfoundedly.

「Leave this to me and go!」

「What are you saying? How can we just leave you here alone!」

「You do know how good I am in a drawn out battle, don’t you?」

I said that with a smile filled with confidence

「Rakku. But……」

「Your kid’s waiting for you, ain’t he!」 (TLN: …. I have no idea if it’s a he or she yet)

The Hero and warrior both displayed a complex expression of frustration and sadness at my words.

I sent them a smile.

「Hey, I’ll catch up immediately, alright?」


They both started running. Before they left, they left behind valuable healing potions among other things.

With these, I can fight for a while longer. I put them away in my precious bag.

The Devil King isn’t dead yet. When he comes back, the Hero’s power is needed to defeat him.

There’s no way I’ll let the Hero die here.

「Now then. Come at me. I don’t think you’ll ever get past me that easily」

I acted cool a little.

There are a lot of enemies. I will have to restrain my magic consumption.

I directly touched the head of the devil who came charging at me, and blew it away with a magic bullet.

After casting Bind on the devils who tried to chase after the Hero by rushing in from beside me, I blew them away.

At first I was doing alright. I killed ten, and then 20 of them.

My magic power decreased. My body started to wear out. I was losing consciousness.

The exhaustion from the fight with the Devil King was also settling in.



A devil’s arm slashed at my shoulder. A burning pain ran through the wound.

My hazy awareness immediately became clear again. I grabbed the devil’s arm and blew it away.

「I’m not finished yet!」

Some time after that, the tables started turning.


A devil’s palm hit my stomach. Immediately my energy was sucked away.

「Drain Touch!」

A magic only high ranking devils possess. It was my first time getting hit by it.

Because I was never in the front line, I have never been directly touched by devils.

The moment I got Drain Touched, I comprehended the technique.

My specialty is Magic Learning.

In order to heal my wounded body, I activated Drain Touch at a devil.

As I used it over and over, my wounds healed, and I recovered my stamina.

「Come. Now I can fight you no matter how many years it takes」

I fought them mindlessly since then.

The space within dimensions is dense with magic essence. Because of that, levelling up goes quickly.

I could actually feel myself rapidly becoming stronger. Even so, I can’t fight with ease.

My enemies are also rapidly becoming stronger, after all.

When I felt sleepy, I casted Marionette on myself.

Marionette is originally a magic used to manipulate enemies.

Using that, I could fight even when sleeping.

「I can’t feel the flow of time……」

I feel like I’ve fought for a very long time. I wonder how many days it has been.

It might even be months already. I did not eat, and fought even when I’m sleeping.

Somewhere in the middle, I plundered a magic blade from a Devil General and continued fighting with it.

I named the sword Drain Sword.

It really helped because I could absorb the vitality of my enemies as I cut them up.

On a certain day, I felt a powerful magic presence approaching me from the other dimension.


Appearing with the huge roar was the Devil King.

「So you’ve recovered. That was quick」

I thought that it would take him 10 years, or at least a few years to heal up.

This was beyond my expectations.

The Devil King fired white hot flames imbued with his enormous magic power.

Even if I create a protective barrier, the heat is still transmitted. My hair was singed.

Just before the Devil King finished his scorching heat magic. A gap appeared within the attack.

I slashed at him with Drain Sword.


The Devil King screamed. It was unexpectedly effective.

Facing the flinching Devil King, I activated Drain Touch without a moment’s delay.

However, the Devil King put up a magic barrier.

Drain Touch could not get through it.

While in pain, the Devil King swung his magic sword. He quickly took the opportunity.

Even so, a line appeared on the surface of his belly.

We both swung our swords, and the battle continued.

Our swords clashed tens of times. The battle dragged on.

Finally, my partner, Drain Sword, broke.

It seems that a Devil General’s sword cannot match up to a Devil King’s.


The Devil King became complacent. For a moment, it was as if smirked.

It was obvious that he is careless, and a chance arose.

I immediately grabbed it.

「So what. I’m not a swordsman, I’m a mage!」

I fired a flame bullet at the Devil King’s stomach. The Devil King burst into flames in a moment.

Seizing the chance, I jammed my hand into the flames.

Drain Touch.

To defend against the flames, the magic barrier’s source is all used up.

Drain Touch passed through to the Devil King.

My skin is burning and scorching.

However, with Drain Touch, it’s recovering using the absorbed life force.

My skin continued burning and recovering.

A staggering pain assaulted my hand. But it doesn’t matter. As it burned, it continued draining.

On the contrary, the Devil King had its body burned while its vitality was being absorbed.


In the end, the Devil King stopped moving.

Only its charred body remained. It’s magic source is also fading away.

A complete annihilation.

After defeating the Devil King, I looked around without letting my guard down.

The devils are also retreating.

「Did I…… do it?」

I muttered these words, but there was no reply.

Finally I have accomplished it. I have protected the Hero and the world.


Please take care of me.

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Total Chapters in book: 290
Estimated words: 338429 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 1692(@200wpm)___ 1354(@250wpm)___ 1128(@300wpm)