Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This! by Shui Qingqing

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Chapter 61 - Did You Find It Difficult To Sleep Alone?
Chapter 62 - Looks Like You’Ve Been Secretly In Love With Me For A Long Time
Chapter 63 - Surprising Advances
Chapter 64 - Sweetness Seeping Into Her Heart
Chapter 65 - Are You Letting Me Eat That Down There?
Chapter 66 - Good Work Hubby! Thank You!
Chapter 67 - Big Brother Is Super Eager
Chapter 68 - Getting Stuffed Full From The Sight Of The Love Birds!
Chapter 69 - : The Idea Of Perfect Prince Charming Was An Absolute Misunderstanding!
Chapter 70 - If You Can’T Afford It, Don’T Touch It
Chapter 71 - Do You Know That You Look Like A Plate Of Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes?
Chapter 72 - I Know, You’Re Jealous Of Me
Chapter 73 - Now, The Tables Have Turned
Chapter 74 - My Boyfriend Is A Billion Times More Handsome Than You!
Chapter 75 - A True Aristocrat
Chapter 76 - Eyes Off For One Day, Yet Another Man Trying To Hook Up With Her
Chapter 77 - I Shall Teach You How To Be The Mu Family’S Young Madam
Chapter 78 - Don’T Ever Speak Of Her Like That Again
Chapter 79 - Finally Caught A Hold Of Luo Chenxi!
Chapter 80 - This Couple Reeked Of Scum And Idiocy
Chapter 81 - This Is The Money Machine That You’Ve Hooked Up With?
Chapter 82 - Offending Someone You Can’T Afford To Offend
Chapter 83 - Was It Because Of His Man-Period?
Chapter 84 - Are You Trying To Bind Me Up?
Chapter 85 - Which Part Of Her Is Worthy Of My Brother?
Chapter 86 - How Could She Possibly Take On The Position Of The Mu Family’S Young Madam?
Chapter 87 - Didn’T Tang Tang Hate That Woman The Most?
Chapter 88 - You’Re The Baddie Woman!
Chapter 89 - Don’T You Mouth Off A Single Word About Tang Tang!
Chapter 90 - Do You Know Where Sister Xinxin Is Right Now?
Chapter 91 - Mu Yichen And I… Are A Legitimately Registered Married Couple
Chapter 92 - Her Fall—Like A Dog Licking Poop Off The Ground
Chapter 93 - Young Master Mu’S So Quick!
Chapter 94 - She Is The Rightful Young Madam Of The House
Chapter 95 - Those Words Felt Sour… Was She Jealous?
Chapter 96 - Seems Like She Is The Only One Having Any Weird Thoughts
Chapter 97 - Big Sister’S Dress Is The Pwettiest!
Chapter 98 - Such Is The Temptation Of A Beautiful Man, Another Woman Has Fallen!
Chapter 99 - You Know It!
Chapter 100 - What’S A Son-In-Law? Is It Edible?
Chapter 101 - What A Blockhead!
Chapter 102 - : Daddy, Is Big Sister Missing You?
Chapter 103 - I’M Such A Gentle, Lovely, Virtuous And Beautiful Young Lady!
Chapter 104 - Get Us The Most Handsome Ones, We Won’T Take Any Inferior Products!
Chapter 105 - Her Eyes Would Hurt From Looking At Them
Chapter 106 - Strip, Just Do It
Chapter 107 - How Many Days Has It Only Been? Has The Loneliness Got To Her Already?
Chapter 108 - Getting Cuckolded Is Also A Way Of Life
Chapter 109 - It’S The Era Of Gender Equality
Chapter 110 - This Position Was Even More Shameful Than Before
Chapter 111 - Poor Little Rabbit Falling Into The Jaws Of A Tiger
Chapter 112 - The Tiger Is Going To Eat The Poor Little Rabbit Up For Real!
Chapter 113 - : Should I Take Off My Pants?
Chapter 114 - All The Inspirations Are Flowing Out
Chapter 115 - Holy Sh*T, He Was So Blind!
Chapter 116 - Where Did This Cute Little Boy Come From?
Chapter 117 - Your Drool Is About To Drip On My Face
Chapter 118 - How Many More Times Before I Can Have A Brother And Sister?
Chapter 119 - Lying In Bed. Seven Times In One Night.
Chapter 120 - Trash Who Got Expelled From College
Chapter 121 - What Is It? In Denial Of Your Defeat?
Chapter 122 - Daddy Asked Tang Tang To Say So
Chapter 123 - We Have A Winner!
Chapter 124 - You Really How To Design Menswear!
Chapter 125 - Full Points!
Chapter 126 - You Dare Compete With Me For The First Place? You Better Watch Yourself!
Chapter 127 - True Essence Of Acting
Chapter 128 - It’S An Irrefutable Evidence
Chapter 129 - Breaking Through The Bottomline Of The Definition Of Shamelessness
Chapter 130 - How Dare She Hang Up On Me?
Chapter 131 - Why Does This Bracelet Look So Familiar?
Chapter 132 - Once A Fake, Always A Fake
Chapter 133 - Luo Chenxi Is Finally Getting Into Big Trouble!
Chapter 134 - Pretentious B*Tches, Off You Go To The Police Station
Chapter 135 - Why Did I Marry Such A Dumb Woman?
Chapter 136 - She Doesn’T Even Know How To Beg?
Chapter 137 - Woman, Your Name Spells Hypocrisy!
Chapter 138 - Were You Out There Making Babies?
Chapter 139 - A Man In Love Is So Scary!
Chapter 140 - Little Xixi, You’Re Really Famous Now!
Chapter 141 - Kneel Before This Young Lady
Chapter 142 - She’S Afraid That Her Handsome Boyfriend Would Be Snatched Away
Chapter 143 - Shamelessly Clinging Onto His Big Brother And Sister-In-Law
Chapter 144 - You Are Not Worthy Of Being A Designer!
Chapter 145 - Could She Be Hiding In A Corner While Crying?
Chapter 146 - Go Back And Have A Nice Little Chat With Young Master Mu
Chapter 147 - Are You Pursuing My Daddy?
Chapter 148 - Did You Take The Wrong Medication?
Chapter 149 - The Little Dumpling Aborted Her Mission!
Chapter 150 - Tang Tang’S Were Words Of Anger, But What About Yours?
Chapter 151 - One Who Is Unaccountably Solicitous Is Hiding Evil Intentions
Chapter 152 - If You Can Convince Me In Bed…
Chapter 153 - He Really Wanted To Rip Her Clothes Apart!
Chapter 154 - Petty Tricks!
Chapter 155 - You’Re Not… In Love With Luo Chenxin, Are You?
Chapter 156 - She’S Not Even The Real Mrs. Mu!
Chapter 157 - Which Miss Luo? I Don’T Know A Miss Luo!
Chapter 158 - Parading With A New Woman Before Getting Divorced?
Chapter 159 - She Sprained Her Foot For Real This Time!
Chapter 160 - He Could Feel His Bones Going Limp
Chapter 161 - If You Don’T Eat It, Feed It To The Dogs!
Chapter 162 - How Could She Possibly Be The Chairman’S Wife?
Chapter 163 - Since When Did He Become So Kind?
Chapter 164 - He Went Viral Overnight
Chapter 165 - Get Your *Ss Back To The Office Now!
Chapter 166 - Who’S The Boss Here?
Chapter 167 - Big Sister Didn’T Sleep, Big Sister Is Bad
Chapter 168 - The Little Dumpling’S Complaint!
Chapter 169 - You’D Be Better Off Withdrawing From The Competition!
Chapter 170 - Sing To Your Heart’S Content, Or Go Home To Inherit Your Hundred-Billion Family Business And Assets
Chapter 171 - Xing Chen, You Forced Me To Do This!
Chapter 172 - Young Master, Please Don’T Misunderstand The Young Madam
Chapter 173 - Who Cares About Prince Charming? My Best Friend Should Always Come First!
Chapter 174 - Young Master Mu’S Arrival
Chapter 175 - Yichen… He’S Here For Me Today
Chapter 176 - She Forgot That She Was On Stage!
Chapter 177 - The Contrast Between Them Spells The Difference
Chapter 178 - Get Lost!
Chapter 179 - My Wife Is So Darn Handsome!
Chapter 180 - Why Is Young Master Mu Here?
Chapter 181 - Is That Outfit On Young Master Mu… A Work Of Xing Chen’S?
Chapter 182 - Are You Sure He Isn’T Here To Flaunt Your Love For Each Other?
Chapter 183 - Is He Here For Xing Chen?
Chapter 184 - I’M Giving The Others Zero Points
Chapter 185 - My Dear Prince Charming, Have All My Votes!
Chapter 186 - Seducing A Few Million People All At Once
Chapter 187 - : Drop Dead, Wu Lingshan!
Chapter 188 - Off Her Reputation Goes Into The Sh*Thole
Chapter 189 - Young Master Mu Seemed To Hate Him
Chapter 190 - Gripping Her Hand Tightly And Refusing To Let Go
Chapter 191 - Dogs Biting One Another While Getting Themselves A Mouthful Of Fur
Chapter 192 - We’D Like To Invite You To Be Our Exclusive Ambassadors
Chapter 193 - Toxic Sisterhood
Chapter 194 - She Didn’T Check Her Fortune For The Day Before Heading Out
Chapter 195 - It’S Just A Disguise. Strip Her Bare And She’Ll Go Back To Normal.
Chapter 196 - Big Sister! Tang Tang Missed You So… Eh?
Chapter 197 - Care To Explain What’S This Little Son-In-Law?
Chapter 198 - He’S The Head Of The Family!
Chapter 199 - Chen Xiluo’S Fangirl
Chapter 200 - How Dare You Speak Ill Of My Prince Charming!
Chapter 201 - Are You Blind?
Chapter 202 - Where Do You Think You’Re Touching?
Chapter 203 - Mu Yichen, You Beast!
Chapter 204 - I Am Her Man!
Chapter 205 - Clueless To Why His Girlfriend Was Angry
Chapter 206 - A Dead Fish In Bed
Chapter 207 - Why Was He Looking Everywhere For Fang Ziqian?
Chapter 208 - : It’S Been Ages Since He Last Picked Up Girls. Skewed Aesthetic Standards
Chapter 209 - The Model Loving Husband Of A New Era
Chapter 210 - You Call This ‘Treating You Well’?
Chapter 211 - Wait… Was This How It Was Supposed To Turn Out?
Chapter 212 - I’M Sorry! I’Ve Done My Best!
Chapter 213 - Have You Done Something Wrong?
Chapter 214 - Since When Did She Get A Boyfriend?
Chapter 215 - If Not For Us Being Out Here, I Would’Ve Made You So Sore That You Won’T Be Able To Get Out Of Bed!
Chapter 216 - Are Your Legs Feeling Weak Already? I Haven’T Even Done Anything Yet.
Chapter 217 - What A Bad Girl! She Deserves To Be Spanked In The Butt!
Chapter 218 - Did You Think I Wouldn’T Punish You Just Because You Pretended To Be Asleep?
Chapter 219 - I’M About To Lose My Face Because Of That Tsundere
Chapter 220 - She Even Has Her Own Support Group
Chapter 221 - Are You Happy To Be Liked By So Many Girls?
Chapter 222 - Who The H*Ll Is This Shameless Vixen!
Chapter 223 - Stunned By Chen Xiluo
Chapter 224 - : No Wonder Mu Weiwei Is Infatuated
Chapter 225 - Trying To Find A Way To Deal With Chen Xiluo
Chapter 226 - Such An Unromantic Man Actually Exists!
Chapter 227 - Isn’T She Dreaming Too Much?
Chapter 228 - Superb Flirting Skills!
Chapter 229 - It’S Really Delicious
Chapter 230 - Guilty Conscience
Chapter 231 - You’Re So Stupid
Chapter 232 - Exposed
Chapter 233 - You Can’T Let Him In, Little White Rabbit
Chapter 234 - How Could I Be Fiercer Than The Both Of You?
Chapter 235 - Don’T You Act Cute With Me! It’S Useless
Chapter 236 - Making Kissing Noises While She’S At It
Chapter 237 - I See You’Re Pretty Good At This, Aren’T You?
Chapter 238 - Young Master Mu Is Here!
Chapter 239 - This Must Be Fate!
Chapter 240 - Just Pretend That He Doesn’T Exist
Chapter 241 - You Seem To Be In A Hurry To Chase Me Away, Are You Feeling Guilty?
Chapter 242 - A Strangely Perfect Match
Chapter 243 - : How Dare She Extend Her Claws At My Male Idol
Chapter 244 - She’S Definitely Cheating Mentally
Chapter 245 - Tang Tang Only Has Eyes For Her Now
Chapter 246 - So This Is What You’Ve Been Teaching Tang Tang
Chapter 247 - How Can You Claim That You’Re Doing This For Her Own Good?
Chapter 248 - Completely Bewitched By That Woman!
Chapter 249 - Whoever Lies Is A Little Dog
Chapter 250 - She Pushed The Bowl Aside With A Look Of Disdain
Chapter 251 - My Life Is Worse Than A Dog’S
Chapter 252 - Is She Actually Faking It?
Chapter 253 - He Would’Ve Definitely Slap Her Butt Till It Swelled! Just As Luo Chenx
Chapter 254 - You’Re The Young Madam Of The Mu Family, Can’T You Be A Little More Dignified?
Chapter 255 - Stunning
Chapter 256 - What’S Wrong With Me Bringing My Spouse To The Banquet?
Chapter 257 - I Won’T Allow Him To Marry A Woman Of A Lowly Status!
Chapter 258 - An Old Virgin Who Can’T Get Married
Chapter 259 - What Right Do You Have To Criticize Her?
Chapter 260 - You’Re My Woman, Why Would You Be Afraid Of Being Seen?
Chapter 261 - There Was Only One Person She Really Wanted To Attract
Chapter 262 - Her Hard Work Today Was Not In Vain!
Chapter 263 - Apologize To My Wife, Right Now!
Chapter 264 - Your Son, Yichen, Has Good Tastes
Chapter 265 - She Was… A Blazing Flame!
Chapter 266 - A Passionate And Wild Man Who Actually Likes That Type
Chapter 267 - In Her Eyes, There Was Only Him
Chapter 268 - We Are Legally A Married Couple, So What’S Wrong With A Kiss?
Chapter 269 - You’Ve Guessed It Right, I Want To Do It…
Chapter 270 - Ravaged By Bullying Loli And Cried…
Chapter 271 - Tang Tang Has Inherited My Good Tastes!
Chapter 272 - Yesterday Was Just A Misunderstanding
Chapter 273 - Why Would I Want To Be Tan Yueru’S Goddaughter!
Chapter 274 - Tang Tang Has Yet To Call Me Mommy
Chapter 275 - Do You Really Not Remember Your Mommy?
Chapter 276 - What Could A Vicious Woman Like You Not Do?
Chapter 277 - How Dare You Bully Tang Tang? One Slap Is Hardly Enough!
Chapter 278 - I Will Never Forgive The Person Who Hurt Tang Tang!
Chapter 279 - It’S Only Understandable That He Suspects Me
Chapter 280 - : Since You’Ve Said That, I’Ll Believe You
Chapter 281 - Tell Her To Leave The Mu Family!
Chapter 282 - How Has A Stupid Woman Like You Survived Until Now?
Chapter 283 - Tang Tang, Be Good, Tang Tang, Don’T Cry, Big Sister Will Protect You!
Chapter 284 - This Woman… Always Worries Me!
Chapter 285 - You’Re Right, There Are No Surveillance Cameras Here
Chapter 286 - She Really Thought That… She Was Going To Die!
Chapter 287 - He’S 10,000 Times More Handsome Than Any National Husband!
Chapter 288 - I Only Like Men With Good Figures, Good Looks And Eight-Pack Abs
Chapter 289 - Does Big Sister Not Want Tang Tang Anymore?
Chapter 290 - Uwuuu, I Want Big Sister! Come Back Quickly, Big Sister!
Chapter 291 - : Young Madam Is Really Too Pitiful!
Chapter 292 - Big Sister!! Tang Tang Has Finally Found You!
Chapter 293 - It’S Wrong To Run Away From Home
Chapter 294 - The Mother And Daughter Queuing Up Over There Are So Beautiful!
Chapter 295 - You Actually Sent Someone To Follow Me!
Chapter 296 - It Will Be Too Late If We Don’T Run Now!
Chapter 297 - No, I Can’T Pass Out! I Need To Get The Little Dumpling To Safety!
Chapter 298 - : Xinxin, It’S All Thanks To You This Time!
Chapter 299 - All Of This… Could Only Be Blamed On That Woman’S Bad Luck
Chapter 300 - My Woman Must Not Die!
Chapter 301 - Wake Up, You Stupid Woman! Wake Up!
Chapter 302 - Miss Bai Isn’T Allowed To Leave Until The Matter Is Thoroughly Investigated!
Chapter 303 - He Hoped That… She Would Stay By His Side Forever
Chapter 304 - You’Re Both My Precious Treasures
Chapter 305 - Grandma Scolded Big Sister. Grandma Is A Bad Person!
Chapter 306 - I Really Didn’T Expect For The Truth To Be Like This!
Chapter 307 - Now, It Seems Like We’Re The Ones Who Were Blind!
Chapter 308 - It’Ll Be Enough For Me To Love Her Myself Since She’S My Wife
Chapter 309 - Big Sister Has Been Awakened By Daddy’S Kiss!
Chapter 310 - Now That Her Big Sister’S Awake, Her Daddy’S Immediately Thrown Over The Wall?
Chapter 311 - Has Young Master Mu Taken The Wrong Medicine Today?
Chapter 312 - I’Ve Misunderstood You In The Past, Daughter-In-Law
Chapter 313 - : As For Letting Her Go… That’S Impossible!
Chapter 314 - I Thought You Love Big Sister The Most?
Chapter 315 - Is This How You’Re Supposed To Talk To Your Sister-In-Law?
Chapter 316 - Have I Come Into The Wrong House?
Chapter 317 - Xi Xi, You’Ve Actually Gotten Married Into A Rich Family!
Chapter 318 - Have You And Young Master Mu Actually Fallen For Each Other?
Chapter 319 - You’D Be Better Off Being Merciful Than To Dwell On The Mistake Any Further!
Chapter 320 - I Even Thought That We’D Come To A Tacit Understanding By Now…
Chapter 321 - You’Re Absolutely Disgusting!
Chapter 322 - : I Don’T Know Why, But There’S This Bad Taste In My Mouth
Chapter 323 - This Is Truly A Huge Misunderstanding!
Chapter 324 - This Is The Last Time, Stupid Woman! Next Time…
Chapter 325 - Is He Really His Mother’S Biological Son?!
Chapter 326 - The Senior Designer Position Is Definitely Mine
Chapter 327 - This Isn’T A Competition, But An Actual Workplace!
Chapter 328 - If She Continues To Be Tortured, I’M Afraid She Might Just Lose Her Life
Chapter 329 - You Think That He’S Broad-Minded, While I’M Petty?
Chapter 330 - Wow, They’Re Actually Kissing On The Streets, They Look So Lovely
Chapter 331 - They’Re Going To Make Younger Brothers And Sisters, So They
Chapter 332 - Is There… Something Wrong With That Brat Of Mine?
Chapter 333 - A Man Whose Wife Works Overtime Everyday Won’T Have Any S*X Life!
Chapter 334 - As For How You’Re Going To Make It Up To Me… That’S Going To Be For Me To Decide, Of Course!
Chapter 335 - The Little Dumpling Is Also Throwing A Little Tantrum
Chapter 336 - If No One’S Buying, It’S Probably Rotting Away In The Warehouse
Chapter 337 - She… She’S Wearing Xing Chen’S Design!
Chapter 338 - Casually Tossed Away Like A Rag
Chapter 339 - Comparing Between Two Things Will Definitely Lead To One Of Them Being Discarded
Chapter 340 - How Dare You Talk About Fairness To Me
Chapter 341 - I Suddenly Don’T Want A Second Child That Much Anymore
Chapter 342 - She’S Going To Get Double The Punishment The Moment She Gets Into The Car!
Chapter 343 - You Mustn’T Buy This, Or You’Ll Be Laughed At When You Wear It!
Chapter 344 - Am I Supposed To Admit Defeat? Just Like That?
Chapter 345 - She’S Just A Fake
Chapter 346 - The Moment Xing Chen Appeared, People Started Fawning Over Her!
Chapter 347 - Wu Lingshan Has Won!
Chapter 348 - Something Huge Has Happened!
Chapter 349 - Would A Country Bumpkin Like You Know What It Means To Be Wealthy?
Chapter 350 - How’Re You Still Arguing At This Point?!
Chapter 351 - I Can’T Believe It, I Couldn’T Even Recognize Her!
Chapter 352 - Not Only Are You Not Home Yet, You’Re Actually Going Out To Eat With Another Man?!
Chapter 353 - Are You Really Unrelated To The Mu Family?
Chapter 354 - Hold On? Isn’T That The Third Young Master Of The Sheng Family?
Chapter 355 - After Ingesting This Medicine, She Wouldn’T Even Be Satisfied With One Man!
Chapter 356 - If Wu Lingshan Wants To Die So Badly, I’Ll Have To Oblige Her Then!
Chapter 357 - Go Find A Man If You’Re Hot. After All, They’Re Literally Everywhere!
Chapter 358 - Sheng Yu, Let Go Of My Woman!
Chapter 359 - Today, I’M Going To Teach You Our Family Rules!
Chapter 360 - Little Dumpling, Come Save Your Big Sister, Hurry!
Chapter 361 - Is My Technique That Bad?
Chapter 362 - Thank Goodness I Managed To Vomit In Time, Otherwise I Would’Ve Been In So Much Pain
Chapter 363 - Caught Red-Handed
Chapter 364 - You Kept Calling Me “Lover”, Yet You Have The Nerve To Say That You Were Raped?
Chapter 365 - It’S Xing Chen! Xing Chen Drugged Me With Aphrodisiacs!
Chapter 366 - So What If I Bite? I Can Even Eat You If I Want To!
Chapter 367 - If I Don’T Have Little Brothers And Sisters, It’S Because Daddy And Big Sister Aren’T Hard Working Enough!
Chapter 368 - Second Young Master Bai’S New Relationship Has Been Exposed
Chapter 369 - Bai Shixun, You Were Pretending To Be Asleep?!
Chapter 370 - : I’Ll Just Treat It As If I’Ve Been Bitten By A Dog!
Chapter 371
Chapter 372 - Yichen Kissed His Own Wife, What About You?
Chapter 373 - He’S The Type I Hate The Most!
Chapter 374 - Have You… Have You Found Something? Hurry Up And Tell Me!
Chapter 375 - I Want Dirt That Can Bring This B*Tch Down!
Chapter 376 - That Little B*Tch Is Dead This Time For Sure!
Chapter 377 - I Really Want To Pounce On Young Master Mu Right Now. What’S Happening?
Chapter 378 - Where Else Would You Possibly Find A Wife Who’S So Considerate And Not Clingy To You?
Chapter 379 - Didn’T… Didn’T You See That Email?
Chapter 380 - The Blood In His Entire Body Seemed To Have Frozen In An Instant
Chapter 381 - There Are No Signs Of It Being Edited Or Post-Produced
Chapter 382 - : Young Master Bai, Who Had Been “Working Overtime” At The Company Everyday For The Past Few Days, Had Dis
Chapter 383 - She’S Just Like A Virtuous And Caring Wife..
Chapter 384 - Is This… A Birthmark On Your Lower Back?
Chapter 385 - All This Time, He Still Could Not Forget The Ecstatic Feeling That Night
Chapter 386 - Even If Sister-In-Law Had Really Cheated On You, You Can’T Hit A Woman!
Chapter 387 - Let’S Kill The Big Bad Bug Together!
Chapter 388 - If I Don’T Wake You Up Now, You’Ll End Up Dead Sooner Or Later!
Chapter 389 - Brother, Oh My Dear Brother, Calm Down, Please Just Calm Down…
Chapter 390 - Who Would’Ve Thought That Yichen Would Be This Deeply In Love…
Chapter 391 - Establishing The Correct View Of Love For Their Daughter
Chapter 392 - How Dare A Despicable Creature Like Him Kiss Me. How Disgusting!
Chapter 393 - You’Re Saying That Mu Yichen And I Are Already Married?
Chapter 394 - This Shows That The Gods Are On Your Side, On The Luo Family’S Side!
Chapter 395 - You Guys Are Too Kind With Your Methods, You Should Just Do As I Say.
Chapter 396 - I Won’T Make The Same Mistake Again!
Chapter 397 - Big Sister, Don’T Be Scared! As Long As Daddy Hugs You, You Won’T Be Scared Anymore!
Chapter 398 - Her Current Status At Home Is Vanishing Into Thin Air?
Chapter 399 - After She P*Sses Off, All Of This Will Belong To Me!
Chapter 400 - From Today Onwards, We Should Switch Back
Chapter 401 - Don’T Forget That You Married Into The Mu Family Under My Name!
Chapter 402 - Wouldn’T It Have Been Better If You Were This Reasonable To Begin With?
Chapter 403 - It’S Time For Me To Wake Up From This Dream…
Chapter 404 - It Seemed As If They Were Actually Biological Mother And Daughter…
Chapter 405 - What Else Could He Do Except For Nod And Agree To Their Request?
Chapter 406 - Of Course, She Would Never Get The Chance Ever Again
Chapter 407 - Let Me Pretend That This Man And This Little Cutie Actually Belongs To Me…
Chapter 408 - Mu Yichen, You… You’Re Not Proposing, Are You?!
Chapter 409 - Our Daughter Is Already So Grown Up, So If She Doesn’T Marry Me, Who Else Is She Going To Marry?
Chapter 410 - Wishing She Could Stay By His Side And Coax The Tsundere Forever…
Chapter 411 - I’Ve Especially Learned It For You, Don’T You Want To Check?
Chapter 412 - The Moment He Turned Around Might Be The Last And Permanent Farewell
Chapter 413 - Stay At Home And Wait For Me Like A Good Girl, Do You Hear Me?
Chapter 414 - I Really Want To See Her Grow Up Healthily And Happily With My Own Eyes
Chapter 415 - If Tan Yueru Sees Her Bullying The Little Dumpling…
Chapter 416 - I Have No Choice But To Destroy This Trust With My Own Hands
Chapter 417 - Big Sister Is Leaving, Tang Tang Can’T Bear To See Her Leave…
Chapter 418 - Hearing Luo Chenxin Say That She Wanted To Sleep With Young Master Mu, Her Heart Felt As If It Was Being Pricked By A Needle
Chapter 419 - You’Ve Already Messed Up Lu Wenjun’S Matter. So, There Can Be No More Mistakes Today!
Chapter 420 - My Dear Sister, I Really Have To Thank You This Time!
Chapter 421 - Tan Yueru, That Old Fart… She’S So Nice To That Little Sl*T!
Chapter 422 - Why Do I Feel Weirded Out With Whatever She Does Today?
Chapter 423 - That Little B*Tch’S Face Is So Useful!
Chapter 424 - He Clearly Just Had His Fill Yesterday, So How Could They Not Be Newlyweds?
Chapter 425 - What Could Us Bachelors Be Afraid Of?!
Chapter 426 - She’S Clearly My Little Woman, The One I Proposed To The Day Before
Chapter 427 - I Hate That Bad Auntie, She’S Not My Big Sister!
Chapter 428 - The First Time The Little Dumpling Did Not Glue Herself To Her Big Sister
Chapter 429 - This Isn’T The Way To The Airport. Where Are You Taking Me?
Chapter 430 - This Place Is Very Suitable To Murder Someone Without Leaving A Single Piece Of Evidence
Chapter 431 - : Luo Chenxin Was Actually Crazy To That Extent
Chapter 432 - Hubby, It’S Me… I’M Here To Comfort You
Chapter 433 - : Tang Tang Doesn’T Want Bad Auntie, I Want Big Sister!
Chapter 434 - Daddy Is So Stupid!!
Chapter 435 - Haven’T We Already Lost Him? Unless…
Chapter 436 - With These Two Broken Legs Of Yours, You Can Forget About Jumping Around
Chapter 437 - Young Master Mu’S Wife Is A Famous Tigress In T City
Chapter 438 - So, You’Re Young Master Mu’S Wife, The Tigress?
Chapter 439 - Find That Little B*Tch And Kill Her!
Chapter 440 - Is It Possible That… He Needs Some Medicine To Boost Him Up Before He Can Do It?
Chapter 441 - Work? That’S What People From The Lower Class Do
Chapter 442 - A Classic Case Of Being A Scumbag!
Chapter 443 - How Could His Feelings For Her Have Changed Completely After One Night?
Chapter 444 - Luo Chenxin Isn’T The Only Daughter In The Luo Family, There’S Two!
Chapter 445 - When She Was Young, She Must Have Been Like The Little Dumpling, A Super-Invincible Little Cutie
Chapter 446 - A Shocking Assumption Emerged In His Mind..
Chapter 447 - That Was Probably… A Farewell…
Chapter 448 - After All, The Dead Would Never Speak!
Chapter 449 - The Pain In His Heart Was So Intense That Such Little Physical Pain Became Insignificant
Chapter 450 - Where Are You, My Chenxi?
Chapter 451 - If You Can’T Do It, So Be It!
Chapter 452 - He Hasn’T Even Noticed That You’Re Gone
Chapter 453 - Tang Tang, Do You Miss Big Sister? Also, You Annoying Tsundere…
Chapter 454 - He Insisted On Bringing Me Back, So What Can I Do About It?
Chapter 455 - Is Young Madam Planning To Divorce The Chairman?
Chapter 456 - Why Did She Suddenly Turn Timid When It Came To Him?
Chapter 457 - The First Time He Gets Exposed, It’S With The Imposter, Luo Chenxin!
Chapter 458 - Our Initial Speculation Was Incorrect
Chapter 459 - Does This Little Woman Only Take Photos Of Her Daughter Everyday?!
Chapter 460 - Not Only Is She Stupid, She’S Also Very Selfish!
Chapter 461 - Tang Yunfei Is A Pretty Nice Girl, I Rather Admire Her
Chapter 462 - He Knew That He Stood No Chance At That Very Moment
Chapter 463 - Luo Chenxin Might Have Slept With Her Man, And Hugged Her Little Dumpling
Chapter 464 - Tang Tang Is A Kind Little Princess, So She Won’T Blame You
Chapter 465 - I Wonder If Young Master Mu’S Proposal Still Stands?
Chapter 466 - I’M Definitely Not Going To Let You Off This Time!
467 I Have A Bottom Line In Chapter 471. How Can I Beat You?
468 I'M Calling His Private Number!
469 Her Little Qianqian ... What On Earth Was She Doing?
470 I Know You'Re Doing This For My Grandfather
471 A Gust Of Cold Wind Blew Over, Making Him Shiver From The Cold
472 What'S Face For The Sake Of A Plastic Girlfriend?
473 Even If You Beat Luo Chenxin To Death, She Won'T Be Able To Recognize Me!
474 The Pair Of Them Were Simply Too Outstanding
475 Luo Chenxin, The Black Lotus, Is Actually Here!
476 He'S Really A Top-Grade Handsome Man ...
477 This Was The Man She Liked ...
478 What Kind Of Woman Could Capture The Heart Of A National Husband?
479 I Believe That My Husband Has Moral Integrity And Good Taste!
480 Don'T Tell Me This Is A Love Token From Young Master Mu?
481 Spend Money Well And Be A Competent Young Mistress Mu
482 Excessive Yearning, Lovesickness Turning Into Illness
483 This ... This Brooch ...
484 She'S ... She'S Fine, And She'S Even At The Auction!
485 Hurry Up And Get Back, Don'T Embarrass Yourself Here!
486 How Smug And Arrogant She Was Just Now Was How Embarrassing She Was Now
487 Stupid Woman, I Dare You To Sneak Away Again!
488 Take This Damn Woman Home And Punish Her Severely!
489 Did He ... Discover Some Incredible Secret?
490 A Grand Show That Combines The Grudges Of The Rich And The Forbidden Love
491 Running Away From Home, Abandoning Her Husband And Daughter, Sinful ...
492 Could It Be ... Domestic Violence?
493 You'Re Addicted To Running Away From Home?
494 I'M Angry, Of Course I'M Angry, I'M About To Die From Anger!
495 What If It'S Flat?
496 Your Big Sister Will Be Back In Seven Days
497 There Were So Many Women In The World, Why Would He Want To Sleep With Such A Tigress?
498 What'S Going On Between You And Fang Ziqian?
499 That Woman Is Hiding Under The Bed Or In The Closet
500 Fang Ziqian Is A Good Girl
501 In These Seven Days ... She Really Didn'T Take A Single Step Out Of This Big Bed!
502 His Wife Was Comparing ... Who Was More Handsome?
503 Big Sister Is Bad, I Don'T Like You Anymore!
504 It Seems That The Punishment Of Seven Days And Seven Nights Is Too Light?
505 The Most Handsome Big Brother, A Hundred Times More Handsome Than Daddy!
506 Am I Not As Good As That Little B * Tch, Luo Chenxi?
507 Why Does Everyone Only Have That B * Tch In Their Eyes!
508 Luo Chenxin, You'Re Not As Charming As Your Sister!
509 Where Are My Mother And Sister-In-Law?
510 The Biggest Advantage Of Living Outside Is That You Don'T Have To Eat The Dog Food Of Your Brother And Sister-In-Law
511 Fortunately, There'S Still Mu Weiwei Now ...
512 This Time, He Won'T Be Able To Clear His Name Even If He Jumped Into The Yellow River!
513 Damn It, Big Sister Su, The Stinky Auntie Kissed Daddi And Hit Her!
514 All The Best, Tangtang, Beat This Man Who Doesn'T Follow The Husband'S Path To Death!
515 Chen Xiluo Was The Third Party He Kept Outside!
516 Oh My God, I Actually Saw Chen Xiluo In My Brother'S House!
517 She Definitely Had To Put On The Airs Of Mrs. Mu And Teach Them A Lesson!
518 My Heart Really Aches For Young Master Mu To Marry Such A Wife
519 Have You Forgotten The Lesson That You'Ve Learned For Seven Days And Seven Nights?
520 Witness A Scene Of Catching A Mistress And Beating Her Up
521 Prince ... Prince Charming? You ... You Saw Everything Just Now?
522 Brother Hilo, Do You Think I'M Being Too Casual?
523 How Could You Bully Such A Cute Girl!
524 Like A Rat Crossing The Street
525 Brother Hilow, Can You Accompany Me To The Ball?
526 Don'T Worry, I'M Here
527 Go Outside And Get A Durian First, Then Kneel Down And Explain Slowly!
528 This Woman ... Is She Complaining That I Didn'T Work Hard Enough Last Night?
529 Was His Wife ... Planning To Hit On His Sister In His Sports Car?
530 Sister-In-Law'S Driving Skills Are So Good, So Cool!
531 It'S As If A Piece Of The Starry Sky Has Been Cut
532 Waiting To See A Joke
533 She Has The Capital To Be Arrogant!
534 Today, She Finally Didn'T Have To Suffer This Anger Anymore!
535 The Moment Chen Xiluo Appeared, Those Adoring Gazes Instantly Disappeared
536 Don'T Lie To Me, How Could This Be Mu Weiwei?
537 Lu Zheqing ... He'S Just A Pestering Suitor
538 Delusional Disorder Is Also An Illness, It Needs To Be Treated!
539 No Wonder Lu Zheqing Had To Cling Onto Mu Weiwei'S Thigh
540 A Pheasant Will Always Be A Pheasant, And Will Never Become A Phoenix!
541 Could It Really Be True Love?
542 Kesu, Daddi Isn'T Home Today Either ...
543 It Seems Like It'S Time To Buy A Few More Durians Home ...
544 Anything Can Happen If You'Re Not Careful ...
545 It'S 10 O 'Clock, Very Good, This Woman Really Turned A Deaf Ear To My Words!
546 Tsk, He'S Just A Pretty Boy
547 That Damned Woman, How Could She Be So Bold?
548 You Deserve To Be Unlucky After Doing So Many Bad Things
549 Why Did Mu Yichen Appear Here?
550 They'Ve Been Secretly Dating For More Than A Year Without You Knowing
551 Young Master Mu, You'Re Wrong. The One Who Seduced Your Sister Is Chen Xiluo
552 Looking For A Husband, You Have To Find One Like This!
553 I Only Have You In My Eyes
554 Stupid Woman, Even Our Tang Tang Doesn'T Wet The Bed Anymore, How Can You Be So Shameless?
555 Mu Yichen Seized The Opportunity To Teach Her A Lesson ...
556 Daddi Isn'T At Home Today, So Big Sister Can Sleep With Tang Tang!
557 Of Course, She Was Even More Miserable ...
558 Her Brother ... Must Have Taken The Wrong Medicine Today?
559 She Even Dared To Exchange Wechat Messages With Another Man In Front Of Him?
560 This Man Changed His Personality In A Minute?
561 How Many Hundreds Of Family Rules Does The Mu Family Have?
562 For Some Reason, She Felt The Heartache Of An Old Mother
563 However, What Awaited Her Was The Grievous News Of Lu Wenjun'S Critical Condition?
564 She Suddenly Felt That There Was Something Fishy About This
565 The Phone Rang More Than Ten Times, But No One Picked Up
566 If You Neglect The Young Madam, All Of You Can Forget About Working Here!
567 Oh My God, Why Is This Coffee So Bad?
568 Are You Feeling Uncomfortable Now That You Haven'T Resolved It?
569 An Imposter Had The Nerve To Ask If He Was Satisfied?
570 Without Young Madam Around, They Really Couldn'T Live Anymore!
571 The Car Is Too Slow, Get The Helicopter Ready!
572 Why Hasn'T That Woman Appeared Yet?
573 He'S Definitely Gone To The Nightclub To Find A Woman To Vent His Anger
574 She Won'T Be Able To Last 48 Hours In Her Current Condition
575 Hurry Up!
576 Damn It, I Was Almost Fooled By Him Again!
577 I'Ll Throw You Out Of The Helicopter If You Dare To Talk Nonsense Again!
578 Take Off Your Pants And Lie Down
579 Brother, You ... Could It Be That You'Ve Really Fallen For Men?
580 He Couldn'T Let His Big Brother Commit Such A Beastly Crime
581 How Could You Be My Sister-In-Law?
582 Even If A Knife Fell From The Sky, It Wouldn'T Be Able To Stop Him From Hugging His Woman!
583 Ah Ah Ah Ah, Men Are All Big Pig Trotters!
584 You'Re Not 'Other'S Girl, You'Re My Girl
585 So It Was Mrs. Mu!
586 Where Is Lu Wenjun Now?
587 Mother-In-Law Might Be Fine
588 This Brat Dared To Trick Me, I'Ll Beat Him To Death!
589 Eh, I Kissed The Wrong Person?
590 This Daughter Is My Biological Daughter, My Biological Daughter!
591 It'S More Efficient To Work Hungry!
592 Even Their Little Princess Despised Him ...
593 His Sister-In-Law'S Cooking Skills Are Absolutely First-Class!
594 I Think I'Ve Seen This Pinky Ring Somewhere Before!
595 Did You Forget That Four Years Ago ...
596 The Daughter Of An Indecent Woman Is Equally Indecent
597 It Was Clearly Luo Chenxi Who Hit Her First
598 Wouldn'T The Two Of Them Be In A Mess At Home?
599 Stupid Woman, Don'T You Have Any Sense Of Family?
600 This Dumpling ... Is It Filled With Sesame Rice?
601 The Tsundere Was Obviously Angry Again ...
602 How Could She Miss This Opportunity To Hit Him When He Was Down?
603 It'S Time To Start The Second Spring Of Life
604 She Had A Family Now, And There Were People Waiting At Home!
605 My Husband Is Here To Pick Me Up
606 Only His Face Can Deceive People, How Can He Get Married?
607 Calling The Sugar Daddy Her Husband, That'S Simply Too Shameless!
608 Stupid Woman, You'Ve Finally Recognized Your Position In The Family!
609 The Air Seemed To Be Filled With The Smell Of Dog Food
610 I Knew This Man Didn'T Have Good Intentions When He Suddenly Suggested Staying In A Hotel!
611 He'S Obviously Not Single, But He'S Still Being Fed Dog Food
612 Where Did She Get So Much Money To Live In Such A Place?
613 The School Belle And Straight-A Student Back Then Had Actually Fallen To The Point Of Being A Kept Woman By An Old Man!
614 The Tsundere Wouldn'T Be Angry ... Right?
615 Why Don'T I Understand What You'Re Saying?
616 Her Name Is Luo Chenxi. Do The Two Of You Have Any Impression Of Her?
617 Eh? Xingchen, Is That You?
618 Wasn'T She A Scammer Who Used The Sl Group'S Name To Swindle People Outside?
619 Do You Even Understand Xingchen'S Design?
620 What Kind Of Incense Did Lu Yajing Burn?
621 She Called Him "Hubby" So Intimately
622 Young Master Mu Has Secretly Married And Given Birth To A Daughter. This ... This Can'T Be True, Right?
623 Please Help Me, Get Lost!
624 This Time ... She'S Really Going To Die!
625 The Man Behind Luo Chenxi ... Is The Nation'S Husband, Mu Yichen!
626 One Look And You Can Tell That They Are Biological Mother And Daughter!
627 Now! Tell Me, How Do You Want To Die Later?
628 The Little Dumpling'S Personality Of Not Being Taken Advantage Of Was Exactly The Same As When She Was Young!
629 The Safe Is Open!
630 It'S Not Like I Haven'T Sold It Before?
631 She Didn'T Even Know Who The Father Of The Child Was
632 How Furious Would Mu Yichen Be When He Found Out The Truth? He Might Even Break Up With Her
633 It Seemed That Her Man'S Identity Was Not Ordinary ...
634 Now That I Know You Two Are In Love, Will You Let Go Of The Poor Single Dog?
635 B City Doesn'T Have A Top-Class Wealthy Family Like The Mu Family
636 Play With Us For A Night, And Everything Can Be Discussed
637 Why Are You So Scared After Being Arrogant For Less Than A Second?
638 No, That'S Impossible, That Doesn'T Exist!
639 Police Uncle, It'S This Person!
640 I Think ... You'Re The Ones Who'S Miserable!
641 Today, I Was Actually Fed Dog Food By Someone Else!
642 This Second Young Master Bai Is Our Little Qianqian'S Boyfriend ...
643 Didn'T We Agree To Be Each Other'S Angels For Life?
644 Second Young Master Bai'S Way Of Teaching A Lesson Is Really Different
645 Did Your Wife'S Slave Provoke You Or Eat Your Rice?
646 Luo Chenxin Really Thinks She'S The Young Mistress Of The Mu Family!
647 The Title Of Mrs. Mu ... Even If It Was Fake, She Was Not Worthy!
648 Then Can I Also Say That I'M Teaching You A Lesson By Hitting You?
649 I Think ... The One Who Doesn'T Know What'S Good For You Is You!
650 Luo Chenxin, You'Re The One Who Should Get Out Of Here
651 Mu Yichen'S Intention ... Was To Divorce Her!
652 Luo Chenxin Was Kicked Out Of The House
653 Luo Chenxin, You'Ve Had Such A Day Too!
654 Mrs. Mu, Did You Forget Something?
655 How'S Luo Chenxi Doing Now? Have You Gotten Rid Of Her?
656 Husband And Wife, Husband And Wife, Are People Who Are Going To Spend The Rest Of Their Lives Together
657 Young Master Mu'S Family Of Three Actually Appeared Together!
658 Doesn'T Your Conscience Hurt?
659 Sheng Yu, I Hope You Won'T Harass My Wife For Any Reason
660 Mr. Ceo, Who Had Always Doted On His Wife Like His Life, Actually Quarreled With Young Madam!
661 I'M Bad, I Don'T Want Daddi!
662 It'S Only Right And Proper To Hold Your Own Woman!
663 Why Are You Making My Daughter-In-Law Angry Again?
664 She Would Never Allow Anyone To Slander Her Man!
665 You Will Break Up Sooner Or Later!
666 So ... I'M Your Type?
667 Learning To Compromise For Her Bit By Bit
668 The Plan Has Failed, Luo Chenxi Is Not Dead
669 Chapter 673-Each With Their Own Plans
670 You Despicable And Shameless Person, Are You Blackmailing Me?
671 Mu Yichen, He ... He Seems To Have Someone Else On The Outside!
672 He Was Just Mesmerized By The Vixen Outside ...
673 第677章 大大大......大哥!希......希洛哥!你们......你们......
674 The Person Her Big Brother Had An Affair With Was Actually The Male God She Had A Crush On For A Long Time
675 You'Re An Adulterous Couple Who Had An Affair
676 Being Together With Chen Xiluo, What A Big Scandal This Would Be!
677 Sister-In-Law, Just You Wait!
678 I'M About To Cry From This Sister'S Stupidity!
679 Chen Xiluo Was Too Handsome Back Then, And The Atmosphere That Night Was So Good
680 The Family Rules Are Like Hell!
681 I Don'T Know Why, But I Suddenly Feel That The Weather Is Very Cold
682 Isn'T Mu Yichen Just Relying On His Wealth?
683 Could The Two Men Be In That Kind Of Relationship?
684 Is It Really Good For You To Go With The Flow Like This?
685 I Don'T Believe You!
686 He Had Seen Too Many Women Throwing Themselves Into His Arms
687 Is There Something Wrong With This Little Girl'S Brain?
688 In Front Of So Many People, He Couldn'T Wait To Hit A Home Run, Even Taking Off His Shirt!
689 The Young Master Is Actually Bringing A Woman To A Hotel!
690 Did She Really Sleep With That Man?
691 Let Big Brother And The Others See That She'S No Longer A Child!
692 Xingchen Is The First Prize Winner Of The Chinese Style Competition
693 Are The Clothes Designed By That Little B * Tch So Good?
694 It Seems That The Name Of Xingchen Is More Useful Than I Thought
695 What'S Going On? Where Is Young Master Mu?
696 Young Master Mu Doesn'T Get Close To Women, There Have Been Rumors That He'S Gay
697 Mu Yichen Is Xingchen'S Husband!
698 Was He Afraid That Others Wouldn'T Know About His Sexual Orientation?
699 A Dazzling New Star In The Chinese Fashion Industry
700 How Could There Be Overnight Hatred Between Husband And Wife?
701 People Who Didn'T Know Better Would Think That He Was Your Wife!
702 She Still Dared To "Discipline" Her Little Qianqian!
703 Do You Know About Contact Lenses?
704 He Deserved To Die From Anger!
705 If You Want To Find Another Boyfriend, Maybe In Your Next Life!
706 With The Dress She Was Wearing, She Easily Became The Center Of Attention
707 I Still Have Someone I Really Want To Thank ...
708 After Today, The Name "Xingchen" Will Definitely Become A Household Name
709 Luo Chenxin Is Doing Good Deeds Like Lei Feng!
710 Did Bai Shixun Take The Wrong Medicine Today?
711 Fang Ziqian, Don'T Tell Me You Can'T Tell That I'M Chasing You!
712 This Woman Actually Dared To ... Disagree?
713 The Person Who Called Him Hubby Was Actually ... Young Master Mu!
714 A Mental Patient Has A Wide Range Of Thoughts
715 Look At Your Daughter-In-Law, This Is How She Treats Her Husband!
716 Found The Ring'S Owner?
717 Tang Tang Really Missed The Strawberry Cake ... She Made
718 Second Young Master Bai Said That You Are His Girlfriend!
719 It'S Indeed A Call From The Charity Association, But ...
720 They Grew Up Together And Were Closer Than Real Sisters
721 You Could Have Relied On Your Looks To Make A Living, But You Had To Rely On Your Strength!
722 Using The Name Of Xingchen To Swindle Others
723 No Wonder You Wanted Him To Kneel On Durians That Day
724 I Just Want Her To Be Famous!
725 I Don'T Want To Get Married Or Fall In Love In This Life!
726 What Is He Hesitating About?
727 It Doesn'T Stop Me From Educating My Son In The Middle Of The Night!
728 Kicked Out Of The Car By His Own Brother
729 Big Sister, What Bitch?
730 Your Personal Matters Have Nothing To Do With The Company, But They Have To Do With Me!
731 These ... Originally Belonged To You!
732 The Money She Earned Today Was Well-Deserved!
733 They'Re All Street-Side Designs, And The Quality Doesn'T Look Too Good ...
734 Chapter 738-Almost Embarrassed
735 I Didn'T Expect Sheng Yu To Really Agree!
736 Today'S New Series Is Simply A Pile Of Trash!
737 This Is Definitely A Misunderstanding, I Can Swear To God
738 You'Re Not Xingchen Himself, You'Re A Fake!
739 I'M The Young Mistress Of The Mu Family!
740 My Husband Is The Current President Of The Mu Group-Qianqian, Mu Yichen!
741 The Nation'S Husband, Mu Yichen, Is Already Married?
742 The Power Behind The Mu Family Is Unimaginably Powerful
743 You Are The Real Mrs. Mu!
744 Mom Will Come Over Immediately To Support You!
745 Smacking The Faces Of All The Bootlickers Present!
746 Aren'T They Too Loving?
747 She Must Show Off Her Love For Mu Yichen
748 When Did I Become Your Husband?
749 Fake, It'S All Fake!
750 She Had Always Been Single
751 No One Sympathized With Her
752 What Would Others Think Of Us?
753 Disobedient Women Must Be Punished!
754 Mrs. Mu, Don'T You Remember If We'Ve Registered Our Marriage?
755 Give Tang Tang A Younger Brother Or Sister
756 It Should Be The Right Time To Propose To This Little Woman
757 Our Chenxin Is The Mother Of The Mu Family'S Little Princess
758 Has Luo Chenxi Returned?
759 Little Qianqian, Are You Confessing?
760 #Officially Certified As The Nation'S Husband'S Unmarried #
761 Why Don'T You Take A Piss And Look At Yourself!
762 The Scene Of Young Master Mu Coming Out Of The Closet
763 The Perfect Proposal Scene
764 His Last Name Isn'T Mu!
765 There'S No Brother Shaoxuan, But There Are Many Other Little Brothers
766 He Was My Idol In College
767 She Was So Dazzling, But She Could Not Belong To Him ...
768 The Little Dumpling Has Grown Up And Is Starting To Have Little Secrets?
769 A Man Who Can Make You Cry
770 How Could Mu Yichen'S Proposal Be Rejected By Others?
771 It'S Impossible To Break The Record In The Park
772 Wait For Me To Win That Super Big Bear For Tang Tang
773 Papa, Why Aren'T You Cheering For Us?
774 It'S ... It'S That Pretty Little Sister And Her Mother!
775 My Dear, Am I Amazing?
776 When The Proposal Is Successful, I'Ll Catch Her And Teach Her The Family Rules!
777 I Hope I Can Be With You Forever
778 Kidnapping The Little White Rabbit Into The Wolf'S Den
779 I ... I Don'T Want To ...
780 The Ring Is Already On, I Can'T Take It Off!
781 He Sold His Own Father ... Just Like That ...
782 Aojiao Mu Is Really Angry ...
783 Bai Shixun, Take Your People Away!
784 I Have To Get Married Even If I Don'T Want To!
785 I Wish Tang Tang Was My Daughter!
786 Do You Think I'Ll Believe This Kind Of Nonsense?
787 Don'T, My Baby!
788 Learn From Your Brother And Find Me A Wife
789 Talking About Money Hurts Feelings?
790 You Still Have The Nerve To Talk About Yesterday'S Incident!
791 Big Brother, Are You And Sister-In-Law A Little ... Not Getting Along In That Aspect?
792 He'S Treating His Fiancée Like This Right After Getting Engaged, Does He Not Want To Work Anymore?
793 If I Don'T Like It, I Don'T Like It
794 Mu Yichen'S Proposal Had Actually Failed!
795 Let'S Get Married First And Decide On The Status
796 Mu Yichen Did Not Even Allow Her To Enter His Study Anymore!
797 Does Tang Tang Look Pretty In This Dress?
798 Are You Pregnant?
799 That Incident Happened Four Years Ago
800 The Legendary Mrs. Bo
801 She And Young Master Bo Should Be Connected By Marriage
802 If Her Child Was Fine, He Should Be The Same Age As The Little Dumpling Now, Right?
803 You'Re Lucky To Have A Daughter Like Tang Tang!
804 Beating Is A Sign Of Affection, Scolding Is A Sign Of Love, Beating And Scolding Is ...
805 A Little Girl Who Had Just Come Of Age Already Understood Feelings So Well?
806 Are You Not Even Going Home?
807 Don'T Call Me Young Madam, I'M Not Worthy Of That Title
808 She Was Obviously Soft-Hearted And Regretted Not Agreeing To The Young Master'S Proposal!
809 The President Already Has A New Girlfriend
810 What If Young Madam Really Believed These Lies And Broke Up With Eldest Young Master?
811 Who Gave You The Guts To Talk To Young Madam Like That?
812 The People From The Presidential Palace
813 Do You Think You'Re Mrs Mu?
814 How Much Does Young Master Mu Know About My Mother?
815 Did You Come To T City To Look For Your Sister?
816 Let My Sister Marry You When She Grows Up ...
817 I Have To Spend My Time With My Daughter Outside Of Work
818 I Almost Knelt Down To This Couple On The Spot!
819 Why Did He Have To Follow Her Around And Pour Vinegar Into Her Mouth Every Time?
820 The Nation'S Husband In Reality
821 You'Re ... Thinking Of Moving Out?
822 Big Sister, Are You ... Are You Running Away From Home Again?
823 I Won'T Listen, I Won'T Listen, I Won'T Believe It!
824 Could She Have Been Tricked By Madam Tan?
825 She'S Not My Fiancée, Not My Wife, Not Who Am I To!
826 Let'S Break Up!
827 Did You Fall Out Of Love And Get Dumped By Luo Chenxi?
828 Quarreling At The Head Of The Bed And At The End Of The Bed With ... The Rest, You'Ll Experience It Yourself!
829 Yesterday, I Accompanied My Wife To The Hospital For A Follow-Up And Passed By The Gynecologist'S Department. Guess Who I Met?
830 The Person Visiting The Gynecologist Was Not Fang Ziqian, But Luo Chenxi?
831 I'Ve Spoiled Her Too Much, This Time ... I Won'T Coax Her Anymore!
832 The Little Dumpling Is The Cutest Child In The Kindergarten With The Best Family Background
833 She Was Such A Gentle And Patient Person ...
834 Chen, Why Are You Here?
835 Tang Tang Wants To Go Home With Big Brother!
836 The Little Dumpling Pounced Into Chen Xiluo'S Arms Without Even Thinking
837 She Actually Dared To Come To Yinyan Kindergarten To Abduct A Child!
838 Go To Hell, Human Trafficker!
839 Young Master Mu Is Mu Tianxin'S Only Legal Guardian
840 He Actually "Fainted" Just Like That ...
841 Chen Xiluo, You Dare To Snatch My Man, Just You Wait!
842 The Nation'S Husband Suspected Of Marrying The Top Socialite
843 Auntie, I'M Tang Tang, Is My Daddi At Home?
844 It Must Be Because This Fool Was Cursing Him Behind His Back
845 Brother, You'Re Really A Pervert!
846 Did She Not Care About Her Husband At All?
847 Daddi, It Seems Like Big Sister Misses You Too ...
848 Stinky Daddi, I Won'T Call You Again!
849 Young Madam Had Also Made An Appointment, And She Had Made An Appointment With The Chief Specialist Of The Gynecology And Obstetrics Department!
850 How Could There Be Such A Stupid Woman In This World?
851 If You Continue To Act Like This, The Wife You'Re About To Talk About Will Fly Away!
852 I'Ve Only Moved Out For A Few Days And You'Re Already Finding Me A Wild Man?
853 I Have Already Decided To Break Up With You
854 The Little Dumpling Is A Little Big, But She'S Actually So Tsundere!
855 You Want To Break Up With Me?
856 Nowadays, Are All Hooligans So Demanding On Their Looks?
857 My Dear Wife
858 Is This Stinky Hooligan Really ... Your Husband?
859 Even Your Daughter Is This Old?
860 Luo Chenxi, I Dare You To Say That Again!
861 A Family Of Three Should Look Like One
862 I Have Already Given You A Chance!
863 He Knew, He Knew, He Knew ...
864 Do I Look Like A Man Who Would Force His Wife To Die Just To Have A Child?
865 She Was Destined To Lose Everything She Had
866 What Else Can I Do? I Can Only Forgive Her
867 Other Than Breaking Up, I Can Accept Everything
868 Every Time She Sees You, Her Eyes Will Light Up
869 Do You Think It'S Easy For Your Mother To Give Birth To Such A Beautiful Face?
870 She Was Already Regretting It!
871 A Small Dumpling Was Lying On The Big White Bed
872 You Want To Forget About It With Just An Apology?
873 If You Have Anything To Say, Talk To Our Lawyer!
874 Mu Yichen ... Did He Really Not Have Any More Feelings For Her?
875 Don'T Be Afraid, I'Ll Be Right There!
876 He Was The Man She Loved, The Little Dumpling'S Father
877 You'Re Not Allowed To Bite Your Lips, Or Else ...
878 Tang Tang, Don'T Cry. You Not Only Have Big Sister, You Also Have Daddy!
879 This Is The Hospital, What Do You Think I'M Going To Do To You?
880 It'S Not That I Don'T Want To Sleep, I Just Can'T
881 Luo Chenxi, You'Ll Be Going Back With Me After I Wake Up, Right?
882 How Did She Suddenly End Up On The Bed?
883 Big Sister Can'T Marry Someone Else!
884 Big Sister Can Only Sleep With Tang Tang!
885 I'M Going To Be Separated From The Little Dumpling?
886 The Father And Daughter Secretly Exchanged A Look
887 It'S All For Tangtang
888 You'Re The One Who Invited Me To Stay At Your House
889 Chapter 893-Kissing Randomly!
890 I Came Here To Apologize To Tang Tang And Sister-In-Law
891 The Woman He Loved Was Married, But The Groom Wasn'T Him
892 She Didn'T Even Have The Right To Fight For Custody Against The Mu Family
893 The Little Dumpling Is Homesick ...
894 Directly Tie Him To The Bed And Teach Him A Lesson Until He Is Obedient
895 Don'T Let Me Hear Those Two Words From Your Mouth Again
896 Beast, He Really Is A Beast!
897 Mu Yichen, This Is Kidnapping, Imprisonment, And ...
898 I Have To Wear Clothes To Sleep With My Wife?
899 This Was The Ideal Married Life He Wanted
900 The Civil Affairs Bureau Is Going To Close Down If We Delay Any Longer
901 Hurry Up And Get Your Marriage Certificate, Make Cohabitation Legal
902 Don'T Even Think About Shaking Me Off In This Lifetime!
903 The Woman In His Arms Was His Woman
904 Did Mrs. Mu Save The Entire Universe In Her Past Life?
905 A Certain Someone Had Planned This For A Long Time
906 Mrs. Mu Is Fresh Out Of The Oven
907 She Must Be Jealous That He Had Such A Good Wife
908 What Did He Mean By Afraid Of Disturbing Their Wedding ...
909 Today Is Our Real Wedding Night!
910 It'S So Dirty, Married Women Are Just Different!
911 Even Tangtang Is More Obedient Than You
912 Mu Yichen, I'M Actually With Another Man ...
913 No, You Don'T Understand!
914 The Strongest Male Third Party In History, Chen Xiluo
915 Young Master Mu Was Actually Gay And Had Hidden It For So Many Years
916 The Netizens This Time Are Really Good
917 If You Can'T Even Handle Such A Small Matter, What'S The Use Of Having You?
918 So, I Can Get Two Billion Yuan If I Divorce You ...
919 If You Want To Slap Luo Chenxin'S Face, You Have To Change Your Clothes ...
920 How Could Young Master Mu Remember His Daughter Now?
921 Do You Need Me To Tell The Reporters What You'Ve Done?
922 At A Time Like This, You Still Only Have That Man In Your Heart!
923 Did Water Get Into Your Brain?
924 The Ceo, He ... He Actually Brought Young Master Chen Along!
925 This ... This Is Too Arrogant!
926 Who Are You?
927 Luo Chenxi Has Removed All The Makeup On Her Face
928 Luo Chenxin, How Is It? Are You Surprised To See Me?
929 Oh My God, Is There ... A Ghost?
930 Even Seducing Brother-In-Law
931 He Obviously Doted On Her To The Heavens
932 Mu Yichen Was The Person In The World Who Would Never Let Her Suffer
933 How Could He Not Even Recognize His Own Fiancée?
934 A Man As Cold As Young Master Mu Could Actually Reveal Such An Affectionate Gaze!
935 Then Let'S Call It A Day!
936 She Was Destined To Never Receive The Legendary Fatherly Love In Her Life ...
937 Since Someone Was In A Hurry To Court Death, She Would Definitely Not Stop Them
938 This Face ... Is Too Familiar!
939 Black Lotus, Go To Hell!
940 Did She Think That They Would Not Die Fast Enough?
941 Flattering Luo Chenxi Like Crazy
942 Hubby, I Am Tired
943 Tang Tang Will Have A Mother
944 The Arrival Of The Little Princess
945 Of Course, It'S Because Her Mother Is There!
946 Isn'T This Family A Little Too Loving?
947 Chenxi Is Not Only The Woman I Love The Most, But Also The One My Little Princess Loves The Most
948 Announcing A Piece Of Good News
949 We'Re Already A Real Married Couple!
950 It Was The Mu Family Who Begged Luo Chenxi To Marry Into The Mu Family!
951 Your Sister-In-Law Is A Woman Who Likes Men
952 Tonight Was His Wedding Night With His Little Woman ...
953 "Mu Yichen, Where'S Your Face? Did You Run Away From Home?"
954 Don'T You Understand That You Have To Sleep Together As A Wife?
955 Thank You, Tang Tang
956 Capitalists Are So Brutal ...
957 Mrs. Mu, Please Take Good Care Of Me From Now On
958 Sister-In-Law V587!
959 Close The Door, Let ... Hubby Go!
960 Don'T You Smell ... A Strong Sour Smell?
961 The Legendary 'Marriage Partner'
962 A Man As Cold And Indifferent As Mu Yichen Could Actually Turn Into A Casanova
963 The President'S Heir
964 Unable To Hide The Surprise In Her Eyes
965 This Is Simply The Most Cliché And Melodramatic Way Of Hitting On People!
966 Isn'T Mu Yichen, This Big Pig Trotter, Too Good At Attracting Bees And Butterflies?
967 You'Re Jealous When You See The Good Stuff From Other People'S Houses?
968 Invisible Dog Abuse Is The Most Fatal!
969 This Uncle Is A Little Like Big Sister, I Like Him!
970 The Rumors On The Internet Were Actually True!
971 The Man From That Day Suddenly Appeared In Her House!
972 She Didn'T Return For The Entire Night, And ... And Even Went To A Hotel To Book A Room With A Man ...
973 Fu Linchen Is Just A Wolf Pretending To Be Gentle!
974 Sister-In-Law, You Have To Be Careful Of That Fu Jiatong!
975 I Only Want You, Sister-In-Law
976 Drawing Circles In Her Heart And Cursing Fu Linchen
977 He Only Has Eyes For Luo Chenxi
978 Talking About His Wife All The Time
979 I Can'T Be Looked Down Upon By This Black-Bellied Old Fox!
980 It'S Just A Big Moving Pig Trotter!
981 He Couldn'T Remember How Long It Had Been Since He Had Felt So Relaxed
982 Who ... Is Brother Hilo?
983 This Is Sexual Harassment, It'S Illegal!
984 Sister-In-Law Is Really Amazing!
985 This Little Kitten Still Has Claws
986 I'M Going To Spend The Whole Day Educating This Stupid Woman
987 Are You Really Going To Meet Another Woman?
988 I Hate It When Women Other Than My Wife Touch Me!
989 Young Master Mu Is Really In Love With Luo Chenxi!
990 Bai Xinxin'S Whereabouts
991 It'S All Because Of That B * Tch, Luo Chenxin!
992 Luo Chenxin, Don'T You Like Men?
993 She Was In His Arms, Being Pampered Like A Little Princess
994 Not Even As Good As A Three-Year-Old!
995 The Director'S Position Was Already Decided Internally
996 Do You Really Think That Miss Fu Is Your Competitor?
997 You'Re ... Young Mistress Mu?
998 What The Hell Are These Reporters Doing?
999 A Sharp Contrast With Fu Jiatong
1000 A Difference In Breadth Of Mind And Vision
1001 She'S The Star Who Won The First Prize In The Chinese Style Competition!
1002 You Won'T Be Able To Smile Later!
1003 Have Confidence In Luo Chenxi
1004 No One Would Be More Suitable Than Me
1005 It'S A Matter Of Work Attitude!
1006 Why Is The Pace Of This Interview A Little Off?
1007 Mu Yichen Must Be Feeling Depressed, Right?
1008 There'S Always Someone Better!
1009 The Second Round Of Interviews
1010 Miss Fu, Are You Going To Give Up?
1011 This Method Of Yours Is Too Low-Level!
1012 His Nose Was Crooked From Anger!
1013 Isn'T Luo Chenxi'S Speed A Little Too Fast?
1014 The First Place Is Definitely Hers!
1015 No Matter What, It'S Not Wrong To Act Cute First!
1016 Husband Or Whatever ... Doesn'T Exist
1017 Stupid Woman, Just You Wait!
1018 Everyone In China Knows That My Husband Is Mu Yichen
1019 Mocking Her For Being A Single Dog!
1020 He Missed His New Wife So Much That He Couldn'T Help But Call Her During Work Hours?
1021 They Were All Convinced Of Her Skill
1022 It'S Not Afraid Of Not Knowing What'S Good, It'S Only Afraid Of Comparing The Goods!
1023 The Candidate For The Design Director Has Been Confirmed
1024 Miss Luo, I'D Like To Congratulate You On Behalf Of The Entire Crew
1025 This Is The Crew'S Interview, Not A Market!
1026 You Still Have A Long Way To Go!
1027 Could This Be The So-Called Difference In Heritage And Upbringing?
1028 I'M Really Afraid That Fu Jiatong Will Fight With Luo Chenxi On The Spot
1029 Chapter 1033-Awkward To The Extreme
1030 She Had Never Been So Embarrassed In Her Entire Life!
1031 It Was Not By Chance That Luo Chenxi Obtained Everything She Had Today!
1032 The Fashion Design Director Is Actually More Popular Than The Male And Female Leads
1033 Chapter 1037-Young Master Mu Is Here
1034 Sheng Yu'S Sneaky Hand Had Touched The Waist Of A Stupid Woman!
1035 Is It Related To Mrs. Mu?
1036 Could It Be ... That The Heavens Wanted Her To Die?
1037 A Single Dog Should Be Abused Quietly
1038 She Had Fallen In Love With This Little Angel At That Time!
1039 Her Little Qianqian Wouldn'T Be Eaten By Second Young Master Bai, Right?
1040 Luo Chenxi ... On What Basis Is She So Lucky?
1041 What Does What You Said Have To Do With Me?
1042 That'S Really Wishful Thinking!
1043 I Really Didn'T Know You Liked Third Brother Xu
1044 Chapter 1048-Coming To The Guest Room To Catch Someone
1045 So Handsome That I Can'T Breathe
1046 I Don'T Want To Hear Anyone Spreading Rumors About My Wife!
1047 She Wasn'T Willing To Accept This!
1048 The Wicked Girl Luo Chenxi Will Be Driven Out Of The Mu Family Sooner Or Later
1049 The Key Is That You Can'T Let My Daughter-In-Law Suffer Any Grievances, Understand?
1050 What Childhood Sweethearts? They Don'T Exist!
1051 There'S No Good In The Fu Family!
1052 He'S A Hypocrite, He'S Just Pretending!
1053 Daddi Has To Be Busy Earning Money To Support Tang Tang And Big Sister
1054 One Hand Holding His Wife, The Other Holding His Daughter
1055 You'Re Clearly A Little Toad Who Only Wants To Eat Swan Meat!
1056 I'M Tang Tang'S Only Participating Parent
1057 This Child Really Knows How To Talk
1058 He'S So Good At Pleasing Girls At Such A Young Age
1059 Tangtang Also Likes Daddi!
1060 What Betrothal? I Don'T Know Where The Rumor Came From
1061 It Looks More Like A Love Token ...
1062 Who Was The Man In The Car?
1063 You'D Better Tell Tingyuan These Words!
1064 It Was Mrs. Mu Who Kicked Him Down!
1065 It'S Rare For My Wife To Take The Initiative
1066 How Can There Be A Mother Who Doesn'T Love Her Child?
1067 That Little Brat Is Not Allowed To Enter Our House!
1068 Some People Say That This Is A Clear Slap In The Face, What Do You Think?
1069 Who Is The Most Searched Person This Year?
1070 No Wonder People Always Say That A Good Marriage Is Better Than Doing Well!
1071 Chapter 1075-Guilty
1072 This Is A Real Critical Hit!
1073 Fu Jiatong Was So Scheming!
1074 Fu Jiatong ... How Dare She Bully You?
1075 Offending My Wife Is Equivalent To Offending The Entire Mu Family!
1076 I'Ve Been Tricked By The Big Bad Wolf Again!
1077 No One Would Offend Their Own Allies For A Woman Who Could Be Changed At Any Time!
1078 Fu Jiatong, You'Re Really Bold Now
1079 An Inexplicable Sense Of Familiarity
1080 The Good-For-Nothing Luo Chenxi Is Certainly Worthless In Young Master Mu'S Heart
1081 What Great Secret Did Luo Chenxi Have Four Years Ago That She Had Been Hiding From Young Master Mu All This While?
1082 Uncle Fu Is As Good-Looking As Big Sister!
1083 I Really Don'T Know Who She Looks So Cute From
1084 You'Re So Good-Looking, You Can Be Forgiven For Your Mistakes
1085 Like A Natural Born Daughter Of A Rich Family
1086 These Were Actually Gifts I Prepared For My Sister When I Was Young
1087 Just Like A Big Brother
1088 When Did Fu Linchen Come To His House?
1089 Uncle Fu Is So Good-Looking, He'S A Good Person!
1090 The Master Of The Mu Family
1091 You'Re Clearly So Cunning, Yet You'Re Still Pretending To Be A Good Person!
1092 I Don'T Have To See Fu Linchen Again!
1093 A Bolt Of Lightning From The Blue Sky
1094 We'Ll Leave Our Weiwei In Your Hands
1095 Even Her Sister-In-Law And The Little Dumpling Were Deceived By The Old Fox!
1096 Do You Know How Powerful Miss Mu Is Now?
1097 I'M A Young And Beautiful Girl, You'Re Taking Advantage Of Me
1098 Luo Chenxi Actually ...
1099 Expose Luo Chenxi'S True Colors!
1100 He Was Actually Kicked Off The Bed By His Wife!
1101 Chapter 1105-A Pot That Flew From The Sky Smashed Into His Head
1102 He ... What Did He Do Wrong?
1103 What, You Still Want A Sports Car?
1104 The Relationship Between The Two Brothers Is Really Good
1105 This Is Definitely Rape!
1106 Do You Know Who I Am? I Am The Daughter Of The President'S House
1107 This Must Be Luo Chenxi'S Doing!
1108 Luo Chenxi Gave Birth To A Bastard Child Four Years Ago
1109 She Has Successfully Exposed Luo Chenxi'S Dark History!
1110 A Sharp Thorn Stabbing Into Mu Yichen'S Heart
1111 The Young Master'S Head Was Glowing Green
1112 To Everyone'S Surprise, Mu Yichen Had Not Returned Home Yet!
1113 If The Child Is Born, It Should Be As Big As Tang Tang, Right?
1114 That Sharp, Bone-Piercing Pain Almost Made Him Breathless
1115 I Wonder Which Blind Man Would Abandon Such A Good Girl
1116 Chapter 1120-If You Don'T Go Back On Your Word Now, When?
1117 Even The Birthmark Can Grow In The Same Position
1118 Was The Woman Who Had Slept With Him ... Luo Chenxin Or ... Luo Chenxi?
1119 That Woman Seemed To Have Disappeared Into Thin Air
1120 Don'T You Think You Should See A Psychiatrist?
1121 Why Did She Send Luo Chenxi To Your Bed Instead Of Doing It Herself?
1122 Can'T You Wake Up?
1123 You Want To Do A Dna Test?
1124 Little Princess Tang Tang, Don'T You Want Your Face?
1125 This Stinky Man ... Was He Addicted To Bullying Her?
1126 I Have Something Very Important To Tell You!
1127 Yichen, You'Re Really A God This Time!
1128 It Was No Different From A Nightmare That Was Hard To Wake Up From!
1129 A Man Who Pampers His Wife As Much As His Life Is Really Too Unreasonable!
1130 What A Pig Teammate!
1131 Mrs. Mu And Young Master Mu Are Really In Love!
1132 With Them Around, What More Could He Ask For?
1133 It Was As If He Had Returned To That Dark, Chaotic, And Painful Night Many Years Ago
1134 Mu Yichen, Do You Know Something?
1135 She Was So Young And Reckless Back Then
1136 That Was His And That Stupid Woman'S Baby!
1137 I Really Thought I Was Going To Die ...
1138 Cut Off His Lower Part And Feed It To The Dogs!
1139 Missing Bai Shixun
1140 Something Happened To Little Qianqian Too?
1141 Chapter 1145-What Sin Have I Committed
1142 She Tricked Shixun And The Others Into Going To Country F On Purpose!
1143 Even If He'S Fine This Time, I'M Going To Cripple Him!
1144 You'Re So Strict With Me, Do You Love Me?
1145 If She Could Serve Him Well, Wouldn'T She Be Able To Fly Up To The Branches And Become A Phoenix?
1146 She Will Definitely Escape
1147 What The Hell Is The Old Man Thinking?
1148 No Matter How Much He Tried To Please Fang Ziqian, She Remained Unmoved
1149 Chapter 1153-Kill Them!
1150 Bai Shixun, You ... You'Re Injured?
1151 If I Die, Will You ... Miss Me?
1152 Bai Shixun Was So Seriously Injured, But His Mind Was Actually ...
1153 Something'S Not Right About This!
1154 I'D Rather Believe That There Are Ghosts In The World Than Believe That Man'S Mouth!
1155 Chapter 1159-Shut Up!
1156 She Was So Angry That She Lost Her Mind
1157 Four Years Isn'T A Long Time
1158 Luo Chenxin'S Request
1159 Luo Chenxin Has A Good Plan!
1160 The He Family And The Mu Family Are Not To Be Trifled With!
1161 Chapter 1165-Money Is Not A Problem
1162 Their Lives Added Together Aren'T As Important As Yours
1163 The Family Power Behind The Two Young Masters Is Not Something You Can Imagine!
1164 I'Ll Definitely Be Obedient And Won'T Cause Any Trouble, I'Ll Send Four!
1165 It Was Poverty That Limited Her Imagination
1166 His Eyes Were So Gay
1167 You ... You Can'T Really Be Luo Chenxi, Right?
1168 Did She Think That No One Else Knew About Her Dark History?
1169 Don'T Dream Of Marrying Into A Rich Family!
1170 Luo Chenxi ... What Are You Doing? We Were Old Classmates!
1171 The Fitting Room Or Something ... Sounds Exciting
1172 Your Husband Is Here, You'Re Not Allowed To Look At Other Men!
1173 As Long As You Nod Your Head, I Guarantee That You'Ll Become A First-Rate Supermodel Next Year!
1174 Now, He Even Had Ideas About Their Little Princess!
1175 This Was The Basic Operation Of Their Young Master
1176 So She Had A Husband Who Treated Her Like A Goddess And Held Her In High Regard ...
1177 Chapter 1181-Son Of An Old Friend
1178 It '@@ S ... It'S That Sl * T, Luo Chenxi, Who Harmed Me!
1179 Luo Chenxi Seduced Your Boyfriend In The Past!
1180 Before That, She Was The Goddess Of Country Y'S Royal Academy Of Fine Arts!
1181 This Might Be The Biggest Opportunity In Her Life
1182 Mrs. Mu ... Somehow, This Title Sounded A Little Familiar
1183 There'S Actually Such A Handsome Man
1184 Young Master Mu ... Actually Noticed Her!
1185 The Stupid Woman Didn'T Come Back For Such A Long Time
1186 A Stunning Beauty
1187 Everyone Was Looking At Her With A Strange Gaze
1188 A Woman'S Jealousy Is Really Scary!
1189 Don'T You Know That This Is Slander?
1190 I Have To Coax My Husband Every Day, And I Can'T Even Do It Well!
1191 Miss Luo Is Actually Young Master Mu'S Wife!
1192 Others Will Only Be Envious Of Our Love
1193 She Has Already Been Recognized By The Entire Mu Family, And Her Status Is Solid
1194 I Can'T Wait To Stick To My Wife
1195 This Kind Of Man ... Can'T Be Trusted!
1196 Mu Yichen'S Peach Blossom Debt
1197 Fang Ziqian Is Also In Their Hands
1198 The Tang Family Is Involved Again ...
1199 A Faint Uneasiness
1200 We Were Best Friends In School
1201 Luo Chenxi ... You'Ve Actually Returned To Europe ...
1202 Her Tears Actually Made His Heart Ache So Much!
1203 That'S 10 Billion!
1204 Why Don'T You Send It Directly To The Nightclub To Keep Miss Bai Company?
1205 You'Re Clearly The Culprit!
1206 She Was Just A Woman That Second Young Master Bai Had Played With
1207 Are You Throwing Your Life Away For A Woman?
1208 Would Bai Shixun Be Sad For Her If She Was Gone?
1209 Chapter 1213-Young Master Mu Is Here
1210 It Doesn'T Matter If You Kill The Hostage When Necessary
1211 It Was Mu Yichen Who Fired The Shot!
1212 Chapter 1216-My Life Is Cheap
1213 Chapter 1217-Narrowly Escaping Death!
1214 The Thing She Was Most Worried About Still Happened!
1215 You Don'T Have To Come Personally, It'Ll Dirty Your Hands!
1216 What He Hated The Most Were Women Who Cried
1217 Not Good, Little Qianqian Is Missing!
1218 Some Women Just Need To Be Taught A Lesson, Especially In Bed!
1219 Every Scar Was Because Of Her ...
1220 I'M Hugging My Own Woman, What Right Do You Have To Make Me Let Go?
1221 I Seriously Suspect That There'S A Problem With Your Aesthetics
1222 Three Seconds Of Being Touched
1223 You'Re Actually Speaking Up For Another Man?
1224 Chapter 1228-Karma!
1225 Bai Shixun Was Simply Poisonous!
1226 Chapter 1230-Little Wei Xi'S Husband-Controlling Technique
1227 Grab Him And Push Him Down, Then Give Him A Super Cute Daughter
1228 Hubby ... I Was Wrong, I Was Wrong!
1229 Was She Still Her Best Friend?
1230 Chapter 1234-Proudness In Both Love And Career
1231 Are The Rules Of The Mu Family So Strict?
1232 When Did He Tina Become So Kind?
1233 She Found This Scene Familiar
1234 The Night From Four Years Ago Reappears
1235 Falling Into The Same Trap Again
1236 It'S Related To That Night Four Years Ago
1237 Luo Chenxi'S Cell Phone Rang
1238 Chapter 1242-Young Master Mu Is Here!
1239 Savage, Too Savage!
1240 Do You Think That Our Mu Family Is Soft-Hearted And Can'T Cure You?
1241 Luo Chenxi Is A Promiscuous Woman
1242 The Wild Man You Were Referring To ... Is Me!
1243 She Belongs To Me From Head To Toe!
1244 The Night Four Years Ago
1245 That Night ... Was His Performance That Bad?
1246 Four Years Ago, I Would Have Fallen In Love With This Stupid Woman At First Sight
1247 You Can'T Kick Me Out, And You Can'T Divorce Me!
1248 Chapter 1252-One Stab For Both Sides
1249 Why Do You Remember What Happened That Night So Clearly?
1250 Chapter 1254-I Actually Let It Slip Again!
1251 I'M Really Amazing, I Even Worship Myself!
1252 Little Qianqian, You'Ve Fallen!
1253 I'Ve Already Become A Winner In Life!
1254 My Biological Daughter, I Gave Birth To Her!
1255 Luo Chenxin Has Been Caught
1256 Mu Yichen Had Actually Come And Wanted To See Her!
1257 Both Of Them Have The Same Face, So Why Is Young Master Mu Treating Luo Chenxi So Well?
1258 Young Madam Is Little Miss'S Biological Mother!
1259 Do You Regret Giving Birth To Tang Tang?
1260 Who Spoiled Her?
1261 A Virgin Always Has A Deep Impression Of Their First Woman
1262 This Is The Real Hell On Earth!
1263 The Matter Behind This ... Isn'T Simple!
1264 She Was Now ... A Member Of The Mu Family!
1265 Bai Xinxin Who Was Rescued
1266 What A Childish Man!
1267 She Could Even Lose To Mu Yichen In Public Displays Of Affection?
1268 Marrying A Wife Like Her, It'S Really A Blessing To My Ancestors!
1269 Chapter 1273-Bad Premonition
1270 Little Son-In-Law, It'S Very Scary To Have A Jealous Daughter Who'S Obsessed With Her Father!
1271 How Dare You Bully A Child!
1272 Her Mother Wasn'T A Bad Woman That She Feared, But The Person Who Loved Her The Most!
1273 Our Tang Tang Doesn'T Like To Play With Boys!
1274 She Has A Father And A Mother, And A Younger Brother And Sister In The Future
1275 If He Didn'T Sleep With That Stupid Woman, Would He Have This Little One?
1276 A Childish Man Who Is Angry With His Wife And Daughter
1277 The Only Pearl In The Mu Family'S Palm
1278 Tang Tang, You Should Be Calling Me Mommy!
1279 In Her Dreams, She Was Also A Little Princess Who Was Doted On By Her Mother
1280 The Hope Of A Complete Recovery
1281 This Dog Food Is Really A Familiar Recipe, A Familiar Taste!
1282 My Entire Family Will Only Recognize My Daughter-In-Law!
1283 What A Scumbag, I Despise Him!
1284 I'M Sorry, Honey
1285 Mu Yichen, What Kind Of Father Are You?
1286 A New Life Of Freedom
1287 I'M Just Too ... Too Happy To See Brother Fu
1288 Do You Like Your Brother Fu That Much?
1289 His Stupid Woman Wouldn'T Have A Change Of Heart Just Because He Was Handsome, Would She?
1290 Divorce, Division Of Family Property, Fight For Custody, One-Stop Service
1291 Who Are You Calling Sick? You ... You'Re The Sick One!
1292 The City People Really Know How To Play
1293 That Fu Guy Has A Problem In That Area
1294 This Position Is Too ... Too ... Outrageous!
1295 Fu Linchen, You ... You Hooligan!
1296 A Casual Touch And There'S A Reaction
1297 The Consequences Will Definitely Be Very, Very Tragic!
1298 Hold The Wedding Of The Century And Announce It To The World
1299 I Didn'T Raise This Daughter In Vain
1300 If Mother-In-Law Saw Me, She Would Definitely Like Me A Lot!
1301 Stupid Woman, You'Re So Attentive Today
1302 Luo Chenxi, Do You Still Have A Husband In Your Heart?
1303 This Is A Matter Of Principle!
1304 Seems Like I'Ve Gone A Little Overboard?
1305 The Little White Rabbit Can'T Beat The Big Bad Wolf
1306 The Young Mistress Of The Mu Family Is Really Arrogant
1307 It'S Fine To Offend Me, Right?
1308 Chapter 1312-Almost Begging For Help
1309 Chapter 1313-Actually Helping An Outsider
1310 She'S Just A Woman Of Lowly Birth
1311 The Secret Of The President'S House
1312 This Was An Insult To Her
1313 She'S Really A Disgrace To The President!
1314 We'Re Different!
1315 The So-Called Assistant Was Really Just An Assistant!
1316 He Reserved The Best Seat For Luo Chenxi
1317 Oh My God, Young Master Mu Pampers His Wife Too Much?
1318 Only Young Madam Would Dare To Speak To Eldest Young Master Like This
1319 Despicable, Really Too Despicable!
1320 Tang Tang, Your Brain Is So Full Of Holes!
1321 Chapter 1325-Have You Been Tricked?
1322 Biological Daughter, Biological Daughter, Biological Daughter ...
1323 Simply Insulting The Intelligence Of The Audience
1324 I Must Change The Designer!
1325 Don'T Pretend To Know If You Don'T Know
1326 There'S Actually Such A Hidden Mystery!
1327 I'M Sorry, It'S My Fault!
1328 This Is A Face-Smacking!
1329 Chapter 1333-We'Re Finished, We'Re Finished!
1330 Xingchen, Can You Ask Young Master Mu For Help?
1331 I'M Not Afraid Of Seven Days And Seven Nights!
1332 Live Broadcast Of The Whole Process
1333 Always Protecting Her
1334 Young Master Mu Is No Longer Interested In Luo Chenxi. He Has Already Dumped Her!
1335 The Stupid Woman Loved Him To Death
1336 Chapter 1340-Falling In Love With This Master-Disciple Couple
1337 I'Ll Meet Sheng Yu In Private Today While He'S Not In The Country!
1338 Bring The Little Dumpling
1339 I'Ll Definitely Make Miss Fu Satisfied!
1340 Chapter 1344-Are You Regretting It?
1341 Chapter 1345-Second Meeting
1342 How Could Such A Dress Exist In This World?
1343 The Gentle Movie King
1344 Miss Xingchen Was The One Who Was In Trouble
1345 How Could She Act In Such Clothes?
1346 The Punishment Of Sleeping In The Study Room Is Three Months!
1347 If You Have A Good Figure, You Look Good In Anything
1348 Chief Sheng Would Be Happy To Help Me, Wouldn'T He?
1349 Miss Fu, How Can You Be So Kind!
1350 This Is True Love!
1351 Star, You ... You Won'T Also ...
1352 Chapter 1356-The Stars Are Gone?
1353 This Feeling ... Is Really Too Good!
1354 Simply A Stunner On Earth
1355 I'M In Tears From Luo Chenxi'S Beauty!
1356 It'S Easy For People To Misunderstand ... What You'Re Saying
1357 Isn'T This A Slap In The Face?
1358 This Is The True Devilish Figure!
1359 Simply Blind!
1360 The Last Choice
1361 Chapter 1365-Wrapped In Starlight
1362 She'S Glowing!
1363 The Difficulty Is Beyond Imagination
1364 Where'S Mu Yichen?
1365 He Was The Stupid Woman'S Husband
1366 A Sour Smell From Head To Toe
1367 Tang Tang Is A Little Traitor
1368 Being A Hooligan In Bed Again!
1369 He Was The Only One Who Knew How Hot His Woman Was!
1370 The Photo That Was Just Taken
1371 A Man And A Woman Alone, There Must Be Something Fishy
1372 Solid Evidence Of Luo Chenxi'S Affair
1373 Chapter 1377-The Cold And Abstinent Male God
1374 The Image Of A Prince Charming Crumbled In An Instant
1375 There'S No Mistake This Time!
1376 Chapter 1380-Adulterous Couple
1377 The Nation'S Husband Is Overpowered By The Green Clouds
1378 Chief Sheng, Did You Return To T City Yesterday?
1379 Sheng Yu, Don'T Harass My Wife
1380 Stupid Woman, It'S Time For Us To Get Even
1381 Nine Months In Separate Beds
1382 I Heard That Young Master Mu Isn'T Good In That Area
1383 Mrs. Mu, Stop Pretending!
1384 The Mu Family'S Most Taboo
1385 Fu Jiatong'S Wishful Thinking
1386 The Man In The Room
1387 Stupid Woman, What Happened?
1388 The Nation'S Husband Appears On Camera Half-Naked And Wet!
1389 You'Re Not Seeing Things, You'Re All Idiots!
1390 This ... This Is A Live Broadcast!
1391 If You Say Anything Bad About My Wife, You'Re Going Against The Entire Mu Family!
1392 Chapter 1396-Explosive Scene
1393 You'Re A Disgrace To The Fu Family!
1394 The Only Thing I Want To Do ... Is Of Course ...
1395 Chapter 1399-Change The Female Lead
1396 The Model Couple Of The Rich
1397 However, No One Had Ever Given Him A Chance ...
1398 The Person You'Re Going To See Is ... Teng Siqing?
1399 You'Ve Already Squeezed Your Husband Dry
1400 Chapter 1404-Meeting Father!
1401 Chapter 1405-The Real Movie Queen
1402 You Are Xingchen, Aren'T You?
1403 It'S Not Good, Young Madam, Little Miss, She ...
1404 You Keep Calling Her My Daughter
1405 The Little Dumpling Ran Out On Her Own
1406 She'S Flirting With Little Brother Again!
1407 She Finally Realized How Difficult It Was For Mu Yichen
1408 Isn'T That The Little Princess Herself!
1409 Why Would Teng Siqing Have Such A Misunderstanding?
1410 The Child Whose Father Doesn'T Have High Expectations
1411 It'S More Difficult To Coax A Husband Than A Daughter
1412 Chapter 1416-Teng Siqing'S Request
1413 My Tang Tang Is Really Loved By Everyone!
1414 I Can'T Let My Woman Be Wronged
1415 Your Wife Is As Beautiful As A Flower
1416 You'Re So Lucky To Have Such A Lovely Wife!
1417 Since You'Re Full, It'S ... My Turn ...
1418 Why Must You Protect Fu Jiatong?
1419 She Used To Be The Little Princess That The Whole Family Had Been Looking Forward To
1420 Mr. President Is Really Old And Muddled!
1421 How Despicable Is That Woman, Luo Chenxi?
1422 The Real Reason Behind This
1423 Luo Chenxi'S Position Is Impregnable
1424 Luo Chenxi'S Biological Father
1425 Fang Ziqian, Let'S Get Married And Have Kids!
1426 Yichen, Are You ... Are You Crazy?
1427 I Can'T Wait To Seal His Mouth With Tape
1428 Is It Glorious To Be A Playboy?
1429 They'Re All Bullying Me, Even Tang Tang Is Bullying Me
1430 Brother Qingze, Are You Here To Pick Up Tang Tang?
1431 Another Diamond Hair Clip
1432 Chapter 1436-One Left, One Right
1433 The Successful Female Lead
1434 President He From Guangxi Entertainment Came To Visit!
1435 Third Young Master He Is Low-Key And Mysterious
1436 Miss Teng Has Already Returned
1437 As Long As You Can Get Together With Third Young Master He, You'Ll Be Able To Reach The Sky In One Step!
1438 Sorry, I'M Late!
1439 I Shouldn'T Have Seen Him Before
1440 Could He Jinsi Have Taken A Fancy To Teng Siqing?
1441 I'Ve Never ... Never Blamed You ...
1442 This Is An Indirect Kiss!
1443 What Kind Of Operation Is This?
1444 Chapter 1448-Can Not Be Indifferent
1445 The Standard Kabedon Position
1446 The Man From Many Years Ago
1447 Teng Siqing'S Fiancé
1448 Like Qingze'S Biological Father
1449 You'Ve Only Been Out For A Day And You'Ve Completely Forgotten About Your Husband?
1450 Such A Greedy Little Foodie Must Have Inherited It From You!
1451 You Still Don'T Forget To Show Off Your Affection At This Time!
1452 To Love A Person Is To Give Her Freedom
1453 His Little Woman ... Has Grown Up
1454 Not Only Was She Suffering From Insomnia, But She Also Had Nightmares
1455 It'S Not Like She'S So Poor That She Can'T Even Feed Herself, Why Would She Need A Meal From Him?
1456 Almost Identical!
1457 Amazing, Her Little Dumpling!
1458 Our President'S Leader
1459 Hehe, It Smells So Good!
1460 Sleeping With The Director Every Time You Join A Production Team?
1461 A Pair Of Childhood Sweethearts
1462 Born To Be A Star
1463 Be Prepared For Failure
1464 The Little Dumpling With Explosive Acting Skills
1465 Teng Qingze'S Acting Skills Are Even Better
1466 Tangtang Hasn'T Played Enough Yet, Tangtang Wants To Continue Filming!
1467 The Little Princess Finally Relented!
1468 The Relationship Between You And Young Master Mu Is Really Enviable
1469 Isn'T Hubby Here To Satisfy You Now?
1470 I'M From The Presidential Palace
1471 Meeting Luo Anguo
1472 The Birth That Can Not Be Changed
1473 Luo Chenxi Is Not My Daughter At All
1474 Your Face Can'T Lie
1475 Who'S Luo Chenxi'S Father?
1476 Chapter 1480-Last Meeting
1477 Don'T Continue To Investigate Further
1478 She'S Been A Jinx Since Young!
1479 Watch Your Mouth!
1480 No, Definitely Not!
1481 Luo Chenxi ... It'S Absolutely Impossible For Her To Be ...!
1482 Mu Yichen Felt A Sense Of Crisis
1483 He Could Only See Her In His Eyes
1484 Please Move Aside, You'Re Blocking My Way
1485 Almost Spurting Out Two Lines Of Nosebleed
1486 Chapter 1490-A Lecherous Ghost, A Beast In Human Clothing
1487 You Look A Little Like My Ex-Girlfriend
1488 You'Re Not My Wife!
1489 Why Would He Jinsi Be Alone With Teng Siqing In The Lounge?
1490 You Don'T Even Miss Your Husband, Do You Still Have A Conscience?
1491 Shaoxuan Is Sick
1492 The Little Dumpling Was Frightened
1493 Full Of The Aura Of An Overbearing President
1494 My Favorite Little Brother
1495 She'S So Young, But She Already Knows How To Play The Trick Of Injuring Herself!
1496 Stupid Woman, What Have You Been Doing Behind My Back?
1497 Tang Tang, This Little Cabbage
1498 Of Course, My Daughter Inherited My Genes, That'S Why She'S So Pretty And Cute
1499 The Little Dumpling Tricked Her Mother Again
1500 Will She Be Able To Get Out Of Bed Tomorrow?
1501 The Case From Back Then
1502 Luo Chenxi Is The President'S Biological Daughter!
1503 You ... Know Too Much!
1504 The President Has Returned To The Country
1505 Luo Chenxi Was The Little Princess Left Behind By His Late Wife
1506 How Can You Do That!
1507 Appalling
1508 Luo Chenxi'S Dark History
1509 Invitation From The President'S House
1510 Luo Chenxi Hates Mr. President
1511 That'S Not A Reason To Bully My Stupid Woman!
1512 I Have The Final Say In This Family
1513 I'Ve Never Seen Such A Tsundere Man
1514 The Nation'S Husband Is Already Taken!
1515 So Many People Were Eating Dog Food With Him
1516 They Were All Leftover From His Father Thirty Years Ago!
1517 Chenxi Is My Wife
1518 The Fu Family'S Matters Have Nothing To Do With Me From Now On!
1519 Mrs. Mu Is A Femme Fatale?
1520 The President Appears
1521 How Was She Going To Clean Up This Mess?
1522 I Don'T Dare To Enter Your Presidential Palace!
1523 You Must Invite Everyone In The Mu Family Back!
1524 She Hated Everything In The Fu Family
1525 Especially Envious Of Fu Linchen'S Younger Sister
1526 Misunderstanding, This Is All A Misunderstanding!
1527 Y-You'Re Luo Chenxi?
1528 The Thing She Was Most Worried About Still Happened!
1529 You Dare To Speak To Me Like That?
1530 She Looked As Noble As A Little Princess!
1531 Apologize To Young Lady Mu
1532 Why Does Luo Chenxi Have Such A Good Life?
1533 Brother Yi, I ... I Am Your Sister
1534 Subconsciously Wanting To Understand Her
1535 He Thought That She Was His Daughter, Tiantian!
1536 There'S A Kind Of Old Father-Like Gratification
1537 Fang Ziqian Didn'T Come!
1538 Not A Single One Of Them!
1539 You Rebellious Girl, I'M Going To Kill You Today!
1540 Please Help Me, Mr. President!
1541 Would Your Husband Do Such An Idiotic Thing?
1542 I Didn'T Expect Him To Believe Me Today!
1543 What Dark History Do I Have?
1544 The Child'S Birth Certificate
1545 The President Is Furious
1546 Tan Yueru Is So Angry That She'S Confused?
1547 Luo Chenxi, You ... You'Re Actually ...!
1548 You Dare To Call Our Mu Family'S Little Princess A Bastard?
1549 Can You Just Acknowledge This Child?
1550 Mr. President, Please Take A Look
1551 The Results Of The Appraisal Are Absolutely Reliable
1552 That Was Our First Love
1553 I Only Want To Hear Her Say I'M Willing
1554 I Knew You Couldn'T Wait To Marry Me!
1555 The Single Second Young Master Mu Who Relied On His Strength
1556 Could She Have Misunderstood The President?
1557 Fu Jiatong Has Fallen Out Of Favor?
1558 Luo Chenxi Looks More Like A Daughter From A Wealthy Family Than You
1559 Fu Jingxuan Actually Wanted Her To Leave The Presidential Palace!
1560 I Have A Biological Sister!
1561 The Last Straw
1562 You'Re Throwing Yourself Into My Arms Before Even Entering The Room?
1563 Tang Tang Also Wants To Kiss!
1564 The Day That The Little Dumpling Calls Her Mommy Came So Suddenly
1565 Chapter 1569-What Happened To The Quick Battle?
1566 Chapter 1570-Head Dizzy From The Beauty Trap Again
1567 What Did You Say? My Mommy Got Married In Europe!
1568 A Foster Father Appeared Out Of Nowhere?
1569 Can'T You Even Wait For Such A Short Time?
1570 Mu Yichen, Don'T Tell Me You'Re With Someone Else?
1571 Chapter 1575-Wrap Party
1572 When Did Such A Beauty Appear In The Industry?
1573 Tell Her Who I Am?
1574 A Nauseating Feeling Welled Up In Her Chest
1575 Shouldn'T You Be Hugging Two In Three Years?
1576 Young Lady Mu Is Gone, Teng Siqing Can'T Be Dragged Back
1577 I Want To See Teng Siqing In Trouble!
1578 Third Young Master He Drank The Wine!
1579 You Deliberately Put A Drug In The Wine To Knock Me Out?
1580 This Was The Result He Wanted
1581 Mr. He, What'S Wrong?
1582 Chapter 1586-Nodding
1583 I'M Unlucky, I Shouldn'T Have Sent You Back
1584 She Had Been Deceived By Him!
1585 Everything Was Just An Illusion
1586 He'S A Victim Too
1587 Strip Him Of His Clothes And Drive His Sports Car Away
1588 Yao Feifei Was Sentenced To Death
1589 Chapter 1593-Tangtang Is Angry
1590 She Should Be Pregnant
1591 I'M Going To Be A Mother Again!
1592 He Doesn'T Seem ... Very Happy?
1593 What Kind Of Father Are You?
1594 This Stinky Gangster!
1595 The Little Dumpling Snitches On Her Father
1596 Tang Tang Must Be Pretty, You Must Give Birth To The Right One!
1597 Just Wait And See How I'Ll Deal With You After You Give Birth!
1598 For The Sake Of The Baby, Don'T Make Me Wait Any Longer
1599 Can'T You Be More Shameless!
1600 What'S Wrong With Him That He Thinks The Child Is Cute
1601 Mommy, Where Are You?
1602 Lu Wenjun'S Current Situation
1603 Did Your Finger Move?!
1604 The Girl From China
1605 We All Have A Common Enemy, And That Is ... Luo Chenxi!
1606 Don'T Worry, Your Identity Will Definitely Not Be Exposed!
1607 Lu Wenjun Is Already Dead?
1608 Chapter 1612-Unexpectedly Smooth
1609 Aren'T We Walking Right Into A Trap?
1610 Don'T Even Think About Blocking My Way!
1611 You'Ll Definitely Fall In Love With The Feeling Of Standing On The Runway
1612 More Beautiful Than She Had Imagined!
1613 Mu Yichen ... He'S Such A Prodigal!
1614 Which Master'S Work Is This?
1615 Chapter 1619-Inferior
1616 With A Person Like You, How Are The Others Going To Survive?
1617 I'Ve Believed Him!
1618 Rejected Again
1619 Little Wei Xi, Can You Be Any More Thick-Skinned?
1620 A Good Man In The New Era
1621 Why Did Retribution Come So Quickly?
1622 What Kind Of Scumbag Is This!
1623 Embarrassing, This Is Too Embarrassing!
1624 Stupid Woman, You'Re Going To Marry Me Soon
1625 Why Are You Jealous Of A Wedding Dress?
1626 Luo Chenxin Is Exposed
1627 Young Master Cyril
1628 If You Want Her To Die, I'Ll Definitely ...
1629 I Find It Dirty
1630 I'M Here On Behalf Of My Father
1631 The President Is Going To Acknowledge Luo Chenxi As His Goddaughter?
1632 Could This Be Fate?
1633 You Can'T Bear To Let Me Go?
1634 Days Of Legal Dog Food
1635 There'S Not Much Sympathy To Waste
1636 The Great Young Master Mu Actually Climbed Through The Window!
1637 You Call Me Brother-In-Law
1638 The Wedding Of The Century
1639 Do You Have A Boy You Like?
1640 What'S Wrong With Little Miss?
1641 Tang Tang Is With Me
1642 Who'S The Mastermind Behind This?
1643 It'S Impossible To Contact Mu Yichen
1644 The Wedding Has Already Begun
1645 What Went Wrong With The Wedding?
1646 Did Young Mistress Mu Really Run Away From The Wedding?
1647 It'S You!
1648 This Isn'T The Right Way To Ask For Help
1649 Why Is She So Beautiful?!
1650 Found Shaoxuan
1651 Not A Single One Of Them Could Smile
1652 She Must Have Deliberately Left This Behind!
1653 Chenxi Won'T Be Threatened By Others
1654 Mr. President, I Have A Favor To Ask Of You ...
1655 I'M Doing This For The Fu Family!
1656 I Acknowledge You As My Godbrother On Chenxi'S Behalf!
1657 Can'T Even Stop A Woman
1658 Don'T Be Afraid, Big Sister Is Here!
1659 Don'T Move!
1660 Call Mommy, Quickly!
1661 Mommy Isn'T A Bad Woman, Mommy Loves You Very Much
1662 Young Master Cyril!
1663 It'S Impossible For Him To Like Her
1664 And She ... Had Indeed Succeeded
1665 The Guest We'Ve Been Waiting For Is Here
1666 Do As Young Master Mu Says!
1667 Didn'T Dare To Take Any Risks
1668 Unless You Sleep With Me For A Night!
1669 How Clean Can She Be?
1670 So What If She'S The Young Mistress Of The Mu Family?
1671 If You Can Satisfy Me ...
1672 Luo Chenxin Probably Won'T Be Able To Live To See Tonight
1673 Impossible, This Is Absolutely Impossible!
1674 He Has Already Proven It With His Actions
1675 Trash, A Bunch Of Trash!
1676 Fu Linchen Is Here To Save Her
1677 She Suddenly Felt Her Lower Abdomen Sink ...
1678 Aren'T We Going To Wait For Mu Yichen To Leave Together?
1679 I Want ... I Want Mama ...
1680 Just Drag It Out For A Few More Minutes ...
1681 If You Want This B * Tch'S Life, Do As You Please!
1682 Falling Into The Endless Deep Sea
1683 Stop Crying, I'M Not Dead Yet!
1684 I'Ll Ask You One More Time ... Where'S Luo Chenxi?
1685 What If You Can'T Find It?
1686 Not A Single Person?
1687 Luo Chenxin Is Just A Chess Piece Being Used By Others!
1688 Bullshit Permission!
1689 Did Something Happen On The Island Again?
1690 A Rare Blood Type
1691 Please Return Immediately! Young Master Fu!
1692 An Extremely Shocking Guess In My Heart
1693 Dad, You Can'T Donate Blood To Tang Tang!
1694 No Blood Transfusion Between Close Relatives
1695 The Heavens Had Actually Helped Her Again
1696 You'Re Happy That Your Sister-In-Law Is Missing?
1697 He Didn'T Die Even After This!
1698 If I Don'T Beat Him Up Now, When Should I?
1699 You Were The One Who Moved Your Face Closer For Me To Scratch
1700 How Did You Do It?
1701 I'Ll Snatch You From Mu Yichen'S Side And Make You My Woman ...
1702 Luo Chenxi Was The One He Should Torture The Most ...
1703 You Can Just Treat Him As Dead!
1704 Brother, There'S A Lead On The Matter You Asked Me To Investigate!
1705 Fu Jiatong Has Been Going Abroad Frequently In The Past Month
1706 Fu Linchen Is Here
1707 You ... You Guessed It?
1708 Who Said I'M Going To Marry Into The Fu Family?
1709 This Little Princess Of My Family Is Surnamed Mu!
1710 Tell My Sister To Run Away From Home With Her Niece And Return To Her Mother'S House!
1711 Can'T Just Sit And Wait For Death
1712 The Private Island That Belongs To A Certain Wealthy Family
1713 He Thought She Was Luo Chenxin!
1714 You'Re The One Madam Wants To See The Most!
1715 M-Mommy!
1716 I Am Chenxi!
1717 You Have Too Many Questions!
1718 A Tigress Also Has The Instinct To Protect Her Cubs
1719 The Truth Is Revealed
1720 Cyril Who Has Lost His Mind
1721 Have You Given Her Dowry?
1722 He'S Chenxi'S Biological Father After All
1723 Bring The Dna Test Report To The President'S House
1724 It'S About My Sister Tiantian
1725 Her Identity Has Been Confirmed
1726 The Answer Was Destined To Disappoint Him
1727 I Still Have Tiantian!
1728 Chenxi Will Not Acknowledge You As Her Father
1729 I Know What'S Going On!
1730 What'S Important Is Tiantian'S Own Attitude!
1731 Worried About Hurting The Child
1732 I Can'T Believe Cyril Would Be So Kind
1733 Cyril, You'Re Crazy!
1734 She Can'T Go Back On Her Word
1735 Luo Chenxin Came To The Door
1736 I'M Here To Save You
1737 Lu Wenjun'S Story
1738 Only Death Awaits
1739 Also For Myself
1740 Escape From The Island
1741 A Knife Stabbed Towards Her
1742 I'Ve Been Fooled By Luo Chenxi!
1743 If I Can'T Live, You'Re Dead Too
1744 Chapter 1748-Taking Drastic Measures
1745 Give My Husband A Call
1746 Hubby, It'S Me ... I'M Luo Chenxi!
1747 Afraid Of Seeing Luo Chenxi'S Corpse
1748 Luo Chenxin Peed Herself In Fear
1749 That'S Definitely Her
1750 Could He Be ... In Love With Luo Chenxi?
1751 You'Re Soft-Hearted?
1752 Chapter 1756-Retreating For The Sake Of Advancing, Refusing But Also Welcoming
1753 Inadvertently Stabbed Into His Heart
1754 Chapter 1758-Cyril'S Decision
1755 You'Ve Wanted To Be Her For A Long Time, Right?
1756 The Faires Family Clan Meeting
1757 Lu Wenjun Awakens
1758 Luo Chenxi Is Wenjun'S Adopted Daughter, So She'S My Daughter!
1759 It Seems Like The Two Children Are On Good Terms
1760 Chapter 1764-Guilty?
1761 This Is Luo Chenxi!
1762 This Is Not The Faires Family'S Plane
1763 Who Allowed You To Touch My Wife With Your Dirty Hands?
1764 It'S Mu Yichen!
1765 No, We Can'T Just Leave Like This!
1766 The Fu Family Owes You This
1767 You Don'T Know How Worried My Father And I Were For You
1768 What Right Does Luo Chenxi Have To Be My Younger Sister?
1769 In The Blink Of An Eye, More Than Twenty Years Have Passed
1770 It'S A Misunderstanding
1771 Things Are Just So Coincidental
1772 You Forced Me To Do This!
1773 You Don'T Have Much Time
1774 Getting His Wish
1775 Chenxi Is A Little Angel With A Bitter Life
1776 Chapter 1780-F * Ck, Did You See A Ghost?
1777 Are You Really Chenxi?
1778 He'S The One Who Fired The Shot!
1779 It'S Actually The Eldest Young Mistress Of The Mu Family In China!
1780 Chapter 1784-Willing To Gamble
1781 A Contract Marriage
1782 Can You Believe These Words?
1783 This Is The Truth!
1784 Your Uncle Clearly Knows ...
1785 This Is Really An Ethical Drama
1786 It'S Indeed The Bloodline Of The Faires Family
1787 Mu Yichen'S Love Rival
1788 What Would Luo Chenxi Think Of Him?
1789 The Scheming Young Master Mu
1790 Many Years Of Planning Fell Short
1791 Would Your Uncle Lie To You?
1792 The Wretched Girl'S Sharp Tongue
1793 Uncle, Of Course I Believe You
1794 Not Only Bad, But Also Stupid Enough!
1795 At The Critical Moment, He Still Had To Save His Mother-In-Law!
1796 Too Late
1797 Lu Wenjun Recovers
1798 Mu Yichen Was Too Handsome Today
1799 Mother-In-Law Looking At Son-In-Law
1800 You'Re Not Allowed To Bully Your Husband
1801 What Kind Of Image Did Lu Wenjun Have Of Him?
1802 To Think That You'D Have Such A Day!
1803 I'Ll Pay You Back After You Give Birth!
1804 Meeting Cyril Again
1805 Luo Chenxi, W-What Are You Doing Here?
1806 Luo Chenxi, You'Re ...
1807 She'S Worthy Of All The Best Things
1808 Why Do I Feel Like There'S Something Green On My Forehead?
1809 Young Master Fu Is Luo Chenxi'S Biological Brother!
1810 I Can Only Have My Husband In My Heart!
1811 The Scumbag Who Took Advantage Of Her Four Years Ago!
1812 You Dare To Play With Your Husband!
1813 He'S Not Even As Good As Their Cyril!
1814 Young Master Mu Vs Father-In-Law No. 1
1815 Mu Yichen, You'Re Actually ...!
1816 Tang Tang Really Looks Like Chenxi When She Was Young
1817 She Still Didn'T Know What It Felt Like To Have A Daddy!
1818 Tang Tang, Mama Is Back!
1819 The Little Dumpling Doesn'T Want To See Her Anymore?
1820 Brother Shaoxuan, What'S Wrong?
1821 Tang Tang, Do You ... Do You Still Remember Big Sister?
1822 The Little Dumpling Is Shy
1823 This Happiness Came Too Suddenly!
1824 Does Having A Daughter Mean That The Husband Can Throw Himself Over The Wall?
1825 Mu Yichen, You'Re Not Jealous Of Your Daughter, Are You?
1826 If You Want Me To Leave, In Your Next Life!
1827 Chapter 1831-Update 1
1828 Luo Chenxi, You'Ve Finally Picked Up The Phone!
1829 "A Magnificent Turn" Premieres
1830 Mr. President Is Getting Impatient!
1831 You ... Want To Acknowledge Your Daughter?
1832 Could It Be That I'Ve Really Blamed Mu Yichen Wrongly?
1833 My Baby Tiantian
1834 The Aggrieved Father-In-Law
1835 What If Mu Yichen Said Something Bad About Him In Front Of Tiantian?
1836 I Feel Like My Intelligence Has Been Insulted
1837 Isn'T It That Miss L?
1838 Is This Related To Fu Jiatong?
1839 Mommy Is The Best In Everything!
1840 The Premiere
1841 Is My Aesthetic Taste Really Too Bad?
1842 Luo Chenxi, You ... You Actually Beat Up A Media Reporter!
1843 Who Do You Think You Are?
1844 Cover For Luo Chenxi?
1845 It'S Really Embarrassing To Go Abroad
1846 You Absolutely Can'T Drive Me Away!
1847 Could It Be That He Came For Luo Chenxi?
1848 Where Did This Bar Spirit Come From?
1849 Luo Chenxi Has More Brutal Material!
1850 The Wedding Wasn'T Even Completed
1851 Young Master Mu'S Head Is Glowing With Green
1852 Are You Really Divorced?
1853 Fu Jiatong Must Be Behind This!
1854 It'S True That Chenxi And I Didn'T Manage To Complete Our Wedding!
1855 Chenxi Has Always Been Mrs. Mu
1856 What Kind Of Immortal Husband Is This?
1857 It'S All Over!
1858 Fu Jiatong, I Already Know Your Location
1859 Mu Yichen, What Kind Of Father Are You?
1860 Don'T Be Afraid, Tangtang, Daddy'S Here!
1861 Where Did This Little Pig Come From?
1862 He'S Even More Of An Eyesore Than Bo Shaoxuan!
1863 Hurry Up, We Have To Catch A Plane
1864 Don'T Tell Me You'Re Planning To Abduct Her Little Princess?
1865 The Little Princess Was Loved By Everyone
1866 Are You Hinting That Dad Has The Lowest Status At Home?
1867 Chapter 1871-Blowing The Stars With His Real Name
1868 Mu Yichen, That Stinky Boy
1869 I'Ll Make Them Divorce When I Get Tiantian Back!
1870 The Shrewd Brother-In-Law
1871 This Man Had Been Planning This For A Long Time!
1872 If You Have The Ability To Snatch My Daughter, Then Open The Door If You Have The Ability!
1873 Chenxi, It'S You, I'Ve Finally Met You!
1874 Who'S Tiantian?
1875 As Expected Of The Fu Family'S Daughter
1876 You Are My Daughter, Tiantian
1877 Genes Can'T Lie!
1878 Listen To Your Father'S Explanation
1879 The Happiest Man In The World
1880 The Kidnapping Case That Shocked The Whole Country
1881 Tiantian, Come Home With Daddy
1882 Luo Chenxi'S Choice
1883 Are You Chasing Us Away?
1884 Don'T Talk To Strangers
1885 My Mama Also Likes Uncle Fu Very Much
1886 He Was Clearly The Little Dumpling'S Grandfather!
1887 Mama Is Right!
1888 He'S Simply A Little Puppy!
1889 I'M Your Dearest Wife
1890 Are My Eyes ... Blind?
1891 If There'S Something, The Secretary Will Do It, It'S Fine ...
1892 This Kind Of Eye-Stinging Thing
1893 How Much Did She See?
1894 Little Qianqian, What Exactly Are You And Bai Shixun ...
1895 Really On The Level Of A Goddess
1896 Where Did Little Qianqian Go!
1897 You'Re The One Dumped By Your Girlfriend!
1898 Brothers Are Still The Most Reliable!
1899 Plastic Brotherhood
1900 Weren'T You Dumped By Luo Chenxi Before?
1901 I'M Looking For My Wife And Daughter
1902 You Didn'T Even See Your Husband, Who'S A Living Person?
1903 Things Aren'T As She Imagined?
1904 What Do You Think Of Yichen'S Tang Tang?
1905 Fortunately, The Two Of Them Had Already Broken Up
1906 W-What Fiancé?
1907 Kids Nowadays Really Know A Lot
1908 You'Re My Wife, So You Should Be Lying On My Bed!
1909 Chapter 1913-Tricked Again
1910 There'S Nothing To Worry About, Hubby Is Here
1911 You'Re Still In The Mood To Sleep?
1912 Almost Scared Dad To Death!
1913 Is This A Father'S Natural Reaction?
1914 Luo Chenxi Was Mocking Him On Purpose!
1915 You'Re Moved By This?
1916 Do Some Exercise That Helps With Sleep?
1917 Bai Shixun, Did You ... Did You Take The Wrong Medicine?
1918 I Can'T Be More Envious Of You!
1919 What? Hubby?
1920 Pig'S Trotter Mu Who Was Inexplicably Attacked
1921 Watch How I Teach Him A Lesson!
1922 Chapter 1926-Rubbing A Sore Spot
1923 The Little Dumpling'S Favorite
1924 Pressing Mama On The Bed, Bullying Mama!
1925 What The Hell Is Fu Linchen Doing?
1926 The King Of Jealousy Of East Asia Is Jealous Again?
1927 This Is Simply A Paradise!
1928 Sister-In-Law, Can I ... Can I Touch Your Stomach?
1929 Tangtang Must Be Like Mama!
1930 The Baby Moved Just Now
1931 I'M Already A Mother For The Second Time, I Have Experience!
1932 Useless Brat
1933 Living Off A Woman While Taking Care Of The Child
1934 This Man Is Too Good At Squandering!
1935 That'S The True Daughter Of The Imperial Capital'S Top Wealthy Family
1936 As Expected Of A Nouveau Riche, He Doesn'T Have Any Bottom Line!
1937 Did This Woman Take The Wrong Medicine?
1938 Mrs. Mu, It'S Actually You!
1939 Turning Hostile Faster Than Flipping A Book!
1940 Immediately Bring The Tea Set To Mrs. Mu!
1941 Where Do You Want To Take It?
1942 Yun Pinxuan Is Actually Going To Follow The Rules!
1943 What Kind Of Daughter Is This?
1944 When Have I Ever Suffered This Kind Of Anger!
1945 It'S Luo Chenxi
1946 Today Is The Best Opportunity
1947 Shout "My Dear Sister-In-Law!"
1948 Blind His Dog Eyes
1949 I'M Still At A Loss!
1950 Big Brother Is Really A Miser!
1951 Who The Hell Is Fu Linchen?
1952 Why Isn'T Tiantian Here Yet?
1953 She'S Not My Biological Daughter, But She'S More Like My Own
1954 Miss Fu'S Filial Piety
1955 Isn'T Her Reaction A Little Too Cold?
1956 The Mu Family And The Fu Family Have Fallen Out!
1957 She Actually Called Me Mom?
1958 Do You Really Think That Luo Chenxi Is Already The Fu Family'S Daughter?
1959 Luo Chenxi'S Gift
1960 This Was His Precious Daughter'S Kind Intentions, It Was Priceless!
1961 It'S Definitely Mu Yichen'S Fault!
1962 Immature Feelings At The Age Of Eighteen
1963 Wifey, Where ... Where Are You And Tang Tang Going?
1964 Black-Bellied Old Fox, How Cunning!
1965 The Third Young Master Of The Qi Family
1966 Thinking About It, It Was Really Too Embarrassing!
1967 He'S Really A Straight Man Of Steel!
1968 What Are You Guys Doing?
1969 What Kind Of Taste Does Mu Weiwei Have?
1970 There'S A Generation Gap Between Us
1971 Who Are You To Me, Why Do You Care?
1972 You ... You Care Who I Like?
1973 Something Happened To Mrs. Mu!
1974 The Little Dumpling Is Jealous!
1975 The Battle Between The Little Furball Is About To Begin!
1976 Where On Earth Did She Learn To Act Like An Empress?
1977 Low Iq To This Extent
1978 I Really Admire Your Thick Skin
1979 What Happened That Day?
1980 Alright, I'Ll Give You The Evidence!
1981 There'S Something Called A Surveillance Camera, Let'S Understand ...
1982 Luo Chenxi Is A Terrifying Woman
1983 As If He Was Looking At An Idiot
1984 Don'T Even Think About Having An Easy Time, Luo Chenxi!
1985 Mommy, Let'S Beat Up Bad Women!
1986 Hubby, Sob Sob Sob, I Was Scared To Death
1987 What Else Could He Do Other Than Forgive Them?
1988 Fu Jiatong In A Sorry State
1989 Which Part Of You Is Worthy Of My Sister-In-Law'S Jealousy?
1990 Your Actions Have Already Constituted A Kidnapping Crime!
1991 Fu Jiatong Was Caught
1992 As Expected Of Her Biological Sister
1993 The President Apologizes To Luo Chenxi
1994 You Can Swindle Her Away With A Piece Of Dessert!
1995 The Father Who Brings His Precious Daughter To A Big Party For The First Time
1996 The Feeling Of Being Doted On By A Father
1997 If Only Mother Was Still Alive ...
1998 What An Outstanding Son-In-Law!
1999 This Is Called Destiny, Understand?
2000 The Family Of Three Is Really On Fire
2001 Are There Any Groups That Go To The Mu Family To Steal A Child?
2002 Luo Chenxi'S Personal Brand
2003 She'S Obviously Going To Be A Mother
2004 Three Big News
2005 Caught Red-Handed By Mu Yichen Again
2006 You Must Be Planning To Divorce Me!
2007 Where Would He Put His Face As The Mu Family'S Young Master?
2008 Heh, Men!
2009 Little Qianqian, You Have Changed!
2010 You Got Back Together With Bai Shixun Again?
2011 Fang Ziqian Was In A Sorry State
2012 Second Young Master Bai Dumped Her!
2013 Stop Putting On An Act, Who Are You Trying To Scare?
2014 Chapter 2018-Meeting On A Narrow Path
2015 She'S Just A Secretary
2016 You'Ve Been Fired, Get Out Of Here!
2017 The Secretary Fang You Can'T Afford To Offend
2018 He ... Has Always Been This Kind Of Person ...
2019 It Used To Be Her Exclusive
2020 Grandpa, What Are You Doing Here?
2021 What'S Going On ... With The Photo In The Magazine?
2022 This Is Completely Made Up!
2023 Her Choice Was Indeed The Right One
2024 This Day Had Actually Come So Quickly!
2025 He Doesn'T Want To Get Married At All
2026 She Had Nothing Else But Herself ...
2027 It ... Has Nothing To Do With You
2028 Why Was Her Son In Such A Miserable State?
2029 The Ceo Is So Blessed, But It'S Also Too Hard On Him ...
2030 Lu Wenjun Is Here
2031 Grandma Is Mama'S Mama?
2032 Has She ... Fallen Out Of Favor?
2033 She Actually Dared To Tattle On Her In Front Of Her Mommy!
2034 Er Bao Is A Pitiful Child ...
2035 Chapter 2038-The Last Hope Shattered Again!
2036 Chenxi Is My Daughter, Where Did This Daddy Come From!
2037 Who Do You Think You Are?
2038 The Battle For The Little Princess
2039 Almost Fighting To Be A Father
2040 Chenxi, Which Father Do You Choose?
2041 Lu Wenjun Is Here
2042 Chapter 2046-Marriage Agreement
2043 Who Is This Guy To You?
2044 Do You Want To Kneel On A Durian Or A Keyboard?
2045 This Is Not The Main Point!
2046 It Wasn'T On Purpose, It Was Intentional
2047 Why Did She Find Such A Silly Husband?
2048 An Important Day
2049 Don'T Talk Nonsense If You'Re Not Good At Chinese!
2050 Mother-In-Law, You Have Good Taste ...
2051 She Also Has A Biological Mother!
2052 Tang Tang Will Also Become A Great Beauty In The Future!
2053 There'S Nothing To Miss
2054 Isn'T This ... Too Much Of A Dream?
2055 I Think Dad Is Biased Towards His Daughter!
2056 Jiatong Already Knows Her Mistake, Please Help Her
2057 The Scene Is Too Beautiful
2058 This Scene ... Is So Awkward!
2059 You'Re Scaring My Daughter
2060 I'Ll Let You Know What Fu Jiatong Has Done!
2061 His Excellency The President Is Here
2062 Why Don'T You Just Die?
2063 If An Apology Was Useful, What Was The Point Of The Police?
2064 Fu Jiatong, Stop Acting
2065 There Must Be A Misunderstanding
2066 She Actually Raised Such An Ingrate!
2067 It Was Luo Chenxi Who Stole Everything From Me
2068 Everyone Has To Pay For What They Have Done!
2069 This ... Was His Daughter!
2070 Hubby, Are You Going To Hit A Woman?
2071 Chapter 2075-Speechless
2072 Crazy Phone Calls For The Super Handsome Little Brother!
2073 A Failed Father
2074 Chapter 2077-Special Day
2075 Mu Yichen, Do You Want To Kneel On Durians Now?
2076 May There Be A Day Every Year
2077 The Sharp-Tongued Little Wild Cat
2078 This Is Too Prodigal!
2079 Second Young Master Bai ... Is Simply Too Much For My Eyes!
2080 This Is My Blind Date
2081 A Man'S Aesthetic
2082 Although We'Ve Broken Up, We'Re Still Friends
2083 It'S Good Enough That Bai Shixun'S Legs Weren'T Broken
2084 You Need To Have The Attitude Of Begging
2085 Second White Was The One Who Got Dumped!
2086 Chapter 2090-Plastic Brotherhood
2087 If Master Bai Knew About This, He Would Probably Faint From Joy
2088 Will Girls Like It?
2089 I Dare You To Say That Again!
2090 Chapter 2094-Back Then
2091 This Damned Calmness!
2092 Like A Joke
2093 What Else Can Second Young Master Bai Do?
2094 Chapter 2098-Choked
2095 Chapter 2098-Are We Still Brothers?
2096 I'Ll Just Quietly Watch You Act Cool
2097 Could The Truth Be ...
2098 Old Master Bai Is Back
2099 Don'T You Know How To Learn From Me!
2100 Chapter 2104-Heading To The Capital
2101 What About His Son'S Prenatal Education?
2102 She Had Already Joined The Fu Family'S Camp
2103 Mu Yichen, Do You Know Something?
2104 Did I Implicate Uncle Fu?
2105 Chapter 2108-Calming Public Opinion
2106 Fu Jingxuan'S Fatherly Love
2107 Is He A Devil?
2108 I Thought My Daughter Was Going To Fly Away!
2109 The Little Princess Of The Faires Family
2110 Can You Give Birth To Such A Smart And Beautiful Daughter?
2111 How Can You Have Two Daddies?
2112 She'S Not As Reasonable As Their Tang Tang
2113 I Will Naturally Protect My Wife
2114 Chapter 2118-A Big Move!
2115 Chapter 2118-Heart Stifled!
2116 The 1000Th Gold
2117 It'S Actually Young Master Mu And His Wife!
2118 Chapter 2121-Critical Hit Of Dog Food
2119 Please Call Her Miss
2120 The Fu Family Has Picked Up A Treasure!
2121 The Newly Appointed Father Fu
2122 I'Ve Always Wanted To Be A Good Husband And Father
2123 She'S Calling Daddy!
2124 Chenxi, What'S Wrong?
2125 An Extremely Stupid Father-To-Be
2126 Young Master Mu Was Frightened
2127 Why Didn'T Chenxi Come?
2128 Dad, Something Big Has Happened!
2129 Isn'T This Child Too Good At Picking Dates?
2130 Mrs. Mu Is Actually ...
2131 That Silly Son Of Mine
2132 The Grandfather-To-Be Added Scenes For Himself
2133 It'S So Embarrassing That I'Ve Even Come To The Hospital!
2134 You Won'T Even Look At Your Son?
2135 Chapter 2138-Shock!
2136 Boys Can'T Be Too Pampered
2137 Mommy Will Wake Up If You Kiss Her!
2138 Chapter 2142-Did You Carry The Wrong Baby?
2139 Chapter 2143-Family Of Four
2140 Chapter 2144-Double Happiness!
2141 The Nation'S Husband Is Going To Change
2142 Wife, You'Ve Worked Hard!
2143 Er Bao'S Naming Rights
2144 Have You Seen The Newly Bought Durians In The Refrigerator?
2145 Chapter 2148-Ceremony Of Wen Ding
2146 Are You Thinking Of Doing Bad Things Behind Madam'S Back?
2147 Announcing The Marriage
2148 You Really Remember The Old Man'S Words
2149 People Will Misunderstand
2150 Chapter 2154-What Old Feelings?
2151 I Wish You And Miss An A Happy Life ...
2152 Did She Really Want To Push Him To Someone Else?
2153 2157
2154 2158
2155 2159
2156 2160
2157 2161
2158 2162
2159 2163
2160 2164
2161 2165
2162 2166
2163 2167
2164 2168
2165 You'Re Coming Back With Me Now!
2166 The Little Puppy Abandoned By Its Owner
2167 Why Are You Angry With Your Own Woman?
2168 Chapter 2172-Reconcile, Huh?
2169 You'Ve Tried It
2170 What If Your Grandfather Objects?
2171 Chapter 2175-Stuffing The Dog Food Back
2172 About The Old Master ...
2173 It'S All My Fault
2174 I Swear, I Swear, Okay?
2175 I'Ll Punish You By Making You Marry Me And Give Birth To A Football Team For Me
2176 It Would Be Strange If The Old Man Didn'T Faint From Anger!
2177 You Shameless Woman
2178 Don'T Even Think About It In This Lifetime!
2179 An Unforgettable Day
2180 Who Else Could It Be Other Than Old Master Bai?
2181 The Goddess Of Luck Is On Her Side
2182 Can You Keep Your Promise?
2183 You Forced Me To Do This!
2184 Chapter 2187-Street Rat
2185 You Have The Last Ten Seconds
2186 Chapter 2190-Another Day
2187 Chapter 2191-Full Of Spirit Of The Contract
2188 Why Are You So Kind, Child?
2189 Don'T Cause Me Any More Trouble, Do You Hear Me?
2190 I'M Sorry, Miss An
2191 Chapter 2194-Firm Attitude
2192 I Agree To Cancel The Engagement
2193 Chapter 2197-Discovered Something Wrong
2194 Didn'T Board This Plane
2195 I Forgot About My Son
2196 Chapter 2200-The Stupid Young Master Mu
2197 Sister-In-Law, Only You Can Help Me
2198 Even If He'S My Brother, I'Ll Break His Legs
2199 You'Re The First One I'Ve Looked For
2200 Where'S An Ruoying?
2201 There Are Only Two Possibilities
2202 Call Older Brother
2203 Chapter 2207-You Actually Think It'S Too Slow?
2204 This ... This Passageway!
2205 Chapter 2208-Unconditional Cooperation
2206 Taking The Initiative To Leave
2207 Chapter 2211-Who Said I Wanted To Continue Investigating
2208 He Still Has An Older Brother Above Him
2209 She'S Clearly The Bride'S Family!
2210 Grayley Has Grown Up
2211 Father Mu Who Values Girls Over Boys
2212 Chapter 2216-Dumbfounded.Jpg
2213 I'Ve Really Been Deceived!
2214 It'S Good Enough To Get A Wife
2215 Chapter 2219-Rapidly Reduced To A Big Wolf
2216 News Of Fang Ziqian
2217 Chapter 2221-Never Mention
2218 Start A New Life
2219 Chapter 2223-Grayley'S Birthday Party
2220 In Society, My Sweet Sister Is Beautiful And Has A Wild Path!
2221 Grandpa'S Big Move
2222 What Kind Of Genius Is This Little Baby!
2223 Chapter 2227-Release Little Grey!
2224 Chapter 2228-Falling Into Deep Self-Doubt
2225 Come And Hug Me
2226 Grayley'S Favorite
2227 Chapter 2231-Can'T Keep Looking
2228 The Jade Thumb Ring Is Missing?
2229 Alright, The Case Has Been Solved
2230 Mu Yichen Was In A Mess In The Wind
2231 Chapter 2235-It'S Decided!
2232 Second Brother Bai, You'Re Here
2233 Chapter 2237-Can'T Smile
2234 We'Ve Broken Up For So Long, But We'Re Still Connected
2235 He Can Just Wait To Cry!
2236 Have You Thought Of How To Tell Young Master Mu?
2237 Chapter 2241-Dumbfounded. Jpy
2238 His Smile Gradually Became Perverted
2239 There Must Be Something Wrong With This Stupid Woman Today!
2240 Very Good, Everything Is Under Control
2241 Two Months?
2242 Chapter 2246-No!
2243 Chapter 2247-What Kind Of Trap Did She Fall For Again
2244 The Old Father Is About To Vomit Blood
2245 Hehe, Naive!
2246 Friend? Male Or Female?
2247 That'S A Little Over The Top, Keep A Low Profile
2248 Chapter 2252-Accident On The Spot
2249 Chapter 2252-Everything Ended Abruptly
2250 Bruno'S Big Show
2251 Chapter 2254-Opening Model
2252 Eastern Mythology That Shot To Fame Overnight
2253 Chapter 2257-Super Vip Treatment
2254 Chapter 2258-Stunning Appearance
2255 Isn'T This A Little Too Exaggerated?
2256 Why Do You Want To Marry A Wife And Torture Yourself?
2257 Chapter 2261-So Good At Imagining Things, So Dramatic
2258 Digging A Big Hole For Bai Shixun
2259 Chapter 2263-Digging A Pit For Himself
2260 Twisted My Ankle
2261 Chapter 2265-Soul-Stirring Beauty
2262 She Has A Son, The Kind That'S 1.8 Meters Tall
2263 The Banquet
2264 High Heels With A Broken Heel
2265 What Kind Of Thing Is Fang Ziqian?
2266 It Would Be Strange If People Weren'T Jealous!
2267 Chapter 2270-Peace
2268 Oh My God, How Did She Do It?
2269 Not The First Time
2270 He'S Simply Like A Business Elite!
2271 Some People Are Black-Hearted!
2272 Face Slapping Again!
2273 Chapter 2277-Character Design Crumbled
2274 Chapter 2277-Background?
2275 Little Wei Xi'S Eyes Are So Scary
2276 Little Wei Xi'S Face Slap
2277 Only Fang Ziqian In My Eyes
2278 Oh My God, Is She Still Human?!
2279 Good Psychological Quality
2280 I'Ll Pay Ten Million Pounds
2281 Fang Ziqian, You'Re Actually Really Short On Money, Aren'T You?
2282 Why Would Bruno Be Here?
2283 Chapter 2287-The Peak Of The Realm
2284 Chapter 2288-Had To Lower His Head
2285 What'S That Sound?
2286 Chapter 2290-Really Screwed Up This Time
2287 What Kind Of Godmother Are You?
2288 If There'S Any Fault, It'S The Man'S Fault!
2289 Can'T We Just Let Bygones Be Bygones?
2290 He'S Completely Your Ideal Type
2291 However, She Just Liked It
2292 A Godfather And A Godmother
2293 Chapter 2297-A Little Out Of Place
2294 Chapter 2298-Stealing The Limelight
2295 2299
2296 2300
2297 2301
2298 2302
2299 2303
2300 2304
2301 2305
2302 2306
2303 2307
2304 2308
2305 2309
2306 2310
2307 2311
2308 2312
2309 2313
2310 2314
2311 2315
2312 2316
2313 2317
2314 2318
2315 2319
2316 2320
2317 2321
2318 2322
2319 2323
2320 Chapter 2324-Face Really Hurts
2321 Chapter 2324-Double
2322 Is It Easy For Him?
2323 Chapter 2327-Aren'T You Overestimating Her?
2324 Look At How Scared The Child Is!
2325 Chapter 2329-A Fatal Question!
2326 Luo Chenxi, Do You Have Your Husband In Your Heart?
2327 Footsteps Came From Behind
2328 2332
2329 2333
2330 2334
2331 2335
2332 2336
2333 2337
2334 2338
2335 2339
2336 2340
2337 2341
2338 2342
2339 2343
2340 2344
2341 2345
2342 2346
2343 2347
2344 2348
2345 2349
2346 2350
2347 2351
2348 2352
2349 2353
2350 2354
2351 2355
2352 2356
2353 2357
2354 2358
2355 2359
2356 2360
2357 2361
2358 2362
2359 2363
2360 2364
2361 2365
2362 2366
2363 2367
2364 2368
2365 2369
2366 2370
2367 2371
2368 2372
2369 2373
2370 2374
2371 2375
2372 2376
2373 2377
2374 2378
2375 2379
2376 2380
2377 2381
2378 2382
2379 2383
2380 2384
2381 2385
2382 2386
2383 2387
2384 2388
2385 2389
2386 2390
2387 2391
2388 2392
2389 2393
2390 2394
2391 2395
2392 2396
2393 2397
2394 2398
2395 2399
2396 2400
2397 2401
2398 2402
2399 2403
2400 2404
2401 2405
2402 2406
2403 2407
2404 2408
2405 2409
2406 2410
2407 2411
2408 2412
2409 2413
2410 2414
2411 2415
2412 2416
2413 2417
2414 2418
2415 2419
2416 2420
2417 2421
2418 2422
2419 2423
2420 2424
2421 2425
2422 2426
2423 2427
2424 2428
2425 2429
2426 2430
2427 2431
2428 2432
2429 2433
2430 2434
2431 2435
2432 2436
2433 2437
2434 2438
2435 2439
2436 2440
2437 2441
2438 2442
2439 2443
2440 2444
2441 2445
2442 2446
2443 2447
2444 2448
2445 2449
2446 2450
2447 2451
2448 2452
2449 2453
2450 2454
2451 2455
2452 2456
2453 2457
2454 2458
2455 2459
2456 2460
2457 2461
2458 2462
2459 2463
2460 2464
2461 2465
2462 2466
2463 2467
2464 2468
2465 2469
2466 2470
2467 2471
2468 2472
2469 2473
2470 2474
2471 2475
2472 2476
2473 2477
2474 2478
2475 2479
2476 2480
2478 2482
2479 2483
2480 2484
2481 2485
2482 2486
2483 2487
2484 2488
2485 2489
2486 2490
2488 2492
2489 2493
2490 2494
2491 2495
2492 2496
2493 2497
2494 2498
2495 2499
2496 2500
2498 2502
2499 2503
2500 2504
2501 2505
2502 2506
2503 2507
2504 2508
2505 2509
2506 2510
2508 2512
2509 2513
2510 2514
2511 2515
2512 2516
2513 2517
2514 2518
2515 2519
2516 2520
2518 2522
2519 2523
2520 2524
2521 2525
2522 2526
2523 2527
2524 2528
2525 2529
2526 2530
2528 2542
2529 2543
2530 2544
2531 2545
2532 2546
2533 2547
2534 2548
2535 2549
2536 2550
2538 2558
2539 2559
2540 2560
2541 2561
2542 2562
2543 2563
2544 2564
2545 2565
2546 2566
2548 2568
2549 2569
2550 2570
2551 2571
2552 2572
2553 2573
2554 2574
2555 2575
2556 2576
2558 2578
2559 2579
2560 2580
2561 2581
2562 2582
2563 2583
2564 2584
2565 2585
2566 2586
2568 2588
2569 2589
2570 2590
2571 2591
2572 2592
2573 2593
2574 2594
2575 2595
2576 2596
2578 2598
2579 2599
2580 2600
2581 2601
2582 2602
2583 2603
2584 2604
2585 2605
2586 2606
2588 2608
2589 2609
2590 2610
2591 2611
2592 2612
2593 2613
2594 2614
2595 2615
2596 2616
2598 2618
2599 2619
2600 2620
2601 2621
2602 2622
2603 2623
2604 2624
2605 2625
2606 2626
2608 2628
2609 2629
2610 2630
2611 2631
2612 2632
2613 2633
2614 2634
2615 2635
2616 2636
2618 2638
2619 2639
2620 2640
2621 2641
2622 2642
2623 2643
2624 2644
2625 2645
2626 2646
2628 2648
2629 2649
2630 2650
2631 2651
2632 2652
2633 2653
2634 2654
2635 2655
2636 2656
2638 2658
2639 2659
2640 2660
2641 2661
2642 2662
2643 2663
2644 2664
2645 2665
2646 2666
2648 2668
2649 2669
2650 2670
2651 2671
2652 2672
2653 2673
2654 2674
2655 2675
2656 2676
2658 2678
2659 2679
2660 2680
2661 2681
2662 2682
2663 2683
2664 2684
2665 2685
2666 2686
2668 2688
2669 2689
2670 2690
2671 2691
2672 2692
2673 2693
2674 2694
2675 2695
2676 2696
2678 2698
2679 2699
2680 2700
2681 2701
2682 2702
2683 2703
2684 2704
2685 2705
2686 2706
2688 2708
2689 2709
2690 2710
2691 2711
2692 2712
2693 2713
2694 2714
2695 2715
2696 2716
2698 2718
2699 2719
2700 2720
2701 2721
2702 2722
2703 2723
2704 2724
2705 2725
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2709 2729
2710 2730
2711 2731
2712 2732
2713 2733
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2719 2739
2720 2740
2721 2741
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2723 2743
2724 2744
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2729 2749
2730 2750
2731 2751
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2734 2754
2735 2755
2736 2756
2738 2758
2739 2759
2740 2760
2741 2761
2742 2762
2743 2763
2744 2764
2745 2765
2746 2766
2748 2768
2749 2769
2750 2770
2751 2771
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2754 2774
2755 2775
2756 2776
2758 2778
2759 2779
2760 2780
2761 2781
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2763 2783
2764 2784
2765 2785
2766 2786
2768 2788
2769 2789
2770 2790
2771 2791
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2774 2794
2775 2795
2776 2796
2777 2797
2778 2798
2779 2799
2780 2800
2781 2801
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2783 2803
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2785 2805
2786 2806
2787 2807
2788 2808
2789 2809
2790 2810
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2794 2814
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2797 2817
2798 2818
2799 2819
2800 2820
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2820 2840
2821 2841
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2824 2844
2825 2845
2826 2846
2827 2847
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2829 2849
2830 2850
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2834 2854
2835 2855
2836 2856
2837 2857
2838 2858
2839 2859
2840 2860
2841 2861
2842 2862
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2844 2864
2845 2865
2846 2866
2847 2867
2848 2868
2849 2869
2850 2870
2851 2871
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2854 2874
2855 2875
2856 2876
2857 2877
2858 2878
2859 2879
2860 2880
2861 2881
2862 2882
2863 2883
2864 2884
2865 2885
2866 2886
2867 2887
2868 2888
2869 2889
2870 2890
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2873 2893
2874 2894
2875 2895
2876 2896
2878 2898
2879 2899
2880 2900
2881 2901
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2884 2904
2885 Ending (1)
2886 Ending (2)
2888 Ending (4)
2889 Ending (5)
2890 Ending (6)
2891 Ending (7)
2892 Ending (8)
2893 Ending (9)
2894 Ending (10)
2895 Ending (11)
2896 Chapter 2916-Ending (12)
2898 Ending (14)
2899 Ending (15)
2900 Epilogue (16)-End Of Text
2901 Side Story (Bai Shixun X Fang Ziqian)
2902 Chapter 2921-The End
2903 Chapter 2922-The End
2904 Chapter 2924-
2905 Chapter 2925-
2906 Chapter 2926-
2908 Chapter 2928-
2909 Chapter 2928-
2910 Chapter 2931-
2911 Chapter 2931-
2912 Chapter 2932-
2913 Chapter 2932-
2914 Chapter 2934-
2915 Chapter 2934-
2916 Chapter 2936-
2918 Chapter 2938-
2919 Chapter 2938-
2920 Chapter 2941-Power
2921 Chapter 2941-Power
2922 Chapter 2942-The End
2923 Chapter 2942-
2924 Chapter 2944-
2925 Chapter 2945-The Power Of The Devil
2926 Chapter 2946-
2928 Chapter 2948-Power
2929 Chapter 2948-Power
2930 Chapter 2951-
2931 Chapter 2951-
2932 Chapter 2952-
2933 Chapter 2952-
2934 Chapter 2954-
2935 Chapter 2954-
2936 Chapter 2956-
2937 Chapter 2957-
2938 Chapter 2958-
2939 Chapter 2958-Power
2940 Chapter 2961-Power
2941 Chapter 2961-Power
2942 Chapter 2962-
2943 Chapter 2962-The End
2944 Chapter 2964-
2945 Chapter 2964-The Power Of The Devil
2946 Chapter 2966-
2948 Chapter 2968-Power
2949 Chapter 2968-Power
2950 Chapter 2971-Power
2951 Chapter 2971-Power
2952 Chapter 2972-
2953 Chapter 2972-Power
2954 Chapter 2974-
2955 Chapter 2974-The Power Of The Devil
2956 Chapter 2976-
2958 Chapter 2978-Power
2959 Chapter 2978-Power
2960 Chapter 2981-
2961 Chapter 2981-
2962 Chapter 2982-The End
2963 Chapter 2982-The End
2964 Chapter 2984-
2965 Chapter 2984-The End
2966 Chapter 2986-
2968 Chapter 2988-
2969 Chapter 2988-
2970 Chapter 2991-The End
2971 Chapter 2991-Power
2972 Chapter 2992-
2973 Chapter 2992-The End
2974 Chapter 2994-The End
2975 Chapter 2994-The End
2976 Chapter 2996-
2978 Chapter 2998-
2979 Chapter 2998-Power
2980 Chapter 3000-
2981 Chapter 3001-
2982 Chapter 3002-
2983 Chapter 3004-
2984 Chapter 3005-
2985 Chapter 3006-
2986 Chapter 3007-
2988 Chapter 3008-The Power Of The Divine Realm
2989 Chapter 3010-
2990 Chapter 3011-
2991 Chapter 3013-
2992 Chapter 3014-
2993 Chapter 3015-
2994 Chapter 3016-
2995 Chapter 3017-
2996 Chapter 3018-
2998 Chapter 3020-
2999 Chapter 3021-
3000 Chapter 3021-The Power Of The Divine Realm
3001 Chapter 3023-The Power Of The Divine Realm
3002 Chapter 3024-
3003 Chapter 3025-
3004 Chapter 3026-
3005 Chapter 3027-
3006 Chapter 3028-
3008 Chapter 3030-
3009 Chapter 3031-
3010 Chapter 3032-
3011 Chapter 3033-The Power Of The Divine Realm
3012 Chapter 3034-
3013 Chapter 3035-
3014 Chapter 3036-
3015 Chapter 3037-
3016 Chapter 3038-
3018 Chapter 3041-
3019 Chapter 3041-
3020 Chapter 3042-
3021 Chapter 3043-The Power Of The Divine Realm
3022 Chapter 3044-
3023 Chapter 3045-
3024 Chapter 3046-
3025 Chapter 3047-
3026 Chapter 3048-
3028 Chapter 3050-
3029 Chapter 3051-
3030 Chapter 3052-
3031 Chapter 3053-
3032 Chapter 3054-
3033 Chapter 3055-
3034 Chapter 3056-
3035 Chapter 3057-
3036 Chapter 3058-
3038 Chapter 3061-The Power Of The Devil
3039 Chapter 3061-
3040 Chapter 3062-
3041 Chapter 3063-
3042 Chapter 3064-
3043 Chapter 3065-
3044 Chapter 3066-
3045 Chapter 3067-
3046 Chapter 3068-
3048 Chapter 3070-
3049 Chapter 3071-
3050 Chapter 3072-
3051 Chapter 3073-The Power Of The Devil
3052 Chapter 3074-
3053 Chapter 3075-
3054 Chapter 3076-
3055 Chapter 3077-
3056 Chapter 3078-
3058 Chapter 3080-
3059 Chapter 3081-
3060 Chapter 3082-
3061 Chapter 3083-
3062 Chapter 3084-
3063 Chapter 3085-
3064 Chapter 3086-
3065 Chapter 3087-
3066 Chapter 3088-
3068 Chapter 3090-
3069 Chapter 3091-
3070 Chapter 3092-
3071 Stunning
3072 Between Me And Mr. Bai Shixun
3073 Bai Shixun Is Here!
3074 Strength To Protect His Wife
3075 The Bai Family'S Young Mistress
3076 Afraid Of Being Slapped In The Face Again
3078 Wasn'T It Just A Show Of Affection?
3079 The Netizens This Time Are Really Awesome!
3080 Chapter 3102-Stone Hammer
3081 It ... It'S Grandpa!
3082 My Granddaughter-In-Law Is Very Good, Very Outstanding
3083 Begging Fang Ziqian To Publish A Book
3084 What'S The Matter With The Old Master?
3085 A Call From The Old Master
3086 I'M Outside Your House
3088 You Don'T Even Know How To Call People?
3089 Work For Your Wife
3090 Fang Ziqian'S Biological Parents
3091 My Father Changed It Himself?
3092 The Crystallization Of Love
3093 The Story Behind The Scenes
3094 Still Only Her
3095 The Other Two Things
3096 Fu Linchen'S Apology
3098 If Only Back Then ...
3099 This Kind Of Person Should Sleep In The Study For The Rest Of His Life!
3100 We Will Be Childhood Sweethearts
3101 The President'S Medal
3102 #Fang Ziqian Leeches Off Popularity #
3103 All Kinds Of Lying On The Hot Search
3104 Disclosing Identity
3105 I'M Proud Of You!
3106 Fang Liya'S Video
3108 Bai Shixun Personally Took Action
3109 How Sad Would The Old Man Be?
3110 Chapter 3132-A Joke
3111 Fang Ziqian Is The Mistress
3112 Chapter 3134-Character Collapse
3113 Grandpa, You Must Believe Me ...
3114 I Won'T Allow Anyone To Slander Me!
3115 Clearing Weibo
3116 They Have Always Been My Pride!
3118 Illuminating My Life (Side Story 1)
3119 Side Story 2 (Fu Linchen X Mu Weiwei)
3120 A Girl With A Poor Family Background
3121 Is He Trying To Woo You?
3122 Prince Charming Professor
3123 The Legend Of H University
3124 Miss Sang'S Family Has A Mine
3125 No, It Won'T ...
3126 Chapter 3148-Thunder From A Clear Sky
3128 Chapter 3150-Too Ruthless!
3129 A Huge Mistake
3130 What A Face-Smacking!
3131 Senior Wei Is Actually ...
3132 Where'S The Mu Family'S Upbringing?
3133 I'M Already Eighteen, An Adult!
3134 What ... What Boyfriend?
3135 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'M Dead!
3136 Just You Wait!
3138 Senior Wei Is A Very Good Person
3139 You'Re Really Too Much Of A Scum!
3140 It'S Over, It'S All Over, It'S All Ruined!
3141 I Thought You Were Secretly In Love With Me ...
3142 Senior Lance ... Has A Girlfriend!
3143 Chapter 3165-Crying In Envy
3144 Chapter 3166-Shocking Melon
3145 I Can!!!
3146 300 Rounds Of Battle
3148 Sang Holmes Ning
3149 You'Re Not Your Senior'S Type!
3150 Chapter 3172-Where Is Your Innocence!
3151 Did You Take The Wrong Medicine?
3152 Lance Is Really A Beast
3153 I'M Here For My Girlfriend
3154 She Is My Sister
3155 You Don'T Even Dare To Confess?
3156 Men Are Really Shallow!
3157 Professor Lance Is Here
3158 Isn'T He Just A Little More Handsome?
3159 Stay For A While After Class
3160 I Choose One Hundred Million
3161 Where'S Your Conscience?
3162 Ah Ah Ah Ah, Don'T Say!
3163 Empty, Lonely, And Cold
3164 Chapter 3186-I'M Done!
3165 There Is A Woman In Lance'S Office!
3166 Are You Lance'S Girlfriend?
3167 Her Ideal Type
3168 Chapter 3190-Overjoyed
3169 Chapter 3191-Spit It Out!
3170 It'S Enough For You To Insult Me
3171 Her Moral Integrity Was All Gone!
3172 Just Take It As Being Bitten By A Dog
3173 I Won'T Despise You
3174 Don'T Want To Live Anymore ...
3175 Chapter 3197-What Nonsense Are These?
3176 Why Is Senior Special To You?
3177 Dirty Little Head
3178 Heavenly Lightning Triggering Earthly Fire
3179 A Man Who Can Do Nothing
3180 Tragic Is Only One Word!
3181 H University'S Front
3182 This Hatred Is Really Deep
3183 Seducing Senior Lance
3184 What'S Wrong With The Airport?
3185 Senior Said I'M The Ideal Type
3186 Chapter 3208-Bursting With Shame
3188 My Ideal Type Is You ...
3189 Defiled By An Old Man
3190 What A Dog Man!
3191 The Marriage Between The Two Families
3192 Who Would Believe That You Like Me?
3193 Chapter 3215-Death
3194 I'M Really Too Smart
3195 Senior Lance Is Here Too
3196 Everywhere
3198 Chapter 3220-Crying From Envy
3199 This Little Wild Cat Is So Cute
3200 He Actually Said She Wasn'T Cute!
3201 It'S Not What You Think!
3202 How Could She Not Be Moved?
3203 Ruthlessly Scratch Him!
3204 Her Heart Was Pounding
3205 Idiots Have Higher Intelligence
3206 Chapter 3228-Not Excited At All
3208 You Won'T Even Be Given A Status?
3209 Lance Is Still His First Love
3210 I'M Dying Of Laughter
3211 Lance Is Really Not Human
3212 You'Re Double-Standard!
3213 Tang Tang Misses Her Aunt
3214 Do You Not Love Me Anymore?
3215 Aunt'S Blue Friend
3216 It'S Really The Love Of Immortals
3218 So Many Rotten Peaches
3219 The Koi Girl
3220 Senior Is Not Blind
3221 The Courtyard Flower Is The Courtyard Flower
3222 A Fairy With A Mine At Home
3223 Familiar Yet Unfamiliar
3224 Fairy-Like And Sexy
3225 Chapter 3247-Public Execution
3226 A Backhanded Slap
3228 It Turns Out That Face Smacking Is Such A Satisfying Thing!
3229 It'S Really Not Business Flattery
3230 You'Re Really Too Kind
3231 You'Ve Successfully Attracted My Attention
3232 That'S What Senior Lance Is Like!
3233 Chapter 3255-Psychological Shadow
3234 I Accept Your Dance Invitation
3235 Your Sister Vivian
3236 As Expected, He'S Someone Who Does Great Things
3238 The Sour Smell Of Love
3239 Chapter 3461-A Dance
3240 Already Have Someone You Like
3241 Senior Lance Is Actually Here
3242 A Flashy Man
3243 Tradition Of The Academy
3244 What Kind Of Taste Is That?
3245 Your Dance Partner Is The Flower Of The Yard
3246 This Is Too Suave!
3248 Maybe The Atmosphere Was Too Good
3249 Chapter 3471-Whisper
3250 What Are You Daydreaming About?
3251 A Young Girl In Love
3252 Drowned In His Eyes
3253 Chapter 3475-Waiting
3254 How Can He Be So Handsome?
3255 A Bastard Is A Bastard
3256 Abnormal Control Freak!
3258 Adult Love
3259 Chapter 3481-Running Away
3260 Chapter 3482-Shameless
3261 Above Friendship, Not Yet Lovers
3262 Are You ... Dating Lance?
3263 Who Bullied You?
3264 Chapter 3486-Worried About Personal Gains And Losses
3265 Good Night, Little Girl
3266 Did You Not Take Your Medicine?
3268 Chapter 3490-Once And For All
3269 Low Intelligence
3270 Aren'T We Too Intimate?
3271 Chapter 3493-If You Want To Die, Just Say It
3272 Heartless Little Girl
3273 Can'T Be So Shallow
3274 Emotionless Question-Solving Machine
3275 Announcement Of Results
3276 The Real Top Student
3278 You'Re Crazy Happy, Right?
3279 Does Wei Wei Have A Boyfriend?
3280 Chapter 3502-Pleasant Interaction
3281 Chapter 3503-Losing His Avatar
3282 Found His Conscience
3283 A Difficult Girl To Get
3284 It'S Actually An Old Fox!
3285 The Body Is Incomparably Honest
3286 Chapter 3508-Competing For A Man
3288 You Want To Be My Girlfriend Too
3289 Weren'T You Flirting With Her?
3290 Little Tang Tang
3291 Young Master Fu Can Definitely Do It
3292 Tangtang, Take Revenge For Auntie!
3293 Wu Wu Wu Sister-In-Law
3294 Central Air Conditioning
3295 Men And Women Working Together, No Work Tiring
3296 Very Well-Behaved
3298 Colluding
3299 He'S Actually A Human Today!
3300 Sexy Wei Wei, Screwed Up Online
3301 3323
3302 3324
3303 3325
3304 3326
3305 You Don'T Even Deserve A Girlfriend
3306 The Power Of Love
3308 Prince Charming Plus
3309 3331
3310 3332
3311 You Must Find Young Madam!
3312 Chapter 3334-What Virtue And Ability
3313 What Is This If Not Green Tea?
3314 Chapter 3336-
3315 I Don'T Want To See You Again!
3316 Believe Me
3318 Chapter 3340-Warmth
3319 Chapter 3341-Too Late
3320 Chapter 3342-All Of You Stop!
3321 Chapter 3343-Are You Worthy Of Tangtang?
3322 Pushed To The Edge Of The Cliff
3323 That'S Fu Linchen!
3324 Chapter 3346-Sense Of Alienation
3325 Not In The Mood
3326 Weiwei, I ...
3328 Too Shameless!
3329 The Defecting Little Dumpling
3330 Big Liar!
3331 I'M Really Going To Be A Dog
3332 3354
3333 3355
3334 3356
3335 Did The Old Fox Put A Spell On Her?
3336 The Most Annoying Place
3338 3360
3339 3361
3340 I Want To Let Mommy See
3341 Big Brother Fu, I'M Sorry
3342 Just Because Of A Misunderstanding?
3343 Creative Scum
3344 Chapter 3366-Caught Off Guard
3345 Suffocatingly Sexy
3346 Angry!!
3348 Chapter 3370-Cover Blown
3349 Chapter 3371-Caught On The Spot
3350 Sister-In-Law, Come And Save Me!
3351 Chapter 3373-Slipped Up
3352 Forced By Life
3353 Knowledgeable And Experienced
3354 Is This Your Boyfriend?
3355 Chapter 3377-I Have A Friend
3356 You'Re This Friend, Right?
3357 A Straight Man Of Steel
3358 Chapter 3380-Miscalculated
3359 A Heartbroken Woman Is Too Scary
3360 The Legendary Masochism?
3361 An Unexpected Surprise
3362 Isn'T She Just An Odd-Job Worker?
3363 Chapter 3385-First-Year Rookie
3364 Won'T You Blush?
3365 Chapter 3389-A Decisive Strike
3366 3388
3367 3389
3368 Not That Simple
3369 What Misunderstanding Do You Have About Me?
3370 It'S That Old Man Again!
3371 The Demeanor Of A Gentleman
3372 Too Narrow-Minded
3373 Who Is Big Brother?
3374 Wei Wei Is A Fairy
3375 Go And Beg Fu Linchen
3376 Almost Hit On
3378 Authority Level: Sss
3379 Should I Say Thank You?
3380 An Insult To Her Beauty!
3381 The Legendary Pervert
3382 A Surprise That Was First Suppressed And Then Raised
3383 Chapter 3405-Doesn'T Know How High The Sky Is
3384 Lance Supports His Girlfriend
3385 Are Your Eyes Cramping?
3386 Let'S See How He'S Going To Coax Her!
3388 Who Was Right And Who Was Wrong?
3389 Chapter 3411-How Can I Endure This?
3390 Why Did It Become Like This?
3391 Chapter 3413-Explain!
3392 Chapter 3414-Character Setting Crumbled
3393 Really Succeeded!
3394 2.8 Meters
3395 I ... I Admit
3396 Chapter 3418-Too Cowardly!
3397 Well Done, Vivian!
3398 I Feel A Little Guilty
3399 It Was Indeed A Coincidence
3400 Chapter 3422-Wet Behind The Ears
3401 Their Relationship Is That Good?
3402 This Was His Little Girl
3403 What Do You Want Me To Be?
3404 Isn'T It Obvious?
3405 A Person You Can'T Afford To Offend
3406 Wait For Me To Return
3407 Chapter 3429-Soul Attack
3408 Is Senior Lance An Ordinary Person?
3409 Just Admit It, You Like Him
3410 Begging Junior To Update
3411 Chapter 3433-Two-Way Crush
3412 Video-Calling Her!
3413 A Miracle Has Appeared
3414 You'Ll Have Everything You Want
3415 Chapter 3437-Blind Date
3416 There Are Actually A Few More
3418 Let'S See How He Chooses His Consort!
3419 It'S Impossible To Choose Her
3420 Chapter 3442-Luck With Women
3421 I'Ve Grown Up In Vain
3422 Chapter 3444-Reputation
3423 Third Young Master Qi, Nice To Meet You
3424 Pei, Pei, Pei, Who'S Going To Bother With Him?
3425 He Actually Abused His Little Fairy!
3426 Y-Y-You ... Shameless!
3428 Irascible Wild Cat
3429 Chapter 3451-Cocky Tail
3430 Chapter 3452-Little Secret?
3431 Who Did You Learn This From?
3432 Can'T You Trust Me More?
3433 Chapter 3455-Embarrassing
3434 Where Are The Immortals?
3435 Low-Key Or Whatever, It Doesn'T Exist
3436 Next Time For Sure
3438 An Overpowered Rich Family
3439 Lance, That Beast
3440 She Would'Ve Been Beaten To Death Long Ago
3441 Can'T Stop Taking The Medicine
3442 The H-Class Public Enemy
3443 As Expected Of Young Master Qi
3444 Fairy Descends To The Mortal World
3445 Chapter 3467-Doubting Life
3446 Too Skilled, Too Handsome
3448 Face Is A Good Thing
3449 Too Handsome!
3450 She'S Only Nineteen!
3451 Is Your Friend A Man Or A Woman?
3452 What The Hell Is All This!
3453 Mu Weiwei From An Ordinary Family
3454 Smiling So Suavely
3455 Old Cow Eating Young Grass
3456 Chapter 3478-Fierce Wife
3458 Sexy ... On ...
3459 My Boyfriend Is Mathematics!
3460 Ate A Shocking Melon
3461 Chapter 3483-Revealed
3462 Bringing Glory To The School
3463 My Child Is Still Young
3464 Pure Brother-Sister Relationship
3465 The Little Girl Is Quite Obedient
3466 Big News
3468 Chapter 3490-Double Happiness
3469 The Competition Begins
3470 The Little Girl'S Birthday
3471 Chapter 3493-Wayne Is Dead
3472 A Secret Hobby
3473 Too Romantic
3474 Young People In Love
3475 The Son-In-Law Of H University
3476 Lance'S Arrival
3477 Half A Brother-In-Law
3478 Just Say It Out Loud!
3479 Brother, I'M Guilty!
3480 Confession Of Love
3481 Prsurise!!
3482 Chapter 3504-Playing So Big?
3483 Chapter 3505-Tricky Angle
3484 Let Me Be Your Boyfriend
3485 Let'S Give You A Round Of Applause
3486 Why Should I Help You?
3488 Compensate Me For My Boyfriend!
3489 I'Ll Compensate You
3490 I Will Dote On You Very Much
3491 Little Fairy'S Sly Old Fox
3492 Then, Hehehe ...
3493 Stop, Where Are You Going!
3494 Whoever Leaves Singlehood First Is A Dog
3495 The Young Paparazzo Is On A Date
3496 Chapter 3518-Smart As I Am
3498 Late Birthday Present
3499 I Stamped It
3500 You'Re Not My Boyfriend Yet
3501 Chapter 3523-Pampered Bag
3502 This Is A Secret
3503 Chapter 3525-Just A Small Date
3504 The Distance Of-1 Cm
3505 The Charm Of A Little Fairy
3506 His Girlfriend Is As Beautiful As A Fairy
3508 It'S Not True Love Indeed
3509 Chapter 3531-Does It Hurt?
3510 You Dare To Say I Can'T Do It?
3511 How Would I Dare To Look Down On You?
3512 Chapter 3534-I Won'T Listen, I Won'T Listen
3513 The Spoiled Little Wild Cat
3514 Chapter 3536-Extremely Awkward
3515 Who Is The "Sparring Partner"?
3516 Chapter 3538-Crying From Envy
3518 The Woman Who Paralyzed H University'S Forum
3519 Can'T Date An Old Man
3520 Campus Legend
3521 Big Brother Fu, You'Re So Good To Me!
3522 A Man And A Woman Alone In The Middle Of The Night
3523 She'S Blind!
3524 There'S No Need To Be So Anxious, Right?
3525 Forcing An Innocent Little Fairy
3526 Little Red Riding Hood Is Dazzled
3528 The Fu Family'S Genes Are Good
3529 Only Little Kids Need Company
3530 Tang Tang Discovered A Big Secret
3531 Did Uncle Get Beaten Up?
3532 Call You Daddy?
3533 Have To Take Responsibility And Status
3534 Proudness In Love And Career
3535 What A Beast!
3536 Vivian, The Tennis Goddess
3538 How Is Vivian Going To Compete?
3539 What Kind Of Noble Character And Unquestionable Integrity
3540 Where Were You In Those Few Minutes?
3541 Chapter 3563-Can You Afford It?
3542 Leave It To Me
3543 Remember Your Words
3544 Miss Mu'S Status
3545 Super Compatible
3546 Going To Watch Vivian'S Competition
3548 Chapter 3570-Match Point
3549 Chapter 3570-Reversal
3550 Chapter 3572-Holding Hands
3551 Please Don'T Misunderstand
3552 Seemed To Have Stepped Into A Trap
3553 It Still Belonged To Him
3554 What Do You Want?
3555 Chapter 3577-Exposed
3556 I'Ll Leave Wei Wei To You!
3558 Can I Bring My Family?
3559 Chapter 3580-Taking The Initiative To Move Up
3560 Really Very Sweet
3561 Chapter 3583-Waiting
3562 The Small Train Boohoo ...
3563 The Plastic Sisters
3564 Chapter 3586-Intoxicated
3565 What Twisted Three Views!
3566 Chapter 3588-Puking From Dog Food
3568 Chapter 3590-Popular In The Country
3569 Chapter 3591-Your Man
3570 Heading To London
3571 Status In The Family Is Not Guaranteed
3572 Auntie, Aren'T You Going To Kiss Uncle?
3573 Don'T Act Coy
3574 Lotus Flower Out Of The Water
3575 Too Sinister!
3576 It'S Actually A Woman?
3578 Her Highness The Princess
3579 Men Understand Men The Best
3580 A Man'S Intuition
3581 I'M In A Hurry!
3582 Mountain-Top Flower
3583 The Little Persian Cat At Home
3584 A Man Who Doesn'T Keep His Ways!
3585 This Dog Man Needs A Lesson
3586 Just Asking
3588 Luo Chenxi'S Scheme
3589 Wei Wei Has Grown Up
3590 The Two Women Who Tricked Their Brother
3591 Chapter 3613-Could It Be That Their Birth Characters Don'T Match?
3592 The Fake Boss
3593 Other People'S Man
3594 Under Brother'S Eyes
3595 This Pair Can Be Locked
3596 Tsundere And Beautiful
3598 Standing On The Side Of Justice
3599 You Must Have Seen Wrong, Right?
3600 My Girlfriend
3601 Chapter 3623-Envy And Jealousy
3602 Have You Gone Overboard?
3603 She Knew Him Too Well!
3604 Chapter 3626-Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
3605 Let Him Out To Bite You!
3606 I'Ll Kick You To Death, You Scum!
3608 Mu Weiwei Is His Woman!
3609 You'Re My Princess
3610 I'Ve Been Waiting
3611 I Didn'T Say I Didn'T Agree
3612 Stamped
3613 The Basic Rules Of A Boyfriend
3614 Continue To Maintain
3615 Chapter 3637-A Single Misstep Causes Eternal Hatred
3616 Do You Want To Be Single Again?
3618 Chapter 3641-Returning To The Country
3619 What A Coincidence
3620 Chapter 3642-Tacit Understanding
3621 Chapter 3643-Obvious Slander
3622 Can'T Even Wait For A Second
3623 This ... This Comment ...
3624 So Sharp
3625 Good News And Bad News
3626 I'Ll Go With You!
3628 Chapter 3650-Big Trouble
3629 Level-One Alert
3630 Chapter 3652-About To Ascend To The Heavens!
3631 You'Re Broke
3632 She'S Really Crazy
3633 Each Other'S Life Partner
3634 Who Wants Him To Propose?
3635 The Final Battle
3636 I Really Want To Give Birth To His Monkeys
3638 I'Ll Let You Go Like A Fart
3639 Take Your Dirty Hands Away!
3640 Talking Back To Big Brother For A Man
3641 Chapter 3663-Fight!
3642 Aren'T You Just Asking For A Beating?
3643 Looking At A Middle-Aged Man
3644 Chapter 3666-Double Standards Are Unacceptable
3645 Chapter 3667-Incredible News
3646 Who Can Sleep?
3648 Can'T Sleep?
3649 Chapter 3671-Caught Again
3650 Chapter 3672-Good Luck
3651 It'S Not Easy For Him!
3652 The Flower Of The Legendary Iron Tree
3653 There'S A Guest
3654 Why Is He So Handsome?
3655 Chapter 3677-Shocking The World With A Single Brilliant Feat
3656 Let Them Get Engaged Soon
3658 Waiting For Her To Grow Up
3659 You'Re Saying It As If She'S A Playboy!
3660 It Only Takes A Day To Get The Marriage Certificate
3661 Official Couple
3662 Hugging And Hugging, What A Scandal
3663 It'S Too Difficult!
3664 Are You Her Biological Son?
3665 Isn'T That A Little Too Much?
3666 Chapter 3688-Scared Out Of His Wits
3668 She'S Like A Ball Of Light
3669 Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?
3670 Chapter 3692-Heavy Blow
3671 Is The Mu Family'S Princess To Be Trifled With?
3672 Isn'T This Too Magical?
3673 You Scumbag!
3674 The Little Fairy Who Is In Love
3675 I Heard You Were Dumped By Senior Lance
3676 Being A High-Profile Mistress
3678 Handsome As Always
3679 Personally Picking Up The Little Princess
3680 Still Feeling Wronged
3681 Chapter 3703-Match Of Equal Social Status
3682 Vivian'S Family Background
3683 Is It That Exciting?
3684 Do You Think That Escaping Will Help?
3685 Chapter 3707-Restless
3686 The Little Fairy Overturned
3688 Don'T Say That Men Can'T Do It?
3689 Very Good Figure
3690 A Flirtatious Look
3691 This Shouldn'T Be!
3692 Number One On The Hot Search
3693 Chapter 3715-Two-Timing
3694 Putting On The Ring
3695 Don'T Try To Trick Me!
3696 Chapter 3718-Shocking Melon
3698 I'Ll Be The Third One
3699 I'M Willing (Side Story 2 End)
3700 Side Story 3 (He Jinsi X Teng Siqing)
3701 You Can'T Just Leave Me In The Lurch!
3702 Get Out Of Here!
3703 Why Wouldn'T I Dare?
3704 Chapter 3726-Important Figure
3705 Third Young Master He Protects Her
3706 The Sincerity Of An Apology
3708 Refined Scum
3709 Is He Really Your Fiancé?
3710 Chapter 3732-Not A Good Match
3711 An Acting Personality?
3712 The Right To Be Impulsive
3713 A Kind Man
3714 Living Together With Her Fiancé
3715 Chapter 3737-Teng Qingze
3716 A Musical Genius
3717 Why Did You Help Her?
3718 Piano School
3719 A Script That Can Not Be Missed
3720 I'M Not Taking It
3721 Chapter 3743-Arrival Of A Noble Guest
3722 Chapter 3744-Casting
3723 Record-Breaking Genius
3724 Must Let Him Act!
3725 Little Guy, Get To Know Each Other?
3726 A Depressing Dance
3727 I Can'T Follow You
3728 Call His Father!
3729 Single-Parent Family
3730 I Must Refuse
3731 Throw It Into The Trash Can
3732 Uncle He Praised Me!
3733 The Person Who Understands Me The Most
3734 Can Let Go Of Anything
3735 He'S Actually Teng Siqing'S Son!
3736 His Father Is Already Dead
3738 Bloody And Bone-Deep Pain
3739 The Wish Of The Past
3740 3762
3741 You Want To Talk To My Wife?
3742 Have You Not Seen It Before?
3743 Are You Talking About Brother Qingze?
3744 What A Pleasant Surprise!
3745 If You Have The Ability, Give Birth To One Yourself!
3746 I Have A Son
3748 Wife, Let Me Explain
3749 Chapter 3771-Top Class
3750 The Number One Melon
3751 Between Life And Death
3752 Never Be An Accomplice Of A Scumbag
3753 A Sugar Daddy Is Awesome!
3754 My Sweet Duck!
3755 The Little Princess Is Here
3756 Chapter 3778-"Yu Yin"
3758 The Role Hasn'T Been Decided Yet
3759 A Child'S Wish Should Be Granted
3760 3882
3761 Is It A Coincidence?
3762 This Is Also A Coincidence?
3763 Are You Playing With Me?
3764 You Have To Pay Something
3765 Things Remain The Same, But People Have Changed
3766 You'Re The Most Suitable
3768 3790
3769 3791
3770 3792
3771 3793
3772 3794
3773 3795
3774 3796
3775 3797
3776 3798
3777 They Really Look Alike
3778 So Good That It'S Abnormal
3779 This Is Movie Queen Teng'S Son
3780 3802
3781 Amazing Acting Skills
3782 An Ear-Piercing Performance
3783 The Little Angel That Descended From The Sky
3784 3806
3785 Too Eye-Catching
3786 Can'T Go Back On Your Word To The Child
3788 The Onlooker, Luo Chenxi
3789 Can You Be Any More Fake?
3790 He Had A Terminal Illness?
3791 Such An Ending
3792 If Qingze'S Father Comes Back ...
3793 The Two Faces Overlapped
3794 Chapter 3816-Acting Together
3795 3817
3796 3818
3798 Chapter 3820-Truly Amazing!
3799 Chapter 3821-Fanatical Fire
3800 He'S ...
3801 The Unpredictable Sugar Daddy
3802 The Pressure Is Too Great
3803 Third Young Master He Is Here Again
3804 Chapter 3826-Sympathy
3805 No Matter What Tricks You Play, It'S Useless
3806 Sending Away The Eyesore
Chapter 3807 - Chapter 3807 Chapter 3829-Don'T Even Dare To Think
Chapter 3808 - Chapter 3808 As Expected Of A Refined Scum
Chapter 3809 - Chapter 3809 You ... Pheonix?
Chapter 3810 - Chapter 3810 Chapter 3832-It'S Going To Explode!
Chapter 3811 - Chapter 3811 What Kind Of Woman Have You Not Seen?
Chapter 3812 - Chapter 3812 The Hand That Belongs To A Pianist
Chapter 3813 - Chapter 3813 Chapter 3835-Eye Contact
Chapter 3814 - Chapter 3814 Hold Onto Her And Won'T Let Go
Chapter 3815 - Chapter 3815 3837
Chapter 3816 - Chapter 3816 Are You That Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 3817 - Chapter 3817 He'S Still In Danger!
Chapter 3818 - Chapter 3818 She Definitely Has Bad Intentions
Chapter 3819 - Chapter 3819 Her Heart Was In A Mess
Chapter 3820 - Chapter 3820 Are You Directly Shameless?
Chapter 3821 - Chapter 3821 What Kind Of Big-Tailed Wolf Is This!
Chapter 3822 - Chapter 3822 After All, He'S Her Biological Son
Chapter 3823 - Chapter 3823 The Most Precious Collection
Chapter 3824 - Chapter 3824 She Can'T Continue Thinking About It!
Chapter 3825 - Chapter 3825 Hypocritical!
Chapter 3826 - Chapter 3826 Fake Good Intentions
Chapter 3827 - Chapter 3827 An Overly Worried Old Father
Chapter 3828 - Chapter 3828 An Unexpected Situation
Chapter 3829 - Chapter 3829 The Little Dumpling Is Dumbfounded
Chapter 3830 - Chapter 3830 Explosive Acting Skills
Chapter 3831 - Chapter 3831 I Have To Tell You!
Chapter 3832 - Chapter 3832 I'Ve Liked You For A Long Time
Chapter 3833 - Chapter 3833 Seross'S Possession
Chapter 3834 - Chapter 3834 Third Young Master He'S Rage
Chapter 3835 - Chapter 3835 Aren'T You Going To Get Lost?
Chapter 3836 - Chapter 3836 Do You Really Hate Me That Much?
Chapter 3837 - Chapter 3837 You Are Not Him!
Chapter 3838 - Chapter 3838 The Grass On The Grave Is Three Meters Tall
Chapter 3839 - Chapter 3839 There'S No Medicine For Regret
Chapter 3840 - Chapter 3840 A Big Joke!
Chapter 3841 - Chapter 3841 Chapter 3863-Blood
Chapter 3842 - Chapter 3842 It'S Like She'S A Different Person
Chapter 3843 - Chapter 3843 Let Her Go
Chapter 3844 - Chapter 3844 Perhaps ... He Won'T Acknowledge You At All
Chapter 3845 - Chapter 3845 I Understand Her
Chapter 3846 - Chapter 3846 We'Re Really Done For This Time!
Chapter 3847 - Chapter 3847 Can'T Be Found Again
Chapter 3848 - Chapter 3848 Bloodline Connection, Can'T Be Cut
Chapter 3849 - Chapter 3849 This Really Is A Pheonix Seed!
Chapter 3850 - Chapter 3850 He Was Panicking!
Chapter 3851 - Chapter 3851 Christine'S Father Appears
Chapter 3852 - Chapter 3852 3874
Chapter 3853 - Chapter 3853 3875
Chapter 3854 - Chapter 3854 3876
Chapter 3855 - Chapter 3855 3877
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She became the young mistress of the most powerful family in City T by marrying the young master in place of her sister.

He was cold to her on their first nuptial night. ""Just because you played some tricks to get yourself married here, you still mean nothing to me!""

However, she was calm and heartless. ""Young Master Mu, don't think too highly of yourself. I despise all that is you — your money and your very being!""

After the wedding, Young Master Mu lived lavishly by spending money like flowing during the day while working his nights away busily. ""You said you despised me earlier. Well, which part of me do you despise exactly, hmm?""

Luo Chenxi could not bear the harassment any longer so she tossed out the divorce papers in rage. ""I can't live like this much longer...""

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Chapter 1

Today was Luo Chenxi’s nuptial night.

On the other hand, the groom was the eldest son of the richest and most powerful family in City T, the Mu family. At first, he was supposed to be her brother-in-law.


Her father, Luo Anguo, pushed the door open and entered the room. He closed the door anxiously before walking over to her. “How’s everything? Are you ready?”

Luo Chenxi answered with a grunt.

“Speak to me! Why are you answering me like that, huh? Have you memorized all your sister’s details by heart?”

“Yes, I’ve memorized it all by heart.”

Luo Anguo appeared to be obviously relieved. “Very well then, very well. You’re truly my good daughter. From today onwards, you’re going to assume your sister’s identity and be part of the Mu family. Don’t ever reveal any flaws, okay? Our Luo family is depending on you!”


Luo Chenxi could not refrain herself from rolling her eyes sarcastically. How dare Luo Anguo feign his role as a loving father? He was really shameless!


She had grown up in an orphanage all her life and just learned that she was the eldest daughter of the Luo family half a month ago. To her joy, she presumed that Luo Anguo looked for her based on his conscience.

However, after just a few days of joining them, she learned that it was all a pretense for a hidden intention! They told her that she was going to marry someone in the place of her older stepsister, Luo Chenxin, who had passed away in an accident.


It actually sounded strange. Luo Chenxin was supposed to be her stepsister from another mother, but looking at the photos Luo Anguo showed her, both of them looked exactly alike!


“The Mu family is the richest and most powerful family in Huaxia. Your sister spent a lot of time and attention to get Young Master Mu to marry her. It’s to your benefit now that you can become the young mistress of the Mu House.”

Her benefit?

Luo Chenxi could not suppress her emotions anymore upon hearing this. She laughed scornfully. “Chief Luo, stop being such a hypocrite! Ever since Luo Chenxi became engaged to Young Master Mu, how much benefits have you gained from the Mu family? Now, Luo Chenxin isn’t around, but you’re not in a rush to mourn her passing. Instead, you’re forcing me to take her place to marry into Mu family. You’re just unwilling to give up the superior status of the Mu family! Why bother to frame your words so politely then?”

Luo Anguo could not put up a show anymore, so he pulled a long face as well. “Alright, since you understand this so well, I’ll just be frank! It’s best for you to stay in the Mu family obediently. Watch your words and deeds. You can’t let anyone suspect your identity. However, if anything were to happen, I won’t pay for the medical expenses of that woman named Lu Wenjun anymore. Do you understand?”


‘That’s too much!’

Her foster mother’s heart problem had been caused by a fit of anger when Luo Anguo forced her to get married in the place of her sister!


Lu Wenjun loved her daughter very much. As a result, she was so infuriated that it triggered a heart problem. She was sent into the intensive care unit immediately and was so ill that a critically ill warning was even issued!

On the other hand, Luo Anguo did not feel guilty for causing that. On the contrary, he used the large sum of money he paid for Lu Wenjun’s emergency treatment and follow-up charges to threaten Lu Chenxi into marrying someone else.

Luo Chenxi had no other choice but to agree to his terms.

Luo Anguo’s gaze swept past her coldly. Had it not been because of his Chenxin’s passing, he would never have looked for this useless daughter. Rumor had it that this daughter of his had even given birth to a child four years ago!


He shook his head. Fortunately, the child had already died. This matter should remain a secret and no one was allowed to find out!


The next day, Luo Chenxi packed up and was about to be sent over to the Mus.


Luo Anguo brought two glasses of red wine from downstairs and passed a glass to her. With the other glass in his hand, he said, “I wish you a happy marriage! Young Master Mu is about to come up soon. Look at you. You’re so nervous. Come, have a glass of red wine to calm yourself.”

“Don’t worry, Chief Luo. I won’t disappoint you,” Luo Chenxi said coldly as she took the wine glass and downed it in one gulp.


However, she failed to notice the unusual look that flashed in Luo Anguo’s eyes for an instant when she tilted her head to drink the wine.


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