Lust Knight by LamenThief

Synopsis and Starting Chapter
Chapter 2 Cute Sister
Chapter 3 Sloth Contrac
Chapter 4 Lust Contract Part 1
Chapter 5 Lust Contract Part 2 *
Chapter 6 Lust Contract Part 3 *
Chapter 7 Harder *
Chapter 8 Sis?!
Chapter 9 Brother!?
Chapter 10 Cute Sister Part 2 *
Chapter 11 Two Tattoos
Chapter 12 Wet Hero
Chapter 13 Why Naked!?
Chapter 14 Some Blood
Chapter 15 Hot / Dangerous Bathe Part 1
Chapter 16 Hot / Dangerous Bathe Part 2
Chapter 17 Back Door
Chapter 18 The Mine Part 1
Chapter 19 The Mine Part 2
Chapter 20 Soul Weapon
Chapter 21 White Tigress
Chapter 22 Moon Tigers
Chapter 23 True Lus
Chapter 24 Secret Room
Chapter 25 Finally Dressed
Chapter 26 On The Road
Chapter 27 Best Camp
Chapter 28 Adventurers' Group Vs The Devil Part 1
Chapter 29 Adventurers' Group Vs The Devil Part 2
Chapter 30 Difficult Journey
Chapter 31 Adventurers Guild
Chapter 32 Sweet Ravenous
Chapter 33 Sparring?!
Chapter 34 Rude?!
Chapter 35 Did She Get A Boyfriend?!
Chapter 36 The Queen Part 1
Chapter 37 The Queen Part 2
Chapter 38 My Queen Part 1
Chapter 39 My Queen Part 2
Chapter 40 My Queen Part 3
Chapter 41 Assassin Squad Part 1
Chapter 42 Assassin Squad Part 2
Chapter 43 Assassin Squad Part 3
Chapter 44 Who'S Coming With Me? Part 1
Chapter 45 Who'S Coming With Me? Part 2
Chapter 46 Who'S Coming With Me? Part 3
Chapter 47 Busy Night Part 1
Chapter 48 Busy Night Part 2
Chapter 49 Partner For Life?!
Chapter 50 Just Run
Chapter 51 Favorite Girl
Chapter 52 52 Minutes In Heaven Part 1
Chapter 53 52 Minutes In Heaven Part 2
Chapter 54 52 Minutes In Heaven Part 3
Chapter 55 52 Minutes In Heaven Part 4
Chapter 56 More!
Chapter 57 Morning Kisses
Chapter 58 New Place New Idiots
Chapter 59 King Without Kingdom
Chapter 60 Bluewind City Part 1
Chapter 61 Bluewind City Part 2
Chapter 62 Trust The Devil Part 1
Chapter 63 Trust The Devil Part 2
Chapter 64 The Maid Rescue
Chapter 65 Regicide
Chapter 66 Breakfast Part 1
Chapter 67 Breakfast Part 2
Chapter 68 Hubby Part 1 R-18
Chapter 69 Hubby Part 2 R-18
Chapter 70 Hubby Part 3 R-18
Chapter 71 Hubby Part 4 R-18
Chapter 72 Mobilizing Part 1
Chapter 73 Mobilizing Part 2
Chapter 74 Nobody Knows Everything
Chapter 75 Opportunity Part 1
Chapter 76 Opportunity Part 2
Chapter 77 Opportunity Part 3
Chapter 78 Wind Slash
Chapter 79 Assault Squad Part 1
Chapter 80 Assault Squad Part 2
Chapter 81 Red Lady Vs The Devil Part 1
Chapter 82 Red Lady Vs The Devil Part 2
Chapter 83 Charming Threats Part 1
Chapter 84 Charming Threats Part 2
Chapter 85 Charming Threats Part 3
Chapter 86 Affinity Attraction 1/2
Chapter 87 Affinity Attraction 2/2
Chapter 88 Where She Belongs
Chapter 89 Campfire
Chapter 90 Nunid Kingdom 1/3
Chapter 91 Nunid Kingdom 2/3
Chapter 92 Nunid Kingdom 3/3
Chapter 93 Lena
Chapter 94 My Kingdom
Chapter 95 Beat Me Before I Beat Them
Chapter 96 Important Matters
Chapter 97 Hot / Lovely Bath R-18
Chapter 98 Mia'S Special Night 1/2 R-18
Chapter 99 Mia'S Special Night 2/2 R-18
Chapter 100 Astrid'S Training
Chapter 101 First Wifey 1/2
Chapter 102 First Wifey 2/2
Chapter 103 The Seven
Chapter 104 A Dangerous Mess
Chapter 105 Plans
Chapter 106 Knowledge Is Power
Chapter 107 Solutions
Chapter 108 Warrior Queen
Chapter 109 No Regrets
Chapter 110 Little Pe
Chapter 111 A Good Deal
Chapter 112 Devil Pact 1/3 R-18
Chapter 113 Devil Pact 2/3 R-18
Chapter 114 Devil Pact 3/3 R-18
Chapter 115 I Hate You 1/2 R-18
Chapter 116 I Hate You 2/2 R-18
Chapter 117 Duties Of A Leader
Chapter 118 More Content Author'S Note
Chapter 118 Boost For Everyone
Chapter 119 Great Day
Chapter 120 Crawl Baby, Crawl For Me
Chapter 121 The Devil Way
Chapter 122 The Bandit Fortress
Chapter 123 May Devil Be With You
Chapter 124 Fortress Battle 1/2
Chapter 125 Fortress Battle 2/2
Chapter 126 Neola'S Choice
Chapter 127 New Leader
Chapter 128 Overestimated?
Chapter 129 Taboos Vs Hypocrisy
Chapter 130 Great Dinner 1/2
Chapter 131 Great Dinner 2/2
Chapter 132 Bold Elf
Chapter 133 Naughty Elf R1-8
Chapter 133 Naughty Elf R-18
Chapter 134 Training?!
Chapter 135 Determination
Chapter 136 Hardworking
Chapter 137 Peaceful Week
Chapter 138 A Quick But Pleasant Date
Chapter 139 Unforgettable Night 1/3 R-18
Chapter 140 Unforgettable Night 2/3 R-18
Chapter 141 Unforgettable Night 3/3 R-18
Chapter 142 Bloodline Inheritances 1/2
Chapter 143 Bloodline Inheritances 2/2
Chapter 144 New Home
Chapter 145 Breaking It In
Chapter 146 Aylin
Chapter 147 Dragon Queen Of War
Chapter 148 You Are Mine
Chapter 149 More Work, More Reward
Chapter 150 Fetish?
Chapter 151 Rain Kisses
Chapter 152 You Can Wash Me R-18
Chapter 153 Better The Devil Than The Pig
Chapter 154 Just A Peek R-18
Chapter 155 Four Some Reason, I Love It R-18
Chapter 156 What The?!
Chapter 157 So Close, So Far
Chapter 158 It'S Complicated
Chapter 159 Unfortunate Even
Chapter 160 Great Improvements
Chapter 161 Inevitable
Chapter 162 Warmly
Chapter 163 Stupid Brother
Chapter 164 Jealous
Chapter 165 Blinded By Feelings
Chapter 166 Competition
Chapter 167 Negotiations
Chapter 168 Worthwhile
Chapter 169 Men'S Talk
Chapter 170 A Little Of Diplomacy
Chapter 171 A Matter Of Time
Chapter 172 Master'S Cute Girls 1/2 R-18
Chapter 173 Master'S Cute Girls 2/2 R-18
Chapter 174 Smoothly Progression
Chapter 174 Smooth Progression
Chapter 175 War Preparation 1/2
Chapter 176 War Preparation 2/2
Chapter 177 Return
Chapter 178 Bigger
Chapter 179 Everyone Wants To Be Pampered
Chapter 180 Secrets
Chapter 181 The L
Chapter 182 Olivia'S Resolution
Chapter 183 Unlucky Man
Chapter 184 Incomparable
Chapter 185 Mercenary Queen
Chapter 186 Lively Morning
Chapter 187 Big Surprises
Chapter 188 Transgressions
Chapter 189 Ambush 1/2
Chapter 190 Ambush 2/2
Chapter 191 Who Is He?
Chapter 192 Brutal King, Merciless Queen 1/3
Chapter 193 Brutal King, Merciless Queen 2/3
Chapter 194 Brutal King, Merciless Queen 3/3
Chapter 195 Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 196 After Battle
Chapter 197 Wanna Touch
Chapter 198 No Time For Res
Chapter 199 Two Girls, A Lap 1/2
Chapter 200 Two Girls, A Lap 2/2
Chapter 201 Special Treasure
Chapter 202 Lovely Girls
Chapter 203 It'S Bath Time Again 1/2 R-18
Chapter 204 It'S Bath Time Again 2/2 R-18
Chapter 205 The First Celebration Party R-18
Chapter 206 Our Revenge
Chapter 207 Overcoming The Sadness
Chapter 208 Morning Love Session
Chapter 209 Unnecessary Concerns
Chapter 210 Perfect, Isn'T It? 1/2
Chapter 211 Perfect, Isn'T It? 2/2
Chapter 212 Oh, What Did I Do?
Chapter 213 Cute New Recruits
Chapter 214 Ambitious Girls
Chapter 215 In The Shadow Of A Great Man
Chapter 216 Beneficial Addiction
Chapter 217 Special Women
Chapter 218 The Miracle Of Life
Chapter 219 King'S Messengers
Chapter 220 Big Mistake
Chapter 221 Ceremony
Chapter 222 Girls' Power
Chapter 223 Queen Eve
Chapter 224 Conference 1/2
Chapter 225 Conference 2/2
Chapter 226 The Competition Is Coming
Chapter 227 Racist Messenger
Chapter 228 Another Pleasant Journey
Chapter 229 Night Beach Meeting 1/2
Chapter 230 - Night Beach Meeting (2/2)
Chapter 231 - The Devil'S Warm Embrace
Chapter 232 - Boosted Girls
Chapter 233 - By His Side
Chapter 234 - L.U.S.T Feels The Danger
Chapter 235 - Evil
Chapter 236 - Brainwashed Woman
Chapter 237 - A Minute In Hell
Chapter 238 - Not Only This Time
Chapter 239 - Heaven In The Devil'S Arms
Chapter 240 - Sisters Not Related By Blood
Chapter 241 - I Can Share A Little Bit
Chapter 242 - Pre-Battle Motivational Speech
Chapter 243 - Fireworks
Chapter 244 - Great Wall
Chapter 245 - The Ice Queen Is Actually On Fire
Chapter 246 - Girls In The Front
Chapter 247 - Kiss And Kill
Chapter 248 - Almost A Perfect Victory
Chapter 249 - I Shouldn'T Love This As Muchapter As I Do
Chapter 250 - Four Crowns
Chapter 251 - New And Exciting
Chapter 252 - Just Jump
Chapter 253 - Sunset
Chapter 254 - Kissing To The Heart Content
Chapter 255 - Lemme Drink {R-18}
Chapter 256 - A Cat-Girl And Her Cute Tail {R-18}
Chapter 257 - The Bold Smith Loves A Heavy Hammer {R-18}
Chapter 258 - Two Hard Days
Chapter 259 - Unknown
Chapter 260 - Cursed
Chapter 261 - How To Be A Legendary King
Chapter 262 - To The Great Sea
Chapter 263 - Jealousy Over The Sea
Chapter 264 - Sinful Aura
Chapter 265 - The Unforgettable First Load {R-18}
Chapter 266 - Wild Kiss {R-18}
Chapter 267 - Pleasant Breakfast
Chapter 268 - What She Wants, But Not As She Wants
Chapter 269 - Please, Master 1/3 {R-18}
Chapter 270 - Please, Master 2/3 {R-18}
Chapter 271 - Please, Master 3/3 {R-18}
Chapter 272 - Purple And Gray {R-18}
Chapter 273 - Vague Memories
Chapter 274 - Natural Concerns
Chapter 275 - Wish Of The Moon
Chapter 276 - Oya'S Cuteness
Chapter 277 - M.O.A.Ns Under The Moon (1/2) {R-18}
Chapter 278 - M.O.A.Ns Under The Moon (2/2) {R-18}
Chapter 279 - Many Queens And Princesses, But One King
Chapter 280 - Big Sis
Chapter 281 - Assured Position
Chapter 282 - Stupid Mistakes
Chapter 283 - Life Crystals Mine
Chapter 284 - Good Spies
Chapter 285 - Merciful King?
Chapter 286 - One Night Stand? (1/2)
Chapter 287 - One Night Stand? (2/2)
Chapter 288 - Easy Decisions
Chapter 289 - A Great Woman
Chapter 290 - Blinded
Chapter 291 - Lucien Vs Pride (1/2)
Chapter 292 - Lucien Vs Pride (2/2)
Chapter 293 - Lively Reunion
Chapter 294 - Let'S Go!
Chapter 295 - Glorious Bloody Combat (1/2)
Chapter 296 - Glorious Bloody Combat (2/2)
Chapter 297 - Bold
Chapter 298 - Old Friend?
Chapter 299 - It'S Complicated
Chapter 300 - Not This Time
Chapter 301 - Weird, Or Just Unusual?
Chapter 302 - Big Little Brother
Chapter 303 - Prideful Sister
Chapter 304 - Shades Of Lucien
Chapter 305 - Our Sins
Chapter 306 - Next Steps
Chapter 307 - Quick And Needed Separation
Chapter 308 - Returning To The Sh.I.P.S
Chapter 309 - Wolf, Crow, And The Devil {R-18}
Chapter 310 - Adorable Vixens
Chapter 311 - Arriving At The Cat-Clan
Chapter 312 - Cat-Girls
Chapter 313 - Pirates
Chapter 314 - The Devil'S Fangs
Chapter 315 - Devil'S Landing
Chapter 316 - Big Grave
Chapter 317 - End Of A Problem, Beginning Of Others
Chapter 318 - Who Are They?
Chapter 319 - Shared Wishes
Chapter 320 - Smashing Dragons (1/2)
Chapter 321 - Smashing Dragons (2/2)
Chapter 322 - Frustrations
Chapter 323 - Opportunity Makes Luck
Chapter 324 - Hunting The Hunters (1/3)
Chapter 325 - Hunting The Hunters (2/3)
Chapter 326 - Hunting The Hunters (3/3)
Chapter 327 - Dirt End
Chapter 328 - The Elven Queen
Chapter 329 - Tantrum?
Chapter 330 - Connected
Chapter 331 - Because I Want To
Chapter 332 - The Cost Of Salvation
Chapter 333 - Brother-In-Law
Chapter 334 - Third Sweet Voice
Chapter 335 - Wolf In Sheep'S Clothing
Chapter 336 - Simple Farmers
Chapter 337 - When In Rome
Chapter 338 - The Offering
Chapter 339 - No More Regrets
Chapter 340 - Proud Wives Of The Devil
Chapter 341 - Exotic Bath {R.-.1.8}
Chapter 342 - Always A Good Time {R.-.1.8}
Chapter 343 - Mysterious Ancestor
Chapter 344 - Adeline'S Diary
Chapter 345 - Ghost Lady
Chapter 346 - H-Spot
Chapter 347 - Adeline'S Dedication
Chapter 348 - Lucien'S Flowers 1/2
Chapter 349 - Lucien'S Flowers 2/2
Chapter 350 - Young General'S Ambition
Chapter 351 Stupid Birds
Chapter 352 Little Pretty Devil
Chapter 353 Seducing The Enemy
Chapter 354 How To Be Powerful
Chapter 355 Roses With Thorns (1/2)
Chapter 356 Roses With Thorns (2/2)
Chapter 357 The Group'S Head
Chapter 358 Love And Hate
Chapter 359 When Things Are Simple
Chapter 360 Dangerous Jokes
Chapter 361 The Black Cloud Of Despair
Chapter 362 Smashing Angels
Chapter 363 Daughter
Chapter 364 Bloody Family
Chapter 365 (Title At The Bottom)
Chapter 366: Thrilled
Chapter 367: Good Devil, Bad Brother?
Chapter 368: Overprotective Aunt
Chapter 369: Big Plans
Chapter 370: Demonic Council
Chapter 371: Life Plus Life Again
Chapter 372: My True Nature
Chapter 373: Sexy Laziness {R-18}
Chapter 374: Girls In Panties Are So Hot {R-18}
Chapter 375: Painting Feelings {R-18}
Chapter 376: Jealous Sister {R-18}
Chapter 377: Blinking So Hard {R-18}
Chapter 378: Perfect Second Time {R-18}
Chapter 379: Girl'S Breakfast
Chapter 380: Too Lazy To Be Teased? {R-18}
Chapter 381: Lovely Lazy Wife {R-18}
Chapter 382: So Hard, Yet So Relaxing {R-18}
Chapter 383: Breakfast'S Thieves
Chapter 384: Impressive
Chapter 385: Preparation For The Ceremony
Chapter 386: Red, Though Not By Anger
Chapter 387: Your Fault Is To Have A Hot Ass
Chapter 388: Forbidden Fruit
Chapter 389: The Hot Mature Vampire Needs A Doctor
Chapter 390: Big Plans
Chapter 391: Enigmatic Women
Chapter 392: A Confused Fallen Angel
Chapter 393: Such A Frustration
Chapter 394: Not A Time For Questions
Chapter 395: So Much Work, But Also Some Fun
Chapter 396: The Party Must Go On
Chapter 397: Ninth Layer Of The Mortal Realm
Chapter 398: A Woman About To Fall
Chapter 399: The Ceremony (1/4)
Chapter 400: The Ceremony (2/4)
Chapter 401: The Ceremony (3/4)
Chapter 402: The Ceremony (4/4)
Chapter 403: Not A Competition
Chapter 404: Nature Spirit'S Blessing (1/2)
Chapter 405: Nature Spirit'S Blessing (2/2)
Chapter 406: Good News With A Little Bit Of Mystery
Chapter 407: The Nature Spirit'S Request
Chapter 408: The Phoenixes' Fall
Chapter 409: One Step At A Time
Chapter 410: Her Second Heart
Chapter 411: Conflicting Feelings
Chapter 412: Lady Crassus
Chapter 413: Depressed Angel
Chapter 414: Dawn {R-18}
Chapter 415: More Is Great {R-18}
Chapter 416: Emerald Gardens {R-18}
Chapter 417: Reaching The Earth Realm {R-18}
Chapter 418: Maturity Is Relative
Chapter 419: The Love Ships Are Setting Sail
Chapter 420: The Arrogant Queen And The Devil
Chapter 421: The Troops Love Hard Training
Chapter 422: A Real Man In Action
Chapter 423: Lustful Demon'S Fighting Style
Chapter 424: Hard Fall
Chapter 425: A Real Bargain With The Devil
Chapter 426: Lethal Dance
Chapter 427: Bloody Excited
Chapter 428: Hunger For Enemies
Chapter 429: Battle For The Golden Throne
Chapter 430: Decision
Chapter 431: A Colorful Gem Vs The Devil
Chapter 432: Jackpot!
Chapter 433: Inappropriate Comments
Chapter 434: Not A Hunting Time
Chapter 435: The Sad Life Of A Poor Angel (1/2)
Chapter 436: The Sad Life Of A Poor Angel (2/2)
Chapter 437: Time To Stop Suffering
Chapter 438: I Like Her
Chapter 439: So Close
Chapter 440: Can We Be Allies?
Chapter 441: Speed Vs. Speed
Chapter 442: Not In The Face
Chapter 443: A Brutal Angel
Chapter 444: Hit Me Hard As You Can
Chapter 445: You Are My Power (1/2)
Chapter 446: You Are My Power (2/2)
Chapter 447: Heaven Punishment
Chapter 448: A Vote Of Confidence
Chapter 449: Devil'S Lap Pillow
Chapter 450: A Bright Future
Chapter 451: Commitment Seal
Chapter 452: The Return Of The King
Chapter 453: Cute Girls Everywhere
Chapter 454: A Maid'S Journey
Chapter 455: Are We Going To Swim Only?
Chapter 456: Magical Cave {R-18}
Chapter 457: Older Sisters
Chapter 458: Not A Request
Chapter 459: Playing With Fire
Chapter 460: Emotions Out Of Control
Chapter 461: Wrath Vs Lucien (1/2)
Chapter 462: Wrath Vs Lucien (2/2)
Chapter 463: How To Deal With Anger
Chapter 464: Growing Hunger
Chapter 465: I'Ve Already Seen This Scene
Chapter 466: The Poor Dogs
Chapter 467 The Perfect Son-In-Law
Chapter 468: Playing The Good Devil Again
Chapter 469: Let Me Into Your Heart
Chapter 470: Sharing A Glass Of Blood
Chapter 471: A Patient Devil
Chapter 472: Together In The Imperfection
Chapter 473: A Marriage Ends
Chapter 474: The Portal Is Ready
Chapter 475: Pirating In Unexplored Waters (1/2)
Chapter 476: Pirating In Unexplored Waters (2/2)
Chapter 477: The Sea Devil
Chapter 478: Should It Look Like A Duel?
Chapter 479: A Girls'S Victory
Chapter 480: A Female Guide Is Better
Chapter 481: The Ship
Chapter 482: Ancient Enemy
Chapter 483: A Husband'S Hardest Decision
Chapter 484: In The Eye Of The Storm (1/2)
Chapter 485: In The Eye Of The Storm (2/2)
Chapter 486: A Painful Plan
Chapter 487: Rising Angel (1/2) {R-18}
Chapter 488: Rising Angel (2/2) {R-18}
Chapter 489: Angel And Tigress (489) {R-18}
Chapter 490: Lethal Assumption
Chapter 491: Everyone Has Their Own Plans
Chapter 492: My Grandma Is Coming
Chapter 493: The Brat Sister
Chapter 494: A Smart Bird
Chapter 495: Devilish Coercion
Chapter 496: Naive Or Not?
Chapter 497: A Brutal Boss
Chapter 498: Behind Her Eyes
Chapter 499: Behind Her Soul
Chapter 500: A Break For Lunch
Chapter 501: Dangerous Guests
Chapter 502: The Craziest Story Ever
Chapter 503: Just Do What I Say
Chapter 504: Two Totally Different Women
Chapter 505: You Will Be A Nice Aunt
Chapter 506: Punishment In The Form Of A Reward
Chapter 507: The Black Sea Riders Downfall
Chapter 508: The Wave
Chapter 509: Corrupted Girls
Chapter 510: A Way Out
Chapter 511: Inside The Naga Kingdom
Chapter 512: The Naga Queen
Chapter 513: The Naga King
Chapter 514: One Step Ahead
Chapter 515: Son-In-Law?
Chapter 516: The Worst Father?
Chapter 517: The Naga Kingdom'S Nightmare
Chapter 518: Demonic Offer For The Nagas
Chapter 519: Different Anatomy
Chapter 520: Bow To Your Queen
Chapter 521: Some Loyal Nagas
Chapter 522: Imprisoned
Chapter 523: A Mother'S Regret
Chapter 524: For The Naga Queen
Chapter 525: A Weird Dinner
Chapter 526: A Big Enough House?
Chapter 527: Golden Realm (1/2)
Chapter 528: Golden Realm (2/2)
Chapter 529: Corrupting Mother And Daughter (1/2) {R-18}
Chapter 530: Corrupting Mother And Daughter (2/2) {R-18}
Chapter 531: Mira And Kamala (1/2) {R-18}
Chapter 532: Mira And Kamala (2/2) {R-18}
Chapter 533: Feeling Complete
Chapter 534: Evolving Sins
Chapter 535: Faces Of Envy
Chapter 536: Speculating And Kissing
Chapter 537: Always Lucky
Chapter 538: Better Killing Than Acting
Chapter 539: Leaving The Naga Kingdom
Chapter 540: The Crystal City
Chapter 541: Frank Talk Between Good Ladies
Chapter 542: More Nagas Wanting To Die
Chapter 543: The Mermaid Princess And Her New Sister
Chapter 544: Another Deal With A Tailed Lady
Chapter 545: The Right Direction
Chapter 546: Kaisa'S Sacrifice
Chapter 547: Reaching The Mermaid Princess
Chapter 548: I'M Not Falling To Your Charm, Devil!
Chapter 549: Great Ambitions
Chapter 550: Innocent Competition (1/2)
Chapter 551: Innocent Competition (2/2)
Chapter 552: Sisters In Trouble
Chapter 553: A Small But Warm Reunion Underwater
Chapter 554: What Bad Can It Do?
Chapter 555: Fruits Of The Same Tree
Chapter 556: Saria'S Magic Pool
Chapter 557: Misunderstandings And Frustrations
Chapter 558 Don’T Think Too Much About It
Chapter 559 Big Reunion (1/3)
Chapter 560 Big Reunion (2/3)
Chapter 561 Big Reunion (3/3)
Chapter 562 Bringing The Girls Back Home
Chapter 563 Voracious Sister
Chapter 564 Dangerous Thoughts
Chapter 565 Which Path To Keep On?
Chapter 566 Growing Chaotic Feelings
Chapter 567 The Proudest Mermaid Queen
Chapter 568 The Family Just Got Bigger
Chapter 569 Trying To Convince The Mermaid Queen (1/2)
Chapter 570 Trying To Convince The Mermaid Queen (2/2)
Chapter 571 Royal Water Quintet
Chapter 572 Rock Bottom
Chapter 573 A Useful Servant?
Chapter 574 Inevitable Attraction
Chapter 575 Divide And Conquer
Chapter 576 The Lovely Second Big Sister
Chapter 577 The Always Reliable Donna
Chapter 578 Lucien X Donna (1/2) {R-18}
Chapter 579 Lucien X Donna (2/2) {R-18}
Chapter 580 Arrogant Indeed, Not Dumb
Chapter 581 Such A Happy Demonic Family
Chapter 582 So Many Sinful Feelings
Chapter 583 Fear The New Overprotective Mother
Chapter 584 Sophia’S First Mood Swing
Chapter 585 That Weak Spot
Chapter 586 Vampiric Tattoo
Chapter 587 A Vampire, A Mermaid, And The Devil
Chapter 588 The Vampire Royalty Can Wait
Chapter 589 My Vampire Queen (1/3) {R-18}
Chapter 590 My Vampire Queen (2/3) {R-18}
Chapter 591 My Vampire Queen (3/3) {R-18}
Chapter 592 Such Precious Flower (592) {R-18}
Chapter 593 The Flames’ Child
Chapter 594 High Conspiracy
Chapter 595 Daughters Planning A Revenge
Chapter 596 Little Brother, Big Heart
Chapter 597 A Cute Mermaid And A Daring Naga
Chapter 598 Cuteness Counterattack {Nsfw}
Chapter 599 New Training Method
Chapter 600 Complicated Girl
Chapter 601 The Naga Team Makes A Move
Chapter 602 The Majestic Mira
Chapter 603 Princess Of Stubbornness
Chapter 604 The Blue-Haired Trio Hits Hard (1/2)
Chapter 605 The Blue-Haired Trio Hits Hard (2/2)
Chapter 606 Strong Heart And Sharp Mind
Chapter 607 Everything Will Be Fine
Chapter 608 My Three Sinful Maids {Nsfw}
Chapter 609 The Ultimate Weapon Of Destruction’S Cute Side
Chapter 610 Rise Of The Fierce Battle Maid (1/2)
Chapter 611 Rise Of The Fierce Battle Maid (2/2)
Chapter 612 The Shining Knight And The Blacksmith
Chapter 613 The Scary Battle Maid’S Thoughts
Chapter 614 Before The Storm (1/2)
Chapter 615 Before The Storm (2/2)
Chapter 616 The Devil’S Doctor
Chapter 617 An Irony Of Fate
Chapter 618 No Rest For The Devil
Chapter 619 Wonderful Things Can Happen
Chapter 620 Such A Smart Mermaid Princess
Chapter 621 From Below The Sea (1/2)
Chapter 622 From Below The Sea (2/2)
Chapter 623 My Energies, My Power
Chapter 624 Desire To Lead
Chapter 625 Not So Good Similarities
Chapter 626 The Mermaid Queen’S Unexpected Offer
Chapter 627 Underwater Tomb
Chapter 628 Tracking The Dark Energy
Chapter 629 Primordial Instinct
Chapter 630 The Blue Star’S Creation
Chapter 631 Descent Through The Infinity Blue
Chapter 632 The Mysterious Magic Shell (1/3)
Chapter 633 The Mysterious Magic Shell (2/3)
Chapter 634 The Mysterious Magic Shell (3/3)
Chapter 635 Impossible Connections
Chapter 636 Olivia’S Rise {Nsfw}
Chapter 637 Don’T Let The Elven Queen Know {R-18}
Chapter 638 Lust And Envy {R-18}
Chapter 639 Sinful Trio (1/2) {R-18}
Chapter 640 Sinful Trio (2/2) {R-18}
Chapter 641 Overflowing Stubbornness {Nsfw}
Chapter 642 Sinful Compulsions Over The Mermaids
Chapter 643 Cheer The Prideful Queen (1/3)
Chapter 644 Cheer The Prideful Queen (2/3)
Chapter 645 Cheer The Prideful Queen (3/3)
Chapter 646 Deep And Cold Sleep
Chapter 647 The Old And Good Demonic Choice
Chapter 648 Three Thousand Years Waiting
Chapter 649 Just A Few Minutes To Be Happy
Chapter 650 Love And Fury For The Mermaids
Chapter 651 The Mermaids’ Three Pillars Born In Fire
Chapter 652 Slaying Krakens Easily
Chapter 653 The Golden Handsome Devil
Chapter 654 The Legendary Phoenix’S Majestic Flames
Chapter 655 A Lovely Girl Beneath Those Flames
Chapter 656 Mermaids And Nagas Celebrating A Small Victory
Chapter 657 A Strongest Girls’ Mission (1/2)
Chapter 658 A Strongest Girls’ Mission (2/2)
Chapter 659 My Vampire Queen’S Needs (Nsfw)
Chapter 660 A Little Parting
Chapter 661 Before The Party Begins
Chapter 662 Very Easy And Very Difficult But Both Problematic
Chapter 663 Mermaids, Nagas, And The Devil {R-18}
Chapter 664 A Story About An Annoying Sin
Chapter 665 Driving The Mermaid Princess Crazy {Nsfw)
Chapter 666 The Devil’S Magnificent Wives
Chapter 667 The Mermaids’ Situation Gets Worse
Chapter 668 Prideful
Chapter 669 Between Two Queens
Chapter 670 The Best Result
Chapter 671 The First Mermaids’ King (1/3)
Chapter 672 The First Mermaids’ King (2/3)
Chapter 673 The First Mermaids’ King (3/3)
Chapter 674 Bragging A Little
Chapter 675 The Mermaids’ Queen And Her King
Chapter 676 So Many Good Women Willing To Fight
Chapter 677 Great Women Behind The Devil
Chapter 678 Women Alliance Vs The Shadows (1/2)
Chapter 679 Women Alliance Vs The Shadows (2/2)
Chapter 680 Maya’S Nightmare
Chapter 681 Three Queens Vs The Shadows
Chapter 682 Sharp Mind And Fluffy Tails
Chapter 683 Strong Bodies And Strong Hearts
Chapter 684 Deadly Fangs And Lovely Smiles
Chapter 685 Steel Resolve And Sweat Drops
Chapter 686 Beautiful And Brave
Chapter 687 For Love And Honor
Chapter 688 Kings Doesn’T Hide Behind Armies
Chapter 689 The Devil’S Mermaids
Chapter 690 Fighting Side By Side, Killing Side By Side
Chapter 691 Stolen Ability
Chapter 692 Cruel Sacrifice
Chapter 693 Dark Rituals
Chapter 694 Cursed Fruits Vs The Devil
Chapter 695 Lucien’S Greater Ability
Chapter 696 Tyrion’S Fury
Chapter 697 Mass Of Tentacles Vs The Devil
Chapter 698 Unyielding Opponent
Chapter 699 Have Faith In The Devil (1/3)
Chapter 700 Have Faith In The Devil (2/3)
Chapter 701 Have Faith In The Devil (3/3)
Chapter 702 The Sun Shine Again Above The Blue Star
Chapter 703 Mysterious Threat Under The Sea
Chapter 704 Rest Of The Winners (1/2)
Chapter 705 Rest Of The Winners (2/2)
Chapter 706 Asking For It (1/2)
Chapter 707 Asking For It (2/2)
Chapter 708 Bathing With Sisters
Chapter 709 An Offer That Always Sounds Good
Chapter 710 Policies And Bubbles (1/2)
Chapter 711 Policies And Bubbles (2/2)
Chapter 712 Putting Nea In Her Place, A Nice One {R-18}
Chapter 713 Peacefulness Never Lasts Long (1/2)
Chapter 714 Peacefulness Never Lasts Long (2/2)
Chapter 715 Superior Enemies (1/2)
Chapter 716 Superior Enemies (2/2) If The Situation Already Seemed Bad, The Appearance Of The Red Spot In The Sky Makes Everything Even Worse. Althou
Chapter 717 The Blue Lady And The Ancient Snake
Chapter 718 Primordial Barrier
Chapter 719 Mysterious Blue Lady (1/2)
Chapter 720 Mysterious Blue Lady (2/2)
Chapter 721 Many Questions And Few Answers
Chapter 722 The Perfect Gift
Chapter 723 An Impossible Connection?
Chapter 724 Too Good To Be True? (1/2)
Chapter 725 Too Good To Be True? (2/2)
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Book Synopsis / Detail / Information:

Lucien, a guy who has nothing but the desire to save his mother. To get strong enough, he makes a contract with the demon of Lust. And now, only by making a great harem, will he gain the power to protect those dear to him.


This story contains sexual content. Though it's still a fantasy adventure (no reincarnation or system).


I am a beginner author. I'm not completely fluent with the English language, it's my second language. This story is written with the help of my friend, Malcolm_Massey, who edits my chapters to avoid grammatical and misspellings mistakes.


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Chapter 1 Two Sweet Voices

Chapter 1 Two Sweet Voices

"Come to me..."

Lucien heard a soft voice that made him wake up. He opened his eyes, but it was almost no use.

"I can give you everything you want..."

The voice was too sweet, too good, and it had to be a trap...

"Offer everything?" Lucien can't help but think.

Lucien got up from the cold floor that he didn't remember lying on. There was a fog that limited him from seeing more than two meters ahead.

As he tried to remember how he ended there, the voice whispered again.

"Yes... anything and anyone... Any woman..."

Lucien was surprised by the voice's answer. Not because of what it offered but because it seemed that it read his mind.

Lucien's mind hurt a lot, and he couldn't think right. He didn't remember anything from before or how he got there.

But when the voice said "any woman," something arouse inside his mind. His mouth opened on its own, and the words flew without his control.

"Any women?!"

Lucien's words echoed in the fog, and gradually the silence returned, making him apprehensive.

When he thought to ask again, the voice whispered back, but this time it was so close that it seemed to speak in his ear.

"Yes... Even the one you thought was dead..."

Lucien was sure the voice was that of a demon. One who would take his soul in exchange for false promises. But he couldn't help but think it would be wonderful if he could see her again.

"Dead? Yes, she was dead, but it was a lie."

As Lucien tried to connect the confused thoughts in his mind, the voice whispered again and seemed closer and closer to him as if they were the same body.

"Do you want her that much? I can give her to you... I'm the only one who can give her back to you."

As much as Lucien tried to remember, he still couldn't. Maybe it is all just a dream. So why not play with the voice?

"And what do you want in return?"

After he asked, the voice started to laugh. Lucien was alert as the sound of laughter grew closer and closer. Then the answer came in the form of another question.

"What would be the price of having everything?"

Before Lucien could answer, the voice continued, but now it came from all sides echoing in his mind.

"What would be the price of having everyone?"

"What would be the price of the thing you desire most?"

As the voice echoed in his head with these questions, Lucien could only think of one answer.

"Everything. But what "everything" can I offer you?"

The voice started to laugh again, but it was a more seductive and soft type of laugh.

"You will be enough."

When Lucien was about to answer the voice, he felt severe pain in his body and held his head with both hands while screaming.


As Lucien screamed, he didn't notice a strange figure approaching him from behind. She came over and hugged him from behind while she spoke in that sweet and soft voice that numbed Lucien and took all his pain away.

"Shhh... I need to check your body deeper, so hold on a little longer, please."

From hellish pain to heaven by the words of the sweet voice. Lucien was no longer sure if this was a dream.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

Lucien asked as he opened his eyes again. He saw a pair of white and delicate arms hugging his chest, and if the soft voice wasn't enough, now he was sure the voice belonged to a woman or at least a female creature.

The mysterious woman did not respond, making Lucien more anxious. He thought about trying to turn around slowly but stopped any movement when he felt something soft and smooth like he never felt before pressing against his back.

He is smart and without even feeling it before he imagines what it should be. The sweet voice owner's breasts. And they looked huge...

"Do you like it?"

The voice was so pleasurable to hear that Lucien felt more and more intoxicated with every word she spoke. Lucien didn't know how to respond, and for the first time in years, he blushed...

"Yes... I love it..."

He is not someone who would lie without reason and told the truth about liking that wonderful feeling. But it only made him feel more like turning around and seeing what the mysterious woman is like.

"You are still not approved to see me..."

Lucien didn't understand why he couldn't see her. Maybe it was because she was naked? Now that he realized why he could feel her breasts so well. Both were naked.

"Will it take a long ti-"

When Lucien tried to ask if the process, whatever it is, will take time, the woman surprised him with another wonderful sensation.

He felt a soft and wet thing touch his neck, and it didn't take long for him to understand that she had started kissing him.

It was not a simple and quick kiss as she started softly and delicately but soon increased the speed as she seemed to want to devour his neck and shoulders still hugged on his back like a sloth.

At some point, Lucien started to moan by pleasure. He didn't know if it had begun before the woman moan too, but it didn't matter because he couldn't think of anything other than the woman's caresses.

Lucien's eyes closed involuntarily. He could imagine that he would not stay awake any longer, and perhaps when he wakes up, he will feel sorry for not seeing the woman's face.

The situation was bizarre, but all he thought about was the woman's face? Lucien started to believe that he could be drugged because he never had so much interest in women before to lose all his control like that.

While Lucien had increasingly confused thoughts, the sweet voice came back to shake him even more.

"Hum... You are quite suitable... worthy... and still a virgin. That is perfect!"

Lucien was very tired and couldn't even open his eyes. He gradually lost consciousness, and before falling asleep, he could hear some strange words from the woman.

Was she mocking him for being a virgin? It was the last thing he thought about before falling asleep.

While Lucien fell asleep, he lost control of his body, and at some point, the woman supported his body and helped him to lie down without getting hurt.

While he was lying down, the woman stood looking at him with a contemplative look. She was 1.7 meters tall, fair skin, long blond hair.

She looked like a divine fairy...

No! With that seductive look and huge breasts, she definitely looked like a succubus.

Like Lucien, she was also naked, showing a big and happy ass that would make any man die by so much horny. She smiled while looking at Lucien and started to think out loud.

"How interesting..."

"I never had a virgin host."

"And someone so cold and recluse..."

The woman turned Lucien's and sat just above his pelvis. She began to caress his face gently.


"Fucking damn handsome!"

Then she moved her body closer to Lucien's and started kissing his chest. She kissed the whole chest and went up to the neck, but she didn't stop there and soon began to kiss his face.

"We could do a lot together..."

"We could do the whole fucking thing!"

"As I was never able to do with those horny dogs..."

After kissing all of Lucien's face except the mouth, she went towards his ear and started to bite it gently.

"But will you accept me?"

"For the memories that I read, you do not desire power or women..."

"Not women but a specific woman... I will have to use her to make you mine."

She stopped kissing Lucien and hugged him while closing her eyes.

"I never thought that I would offer a mother in exchange for a host..."

"Well... I hope you are really worth it..."


"Come to me..."

Lucien heard a sweet voice calling him. But this time, the voice was familiar, and he opened his eyes, which sparked by happiness.

He saw a beautiful forest. Trees and flowers everywhere. It seemed like a lively morning as the birds sang animatedly, and the sun created rays of light between the leaves of the trees.

Lucien remembered that he is hiding from the owner of the voice. Then he ran into the forest and crouched behind a big tree.

Before he could plan the next step, the voice called him again.

"Come to me, my son."

Lucien could feel both love and affection in the sweet voice that called him. Even though he knew she was cheating, he couldn't help feeling grateful for that love.

The purpose of the game is to be hiding for as long as possible. But it was challenging not to rush to the voice that called him so affectionately, promising hugs and kisses.

"I know you want to win. But if you show up now, I'm going to pat you for an entire hour."

Lucien was already shaking. He wanted to stay hidden, but that woman's pats is the most divine thing he knew. An hour of that treatment is so precious that he couldn't think of anything better except more time of it.

He wanted to be silent, but the words got out of his control and flew excitedly through the forest.

"Two hours of pats?"

The response that echoed through the forest was not words but laughter. Making Lucien upset in an adorable look. He stood up and crossed his arms.

The woman who saw her little son making such a cute face could not help himself and started laughing even more.

Lucien couldn't see her, but she knew where he was at all the time and just wanted to play more. Who would blame a mother for wanting to play with her beloved son?

"Two hours sounds good, but how about three?"

When the voice came from the direction behind him, Lucien turned concerned. If he is found, he would have nothing to negotiate the pats. He approached his body to the tree to be covered and continued the negotiation.

"Three would be fantastic. Kisses included?"

The woman had a wide smile on her face. She didn't know how she was having such a cute son. But she is pleased with that and would love him forever.

"Of course. As many as you want."

Pats and kisses for three hours are too much for Lucien. He couldn't help but ran out behind the tree while shouting that he agreed.

Lucien hit something before he could get very far. He closed his eyes, and a wonderful smell entered his nose. He knew that smell well and hugged the person in front of him, still with his eyes closed.

The sweet voice comforted him.

"Calm down, sweetheart... I will not let you avoid the pats."

Lucien was very young and could only hug the waist of the woman who smelled so good. He loved this woman so much, and he couldn't be happier with such a wonderful mother.

He wanted to tell how he felt, then opened his eyes slowly as he looked up.

"I love you, mo-"

As he opened his eyes, he saw his mother's clothes, but when his view was getting close to her face, a ray of light hit his eyes.

He blinked to normalize his vision, but then he realized that the woman he was hugging just ago is now a lifeless old tree.

While Lucien was getting more and more confused, the sweet smell was still on the tree but disappearing by every second.

He didn't care about anything else and hugged the tree tightly, trying to absorb that wonderful smell in his body.

"Was a dream?"


"You are dead... mom..."

Lucien was no longer a kid but looked to be in his twenties. He continued hugging the tree while old memories made him cry.

But his higher senses were still working well, and he heard something quickly approaching him. His senses are incredible, but his body was not. Even though he trained so hard, he was not very strong or fast enough to avoid that kick.

He noticed the kick coming and knew who it was. But his body did not move like his mind, and he was thrown flying by the monstrous strength of the kick.

He hit against a rock and fell to the ground while bleeding from several wounds. Before he could get up, another kick hit his belly, and the aggressor started to speak.

"Idiot boy!"

"Today is the day when our people will begin to change our destiny."

"But do you run away to hug a damn dead tree?!"

The big man with a thick voice continued to kick Lucien, who made no sound while spitting out large amounts of blood.

But then the man said something that strangely made Lucien's eyes sparkle.

"What if I tell that you can hug the real person and not just memories?"

Lucien was unable to speak because the man continued to kick him. But Lucien was no longer in pain as his mind could only think of the man's words.



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