Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable by Wu Hua Niu

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2: The Killer Of Dung Beetles
Chapter 3: The Sudden First Kiss
Chapter 4: This Daddy Must Become Stronger
Chapter 5: Beating Up Ma Tong
Chapter 6: The Quest That Was Forced Out
Chapter 7: Making A Move
Chapter 8: A Small Fortune
Chapter 9: Undefeatable Bloodline
Chapter 10: Divine Skill Berserk
Chapter 11: This Daddy Will Let You Know What Qualifications Are
Chapter 12: F*** Your Ancestors
Chapter 13: The Final Boss Appears
Chapter 14: Acting Patriarch
Chapter 15: Undercurrents
Chapter 16: An A-Ranked Quest
Chapter 17: Another Kiss
Chapter 18: Very Silly And Very Cute
Chapter 19: This Sister Is Too Amazing
Chapter 20: Arrival Of Ominous Times
Chapter 21: Tortured To Death
Chapter 22: Little Darling, Here I Come
Chapter 23: Unexpected Super Strong Boss
Chapter 24: Crisis
Chapter 25: Legendary Skill – Charm
Chapter 26: Everyone Must Die
Chapter 27: Myriad Thunder Roar
Chapter 28: Motherf*Cker, Who'S Next?
Chapter 29: Luo Lin ***
Chapter 30: Continue Killing
Chapter 31: Playing Cards And Leveling Up
Chapter 32: The Awesome Fatty Lei
Chapter 33: Next One, Luo Tian
Chapter 34: Eat Shit While It'S Hot
Chapter 35: A Mouthful Of Shit
Chapter 36: Bullying Gone Too Far
Chapter 37: The Puppet Technique
Chapter 38: Beating Up Luo Yue
Chapter 39: Do Not Try To Steal My Man
Chapter 40: Level 3 Puppet Technique
Chapter 41: If There'S A Problem, Go Look For My Patriarch
Chapter 42: A Big Favor
Chapter 43: Xxxx Puppet Soldiers (Spoiler Title Hidden)
Chapter 44: Rage
Chapter 45: Try Touching Them
Chapter 46: Like Mad, Like A Demon
Chapter 47: Megatron, Kill Him For Me
Chapter 48: Huge Crisis
Chapter 49: The Shit Eating Youth Has Come Again
Chapter 50: Extremely Sinister
Chapter 51: Something Happened To Li Xue'Er
Chapter 52: The Fight Begins
Chapter 53: The Line Between Life And Death
Chapter 54: Shocking The Entire Audience
Chapter 55: Level 2 Berserk
Chapter 56: Let'S Go, Back To The Luo Family To Fight The Boss
Chapter 57: Can You Be Less Shameless?
Chapter 58: Oh Shit, The Boss Threw A Special Skill
Chapter 59: Just A Tiny Bit More
Chapter 60: Those That Block Me Shall Die
Chapter 61: Spare The Boss, Let…
Chapter 62: Blood Devouring Wild Blade
Chapter 63: Big Brother Luo Tian, You Are Really Bad
Chapter 64: Let Things Happen Naturally
Chapter 65: I'M Being Arrogant?
Chapter 66: The Inter-Family Competition
Chapter 67: Want To Play? Then Let'S Play Even Bigger!
Chapter 68: To Cripple Or Kill
Chapter 69: The Huge Present From That Girl Xue'Er
Chapter 70: Fellow Brothers, Just Release To Your Heart'S Content
Chapter 71: They All Died
Chapter 72: A Thousand Year Zombie King
Chapter 73: Fatty, You Damn Idiot
Chapter 74: Reward: Xiao Yan'S Martial Skill
Chapter 75: Puppet Soldier – Ghost Dragon
Chapter 76: Refining A Tang Blade
Chapter 77: Bringing Back A Fox Race Girl
Chapter 78: My Name Is An Chunchun
Chapter 79: Triggering An S-Rank Quest
Chapter 80: Your Sister! Try Showing Off In Front Of This Daddy Again…
Chapter 81: A Huge Explosion
Chapter 82: The Song Family Was Destroyed
Chapter 83: Noble, This Little Lady Admits Her Mistake
Chapter 84: He Is Luo Tian!
Chapter 85: Killed By A Single Punch
Chapter 86: Provoking Huge Trouble
Chapter 87: A Mysterious Grand Prize At Night
Chapter 88: I Also Want To Do The Awesome Thing With You
Chapter 89: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 90: Bet Your Ancestral Graves
Chapter 91: The Fatty Transforms
Chapter 92: Luo Tian, You Dare?
Chapter 93: Ah, I Almost Forgot About You
Chapter 94: Luo Tian Is Defeated
Chapter 95: It'S My Turn To Make An Appearance
Chapter 96: The Wild Blade Shows Its Might
Chapter 97: Shura Death God
Chapter 98: Everyone Blown To Smithereens
Chapter 99: The Reward Can Only Be Given At Night
Chapter 100: The Ancient Scroll
Chapter 101: Girl, This Brother Is Coming Now
Chapter 102: Ice Cold Beauty
Chapter 103: I Will Slap That One Day
Chapter 104: The Army Arrives
Chapter 105: Angry To The Max
Chapter 106: It Should Be This Daddy'S Turn Now
Chapter 107: If You Have The Guts, Fight This Daddy One On One
Chapter 108: Danger Everywhere
Chapter 109: Being Played With
Chapter 110: Void Piercing Dragon Technique
Chapter 111: Nine Slashes Fuse Into One, Explode!
Chapter 112: They Are All Shameless!
Chapter 113: Sister-In-Law Is So Mighty!
Chapter 114: Because You Guys Acted Against My…
Chapter 115: Murong Wanjian
Chapter 116: Departure
Chapter 117: Inner Depths Of The Ghostly Mountain Range
Chapter 118: Fallen Into A Nest Of Beauties
Chapter 119: This Guy Is Quite Fierce
Chapter 120: Realm Of The Dead?
Chapter 121: Luo Tian Is Truly Enraged
Chapter 122: Upgrading Magma Fire
Chapter 123: Luo Tian'S Path Of Slaughter
Chapter 124: Death Combo
Chapter 125: The Awesome Old Granny
Chapter 126: You'Re Not Planning On Running Away Right?
Chapter 127: Creating The Strongest Undead Demonic Beast
Chapter 128
Chapter 129: A Huge Crisis
Chapter 130: Someone From Heavenly Sword City
Chapter 131: Yin Shang, Scram Out Here For This Daddy…
Chapter 132: I'M Going To Use My Special Move
Chapter 133: Can You Not Be Like This
Chapter 134: Qin Yue'Er Is Pissed
Chapter 135: So Handsome And So Cool
Chapter 136: Killing One After Another
Chapter 137: Couldn'T Withstand It
Chapter 138: Corpse Sea, Here I Come!
Chapter 139: The Nineteenth Level Of Hell
Chapter 140: Dispelling Gu
Chapter 141: Luo Tian'S Madness
Chapter 142: Courting One'S Own Death
Chapter 143: A Profound Grandmaster 5Th Rank Dares To…
Chapter 144: This Guy Is Super Weak
Chapter 145: A*Shole, You'Ve Finally Come
Chapter 146: This Kid Is A Myth…
Chapter 147: Tell That Mix-Breed Dog…
Chapter 148: It Has Begun
Chapter 149: Demonic Beast Army Vs Undying…
Chapter 150: Powerful To A Complete Mess
Chapter 151: The Boss Is Going Berserk
Chapter 152: Death Is Nearing!
Chapter 153: I'M Going To Bombard Them Into…
Chapter 154: Leveling Up At An Unbelievable Rate
Chapter 155: Try Playing This Daddy To Death
Chapter 156: The Show Starts Now
Chapter 157: Is This All The Power You Have?
Chapter 158: Luo Tian Goes Berserk
Chapter 159: Beating The Shit Out…
Chapter 160: Huge Explosion
Chapter 161: Reward: Healing Art
Chapter 162: A Battle Of 3000 Rounds
Chapter 163: Idol
Chapter 164: Have To Recite A Spell
Chapter 165: There'S A Mountain Of Demon Cores In My Home
Chapter 166: Little Snotty Brat
Chapter 167: You Two Are Going To Fight?
Chapter 168: Rushing Into A Herd Of Demonic Beasts
Chapter 169: All Of You Kneel Down
Chapter 170: This Is Way Too Domineering
Chapter 171: Acting Brazen When I'M Giving You Face
Chapter 172: Just Wait For Your Death
Chapter 173: Today, This Daddy Will Chop To My Heart'S…
Chapter 174: Nine Lotus, Nine Kills
Chapter 175: Ruthless To The Extreme
Chapter 176: Killing His Way Out Of The Array
Chapter 177: Little Midget, You Better Scram Out Here
Chapter 178: Another Slap
Chapter 179: Instakilling Kua Tai With A Punch
Chapter 180: This Daddy Can'T Stand It Any Longer!
Chapter 181: Luo Tian Smiles
Chapter 182: Play To Your Heart'S Content
Chapter 183: Being Despicably Cheap
Chapter 184: The Boss Appears
Chapter 185: Kneel For This Daddy
Chapter 186: F***, My Experience Is Flying Away
Chapter 187: Do You Dare To Fight One On One?
Chapter 188: The Psychic Array That Went Against The Heavens
Chapter 189: Midget, The Day Of Your Death…
Chapter 190: Ancient Dragon Execution Array
Chapter 191: Give Me A Big Loot Explosion!
Chapter 192: The Super Awesome Reward
Chapter 193: The Legendary Place
Chapter 194: Huge Fortune!
Chapter 195: Super Super Big Bo…
Chapter 196: Powerful To A Complete Mess
Chapter 197: They All Died
Chapter 198: This Daddy Will Definitely F*** You Over
Chapter 199: Collapse
Chapter 200: Grandson, Your Grandpa Has Arrived
Chapter 201: Instakill
Chapter 202: Explode, Explode, Explode Into A Complete…
Chapter 203: Unsealing The Ancient Scroll
Chapter 204: Target: Heavenly Sword City
Chapter 205: Try Touching Them
Chapter 206: Everyone Will Die
Chapter 207: Everyone Instakilled
Chapter 208: Surrounded By A Bunch Of Women
Chapter 209: A Little Bird With Eggs Even Smaller
Chapter 210: An Old Dog Into A Dead Dog
Chapter 211: Azure Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 212: The Girl Riding A Qilin
Chapter 213: I Really Was Bitten By A Dog When I Was Young
Chapter 214: Good Big Brother, I Want It!
Chapter 215: Should We Elope?
Chapter 216: Motherf*Cker, We'Re Wanted!
Chapter 217: Is My Chest Big?
Chapter 218: Ninth Brother'S Idol Is My Man
Chapter 219: Gang Warfare
Chapter 220: Selling Myself; Selling My Sword
Chapter 221: Xuan Yuanyi, Giant Fault Sword
Chapter 222: Should I Kill Them All?
Chapter 223: The Terrifying Xuan Yuanyi
Chapter 224: Another Big Wave Of Experience
Chapter 225: This Is Going To Be A Massacre
Chapter 226: Crushed!
Chapter 227: Establishing A Gang, Flame Dragon
Chapter 228: Summoning Brothers To Kill Their Way Over
Chapter 229: Let Me Do It!
Chapter 230: Damn, One Wave After Another
Chapter 231: Brothers Reuniting
Chapter 232: Two Large Warrior Attendants
Chapter 233: Prelude To A Massacre
Chapter 234: I Want To Become Famous
Chapter 235: Causing A Big Uproar
Chapter 236: Let Me Take Care Of Them
Chapter 237: Buried To Our Graves Because Of You
Chapter 238: A Crisis From All Sides
Chapter 239: Boundless Rage
Chapter 240: The Devil Inside Blindman Liu
Chapter 241: Damn Mongrel, Come At Me!
Chapter 242: Big Brother Luo Tian Will Kill You
Chapter 243: I Want To Breakthrough To The Profound King Realm
Chapter 244: Bastard, I'M Here
Chapter 245: Forbidden Grounds
Chapter 246: Killing Specters, Explode!
Chapter 247: Greater Magic Of The Devil
Chapter 248: Nine Dragons And Elephants
Chapter 249: The Show Is Just Starting
Chapter 250: Leveling Up Like Crazy
Chapter 251: This Daddy Has Returned
Chapter 252: Killing People Like Cutting Vegetables
Chapter 253: Two Girls Fighting Over A Man
Chapter 254: Debut Of The Boss
Chapter 255: Killing The Boss
Chapter 256: When I Grow Up, I Too Will Marry You
Chapter 257: Nangong Hao Arrives
Chapter 258: This Daddy Shall Fulfill Your Wish
Chapter 259: Ten Day Agreement
Chapter 260: Just Smack My Little Butt
Chapter 261: Entering The Forbidden Grounds Again
Chapter 262: This Kid Is Too Awesome
Chapter 263: An Assassin Comes
Chapter 264: Only Ghosts Would Be Worried About You
Chapter 265: Nearing Profound King 4Th Rank
Chapter 266: Unable To Resist At All
Chapter 267: Cultivation Deviation
Chapter 268: Life Hanging By A Thread
Chapter 269: Killing Bloodfiend
Chapter 270: Heaven Defying Loot Explosion
Chapter 271: Finally Escaping
Chapter 272: Chaos In Heavenly Sword City
Chapter 273: Ancient Huge Devil Goes Berserk
Chapter 274: A Bunch Of Perverted Existences
Chapter 275: King
Chapter 276: Ancient Inheritance
Chapter 277: Scoundrel
Chapter 278: Sexual Happiness For The Night?
Chapter 279: Prepared To Die
Chapter 280: Dragon'S Might
Chapter 281: This Big Brother Has Arrived!
Chapter 282: Smashed By A Single Punch
Chapter 283: The Power Of The Profound Burst Pill
Chapter 284: Eggs Being Shattered
Chapter 285: Old Ancestor, Save Us…
Chapter 286: Tang Zhanlong'S Domineering Attitude
Chapter 287: I Am Unwilling
Chapter 288: My Big Wife Is Li…
Chapter 289: Murong Wanjian Is Very Strong
Chapter 290: He'S Already A Disciple Of The Immortal Sects
Chapter 291: Training Like Crazy
Chapter 292: Profound Burst Pill, Succeed For…
Chapter 293: This Old Guy Has A Mental Illness
Chapter 294: Preparing A Bunch Of Presents
Chapter 295: Untitled
Chapter 296: Kid, You'Re Definitely Dying Today
Chapter 297: Untitled
Chapter 298: You'Re Going To Die
Chapter 299: Becoming A Dead Dog In A Second
Chapter 300: Two Pieces Of Divine Equipment
Chapter 301: Turbulent Undercurrents
Chapter 302: Just A Bit Away From Becoming A Devil
Chapter 303: That Person Is An Idiot
Chapter 304: A Bunch Of Bumpkins
Chapter 305: I Enjoy Slapping Your Face
Chapter 306: A Fierce Smack To The Face
Chapter 307: Take Action
Chapter 308: Sky High Prices
Chapter 309: Untitled
Chapter 310: Being Discovered
Chapter 311: Mother!
Chapter 312: Prelude To A Fierce Auction
Chapter 313: Scram If You Can'T Afford To Play
Chapter 314: You Guys Can Forget About Escaping
Chapter 315: One Big Fight
Chapter 316: Smashing A Profound Venerate Expert
Chapter 317: Explode For Me!
Chapter 318: A Terrifying Opponent
Chapter 319: Level 5 Berserk
Chapter 320: The Strongest Showdown
Chapter 321: This Daddy Will Become A Devil
Chapter 322: Devil Sovereign Xingtian
Chapter 323: Decapitation Strike
Chapter 324: Explode, Explode, Explode For Me!
Chapter 325: On The Verge Of Death
Chapter 326: The Incredibly Powerful Old Ancestor
Chapter 327: The Huge Bet
Chapter 328: Bring Her In As Well
Chapter 329: Godly Rewards
Chapter 330: You Reckless Thing
Chapter 331: So Many Bosses
Chapter 332: Monsters Besieging The City
Chapter 333: Heavenly Sword City Is Finished
Chapter 334: Completely Crazy
Chapter 335: We Shall Head Out Of The City!
Chapter 336: Combining All Forces
Chapter 337: Killing A Prince?
Chapter 338: Never Give Up
Chapter 339: It'S Time For Me To Make An Appearance
Chapter 340: Thousands Of Arrows Soaring Through The Sky
Chapter 341: Experience Points Soaring
Chapter 342: Super Slaughtering Array
Chapter 343: Immortal Execution Array
Chapter 344: Non-Stop Crackling
Chapter 345: Summoning The Heavenly Sword
Chapter 346: I'M Sorry But I Want You To Explode
Chapter 347: Brothers, Women!
Chapter 348: Leveling Up Like Crazy
Chapter 349: Everyone Going Crazy
Chapter 350: Living And Dying Together
Chapter 351: We Shall Give Our Bodies To You
Chapter 352: Time'S Up!
Chapter 353: Breaking Through The City In One Move
Chapter 354: Ten Thousand Slaughtering Array, Leveling Up Again
Chapter 355: Mighty Generals
Chapter 356: Divine Sword'S Dao Intent
Chapter 357: I Shall Be The One To Send This Guy To Hell
Chapter 358: Luo Tian Was Smashed Into Powder
Chapter 359: Instantly Killing Dark God, Explode!
Chapter 360: The Names Of The Experts In The Void
Chapter 361: Final Big Battle
Chapter 362: Completely Not An Opponent
Chapter 363: All Hearts United As One, Level Up
Chapter 364: Target Locked!
Chapter 365: Devil Monarch Skysoul, Explode!
Chapter 366: Deathgod Domain
Chapter 367: Super Awesome Divine Artifact
Chapter 368: We Can Now All Roll In The Bed
Chapter 369: I Cannot Hold Back Anymore
Chapter 370: The Ancient Treasure Is Born
Chapter 371: It Only Belongs To Me
Chapter 372: People From The Immortal Sects
Chapter 373: Snatching People
Chapter 374: Son Of Antiquity
Chapter 375: I Have A Way To Instantly Kill Him
Chapter 376: Explode!
Chapter 377: Wild Blade, The Super Powerful Wild Blade
Chapter 378: Yo, We Meet Again!
Chapter 379: What'S Considered Awesome?
Chapter 380: Wanting To Kill An Immortal Sect Envoy
Chapter 381: You'Ve Lost Your Mind!
Chapter 382: Acting Arrogant In Front Of Me?!
Chapter 383: You Can Just Hand This Dog Thing To Me
Chapter 384: Sneak Attack, Smashed To Death!
Chapter 385: Betting Everything
Chapter 386: Mount Hua'S Divine Token
Chapter 387: He Will Be Kicked Off The Mountain Tomorrow
Chapter 388: Assessment
Chapter 389: The First Round, Fail!
Chapter 390: This Kid Is Too Arrogant
Chapter 391: Blank
Chapter 392: Blowing Up The Pill Cauldron?
Chapter 393: Need To Be Fierce When Slapping Faces
Chapter 394: You Don'T Submit? I'Ll Beat You Until You Do
Chapter 395: Luo Tian Is Pissed!
Chapter 396: None Of The Respective Experts Submit
Chapter 397: Incomparably Cool Guy
Chapter 398: You Want Me To Show You My Inherited Bloodline?
Chapter 399: Huge Walking Scourge
Chapter 400: Is The Dragon Egg Going To Hatch?
Chapter 401: Sss-Rank Quest
Chapter 402: Twin Sisters Like Flowers
Chapter 403: Way Too Violent!
Chapter 404: We Like Him
Chapter 405: You Will Die By My Hands Sooner Or Later
Chapter 406: A Force That Couldn'T Be Cultivated
Chapter 407: Team Skyfire
Chapter 408: Tiger Ghostly Beast
Chapter 409: Who Said This Daddy Cannot Cultivate Immortal Force?
Chapter 410: Here Comes Those Courting Death
Chapter 411: I'M Going To Start A Massacre
Chapter 412: Team Skyvain, Annihilated
Chapter 413: Can'T Find Luo Tian
Chapter 414: I'M Sorry, I Went Off To Level Up
Chapter 415: Kill Him And I Will Be Yours
Chapter 416: Luo Tian Enraged To The Max!
Chapter 417: The Insane Luo Tian
Chapter 418: Ghostly King Boss!
Chapter 419: Using A Boss To Temper One'S Body
Chapter 420: Immortal Body, This Is Too Great
Chapter 421: Acting Like A Tyrant
Chapter 422: Developing His Own Force
Chapter 423: Ghost Dragon Number Two
Chapter 424: Devil Sect Expert
Chapter 425: Luo Tian'S Wild Ambition
Chapter 426: Secret Skill
Chapter 427: Zhang Kuang, Scram Out Here For This Daddy
Chapter 428: Did This Kid Lose His Mind From Fear?
Chapter 429: Playing With Zhang Kuang
Chapter 430: Challenging The Whole Outer Sect
Chapter 431: Who Else?!
Chapter 432: Peerless Little Brother
Chapter 433: Given An Inch And Reaching For A Yard
Chapter 434: The Strongest Boss Appears!
Chapter 435: I Have Never Feared Death
Chapter 436: You Can Only Serve Me After You Become Stronger
Chapter 437: Threat!
Chapter 438: Captured On Arrival
Chapter 439: A Dungeon More Dangerous Than A Forbidden Ground
Chapter 440: The Power Of Fate
Chapter 441: Picked Up Some Treasures
Chapter 442: Dead Array
Chapter 443: Only One Day Left
Chapter 444: Their First Contact
Chapter 445: This Daddy Is Finally Out!
Chapter 446: You Want A Gang Fight?
Chapter 447: Pissing And Farting
Chapter 448: Beat Them If They Piss You Off!
Chapter 449: Someone Always Dies Whenever I Make A Move
Chapter 450: Chai Lin, Dead!
Chapter 451: Encountering A Group Of Tiger Sharks
Chapter 452: So Awesome!
Chapter 453: Profound Ancestor 7Th Rank
Chapter 454: Sudden Changes
Chapter 455: Four Days, Four Levels
Chapter 456: Not A Single Person That Can Fight
Chapter 457: Meteorite Array
Chapter 458: Death!
Chapter 459: Strong To The Point Of Being Outrageous
Chapter 460: Desperately Trying To Level Up
Chapter 461: Profound Venerate 1St Rank
Chapter 462: Sharingan, Eye Skill
Chapter 463: One-Shot Instant Kill
Chapter 464: Spare Not A Single Person!
Chapter 465: A Boss Appears!
Chapter 466: Level 6 Berserk
Chapter 467: Chop Off Your Hand
Chapter 468: The Boss Is Going Berserk!
Chapter 469: Fusing With The Azure Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 470: Power Of The Azure Dragon
Chapter 471: The Third Bloodline
Chapter 472: Drawing A Divine Artifact
Chapter 473: Cultivation Space
Chapter 474: Something Happened To Mount Hua Immortal Sect?
Chapter 475: Just Let Him Go Die
Chapter 476: Titan Tombs
Chapter 477: Exchange Blood For Blood
Chapter 478: Titan God'S Might
Chapter 479: Power That Was Strong To The Max
Chapter 480: Courting Death!
Chapter 481: Death To Those That Block Me!
Chapter 482: Suppressing The Second Elder
Chapter 483: Entering Heaven'S Boundary
Chapter 484: Killing On Arrival
Chapter 485: What Is That Poking Me?
Chapter 486: Today, This Daddy Will Kill To My Heart'S Content
Chapter 487: Feels Really Great
Chapter 488: Hello Long Wang!
Chapter 489: Directly Killing
Chapter 490: Becoming An Enemy Of The Ten Great Immortal Sects
Chapter 491: I Want To Fight A Hundred People
Chapter 492: A Dangerous Character Appears
Chapter 493: Asura Domain, Revolving Slash
Chapter 494: A Very Big And Thick Hidden Weapon
Chapter 495: Crazy Plan
Chapter 496: The Massacre Begins
Chapter 497: Refining A Bunch Of Inner Cores
Chapter 498: Unimaginable Consequences
Chapter 499: Return To Mount Hua Immortal Sect
Chapter 500: Not Even Comparable To A Dog
Chapter 501: Finally Came
Chapter 502: Devil Sect Assassins
Chapter 503: Blood Shadow
Chapter 504: You'Ll Be Hatching Very Soon
Chapter 505: Rainbow Lotus
Chapter 506: Level 1 Novice Quest
Chapter 507: You'Ll Have To Die
Chapter 508: The Definition Of Fierce
Chapter 509: Extremely Arrogant
Chapter 510: You Damn System
Chapter 511: You Want To Play Me To Death?
Chapter 512: The More, The Better
Chapter 513: Harboring Evil Intentions
Chapter 514: The Assassins Are Here!
Chapter 515: Little Xie'S Life Hanging By A Thread
Chapter 516: Frost Dragon Shyvana
Chapter 517: This Is Taking My Life!
Chapter 518: Asura Vs. Asura
Chapter 519: One Against Four
Chapter 520: Titan'S Defensive Form
Chapter 521: Motherf*Cker, Now I'M Really Angry
Chapter 522: Sharingan, Illusions
Chapter 523: All The Bosses Moving Out
Chapter 524: Dragon Child
Chapter 525: The Last Day
Chapter 526: Big Beauty Little Xue
Chapter 527: Everyone Has Come
Chapter 528: Level 7 Berserk
Chapter 529: Golden Dragon
Chapter 530: Dragon Entering The Void
Chapter 531: Congratulations For Winning A Big Lottery Draw
Chapter 532: Heavenly Flames, Green Lotus Core Flame
Chapter 533: The Quest Increases By A Level
Chapter 534: Done With Refueling, Preparing To Kill
Chapter 535: The Powerful Dark Angel
Chapter 536: Bosses Fighting Each Other
Chapter 537: Might Of The Heavenly Flame
Chapter 538: One Million Damage Power
Chapter 539: Complete Suppression
Chapter 540: Killing Two In A Row
Chapter 541: Braised Angel
Chapter 542: Huge Gains
Chapter 543: The Dragon Race About To Be Destroyed
Chapter 544: Sky Palace
Chapter 545: Arcane Secrets Of The Sky Dragon'S Heart
Chapter 546: Luo Tian Is Annoyed
Chapter 547: Blood Ghost Assassin Group
Chapter 548: Blood Shadow Skill, Blood Explosion
Chapter 549: Be Low Profile
Chapter 550: Chaos Within The Dragon Race
Chapter 551: Dragon Egg Acting Abnormal
Chapter 552: Earth Dragon King
Chapter 553: This Daddy Will Slap You To Death
Chapter 554: Supreme Divine Weapon
Chapter 555: Too Screwed Up!
Chapter 556: Goddess, Here I Come
Chapter 557: Ai Your Sister'S Xi!
Chapter 558: Sky Dragon'S Bead Appears
Chapter 559: Internal Strife
Chapter 560: Luo Tian Makes His Appearance
Chapter 561: Tear Through The Facade, Start The Fight!
Chapter 562: Executing A Dragon
Chapter 563: Luo Tian Waiting For His Death
Chapter 564: Eggy
Chapter 565: Eggy, It'S Time For You To Show Your Might
Chapter 566: Your Sister! What Kind Of Power Was That?
Chapter 567: Thrilling Explosion
Chapter 568: Monsters Besieging The City? I Love It!
Chapter 569: Boss, It'S Time To Kill
Chapter 570: Sweeping Through A Hundred Thousand
Chapter 571: The Enraged Black Dragon King
Chapter 572: Dragon Slayer
Chapter 573: Stabbing Black Dragon King'S Chrysanthemum
Chapter 574: Smashing Each Other
Chapter 575: Target Locked
Chapter 576: The Dragon Egg About To Die
Chapter 577: Awful Three Days
Chapter 578: Fusing With The Second Bloodline
Chapter 579: Vermillion Bird Rises Into The Sky, Explode!
Chapter 580: Great Flame Commandment
Chapter 581: Concocting The Experience Pill
Chapter 582: Medicinal Pill Creator
Chapter 583: Triple Experience Pill
Chapter 584: The Ultimate Boss Exits Seclusion
Chapter 585: Soul Sovereign
Chapter 586: Level 8 Berserk
Chapter 587: A Duel Between Ancient Powers
Chapter 588: The Idiotic Tai Long
Chapter 589: Leveling Up Three Times, Let'S Fight Again
Chapter 590: Invincible State
Chapter 591: Fusing With The Third Bloodline
Chapter 592: The Berserk Tai Long
Chapter 593: Changtian, Smash Him For Me
Chapter 594: The Powerful Sky Dragon'S Heart
Chapter 595: A Super Awesome Loot Explosion
Chapter 596: Dragon God Descends To The World
Chapter 597: The Number One Foodie In The World, Miserable
Chapter 598: Scared Like A Shivering Dog
Chapter 599: Greed
Chapter 600: Luo Tian Is Back
Chapter 601: Kill, Kill, Kill!
Chapter 602: Instantly Killing Venerable Hun Yuan
Chapter 603: Another Divine Artifact Eaten
Chapter 604: Suppressing The Entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect
Chapter 605: God Skill
Chapter 606: I Have To Explode Him
Chapter 607: Eggy, Get Ready
Chapter 608: The Third Option
Chapter 609: Eggy, Kill Him!
Chapter 610: A True God Skill
Chapter 611: Huge Crisis
Chapter 612: Luo Tian About To Lose His Mind
Chapter 613: The Twin Sisters Are Very Sad
Chapter 614: You Must Live On
Chapter 615: Eggs About To Be Shattered
Chapter 616: Heaven
Chapter 617: Way Too Brutal
Chapter 618: Summon Successful!
Chapter 619: Super Battle Squad
Chapter 620: Sudden Change
Chapter 621: I Need To Go Level Up
Chapter 622: Mount Hua’S Ancestor
Chapter 623: Killing Until The Sky Breaks
Chapter 624: Dare To Bet?
Chapter 625: All The Monsters Are Mine
Chapter 626: Ancestors Of The Five Elements
Chapter 627: Eggy, You Can Be Saved
Chapter 628: The Plan To Level Up
Chapter 629: Still Missing One Level
Chapter 630: A Pile Of Divine Artifacts
Chapter 631: Leng Hanshuang Has Arrived
Chapter 632: Joint Attack Skill
Chapter 633: First Kill
Chapter 634: Five Element Angry Buddhas
Chapter 635: Such An Awesome Explosion
Chapter 636: Unbeatable Power
Chapter 637: Self-Destruction Of The Soul
Chapter 638: Sword Skill, Spectral Eradication
Chapter 639: Level 9 Berserk
Chapter 640: See Some Shit Explode
Chapter 641: Soul Fragment
Chapter 642: Boss, I’M Going To Use A Special Move
Chapter 643: Inescapable Net
Chapter 644: Dragon Energy Bomb
Chapter 645: Let Mount Hua Immortal Sect Be Reborn
Chapter 646: I Am Also His Woman
Chapter 647: The Boss Of Mount Hua
Chapter 648: It’S Time To Lose My V
Chapter 649: A Crazy Battle
Chapter 650: Nine Times In A Single Night
Chapter 651: The Progenitor’S Spatial Ring
Chapter 652: What Could It Be?
Chapter 653: Ultimate Quest
Chapter 654: Floodplain World
Chapter 655: Profound God Sovereign’S Brand
Chapter 656: Great Perfection Realm
Chapter 657: Cleaning Up The Sect
Chapter 658: Pill Alchemy Skill, Great Perfection
Chapter 659: Fatty Lei, This Big Brother Is Coming For You
Chapter 660: Heavenly Sword City In Danger
Chapter 661: A Jade Seal Passed Down For 10,000 Years
Chapter 662: Powerful Divine Artifact
Chapter 663: Trash That Can’T Handle One Strike
Chapter 664: The Mastermind Behind The Scenes
Chapter 665: Soul Hall’S Expert
Chapter 666: What A Great Feeling
Chapter 667: You Will Come To Like Me
Chapter 668: Assassins From The Ten Great Immortal Sect Have Arrived
Chapter 669: He Has To Die
Chapter 670: The Might Of Teleport
Chapter 671: Fierce Guy
Chapter 672: The Awesome Niu Jingang
Chapter 673: Desert Of Death
Chapter 674: This Is A Big Problem
Chapter 675: Evil Woman, Black Widow
Chapter 676: Hello, Sire!
Chapter 677: This One Doesn’T Want It
Chapter 678: The Power Of A Dragon God’S Essence Blood
Chapter 679: Luo Tian Transforms Into A Boss
Chapter 680: Sire, Is This One Beautiful?
Chapter 681: Stealing The Heavens
Chapter 682: Heavy Thunder Attack
Chapter 683: Ghost Dragon, Time For Your Rebirth!
Chapter 684: One Hit Instant Kill
Chapter 685: Brother, Can I Touch Him?
Chapter 686: Luo Tian, Save Us!
Chapter 687: Tragic
Chapter 688: Pwned!
Chapter 689: Boundless Rage
Chapter 690: Have Some Big Blows
Chapter 691: Smacking The Faces Of Those Super Experts
Chapter 692: Too Unbearable
Chapter 693: Kneel Down For This Daddy And Sing Conquered
Chapter 694: Li Xue’Er Appearing?
Chapter 695: The Sinister Lin Wushen
Chapter 696: The Secret About Li Xue’Er
Chapter 697: This Girl Is Quite Tough
Chapter 698: You Guys Want Some Dragon God Essence Blood?
Chapter 699: Everything At A Crazy Pace
Chapter 700: Divine Beast Boss
Chapter 701: A Secret That Can Only Be Told When We Do That
Chapter 702: If You Dare To Move, This Daddy Will Kill You
Chapter 703: Death And Destruction
Chapter 704: Super Trump Card
Chapter 705: Boss, Here Comes This Big Brother!
Chapter 706: Steel Blade Beasts
Chapter 707: Please Bless Me, Teacher Sola Aoi
Chapter 708: Luo Tian Wants To Cry
Chapter 709: A Boss With Two Billion Health
Chapter 710: Wait For Your Death!
Chapter 711: Sire, This One Is Prepared
Chapter 712: The Berserk Blade River King
Chapter 713: Blade River King, Explode For Me!
Chapter 714: Shocking Heaven Slash
Chapter 715: Its Name Is Annihilate
Chapter 716: Big Brother Luo Tian, You Will End Up Dying!
Chapter 717: The Time For Revenge Has Come
Chapter 718: This One Will Kill Them All
Chapter 719: Sister-In-Law Is Mighty And Domineering!
Chapter 720: Hit Me As Hard As You Can
Chapter 721: Two Newly Accepted Disciples
Chapter 722: I Will Go At It With You On The Bed
Chapter 723: I Am The Most Reasonable Person
Chapter 724: Not Giving A Path To Live
Chapter 725: The First Match
Chapter 726: Instantly Killed By A Slap
Chapter 727: The Twin Sisters Want To Use A Hammer To…
Chapter 728: Who Is Teaching Whom To Be A Decent Person?
Chapter 729: Murong Wanjian, Are You Here?
Chapter 730: Now This Feels Great
Chapter 731: I Like To Be Reckless
Chapter 732: Murong Bai Versus The Soul Hall Expert
Chapter 733: Dance Of The Shura
Chapter 734: A Sword Skill That Cannot Be Blocked
Chapter 735: Eggy Levels Up Twice
Chapter 736: Luo Tian Is Furious
Chapter 737: The Immortal Sect Alliance Army Are All Dead
Chapter 738: You Are Not Worthy Of Her
Chapter 739: This Woman Is Extremely Vicious
Chapter 740: The Young Phoenix Is Here?
Chapter 741: Twin Sisters Going On Stage
Chapter 742: Too Violent
Chapter 743: Touching Luo Tian’S Bottom Line
Chapter 744: Break For Me!
Chapter 745: The Crazed Luo Tian
Chapter 746: Luo Tian Participates
Chapter 747: Forced To A Dead End
Chapter 748: A Gorgeous Instant Kill
Chapter 749: Come! Let’S Fight!
Chapter 750: Sharingan, Kaleidoscope
Chapter 751: The Two Of Them Are Having An Affair
Chapter 752: I Want To Fight One Thousand
Chapter 753: Those Who Block Me Shall Die
Chapter 754: It’S Time To Reap Death
Chapter 755: The Dance Of A Grim Reaper
Chapter 756: I Cannot Die
Chapter 757: Ding!
Chapter 758: Does That Feel Good? I’M Feeling Good
Chapter 759: The Boss Is Enraged
Chapter 760: Come On Out! Annihilate!
Chapter 761: Cannot Get Out
Chapter 762: My Fellow Brothers, Kill!
Chapter 763: Have The World Tremble Before Us
Chapter 764: Who Is The Winner?
Chapter 765: Who Dares To Touch This Daddy?
Chapter 766: Time For The Divine Burst Pill
Chapter 767: Brother, It’S Time To Burst Forth
Chapter 768: The Heavenly Emperor Will Still Be Killed
Chapter 769: Brothers!
Chapter 770: I’M Really Going To Use My Special Move
Chapter 771: Three Seconds, Everyone Dies
Chapter 772: A Slap
Chapter 773: You Have To Come To Marry Me
Chapter 774: Start The Ultimate Quest
Chapter 775: Luo Tian’S Worries
Chapter 776: Being Eliminated By The System
Chapter 777: What Is A Tank?
Chapter 778: Heart Of Lava
Chapter 779: Kill, Kill, Kill, Explode, Explode, Explode
Chapter 780: A Boss Appears
Chapter 781: This Daddy Is Going To Explode Him
Chapter 782: Burning Heaven
Chapter 783: A Fight To The Death
Chapter 784: Dead!
Chapter 785: The Third Heavenly Flame
Chapter 786: My Path, I Will Shoulder It Alone
Chapter 787: Blade Tomb
Chapter 788: Murong Wanjian Broke Through
Chapter 789: A Place Where One Cannot Leave
Chapter 790: A Blade Spirit Exploded Out
Chapter 791: Instant Kill!
Chapter 792: Summoning All The Disciples To Shattered Sky City
Chapter 793: The Eighteenth Level
Chapter 794: Starting The Heavenly Flame Prize Draw
Chapter 795: It’S Time To Send You On Your Way
Chapter 796: Even A God Needs To Sing Conquered
Chapter 797: Heart Trembling
Chapter 798: Explosion That Overturns The Heavens
Chapter 799: We Want To Get Revenge
Chapter 800: Ten Profound God Sovereigns Rock The World
Chapter 801: Crisis On All Sides
Chapter 802: Giant Fault Sword, Xuanyuan Yi Appears
Chapter 803: You’Re Also A Sister-In-Law?
Chapter 804: Let Me Play A Song For You All
Chapter 805: A Profound God Sovereign Appears
Chapter 806: Fat Guy Appears, Domineering!
Chapter 807: Desperately Rushing Over
Chapter 808: They Are All Lunatics
Chapter 809: Assassinating Murong Wanjian
Chapter 810: A Duel Between Sword Intents
Chapter 811: Too Strong
Chapter 812: This Fatty Is The Death Of Us
Chapter 813: Defeated
Chapter 814: Go Crazy Even If They Have To Die
Chapter 815: Young Phoenix, Li Xue’Er
Chapter 816: Villainous Woman
Chapter 817: The Start Of The Ritual
Chapter 818: Almost There
Chapter 819: This Daddy Doesn’T Agree
Chapter 820: Rage Surging To The Sky
Chapter 821: Those Who Block Me Shall Die
Chapter 822: Boss Luo Tian
Chapter 823: Fusing The Four Divine Beast Bloodlines
Chapter 824: You Will All Roll Around In Bed With Me
Chapter 825: Crushing Murong Wanjian
Chapter 826: Miracle Descends
Chapter 827: The Tragic Daoist Lie Yang
Chapter 828: A Large Wave Of Mutant Bosses
Chapter 829: One Word – Explode
Chapter 830: Kill Them All
Chapter 831: An Chunchun Bursts Forth
Chapter 832: Cang Tianlong, Dead
Chapter 833: Go To Hell
Chapter 834: Super Boss!
Chapter 835: Seven War Gods
Chapter 836: Invincible Mode, Activate!
Chapter 837: Explode Forth With All Powers
Chapter 838: Target Locked, Go To Hell
Chapter 839: Murong Wanjian Becomes A Dead Dog
Chapter 840: Teacher Sola Aoi, Please Give Me Your Blessing
Chapter [Nan]
Chapter 841: Supremacy Luo Tian
Chapter 842: Damn It, You’Ve Finally Appeared
Chapter 843: Tianxuan Continent’S Greatest Calamity
Chapter 844: Three Great Treasures
Chapter 845: All Resurrected
Chapter 846: He Will Definitely Die By…
Chapter 847: Eight Formations Chart
Chapter 848: Because He Is Ours
Chapter 849: Power Of Spiritual Essence
Chapter 850: Explode!
Chapter 851: I Want To Return To Earth
Chapter 852: Killing A Nightmare
Chapter 853: The Crisis Between Life And Death
Chapter 854: Super Reward
Chapter 864: Moving Forward With Blood Boiling
Chapter 865: The Toughest Battle About To Start
Chapter 866: I’M Here
Chapter 867: The Power Of The Arcane Dark Beasts
Chapter 868: Directly Screw Them
Chapter 869: Instantly Killing Murong Wanjian
Chapter 870: The Girls Are Too Awesome
Chapter 871: Who Sneak Attacked Who?
Chapter 872: Level 10 Berserk
Chapter 873: Suppressing The Arcane Dark King
Chapter 874: All Races Kneeling In Worship
Chapter 875: Arcane Dark King, Explode
Chapter 876: My Fate Is In My Hands And Not The Heavens
Chapter 877: Big Sister System
Chapter 878: Ancient World, Here I Come
Chapter 879: Muggles
Chapter 880: Testing Twice
Chapter 881: Blank
Chapter 882: I Want You To Slap Him
Chapter 883: Surviving For Three Days
Chapter 884: Wait For My Return
Chapter 885: The Beauty Bai Lingling
Chapter 886: God Flame
Chapter 887: Bullied Beyond Recognition
Chapter 888: Very Impressive Rewards
Chapter 889: Leveling Up Plan
Chapter 890: Legendary Fish Killer
Chapter 891: Spirit Martial 2Nd Rank
Chapter 892: Wolf Pack
Chapter 893: I Can Smell The Scent Of Blood On You
Chapter 894: White Wolf King Boss
Chapter 895: The Bounty Hunter Appears
Chapter 896: Not Putting Him In His Eyes
Chapter 897: I Refuse To Believe You Won’T Die
Chapter 898: Wolf King’S Inner Core
Chapter 899: This Daddy Will Give You A Blast First
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Bùbài Shēngjí, Unbeatable Level up, 不败升级

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

After waking up in the body of the Young Master of the Luo family, he finds he has the knowledge of hundreds of games and Light Novels. However, he finds his Dantian is crippled, so he can’t practice cultivation! Luckily, he has the Upgrade system.

Killing Monsters, doing Quests, and even killing people- it’s just too easy. I don’t have any Martial Arts? I have hundreds of light novels, just let me level up so I can get this Main Character’s Martial Art! The only problem is: Should I follow the “This OP character cultivation” or should I follow “Another OP character cultivation”?! The tragedy!

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Chapter 1: Transmigration

Chapter 1: Transmigration

Tianxuan Continent, warriors were respected and martial skills reigned supreme.

In this world, strength and martial skills were just as important.

The exact same leveled cultivators with different martial skills could determine the outcome of a battle.

It was because of this that a good martial skill may make a family, or even determine the fate of a large Sect.


Jade Mountain City, the Luo family’s horse stable.




, what sort of smell is this and why does it stink so much?”

A pale faced boy woke up trembling on top of some hay of the stable as he muttered complaints.

Luo Tian opened his eyes and what greeted him were several horses ass. On top of his thigh was horse manure that stunk like no tomorrow. His eyes wide in surprise while his body froze in astonishment, “horse shit?!”

“What the hell?! What’s going on here?”

Luo Tian’s mind blanked. His mouth was agape; his eyes wide, and didn’t recover his senses for a long time.

“What’s going on?”


“I was just merely downloading a batch of several hundreds of pirated online novels, so do I really need to be punished like this?”

The surrounding was really too unfamiliar to Luo Tian.

He looked at the clothes he was wearing, then at his pair of hands, and then at the long hair that reached his waist. All of this was not part of his original body, so this clearly proved that he had transmigrated!

On planet Earth, Luo Tian was a very ordinary otaku.

He was as ordinary as ordinary could get. Each day he would just do what otaku’s did – video games, anime, novels, and friendly humping interactions with inflatable dolls…


Luo Tian was playing a video game while downloading novels at the same time.

Hearing the “ding dong” sound, a smile broke out on Luo Tian’s face. He then muttered to himself: “I’ve finally finished downloading; now I can read for a good several days.”

He then opened up his personal e-book file and looked around.

Inside were all the hottest online novels: something Stellar Transformation, something Ethereal Trip, something Zhu Xian, something Battle Through The Heavens, something The Plum in the Golden Vase…

There were several hundreds of novels and each of them was a classic.

Luo Tian had a particular soft spot for them. Even after finished reading them, he would not delete it. In his own words, on certain boring and lonely nights, he could re-read them again for fun.

After the new novels had been downloaded, Luo Tian went ahead and unplugged the data cable.

The moment his hands touched the data cable…

The computer screen would constantly switch back and forth between a page of a novel and a video game interface; the computer screen almost flashed itself to death.

The computer screen was flashing while the CPU was also making noises like crazy.

Immediately afterwards…

Like a vegetable knife cutting into an electrical cord, sparks of flame and electricity flew everywhere.

Smoke was coming out of the CPU and the monitor. Even worse was that smoke was coming out of Luo Tian’s head as well. The moment the CPU and the monitor completely fried, Luo Tian’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed onto the computer desk unconscious.

He had no clue on whatever happened afterwards.

By the time he woke up, he was in an unfamiliar world.

Luo Tian was now completely depressed.

He was so depressed that it was similar to a person on a deserted island that didn’t know how to survive to the next day. “Although it’s painful for this brother I, to be an otaku; and my pair of hands are a bit tired at the end of the night; but bringing me to this ghostly place is similar to taking my life, right?”

“What sort of f*cking predicament is this?” Luo Tian angrily cursed.

Even in his dream, he never thought he would transmigrate.

He enjoyed reading online novels, especially stories where the main character was so overpowered and could step on others and beat the crap out of everyone. He also enjoyed it when the main characters shared their ups and downs, and ‘til death did they part with their fellow brothers. He also liked it when the main characters went on countless adventures and would always meet matchless beauties… but those were merely what he enjoyed.

These were all imaginary and would never happen in real life.

Transmigration is just a genre of some particular novels, and it was impossible for it to happen.

If one could volunteer for transmigration, he would be the first because that’s the only way he could change his current life.

Now that he really transmigrated, he couldn’t bring himself to be happy about it.

There’s no other reason except for…

The owner of this body’s life experience, background, family, and the fact that his dantian had been crippled so he couldn’t cultivate.

On the surface, his life looked pretty awesome: The only son of the previous Patriarch of the family, but the key point was “previous!”

His father died in a battle while his mother was so disheartened that she got sick and died after.

Once his parents died, his life fell from heaven to hell. Originally the Luo family’s young master had become the Luo family’s stable hand; his status was even lower than a servant.

The worse part of it all was that his dantian had been crippled and he couldn’t cultivate.

He originally was filled with talent and had endless potential, and was considered the number one in the younger generation of the Jade Mountain City. But three years ago he was wounded by a mysterious person, and somehow mistakenly taken the Dispersing Spirit Pill. This caused his dantian to be crippled which led him to become the trash that couldn’t cultivate.

In a world where the strong are respected, not being able to cultivate was equivalent to a death sentence. He could never turn over a new leaf in his entire lifetime.

The moment he became trash was the moment he was bullied every single day. Those in the same clan would beat and ridicule him constantly while the disciples from other clans would insult and laugh behind his back on the main streets.

Back then, those disciples would not even dare to look at him directly would now step on top of him in public, perhaps to show off in front of a girl they liked.

The Luo family never bothered to care how he was treated. They even repeatedly warned him not to go outside and disgrace himself since he was making the Luo family lose their face.

Why would the upper-level Luo members even care about him? They were anxiously hoping that Luo Tian would die as soon as possible. One should know that Luo Tian was still technically the young master of the Luo family; therefore once he is of age, he’s supposed to inherit the identity as the Patriarch of the Luo family.

When Luo Zhen (his father) was alive, this was something he established in front of the ancestral hall. It’s something that cannot be changed no matter who wants to. Whoever wishes to change it will be considered as insulting the ancestors and would be committing a serious crime.

It was because of this reason that his tragic days had never stopped.

He would suffer beatings each day without reason at all. Luo Tian had tolerated it all, just like a cockroach struggling to survive.

Until yesterday…

Luo Yue brought a girl to select a horse.

This girl was called Zhu Mei. She was the daughter of the Zhu family’s Third Elder, a family that was one of the Jade Mountain City’s four major families. She was once Luo Tian’s fiancée, but…

That day Luo Tian was crippled, the Zhu family brought people to the house to break off the engagement. It was as if everything was already planned out.

Strangely, breaking off the engagement went rather smoothly. The current Luo family’s Patriarch Luo Jianshan didn’t even think about it and agreed on the spot.

Luo Tian didn’t know anything about this. He only found out about this one month later when the Luo family publicly announced the engagement between Luo Yue and Zhu Mei.

That day, he could only bitterly smile.

Luo Yue and Zhu Mei were selecting horses to enjoy themselves in the countryside.

Originally for this kind of thing, calling a servant over to saddle the horses would do it. But in order for Luo Yue to show off his superiority, he deliberately brought the Zhu Mei who was dressed especially beautifully that day to show off. And Zhu Mei surprisingly matched Luo Yue’s intention. These two started showing a variety of intimate actions in front of Luo Tian, and even verbally insulted Luo Tian by various means.

Luo Tian turned a blind eye and pretended he didn’t see a thing.

But it was because of this that Luo Yue flew into a rage. He was saying that Luo Tian didn’t even know how to saddle horses.


Luo Yue became physical, and knocked Luo Tian down with a single punch.

How could someone like Luo Tian whose cultivation had dispersed be the opponent of the Profound Pupil 5th Rank Luo Yue? Luo Tian was knocked unconscious with one punch but Luo Yue still hadn’t vented enough.

He condensed all his Profound Pupil’s 5th Rank power which viciously exploded by kicking Luo Tian’s chest a few times. He made sure Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to get up before he finally left. It was around this time that Zhu Mei was clapping her hands and yelling out “good kick!” She kept praising how good her brother Luo Yue was, how mighty looking brother Luo Yue looked, beat him to death, beat that trash to death etc. In-between saying these words, she would go up and kick Luo Tian a few times herself.

It was due to this tragic scene that the Luo family’s young master passed away.

The otaku Luo Tian then arrived.

“His tragic life is over, and now it’s my turn to experience it.” Luo Tian looked at the stables with downcast eyes. His gaze was filled with powerlessness as he asked himself: “What to do? What should I do from now on? Oh heavens, can you give me a bit of benefit? How can an otaku like me survive in this dog eat dog world?”

Luo Tian was thinking for half the day, but still couldn’t find any get rich shortcuts. He was just an ordinary otaku; he was completely ignorant when it came to business ideas or money making opportunities.

He was only good at online video games.

In his past life, he leveled up quite quickly and would sell the online items for money. When it came to killing monsters, leveling up, doing quests, and farming, he was considered a genius. Even some professional players considered him a rival.


This world didn’t even know what a computer was, not to mention online games.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

All of a sudden…

A surprised voice was heard from outside the stables.

His was the horse stable’s Steward, called Ma Tong. His face was so surprised when he saw Luo Tian wake up, and muttered: “He’s still alive after being beat that badly, the life of this trash is truly quite tough!”

He was present when Luo Tian was beaten. He watched as Luo Yue struck out killing blows yet he never expected Luo Tian to stubbornly survive.

After recovering from his shock, Ma Tong coldly smiled and went inside the stables and kicked Luo Tian’s thigh. He then suddenly yelled out: “If you’re awake, stop pretending to be dead in front of this daddy. You’re awake and still f*cking lying there and not working, do you believe this daddy here will beat you to death for real you damn trash.”

After being yelled at by these series of words, Luo Tian’s face was sprayed with spit.

Back then, a little horse stable Steward like Ma Tong didn’t even have the qualifications to meet him. Presently, Luo Tian was physically struck upon seeing Ma Tong, and now he was even threatened with being beaten to death. This made Luo Tian fully realize that his current status in the Luo family was really at the lowest of the lows.

Luo Tian’s eyes narrowed as anger soared in his heart but in a flash, he calmed himself down. He then squeezed out a smile and a laughed, “I’m up, and will start working immediately.”

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him.

Ma Tong’s cultivation was at the Profound Pupil’s 3rd Rank, it was more than enough to deal with someone like him.

Although he wouldn’t dare to kill Luo Tian, he would not be merciful while punching and kicking a few times. He was already seriously injured right now so Luo Tian wasn’t sure if he could handle being beaten anymore.

But he has clearly remembered this and one day, he will pay him back for it.

Luo Tian had difficulty standing up as he stumbled out of the stable.

Ma Tong once again kicked Luo Tian’s butt and haughtily cried out: “You dog thing, why are you so slow? You wanna die or something?”

Luo Tian clenched his jaws and tightened his fists a few times, but still didn’t dare to say a word.

Ma Tong coldly laughed and then said in contempt: “You damn trash, you are such a f*cking shame to humans. I really don’t know why you bother staying alive.”

“There really is no use in staying alive here.” Luo Tian bitterly smiled and said to himself.

There was a “splat” sound.

Luo Tian had stepped on a fat dung beetle and killed it. Luo Tian was about to continue forward when a strange sound was heard in his mind.



Total Chapters in book: 891
Estimated words: 1538426 (not accurate)
Estimated Reading Time in minutes: 7692(@200wpm)___ 6154(@250wpm)___ 5128(@300wpm)