Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka by Baba Okina

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Total Chapters in book: 604
Estimated words: 854845 (not accurate)
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Alternative Titles:

I'm A Spider So What?, 蜘蛛ですが、なにか?

Source: Raising the Dead, Turb0 Translation, blastron
Book Details / Information: The world where the Hero and the Demon King continue to oppose each other. The grand magic from the Hero and the Demon King cross over worlds and exploded in the classroom of a certain high school.

The students who died in the explosion will be reincarnated in a different world. The protagonist, who had the lowest reputation in the class, was reincarnated into a spider. Nevertheless, she adapted quickly to the present condition with strong willpower.

This is a story of she who has become a spider trying whatever she can to live.

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1

1 Prologue

The battle of the Hero and the Demon King.

This battle has been repeated countless times in this world.

The Demon King who rule over the Demon race.

There is only one Demon King in each era.

When the Demon King in the current era is defeated, a demon with extraordinary power will become the new Demon King in the next era.

It is how this world works.

Therefore, the Demon King lineage will never be perished.

That character is multifarious. (その性質は千差万別 TL note: don't know how to translate this)

The Demon King can level a mountain with their abnormal strength.

The Demon King who can use sorcery and thousand of techniques.

Having strong hostility towards the Human race was common for the Demon King.

The hope of the Human race, the Hero who fights the Demon King.

The battle between the Hero and the Demon King is exactly like a seesaw.

If the Hero can kill the Demon King, then the Demon King can repel the Hero.

Similar to the Demon King, the Hero's existence too can't be perished.

The battle of those two continues without stopping.

This is the fate of this world.

If there's tragedy, the relationship between the Hero and the Demon King will be mutually congenial.

Both are masters of the rare dimension magic.

Magic equal to the Gods being able to control space and dimension.

They used their magic according to their own fate.

Two magic clashes, the world screams.

Both, the Hero and the Demon King perished being unable to endure their own magic power.

The aftermath of the magic reaches another world crossing the dimension.

The large explosion exploded in a world named Earth, in a country named Japan, in a certain high school.

Inside the classroom, a total of 26 people including teachers and students died after receiving a direct hit of the magic.

The case was reported as a mysterious large explosion.

But those who died did not know about the broadcast.

Even if they are to be reborn.

It is because their souls have flowed backward into the world where the Hero fights against the Demon King.

Their souls scattered in the new world and each one of them will be reborn as a new life.

This is a story of one of them.


I tried to groan but I can't seem to groan.

Is my body in such a critical condition?

Okay, calm down.

There's no pain on my body.

I recall that I was in a lesson of Japanese language then suddenly I was attacked by a terrible pain.

I probably fainted after that but it doesn't hurts now.

Even if I open my eyes, it's pitch-black here so I don't even know where am I.

Or maybe I should say that I can't even move and I can feel that my body is covered by something.

Is this the so-called vegetative state!?


Even though I want to deny it but the possibility is high in this situation.

I don't know what happen that time but it looks like I have become a person in vegetative state.

Nai waa. (TL note: No way)

Only having my consciousness, being unable to move my body and it seems that I don't have my five senses.

This is definitely going to be an insanity course.

Nai waa.

When I was thinking about it just now, I heard some faint rustling sound.

This means that I still have my sense of hearing.


Even if I can hear, it doesn't change the current situation.



What was that?

Did I bump something?


I feel pain just now so does it mean that I have my sense of touch?


I should calm down for now.

Thinking rationally, I feel a little uncomfortable but it seems that I move my body!

Geez, it looks like I was jumping into a wrong conclusion about the part being in a vegetative state.

A while ago, my body was covered by something but it seems that thing is exactly in the same state right now.


No, it's not a laughing matter!?

Eh, what's with this situation?

I was abducted and putted into a sack?

No no.

Who would gain profit abducting a poor reputation woman like me?

Anyway, I need to escape.


When I tried putting my strength to move my body, something which covered my body started to fall apart.

Looks like it's not a sack.

I wonder what is it?

It is somewhat soft and somewhat hard, a mysterious feeling.

Maa, I just have to keep moving to break it.

I will break it and immediately escape!


It's opened!

I crawl out starting from my head.

With this, I am free!

Before my eyes, there's a large amount of spiders crawling around.




What's with the huge spider army!?

Each one of them have the same size as me!?

Eh, it looks like they are coming out from something that looks like an egg!

So the rustling sound I heard is THIS!!

I instinctively step back.

Something hits my foot and I turn around.


Is this that?

The thing which I crawled out from a while ago?

Somehow the thing looks like the egg of the spider army. Is it my imagination?

Rather than looks like it, isn't it the same thing?

Once again, I examined myself.

My neck can't move.

But on the edge of my view, I saw something that looks like a leg.

The leg of a spider.

Ca-Ca-Ca-Caaaaaa-Calm down!!!

I-Is this that!?

Is it really THAT!?

The one that's popular in the internet!?

No no no!

Like in a novel, where there's this God-like guy giving a privilege.

I didn't get anything so surely it's different!

No matter how you look at it, there's still a pattern where the God doesn't comes out.

A Hero candidate for a man and a villain daughter for a woman are also one of the pattern too.

I look to the side for a instant once again.

Similar to those spiders moving around, there was a thin wire-like leg.

I try to move my leg,

It worked just as I wanted.


Though escaping from reality is my forte, but I have to resolute myself to recognize it here.

It seems that I have been reincarnated into a spider.


Total Chapters in book: 604
Estimated words: 854845 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 4274(@200wpm)___ 3419(@250wpm)___ 2849(@300wpm)