Long Live Summons by Xia Fei Shuang Jia

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 – Twin Star Inherent Skill
Chapter 3 – Mythical Beast’S Special Ability
Chapter 4 – Heavenly Sword Goddess?
Chapter 5 – [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi
Chapter 6 – Yue Bing In Black
Chapter 7 – Summon, Spitting Thorny Flower!
Chapter 8 – Birth Of An Abnormal Genius
Chapter 9 – The Guy Who Was Up To No Good
Chapter 10 – Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen
Chapter 11 – Treasure On A Silver Platter
Chapter 12 – Quintet Seeking Golden Mice
Chapter 13 – Target: Innate Realm
Chapter 14 – Chaos, Concealed Tracks, Mysterious Secret
Chapter 15 – Huge Bounty
Chapter 16 – Requirement For Choosing A Spouse: Bubble Butt
Chapter 17 – Wonderful Classification Technique
Chapter 18 – Vengeance Hunters
Chapter 19 – Element-Type, Stone Skin
Chapter 20 – No Money? Then Sorry.
Chapter 21 – Let’S Spend The Night Together
Chapter 22 – Please Don’T Casually Fall For Me
Chapter 23 – A Pair Of Shoes
Chapter 24 – Assassin At Night
Chapter 25 – The Beauty
Chapter 26 – Fei Wen Li, Her Majesty The Empress
Chapter 27 – Serpent Demon
Chapter 28 – Is She My Daughter Or A Beast?
Chapter 29 – Little Wen Li
Chapter 30 – Expert? You’Re Just A Stepping-Stone.
Chapter 31 – Booked Virgin
Chapter 32 – Bronze Barbaric Bull
Chapter 33 – Miracle?
Chapter 34 – Do You Have Anything Else To Show Off?
Chapter 35 – Supreme Sword
Chapter 36 – Level Up
Chapter 37 – Barbarian Cow Shadow
Chapter 38 – Beauty
Chapter 39 – Born To Be Smacked Around?
Chapter 40 – Hui Tai Lang
Chapter 41 – Mysterious, Ferocious Beauty
Chapter 42 – I Give Up
Chapter 43 – Tong Tian Tower, I’Ve Come!
Chapter 44 – The Desire To Survive
Chapter 45 – Searching For Yue Bing
Chapter 46 – Now This Is Difficulty!
Chapter 47 – Little Thief, Do Your Best!
Chapter 48 – The Three-Headed Chimera
Chapter 49 – Guessing Riddles?
Chapter 50 – Silencing Scepter
Chapter 51 – The Golden Bell
Chapter 52 – Hidden Treasure Map?
Chapter 53 – It’S Decided, Let’S Lie!
Chapter 54 – The Definition Of A Beast’S Strength?
Chapter 55 – Whistleblowers Will Be Beheaded!
Chapter 56 – Refining, Heart Of Oak
Chapter 57 – Stealing Eggs
Chapter 58 – Two-Headed Demon Wolf?
Chapter 59 – Who Dares To Touch My Younger Sister?
Chapter 60 – Evildoers Still Need To Be Worn Down By Evildoers
Chapter 61 – Little Clown, Slowly Perform For Me!
Chapter 62 – I’Ve Been Waiting For You For A Long Time!
Chapter 63 – Counterattack Against Abyssal Magic?
Chapter 64 – Secondary Grimoire
Chapter 65 – Perilous Situation
Chapter 66 – It Can’T Be Called A Sneak Attack
Chapter 67 – I’M Currently Pondering Over What Shivering Is.
Chapter 68 – The Divine Grimoire
Chapter 69 – The Question Is Actually Very Simple
Chapter 70 – Understanding While Acting Confused.
Chapter 71 – Chain Quest?
Chapter 72 – Seen Through, Divine Vision
Chapter 73 – The Mysterious Little Gold Beast
Chapter 74 – Gods’ Ruins
Chapter 75 – It Won’T Do To Not Be Covered By Boss!
Chapter 76 – Comprehending The Heart Of Nature
Chapter 77 – Fertiliser
Chapter 78 – Strong Enemy, Bone Dragon And Flame Lord
Chapter 79 – Storm Mermaid
Chapter 80 – Imperial Sister Swordsman
Chapter 81 – Six Records Inherent Skill
Chapter 82 – Handsome 100,000 Times Over
Chapter 83 – A Beggar With A Crystal Card
Chapter 84 – I Want To Violently Beat You Up Too!
Chapter 85 – Luo Hua City Mistress
Chapter 86 – Bloody Queen?
Chapter 87 – I’Ll Just Pick This In The Middle!
Chapter 88 – Killing Demon Generals Instantly
Chapter 89 – Banshee’S Scream
Chapter 90 – Level Up, Silver Grimoire!
Chapter 91 – Bloody Queen’S Secret
Chapter 92 – Agreement
Chapter 93 – Treeman Warrior, Level Up
Chapter 94 – Confession?
Chapter 95 – A Letter From Home Is A Priceless Treasure
Chapter 96 – Bowing Head In Shame, Turning Red With One Touch
Chapter 97 – Who Could Understand A Girl’S Heart?
Chapter 98 – Beating A Bastard Slave Violently
Chapter 99 – Kill Them All For Me!
Chapter 100 – Put Him In A Coffin Immediately
Chapter 101 – Yue Yang Storming Out
Chapter 102 – I’M Taking Back Our Pride
Chapter 103 – Breaking New Realm In The Battle
Chapter 104 – A Likeable Bandit’S Theory
Chapter 105 – The Tipping Point For A Breakthrough
Chapter 106 – Innate Realm Third Layer
Chapter 107 – You Dare? I Will Step On Your Head!
Chapter 108 – Let Your Enemy Shudder In Front Of You!
Chapter 109 – The Craziest Battle!
Chapter 110 – Cry, Vomit Blood, Be Jealous!
Chapter 111 – Bloody Queen’S Presence
Chapter 112 – A New Breakthrough In Battle
Chapter 113 – Counterfeit Skill Vs Six Records Skill
Chapter 114 – Well Coordination, Instant Killing A Powerful Enemy!
Chapter 115 – Water Avoiding Pearl?
Chapter 116 – The Evil Wolf’S Hand
Chapter 117 – The Reaper Mantis
Chapter 118 – The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware Of The Oriole Behind
Chapter 119 – Burn All, Kill All, Loot All
Chapter 120 – Let’S Use Your Severed Head As A Soccer Ball!
Chapter 121 – Great Spoils Of War
Chapter 122 – Beautiful School Principal Oneesan?
Chapter 123 – An Extremely Abnormal Test
Chapter 124 – Beating An Old Cunning Fox Violently
Chapter 125 – The Panda Girl, Niu Niu
Chapter 126 – Death Class
Chapter 127 – Enlightenment, A Person’S Turning Point
Chapter 128 – Surprise!
Chapter 129 – Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle
Chapter 130 – White Jade Beetle
Chapter 131 – Old Soldier, Undying Battle Spirit!
Chapter 132 – If You Want To Fight, I’Ll Fight!
Chapter 133 – I’Ll Send You Back To The West.
Chapter 134 – Seal Unlocked: The Dark Golden Specter!
Chapter 135 – Nirvana’S Flame
Chapter 136 – Mystery
Chapter 137 – Today Is A Good Day
Chapter 138 – Grandma Wu Teng
Chapter 139 – Mission, Starlight Serene Indigo Grass
Chapter 140 – Marriage
Chapter 141 – A Mysterious Female Thief
Chapter 142 – I’Ll Wait For Your Apology
Chapter 143 – Cower, A Single Slash That Shocked The Heaven And Earth!
Chapter 144 – Are There Really Dragons?
Chapter 145 – Are You Ready To Die?
Chapter 146 – You Are The One Who’S Gonna Die!
Chapter 147 – I’M Sorry, It’S My Natural Reflex!
Chapter 148 – Who On Earth Are You?
Chapter 149 – Attack And Defense, Naturally Intertwined
Chapter 150 – Little Thorny Flower Demoness
Chapter 151 – Bloody Battle, Glory, Triumph!
Chapter 152 – Medicine Encyclopedia Acquired
Chapter 153 – Learning [Space Teleportation]
Chapter 154 – Fight Then, Hero’S Comrade!
Chapter 155 – Extreme Berserk
Chapter 156 – Destruction
Chapter 157 – Great Kindness Cannot Be Reciprocated With Words
Chapter 158 – When A Wave Settles, Another One Rises Again.
Chapter 159 – The Most Epic Rescue Of The Beauty!
Chapter 160 – Reunion Of The Lovers, Blissful Embrace!
Chapter 161 – Don’T Show Off Too Much, Or You’Ll Be Struck By Lightning!
Chapter 162 – Mastering Fire Ability
Chapter 163 – Mirage?
Chapter 164 – Night Empress
Chapter 165 – Eternal Youth Springwater
Chapter 166 – Meeting Girls Again!
Chapter 167 – When Three Women Meet, The World Will Be In Great Chaos
Chapter 168 – Little Scoundrel, Don’T Even Think About It!
Chapter 169 – Flaws, Temptations, Beating People At Their Own Game
Chapter 170 – Ancient Wisdom
Chapter 171 – Mysterious Rune, Complete Level Up
Chapter 172 – Go Berserk, Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 173 – Battle, Undying Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 174 – Tides Of Strong Enemies, Fierce Battle Descending
Chapter 175 – No One Can Take Advantage Of Me!
Chapter 176 – This Brat Is Really Abnormal!
Chapter 177 – Major Sky Demon? Sky Law?
Chapter 178 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty
Chapter 179 – Beauty Beautiful As Ever
Chapter 180 – Saving Luo Hua, Performing Cpr!
Chapter 181 – The Feeling Of Being Electrocuted
Chapter 182 – Idiot, I’M Not Going To Talk To You Anymore!
Chapter 183 – Fourth Mother In Danger
Chapter 184 – A Heart’S Sincerest Cry!
Chapter 185 – I Shall Grant You Death!
Chapter 186 Part 1 – 1V1, Supreme Duel!
Chapter 186 Part 2 – 1V1, Supreme Duel!
Chapter 187 – Threefold Strengthening?
Chapter 188 – [Nirvana Flame] And [World-Exterminating Wheel]
Chapter 189 – Working Together To Save Fourth Mother
Chapter 190 – Do I Really Need To Do Cpr?
Chapter 191 – Coming Home
Chapter 192 – The Mystery Of The Pitiful Guy’S Life
Chapter 193 – Eastern Sky King
Chapter 194 – Please Grant Me A Name, I Want To Become Human!
Chapter 195 – Spirit Of Flame And Smoke
Chapter 196 – Mysterious Diary
Chapter 197 – Taurus Temple
Chapter 198 – Artifacts, Choices, Secret Method
Chapter 199 – Secret Method, Yue Bing’S Great Improvement!
Chapter 200 – Barbarian Cow Shadow’S Evolution
Chapter 201 – The Trial That No One Had Ever Cleared In Ten Thousand Years!
Chapter 202 – [X-Ray Vision], Perverted Heart
Chapter 203 – Biting And Pinching
Chapter 204 – Living In Happiness Without Appreciating It
Chapter 205 – Stomp The Bird, Burst The Balls And Let’S Start To Roast!
Chapter 206 – The Mysterious Mother
Chapter 207 – Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted Without Any Mercy!
Chapter 208 – Are They Still Human?
Chapter 209 – That’S Right, I Am The Adulterer!
Chapter 210 – Don’T Be Happy Too Early!
Chapter 211 – Brat, You’Re An [Innate]?
Chapter 212- Greed, Insanity, Instant Kill!
Chapter 213 – Dragon Ladies? I Don’T Need You, I Have Many Beauties
Chapter 214 – Girl, I’Ll Give You A Smile!
Chapter 215 – Using Wisdom To Clear Gemini Temple
Chapter 216 – Reward, [Gemini] Inherent Skill
Chapter 217 – Bandage, Ribbon Knot
Chapter 218 – Bet
Chapter 219 – Lifelong Nemesis
Chapter 220 – Yue Bing Is On A Roll!
Chapter 221 – Wringing The Old Fox Dry
Chapter 222 – I Apologize… There Was A Traffic Jam!
Chapter 223 – A Smile And A Scowl, World’S Number One
Chapter 224 – I Want You To Become A Bad Person For A While
Chapter 225 – Resolving Heart’S Conflict, Loving As Much As One Likes
Chapter 226 – Hippo Meteor Punch!
Chapter 227 – Challenging Virgo Temple One More Time
Chapter 228 – Overcoming The Inner Demons
Chapter 229 – True Love, Clearing Virgo Temple
Chapter 230 – Goddess’ Tear
Chapter 231 – An Overabundance Of Yue Yang’S Luck!
Chapter 232 – Who Is Fake Goods?
Chapter 233 – Formidable Opponent, Enemy, Encounter
Chapter 234 – Fight, Fatty Hai!
Chapter 235 – Transformation, Re-Appearance Of The Hideous Monster!
Chapter 236 – Second Setback: Qi Sha
Chapter 237 – Bing-Er, Don’T Cry!
Chapter 238 – Stepping Stone
Chapter 239 – My Name Is ‘Red’!
Chapter 240 – This Is Obviously Bullying!
Chapter 241 – Junior Sect Leader? You Are Just A Coward Who Kneels And Begs For
Chapter 242 – Next Opponent, Prince Of Zi Jin
Chapter 243 – Stopping An Ultimate Move With A Single Finger!
Chapter 244 – Fire Shield, Bloodthirst Pill
Chapter 245 – Eastern Goblin Tribe
Chapter 246 – Fiery Golden Eyes Beast?
Chapter 247 – Women Are Not Inferior To Men!
Chapter 248 – Flying Tiger Ambassador
Chapter 249 – Interception, Pursuit
Chapter 250 – Showtime Of True Powers Once Again!
Chapter 251 – Pervert Vs Pervert, You Can’T Talk Me Out Of Killing You
Chapter 252 – What Goes Around Comes Around!
Chapter 253 – Ambush, Battle, Battle!
Chapter 254 – Serpent Fire-Tailed Tortoise
Chapter 255 – Pincer Attack
Chapter 256 – Nirvana’S Flame, Refining Orbs!
Chapter 257 – Southern Four Goblin Generals
Chapter 258 – Who Wants To Die Next?
Chapter 259 – Sure Kill, Supreme Sword
Chapter 260 – It’S Too Early To Be Dreaming!
Chapter 261 – Victory And Alliance
Chapter 262 – Hand’S Feel, Wanting To Feel It Forever!
Chapter 263 – Xue, Wu Xia
Chapter 264 – Comparing Oneself To Others Will Only Make You Angry!
Chapter 265 – Combined Techniques, Yue Yu’S Gentle Water Power
Chapter 266 – Arrow Ready On The Bow Must Be Shot No Matter What!
Chapter 267 – Fundamental Change, Yue Yu’S Level Up
Chapter 268 – Mastery, Innate Invisible Sword Qi
Chapter 269 – X-Ray Vision, Heaven Eyes Divine Vision
Chapter 270 – The Truth, The Truth In Yue Yang’S Hands
Chapter 271 – I Can’T Do It During The Day, Let’S Talk About It Again At Night!
Chapter 272 – Pushing Down Or Whatever, I Really Hate You!
Chapter 273 – Passing On Of Knowledge
Chapter 274 – A Man Is The Most Handsome When He Is Seriously Working Hard
Chapter 275 – Platinum-Ranked Level 5, World Destroying Demon Wolf
Chapter 276 – Pursuit
Chapter 277 – Fire Bow, Ice Arrow
Chapter 278 – I Will Never Show Compassion For My Enemies!
Chapter 279 – My Choice Is To Kill You!
Chapter 280 – King Of Black Light
Chapter 281 – Shun Tian, Great Emperor Of Zi Wei
Chapter 282 – Black Hole Dimension, Meeting Empress Fei Wen Li Again
Chapter 283 – Yue Yang’S Domain Of Power
Chapter 284 Part 1 – With Daughter In Hand, The World Is Mine!
Chapter 284 Part 2 – With Daughter In Hand, The World Is Mine!
Chapter 285 – Thorny Flower Demoness Vs Tong Tian Beast
Chapter 286 Part 1 – Innate? Nothing Wrong In Killing Them!
Chapter 286 Part 2 – Innate? Nothing Wrong In Killing Them!
Chapter 287 – Blood Test To Identify Familial Relations?
Chapter 288 – Yue Yang’S Big Comeback!
Chapter 289 – Hey, Can You Stop Drooling!
Chapter 290 – The Rifle Shot The Bird That Pokes Its Head Out First!
Chapter 291 – As A Minor Character, You Shouldn’T Be Too Arrogant!
Chapter 292 – Domain Of Power, Power Up!
Chapter 293 Part 1 – Taking Down The Enemy, Barging Into The Demon’S Palace
Chapter 293 Part 2 – Taking Down The Enemy, Barging Into The Demon’S Palace
Chapter 294 – Rescuing The Mysterious Sealed Being
Chapter 295 Part 1 – Breaking The Cocoon, Rebirth Of A New Life
Chapter 295 Part 2 – Breaking The Cocoon, Rebirth Of A New Life
Chapter 296 Part 1 – Moe, Natural Airhead?
Chapter 296 Part 2 – Moe, Natural Airhead?
Chapter 297 – Phoenixes, Colourful Immortal Phoenixes
Chapter 298 – If Sluts Act Like They’Re All Mighty, They’Ll Get Struck By Lightning!
Chapter 299 – Blood Bath, Struggles, Victory
Chapter 300 – Level Up, Collecting Loot, Yue Yang’S Return
Chapter 301 – Creating Pills, Martial Spirit Pill
Chapter 302 – Heart Palpitations!
Chapter 303 – The Old Fox Becomes An Innate
Chapter 304 – The Ultimate Weapon For Picking Up Girls
Chapter 305 – Weapon Level Up, Luring The Smoky Flame Girl
Chapter 306 – Water Palace, Ancient Structure
Chapter 307 – Dragon Turtle
Chapter 308 – Prison Emperor’S Divine Palace
Chapter 309 – Qian Qian’S Decision: Become An Innate!
Chapter 310 – Grimoire Level Up
Chapter 311 – Level Up, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen!
Chapter 312 – We’Ll Be Together Forever!
Chapter 313 – Avians? Demons? Kill Them All!
Chapter 314 – The Demons’ Sad Wails
Chapter 315 – Reward, Five Colours Of Divine Light
Chapter 316 – Forgetting The Situation, Forcing A Kiss
Chapter 317 – Why Do You Need To Look Elsewhere, There’S One Right Here!
Chapter 318 – Snatch Him, I Will Definitely Have This Man!
Chapter 319 – Body Fusion, Level Up, Stepping Into A New Realm
Chapter 320 – Corrosive Ghost-Faced Crab
Chapter 321 – A Meteor With Fire And Ice
Chapter 322 – Gold-Ranked Level 8? Instant Kill!
Chapter 323 – Rescue Mission Success, New Target!
Chapter 324 – Key, White Dragon Pearl, Demon Suppressing Pagoda
Chapter 325 – Puppet Palace, Three Hidden Treasures
Chapter 326 – Ghost Genius Yue Gong
Chapter 327 – Goal: Push Down Luo Hua City Mistress
Chapter 328 – Bending Down
Chapter 329 – Luo Hua, Beautiful As Dream
Chapter 330 – Onslaught, Meeting Enemies, Slashing Into Half
Chapter 331 – The Enemy’S Present!
Chapter 332 – The Good Show Is Just Starting
Chapter 333 – Continuing Instant-Kill Streak, Re-Enacting The Tragedy!
Chapter 334 – Strong Enemies Everywhere!
Chapter 335 – Going All Out, Fight The Bloody Battle Until The End!
Chapter 336 – Nirvana State, Physical And Spiritual Self-Detonation!
Chapter 337 – Yue Yang, Nirvana Rebirth!
Chapter 338 – Collaboration?
Chapter 339 – Weakness?
Chapter 340 – An Unkillable Enemy, Huang Sha
Chapter 341 – Storm Conch
Chapter 342 – Battle, Huang Sha’S Second Form!
Chapter 343 – Ground Breaking Pearl
Chapter 344 – Prison Emperor Excalibur
Chapter 345 – Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 346 – Ming Yue Guang
Chapter 347 – Goblin Beast, Heaven Realm Centipede
Chapter 348 – Xue Wu Xia’S Extreme Freezing Power
Chapter 349 – Resurrection, The Two Great Leaders Of Heaven Realm
Chapter 350 – Opponent With Terrifying Abilities
Chapter 351 – Life Combustion
Chapter 352 – Second Berserk Transformation
Chapter 353 – Sky Law!
Chapter 354 – Coldness, Present, Human Rod
Chapter 355 – Lei Shen Shi, Death
Chapter 356
Chapter 357 – Tong Tian Tower’S Sixth Floor
Chapter 358 – Yue Yang Looked Hideous?
Chapter 359 – The Standard Of A Handsome Guy
Chapter 360 – New Party Member
Chapter 361 Part 1 – Since That Is The Case, You Guys Should Just Die.
Chapter 361 Part 2 – Since That Is The Case, You Guys Should Just Die.
Chapter 362 – You Don’T Deserve To Use This Spear!
Chapter 363 – How Could You Lose A Person?
Chapter 364 – Thunder Fortress, The Robbers’ Den
Chapter 365 – Friend
Chapter 366 – Wager, Five Platinum Grimoires
Chapter 367 – Nightmares And Tiger Nian
Chapter 368 – Nightmare Died In A Nightmare!
Chapter 369 – Pay Him Back In His Own Coin!
Chapter 370 – Because I Am A Father
Chapter 371 – Fourth Uncle Passed Away, Handing Down The Responsibility
Chapter 372 – Long Live, Big Brother!
Chapter 373 – There’S Another Beast Who Wants To Contract A Grimoire?
Chapter 374 – Divine Beast, Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 375 – Transformation Skill, Replica Beast
Chapter 376 – Hoist This Idiot Up And Beat Him!
Chapter 377 – Special Item?
Chapter 378 – Let Me Touch Them!
Chapter 379 – I’M Going To Kill You!
Chapter 380 – Receiving Rewards, Meeting Old Acquaintances
Chapter 381 – Offering Treasures, Thunder Ore
Chapter 382 – Level Up, Platinum Crescent Moon Blade!
Chapter 383 – Lethal Human Weapon, Half-Elf Girl
Chapter 384 – Purple-Haired Beauty In Black
Chapter 385 – Showing Its Might! Impressive Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 386 – I Wanna Be A Divine Beast!
Chapter 387 – The Legendary Uniform Fetishism
Chapter 388 – Dark Prison Royal Jelly
Chapter 389 – An Old Love Rival, Sky Dragon!
Chapter 390 – Xia Yi
Chapter 391 – Arrogant Huh? I’D Beat You To A Pulp!
Chapter 392 – Killing Sky Dragon
Chapter 393 – Demon Eye’S Death
Chapter 394 – Ancient Sealing Circle?
Chapter 395 – Mysterious Dimension, The Five Elements Palace
Chapter 396 – Daddy-Con? Lolicon?
Chapter 397 – Don’T Get Complacent Too Early!
Chapter 398 – Divine Molten Meteorite Gold
Chapter 399 – World Treasure, Wishing Dutchman’S Pipe
Chapter 400 – Hui Tai Lang, Hui Tai Lang!
Chapter 401 – Fight, Fight!
Chapter 402 – Rock, Scissors, Paper
Chapter 403 – What Treasures Do You Have?
Chapter 404 – Instinct, Temptations, Self Discipline
Chapter 405 – The Heart Of Earth And The Bararian Cow
Chapter 406 – The Art Of Leading
Chapter 407 – Evil Dragon Lair?
Chapter 408 – The Real Dark Blade
Chapter 409 – The Most Incredible Newcomer
Chapter 410 – A Strong Enemy Appeared!
Chapter 411 – Scarlet Emperor
Chapter 412 – The Power Of [Counterfeit] Inherent Skill!
Chapter 413 – Mutual Destruction?
Chapter 414 – Ambush, Blood-Soaked, Tough Fight
Chapter 415 – Deep Grudge, I Would Kill Everyone Related To You!
Chapter 416 – Taking Advantage While The Enemy Is Down!
Chapter 417 – The Guardian Divine Shield And The Spirit Absorbing Bell
Chapter 418 – Outburst, The Birth Of The Purple-Golden Fire
Chapter 419 – Bloody Queen, Red!
Chapter 420 – Top Secret Letter!
Chapter 421 – Declaration Of War
Chapter 422 – Negotiating With A Silver Tongue
Chapter 423 – It’S Not Right To Scare A Child!
Chapter 424 – Yue Yang? Yes, He Was Impressive.
Chapter 425 – Queue Up, This Is Very Important
Chapter 426 – Shameless, A Whole New Realm Of Shamelessness!
Chapter 427 – Deceive, Continue To Deceive
Chapter 428 – Brother-In-Law’S Anger!
Chapter 429 – Breaking Through A New Realm, With Help.
Chapter 430 – Level Up, Two New Skills
Chapter 431 – An Old Friend Visiting? An Acting Contest!
Chapter 432 – Truth, More Than One Truths
Chapter 433 – To Beat The Opponent At Their Own Game
Chapter 434 – Forward, Deep Into The Demon’S Cave
Chapter 435 – Meeting Yue Shan Once Again
Chapter 436 – Faith
Chapter 437 – One Son Gone, Another Returns
Chapter 438 – Longing, Beauty Became Skinner
Chapter 439 – Yue Yu Is Sick?
Chapter 440 – Furious Xia Yi
Chapter 441 – The Mystery Of Yue Qiu
Chapter 442 – Black Hell King Appears
Chapter 443 – Xiao Wen Li, Level Up!
Chapter 444 – Grooming Lolis Is A Good Habit!
Chapter 445 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty Returns
Chapter 446 – Bidding Farewell To The Past, To Meet The Future
Chapter 447 – The Cards Of Fate
Chapter 448 – New Title, Sky Wolf!
Chapter 449 – Accepting The Blessings Of All, Enjoying The Gentleness
Chapter 450 – Desire
Chapter 451 – The Legendary “Woman On Top”?
Chapter 452 – Level Up, The Birth Of A New Female Supreme Innate!
Chapter 453 – Fire Island, Hai Yingwu
Chapter 454 – A Pretense, The Most Believable Swindler
Chapter 455 – Want To Touch My Woman? Kill Without Mercy!
Chapter 456 – Idiot, You Are Already Dead!
Chapter 457 – Can You Not Force Me To Kill You?
Chapter 458 – Who Is The One That Approaches?
Chapter 459 – Hemp-Clothed Old Man
Chapter 460 – Scram As Far As Your Perverted Thoughts Go
Chapter 461 – Orphan
Chapter 462 – To Be Born Anew, With A New Body
Chapter 463 – Hornless Dragon Levelled Up To A Divine Beast
Chapter 464 – Breakthrough, Yue Yang Levelled Up To A New Realm!
Chapter 465 – Do You Want My Treasures?
Chapter 466 – Shark King, One Of The Four Kings
Chapter 467 – Mutual Deception, Plotting Against Each Other
Chapter 468 – The Distance From Happiness
Chapter 469 – Battle Between Old Enemies
Chapter 470 – Show Off!
Chapter 471 – Yue Yang’S Display Of Power
Chapter 472 – Who Dares To Stop Me?!
Chapter 473 – Battling The Ocean
Chapter 474 – Mother Earth Potion
Chapter 475 – Supreme Holy Equipment, The God Killing Dagger
Chapter 476 – I Want Your Life!
Chapter 477 – Ocean Emperor Gets The Ax
Chapter 478 – Work Hard, Adorable Slave
Chapter 479 – Gold Coffin
Chapter 480 – The Best Treasure Is?
Chapter 481 – Sickly Beauty, The Crystal Bride
Chapter 482 – The Best Gift!
Chapter 483 – Divine Grimoire
Chapter 484 – Perforate Deer
Chapter 485 – Special Lesson On Teleportation
Chapter 486 – Breaking Limits, Stubborn Liu Ye
Chapter 487 – Blood Lake Torture Chamber
Chapter 488 – Purple Lighting Versus Titan Thunderbolt
Chapter 489 – Seized Territory
Chapter 490 – God’S Blood
Chapter 491 – Killing The Titan, Everyone Levels Up
Chapter 492 – Look At How Impressive My Son-In-Law Is!
Chapter 493 – Have Some Tea, Young Master!
Chapter 494 – Yi Nan
Chapter 495 – Silver Horned Pegasus, Hallucination Butterfly
Chapter 496 – Ancient Titan Tree
Chapter 497 – The Drunken Cat Big Sis, Vow To Fight
Chapter 498 – Ashamed Enemy, I Will Remove Your Clothes
Chapter 499 – It’S So Good To Have A Little Brother!
Chapter 500 – Dream Jadeite
Chapter 501 – Work Attire
Chapter 502 – Blood Oath
Chapter 503 – Xia Yi And Hai Yingwu
Chapter 504 – Mysterious Person
Chapter 505 – Demonic Music Passing Through The Ears
Chapter 506 – Heaven Outside Heaven, Hidden Treasures
Chapter 507 – Come, Let’S Go Play Too
Chapter 508 – Truth And Mutual Understanding
Chapter 509 – Upholding Justice Like This?
Chapter 510 – Divine Equipment? I Have Never Lacked Them!
Chapter 511 – Ancient Ruins
Chapter 512 – Really? You Guys Are So Nice To Me!
Chapter 513 – Sleeping Ancient Giant
Chapter 514 – Death Arena
Chapter 515 – Expedition Song
Chapter 516 – The Target To Beat Is The Heaven Ranked Ranker!
Chapter 517 – The Weaklings Have No Rights
Chapter 518 – Strategizing
Chapter 519 – Unparalleled Might!
Chapter 520 – The Crazy Points Stealer, Yue Clan Third Young Master
Chapter 521 – Posthaste
Chapter 522 – Xue Wuxia Is Back
Chapter 523 – Vicious, Black Hell King’S Counterattack
Chapter 524 – Let’S See Who Will Remain Laughing In The End!
Chapter 525 – Sky Law, The Power Of Judgement!
Chapter 526 – Beauties Are Like A Tigers, Two Tigers Can’T Stay In The Same Mountain
Chapter 527 – The Black Gui Cang And The White Shuang Hua
Chapter 528 – Who Is Peeking Through The Door?
Chapter 529 – Ancient Titan, Giant Loli
Chapter 530 – Phoenix Fairy Beauty’S Brilliant Scheme
Chapter 531 – 500 Billion? What A Frightening Bounty!
Chapter 532 – A New Team Members Has Arrived, Who Is It?
Chapter 533 – Small Invisibility Tricks
Chapter 534 – Yue Yang’S Breakthrough
Chapter 535 – Surrender On Your Knees?
Chapter 536 – Zhi Zun’S Impressive Appearance
Chapter 537 – Ray, World Exterminating Ray
Chapter 538 – Get Out Of The Way, Let Me Do It
Chapter 539 – Trap Domain? It Is Nothing Much!
Chapter 540 – Three Realm Compass
Chapter 541 – Illiterate, Go Back To The Countryside And Collect Dung!
Chapter 542 – Your Mom Is Calling For You To Eat Dinner!
Chapter 543 – Surround And Kill, With All Your Might
Chapter 544 – Either You Die Or I Die
Chapter 545 – Devour Until Your Full
Chapter 546 – Hei Hu’S Death
Chapter 547 – I Won’T Compensate You Even If I Scared You To Death
Chapter 548 – Demon Suppressing Pagoda, Dark Cloud Sky Flames
Chapter 549 – What Was Zhi Zun Best At?
Chapter 550 – Humanoid Divine Weapon
Chapter 551 – You Are This Princess’ Man
Chapter 552 – Return, Shocking The Whole World
Chapter 553 – Fourth Mother, San’Er Has Returned!
Chapter 554 – Beast King’S Blood
Chapter 555 – The Ancient Secret Method: Blood Awakening
Chapter 556 – Persevere For The Future
Chapter 557 – Youth Potion
Chapter 558 – Research, Battle Angel
Chapter 559 – Inspiration Models, The Three Yue Clan Sisters?
Chapter 560 – Self Awakening?
Chapter 561 – Do We Need To Destroy This Life Form In Front Of Us?
Chapter 562 – Hatred Inherent Skill
Chapter 563 – Secret Door
Chapter 564 – Meteor Shower Ocean
Chapter 565 – Disguise, Infiltrating The Sea Clan
Chapter 566 – Empress Jellyfish
Chapter 567 – The Mysterious Sea Dragon King
Chapter 568 – Beheading Moon Chains And Prison Dragon Pillar
Chapter 569 – It Is A Sea Cucumber, But It Looked A Little Like A Dog
Chapter 570 – Death And Smile
Chapter 571 – The Number One Most Scheming Conspirator
Chapter 572 – Thousand Year Revival Plan?
Chapter 573 – Female Ocean Emperor
Chapter 574 – Actually, It’S Consider Slow This Time!
Chapter 575 – What Is Ancient Demon King’S Rank?
Chapter 576 – Who Is Scheming Against Who?
Chapter 577 – Curse
Chapter 578 – She Is Laughing, Proudly Smiling.
Chapter 579 – Thousand Goblin King
Chapter 580 – Who Is More Awesome? Competition Of Beasts
Chapter 581 – Battle? What’S There To Fear!
Chapter 582 – Stealing Is My Innate Skill
Chapter 583 – Sleeping Dragon Dreamland
Chapter 584 – Go, Never-Tiring Ah Man!
Chapter 585 – I Didn’T Steal It, I’M Just Taking It!
Chapter 586 – Innate Skill, Stagnation Vs Restriction
Chapter 587 – Looking Death In The Eye, Eyes Red With Double Kill
Chapter 588 – Two Women Used Their Powers, Sacred Weapons Taken Out
Chapter 589 – Funny, Do You Think That You Will Have A Future?
Chapter 590 – I Will Never Trust An Enemy!
Chapter 591 – Thousand Goblin King, Die!
Chapter 592 – New Prison Emperor’S Command: Mission Completed!
Chapter 593 – You Can’T Obtain Happiness By Waiting
Chapter 594 – Secret, The Mysterious Past
Chapter 595 – Antique Secret Door: Where Does It Lead To?
Chapter 596 – Apple Or Egg?
Chapter 597 – Wyvern Valley, Heaven Realm Draconians!
Chapter 598 – Human Faced, Beast’S Heart (Two-Faced)
Chapter 599 – Worse Than A Beast
Chapter 600 – Go Die You Scums
Chapter 601 – Refining, Tao Tie Blade
Chapter 602 – Yue Yang’S Three Great Codes
Chapter 603 – Not Surrendering? Beat Him Up!
Chapter 604 – Return To Heaven Realm
Chapter 605 – What! You Have A Summoning Grimoire?
Chapter 606 – Silver Grimoire Vs Platinum Grimoire?
Chapter 607 – Inspect? Inspect Your Sister!
Chapter 608 – Embarrassing? You Are The One That Is Embarrassing!
Chapter 609 – Is It Luck?Or Is It Cheating?
Chapter 610 – Are You Stealing Or Recruiting?
Chapter 611 – Big Sis
Chapter 612 – Powerful Enemies Are Like Cloud, Happy Occasions Are Impossible
Chapter 613 – Betrayal, Plague Dragon Nail
Chapter 614 – Dance In The Air, Spirit Petals
Chapter 615 – Man And Mirror Unite, One Hit Kill Master
Chapter 616 – As Mysterious As A Riddle.
Chapter 617 – No Such Thing As The Craziest, But Only The Even Crazier
Chapter 618 – What A Bully!
Chapter 619 – Glowering, Looking At Each Other Helplessly
Chapter 620 – Hidden Beneath, Curing The Dragon Plague
Chapter 621 – An Extremely Wise Decision
Chapter 622 – Three Hundred Billion Gold Bounty Mo Long
Chapter 623 – Hornless Dragon Vs Heaven Silkworm
Chapter 624 – Undefeatable, Divine Beast’S Divine Will!
Chapter 625 – Traitor? Let Him Become Dog Food!
Chapter 626 – Goodbye
Chapter 627 – True Selflessness, Grasp Heart
Chapter 628 – A Terrifying Guess
Chapter 629 – Who Could Control Fate?
Chapter 630 – Dangerous Times, Disappearance Of The Ancient Seal
Chapter 631 – Meeting Of Old Friends? Test Of Treachery
Chapter 632 – You Are Already Dead!
Chapter 633 – Curse Of The Magic Box
Chapter 634 – The Secret At The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 635 – Hell Hydra
Chapter 636 – ‘Stand Straight’ And ‘Fortitude’
Chapter 637 – Pearls Falling Onto A Jade Plate
Chapter 638 – Next Will Be Your Turn!
Chapter 639 – Look, This Is Power Derived From Wrath
Chapter 640 – Sorry, I Too Hid My True Strength
Chapter 641 – Sunny Sunflower, Spirit Of Radiance
Chapter 642 – Who Is Saving Who?
Chapter 643 – Want To Talk About Conditions? Bring It On!
Chapter 644 – Secrets, And More Secrets To Come
Chapter 645 – Mutual Slaughter?
Chapter 646 – You Thought You Were Fast? I Was Faster!
Chapter 647 - Look, There’S A Meteor Flying Away!
Chapter 648 – From The Richest To The Poorest
Chapter 649 – Staying Together Until Death Separated Them
Chapter 650 – Skeleton, Crow And Woman
Chapter 651 - The Powerful Warbeasts
Chapter 652 – Warbeasts, Then Tactics
Chapter 653 – Three-Legged Golden Crow
Chapter 654 – Tie? Let’S Fight Later
Chapter 655 – Battles Ended And Everyone Improved
Chapter 656 – Good News
Chapter 657 – I Love You, Bad Guy!
Chapter 658 – Sunny Sunflower, Stage-Change Alienation
Chapter 659 – Nirvana Sunflower
Chapter 660 – Has Anyone Ever Told You That You Are An Idiot?
Chapter 661 – Declare War
Chapter 662 – Targets Of Practice
Chapter 663 – Apprehension Of Sovereign’S Heart
Chapter 664 – War God Guard
Chapter 665 – Yue Yu, The Strongest Support
Chapter 666 – Extremely Highest Grade, Heaven Stage Martial Spirit Pill!
Chapter 667 – Necessary Trip To Heaven Realm
Chapter 668 – Rob… Robbing…
Chapter 669 – Throw The Door Open For The Robbers?
Chapter 670 – Insight To Identify Treasure
Chapter 671 – Red Stone Of Swan Lake
Chapter 672 – Heavy Taste? I Don’T Like It!
Chapter 673 – A Very Important Gossip
Chapter 674 – A Secret Kiss
Chapter 675 – Charming Eenchanting, Soul Seizing
Chapter 676 – Listen, I Usually Don’T Tell Others
Chapter 677 – Friend, What Is A True Friend?
Chapter 678 – Before The Storm …
Chapter 679 – The Most Arrogant Declaration Of War
Chapter 680 – Unacceptable? We Specialize In Dealing With All Kinds Of Unwillingness!
Chapter 681 – Not The Most Terrifying, But More So
Chapter 682 – No Most Abnormal, Just Even More Abnormal
Chapter 683 – Old Demon Wei
Chapter 684 – Considering Your Iq, It’S Hard To Explain
Chapter 685 – Too Clever By Half
Chapter 686 – This Is A Dream?
Chapter 687 – Silent, Night Fragrance
Chapter 688 – New Comprehension
Chapter 689 – Dawn Angel
Chapter 690 – Yue Yu, As Soft As Water
Chapter 691 – Broke Through, Innate Level 10
Chapter 692 – Enemy? Just Right For Trying Out!
Chapter 693 – Pick It Up, Pauper
Chapter 694 – Maha Elephant And Six-Armed Giant Demon
Chapter 695 – Big Guy Has Great Intelligence?
Chapter 696 – Bow Of The Wings
Chapter 697 – Shock! The Power Of War God Guard!
Chapter 698 – Unacceptable Surrender
Chapter 699 – Opportunity Right In Front
Chapter 700 – Growth
Chapter 701 – Ascending, Giant Loli
Chapter 702 – Gate Of Life And Death
Chapter 703 – Domain, Xue Wuxia And Qian Qian’S Comprehension
Chapter 704 – The First Of Divine Equipment, Creator Orb
C705: Intense Poison, Ancient Tree, Yue Bing Explored Her Force
Chapter 706 – Four Symbols, Azure Dragon Saint Force
Chapter 707 – I Won’T Dare To Eat Indiscriminately Anymore From Now On
Chapter 708 - The Smartest Choice!
Chapter 709 - Man Proposes, But God Disposes
Chapter 710 - Illusion, Fantasy
Chapter 711 - Despair, Real Illusions
Chapter 712 - Who Is The Nemesis?
Chapter 713
Chapter 714 - The Miser’S Treasure
Chapter 715 - Creating, Torturing Inner Illusions
Chapter 716 - With Just You? Not Worthy!
Chapter 717 Part 1 - Old Master Bao Gu Part 1 ?
Chapter 717 Part 2 - Old Master Bao Gu Part 2
Chapter 718 Part 1 - Who Is The Stingiest Person? (Part 1)
Chapter 718 Part 2 - Who Is The Stingiest Person? (Part 2)
Chapter 719 Part 1 - Heavenly Crystal? It’S Mine! Part 1
Chapter 719 Part 2 - Heavenly Crystal? It’S Mine! (Part 2)
Chapter 720 Part 1 - The Scholar, Dies For His Bosom Friend! (Part 1)
Chapter 720 Part 2 - The Scholar, Dies For His Bosom Friend! (Part 2)
Chapter 721 Part 1 - Xue Tan Lang: Inherent Skill Of Energy Releasing (Part 1)
Chapter 721 Part 2 - Xue Tan Lang: Inherent Skill Of Energy Releasing (Part 2)
Chapter 722 Part 1 - I Want To Be A Human Being (Part 1)
Chapter 722 Part 2
Chapter 723 Part 1 - Red (Part 1)
Chapter 723 Part 2 - Red (Part 2)
Chapter 724 Part 1 - Star Scorpion (Part 1)
Chapter 724 Part 2 - Star Scorpion (Part 2)
Chapter 725 Part 1 - A Noble And Mysterious Guest (Part 1)
Chapter 725 Part 2 - A Noble And Mysterious Guest (Part 2)
Chapter 726 Part 1 - Demon’S Smile Appeared Again (Part 1)
Chapter 726 Part 2 - Demon’S Smile Appeared Again (Part 2)
Chapter 727 Part 1 - Cheating Ring – Ding Bo’S Fat Lamb Method (Part 1)
Chapter 727 Part 2 - Cheating Ring: Ding Bo’S Fat Lamb Method (Part 2)
Chapter 728 Part 1 - The Most Sorrowful ‘Fat Lamb’! (Part 1)
Chapter 728 Part 2 - The Most Sorrowful ‘Fat Lamb’! (Part 2)
Chapter 729 Part 1 - The Survivor’S Last Words (Part 1)
Chapter 729 Part 2 - The Survivor’S Last Words (Part 2)
Chapter 730 Part 1 - Kiss You, My Love! (Part 1)
Chapter 730 Part 2 - Kiss You, My Love! (Part 2)
Chapter 731 Part 1 - Fight For Happiness! (Part 1)
Chapter 731 Part 2 - Fight For Happiness! (Part 2)
Chapter 732 Part 1 - Si Hai, A Powerful Man With Sovereign’S Will (Part 1)
Chapter 732 Part 2 - Si Hai, A Powerful Man With Sovereign’S Will (Part 2)
Chapter 733 Part 1 - Today, I Was The Boss! (Part 1)
Chapter 733 Part 2 - Today, I’M The Boss! (Part 2)
Chapter 734 - Fatty Hai’S Trump Card
Chapter 735 Part 1 - The Fourth Mother (Part 1)
Chapter 735 Part 2
Chapter 736 Part 1 - The Truth (Part 1)
Chapter 736 Part 2 - The Truth (Part 1)
Chapter 737.1
Chapter 737.2
Chapter 738.1 - One To One, Fight Till The Last Gasp (Part 1)
Chapter 738.2 - One To One, Fight Till The Last Gasp (Part 2)
Chapter 739.1 - Your Skills Are Lacking! I Won’T Play With You! (Part 1)
Chapter 739.2 - Your Skills Are Lacking! I Won’T Play With You! (Part 2)
Chapter 740.1
Chapter 740.2
Chapter 741.1
Chapter 741.2
Chapter 742.1
Chapter 742.2
Chapter 743.1 - Navagraha King, [East Of The Sun] (Part 1)
Chapter 743.2 - Navagraha King, [East Of The Sun] (Part 2)
Chapter 744.1 - Zhi Zun, Sovereign Of Space Law (Part 1)
Chapter 744.2 - Zhi Zun, Sovereign Of Space Law (Part 2)
Chapter 745.1 - Are Ten Seconds Enough To Kill A King? (Part 1)
Chapter 745.2
Chapter 746.1 - Bloody Fight With A Queen (Part 1)
Chapter 746.2 - Bloody Fight With A Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 747.1
Chapter 747.2
Chapter 748.1 - The Head Of Luo Hou (Part 1)
Chapter 748.2 - The Head Of Lou Hou (Part 2)
Chapter 749.1 - Glory, Behead, Explosion Of [Black Bullets] (Part 1)
Chapter 749.2 - Glory, Behead, Explosion Of [Black Bullets] (Part 2)
Chapter 750.1 - Yue Yang, Rampage (Part 1)
Chapter 750.2 - Yue Yang, Rampage (Part 2)
Chapter 751.1 - Whose Power Is This? (Part 1)
Chapter 751.2 - Whose Power Is This? (Part 2)
Chapter 752.1 - Silver Core, Galactic Explosion] (Part 1)
Chapter 752.2 - Silver Core, Galactic Explosion] (Part 2)
Chapter 753 - I Sympathize With You! I Pity You!
Chapter 754.1 - The Dead, The Mad, Desperate Eye Contact (Part 1)
Chapter 754.2 - Dead Man, Madman, Desperate Looks (Part 2)
Chapter 755.1 - Dragon Ladies, Lovebird Divine Sword (Part 1)
Chapter 755.2 - Dragon Ladies, Lovebird Divine Sword (Part 2)
Chapter 756.1 - Come On! Let’S Go Home! (Part 1)
Chapter 756.2 - Come On! Let’S Go Home! (Part 2)
Chapter 757.1 - It’S Great When One Is Around (Part 1)
Chapter 757.2 - It’S Great When One Is Around (Part 2)
Chapter 758.1 - “I’M Gonna Be Angry” (Part 1)
Chapter 758.2 - “I’M Gonna Be Angry” (Part 2)
Chapter 759.1 - The Gate Of Heaven Realm (Part 1)
Chapter 759.2 - The Gate Of Heaven Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 760.1 - Sunlight Streaming City, Warbeast Store (Part 1)
Chapter 760.2 - Sunlight Streaming City, Warbeast Store (Part 2)
Chapter 761.1 - Dog'S Eye Sees People As Lesser
Chapter 761.2 - Dog'S Eye Sees People As Lesser
Chapter 762.1 - Chameleon
Chapter 762.2 - Chameleon
Chapter 763 - Esteemed Guest, Please Enter
Chapter 764 - Who Is He?
Chapter 765.1 - A Lack Of Preparedness (1)
Chapter 765.2 - A Lack Of Preparedness (2)
Chapter 766.1 - Vomiting Blood (1)
Chapter 766.2 - Vomiting Blood (2)
Chapter 767.1 - [Reappearance Of The Golden Crow]
Chapter 767.2
Chapter 768.1
Chapter 768.2 - A Beauty’S Tongue? (2)
Chapter 769.1 - Egg, Truth, Favor (1)
Chapter 770.1 - [ Drastic Changes, Nothing Remains Forever ]
Chapter 770.2 - [ Drastic Changes, Nothing Remains Forever ]
Chapter 771.1 - Let Me Tell You A Piece Of Bad News (1)
Chapter 771.2 - Let Me Tell You A Piece Of Bad News (2)
Chapter 772.1 - I Am Me, He Is Him (1)
Chapter 772.2 - I Am Me, He Is Him! (2)
Chapter 774.2 - Glorious Days Of The Past
Chapter 775.1 - Conqueror’S City, Good News
Chapter 775.2 - Conqueror’S City, Good News
Chapter 776.1 - Searching, Relative, Middle-Aged Woman
Chapter 776.2 - Searching, Relative, Middle-Aged Woman
Chapter 777.1 - A Fortuitous Encounter, Together With Danger
Chapter 777.2 - [A Fortuitous Encounter, Together With Danger]
Chapter 778.1 - [Land Of Training?]
Chapter 778.2 - [Land Of Training?]
Chapter 779.1 - [Assault, Murder Mystery]
Chapter 779.2 - [Assault, Murder Mystery]
Chapter 780.1 - [The Best Choice]
Chapter 780.2 - The Best Choice
Chapter 781.1 - [Little Monster And Old Monster]
Chapter 781.2 - [Little Monster And Old Monster
Chapter 782.1 - [Calculations, Greatest Setback Of My Life]
Chapter 782.2 - Calculations, Greatest Setback Of My Life
Chapter 783.1 - [Cute Tiger Girl]
Chapter 783.2 - Cute Tiger Girl]
Chapter 784.1 - Endless Heaven Staircase, World Tree]
Chapter 784.2 - [Endless Heaven Staircase, World Tree]
Chapter 785.1 - A Good Kid Will Get Good Karma]
Chapter 785.2 - A Good Kid Will Get Good Karma]
Chapter 786.1 - Don’T Fool Around, A Weak Warning
Chapter 786.2 - Don’T Fool Around, A Weak Warning
Chapter 787.1 - [Predator Catching Prey, But Does It Know It Is Actually The Real Prey?]
Chapter 787.2 - Predator Catching Prey, But Does It Know It Is Actually The Real Prey?]
Chapter 788.1 - [Pain, Chance To Evolve The Six Records Innate Talent]
Chapter 788.2 - Pain, Chance To Evolve The Six Records Innate Talent
Chapter 789.1 - Breakthrough, Six Records Four Mythical Beasts Merged In One
Chapter 789.2 - Breakthrough, Six Records Four Mythical Beasts Merged In One
Chapter 790.1 - Giving You A Taste Of Your Own Medicine]
Chapter 790.2 - – Giving You A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Chapter 791.1 - For Your Own Good
Chapter 791.2 - For Your Own Good
Chapter 792.1 - Misunderstanding, A Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 792.2 - Misunderstanding, A Beautiful Misunderstanding
Chapter 793.1 - Five Element Pillar’S Divine Power, Ah Man’S Transformation
Chapter 793.2 - Five Element Pillar’S Divine Power, Ah Man’S Transformation
Chapter 794.1 - Earth Divine General, Ah Man’S Tears
Chapter 794.2 - Earth Divine General, Ah Man’S Tears
Chapter 795.1 - Yue Yu’S Puzzlement
Chapter 795.2 - Yue Yu’S Puzzlement
Chapter 796.1 - Unsealing, Lightning Vortex
Chapter 796.2 - Unsealing, Lightning Vortex
Chapter 797.1 - Ambush
Chapter 797.2 - Ambush
Chapter 798.1 - Palace Hall, Suicide Squad, Emergence Of Strong Foes
Chapter 798.2 - Palace Hall, Suicide Squad, Emergence Of Strong Foes
Chapter 799.1 - The Fearsome Suicide Squad]
Chapter 799.2 - The Fearsome Suicide Squad
Chapter 800.1 - Weakness, A Critical Weakness
Chapter 800.2 - Weakness, A Critical Weakness
Chapter 801.1 - The Hidden Struggle
Chapter 801.2 - The Hidden Struggle
Chapter 802.1 - Intrusion, Fog Transformation, Water Illusion
Chapter 802.2 - Intrusion, Fog Transformation, Water Illusion
Chapter 803.1 - Earth Demon Palace
Chapter 803.2 - Earth Demon Palace
Chapter 804.1 - The Invisible Enemy, The Snake-Haired Demon
Chapter 804.2 - The Invisible Enemy, The Snake-Haired Demon
Chapter 805.1 - A Subtle Hint
Chapter 805.2 - A Subtle Hint
Chapter 806.1 - A Dream? The Law And The Truth
Chapter 806.2 - A Dream? The Law And The Truth
Chapter 807.1 - You’Re The Master Here!
Chapter 807.2 - You’Re The Master Here!
Chapter 808.1 - The Beginning Of Grief
Chapter 808.2 - The Beginning Of Grief
Chapter 809.1 - What’S True And What’S Fake
Chapter 809.2 - What'S True And What'S Fake
Chapter 810.1 - Sprint, The State Of Supremacy
Chapter 810.2 - Sprint, The State Of Supremacy
Chapter 811.1 - The Goddess Of Storm Will Be Born
Chapter 811.2 - The Goddess Of Storm Will Be Born
Chapter 812.1 - Mirror Of Pain And Soul Fixing Nail
Chapter 812.2 - Mirror Of Pain And Soul Fixing Nail
Chapter 813.1 - Extinction, Instant Kill, Tribute
Chapter 813.2 - Extinction, Instant Kill, Tribute
Chapter 814.1 - The Tough Life Does Not Need To Explain
Chapter 814.2 - The Tough Life Does Not Need To Explain
Chapter 815.1 - Head-Scratching Intel
Chapter 815.2 - Head-Scratching Intel
Chapter 816.1 - The Perfect Realm Of Innate Supremacy
Chapter 816.2 - The Perfect Realm Of Innate Supremacy
Chapter 817 - Unrepeatable Breakthrough
Chapter 818 - The Truth Beside The Hot Springs
Chapter 819 - The Smiling Face Of Yue Yu
Chapter 820 - Don’T Make Me Wait For Too Long!
Chapter 821 - : Return, Secrets Of Si-Niang
Chapter 822 - Tears Of The Mermaid
Chapter 823 - Southern Heaven Realm, Yue Yang’S Aspirations
Chapter 824 - A Love Letter
Chapter 825 - The Worst Fellow
Chapter 826 - Do You Plead Guilty? The Black Trial
Chapter 827 - Unimaginable Speed And Identity
Chapter 828 - Fairy Sacred Fruit
Chapter 829 - The Truth? Who Knows About The Secrets Of Eternity?
Chapter 830 - A God’S Descent?
Chapter 831 - Good Birds Would Choose Greener Woods
Chapter 832 - Hope, The Hope Of Decem-Millennial Perseverance
Chapter 833 - There Are Many Types Of Guests
Chapter 834 - I Did This For Everyone’S Sake
Chapter 835 - The Red Haired Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 836: The Secret Of The Red-Haired Heavenly Ghost Who Never Loses
Chapter 837: Striking Again, Ten Thousand Years Apar
Chapter 838: Then I Won’T Grow Up!
Chapter 839: I Was Never A Traitor
Chapter 840: Two Cunning Girls Hidden Amidst The Dark
Chapter 841: Ignite, Little Sister With Vitality!
Chapter 842: I Never Knew You Were This Magnanimous?
Chapter 843: Fourth Level, The Fall Of A Chess Piece
Chapter 844: I Predict, That You Will Die Today
Chapter 845: Can You Give Me One More Chance At Love?
Chapter 846: Hundred Thousand Years Of Resentmen
Chapter 847: I-Is This Love?
Chapter 848: Goodbye, My Happiness!
Chapter 849: Happiness Not Even Death Could Take Away
Chapter 850: The 5Th Level, Beast Valley
Chapter 851: Calamity, Pandora’S Box
Chapter 852 Actually, I Can Be More Of A Drag
Chapter 853 Once Is Enough To Make Stupid Mistakes
Chapter 854 There'S Wind And Rain So Collect Your Laundry
Chapter 855 Secretly Mastered
Chapter 856 The Fool Will Die Very Soon
Chapter 857 Don'T Say That I Didn'T Warn You
Chapter 858 Nurturing A High Speed Cultivation
Chapter 859 I Just Want To Be Free!
Chapter 860 Cultivation And The First Test
Chapter 861 Advancing Alone, The Spirit Beast Great Hall
Chapter 862 Scheming Tricks? Fighting Fire With Fire
Chapter 863 In The Death House, Who Would Win?
Chapter 864 Battle-Beast Shells
Chapter 865 Luck, Insanity Or Confidence?
Chapter 866 Destined To Never Be Yours...
Chapter 867 This Was Simply Demonic!
Chapter 868 Two Becoming One
Chapter 869 Witnessing History; Witnessing Miracles
Chapter 870 Black Tides Of Death
Chapter 871 There Will Be Someone Who Would Stand Up!
Chapter 872 You Seem To Have Forgotten Someone?
Chapter 873 Do You Think I Would Tell You That I Am A Spy?
Chapter 874 Guilty Conscience?
Chapter 875 Hui Tai Lang, Scurrying On A Mission
Chapter 876 Is Happiness That Easy To Find?
Chapter 877 Washing Mother'S Feet For The First Time
Chapter 878 The Generous And Magnanimous Third Young Master
Chapter 879 His Majesty'S Research? Crazy Ideas
Chapter 880 Get Out!
Chapter 881 Dragon'S Descent From The Heavens
Chapter 882 The Danger Inadvertently Invades
Chapter 883 We Would Be The Best Combination Team In The World!
Chapter 884 Evolve, Chaos Ghost
Chapter 885 Innate Or Insane?
Chapter 886 There Will Be Nothing I Regret More In Life
Chapter 887 This Is A Transcendant Mythical Beast?
Chapter 888 Six Divine Weapons
Chapter 889 - The Little Boss On The Avenue Of Cultivation
Chapter 890
Chapter 891
Chapter 892
Chapter 893
Chapter 894
Chapter 895
Chapter 896 Choices... What Do I Do?
Chapter 897 Open Up Your Heart And Embrace Happiness
Chapter 898 We'Ll Collect The Middle Parts
Chapter 899 Reward
Chapter 900 W-Was It Just A Misunderstanding?
Chapter 901 Can You Be Any More Shameless?
Chapter 902 That Was Too Fast, I Didn'T Feel It Clearly
Chapter 903: Push Of The Inverted Cross
Chapter 904: Creation, Beast Bracelet
Chapter 905: Unintentional Enlightenment
Chapter 906: Sixth Sense
Chapter 907: Black Hole, Broken Ice, Martial Spirit
Chapter 908: Explode, Three Swords, The Truth
Chapter 909: This, Was The Real Him!
Chapter 910: Red Sky Divine Flame
Chapter 911 - Something Like Intelligence Doesn’T Suit You
Chapter 912 - A Human’S Plans?
Chapter 913 - Ants?
Chapter 914 - Fight Of Red Skies Against Nirvana
Chapter 915 - I Want To Thank You!
Chapter 916 - Eternal Start, Exterminated End
Chapter 917
Chapter 918
Chapter 919
Chapter 920
Chapter 921
Chapter 922
Chapter 923
Chapter 924
Chapter 925
Chapter 926
Chapter 927
Chapter 928
Chapter 929
Chapter 930
Chapter 931
Chapter 932
Chapter 933
Chapter 934
Chapter 935
Chapter 936
Chapter 937
Chapter 938
Chapter 939
Chapter 940
Chapter 941
Chapter 942
Chapter 943
Chapter 944
Chapter 945
Chapter 946
Chapter 947
Chapter 948
Chapter 949
Chapter 950
Chapter 951
Chapter 952
Chapter 953
Chapter 954
Chapter 955
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Zhaohuan Wansui, LLS, 召唤万岁

Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world of summons, you can only become strong if you become a summoner! Yue Yang, an average high school boy, was suddenly kicked into this world. When he woke up, he was greeted with a lot of worried faces and found out that he had assumed another person’s identity. Turns out he’s the good-for-nothing third son of the Yue Family, who had just recently drowned himself because of a failed engagement. Unlike the third son of the Yue Family who was useless in summoning, Yue Yang succeeded in making a contract with a summoning grimoire on his first try, even when the other guy failed for the past fifteen years. Others would have a headache making contracts with beasts afterwards, but countless beasts tried to gain favour with Yue Yang instead, acting like a good kid before him.

Yue Yang the brat, however, didn’t feel grateful at all: “Scram, Mythical Beasts! Do you think you are cool like that? Go away from me now, I only like beautiful summons!”

Even when royal families approached him for his talents, the shameless brat replied, “I’m not interested in government stuff, I’m only interested in beauties!”

*************FULL BOOK START HERE*************

Chapter 1 – Into Another Dimension

Chapter 1 – Into another Dimension

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TL: Hands down, this is the longest chapter I’ve ever translated. The first part was definitely weird, but okay…

Yue Yang saw a person flying in the sky, stretched his neck upwards and shouted, “Dear, come out quickly and see God!”. The shadow carried a sword and tumbled as he flew, looking like he was going to fall. Yue Yang shouted again, “Bro, don’t fly too fast, your pants are dropping off…”

The person flying in the sky fell on the ground head first…

Yue Yang, a normal high school student, didn’t even bother to ask if the person who fell down was okay, but instead picked up the sword that shone with a golden light. He yelled, “Master, this flying sword is a treasure, you’ll break it if you fling it randomly like that. What will happen if it accidentally hits small kids? Even if it didn’t, it’s also not good if it hit the nearby flowers and grasses. How about letting your disciple take care of this sword? And the Universal Pouch? Such a powerful and intelligent immortal like master shouldn’t be carrying an old pouch like this on your waist…This disciple will help you to safeguard them…”

The old Daoist priest that fell to the ground almost coughed blood. Having lived for thousands of years, it was the first time he met such a shameless person who had randomly acknowledged him as his master.

“Master, your disciple has reached a marriageable age, but still had no match yet. Do you have a granddaughter by any chance? I won’t care much about her looks or age, I’m not a picky person…” Yue Yang chuckled lewdly. Finally, the enraged priest couldn’t take it any more and kicked him on the butt, shouting: “Get lost! Get lost you brat!”

Just like that, Yue Yang was kicked into another dimension…

(TLN: …)


“Ah! His eyes moved, he’s awake! Xiao San-gege is finally awake!” Yue Yang eyes had not fully opened when he heard a voice as clear as bells ringing at his ears.

“Shuang Er, don’t be rude towards your brother…” Then, he heard a warm and gentle, motherly voice that carried an air of motherly love with them.

LLS1-1As Yue Yang opened his eyes, the old Daoist Priest had gone away, instead, an adorable and lively girl sprang into his view. She was a small girl wearing a bluish-green chinese gown, her pale white arms stuck out of the sleeves. Her hair was braided with red ribbons on two sides and flowed down to her waist. Her pearl white wrist was adorned with a silver bracelet that had a small bell.

The small girl mischievously reached out her hands to pinch Yue Yang’s nose.

As her soft, supple arms moved, the bells on her bracelet jingled, sounding much like her crisp and clear giggles.


Yue Yang felt strange. Is this girl that old Daoist Priest’ granddaughter? Such a high quality lolita! As he was preparing to make a move on the girl, suddenly a pair of arms reached out from behind and held onto the mischievous girl, swatting her small hands lightly. Thinking that that punishment for being mischievous was enough, the girl was then drowned in the arms embrace. The small girl was not even afraid and thought that it was fun; giggling away in her mother’s embrace. Grimacing at the cute scene in front of him, Yue Yang thought about the strangeness of it all. His gaze swept across the room and fixed upon the woman behind the small girl, and his heart unconsciously let out a small sigh.

Oh my, what a beautiful wife…

A thirty year old young woman was sitting in front of Yue Yang.

She had delicate features, her complexion white as the moon and her eyes clear as spring. Her small mouth bloomed into a smile that was as gentle and refined as flowing water.

Her lustrous black hair was pulled up high into a bun, barely decorated with a single purple phoenix hairpin, simple and elegant but yet still stylish. Looking at her as a whole, her expression seemed to appear even more beautiful and full of wisdom. Adorned in a sky blue gown and a jade bracelet on her wrist that was hugging the small girl, she was a sight for Yue Yang to see!

If I could marry such a woman, I wouldn’t want anything else.

lls1-3The beautiful woman saw that Yue Yang was awake and her smile disappeared. Her jade-white complexion was filled with a grieved and guilty expression, “San-er, don’t be so rash again next time. Who gives you the notion to drown yourself in the river when things get hard? Luckily we managed to save you in time, otherwise, how would I… how would I face my older sister? When big sis entrusted you to me, Si Niang, I had already thought of you as my own child. San-er, so many years past, I could never have the heart to punish you. This time you made a big mistake and if I don’t make you remember the lesson today, I would be letting my big sister down. Next month, wait until your Fourth Uncle comes back, ask him for a beating as your punishment.”

The small girl twitched her little nose and followed along, “Ask him for a beating, “papapa”, let him beat you until your butt is swollen!”


Yue Yang was bewildered. When did he ever try to drown himself?

Where is this? Where did the old Daoist Priest kicked him to, is she mistaking him as someone else?

A strange thought flew past his mind: Could it be that someone that looked like me and I had drowned in the river together, and this beautiful woman saved me instead of the other guy, letting that unlucky chap drown and became fish food?

His forehead dripped with sweat thinking of that.

This misunderstanding is too big!

The guy who was transported to another dimension was scared that he would say the wrong thing if he opened his mouth. He did not dare to explain the misunderstanding, let alone ask where that place was.

If the other party realised that he was not her precious San-er, she could threw him back into the river. That’s not good.

The beautiful woman looked at the nervous Yue Yang, whose forehead was filled with beads of sweat and face pale as sheets. She thought that he was feeling guilty and looked very cute, so her voice became much gentler, “San-er, it’s okay if you understand your mistakes. Young people shouldn’t be afraid making mistakes, but it’s a problem if they don’t learn from their mistakes. Si Niang has watched you grow up and knows that you know what’s good and bad for you. It’s just that the matter of the daughter of the Xue Family rejecting your engagement had hit you too hard and made you do something rash. San-er, even though Xue Family’s daughter is good, if her heart is not set on you, let the engagement go. If you can’t share your troubles and happiness with your wife and support each other in troubled times, then you shouldn’t even get married. Look at our Yue Family, we are one of the big four families. There are so many girls in this world, did you think you won’t be able to find one?

“Yes…” Yue Yang decided to feign himself as the fool who drowned himself on the river. After the crisis was over, he would wait for an opportunity to explain.

“San-er, it’s good if you understand. Si Niang is relieved now.” The beautiful woman had been prepared to persuade him for a long time, but the boy had unexpectedly came around after jumping once into the river. She thought that miracles did exist.

The beautiful woman then told Yue Yang to rest well.

She released the small girl and stood up, preparing to leave the room.

Yue Yang’s heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, luckily he had managed to hide the truth. But now he had to find a way to slip away, just in case that chap who drowned himself didn’t die and came back. Everything would then be exposed.

The beautiful woman held the small girl’s hands and walked towards the door, then suddenly turned back and asked, “San-er, will you promise me that you wouldn’t try anything rash? You may look weak but you have a strong mind inside. Even though you might look agreeable on the outside, you have a stubborn heart, that I know. Please don’t wait until I’m gone and do foolish things behind my back again… You really won’t do anything rash again, right?”

“No, I won’t,” Yue Yang shook his head like a rattle-drum.

Why would he kill himself? He still need to find that old Daoist Priest to seek revenge!

The beautiful woman looked at Yue Yang’s face that was full of sincerity and her heart felt much better, “Si Niang trusts you, San-er. Don’t ever try to kill yourself again. Your parents are not here anymore. Your Fourth Uncle had no sons and I’m infertile, Bing-er is a girl and Shuang-er is still so young. Your father and fourth uncle didn’t have anyone else to continue our family’s line, so it’s all up to you now. Remember this, okay?”

Yue Yang sweated profusely, thinking: no, you can’t leave it up to me, I’m not your San-er. Your San-er had already become fish food…I’m afraid that this matter of continuing bloodline won’t ever be fulfilled…

But of course, he couldn’t say it out loud. He simply nodded and muttered a small “yes”.

The small girl was getting bored, so she let go of the woman’s hands and jumped out of the door, scampering away in an instant.

The beautiful woman called out at the small girl but she didn’t listen, so she had to chase after the small girl. Even as she walked out the door, she turned back again and said worriedly, “San-er, don’t be too depressed. Even your stupid uncle only managed to fulfil his first contract 1 month before his twentieth birthday. Don’t you still have 3 months left? You had worked hard for so many years. It’s still not the end yet, do you want to give up now? Nobody from our Yue Family had ever failed to make a contract with a summoning grimoire. Trust me, you won’t be an exception…I think, maybe it was because your parents sealed your grimoire when you were young. They didn’t want you to successfully made a grimoire contract at such a young age and then become arrogant. Continue to train hard, okay? Otherwise, with the talent you displayed since you were young, how could you not make a contract? Believe in me, you have your parents’ blood flowing through your veins, you’ll definitely be a talented and outstanding person in the future. You will be successful, so you must not be discouraged and try even harder…!”

Grimoire contract?

What the heck is a summoning grimoire?

Maybe the bloodline of that drowning guy was good, but he was not him, he was just a normal guy.

If he had any outstanding aspects, it could only be his good skills in playing games, especially the games from overseas.

Yue Yang didn’t know how to make a contract with any grimoire, but after listening to the beautiful woman, he could guess that the guy who looked liked himself decided to commit suicide because he had given up all hope.

That guy didn’t have any parents and couldn’t succeed in making a contract with whatever grimoire for so long, then her fiance refused their engagement. He must have thought life was too hard to live on and drowned himself.

The sadder thing was that although he tried to drown himself, the one who was saved was actually another person who looked like him…In the end he himself was brought back here, and that pitiful 18 something guy had probably bought a free, express ticket to the bottom of the ocean.

The only thing that Yue Yang didn’t understand was how could he himself be in the river?

Is it because that old Daoist Priest kicked me into the river?

Why would he kick him into the river? Or did that old geezer wanted him to be reborn as this pitiful guy?

Yue Yang thought until beads of sweat flowed down his forehead.

This joke went too far…

“San-er, you should rest first. These are my thoughts… Even if you can’t make a contract with the grimoire, you are still my precious San-er. I think of you as my own son, so even if we had to sell all of our wealth, we’ll think of something for your future. Your Fourth Uncle may not say it out loud, but he also thought the same way. San-er, just concentrate on recovering. Maybe tomorrow you could suddenly make a contract successfully.” The beautiful woman then repeatedly asked him to rest before turning her body and walked out of the room.

Yue Yang was moved by her words.

Although her concern wasn’t directed towards him, she was really kind towards that pitiful guy. He thought it was foolish of him to commit suicide.

Such a good stepmother, how could you find another in the world?

Instead of cherishing what he had, that pitiful boy drowned himself for his failed engagement. Serves him right! Yue Yang’s heart was not thinking objectively anymore. He had wanted a person who loved him that much, but he couldn’t even have one.

He looked at the beautiful woman exiting the room and heaved a sigh of relief. If only he was that San-er and had such a nice stepmother. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that pitiful guy.

Lying back in his bed, his gaze fell unto a huge book with a gold cover on the table.

It looked a little bronze, its colour faded and old. It was strangely thick, two or three times thicker than a normal book. The cover was even filled with strange, ancient characters.

Yue Yang felt a strange attraction towards that book.

There seemed to be an unknown being who slowly called him forth. That kind of feeling felt just like the anticipation of installing a game, waiting impatiently to scroll the mouse and clicking on the start button…Yue Yang subconsciously reached his hands out, wanting to touch that strange looking golden book. Unbeknownst to him, the moment his fingers touched the book, that book suddenly shone with a golden light.

The whole room was filled with a golden light.


Under such a bright light, Yue Yang used his other hand and covered his eyes. He almost couldn’t open his eyes due to the strong light.

Suddenly, an endless flow of knowledge surged into his brain violently. Furthermore, it was so strong that it couldn’t be stopped. Yue Yang didn’t even have the time to react as his brain was stuffed with strange knowledge to the brim. On the other side, the book was still emitting a strong light, like there were still even more knowledge to be transmitted.

His mind seemed to understood countless of things, but also not comprehending them. He couldn’t grab the main knowledge and was unable to understand clearly the knowledge he had learned.

Now, Yue Yang was in a situation where he seemed to understand, but not to understand, seemed clear but not too clear, such a confused state.

Inside his body, there seemed to be a change. It seemed like something had awaken.

It felt like a mysterious power that had slept inside him for all this while was awakened. The revelation seemed like heralds of angels singing at heaven’s gate, causing Yue Yang to tremble all over.

Although his ears couldn’t hear it, his heart heard the “voice” very clearly.Indeed, a mysterious power was calling to himself from within his body. But he didn’t understand what it meant and only heard the mysterious power call. It was such a unique experience, the voice sounding even more heavenly than an angel’s song, immersing him deep within. That kind of beautiful voice can move a person’s soul, like a mother’s lullaby you heard when you are sick as a kid. Thousands of words would not be able to describe that feeling…At the same time, in the midst of his consciousness, Yue Yang saw a flying sword emitting a strange light. It was mysteriously spinning on its own, the strangeness of it all can’t be described in words.

The flying sword was then held in the hands of a fairy. It looked like she was singing and dancing gracefully, freely moving across the empty space.

What, what the heck is all this?

The golden light engulfing Yue Yang slowly disappeared, returning back into the book, barely shining in between of Yue Yang’s fingers and the book itself.

The silence returned as the mysterious call disappeared. That flying sword also started to disappear without trace. Yue Yang snapped back into reality and was surprised to find that his fingers were shinning with light.

Yue Yang froze and wriggled his fingers. The golden light slowly disappeared.

However, that bronze coloured book that looked really heavy unexpectedly started to float in the air and stopped in front him. The feeling it gave Yue Yang right now was not that of a heavy golden book, but something that was a part of him, like his own arm or legs.

At the door, the beautiful woman stood awestruck, her face full of tears.

She leaned on the sides of the door, using the door to support her trembling, emotional body. Then, her body seemed to lose strength as she fell onto the ground.

She had watched everything, her face showing an extremely surprised but happy expression. Her tears flowed like a stream of water, dripping unto her clothes.

“San-er, you, did you succeed in making a contract with a summoning grimoire? Is, is this real? Am I dreaming? Heavens above, this is all thanks to big sis’ blessings. Big sis, did you see that San-er had succededed in making a contract? I’ve said it before, San-er is not a good-for-nothing…Thank heavens that he’s not, I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of our San-er….” The beautiful woman kneeled on the ground, her emotions flowing uncontrolled. She kowtow-ed sincerely, thanking the heavens for their blessings.

Her white forehead had become red due to her kowtows, and the floor wet with her tears.

But the beautiful woman didn’t mind the pain and continued to kowtow and give thanks.

Yue Yang quickly came over and tried to help Si Niang up. Although he was a fake, he was still moved by the beautiful woman.

At the door, the small girl had returned too, her hands holding a big red pin-wheel. She tilted her head and asked, “Mom, why are you crying on the floor?”


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